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The Brain-Pad is the only mouthpiece Endorsed & Recommended Worldwide by the
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This information has been posted for Fighter Safety By the IKF Web Staff

The Use of Dual Arch Mouth Guards!

Amateur Competitors that fight on IKF - ISCF - ISKA and KICK - KIAMA sanctioned fight events are required to use "DUAL ARCH" mouth guards.
However, not every fighter has wanted to follow this safety regulation. For this reason, we have posted these mandates again, for the safety of the fighters, to review again why such a recommendation is for the safety of the fighters.

For Added Safety, ALL Fighters to wear a DUAL ARCH Mouthguard.
Mandatory For All Fighters In All Rule Styles.
Must be supplied by each fighter.
Must be FORM FITTING and remain in place when a fighter opens their mouth.

The IKF was the first organization to endorse and recommend the Brain-Pad mouthguards for all sanctioned events. Back in January of 1999 when the Brain-Pad was known as the WIPSS Jaw-Joint Protector, Steve Fossum (IKF's President) recognized the importance of protecting the jaw in combat arts and gave the product the official IKF Endorsement. He has been promoting the use of this protection ever since and now it will be mandatory for all combatants, who fight in IKF & ISCF MMA sanctioned events, to wear the Brain-Pad mouthguard.

Brain-Pad is a company that manufactures the bi-molar mouth piece that has been proven to reduce stem concussion from lower jaw impact and used by many of the contact sport communities. When put into place, Brain-Pads slightly shift the jaw bone down and forward to stabilize the jaw in place so that upon impact, the jaw bone won't move up and into the base of the skull and TMJ. It also allows participants to clench and breathe through the mouth, protects both upper and lower teeth and fits over braces.

Brain-Pads is important in fighting sports such as MMA, Muay Thai, & Boxing, because it has long been known that the jaw presents the optimal target for knocking out opponents. Brain-Pads are a revolutionary piece of protective gear that simply reposition the lower jaw down and slightly forward and locks it in a safety position so that impacts from sports keep the end of the jaw from getting slammed into the base of the skull and brain.

Brain-Pads is the official mouthguard of the IKF, ISKA, ISCF, and KICK/KIAMA. Many more Kickboxing, Muay Thai and MMA organizations are considering the same mandate. These are the first mandates for any type of mouth guard in history. The major issue is protecting the Jaw where studies show it's the most vulnerable area in the body because of it's direct access to the brain via the TMJ. They recognize that upper only mouthguards offer no protection for the jaw and TMJ.

Brain-Pads mouth guards are available at leading athletic retailers including Sports Authority stores nationwide, and retail between $7 and $30 based on the model. Please visit the Brain-Pad website to view the official mandates.

FROM March 3rd, 2010

Brain-Pad Selected as the Official Dual Arch Mouth Guard for the
International Kickboxing Federation and International Sport Combat Federations
First mandates passed for Dual Arch mouth guard usage in combat sports


The International Kickboxing Federation, a leading kickboxing sanctioning body, and the International Sport Combat Federation, the first and largest mixed martial arts sanctioning body for pro and amateur MMA, have passed safety requirements that will require the use of Dual Arch Jaw Joint Protective mouth guards by all combatants who fight in sanctioned events. This represents one of the first athletic mandates for the use of Jaw Joint protective mouth guards by athletes. The IKF and ISCF, which have thousands of athletes worldwide, selected Brain-Pad® as the official mouth guard for its members. Dual Arch mouth guard usage will become mandatory for all IKF and ISCF competitors by late, 2010.

Brain-Pad is a line of affordable athletic mouth guards using patented technology and a dual arch-protection system. The Brain-Pad mouth guards are tested and proven to reduce impact energy at the base of the skull and brain by keeping the lower jaw stabilized in a position that decreases the likelihood of basal skull concussions and TMJ (jaw joint) injuries.

"We have always taken the measures necessary to ensure the safety of our competitors," says Steve Fossum, President/CEO of International Fight Sports, the parent company of IKF Kickboxing, ISCF MMA and several other Fight Sport Organizations and companies. "Impact to the jaw and subsequent head injuries pose major medical concerns for our members and we believe this mandate will ensure that better precautions are taken. Many of our athletes have been relying on Brain-Pad mouth guards for dual arch protection and to stabilize the jaw during competition. We feel strongly in the performance and protection benefits of these mouth guards and are proud to set an example to the sports community by passing this safety requirement. We are also pleased to see that ISKA and KICK International have now also agreed to do the same with their event participants in 2010 which brings unification to the new safety requirement."

Unlike traditional single arch mouth guards that offer protection for either the upper or lower teeth, Brain-Pad is a dual arch, bi-molar, mouth guard. The Brain-Pad technology repositions the lower jaw while protecting both the upper and lower teeth. The jaw is stabilized into a neutral position, creating a safety space that reduces the risk of jaw impact concussions and TMJ injuries. When put into place, the Brain-Pad® mouth guards also open the airway in the throat 100 percent, allowing users to breathe better and gain a competitive advantage.

"This mandate is a truly landmark decision for combat sports," says Joe Manzo, President of Brain-Pad. "We have been supplying Brain-Pad mouth guards, designed to protect that vulnerable jaw joint and base of the skull, to IKF and ISCF members since 1999 and commend the organization for taking proactive measures in the protection of its athletes. As more states propose concussion bills and discuss new regulations for better concussion prevention, we expect that more sports organizations will follow suit with similar mandates."

To increase the safety of boxing, the World Boxing Association strongly recommends use of WIPSS jaw joint protection and takes the front line of defense against jaw joint and brain base injuries.
Gilberto Mendoza, WBA President

"The IFBA gives its full endorsement of the Brain Pad because it is far superior than conventional upper mouthguards but more importantly gives true protection to the TMJ area and the brain, the primary safety concern for our organization."
Jackie Kallen, IFBA Commissioner

"The Brain-Pad is the finest appliance I have ever seen for the protection of internal head injuries."
Dr. Erno Kiss, Medical Director Canadian Amateur Boxing Assoc.

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IKF Kickboxing & ISCF MMA
Reviews And Continues To Endorse
New 2005 BRAIN-PAD Mouthguard Models

"The best keeps getting better!"
says Steve Fossum, IKF & ISCF MMA World President.
"Brain-pad, Inc. continues to increase fighter safety and their distance from the competition with their 2005 lineup. There is nothing out there like the patented Brain-Pad design."

  • The new Pro+Plus model looks and feels new; offering fighters TMJ and Brain Safety in the most comfortable designs to date.
  • The new 2005 LoPro PLUS model and the Pro+Plus model now have a reinforcing breathe space post, which doubles as a flush-front, strap attachment point, usable in the Non Helmet sports arenas such as Kickboxing and Mixed Martial Arts.

"In sports with as much contact to the head and jaw as ours, brain safety is of the ut most importance to us, Especially for the younger athletes involved in or just getting involved in our sports. The Brain-Pad's unique design secures the lower jaw slightly down and forward, buffering the TMJ area and brain from lower jaw impacts. And now, with the introduction of the Female Brain-Pad last year, women competitors have a model specifically designed for them." The LoPro FEMALE guard's outer thermo-plastic allows better teeth impressions in a size perfect for female athletes.

Along with Brain-Pad's 3, high-end models, new for this year is the DOUBLE GUARDIAN mouthguard. Designed for lesser contact sport participation, the DG offers full lower jaw stability for sports where head impacts are not expected every play, but do happen. "We have an obligation to protect our athletes, which in turn protects and promotes the benefits of our sport. Brain-Pad, Inc. has identified and addressed a long overlooked danger in lower jaw impact injuries. There is no doubt in our minds, that the Brain-Pad has made kickboxing and Mixed Martial Arts much safer sports; allowing athletes to develop their skills, discipline and sense of accomplishment without risking lower jaw impact injury."
Steve Fossum
IKF Kickboxing & ISCF MMA World President



  • For more information on Brain Pads contact Joe Manzo at Brain-Pad, Inc. 610-397-0893 or or go to