MONDAY, February 11th, 2002, AT 5:10 PM, PT

IKF Promoter Duke Roufus Takes It To Another level!
February, 9th, 2002 - Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Sorry about that headline IKF News Readers, however, that's the only word left in pretty much everybody's mind after Saturday nights IKF Event and K-1 North American Qualifier in Milwaukee Wisconsin, USA hosted byIKF Promoter's Duke Roufus and Scott Joffe. The event took place in the prestigious RAVE BALLROOM at the Eagles Club in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA and featured 7 IKF Amateur Muay Thai Rules bouts and another IKF Pro Muay Thai Rules Junior Middleweight bout along with the K-1 North America Qualifying tournament that featuring 7 USA Fighters and 1 Canadian Fighter. Before we get into why the word "WOW" was used to describe our feelings after the event, lets review the nights action in order.
By the end, you'll agree with the word...

IKF Amateur
Welterweight Muay Thai

BOUT 1: Number 1 IKF Ranked, and 2 time winner of the IKF USA National Amateur Tournament ( 2000 & 2001 ) Neal Fox (Right - 148, 11-4-2) of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA defeated #3 IKF Ranked WelterweightChristian Allen(146, 3-2/1) of Denver, Colorado, USA by unanimous decision, 30-26, 30-26 and 29-28. Allen was given a questionable standing 8 count in round 3 from what appeared to be a slip, but the scores did not effect the outcome.

IKF Amateur
Middleweight Muay Thai

Jason Wetzel (170, 1-1/0) of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA recorded his first win with a unanimous decision victory over Steve Richards (163, 0-3/0) of Marquette, Michigan, USA, 29-28, 30-27 & 29-28

IKF Amateur
Middleweight Muay Thai

In the first "Country Pride" bout of the night, Canada Vs USA, #2 IKF Ranked MuayThai Middleweight Harvey Grasse (Left, 165, 6-3-1/3) of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA and #3 IKF Ranked Mark Durant (Right, 164, 10-4-1/3) of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada fought to a split decision draw.

Judge Ryan Blackorby scored it 29-29 even, judge Tom Fischer scored it 29-28 Durant and judge Richard Winter scored it 29-28 Grasse.

IKF Amateur
Light Heavyweight Muay Thai

Number 1 IKF Ranked and 2001 IKF US National Champion Ben Dauck (Right, 177, 10-0-1/4) of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA continued his undefeated streak with a surprising victory over 45 year old and #2 IKF Ranked Cruiserweight Charles Pemble (183, 3-3/1) of Marquette, Michigan, USA by unanimous decision, 30-27, 29-28 and 29-28. We say surprising because it appeared Pemble was more aggressive. Instead, Pemble only won rounds 1 on judge Richard Winters card, round 3 on Ryan Blackorby's card and none on judge Tom Fischer's card. Regardless, at 45 years old Charles proved once again, he can "Hang With The Boys!"

IKF Amateur
Light Middleweight Muay Thai

In bout 5 of the Amateur undercard, Light Middleweight Bob Howden (Right, 160, 5-1/3) of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA defeated Kao Moua (157, 0-2) of Sheboygan, Wisconsin, USA by TKO at 1:02 of round 2. Moua kept turning away from Howden which forced referee Jeff Nass to make the correct call.

IKF Amateur
Light Welterweight Muay Thai

In bout 6 of the night, 2 time IKF USA National Champion (2000 & 2001) and #1 IKF Ranked Casey Garza (Right, 135, 7-1/2) of Burlington, Wisconsin, USA, defeated Rocky Zuniga (138, 2-1-1/0) of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada by unanimous decision, 30-27, 30-27 and 30-27. This bout seemed like an easy and uneventful win for Garza who never seemed to explode with any big combinations, doing just enough to secure the win.

Light Middleweight Muay Thai
North American Title Bout

The Main Event of the nights amateur undercard featured the quest for the vacant IKF Amateur Light Middleweight MTR North American Title. Number 3 IKF Ranked Joe Zychoka (Right) of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and #2 IKF Ranked Jason Strout (Left) of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA battled toe to toe in all 5 rounds.

At the end of round 2, Zcyhowka caught Strout in the face with a kick which didn't seem to make a lot of contact from our angle but Strout went down. Although he got back up pretty quickly, referee Al Wichers gave him the 8 count which would prove to be Zcyhowka's saving grace. In round 4, Zcyhowka took a beating from Strout but stayed strong. This bout was a GREAT WAR between 2 Excellent Fighters with both exchanging great combinations!

In the end, the judges found it hard to choose a winner scoring the bout a majority draw. Judge Tom Fischer scored it 47-47 even, judge Ryan Blackorby scored it 48-46 Strout and judge Richard Winter scored it 47-47 even. Oh well, they'll have to meet again down the road for that title belt which awaits them both.


After the IKF Amateur undercard bouts, the K-1 North American Qualifier Tournament kicked off as scheduled, at 8 PM. The event started with the first bout of the night. Although it was not a direct part of the 8 man tournament, the K-1 Reserve Bout would provide a winner and an additional fighter in the case of anyone who couldn't continue in the main Tournament or their opponent. As the bell sounded, Sean "The Shark" Crays of Mid-South Kickboxing, in Memphis Tennessee, USA ran across the ring and attacked Horace "The Real Deal" Craft of Cudahy, Wisconsin, USA with what looked like a jumping front kick or a jumping knee to Craft's face.

Craft simply moved out of the way but it was the showing of things to come. In the bout, Crays continued to be the aggressor in all 3 rounds. He wasn't pretty, but he was the one who pushed the fight. In round 2, Crays hurt Craft with a leg kick but for some reason, he choose not to continue throwing them. At the end of round 2, Craft, who was more of a boxer than a kickboxer, hardly throwing any kicks, landed 1 good right hand at the end of the round, but that was about it. In round 3, both attempted to throw spinning backhands however each hit the other with a spinning elbow. Cray's took his in the head and the one he threw at Craft split open the top of his head. Although bleeding pretty badly, the ringside physical allowed him to continue.

After the bout, Sean Crays of Memphis, Tennessee, USA was awarded the win. However, K-1 scorekeeper Jane wrote the wrong winner down on the scoresheet and unknowingly, the ring announcer announced the wrong winner as written. To us, it appeared he had announced the right winner since Crays, as we said, was a lot more active than Craft over all 3 rounds.

The final scores were 29-28, 29.5-28.5 and 29-28.5. Oh well, so goes the fight game and hopefully this would be the only mix-up on the night. Rest assured, it was. In the end, we were very surprised to see Craft awarded the victory. Maybe it was because the judges thought he was too wild, we don't know. However, we didn't see Craft do enough to win it either. Craft now became the Reserve Fighter if needed.

Kurt Hasley

In the Tournament's opening bout, 2000 IKF USA National Amateur Champion and former IKF Amateur North American ChampionKurt Hasley (Left, 240, 6'4") of Chattanooga, Tennessee came to the ring with a new look. He had his hair pulled into about 20 small ponytails. The hair dew must have worked because he proved too much for the smaller Michael Regnier (Right, 210, 6'3") of San Francisco, California USA.

Hasley quickly overpowered Regnier and exploded with several jab and right hand combinations that sent Regnier to the canvas at 2:17 of the first round. The attack was too much for him as he was counted out while sitting on the canvas by referee Al Wichers.
Hasley advances by 1st Round TKO Win.

Michael Regnier

Andre Walker

In bout 2 of the Tournament, Andre "The Silencer" Walker (210, 5'11") of Denver, Colorado, USA wasn't explosive or exciting but he did enough to get the job done in defeating Kelly "The Lion" Leo of Atlanta Georgia USA. At the end of round 1, Walker managed to Rock Leo with a couple of good punches but that was it. In round 2, Leo landed a good head kick but Walker answered back with some strong Lefts. (Being southpaw) In round 3, Walker wasn't aggressive at all and Leo seemed to be waiting for his attack. Walker seemed to just relax and figured he had done enough to win and was saving himself for the next round. Well, he had, and he did winning by unanimous decision, 30-27 on all 3 judges cards.
Walker advances by Unanimous Decision Win.

Kelly Leo

Dan Lucas

In Bracket B, match 1, 2001 IKF USA National Amateur MuayThai Super Heavyweight Champion Carter "The Black Cobra" Williams of Modesto California USA looked like a young Ali with a Tyson desire to win. Anyone would have agreed that at first glance he was the easy favorite the moment he entered the ring. At 250 lbs he was the heaviest in the tournament and when he entered the ring he was clearly the most relaxed. Dancin to the beat of the music, it all appeared to be a fun game to him.

At 5'11, and that kind of weight, he was solid as a rock and looked like the trunk of a giant redwood tree. In his opening round he faced USKBA Full Contact Rules World Champion Dan "The Lizard" Lucas (Left, 215, 5' 10")) of Rochester, New York, USA. In no disrespect to Lucas, Williams looked like a tank out there being attacked by a pistol. Lucas had some sharp hand combinations but the weight difference of the two fighters was noticeable different in the result of their strikes. For Lucas to give up that much weight was the sign of a true gladiator and we give him great credit for it. Even as a Heavyweight, 35 lbs is a lot of weight difference and no matter who it would have been against Williams in that opening bout, it would have looked the same. William's just looked invincible. As some had thought might happen, it was the leg kicks that got to Lucas. However, it was not exactly how some expected.

Being a full contact style fighter (Above the waist - no leg kicks or knees) the fighters are not allowed to catch a fighters leg. Lucas was doing fine with the first few leg kicks Williams threw at him, but it was after Williams caught his kick and cut his other leg out from under him that hurt him the most. It hit him right at the knee. Being thrown by a fighter the size of Williams and where it landed, it was a kick that would have taken ANY Super Heavyweight down. When Lucas tried to stand, the knee just wouldn't take his weight and he was counted out at 1:36 of round 1 be referee Al Wichers.
Williams advances by 1st Round TKO Win.

Carter Williams

Giuseppe DeNatale

In the final match of the opening round, former IKF Canadian National Amateur Champion Giuseppe "The Godfather" DeNatale (Left, 218) of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada was on a mission. For this being a North American Qualifier event, DeNatale was the lone wolf of them all. He was the only fighter not from the USA in the tournament. In the bout he faced 28 year old Mark "The Shark" Miller. (Right) of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. Last time we saw Miller he was weighing about 209 lbs. He weighed in Friday night at 220 and looked to seek some redemption after losing to Lane Collyer at the same venue late last year. However, DeNatale had thoughts of redemption as well. After a brilliant Amateur career he's had a couple of rough bouts in his pro career. Many questioned his ability in the much larger Super Heavyweight divisions of K-1 claiming he was too small for the bigger guys. Like Miller, we last saw DeNatale fight at 209 lbs. in Milwaukee last year as well. However, unlike Miller, DeNatale defeated Kurt Hensley (Not Hasley, who's in this event) of Atlanta, Georgia, USA by TKO with a body kick.

On Saturday night, it would be DeNatale's kicks that got to Miller as well. Weighing 218 now, DeNatale dropped Miller about a minute into the opening round with a head kick and later exploding with a left - right combination that put Miller down for good at 2:07 of the first. DeNatale looked focused and determined and had good strength. He would now go to round 2 of the Tournament well rested, but the road to Las Vegas was going to get a lot harder before it got easier, if at all... In the middle of that road to the title stood a 250 lb Giant who had appeared sharp, quick, powerful and outright unstoppable named Williams. At only 220 lbs, he had some work ahead...
DeNatale advances by 1st Round TKO Win.

Mark Miller


Andre Walker

In the opening bout of round 2 we saw experience Vs muscle. Round 1 of this bout seemed as if both were pacing themselves, waiting for the other to start the ball rollin. However neither did and it ended quietly. In round 2 though, Kurt Hasley came out as if there was no tomorrow landing some great explosive hand combinations on Walker. When the bell rang, Walker must have been ringin as well because Hasley connected on several clean shots to his head. However, in the middle of the break, Walker's corner informed referee Al Wichers that he was done. Sitting on the stool in the corner, Walker was couldn't answer the bell for the 3rd round. Hasley had proved experience wins out over muscle.

But there was more to him than just experience, there was a passion and a determination as we had not seen before. To respect this, you need to know what this great man has gone through in his life. The moment that stands out most for Hasley is the date of June 5th of 1999. A day he will never forget. He, his pregnant wife and two sons were traveling to West Texas to be with family when they were struck head on by a young man traveling down the wrong side of the road who was under the influence of the drug crank. His wife was killed instantly and his two year old son died twelve agonizing hours later. As Hasley put it to us some time ago, "All of us are faced with trials and hardships that are often times the result of the evil left to develope unrestricted in others. If there is one thing that is certain in my life, that is that there is the grace of God. It is my privilege to share what happened to me and to let others know that in spite of all the terrible things that are present today, we are created with the ability to choose. As competitors, instructors, managers or teachers we can reflect the source of the joy in life in what we do." When we read that, we realized, he didn't need to win ever again in the ring. He had already become a Champion in life. But he wasn't done yet... Hasley had silenced the Silencer and he was off to the Final.

Hasley Advances To The Final
By 2nd Round TKO Win.

Kurt Hasley


Giuseppe DeNatale

When DeNatale entered the ring against Williams, we wondered what he saw across the way. A 250 lb tree in the middle of his road that lead to a date with Hasley in the final. He would need to move that tree or cut it down to make that date and Williams had no plans to allow such a date to happen. Hasley was his as far as Williams was concerned and DeNatale was just another pebble in the road. It was David Vs Goliath and we've all seen this before. However, would DeNatale's David be able to defeat the giant in this story? It didn't appear likely.

Round 1: Williams seemed to be playin with a toy. The size difference was clear to everyone, 30 lbs of muscle more. Williams cut DeNatale over his left eye with a strong punch that forced a pause in the bout. The ringside physician choose to allow him to continue. It was at this moment that everyone stopped looking at DeNatale as a contender, but more so as a survivor. Would he survive Williams or would he go down? DeNatale stayed poised and focused and somehow he survived round 1.
Round 2: Williams came out the same, sharp, quick and strong. He looked stronger than ever and as fresh as could be. Then, all of a sudden while Denalate had been avoiding the big man, he struck back with a strong left leg kick to Williams right leg...The tree crumbled in the corner. WOW! What happened?! The crowd was both in shock but on their feet! Could Goliath beat the Giant? As referee Al Wichers started the count, Williams stood at 6, and was back in the fight. He came after DeNatale and it appeared as if DeNatale was back to surviving again. Williams attacked with speed and quickness, punches landing flush on DeNatale but he wouldn't show pain, wouldn't go down.

Suddenly DeNatale hit Williams and knocked him back into the ropes. Williams slid down the ropes and appeared to fall again. Referee Wichers started another count but he was interrupted by K-1 official (Cory Schafer) that told him that this was Williams 2nd knockdown. What did that mean???
According to the K-1 rules, if a fighter suffers 2 knockdowns in 1 round, the bout is over and he loses... Really???

So be it, the Giant had fallen! David would survive and his date with Hasley was set! WOW! What a finish! Where? And How did DeNatale get the strength, the determination, the desire to survive the Giant?! One thing is sure, the final would feature 2 great fighters with not only experience, but the hearts of Lions! The final was more to these two that just another bout. As we say in the IKF..."Bring It ON!"

DeNatale Advances To The Final
By 2 knockdown Rule Win

Carter Williams

Pro Muay Thai Junior Middleweight Bout

The 1 non K-1 Pro bout of the night was in the IKF Pro Junior Middleweight Division. This bout featured number 11 IKF Ranked Jr. Middleweight "Dangerous" Dave Zuniga (Left) of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada against #3 IKF Ranked Middleweight Jerame Harminson (Right) of Lena, Illinois, USA.

There was no question who won this bout as Harminson jumped all over Zuninga forcing an standing 8 count in round 1. If he had 30 more seconds he could have ended it in round 1. No matter though, as all he needed was 26 seconds in round 2 to drop Zuninga again and this time for good. Out on his feet, Zuninga tried to climb out of the ring himself.

With the win, Harminson establishes himself even more so as a true contender for the top challengers spot to face World Champion Kongnapa for his IKF MuayThai Rules Middleweight World Title.

Joining Harminson are 2 other top contenders, number 1 ranked IKF European Champion Ole Laursen, who just recently moved to California, USA and number 2 ranked Duane Ludwig of Aurora, Colorado, USA.


K-1 North America Qualifier

Giuseppe DeNatale

Everyone in the promoting game knows that the fans will remember the last bout of your event the best. If it was a bad fight, fans may hesitate to come back next time. However, if it's a good fight, they are more likely to return. Better yet, if it's a GREAT Fight, you better start printing tickets.

Such was the case for Promoter Scott Joffe and his final bout of the night. This will go down as one of the greatest bouts ever.

Giuseppe DeNatale was once again up against another Giant. DeNatale stood about 5'11 and weighed 220 lbs. This time he faced Kurt Hasley at 6'3" tall and 240 lbs. Hasley was the second largest fighter in the Tournament. He had a much longer rest than DeNatale and worse yet, DeNatale had a bad cut over his eye to worry about. The fill-in bout didn't help DeNatale any either when Harminson stopped Zuninga as quick as he did. This left DeNatale with even less time then hoped for. The bottom line... Hasley was ready and DeNatale was shufflin to get ready. Forced to go, his cornerman (Robert Coquete) had to do what he could as quick as he could on the cut he suffered from Williams in the last bout. Forced into position, he was ready to go. Lets cut to the action.

Kurt Hasley

Round 1
This was the Ultimate of Gladiator Rounds! These two acted as if this was there first fight of the night! Toe to Toe, leather to leather these two went at it like true Gladiators! Where did they get their energy? Where did they find it? It was clear that the heart and mind will always be stronger than than muscle. Just ask Hasley and DeNatale! WOW! What an opening round! These two weren't holding back at all.

Round 2
appeared to press the fight more now. DeNatale appeared to feel the strain. He took several straight shots while against the ropes that opened his cut above his eye that Williams had given him and blood was running down his face. As a fighting Gladiator though he hung tough. Then, out of nowhere, ANOTHER Surge appeared from deep inside DeNatale! He fired back against Hasley with several strong shots of his own! WOW! A Right, a Left and Hasley was Stunned! Then it happened, Hasley, the other Great Giant of the Tournament fell.

Angered he pouded the canvas and got back up. Referee Al Wichers let it continue. The fans were on their feet and going wild! The two met toe to toe again, exchanging all they had left, but in the end, it was DeNatale's combinations that proved to be too much for Hasley as he couldn't keep his feet. David had beaten Goliath not once, but twice in one night.

Referee Al Wichers stopped it at 2:15 of the second round! WOW! What a finish! Hasley and DeNatale made it a TRUE Championship ending! They both re-defined the word Gladiator and gave their all! What Heart! What Desire! This was more than just a fight to both of them, this was a ticket to "THE SHOW!"

After the fight DeNatale had only 1 thing to say, "You don't know how bad I wanted to go to Vegas." the new Champ said. It could have been anyone's night tonight, but this night belonged to DeNatale. It was his night and his trophy to win. He now has time to relax a bit and await his next moment of glory. The North American K-1 Championship Event will be waiting for him and 7 others in May. Is it possible he can top this performance? Hey, after the Gladiator we saw Saturday night, the heart, the desire, it's true in the fight game... Anything is possible! Good Luck Giuseppe! We'll be watching ya!

Great job by everyone involved on this GREAT EVENT! What great fans! Milwaukee has proved once again that it is the heart of the Gladiators! The fights, the fans and everyone involved! Mr. Joffe, you have a Great Promotion to be proud of here! For more info on this event, please contact Mr. Scott Joffe at (414) 319-1151 or (414) 305-3474 or by e-mail by clicking:

IKF Undercard Gloves Were Provided By


North America Qualifier Event


Eagles Club, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

IKF Amateur North American MTR Light Middleweight Title
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Bracket A
Match 1

Kurt Hasley
Age: 34, Height: 6' 4", Weight: 240 Record: 7-2, 6 KO's Gym: Blalock Kickboxing Hometown: Chattanooga, TN, Titles: 2000 IKF North American Amateur Champion, Discipline: JKD, Kickboxing
Michael Regnier
Age: 25 yrs, Height: 6' 3", Weight: 215 lb, Record: 5-3 Amateur CA State Champion, 0-1 Thailand fights, Hometown: San Francisco, CA, Trainer: Phicheat Arunleung AKA Ganyao (Fairtex)

Bracket A
Match 2

Andre Walker
Fight name: The Silencer, Age: 27, Height: 5' 11", Weight: 230, Record: 16-1, 11 KO's Gym: 3D Martial Arts, Hometown: Denver, CO, Titles: 5-Time Toughman Champion, Discipline: Kickboxing
Kelly Leo
Fight name: The Lion, Age: 30, Height: 6' 0", Weight: 210, Record: 18-4-1, Gym: The Warehouse, Hometown: Atlanta, GA Titles: 1999 South Eastern Heavyweight Champion, Discipline: Kickboxing

Bracket B
Match 1

Dan Lucas
Fight name: The Lizard, Age: 30, Height: 6ft, Weight: 215, Record: 22-2-1, Gym: Mountain Storm Kickboxing, Hometown: Rochester, NY Titles: USKBA World Full Contact Champion, Discipline: Kyokushinkai Karate
Carter Williams
Fight Name: The Black Cobra, Age: 21, Height: 5'11", Weight: 256, 21, Record: 12-5-1/9, Gym: Academy Of Kickboxing, Gene Fields, Hometown: Modesto, CA. 2001 IKF USA National Amateur MuayThai Super Heavyweight Champion.

Bracket B
Match 2

Giuseppe DeNatale
Fight name: The Godfather, Age: 26, Height: 6', Weight: 202, Record: 11-5, 9 KO's Gym: Sik-Tai Muaythai Centre, Hometown: Winipeg, Manitoba, Canada Titles: 1999 IKF Canadian Amateur Heavyweight Champion, Discipline: Muaythai
Mark Miller
Fight name: The Shark, Age: 28, Height: 6' 3", Weight: 209, Record: 13-4, 8 KO's Gym: Iron City Gym, Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA, Discipline: Kickboxing

K-1 Reserve Bout - 3 x 3
Sean "The Shark" Crays
Age: 26, Height: 6'6", Weight: 240, Record: 9-0, Boxing, 1-0, NHB Gym: Mid-South Kickboxing, Discipline: Boxing & NHB
vs Horace "The Real Deal" Craft
Age: 40, Height: 6'1", Weight: 212, Record: 21-8, 12 ko's, Cudahy, Wisconsin, USA, Box Off Gym, Discipline: Kickboxing

Junior Middleweight Prestige Bout

Dave Zuniga
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
#11 IKF Ranked Jr. Middleweight


Jerame Harminson
Lena, Illinois, USA
#12 IKF Ranked Jr. Middleweight

North American
Light Middleweight Title

Jason Strout
(Left) - #2 IKF Ranked
(10-2), Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Vs Joe Zychowka
(Right) - #3 IKF Ranked
(12-3), Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


Light Heavyweight, 178
Ben Dauck

(Left) - #1 IKF Ranked - 2001 IKF US National Champion
(9-0-1) Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA Vs
Charles Pemble
(Right) #2 IKF Ranked Cruiserweight - (3-2) Marquette, Michigan, USA

Welterweight: 147
Neal Fox

(Left) #1 IKF Ranked, 10-4-2/4, 5'9", 147, 28) Duke Roufus Gym, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
- 2000 & 2001 IKF US National Champion
vs Christian Allen
(Right) #3 IKF Ranked, 2-1 Denver, Colorado, USA

Middleweight -165
Harvey Grasse
(Left) #2 IKF Ranked - 1999 IKF US National Champion
(6-3) Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Vs Mark Durant
(Right) #3 IKF Ranked - (10-4) Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Light Welterweight, 139
Casey Garza
(Left) #1IKF Ranked - 2000 & 2001 IKF US National Champion
(6-1) Burlington, Wisconsin, USA,
Vs Rocky Zuniga
(Right) (2-0-1) Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Middleweight -165
Steve Richards

( Left, (0-2) Marquette, Michigan, USA
vs Jason Wetzel
(0-1) Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Light Middleweight
Bob Howden
(Left) 4-1, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Vs Kao Moua
0-1, Sheboygan, Wisconsin, USA,

Rick Roufus: IKF World Heavyweight Champion IR
Duke Roufus: Former IKF World Super Heavyweight Champion MT
Methee Jeetipitak: IKF World Welterweight Champion SS
Robert Coquete: Former IKF World Middleweight Champion MT
Jongsanan Fairtex: IKF North American Welterweight Champion MT







At The Eagles Club, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

IKF Event Representative: Steve Fossum - IKF Event Referee: Al Wichgers
Info: Mr. Scott Joffe (414) 319-1151 or (414) 305-3474 or by e-mail by clicking: