MONDAY, September 30th, 2002, AT 5:00 PM, PT


Will there only be "1" Country Flag Flying at the IKF North American Tournament?

Although we have had lots of requests of Canadian and Mexico amateur full contact fighters to fight on an IKF North American Championship Tournament, a quick look to the IKF 2002 NAC "Registered Fighters" page and all would see that there are NO Canadian or Mexican fighters registered for the 2002 North American Championship Tournament.

This really puzzles us since there are so many talented fighters in these countries. We can't help but wonder why they haven't registered yet. Is it because they don't know about the Tournament? Or maybe they think its to far to Travel? Or is the $45 Registration Fee too much? Or maybe they think that it is not worth the effort? Who knows...

We hardly think these thoughts entered there minds... Or did they...? What do you think? What do the readers and fans of IKF Kickboxing think? If you have any thoughts on this feel free to e-mail them to us at main@ikfkickboxing.com. In the "Subject" line of your e-mail put "Thoughts on Can/Mex in 2002 NAC".

They may (or not) be posted on this site. Lets see if we can motivate our friends and neighbors to register for this event and make it a TRUE North American Championship Tournament that everyone will be proud to say they were a part of!!! Come on Canada and Mexico get off your seat and on your feet and get registered!!! It's time to "WALK THE WALK" instead of just "Talk The Talk!"... We hope to see you at THE Show!

MORE NEWS OF 9-30-02

Biafore Retires From The Ring...
And Moves Forward In Life

The last time any of us saw Paul Biafore of Missaga, Ontario, Canada in the ring he was blasting Bernard "Swiftkick" Robinson of Pittsburgh, PA, USA by TKO at the end of the 4th round in Lowell, Massachusetts, USA on May 14th, 1999. Biafore was ahead on all the cards at the time, 40-36, 40-35 & 40-35. The bout was in Lowell Massachusetts, USA. Paul was trained by Nick Ventura and the IKF title he won was the IKF Pro Full Contact Rules World Welterweight Title. With the fresh win improving his fight record to 31-4-1 with 16 wins by KO, it would appear he had plenty of fight left in him.

However, the truth was, although he had plenty to dish out to others in the ring, it seemed no one wanted a part of Biafore ever again. Since his IKF World Title victory in May of 1999 he never received any worthy offers to fight again. So instead of sitting around to wait for the phone to ring he started doing other things. Two of those things helped in his decision to pack up his bags and move to sunny Southern California. his quest... To pursue a career in Music as well as start teaching his skills to others.

Biafore has nothing to prove to anyone ever again in the ring as a fighter. Holder of multiple World Titles, he's proven himself plenty to everyone. Over the years he was competing in Kickboxing we have watched his career closely. It's not hard to find many who would agree that he is clearly one of the best fighter of his time in his weightclass.

He comes to the table with dedication, diligent, confidence, depth of knowledge and experience. To find another competitor like Biafore may take a lifetime.

His plans now are to be the best instructor, coach , and mentor any new competitor could wish for. We are confident that he will push them to the greatest heights and take them to places they not thought possible on there own. The benefits of his years of experience and competition will prove invaluable. In our opinion there are very few others that can do what Paul Biafore has done and can do for the sport and the students of kickboxing.

If you are interested in booking Mr. Biafore for seminars please contact the IKF for more info.

MORE NEWS OF 9-30-02

Professor Carlos Navarro Scores Big With
IKF Point Kickboxing©

Reported by IKF & PKB Director Johnny Davis

This past weekend was a great one for The Carlos Navarro family of Navarro's Kenpo, Karate and Kickboxing Studio out of San Francisco, CA, USA. He and daughter Ruby, (Left) were the promoters of one of their outstanding Martial Arts tournaments that are legendary in Northern CA, USA. It was a well run tournament that included many divisions such as Forms, Point Karate fighting, Weapons and Musical Katas that delighted the full house of spectators!

But of course, the primary focus of the IKF was the newly formed IKF Point Kickboxing© that's really catching on and many are anxiously awaiting more events! The Navarro family really scored big with this tournament that hosted well over 300 competitors and at least 80 of them were in the IKF Point Kickboxing© (Full Contact Rules, International & Muay Thai divisions) Men, Women and Juniors lined up in full protective gear including 12 to 16 oz. Century boxing gloves to sport their wares and see who could walk away with a beautiful 5' trophy.

As the IKF Representative for this event, I was very impressed to see how well everything was operating. The only glitch was at the end of the week the Navarro's received news that the original location of the tournament (Oceana High School) would not be completed from a remodel and the tournament had to be move to another gym. Even with this interruption, the Navarro's reorganized the event and moved forward for what was to be a tournament to remember.

The IKF Point Kickboxing© division of the event was packed with good action! For the most part, the action was controlled and although there were some warning for contact, there were no disqualification's or notable injuries.

Its clear that trainers and fighters are beginning to see that IKF Point Kickboxing© will be around in the future and are just now starting to adjust from what they saw as no other option - Full Contact - to a more controlled environment - Point Kickboxing- that allows them to practice their art in a more controlled setting. They are paying closer attention to the "semi-contact – no knockouts" rules that are posted on the IKF Point Kickboxing© pages and are training and dressing accordingly. ( In the Point Kickboxing divisions all participants are required to wear long trousers and in the Point Muay Thai divisions shorts are mandatory - as well as full protective gear in all divisions)

After all, the end goal of the IKF is the create another avenue for the beginner to participate without the fear of being knocked out or seriously injured. This will allow them to increase their skill level so that one day they will be able to participate in full contact events such as the 'Golden Gloves" of Kickboxing tournaments – The IKF USA Nationals, North American Championships and the IKF World Amateur Championships.

Professor Navarro is one of the true pioneers for "Continuous Sparring" events in Northern California and has true vision for the sport as he has joined up with IKF Point Kickboxing© . He is sure to continue to play a major role in organizing and hosting future IKF events. Congratulation to Team Navarro on a job well done!

Next Year, IKF Point Kickboxing© and Point Muay Thai events will be more available. We are making a lot of progress in organizing the IKF Point Kickboxing© Circuit. We are speaking with instructors and promoters about hosting events in their cities. The first tournament of 2003 will be held in Rocklin, CA, USA on February 1st at the beautiful Sunset Center. (2650 Sunset Blvd, Rocklin, CA.)

Continue to visit the IKF site for posting of additional tournaments across the United States. For more information on IKF Point Kickboxing© and Point Muay Thai events (see page) or contact Johnny Davis at (916) 780-7483 or by e-mail jd@ikfkickboxing.com – For Professor Carlos Navarro call (415) 550-1694.

MORE NEWS OF 9-30-02

Another Night Of

St. Louis, Missouri, USA

IKF Promoter and trainer Jesse Finney and his Finney's Kickboxing Team are ROCKIN as they prepare for yet ANOTHER Finney's Championship Kickboxing Event in St.Louis, Missouri, USA. Tomorrow nights October 1st event is yet another addition of Finney's "Tuesday Night Fights" held at Lucky's on the Landing

For more event info, please contact Mr. Jesse Finney at (314) 351-5226 or by e-mail at finneys@finneyskickboxing.com or see their website at...www.FinneysKickboxing.com.

MORE NEWS OF 9-30-02

From The Finney September, 28th, 2002, IKF Event In St Louis, Missouri, USA

Here are the quick results from Finney's Kickboxing "MIDWEST FIGHT FEST" at Lucky's in St. Louis, Missouri, USA.

  1. "The Golden Boy" Jesse Finney defeated Curtis Christopher by TKO in the 2nd round.

  2. Marc "The Hammer" Mayfield defeated Chad Smith by unanimous decision.

  3. ISCF MMA: John Hoppes defeated "Mean" Mike Green by arm bar.

  4. Eddie Green defeated Mike Rodgers by decision.

  5. Leslie McNamara defeated Kim Nolden by decision.

  6. Dylan Leonard defeated Nick Anderson by decision.

  7. Drew Harris defeated Matt Levens by KO in the 2nd round.

  8. John Felts defeated Shadow Swopes decision.

A Full Event report will be posted later this week by IKF Event Representative Brooks Mason. For more information contact Finney's Championship Kickboxing and Martial Arts at (314) 351-5226.

MORE NEWS OF 9-30-02

Kickboxing Event 5
Bolzano, Italy Promoter - Franz Haller

REVISED 10-3-02 AT 11:05 PM

SPECIAL NOTE: Professional Full Contact Style fighter Keith Nesbitt was booked for a MuayThai style bout against Professional Thaiboxing World Champion, Andrea Ronchi by the promoter, Franz Haller. On a kickboxing news page, the promoter was quoted as saying he was mad that the IKF suggested Nesbitt for the bout and blamed the IKF for Nesbitt's poor showing, being stopped in the first 30 seconds of the bout. However since this was not a title bout, the IKF never got involved in ANY of the matchmaking. The IKF was asked to assist Mr. Haller in an event back in May of this year for the same weightclass. At that time, the IKF suggested 4 top muaythai style fighters for the event. However none were booked because Mr. Haller only asked for the fighters 10 days before the actual event. For the event this last weekend, the IKF never even suggested any fighters.


SPECIAL NOTE (Revised 10-3-02 at 11:05 PM):
In hind-sight, Mr. Nesbitt should have never accepted the bout in a rule style he was not trained in. His doing so made a poor and expensive showing for the Promoter and didn't shed good light on Nesbitt either, a very good "Above the waist style fighter." All Fight purses were paid in full on this event.

FRIDAY, September 27th, 2002, AT 4:00 PM, PT

North American Amateur Tournament

The deadline for fighter registration for this event was set at the middle of October. However today we were informed that because of the special way the Medallions (right) for the Championship Belts for this event had to be done, it would take 2 weeks longer than the making of other belts we have ordered. For this reason, we needed to move this deadline up so we know how many fighters will be fighting. This is because we need to order the Championship Belts by Wednesday, October 2nd and we cannot wait for late entrees to determine how many belts we will be needing.

If you have questions about this change of deadline please e-mail the IKF at Main@IKFKickboxing.com

Thank You

MORE NEWS OF 9-27-02

This Weekends IKF Action...

September, 28th, 2002, IKF Bolzanoc, Italy

Kickboxing Event 5 In Italy

IKF Promoter and Champion kickboxer Franz Haller is all set to host his IKF Kickboxing event this Saturday night in Bolzano, Italy. The event, Kickboxing Event 5 will feature a Pro IKF MuayThai rules bout with WKA Leg Kick World Champion Andrea Ronchi (Left) meeting up with Keith Nesbitt (Right) of Rochester, New York, USA. The bout will be under modified muaythai rules.

This will be Nesbitt's second leg kick bout and the decision to continue on with this match-up may not be a wise one for the veteran full contact rules (above the waist) fighter. Although Nesbitt has done great in the full contact rules arena with several titles to his name, he's very new to leg kicking, let alone muaythai rules with knees and elbows.

On August 24th, (Below) in Ohio, MuayThai fighter Dan Rawlings gave Nesbitt a strong lesson in leg kicking and a beating to go with it, stopping him in the first round of their scheduled 5 round bout. It should have been a wake-up call for Nesbitt not to venture into another leg kick bout until he learned more about checking kicks, especially against someone as strong as Ronchi.

It's a management mistake that may end with even more severe injury for Nesbitt this time who was cleared by a doctor to fight this weekend despite being TKO'ed only 35 days ago by Rawlings leg kicks. Since it wasn't a head blow stoppage, the IKF OKed him for the bout as well, but with reluctancy in regards to the rule style and fear of future injury to a good full contact rules fighter.

Also on the card will be Fabrizio Bergamini (Wako Pro World Champ) vs Goran Borovic (Savate World Champ from Croatia) under International leg kick rules. Other pro bouts will include Jasminka Dizadarevic (Austria) vs Lucia Bini (Italy) in a modified muaythai rules bout. Several amateur bouts are also scheduled for the event. The event referee will be Henk Verschuur and the IKF event Representative will be IKF European Director, Alby Bimpson. For more info please contact Mr. Franz Haller by e-mail at franz.haller@tin.it


September, 28th, 2002, IKF Pacifica, California, USA
IKF POINT Kickboxing©

IKF Semi Contact (POINT Kickboxing©) Promoter Carlos Navarro (Right with daughter) will host his IKF Sanctioned event this Saturday in Pacifica, California USA.

The tournament will be held at the Oceana High School, 401 Paloma Ave, Pacifica, California, USA. Registration starts at 8:AM.

For more info, please contact Mr. Carlos Navarro at (415) 550-1694.


September, 28th, 2002, IKF St Louis, Missouri, USA

The Golden Boy
"Jesse Finney"
Is Back in the Kickboxing Ring

ALSO: Along with IKF Kickboxing
This Event Will Feature Missouri's First ISCF Bouts!

REVISED FROM FIRST POSTING OF 3 DAYS AGO: All the fighters for tomorrows nights event are weighed in and ready to go. The fights should be some of the best Finney's Promotion has ever had. The ticket sales are going great and it looks like it's going to be another Packed House!

As far as the card itself... Say it ain't so.... To a crowd to be over 1,000 people Promoter, Trainer, and Fighter Jesse Finney (right) is stepping back into the kickboxing ring after a couple of years off in this Saturday nights (September 28th) "MIDWEST FIGHT FEST" at Lucky's in St. Louis, Missouri, USA.

After opening a bigger gym and expanding the classes the gym offers. Jesse Finney is ready to start up where he left off, at the top. "Now that I have a solid stable of top fighters I am ready to step back into the ring and pursue my personal goals", Finney said. When Finney took a leave from fighting he was a 2-Time IKF Champion, and had comprised a record of 22-0 with 18 KO/TKO's. His first opponent is Curtis Christopher, from Lafayette, Louisiana, USA. Christopher will be bring his undefeated record of 15-0 to St. Louis, Missouri for the Main Event.

In the nights other action, Marc "The Hammer" Mayfield (Right) will be going up against Chad Smith, from O'Fallon, Illinois, USA. Smith has an amateur record of 16-1 and has been trying to turn pro for quite a while, but can't find any fights. Mayfield has a record of 35-5, and is coming off his 2002 IKF USA Nationals Title Wins. Mayfield's last lost was in July, against Marc Hominick of Canada for the vacant IKF FCR Super Welterweight North American Title. This fight was called by IKF World Ambassador Brooks Mason, "The best Amateur fight I had ever seen". The fight between Smith and Mayfield should be just as exciting as the fight between Mayfield and Hominick.

This night will be the first ISCF fights to be held in the State of Missouri. This past summer the IKF has been working with the Missouri State's Athletic Commission on getting Amateur MMA/NHB fights approved. Now that it has finally been approved (amateur) it is only fit that Finney's Championship Kickboxing and Martial Arts be the first to host these fights. (A previous event was scheduled last weekend, but with no Medical Doctor -MD- at ringside, the ISCF was forced to cancel the event)

UFC veteran Steve Berger will be the ISCF referee. In action that night will be "Mean" Mike Green of St. Louis, going up against John Hoppes of Waterloo, Iowa. Green has been working on his stand-up, while training with Finney's Championship Kickboxing and Martial Arts. Talking about NHB, Mike Rogers a King of the Cage Veteran, will be fighting in his first Full Contact Rules kickboxing fight.

Rogers, who just lost a split decision to Vernon White for the King of the Cage Heavyweight Championship, has been training with Finney's Championship Kickboxing and Martial Arts, has his sights on IKF US Nationals Champion Marcus Glen. He is hoping to meet him in the ring in early 2003. Rodgers will be leaving from this fight and getting ready for the Abu Dhabi try-outs two weeks from now.

On a night with great fights the undercards will also be something to watch. Four 2002 IKF USA Nationals Champions will also be in action this Saturday. Kevin Engal, (Left) who is ready to show the kickboxing world why he is one of the best, is ready for anyone. His opponent dropped out, due to an injury. So the matchmaker is currently looking for someone to fill this spot.

Leslie and Erin McNamara (Right) will both be in the ring this weekend. The twin sisters are both coming off impressive wins at the 2002 IKF USA Nationals and are looking to extend there records. Leslie will be facing Kim Nolden, of O'Fallon, Illinois, USA. This is a rematch from an exciting fight back on July 13th. Erin will be facing Melinda Richy, of Little Rock, Arkansas, USA.

The last, and definitely not the least is John Felts, (Left) of 21st Century Martial Arts. For those who might not remember who this guy is, you soon will. He is taking over the Juniors weigh classes with terror. This kid is someone that we will definitely hear about for many years. His opponent is Shadow Swopes, of Hot Springs, Arkansas, USA.

Others seeing action will be Dylan Leonard (Finney's), from St. Louis, Missouri, USA. His opponent is 2002 IKF USA Nationals Runner-up Nick Anderson from Davenport, Iowa, USA. This should be another exciting fight with both fighters wanting to put there name into the IKF rankings. Leonard is one of Finney's up and coming fighters to keep an eye on. Drew Harris (Finney's) will be stepping into the ring for the first time against Alan O'Neal of Hot Springs, Arkansas, USA.

The event Representative will be Brooks Mason, who is sure to have something great to say after watching these fights. Look for the results sometime next week here on the IKF News Page. The IKF Referee for this event will be Mr. Vance Thompson. IKF Judges are John Leach, Jim Howell, and John Felts Sr. For more information contact Finney's Championship Kickboxing and Martial Arts at (314) 351-5226.

MORE NEWS OF 9-27-02

After Shock III
European Championship Kickboxing
England Vs Ireland

Results from last Sunday 22nd, September 2002 IKF Event in England Promoted by Mr. Carl Reid
- Not Steve Jessop & Matt Caddick as previously reported by IKF Europe-
Results Below As Reported by IKF Europe sent to IKF Headquarters on 9-27-02 at 6:10 PM PST

Ormsey Institute, Middlesborough, England: The show was scheduled to have 8 bouts including 3 Amateur IKF European title bouts. Due to a certain trainer and a promoter himself failing to show with his 3 fighters the bout list was reduced to 5. This did not spoil the show as the remaining bouts including the IKF European Titles were excellent.
Results as follows:

  1. 3 X 2 Full Contact: Colin Shutt, Middlesborough V's Sean Robson, Middles Borough. Shutt Retired In 2nd Round: Winner Sean Robson.

  2. 3 X 2 Full Contact: Freddie Ibbotson, Whitley Bay V's Justin Bulmer, Middlesborough. Winner Freddie Ibbotson Majority Decision.

  3. IKF European Junior Super Lightweight: Steve "Boom Boom" Ibbotson, Whitley Bay, England V's Willie Burke, Waterford, Ireland. Result Winner - Unanimous Decision Steve "Boom Boom" Ibbotson.

  4. IKF European Ladies Amateur Straw Weight: Lynn Mcenery, Waterford, Ireland V's Trish Williams, Brighton, England, Current Champion. Result Winner TKO 1st Round Trish Williams. New IKF European Champion.

  5. IKF European Amateur Middleweight Title: Karl Reid, Middlesborough, England V's Darren "Butcher Boy" Flynn, Waterford, Ireland. Result Winner - Unanimous Decision - Darren "Butcher Boy" Flynn.

WEDNESDAY, September 25th, 2002, AT 7:20 PM, PT

Records Yet "ANOTHER" TOP Internet Rating!

For the third week in a row we are reporting a new "HIGH" Rating Record of the IKF (www.IKFKickboxing.com) website as we set yet ANOTHER Internet Traffic Rating record for the site! The last report we gave you announced the IKF Web Site as being ranked at 102,937 among the Millions of Internet Web Sites. Today the IKF website broke the 100,000 mark for the first time ever when it registered at 94,708 on the web traffic rating site, Alexa.com

These are not "Hits". This is a ranking among the millions of world wide web sites. Like in Golf, the lower the number, the better the rating. Since the IKF started tracking the site back in April of this year, there has never been any Sanctioning body ranked ahead of the IKF Site. In fact, no site has gotten closer than 280,000 ranks of the IKF Site.

To view more about this, please click HERE. Or check out these numbers for yourself by going to Alexa.com Remember, the lower the number, the higher the site traffic rating...

MORE NEWS OF 9-25-02


Olson To Fight In Japan

Non IKF Event: IKF Pro Ranked Flyweight MuayThai Fighter Billy "The Kid" Olson (20-8-2) of Santa Rosa, California USA has been offered a fight in Tokyo, Japan for Sunday October 27th for a Japan based organizations Featherweight World Title. His opponent is one of Japans premier fighters, Joe Tschiuya. Olson will be sharpening up his hands with Trainer and former IKF Champion George "TNT" Tsutsui and will be training his low kicks and knees at the Fairtex Camp in San Francisco, CA.

When he return he plans to visit Ringside Gym (which is located in the same building as the IKF World Headquarters) through the month of November. He will be training for another bout back in Japan in November on a card that will also feature 2 time IKF World Champion Danny Steele.

Olson has made it clear that he is ready to face any fighter in his weight range (above or below) anywhere in the World. To contact Olson for bouts, please contact George Tsutsui at (707) 642-3262 or (925) 934-9898 or Billy Olson direct at WOlson22@aol.com

TUESDAY, September 24th, 2002, AT 10:20 AM, PT

Quote of the Day...
"If you do what you have always done you will get what you have always got, without change nothing will change."

MORE NEWS OF 9-24-02


By: JoAnne Bachman

Mention South Carolina and one immediately thinks of the Sunny South with its old plantation homes, peach cobbler, and sandy beaches. The hot, humid weather and friendly people really don't mix with the martial arts, or do they...? Kickboxers from all across North America will be converging on the Sunny South; each will be striving to achieve some of the success of several Upstate South Carolinians.

Stephen Thompson, (Left) Rebecca Preacher, Kevin Hudson, and Shannon Hudson have trained through the heat and humidity to earn a variety of titles. Two of these fighters, Stephen and Shannon, may temporarily forget their good ole Southern hospitality in the ring, but there will be plenty of hospitality outside the ring as competitors and fans get to know Upstate South Carolina during the IKF North American Championship Tournament on November 16, 2002, in Simpsonville, South Carolina.

As competitors and fans arrive in the Upstate they will experience the friendliness of the small town community of Simpsonville along with the luxuries of the bigger city of Greenville, located just a few miles down the road. They may choose to eat in small town, family owned restaurants or nationally know restaurant chains. No matter which type of restaurant visitors choose, they will notice the friendly service and dedication of the proprietors and staff. Friendliness and dedication extend into all areas of service in the Upstate. Perhaps it is this friendliness and dedication that has propelled the host martial arts school, Ray Thompson's Upstate Karate Family Martial Arts Center, to be awarded, many times, the number one rated marital arts school in the Upstate, according to The Greenville News.

Ray Thompson (Right) and his Upstate Karate School exemplify the Southern culture. His students, including World Champion son Stephen Thompson and Rebecca Preacher, exhibit the hard work, dedication, and support for their martial arts "family" and the community. With a student enrollment of approximately 670 students, Mr. T, alias Ray Thompson, has a tremendous influence on the Southern hospitality of our Upstate area. Although the West and Midwest are the U.S. havens for the martial arts, Upstate South Carolina is working hard to increase the national interest in the martial arts. With 15-20 martial arts schools in the Upstate alone, karate lessons are becoming the norm along with dancing lessons, piano lessons, and baseball, football, and basketball teams.

The IKF North American Championship host city Simpsonville, with its population of 16,000 people, supports 3 martial arts schools within its city limits. With martial arts' supporters increasing daily, South Carolinians can't wait to model that Southern hospitality as they cheer on their local heroes, Stephen Thompson from Simpsonville, and Shannon Hudson from Lyman, South Carolina, both of whom will be competing in the IKF North American Championship Tournament.

Don't worry, cheers won't be limited to just local heroes because the Sunny South has plenty of cheers and hospitality to share with its new heroes from Canada, Mexico, and other parts of the U. S.

MONDAY, September 23rd, 2002, AT 10:20 AM, PT

Cook Takes Home ISCF Title

A packed house of kickboxing and mixed martial arts fans were "reporting for duty" at Augusta, Georgia's Fort Gordon for outstanding IKF and ISCF sanctioned action. New and familiar faces joined the ranks of the trainers and competitors, and the night saw outstanding efforts for the fighters in attendance. The matches themselves saw some fighters establish themselves, others prove points, and a few surprises.

The night began with IKF World Team member Dennis Palmer leading in the National Anthem. The Fort's soldiers must have thought well of the rendition, as they responded heartily!
Then, it was time for the action to begin.

IKF Super Middleweight Amateur Kickboxing: John Groves vs Ryan Robertson.
Respected Coastal Georgia trainer Dr. Ren Halverson, D.C., who only a few years ago had numerous athletes on what seemed to be each and every Southeastern martial sports card, came to Fort Gordon looking to reestablish his program. His fighter, Ryan Robertson, helped him on his way to doing that, winning against the always game John Groves by KO in the first round.

IKF Light Middleweight Amateur Kickboxing Jake Pruitt vs Pee Wee McCall,
When PeeWee McCall's opponent, "Razor" Rob Akins failed to show at the venue, bout coordinator Elizabeth Carlson scrambled to find McCall, who had brought family and friends with him to see him fight. Augusta fighter Paul "Mantis" Edmunds, lighter, and just getting back in the gym after a long lay off, felt so badly for McCall, he even volunteered to fight the heavier McCall. As fate would have it, Augusta Martial Arts Academy head instructor Mike Carlson was standing at the entrance to the fight when Jake Pruitt entered. Upon seeing Carlson, Pruitt inquired, "You got anything for me tonight?" Needless to say, this was music to Carlson's ears, who grabbed all access badges for Pruitt and his companion and rushed them to the physician performing physicals. Pruitt and McCall fought in Augusta earlier this year in an ISCF MMA bout. Showing the fighting spirit of a true warrior, Pruitt was game for this IKF full contact rules match. These two warriors attacked each other for three hard rounds, with McCall winning via a split decision. Again, Pruitt deserves enormous credit for coming in as he did, and serves as a great inspiration for his willingness to fight McCall "at the drop of a hat."

ISCF Light Middleweight Amateur NHB: Joshua Hancock vs Matthew Corsey
Hancock, a world rated kickboxer, has spent the last few years trying to venture out into new territory in the world of MMA. Corsey trains under ISCF US Champion Cam McHargue, and wanted to make a name for himself with a well-known adversary. In the beginning of the fight, Hancock's striking skills were evident as he scored repeatedly on Corsey who refused to give any ground. Ultimately, the specialist Corsey was able to win via a guillotine choke from the guard. After the fight, Hancock indicated that he would be back in the kickboxing ring again and was speaking to an IKF promoter about a December fight date. Corsey showed a lot of class and seemed poised to continue in MMA. It looks like both fighters have good plans for the future.

IKF Cruiserweight Amateur Kickboxing: Adrian Turpin vs Andy Foster
In this rematch of the IKF Southeastern Regional Tournament Championship bout, Foster attempted to smother the technician Turpin to stop the South Carolinian's tremendous and feared technical attacks. Although Foster had some measure of success with this plan, Turpin was able to land enough shots, including a few of his signature side kicks, to win, via split decision.

ISCF Light Middleweight PRO NHB: Morrison Butler vs Shaun Gay.
This bout showed a contrast in styles that made for a truly outstanding and exciting match. LA Boxing's Butler displayed a powerful physique and clearly wanted to dominate the "long and lean" Gay, who wanted to keep the action standing. While Butler dominated the first part of the bout with his solid ground control skills, the patient and experienced Gay methodically scored by striking from the guard and while standing, and came on as the fight progressed. In the end, Morrison's early dominance gave him a unanimous decision in a bout in which the fighters were completely exhausted, giving it their complete all for the fans. Some saw Gay as having won the bout, causing calls for a rematch to abound!

At the intermission, Mr. Carlson recognized several in the audience. Valdosta, Georgia "Superfan" James Banks, was presented with a trophy for his consistent and enthusiastic support of the martial events in his home state. Then, it was time for more action!

IKF Heavyweight PRO Kickboxing: Mark Selbee vs Kevin Brooks.
Selbee, who is on the hunt for a shot at IKF Pro US Champion, Kevin Hudson wanted to make a statement that the entire IKF would hear. Brooks sought to demonstrate that he had the ability to compete successfully in another weight division and "get in line" for Hudson himself. As the bout began, Brooks showed no fear of the much-heralded Selbee, scoring with solid punches and taunting Selbee by sticking his chin out at Selbee and sitting with his legs crossed between the early rounds.
As the fight progressed, it appeared that Selbee changed strategies. Instead of "trading blows" with the powerful Brooks, Selbee showed tremendous versatility and began to approach his opponent with finesse! Pulling from his background as a tae kwon do champion, Selbee began firing from a diverse arsenal that included throwing spinning techniques and multiple ax kicks, landing with both. Brooks showed a chin of granite, taking the punishment. The accumulation of these blows by Brooks caused referee Gary Brown to stop the bout in the fourth round. Both fighters accomplished what they sought to do in this match. Brooks never went down and proved he deserves respect as a heavyweight full contact rules fighter. Selbee fought and beat a talented true heavyweight and demonstrated that he is much more than a "knock out artist." Many in the crowd were inquiring whether and when Selbee will get his shot at Hudson. The win over Brooks was certainly not a set back in that venture!

ISCF Pro Light Heavyweight NHB US Title: Steve Headden vs Kevin Cook:
The main event featured a contrast in styles. Headden, the area favorite, is a patient technician, well schooled in both jiu-jitsu and judo. Cook sports tremendous experience and is probably one of the most powerful fighters in his weight class there is. This match up has all of the indications of a great conflict and did not disappoint the fans. The strategies were clear early on. Headden wanted to keep the fight standing to take advantage of his superior reach. Cook looked to charge in on Headden and execute a "ground and pound" strategy. At the beginning of the bout, Headden was able to set the pace on the ground via his expert guard play, fending off Cooks striking and making numerous submission attempts. Cook seemed satisfied to remain in Headden's guard, and attempt to strike. As the fight wore on, the powerful Cook began to score with more and more effectiveness from Headden's guard. Ultimately, Headden's corner threw in the towel, ending the match.
Cook was ecstatic about taking the belt back to Florida with him. Headden, whose class as a martial artist showed in the number of his students and fans that had come from Atlanta to watch him, showed poise and grace in defeat and will surely be back in the ring soon. It didn't take long for the ISCF US title belt to start attracting admirers, as ISCF Pro Joe Merit climbed into the ring and challenged Cook on the microphone. ISCF regional Champion Kent "The Norseman" Hensley was also overheard saying that he thought that he could come down and "make weight" to challenge Cook, who, due to the number of hungry fighters there, almost didn't seem to have time to enjoy his win, before challengers started "showing their fins in the water."

All in all, Fall Brawl 2002 brought IKF and ISCF action back to the Garden City and supported our armed services, by holding the bouts at Fort Gordon and giving the soldiers a discount on their tickets. The promoters want to thank the IKF, ISCF, fighters, trainers and fans, and all of those who worked and volunteered to make the show a success!

Pictures will be added to this article later in the week. For more information, contact Augusta Martial Arts Academy at (706) 855-5269

MORE NEWS OF 9-23-02

RESULTS FROM England And Illinois, USA
Coming Later This Week!

SATURDAY, September 21st, 2002, AT 1:00 PM, PT


This Sunday, September 22nd in Middlesborough England, IKF Promoters Steve Jessop & Matt Caddick will host more exciting IKF Kickboxing action. Scheduled for the event are an IKF Amateur European FCR - REMATCH bout between Danny Flynn of Waterford Ireland vs Karl Reid of Middlesborough England.

Also on the card will be the quest for the IKF Amateur European Woman's Strawweight *Defense between current Champion *Lyn McEnry of Ireland vs Tiffany Williams of Bournemouth, England. For more event info contact IKF Europe at Phone/Fax: 44 174 473 9043 or by e-mail

FRIDAY, September 20th, 2002, AT 4:30 PM, PT

With "Bad" Johnny Markwalter

RE: IKF/ISCF Augusta, Georgia, USA "FALL BRAWL" Event This Saturday Night.

IKF/ISCF Note: "Bad" Johnny Markwalter (Right) has served as everything from a prosecutor to a ring announcer. The hard-hitting former assistant district attorney is renowned for his righteously indignant in-court presentations. Once, in a final argument, Bad Johnny responded to a criminal defense lawyer's implication that a respected investigator had mischaracterized evidence in his own special way. He told the jury that opposing counsel was a "Coward," and implored him to, "Be a man!" The case resulted in a conviction! Bad Johnny is also an enthusiastic fan of the martial sports, particularly when events come to his native Augusta. Below he revels in the fights scene and enjoys the opportunity to provide his take on upcoming bouts.

Bad Johnny on Fall Brawl 2002
"It looks to me like the Carlsons are letting some new blood come into the game. There has been a lot of rotating and recycling of the same group of fighters lately, so I think it is great that some fresher faces will get the chance."

Bad Johnny on Rob Akins Vs Walter McCall: IKF Amateur Kickboxing (Light Middleweight)
"Razor Rob is well conditioned with great technique. Walter "PeeWee" McCall honors his heritage by positioning himself the as the modern embodiment of a Confederate foot soldier, sometimes low on ammunition, but always high on spirit and aggression. I think that Akins will be out of luck when this one ends, and I expect that McCall will be waiving a victory flag all the way back to Valdosta. Bad Johnny SEZ--McCall by Unanimous decision."

Bad Johnny on Holding Fights at Fort Gordon
"What a place! You feel like you are in a building that should house a fight when you are in there. It is great that our armed services can be supported too, they deserve it, especially now."

Bad Johnny on Mark Selbee Vs Kevin Brooks
"IKF Professional Kickboxing (Heavyweight): This will be the first pro fight I know of for Selbee where he will face a guy like Brooks--a true heavyweight who is coming down in weight to meet him. These guys are both well trained and skilled, and the biggest thing to hurt Brooks over the last year has been some fluke bad luck. Even though I see Selbee winning , I predict that Brooks will establish himself as a force in another rules division by his performance in this fight. Bad Johnny SEZ--Selbee by split decision."

Bad Johnny on IKF/ISCF
"They are clearly the leaders in their respective sports. They also operate with principle and integrity. Everyone saw how Steve Fossum was "front and center" when IKF and ISCF honored Jim Tredore, a local narcotics investigator who was wounded in the line of duty, at Winter Wars 2002, here this year."

Bad Johnny on Steve Headden Vs Kevin Cook:ISCF U.S. Light Heavyweight Title Bout
"This is an interesting match up between the powerful and compact Cook and the master technician Headden. I see this fight coming down to whether Cook can aggressively impose his will or whether Headden can stretch the match out and submit him. With a title on the line, and fans from Atlanta filling the house, I think that Headden will take the belt. Bad Johnny SEZ--Headden, via submission, in the third round."

Bad Johnny on The Doctor!
"Well, I guess after my Winter Wars 2002 picks were so much more accurate than his, he is sipping some Merlot, and sitting this one out!"

DISCLAIMER: The views expressed in the foregoing column are strictly those of Johnny Markwalter, Esq. They do not represent the feelings, thoughts, or expressions of the IKF, ISCF, Karate Masters, Inc. d/b/a Augusta Martial Arts Academy, M.E.R.K. Services, Inc., any of their representatives, employees, and/or assigns, including but not limited to Steve Fossum, Eddie Singleton, William Dunwoody, Mike and/or Elizabeth Carlson.


  1. John Groves vs Ryan Robertson, Super Middleweight Amateur Kickboxing

  2. Sam Smith vs Richard Cox, Super Heavyweight Amateur NHB

  3. Rob Akins vs Pee Wee McCall, Light Middleweight Amateur Kickboxing

  4. Joshua Hancock vs Matthew Corsey, Light Middleweight Amateur NHB

  5. Adrian Turpin vs Andy Foster, Cruiserweight Amateur Kickboxing

  6. Morrison Butler vs Shaun Gay, Light Middleweight PRO NHB

  7. Mark Selbee vs Kevin Brooks, Heavyweight PRO Kickboxing

  8. Steve Headden vs Kevin Cook, PRO Light Heavyweight NHB/US TITLE

For more information, contact Augusta Martial Arts Academy at (706) 855-5269.

THURSDAY, September 19th, 2002, AT 1:30 PM, PT

Battle of the Champions
Saturday, September 21st, American Sports Center, Crystal Lake, IL, USA

Rob & Jim Zbilski of Z Promotions present Battle of the Champions at The American Sports Center (aka Spikes) in Crystal Lake, Illinois, USA this Saturday night. The main event features

Number 2 Ranked
IKF Super Lightweight U.S. Professional Champion

Tommy Bach
(Left) vs Champion Mark Streator (Right).

The Two Time US Professional Full Contact Champion Streator has been in the fight game for over 15 years. Among his experience, he fought the Russian Champion in the early 90s. He's been out of the ring for about a year and is looking forward to climbing back into the ring with Bach (9-3/4) in the opposing corner. Bach has committed his career to excellence. He joined Team Z over a year ago and has trained to a level that is unsurpassed. His last match was an 8 round bout against John Washington when he won the IKF Pro United States Title. He is looking forward to his match with Streator.

They have faced off 2 times in the past and Bach feels confident it is his hand that will be held in the air this time. Trained by Rob Zbilski for the past year Bach is looking forward to a prosperous career.

Saturday night's undercard features 2 Time IKF USA National Champion, (2000 & 2001) and undefeated Pro Kyle McElroy (Below) vs. Charles Barron as well as other Chicago area top amateur fighters.

Purchase your tickets in advance and save $5.00 per ticket at any one of our ticket locations. For more info, contact Z's Martial Arts at (847) 458-8333 or by e-mail by clicking HERE!

TUESDAY, September 17th, 2002, AT 2:00 PM, PT


"A fighter worth watching."
That is how IKF World Ambassador and Kickboxing laureate Brooks Mason (Left) described Atlanta's heavyweight kickboxer, Mark Selbee (Right). All eyes will be zeroed in on the ring this coming Saturday night, September 21, 2002, in Augusta, Georgia, USA as Selbee locks horns with MMA standout and premiere Southeastern competitor, Kevin Brooks, in a 5 round, IKF full contact rules professional kickboxing contest.

Selbee, who trains out of the highly successful LA Boxing camp in Atlanta, is focusing his efforts to secure a shot at IKF U.S. titleholder Kevin "Hurricane" Hudson (Below Right). A win over the respected Brooks could get him noticed by many, but as a young pro (1-0) it will take more than 1 win to get a shot at Champion Hudson.

Brooks, a versatile and talented combat athlete, should not be overlooked by Selbee. Trained by legendary cornerman Gary Brown at Eagle Martial Arts in Lawrenceville, Georgia, sporting a solid background in boxing and various martial arts, and coming from a fight camp comprised of the likes of George Allen and Joe Merit, Brooks could represent a true "spoiler" for Selbee's future U.S. title hopes.

Consistent with the military motif of holding Fall Brawl 2002 at Augusta's Fort Gordon, these two fighters each possess the same "doomsday weapons"-- devastatingly powerful right hands!

For more information, contact
Augusta Martial Arts Academy
at (706) 855-5269

MORE NEWS OF 9-17-02

Records Yet "ANOTHER" TOP Internet Rating!

Last week we reported a new "HIGH" Rating of the IKF (www.IKFKickboxing.com) website. However, we have even better news today as we announce yet ANOTHER Internet Traffic Rating record for the site! The last report we gave you announced the IKF Web Site as being ranked at 106,965 among the Millions of Internet Web Sites. Yesterday the site came close to breaking the 100,000 mark for the first time ever when it registered at 102,937 on the web traffic rating site, Alexa.com

These are not "Hits". This is a ranking among the millions of world wide web sites. Like in Golf, the lower the number, the better the rating. For example, Yahoo.com is the number 1 rated site in the world. Since the IKF started tracking the site back in April of this year, there has never been any Sanctioning body ranked ahead of the IKF Site. In fact, no site has gotten closer than 280,000 ranks of the IKF Site.

To view more about this, please click HERE. Or check out these numbers for yourself by going to Alexa.com Remember, the lower the number, the higher the site traffic rating...

THURSDAY, September 12th, 2002, AT 1:00 PM, PT

Augusta, Georgia USA's

ISCF Georgia, USA: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Pan Am Games Gold Medalist and number 7th ranked ISCF Middleweight Steve Headden (Right) of Atlanta, Georgia, USA will move up a weight class to the Light Heavyweight division to face number 7 ranked Light Heavyweight Kevin Cook of Lakeland. Florida, USA in the main event at Fall Brawl 2002. Fall Brawl 2002 will be an ISCF and IKF sanctioned kickboxing and mixed martial arts event to be held at Fort Gordon's Gym 1, in Augusta, Georgia, on Saturday, September 21, 2002.

Headden, who holds and ISCF South Eastern Title in the Middleweight division, will fight where many say he will be more comfortable anyway. The densely muscled Cook is an experienced and highly skilled adversary for Headden, who will be fighting near his home of Atlanta. While other, additional match-ups are still "in the works", Fall Brawl 2002 looks to have both well known Southeastern standouts as well as newcomers "stepping into the squared circle " for the first time. As it stands now the September 21, 2002, Fall Brawl card is as follows:

  1. Pro Light Heavyweight ISCF Steve Headden vs Kevin Cook.

  2. Pro Heavyweight IKF Kickboxing: Mark Selbee vs Kevin Brooks.

  3. Pro Middleweight ISCF Joshua Hancock vs Matthew Coursey.

  4. Light Heavyweight IKF Kickboxing: John Groves vs Ryan Robertson.

  5. Pro Light Middleweight IKF Kickboxing: Rob Akins vs Walter "Pee Wee" McCall.

  6. Amateur Cruiserweight IKF Kickboxing: Adrian Turpin vs Andy Foster.

  7. Pro Light Middleweight ISCF Shaun Gay (Right) vs Morrison Butler.

  8. Amateur Super Welterweight IKF Kickboxing: Paul Edmonds vs Gary Underwood.

  9. Welterweight ISCF Todd Moon vs Kenny Allen.

A daytime shoot sparring and grappling tournament will also provide an opportunity for athletes of all skill levels to try their hand at martial sports competition, in a more controlled environment than the night fights. Please allow an extra 15-20 minutes to get on the Base (Event Location). Augusta Martial Arts Academy supports our Armed Forces!

Directions to get to Gym 1, Fort Gordon.

For more information, contact Augusta Martial Arts Academy at (706) 855-5269
The Event Promoters of this event are the Promoters of Winter Wars.
For info on the Winter Wars event click HERE!

We here at the IKF Stand Silent Today For Those Lost and Those Remembered On 9-11-01

Where were you when the world stop turning on that September day
Were you in the yard with your wife and children
Or working on some stage in L.A.
Did you stand there in shock at the sight of that black smoke
Rising against that blue sky
Did you shout out in anger, in fear for your neighbor
Or did you just sit down and cry
Did you weep for the children who lost their dear loved ones
And pray for the ones who don't know
Did you rejoice for the people who walked from the rubble
And sob for the ones left below
Did you burst out in pride for the red, white and blue
And the heroes who died just doin' what they do
Did you look up to heaven for some kind of answer
And look at yourself and what really matters
I'm just a singer of simple songs
I'm not a real political man
I watch CNN but I'm not sure I could
Tell you the difference in Iraq and Iran
But I know Jesus and I talk to God
And I remember this from when I was young
Faith, hope and love are some good things He gave us
And the greatest is love
Where were you when the world stop turning on that September day
Teaching a class full of innocent children
Or driving down some cold interstate
Did you feel guilty 'cause you're a survivor
In a crowded room did you feel alone
Did you call up your mother and tell her you loved her
Did you dust off that bible at home
Did you open your eyes, hope it never happened
And you close your eyes and not go to sleep
Did you notice the sunset the first time in ages
Or speak to some stranger on the street
Did you lay down at night and think of tomorrow
Go out and buy you a gun
Did you turn off that violent old movie you're watchin'
And turn on "I Love Lucy" reruns
Did you go to a church and hold hands with some strangers
Stand in line and give your own blood
Did you just stay home and cling tight to your family
Thank God you had somebody to love

From the Song, "WHERE WERE YOU" by Alan Jackson





WEDNESDAY, September 11th, 2002, AT 11:30 AM, PT

Records "ANOTHER" TOP Internet Rating!

Last month we reported a new "HIGH" Rating of the IKF (www.IKFKickboxing.com) website. However, we have even better news today as we announce yet ANOTHER Internet Traffic Rating record for the site! The last report we gave you announced the IKF Web Site as being ranked at 110,994 among the Millions of Internet Web Sites. Today the site registered at 106,965 on the web traffic rating site, Alexa.com

These are not "Hits". This is a ranking among the millions of world wide web sites. Like in Golf, the lower the number, the better the rating. For example, Yahoo.com is the number 1 rated site in the world. Since the IKF started tracking the site back in April of this year, there has never been any Sanctioning body ranked ahead of the IKF Site. In fact, no site has gotten closer than 280,000 ranks of the IKF Site.

For a comparison example as to where the IKF web site ranks among other sanctioning bodies...

Other Fight related sights will give you even a better idea of how popular the IKF web site is around the world. Some of these rankings as of today, September 11th, 2002 include;

How does the IKF site compare to sites like the NFL, NBA, Chuck Norris or Bill Wallace? See for yourself by going to our Fight Site Tracker page by clicking HERE. Or check out these sites for yourself by going to Alexa.com Remember, the lower the number, the higher the site traffic rating...

FRIDAY, September 6th, 2002, AT 7:00 PM, PT

And IT'S ON!!!

Number 1 Nevitt Of USA & Number 2 Watling of England
WILL BRING IT ON For The Vacant Pro FCR Light Cruiserweight World Title!

This just in TONIGHT! A couple of months ago we had reported that Number 1 IKF Pro Full Contact Rules Light Cruiserweight contender Mike Nevitt (Right) of Sycamore, Illinois USA had possibly negotiated himself out of a World Title shot. By press time when we broke the news on July 20th, IKF North American Cruiserweight Champion Steve Witter (Left) of Canada had already been contacted to replace Nevitt. Witter accepted and all was thought to be done.

However 2 weeks ago, Witter was offered a job promotion at his work and the offer was so good that he made the decision to retire his IKF title he won in 1999 and retire from kickboxing for good. The decision left James Watling (Right) of Morpeth, England without an opponent.

Over the last week or so, event promoter Sky Drysdale of Illinois, USA and Nevitt started negotiating again. We had discovered as time went by and more news unfolded it was clear that there was more to the whole story than we had first heard. The result this time will make any fight fan happy, Nevitt and Drysdale came to an agreement and the contract is signed! Number 1 Vs Number 2 in the Pro Full Contact Rules Light Cruiserweight division! The best combination for any World Title.

Nevitt has a Pro kickboxing record of 21-0 with 10 knockouts with an Amateur Kickboxing record of 27-2/16. He will put his perfect Pro record on the line against England's Watling who has a pro record of 8-4-1. The two will meet on November 30th, 2002 in Loves Park, Illinois, USA at the event entitled, "RUMBLE IN THE PARK".

Some may question the match-up with the vast difference in fight records... In response to this, all we have to remind everyone of is of the Anthony Bartanalli Vs Mike Nagy bout at the Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix, Arizona, USA on April 17th, 2001. Bartanalli (Left) of Phoenix Arizona entered the bout as the number 3 contender with a record of 9-0 with 9 KO's. Nagy of Lake In The Hills, Illinois, USA entered the bout as the clear number 1 contender with a perfect, 31-0 record with 27 wins coming by knockout. What happened? Bartanalli defeated undefeated Nagy by KO at the end of the 3rd round to win the vacant IKF Pro Full Contact Rules Light Middleweight World Title. Sometimes records can be deceiving, or at least make us forget that in the fight game, 1 Punch is all it takes to make a Champion!

With that being said, all we have to say to Nevitt and Watling is...

THURSDAY, September 5th, 2002, AT 10:10 AM, PT

Results Of Another Exciting Night Of

St. Louis, Missouri, USA

IKF St. Louis Missouri USA News: IKF Promoter Jesse Finney, Rob Donaker, Vice President of Operations and their Finney's Championship Kickboxing and Martial Arts Team put on another exciting night of action at Lucky's on the Landing this last Tuesday night in St Louis, Missouri, USA.
Here are the bout results;

  1. Main Event. "Mean" Mike Green came out to finish the fight early. Hunting down his opponent all over the ring. Landing combintaions with his hands and following with strong kicks. The first round went to Green 10-9 by all three judges cards. The second round Green picked up where he left off. Cutting off the ring to where Schrempf had no where to go. Green won the round 10-9 on all cards. The third Schrempf came out to show that he had some life left landing more clean kicks and following with his hands. Green tried to counter but his efforts weren't enough in the judges eyes. Schrempf took round 3, 10-9 on all 3 judges cards but it was too little, too late. Winner- Green 29-28, 29-28, 29-28.

  2. Dave Walton (Self) defeated Guy Martin (USA Martial Arts) by TKO at 1:34 of the 3rd round. Doctor stopped the fight.

  3. Jason Crawford (Champions) defeated Justin Graves (Ron Smith MuayThai) by unanimous decision 30-27,29-28, 30-27.

  4. Mikey Mickels (Tracys Karate) defeated Joe Shiro (Champions) by KO at :45 of the 2nd round.

For more event info, please contact Mr. Jesse Finney at (314) 351-5226 or see their website at...www.FinneysKickboxing.com.

WEDNESDAY, September 4th, 2002, AT 9:40 AM, PT


Hey all you North American Amateur Kickboxers! Here's the Event you've been waiting for! If you think your THE BEST Amateur Kickboxer in North America, we would like to see you on November 16th in Simpsonville, South Carolina, USA. We now have a Main info page for this years IKF North American Amateur Kickboxing Championships. To get all the info, Click HERE!

Also, thanks to some internal changes associated with this event, the fighter Registration fee has been lowered to $45 from $60. To register for this event click HERE.

Wondering if you are eligable or not to qualify for this event? Follow these guidelines below and if your still not sure please e-mail us here at the IKF to find out at Main@IKFKickboxing.com

TUESDAY, September 3rd, 2002, AT 11:10 AM, PT

Another Night Of

St. Louis, Missouri, USA

IKF Promoter and trainer Jesse Finney and his Finney's Kickboxing Team are all set for yet another night of Finney's Championship Kickboxing at Lucky's on the Landing in St.Louis, Missouri, USA.

Finney's Championship Kickboxing and Martial Arts has teamed up once again with Lucky's on the Landing for their Tuesday Night Fights. These fights are designed to give up and coming fighters a chance to get the necessary ring experience to become a contender in their weight classes. Some of the fights are listed below.

  1. Non Title Main Event: "Mean" Mike Green - (Finney's) -vs- Tony Schrempf (USA Martial Arts)

  2. Dave Walton (Self) -vs- Guy Martin (USA Martial Arts)

  3. Justin Graves (Ron Smith MuayThai) -vs- Jason Crawford (Champions)

  4. Mikey Mickels (Tracys Karate) -vs- Joe Shiro (Champions)

For more event info, please contact Mr. Jesse Finney at (314) 351-5226 or by e-mail at finneys@finneyskickboxing.com or see their website at...www.FinneysKickboxing.com.



2002 IKF USA

2002 IKF USA


In Kickboxing Gyms around the world there are many "unwritten" rules. This is also true between two gyms, 21st Century Martial Arts of Pacific, Missouri and Finney's Championship Kickboxing and Martial Arts of St Louis Missouri. Only 9 miles separate these two gyms from each other. Chief trainer Benny Voyles, of 21st Century Martial Arts, trained under former kickboxing World Champion Robert Biggs. Biggs just happens to be the step father of Finney's Championship Kickboxing and Martial Arts founder Jesse Finney.

These two trainers have known each other for many years and now that they both have there respected gyms they keep the "Team" atmosphere going. The last two
IKF USA Nationals
have proven that.

At the 2000 IKF USA National Amateur Tournament
Team Voyals of Pacific, Missouri registered 2 fighters and walked away with two National Champions.
That same year Team Finney registered 11 fighters and took home
3 IKF USA National Titles.

At the 2001 IKF USA National Amateur Tournament
TEAM Voyles registered 6 fighters into the tournament and walked away with 7 wins to only 3 loss and
3 IKF USA National Titles.
Team Finney registered 6 fighters as well and finished the tournament with 8 wins to only 3 loses and
3 IKF USA National Champions.

At the 2002 IKF USA National Tournament,
these teams formed an even greater bond, walking to the ring together with the Team St. Louis banner leading the way.
TEAM Voyles of Pacific, Missouri registered 6 fighters into the tournament and walked away with 6 wins to only 1 loss and
5 IKF USA National Champions.
Team Finney registered 6 fighters as well and finished the tournament with 7 wins to only 2 loses and
4 IKF USA National Champions.

The fighters from these two Gyms are confident in their own abilities as well as having great confidence and respect for their trainers which shows through their performance. From sparring together to sharing in ideas and techniques of the sport have made these two IKF Gyms
Trainers of Champions!

For more info on either of these gyms please see below;

SUNDAY, September 1st, 2002, AT 7:50 PM, PT

Ott & Marinoble Are

Win-River Casino
Redding, California, USA!

Photos By Cat Fields

It was suppose to be a show between two styles, San Shou Vs Full Contact Rules between two Champions. However, as each round unfolded it proved to be a bout against 2 "GLADIATORS" representing all of us in the ring in the sport of kickboxing right down to the end instead.

It was what everyone wants in a Main Event and what Everyone wants in a Title bout, especially a WORLD TITLE BOUT! IKF Pro San Shou Intercontinental Champion Rudi Ott of San Jose, CA, USA was the number 1 contender for the vacant IKF Pro San Shou Rules Middleweight World Title. With only a month to go to this event, matchmakers were still having trouble finding a worthy opponent. Enter IKF Pro Full Contact Rules Middleweight World Champion Dave "Madman" Marinoble. Marinoble saw an opportunity for another World Title to add to his FCR World Title and an addition to his other 6 IKF Title belts (3 Amateur & 3 Pro) and formally requested to be selected as the challenger for the Title against Ott. A week later, after a lot of background checking of Marinobles Mixed Martial Arts and Sport JuJitsu experience the IKF Title Board finally approved Marinobles (Right with trainer Greg Kirkpatrick) challenge request.

In the beginning the odds heavily favored Ott. with an overall "SAN SHOU" fighting record of 26 wins against only 3 loses with 8 wins coming by knockout many thought this was easily Ott's Title to win. Why? Although Marinoble entered the challenge with a perfect 16-0 record with 2 draws and 8 wins by TKO/KO, none of his wins were in bouts that had leg kicks let alone knees to the body and worse yet, the explosive THROWS of San Shou. However, what others didn't know was Marinobles experience in Mixed Martial Arts and Sport JuJitsu where he fought mostly as an amateur complying a 20 win record against 6 loses along with a 6-1 amateur boxing record. The question was, "Was Marinobles additional experience enough to overcome Ott's experience as a veteran San Shou Style fighter?"

As fight time came closer and closer we had the pleasure of reviewing some video of Marinoble's past experience. By Friday morning, a day before the bout, we had the two fighters at even odds to win the title, that is, if we were ones to set odds. This surprised many, especially those in the San Shou world where some expected Ott to, quote - unquote, "Throw Marinoble around like a rag doll." These words were not from Ott's camp. Ott's camp, like Marinobles had great respect for their opponent. With this all being said, Saturday nights IKF Pro San Shou Rules Middleweight WORLD Title finally came. Here's a round by round rundown of the action.




  1. In round 1, it was clear both fighters wanted to establish their ability to execute a throw on the other. However it was to everyone's surprise that only 2 takedowns were scored in round 1, a 2 pointed to Ott and a 1 pointer to Marinoble. Two of the judges (Marcos Rosales & Art Gitlin) thought Marinoble's stand up fighting scored high enough to give him the round while the third judge (Susan Thomas Gitlin) gave the round to Ott. So after 1, Marinoble led on 2 of the 3 judges cards 10-9.

  2. In round 2, Marinoble tried harder to execute a throw on Ott however it was Ott's skill that led to counters and points. Marinoble was scoring with his boxing skills but for some reason kept going for the clinch with Ott and while there Ott scored big with knees. Somewhere in the round Ott was cut above one of his eyes by a head-butt. The cut was a scare to many since it appeared to be pretty bad. NO ONE wanted this bout to end on a cut and especially this early in the fight. Despite the cut and the blood, as round 2 ended, all 3 judges gave it to Ott 10-9. The ringside physician checked Ott out and allowed the bout to continue.

  3. Round 3 was one of those rounds where you could have tossed a coin in the air and any fighter could have been given the win. If we were doing the judging it would be justifiable to say this was a 10-10 round. Although only 2 throws were execute, 1 for each, Ott and Marinoble had a slugfest that went toe to toe throughout the entire round. Marinoble was landing some strong shots to Ott's head but Ott shrugged each one off and continued strong. In the end, Marinoble had avoided Ott's throwing skills once again and won out in the stand-up game giving him the round on all 3 judges cards 10-9.

  4. Round 4 was where Ott started to get to Marinoble. Although the stand-up game as far as hands go appeared to remain rather even, Ott scored heavily on leg kicks and knees. Where the deciding factor came in though was in Ott's throws where he shut Marinoble out for the round winning it easily 10-9 on all 3 judges cards.

  5. As we entered the final round the scores on judges Marcos Rosales and Art Gitlin's cards had both fighters even while judge Susan Thomas Gitlin had Ott in favor 39-37. It was still either fighters Title and it would appear that endurance would be the deciding factor. There were no excuses here, both fighters had plenty of time to prepare for the fight. Both are professionals who are both in great shape. However the inside word was that Ott thought he had overtrained for the fight and was worried of fatigue before the bout started. Marinoble was known for a fighter who wanted to go into the late rounds where he felt fresher as the rounds went by. Would this be the case again or would Ott reach down inside and "Bring It ON!?" As the bell rang, Marinoble came out of the corner with his hands low. Both he and Ott looked like Gladiators who were willing to fight to the end no matter what the cost. Marinoble worked to try and establish his stand-up boxing game scoring again with head punches, but after a couple of punches went into a clinch with Ott. It was here that Ott waited like a coiled snake ready to strike. Once Marinoble locked in Ott went to work with knees to Marinobles body and when he felt he gave enough he would attempt a throw. However in round 5, the throws were not what won it for the Champion, it was endurance. While one faded down the final minute the other stepped up whatever he could. Ott only had 3 throw points in round 5 to Marinobles 1. In the to some the winner seemed clear because of the final round, but we all awaited the announcement. Judge Marcos Rosales and Art Gitlin scored it 48-47 while judge Susan Thomas Gitlin scored it 49-46. The winner of the vacant title and now the new IKF Pro San Shou Middleweight World Champion went to the Red Corner, Rudi Ott by unanimous decision! All 3 judges gave the final round to Ott. Congratulations to Rudi but more so to "TWO" great IKF Gladiators!

To the fight fans who knew these two, both thought the victory would be one sided. However in the end, this was not to be. Some of us before the bout thought if Ott won, many would say, "No big deal, you beat a Full Contact Rules Fighter." With that, we thought some would tell Marinoble, "Hey Dave, you looked like a rag doll out there." However, we say to the critics... "SHUT-UP!"

Ott won this title against probably one of the best challengers there could have been! Marinoble surprised a lot of people Saturday night and probably Ott a little as well. He fought strong and hard and stayed with Ott till the end without a blink. NEITHER said a negative word towards each other. They had their chances at the Friday night press conference but both opted to offer their appreciation and respect that the other came to "Walk The Walk" against them. There was no one sided easy victory here. This was what everyone wants a World Title to be!!! Ott can hold his head up proud knowing he "DID" fight a TOP CONTENDER! On the other side of the ring Marinoble as well can walk proud because he knows he fought his best against the Best and never gave up! Words alone cannot say enough about this bout. The fight fans of kickboxing truly missed a spectacular WAR!

Hey ESPN!!! Where were you for this one instead of those bouts we see today? This fight is what our sport is all about which is why we need to see IKF Kickboxing on TV! Where REAL Champions win REAL Titles against REAL Contenders! PERIOD!

Rudi, Dave, the IKF and the sport of kickboxing are very proud of you both today. It's too bad your show won't be on the big screen, where our sport truly deserves to be, as you do with the many other great kickboxers around the world.

Before the Ott and Marinoble Gladiator War there was plenty of undercard action. The semi Main Event featured 2 highly skilled Full Contact Rules fighters contending for the vacant IKF Pro United States Welterweight title between number 2 ranked Welterweight Erik Marshall (26-5) of Bradenton, Florida, USA and number 6 ranked Light Welterweight Heath Fonnest (11-1) of Forest Lake, Minnesota, USA. Here's how the bout unfolded;

  1. In round 1 this looked like it was going to be a "CLASSIC" Full Contact Rules bout. Fonnest (Landing the kick above) came out charged up throwing 19 kicks to Marshall's (Landing his kick at right) 10. Fonnest appeared to be winning round 1 until all of a sudden out of no where with about 8 seconds left in round 1, Marshall unloaded a spinning backhand that sent Fonnest to the canvas. From what we thought up until the knockdown, Fonnest had did enough for 9/10 of the round that the scores should have been 10-9, Marshall, giving him the mandatory 10 since he did score a knockdown. However all 3 judges gave it to Marshall 10-8 instead.

  2. Fighting from behind now in round 2, Fonnest regained his composure and came out kicking again. However he injured his leg somehow and how was still unclear at ringside. Some said he caught an elbow on his shin or the top of his foot while others said he was kicked in his hip. After the allowed 5 minute recovery period the bout continued and Fonnest was back kicking as if nothing happened. However Marshall wasn't far behind with his kicks either but opted to mix in his hands more. At the end of 2, judge Art Gitlin gave the bout to Fonnest who outkicked Marshall again 25-16. However judges Susan Thomas Gitlin and Dan Stell gave the round to Marshall 10-9.

  3. Round 3 started strong for both fighters. Fonnest continued to press his kicks more but this round went to work with his hands more as was Marshall. At the 1:46 point of the round Marshall executed a boot to boot sweep that took Fonnest to the ground. Somehow the fall had re-injured his leg and as Referee Marcos Rosales counted up, Fonnest choose to bow out due to the leg pain. The stop gave Marshall the vacant IKF Pro U.S. Welterweight title and thoughts of a possible rematch are already being discussed. Congratulations to Erik Marshall on the win.

Before the two Pro title bouts was plenty of IKF amateur undercard action. Here's the results;

  1. FCR: Matt Spencer, Roseville, CA, USA, 1-0/1, 140, 5'8", 19, 4-9-83, Greg Kirkpatrick, (916) 663-1022, defeated C.J. Raul, San Rafael, CA, USA, 0-1/0, 139, 5'10", 20, 4-21-82, (415) 479-1318, by TKO at 1:40 of round 2.

  2. IR: Brendon Kochan, Redding, CA, USA, 1-0/1, 158, 5'7", 29, 9-19-72, Dusty Wade, (530) 246-7950 defeated Valintine Monroy, Turlock, CA, USA, 0-1/0, 158, 6', 17, 2-14-85, Gene Fields, (209) 669-8522 by TKO at 1:45 of round 1.

  3. IR EXHIBITION: Danny Morello Vs Andrew (Last name not given to IKF)

  4. IR: (Mohamad) Ali Baaloucch, Roseville, CA, USA, 1-0/0, 170, 5'8", 25, 8-2-77, Nasser Niavaroni, (916) 782-2457 defeated Stephen Simmons, Greeley, Colorado, USA, 0-1/0, 166, 5'7", 18, 12-15-83, Mike Simmons, (970) 356-4410 by unanimous decision 30-27 on all 3 judges cards.

  5. MTR: Antonio Dela Cruz, San Francisco, CA, USA, 2-0/0, 139, 5'6", --, Fairtex, --, defeated Kengo Sogawa, San Jose, CA, USA, 4-2/2, 139, 5'6", 28, 4-26-74, Cung Le, (408) 729-4468, by split decision 29-28, 30-27 and 28-29.

  6. FCR: Paul Powers, Fairfield, CA, USA, 1-1/0, 156, 5'6", 22, 10-13-79, (925) 209-3206 defeated Kelly Smith, Nevado, CA, USA, 0-1/0, 160, 5'7", 17, 5-12-85, (415) 883-9243 by unanimous decision 30-*26 on all 3 judges cards.
  7. FCR EXHIBITION: Jerico Lane Vs Glen Haley both of Redding. This was a GREAT SHOW and would also make a GREAT Real bout.....

  8. MTR: Jose Palacios, San Jose, CA, USA, 6-0/3, 146, 5'8", 19, 11-10-82, Cung Le, (408) 729-4468 defeated Ira Myrick, Modesto, CA, USA, 1-4/0, 149, 5'4", 27, 5-7-75, Gene Fields, -- by TKO at the break of round 1 & 2.

  9. FCR: Raul Rodriguez, Bakersfield, CA, USA, 4-3/2, 154, 5'8", 20, 10-23-81, Abe Belardo, (661) 834-5871 defeated Cory Rhodes, Redding, CA, USA, 3-1/2, 149, 5'6", 22, 3-3-80, Eli Gonzales, (530) 275-3938 by unanimous decision 30-27, 29-28 & 29-28. Rodriguez was scheduled to fight in an International Rules bout but his opponent fell out and so did Rhodes'. So the two fought under full Contact (above the waist) rules. It was Rodriguez first FCR bout as he out kicked Rhodes in all 3 rounds, 8-6, 15-8 and 14-6.

  10. FCR EXHIBITION: IKF Head of officials Dan Stell showed that at the age of 38 and after a 7 year lay-off from the ring, he still had championship form, speed and snap and no problem kicking above his head and higher. The former 4 time kickboxing champion Stell sparred with current Pro Kickboxing World Champion Larry Jarrett of Florida for 2 rounds to the excitement of the crowd.

  11. MTR: Santos Soto, Jr., San Jose, CA, USA, 17-2/12, 157, 5'9", 18, 9-17-83, Cung Le, (408) 729-4468, defeated Mike Morello, Santa Barbara, CA, USA, 3-4/1, 158, 5'10", 30, 5-29-72, Steve Morello, (805) 569-3288 by split decision 29-28, 29-28 and 28-29.

  12. IKF Pro FCR United States Welterweight Title: Erik Marshall, (Right) Bradenton, Florida, USA, 37-5/23, 146, 5'7", 29, 9-1-72, Mike & Vickie Hollobaugh, (941) 726-6202 defeated Heath Fonnest, Forest Lake, Minnesota, USA, 11-2/0, 146, 5'10", 26, 2-17-76, Tom Sullivan (218) 349-4644 by TKO at 1:46 of round 3 due to leg injury.

  13. IKF Pro San Shou Middleweight World Title: Rudi Ott, San Jose, CA, USA, 9-1/8, 164, 5'8", 29, 9-16-72, Cung Le, (408) 729-4468, defeated Dave Marinoble, Roseville, CA, USA, 16-1-2/8, 165, 5'11", 33, 9-17-68, Greg Kirkpatrick, (916) 663-1022 by unanimous decision, 49-46, 48-47 and 48-47.

Special thanks to TKO Fight Gear for providing the event gloves.

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