WEDNESDAY, January 30th, 2002, AT 7:00 PM, PT

Crystal Lake
Illinois, USA!

We're still awaiting full results from the Promotional Staff of TEAM Z of last Saturday nights, (January 26th, 2002) "Battle Of The Champions" event in Crystal Lake, Illinois, USA. The event was promoted by IKF Promoter Rob Zbilski and Team Z. We hope to have all these results posted by the end of the week as well...

Added Friday, 1-25-02 at 8:50 AM:

"Battle Of The Champions"
(JANUARY 26th: Crystal Lake, Illinois, USA)
event below where we added news about the
2001 IKF USA National Amateur Champion

Peyton Russell
(Right - Never Give UP!).
Russell was added to the event and we were informed after the article posted last night.

The story of his accomplishment Inspired us and it's sure to inspire
"Every Fighter in the Sport as well!"

FRIDAY, January 25th, 2002, AT 11:50 AM, PT

Georgia Promoter's Continue To Work Together
With An Eye Towards The Future

By Cal Cooper at:


Comment From the President: "This is yet another example of the tremendous spirit of cooperation I have seen in Georgia with their promoters working together. It is also one more example of where the focus of TEAMWORK, as stressed within the IKF & ISCF organizations has proved to be the foundation of success." Steve Fossum, IKF & ISCF President (Right).

On January 19th Georgia fight promoters (Below Right) gathered in Augusta Georgia for a meeting hosted by the International Kickboxing Federation and its sister organization for Mixed Martial Arts (NHB), the International Sport Combat Federation. The meeting was led by Mike Carlson, (Left, ISCF World Director & IKF Representative) at his Augusta Martial Arts Academy. Carlson is the Assistant District Attorney known best to MMA fans as the man who got their sport sanctioned in Georgia.

Also in attendance were SFO and Gauntlet Trials promoter Matthew Waller, Valdosta promoter James Corbett, Douglasville promoters Mark Maske and Mike Crocker, Atlanta Battle at the Brewery promoter Lane Collyer, Augusta's Eddie Singleton, and fighter/ISCF referee Cam McHargue. Atlanta Fight Party promoter Brett Moses also had a representative present. All have been associated with Kickboxing and/or MMA promotions and have supported the efforts of the IKF and ISCF to bring regulation to the fighting sports in Georgia.


Since Georgia law states that MMA can take place in the state if sanctioned by the ISCF the seemingly casual meeting was an important moment in the development of the sport in Georgia. Likewise, since Georgia is one of only a handful of states to have recognized MMA in a legal manner, the gathering will ultimately effect the entire sport of MMA in the United States.

In the past, MMA in Georgia has always been a mixed bag. A multitude of promoters have run events of various sizes in the state, and, left to their own devices, very few have done a very good job. After the regulation of events began in 2001, Georgia went a long way towards establishing itself as a stronghold of MMA, and many promoters from around the US expressed interest in promoting in the Peach State and being legitimately sanctioned by the ISCF

Mike Carlson is tickled pink. The meeting on the 19th was for dealing with the practical matters. Events are scheduled for every month for the first, half of 2001, most of which will originate from within the state. Many other events, which are in the planning stages, do not yet have dates. The meeting established a calendar for Georgia, which allows promoters to have a reasonable time period to promote without conflicting with another event in their area. This creates a uniquely promoter friendly environment in the entire Union. No other state law creates such a situation.

The meeting also established the first ISCF fighter database, which will initially be comprised of fighters who compete in and around the South. Individuals were appointed various responsibilities, such as maintaining the "Fighter Pool", and writing testing questions for judges and referees according to established ISCF and IKF rules.

  • The 2002 Schedule of dates thus far includes:
    • March 16th 2002, Augusta, GA Promoter: Mike Carlson
    • April 2nd 2002, Atlanta, GA Promoter: Lane Collyer
    • May 25th 2002, Augusta, GA Promoters: Becky Levi and Dan Severn

MORE NEWS OF 1-25-02

Georgia Fight Scene Web Site
Complements Southern Bouts

ISCF promoter and World Team member Matthew Waller (Right) is a reliable contributor when it comes to kickboxing and mixed martial arts events in the Peach State. In addition to promoting, judging, and managing fighters, Waller administers the "Georgia Fight Scene" web page which includes a message board which tends to "heat up" when Southern fight dates draw near.

Waller says that he created the site in order to help get the word out about area events, "We are in a business where people tend to travel on the Internet in order to identify who fighters are and where fights will take place. I didn't want Georgia to get left out!"

It also appears that there can be some "high level" information exchanged on Waller's webpage. "It is amazing to me how deep some of the analysis on some of threads gets," says Waller, who claims that Winter Wars 2002, an IKF and ISCF sanctioned kickboxing and mixed martial arts event to be held in Augusta, Georgia on March 16. 2002, has already developed into a "hot topic" of discussion on his webpage. "The Lopez/Thompson and Hudson/Collyer bouts have already got people excited," Waller says, "and folks are not bashful about stating their opinions about who they think will win and how."

Waller says that he is keeping track of the "unscientific sampling" of predictions that his website is receiving, and will report it to IKF and ISCF regularly as WW 2002 draws closer, "Right now, I have taken a look around, and it seems like Hudson and Thompson are getting the most support and are out in front in the voting. I will follow-up, to let fans of IKF and ISCF know how things are developing. As of to date the Lopez vs Thompson fight is getting several votes in, yet for every one Lopez gets, the "Wonderboy" Thompson get four in his favor."

According to Waller, fans can look to threads entitled "1derboy versus Lopez" and "Atlanta versus South Carolina" to get a look at what is currently the area buzz on those two bouts.

Waller also encourages IKF and ISCF fans to register and post on his page, "We are known for our hospitality down here and want fans of IKF and ISCF matches to come to my page and join in the hype. Only profane , libelous or otherwise objectionable posts get deleted, which seldom ever happens anyway."

The Georgia Fight Scene Web Page is located at and can be found in both the IKF and ISCF "Links" sections. Matthew Waller can be reached via e-mail at

THURSDAY, January 24th, 2002, AT 4:30 PM, PT

This Weekends IKF Events...

Butler, Pennsylvania, USA

Bernard Robinson

Paul Biafore

This weekend, IKF Promoter and Pro FCR U.S. Light Middleweight Champion Jimmy Stewart (Right) will host another night of IKF Championship kickboxing. Stewart will fight a non title bout against Ryan Johnson of Rochester, New York, USA.

The night will also feature the fight for the vacant IKF Pro FCR North East Regional Title Bout between Bernard Robinson (Left) of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA Vs Marty Cantine (no picture available) of Rochester, New York, USA.

Robinson last fight on an IKF event was his unanimous decision loss (100-88, 98-91 and 99-90 ) to Stewart for the IKF FCR Light Middleweight Title on July 13th, 2001 in Butler, PA.

However he's most remembered here from his IKF FCR Welterweight World Title fight against Paul Biafore (Left) in Massachusetts in May of 1999. The bout was stopped at the end of the 4th round after Biafore landed several strong combinations with Robinson in the corner.

Also on the card will be the fight for the vacant IKF JUNIOR Amateur FCR North East Regional Title Bout between Chris Hill of Butler, Pennsylvania, USA, (5-1-2/0) Vs Josh Billingsley of McKee's Port, Pennsylvania, USA.

Hill's last IKF fight was at the 2001 IKF USA National Amateur Finals where he lost to Victor McCullough of Coffeyville, Kansas, USA (7-0/3) by split decision, 30-27, 30-27 & 28-29.

For More Info on this event, please contact The Stewart Center at (724) 284-3725 or visit their website at

Jimmy Stewart

MORE NEWS OF 1-24-02

Crystal Lake, Illinois, USA
Battle Of The Champions!

Jim "Z MAN" Zbilski,

Tim Mazurkiewicz

This Saturday night, January 26th, 2002 IKF Promoter Rob Zbilski (Right) and Team Z will kick off their 2002 Promotional season with the "Battle Of The Champions" in Crystal Lake, Illinois, USA.

The night will feature several IKF Champions and top ranked contenders which include, IKF U.S. FCR Super Welterweight ChampionJim "Z MAN" Zbilski, (Left) in his quest to get back in contention for yet another IKF Title later this year. The number 1 ranking in the Super Middleweight division is vacant due to inactivity of fighters. Zbilski's currently ranked number 2 in the division and hopes to take over the number 1 ranking with an impressive win Saturday night.

After a surprising loss for the IKF Light Middleweight World Title to Anthony Bartanalli in April last year, number 1 ranked Pro Full Contact Rules Light Middleweight contender Mike Nagy, (Right) of Chicago, Illinois, USA looks to get another shot at Bartanalli. Nagy and his trainer claimed he had a hectic training schedule prior to their last meeting which brought Nagy to the ring with less than 100% of his ability. This would be a great re-match to see if this was true or if Bartanalli was simply that good the night they fought. Nagy hopes to get a chance to avenge his only loss in 32 bouts (31-1) that sparks 27 wins by KO.

Also on the event will be 2 Time (2000 & 2001) IKF National Amateur Champion Kyle McElroy (17-1-1/6) of Lake Zurich, Illinois, USA. At the 2000 Nationals, McElroy won the FCR Welterweight title by unanimous decision 29-28, 29-28, 30-27, in a bout that was MUCH CLOSER than the scores appeared over Tom Poey of Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA. At the 2001 Nationals he met Poey again in round 2 where he defeated him in another great bout, this time by split decision, 30-27, 30-27 & 28-29, to advance to the Final. In the finals he defeated Matt Mayer of Spooner, Wisconsin, USA by split decision, 29-28, 28-27 & 27-26, to successfully defend his National Title.

The nights card will also have 2001 IKF USA National Amateur Super Middleweight Champion, Danny Griffin of Lake in the Hills, Illinois, USA. In the opening round of the 2001 Nationals Griffin defeated Chris Terry of Phoenix, Arizona, USA (5-1/4) by unanimous decision, 30-16, 30-26 & 30-26 to advance to round 2. In round 2 he defeated Shannon Hudson (3-1) of Lyman, South Carolina, USA, by unanimous decision, 30-27, 29-28 & 30-27 to advance to the Final. In the Final he defeated Zachary Day (11-1/5) of Augusta, Georgia, USA by unanimous decision, 29-28, 30-27 & 29-27

It's been awhile since we've seen him in the ring but 1999 IKF National Amateur Champion Kevin Miller (Right, winning at the 1999 Nationals) of Lake In The Hills, Illinois, USA should still provide a show of talent Saturday night.

At the 1999 Nationals he defeated Scott Akins (Right -at left) of Memphis Tennessee USA by Split decision, 29-28, 28-29, 30-28 to win the IKF USA National Amateur FCR Super Welterweight Title.

It's also been awhile since we've seen 1999 IKF National Amateur Heavyweight Champion Tim Mazurkiewicz (10-2/8) of Beloit Wisconsin, USA. Mazurkiewicz (Left) won his title by forfeit when Darryl Rudd of Memphis Tennessee failed to show up at the weigh-ins or the event. At last years 2001 National Amateur Finals he defeated Mike Marinoble, Roseville, CA (6-1-1/3) by unanimous decision. However the bout had an "Officials" protest since 2 of the 3 judges were from Mazurkievicz hometown and 1 from his gym. They failed to inform any of the head ring officials so they could be replaced for the bout. Their error caused an officials review of the bout via video that gave Marinoble the win. A 1 round fight-off was fought and Mazurkievicz won to advance to round 2. In the next round he was defeated by eventual Heavyweight Champion Dan Erickson (13-0/6, 1 no contest) by unanimous decision, 30-24, 30-25 & 30-25.

Speaking of Erickson, (no picture available) he too will be on Saturday nights event. At the 2001 North Central Regional (Posted 6-15-01) event leading to the National Finals, Erickson had no one in his division. (Heavyweight) So instead of not having a bout, he was matched up by the promoter to make more fights for the night against recently crowned 2001 IKF Amateur Fighter of the year, Super Heavyweight fighter Trent Tompkins (Right) of Waterloo, Iowa, USA. In the bout Erickson was given the win by split decision. However an officials protest of the judges used on the bout brought the bout to a video review. On the review the decision was reversed in favor of Tompkins. However, after a recent official review of bouts in 2001, IKF officials decided to change the decision to a "No Contest" instead of a loss for either fighter. We just couldn't see giving a loss to either fighter in such a great bout that was due in fault to the judging and not either fighter. This was such a great bout that we hope to solve the issue as to who is truly the better of the two later this year if a promoter can get the two matched up. Either way, these are both GREAT Fighters and once again, they both share great, undefeated records. Erickson at 15-0/6 and Tompkins at 12-0/6.

At the 2001 National Finals, Erickson fought as a Heavyweight. In round 1 he defeated John Davidson of Georgia, USA by TKO at 1:07 of round 1 to advance to round 2. In round 2, as stated above, he defeated Tim Mazurkievicz by unanimous decision, 30-24, 30-25 & 30-25 to advance to the final. In the final he defeated Wil Joseph by TKO at 1:18 of the 2nd round to win the 2001 IKF USA National Amateur Heavyweight Title.

Rob Zbilski

Mike Nagy

Trent Tompkins

1-25-02 AT 8:40 AM PST:

"Never Give Up!"
Rounding out the National Amateur Champions will be 2001 IKF USA National Amateur FCR Middleweight Champion, Peyton Russell (Right, 20-3/5) of Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. Russell was first introduced to the IKF at the very first IKF USA National Amateur Championships in Council Bluffs Iowa in 1999. In round 1 of the Middleweight prelim Russell defeated David Lavender of Spring City Tennessee by unanimous decision, 30-27, 30-27, 30-27 to advance to the final. However he was stopped short of his goal of the title when Zachary Day of Augusta Georgia defeated him by TKO at 1:56 of round 2.

A year later he was back again at the 2000 IKF USA National Amateur Championships, again in Council Bluffs Iowa. Again he was stopped short of the title when he was defeated by Stephen Thompson of Simpsonville, South Carolina, USA by unanimous decision, 30-23, 30-24, 30-24.

One thing we can say about Russell though is when he sets his mind and body on a goal, he sticks to it until he accomplishes what he set out to do. This was proved to us last year at the 2001 IKF USA National Amateur Championships in Olathe/Kansas City Kansas, where once again, Russell was ready to fight. In round 1 he faced Brian Glenn of Overland Park, Kansas who he defeated by unanimous decision 30-27, 30-27 & 30-27. In the finals he defeated Eustorgio Gama of Augusta, Georgia, USA by unanimous decision, 30-28, 30-27 & 30-27 giving him his title he had been denied for 2 years. In our eyes, he wasn't just a Champion now, he was proof to all his peers in the sport that "PERSISTENCE" and "HARD WORK" do have great rewards. He is the Greatest example of the phrase, "Never Give Up!"

Some top women's contenders will be in the ring Saturday as well. They include #2 ranked IKF Amateur FCR Women's Flyweight contenderRene' Brodacz of Lake Zurich, Illinois, and #3 ranked IKF Amateur FCR Women's Super Lightweight contender Katie Ehrhardt of Buffalo Grove, Illinois.

For more info on this event such as ticket outlets and more please go to our Upcoming Events Page by clicking HERE! For more info, contact Team Z at (847) 458-8333 or by e-mail at:

MORE NEWS OF 1-24-02

NEW DAILY HIT RECORD For set yet another daily hit record yesterday, Wednesday, January 23rd, 2002. The old record was set on Monday, December 10th, with a total hit count for the day of 35,372 Hits. At that time, it broke the old record of 30,052 set back on Tuesday, May 8th, 2001. Yesterday, January 23rd, 2002, the new record blasted the other away with
45,056 Hits!

Last month, (December 2001) set a new record for Monthly hits at 698,714 Hits. The old record was November, 2001 of 566,087 hits. In December, on the 24th, the total monthly hit count was 556,187. As of end of day yesterday, the total hit count for January 2002 was 532,950 Hits, a little over 23,000 less then on December 23rd, 2001.

The daily Hit count for January 2002 so far has been 23,171 Hits. The Average Length of Visit time for this month has been 19.73 minutes. The top page for this 23 day time period was as expected, the OPENING HOME PAGE. The next 10 most popular pages during this time period are as follows;

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  10. Gyms Outside of USA Page

FRIDAY, January 18th, 2002, AT 5:45 PM, PT


Augusta, Georgia Martial Arts Event To Feature Cross State Rivalries

Kevin Hudson

Steven Thompson

Every Fall, Southern football fans brace themselves as the University of Georgia Bulldogs face the University of South Carolina Gamecocks in a gridiron battle which has for years been referred to as "The Border War," due to the close proximity of the states in question, and the fierceness of the rivalry.

On March 16, 2002, Augusta Georgia will play host to a major martial sports event which will prominently feature "Border Wars" of a different type and in the ring, as preeminent kickboxers from Georgia and South Carolina will face each other for "bragging rights," and much more.

Augusta Martial Arts Academy's Mike and Elizabeth Carlson, who were recently voted "2001 IKF Promoters of the Year", are gearing up for their biggest event yet. Winter Wars 2002 will be held on March 16, 2002, at the Augusta State University Athletic Complex in Augusta, Georgia. The nighttime event will feature IKF and Professional Karate Commission (PKC) sanctioned professional and amateur full contact/American rules (kicks only above the waist) kickboxing bouts and International Sport Combat Federation (ISCF) sanctioned amateur and professional mixed martial arts matches. The evening fights will come after a daytime karate tournament, also sanctioned by the PKC. Continuous point sparring, forms, weapons and grappling divisions for all ages and belt levels will be available. But it will be that night when the "Border Wars" and other battles at WW 2002 will truly begin.

The main event of the evening will feature Kevin "Hurricane " Hudson (Left) of Lyman, S.C., against "Lightning" Lane Collyer (Right) of Atlanta, Georgia in a contest for the vacant IKF FCR U.S. Heavyweight Kickboxing Title.

Hudson, who is ranked #8 in the IKF FCR Heavyweight Division, is a former world professional kickboxing champion in the cruiserweight division of the old organization known as K.I.C.K. "The Hurricane" has been a high profile figure in the Southern martial sports scene, most notably in recent years as a trainer. Moving up in weight and training hard, Hudson is anxiously awaiting this opportunity to get out of the corner and back in the ring. Countless kickboxing fans want to see the same!

Collyer, who has spent the last year involved in fighting, training, AND promoting, is widely renowned as something of a "Mr. Everything" for IKF, due to his willingness to wear "so many hats."

This Atlanta native is world rated in 3 different rules divisions (#3 and the East Coast Heavyweight Champion in Full Contact Rules, #3 in International/Leg Kick Rules and #2 in the Pro MuayThai Heavyweight Division.) and is dedicating himself to winning this prestigious title.

He is also out to prove that his recent loss to "Big" John Dixon (Left) of Gautiar, Mississippi, USA (MuayThai Rules) in December of 2001 was a fluke, and an outgrowth of Collyer "pushing the envelope" too far in one night, attempting to be promoter and fighter on the same card. Many in the kickboxing world agree and are expecting big things of Collyer in this bout.

In either case, these two heavyweights who take their fighting nicknames from atmospheric disturbances will certainly bring some "storm and stress" into the ring. Will the Hurricane blow Collyer away, or will Lighting strike Hudson? Fans will have to come to Augusta to see!

In a HIGHLY anticipated amateur bout, Steven "Wonderboy" Thompson (Left) of Simpsonville, South Carolina, USA, will face Atlanta, Georgia's Ruben Lopez in a cruiserweight kickboxing match up.

Lopez trains at Atlanta's LA Boxing and WOWED fans with his power at the 2001 IKF Southeastern Regional Amateur Championships. There, Lopez scored a devastating first round knockout of James Newkirk who was stopped at the 1:00 mark to win the Men's FCR South East Cruiserweight Regional Championship Bout. However, he never made the trip to the National Finals to prove his worth against America's best amateur fighters. It was a goal unfinished but we hope to see him finish it this year. At the 2001 Nationals, Adam Sylvia of Alexandria, Virginia took home the crown instead.

Thompson though completed his goal last year winning the IKF National Amateur FCR Light Heavyweight Title in IMPRESSIVE fashion when he defeated Vilavahn Seukpanya of Milwaukee, Wisconsin by TKO at 14 seconds into the first round. Thompson's kick was the only strike thrown in the bout and set a new record for quickest win by KO/TKO. The kick broke Seukpanya's arm instantly.

Thompson is trained by his father who was one of the 5 IKF Trainers of the Year, Ray Thompson. (Right) Last year Stephen won the 2000 IKF USA National FCR Middleweight Title by unanimous decision (30-23, 30-24, 30-24) over this past years, Peyton Russell, of Bloomington, Minnesota who was this past years 2001 IKF USA National FCR Middleweight Champion. He has also won numerous national amateur titles with the PKC.

Lane Collyer

Mike Carlson

So it looks to be the power and aggressiveness of Lopez against the speed and technique of Thompson. They will have five rounds to see who will return home with border "bragging rights." Of course, many other bouts are scheduled and will be the subject of future press releases. Final match ups are still being made for some, and combatants from outside of Georgia and South Carolina are expected to see action on the card as well.

Last year, WW 2001, (February 24, 2001) was a veritable "Who's Who" in the martial sports world in attendance. WW 2002 already promises more of the same, with IKF and ISCF President Steve Fossum scheduled to come to the Garden City for the event.

Mr. Carlson, (Left) who was awarded one of the 7 2001 IKF PRESTIGE AWARDS" is highly enthusiastic about WW 2002: "Elizabeth and I realize that there are high expectations on us whenever we are part of an event." said Carlson, "Those are even higher now that the IKF has been so generous to us, both in terms of its support and recognition. We are dedicating ourselves to exceed those expectations in Winter Wars 2002. With the help and support of our many great friends and fellow martial artist, we are confident that we will make WW 2002 our best event ever."

For updates on Winter Wars 2002,
keep an eye here on the IKF News page and on the
ISCF ( web sites.
More Information on other fights, fighters, and other details of WW 2002, will be regularly posted there.
For more information, feel free to contact
Augusta Martial Arts Academy
by E-mail at, telephone (706) 855-5269 or fax at (706) 855-7119.
Fight card subject to change.

MONDAY, January 16th, 2002, AT 8:00 PM, PT

The Best Fighters In The IKF For 2001!
The Announcement of the 2002 IKF Hall of Fame Pro & Amateur Fighter Of The Year!

2001 IKF All Around
PRO Fighter Of The Year...
Anthony "Powerhouse" Bartinelli

Anthony Bartinelli

There were many to consider for this award but for what Bartinelli accomplished in such a short time as a Pro Fighter, he seemed to be the one to pick as the 2001 IKF Pro Fighter of the Year. The only thing that put a question on this vote was that he's only had 3 Pro kickboxing Bouts. So the question came up once again, "How good could he be with only "3" Pro kickboxing bouts and only 11 Kickboxing Bouts Total?"

The same question was asked in the Spring of 2001 when he challenged #1 IKF Ranked Mike Nagy who had a kickboxing record of 31 wins with 1 loss and 27 wins by KO/TKO for the vacant IKF Light Middleweight World Title. The first thought by some was, "Is this guy crazy?" Well, if any of you have seen Bartanalli fight, you would have never questioned the challenge. Several months before he faced Nagy, IKF Pro IR Heavyweight World Champion Rick "The Jet" Roufus had a chance to attend one of Bartinelli's bouts in Arizona, USA. When it was over he expressed how impressed he was after seeing Bartinelli expel another opponent with his tremendous punching skill and power. It was clear Roufus, a Hall Of Fame Fighter himself, and to those who "Believed" in Bartinelli all along knew this kid has talent! So with only "1" Pro fight as a kickboxer but a record of 13 wins, 4 loses, 1 draw with 9 of his 13 wins by KO/TKO as a pro boxer, the match with Nagy was set.

"How was he selected for a World Title Shot?" and "Can his boxing experience (12-4-1/8) really matter against a good kickboxer?" were just a few of the questions asked when the bout was being reviewed by the IKF Title Board for acceptance. The deciding factor was not just what he had won all his previous kickboxing bouts, but who he had to beat to get the wins. Ask 2000 IKF USA Light Middleweight IR National Champion Adam Rogers, (Right) of Seaside, California, USA (8-3/3) what Bartanalli's skill is like.

On March 4th, 1999, Bartinelli didn't just stop Rogers, he knocked him out cold. At the end of round 4, Bartinelli's combined a straight Right and Left hook that dropped Rogers motionless to the canvas at 1:55 of the 4th round. The punch was so Devastating that Referee Dan Stell was waving the bout off nearly before Rogers hit the floor. The win gave Bartinelli the IKF Amateur, IR United States Middleweight Title.

On October 26th, 1999 in Arizona Bartinelli made his pro debut and knock out the ISKA North American Champion Cecil Hagins in the 2nd round. Hagins went down three times in the that round. The first knockdown came with a right hook after a right roundhouse kick. The 2nd time was after a combo of punches, two left hooks then a straight right hand. The 3rd and final time was after a right hand, left hook then right hand.

On March 28th, 2000 he recorded his second Pro win 23 seconds into the 5th round after he let go a barrage of punches and kick combo's ending with two left hooks that split open his opponent, Thomas Downing's (25-15-2/10, of Ontario, Canada) left eye.

After his win against Downing, the phone stopped ringing and no one wanted to be in the ring with Bartinelli. So, his trainer, Clement Vierra made the challenge for what was then the Vacant IKF FCR Light Middleweight World Title. The IKF Title board wasn't easy on him either. Doing as required, we told him he had to fight the #1 IKF contender, Mike Nagy. They agreed and the fight was scheduled... and re-scheduled... and re-scheduled... Injuries, venue changes and finally it was on...However, yet another delay forced Bartinelli to take another Pro boxing match in March of 2001... The result? No different, another win.

Adam Rogers

Finally, on Tuesday Night, April 17th, 2001 at the Celebrity Theater in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, Bartanalli and Nagy faced off (Right). But it was a quick trip for the highly favored Nagy as Bartanalli landed the shot heard around the globe in the 3rd round, a Powerhouse left hook. The punch landed with about 5 seconds left in the 3rd round but Nagy couldn't stand to beat the count of seasoned refereeJon Schorle II that continued into the round break. (Bell can't save a fighter in any round in the IKF)

It wasn't a wild punch though. It was a very tight and crisp left hook which those from behind didn't even see. Bartinelli's shoulders didn't move much at all and the only proof he landed anything was Nagy falling to the canvas.

When the count was over, Bartinelli was crowned the new IKF Pro FCR Light Middleweight World Champion. It explained why Bartinelli's ringname is "Powerhouse".

On October 9th, 2001 he faced an even stronger challenge when he did something he's never done in ANY of his previous kickboxing bouts... Wait for a judges decision before his hand was raised... This time he faced Bradenton, Florida, USA's Larry Jarrett who was another highly experienced opponent for Bartanalli with a record of 37 wins and 6 loses, ranked in the top 10 and a former Amateur World Champion.

It was a great fight, but it was not close in points. The judges who were appointed by the Arizona State Athletic Commission scored it a unanimous decision win for Bartinelli 100-88, 100-88 and 99-89.

So as everyone can see here, Bartanalli is a great choice for the 2001 IKF Pro Fighter of the Year.

Congratulations POWERHOUSE!
We look forward to seeing you a lot more in the years to come.

But There's More...
Who Else Can Call Themselves
"The BEST"
For 2001?

2001 IKF All Around
AMATEUR Fighter Of The Year...

Trent Tompkins

We first heard about Tompkins back in April of 2000. It was an IKF Sanctioned event in Iowa, USA. It was bout 10 and it was for the vacant, IKF Amateur Super Heavyweight Full Contact Rules Iowa State Title. In the bout, Tompkins defeated Jason Fulcher by KO at :35 seconds into round 1. We soon discovered, this was not the last we would hear of him...

At the May 26th, 2001 in Beloit Wisconsin, USA at the IKF USA National Amateur Tournament North Central Regional, there was mixed emotions for Tompkins. Since there wasn't enough fighters to fill both the Heavyweight and Super Heavyweight divisions, all 3 fighters were given an automatic walkover to the National Finals (Top 2 in each division may go to the National Finals) However promoter Craig Monyelle wanted to have more bouts on the event so he put all 3 fighters into one division to fight together. In his first bout, Tompkins (7-0/3, 217) faced 235 lb IKF MidWest US Champion Rick Bloyer. In the bout, Tompkins won with a Head Kick KO at :30 seconds into the first round. Later that day in the final he faced Dan Erickson (11-0/4, 215 lbs.). In the bout, Erickson won by Split Decision. However, the bout was protested for a video review buy several neutral officials at the event. In the end, it was overturned and the win was given to Tompkins. The win really didn't matter since both were on their way to the National Finals, but in different weight classes (This would be a GREAT rematch) Something should be said here as well that Tompkins and his trainer (Russ O'Connell) never complained. It was protested by several neutral officials who were not judging the bout but were shocked at the decision.

At the National Finals, Tompkins first faced off against David Hampton of Calmet City, Illinois, USA (245, 10-3-2/0) and defeated him by TKO at 28 seconds into the 2nd round to advance to the Final. In the final, he defeated the 2000 IKF National Tournament Champion John Lenamon of Abilene, Texas, USA by unanimous decision, 29-28, 29-27 & 29-27 to win the 2001 IKF USA National Amateur FCR Super Heavyweight Title.

On a personal level out of the kickboxing ring, Trent has proved he has more going on in his life than just Kickboxing. He spends many hours a week in training to achieve this status but he also spends many hours a week volunteering to train the young people at the gym he trains at in Iowa. His goal is to not only teach them to be good in the sport but to make them a good person and keep them on the right track and out of trouble. His strong focus on teaching discipline and respect reflect in him as a Champion in and out of the ring as well. He even spent his own time and money last year to go to Florida to coach the young fighters in the Jr. Olympics for TaeKwonDo. He also won the USA TaeKwonDo Nationals and was the youngest person to ever win the heavyweight division. In 1999 at the age of 18, he won the Athlete of the year. He is the only person to ever win nationals in both TaeKwonDo and kickboxing and he is only 20 years old.

Trent is as mentor and role model for many who has won many honors and titles but never boasts or brags about such. Besides all the training and volunteer work Trent does, he is also a full-time college student. He recently got a 4.0 last semester and he carries a 3.5 cumulative average which puts him on the deans list.

So as you can see, both in and out of the ring, we have a good reason for selecting
Mr. Trent Tompkins
as the
2001 IKF Amateur Fighter of the Year.
Congratulations Trent...
We look forward to seeing you a lot more as well in the years to come.

Congratulations to all of the fighters who were considered for these awards which included every fighter, Amateur and Pro who fought for the IKF in 2001.
Your ALL Champions!

WEDNESDAY, January 2nd, 2002, AT 7:15 PM, PT

IKF Europe Added To
IKF Hall Of Fame Awards...

Scroll Down Below To See Who's Been Added ...

And The New RecordS ARE...

Well we came very close to the 700,000 hit mark for the new hit record for but we fell a little short. However, we are excited to say that we did make new web traffic records in all 3 major categories. They included...

Since May, when we first started tracking our hits on up to yesterday, January 1st, we have received a total of 4,333,111 Hits. For January 1st, we had 19,287 Hits.

To add to this, we also moved from the #4 spot on AOL (American On Line) when you search under the word kickboxing to number 2. We remained #1 when searching IKF or IKF Kickboxing on AOL as well as being #1 on 16 other searches. See where we rank among other search Engines by clicking HERE!

More News Of 1-2-02

IKF Presents
Johnny Davis
Seminars For 2002!

We would like to invite you to take advantage of this rare opportunity to have former two time world champion Johnny Davis (Left) conduct a seminar at your school or gym. Mr. Davis has given several seminars at the IKF World Headquarters (Below Right) and we must say "they are some of the most complete, concise and informative seminars we have ever attended."

We feel that Mr. Davis has a lot to offer those seeking to better their boxing and kicking skills. Even more so, he was noted as one of the best technicians in the sport and will show your students how they too can learn to put techniques together with impressive fluency and timing.

As Director of Marketing for the IKF, he has long recognized that the better fighters we have the more impressive the sport will be to the general public and potential sponsors. Additionally, as part of the seminar all participants will receive a FREE copy of his forthcoming manual,

The Art of Kickboxing - The Official IKF Training Manual.

This manual covers all aspects of becoming a successful kickboxer. It's sure to be one of the most creative training manuals to date. This manual will provide your students with a great point of reference in the future.

All IKF associates will receive a special discount. To learn more on fees and arrangements contact the IKF headquarters by e-mail by clicking HERE or e-mail Mr. Davis directly at

More News Of 1-2-02

The Best Of The Best
In The IKF For 2001!

The Announcement of the 2001 IKF Hall of Fame Inductees!

Well, here they are, the 2001 IKF Hall of Fame Inductees! It was a GREAT YEAR for all of us and with our 10 year anniversary year coming up, we look forward to an even bigger year for the IKF World Team! One thing you may notice is that it was EXTREMELY Hard for us to select just 1 winner in nearly all the categories. More will soon be added yet as we await the final selections from our IKF European Director, Alby Bimpson and IKF Team Europe. One thing we'd like your help on though is the final selection of the Pro and Amateur Fighters of the year. Here are the requirements for these awards.

2001 IKF All Around Pro Fighter Of The Year
Cast your Vote by clicking HERE!

2001 IKF All Around Amateur Fighter Of The Year
Cast your Vote by clicking HERE!

Thank you for your votes. Keep in mind that if we receive enough votes for certain individuals they could still be added to the list below of the 2001 Inductees. So now, without further delay, here are the
2001 IKF Hall of Fame Inductees!

  • 2001 IKF Pro Fighters Of The Year

    • Pro MuayThai Rules
      • Giuseppe DeNatale of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. On July 20th, 2001, in a Prestige Bout DeNatale defeated Jermaine Bennett. On September 27th, 2001 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA he defeated Kent Hensley of Atlanta, Georgia, USA by TKO in the second round.
      • Jason Johnson of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. On February 3rd, 2001, Johnson fought in a non Title Prestige Bout and defeated Jeff Ford of Kansas City, Missouri, USA by TKO. On September 27th, 2001 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA in another non Title Prestige Bout he defeated Raul Romero Gonzalez of Mexico City Mexico at 1:33 of round 1 with a head kick.

      • Matt Skelton, of Bedford, England. although he only fought once for the IKF in 2001, we need to remember that as a K-1 Super Heavyweight it's hard to get him booked for a fight. On November 18th, 2001 in North Hampton England Skelton retained his IKF MTR Super Heavyweight World Title by defeating Peter Varga of Budapest, Hungary by TKO at 53 seconds of round 3.

        • Pedro Fernandez of Tijuana, Mexico. On March 31st, 2001 in Tijuana, Mexico Fernandez defeated Raul Romero Gonzalez for the vacant IKF Pro IR Super Heavyweight Mexico National Title.
    • Pro International Rules: TBA

    • Pro Full Contact Rules
      • Vladimir Avtamonov, of Omsk, Siberia Russia. On February 3rd, 2001 in Omsk, Siberia Russia, Avtamonovof defeated Perry Ben of England for the vacant IKF FCR Super Welterweight World Title. On April 28th, 2001 in Coventry England he successfully defended his IKF FCR Super Welterweight World Title by defeating Eningoff Neilson of Newcastle, England.

      • Dave Marinoble of Roseville, CA, USA. On July 28th, 2001 in Kuala Limpur Malaysia, IKF US Middleweight and IKF North American Super Middleweight Champion Marinoble defeated then World Champion Champion Tommy Kimber of Salem, Massachusetts, USA by TKO in the 8th round for Kimber's IKF Pro World Middleweight Title.

      • Anthony Bartinelli of Phoenix, Arizona, USA. On April 17th, 2001 in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, former IKF U.S. Amateur Champion Bartinelli defeated then undefeated #1 ranked Mike Nagy of Lake In The Hills, Illinois, USA by KO to win the IKF FCR Light Middleweight World Title. He fought again on October 9th, 2001 in Phoenix, Arizona, USA in a non title bout and defeated Bradenton, Florida, USA's Larry Jarrett by unanimous decision.

        • Honorable Mention: Leo "The Artist" Verontchjk of Russia. IKF Pro FCR European Champion.

    • Pro San Shou Rules
      • Cung Le of San Jose, CA, USA. On December 15th, 2001 in San Jose California, USA, Cung Le become the first IKF San Shou World Champion when he won the Light Heavyweight Title by unanimous decision over Shoni Carter of Chicago, Illinois, USA.

  • 2001 IKF EUROPEAN Pro Fighter Of The Year
    • Kevin Smiles, Newcastle, England

  • 2001 IKF Amateur Fighters Of The Year
    • Amateur Men's International Rules
      • Narayan Stitt, of Seaside, California, USA. Having already won the 2000 IKF USA National Amateur IR Middleweight Title, Stitt was back to defend it in 2001 where in his first round he defeated Jason Lovelace by TKO after the first round when Lovelace couldn't answer the bell for round 2. Stitt advanced to the Final where he defeated Todd Whitmoyer by majority decision, 30-27, 30-27 and 28-28.

      • Jorge Hernandez, Aurora, Colorado, USA. At the 2001 IKF USA National Amateur Tournament Hernandez defeated David Foley of Ogden, Utah in round 1. In the final he defeated 2000 National Champion Adam Rogers of Seaside, California by unanimous decision, 29-27, 30-26 & 29-26 to win the IKF USA National Light Middleweight Title.

      • Danny Kelly of San Jose, California, USA. Kelly was picked this year more for what we've seen him do over the years and not so much for his 2001 IKF USA Nationals win over John Greaves who he defeated by TKO at 45 seconds into the 3rd round to claim the Light Heavyweight Title.

    • Amateur Men's Full Contact Rules
      • Craig Richardson (No picture available) of Newcastle, England. On April 29th, 2001 in Newcastle, England, Richardson became the first IKF Amateur FCR World Champion when he defeated Bruno Susano of Portugal by unanimous decision.

      • Paul Middlehurst (No picture available) of Haydock, England. On July 15th, 2001 in Kirkby, Liverpool, England, Middlehurst defeated Taigo Mendes of Portugal to become the 2nd IKF Amateur World Champion. He won the IKF Junior Amateur World Lightweight Title.

      • Robert Elledge of Roseville, California, USA. At the 2001 IKF USA National Amateur Tournament, Elledge in round 1 defeated Al Ronnei of Mondovi, Wisconsin. Later the same day in round 2 he fought and defeated by TKO, then undefeated (And 2000 Champion) Matt Bentley of Omaha, Nebraska. In the final he took a unanimous decision win over Curt Mickle of Atlanta, Georgia, USA to win the title.

      • Kyle McElroy (No picture available) of Lake Zurich, Illinois, USA. At the 2001 IKF USA National Amateur Tournament, McElroy was out to defend his 2000 National Tournament title. In his opening round, McElroy, defeated Jeffery Williams of Berlin, Georgia by TKO at break of rounds 1 & 2 to advance to Round 2. In round 2 he defeated Tom Poey of Virginia Beach, Virginia by split decision 30-27, 30-27 & 28-29 to advance to the Final. In the finals he defeated Matt Mayer of Spooner, Wisconsin by split decision, 29-28, 28-27 & 27-26 to win the title for the 2nd year in a row.

      • Danny Griffin (No picture available) of Lake in the Hills, Illinois, USA. At the 2001 IKF USA National Amateur Tournament, Griffin defeated Chris Terry of Phoenix, Arizona by unanimous decision, 30-16, 30-26 & 30-26 to advance to round 2.In round 2, Griffin defeated Shannon Hudson of Lyman, South Carolina, 30-27, 29-28 & 30-27 to advance to the Final. In the final Griffin defeated Zachary Day of Augusta, Georgia by unanimous decision, 29-28, 30-27 & 29-27 to win the National Title.

      • Trent Tompkins of Waterloo, Iowa, USA. At the 2001 IKF USA National Amateur Tournament, Tompkins in round 1 defeated David Hampton of Calmet City, Illinois by TKO at 28 seconds into the 2nd round to advance to the Final where he met and defeated the 2000 National Champion John Lenamon of Abilene, Texas by unanimous decision, 29-28, 29-27 & 29-27 to win the National Title.

      • Anthony McGaughey of Norman, Oklahoma, USA. Like last year, how could we forget the perfection of McGaughey who continued his undefeated streak at this years Nationals when he defeated Jeff Bederd of St Louis, Missouri who had a 24-2 record, by unanimous decision, 30-27, 30-27 & 29-28. In the win, he defended his IKF US National Light Middleweight title and kept his perfect record in tact at 18-0 with 14 wins by TKO/KO.

        • Amateur Men's FCR Honorable Mention: Tim Ball of Pennsville, New Jersey, USA. When Ball finished fighting Mark Snow of Lake Zurich, Illinois, USA at this years IKF USA National Amateur Tournament, few waited for the MC to announce Tim's situation. Nearly everyone at Ringside at ring 2 stood to their feet and gave Tim a standing ovation for his efforts. When the applause quieted down, the MC explained how Tim had went through months of waiting for us at the IKF to make a decision whether or not to allow him to fight. We had several e-mails in support of him competing and finally, we made the decision to allow him to compete. The MC said to everyone there, "We decided, if Tim Ball wanted to walk the walk, we weren't going to stop him!" And the place erupted with yet another standing ovation. If you were there you would have felt a lot of emotion in the room. Tim represented every fighter at that moment. What was so special about Tim Ball? He was a fighter with a paralyzed right arm that simply hung to his side. He proved that if a 1 arm man could make the effort to "Walk The WALK" than NO ONE else could ever have a valid excuse. Tim may have lost his bout, but he won the hearts of EVERYONE there, and more important, he "Walked The Walk" in front of all his peers. Nothing is more valuable than that.

    • Amateur Men's MuayThai Rules
      • Carter Williams, of Modesto, California, USA. After a poor showing on the K-1 USA undercard, Williams came to the IKF USA National Amateur Championships. In round 1 he defeated John Grantham of Athens, Georgia, USA by split decision 29-28, 29-28 & 28-29 to advance to the final. In the final, he faced 2000 Champion Kurt Hasley and defeated him by unanimous decision, 29-27, 29-27 & 28-27. In November of this year Williams went to Canada and defeated Andre Beaulieu of Red Deer, Alberta, Canada at the 1:42 mark of the second round. In the win Williams picked up an Amateur North American Super Heavyweight Title.

    • Amateur Men's San Shou Rules
      • Lee King, (No picture available) Houston, Texas, USA. On July 21st, 2001 in San Jose California, USA, King defeated Allen Eggburt of Bellefontaine, Ohio, USA by TKO at 1:54 of round 3, 2001 to win the IKF Amateur US San Shou Light Heavyweight Title.

      • Kimo Rigmadon, (No picture available) Houston, Texas, USA. On July 21st, 2001 in San Jose California, USA, Rigmadon defeated Previous Champion Chris Overbey of Bellefontaine, Ohio, by unanimous decision to win the IKF Amateur US San Shou Middleweight Title.

    • Amateur Women's Full Contact Rules
      • Rebecca Preacher of Simpsonville, South Carolina, USA. It was billed as "The Ultimate Amateur Women's Showdown!" Why "The Ultimate?" The bout was a defense of Jennifer Thysen's IKF Amateur FCR U.S. Welterweight Title. Thysen of DePree Wisconsin, USA won the title at the 1999 USA National Amateur Tournament however Preacher won the same title at the 2000 IKF USA National Amateur Tournament by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 30-27) in one of the closest bouts of the tournament over Thyssen. After the bout, there was controversy as to who really was the best Woman's FCR Welterweight in the Nation. So, on On June 23rd, 2001 in Carlton Minnesota USA the two met and Preacher defeated Thyssen by TKO round 4. As many of you know, to win an IKF U.S. title today, it can only be won at the National Tournament. This bout on a regular event was the last time a USA National Title was fought for outside the National Amateur Tournament. At the 2001 IKF USA Nationals though Thyssen showed up and defeated Terrie Hicks of Augusta, Georgia by unanimous decision, 30-27, 29-28 & 29-28 to reclaim the title back.

      • Tara Opielouski, Norman, Oklahoma, USA. At the 2001 IKF USA National Amateur Tournament, in round 1, Opielouski, (0-0) defeated Kathy Hagler of Roswell, Georgia by TKO at 1:08 of round 2 to advance to round 2. In round 2, Opielouski defeated Katie Ehrhardt (8-1) of Buffalo Grove, Illinois. At the final, Opielouski won the Woman's USA National FCR Super Lightweight Title by forfeit when opponent Jennifer Woodrome of Imperial, Missouri choose not to fight due to a neck/back pain she got from her previous bout.

    • Amateur Women's MuayThai Rules:
      • Rebecca Natt, (No picture available) New York, New York, USA. At the 2001 IKF USA National Amateur Tournament, in round 1 Natt defeated Rachel Thomas of Milwaukee, Wisconsin by unanimous decision, 29-28, 29-27 & 29-28 to advance to the Final. In the final she defeated Jennifer Butler of Amboy, Illinois by unanimous decision, 30-26, 30-27 & 30-26 to win the. IKF USA National Lightweight Title.

    • Amateur Women's International Rules: TBA

    • Amateur Women's San Shou Rules:
      • Jenna Castillo, San Jose, CA, USA. On July 21st, 2001, San Jose, California, USA, Castillo defeated Katie Meehan of Denver Colorado, USA by TKO at 1:56 of round 2 to win the vacant IKF Amateur Woman's Bantamweight Title. In her first defense on December 15th, 2001 in San Jose, California, USA she defeated Christine Yandolli by Unanimous Decision 4 rounds to 0 on all 3 judges cards. Castillo's only problem is finding good "Experienced San Shou" competition in the woman's ranks.

  • 2001 IKF EUROPEAN Amateur Fighter Of The Year
    • Bruno Susano, Abrantes, Portugal

2001 IKF Trainers Of The Year
This award is decided by many factors. Most importantly, it is not decided by just 1 single fighter that may have won a big title. This award is chosen by "Continued" efforts in the sport within IKF sanctioned events for the past year. But it is not just this 1 thing that makes one attain this award, but many things such as;

  • How many fighters of yours participate on IKF Sanctioned Events.
  • How many win.
  • How many IKF Titles are won by them.
  • What is your TEAMS attitude outside the ring.
  • Your action as a cornerman or women.
  • Their skill level.
  • Their technique as a fighter.
  • Their endurance.
  • Their expressed improvement over time.
  • That they participate on not just a couple, but several IKF Sanctioned events a year.

So with this being known, here, in no particular order are the 2001 IKF Trainers of the Year:

  • Jesse Finney, St Louis, Missouri, USA. Team Finney Championship Kickboxing. Full Contact Rules, Amateurs only. Trainer of 3, 2001 IKF USA National Amateur Champions and a host of other winning Amateur Full Contact Rule Style Fighters.

  • Clement & Rhonda Vierra, Phoenix, Arizona, USA. Hard Knocks Gym. Trainers of IKF Pro FCR Light Middleweight World Champion Anthony Bartinelli and trainers of 4, 2001 IKF USA National Amateur Champions. Full Contact and International Rule Styles.

  • Rob & Jimmy Zbilski, Chicago, Illinois, USA. Team Z. Trainer of 3, 2001 IKF USA National Amateur Champions including 2001 Amateur FCR Fighters of the year, Kyle McElroy and Danny Griffin. Pro and Amateur Full Contact Rules only.

  • Duke Roufus, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. Team Roufus ? Duke Roufus Gym. Trainer of 5, 2001 IKF USA National Amateur Champions and many other Pro and Amateur Champions. Pro and Amateur MuayThai and International Rule Styles.

  • Ray Thompson, Simpsonville, South Carolina, USA. Trainer of Rebecca Preacher and of the 4 fighters he took to the 2001 IKF USA National Amateur Tournament, 3 won their titles. Full Contact Rules only.




























2001 IKF Promoter Of The Year
This Inductee is selected not just by number of events. They are selected by the style and manner of their promotions. This includes their event organization and presentation which includes, event start time, event activity schedule timing, event special effects, venue cleanliness, ringside set up, event programs and officials. Something to note here. Did the IKF Event Representative need to do a lot of work to help the event once there or just their suggested duty? Next they are judged on their hospitality they provided their guests, fighters, trainers and officials from travel in, accommodations as well as food and or daily per-diem expenses. Next they are selected by their willingness to follow the Rules and Regulations of the IKF from having qualified officials, good matchmaking of undercard bouts as well as Title bout requirements, Pro Purse distribution, IKF sanction logo appearance on all event ads, (Posters, programs, radio, TV, banners etc. etc.) following the sanctioning fee time guidelines. One of the most important selection is their event reports. Did they send the IKF Headquarters a pre-event as well as a post event press release so we can pre-post the event before it happens and after it happens on the NEWS Page for others to see. In addition, the results sheet should always include all the fighters info such as name, hometown, record, weight, height, age and contact number. These are available right here on the IKF Website for both Amateur Bouts and Pro Bouts. And finally, these promoters must do a minimum of 3 events a year (Or only 2 as long as they are directly associated with the organization of at least 2 others) 1 to qualify for this award.

After we look at all these things that to us, make a good event promoter, the one with the highest point total per average of event was selected as the 2001 IKF Promoter of the Year. And the winner is...

  1. Mike & Elizabeth Carlson, (Right) Augusta, Georgia, USA

    • Alby Bimpson, Merseyside, England
    • Lane Collyer, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
    • Russ O'Connell, Waterloo, Iowa, USA
    • Duke Roufus & Scott Joffe, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.
    • Andre Thomas, Wings Promotions and TNT Kickboxing, Kuala Limpur, Malaysia.
    • Jesse Finney, St Louis, Missouri, USA

  • 2001 IKF Europe Promoters Of The Year
    • Professional: Morris Young
    • Amateur: Steve Donnelly & Mike Fowles

2001 IKF EUROPEAN Special Acknowledgements

  • Michael Kossivakis, Greece: For Promoting IKF in Greece against all the odds
  • Marcel David, France: For his help and co-operation.
  • Istvan Rozman & Team, Hungary: For their contributions to shows in Europe.
  • Nuno Ferreira, Portugal: Personality of the Year.
  • Oleg Vadatursky & Team, Russia: For his friendship and sincerity
  • ALL The IKF officials.
  • Jacqui Thompson: Our IKF European Directors "GO TO" person who handles the IKF European Headquarters and organizes the efforts of all the IKF Europe Team above and is a diplomat who controls the brain.

The IKF PRESTIGE AWARD is Awarded to the Individuals who have done the most for the IKF during the year. Who have contributed the most to the IKF such as bringing in new IKF Event Promoters, Registering new IKF Fighters, helping with new ideas for the IKF as well as helping make them a reality. Their work "Behind" the scenes to make the IKF grow stronger for everyone on the IKF World Team. This does not include PAID Positions of the IKF, Paid help or individuals efforts who knew their work would be financially rewarded. This award is about WHO has gone the extra mile for the TEAM at their own expense without expecting or awaiting any return on their investment, for THE TEAM! Some of them you may know their names while others, you may wonder who they are. Let it be known that their work and efforts for "THE TEAM", meaning ALL of you, are Greatly Noticed and Appreciated here at the IKF World Headquarters. Not that your efforts are not appreciated as well, truly, they are. It's just that these are the ones who have stood out in 2002 in going the extra mile. This is the ultimate TEAM AWARD! Now, In no particular order...This years 2001 IKF Prestige awards go to,

  • Mike Carlson, (Pictured Above) Augusta, Georgia, USA. For his countless hours spent assisting in both IKF Event organization as well as many of the legal issues related to the IKF and kickboxing in the USA. Also for his never ending desire to bring out perfection in other IKF Event Promoters to help them succeed as he has done with his own events.

  • Alex MacDonald, (No Picture Available) IKF Japan. For his continuous "Neutral" commentary in the sport of kickboxing from IKF issues and events to his dynamic reports on the K-1 events. Many of you have seen changes that Mr. MacDonald has been a part of, but you never knew it. Keep up the Great work Alex.

  • Johnny Davis, (Click name for picture) San Jose, California, USA. For his non stop work to try and bring the IKF to the next needed level for all of us on the IKF World Team. The attaining of major worldwide sponsorship and the reality of the long awaited IKF TV Deal. It will happen, it's just a matter of time. And not to mention the fact that Mr. Davis just finished the official IKF Training Manual which is due out in January of 2002.

  • Fred Fitzgerald, (Click name for picture) Neptune New Jersey, USA. Always there when we need him to be the chief head of officials for IKF MuayThai. His donated time and efforts from helping with the IKF USA National Amateur Tournament (All 3 years) to being the 3rd man in the ring at IKF MuayThai World Title bouts, he is Truly PRICELESS! If your a promoter doing MuayThai bouts, you need to have Mr. Fitzgerald as your head of officials and chief MuayThai Referee.

  • Toni Foster, (Right) Auburn, California, USA. For her work and time for IKF Graphics, event pictures and IKF artwork for all IKF Literature. She has spent countless hours creating designs, logos, brochures and programs for IKF Events around the world. If your a promoter and you want a HIGH QUALITY Program, you need to have Toni and her staff at Foster Graphics help you.

  • Doug Dickey, (No Picture Available) IKF Mexico. Always the IKF face very few see, but every IKF event that has made it's way into Mexico has had Doug Dickey helping somewhere along the way. From organizing title bouts to offering transportation, Mr. Dickey has been "Making It Happen" with very little fanfare.

  • Sean Wohl, (No Picture Available) Daytona Beach, Florida, USA. Mr. Wohl has been with the IKF longer than any of this years inductees. From being an IKF Event Promoter, official, to an IKF Event Representative Mr. Wohl has saved many promoters from disaster because of their disorganization and he's received very little if not nothing in return. He is truly a cornerpost in the IKF World Team.

(IKF, European Director Alby Bimpson and
of course, IKF President Steve Fossum are not eligible for this award. )

Congratulations To Our
2001 IKF Hall of Fame Inductees!

2000 IKF Hall OF Fame!

See the 2000 IKF Hall Of Fame Inductees by clicking HERE!

2001 IKF Hall of Fame Inductees
Click HERE!