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APRIL 2002


TUESDAY, April 30th, 2002, AT 9:45 PM, PT

K-1 North America.....
Is It McDonalds To Win... Or Lose..?

Mike McDonald

Duke Roufus

Mike McDonald

Paul LaLonde

Jean Claude Leuyer

Jeff Ford

George Randolph

Jason Johnson

On Friday, May 3, 2002, K-1 Promoter Scott Coker (Right speaking) will host another version of the famous K-1 Tournament at the Mirage Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas to determine who will advance to the next round of the million dollar K-1 championship series.

Despite losing 3 of his original selection of fighters (Maurice Smith, Duke Roufus, Thomasz Kucharzewski and karate fighter Basem Balbaki) Cooker is very excited about the final matches since the replacements are sure to add plenty of tournament action and in some cases, even more.

The biggest upset to the Tournament this year was the loss of former IKF World Champion Duke Roufus. Roufus had to drop from the event when he suffered an ankle injury during training last week. However the loss of Duke to the Tournament will be Coker's gain in the end.

Duke (Below Left) will now be replaced by his brother and current IKF World Champion Rick "The Jet" Roufus (Right) who will replace Duke in the tournament instead of fighting one of the nights Super Bouts.

Rick, like Duke has won multiple World Titles in his career in several different organizations (Rick 6 different ones, Duke 3 different ones) and will be an exciting addition to the Tournament. He is also a former World Boxing Council (WBC) Continental Americas boxing champion.Duke had been named by the Mirage Casino as the second favorite to win the crown at this years May event and it will be interesting to see where Rick falls in the odds when the doors open Saturday night.

Many remember last years (May K-1) where Mike McDonald was basically robbed out of the title by the ridiculous half point system. However, if not for the "Phantom Punch Knockdown" he scored thanks to referee Ray Balowitz (Clearly confirmed by the in-house instant replay where Roufus fell back from being off balance from a strike he threw a split second earlier, however referee Balowitz mad a bad call to give Roufus a standing 8 count which cost Roufus the round and possibly the bout as well.) he may have never made it to the final in the first place. Regardless, against Maurice Smith last year, the trophy was looking like it was made for the Young Gun, McDonald, but in the end, the half point system gave a gift to Smith.

Many say the trophy this year is McDonald to win, or possibly lose as well... He's highly favored this time but the question is, "Do the odds makers really know his competition...?" Those in the know, know that his road to the trophy this year may actually be even tougher then last years road. This years tournament has much younger and stronger talent as well as some older talent that has some history with the favored McDonald... History he would rather forget...

If Rick Roufus and McDonald meet in the final, this is sure to be the fight everyone will want to see because of some history connecting the two. Several years back on January 22nd, 1994 at Caesars Tahoe Nevada, Rick fought and defeated a much smaller McDonald to win the IKF Full Contact Rules Light Heavyweight World Title. In that bout Rick weighed in at 179 to McDonalds 178. It was over quickly as Roufus knocked McDonald out "COLD" at only 43 seconds of the first round.

Roufus later retired the title to move up in weight and into leg kick rules where he later won the IKF International Rules Heavyweight World Title with a 9th round stoppage over Stan Longinidis of Australia in Massachusetts on the infamous Mass Destruction PPV Event. It was Roufus' biggest win of his career but also his greatest disappointment since the promoters never paid him for his bout.

With the drop of Duke and the replacement of Rick, you would only expect the fair thing to do would be to put Rick into Duke's open spot in the tournament to face Dewey Cooper as scheduled. However, for some reason the tournament match-ups were reshuffled. Roufus instead will face former IKF Amateur North American and IKF Amateur USA Tournament Champion Kurt Hasley, (Below Left) of Chattanooga, Tennessee.

We last saw Hasley (240, 6'4") when he was making a name for himself at the K-1 Qualifier event in Milwaukee earlier this year. In round 1, Hasley met up with Michael Regnier (210, 6'3") of San Francisco, California USA and quickly overpowered him and exploded with several jab and right hand combinations that sent Regnier to the canvas at 2:17 of the first round.

In his second bout Hasley met Andre Walker which proved to be a match where experience over-ruled the muscle. In the bout the action was calm until round 2 where Hasley came out as if there was no tomorrow landing some great explosive hand combinations on Walker. When the bell rang, Walker must have been ringin as well because Hasley connected on several clean shots to his head. When the round was over, Walker's corner informed the referee that he was done giving Hasley the win.

In the final round he met DeNatale who will also be in Las Vegas. For the result of that bout, see below...

In McDonald's first round match-up though, he will have a much tougher time than many might think. He will face off against who we have selected as the dark horse of the tournament...Giuseppe DeNatale (Below Left) of Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada. On February 9th of this year, DeNatale brought the legend of Rocky to reality as he came back not once but twice from what looked like sure defeat. In his opening round of the Milwaukee K-1 Qualifier Tournament, (Photos) DeNatale dropped opponent Mark Miller about a minute into the opening round with a head kick and later exploding with a left - right combination that put Miller down for good at 2:07.

In his round 2 bout, a 250 lb tree stood in the middle of his road to the final named Carter Williams, (Right, first alternate at this weekends K-1 - to be used in case someone drops out) who out-weighed him by 32 lbs (218 - 250) It was David Vs Goliath and as in the story told many times, DeNatale held on to win by a very questionable K-1, 2 knockdown rule call when DeNatale knocked Williams into the ropes and he slid down to a knee in round 2.

In the final, DeNatale met up with Kurt Hasley. After an exciting first round, DeNatale's second round combinations proved to be too much for Hasley as he couldn't keep his feet. David had beaten Goliath not once, but twice in one night as Referee Al Wichers stopped it at 2:15 of the second round!

It will be more than physical power that McDonald will meet up with in the first round in Vegas, it will be DeNatale's heart, which may surprise many and prove to be the strongest weapon in the ring against McDonald...

Instead of matching up with Roufus, Las Vegas own mega ticket seller Dewey "The Black Kobra" Cooper will have a much easier first round match-up against multi time World Champion Jean Claude Leuyer (Left). Our last view of Leuyer was in San Jose when he was getting "Spanked" by Paul LaLonde (Above Left) of Canada. LaLonde dominated the first 2 rounds pounding Leuyer with punches to the head. In the 2nd round LaLonde put Leuyer down twice with heavy punches and he was pretty much done for. However on the break, one of his cornermen slipped him some smelling salts (Illegal substance in fight that Wakes up anyone who is out of it as he was) and Leuyer went from down and out to wide awake in the corner. Leuyer came out as if he was as if he had not fought a round, attacking LaLonde's legs while staying away from LaLonde's punches. When the 4th round started, LaLonde could barely walk and Leuyer went to work on his legs again, putting him down twice in the round where the referee stopped it after the second knockdown.

What wasn't announced at ringside though was that after the bout, each of Leuyer's cornermen from Fairtex were fined $2,500.00 by the California State Athletic Commission. The bigger surprise though was that instead of giving Leuyer's World Title (Another organization, not IKF) to LaLonde as would be expected by everyone, the organization sanctioning the bout simply called the fight a no-contest. What an insult to LaLonde who was clearly deserving of the title. A reminder here that LeLonde had already defeated Leuyer by TKO in a previous K-1 event.

Looking back on other bouts Leuyer has had where he has been down and out in the first few rounds, one wonders, did the Salt help him back into those bouts as well? Cooper is not a knockout fighter so he may not have too much trouble with him in round 1, but we'll see what happens to him in round 2, where the Nevada Commission will now be looking for that famous Salt in the corner in every future bout he's in...

Some more history here... If DeNatale and Cooper meet up it will be a rematch of when the two fought a couple years back on the undercard of one of the Las Vegas K-1 events. In the bout, DeNatale made Cooper look pale and worn out. With great kicking skills, DeNatale was so far ahead at the end of the fifth round that no one had any doubt that he would win, which he did...

Rounding out the match-ups will be Jeff "Big Diesel" Ford (Above Left) making his K-1 USA debut when he faces big George Randolph (Above left) of Glenville, West Virginia, USA. (18-2/14, 6'8", 267) Last time we saw Ford in action, he was toe to toe against Leuyer in San Jose, CA. In the end he was stopped by Leuyer's powerful leg kicks though. This is now a bout many are questioning though wondering "Was any salt in Lauyer's corner on that night as well since it was going the same as Leuyer's bout with LeLonde above...?"

Last time we heard of Big George, he was contending for the IKF Full Contact Rules Super Heavyweight World Title against then World Champion "Mean" Mike LaBree of Cable Wisconsin, USA on February 3rd, 2001 at the LCO Casino in Hayward, Wisconsin, USA. In the bout, Labree won by 3rd round TKO and announced his retirement from the ring after the bout.

On the very same night in the very same state of Wisconsin, Jeff Ford was going toe to toe with Jason Johnson (Left in picture attacking Ford at Left) in Milwaukee. Like in the Randolph-LaBree bout, Johnson won by a third round TKO as well...Johnson has since retired from the ring and moved to Las Vegas to pursue an action career which he is doing very well in...

Tickets are now on sale at www.k-1usa.net
Ticket prices are $30, $50, $100, $150, & VIP Ringside $250.
The doors open at 5:30 PM; the preliminary round is at 6:00 PM and the first K-1 tournament bout begins at 7:30 PM.
K-1 is also offering discount flights on Southwest Airlines.

The winner of the event will meet semi finalists from seven different countries on August 17, 2002, at The Bellagio for the K-1 World Semi Finals and a chance to go onto the 2002 K-1 World Grand Prix at the Tokyo Dome.

We apologize to Mr. Dewey Cooper because we had no pictures of him nor could we find any of him on the web.

Rick Roufus

Rick Roufus &
Stan Longinidis

Kurt Hasley

Giuseppe DeNatale

Carter Williams

MONDAY, April 29th, 2002, AT 9:25 PM, PT

Ultimate Athlete Magazine
Is Moving

FRESNO, CA -- 04/29/02: IMG2.com, Inc. today announces a move, and expansion, of the corporate offices. Ultimate Athlete (www.ultimateathlete.tv), the premiere magazine for combat sports is growing. "This is a great new location," says John Pack, Publisher of Ultimate Athlete. "Our magazine continues picking up new stores nationally, and internationally, each week. Now, with our new location, we will be opening our first Ultimate Athlete retail store, which will carry all of the best in combat sports gear, apparel, supplements, DVD, videos, etc."

In less than a year, Ultimate Athlete has attracted a wider audience interested in all combat sports, such as mixed martial arts (MMA), boxing and kickboxing. Each magazine contains fighter profiles, interviews, fight coverage, training regimens, nutrition and sports medicine tips, as well as, beautiful women.

About IMG2.com, Inc.
IMG2.com, Inc., headquartered in Fresno, CA, is the publisher of Ultimate Athlete magazine, a leading publication of combat sporting news (mixed martial arts, boxing, kickboxing, etc.) and information. IMG2.com, Inc. is a multimedia sports entertainment company comprised of the internationally distributed Ultimate Athlete magazine.

New Office Location: Ultimate Athlete magazine, 1444 N. Van Ness Ave. Fresno, CA 93728, 1-877-987-9200, 1-559-233-9322, 1-559-233-5391. If you're a combat sports product manufacturer and would be interested in having your products in the Ultimate Athlete store, please email garyb@ultimateathlete.tv.

MORE NEWS OF 4-29-02

Navarro Joins
IKF Point Kickboxing Circuit

Longtime promoter and trainer Carlos Navarro (At right with daughter Ruby) of San Francisco California, USA has decided to join the IKF Point Kickboxing Circuit for his September 28th, event. Navarro's Point Muay Thai and American Kickboxing (above the waist kicks) tournament will be held at the Oceana High School in Pacifica, California - 401 Paloma Ave.

Navarro's IKF Point Kickboxing Tournament will have men, women and junior divisions. There will be cash and trophies awarded to Grand Champions in each division. Divisions for beginners, intermediate and advance fighters will be based on experience. All competitors will receive a free patch. Full safety gear is required (approved headgear, 16oz. boxing gloves, mouth piece, groin protectors, shin and instep protectors - pads must cover the toes) .

Century 16 oz. boxing gloves & Headgear (Left) will be available at the event. As in all IKF Point Kickboxing, contact will be strictly enforced and no knockouts are allowed! See the IKF Point Kickboxing page on this site for more information on rules. For more info and how to pre-register for his upcoming tournament, contact Mr. Carlos Navarro at (415) 550-1694.

(Pre-registration info. to be posted on this site soon)

THURSDAY, April 25th, 2002, AT 10:55 AM, PT

This Weekends IKF Action!

Tom Sullivan's

April 26th, 2002 - Eau Claire Wisconsin, USA

IKF Promoter Mr. Tom Sullivan
is all set for this Friday nights IKF Kickboxing event at the
Ramada Inn Conference Center in Eau Claire Wisconsin, USA.

Although there won't be any title fights on the event there's sure to be plenty of exciting IKF Kickboxing Action.
The event doors open At 6:PM and the fights begin at 7:PM.
For more info, please contact Mr. Tom Sullivan at (218) 724-1663 or (218) 349-4644.

More IKF Action This Weekend...

Matthew Waller's
Submission Fighting Open VIII

April 27th, 2002 - Griffin, Georgia, USA

IKF and ISCF (International Sport Combat Federation) Promoter Matthew Waller (Right) is all set to host this Saturday nights (April 27th) "Submission Fighting Open VIII" at the Taylor Street Middle School Gym in Griffin, Georgia, USA. Waller's promotional company, Gauntlet Productions mainly focuses on Mixed Martial Arts but will soon a balanced card of both MMA and IKF Kickboxing. This weekend he will introduce his MMA fans to kickboxing by featuring 1 IKF Amateur bout between Shaun Gay of Valdosta Martial Arts Center in Valdosta Georgia against Razor Rob Atkins also of Georgia.

Waller's ISCFMMA action will feature bouts in 6 Different Weight Classes, (155 under, 170 under, 185 under, 200 under, 220 under, 221 and Up). Here's how the ISCF divisions as well as other matches look as of press time today;

  • ISCF MMA - 155
    • Sean Culbreth - JT's Powerhouse (GA)
    • Leif Ekholm - Intergraded Martial Developement (MA)
    • Shannon Smith -ShootWrestling (AL)
    • Harris Norwood -Eagle (GA)

  • ISCF MMA - 170
    • Dan Anchetta- HardCore Gym (GA)
    • Joel Weldon -VMAC (GA)
    • Ron Lowe -Southside BJJ (GA)

  • ISCF MMA - 185
    • Trey Lambert -Kazien Defensive Arts (GA)
    • Kenny Tennorio- Shootwrestling USA (AL)

  • ISCF MMA - 200
    • Roger Waters- Eagle (GA)
    • Shaun Blanchett- VMAC (GA)

  • ISCF MMA - 220
    • Ross Hagerman - HardCore Gym (GA)
    • Casey Pendelton - Bullsring (TN)

  • ISCF MMA - 221 & UP
    • Keith Blizzard - Bullsring (GA)
    • Jimmy Jennings - (GA)

    Douglas Edwards - Mott Jujitsu (GA) Vs Anthony Middlebrooks - Sky Boxing (AL)

    Pee wee Mcall - Vmac (GA) Vs Chris Clodfelter -Upstate Karate (SC)

    Chris Stanley - (GA) Mike Lawton - (GA)

    Juan Mott ( Pride and Mars vet)- Mott Jujitsu (GA) Vs Shaun Kilgus -World Jujitsu (SC)

The event doors open at 6:PM and the action will start shortly after so don't be late because seating is limited.. For more info, contact Mr. Matthew Waller by phone at: (478) 475 1092 or by e-mail at Gauntletprods@aol.com. or check out the Georgia Fight Scene Web Page located at http://pub49.ezboard.com/fatlantafightscenefrm1.

More IKF Action This Weekend...

Mr. John Rice & Mr. Mark Wilson

April 28th, 2002 - Kirkby, Liverpool England

IKF Promoters Mr. John Rice & Mr. Mark Wilson
are all set for their IKF Kickboxing event scheduled for this Sunday night in Kirkby, Liverpool England.
Additional information about this amateur event was not available at press time.
For more info, please contact our IKF European Office at
phone/ fax: 44 174 473 9043 or by e-mail at Europe@IKFKickboxing.com.

TUESDAY, April 23rd, 2002, AT 11:00 AM, PT

Marketing Yourself As A
Professional Kickboxer

Tips provided by IKF Pro USA Champ
Kevin "Hurricane" Hudson

The IKF Marketing Department Asked Mr. Hudson To Submit This. Thanks Kevin!

To market yourself as a champion you need to be professional at all times. Try your best to look the part, i.e., clean cut, clean apparel, well spoken and a professional appearance. People are quick to stereotype a certain profession after they come into contact with someone who is in that profession. So, the people in your area may have never met a Kickboxer. You are their image of what a "Kickboxer" should look and act like. You are representing a lot of people, so always make a good, lasting first impression.

Most Kickboxers come from a karate background. Therefore, many of them own their schools. In marketing your school, you should make some prominent contacts with local newspapers, television personnel, and community organizations. Depending on how long you've been in business may determine the amount of contacts you acquire. Remember, your students are your most valuable assets. You are their super hero! They want to be like you or they would not come to you for training. While in training, you want to get your students pumped up about the fact that you will be competing. They will in turn be proud to inform their friends and family which will further enhance your popularity.

Here's what I did to market myself and my March 16 fight for the IKF U.S. Heavyweight title in Augusta, Georgia, USA: ( "Press Person" can be wife or a friend)

  • 1 month prior to the fight my press person called 2 of the 3 major television network affiliates in my area and told them about the upcoming event, both said to call them when the fight was over and they would do something.

  • 1 month prior my press person also called the local newspapers and did the same. I have a student whose uncle writes the Stroller Column which is a brief "what's happening" in our area column and it appears every day. 2 weeks in a row he put a little blurb about my upcoming fight and wished me luck.

  • The fight was only 3 hours from my school, I sold 100 tickets at my school (www.teamhurricane.com) alone. After the fight, my press person, followed up with calls to the newspapers and television people, some that same evening and more on the following Monday.

  • Three weeks after the event, I appeared on three TV news programs. After this kind of press it's obvious that the phone started ringing! More and more students started bringing their friends by to meet me. Several people wanted me to autograph my news articles so they could give them to their children.. You'd be surprised at how many papers I've signed and how happy this makes the owners of the paper. Next, I'm going to make copies of my fight and sell it to those interested and the local video store. I'm also going to have a fight night at my school. (This will be before I offer them for purchase.) I'm going to rent a big screen TV and play my fight on a Friday or Saturday night. I'll probably charge a small fee just to pay for the big screen television I will also invite the most prominent newspaper and television station to come by as well. They will be given a tape for all of their help.

These are just a few of the tips I used to market myself for my fight(s). I would suggest that you also send out a Press Release (PSA) a month or so before and immediately after your fight. Whether you receive press or not, at least they will know of your activities and eventually they will give you some press.

Kevin is a former World Champion Kickboxer as well in another organization. He had retired from the sport due to the lack of opportunities/challenges but came out of retirement for a shot at the vacant IKF US Heavyweight title on March 16th, 2002. Now his career has come alive again. His next goal is to capture the IKF North American Title and eventually the IKF World Title. Fighters such as Hudson are a big part of the "Resurgence" of full contact rules kickboxing and the sport as a whole. To reach Mr. Hudson at his school in South Carolina, USA, (Hurricane Martial Arts Center, Inc.) call (864) 879-7916. Our article, "The Resurgence of Full Contact" will be coming out soon. We've been waiting for some final facts for it. For more information on Marketing tips, see the Johnny Davis Tip Page on this site or order the IKF Official Kickboxing Training Manual...The Art of Kickboxing.

MORE NEWS OF 4-23-02

East Area Thai-Kickboxing Explosion!

Results From The April 14th, 2002 IKF Bedford, England Event

Bedford, England: The Moat House Hotel Bedford in Bedford, England was the venue for an explosive night of IKF MuayThai action, promoted by former English, Commonwealth, and World Thai boxing champion Nigel Thompson, (Right) his first IKF collaboration.
First fight had Steve Granger squaring up to "Gareth Gates" look-alike Matt Kelly. Spencer Kickboxing's Grangar stormed out with strong punches, hooks to the body and head. Kelly from Hard Knox Kickboxing had good kicking ability but found it hard to cope with Grangers punches. Granger was warned for not kicking enough, as there was a minimum kick count in this full contact bout. His kick count did not improve losing him valuable points. Judges ruled the fight a draw.

Next up a Thai boxing bout spirit of Siam's James Mcglone versus East Area Thai's Mindy Paul. A close fought battle saw Mcglone drop Paul with an excellent knee to the ribs; unfortunately it was just after the referee Clive Tennant had call for a break. Paul was given enough time to recover before the fight continued. At the end Mcglone had done enough to get the nod.

The third bout saw SSJ'S Neville Houchin against Carl Thurgood from Dragon's Kickboxing. Houchin came out strong determined to take the fight to Thurgood. Shortly in to the fight the doctor was called to Houchin's corner, he had acquired a nasty gash on his shin and could not continue the result therefore going to Thurgood.

Next in to the ring Chris Mcglone from Spirit of Siam facing Steve Williams of Nomads. McGlone took control from the start and Williams had no answer to McGlones powerful arsenal of kick's, punches and knees, a unanimous decision to McGlone.

Spirit of Siam had a busy night as Ryan Keber prepared to battle Eagles Al Wain. Keber took a standing count in round one, he fought back in round two, but Wain proved too strong in the third and won on a deserved unanimous decision.

The sixth fight was won by default by Paul Gater of Woburn Tae Kwon Do, as his opponent was not available.

Liam Robinson of Spirit of Siam versus Donnel Mitchell of Minotaurs. Robinson started with excellent head kicks and some strong body shots. Mitchell proved himself durable and kept the fight going with strong determination, good in fighting and throws. Robinson kept up an impressive work rate and was awarded the win.

The eighth fight had Afnan Saeed of Free Fight facing Mark Bustamante of Minotaurs. Bustamante in his spangled violet and silver shorts dominated with sharp punches and head kicks. Saeed took a standing count in round one, in the later round Bustamante let go with his full repetiore taking a unanimous decision.

The first title fight of the evening was the IKF Southeast Area Featherweight Title Daz Mitchell of SSJ versus Ranjit Dheer (Right Attacking) of east area Thai. Any similarities to Prince Nassem Hamed disappeared when Dheer started to work; there was no show boating Dheer came out like a whirlwind forcing two standing counts in the first thirty seconds. The fight was stopped in 56 seconds of the first round in favor of the new IKF Southeast Area Champion Ranjit Dheer. Featherweight champion Ranjit Dheer on his way to victory.

Bout ten saw Vince Clarke of SSJ versus Steve Banton of East Area Thai. A total display of close Thai fighting, neck wrestling and kneeing with Banton being the aggressor and taking the decision.

For the IKF Southeast Area Super Middleweight Title, Lee Wills from Spirit of Siam met Narginder Gill of East Area Thai.

Both fighters came to Bang! Gill forced Wills to the canvas on numerous occasions with leg sweeps taking the fight out of him and taking the IKF Southeast Area Super Middleweight title.

IKF Pro MuayThai World Champion Matt Skelton presented the belt.

The officials for the night were IKF European Director Alby Bimpson, Mike Fowles, Clive Tennent, Leon Kelly, and timekeeper Jacqui Thompson. For more event info, please contact IKF Europe in England at (Phone/ Fax) 44 174 473 9043 or by e-mail at Europe@IKFKickboxing.com

Nigel Thompson,

MONDAY, April 22nd, 2002, AT 6:25 PM, PT

Our Prayers Go Out...
Father of well known Kickboxing Referee Passes away...
Steve Fossum, IKF President

Last Saturday night, California State Athletic Commission Referee and well known Martial Artist Cecil Peoples, (shown at right with me and at left refereeing this years K-1 Middleweight event in Denver Colorado) shared some laughs while awaiting the start of the Oxnard, CA, USA Amateur Kickboxing event at Pacifica, High School. The picture at right was taken at about 7:30 PM, California time. At the time, Cecil had not been informed yet that his father, Robert Perry had past away about 6:00 PM that very night.

Cecil family didn't want to inform him since there was nothing he could do and Cecil was doing what he loved most, kickboxing. According to our sources, Robert past away in his sleep and had been struggling with the issues of losing his wife a few years earlier. Having lost my mom a few years back and seeing how my dad has taken it since, I can relate to what Robert was probably going through, at least a little. I won't say "I knew how he felt" because I haven't even been married yet, let alone lose a wife. I can't tell you how many times I've heard my own dad say "I'm ready to go... it's too lonely now."

Cecil's dad Robert was from Carbonhall Alabama where Cecil grew up himself. He had just been talking about his high school on this very night about what a small town it was. Cecil has over 32 years of Martial Arts training having started karate at age 18 and been awarded his first black belt around 1970. Over the years he has become one of the most recognized and respected names in Kickboxing as well as in the martial arts. He too was a kickboxer and today he holds the rank of 8th degree black belt and is a Master Instructor at Tom Bloom's Karate Studio in Southern California.

Our prayers go out the Cecil and his family on this day and for those of you who knew him and wish to send your condolences to Cecil and his family, you can e-mail Cecil at cpksensei@earthlink.net.

SUNDAY, April 21st, 2002, AT 1:10 PM, PT

Hooks & Joiner Are
Kings of the Ring!

What a WAR For The Vacant IKF MuayThai Title!

Photos by Fields Photography, Gene & Kat

IKF Promoter Dominador Tomate experienced what every event promoter of any type of event experiences during their promotional careers, the pre-event stress of things gone wrong. As many event promoters know, no matter how hard they work to cover every detail there always seem to be some surprises that come up that will shock you. In Tomate's case it was a mistake made by the venue director of Pacific High School in Oxnard, CA. The director had the date of April 27th on his calendar and not April 20th. As matters of staffing and other issues were being handled, it wasn't until 6:PM until the doors to the gym were finally opened and the ring crew went to work setting up the ring.

Due to the scheduling error it wasn't until 8:30 PM (Previously scheduled for 7:30 PM) that the event finally started. By then, the crowd was small, but those who stuck around for the action were treated to some fantastic IKF Kickboxing and a Main Event that will be remembered by them all for a long time!

The main event featured Ryan Joiner of San Luis Obispo, CA, USA in a rematch against Maurice Hooks of Modesto, CA, USA. Hooks and Joiner last met on an event in San Jose CA, where Hooks won a close one point split decision. As before, this fight was just as exciting but this time there was something more important on the line than a win. This fight would be for the vacant IKF Amateur MuayThai West Coast Light Heavyweight Title.

In round 1, it appeared these two forgot this was a MuayThai fight as neither had thrown any knees until the very end of round 1 when Hooks threw two. Round 1 ended with Hooks winning on 2 of the 3 judges cards 10-9 while Joiner won the other judge 10-9.

In round 2, Joiner took more control landing some good combinations and adding more knees to his attack as he won on all 3 judges cards 10-9.

In round 3, Joiner was warned by referee Doc Hamilton for pulling Hooks head down and kneeing. One of his knee strikes hit Hooks in the jaw. (Knees to the head are not allowed in amateur MuayThai). Despite the fouls, Joiner won the round 10-9 on 2 of the 3 judges cards.

In round 4 the momentum turned back to Hooks as it seemed he was in better condition than Joiner but still putting on a great fight. Hooks landed some good combinations in this round and in the end, he took 2 of the 3 judges cards, 10-9. Now, at this point, this bout should have been over since all IKF Amateur Regional Title Bouts are only required to be 4 rounds long. However, the two fighters and their trainers asked if they could go 5 rounds this time. Due to how close as well as how great their first fight was, the IKF granted them their wish and it couldn't have worked out better. Why? Well, at the end of 4, this was a majority draw at 38-38, 38-38 with one judge giving it fully to Joiner (Cecil Peoples) 39-37.

So here comes round 5 and what was thought to be the best of the 5 rounds instead turned out to be a round that would test their stamina. In the test both seemed to hit a bit of a wall but there was a little more coming from Hooks.

It was this little more that proved the difference for him as he took the split decision victory 48-47, 48-47 and 47-48 to win the vacant IKF Amateur MuayThai West Coast Light Heavyweight Title.

The question now is, will either be "Walking the Walk" at the US Nationals in August? Only time will tell but if our opinion has anything to do with their decision, we truly hope to see them both there. These guys Rocked!

Here's how the remainder of the nights action went...

    Mike Morello
    of Santa Barbara, CA, USA (3-2/0, 163) defeated Julian Lugo of Barstow, CA, USA (0-3/0, 163) by unanimous decision 30-27 on all 3 judges cards.

    Sean Rios
    of Branley, CA, USA (1-0/0, 180) had a successful kickboxing debut as he defeated Victor Lopez of Bakersfield, CA, USA (0-1/0, 186) by unanimous decision, 30-27 on all 3 judges cards.

    John Polakowski
    of San Louis Obispo, CA, USA (5-4/2, 153) defeated Ira Merick of Modesto, CA, USA (1-3/0, 146) by knockout at 1:44 of round 1 with a right leg head kick.

    Raul Rodriguez
    of Bakersfield, CA, USA (3-3/2, 159) defeated Cruz Gomez of San Louis Obispo, CA, USA (2-2/1, 159) by split decision 29-28, 29-28 and 28-29.
    • In this bout, Rodriguez knocked Gomez down twice in this bout and referee Dej Sriyampai didn't score either knockdown and these were NOT Flash Knockdowns either.
    • It's a wonder how many fights are decided by a referees mistakes rather than a fighters ability. Good thing the scores did not effect who really won this bout.

When the night was done, it was clear that despite the problems he faced in this promotion, promoter Dominador Tomate "Walked The Walk" and "Made It Happen!" For this, his efforts and hard work received HIGH Praise by EVERYONE! Great job Dominador! And a great job by the officials as well as the trainers and fighters who were patient to await the start of this event. For more information call Mr. Tomate at (805) 857-5445 or Mr. Abe Belardo at (661) 834-5871.

THURSDAY, April 18th, 2002, AT 8:00 PM, PT

"King of the Ring"
This Weekend... Oxnard California USA!

Ryan Joiner of San Luis Obispo, CA, USA will meet Maurice Hooks of Modesto, CA, USA for the IKF Amateur West Coast Light Heavyweight Championship Title, Saturday, April 20 when IKF Promoter Dominador Tomate presents a night full of amateur kickboxing at the "King of the Ring" to be held at Pacifica High School in Oxnard, California between 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. The card will consists of eight amateur fights representing fighters from Brawley, Barstow, Bakersfield, Santa Barbara, and San Luis Obispo California. Joiner and Hooks last met at an event in San Jose CA, where Hook won a close one point split decision. Joiner welcomes the rematch especially when there's a title on the line. For more information, call Mr. Tomate at (805) 857-5445 or Mr. Abe Belardo at (661) 549-8498.

MORE NEWS OF 4-18-02


Kim Messer...
4 Time World Champion Boxer and Kickboxer
Announces Retirement

- Opens Ring Sports United, Inc. -

BELLEVUE, Washington, USA: Four-Time World Champion Kim Messer (pictured) will officially Hang up her gloves to teach Boxing and Kickboxing to all levels from beginners to Olympic hopefuls. The Eastside resident and current IFBA (International Female Boxers Association) world champion Messer today announced her retirement from professional boxing. On Thursday, April 18, Messer and her husband/trainer Mark Messer, invite the public to join them and Bellevue Mayor Connie Marshall and Jennifer Han, 2008 Olympic boxing hopeful, at the official ribbon cutting and grand opening ceremony of their new boxing and kickboxing club, Ring Sports United, Inc., 2620 Bellevue Way, Bellevue, Washington, USA.

"Mark and I have always wanted to open our own gym and share the benefit of our experiences with both the fitness-oriented students as well as those who have amateur or professional aspirations. After 12 years of competing around the world, I've decided it was time to step out of the ring and channel my energies behind the scenes to coach and inspire others," said Messer.

Messer, who has been profiled by numerous local, national and international print and broadcast outlets, is highly regarded in both the boxing and kickboxing communities. "Kim is one of the pioneers in professional women's boxing," said manager and husband Mark Messer. "She fought and won the first sanctioned female boxing bout in South Korea in August 2001, and returned to Seoul, Korea in November 2001 to defend and retain her IFBA World Champion flyweight title." Together, Mark and Kim Messer have more than 40 years of experience competing and teaching boxing, kickboxing and martial arts.

"In addition to working with people who are just interested in getting a good work out, Kim and I are especially eager to coach individuals who may have competitive goals," said Mark Messer. "In fact, our biggest priority is to share the techniques we've proven in the ring and make Ring Sports United an integral part of Seattle's boxing and kickboxing community."

Ring Sports United occupies the former Maurice Smith's Kickboxing Center in Clyde Hill, Bellevue. The gym is currently accepting new students of all levels and ages. Gym is open Monday -thru Saturday, hours vary, call for more information: (425) 576-5300.

Check out Kim's Website At

For more information, contact: Peggy Rahm, Shannon Marketing, (206) 501-7730 or Shelby Barnes, at (425) 770-2413.

MORE NEWS OF 4-18-02

Warriors of the Border VII
Another KO Event in Tijuana, Mexico!!!

IKF Mexico
Last Sunday, April 14th., The Baja California Association of Kickboxing and Muay Thai ("IKF BORDER LEAGUE" ) sanctioned the seventh edition of the "Warriors of the Border" amateur kickboxing tournament series at the Baby Rock Disco in Tijuana, Mexico. Director Miguel Reyes saw this, his latest production, turn out a great success both in matchmaking and in public attendance. With a total of 12 schools participating from the Mexican states of Guaymas Sonora, Puerto Vallarta Jalisco, and Baja, as well as from Southern California, a whooping 19 matches were set for the evening.

The opening matches showcased the talents of 8 and 9 year olds, boys and girls, which heated up the night right from the start with their true warrior spirit and technique. The program followed with the teenagers fighting for the trophy cups that were awarded to all match winners. In the middle of the program Reyes presented 4 pankration matches that were sanctioned by the Baja Association of Pankration Athlima of which he is vice president. The card pitted fighters from 3 local schools: Lozano's Submission Academy, Academia de Defensa Total, and Romero's Gym. Each and every one of these fights turned out exiting and the crowd was pleased with the display of great courage and sharp submission skills from all of the Pankration warriors. The pankration results were:

  1. Ignacio Cervantes (Lozano's) defeated Julio Valle (Defensa Total) via submission in the second round.

  2. Edgar Medina (Romero's) defeated Reyes Barriga (Defensa Total) via points.

  3. Leonel Silva (Defensa Total) defeated Yahir Reyes (Lozano's) via points tko in the second round.

  4. Akbarh Arreola (Defensa Total) defeated Arturo Nader (Lozano's) via submission in the first round.

The kickboxing program continued with the more experienced teens and adults.
The closing fights featured top level matches which resulted in exiting TKO's thus rounding out the splendid fight card which made the 5 hour stretch worth while.
The kickboxing resuls were:

  1. Alexandria Moore ( 9 Years Old, San Diego, CA, USA) defeated Berenice Martinez ( 8 Year Old, Tijuana, Mexico) Unanimous Decision

  2. David Samudio ( 9 Years Old, Tijuana, Mexico) defeated Andres Moreno ( 9 Years Old, Tijuana, Mexico) Unanimous Decision.

  3. Karen Mendoza ( 10 Years Old, Tijuana, Mexico) defeated Victoria Beltran ( 9 Year Old San Diego, CA, USA) Unanimous Decision.

  4. Ramon Hernandez ( 11 Years Old, Tijuana, Mexico) defeated Raul Medina ( 10 Years Old, Tijuana, Mexico) Unanimous Decision.

  5. Alan Romero ( 15 Year Old, Tijuana, Mexico ) defeated Rodolfo Gudiño ( 13 Years Old, Tijuana, Mexico ) Unanimous Decision.

  6. Ralf Macdonald ( 15 Years Old, San Diego, CA, USA ) defeated Juan Jose Orca ( 14 Years Old, Tijuana, Mexico ) Unanimous Decision.

  7. Ramon Rocha ( 13 Years Old, Tijuana, Mexico ) Non Dicision with Joaquin Farfan ( 10 Years Old, San Diego, CA, USA)

  8. Santiago Manzanares (Puerto Vallarta, Mexico) defeated Gaston Prophete ( San Diego, CA, USA ) Unanimous Decision.

  9. Marco Aurelio Gonzales ( Mexicali, Mexico ) defeated Rafael Ponce Carrillo ( Puerto Vallarta, Mexico) Unanimous Decision.

  10. Mauro Paz (Tijuana, Mexico) defeated Felipe De Jesus Diosabot ( Tijuana, Mexico ) Unanimous Decision.

  11. Vladimir Covarrubias ( Mexicali, Mexico ) defeated Jose De Loera ( Tijuana, Mexico ) Unanimous Decision.

  12. Oscar Montaño (Guaymas Sonora, Mexico ) defeated Enrique Martinez ( Tijuana, Mexico ) by TKO at 1:45 of the first round.

  13. Jose Aispuro ( Tijuana, Mexico ) defeated Jose Manuel Armenta ( Mexicali, Mexico ) Unanimous Decision.

  14. Rafael Serrato ( Tijuana, Mexico ) defeated Alfonzo Rodriguez ( Tecate, Mexico ) Unanimous Decision.

  15. Simon Caldera ( Tijuana, Mexico ) defeated Adan Sanchez ( Tijuana, Mexico ) Unanimous Decision.

  16. Aldo Espinoza ( Tijuana, Mexico ) defeated Ruben Gallegos ( Tijuana, Mexico ) by TKO at 1:15 of the first round.

  17. Jose Osorio ( Tijuana, Mexico ) defeated Juan Aguilar ( Puerto Vallarta, Mexico ) Unanimous Decision.

  18. Samuel Garcia Magaña ( Guaymas Sonora, Mexico ) defeated Alejandro Salazar ( Tijuana, Mexico ) Unanimous Decision.

  19. Adan Guardiola ( Tijuana, Mexico ) defeated Carlos Garnica ( Tijuana, Mexico ) by TKO at 1:50 of the third round.

For more event info, please contact Mr. Miguel Reyes in Tijuana Mexico at 626 48 27 or by e-mail at reyesgym@telnor.net

WEDNESDAY, April 17th, 2002, AT 11:00 AM, PT

Attention USA Amateur Kickboxers!
It's Time To "Walk The Walk" Again!

For the 4th straight year, here comes the Largest USA National Amateur Kickboxing Championship Tournament, The TRUE Golden Gloves of Kickboxing... The 2002 IKF USA National Amateur Kickboxing Championships Tournament. For General Info click HERE. Wondering what region you are in? To find out click HERE.

Where will the 2002 USA National Championship Finals are going to be? The River Center (Below Right) in Davenport Iowa. For info about this DYNAMIC VENUE, Click HERE. For information on how to enter and "Walk The Walk", click HERE.

Check out some Pictures of some of last years 2001 IKF USA National Champions by clicking HERE. Wondering who else has "Walked The Walk" in the past? Click HERE.

We hope to see ALL of you USA Amateur Kickboxers at this years 4th Annual IKF USA National Amateur Kickboxing Championships But before you go to the BIG SHOW, make sure you register at the IKF National Regional Tournament nearest to you. These tournaments are to determine your "Seeding" at the Nationals. ALL Fighters are welcome at the Nationals this year regardless if they win or lose at their regional events. The Regional events this year will be used to determine your seeding/ranking for the National Finals. This is the 10 year anniversary of the IKF and we plan to have a Great Event for Everyone!

To find the regional in your area click HERE. On this page you will find a list of the current Regional events around the USA. IF your state is listed for one of these regional events, it is MANDATORY that you attend the regional event before continuing on to the 2002 IKF USA National Amateur Kickboxing Championships in Davenport, Iowa, USA on August 2nd, 3rd and 4th.

If your state does not have a listed regional you have 2 choices.

  1. 1: To travel to a regional close to you to compete to get a top seeding/placement at the National Finals
  2. To register directly to the Nationals as a "Walk Over Entree". If you wish to do this, click HERE!

This year we plan to see between 250 and 300 USA Amateur kickboxers in all 3 main rule styles of the IKF. These will include Junior fighters ages 8 to 17, boys and girls as well as men and women adult fighters. This is your chance to prove to the World just how good you are! This is not an event for the IKF, this is YOUR EVENT! Don't pass up your chance to be a part of the "Who's Who" in USA Kickboxing... Don't pass up a chance to make your own history as hundreds have over the last 3 years. No matter what organization you fight for, you are WELCOME HERE! This event is bigger than any organization. At this event, letters don't matter. Everyone is welcome, beginners through advance. Even if you have never fought, you may surprise many by winning it all (Which has happened quite a few times in the past). You don't have to wait for a special invitation to come to this event. At this event, we let EVERYONE "Walk The Walk!"

We hope you are one of those USA Amateur Kickboxers that will choose to "Walk The Walk" and prove where you TRULY stand in the USA Amateur Kickboxing Scene. There will be some who will choose not to attend this event. Some with valid reasons while others with excuses such as "I can't afford it." or "I already won a US Title." Or "Why travel hundreds of miles to win a title when I can stay at home and win one..."

Well, these are the ones who simply "Talk the Talk!" Can't afford it? You would be surprised at those who went out and found sponsors to help pay their way to the National Finals in the past. If you really want to be there, you will find a way to "Make It Happen!" Already have a title? OK, but have you truly fought THE BEST in the USA? Probably not, but you will at this event and the Champions here are TRULY US Champions! Don't want to travel all that way? Well, as the saying goes, "Winners do what losers won't..." Which will be what separates the ones who truly want to be Winners as well as Champions from those not willing to make the extra effort and find out for themselves where they stand in the ranks of other USA Amateur Kickboxers...

So if you desire so, feel free to stay home that weekend and spend your money on a Berger and a beer... Or you could save up for what could truly be one of the Greatest Experiences of your Amateur Kickboxing Career and "Walk The Walk" with your peers in the sport and other Champions that attend this event. With that being said, we look forward to seeing those who desire to prove they're not afraid to "Walk The Walk" against their unknown competition and become a "REAL USA National Amateur Kickboxing Champion!

MORE NEWS OF 4-17-02


-JUNE 15, 2002-

In a move which demonstrates the cooperation which has made the state of Georgia a "hub" of martial sports activities, IKF/ISCF MMA promoters Lane Collyer and James Corbett (Right) announce a move which will produce even more opportunities for Southeastern combat athletes. The 2002 IKF South East Regional Seeding Tournament for all kickboxing styles and ages will now, officially, be held on June 15, 2002, in Valdosta, Georgia, (Southern Georgia) hosted by Mr. Corbett. Corbett says, "We are really looking forward to showing kickboxing fighters and fans out there that there is a lot more to the Deep South than just Augusta and Atlanta!"

According to Collyer, who hosted the 2001 IKF Southeastern Regional tournament, (which was the largest single regional tournament for the IKF that year) the move will facilitate more growth and development of the IKF through the Peach State and the entire Southeast, "James has always been a loyal supported of the IKF and of mine. It was only right to let him have a shot at this event. Also, having the 2002 Regional down in Valdosta will probably get more Florida fighters involved." says Collyer.

Collyer added that this will hopefully allow him to promote a professional kickboxing card in Atlanta earlier in June. The IKF Southeastern Regional tournament is a mandatory seeding event for any and all competitors in FCR, MT, IR kickboxing, hoping to go on to vie for an IKF U.S. Amateur Title, the only true and verifiable amateur national championship in kickboxing.

IKF President Steve Fossum (Right) is excited about the change, "Last year Lane promoted the largest regional event for all 3 rule styles. (Largest single rule style was by Rob Zbilski and Team Z in Chicago, IL) It was a lot of work for him and with his other events he has scheduled this spring and summer he just needs more time to focus on them. Offering the Regional to James was the best thing for both of them at this time. I'm sure James will seek as much advice and help from Lane as he can. With the new location more central to the entire South East, we hope James has even more registered fighters then last year."

ISCF MMA World Director and IKF Georgia State Director Mike Carlson (Left with ISCF MMA Pro World Champion Din Thomas) maintains that the move is indicative of why his home state continues to be a leader in IKF and ISCF MMA promotion, "Folks from other parts may ponder as to why Georgia get so much 'attention.' Much of it is the result of a dedicated group of promoters, officials, athletes and fans that strive to reach out to one another to create and maintain a program which will continue to develop and hit new heights. In basically one afternoon of telephone calls and e-mails, we were able to broker this arrangement which constitutes a "win/win" for all concerned."

For more information on the IKF Southeastern Regional Tournament, go to the South East Regional Page by clicking HERE or go to Mr.Corbett's Valdosta Martial Arts Center Web Site at www.valdostamac.com, where he has devoted a special section to the tournament. To e-mail Mr. Corbett, please use jscorbett_1@yahoo.com or call him at (229) 245-8622, or fax at (229) 241.9030.

Georgia based IKF/ISCF MMA promoter Matthew Waller operates a web site which also contains Southern fight information and talk in its message board at www.angelfire.com/ga/Fullcontact. Of course Mr.Corbett will be regularly sending in press releases for posting on the IKF news page here as well, in the weeks to come.

MORE NEWS OF 4-17-02

Results From Last Saturday Nights
Finney's Springfield, Illinois, USA Event!

April 13th, 2002

On Saturday night the crowd started showing up early at the Ansar Shrine Temple. The reason for this is, is the structure of the "Shrine Fight Night." At 5:30 PM there is a social/cocktail hour, then a prime rib dinner, before the fights even start. The crowd defiantly was getting their moneys worth, even before the fights started. The fights started off with one the crowd would enjoy.

Mike Fusco -vs- Ben Yelle
From the the ring of the bell, this was going to be a good one. Yelle a Muay Thai fighter, Fusco a FCR fighter.Yelle came out kicking, Fusco came out throwing punches off his kicks. The 1st round all three judges had Fusco up 10-9. In the 2nd round the action didn't stop, both fights putting the pressure on. Until Yelle threw a back leg round kick that connected on the side of Fusco's head, putting him to the canvas. Fusco couldn't beat the count. Yelle won by KO at :58 of the 2nd round.

Jen Repa -vs- Lanie Gault
The two girls came out throwing a lot of combinations, which the crowd enjoyed. In he first two rounds Repa was the aggressor, winning both rounds 10-9 on all three judges scorecards. In the third Gault put some pressure on trying to get a knock out to win the fight, Repa held on for the win by unanimous decision, 29-28, 29-28 and 29-28.

Mark Winfield -vs- David Galbrath
The 1st round both fighters came out patient, moving around measuring up the other. Winfield started working his jab, and moving inside to land punches to the body. This worked well, in the last :30 of the round. It looked like Galbrath would be able to weather the storm of body shots, until :08 left in the round when Winfield connected with a hook to the body and Galbrath went down. The judges all had Winfield 10-8, but Winfield lost 1 point for only getting in 5 kicks. In the second round Winfield came out to finish the fight quick. Landing kicks and punches knocking Galbrath down twice and not answering to the count on the 2nd knock down. Winfield won by KO at 1:05 in the 2nd round.

Mike Green -vs- Derick McColroy
This fight was a crowd pleaser from the start. Both fighters were putting the pressure on, and going all out for all three rounds. Green won by majority decision 29-28, 29-28, 28-29.

Martin Citomacki -vs- Shannon Woodward
Woodward came out in the first putting Citomaki against the ropes. Citomacki countered off the ropes the whole round, until finally putting Woodward on the canvas with :20 left in round one. The second round was all Woodward. He again was putting the pressure on. Round 2 went to Woodward 10-9 all three judges. The third was the best of the three, both fighters throwing everything they had. Woodward won by unanimous decision 28-27, 28-27 and 28-27. Citomacki only had 5 kicks in the second and lost a point.

Kevin Engel -vs- Charles Pemble
Just like the first fight this one was Muay Thai -vs- Full Contact Rules. The fight was in the Full Contact Rules. Pemble came out using his strong kicks to start the round 1. Engel would counter off them with powerful punches and combinations. Engel put Pemble to the canvas in the 1st. The second was no different from the 1st. Both fighters throwing what the specialized in. With Pemble winning round 2. The 3rd, Engel connected with a right which cut Pemble below his left eye. After that Engel connected again starting Pembles nose to bleed. By the end of the fight both Pamble and Engel has blood on them, the crowd loved the main event. Engel won the bout by unanimous decision 29-27, 29-27 and 29-27.

For more event info, please contact Mr. Jesse Finney at (314) 351-5226.

SATURDAY, April 13th, 2002, AT 2:55 PM, PT

Hudson & Selbee Take Home IKF Titles
Wiezorek Takes Home ISCF Gold In Atlanta!

April 12th, 2002, BATTLE AT THE BREWERY, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

John Dixon

IKF & ISCF Promoter Lane Collyer and his associate Ron Gaiteri had one less task to take care of when the doors opened at their "Battle At The Brewery" event last night at the Atlanta Brewing Company in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. They didn't have to sell any more tickets. Their event was sold out nearly 3 days in advance and the packed crowd was treated to some fantastic IKF Kickboxing and ISCF Mixed Martial Arts Action!

The first IKF Title bout was awarded in the ring, but not in the usual way. Well known IKF Amateur Fighter Shannon "TNT" Hudson (Left) of Greer, South Carolina, USA (5-3/2, 165) was scheduled to meet "HOT" Rod Llaneza of Atlanta, Georgia, USA for the vacant IKF Amateur East Coast Super Middleweight Regional Title.

However, on fight day, Llaneza telephoned Promoter Lane Collyer and simply told him, "I just don't feel like fighting." There was no illness, no medical condition, nothing... His actions left Hudson in the ring without an opponent and being awarded the title without a fight...

Adrian Turpin (206, 6', 4-5/0) was looking to regain another IKF title after losing his IKF South East Title back on February 24, 2001 in Augusta Georgia, USA to Sylvester James of Eastman, Georgia by unanimous decision. Turpin had won the title by forfeit on October 14, 2000 in Augusta, Georgia when his opponent, Mike Ramsey of High Point, North Carolina, failed to show up for the scheduled bout.

On the line this time for Turpin was the shot at the vacant IKF Amateur East Coast Heavyweight FCR Title against Mark Selbee (Right with his team, 215, 6'5", 10-0/3) now from Georgia, formerly of Kansas. Selbee had recently moved to Georgia and had not fought for about 10 months. Although Turpin showed his usual toughness as a fighter Selbee's height and reach advantage proved too much for the Champion Turpin.

Selbee won every round of the bout except for round 2 on judge Ray Thompson's card. In the end he became the new champion with a unanimous decision victory, 40-36, 40-36 and 40-37. At his height, Turpin would be a much stronger fighter in the Cruiserweight division (186.1 lbs. - 195 lbs.).

We hope to see these two amateurs like all the others at the upcoming South East Regional Tournament and eventually the IKF National Championships in August.

The nights main event was in the ISCF Mixed Martial Arts Division. Facing off for the recently vacant ISCF Pro Super Heavyweight U.S. Title was Jonathan "Lock N Load" Wiezorek (305 lbs) of Valdosta, Georgia USA against "BIG" John Dixon (Left, 250 lbs) of Gautiar, Mississippi, USA. When the bell rang, Wiezorek charged across the ring like a bull after Dixon and a quick reaction by Dixon forced Wiezorek to miss him. A few more aggressive charges later and these two were on the ground where most of the action took place throughout round one. After 1, Wiezorek led on all the scorecards, 4-1, 3-2 and 3-2.

In round 2, Dixon seemed to gain some momentum when he locked Wiezorek in a strong heel hook. However Wiezorek got out of it and went back into a controlling position. As the round grew longer, Wiezorek started to land more and more strikes. At 2:36 of the second round, Dixon had had enough as he tapped out giving Wiezorek (At right with trainer James Corbett) the ISCF Pro Super Heavyweight U.S. Title.

However the victory didn't come cheap. Wiezorek will remember that strong heel hook Dixon had him in for some time. The move injured Wiezorek's knee pretty severely forcing Wiezorek to seek some medical attention after the bout. An early assessment seems that something tore inside his knee but an official medical exam with confirmed results will probably not take place until today or Monday.

Here's how all the nights action went...

  1. IKF Amateur IR
    Chip Pittard, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, 2-0/1, 144, 5'6", 19
    defeated Ian Tosayanon, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, 1-1/0, 137, 5'6", 21, by TKO at :36 seconds of the 3rd round. Pittard was ahead on all 3 judges cards 20-16 after the first 2 rounds.

  2. IKF Amateur FCR
    Jason Kuhn, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, 4-2/0, 150, 5'6", 25
    defeated George Munn, 6-1, 155, 6', 27 by majority decision, 29-27, 30-26 and 28-28. Munn lost a point for not getting his kicks in round 3.

  3. IKF Amateur MTR
    Nihad Husic, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, 2-1-1/0, 150, 5'8:, 20,
    defeated Frank Maryska, Atlanta Georgia, 0-1/0, 157, 5'9", 19 by unanimous decision, 29-28, 30-27 and 30-27.

    Mitsuaki Uchida, Norcross, Georgia, USA, 1-0/0, 184, 5'8", 24,
    defeated Shawn Gay, Valdosta, Georgia, USA, 7-5/4, 170, 6'1", 22 by tappout at 4:40 of round 2.

  5. IKF Amateur MTR
    Marshall Berger, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, 3-0/2, 203, 6'3", 22,
    defeated Yahosuah Yahudah, Georgia, 0-1/0, 212, 5'9", 20 by unanimous decision 30-27, 30-27 and 30-27.

  6. IKF Amateur FCR
    Shannon Hudson, Greer, South Carolina, USA, 6-3/3, 165
    defeated Rod Llaneza, Atlanta, Georgia, USA by forfeit to win the vacant IKF Amateur East Coast Super Middleweight Regional Title after Llaneza choose not to show up for the bout the day of the fight.

  7. IKF Amateur FCR East Coast Heavyweight FCR Title
    Mark Selbee, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, 10-0/3, 215, 6'5", 33,
    defeated Adrian Turpin, Anderson, Georgia, USA, 4-5/0, 206, 6', 34 by unanimous decision 40-36, 40-36 and 40-37.

  8. Pro ISCF MMA
    Rory Singer, Athens, Georgia, USA, 198, 6'2, 25
    defeated Kelly Williams, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, 200, 5'10", 30 by submission due to strikes at 2:54 of round 1. Singer's comment after the bout... "Bronk Rules!"... A predictor of Georgia fights in the past...

  9. IKF Pro MTR
    Jeff Perry, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, P: 1-0/1, AM: 9-1/4, 158, 6'1, 25 made his pro debut against an unlikely opponent, mixed martial arts fighter Shawn Porter, Greer, South Carolina, USA, MMA: 18-3, KB: 0-1. 155, 5'3", 24. Porter had never done any kickboxing before but wanted to give it a try. In the bout, Perry showed the MMA fighter Porter that in muaythai, your not allowed to go to the ground so you must stand and take the punishment. He managed to do that until the 1:29 mark of round 1. After being knocked down, he refused to stand up as referee Dennis Palmer counted him out.... Perry, winner by TKO.

  10. Pro ISCF MMA
    Forest Griffin, Athens, Georgia, USA, 216 served Kent Hensley, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, 207 his first defeat in MMA in 10 bouts after winning by a triangle choke at 2:26 of round 1. Hensley was working in the right direction to get out of the choke but being in the corner of the ring, the ropes made it impossible for him to move enough to get free.

  11. ISCF Pro Super Heavyweight U.S. Title
    Jonathan Wiezorek, Valdosta, Georgia USA, 304, 6'2, 23 defeated John Dixon, Gautiar, Mississippi, USA, KB: 17-1/17, BX: 6-6/6, 245, 6', 35 by submission by strikes at 2:36 of the second round.

For more info on the Battle At The Brewery event, please contact Mr. Ron Gaiteri at (770) 518-1887 or by e-mail at Rgaiteri2@aol.com or Mr. Lane Collyer by e-mail at Lanecoll@aol.com.

WEDNESDAY, April 10th, 2002, AT 8:12 AM, PT

Plenty Of IKF Action This Weekend Around The World!

Lane Collyer's

April 12th, 2002, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Shannon "TNT" Hudson

Kent "The Norseman" Hensley

IKF Promoter Lane Collyer and his associate Ron Gaiteri will feature another chapter of the "Battle At The Brewery" this Friday night at the Atlanta Brewing Company, 1219 Williams Street, North West, Atlanta, Georgia, USA. On the line will be 2 IKF Regional Title Bouts and an ISCF US Title bout. Fighting for the Vacant IKF Amateur East Coast Heavyweight FCR Title will be Mark Selbee Vs Adrian Turpin.

Fighting for the vacant IKF Amateur East Coast Super Middleweight Regional Title will be Shannon "TNT" Hudson (Left) of Greer, South Carolina, USA (5-3/2, 165) will face "HOT" Rod Llaneza. Hudson's last victory came when he defeated Phillip Botha of Aurora, Georgia, USA (9-4/2, 162) by unanimous decision, 30-25, 30-25 & 30-25 in Augusta Georgia last month.

Changing gears to ISCF Action, the big boys will take to the ring as Jonathan "Lock N Load" Wiezorek will face off against "BIG" John Dixon for the vacant ISCF Pro Super Heavyweight U.S. Title. Dixon is remembered from his victory over Lane Collyer for the IKF U.S. MuayThai Rules Title and Wiezorek is best remembered for his defeat of Ultimate Fighting Triple Crown Champion, Dan Severn last year.

ISCF Pro USA East Coast Light Heavyweight Champion Kent "The Norseman" Hensley (Left) will be one of the featured fighters in a special ISCF Pro Prestige Bout where he will meet up with Forrest Griffin. Hensley won his ISCF title on December 7th, 2001 in Atlanta Georgia on the first "Battle At The Brewery" event. In the event he defeated Jared Pettitt of Huntsville, Alabama by TKO when Pettitt didn't answer the bell for round 2. Hensley dominated round 1 where he dropped Pettitt with a devastating forearm strike which was heard across the room.

Another ISCF bout will feature IKF Champion Rory Singer (Right) Vs Kelly Williams. Singer of Athens, Georgia, USA recently defeated Clint Wiggins of Augusta Georgia USA by unanimous decision 48-47, 48-47 and 50-45 in an IKF Full Contact Rules bout. Over the 5 rounds Singer threw 54 kicks to Wiggins 52. Singer is well remembered in the NHB ring from his bout last February, 2001 in Augusta Georgia when he faced off against Jared Pettitt (Huntsville, AL). What most of us remember was when Singer attempted a takedown, Pettitt landed a sharp knee to Singer's forehead that instantly split it open spilling blood. However, the bout referee couldn't see the cut since Singer's back was to him as both fighters went down to the ground with Pettitt on top. Several more knees were landed by Pettitt before the referee finally saw the blood covering the matt where he quickly stopped it. This cut was so large it amazed us at ringside that Singer's corner first didn't throw the towel in to prevent further damage and secondly, that their corner doc actually wanted to just tape it up and let him continue. Pettitt was awarded the bout by doctor stoppage at 2:13 in round three.

Singer, who works for the University of Georgia as a Research Engineer, has fought in diverse venues stretching from Thomaston, Georgia to Johannesburg, South Africa and is known for his commitment to training and a "never say die" attitude in the ring. He has a strong work ethic and trains at Athens Georgia's The HardCore Gym, (which Rory co-owns and operates with his brother and trainer Adam Singer) Rory started his career as a combat athlete in amateur boxing. Having been involved in this and other martial arts for a long time, NHB was an obvious progression. Singer has trained with some great people throughout the years who include Randy Couture, Rigan and Jean Jacque Machado, Matt Thornton as well as others. Singer is managed by ISCF promoter Matthew Waller.

For more info on the Battle At The Brewery event, please contact Mr. Ron Gaiteri at (770) 518-1887 or by e-mail at Rgaiteri2@aol.com or Mr. Lane Collyer by e-mail at Lanecoll@aol.com.

Jonathan Wiezorek

Rory Singer


Jesse Finney's
Springfield, Illinois, USA

Saturday Night, April 13th, 2002

IKF Promoter Jesse Finney (Right) of St Louis Missouri and his associates are all set to bring some Exciting Kickboxing to Springfield, IL, USA this coming Saturday night, April 13th. Although there are no titles on this event, the event will feature, as usual, exciting amateur kickboxing action from fighters around the Midwest as only a Finney Production can Promote. For more event info, please contact Mr. Jesse Finney at (314) 351-5226 or by e-mail at finneys@finneyskickboxing.com


BJ Huffman's
Jefferson City Missouri, USA

Saturday Night, April 13th, 2002

IKF Promoter BJ Huffman has had a stressful time with the booking of his main event bout for his upcoming Saturday night event in Jefferson City Missouri, USA. It was suppose to be a rematch between IKF Champion John Lenamon of Abilele, Texas, USA against Huffman's fighter, Leroy Childs of Jefferson City, Missouri, USA for Lenamon's IKF Amateur South Central Regional FCR Super Heavyweight Title which he won by TKO in the 2nd round when Childs pulled a hamstring after he threw a kick. The bout was at the Capitol Ballroom in Jefferson City, Missouri, USA back on November 24th of last year. However, a few weeks back, Lenamon was forced to pull out of the bout because of a medical condition leaving Childs without an opponent and Huffman without a main event. Lenamon had won the 2000 IKF USA National Champion by forfeit when his scheduled opponent, Rick Culver of Janesville, Wisconsin pulled out of the tournament. However he lost his title last year (2001) to Trent Thompkins of Waterloo Iowa when Thompkins defeated him in the final by unanimous decision, 29-28, 29-27 & 29-27.

Huffman eventually matched Childs up with a fighter from Illinois, Tom Ruff. However since Ruff isn't a top contender for the title this will just be a feature bout on the show. For more info on this event, please contact BJ Huffman at (573) 896-2566


Miguel Reyes'
Tijuana, Mexico

Sunday, April 14th, 2002

IKF Promoter Miguel Reyes of Tijuana Mexico and his associates are all set to bring some Exciting "IKF BORDER LEAGUE" Kickboxing to the Baby Rock in Tijuana, Mexico this coming Sunday, April 14th. Although there are no titles on this event, the event will feature a lot of exciting amateur kickboxing action with fighters from both Mexico and California USA. For more event info, please contact Mr. Miguel Reyes in Tijuana Mexico at 626 48 27 or by e-mail at reyesgym@telnor.net


Nigel Thompson 's
Bedford, England

Sunday Night, April 14th, 2002

IKF Promoter Nigel Thompson of Bedford, England and his associates are all set to host their IKF Kickboxing event this Sunday night, April 14th. Bout info was not made available by press time but we are sure that his event will feature some exciting kickboxing action. For more event info, please contact IKF Europe in England at (Phone/ Fax) 44 174 473 9043 or by e-mail at Europe@IKFKickboxing.com

MORE NEWS OF 4-10-02

American Collyer
Conquers In Europe

Submitted by Sensei Dennis Palmer, IKF Associate and Referee

Kent Hensley

Lane Collyer

Glasgow, Scotland, Non IKF Event
Fighters from Atlanta Georgia, USA took a quick trip to Europe last weekend to show their skills in the event called Caledonia Kings. Number 4 World ranked ISCF fighter Kent "The Norseman" Hensley (Left) and number 2 ranked IKF Muay Thai Kickboxer "Lightning" Lane Collyer, left with their trainer Dennis Palmer on Wednesday, April 3rd on an arduous journey that took them over thirty hours to complete. Finally, upon reaching their final destination in Glasgow, Scotland, the weary Americans were greeted by a warming reception in the lobby of the hotel located in the downtown area. Soon, the group was told that they were to weigh in one day prior to the event. Unfortunately, Collyer was told that his weight class cutoff was 220 lbs. Collyer weighed in at an even 218 lbs. He was then told that his actual weight cutoff was 214 lbs. Hensley was there for an exhibition, however, was informed that his exhibition partner had the flu, and a mad search was on for an opponent of Hensleys caliber. Collyer sweating in a steamroom, and Hensley trying to find an opponent, all on no sleep, and a day before the fight, were then told that their luggage had been misplaced. Their luggage would not be delivered for another Twenty Four hours. Quite possibly, not before they were actually scheduled to compete on Friday night.

Event Promoter and fighter Duncan Arlie James, (16-13-2/5, 5'11", 208) of Scotland, was extremely busy getting ready to fight for 2 European organizations World Heavyweight Pro Muay Thai titles. His opponent would be Serghei Ivanovic (25-5, 6'3", 205 lbs) of Belarus, Russia. Ivanovic surprised everyone last August 11th by defeating the heavily favored Francisco Filho at the K1 Grand Prix Qualifier at the Bellagio Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas Nevada before being forced to stop due to a foot injury against Stephan Leko. Two time K1 veteran and holder of a European organizations European Heavyweight Title Wayne Turner (23-5/8, 212) from Great Britain would face the American Collyer (19-4/12, 214) in a Heavyweight Superfight. The event was held at the Motherwell Civic Center, and promoted by Battle Group International. The entire event was filmed by Sky Sports Networks and the promoters hope to have it shown repeatedly over the next several months.

Fight time rolled around, and the referee scheduled for Hensleys match, seeing that the promoters were distraught, volunteered his services. The referee is a top notch fighter trained by Dave Clarke in the sport of Brazilian Jujitsu, and was up for the challenge. Soon after Hensleys exhibition began, loud shouts could be heard from the capacity crowd, as grappling techniques, throws, punches, and kicks were shown with amazing grace and power. Hensley is invited back sometime this year for a real fight. Collyer was the semi-main event, and when the bell rang, he soon found that he had a fight on his hands.

The tall Brit repeatedly attacked Collyers legs with vicious kicks in the first round. Collyer seemed a bit flat and looked like he was either just not fighting back or weathering the storm. One thing is for sure, He wasn't blocking the onslaught which was defiantly doing damage. Just before the bell, Collyer launched a thunderous left hook, that rocked the British fighter. Round two showed proficient clinching and kneeing by both fighters, but it was evident that Collyer was falling behind on points.

By the third round Collyer was still getting hammered by kicks, and punches, and just when everyone started thinking that Collyer would go down, he did something very strange... He took a step back and seemed to be inviting his opponent to attack, and attack he did. Just then Collyer unleashed a devastating spinning back fist splitting Turners right eye wide open, and causing him to reel across the ring. As the fight resumed, there was blood everywhere. Upon seeing this, the experienced referee John Blackledge, had no choice but to stop the bout, and have the Ringside Doctor check the gash in Turners head. The Doctor's prognosis, fight stopped, Collyer by win by TKO late in the third round.

In the main event, the Russian at 6"3" had a sizeable reach advantage over his 5'11" Scottish opponent. As the Fight commenced, loud roars of applause could be heard each time the Scotsman threw a punch, yet merely a whisper could be heard when the Russian countered. Yet Serghei maintained his calmness, and reach to stay ahead for the first three rounds. In the fourth round James started to come back landing some big hooks that kept the Russian backpeddling, and holding on so the Referee would break them. The fifth and final round had James continuing to build momentum, and fierce toe to toe action took place until the end of the round. When it was over, you could flip a coin to decide the winner, but, when the judges decision's were made, Ivanovic (Right) had won by majority Decision.

The next day the Americans were informed that they were a "Big Hit" in Scotland, and now more fights are in the making. A special thanks goes out to Duncan Airlie James for inviting our Fighters over to Scotland, and making them feel at home. Even with all of the difficulties at the start, the trip was well worth it. Stay tuned for Upcoming travels for IKF and ISCF Fighters to Europe.

"Lightning" Lane Collyer

TUESDAY, April 9th, 2002, AT 9:50 AM, PT

IKF E-Mail Address Now Working

This is just a posting to notify our readers that as of a few hours ago, all of our e-mail addresses ending in @ikfkickboxing.com (Such as info, main, etc. etc.) are now working again. As we said yesterday, it was a nightmare here dealing with this problem and although we had no control over the problem, we apologize for the delays it's caused in getting back to many of you.


Opening a Second Location!

NYKK is happy to announce that they will be opening its second location this May 2002. NYKK Gym 2 will be located at 336 W 37th Street between 8th Ave. and 9th Ave., 5th floor. It will feature a regulation boxing ring, a 24 by 40 mat space, Fairtex Muay Thai bags and all the equipment necessary for a full fighting gym.

Classes offered in San Shou, San Da, Muay Thai, Western Boxing and Grappling. They will have an open house and membership specials in May. Members will be able to take classes at BOTH locations. For more information, call (212) 242-2453 or visit www.angelfire.com/ny/sanshou.

MONDAY, April 8th, 2002, AT 8:00 PM, PT

IKF RE/MAX Kickboxing Invitational
Saturday, June 8th 2002
At the RiverPlex, 600 Water St., Peoria
Gates open 2:00 PM, event starts at 3:00 PM
Muay Thai and MMA athletes needed

Dear Coaches and Athletes,
Returning for a second year as part of the Classic Sports Festival, the Peoria Athletic Club is teaming up with RE/MAX Unlimited to present the RE/MAX Kickboxing Invitational. Last year 10,000 athletes participated in 28 different sports over a four day period. Over 40,000 spectator attended this festival in 2001. Four TV stations, nine radio stations and the local news paper provided coverage as well.

Last year was a great event, with Kickboxing receiving unprecedented amount of media coverage. This year is going to be even better. Due impart to our great sponsors, who will be providing every participant with an event T-shirt, a free meal at Old Chicago Restaurant, and a pair of shorts from Fairtex. Plus in our main event this year, Jerame Harminson and Brian Popejoy will be battling it out for the IKF Middleweight Championship.

What a great chance for Muay Thai Kickboxers and Mixed Martial Artist to get the respect and recognition they deserve. Once again, I would like to invite you or your athletes to compete in this Pro/Am event. All the athletes will be matched according to weight and experience. Please contact me at (309) 444-1512 or blackorby@bitwisesystems.com if you are interested in participating. Also, don't miss the upcoming May 11th and 12th, Fight Camp with Dean Lessei. A great way to get in shape for the upcoming kickboxing season. To be held in Peoria Illinois, USA. Contact me, (Ryan Blackorby) at (309) 444-15112 for more information.
Ryan Blackorby

Championship Karate & Kickboxing
124 E. River Rd Dixon il 61021 / Westwood Sports Sterling Illinois, USA, 61081 (815) 288-4998
championshipkickboxing@hotmail.com and muaythaikickboxing@hotmail.com

Dear Fellow Martial Artist,
Mr. Mike Mattox would like to inform you of the many events his club is going to host this year. They include;


Rondeau To Fights Again..

April 19th, Friday Night: Kickboxer Christina Rondeau (Right) of Rhode Island, USA will enter the ring again in another Boxing match against Michelle Taylor of Massachuttees, USA. The event will take place at the Roseland Ballroom in Taunton, MA, USA. Doors Open at 6 PM and tickets are $25. Save big and get your tickets at the Forecourt Racquet & Fitness Club in Cumberland, RI (333-4480) Rondeau T-shirts and tank tops are available at Forecourt to purchase as well. Show your support and wear a "Rondeau's Kickboxing" t-shirt the night of the fight ! For more information contact Christina at: (401) 996-KICK.


Previously Posted at 5:40 PM Today:

The Joys Of The Internet & Non Delivered E-Mail!

Dear IKF Web viewers. As posted here on the IKF News page last Thursday, this is a follow-up message to inform all of you about our continuing e-mail problem. If you have tried to e-mail us here at the IKF since last Thursday, April 4th, we did not receive your mail AND you probably did not receive any RETURNED mail saying your mail to us was undelivered. As far as WHY this is happening, that's an easy finger to point. It's been the lack of follow-up by several individuals at our web hosting company, Earthlink. From what our investigations uncovered today, Earthlink made SEVERAL errors in the process of upgrading our domain to a new server with a company called Network Solutions. this change/upgrade was needed due to the size of the IKF website and the traffic we were getting each day. Earthlink hosts our site and apparently it was one error after another where things were simply not followed up and taken care of. Although Earthlink promised us our e-mail problem would be fixed by Friday, before the weekend, it was clear today that it was not. From 11:30 AM today until about 4:55 PM we've been on the phone talking with people from Earthlink trying to get the e-mail problem resolved. However, to our surprise, we were told that the problem may still take yet another day. So until you see an announcement on this page that our e-mail is actually working, (All e-mail you send us ending in @ikfkickboxing.com that is) until this time, please use our alternate e-mail address of: ikf@jps.net As you might imagine, this has been a nightmare here and although we have no control over the problem, we apologize for the delays it's caused in getting back to many of you.

Previously Posted at 10:00 AM Today:


Reading, England

6TH APRIL 2002, READING, ENGLAND, Promoted by ANDRE MCINTYRE: The evening started with a demonstration by CHLOE BRUCE, a World champion in Forms who has demonstrated in a number of countries including USA and Japan. CHLOE, who's flexibility that defies the imagination with perfect control, set the scene with the crowd, who gave her a rapturous reception. She went on to do two more demonstrations of weapons and kata during the evening. Alby Bimpson, IKF Europe Director commented "Buffy the vampire slayer would certainly be no match for Chloe, and I for one will be inviting her for some of my shows"

Five fights were planned for the evenings competition with the IKF Pro MuayThai Rules European Flyweight Title to be the Main Event of the night. However 2 bouts had to be cancelled. In one bout, one of the fighters did not show (DaBashi) due to a sudden family bereavement (sincere condolences to him and his family). In the other bout, the weight spread forced it to be cancelled. Due to these changes, the first half of the show had to be rearranged. This once again highlights the un-professionalism of some camps when providing fighters. This problem seems to be raising its ugly head once again where the weight difference between the pre arrangements (Between matchmaker and trainer) was far different at the event weigh-ins. The IKF does not allow these discrepancies between such large weight differences, therefore the fight agreed between the 2 camps became a demonstration bout. The demonstration Fehart Kaly Vs Paul Collins both giving a good technical demonstration of Thai boxing.

  1. BOUT 1: PRO FCR: Chris Long of Chippenham defeated Andrew Mear of Newark England by unanimous decision. This was a 5 round Full Contact Rules bout in the 62kg (136 lb) division. Both Camps had tremendous support from their fans. Long started the fight slowly, being warned for dropping kicks in the 1st round. Mear took full advantage of this showing his kicking ability. In round 2, Long made sure he got his kicks in, going forward with strong boxing combinations. This seemed to set the pattern for the rest of the bout, with Long pushing forward, closing down his opponent and opening up with excellent boxing combinations. Mear was trying to keep his distance with his kicking ability, but Long was having none of this as the kicks seemed to bounce off him. With his continuous going forward and strong combinations Long won the fight by unanimous decision by all 3 judges. It would certainly make a good return fight.

  2. BOUT 2: PRO FCR: Jan Young of Chippenham defeated Gina Stone of Plymouth England. This was a 5 round Full Contact Rules bout in the 67-68kg (147 lb-149 lb) division. What an excellent fight this turned out to be with both fighters pushing the fight and coming forward. At points throughout the fight it was like a seesaw where one would go forward attacking, then the other would be coming back and attacking . Young had the advantage with her kicks, using her push and front kick to her advantage. Stone was certainly strong with her punches, but dropped points on several rounds with her lack of kicks. Young took the unanimous decision from all 3 judges due to her kicks. Stone needs to develop her kicking technique to combine with her punching, which would make an interesting return. Young showed great composure throughout the fight. Respect to both girls.

  3. DEMONSTRATION/EXHIBITION BOUT: Scorpion Gym provided 2 brothers, 16 yrs & 19 yrs, to provide an awesome Thai boxing demonstration. These two brothers are certainly fighters to look out for in the future, demonstrating a full arsenal of Thai boxing techniques, along with some brotherly LOVE!!!!! Well impressed with both these lads.

  4. Next into the ring was the Promoter himself Andre McIntyre who is a World Champion in Thai boxing. He showed the crowd just why he is world champion. Andre did 3, 2 minute rounds with one of his students and threw every technique in the book, which included a repertoire of elbows, knees, punches, kicks and throws. As a Super Cruiserweight, McIntyre is looking on challenging the current IKF MuayThai Rules World Cruiserweight Champion, Chris Wright, also of England. Negotiations for this are ongoing. We will keep you informed and it will certainly be a fight of champions.

  5. IKF Pro MuayThai European Flyweight Title: This bout was for a vacant title and was scheduled for 5, 3 minute rounds featuring Imran Shah of North London, England Vs Paulo Di Silver of Crawley, England. Di Silver is originally from Brazil but is now a British citizen, representing England. He's a great ambassador for his former country Brazil, and his new country England. Di Silver came to the show with his own fan club. His opponent Imran Shah also came to the fight with his fan club. If you are reading this from around the world it was like the atmosphere at a World cup football (soccer) final. It was electrifying. This is the fight everyone had waited for. These fighters weighed in at 52kg (114.4 lbs) were two GIANTS in the ring. It was the type of fight where even as an official, you would gladly have paid to see this all action fight.

It was commented and congratulation given by a number of people "IN THE KNOW" what a fantastic job the IKF International Referee Mike Fowles had done, by allowing the Thai boxing skills to be used to the full, especially in the clinch. Some of the STARS in the crowd were 4 x World Champion Kash "THE FLASH" Gill and the one and only Billy Judd of KO Promotions. Judd who seems to have a conveyor belt of champions (Shah being one of them) is looking forward to future IKF events. THANK YOU to ANDRE MCINTYRE for an excellent night of sport and great entertainment. Event Officials on this event included, Alby Bimpson, IKF Europe Director. Mike Fowles, IKF International Referee & IKF Europe Coordinator. Judges Leon Kelly and Dave Wilkins, and IKF Assistant European Director Jacqui Thompson. For more info on this event please contact IKF Europe at 44 174 473 9043 or by e-mail by clicking HERE!

SATURDAY, April 6th, 2002, AT 2:00 PM, PT

Tonight For IKF European Flyweight Title

Reading, England

Tonight IKF Promoter Andre McIntyre will be hosting his IKF Championship Kickboxing event tonight in Reading England. The main event will feature Imran Sheh of North London, England against Paulo Di Silver of Crawley, England. Although these two are from the same country, their skill level makes them both deserving for this title. In addition, Di Silver is originally from Brazil but is now a British citizen. The two will be fighting for the vacant IKF Pro MuayThai Rules European Flyweight Title. For more info on this event please contact IKF Europe at 44 174 473 9043 or by e-mail by clicking HERE!

THURSDAY, April 4th, 2002, AT 3:45 PM, PT

Returned E-Mail?

If you have tried to send an e-mail to us here at the IKF today chances are it was returned back to you. As mentioned a few days ago, we are moving our website to a new server to handle all our increased traffic to our website. During this time, the domain address of our e-mail will be temporally down. This means all e-mail sent to any of our addresses that end in @ikfkickboxing.com (Example: Main@ikfkickboxing.com) will not be working until later tomorrow, Friday. Because of this we ask that you send any e-mail to our alternate e-mail address of ikf@jps.net. Sorry for this temporary inconvenience.


USA National Finals
"Date Confirmed!

USA National Amateur Finals: OK... Sorry for the confusion and date change everyone but we are now officially re-confirmed for the weekend of August 2nd, 3rd and 4th. The Official Host Hotel is the Radisson Quad Cities Plaza. This hotel is connected to the River Center by a skywalk. For reservations call: (563) 322-2200. The hotel address is 111 East 2nd Street, Davenport, Iowa, 52801. The hotel will block out between 150 and 200 rooms at our IKF Kickboxing discounted rate of $69 per night + Taxes (7% sales tax & 5% lodging tax). Room Total: $77.28. Please ask for the IKF Kickboxing Rate when booking your rooms. The web address for the hotel is www.radisson.com/davenportia. In the coming days we will list additional hotels that are located near the River Center. As previously mentioned, the 10 year anniversary of the IKF is August 1st, which will actually make the new dates much better for the IKF 10 year anniversary celebration.


USA National Finals
"Date Change?

The Location Has Been Confirmed but the Date Needs to be Changed.

Dear IKF Nationals participants. As you know, yesterday we announced the confirmation of the 2002 National Amateur Tournament location as well as the dates of August 9th, 10th and 11th. Today we are sorry to announce that although we will still have it at the River Center, unfortunately these dates will not work with the hotels in the Davenport area. It appears the Davenport area did not have enough hotel space available for us on this weekend. This of course was thought to have been checked and confirmed prior to yesterdays date and location press release announcement, however, it was not. Good thing we caught it in time. From what it appears, the date may be moved to August 2nd, 3rd and 4th. HOWEVER, these dates are not confirmed as of yet.

Apparently the "Potential" Host Hotel, the Radisson, was SWAMPED with phone calls yesterday from many of you trying to book rooms. We will announce soon who will be the finalized HOST Hotel for this great event as well as the finalized dates. Keep checking throughout today as well as tomorrow. We will post additional press releases throughout the day as we receive information. We should have a finalized date and host hotel very soon, quite possibly later today. One note to add here, the 10 year anniversary of the IKF is August 1st, which will actually make the new dates much better for the IKF 10 year anniversary.

WEDNESDAY, April 3rd, 2002, AT 3:00 PM, PT

"Bring It ON!"
The Location Has Been Confirmed For This Years
2002 IKF USA National Amateur Kickboxing Championships!

From Steve Fossum
IKF World President

Dear Coaches, Athletes, Trainers, Officials, Family Members Friends and Fans,
Today we are proud to announce the location for the 4th annual, IKF USA National Amateur Kickboxing Championships. The dates for the event have been confirmed for August, 9th, 10th & 11th. The winning location for this great event is the

Davenport River Center
Located in Davenport, Quad Cities, Iowa, USA

This is a Fantastic Facility! The main room where the Championship Finals will take place is a spacious 32,400 square feet in size. The center is connected by a skywalk to the host hotel which at this point appears to be the Radisson Quad Cities Plaza. The Prelim bouts will all take place on Saturday with the Championship Bouts taking place on Sunday.

A new idea for this years Championship weekend is the addition of our Sunday Night Feature Event. Although we will probably have over 70 Championship bouts at this years National Finals, a select few will be put aside for our Sunday Night Feature Event. This event will featuring 20 to 30 specially selected fighters in 10 to 15 National Championship Bouts. The IKF USA National Tournament Committee will select who will be featured in this event. The committee will take into consideration the fighters from the 2001 National Finals (Previous Champions) as well as who they will see fight during the Saturday prelim bouts. If you are not selected for the Sunday night event, don't feel left out. Your still a 2002 IKF USA National Champion Contender and soon to be a 2002 IKF USA National Champion on Sunday. All the 2002 IKF USA National Champions will be brought up on stage during the Sunday Night Show for a special awards presentation. As a special addition, we are currently organizing to have the Sunday Night Event filmed for TV as well.

As I have said in previous years, this event is not, and has never been promoted by just 1 individual. It's a complete TEAM EFFORT. Without regional directors/promoters there would be no local links to many of you for this great event. Without their efforts, many of you might not have known about this tournament so I'd like to acknowledge the great work of our Regional Directors. They currently include Rob Zbilski (Chicago, IL), - Jeff Mullen (Memphis, TN), - Lane Collyer (Atlanta, GA), - Sven Bean (Denver, CO), - Mike Mattox (Dixon IL, - Clement & Rhonda Vierra (Phoenix, AZ), - Tommy Alcozer (Plainview Texas) and David Smith (Casper, WY), Without their great work, there wouldn't be a USA National Amateur Kickboxing Tournament! The actual Host Promoter/Director for this years event will be named soon.

Many more make this great tournament possible as well which include all the coaches and trainers who put in countless hours with their only return being the look on each of their fighters face after a much desired victory. It is their efforts that bring the participants to the National Tournament Events to truly "Walk The Walk" and become a TRUE USA National Amateur Kickboxing Champion. Without trainers, there would be no fighters. Without fighters there would be no fights. Without officials, there would be no order and without the support of family friends and the fans of this great sport, none of us would be doing what we love today in this sport. We cannot forget the great support of our sponsors that are currently involved with IKF Events around the world. The sponsors for this years National Championships have not been finalized as of yet but when they are, we all need to support them, as they have proven their desire to support our sport.

Speaking of support, let us not forget who first had the idea for this GREAT EVENT, and if not for him, there would be no IKF USA NATIONAL Amateur Kickboxing Championship Tournament. It was the idea of Joe Taylor (Right) of RINGSIDE to develop such an event. Sure, a lot of us "Talked" about it, but Joe made it a reality and with the help of the entire IKF Team of promoters, trainers, officials and of course fighters, together we all have been "Walkin The Walk" ever since. Although Joe isn't with RINGSIDE anymore, (Moved to Texas and took another job with another company in a different field of work) you can be assured he will be a very honored guest at this years event.

When Joe was at Ringside, their commitment to the sport was dynamic. However, since his departure, their commitment to the sport of kickboxing is yet to be proven 100%. Two weeks ago we were informed that Doug Ward (Right) has taken over as the person in charge of Ringside's Kickboxing program. It will be interesting to see what Ward and Ringside will bring to the table for this years National Tournament. Our investment and commitment into the tournament has grown every year and the number of fighters has grown tremendously since the events first year. Hopefully Ward and Ringside will come through with an even greater commitment to this years Tournament. If not, we may see a new equipment sponsor for the first year since the beginning of the event.

For this Tournament as well as other IKF events around the world, the future ahead will see what Equipment Company as well as other Sponsors are TRULY "SUPPORTERS" of Kickboxing. What I mean is, in regards to equipment companies for example, event promoters as well as us here at the IKF have always appreciated free gloves and other free items for events and always will. But the time has come for the equipment companies that we have supported over the years to "Walk The Walk" with all of us in this sport. Free equipment is great, but financial sponsorship is needed more to assist event promoters in putting on great kickboxing events. These promoters, just like in Boxing, need financial support from Sponsors far more than they need some free gloves. Lets be honest here... This is only fair to ask, since we (Meaning all in the sport of kickboxing) are willing to feature their products to help increase their sales, the exchange should be mutually benefitting to both the sponsor and the event promoters. To help our sport grow to where we want it to grow, we're looking for Sponsors who will provide more than free products.

We're looking for Sponsors that are willing to give back to the sport as we here at the IKF have done since day one. We're looking for Sponsors that are truly worthy of not only our endorsed support of their products, but worthy of the purchasing support of the thousands of kickboxers around the world today. Whoever these company are, we can assure you that the kickboxing community will become loyal to them because they will be providing the missing link of what our sport needs today. The financial assistance to be able to bring great events such as the IKF National Tournament as well as World Championship Kickboxing to venues like a PPV TV production. We can't do it alone but we can do it with the strength and support of Sponsors (As in EVERY Sport) willing to assist all of us, not use us as many have done in the past. We (Meaning all in the sport of kickboxing) have helped a lot of companies make a lot of money off us all without giving any financial support back to the sport. Remember everyone, Free gloves and Free drinks do not pay the bills... The foundation has been set here with the IKF. All were waiting for now is the support of others willing to do as we already have... "WALK THE WALK!"

Regardless of what gloves will be on the fighters hands this year, we can assure you all, that Thanks to another GREAT TEAM EFFORT, we will present to you "YOUR" 2002 IKF USA National Amateur Kickboxing Championship Tournament... And remember, there is no "I" in TEAM! Thank You ALL! Now lets all...


Joe Taylor

Doug Ward


WEDNESDAY, April 3rd, 2002, AT 8:10 AM, PT

Boxing Referee
Mills Lane
Stable After Stroke

RENO, NEVADA (TICKER): Mills Lane, (Pictured) who turned a career as a boxing referee into celebrity, was in stable condition Tuesday after suffering a stroke Sunday night. The 64-year-old Lane was taken to Saint Mary's Regional Medical Center and admitted to the intensive care unit. He has been in stable condition since his arrival, according to treating physician Dr. Paul Katz. Lane experienced an ischemic stroke to his left side due to a blockage of the internal carotid artery that delivers blood to the brain. According to Katz, Lane had no typical indicators of a stroke, like hypertension, diabetes or coronary artery disease, so "his overall good health will be a benefit in his recovery."

Lane is expected to be hospitalized for "the better part of a week," and will be referred for inpatient rehabilitation for continued recovery. "He's standing and eating," Katz said. "I am encouraged that he will make a recovery." Lane is a former NCAA boxing champion, United States marine and district judge who is a partner in a Nevada law firm. He has refereed some of boxing's biggest fights and had his own television show. "This thing hit us like a ton of bricks," Washoe County District Attorney Dick Gammick said. "A guy like Mills is tough, and he's already showing that ornery side of himself. Gammick said Lane's condition Tuesday compared to Monday was like "night and day." "He's a fighter in the truest sense of the word, and he's coming on strong," Gammick said. "Anyone who knows him will know Semper Fi, that there's a Marine in there."

Expected to attend a meeting Monday morning, Lane was discovered at his home by one of his partners, who found him unconscious and immediately called paramedics. "It was completely unlike Mills to miss a meeting on Monday morning," said R. Shawn Oliphant, a partner at Lane, Fahrendorf, Viloria & Oliphant. "We know now he's always on military time. That means he's 15 minutes early for everything, so this was very unusual."

The diminutive, squeaky-voiced Lane was in the national spotlight in 1997 when he disqualified Mike Tyson for biting Evander Holyfield's ear (Right). He parlayed the attention into a syndicated TV show, "Judge Mills Lane," which was canceled a year ago.



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TUESDAY, April 2nd, 2002, AT 10:20 AM, PT

Winter Wars 2002
Picture Page...
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IKF England
This spectacular kickboxing show, held on the Easter holidays at the excellent venue in Hove Town Hall, Brighton, a seaside resort was promoted by IKF Promoter Steve Gosden. The main event of the evening was the IKF European Super Lightweight Full Contact Rules Title between Sean Mallett of Hove, Brighton, England against Ek Tossacan of Bergen, Norway. The event also featured the IKF Southern England Area Amateur Ladies Welterweght Full Contact Rules Title with Susie Parsons of Hove, Brighton England against Kate Ayling of Medway/Maidstone, Kent England.

Leading up to the main fights was an undercard of 8 bouts. The evening started with a excellent demonstration of Forms to music by the SILVER DRAGONS WORLD CHAMPION DISPLAY TEAM. The results of the bouts are as follows:

  1. IKF AMATEUR FCR Darren Bundy, Bournemouth England and Roy Rickman of Hove, Brighton England fought to a 3 round Draw.

    Andrew Coomber of Brighton, England and Ade Harman of Hove, Brighton England fought to a 3 round Draw.

    Mo Kargbo of Bournemouth England defeated Declon Conefrey of Medway & Maidstone England by unanimous decision.

    Thomas Rosvol of Bergen, Norway and Sam Davies of Brighton England added a lot of excitement to the night. This was a Super Heavyweight bout, Davies, the heavier fighter was fighting in his first fight. This started with a bang and the bang came from Rosvol, who caught Davies with excellent combination right at the start of the 1st round. The Norwegian Rosvol not holding back, took the first round on a 10-9 by all 3 judges. Round 2 started the same as round 1 with Rosvol using solid combinations of both kicks and punches, giving Davies a standing count. At this point Davies corner threw the towel in. Respect to the corner as Davies on this occasion was out classed, but he shows great potential and sportsmanship after the fight. Rosvol, over Davies by TKO/Towel, at 1:15 of the 2nd round.

    IKF Southern Area Amateur Ladies Welterweight Full Contact Rules Title

    Susie Parsons of Hove, Brighton England faced off against Kate Ayling of Maidstone, Kent England. Both these ladies have fought each other on a number of occasions with Parsons being the victor in their last meeting however this was not to be on this night of Kickboxing. Ayling certainly wanted the IKF title more than Parsons, taking the fight to Parsons at every opportunity. Parsons found herself on the back foot throughout the fight, with Ayling pushing forward. In the end, Aylin took home the title by unanimous decision. Well done to Kate Aylin, the new IKF Southern Area Amateur Ladies Welterweight Full Contact Rules Champion.

    Tiffiany Williams, Brighton, England defeated Amanda Weston of Chippingham England by TKO.

  7. John Orchard of Bournemouth England faced off against Mark Waters of Hove, Brighton England. Waters is a former kickboxing world champion, who has been retired for a few years. Orchard started the fight slow taking full advantage, with some excellent techniques, catching Waters with solid combinations of punches and kicks. Waters being a well experienced professional, rode out the storm and after Round 2 started to make his presence felt. Although his kicks were not as fluent as Orchards, his punching and kicks did not lack power. After Orchard felt this power he tended to defend, allowing Waters to build up points. It was the type of bout that both fighters came forward at times with excellent combinations. It must be pointed out that Orchard has a fight record of 8 fights. Waters won the bout by majority decision, then announced his retirement. Orchard is a fighter in the future, who could certainly be challenging for major honors. Well done to both fighters.

    Andrew Zavaronco of Northampton England was a "NO SHOW" for his bout against Steve Robinson of Brighton England giving Robinson the win by forfeit and a Black Mark by all promoters to Zavaronco for his lack of professional responsibility by not informing the promoter he was backing out of the fight.

  9. Karl Reid of Middlesborough England met up with Leon Campbell of Maidstone, Kent England. Reid had travelled a 6 hour journey before the fight, only to be met with a real hot prospect in Campbell. This was Campbell's 3rd fight and 3rd straight win, as he showed good technical ability and ring presence in attacking Reid at every opportunity, giving a standing count to Reid in round one. Campbell continued to keep the pressure on, taking the fight on a unanimous decision. Respect to Reid for coming such a long distance to fight.

    Nathan Barden of Medway & Maidstone England defeated Tom Minter of Worthing England by a 3 round unanimous decision.

  11. IKF Pro FCR Super Lightweight European Title
    Ek Tossacan of Bergen, Norway faced off against Sean Mallett of Hove, Brighton, England. Mallett, the current IKF British Champion in the weight above, had trained really hard for this opportunity. Tossacan the current Norwegian Champion had apparently trained just as hard. The fight commencing with Tossacan showing Mallett and the crowd that he meant business. He started the fight with 3 concurrent kicks to the head with power and speed. This seemed to shake Mallett right from round one, who covered up throughout the 1st round, allowing Tossacan to take the round comfortably. This seemed to lay the foundation for the rest of the fight as Tossacan gained confidence giving a clear demonstration of his powerful kicking ability. You got the impression that Mallett was waiting for his opportunity to explode, which unfortunately did not happen. Tossacan seemed to be stunned by Malletts approach, as he continued to dominate each round. This was evident by the 3 judges who gave Tossacan every round as he won this bout by unanimous decision. It must be said that Mallett, is a renowned fighter, and we all have our off days, this was certainly not the day to have it. With an opponent like Tossacan you cannot afford to have an off day. Congratulations to Ek Tossacan, the new IKF Super Lightweight Full Contact rules Champion.Tossacan's next step now will soon be challenging for the IKF Super Lightweight World Title. Potential challengers include Keith Nesbitt of Rochester, New York, USA, Mikhail Chepelenko of Polotsk, Belarus, José Peres, Portugal, Leo Verontchjk of Russia as well as several other top ranked fighters.

The IKF Officials for the event included Alby Bimpson, IKF European Director, Mike Fowles IKF International Referee & European Coordinator, IKF Judges Leon Kelly and Clive Tennant and IKF European Director Secretary, Jacqui Thompson. Special thanks to IKF Promoter Steve Gosden and MC Steve Holdsworth. For more info, contact IKF Europe at 44 174 473 9043 or by e-mail by clicking HERE!


IKF Point Kickboxing...
Here to Stay!

Photos by Gene Fields & DeWitt Elledge

The IKF sanctioned the first exclusive Point Kickboxing tournament in America this past weekend in San Jose, CA, USA. Base on feedback from some of the participants, it was a successful venture. (See participants comments below) A total of 57 fighters crammed the Evergreen Community College Tactics Room to sport their talents as they competed for first, second and third place trophies engraved with the IKF Logo. It was obvious that the competitors were anxious and nervous to compete, many for the first time. But after the first kick or punch was thrown, nerves went out the door! They gave all they had to claim the gold on this day and some would be successful! Those who fell short still went away with the feeling of accomplishment because they "Walked the Walk!!

There would be some glitches in this weekend's event that would cause some delay for the event to start on time. However, most in attendance waited patiently for several late registering fighters and their weigh ins to be completed before matchmaking could be done. However once the event started it ran fairly well with juniors 8 to 10 years of age, women and men divisions starting as one finished and ending the event two hours earlier than expected. There were many lessons learned that are sure to make future events even more successful. Additionally, there were two disqualification for contact and misconduct. IKF President Steve Fossum, and Event Promoter and IKF Director of Marketing Johnny Davis made it clear at the beginning of the event that contact and attitude had to be controlled or there would be consequences. Learning to control your techniques as well as attitude demonstrate true champion qualities.

There were many instructors and local families who stepped in to offer their services and help the event move along. Some as judges and timekeepers while others for registration and concession. There are far too many to mention here, but they know who they are and should know that their work and participation in the event was very much appreciated! Center Referees and judges included IKF co-founder Danny "BamBam" Stell, Ruby and Mr. Carlos Navarro, along with former IKF Amateur U.S. Champion Greg Kirkpatrick and current IKF World Middleweight Champion Dave "Madman" Marinoble were nothing short of great in their officials performance. Special thanks also to the competitors who were the true "Champions of the Event!"

IKF Point Kickboxing was specifically designed for the beginner kickboxer. It allows them the opportunity to concentrate on technique as oppose to dealing with the fear of being Knocked Out. There are no knockouts allowed in IKF Point Kickboxing and contact is strictly enforced. You can only win a bout on points. The true difference here is the style. For years, Point Karate tournaments have flourished all over the country but the techniques one uses in a point karate tournament (backfist, ridgehands etc.) are mostly ineffective in Kickboxing.

Point Kickboxers have to maintain the form and style of a kickboxer or most certainly face defeat. Several competitors at this weekend's event said that "They had done many point Karate tournaments and even domination style fighting but this was totally different." The difference being the 16oz. CENTURY Gloves and "real" boxing techniques. If your guard is not up and chin not down, you were more than likely to be out pointed in this two minute "continuos" bout. Point Kickboxing allows you to keep the fighting form of Kickboxing as opposed to switching back and forth from Karate to Kickboxing. IKF Point Kickboxing is not only the next step out of the ring for the eventual full contact fighter but is another outlet for the IKF to continue building the sport of Kickboxing's bright future.

Based on this past weekend's event, IKF Point Kickboxing has made a huge impression on the Kickboxing community and will be around for years to come! For future IKF Point Kickboxing events or if you are interested in hosting an event in your area contact us here at the IKF at PKB@IKFKickboxing.com For Point Kickboxing Seminars contact Johnny Davis at johnnyd@netwiz.net See the letter from one of this weekends competitors below.


  • Women's Full Contact Rules
    • Megan Elledge, Roseville, CA
    • Van Mines, Fremont, CA
  • Junior Boys MuayThai
    1. Jonathan Atento, San Francisco, CA
    2. Kevin Chery,
    3. Henry Salgado, San Francisco, CA
  • Junior Boys Heavyweight Full Contact Rules
    1. Clint Lambert, Modesto, CA
    2. Jonathan Carr, Modesto, CA
    3. Byron Vasquez Sr., Chino Hills, CA
  • Junior Boys (8-10) Heavyweight Full Contact Rules
    1. Ronnie Thomas, Granite Bay, CA
    2. Eddie Thomas, Granite Bay, CA
    3. Daniel Nunez, San Francisco, CA
    4. Jorge Romero, San Francisco, CA
      • Francisco Nunez, San Francisco, CA
  • Junior Boys (9-10) Lightweight Full Contact Rules
    1. Anthony Ragbotra San Francisco, CA
    2. Ricardo Galicia, San Francisco, CA
    3. Andre Inocelda, Orangevale, CA
    4. Riley Lockhett, Roseville, CA
  • Adult Mens Heavyweight MuayThai
    1. Dean Whgte, Daly City, CA
    2. Danny Kirby, Fresno, CA
    3. Paul Meyer, Campbell, CA
    4. Will Scott, Visalia, CA
    5. John Rahoi, San Francisco, CA (Disqualified)
    6. Darius Hankins, San Francisco, CA
  • Adult Women's Full Contact Rules
    1. Cindy Thomas, Granite Bay, CA
    2. Melanie Rivera, Roseville, CA
    3. Marian Smith, Garden Valley, CA
    4. Laurel Warddrip, Loomis, CA
  • Adult Men's Lightweight MuayThai
    1. Mark Hunt, San Francisco, CA
    2. John Griffin, San Francisco, CA
    3. Raul Garcia, San Francisco, CA
    4. Thurston O'Brian, San Francisco, CA
    5. Andrew Moy, San Francisco, CA
    6. Fuller Espiritu, Foster City, CA
  • Adult Men's Heavyweight Full Contact Rules
    1. Derrick Burnsed, Roseville, CA
    2. Fadi Bounakad, Concord, CA
    3. Emerson Tuazon, San Jose, CA
    4. Daniel Faulkner, Fresno, CA
    5. Scott Rempfer, San Jose, CA
  • Adult Men's Middleweight MuayThai Rules
    1. Kris Cabebu, South San Francisco, CA
    2. Juan Carlos Vazquez, San Francisco, CA
    3. Darrell Soriano, San Francisco, CA
    4. Eric Blackard, San Francisco, CA
    5. Gabrial Palomares, Gilroy, CA
  • Adult Men's Middleweight Full Contact Rules
    1. Justin Ewen, Roseville, CA
    2. James Norgol, North Highlands, CA
    3. Mike Blohm, Turlock, CA
  • Adult Men's Lightweight Full Contact Rules
    1. Agustin Mendoza, Santa Rosa, CA
    2. Alexander Lobok, Los Angeles, CA
    3. Jeffrey Kastorff, Carmichael, CA

  • Adult Women's MuayThai Rules - Final Rankings Unknown - Result Sheet NA.
    • Lilia Garcia, WMTR, San Francisco, CA
    • Jennifer Nguyen, WMTR, Palo Alto, CA
    • Christine Toledo, WMTR, San Francisco, CA
    • Lenore Defiesta, WMTR, San Francisco, CA
    • Heather Fee, WMTR, San Francisco, CA
    • Valerie Lee, WMTR, San Bruno, CA
  • Unknown Placement & Ranking
    • Jorge Angulo, 22, MMTR, San Francisco, CA

E-MAILS received about the event:

Mr. Davis
I competed at your first ever point kickboxing tournament this past weekend. Although I Placed 3rd, I would just like to say that it was an experience I will never forget. It was exciting, fun, and opened my eyes to see what real fighting is all about. Up until that tournament, I thought that I was very conditioned and a good fighter, because I was a good sparrer. Well, this tournament showed me things that I never knew before about conditioning and fighting. I realize now what you meant about walking the walk! You see, I trained myself for this tournament, drove in from San Bernandino (45 min east of LA) and fought. For a long time now I was searching for the answer of what was it that I needed to work on as a martial artist, and this tournament pointed it out. Just as you said before the tournament, that "this tournament was to make you better fighters," which I believe it has. Not only that, but I realize how much more I want to fight in Amateur kickboxing, and my goal in the future is to go to the (IKF) Nationals and win. Thank you for opening my eyes and taking my fighting ability to a whole new level! With thanks, Byron V.

Dear Mr. Davis,
I want to start first and foremost by saying thank you to all those that helped to put on the PKB tournament March 30th, 2002. It was a great show, and it seemed as though a good time was had by all those that participated. You had asked for some feedback, and I just thought I would pass along my view of the day as I saw it. Keeping in mind that this was the first tournament of it's kind, of course there are going to be some bugs that need to be worked out over time. Some of these I believe will happen naturally from event to event; some will probably be worked out as a product of your continued efforts to streamline the shows, ever attempting to put on the highest quality events possible. That being said, I probably can't say anything regarding the event that you haven't already thought of to help make it run even more smoothly. I would however, like to comment on a couple of the aspects of the show in particular which I felt worthy of mentioning. Firstly, I thought that once the actual competition began, you and the staff did an excellent job keeping the action going, and moving quickly through the various divisions. There is little worse than a slow moving tournament, and you did a great job at making sure that that was not the case. The second thing I wanted to mention, was about the consistency of calls on contact. I understand that it is largely a matter subjectivity, but I do feel it would be helpful in the future (for competitors and trainers alike) to have the referees judge contact calls as similarly as possible. It was tough to get a gauge on what was allowed, and what wasn't in certain cases, and at times it was a bit frustrating to keep up. I know that this alone is a difficult task, simply because of the nature of the issue, but on the off chance it might prove helpful, I thought I would mention it. All-in-all it was a great day, and I very much enjoyed meeting you. I thank you once again for all your efforts. Please keep me informed as to upcoming events such as this, as I have more students wanting to participate in the future.
Best Regards, Erik V. W.


International Competitors Receive
Brain Pads
Around The World.

To


"A Bit Of San Shou History"


Tommy Bottone

Can you identify the two fighters in this picture? OK, it isn't the best picture in the world and really you'd have to be a historian of San Shou in the United States to take even an educated guess so I guess we have to tell you. The fighter on the left, blocking, is Josh Bartholomew (Top Left) of Boston San Shou. Josh was one to top amateur San Shou fighters in the country and a member of the US National San Shou team. Currently, he is the trainer of many of the country's top amateur and professional San Shou fighters. The fighter on the right, throwing the jab, is USKBA Full Contact World Champion Tommy "Bee" Bottone. Tommy is known today for his Full Contact fights but he came up in the Chinese fighting arts. Tommy held titles in both Kuoshu Lei Tai fighting and San Shou.

Josh Bartholomew and Tommy "Bee" Bottone (Bottom Left) fought in 1995 at the New York San Shou Championships. The event, promoted by Steve Ventura and David A Ross, was organized as part of the publicity campaign for the 3rd World San Shou Championships, which was held in Baltimore, MD that year. It was also the very first time in history that a San Shou event was run as a carded event with pre-set matches. At the time, the idea was scoffed at. Of course, today carded events are not only a regular part of San Shou, they are the "big draws" in the sport. The 1995 New York San Shou Championships are an important part of San Shou's history and both Josh Bartholomew and Tommy "Bee" Bottone (Left) were part of this historic event.

Currently, negotiations are under way for Tommy "Bee" Bottone to return to San Shou. He will return to face another legend and pioneer of the sport, Josh's own trainer Jason Yee (Right) and quite possibly for the vacant IKF Pro San Shou Super Middleweight Title. The under card figures to have a number of high profile San Shou matches as well.

For more information, visit www.angelfire.com/sd2/kingofsanda