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SATURDAY, December 13th, 2008, AT 2:35 PM/PST

"The Disinfector™"

THURSDAY, October 2nd, 2008, AT 8:30 PM/PST

Schutt Sports will Market Brain-Pad Mouth Guards
Feature Patented Double Protection System
That's Designed To Reduce Risk Of Head Injuries

Having introduced the three best performing football helmets over the past 12 months, Schutt Sports - is now adding another weapon to its arsenal of concussion-fighting products. Schutt will soon be marketing the Brain-Pad line of mouth guards - the most advanced mouth guard protection in the world. Brain Pad mouth guards feature patented technology, along with a dual-protection system, surrounding both the upper and lower teeth which, in turns, keeps the lower jaw locked into a position that decreases the likelihood of concussions or TMJ injuries.

"The new mouth guards will be marketed under the Schutt brand, but will feature Brain Pad technology," says Dave Rossi, of Schutt Sports. "This exclusive technology is the most advanced in the game, which is why we were interested in working with them. Our deal is really about combining two tremendous technologies: Schutt Helmets and Brain Pad mouth guards. When you put those together, the result is the most advanced and best performing protective system on the field today."

For Brain Pad, entering into a long term partnership with Schutt was a natural progression for the industry leading brand. "Our goal is to become the number one protective and performance mouth guard company in the world," said Joe Manzo, President of Brain-Pad, Inc. "With partnerships already established within the mixed martial arts community, the addition of the Schutt Sports partnership makes this goal a reality."

"The mouth guard category is a very diverse and highly fragmented market," says Rossi.

"It's not uncommon to see two players on the same field - one wearing a mouth guard that cost less than a dollar and the other using a custom device fitted by a dentist that cost hundreds of dollars. The new Schutt mouth guards will perform better than any of them and cost 10 times less than the custom mouth pieces."

Brain Pad technology, the foundation of the new Schutt mouth guards, got its start over a decade ago and really took off when it became a big player in the mixed martial arts industry. The benefits of the new technology soon became incontrovertible.

"The Brain Pad technology repositions the lower jaw while protecting both the upper and lower teeth - the first and only mouth guard to do that," says Chris Bolan, of Brain Pad. "The jaw is stabilized into a neutral position that greatly reduces the risk of jaw injuries, TMJ injuries and concussions. Recovery from TMJ injuries is much faster and breathing while clenching is extremely enhanced. Testing done in 1993 and then confirmed in 2005, shows a 40% reduction of impact energy to the base of the skull"

In addition to football, Rossi sees plenty of opportunities elsewhere for the new Schutt mouth guards.

"The Schutt brand is very strong in softball, so these new mouth guards will be a natural extension of the brand into that category. Plus, we have the chance to build business in other team sports, like basketball, baseball, lacrosse, hockey and others."

Schutt will be marketing five different models of the new mouth guard, with one created specifically for female athletes along with the new ION mouth guard designed with the professional athlete in mind.

NOTE: The IKF was the first Kickboxing Sanctioning Body to endorse the BrainPad (WIPPS) mouthguards. This followed with ISCF MMA also being the first MMA Sanctioning Organization to endorse the product as well. BrainPad has sponsored the IKF World Classic Amateur Kickboxing Tournament since 2000. At every tournament, BrainPad gives away a FREE BrainPad mouthguard to EVERY Fighter.

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 16th, 2007, AT 5:20 PM, PT

Brain-Pad, Inc. To Sponsor & Attend The
2007 Women's Sports Conference

Nashville, TN - Brainpads, the "Head Gear That Fits in Your Mouth" Company, has signed on as a sponsor for the upcoming Marketing Women's Sports Conference & Summit. The conference is bringing together men and women who are involved with the explosion of women's sports. This national conference will be held November 5 & 6, 2007 in Nashville, Tennessee.

"Brainpads are one of the most important items any athlete can have for protection and we are delighted that they will be participating with us," states Catherine Masters, conference organizer.

Brain-Pad, Inc. - Develops, markets and retains numerous patents on its impact protective mouth-guard lines, along with it's patented impact protective head and wrist bands, all under the Brain-Pad brand name. Since 1997, Brain-Pad mouth guards have been among the most dominant brands in the mouth guard industry and the mouth guard of choice for serious competitors around the world.

Biomechanically Tested & Proven to REDUCE impact energy to the base of the skull by up to 50%, makes Brain-Pad mouth guards a top choice in reducing the risk of lower jaw impact concussions with competitors of all ages and all types of contact sports.

Brain-Pad products are sold in 5000 retail locations throughout the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Korea including a variety of catalog operations, E-Commerce merchandisers and the Army Air Forces Exchanges around the world. The company is located in Conshohocken, PA, 19428

For additional information on Brain-Pad, please visit - e- mail - Or call 610-397-0893. For more info please click HERE!

MONDAY, May 8th, 2006, AT 9:20 PM, PT

Brain Pad, Inc.
Announces New Line - Impact Protective
Head & Wrist Sweatbands

Conshohocken, PA. May 02, 2006: Brain-Pad, Inc., ( the sports pioneers in internal head protection, is launching a new line of impact protective head and wrist sweatbands.

The Brain-Pad protective head and wrist bands do much more then just absorb sweat. They have been laboratory tested and proven to reduce impact energy by as much as 50%, compared to conventional head and wrist sweatbands. With head, wrist and forearm injuries making up a large percentage of athletic injuries, the Brain-Pad protective bands make good sense for all contact and collision sports, as well as lesser contact and non contact sports where impacts are incidental, but do occur.

"The implications for safety in sports are positive and obvious," says Joseph Manzo, President of Brain-Pad, Inc."

"Much research and development went into creating our revolutionary, exclusive protective gel that fills the sweatbands."

The revolutionary gel Manzo refers to stretches with the sweatband fabric and is actually able to be sewn – all of this without tearing or splitting apart. The gel is designed to provide the athlete with maximum comfort while protecting them from incidental contact or collision

"When helmets are not mandatory, an athlete is more likely to wear a stylish protective sweatband as opposed to a bulky foam helmet to protect themselves," says Manzo. "Plus it absorbs sweat."

Manzo says that when the headbands are worn with the signature Brain-Pad mouth guard, the combination will provide athletes with a level of head protection never offered before.

The product line will be offered to all specialty and major sporting goods retailers selling equipment and or protective gear. All inquires from retailers, agents, catalogs, online providers and International Trading Companies should be directed to Joseph Manzo, Brain-Pad, Inc. at (610) 397-0893 or via email at or go to

TUESDAY, December 30th, 2003, AT 1:30 PM PT

You are personally invited
to view the first mouthguard
designed specifically for

Super Show 2004 - Booth # 21145N
Brain Pad Develops New LoPro Female Model

Conshohocken, PA. November 25, 2003: There has been an explosion of female athletic participation since the passing of Title IX. This demands equal athletic participation between males and females. There has been a 600% increase in female participation compared to a 20% increase in male participation during the same time. Not only has this enhanced physical fitness in females, but it has also brought to light differences between male and female athletes.

Saint Joseph's University, Department of Psychology, Philadelphia PA: "We analyzed 28 published studies on sports related concussion/mild TBI over the last 8 years. For those investigations analyzing concussions in both genders, the incidence per 1000 athletic exposures (AE) was greater in females (.348 per 1000 AE) as compared to males (.289 per 1000 AE). Two potential explanations for the increased incidence/risk of concussion in female athletes: the skeletomuscular and biomechanical differences between men and women result in greater risk for women to sustain brain injury, and a socio-psychological explanation describing the differences in how males and females approach athletics, and in particular contact athletics."

In an effort to raise the awareness and help provide protection against female concussions and oral injuries in sports, WIPSS Products, Inc. the makers of the Brain-Pad mouthguard has focused on how it could specialize its product line of internal head protection to be more affective and acceptable to female athletes.

After several years of observing mouthguard fittings with females, it was noted that the teeth impressions being molded into the mouthguards were very shallow, creating an uncomfortable fit and lessening the stabilizing capabilities of the mouthguard. The molding of the upper and lower teeth into the dual channels of the Brain-Pad appliance is what creates interdigitation; this process keeps the lower jaw in a safe and static position during impacts to the mandible in sports.

A new Brain-Pad female model has been developed that addresses this issue. Manufactured with a double shot injection molding process that consists of two different thermoplastics. A ridged inter-material keeps the unit in its patented realignment position as it absorbs impact forces to the jaw and base of the skull. The exterior portion consist of more pliable plastic that is much softer than its predecessors and during the traditional thirty second boil and bite fitting process it allows for deeper teeth impressions into the upper and lower channels. After cooling in cold water for fifteen seconds the Female model is a near perfect custom fitted mouthguard that provides maximum jaw stability, protection of upper and lower teeth (fits well over braces) allows for breathing while clenching through a large opening between the front teeth and a comfortable low profile fit.

Branded Brain Pad's LoPro Femä, it comes in a cool looking translucent ice blue color and has a keep it clean pouch, boil stick for fitting and offers a free $8,000 dental warrantee. The product will be presented at Super Show 2004 at booth # 21145N and will be available in February 2004 at many sporting goods retailers in the USA.

For more information on Brain Pads LoPro Female model contact Joe Manzo at WIPSS Products, Inc. 888-424-9477 or go to

WEDNESDAY, February 16th, 2003, AT 7:00 PM PT

Good Housekeeping Talks About Brain-Pad!!

THURSDAY December 19th, 2002, AT 1:00 PM PT

Brain Pad LoPro
entry in the
2002/2003 SPORTS EDGE
Sports Product
of the Year
Sponsored by eBay
has been selected as a semi-finalist.
To read more, Click HERE

POSTED: June 26th, 2002, AT 11:00 AM PT

Medical Community Identifies
Lower Jaw Impacts
As #1 Cause for Sport Concussions

By: Albert W. Gusenbauer, D.D.S., M.R.C.D. ( C ) Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

Recent media attention to traumatic brain injuries (TBI's) in sports is mostly due to the occurrence of these injuries in high profile professional sports athletes. Paul Kariya missed the last 28 games of the 1998 season after his fourth concussion as a result of a Gary Suter cross check to the lower jaw. Eric Lindros finished the 2000 season as a 6-time all-star, and 6-time concussion victim. Victims of career ending concussions include Roger Staubach and Al Toon in football, auto racing's Bobby Allison and Ernie Ervine, and hockey's Dave Taylor and Jeff Courtnall. The devastating effect of TBI's on our younger athletes has become an issue of increasing concern.

Concussions and traumatic brain injuries in sports are the tragic consequence of transfer of the energy of impacts, including lower jaw impacts, to the brain. One intraoral appliance design has evolved beyond the role of tooth protection, to take on the expanded duty of risk reduction for brain and TMJ injury in sports. The coaching professional should have a thorough understanding of the nature and consequences of lower jaw impacts.

Blows to the mobile lower jaw drive the jaw up and back, creating a transfer of energy from the lower jaw to the jaw joint (temporomandibular joint or TMJ) and base of the skull. Dr. Robert Cantu, Neurosurgeon and author of numerous articles and textbooks regarding brain injury in sports, states that blows to the chin, which acts as a lever, produce maximal forces. This fact has long been known in boxing, where the prime target for punches has always been the chin. Even athletes wearing face shields and helmets are at risk of TMJ and traumatic brain injury from lower jaw impacts. Standard NOCSAE* football helmet drop test studies have shown that impact to the football helmet faceguard can displace the helmet and pull on the chin strap, exceeding the pass/fail criteria set for helmets. Drs. J. Stewart and J. Witzig have estimated that in athletes, over 90% of concussions resulting in unconsciousness are a result of blows to the lower jaw.

The American Orthopedic Society for Sports Medicine state that following brain injury, there is a general metabolic dysfunction within the brain, a decrease in the ability of the brain to regulate its blood flow, and an overall inability of the brain to re-establish a normal physiologic balance. In short, best way to treat a concussion is to reduce the risk prior to the injury. A proactive approach is by far the best medicine.

The Brain Pad™ mouthpiece ( is fabricated with the following features to address the specific problem of energy transfer into the basal skull area during lower jaw impact.

  1. Dual arch design with upper and lower bite channels to lock and hold the lower jaw into a down and forward position, creating a multi-dimensional safety space in the jaw joint area.
  2. A full frontal airway space promotes mouth breathing and speech while clenching the teeth.
  3. A protective lower lingual flange guard minimizes posterior displacement of the mandible during impact.
  4. Down and forward mandibular positioning increases the airway space to optimize breathing during maximal exertion.

Impact to the lower jaw is transmitted to the appliance and thus, the forces are dissipated through the appliance – Not into the TMJ and base of the Brain. The risk reduction capacity of The Brain Pad™ was evaluated by Voigt Hodgson at the Wayne State University School of Medicine. In standard NOSCAE drop tests, The Brain Pad™ design provided significant protection in the TMJ and basal skull area, while standard design, custom or boil and bite mouthguards did not meet the pass/fail criteria. Dentists must increase public awareness that, without locking the lower jaw into position, the athlete's brain, TMJ and future quality of life, are at serious risk during lower jaw impacts when practicing or competing in their sport.

POSTED: April 2nd, 2002, AT 4:00 PM PT

International Competitors Receive Brain Pads Around The World.

CONSHOHOCKEN PA. March 19, 2002: After almost three years of studying, sampling and recommending the Brain Pad mouthpiece with their affiliates in 186 countries, AIBA (Amateur International Boxing Association) has purchased the Brain Pad (adult & youth sizes) for international distribution. The initial purchase of thousands of Brain Pads will be given to their international competitors across Europe, Mexico, U.S.A., Egypt, Uganda and the Republic of Kazakhstan and Australia.

"This is a great decision by the AIBA organization," says Joe Manzo, Vice President at WIPSS Products, Inc. makers of the Brain Pad. "It is refreshing to work with an organization that has taken a lead role position on injury prevention with their athletes. Most organizations create guidelines for when an athlete can return to competition after an internal head injury(concussion). AIBA is focused on preventing a head injury from ever happening, and they are to be commended. A proactive approach to concussion reduction is the move. Dealing with the ramifications of the injuries is costly and detrimental to the athlete's quality of life." I hope this type of proactive decision-making on injury prevention will encourage other national and international sports organizations to have the same type of thinking." Included with the purchase of Brain Pad's are care, cleaning and fittings instructions in every package. AIBA will also develop and operate a section of their website,, dedicated to raising the awareness of the Brain Pad and how it's patented, jaw stabilizing design can reduce the risk of lower jaw impact concussions.

Loring Baker, General Secretary AIBA. "There are many third world countries that make-up a good percentage of the AIBA affiliates. This will be the first time this kind of protection is available to them". Baker adds, "I consider the Brain Pad the best off the shelf mouthpiece on the market. This was very clear after listening to a speech on the background/history of the Brain Pad during a symposium I attended on Head & Neck Injuries in Sport at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA."

Also in 2002, the Professional Hockey Players Association (PHPA) and the Professional Team Physicians (PTP) added their name to the growing list of organizations to endorse the Brain Pad mouthpiece. The PHPA represent 1450 players in both the American Hockey League (AHL) and East Coast Hockey League (ECHL). The PTP is an organization comprised of the majority of team physicians employed by the 300 plus professional sports teams in North America. The PTP is a leading voice in sports medicine, injury prevention & rehabilitation and defined sports exercise programs. You will find more information online about the Brain Pad at, or contact them at (610) 397.0893.

POSTED: November 10th, 2001, AT 12:30 PM PT


Since the forming of the IKF, Fighter Safety has always been an issue with us. As some of you know, a few years back we introduced a new "Brain Pad (mouthguard...but don't just call it that...) guard from a company called Wipss. Over the years Wipss has become more and more a part of the IKF. At this years (2001) IKF/Ringside National Amateur Tournament, Wipss donated over 200 mouth guards for all of the National Finalists.

We've been such a supporter of their product that we created a Fighters Safety Page to them here on the IKF website. However, as any products will have, Joe Manzo and his staff at Wipss encountered some protests about their dynamic mouth guard. Some had claimed that the mouthguard was just too big for some of the smaller, Junior aged fighters as well as smaller athletes.

Instead of just ignoring the problem, Manzo and his staff went to work to create a new mouthguard to fit the smaller athletes of all sports. Today we're proud to announce that Manzo and his Wipss company are ready to introduce the new Wipss Junior Mouth Guard. (Pictured at right)

the IKF isn't the only organization to endorse the great Wipss products. Others include, World Boxing Association, National Dental Association, International Amateur Boxing Association (AIBA), British Columbia Karate Association, Canada's Junior National Lacrosse Team, Canadian Amateur Boxing Association, Canadian Professional Boxing Federation, Cowboys Unlimited, Golden Gloves of America International Female Boxers Association, International Sport Karate Association, Jamaica Tae Kwon Do Association, KRANE karate ratings, National Karate Association of Canada, New Zealand Amateur Boxing Association, National Little Britches Rodeo Association, Pennsylvania Golden Gloves, Rodeo Sports Marketing, Sankey Rodeo Schools.

To find out more about the new Wipss Junior Brain Pad and the other Wipss Products, go to their website at

Who Determines a Products Value?

What if I told you that I had a product that could drastically reduce concussions and other long-term internal head injuries for athletes in contact sports?
What if I added that this product allows you to clench and breathe like never before and can increase upper and lower body strength up to 35%? What value would you place on such an item?
What value do you think the average athlete would place on the protection, career longevity and competitive edge a product such as this would provide?
How much would a parent of an athlete think it's worth? Ask some and you will be shocked. That is why our slogan is "Don't Dare Call It A Mouthguard".
Upon first starting out, WIPSS had perceived value problems with wholesale customers in the USA. However, when dealing with direct sales to consumers, especially parents of athletes, pricing was rarely an issue. Today when it comes to safety, consumers and retailers are more educated and consequently there has been greater acceptance of the Jaw-Joint Protector (JJP) in the market. For example, when two national catalogs first ordered from WIPSS ones' initial order was 200 units. Their most recent order with WIPSS Products Inc. reached 5000 units retailing at $29.95 in their catalog ($5.00 over suggested retail price). The other example is a company who initially ordered 100 units three years ago and has since purchased up to 6500 pieces in one year.
If you are worried about cutting into regular mouthguard sales, selling 10 JJP's is like selling 100 ordinary mouthguards. Plus you'll have happier & healthier customers that are more likely to tell their friends about their discovery. This product not only has a great image, but also reduces liabilities for headgear manufactures and sports organizations. Concussions in sports are in the media everyday; we read how anti boxing groups in Australia and other countries would love to shut down boxing. It is no wonder why organizations like AIBA and the IKF and the WBA are such strong supporters of the JJP. Athletes will pay plenty for performance and endurance, from sneakers to protective gear. Parents will pay even more for Brain Protection and rightfully so. Don't let the price point intimidate you; give your customer the opportunity to shop.
The product is worth putting effort into; it is a product of the future and will become a standard in the industry. Give your customers and players the chance to buy the finest protection on the market, while enhancing their performance and endurance.
By the way, the JJP also protects the upper and lower teeth! We throw that in for free.
If the shopper is comparing prices on the JJP, it should be compared to the price of headgear not mouthguards.
The Jaw-Joint Protector provides internal head protection that headgear cannot provide. Headgear only covers the exterior jaw joint area in question; it does not protect the jaw-joint and the base of the skull from lower jaw impacts. Only the JJP by repositioning, locking and cushioning the jaw can provide that protection!

It's a new type of headgear that fits in your mouth.

The JJP and headgear work well in concert, providing a total package of internal and external head protection.

Joe Manzo
VP Sales & Marketing
WIPSS Products Inc.

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Jaw-Joint Protector
Endorsed By WBA

For More info on this news about
WIPSS & The World Boxing Association...
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Michael Grant's Secret Weapon In Lewis Showdown

Anyone who witnessed the vicious blow to the jaw delivered by Andrew Gollotta to Michael Grant, dropping him to the canvas for the very first time, had to come away wondering how Michael ever got up so fast.

While commentators were astonished, they could only comment as to how tired and vulnerable he appeared, basing their opinion on the fact that his mouth appeared open. What they didn't know is that Grant wears, and has worn for two (2) years now, a revolutionary new product known as the WIPSS Jaw Joint Protector offering protection to the base of the brain from lower jaw impacts.

Don't be deceived by Grant's open mouth. The Protector allows for increased breathing even when clenching. By biting down on the Protector, Grant not only stabilizes his jaw position, but he is simultaneously breathing through an open mouth space thereby increasing his flow of oxygen. This can lead to increased stamina in any sporting event.

The only mouthpiece ever endorsed and recommended by both the WBA (World Boxing Association) and AIBA (Amateur International Boxing Association), the Protector is an upper and lower mouthpiece with a very unique patented design.

When worn by any athlete with its simple boil and bite patented design, the lower jaw is locked and cushioned in a down and forward position separating the bones of the jaw joint from the base of the skull. The benefits of this positioning are to reduce the risk of the jaw bone crashing into the brain and other vital blood vessels upon impact, which causes injury, knockouts and brain damage.

"Michael Grant is a remarkably talented young man on the verge of realizing his dream", says Joe Manzo, WIPSS Products. "With plenty to be thankful for Mike has chosen to protect himself with the Jaw-Joint Protector not only for the competitive advantage but to preserve the quality of life long after his boxing career is over. The Protector has been used by a select group of professional athletes for many years but always kept a secret because of its competitive advantage. With concussion injuries occurring at alarming rates in all contact sports, Mike Grant wants the world, especially kids to know that protecting this vital area while playing sports is something that needs to be addressed immediately."

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Date: Wednesday, January 4th, 2000 , 4:15 PM:

Performance Characteristic of the WIPSS Jaw-Joint Protector

By Dr. Edward D. Williams. WIPSS Inventor. Although designed primarily for the protection of the jaw joint complex and the upper and lower teeth, the protector provides certain performance characteristics that are most appealing to the athlete.

  1. By repositioning the lower jaw, the glottis airway space is increased significantly. This increase of volume of the glottis airway space has a positive physical effect on the airflow and the overall performance of the athlete.
  2. There is also significant improvement the in the athlete's strength and endurance attributed to the enhancement of the clenching reflex mechanism. The clenching reflex mechanism is facilitated by the Vagus nerve, activated by teeth clenching and influenced the structural integrity of the jaw joint complex. This mechanism is easily demonstrated in weight lifting. Injury to the jaw joint complex decreases the sensory input of the Vagus nerve, hence, decreasing the motor or muscular response or decreasing the strength of the athlete without his awareness.
  3. For the first time ever in the history of sports with the WIPSS jaw joint protector in place, an athlete can clench his teeth and breathe simultaneously while engaged in the physical dynamics of the sport.

By design, the protector repositions the lower jaw away from the injured jaw joint complex and nerve trunk, and promotes clenching. This relationship reactivates the loss sensory nerve function of the Vagus restoring the motor or muscular reflex. Therefore, upon wearing the WIPSS protector, an immediate strength increase is experienced by the seasoned athlete. It has also been shown and proven that by repositioning the lower jaw and increasing the glottis airway space, the protector services as an anti snore device in many sleep apnea patients.

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Date: Wednesday, October 6, 2022 2:00 PM: Tae kwon do practitioners who represented Jamaica at the recent International Taekwon Do Federation (ITF) World Championships in Argentina, had on several occasions, reason to be especially thankful for the type of mouthguard that they were issued with, especially in one case.

Team captain Arthur Barrows was an especially lucky man as the Wipss Jaw-Joint Protector that he was using split under the impact of a punch from his Korean opponent in his second bout. But it saved him from the type of serious injury that using a lesser type off mouth protector certainly could not have prevented.

All members of the team were equipped with a Wipss Jaw Joint Protector, a revolutionary new approach to the concept of mouth protection. The national taekwon do team is the first Jamaican national sports team to use this new equipment. Developed by American dentist, Dr. Edward Williams, the device repositions the jaw in a down and forward position. The new positioning creates a space, or safety zone , preventing the jawbone from directly slamming into the base of the skull, blood vessels and cranial nerves. It also protects the teeth and assists the athlete using it to breathe more comfortably.

Medical studies have shown that blows to the jaw are leading contributors to concussions and brain injuries and Williams created the protector after some ten years of research. Since its creation dozens of sportsmen and sporting organizations have begun to use the equipment.

The Jamaica Taekwon Do Association, based on its positive experience using it, has undertaken to encourage the use of the Jaw-Joint Protector in the local sporting community, especially in the martial arts fraternity and will be looking to introduce the Protector to the various martial organizations.

The JTA will also be making representation to its international governing body, the International Taekwon Do Federation (ITF), to have the jaw joint protector made mandatory at all ITF sanctioned event.

The inventor of the WIPSS Jaw Joint Protector has, in fact, accepted an invitation to attend the JTA's Jamaica Open Taekwon Do Championships. April 1-2, next year.

Dr. Williams who is also the chief executive officer of WIPSS Incorporated, the manufacturers of the jaw joint protector, will also meet with representatives of sporting organizations as well as with sports medicine practitioners and other interested persons, to discuss the concept of head and brain protection through the use of this device.

The JTA has taken the decision to make it mandatory for this device to be worn by competitors in all of its events, as another step in the process of trying to make these competitions safer. However, with the obvious difficulty of ensuring that the device is distributed to all participating organizations, in good time, and at an affordable price, it has been decided that this will be done over the course of at least one year. It is hoped that local sporting goods distributors will seek, in the interim, to stock this item. For more info, CONTACT: Norman Munroe at: Tel: (876) 931-5188-9, 944-3652, (876) 771-5690

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Worldwide Sports Medical Comission Finds Jaw-Joint Protectors Drastically Reduce Concussions!

Date: Friday, October 1, 2022 4:29 AM, September 30, 1999, Conshohocken, PAAfter a sixteen month evaluation, the AIBA Medical Commission, representing 186 affiliate countries, found that Jaw-Joint Protectors where most effective in the prevention of internal head injuries and concussions. The announcment was made at the world amateur boxing championships in Houston, Texas on August 26,1999.

Representing Doctors from around the world, Secretary General Dr. Odd Syverstad writes: "The AIBA Medical Commission has decided that the WIPSS Mouth and Jaw-Joint Protector at the present time is the best protection device on the market. The Commission will strongly recommend all boxers to use the Protector."

In Martial Arts, The National Karate Association of Canada made the following announcement on September 19, 1999; Dr. Chee Ling, Medical Director for the Association reports that "The National Council at its` most recent Board of Directors meeting in Toronto Canada has approved a motion in support of the WIPSS Mouth and Jaw-Joint Protector. We are recommending its use to all Canadian Karate Athletes."

The Inventor A Philadelphia dentist, "Dr. Edward Williams, has spent more than a decade testing and perfecting the safety device, which has proven to virtually eliminate concussions from lower jaw impacts. The impact site for a large number of concussions in sports is the lower jaw or chin. Since 1989,tens of thousands of Jaw-Joint Protectors have also been used and tested effectively in headgear sports such as Hokey Football, laccrosse etc. and its` performance has shown the drastic reduction of internal head injuries and concussions.

Through its patented design, the lower jaw is locked in a down and forward position separating the bones of the jaw joint from the base of the skull. Though overlooked, the jaw joint provides direct access to the brain, but the Protectors' repositioning of the lower jaw creates a new safety space that prohibits the jawbones from slamming into the base of the skull and brain preventing injury to the TMJ and brain.The WIPSS device promotes mouth breathing even while clenching the teeth and restores strength in seasoned athletes by as much as 35% , a physical reflex associated with clenching,"

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"Fighting Concussion In Sports!!"

The Amateur International Boxing Association [AIBA] Reports , Jaw-Joint Protectors Are Best Protective Device On The Market!

Conshohocken, PA, USA, September 20, 1999:After a sixteen month evaluation, the AIBA Medical Commission, representing 186 affiliate countries ,announced at the world amateur boxing championships in Houston, Texas its' decision to recommend a new generation mouthpiece designed to protect against internal head injuries.

Representing Doctors from around the world, Secretary General Dr. Odd Syverstad writes: "The AIBA Medical Commission has decided that the WIPSS Mouth and Jaw-Joint Protector at the present time is the best protection device on the market. The Commission will strongly recommend all boxers to use the Protector."

Since 1989, tens of thousands of Jaw-Joint Protectors have been in use in all contact sports experiencing head impacts. "The performance of the protector has been phenomenal; we don't see needless concussions from jaw shock impacts as we`ve seen with conventional upper mouthpieces. The Jaw-Joint Protector is an upper and lower mouthpiece that one boils and bites for fitting. The patented design automatically repositions the jawbone away from the vital areas of the skull and locks it there. This is a new safety space in the jaw-joint that prevents the jawbone from slamming into the base of the skull and ear bones upon impact. The jaw-joint is a direct port to the brain which is why it can be the main target for concussions in sports. Additionally, when wearing the Protector one can clench while breathing through the mouth, restoring the strength of a seasoned athlete by as much as 35%", says Dr. Edward Williams, inventor of the Jaw-Joint Protector. Dr. Williams also serves on the Medical Advisory Board for the WBA and Head Gear Committee of ASTM. Williams is a practicing TMJ Specialist / Dentist who is coordinating the first Head and Neck Injury Symposium for Medical and Dental Professionals, along with Trainers and Coaches on September 24th to 26th at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pa.. Temple University and the National Dental Association are sponsoring the symposium. [For additonal information on the symposium call 215-707-2799]

The Jaw-Joint Protector is endorsed by over 40 National and International Sports Organizations and is the official mouthpiece of The IKF, International Kickboxing Federation and retails for under $25.

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"Don't fight to Breathe,…Fight to WIN!"

Columbus, Ohio, March 11, 1999: Phillip R. Trapani of Pleasanton, CA, just returned with another big win under his belt from the 11th Annual Arnold Schwarzenegger Fitness Expo,99. Not only did he battle his opponents, Philip had to overcome the flu just to compete. Entered in both Kata and Kumite he came out with an impressive third place overall in Kumite in the boys 12-13 Advanced Black Belt Division. Phillip, of Funakoshi Shotokan in Milpitas, Ca., went up against very tough competitors from the open styles like Kung Fu, Kempo and Tae Kwon Do and managed to fight his way through seven other contenders to his strong finish.

His success came with an inner spirit to endeavor setbacks that started three days leading up to his competition. Battling the flu that griped him with a 102° fever right up to his event, Phillip received help and inspiration from World Champion, Cung Le, Coach Javoni and Master Lu, to be able to compete. Phillip credits his WIPSS Jaw-Joint Protector with being able to breathe in spite of congestion from the flu. Phillip never thought he would ever have to compete under these conditions, but the WIPSS gave him the air he needed to compete and win. Phillip was later interviewed on the Martial Arts Network and by two martial arts magazines and even got to speak with Arnold himself on three occasions.

Phillip is a second level black belt, Nidan, and is on the United States National Karate Do Federation Junior Team and plans to travel to Budapest, Hungary, later this year to participate in the World Junior Cup for the US Team. Phillip has been training under Shihan Funakoski and his son Sensei Kyle for 51/2 years. Phillip will be training with Shihan Tokey Hill, US Olympic Kumite Team Coach and John Fonseca, US Lightweight Kumite Champion and Team Member. Phillip can be seen in this months Kung Fu Presents Martial Arts Magazine.

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"Dental Fitness"

by Dr. Jeffrey Bassman: In my last article in the January issue of QCSC, (Quad Cities Sports News) I discussed athletic mouthguards, specifically for the contact sports of boxing, karate, and kickboxing. My major focus was on the urgent need for mouthguards, with an emphasis on a WIPSS Products Jaw-Joint Protector, to prevent and lessen concussions. Due to extensive feedback on the article and the concerns of parents, I am continuing my mouthguard information.

Dr. Karl Woodmansey, an assistant director for dental services at the Student Health Service- Montana State University, provided some alarming and what should be eye-opening facts in the January- February issue of General Dentistry. He sited the following information from the National Youth Sports Foundation for the Prevention of Athletic Injuries. In sports: (1) Over 15 million Americans suffer dental injuries per year (2) Over 5 million teeth are knocked out per year (3) During a single athletic season, athletes have a 1 in 10 chance of suffering a facial or dental injury.

Such an estimate does not include unreported and multiple injuries from the same sports accident. Some of the injuries, such as in the true direct contact sports, like boxing, may even ignore reporting due to the expectation of such injuries occurring. Some readers may believe that a tooth being knocked out is minor compared to concussions, but if a tooth is aspirated into the lungs, death could occur or permanent lung damage.

Joe Manzo, the National and International Accounts Director of WIPSS PRODUCTS, which is the developer of the JAW-JOINT PROTECTOR, (JJP) has generously provided me with overwhelming supportive literature on dental injuries and concussions. He also is a sports and injury prevention writer and follows the careers of numerous fighters and users of the Jaw-Joint Protector. Mr. Manzo has documented evidence that concussions and severe dental and facial injuries can be prevented or the severity decreased by wearing mouthguards, and specifically the JJP.

Most readers are aware of the standard single mouthguard that fits over the upper teeth. It does usually protect the teeth, but what the reader does not observe when a blow is delivered to the face or jaw, is the internal damage suffered from the force. Often, the blow may not even seem that destructive, but a minor shift in jaw position can result in a permanent change anatomically. In children and young adults, the bones of the skull have not reached their maximum growth, and jaw damage can result in years of suffering and pain.

There are so many sports that should require mouthguard protection and don't; including wrestling, soccer, volleyball, hockey, and basketball. Actually, a mouthguard should be considered standard equipment, as is shoulder pads, shin guards, knee pads, and eye wear. Some readers may question a mouthguard; such as a JJP, which is an upper and lower molded mouthguard with a breathing hole in the middle; as being too cumbersome and creating difficulty in breathing. I tried the JJP, and I am quite satisfied with it's fit and comfort, and had no problems breathing with it in my mouth. I am not writing this article to sell a product. I am here to do you, the reader, a service. If you value your health in sports and your kid's health in sports, consider what can be done to protect your child from sports injuries. You may want to buy the best bat, the best basketball, the greatest glove, the most expensive and cosmetic shoes- well what about lessening the trips to the emergency room, the dental office, and the pain medicine that can result from faulty or inadequate oral protection!!!

Dr. Bassman has been practicing dentistry at 2906 West Central Park, Davenport since 1977. Since 1993, he has limited his practice to the diagnosis and conservative treatment of jaw, head, neck and facial pain from the dental perspective. Dr. Bassman is a member of the American Dental Association; the Academy of Sports Dentistry; the American Academy of Head, Neck and Facial Pain; the American Pain Society; and the International College of Cranio-Mandibular Orthopedics. Dr. Bassman can be reached for questions or appointments at: (319) 391-1525 or e-mail ( ) by clicking HERE

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New Internal Head Protector Makes Kickboxing A Safer Sport

by Joe Manzo: The past few years have been dangerous ones for the sport of kickboxing with several deaths having occurred, due to blows to the head. Obviously it is a dangerous sport and hard contact is what makes it exciting. While it would be impossible to restrict the amount of contact allowed there has recently been a new piece of safety equipment developed which could drastically reduce the number and the severity, of head injuries. It is called the Jaw-Joint Protector [JJP] and it was invented by the worlds leading TMJ expert, Dr. Edward Williams.

Dr. Williams, who is also a dental surgeon, developed a mouthguard which not only protects the upper and lower teeth but it also repositions the jaw-bone in a down and forward position and locks it there. Upon impact the JJP keeps the jaw from slamming into the base of the brain, which is the common way to receive concussions and internal head injuries. Vital nerves, which run along the jaw-joint are also protected from damage when using the JJP. These nerves are crucial for premium athletic performance as they affect strength and coordination throughout the entire body.

Dr. Williams, originally invented the JJP for one of his patients, who Happened to be Mike Tyson's sparring partner. Due to repeated contact he had developed what is considered a glass jaw. Even light contact produced nausea, dizziness and many complications. After he wore the protector however he was able to take Tyson's hardest punches like never before.

The JJP also returns lost strength to athletes who have received contact to the head. "When straining for extra strength you naturally clench your teeth and jaw." Williams explains. "The pathway of the nerves running from muscles of the body to the brain, pass directly through the jaw-joint. Once the jaw- joint has suffered a minor injury, the signal, calling for more strength, is interrupted when the jaw is clenched. The JJP holds the jaw open and leaves the nerves free to pass the signals needed to the brain.

Ultimate Fighting Champion, Frank Shamrock, gave the Jaw-Joint Protector the Ultimate test in the weight room. "I felt stronger and my reps increased instantly. I was surprised by the breathing aspect also!"

San Shou Sensation and Champion, Cung Le was equally impressed and has given his full endorsement and recommendation of the product to all participants of any contact sport. "My team members and students adapted very quickly to the Protector. I can feel the impact of a punch being absorbed into the unit instead of the usual shock to the brain, you feel." Raves Le. " My breathing was so enhanced that I recommend it to my Cardio Zone Kickboxing students to maximize their workouts!"

Muay Thai Intercontinental Champ, Alex Gong of Fairtex, also is sold on the Protector. " It gives you a definite competitive advantage. You can really take a hit and not be affected as much, Like you're wearing a brain pad!"

The International Kickboxing Federation after publicizing its concern for leg kick fighters has now officially endorsed the Jaw-Joint Protector for the safety of all fighters.Pro Karate teams like Paul Mitchell and Team Elite wisely use the JJP for the edge it gives plus the safety. It is also endorsed by just about every organization who has seen it including the USA-NKF Karate Team, Krane International and the International Muay Thai Team of Bangkok.

"Kickboxing will be a much safer sport, with far less internal head injuries, once the JJP becomes mandatory in the sport." Says Dr. Williams. For more information call, Joe Manzo at WIPSS Products in Conshohocken, Pa. 19408 USA - 1-610-397-0893- Fax- 610-397-1897

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JOE ESTWANIK, MD. The headline on Monday, April 21, Today read; Wyoming Football Player Dies.

This sophomore walk-on collapsed at practice and was unable to be resuscitated despite surgery. "He came to the sideline and said he was not feeling well and passed out." His final diagnosis could surely implicate prior exposure to head injury. A similar incident could easily occur in boxing. In certain circumstances, a martial artist or boxer could suffer serious damage after receiving only minor head blows during a bout. It is important for participants to disclose any prior head injuries that might have occurred. A competitor can be struck to the head hard enough to trigger secondary brain reactions without actually or immediately losing consciousness. A critical fact in a majority of these delayed and "not initially serious appearing" cases is submerged in the athlete's medical history. Athletes must report all head traumas. A PREEXISTING INJURY allows and facilitates the more minor blows of a bout to escalate into a life threatening scenario. This rare, but all too serious, series ofcomplicating factors is termed "Second Impact Syndrome" and is explained in Chapter 8, in my book "Sports Medicine for the Combat Arts. Dr. Robert Cantu, famed neurosurgeon in Boston, author of Boxing and Medicine, and past President of the American College of Sports Medicine, has popularized an uncommon but treacherous situation entitled Second Impact Syndrome. His research and experience have elucidated the underlying wisdom of adequately protecting an athlete from a second successive exposure to head blow. This syndrome occurs soon after a seemingly minor head injury is suffered by an individual who is still experiencing symptoms from a prior concussion. This syndrome, which involves rapid swelling of the brain, has a 50% fatality rate. Seemingly minor head punches to a martial artist or soccer "headings" by a defensive back can prove fatal if either youth had slipped in the shower or fallen off walk-on collapsed at practice and was unable to be resuscitated despite surgery. "He came to the sideline and said he was not feeling well and passed out." His final diagnosis could surely implicate prior exposure to head injury.

I will share with you some information distributed by the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, Ga. Dr. David Thurman of this national center reports, "The deaths caused by Second Impact Syndrome happen when an athlete had a concussion and returns to play before he or she has recovered. When this athlete then receives another hit on the head, the result can be rapid and fatal brain swelling. This means that anyone who has an impact with any symptoms of concussion, should be evaluated by a health care provider before he returns to play." This Second Impact Syndrome has been reported to football, ice and roller hockey, soccer, baseball, basketball, snow skiing, boxing and fortunately not yet in karate. Greater than 300,000 sports' related brain concussions happen each year in the United States. Although most of these are mild and do not require hospitalization, it is highly critical that any concussion, however minor, be reported to the examining ringside physician. Although concussion symptoms are usually temporary, they may include loss of memory, confusion, unsteadiness, or headache. One does not have to actually lose consciousness in order to satisfy the category of concussion. All boxers and martial artists should be aware that in reporting any history of concussion, your examining physician is not referring to concussions or head injuries sustained only in the ring or while boxing. It is critical to report head injury from any source, whether it be in an auto accident, riding a bike or just horse playing with friends. "Second Impact Syndrome" sets up and weakens the brain so that a second and even minor blow may initiate a sequence of events leading to massive brain swelling and fatal herniation of the brain through the base of the skull. Unfortunately, a second impact sustained while participating in sports, may initiate a cascade of events that are far greater than the perceived amount of impact delivered to the head during well-monitored sports participation. Don't be lulled into a comfort zone simply because one sport chooses to call this injury "a ding"or "having your bell rung." There is no such thing as a minor concussion. An athlete cannot "shake off" an actual blow to the brain. No amount of toughness or dedication can control what physically, metabolically and hormonally occurs to brain cells once they have been significantly impacted. The athlete, coach or parent has no control over this physiologic response. Because most minor head blows will safely resolve, ringside physicians can only trust the levelheadedness and honesty of their coaches, parents and athletes to report any incident during their pre-bout physical exam. Please report the following features of concussion:

  1. Vacant Stare.
  2. Delayed verbal; responses.
  3. Confusion or inability to focus attention on normal activities.
  4. Disorientation.
  5. Abnormal or slurred speech patterns.
  6. Change in coordination.
  7. Poor control of emotions such as irritability, poor concentration, or change in emotions.
  8. Memory deficit.
  9. Any loss of consciousness.


This series is copyrighted by Joseph J. Estwanik, M.D. Reprint permission must be obtained from: Boxergenics Press, 335 Billingsley Road, Charlotte, N. C. 28211 (704) 334-4663 or 1-800-774-6284.


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