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  1. The IKF is the largest, strongest and most organized Sanctioning Body of Kickboxing events in the world!

  2. The IKF Website is the most read and most visited kickboxing organization website around the world today featuring current kickboxing news, upcoming events schedule as well as training tips and other related info for the sport. The site is the highest ranked kickboxing site on the web and has more information about kickboxing than any other site on the Internet!

  3. The IKF sanctions kickboxing events and has members on every continent around the world and in nearly every country including, but certainly not limited to:
    • USA
    • Canada
    • Mexico
    • Argentina
    • Armenia
    • Australia
    • Austria
    • Barbados
    • Belarus
    • Belgium
    • Bulgaria
    • Burma/Myanmar
    • Costa Rica
    • Croatia
    • Denmark
    • England/United Kingdom
    • France
    • Greece
    • Georgia
    • Germany
    • Holland
    • Hungary
    • India
    • Iran
    • Iraq
    • Ireland
    • Israel
    • Italy
    • Jamaica
    • Japan
    • Jordan
    • Kazakhstan
    • Kenya
    • Lebanon
    • Malaysia
    • Myanmar/Burma
    • New Zealand
    • Norway
    • Poland
    • Portugal
    • Puerto Rico
    • Romania
    • Russia
    • Scotland
    • Singapore
    • South Africa
    • Spain
    • Swaziland
    • Sweden
    • Syria
    • Thailand
    • Trinidad & Tobango
    • Turkey
    • Uganda
    • Ukraine
    • Wales and many, many more...

  4. The IKF sanctions more amateur and pro "KICKBOXING" events around the world than any other kickboxing sanctioning organization! Many others who "Claim" to do more are including "Point Fighting and Forms/Kata competition." No other organizations comes close to the number of KICKBOXING events the IKF sanctions around the world.

  5. IKF Events attract between 500 (Small amateur events) and up to 15,000 spectators in major venues around the world!

  6. IKF Kickboxing events are seen on TV in many UK & European Countries (England, Greece, Russia, etc.) along with being televised in Asia and Australia. Although IKF Events have been televised previously in the USA (Ex: ESPN, Showtime & PPV), the IKF is hoping to soon negotiate a regular weekly series with a major network in the USA.

  7. The IKF is the ONLY Kickboxing Sanctioning body that updates their Rankings (Amateur and Pro) monthly if not sometimes, weekly. These rankings include both amateur and pro kickboxers from around the world!

  8. For individuals looking to train or actually compete in kickboxing, the IKF has a listing for all major kickboxing schools around the World on the IKF website! In the USA and Around The World.

  9. The IKF has more "KICKBOXING" event promoters, trainers and participants worldwide than any other organization with both male and female fighters ranging in age from 8 to 45!
  10. The martial Arts and soccer are the two sports, which are truly worldwide in popularity and acceptance. An estimated 200,000,000 individuals around the world practice at least one form of martial arts.

  11. In the early 80's it was estimated that there were approximately 11.3 million students in the Martial Arts. Today, in 2001, that number has increased greatly. It is estimated that over 50 million people train in some form of "Kickboxing" (Fitness/Aerobic or Competitive)

  12. Most individuals in kickboxing range from the ages of 16 to 35. However in the IKF there are participants as young as 8 and even a World Champion at age 44.

  13. There are over 30,000 martial art schools in the United States alone. Of those, 3/4 instruct kickboxing as either a fitness program and/or for actual competition.

  14. Every night on TV you will see some form of martial arts or kickboxing move on commercials and in the night's programs. From movies to sitcoms, martial arts kickboxing is clearly a feature for action.

  15. The sport of kickboxing has attracted major sponsorship donating millions of dollars to the sport around the world. These include companies such as Budweiser, Miller, Winston, Dodge, Chevrolet, Holiday Inn, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Sony and many more.

  16. Sales of martial arts gear and related equipment have doubled since 1983.

  17. Books on kickboxing and martial arts are still the highest rated checkout books out of all book categories.

  18. Martial art videos continue to be top rental at every video store around the world.

  19. There are over 10,000 actual "Competitive Professional" kickboxers around the world today and thousands more competing n the Amateur level.

  20. The average number of spectators who attend a kickboxing event in the USA is 800. Some amateur events can be less but many of the larger, professional events attract crowds over 10,000.

  21. The rules of kickboxing promote safety for the competitors with fewer injuries than boxing that require hospitalization.

  22. When kickboxing was a regular program on the TV Network ABC in the United States, it was estimated that over 2 million viewers regularly watched the weekly program. The viewers of this program showed an exceptional strength in the male audience between the ages of 18 and 35.

  23. However today, those numbers are far greater as established on other Kickboxing events shown sporadically on TV and cable networks. In addition, the audience now includes a more even amount of both male and female and the age range has shifted to include both a younger (10 and up) and older audience as well.

  24. Kickboxing has rated very strong in all U.S. ethnic and minority television audiences.

  25. Approximately 40% of all kickboxing-viewing households showed incomes in excess of $40,000 per year, making kickboxing spectators some of the most affluent of all sports enthusiasts.

  26. Many of the fortune 500 corporations feature kickboxing as a fitness program at their facilities.

  27. In only it's 3rd year, 2002, (1999, 2000 & 2001) the IKF hosted the largest ever, Amateur Kickboxing Championship Tournament Event Finals ever in North America. With well over 200 participants from nearly every state, the event proved the growing number of participants in the sport today. In all, over 500 amateur kickboxers competed on regional levels to qualify for the National Finals.

  28. As previously mentioned, the IKF Sanctions events around the world. Here are just some of the places IKF events are held:


        1. Alabama
        2. Arkansas
        3. Arizona
        4. California
        5. Colorado
        6. Florida
        7. Georgia
        8. Hawaii
        9. Iowa
        10. Idaho
        11. Illinois
        12. Indiana
        13. Kansas
        14. Kentucky
        15. Louisiana
        16. Massachusetts
        17. Maryland
        18. Michigan
        19. Minnesota
        20. Missouri
        21. Mississippi
        22. Montana
        23. North Carolina
        24. North Dakota
        25. Nebraska
        26. New Jersey
        27. New Mexico
        28. Nevada
        29. New York
        30. Ohio
        31. Oklahoma
        32. Oregon
        33. Pennsylvania
        34. Rhode Island
        35. South Carolina
        36. South Dakota
        37. Tennessee
        38. Texas
        39. Utah
        40. Virginia
        41. Washington
        42. Wisconsin
        43. West Virginia
        44. Wyoming

      • CANADA
        • Alberta
        • British Columbia
        • Manitoba
        • Ontario
        • Quebec

      • MEXICO
        • Cancun
        • Mexico City
        • Puerta Vallarta
        • Tecate
        • Tijuana

        1. Argentina
        2. Armenia
        3. Australia
        4. Austria
        5. Barbados
        6. Belarus
        7. Belgium
        8. Bulgaria
        9. Burma/Myanmar
        10. Costa Rica
        11. Croatia
        12. Denmark
        13. England/United Kingdom
        14. France
        15. Greece
        16. Georgia
        17. Germany
        18. Holland
        19. Hungary
        20. India
        21. Iran
        22. Iraq
        23. Ireland
        24. Israel
        25. Italy
        26. Jamaica
        27. Japan
        28. Jordan
        29. Kazakhstan
        30. Kenya
        31. Lebanon
        32. Malaysia
        33. Myanmar/Burma
        34. New Zealand
        35. Norway
        36. Poland
        37. Portugal
        38. Puerto Rico
        39. Romania
        40. Russia
        41. Scotland
        42. Singapore
        43. South Africa
        44. Spain
        45. Swaziland
        46. Sweden
        47. Syria
        48. Thailand
        49. Trinidad & Tobango
        50. Turkey
        51. Uganda
        52. Ukraine
        53. Wales and many, many more...

  • IKF Pro Champions are from all over the world and have been some of the biggest names in Kickboxing.
    They include, but are not limited to:
    • Dennis Alexio
    • Rick Roufus
    • Don Wilson
    • Duke Roufus
    • Chris Wright
    • Kongnapa
    • Ramona Gatto
    • Danny Steele
    • Tommy Kimber
    • Mark Selbee
    • Cung Le
    • Manson Gibson
    • Adolfo Lozano
    • Dave Marinoble
    • Mike LaBree
    • Visily Shish
    • Garnet John
    • Anthony Bartanalli
    • Mike Nevitt
    • Fernando Calleros
    • Takács Rita
    • Paul Biafore/Andrew San Paul
    • Saekson Janjira
    • Francis Farley
    • Holly Ferneley
    • Cung Le
    • Songhkla Magesticgym
    • Natalie Bee
    • Rudi Ott
    • Juan Torres
    • Ali Hallack
    • Enn Fairtex
    • Han Yuzhu
    • Boonkerd Fairtex
    • Dave Horvath
    • Bobby Campbell!
    • Khunpon
    • Ole Laursen
    • Ivan Silva
    • Edwin "El Tigre" Aguilar
    • Jong Sanan Fairtex
    • Bao Ligao
    • Nick Gill
    • Michelle Preston
    • Matt Skelton
    • Dmitry Shakuta
    • Cesar "El Mego" Palomera
    • Tommy Bach
    • Muzammal 'Abu Zayd' Nawaz
    • John Orchard
    • Matee Jedeepitak
    • Anthony Bartinelli
    • Karen Harding
    • Mike Sheppard
    • Santiago Manzanarez Soriano
    • Damien Trainor
    • Jamie Knox
    • Diesellek Rungruangyon
    • Vladimir Avtamonov
    • Danny Hoyer
    • Julie Kitchen
    • Dan Erickson
    • Liu Hailong
    • Manu Ntoh
    • Denis Grachev
    • Giuseppe DeNatale
    • Patrice Quarteron and many others...

Don "The Dragon" Wilson

Dennis Alexio

Rick "The Jet" Roufus

Ramona "Eagle" Gatto


  1. CREDIBILITY: To Provide legitimate title holders and establish a legitimate and detailed monthly ranking system for both Amateur and Professional Kickboxers.
  2. FAIRNESS: To Oversee all IKF rules, regulations and bouts to assure fairness, quality and competitive spirit among all kickboxers.
  3. RECOGNITION: To Recognize all Kickboxers, Trainers, Promoters, Officials and Sponsors who assist in promoting the Sport of Kickboxing.
  4. SUPPORT: To Provide Professional Assistance to all IKF event promoters to help make each event a financial success.
  5. UNITY: To Promote unity among all sanctioning bodies, organizations, schools, fighters, trainers and promoters so the sport of kickboxing can grow to its fullest potential.

Where The IKF Site Ranks - Main Media Page
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