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MARCH 2002


FRIDAY, March 29th, 2002, AT 4:30 PM, PT

This Weekends IKF Events

Brighton, England
Saturday March 30th 2002

IKF European Full Contact Rules European Title Bout & IKF Full Contact England Title bouts. Event promoted by IKF Promoter, Mr. Steve Gosden. For more info, contact IKF Europe at 44 174 473 9043 or by e-mail by clicking HERE!



Saturday, March 30th, 2002, San Jose, CA, USA: IKF Point Kickboxing.

Event registration begins at 8 AM at the Evergreen Community College San Jose, California, USA. Mandatory Rules Meeting At 9:30 AM. (If you are not at this meeting, you will NOT FIGHT!) Event begins at 10 AM.

For more info on our website, Click HERE. For additional info, contact Mr. Johnny Davis at (408) 482-7082 or by e-mail by clicking HERE!

This event is sponsored by CENTURY Fitness and the new 180 Energy Drink!

MORE NEWS OF 3-29-02

Where Do The Web Sites

A few days ago we had someone question us on our published web traffic on IKFKickboxing.com claiming that there was no way we were getting such traffic. In turn, they went on to claim that their site received as much traffic as ours. Knowing their site (no need to mention who..) we questioned their claimed traffic immediately and decided to investigate more. We utilized the services of a company known as Alexa Internet. Founded in April 1996 by Brewster Kahle and Bruce Gilliat, Alexa Internet grew out of a vision of Web navigation that is intelligent and constantly improving with the participation of its users. One of the major problems with the Internet is the inability to find information quickly and easily. Alexa Internet takes a unique approach to this problem by injecting human intelligence into navigation. At any given moment, there are millions of people on the Internet experiencing firsthand what works, what doesn't work, what's relevant, what's cool and what isn't. Alexa Internet taps into this collective reserve of information, knowledge and experience and transforms it into a free navigation service that benefits everyone. Said another way, Alexa Internet provides the technology that allows everyone to share their knowledge with everyone else, to everyone's benefit.

As you can see, we put the Alexa Internet link all through this article so any of you can start using this service to confirm traffic on ANY website in the world. So, are you wondering where some of these Kickboxing related or Martial Arts related sites REALLY RANK on the Worldwide web? To see what's happening in the world of kickboxing, check out our new Kickboxing Web Traffic Page by clicking HERE!

MORE NEWS OF 3-29-02

Hey Full Contact Fighters?
Looking for a Fight?

As the saying goes... "There's something in the air... and full contact style fighting is right smack dab in the middle of it all. We have an article we'll be posting soon (sorry about not having it up this week as previously noted to many) that gives an in-depth look into the sport of kickboxing and when it was the highest rated contact sport on TV. The results may surprise many of you MuayThai fans but it certainly won't surprise the full contact crowd.

Who will be the next heavyweight full contact superstar? Will Dennis Alexio (Left) step into the ring one more time to defend his IKF FCR Heavyweight World Title or will he step down to retire as Champion? Who can fill the big shoes of Alexio? Will Alexio and Rick Roufus ever touch gloves in the middle of the ring? Or will it be the new kids on the block to pick up the strength of Full Contact Rules as far as public perception goes?

FCR is the most popular style behind the scene (IKF USA National Amateur Championships continue to prove this year after year) but to the viewing public, we only see leg kick style fights on TV. When the time comes, who will stand out in the heavyweight full contact ring? Will it be the Heavyweights from North America such as Kevin Hudson of South Carolina, Dan Lucas or Derek Panza of New York, John James of Michigan or Ronald Copeland of North Carolina. Or maybe even Mike McDonald of Canada.

What about across the Atlantic? Will the new star come from across the sea such as Dylan Williams of Wales, Kevin Smiles, Stuart Green, Barrington Patterson or Chris Ballard of England or Achille Roger of France?

We have yet to see. But don't just focus on the big boys, there's a lot of talent in the Full Contact group! Not only seasoned pros such as Marinoble, Regan, (Right) Ambrose, Easdon, Bottone, Jarrett, Nelson, Nagy, Bartinelli, Stewart, Nevitt, Stellwagon, Zbilski, Avtamonov, Ben, Dabolinsh, but also an outstanding crew of new pros such as Reed.

Don't forget those still amateur such as Thompkins, Erickson, Thompson, Sylvia, Lopez, Griffin, Russell, McElroy, Elledge, Madrid, Mayfield and how could we forget McGaughey... just to name a few!

One thing's for sure...It's comin soon...

MORE NEWS OF 3-29-02

Results From England's

From IKF Europe
Here are the quick results from last weekends March 24th, "FIGHT NIGHT" in St Helens, Merseyside England.

    Jason Connell, Liverpool Hope Kb, Liverpool Vs. Dean Smith, Kirkby Thai Boxing, Liverpool - International Rules 2 X 1 (Age 6yrs) .
    WINNER: Majority Decision Jason Connell.

    James Quirk, Merseyside Kickboxing, Liverpool VS Robbie Horton, St Helens Martial Arts - Full Contact 3 X 2 (Age 17yrs) .
    WINNER: Draw.

    Ashleigh Lacky, Liverpool Hope Kb, Liverpool VS Becky Higham, Kirkby Thai Boxing, Liverpool - International Rules 3 X 1 ½.
    WINNER: Unanimous Decision Becky Higham.

    Thomas Macdonagh, Olivers Gym, Manchester VSLiam Wharton, Panthainarasigh Camp, Liverpool - Thai 3 X 1 ½.
    WINNER: Majority Decision Thomas Macdonagh.

    Colin Farricker, Liverpool Hope Kb, Liverpool VS Steve Ibbertson, Blyth Newcastle - Full Contact 3 X 1 ½.
    WINNER: Majority Decision Colin Farricker.

    John Gilbert, Merseyside Kickboxing, Liverpool VSChris Mooney, Wolves, Birkenhead - International Rules 3 X 1 ½.
    WINNER: Unanimous Decision - Martin Inglis.

    Annaliese Macdonagh, Olivers Gym, Manchester VS Sarah Briggs, Kirkby Thai Boxing, Liverpool - Thai 3 X 1 ½.
    WINNER: Unanimous Decision - New Champion - Adam Dove.

    Matty Smith, Chris Wright Thai Boxing VS Kenny Jermyn, Liverpool Kb Academy - Thai 3 X 2.
    WINNER: Unanimous Decision - Matty Smith.

    Paul Keeley, Chris Wright Thai Boxing VSThomas Toulcher, Kirkby Thai Boxing, Liverpool - Thai 3x 2.
    WINNER: Unanimous Decision - Thomas Toulcher.

    Mark Turner, St Helens Martial Arts VS Simon Barr, Middlesborough - Full Contact 2 X 11/2.

    Karl Burgess, St Helens Martial Arts VS Steve Halligan, Middlesborough - Full Contact 3 X 2.
    WINNER: Stopped 2nd Round 1:13 mins Winner Steve Halligan.

    Steven Longworth, Liverpool Kb Academy VS Brian Crichton, Kirkby Thai Boxing, Liverpool - Thai 3 X 2.
    WINNER: Unanimous Decision - Steve Halligan.

WEDNESDAY, March 27th, 2002, AT 5:45 PM, PT

IKF Unifies
Muay Thai With Other Weight Classes!

Pro MuayThai First To Change, Amateur Rankings to be Changed soon.

For several years now the IKF has had a completely separate weight class structure for the Pro and Amateur MuayThai Rules Rankings. However, as the IKF gets closer and closer to the need to provide a monthly rankings magazine as well as be able to provide top contender rankings to martial arts and kickboxing magazines around the world, the page layout became an issue. Because of this, the IKF made a decision earlier this week to make all weight classes the same for every rule style. This change will make the listing of rankings much easier to follow when posted in a magazine for example as well as make it easier for everyone to learn and remember the weight classes of all the different rule styles. "There was really no need to change the weights in the first place a few years back other than make more weight classes for the smaller muaythai fighters we thought we would see in events." said IKF President Steve Fossum. "However, we haven't seen hardly any smaller fighters under 125 lbs (56.8 kg) over the last 3 years so we elected to unify all the weight classes."

In the IKF Pro MuayThai division it will mean 2 less weightclass, cutting from the previous 19 to the Unified 17. However the "Straw-weight" (110 & Below) was left for amateur Women fighters. What will expand will be the Amateur MuayThai where the weight classes will expand from 12 up to 18. All the Pro MuayThai division have already been changed over in the IKF Rankings both Men and Women's Rankings. The Amateur MuayThai Rankings may take a bit longer to change since there are more Champions in the weight classes but they should be transferred in full soon.

One major change was the strengthening of all the weight classes in all the MuayThai divisions. For example

In the IKF Pro Light Welterweight MuayThai division it too is stacked with World Champion Danny Steele of Los Angeles, CA, USA followed by top contenders Matee Jedeepitak, of Indianapolis, IN, USA, via Ratchaburi, Thailand followed by Melchor Menor, of San Diego, CA, USA, IKF Intercontinental Champion Rich Kostuck, of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, Mikhail Chepelenko, of Polotsk, Belarus and Roman Logish, of Minsk, Belarus.

Moving up to the IKF Pro Welterweight MuayThai Division we start off with IKF World Champion Khunpon (Surapon Dechkampu) of Atlanta, Georgia via Thailand followed by IKF Intercontinental Champion Dmitry Shakuta of Minsk, Belarus, IKF North American Champion Jong Sanan Fairtex of San Francisco, CA, USA, via Thailand, IKF European Champion Danny Bryne of Leicester, England and former 2 time IKF International Rules U.S. Champion George Tsutsui of Concord, California USA.

In the IKF Pro Super Welterweight MuayThai Division IKF World Champion Dmitry "The Shock" Shakuta (Also IC in weightclass below) of Minsk, Belarus has held the Top Dog spot for some time now. Shakuta stands alone above top contenders, IKF North American Champion Jason Jillian of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Jeremy Harminson of Lerna, Illinois, USA and Pramuenrit Sithsaeng-a- run of Thailand.

The talent continues to stack more in the IKF Pro Light Middleweight MuayThai Rules division where the depth of the talent is dynamic with the top 5 being World Champion Kongnapa followed by recently crowned K-1 North American Champion Duane Ludwig of Aurora, Colorado, USA, IKF European Champion Ole Laursen who has recently moved to San Diago, California USA from Copenhagen, Denmark and Alex Gong of San Francisco California USA's Fairtex camp.

These weightclass changes will certainly add more excitement in the chase for the MuayThai division Titles. However, the real excitement may becoming from the other side of the coin in the Full Contact Division (FCR). Yes, we said Full Contact, above the waist, American Style kickboxing. We can't tell you everything yet kickboxing fans but what we will tell you is to keep watch of this news page here in the next couple of days. We will be posting an article on the "Resurgence Of Full Contact!" For all you who thought Full Contact Rules was dead, think again. To this day, the highest North American TV ratings to date were all from Full Contact, Above the waist kickboxing bouts/events. Popularity of FCR speaks for itself every year at the IKF USA National Kickboxing Championship Tournament where FCR outnumbers all other styles 2-1.

TUESDAY, March 26th, 2002, AT 11:00 PM, PT

Century To Sponsor
IKF "Point" Kickboxing Event

Today Century Fitness - Martial Arts Supply and the IKF Teamed up for this weekends first ever,
IKF/CENTURY Point Kickboxing Tournament
at the Evergreen Community College in San Jose CA. USA.

Century has also expressed interest to work with the IKF on other kickboxing events as well, including, breaking into the sport of Full Contact Kickboxing.

Century is already known for being the Largest Martial Arts Supplier in the World and as Century Founder Mike Dillard put it, "Century and the IKF, The Largest Martial Arts Supplier and the Largest Kickboxing Sanctioning Body in the World Teaming up, seems like a great idea!"

Century already has well known kickboxing legends Kathy Long (Left) and Bill "Superfoot" Wallace (Right) on their team and adding more current kickboxing names to their stars list through their relationship with the IKF could only add more to their already impressive company.

Many IKF Promoters as well as the IKF Organization itself have had associations with several equipment companies in the past of which the strongest being Ringside Inc. where the IKF was strongly responsible in increasing their annual sales by over 2 million dollars. However Ringside's commitment to the sport of Kickboxing in general has faded in interest since their marketing director Joe Taylor left them for another job in a different field of work. Taylor was the main person behind Ringside's effort to work with IKF President Steve Fossum in forming the Largest Amateur Kickboxing Tournament in North America, the IKF USA National Kickboxing Championships. Other equipment companies that have worked with the IKF Organization and or with many IKF Promoters directly have included Twins, TKO, Fairtex, Lights Out, Windy, TopTen and RevGear to name a few.

As far as Century's plans to add an equipment line for the sport of Full Contact Kickboxing, keep in mind, they already have some very impressive equipment now. With this in mind, they're not far from becoming a major player in the sport of full contact Kickboxing. An association with the IKF on more events may be just the move that takes them to the top if this is their desire. We'll keep you posted as we know more about Century and Kickboxing.

For more info on this weekends IKF/CENTURY Point Kickboxing Tournament just click HERE.

MORE NEWS OF 3-26-02

Not An IKF Champion...
International Kickboxing Federation

There has been an e-mail sent out today that advertises an event called Fight of the Gladiators 2002, scheduled for May 18th in KNOKKE-HEIST (BELGIUM). On the event, the promoter has 2 fighters fighting for an unknown organizations "European Title.

What caught our attention was the poster, (Right & Below) where it advertised one of these fighters as an IKF World Champion. What was wrong here is that the fighter is NOT an IKF World Champion.

The fight is a Full Contact rules, 72,5 kg bout with Ingolf Nielsen (Newcastle UK) who is an IKF European Champion against a fighter by the name of Wim Nuyens (Superpro) who apparently has claimed to the event promoter that he was or is an IKF World Champion. We can verify that he neither was or is a champion in the IKF at any level. In fact, we've never even heard of him. So early today we sent an e-mail to the promoter asking him why he was advertising a false IKF World Champion.

At about 11:00 AM (PT) he replied;
Dear Sir,
Thanks for your mail, i can not give yoy more information than i myself have received so, please be so kind to ask about this matter to the coach and manager of Wim Nuyens, patrick.vanacker1@pandora.
be, i am shure he will explane the matter to you. Hope i have helped you with this answer.
Best Regards, Paret Guy HTK Club Maldegem/Knokke

So we sent an e-mail to the trainer he referred us to, Mr Patrick Van Acker. Later in the evening at about 10:55 PM (PT) we received a reply from Mr Patrick Van Acker in which he replied;
dear Sir
For this you have to ask the promoter: guy.paret@skynet.be
Patrick Van Acker

So, it appears we have a case of "He Said, She Said". We can only ask that whoever is responsible that they take the time to correct their event posters so we stop getting e-mails from those associated with the IKF asking, "Who is Wim Nuyens? And Why is he claiming to be an IKF World Champion?"

For the record, all "PAST" IKF Champions, both amateur and pro can always be found on our Past IKF Champions page located HERE!

SATURDAY, March 23rd, 2002, AT 8:40 PM, PT


Get Ready Amateur Kickboxers... It's Time To "Walk The Walk!" For the 4th straight year, here comes the Largest USA National Amateur Kickboxing Championship Tournament, The TRUE Golden Gloves of Kickboxing... The 2002 IKF USA National Amateur Kickboxing Championship Tournament.

For Regional Tournament Info and General Info, Please click HERE! For the 2002 National Finals, Please click HERE! For information on how to enter and "Walk The Walk", click HERE!

To check out the previous USA Amateur Kickboxers who dared to "Walk The Walk!" and be TRUE USA National Champions instead of just "Talking the Talk" and fighting the guy down the street for a National Title, click HERE!

For Pictures of some of last years USA National Champions, Click HERE! We hope to see ALL of you USA Amateur Kickboxers at this years 4th Annual IKF USA National Amateur Championships! But before you go to the BIG SHOW, make sure you register at the IKF National Regional Tournament nearest to you. These tournaments are to determine your "Seeding" at the Nationals. ALL Fighters are welcome at the Nationals this year because this is the 10 year anniversary of the IKF! To find the regional near you, click HERE!

Below you will find a list of the current Regional events around the USA. IF your state is listed for one of these regional events, it is MANDATORY that you attend the regional event before continuing on to the National Finals in August (Location TBA SOON!). If your state is not listed on one of these regional events, it would be best for you to travel to the regional nearest to you to attain a higher seeding. ALL direct walkover registered fighters will be seeded lower than all the fighters who registered at a regional event. Here's a list of the current Regional events.

Currently there are no Pacific Divisions and no Central East or North East Regionals scheduled.
Keep watch in the upcoming weeks for more Tournament info such as our final selection for this years 2002 National Finals! Who the Sponsors will be and much more!

MORE NEWS OF 3-23-02

Kickboxer Rondeau
Scores 3rd Round TKO In Boxing!

With a rather large contingent of local fans cheering "Rondeau! Rondeau! Rondeau!" professional boxer and kickboxer Christina Rondeau did not disappoint.
Story Courtesy of The WoonsocketCall.com

Determined not to let history repeat itself, the 29-year-old Woonsocket native earned her first career win with a third-round TKO of opponent Koren Pachico at the Roxy last night. Rondeau (Right) used the first two rounds to work on her jab and body punches before going for the kill in the third -- a round in which she sent Pachico to the floor twice with a pair of right-hand uppercuts, the last at 1:40 when the referee put an end to the fight.

Unlike her pro debut -- a technical draw with Dawn Wimer in March 2000 -- when her aggressiveness may have cost her the fight, Rondeau felt a more patient approach would be the answer in coming out on top. It was a game-plan that worked to perfection. "It feels awesome," said Rondeau. "I learned from my mistakes of the first fight. I didn't want that to happen again, so I stayed on the outside, sat down and fed the body. I have about 100 people who came here to see me fight," she continued. "And it worked. My game-plan worked."

Pachico, who was in her professional debut, proved to be a formidable opponent. Although Rondeau was able to connect on nearly twice as many blows throughout the night, Pachico never backed down. In the first round, Rondeau fired a few good jabs to the head of Pachico and then with about 10 seconds left in the round the duo traded body punches until the final bell. Both fighters would exchange a series of blows in the opening minute of the second round, one in which Rondeau appeared to have a definite edge. But with less than 30 seconds to go, Pachico was able to back Rondeau to the corner, against the ropes. The two traded punches, including one good right hand by Pachico to the head of Rondeau. It was then that trainer Charlie Sampalis and Rondeau felt it was time. "She needed the work. The last fight she went in as a boxer. She was winning the fight and they collided heads and it was a tech draw. So now we figured we would slow it up. As long as she had control, we just wanted to keep going" Sampalis said. "(Pachico) hit her with a good right. (Christina) got lazy and relaxed a second. You can't sleep on nobody. I then said 'Go do your job, Double up the jab and dig to the body and the fight should be over.' And that's what she did."

"She was coming in tighter. Her hands were up high. I just dropped down. I just gave a couple of hooks and uppercuts to the solar plexus," Rondeau said. "The minute you get to the solar plexus it buckles them." Once she floored her the first time, Rondeau knew she would not lose the fight. "She was already sucking wind and she was trying to recover" she said. "I just went for the same exact spot."

Although she took a two-year hiatus from her last boxing match, Rondeau expects to get back in the ring soon. "Now that I am in shape I don' t want to take any time off because it takes too much time to get into it," she said. As it appears, she will be plenty busy in the coming months. Sampalis is working on getting his prizefighter a match next month on April 19 at the Roseland Ballroom in Taunton, Mass. Rondeau, who is also a professional kickboxer and is the current U.S. lightweight champion, is also setting her sights on a world title belt in that sport. She hopes to attain a title soon. Tentative plans may have a bout for her in June at the Fore Court Tennis Courts in Cumberland, a place where she is currently employed as a kickboxing instructor. As for a world title belt in boxing? "It' s a legit goal," Rondeau said. "I would like to be a main event on a boxing card. That would be nice. I definitely don' t do it for the money."

Note: Rondeau was best known through the IKF when she fought on the May, 1999 PPV Event that featured Don Wilson, and Rick Roufus among others. On the night, she lost a split decision to Kellie Morse of Brookfield, Mass, USA for the vacant IKF Full Contact Rules Woman's Super Lightrweight United States Title.

THURSDAY, March 21st, 2002, AT 12:40 PM, PT

IKF Events This Weekend...
All In Europe...

Coventry, England

MARCH 24th, 2002

IKF Promoted by Mr. Mike Fowles & Mr. Steve Donnelly. This event has IKF Pro & Amateur England Bouts scheduled. For more info, contact IKF Europe at phone/ fax: 44 174 473 9043.


Liverpool, England

MARCH 24th 2002

Promoted by Mr. Alby Bimpson This is an IKF Novice Amateur Event. For more info, contact IKF Europe at phone/ fax: 44 174 473 9043.

MORE NEWS OF 3-21-02

"Rumble at the RiverPlex"

On March 9th, over 300 fan attended the "Rumble at the RiverPlex" in Peoria, Illinois, USA and watched athletes compete in three differant combat sports; MuayThai Kickboxing, boxing and shootfighting. Here are the quick results from the event.

  1. Kickboxing
    Maciej Gullinski won by unanimous decision over Herman Morrison.

  2. Kickboxing
    Jimmy Lyons won by unanimous decision over Hutan Ghojulla.

  3. Kickboxing
    Ben Yelles won by unanimous decision over James Clarida.

  4. Kickboxing
    Lenny Plaza won by unanimous decision over Bruce Erickson.

    Eric Stein and Kyle Greonwold.

  6. Boxing
    Greg Ford won by unanimous decision over JP Becker.

  7. Boxing
    Jmaes Sharpe won by unanimous decision over Chris Bryant.

  8. Boxing
    David Thompson won by unanimous decision over Greg Ford.

  9. Shoot Fighting
    Jimmy Bruketta won by unanimous decision over Bart Palaszewski.

  10. Shoot Fighting
    Derek Noble won by Triangle Choke over Joe Paun.

Special Thanks again to IKF Referee Dave Rogers and IKF Representative Scott Joffe for a job well done. Special thanks to all of the athletes from Peoria, Milwaukee WI, Marquette MI and Crystal Lake IL who made this event possible. Sincerely Ryan Balckorby event promoter. For more information contact Ryan Blackorby at 309-672-3090 or Phil Johns at 309-668-1705.

WEDNESDAY, March 20th, 2002, AT 12:10 PM, PT

Point Kickboxing
Next Saturday in San Jose, March 30th!

Register at the Door!

This newest concept of IKF Kickboxing will take the martial arts world by storm! The first event will be held in San Jose, CA, on March 30th! Johnny Davis (IKF Director of Marketing) and the IKF will be hosting this exciting semi-contact continuous sparring event at the Evergreen Community College. Participants from California and the Nevada area have pre-registered on-line and beat the March 15th deadline, saving $10 on registration fees. However, those that missed the pre registration deadline can pay the $35 registration fee at the door!

Most competitors seemed eager to test their skills against diverse competition! The IKF Point Kickboxing Tournament is perhaps one of the first total semi-contact Kickboxing tournaments held in North America. Johnny Davis and The IKF have gone so far as to register the name Point Kickboxing as they prepare to sanction these events nationwide through other promoters just as they do with IKF Full Contact Kickboxing. IKF sanctioning would include a set of guidelines such as weight classes and proper gear for fighter safety.

The IKF is the largest sanctioning body in the world for Kickboxing events and is the host and sponsor of the largest Full Contact Amateur National Kickboxing Championship. "The Nationals" has won prestigious acclaim by recognizing the best Amateur Kickboxers in North America. Last year's two-day event hosted over 220 of North America's best amateur Kickboxers in a variety of styles. It seems only fitting that the IKF would be the leaders in offering another level of quality competition. Steve Fossum, President of the IKF recognizes the potential as well as the importance of offering a semi-contact version of Kickboxing to properly introduce the sport to beginners. He states "The Point Kickboxing competition takes some of the fear out of competing for those looking to break into the fight game and allows participants to enhance their Kickboxing techniques as well." Furthermore, he points out that "IKF Point Kickboxing in the long run will create a pool of fighters for those wishing to go to the next level and compete in full contact Kickboxing." Register at the door for The IKF IKF Point Kickboxing Tournament March 30th in San Jose, CA. For more information about this event, click HERE!

MONDAY, March 18th, 2002, AT 3:25 PM, PT


Headden & McHarque Take Home ISCF Titles
While Thompson Adds Another IKF Title!

PHOTOS By Cal Cooper, Graphic Designer, ( 770) 442-3200




IKF & ISCF Promoters Mike and Elizabeth Carlson (Right) can add another great success to their resume of promotions. Last Saturday nights WINTER WARS 2002 event was yet another flawless event with plenty of exciting action in both IKF Kickboxing and ISCF Mixed Martial Arts. However, the talk after the main event sent a buzz around the auditorium... The buzz for Full Contact Style Fighting!

There seems to be a great misconception in the sport of kickboxing today. Many of you know what were talking about. The false belief that "American Kickboxing" or above the waist Full contact rules style fighting is dying out. Try selling that line to anyone who was at WINTER WARS 2002 in Augusta Georgia, USA last Saturday night and you better throw in a zillion dollars for them to buy such a claim. Full contact rules has out numbered both MuayThai and International (Leg kick) 2-1 at all 3 previous IKF USA National Amateur Tournaments and last Saturday night, Kevin Hudson and Lane Collyer (And several others you'll read about below) proved that not only are there still fighters that want to fight Full contact rules (FCR) but there's still plenty of GREAT BOUTS to be matched in the FCR style fighting.

Many had thought Hudson was done with fighting having retired due to lack of fight offers a few years back, but Winter Wars promoter Mike Carlson offered him the shot at an IKF title and hopes of another larger title down the line if he won. It was all Hudson needed to accept the bout. His opponent would be past FCR style fighter turned MuayThai fighter Lane Collyer of Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Collyer stopped fighting FCR a few years back as well but instead of retiring, he had his sights set on the fame, glory and potential big paydays of K-1. Him, like almost every other heavyweight and super heavyweight pulled away from FCR and adapted to fighting MuayThai style and International Rules matches in hopes of those bigger paydays and the fame that K-1 could bring.

Hudson and Collyer's match was a classic toe to toe slugfest that would have made any TV Network proud to show. With the classical high kicks that you see in most FCR bouts, the crowd saw what skilled FCR fighters are suppose to look like and better yet, for those big fight lovers, these were 2 heavyweights. Both fighters threw over 100 kicks in the 10 round match-up (Collyer -Below Left- 113 and Hudson -Below Right- 104).

In round 1, the two seemed to be evenly matched and a coin toss could have determined who to pick. Despite a 10-10 round by any of the judges, Judge Moses scored it 10-9 Hudson as did judge Wilson. Judge Hudson (Not related to Kevin) scored it 10-9 Collyer. In round 2, Hudson caught Collyer with a straight right that dropped him to the canvas. Collyer rose up quickly to take the standing count from referee Gary Brown. However the punch didn't hurt Collyer any as he seemed to be the one who controlled the remainder of the round which explains why 2 of the 3 judges scored it 10-9 Hudson instead of 10-8 as Judge Wilson did.

Round 3 was a turning point for Collyer as he started to press the action more winning on both judge Moses and Wilson's score cards but not on Hudson's for some reason. Collyer easily took round 4 and 5 on all 3 judges cards. In round 6 it appeared he won easily as well but judges Moses and Wilson both gave the round to Hudson. After 6 the scores were 57-57 even on judge Moses card, 58-56 Collyer on judge Hudson's card and 57-56 Hudson on judge Wilson's card.

In round 7, and 8, Collyer appeared to press the action even more landing 13 and 12 kicks in the 2 rounds to Hudson's 10 and what we counted as 6 kicks in round 8. However, all 3 judges gave both rounds to Hudson 10-9 which was a dramatic changing point in the bout. Hudson now lead on all 3 judges cards going into the 9th round, 78-74, 77-75 and 77-74.

In round 9, Hudson seemed to relax more and acted as if he gained a second wind. He was landing 2 shots for every 1 shot Collyer landed. Although Collyer pressed the fight more, Hudson was able to elude his shots and fire back with some effective jabs and front kicks. When round 9 ended, 2 of the judges sided for Hudson 10-9 while the 3rd went with Collyer. It was clear as round 10 started that Collyer would need a knockout to win. However, it was clear to many in the crowd who weren't seeing the round by round scores that this was still anyone's fight. It was clear even Hudson felt the same way. Round 10 saw Collyer still on the offensive, pressing the fight, but he was paying for his attack with every shot thrown. Hudson was able to slip his first punch and counter with jabs. Collyer continued to land some strong punches but it may have been the effectiveness of Hudson's kicks that won this one for him. Collyer, still close to the style of leg kicks seemed to be having trouble throwing good side and round kicks. It was with his punches and front kicks where he was scoring best. Hudson on the other hand slipped around the ring like he was running away at times but it was more of his strategy. It proved effective because he only stopped moving when he wanted to attack. It was this strategy that proved to be superior to Collyer's forceful offensive attack.

In the end, Kevin Hudson took the win and the IKF FCR United States Heavyweight Title by majority decision. Judge Hudson had scored it even at 95-95 which was probably closer to how we saw it at ringside. Judge Moses scored it 97-93 for Hudson while judge Wilson, who scored Collyer with an 8 in round 2, had it 97-92 Hudson.

This was a GREAT BOUT by BOTH fighters! Despite Hudson's layoff, he showed why he once held a World Title in this rule style before his last fight a few years back. Collyer showed he was a warrior in any rule style (Full Contact, International Rules and MuayThai) a matchmaker wants to match him in. He may have lost his last 2 fights, but the truth is, he was very much in them both. There's been some talk about a re-match of this bout but we'll have to wait and see. Regardless, these guys both had their eyes set on the IKF Heavyweight World Title. However, currently in their way is IKF World Heavyweight FCR Champion Dennis Alexio (Left). The question now comes up, IF an attempt were made to match someone with Alexio, what would it cost for Alexio's purse? The truth is, he's worth every cent he asks for. A purse of 5 figures plus would not be far from what he's been paid in the past. However, on the flip side, he hasn't defended his IKF title for years now. Not because he doesn't want to, instead, because no one has "Shown him the money!" And with a record of 70 wins and only 2 losess who can blame him...

The purse situation is what has kept #1 IKF FCR ranked heavyweight Rick Roufus (Right) from fighting Alexio for years now. Roufus holds the IKF International Rules World Title. He vacated his full contact rules Light Heavyweight World Title he won back in 1994 (Against Mike McDonald, KO at 43 seconds into the first round, Caesars Tahoe, January 22nd, 1994, Showtime PPV) to switch to leg kick rules, claiming he had no interest to fight Full Contact Rules ever again. However, we know that "MONEY" would turn ANY FIGHTER to ANY Rule style. If the money were there, so would be the fighters!

Alexio Vs Roufus to this day is still considered one of the greatest Full Contact Rules matches to make. However, unless someone comes up with the money, we may never see either fight again. But lets don't forget the great Heavyweight fighters across the pond in Europe. Several of whom currently hold IKF Titles. They include number 4 ranked European Champion Dylan Williamson, number 5 ranked British Champion Kevin Smiles and number 6 ranked English Champion Chris Ballard. Any of these fighters could be matched up against Hudson now for a possible IKF Intercontinental Heavyweight Title. Or, a promoter could match Hudson for the North American Title next against someone like number 7 ranked Mike McDonald, Vancouver, BC, Canada. However, this isn't likely since McDonald has now been captured by the money from K-1 so he may be out of the picture completely. Still in the FCR mix though could be number 9 ranked Dan Lucas (USKBA World Champion) of Rochester, New York, USA. Or number 11 ranked Dick Kimber of Lynn, Massachusetts, USA.

Regardless, last Saturday night proved to a lot of people that Full Contact rules style fighting is still an exciting style of fighting. TV ratings in the USA have never been as great since FCR style fighters were featured on weekly televised events. Will there be a strong resurgence in the Full Contact Rule Style fighting? Only one thing will make this possible... MONEY! If big dollar purses could be offered, it wouldn't take much arm bending with even some of the best MuayThai fighters to switch over and accept a full contact rules style fight. It's not rules that fighters seek, it's the Money! And who can blame them. Like any other Professional Athlete in every professional sport, if the money is right, the athletes will follow and if FCR attains a much needed big dollar sponsor, K-1 style fighting may have some competition in where all the fighters will fight. We've said it before and we will say it again... We support all the rule styles. All of them can be exciting to watch and all of them have their own great support, but whoever dictates the great purses, the big dollar winnings is sure to also dictate the rules and no one can argue there. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for our sport. Will Full Contact Rules make a come-back? will K-1 rule the big dollar purses and TV rights forever? who knows, but you can count on this, we're not done talking about this one yet... Look for more press on Full Contact in the coming days...

Mike & Elizabeth Carlson



Here's a rundown of the rest of the nights action AT WINTER WARS 2002!

  1. IKF FCR Kickboxing
    Shannon Hudson of Greer, South Carolina, USA (5-3/2, 165) defeated Phillip Botha of Aurora, Georgia, USA (9-4/2, 162) by unanimous decision, 30-25, 30-25 & 30-25. Although Botha had 11 kicks in round 1 he a point on all 3 of the judges cards in round 2 for not getting his minimum 6 kicks in (only had 3). He had 7 in round 3. He lost another point in round 3 for a low blow. Hudson had little trouble getting his kicks in getting 17 in round 1, 9 in round 2 and 7 in round 3.

  2. IKF FCR Kickboxing
    Terrie Hicks of Augusta Georgia, USA (3-3/1, 147) defeated Andrea Grishman of Slidell Louisiana, USA (1-1/1, 143) by TKO at 58 seconds into the first round. Grishman took a standing 8 count 10 seconds into the fight by referee Gary Brown and another 10 seconds after the 8 count. Brown stopped the fight when Grishman was overwhelmed by Hicks and went down in the corner.

    Pee Wee (Walter) McCall of Valdosta, Georgia, USA (3-0, 156) defeated Jake Pruitt of Buford, Georgia, USA (3-3, 155). At 2:40 of round 2, McCall landed a right hand punch that cut open Pruitt's head and dropped him for the KO.

  4. IKF FCR Kickboxing
    Summer Miller of Martinez, Georgia, USA (4-2/1, 132) defeated Penny DeGraw of Atlanta, Georgia, USA (1-3/0, 130) by unanimous decision, 30-27, 30-27 and 30-27. One thing can be said about both ladies, they had plenty of kick action in the bout. Miller had 47 kicks in the 3 rounds to DeGraw's 48.

    Gene Silas of Augusta, Georgia, USA (1-0/1, 246) defeated Sean Blanchette of Naylor, Georgia, USA (0-1/0, 214) by TKO at 1:55 of round 2 when Blanchette's corner threw in the towel.

  6. IKF FCR Kickboxing
    Mike Grivas of Atlanta Georgia, USA (1-0/0, 174) defeated Emmanuel Vero of Grovetown, Georgia, USA (4-3/0, 180) by unanimous decision 29-27, 30-27 and 30-27.

    Brendan Dumont of Atlanta, Georgia, USA (1-0/0, 174) defeated Joe Jobes of Evans Georgia, USA (0-2/0, 180) by split decision 8-7 Jobes, 10-5 Dumont and 10-5 Dumont.

  8. PRO IKF IKF FCR Kickboxing
    Rory Singer of Athens, Georgia, USA (5-1/0, 195) defeated Clint Wiggins of Augusta Georgia USA (1-2/0, 195) by unanimous decision 48-47, 48-47 and 50-45. Over the 5 rounds Singer threw 54 kicks to Wiggins 52.

    Steve Headden of Atlanta Georgia, USA (7-2-1, 182.5) wasted little time in quickly defeating Shaun Gay of Valdosta, Georgia, USA (9-5, 171). Headden won by submission in only 23 seconds of the opening bell to claim the vacant ISCF Title.


    At last years IKF South East Regional Tournament in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, 188 lb Ruben Lopez of Atlanta Georgia, USA defeated James Newkirk by KO when Lopez landed a strong right hand on Newkirk's jaw at 1:00 into round 1. The win qualified Lopez for the 2001 National Tournament and also, the Adult Men's FCR Cruiserweight Title for the region.

  11. ISCF

    Cam McHarque of Griffian Georgia, USA (9-2, 168) has been well known to the South East USA MMA crowd. However, Saturday night he put his name in front of the world when he defeated Todd Carney of Moundsville, West Virginia, USA (10-5, 167) by triangle choke at the 1:16 mark of round 2 to claim the vacant ISCF United States Middleweight Title.

That same day, at 175 lbs, Steven Thompson of Simpsonville South Carolina, USA defeated Claudiu Bucur after landing a Head Kick for the Knockout win at :50 seconds into round 3. His victory also gave him a spot in the 2001 National Championships and gave him the Adult Men's FCR Light Heavyweight Championship title in the region as well. At the 2001 National Tournament Thompson put himself in the National tournament record books when he defeated Vilavahn Seukpanya by TKO at 14 seconds into the first round. It was the only strike thrown in the bout and set a new record for quickest win by KO/TKO. The kick broke Seukpanya's arm. It was Thompson 2nd straight National Tournament title. (At the 2000 National Tournament he won the Middleweight National Title when he defeated number 1 seed Peyton Russell of Bloomington, Minnesota by unanimous decision 30-23, 30-24, 30-24.) However, Lopez never made it to the 2001 National Finals because he choose more pleasure and less pain making an appearance on TV's Pleasure Island. Although they would have never met in the National Championship Tournament (Being in 2 different weight classes) there was plenty of talk in regards to this being a great match.

Thompson was perfect at 19 wins and no loses and Lopez was only 1 bout shy of the exact same record at 18 wins and 1 loss. What made this particular match-up even better was that it was matched on a neutral promotion with no hometown ties with any officials. On paper, the bout was a "Dream Match" for any promoter. Better yet, this was a DYNAMIC BOUT in reality as well.

In round 1 these 2 went toe to toe with everything they had with both landing great combinations. Thompson though seemed to be landing more clean blows and the judges agreed giving him the round 10-9 on all 3 judges cards.
In round 2, Lopez came out throwing some creative combinations but had trouble keeping his feet. Then, at 1:24 of the round, Lopez threw a jump spinning kick that Thompson stepped out of the way of. Lopez went crashing to the canvas on his own, landing on his elbow. It was clear he had hurt something as referee Gary Brown approached him. Brown asked him to get up but he wouldn't stand, holding his arm. Brown had no choice but to start an 8 count. As the count grew higher, Brown stopped and waived it off clearly seeing Lopez's pain and unability to continue. The ringside physician checked his arm and thought there could have been a possible dislocation, but wasn't for sure, requesting he get it X-Rayed. Although he wasn't excited about the way it ended, Thompson was awarded the TKO win and the vacant title. This bout is sure to be rescheduled in the months ahead and if you missed this one, you need to be ringside for the next one... It's only going to get better...

MORE NEWS OF 3-18-02

New York San Shou Tournament
30 Fighters From Across the Country
Standing Room Only
And the Women Steal the Show!

New York, NY, USA: On Saturday, March 16, 2002 the New York Kung-Fu and Kickboxing (43 W 24th Street between 6th avenue and Broadway, #3B (212) 242-2453) hosted the NYC San Shou Tournament, an all amateur event. While San Shou is a growing sport in the United States, it still does not offer as many opportunities to compete as some of the other kickboxing styles. It is especially true for the beginner. For this reason, promoters Steve Ventura and David Ross decided that a small, in house tournament with a particular focus upon the newer athletes might be a good idea. Apparently, it was an excellent idea because 30 fighters from across the country attended and thrilled a sold out audience at the NYKK Gym last Saturday night. The event was also memorable because of the female athletes in attendance. Not only did they fight with intensity and technique, but showed character and unity by making an agreement by which they all got their opportunity to show their stuff. But more on that in a minute!

The tournament followed the basic international format. Fighters fought in full gear including the IWUF chest protector and the winners were determined by the best of three rounds. That is, if you won the first two rounds, you advanced without having to fight a third. However, more than a few of the fights were so close they indeed were decided with third round decisions. David Ross and Boston San Shou trainer Josh Bartholomew served as center referees. Judges in attendance were Kickboxing world champion Tommy "Bee" Bottone, professional San Shou fighter Marvin Perry and Fernando Calderon of Yee's Hung Ga, NY NY.

In the men's 60 KG division Patrick Yee (Progressive Martial Arts, Queens, NY) faced Hiroaki Morita (City Gym, Boston MA) in a two round war. Morita, a protégé of professional Muay Thai and MMA fighter Jimmy Hattori, was aggressive and moved forward but Yee countered and took every opportunity presented to him. Yee won by decision (2 rounds). Eric Ruiz is Patrick Yee's team mate and thus was conflicted as he watched the match. Obviously, he wanted his team mate to win but knew if he did he would not get to fight. As Yee's hand was held up, the two team mates agreed to share the first place spot.

In the men's 65 KG division, Jeremy Bellrose (Vision Quest, Queens, NY) faced Richard Ruiz (Progressive Martial Arts). Ruiz hoped to follow in his team mate's winning ways but found that Bellrose was a man determined to win his division. Ruiz won the first round but Bellrose rallied to win the second, forcing a rare third round. Bellrose won by decision (3 rounds). In the finals, Bellrose faced Bradley Souders (Total Martial Arts, York, PA). Bellrose won by decision (2 rounds).

Mike Norman of Boston San Shou is clearly one of the top fighters in the 70 KG class. Norman holds a record of 11 wins with his only loss by split decision to very tough NY fighter Nardu Debrah. Thus, as the promoters had agreed in advance, Norman was the "seeded" fighter. He would face the winner of the 70 KG division. In the first match in the 70 KG division, Eric Mortorff (Total Martial Arts, York, PA) faced Brian Klingborg (Yee's Hung Ga, NY NY). Mortorff was a tough customer, but Klingborg's record (1 win, 1 loss, 1 draw) didn't tell the whole story. Klingborg has trained a long time and his three fights have all been against top San Shou fighters from "Big 6" teams. Klingborg used his experience to win by decision (2 rounds). Klingborg's team mate, Jean Petit-Homme, also used his experience against top opponent's (Homme fought Boston San Shou fighter Rob McFayen to a draw at one of the New York Showdown events) to win a decision in two rounds over James Battle (NYKK Gym, NY, NY). Homme injured himself in that victory and could not continue. Thus, Klingborg alone was left to face Norman. However, Klingborg's experience was not enough against Norman. Mike Norman wins by decision (2 rounds).

The first round of the 75 KG division featured two athletes who had never fought but which trained with two of the top San Shou teams in the country. Peter Deluca is trained by Boston San Shou and Josh Beauregard is trained by NYKK. The crowd expected and received a very technical fight, with Josh using a quick side kick and movement to win a decision in two rounds. Probably after viewing Beauregard's first fight, Stanford Tecun (Yee's Hung Ga, NY NY) decided to be aggressive and attempt to fight in close. At the beginning of the first round he was successful, catching Josh's side kick and sweeping him off his feet in a beautiful kick catch. Thus, training and preparation became crucial. NYKK fighters are known for their excellent preparation, use of strategy and ability to adapt. Josh fought Tecun differently than he had Deluca, shifting to heavy punching combination and round kicks with both legs. Beauregard wins by decision (2 rounds).

In the 80 KG division, Andras Gal (NYKK Gym, NY, NY) faced Christopher Gully (MA). Gal fought more of a power game at first, landing selective but heavy shots in the first round. Gully took advantage, by throwing more kicks and edging Gal on points to win the first round. As Gal sat on his corner in between rounds, his coaches explained to him the need to be more active. The result was a flurry of heavy blows which resulted in a victory by TKO 1:57 or Rd 2. The only other fighter in the 80 KG class was Gal's team mate, Xavior Ross. Gal stepped aside so that Ross could claim the gold.

The 85 KG division was another class in which seeded fighters competed, one rather unexpectedly. David Whiltshire (Yee's Hung Ga, NY NY) is a local favorite and had just won the national Kuoshu tournament in Maryland. Whiltshire had pre registered and was the likely choice to win the division until a last minute entry. Adam Resnick hadn't fought in a year, having lost to Boston San Shou fighter and US Team member Ray Neves at the "Full Contact War" show in Florida last year. However, Resnick is the NYKK team captain, one of the most experienced amateur San Shou fighters in the country and the 2000 USA WKF National San Shou champion. His decision to enter the tournament, literally a few minutes before the weigh in, changed to whole face of the tournament. For years, New York fans had talked about a possible Resnick vs. Whiltshire match and it finally looked like it might happen. The two fighters were seeded and placed on opposite ends of the brackets. With formidable competition facing them, the regular draw fighters began the 85 KG division.

Bradley Burrick (Bethany Karate, Sterling Heights, MI) faced Derek Szmyt (Boston San Shou). Burrick appeared a strong fighter and it appeared as if Boston San Shou decided the best course of action was to keep it clean and fight with technique. Szmyt won by decision (2 rounds). Denis Molloy (Yee's Hung Ga, NY NY) faced Carl Funkenhauser (Charlestown, MA) in the second match of the first round. Carl came in with a pre existing shoulder injury that became a problem in the clinches. After two incidents of the shoulder popping, the match was called a TKO victory 1:36 Rd 1 for Molloy. Injury also claimed Derek Smyt, who was unable to face Whiltshire. It appeared as if Whiltshire would have an easy road to the finals, and perhaps the gold medal. Who he would face would be decided by a match between Molloy and Resnick. Adam Resnick is known to have KO power in both his hands and his legs. As the first round began, Resnick caught Molloy with a spinning back fist which dropped him to the canvas. Molloy is tough, and rose to his feet to finish the round. But the tone of the match had been set. In the second round, Molloy was tentative. Resnick looked for the opening and dropped Molloy with a cross. Resnick wins by KO, 41 seconds in Round 2. The "dream match" of Whiltshire vs. Resnick was about to happen. But Resnick had a year's worth of ring rust and Whiltshire hadn't yet fought. David Whiltshire, fresh because he did not have to fight to advance to the finals, took early advantage. Resnick's ring rust showed and he has always been a slow starter. The first round went to Whiltshire. Resnick was a bit nervous but his coaches adjusted his strategy and focused him on fighting cleanly and working for points. Resnick also had a trick up his sleeve. In the second round, Resnick used a full floor sweep, a 3 point maneuver which also up ended Whiltshire head over heels. Resnick won the second round on all three judges' cards. The third and final, the championship round, was about to begin. In the third, Whiltshire appeared tired and Resnick used experience to win important points. Resnick wins the division by decision after three rounds and proves he is still a major force in US San Shou.

35 & OLDER
The New York San Shou tournament offered an executive (age 35 or older) division. Only Michael Brown of Boston San Shou registered. He was awarded his medal in the center of the ring while the audience howled its approval to a true warrior. In previous New York Showdown shows, Brown had fought men half his age!

There was a time when women's San Shou competition was unheard of in the United States. Fortunately, that has changed but the women's divisions have certainly not grown as quickly as the men's. At the New York San Shou tournament, five female athletes were in attendance, actually a strong number, especially for a regional event. The problem was the weight difference between them. It could have been a disaster or a circus, but the female athletes got together in a show of unity that the entire kickboxing community should take note of. They also all fought with fierce hearts and great technique! In the end, the women stole the show!

Three of the women were within an acceptable weight range to conduct a standard tournament. Sohah Iqbal (Boston San Shou) was 126, Nelly Yusupova (Yee's Hung Ga, NY NY) was 122 and Shirley Garcia (Progressive Martial Arts) was 129. Yusupova, the lightest of the group, was given the bye. Training with a "Big 6" San Shou team often is the deciding factor in San Shou events.

Garcia was strong and fought with heart but Iqbal knew how to win the points and how to play to her strengths. She followed her corner's advice to a hard won decision after 2 rounds. Yee's Hung Ga may not considered a member of the "Big 6" (primarily because they have not competed at the USA WKF nationals) but is a strong San Shou team which has faced Boston San Shou many times in New York events. Their experience helped Yusupova counter many of Iqbal's techniques and forced one of the few three round fights of the tournament. Round 1 went to Iqbal but round 2 went to Yusupova. The momentum often goes to the fighter who wins the second round, but Boston San Shou has been in that situation many times before. Good coaching helped Iqbal edge out Yusupova in the final round. Sohah Iqbal by decision (3 rounds).

The women's lightweight division had been relatively straight forward, but what to do with the remaining two female athletes? Alison Moore (NYKK Gym, NY, NY) weighed in at 143 and Sheila Gallagher (Boston San Shou) had weighed in at 172. A decision was made that showed how true athletes behave. Shirley Garcia, only 129, agreed to fight Alison Moore for a middleweight title. In return, Alison Moore agreed to fight Sheila for the heavyweight title. Everyone would get a chance to fight, no one would walk away empty handed. The crowd roared when the situation was explained. These were true champions, regardless of the outcome. Alison Moore (NYKK Gym, NY, NY) defeated Shirley Garcia by decision (2 rounds). Sheila Gallagher (Boston San Shou) defeated Alison Moore by decision (2 rounds).

The New York San Shou Tournament gave the amateurs, especially those new to the sport, their moment in the spot light but the developing professional circuit was still a topic of discussion at the event. A number of the amateurs were asked to participate in under card matches for the "King of San Da: USA". More importantly, it was revealed that a major match which may be used to launch the promotion is already being negotiated. USKBA full contact rules world champion Tommy "Bee" Bottone (Left) will face Jason Yee (Right). Both Bottone and Yee hope one of the sanctioning bodies will offer a world title for this match. More details as we learn them.





The event was co-sanctioned by the
International Kickboxing Federation
(IKF) and the
United States of American Sanshou Kungfu Federation

MORE NEWS OF 3-18-02


Denver Colorado, USA
Friday night, March 15 was a night to remember. Leonard Garcia became ROF's (Ring Of Fire, Mixed Martial Arts) new Lightweight Champion when he armbared Steve Horton in the first round. Lil' Joe Stevenson became the new ROF Rocky Mountain Champion when he kneebared Cruz Chacon in the first round.

The highlight of the night was the featured K-1 tourney. Duane "BANG!" Ludwig defeated Melvin Murray and Ole Laursen to become the first ever K-1 Middleweight North American Champion. BANG! will advance to the finals in Tokyo on May 3rd, where he will compete for $100,000 and the chance to become the first ever K-1 Middleweight Grand Prix Champion.

Here's the action as described by Mr. Michael Afromowitz of MuayThaimes:
It was one of the most anticipated head-to-head matchups between two fighters billed as the hottest rising stars in martial arts. And when it finally happened during the championship round of K-1's premiere middleweight series qualifier in Denver, Colorado on Friday, May 15th, all of the expected fireworks flew before Duane "Bang" Ludwig finally topped rival Ole Laursen in "sudden death" overtime to advance to Japan's Tokyo Dome.

The result came as a shocking turnaround to a bout in which Laursen nearly closed in the first round. After driving a powerful knee strike into Ludwig's ribs that put him on the canvas for several seconds, though, Muay Thai's self-dubbed "thundercat" went on the receiving end of a complete offense that gave Ludwig the following two rounds. The second saw Ludwig deliver both a sharp, straight right punch and a knee to the head of his opponent that appeared to take its toll.

Ludwig's victory of rounds two and three by a margin of 10-9 in each evened up the judges scorecards' and sent the bout into a three-minute overtime. A well-fought round on the part of both fighters was given to Ludwig as was the bout by unanimous decision. The expectation of the four-fighter tournament finale had been well-built up after Ludwig delivered a second-round knockout of opponent Melvin Murray and Laursen answered with a devastating knockout of Canada's Jason Jillain in the first half of the first round. For his efforts, Ludwig was awarded his dream: the opportunity to compete in the Tokyo Dome where the winner of an eight-man playoff scheduled for May 3rd will take home $100,000. More to follow on this hot story….

Here's ALL the nights results of Ring Of Fire Warriors 4...

  1. Kickboxing 150
    Chrisanne Roselip
    (CO) Defeats Valerie Anthonson (CO) by 3R Decision.

  2. MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) 155-170
    Danny Jung
    (CO) Defeats Sam McFarlin (CO) by 3R Decision.

  3. Kickboxing
    Mark Baier
    (CO) vs Aaron Williams (CO) by exhibition draw.

  4. MMA 155-170
    Thomas Shulte
    (NM) Defeats TonyKent (CO) by 1R armbar.

  5. MMA 185-205
    Bobby Johnson
    (OK) Defeats Mario Horta (CO) by 1R rear naked choke.

  6. K-1 RULES 154
    Duane Ludwig
    (USA) Defeats Melvin Murray (CAN) by 2R KO (knee).

  7. K-1 RULES 154
    Ole Laursen
    Defeats (USA) Jason Jillain (CAN) by 1R KO (punch).

  8. MMA 170-185
    John Cronk
    (CO) Defeats Jeff Lindsey (OK) by 1R submission (punches from mount)

  9. MMA 140-155
    Leonard Garcia
    (TX) Defeats Steve Horton (IL) by 1R armbar.

  10. MMA 170-185
    Joe Stevenson
    (CA) Defeats Cruz Chacon (CO) by 1R kneebar.

  11. K-1 RULES 154
    Duane Ludwig
    Defeats Ole Laursen by 4 round (Extra round) decision.

For an AMAZING Pictorial Click HERE!

FRIDAY, March 15th, 2002, AT 2:05 PM, PT

Richmond County Investigator
To Be Honored For Courage And Sacrifice
In The Line Of Duty At March 16 Martial Arts Sporting Event

Richmond County Narcotics Investigator James Tredore is scheduled to he honored for his, "courage, sacrifice, and dedication in showing the true spirit and integrity of the martial artist in his service to the community" at WINTER WARS 2002 a kickboxing and mixed martial arts spectators' event to be held on Saturday, March 16, 2002, at the Augusta State University Athletic Complex. Tredore was shot by a suspect in the line of duty on July 12, 2001, while executing a search warrant as part of a "drug raid" on a residence suspected for illegal narcotics activity.

Tredore, an experienced martial artist and student at August Martial Arts Academy, survived the attack and is back at work with the Sheriff's Office. Event organizer Mike Carlson, who is also Tredore's instructor is relieved that his student and friend has recovered and inspired by his sacrifice, "Jim has always been a tremendous student and member of our team here at AMAA. I have enjoyed working with him as a prosecutor as well. In this time of war and heightened awareness of our public servants, it is only too appropriate to honor Jim for his dedication and sacrifice to this community and all of the people in it. This is why every major martial arts organization involved in WINTER WARS 2002 is joining us in publicly recognizing his efforts."

The doors will open for WINTER WARS 2002 at 6:00 PM and the first bouts will begin at 7:00 PM. Inv.Tredore is expected to be honored during an intermission between the matches. For more information, call Augusta Martial Arts Academy at 855-5269.

WEDNESDAY, March 13th, 2002, AT 5:50 PM, PT

San Shou

On Saturday, March 16, 2002 the New York Kung-Fu and Kickboxing (43 W 24th Street between 6th avenue and Broadway, #3B (212) 242-2453) will present the NYC San Shou Tournament, an all amateur event open to all interested athletes.

It will be a unique opportunity for those who either aren't prepared for the "big time" or can't get on a big card to get much needed experience. In the past, these "small" events have featured the future stars of our sport.

It may very well help promoters of the future "King of San Da: USA" events identify possible talent for these high profile shows. The following is an update on the tournament.

  1. Late registration begins Saturday morning at 8:30 AM, $35. To be immediately followed by weigh in and physicals.
  2. Once brackets are set (following weigh-ins), there will be a rule review meeting. This should clear up any outstanding questions.
  3. Event is now IKF sanctioned. All participants will be ranked as a result of competition.
  4. Spectators are $10 at the door, first come, first serve.
  5. Event is being professionally video taped by Bill Butterworth, videographer for the NYC Golden Gloves. For this reason NO PERSONAL VIDEO TAPING. Tapes will be available to all from Mr Butterworth at only $20. Please cooperate and don't try to video tape, you will only be asked to leave.
  6. Please remember, you are responsible for your own groin cup, mouth piece, head gear and shin and instep padding.

Any questions should be directed to (212) 242-2453 or visit www.nykk.org
or Mr. Ross' e-mail by clicking Here.
Thanks and see you all there.

NYC San Shou Tournament
Saturday, March 16, 2022 at NYKK Gym
43 W 24th street between 6th ave and Broadway
Spectators $10, Late registration still open, only $35

The NYC San Shou Tournament would like to thank
The IKF for Sanctioning this Event and their support of San Shou.

MORE NEWS OF 3-13-02


Mixed martial arts superstar Frank Shamrock (Right) has announced that he will be in attendance in Augusta, Georgia for WINTER WARS 2002, on March 16, 2002.

Event organizer Mike Carlson is proud to have Shamrock in attendance: "I first met Frank in 1996, when he was here with the UFC. When I started traveling in MMA circles more and more, I would cross paths with him frequently. I was not only impressed with his athletic ability, but, watching him train his fighters, saw a dynamic and effective communicator. What I remember most is Frank's congenial and down to earth attitude. If one of our students had spoken with Frank, he would always make an effort to follow up with them, no matter where he was or who he was with. He is a true professional and outstanding ambassador of the sport."

The stars of the martial sports are set to shine at WINTER WARS 2002. Legendary MMA combatant and superstar in his own right Dan "The Beast" Severn will teach an "Ultimate Grappling" seminar on March 16, at the event site, from 2:00 to 4:00 PM. Two time world kickboxing champion Johnny "Superfoot" Davis will also be in attendance, providing an opportunity to purchase a copy of his newly authored manual, "The Art of Kickboxing."

IKF and ISCF President Steve Fossum will also be in the Garden City for all of the action, as will kickboxing pioneer Joe Corley. (Left) For more information, contact Augusta Martial Arts Academy at (706) 855-5269 or E-mail at amaa@prodigy.net.



Gene "Mean" Silas of Aiken, SC, spent 4 years in the United States Marine Corps. He will have to pull from the discipline and focus learned there on March 16, 2002, as he faces Valdosta's Sean Blanchette, in a Super Heavyweight, ISCF sanctioned, mixed martial arts bout. Accordingly, Silas' match will incorporate techniques from all martial arts, including punches, kicks, throws and joint locks. Silas sees his military experience as helping prepare him for the demand of competition.

"The Marines teach you to improvise, adapt, and overcome. That is what I am looking to do in my fight," says Silas, who is also a former competitive power lifter, "No matter what the outcome, I sticking with this." Silas trainer and WINTER WARS 2002 organizer, Mike Carlson is impressed with Silas' "team spirit" and work ethic, "Nobody out there is willing to log more hours in training than Gene," notes Carlson, "He really carved out a beneficial niche for himself-and for all of us-here at Augusta Martial Arts Academy."

Silas adds, "I just do not want to let my fight team down." Upon hearing this, Carlson replied, "That's about the last thing Gene needs to worry about." Silas bout will be part of a daylong martial arts sports event on Saturday, March 16, 2002, at the Augusta State University Athletic Complex, including a daytime karate and grappling tournament and an "Ultimate Grappling" seminar, taught by pioneering Mixed martial arts champion Dan "The Beast" Severn (Right) At 6:00pm, the doors will open for the evening kickboxing and mixed martial arts bouts, which will begin at 7:00pm.

For more information, contact Augusta Martial Arts Academy
at (706) 855-5269 or E-mail at amaa@prodigy.net.

Fight card subject to change.


Fight Talk ala
The Doctor
And Counter Doctor with Bad Johnny

Editor's Note: The Doctor is an avid fan of the martial sports. A significant player in the passage of the HB 538, which kept mixed martial arts legal in the Peach State, this influential fight enthusiast possesses an encyclopedic knowledge of law, literature, and both the fine and combat arts. As one of his many dedicated female admirers once wrote, "[The Doctor's] capacity for derivative knowledge, his levitational mind speak, set him apart."

Stephen Thompson

Rory Singer

Periodically, The Doctor "offers up" his prospective on forthcoming ring contests. In that tradition, The Doctor presents his "progDoctorstications" for WINTER WARS 2002 to be held on March 16, 2002, in Augusta, Georgia.

"Bad" Johnny Markwalter (aka "The Anti-Doctor") is a former prosecutor working in an Augusta, Georgia private practice, who has served as ring announcer and legal counsel to many southern MMA and kickboxing events. Known for his tenacious demeanor in and out of the courtroom, Bad Johnny once, in front of a jury, challenged a defense lawyer to "be a man" and "don't sit there like a coward," on his way to getting a conviction! Frustrated by what he believes is a "Doctor Monopoly" of IKF and ISCF pages by The Doctor, Bad Johnny has requested "equal time" for the good of the order and benefit of fight fans.

While the two are close friends and former colleagues, they share an intense personal and professional rivalry that is widely renowned for its energy, entertainment value and mock outrage.


The Doctor on Shannon Hudson versus Phillip Botha

The South African (Botha) import will face Hudson, the South Carolina heartthrob. Hudson has the look of converted point karate tournament fighter, and, to me, never appears to be any more comfortable in the ring than a Gaelic leader at a Roman banquet. Botha will not be duped by the "hype" and will emerge victorious in this bout. Botha's time spent training in Muay Thai will not have completely eroded his kicking skills (despite its best efforts) and his superior poise and power will eviscerate the erratic "Pooh".
The Doctor's Pick: Botha by unanimous decision.

Counter Doctor: Can you go 5 minutes without mentioning classical history? Botha is versatile, but if Shannon is in any kind of shape, he will win the fight. He has too wide an arsenal for Phillip to stop him.
Bad Johnny Sez: Hudson by split decision


The Doctor on Pee Wee McCall versus Jake Pruitt

Pruitt enters this match on a mission to fight for the memory of his dearly departed instructor, Garland Bray. The extroverted progenitor McCall wants to show that he possesses the skills to make him more than just a "tough kid" in the eyes of fight fans. This fight will metaphorically resemble the protracted exchange between George Kennedy and Paul Newman in "Cool Hand Luke", with Pruitt neutralizing McCall, taking him down at will, but doing little else of interest. And without James Banks in attendance to fire him up, McCall's focus may be lacking.
The Doctor's Pick: Pruitt by unanimous decision.

Counter Doctor: Up all night watching AMC again, Doctor? I can't believe I am saying this, but I agree. Jake's wrestling skills will be too much for Pee Wee, no matter how durable he is. I see Jake catching Pee Wee with some kind of submission hold though, while Pee Wee is trying to get his feet.
Bad Johnny Sez: Pruitt by submission in the third round.


The Doctor on Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson versus Ruben Lopez

As I prepare to take my family into its second generation of greatness in its chosen profession, I can relate to Thompson doing the same for his. Wonderboy has gone through opponents like Patton through North Africa for years. What has Lopez been doing during that time? Rumor has it that he is fresh off an appearance on TV's "Pleasure Island", which is some dreadful nugget of "teletripe" that was as repugnant as it was salacious. That digression aside, if Lopez is entertaining the delusion that he possesses even a remote chance of winning this match, he must have been residing on Fantasy Island instead. Although this metaphor is apt in many ways, Lopez could not have foreseen the salient features of the comparison when he fell on folly and agreed to this mismatch. With all of the rich, Corinthian leather Wonderboy will connect with, he may believe that Thompson's trainer/father is actually Mr. Rourke. The brutal and gratuitous "beatdown" that Thompson will give Lopez will lay Lopez so low that Lopez will have to climb a stepladder to see eye to eye with Herve Villachaise (Tattoo).
The Doctor's Pick: Thompson by KO in the second round

Counter Doctor: The only thing gratuitous around here is your commentary! Why can't you just say that you think Thompson will win? Stephen will win, but not that big. Lopez has great skill and a lot to fight for, which counts. He won't win, but he won't give up either.
Bad Johnny Sez: Thompson by unanimous decision


The Doctor on Clint Wiggins versus Rory Singer

The fire that stokes the Internet burns brightly with the Hardcore Gym's admiration for this writer. The affection is mutual. As such, it is with a note of melancholy and a sigh of regret with which I must divulge my prediction here. Wiggins is too highly skilled a technician to be denied a win in this contest. Singer's unidimensional Muay Thai based attack will, as the Dragon would have opined, resemble a "truck in low gear attempting to catch a rabbit". Not that Singer will not strive valiantly, he will, but it won't be enough.
The Doctor's Pick: Wiggins by unanimous decision

Counter Doctor: Those guys from Athens are too busy training to worry about what anybody says about them. Clint is a great guy, but I don't think that he can handle Rory's power. Besides, Clint never seems to follow a game plan, and resorts to brawling way too much. If he tries that with Rory, he is in for trouble.
Bad Johnny Sez: Singer by TKO in the fourth

Bad Johnny

Clint Wiggins


The Doctor on Cam McHargue versus Todd Carney

Carney could be nicknamed "The Tempest", because he ambulates through the ring like an arachnid. The "tape trained" McHargue, a man of 1,000 holds, gives every neophyte with a VCR and a dream hope. That hope will spring eternal, bear its fruition, and will gain substantiation as McHargue's superior technique decimates the unorthodox and awkward Carney for a US Title win.
The Doctor's Pick: McHargue by submission in the second round

Counter Doctor: Who are you now, Shakespeare or Ernest L. Thayer? And why don't you just say spider? I am going with Carney for an upset win. Todd has been "snake bit" at times in the past. He jumped into fights that he maybe should not have taken or did so on short notice. This time he has had time to prepare and will win.
Bad Johnny Sez: Carney by unanimous decision


The Doctor on Kevin Hudson versus Lane Collyer

"Lightning" Lane Collyer (Right) has blazed an electrifying trail of success in both the ring and as a promoter. He is powerful, versatile, and most importantly, currently active. "Hurricane" Hudson's (Left) long layoff from the ring will not make him the Lazurus of kickboxing. In point of fact, he will be far more the Rip Van Winkle. The wake-up call is looming like Damocles' sword, and as the bell sounds, "Lightning" will strike, and the Hurricane will resemble a spring shower by comparison. Collyer will win the title in a maelstrom.
The Doctor's Pick: Collyer by TKO in the third round.

Counter Doctor: What is this, the Weather Channel? Lane is gutsy, tough, but not skilled or experienced enough to beat Kevin, who has over 20 PROFESSIONAL fights. He has a huge school and great sparring with people like Ronnie Copeland. That put him in a class beyond Lane.
Bad Johnny Sez: Hudson by unanimous decision

DISCLAIMER: The views expressed in the foregoing column are strictly those of The Doctor & Johnny Markwalter, Esq. They do not represent the feelings, thoughts, or expressions of the IKF, PKC, ISCF, Karate Masters, Inc. d/b/a Augusta Martial Arts Academy, M.E.R.K. Services, Inc., any of their representatives, employees, and/or assigns, including but not limited to Steve Fossum, Glenn Keeney, Mike and/or Elizabeth Carlson.



When Augusta kickboxer "Endless" Summer Miller had shoulder surgery last year, she did not have far to look for a physical therapist. Her teammate, kickboxer Terri "T-Rex" Hicks, was standing ready. "One helpful aspect about going to Terri is that she is a kickboxer as well," says Miller, who will fight Atlanta's Penny DeGraw, "So she understands exactly what my goals are and what I need my body to be able to do." Hicks, a licensed physical therapist, will face Louisiana's Andrea Grishman.

She has been impressed with Miller's progress, "Most people never dream about getting in the ring, period. Summer has worked hard and progressed ahead of schedule, which says a lot for her being ready to fight this time." Miller and Hicks will be part of a 12-bout fight card (7 kickboxing and 5 mixed martial arts bouts), which will comprise the "night show" of WINTER WARS 2002 Organizer Mike Carlson, who trains both Hicks and Miller, sees his dojo as being a catalyst for the development of both of his fighters, "Augusta Martial Arts Academy is about teamwork. Prima donnas and mavericks are not tolerated here. Summer and Terri are dedicated to our program in every respect. No one trains harder than these two ladies. It is a testament to the synergism that AMAA creates that Summer had a physical therapist right here and part of her team."

WINTER WARS 2002 will be an all day event on Saturday, March 16, 2002, at the Augusta State University Athletic Complex. Beginning at 9:30am, a daytime karate and grappling tournament will begin. Later, at the ASU Athletic Complex, from 2-4pm, mixed martial arts legend Dan "The Beast" Severn will conduct an "Ultimate Grappling" seminar. At 6:00pm, the doors will open for the evening kickboxing and mixed martial arts fights, which will begin at 7:00pm. For more information, contact Augusta Martial Arts Academy at (706) 855-5269 or E-mail at amaa@prodigy.net.

Fight card subject to change.

MONDAY, March 11th, 2002, NEW POST ADDED AT 10:20 PM, PT

Fort Gordon Soldier &
Department of Army Civilian
To See Action at...
Winter Wars 2002!

Two combat athletes who have dedicated their careers to the defense of America will step into battle of a different kind on Saturday, March 16, 2002, as part of Winter Wars 2002, a combination kickboxing and mixed martial arts event to be held at the Augusta State University Athletic Complex, off Wrightsboro Road in Augusta Georgia.

Fort Gordon soldier Emanuel "Soldier" Vero, who holds the rank of Sergeant in the United States Army, will do battle with Mike Grivas, in a Light Heavyweight kickboxing bout. Department of Army Civilian and former U.S. Army Sergeant "Joltin'"Joe Jobes will face Brendan Dumont in an ISCF, International Sport Combat Federation sanctioned Middleweight mixed martial arts contest.

Vero looks forward to representing his school, the 35th Military Police Detachment, Fort Gordon, and the armed services in the bout, "I am really looking forward to stepping into the ring on March 16 and giving my fight team here at Augusta Martial Arts Academy ("AMAA") and all of those who serve something to cheer about." Vero, a former student of martial arts legend Jim Harrison, was elated to find AMAA when he was stationed in Augusta, "I couldn't believe that I could come to a dojo in a place like Augusta, Georgia and find a school basically identical to that of Mr. Harrison's in its teaching, attitude and philosophy, but I did. The only surprise to me was that Sensei (Mike) Carlson was not one of Mr. Harrison's former students!"

Jobes is looking forward to avenging his loss to Ray Thompson protégé Mike Robinson. "I have a much better outlook on this fight than I did when I went in against Robinson in Valdosta last summer," says Jobes, who works as an intelligence analyst at Augusta's Fort Gordon, "Getting into the ring is not alien to me now, and, being here at home, I have a lot more to fight for."

Winter Wars 2002, organizer, Mike Carlson, who trains both Vero and Jobes, reflects that having these two particular athletes competing is of special significance, given the current state of world events, "With the world stage playing out a war against terrorism of which the American military is taking a leadership role, I believe that it is very significant that these two men who have elected to serve and sacrifice for all of us are looking to get into the ring and set an even further example of discipline and excellence." Carlson adds, "No matter what the outcome of either of their matches might be, I would expect that their fellow citizens will appreciate their willingness to take things to even a higher level."

Vero and Jobes' bouts will be part of a full night of kickboxing and mixed martial arts bouts scheduled to begin at 7:00 PM, with the doors opening at 6:00 PM. Earlier that day, at the venue, a daytime karate tournament and grappling seminar with mixed martial arts superstar Dan "The Beast" Severn will be held. For more information, call Augusta Martial Arts Academy at (706) 855-5269, E-mail at amaa@prodigy.net or at the event web page at www.IKFKickboxing.com/WinterWars.htm

Fight Card subject to change.

MORE NEWS OF 3-11-02

Robert Coquette Out of K-1 Middleweights!!!
Click HERE To See The K-1 Middleweight Page

MORE NEWS OF 3-11-02

MONDAY, March 11th, 2002, NEW POST ADDED AT 9:30 PM, PT

IKF Wants You!
A Call For "Unity" In The Kickboxing Community
By Johnny Davis IKF Director of Marketing

The International Kickboxing Federation (IKF) is aggressively seeking those interested in joining forces to make the sport of Kickboxing a mainstream attraction. This is our call to the promoters, trainers and organizations to take a serious look at the state of Kickboxing today and where it could be if we work together. Its time to give the fighters their just due. Too many fighters are getting lost in the bowl of alphabet soup, holding the letters of organizations that are not marketing themselves or their champions. When a fighter wins a title but is not recognized for it, it takes the flare out of the winning. The fighter goes back home to a "town of silence" not being recognized for their outstanding achievement. The IKF wants all champions recognized. Therefore, after each fight, no matter where in the world, we post the results on our popular site. We also send out pre and post fight press releases to local media for many of our fights.
Take a look at what you have done for the sport as a "whole" in the past five to ten years. If you only see where you have grown in your own area or region then perhaps you should research how you can become a part of the larger scheme of the Kickboxing community. I know, everybody feels that they have the answers to curing Kickboxing's ills. However, taking the sport of Kickboxing to its deserving magnitude cannot hinge on one or two "good" promoters. It will take hundreds of promoters from around the world working together for a common goal. Working with the IKF would not change much of what you are currently doing. However, your experience could be valuable to us in other areas. Perhaps you know potential big sponsors and or television networks that are ready to support Kickboxing. Furthermore, you may be the bearer of strategies that have worked for you and could be helpful to others.

We invite you to see some of what we have done in the past five years, the numbers are impressive! This should give you an example of how we can further assist you. Today, we sanction fights all around the world and the number of IKF Sanctioned events is growing at a brisk pace! This year alone we anticipate sanctioning over one hundred events worldwide. We have the Largest National Kickboxing Tournament in North America in the IKF Nationals that last year registered 263 fighters from various styles. When this two-day elimination was done, those who walked away as champions, really were! As many of you know, our success on our web site is phenomenal with over one million hits per month now. The IKF keeps an updated and accurate ranking of all fighters listed with the IKF as well as, we make a concerted effort to give just due to the promoters, trainers, fighters, officials, and the sponsors of events. Furthermore, our championship belts are top quality brass and leather and would make anyone proud to wear them!

I'm appalled that for the past twenty years or so, groups are continuing to battle over pennies when there are millions that can be made with proper unity!

So again, I asked each of you for the sake of the sport of Kickboxing and for the prosperity of future generations of fighters, lets come to the table and discuss how we can work together. We will listen to your concerns and issues and will try and negotiate where possible. Finally, many of you come to the table with the words "free sanctioning" at the tips of your tongues because other sanctioning bodies give it for free. We are not "Free" because what we offer has "true" and "honest" value!

Please understand that in order for the IKF to continue to grow, it must receive fees for its work, just as you expect from other professionals hired to do a job. Although we must request fees, this does not mean that the doors are closed for discussion in this area. It does mean that a Barter Deal would have to be of the same value to the IKF. We promise you this, we will work very hard to make sure your events are ran professionally and are successful! We look forward to hearing and working with you! THE IKF WANTS YOU! IN UNITY, THERE IS STRENGTH!

For more information, contact our office at (916) 663-2467.

See the below Excerpts from
Johnny Davis' Autobiographical Kickboxing Training Manual

"The Art of Kickboxing"

The Reconstruction Era of Kickboxing
Ready for the World!

Webster's Dictionary describes construction as "an organized and ordered arrangement of ideas or argument" This meaning alone suggest in order to properly construct something it must be organized and arranged in a matter that causes fluency in the progression of ideas which manifest growth. Its the other side of all of the hard work and dedication I put into my career. This is the part where the disappointment comes to the forefront. My hard work paid off in many ways but the sport wasn't ready to completely take care of all those who were loyal and dedicated to it. Most fighters have the hopes and dreams of not only becoming champion but also being able to make a good living with their sport like other professional athletes. Unfortunately, kickboxing has a little more to do before this glorious day comes. It does prompt the question. Why hasn't the sport reached the magnitude of other contact sports like football and boxing? The mere fact that the sport of kickboxing is one of the most exciting contact sports in worldwide but has still not matured to the level of other major sports is shameful. I believe some of the reasons Kickboxing's growth has been so slow is because of the "crab effect" that continue to dwell in the martial arts. Like the crabs in a bucket, everybody tries to pull down the other each time one attempts to climb out of the bucket.

One organization starts to make the right moves in organizing the sport, promoting and sanctioning more events than ever before and other organizations sit back and speak ill of the one doing the most work. Some leaders of organizations discourage their members from supporting or attending any events held by other organizations. These actions of jealousy and envy are what has kept this great sport of kickboxing shackled to the bottom of the bucket.
Unfortunately, as a result of poor marketing and networking, kickboxing has languished on the outskirts of popularity and failed to attract the mainstream investors to the sport. Lack of participation from major sponsors has certainly slowed the growth of Kickboxing and has hindered the dreams of the kickboxer from truly making a living at the sport he/she adores. There are major players in the beer and sportswear industries that would benefit greatly from a relationship with an organization like The International Kickboxing Federation (IKF) an organization that sanctions fights all over the world. There are tens of thousands of potential customers eager to support these companies simply because they support the sport they love. I'm sure the sportswear and beer companies are waiting to see the sport of Kickboxing pull itself up by its bootstraps and organize, unify and show they are ready to take on the world stage.

In order to increase spectator appeal, kickboxers must look like professionals of their art. This requires taking on the uniqueness of an art that stands on its own merits as a legitimate sport. Although Kickboxing is a combination of boxing and the kicks of karate, it can't look like either to be successful.
Kickboxing must look like "Kickboxing" in the essence of the name. In the kickboxer, we must see the very best in boxing skills and the very best of kicks. But, even more importantly, we must see the art come to life in the combining of both boxing and kicking done to such elegance and effectiveness it fascinates the spectator!

Throughout the years I have seen some very talented fighters, to name a few - Jean Yves Theriault, Benny Urqidez, Maurice Smith, Pete Cunningham, Dennis Alexio, Rick Roufus and Don Wilson. Of course, there are others but these are a few that come to mind and noted for having good boxing and kicking skills. These fighters had such great successes in the ring because early on, they understood the art of kickboxing in that you needed both hand hands feet -boxing and kicking to be successful in the ring. They had a huge fan base because their fights were exciting they gave more credibility to the "true art of Kickboxing". In retrospect, I believe kickboxing's past has been such that it has and will continued to transform into the mega sport of the twenty first century!

I call this period of lacking kickboxing activity, "The Reconstruction Era of Kickboxing". This offered us the lest activity of the sport since it entry into the sports' arena some thirty years ago. The United States of America had to go through a similar reconstruction period shortly after the civil war. It lasted for about twelve years. During this time, we had to rewrite laws and set up a new way of governing the country. This is also the case with the sport if Kickboxing. We must reorganize and set up ranking systems and promote the sport in the best interest of the participants and its fans.

This down time or reconstruction era for kickboxers gave many of them opportunity to define the art resulting in a different breed of fighter. Today, I'm seeing better fighters with excellent kicking and "boxing" techniques as well as more techniques arising from its roots of the Orient. Leg kicks and elbows are becoming more prominent in Kickboxing worldwide. However, I continue to see far too many fighters either doing one or the other (boxing or kicking).

It's a new millennium and time for the great sport of kickboxing to flourish! It is the purpose of why I have written this manual to help energize, motivate, train and encourage the participation of all who love this sport as I do. We are now at the end of the reconstruction era of Kickboxing. Fighters are more efficient and have defined their art and are poised to take on the world. Its time now for all organization to come under one umbrella, organized and ready to take the sport to its deserving magnitude! Furthermore, we now have an organization that has put years of structure into its member base and has built participation to record levels. The International Kickboxing Federation ( IKF) has a host of fans and followers around the world. Kickboxing is ready for the world and soon will make its stunning entrance to the international mainstream of sports!

For more on "The Art of Kickboxing" Training Manual
Click HERE!

MORE NEWS OF 3-11-02


Controversy Surrounds Rules In Mexico...
But Not Who Wins!
Reyes Wins This One Hands Down!

Miguel Reyes

Miguel Reyes

Last Saturday night, March 9th, Mexico Promoter Eduardo Cano (Right) became the 5th IKF promoter in Mexico and the 4th of Tijuana Mexico. After the event, he was all smiles from it's success. However, it wasn't all smooth sailing.

Number 1 ranked Pro International Rules Super Welterweight Miguel Reyes (Left) of Baja CA, Mexico had fought for IKF Titles before but never in his hometown of Tijuana Mexico. He had traveled to Northern California several times (once as an amateur and twice as a pro) and Hawaii in quest for an IKF Title Belt but came up short each time. However, this time he was at home and the venue was in his backyard, the Auditorio Municipal, (Above) in Tijuana, Mexico.

It was Reyes fourth shot at a Pro IKF Title and he was determined not to be denied. In his path before had been some of the best fighters in the sport that included Danny Steele, George Tsutsui, and Fernando Callaros, all who now hold World Titles. He also fought in Full Contact Rules against Randy Bussart. He's fought in every rule style including Mixed Martial Arts.

Last Saturday night, IKKC Champion number 2 ranked Pro International Rules Super Welterweight David Morrow stood in his way of yet another IKF Title opportunity however this time, it was what was happening outside the ring that jeopardized what Reyes knew he could do in the ring.

This bout was booked for over a month as an International Rules (Leg Kicks, no knees). However, the night of the fight, Morrow's trainer George Valdez said the bout was suppose to be under MuayThai Rules with knees. IKF President Steve Fossum disagreed and reminded them it had ALWAYS been under International Rules without knees. However, Valdez and Morrow insisted they would only fight with knees and if not, they would pack up and leave. Keep in mind this was all happening 20 minutes after the first bout of the night... The issue now was to save the Main Event for the Promoter as well as somehow spare the Title fight the fans had come to see. So Fossum went to Reyes locker-room to speak with Reyes, informing him of the situation. Reyes came over to Morrow's locker-room and also reminded him it was a no knees bout. Still, Valdez and Morrow refused to fight unless they could use knees. So in the heat of the moment, some modifications had to be made to save the bout. Reyes, knowing Morrow and Valdez would not change their minds, said he would fight under whatever rules Morrow wanted, he just wanted to fight. So they all agreed to fight modified MuayThai rules where knees were allowed to the body, but not the head and no elbows. They also choose to do the MuayThai Rules, 5, "3 Minute" rounds instead of the required International Rules, 8, 2 minute rounds. The next question would be, what title would it be for? Under the awkward circumstances, Fossum made a decision "For the Fighters". He allowed it to be for a title, but not a MuayThai Title for 2 reasons. One, Jason Jillian of Calgary, Alberta, Canada already held the title at the weight they were fighting at in MuayThai Rules. Two, although Morrow held an IKKC (Small California only Organization) title in MuayThai Rules he was not a title contender in the IKF MuayThai Rules. So the title would still be an International Rules Title, with knees allowed... No... we didn't like it either... but it was the only way to "Make The Bout Happen" for both fighters...

Eduardo Cano

Now to the MAIN EVENT Action...
Although they both used knees, the knees didn't make any difference in the fight except that they allowed Morrow to clinch with Reyes each time he seemed to be in trouble. As we all know, a good referee is vital in any bout and in this bout, the referee made some errors that if not for Reyes sure dominance of the bout, they would have easily cost Morrow the win in a closer fight. Referee Jose Cobian (Licensed as a referee in California with the Athletic Commission) is yet another referee that needs to learn MuayThai refereeing from IKF Head MuayThai referee, Fred Fitzgerald. Cobian made several errors in regards to the "Flash Knockdown Rule" in MuayThai as several southern California referees have been known to do in the past. He also failed to break the fighters enough when the action stopped in the clinch.

In round 1, the two took their time to see what the other had. Reyes easily won the round and was given the nod by 2 of the 3 judges. However the remaining judge gave to Morrow. In round 2, Reyes hit Morrow and knocked him down. Referee Cobian called it a knockdown and gave Morrow a count which simply put, was the wrong call to make. In the end, although Reyes did dominate the round, Morrow was given all 8's to Reyes 10's on all 3 judges cards and found himself in a mathematical hole early in the bout. In round 3, Reyes continued to dominate, knocking Morrow down again with a right cross at the end of the round, where again, Cobian gave Morrow a standing 8 count. This one was needed though. After 3, Reyes led 30-25, 29-26 and 30-25. Mathematically he had to either knock Reyes down in both remaining rounds or knock him out to win.

In round 4, it appeared Reyes was resting. He was no longer aggressive but stayed sharp. However his lack of aggressiveness cost him the round and Morrow took it 10-9 on all 3 judges cards.

In round 5, Reyes picked up where he had left off in round 3. He was aggressive with his leg kicks as well as hand combinations, dropping Morrow again at the 2:30 mark. Morrow stood up to take the count, but had nothing left. In the end, Reyes would win the bout under the modified rules and would take home his first title with a unanimous decision win, 49-43, 48-44 and 49-43. Reyes won the vacant IKF Pro International Rules, (Leg Kick) North American Super Welterweight Title.

In the nights Semi-Main event, Jose Guardado of Ensenada Mexico (12-0/9) ensured he would stay in the top title contending spot as he remained undefeated with a strong win over Jose Luis Rodrigues of Tecate Mexico (6-2/4). Guardado dominated the entire bout winning all 4 rounds and went to work to finish in the 5th when he had Rodrigues staggering around the ring. Seeing the opportunity to finish him off with some excitement, Guardado did a spinning hook kick to Rodrigues' head at 1:16 of round 5 that put an end to the bout.

In a special women's exhibition bout, Pro fighter Jackie Nava of Tijuana Mexico and Amateur Claudia Vidaurri of La Mirada, California, USA sparred with great aggressiveness to thrill the crowd. On the exhibition scorecards, Nava won all 5 rounds. We hope to see Vidaurri at the "Big Show" this year, the 2002 IKF USA National Amateur Championships.

Here's how the other action came out on the night.

Promoter Eduardo Cano says he is already planning his next IKF Kickboxing event in Tijuana Mexico for July 6th, 2002. For more info on this event, please contact Mr. Eduardo Cano at 011 52 664 686 0380 or e-mail at aztek@telnor.net.

We'd like to Thank the Tijuana Mexico Athletic Commission for another great job! Special thanks goes out to Mr. Saul Armas, the commissioner of Kickboxing for Tijuana. As well, to Mr. Sergio Fernandez and Mr. Ricardo Franco, Director. These guys have done a great job improving kickboxing in Tijuana.

England and Peoria Illinois coming later in the week...


As a special request from some of the fighters known to the IKF, here are the results to the recent (non IKF sanctioned) event in San Jose, California, USA, this last Saturday night;

THURSDAY, March 7th, 2002, AT 7:15 PM, PT

This Weekends IKF Action...


Miguel Reyes

Danny Steele

This Saturday night, March 9th, Number 1 ranked Pro International Rules Super Welterweight Miguel Reyes (Left) of Baja CA, Mexico, will take another shot at an IKF title at the Auditorio Municipal, in Tijuana, Mexico. This will be Reyes fourth shot at a Pro IKF title. With an overall record of 28 wins, 8 loses with 16 wins coming by KO, he's been matched up against some very good competition for those previous title shots and it looks to be the same for him this Saturday night. He will face number 2 ranked Pro International Rules Super Welterweight David Morrow (Sorry, No picture available) of California, USA for the vacant IKF Pro International Rules, (Leg Kick) North American Super Welterweight Title.

Although Morrow doesn't have a lot of Pro fights under his belt, (This being his 4th Pro Bout) he's had plenty of experience as an amateur to match up well against Reyes. As an Amateur Morrow has 26 fights with 9 of his majority of wins coming by TKO/KO while winning 4 titles along the way. However it was as an amateur where Morrow was first introduced to the IKF. At USF in San Francisco, CA, USA on March, 26th, 1994, Morrow lost to Antonio Puente of San Francisco, CA, USA by TKO at 1:10 of round 3. The bout was for the vacant IKF Amateur International Rules United States Welterweight Title.

Stat for stat today, these two match up well. Morrow will have an edge in the age department and an inch in height but after that, it's going to be hard to separate the two during the action in the ring. Reyes knows he needs to win now. This needs to be the time for the 34 year old Reyes who over the years has seemed to get better with age. He's hoping Saturday night will be his moment to shine for Mexico. But with Morrow in his way, it appears another war is in store for them both.

Reyes first IKF Pro title shot came on March 20th, 1999 in Vacaville, CA, USA. at the time, his residence was Poway, CA, USA and this time he waived the American flag as he was matched up against Randy Bussart (Right) of Vacaville, CA, USA, (17-2-1/4) for the vacant IKF Pro Full Contact Rules, Light Middleweight United States Title. Reyes was out of his game not being able to leg kick as Bussart had his way with him in rout to a unanimous decision victory, 79-69, 80-68 and 79-71.

Four months later he had relocated to Baja CA, Mexico and he travelled to Hawaii, on July 16th, 1999 to meet up with Danny Steele (Left) for the IKF Pro IR (Leg Kick - more his style) Welterweight World Title. The two fought a hard leg kick match but Reyes came up short on all 3 of the judges cards being defeated by Steele (Of Los Angeles, CA, USA, via Honolulu, HW, 35-10-2/27) by unanimous decision, 100-88, 98-91 and 99-91

Almost a year later in Sacramento CA, USA on June 26th, 2000, Reyes had another shot in the International Rules division. At a more comfortable higher weight he faced Fernando Callaro (Right, 29-7/16) of Albq. New Mexico, USA. The two were fighting for the vacant IKF Pro IR Super Welterweight World Title. In yet another very tough fight Calleros came out ahead on all 3 judges cards, defeating Reyes by unanimous decision, 96-92, 97-91 and 97-91.

Saturday night will be "Do or die" for Reyes. A loss here will drop him in the rankings and drop him from a contending spot for another world title shot as well. It's a loss he can't afford at this stage of his career and he knows it. For more event info, please contact Mr. Eduardo Cano at 011 52 664 686 0380 or e-mail at aztek@telnor.net.

Randy Bussart

Fernando Callaro


IKF & ISCF Action In The Heart Of America.
Peroia Illinois!

Sports fans in Peoria, IL are bracing themselves for an exciting weekend. Peoria is hosting the Illinois State Boys Basketball tournament for the seventh consecutive year. There is also a new sports tradition that is quickly being established in the Peoria area. Kickboxing promoter Ryan Blackorby has hosted six events in the last two years.Canton, Illinois, USA based Mixed Martial Arts promoter, Phil Johns has thrown nine promotions in the last three years.

This Saturday night, March 9th, these two combat sports enthusiasts will team up to co-promote the

This event is being held in the newly opened RiverPlex Arena located at 600 Water Street, Peoria, Illinois, USA. This 26 million dollar facility is not only a great venue, but it also brings added public attraction to the areas Sporting events. Phil and Ryan are very excited to show-case both kickboxing and mixed martial arts in this state of the art facility.

Featured bouts on the night will include, IKF Amateur MuayThai with Herman Morrison Vs Maciej Gulinski. ISCF Amateur MMA Featuring Jimmy Berketta Vs Bart Palaszeweski. Other featured fighters will include Jim Lyons, Greg Ford, Greg Little, Jason Stransky, Todd Stephens, Dave Flurry, Hutan Ghojulla, Brian Szhor, Steve Merideth and Sean Mahin.

Gates open at 5:30 PM and the fights begin at 6:30 PM. Tickets in advance are $10 bleacher $15 reserved seat $25 ringside seat. At the door prices are $15 bleacher, $ 20 reserved seat, $30 ringside seat. TICKET LOCATIONS Are: Peoria Athletic Club: 672-3090, Shandi's 647-9434, The Dungeon: 494-9138, Viano's: 647-6705, Phil Johns: 668-1705.

For more information contact Ryan Blackorby at 309-672-3090 or Phil Johns at 309-668-1705.



This Sunday night, March 10th, IKF Promoters Mike Fowles and Steve Donnelly will host IKF Pro and Amateur kickboxing in Coventry England. For more information please contact Mr. Alby Bimpson or Jacqui Thompson of IKF Europe at (Phone/ Fax) 44 174 473 9043.

WEDNESDAY, March 6th, 2002, AT 11:30 PM, PT

The IKF Steps UP to Support San Shou...

New York, NY: Whether you do American kickboxing, International Rules, Muay Thai or San Shou you probably know the legends of our sport. People like Maurice Smith, Don "The Dragon" Wilson, Benny "The Jet" Urquidez, Rick Roufus, Duke Roufus, and a host of other great athletes who became great champions. What most people seem to forget is that everyone of these legends once had to step into the ring for the first time. Fortunately for us, someone gave them a shot, someone believed in them and someone supported them. All amateur shows, especially for raw beginners, don't have "big names" and often don't draw the big crowds, but they are an integral part of our sport. Often, sanctioning bodies ignore these small shows. Then there are those who think about the future.

On Saturday, March 16, 2022 the NYKK Gym will present the NYC San Shou Tournament, an all amateur event open to all interested athletes. It will be a unique opportunity for those who either aren't prepared for the "big time" or can't get on a big card to get much needed experience. In the past, these "small" events have featured the future stars of our sport. It may very well help promoters of the future "King of San Da: USA" events identify possible talent for these high profile shows. So the NYC San Shou Tournament isn't just any show and that's why the International Kickboxing Federation (IKF) has stepped up to sanction an event which otherwise would have gone ignored by a lot of others. The sanctioning not only gives the event a little more opportunity to be known, it will also help each and every athlete directly. All participants will be listed in the IKF Rankings as a result of their participation.

The NYC San Shou Tournament would like to thank the IKF for supporting it and San Shou.

NYC San Shou Tournament
Saturday, March 16, 2022
Starting at 10 AM at NYKK Gym
43 W 24th street between 6th ave and Broadway
For Info, Call: (212) 242-2453
or Mr. Ross' e-mail by clicking Here.
Spectators $10, Late registration still open, only $35


MuayThai Instructor Needed In New York!
From Muay Thaimes

We are currently seeking a top-notch, experienced Muay Thai trainer to serve as head Muay Thai trainer at a gym located in Brooklyn, New York.
We are looking for candidates with professional fight experience overseas. Candidates should be proficient with all of Muay Thai's weapons, including exceptional western boxing skills. Experience in the competitive boxing ring is a plus. Candidates should already have experience training groups of students in Muay Thai. Salary is negotiable.
The facility is located in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn, New York. It is a beautiful, spacious, two-floor center with a fully-equipped fitness center and locker rooms with showers.
If you meet the above criteria and would like to be considered for the position, please contact Mike Afromowitz at muaythaimes@aol.com or call 917-566-7292. Also feel free to send bio/resume, video, and any other relevant information to:
Mike Afromowitz, c/o TEK, 30 Haven Avenue, Mount Vernon, NY, 10550, USA

TUESDAY, March 4th, 2002, AT 9:00 AM, PT

"Point" Kickboxing...
The First Step For Beginners Towards Full Contact Fighting...
IKF Point Kickboxing, March 30th in San Jose, CA...Register before March 15th and Save $10!

Evergreen Community College will host what very well could be California's first "total" semi contact (continuous sparring) Point Kickboxing Event. The elimination tournament will feature men, women and junior fighters from the West Coast. They will compete in two divisions, American Style - above the waist Kickboxing and "more" from the Orient: Muay Thai Kickboxing. Both division are looking like they will be packed with great competition! First, second and third place trophies will be awarded for those out-pointing the competition on this day!

The fights are totally judged on points, for a two minute time period and no knockouts are allowed. Full safety gear is mandatory! It's a great way for beginner kickboxers to get started without too much fear of being knockout! They will be able to focus on proper techniques which will keep the spectators at the edge of their seats! Spectators will pay only $5.00 dollars at the door to see a full day of exciting Kickboxing competition!

The Event will have some of the top referees of Boxing and Kickboxing. As seen on HBO Boxing and ESPN boxing and Kickboxing events, Jon Schorle II, (Left) who was the first ever IKF Referee, and former kickboxing Champion himself Dan "Bam Bam" Stell, (Right) will run their rings together with a the group of highly skilled officials. Master Instructor and long time promoter of continuous sparring divisions in his Point Karate tournaments, Mr. Carlos Navarro and his outstanding daughter and "take charge" black belt instructor Ruby Navarro will operate the four floor rings with Stell and Schorle for the entire event!

Additionally, Meet and get your autograph from IKF World Middleweight Champion

Dave "The Madman" Marinoble
and see his beautiful world championship belt!

Also, this event is your opportunity to purchase the all new Johnny Davis Kickboxing Training Manual, the Official IKF Kickboxing Training Manual. Its loaded with pointers and techniques that will last a life time

Instructors and trainers, if you're thinking about entering your school or gym, do it now and save! The entry fee after the 15th will be $35 which isn't bad but why not save money if you can!! Register By clicking HERE!

Johnny Davis, Steve Fossum and the IKF team... ask the question..


March 30th... Evergreen Community College
For more information call (916) 663-2467 or (408) 482-7082.

Register Now! Register Now! Register Now! See event Page for registration form!


The following is an article written by Johnny Davis (Left) and featured in his Kickboxing Training Manual "The Art of Kickboxing", The Official IKF Training Manual Now Available!

IKF Point Kickboxing is exciting and fun! IKF Point Kickboxing is derived from "full contact" Kickboxing and Point Karate tournament style competition. Point- meaning the entire match is judged on points. Punches and kicks must land in designated striking areas. If the attacker knocks out his opponent, he/she will be disqualified. There are few exceptions to this rule. Judges must be conscious of faking by the offended, the final decision will be up to the three judges. The Kickboxing portion of the name is derived from the "style" of fighting used. Meaning, use of boxing and karate type kicks. Participants wear headgear, 10 to 16 oz gloves, foot pads (for regular and Muay Thai styles), mouthpiece, groin and breast protectors, etc. The action is continuous for one, two, or three minute rounds depending on age group.

The focus is on punches and kicks landing in designated areas and technique rather than hard hitting. Its more like Olympic Style Boxing without the knockouts. In the end, the decision will be left to the judges. (See Judging...Getting the Point on the Johnny Davis Page) There have been Kickboxing "divisions" in Point competition for some time. However, in reviewing some of these matches, they were unorganized and quickly became full contact bouts. The competitors were literally trying to knock each other out and showed very little control. The judges and referees were ill equipped to rule in such matches, therefore it often led to many injuries and discouraged potential competitors. The spectators were also confused to whether they were watching a "full contact" bout in a point semi-contact tournament. IKF Point Kickboxing will be organized with strict rules on contact! With workouts like Billy Blank's Tae Bo and other Martial Arts aerobic workouts in such demand, its only a matter of time before participants in these classes want to take it to the next level. IKF Point Kickboxing is the next level out of the gym! IKF Point Kickboxing will decrease fear of being knocked out and will give participants an outlet to practice Kickboxing techniques in a more realistic manner.

When I was competing, I constantly switched from a Point Karate tournament one weekend to a Full Contact match within a couple of weeks. I must admit, it took more concentration to do this. Of course, I didn't want to think full contact in a semi-contact event or vice versa. Both scenarios could be dangerous. If IKF Point Kickboxing were available then, I believe it would have only enhanced my skills as a full contact fighter because my techniques would have been the same. Hence, only adding to my accuracy and fluency in combinations.

Now that we have IKF Point Kickboxing trainers will have a tool to keep their fighters in shape between amateur fights as well as, introduce their beginner fighters to the sport of Kickboxing. IKF Point Kickboxing done correctly will become one of the biggest divisions in tournaments to hit the Martial Arts scene. Winners will receive trophies and in some cases cash. Men, women, and children will be eager to participate! Spectator appeal for Kickboxing will greatly increase! Enrollment for Kickboxing Classes will double!

Register now for The IKF Point Kickboxing Tournament.
March 30th in San Jose, CA, USA.
See the Point Kickboxing Page HERE for more information on rules and registration.

To order Mr. Davis' New IKF Kickboxing Training Manual, CLICK HERE!

SUNDAY, March 3rd, 2002, AT 11:00 AM, PT

Press Release from WorldBlackBelt.com

Howard Jackson, (Left & Right) a grand master and champion in so many ways, is now up against his toughest fight ever. Howard has been diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. Treatments have already begun and he is in good hands and in good spirits. Howard Jackson is our hero and we would like to express our best wishes and love to a man that has and will always be a Martial Arts Legend, Icon, and friend.

Any one that would like to send Howard a card you can mail it to:
Howard Jackson
18653 Ventura Blvd., Box 711
Tarzana, CA 91356

He is also getting quite a collection of Teddy Bears. A fund has been set up for him. Anyone that would like to send a donation can send it to:
Howard Jackson Leukemia Fund
18653 Ventura Blvd., Box 711
Tarzana, CA 91356

Howard has a very positive attitude. He has kept his body physically sound which will be an asset for his recovery. He loves life and people to the fullest extent possible. Please return his love in your prayers. To contact Howard, you can email him at howardjackson@worldblackbelt.com

For more information about Howard, you can visit his Official Website by clicking

Who Is Howard Jackson?
From The Howard Jackson Page: Howard Jackson had a phenomenal winning streak in major competitions-Tournament Karate, Kickboxing, full contact Karate, and Boxing. He was voted the best by his competitors and peers. Jackson was born in Detroit, Michigan to working class parents who many times had to rely on government assistance for housing and food. Life for the Jackson family was unstable and his mother and father died at an early age. The oldest of four children, he saw his two brothers die violent and tragic deaths. He and his sister (Corliss) survived the troubled streets of Detroit.

Jackson started studying kung fu in 1967 after the Detroit riots and searched for a martial art that would work best for him. A turning point came when Jackson witnessed a demonstration by an individual who had been studying Tang Soo Do karate for two years and thanks to this young man, Howard Jackson was led to Harold Williams who became his mentor and karate instructor up to Howard's testing for first degree black belt in Tang Soo Do karate. In 1970, Jackson along with two other soon-to-be champions, Johnny Lee and Everett "Monsterman" Eddy, and the champion of that time frame who was testing for fourth degree black belt, Chuck Norris, (Pictured with Howard at Right) were all tested for black belt by Grand Master Hwang Kee and His Moo Kwon testing board.

Shortly thereafter, Jackson searched for the ultimate self-defense martial art. He joined the Marines Corps and discovered tournament competition. While at Camp Pendleton, he read a karate magazine about his stable mates, Johnny Lee and Everett "Monsterman" Eddy, who were winning karate championships all over the country. Jackson had to find a way to be a part of karate competition. He got his chance and entered the Four Seasons Karate Championships. Although he was disqualified for excessive contact, he was noticed by Chuck Norris and Bob Wall. Although complemented for his exceptional kicking ability, he was told of his lack of control. Chuck and Bob also encouraged him to develop his usage of hand techniques. At that time, they invited young Howard to the Chuck Norris Karate Studios in Torrance, California.

The next week Howard caught the Greyhound bus from Camp Pendleton in California to Long Beach, California and spent his weekend leave training with Chuck Norris and his many talented black belts (such as Bob Wall, John Natividad, Darnell Garcia, Bob Burbitch, Ralph Alegria, Aaron Norris, and Pat Johnson, just to name a few). Jackson became an integral part of the Chuck Norris fighting team who were winning both team and individual championships across the country.

In 1972-73, Jackson was ranked among the top 10 national fighters in the United States. He was called "California Flash" because of his most outstanding attribute, his initial speed and a unique ability to rapidly close the gap on his opponents. He was ranked number 8 in 1973. Howard was contacted by heavyweight champion Joe Lewis and invited to his sparring session, and Joe and Howard became sparring partners. Joe also saw Howard's potential to be a recognized champion. Joe became a part of Howard's success and he helped Howard to become both mentally and physically prepared for competitive fighting. Joe Lewis combined his personal theories in fighting along with Bruce Lee's and taught these theories to Howard. While Chuck Norris, Mike Stone and others gave Howard the tools of competitive fighting, Joe sharpened them.

In 1973, Howard won the grand championship and first prize $1000 in semi contact competition at the Top 10 Nationals in St. Louis. Jackson became the only two-time grand Champion of the Battle of Atlanta (1973 and 1974). In 1973 , he was inducted into the Black Belt Hall of Fame as "Fighter of the Year." Jackson became the first lightweight to dominate his sport and professional karate's biggest money winner of 1973. Jackson had usurped Bill Wallace, at the time America's top tournament fighter. In 1974, he won the lightweight title in the split-division United States Championships in Dallas. Jackson was the Black Belt and Professional Karate Magazines #1 U.S. karate fighter of 1974 (Karate Player of the Year).

After a knee injury in 1974, Jackson's whole world seem to crumble. After two years of therapy for the knee, and perseverance and determination, Jackson launched a comeback in 1976, competing in professional boxing, karate, and kickboxing. On January 26, 1980, he captured the WKA full-contact welterweight title. Jackson won an unanimous decision over Japan's Yoshimitsu Tamashiro. In January 1981, he won against Miyaso Chiba in Tokyo to become the world junior welterweight champion of the World Kickboxing Association. Howard Jackson was the first competitor to win the Karate Player of the Year award with only two years of experience and was one of the first internationally recognized world champions. He was the first karate champion to be ranked in professional boxing-number 6 in the world by the World Boxing Association (WBA). At age 23, Jackson attained his goal of becoming the first black man to reach the pinnacle position of tournament karate. Howard Jackson was the only champion in history to hold world titles in semi contact, full contact, kickboxing and boxing.

After retirement in 1983, Jackson worked for 10 years as Personal Protection Officer/Training Partner to actor and World Karate Champion, Chuck Norris. His total dedication to the sport and the art earned him the admiration and respect of his contemporaries; he was known as a professional's professional. In keeping with his goals of accomplishment and self improvement, Jackson left his position with Mr. Norris and worked for 5 years as Bodyguard to the Temptations (Left). Howard then returned to his position with Chuck Norris. Jackson credits martial arts as giving him focus and a method by which he could achieve realistic goals. He learned that "step by step, one small goal at a time, he could accomplish what he wanted." Howard, at this time, would like to reach out to the world and share his knowledge and wisdom with children and adults. He is available for seminars and training. To see more about his seminars, go to this page: www.howardjackson.net/id22.htm

Howard at the age of 50 is at the greatest stage of his life....

From Howard... Physically my body is in wonderful shape, by just knowing the right exercise, proper proportion of exercise, and the exercise that benefits me the most. Strength wise I am at my highest state. Both physically and mentally. I am able to push myself mentally to the point where I can achieve personal gains from my physical efforts which will not cause serious injury or break my momentum with my workout. From the stand point of life itself, I have had a wonderful prosperous life. I have had my ups and downs as we all do. I am going through my third divorce. I have three wonderful children. My oldest son Howard Jr., turned 30 this February. He is a police officer for the L.A.P.D., (Los Angeles Police Department, California, USA) and a very good one at that. He also plays football, a running back, for the police department. He also is a work horse. Howard Jr. has a wonderful wife, Shanta and my two grandsons, Jonathan 9 and Jordan 2.

My second son Jeremy resides in Alberta Canada. Jeremy, a great athlete, won a full scholarship to Michigan State, for hockey. Jeremy was one of the best players on the hockey team while being an intrical part of the team at such an early stage of his college freshman year. He was on the first line. The only player to have free roam because of his ability for being a play maker, his exceptional speed and his ability to handle the puck. Unfortunately, age played as a negative conclusion on my young upstarts college career. He lost his focus from hockey and fell into the teenage party syndrome. We've all been there and done that, so I understand, but I'm very proud of him. He went back to Canada, projected his focus again on hockey and is now being noticed by the NHL and WHL hockey leagues. Trial, tribulation and maturity has established itself with my son. He's learned how to channel his energies to more positive goals.

Last but not least, my one and only daughter Amber Nicole Jackson, whom I held on to her name prior to her arrival. I had her name to bestow on Jeremy who turned out to be a boy. At any rate, the way to a man's heart is not the food he eats, it's the daughter he spoils. I spend a lot of time with my eight your old tyke. She is the apple of my eye, especially during the difficult time of divorce. Life is all that you make of it and I'm making the best of it, regardless of the ups and downs, there's always the better days. My children are my life. It took me such a long time to realize that life is truly all about family, because that's what has kept me going all these years. I feel 25 years old, with 25 years of lifes experiences. I'm at my best, "HELLO WORLD"!


Event Results From Last Night...
IKF Radford, Coventry, England Event!

From IKF Europe Office

  1. Junior Amateur
    Ben Dunning, Cannock Vs. Lee Kelly, Radford Coventry - Full Contact 3 X 1/2 Result - Unanimous Decision Ben Dunning.

  2. Amateur Demonstration
    Lisa Beaney, Northampton Vs. Gemma Murray, Radford Coventry.

  3. IKF Junior Amateur Midland Area Title - Full Contact 42kg
    Joshua Wainwright, Cannock Vs. Cameron Pringle Jones, Radford Coventry 4 X 1/2 Result - Majority Decision Joshua Wainwright - New Champion.

  4. Amateur
    Jay Bimpson, Merseyside Vs. Brett Healey, Radford Coventry - Full Contact 3 X 2, Result - Unanimous Decision Brett Healey.

  5. Amateur
    Chris Witton, Cannock Vs. Ian Spears, Liverpool - Full Contact 3 X 2 Result, Referee Stopped Fight 2nd Round Winner Chris Witton.

  6. Amateur Memorial Bout
    Ian Cullen, Liverpool Vs. Martin Inglis, Radford Coventry, Full Contact 3 X 2 Result, TKO 1 Min 32 Sec 1st Round Winner - Martin Inglis.

  7. IKF Pro Midland Area Full Contact Title 80KG
    Adam Dove, Northampton Vs. Michael Bogusz, Radford Coventry, Full Contact 5 X 2 Result, Unanimous Decision - New Champion - Adam Dove.

  8. Amateur
    Steve Bowler, Coventry Vs. Patrick O'Grady, Radford Coventry, Full Contact 3 X 2 Result - KO 1st Round - Winner Patrick O'Grady.

  9. Amateur
    Craig Price, Derby Vs. Mark Wilson, Radford Coventry, Full Contact 3x 2, Result: TKO 1st Round - Winner - Craig Price.

  10. Amateur Demonstration
    John James, Radford Coventry Vs. Craig Harris, Radford Coventry.

  11. IKF Pro Midland Area Full Contact Title 88.7kg.
    Shane Owen, Northampton Vs. Tyrone Mcnamara, Radford Coventry, Full Contact 5 X 2, Result: TKO 3rd Round 1 Min 59 Sec - New Champion - Tyrone Mcnamara.

A full event report will follow later this week. For more info about this event which was promoted by IKF Promoter Tom Morris, please contact Mr. Alby Bimpson or Jacqui Thompson of IKF Europe at (Phone - Fax) 44 174 473 9043.

FRIDAY, March 1st, 2002, AT 4:25 PM, PT


Coventry, England

IKF Amateur event is promoted by IKF England Promoter Tom Morris. For more information please contact Mr. Alby Bimpson or Jacqui Thompson of IKF Europe at (Phone/ Fax) 44 174 473 9043, Or by e-mail by clicking HERE!


Titles & Regulations
There's more to ANY Sanctioning Body than just the Letters... At least one would Hope So..

Mike Altman

Marvin Perry

On July 21st, 2001, the IKF sanctioned an Amateur San Shou Event in San Jose California, USA where there were two talented San Shou fighters who fought for IKF "AMATEUR" San Shou Titles. However it was later discovered that 2 of them were not only Professional fighters but had been for sometime. Upon finding this out, we were put into a very ugly situation where we were forced to vacate their IKF U.S. Amateur Titles.

The two fighters were James Cooper, of Houston, Texas, USA trained by Mike Altman (Left) and Marvin Perry of Boston, MA, USA trained by Jason Ming Yee (Right). Both fighters showed excellent skill at the event and for the obvious reasons.

Fighting for the vacant IKF Amateur San Shou Cruiserweight U.S. Title on that night was Cooper (Right) who informed us at weigh-ins the night before the event that his fight record was 20 wins and 2 loses. Unknown to the IKF, having not been informed this by the event promoter and matchmaker, Cooper had made his Pro debut in in the late 90's in the "Art of War" events on the US Team Vs the China Team in Pro San Shou. Adding to this, he had fought in Texas as a Pro Kickboxer. Worse yet, he was at the 5th US San Shou Open 2 weeks earlier on July 7th, 2001 in Atlanta, Georgia claiming a different record. On the event, Cooper fought for a Pro San Shou World Title with the July 21st event promoters present. He was defeated by Yousef Taghizadeh of New York, NY, USA. At the time, Cooper was the USA WKF national champ and the #1 ranked San Shou fighter in the 187 lb class in the United States. At that event, he claimed his fight record was only 7 wins and 1 loss with most of those wins by KO before the fight. On the July 21st, San Jose, CA, USA event Cooper defeated Brian Madigan, who had a fight record of 8 wins with 2 loses, by unanimous decision to win the vacant IKF Amateur San Shou Cruiserweight U.S. Title. Madigan is trained by Brent Hamby of EBM Kung-Fu Academy in Oakland, CA, USA.

On that same night on July 21st, 2001, the Main Event of the night was for the vacant IKF Amateur San Shou Heavyweight U.S. Title. In the bout, Marvin Perry (Left) of Boston Sanshou Academy, Boston, MA, USA, with a fight record of 23 wins, 1 loss and 7 wins by KO/TKO defeated Adam Caldwell of Oakland, California, USA with a fight record of 6 wins and 2 loses by TKO at :26 seconds of the 3rd round. Perry impressed everyone with the tremendous power he had in both his front and rear round kicks that seemed to rock Caldwell through his own gloves. No wonder why, he had already been fighting as a pro fighter for some time.Perry had already made his Pro debut in November, 2000 as a Full Contact Rules fighter when he won the USKBA New England Super Cruiserweight Title by a first round TKO of Jason Benacorsi. Six months later in May 2001 he won the USKBA Northeast Super Cruiserweight Title after beating Ruben Colon. Perry's a very accomplished fighter having won several titles which include;

  • 1997 International Chinese Martial Arts Cruiserweight San Shou Champion
  • 1998 USAWKF Cruiserweight San Shou National Champion
  • 1999 USAWKF Heavyweight San Shou National Champion
  • 2000 USAWKF East Coast Heavyweight San Shou National Champion
  • 2000 USAWKF West Coast Heavyweight San Shou National Champion
  • USKBA New England Super Cruiserweight Full Contact Champion
  • USKBA North East Super Crusierweight Full Contact Champion
  • IKF Heavyweight San Shou National Champion (The title now being stripped)
  • USKBA Muay Thai Heavyweight Champion

With this being said, there was no questioning Perry's talent. The question is, "Why would a promoter match him up with an Amateur Fighter for an Amateur Title?" The other question here is "Who's to blame? The promoter or the fighter and trainer for not informing us here at the IKF at the official weigh-ins?" As much as these questions need to be addressed, we figured this post would be sufficient as to our decision here as the sanctioning body involved. We fault ourselves because we went on the trust of those involved and as everyone can see, simply trusting in someone was just not enough. We hope to do a better job next time but this error on our part to us, is totally unacceptable for several reasons.

Jason Ming Yee

Derek Clements

What prompted this post was the recent death of a kickboxer, Derek Clements (Right) last weekend in a Pro World Title bout. (Scroll down below) From what we've been told, Clements was fighting for a Pro World Title in what appeared to be his FIRST Pro bout against a very seasoned Pro fighter who did not only pro kickboxing but pro boxing as well. With this in mind, we're only thankful that Brian Madigan and Adam Caldwell didn't meet the same fate against their seasoned competition. What may have saved them was the IKF's rule for all amateurs to wear headgear. Something Clements didn't have the pleasure of wearing. But what if Madigan and Caldwell didn't have headgear in their bouts? what if they would have fought for another sanctioning body that didn't require headgear for amateur fighters? Worse yet, the California State Athletic Commission does not require amateur fighters to wear headgear. What if the IKF wasn't involved on these bouts? Even the State Athletic Commission couldn't have saved them. But the IKF here is not far from fault.

Sure, we made all the amateur fighters on that night wear headgear, but why did we only put our trust in the promoters who informed us that all these fighters were AMATEURS? Why didn't we do our own research? Can you see the seriousness of this entire issue here? It's a problem we have with our sport still. The regulation of AMATEUR Fighters and the "ALLOWING" of just anyone, no matter what experience, to fight for big World Titles. Was KICK (The Sanctioning body involved it the Clements bout) to blame in Clements death? Did they research his record to assure he was a qualified fighter to be matched up against such a seasoned Pro fighter? Maybe, maybe not, but it appears they they probably did the same as we did. They trusted their promoter/matchmaker as to if he was qualified or not. However, this was a PRO World Title, not an amateur title bout.

What makes all this worse is how many promoters respond to the discipline involved in such things. When we or any world organization that has earned their stripes, make strong regulations as to who can fight for what title or the regulations of amateurs and pros, safety gear etc. etc. instead of following the rules we lose them as promoters. Where do they go? Well sure, we could lose these promoters to other organizations. But worse, as in this case they walk away and start their own sanctioning body. Great, another ABC organization that regulates itself so they don't have to follow any of what they feel are stupid or silly rules.

As 10 time world champion Don "The Dragon" Wilson once said to us in a conversation about sanctioning bodies, "A sanctioning body has one main important reason to exist. To establish strong rules and regulations to protect the fighters who fight under their organization and to always enforce those rules no matter what the cost" We here at the IKF have always tried to maintain this rule to the strongest level. However, did we fail in the San Shou bout above? Maybe so. One things for sure, we made this all public so you, the IKF readers would be able to be more aware of such things. We need your help too. If you see a pro fighter matched up against an amateur for an amateur bout, we need to hear from you. Your not a "Snitch." Instead, you may very well be saving a fighters life...

The post was started for 2 reasons. One, as stated, the recent death of Mr. Clements and two, since several IKF readers have questioned us about why these two great fighters were no longer listed as Champions? Not to mention the many in the San Shou community that had pointed out to us here at the IKF after the fact that these two were Pro Fighters. Regardless, what's done is done and these two very talented fighters have now been placed where they need to be. In the PRO San Shou Rankings.

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