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Cliff Thomas

"The Black Knight Of Kickboxing"

Cliff With His Fifth World Title Belt (At Right)
7-Time World Champion (1980-2003)
Starred On NBC and ESPN

"152 Stitches Etched Across His Chest In The Form Of A Cross Became An Asset-Not A Burden."

Under instructor Robert Nava in El Paso, Texas, Cliff earned his Blackbelt back in 1977. He has since earned a fourth degree black belt in Chinese Kenpo Karate and a fifth degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. His Sifu in Dallas is David Mason. Kickboxing instructors of note were Demetrius Havanas, Joe Soto and Ishmael Robles. His primary boxing coach was Rocky Galarza. Other boxing coaches that were instrumental in Cliff's career were George Simpson Villa, George Mason and Ralph Ruiz. Assistant coaches were Johnny Ybarra, Tom McKay and many other coaches in Dallas and El Paso.

Managers And Promoters: Hilary Sandoval and Tony Sandoval (deceased). These two brothers were also the founder’s of “Battlestar Karatica.

Other Notable Championship Victory’s: Cliff had two tough fights with Davy Johnston. In the first match, Cliff won a decision and in the second fight, a championship in Las Vegas, Nevada, Cliff won by TKO in the fifth round. However Johnston could punch and broke Cliff's nose in the first match.

Final record: Cliff Thomas won sixty-nine (69) bouts lost five (5) and drew three (3). He was never officially knocked down or knocked out. More importantly, he never ducked a contender.

Exceptional Achievement: Cliff “Magic” Thomas was Kickboxing’s first three-time world title-holder, four-time title-holder, five-time title-holder, six-time title-holder and seven-time world title-holder.

Magazines And Publications Featuring Cliff Thomas: Sport Karate Magazine, Official Karate Magazine, Karate Illustrated Magazine, Inside Karate, Today USA, Today Fighting Stars Magazine, Stars And Stripes, New York Times, El Paso Times, El Paso Magazine, Ft. Worth Star Telegram.

Books: Featured in Arthur Ashes book on famous black athletes. The Original Martial Arts Encyclopedia. The Black Knight of Kickboxing, “Magic, Magic, Magic” by Thomas McKay, 2004.

Movies: Lone Wolf McQuade starring Chuck Norris. Key Witness, Paper Dragons.

Achievement Awards: World Karate Union Hall Of Fame, 2004. Texas Martial Arts Hall Of Fame, 2000. El Paso Athletic Hall Of Fame, 1999. El Paso Boxing/Karate Hall Of Fame, 1994. El Paso Cliff Thomas Day Established 1985 Special Achievement Award, 1980. Kickboxer Magazine award.

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