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MONDAY, June 30th, 2003, AT 9:00 PM, PT

How Does An Event Police Itself?
Beware MMA (And Kickboxers Too) People...
Look Who Is Trying To Walk In Your DORE!

There is a very hot topic running around the last few weeks and it's called SAFETY! The topic has come up from the most recent deaths in Toughman competition. A total of 14 now. One of the most recent deaths was a 30-year-old mother of two, Stacy Young of Florida. Young had no fight training but was encouraged on the day of the event to step into the ring to fight a younger (20) better conditioned and TRAINED competitor, Sarah Kobie. However, no one can blame Kobie for her death. Kobie was there to WIN, but the referee was there to "WATCH", and he wasn't watching out for the fighters safety. He was watching out for the promoter Art Dore to assure he would have a "3 Round Cat Fight" for the crowd to see.

Even when Young dropped her gloves and stumbled to her corner while members of the audience called for the bout's end, the referee never even stepped in to break the two to separate. He just stood by and watched Kobie PUMMEL Young! Kobie landed punch after punch on Young who was visibly out of shape (At 240 lbs) and spent much of the fight backed into a corner trying to defend herself as best she could. At one point, the two fighters fell to the canvas and Promoter Art Dore yelled over the PA System, "A real cat fight!"

Even though spectators yelled frantically at the ridiculous referee Dore had placed as the bout referee, he just stood there and watched it all without a care for fighter safety in mind. Again, he was making sure the audience saw a beating! And they did. By round 3, Young couldn't even hold her gloves up to protect herself. As she walked toward her corner before the match was over, Kobie punched her three times on the side of the head. The referee still didn't step in as Young went down on the third punch. Young absorbed 14 unanswered punches to her head. Twice, Kobie went after Young when Young's back was turned to her, and neither time did the referee intervene.

Nobody knows which punch rendered Young brain dead but the last time she turned her back to Kobie, Kobie jabbed the back of her head with a left and then cocked her right fist and delivered a blow squarely on Young's brain stem, snapping Young's head from side to side. From the final blow, Young collapsed, and never got up. While Young was being fatally pummeled the ringside doctor (Hired by Dore) doctor was busy taking pictures as the event's official photographer. Young collapsed in the ring and suffered a seizure. Paramedics were on hand to treat her, but the fight doctor who was suppose to be there to protect fighters never tried to stop the match even though it was clear Young was being overwhelmed with punches and couldn't defend herself. As Kobie was punishing Young with blows, Dore is heard bellowing through the P.A. system, "C'mon ladies! Punch! Punch! Punch! Punch! Punch!" So Sarah Kobie continued to punch, even after Stacy Young turned her back and the referee gave no warning let alone put a stop to it.

Toughman competitions have made Dore (Right) a millionaire while leaving some participants disfigured, brain damaged or dead. Fourteen fighters (13 men, 1 woman) have died in Toughman-style amateur fighting since the sport's inception in 1979 and at least five more have suffered brain damage. The fatality rate is more than quadruple that of organized amateur boxing and the sport's deadliness is directly linked to its loose rules and lack of regulation.

"There's no regulation, no strong system to see if these people are physically capable of getting in and performing in such a rough, tough, combative physical sport," said boxing trainer Emanuel Steward, whose Kronk Gym in Detroit has more boxing champs than any club in history.

So who was there to discipline the referee in Young's bout for such a TERRIBLE job? Art Dore of course. And who was there to oversee Dore? Art Dore of course. Wait a minute, "Art Dore?" How can he oversee his own events? Toughman competitor Scott Wood's was killed in January when the referee wouldn't allow him to give up. Jason Pyles of Michigan was Wood's opponent. He said Wood, who died of blunt force head trauma, indicated to the referee that he wanted to give up, but wasn't allowed to, which the referee denies. In some cases, referees are allowed to work bouts even when they don't meet the sport's minimal requirements -- described Dore only as, they have to have been "involved in so many fights in the past." In one fatal bout, the referee had worked only five fights. He has no system for hiring doctors other than recommendations from friends. In states where Toughman is not regulated, Dore appoints all ring doctors, refs, judges and cornermen. Its prefight exam tests only for blood pressure and alcohol; only those over the age of 35 need a doctor's permission to compete; fighters are responsible for their own medical expenses and must sign a waiver that frees Toughman from any liability; and there are no minimum requirements for referees or medical personnel.

"We have some major concerns" about Toughman, said Marc Ratner, the executive director of the Nevada State Athletic Commission. "Those concerns would have surfaced had Dore followed through and applied for a license renewal in Nevada, which he was going to do this past January. But when he got wind of Nevada's opposition, Dore pulled his request and hasn't surfaced here since."

Welcome to the non sanctioned world of Art Dore, and sadly as well, 99% of all MMA events and a good majority of kickboxing events. In MMA, everyone seems to have their own sanctioning body, but they are also their own promotional company. Just like Art Dore.

Art Dore, the founder of Toughman has policed his own events for years by his own sanctioning body. His association takes in more than the IKF and ISCF combined. Dore's non-profit "American Boxing & Athletic Association" took in nearly a million dollars over the last 2 years. (That was on paper, not cash intake from merchandise, ticket sales or any other cash sales.) According to tax records, Dore's nonprofit foundation, originally named the Art Dore Boxing and Athletic Association made just less than $1 million over the past two years. The foundation incurred expenses of more than $820,000, most of it in payments to Adoreable Promotions Inc., the company Dore founded and is now in the name of his daughter, Wendy Dore.

Toughman has had a reported 14 deaths now in its organization. Dore has fighters sign a waiver beforehand. He also has them fill out an entry form that includes these words: "Wimps need not apply." He also promises that a doctor will be on hand. Some of these events have no doctor at ringside and some others have had a Chiropractor as the ringside doctor. In two of the Toughman deaths, the doctors Dore hired to monitor the fights were chiropractors. Some of the weight spreads are as much as 30 to 50 lbs.

Toughman competitions have been banned in five states. Florida also intended to ban the events in the early 1990s, but Dore has been able to continue staging Toughman competitions because of a loophole in the state law. Because Dore does not offer more than $50 in prize money in Florida, the Toughman bouts aren't considered professional boxing and aren't regulated by the state. Boxers in professional fights are required to undergo strict medical evaluations and referees undergo rigorous training before they can judge a fight.

So WHY This Article Now?
Well, over the last week we have received a few phone calls from the likes of some people with PPV and other TV sources and some news reporters all asking about what a sanctioning body is for and our stance on Art Dore wanting to now do his own MMA events (Calling it something like Frontier Fighting.). Yes... Art Dore nopw wants to be an MMA Promoter!

Although their questions and comments were mainly in regards to Dore's MMA Promotion desires, these individuals informed us that they will be crackin down on ANY and ALL events they will show on TV and support in their press from now on. They asked tons of questions and wanted to know where we stood on them. Questions such as our (IKF & ISCF) safety record (which is 100% clean) and where we sanction events. What MMA promoters we have worked with in the past and who we are working with now, and of course, how we felt about Art Dore wanting to promote MMA now and worse yet, his desire to do so in the state of Georgia.

They wanted to know why not every MMA Promoter sanctions with the ISCF? The "ONLY" MMA Sanctioning body that does not promote their own events. Why so many MMA Promoters sanction their own events, etc. etc. Their main concern was about Art Dore though and his desires to do his new MMA Events in every state he could.

We informed them that MMA in general, despite promoters sanctioning their own events, has a far better safety record than Toughman. However if anyone in MMA allows Art Dore to get involved in our sport, that safety record will get washed down the drain. It's not enough to sanction one of Dore's events. Fighters need TRAINING! Which is something Dore will never require. No matter what safety rules are applied or enforced, if an untrained fighter goes into ANY ring (Like Young did) they take the chance of serious injury or as in Young's case, DEATH!

Those in the media and TV were clear about needing events sanctioned by a sanctioning body that was not promoting the event. But in defense of the groups that sanction their own events (UFC, King of the Cage etc.) they admitted they never thought of the issue we brought up, that sanctioning alone will not save every fighter. Training experience IS MANDATORY and cannot be bought for a $50 enrollment fee! It changed their thinking of the whole Dore issue altogether. Once thinking his events might be safe with sanctioning, we made them realize that sanctioning alone would not save unexperienced fighters who don't know how to protect themselves and fight back. However, a Qualified referee would have saved Young, or at least gave her a much better chance of survival.

The issue of Liability has come up with them and they said they do not want to be a part of an unsanctioned event that has a major injury or worse yet, a death, with no sanctioning body to stand by them to assure that all safety measures were taken. Be aware MMA Fans, Dore is now trying to not just knock, but walk in your door, to your living room and on your TV, no matter what the costs of others like Stacy Young.

For some interesting reading, CLICK HERE!


Operation Clean Up: Congressman Plays Monopoly
Written By: Boxing Insider
04.16.2003 03:12 AM, By Charles Jay Editor/Publisher at

The following is a FREE Chapter from Charles Jay's award winning series Operation Clean Up.

A bill introduced in Congress last year illustrates how truly gullible public officials can be. Or how treacherous. Especially with a promoter pulling the strings.

Posted April 15, 2022
Years ago, when I was doing a little matchmaking, both on the pro and amateur level, in the Tampa Bay area, I was trying to put a certain aspiring heavyweight on one of my Friday night amateur cards, but was rebuffed by some officials of the ABF (now known as USA Boxing), who told me he was ineligible, because not only had he competed in a "Badman" contest (a knock-off of Toughman) a couple of weeks before that, but he had actually won the first prize - a check in the amount of $1000.

According to those officials, by just competing in that event, he forfeited his amateur status. I was at the "Badman" show, so I saw the guy fight. But I really didn't know about the rule, since the competition was billed as something that was essentially "amateur" in nature. So I put the kid into a pro show the next week. He wanted to be a fighter, so if he wanted to do so he had no real choice. He got knocked out, and that was basically the end of his career.

The point is, these "toughman" contests - or any variation thereof - exist in this nether land between professional and amateur boxing. As far as some commissions are concerned, they are not professional contests and therefore don't fall under the same laws and/or regulations as professional fights would, and the bouts obviously don't go on anyone's professional record. For anyone but the winner of most of these events, there is no financial reward. But the amateur governing body - USA Boxing - doesn't want to come anywhere near it, beyond the extent to which it bans Toughman competitors from ever competing in amateur boxing - that is, if they find out about it.

On June 13, 2002, a Michigan congressman proposed something he promoted as a solution to this dilemma. Rep. James Barcia, a Democrat, introduced H.R. 4929, which would "recognize the American Boxing and Athletic Commission as the official sanctioning body for amateur elimination boxing contests." This would have established the ABAA as the entity setting and enforcing standards for these types of events across the country. And I would assume that no one would be permitted to go forward with an "amateur elimination contest" without ABAA sanction and approval.

For now, let's get away from semantics. Let's forget about the proposition that someone from this ABAA might walk into a courtroom, maybe even in the state of Michigan, and try to enjoin an event like the National Golden Gloves or the Olympic Trials because it could be argued that these too could be considered to be "amateur elimination boxing contests." For now, I'd rather focus on just exactly what the "American Boxing and Athletic Association" really is. In a letter sent to Barcia on October 16, 2002, Tim Lueckenhoff, president of the Association of Boxing Commissions, wrote, "As they are private entities, there may be more than one legitimate sanctioning body for such sports. To bless one with the designation of 'official' will unfairly give preferential treatment to a non-governmental organization over others in the marketplace, regardless of their proficiency or standards."

It's actually much worse than that. In fact, it's worse than any sanctioning body one can imagine, because it's clearly set up as a promotional tool, designed to support one organization and one organization only - The Original Toughman Contest - to the exclusion of all others. There's a good explanation for that. You see, the "ABAA" is Art Dore. And Art Dore IS the "ABAA".

The Amateur Boxing and Athletic Association is 501-C(3) non-profit corporation that is on file in the state of Michigan. The registered agent for the company is Arthur P. Dore. Dore, and Murray Sutherland, the former super middleweight champion who is one of his employees, are listed as officers on the Form 990 of this corporation, which was previously known as the "Art Dore Boxing and Athletic Association". The address is a post office box in Bay City, Michigan. James Barcia, the representative who introduced this bill, is from Bay City as well. And in case you're a little slow, what this means is that - unbelievable as it may seem - an elected public official actually engaged in a pro-active attempt to create a legal monopoly for one of his constituents - no doubt a constituent who arranged some "campaign financing" somewhere along the way. If this bill had gotten through the House Science and Commerce Committee and eventually passed, Dore could have effectively knocked out all opposition - not to mention all of his competition - in what would have been one of the all-time great end runs around any form of independent boxing regulation.

Thank God it never got that far. Mercifully, for the sport of boxing, Congressman Barcia became a victim of redistricting and re-apportionment. The 2000 U.S. Census eliminated one of Michigan's seats in the House of Representatives for 2002, and Barcia was the casualty. So instead of working for the benefit of Art Dore in Washington, he now must do so from the Michigan State Senate, which he was elected to last year. But this should serve as a cautionary tale for anyone who contends that the solution to ANY of boxing's ills is to get a bunch of Washington politicians involved, because we have before us a textbook example of the potential disaster that can result. Barcia's office won't clarify it, but what we're presented with is one of two possible scenarios - either it was a case of a politician who was completely clueless as to the ramifications of legislation he was actually introducing, or a politician who was perfectly aware of the potential effects, and consciously proposed that kind of bill anyway, in the name of the public interest, with hidden motives we can only speculate on. Either way, it sucks.

Likewise, either way, because this was his "brainchild", there's very little doubt as to where Art Dore's head is at, in terms of his long-term objectives. And that's a very dangerous place, even by the standards of professional OR amateur boxing.

SATURDAY, June 28th, 2003, AT 4:10 PM, PT

England Ready For Tomorrow Nights
Fight Night - The Heat Is On!

IKF England:
England Promoters Mark Wilson and John Rice will host a joint promotion with IKF European director Alby Bimpson tomorrow night, Sunday the 29th June. The event entitled "Fight Night - The Heat Is On" will take place at Barcleona on Renshaw Street in Liverpool England. The event will feature all Amateur Kickboxing and Thai Boxing which hopes to follow the great success of the last one there. For more info contact Mr. Alby Bimpson or Jacqui Thompson at

MORE NEWS OF 6-28-03

USA National Contests!

You could be a winner without throwing a kick or punch!

As the announcer would say on the long running game show…"come on down…you're the next contestant on the Price is Right!" Well, YOU could be the next winner of various prizes offered by the IKF.
The IKF Marketing Department will start running various contest starting today and leading up to this year's 2003 IKF/TKO USA National Amateur Tournament. Prizes will range from IKF water bottles, T- Shirts, Kickboxing Training Videos, Manuals, License Plate Frames and more! Here's how it works: The IKF will post trivia questions here on the News Page, Message Board and, or request you to do certain things to further promote IKF Kickboxing in your community. All you need to do is submit your entry and increase your chances to win!

Contest #1
Send in a recent article about you and your plans to attend the 2003 IKF/TKO USA National Amateur Tournament. The article must be from your local newspaper. You will receive an IKF Water Bottle as a prize at the event. The article must be dated no earlier than June 23rd but no later than August 5th. You must have the IKF letters and, or web site ( mentioned in the article. Go to your local paper today and request a story!

Contest #2
Send a one page essay (single spaced) stating why you love Kickboxing and what it has done for you. How has it changed your life? How has it changed someone's life you know? Make it compelling! The writers of the best three (3) essays chosen will receive a free copy of the official IKF Kickboxing Training Video. Essays must be received not later than July 25th to be considered.

Send your newspaper article or essay to: IKF Nationals Contest P. O. Box 1205, Newcastle, CA, 95658, or you can submit them via e-mail to Yes, YOU are the next contestant! So enter Now and Win! Only those planning to attend the 2003 IKF/TKO USA National Amateur Tournament and have already pre registered are eligible to win.

FRIDAY, June 27th, 2003, AT 6:40 PM, PT

Two Time IKF World Champion
Steele Back In The Ring!

Former Two Time IKF USA National Amateur Champion Erickson Also!



IKF Hawaii, USA:
It's been a little while since we've seen two time IKF Pro World Champion Danny "Hard As" Steele (R) in the ring, but even longer since the Blaisdell in Hawaii has rocked with Kickboxing! Tonight, 4 Kicks Productions will bring kickboxing back to the famous Neal Blaisdell Arena in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA where plenty of IKF History has been made.

The Blaisdell Arena was a famous place for other IKF stars such as Ramona Gatto (L) and another Hawaii legend, Dennis "The Terminator" Alexio (R) Both won their IKF World Titles at the Blaisdell.

Gatto (Now retired), was a 3 Time IKF Pro Woman's World Champion. She became the first ever IKF Pro World Champion when she KO'ed Debbie Page of Albq, New Mexico, USA on October 16th, 1992. She won her other 2 IKF Pro World titles here in the states.

Alexio won his IKF Pro Heavyweight title when he defeated Barrington Patterson of London, England by TKO at the end of the 5th round on May 31st, 1997.

However tonight the spotlight will be on Steele who won one of his IKF Pro World Titles there at the Blaisdell on July 16th, 1999 when he defeated Miguel Reyes of Tijauana, Baja CA, Mexico by unanimous decision, 100-88, 98-91 and 99-91. Tonight Steele hopes to repeat history as he faces off in a 10 round non title main event against Jason Brees of Los Angeles California, USA.

Also on the card will be former 2 Time IKF USA National Amateur Tournament Champion (2001 & 2002) Dan Erickson (L). This will be Erickson's second Pro fight having won his first last year and he will face no easy fighter. Erickson will match up against well known Hawaiian fighter Rodney Joseph.

For more info on the event please contact
Mr. Adrian Silva at (808) 216-4241 or e-mail at
The IKF Representative for this event is Mr. Dan Stell.



MORE NEWS OF 6-27-03

Dubuque Kickboxing School
To Represent IKF National Tournament!

Tomorrow, Lessei and his team will pass out leaflets and perform demonstrations during the annual Cedar Rapids Freedom Festival on June 28th. Their efforts for all of us are to illustrate what spectators can expect to see at the upcoming IKF/TKO USA National Amateur Tournament in Cedar Rapids Iowa this August. Here's More On Team Lessei Below

This Info Below was Re-Posted Today From The 18th.
IKF Dyerville, Iowa, USA: Kickboxing Instructor Dean Lessei (R) of Dyerville, Iowa has been appointed to represent the International Kickboxing Federation (IKF) demonstration team to promote the August 16th and 17th IKF USA National Amateur Kickboxing tournament.

The tournament is the largest of its kind in the United States and will be held at the U.S. Cellular Center in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Over two hundred of the best kick boxers in the United States are expected to compete in the event. IKF USA Nationals Director of Marketing Johnny Davis says, 'This tournament is the Golden Gloves' event for Kickboxing and spectators will have the opportunity to witness some of the best fights ever!"

Lessei has been operating his Kickboxing School out of Dubuque, Iowa since 1990. On August 2nd they will "kick off" the popular Kernels baseball game at the Veteran's Memorial Stadium in Cedar Rapids with a demonstration of Muay Thai Kickboxing. Muay Thai Kickboxing (knee & elbow strikes to body and kicks to the legs allowed) is one of the three divisions that will feature juniors, men and women competing for the beautiful brass and leather IKF National Championship belts.

International Rules (No knees or elbows but kicks to the legs) and American Kickboxing (all kicks above the waist) will round off the other two divisions. All three styles will incorporate the art of Boxing to bring some of the most exciting Kickboxing action to the State of Iowa! For more information on the IKF National Kickboxing tournament Click HERE!

2003 IKF Nationals
Rule Changes, REMINDERS & Other Info?

Please NOTE the Following Rule Changes, Reminders and or Adjustments for the 2003 IKF/TKO USA National Amateur Championships:

    If a Fighter has fought as a PROFESSIONAL Fighter in BOXING, KICKBOXING or MIXED MARTIAL ARTS (MMA/NHB) They are not allowed to participate as a fighter in ANY Amateur Bout Sanctioned by the IKF, International Kickboxing Federation.
    The final decision of the pro/amateur status for MMA/NHB was determined after discussing the issue with the California and Nevada State Athletic Commissions and several Trainers, Fighters and Promoters in BOTH styles of fighting over the last week.
    There are two Good ARTICLES about Pros and Amateurs on our opinions page that have a lot of good and valid information in them. They are:
    Know the Difference Between Amateurs And Pros!

    Weigh-ins will be Friday night ONLY. Since we have never had problems in the past 4 National Tournaments with doing this we don't see any reason to change it for any reason.

    We would "LIKE" ALL Divisions to have a Minimum of "4" Contenders in them to assure good competition for each Title. HOWEVER, in some cases, this may not be possible. If not, we will do as we have done in the past 4 years of the National Tournament and that is to do one of the following:
    In respect to our sponsor (TKO) that will be supplying the equipment for the tournament (Including HEADGEAR), If a fighter chooses to wear a headgear OTHER THAN TKO, they must TAPE OVER the brand of the Headgear shown on the forehead. If the fighter comes to the ring without doing so, they will be disqualified. This was a rule the first 2 years of the Nationals. The last 2 years we did not require it because our equipment sponsor, Ringside, did not supply any event headgear.

    Last year was the first year we did not allow any bout protests. However, as some noted, a few of the bout decisions (4 we believe) deserved at least a second look. This IS NOT a disrespect to our event officials. We are just saying that sometimes a second look is justified. So this year, if a Coach, Trainer or Fighter is serious about protesting a bout decision they may do so. The protest must be made immediately following the bout. We can only hope each requested protest review is seriously justified. To assure each is, each protest fee is $75.00 and must be paid in cash upon the notification of the protest. The Protest fee will be paid to the officials reviewing the protest. The bout will be reviewed by Video by 3 Different Judges from what video is *available. (*) Protesting coaches may be required to provide their own video if one is not available from the IKF. If the reviewing judges vote FOR the announced winner by majority, split or unanimous decision, the decision will stand. The decision will also stand if the scoring judges score the bout a draw. IF the reviewing vote for the announced losing fighter by majority, split or unanimous decision we will request the fighters to fight "1" Determining Round that will be judged by "5" Judges. If the bout is scored a draw, the original announced winner will be awarded the final win. If a winner is announced, this decision will be FINAL. There will be no protest of the additional round allowed.

    Like every year, there are a lot of people who try to sneak into these events claiming to be assistant trainers etc. etc. For this reason, as of last year we now charge for an Official IKF Nationals Event Cornerman/Trainers Badge. (A 2002 Fighters Pass is displayed at right.) This will prevent individuals just attaining a cornermans pass for free only to watch the event. The other reason for this is to police each fighters corner so that only Registered Cornermen and Trainers are in each fighters corner in the ring area. Only registered cornermen/women will be allowed into each fighters corner and in the ring area as well as the locker room area. The cost of each Official IKF Nationals Event Cornerman/Trainers Badge for the entire weekend is $10.00 and you MUST HAVE A HEADSHOT PHOTO OF YOURSELF no larger than 2 inches X 2 inches. If we have to take your picture for your badge, because of the delays this will cause like last year, the fee will be $15.00. Cornermen and Trainers will register on Friday during the hours of 12 noon and 7 PM at the event Arena. For Nationals Badge info please CLICK HERE! All Cornermen/women must meet, follow and abide by the Official IKF Cornerman/women rules of the IKF. To review these rules please CLICK HERE!

    Fighters, when sending in your Nationals Registration make sure you include a PHOTO with your registration form. If we need to take your photo at registration the fee is $5.00.

    We have been told that some of you were asked to send your Nationals Registration to your regional director or promoter. This is INCORRECT! All National Finals Registration forms must be sent directly here to IKF, P. O. Box 1205, Newcastle, CA, 95658. Our physical address for FEDX/UPS is IKF, 9385 Old State Highway, Newcastle, CA, 95658. If you have sent your forms to someone else, and they arrive here after the deadlines, "YOU" will be responsible to pay for the late fees.


MORE NEWS OF 6-26-03

Results From The International Kickboxing Show
IKF England Vs IKF Norway

Sunday, 22nd June, 2003, Standard Triumph Club, Tile Hill, Coventry England, Promoter: Steve Donnelly

Alby Bimpson, (R) IKF European Director

IKF England

IKF Europe Norway Representative, Trevor Ambrose (L) arrived with an excellent team from Norway with trainer Bard Trones. The show was restricted to 5 bouts of 5 x 2 minute rounds of top class fighters. Top of the bill was Steve Donnelly himself.

Fight Profile: Steve 'THE DON' Donnelly makes his comeback after 10 years out of the ring against the formidable Arild Mikalson of Norway. Whilst competing at British and European level Donnelly had a chance for another organizations World Title against their Featherweight champion (Ireland in 1992) Paul 'The Lemon Drop Kid' Lenihan. Unfortunately Donnelly broke his hand through an accident which put him into retirement. Donnelly then concentrated mainly on teaching and coaching.

IKF Europe: Why are you (Donnelly) making a comeback now?
Donnelly: "It's always been my ambition to fight for a world title. I lost the chance 10 years ago so I am taking it now. I have to beat Arild from Norway to have a shot at any major titles"

IKF Europe: Why go into the deep end with a well established fighter? Why not a lesser opponent?
Donnelly: "I would rather fight the best around to see if I could actually fight for the World title. Arild will test me to the max; he is a well established fighter and wants major titles as well. So, after this fight I will know whether or not I am capable of fighting for a World title or should hang up my gloves for the last time"

Donnelly's fight record is 42 wins, 6 loses, 2 draws. Arild Mikarlsen's fight record as an amateur was 35 wins, 7 loses with 18 wins coming by TKO/KO. As a pro his record is 11 wins, 7 loses with 7 of his wins coming by way of TKO/KO.

  1. Bout One, 5 X 2 Full Contact
    Brian Aston,
    77 Kg, England vs Bertil Queeley 76.5 kg, England
    Excellent technical bout. Queeley had the edge on the first 2 rounds with all three judges agreeing. The 3rd round this evened out with both fighters coming back at each other with combination of kicks and punches. Queeley stepped up a gear in the 4th taking the round. The 5th round Aston tried to come back to the delight of the crowd, making the final round his, but Queeley, already ahead, took the bout on unanimous decision.

  2. Bout Two, 5 X 2, Full Contact
    Tiffany Williams
    51.5 Kg, Brighton, England Vs Trine Thorkildsen 51 kg, Bergen, Norway
    Thorkildsen believed that she was to have a 3 round fight, but 5 rounds had been arranged with Williams. The Norwegians fighters are great fighters and Thorkildsen was up for the challenge against the IKF European title holder Williams even though it was the first time at 5 rounds. Respect to Thorkildsen as she pushed forward at every given opportunity. Williams countered and attacked with her excellent technical ability taking all 5 rounds with a unanimous points decision. This was a great fight to watch as the technical ability of both fighters was at a high level, and an education for the crowd, which showed their approval for both fighters.

  3. Bout Three, 5 X 2 Full Contact
    Darren Forrest
    71 Kg England Vs Daniel 'Pretty Boy' Nordas, Bergan, Norway.
    WOW what a fight. Forrest has been around for a long time, a great fighter, and is well known for his acrobatic ability, which sometimes lets him down BUT tonight this was serious and did it show. Forrest's trademark pants the American stars and stripes, had changed to a new design, had this changed his style in fighting? Both fighters were very strong and the crowd gasped as they heard the impact of the kicks and punches landed by both fighters. Forrest took the first round. Nordas was not having this and came out in the 2nd round determined to win the round, and succeeded. Third round Forrest came out hard with a wide range of of kicks and punch combinations giving a standing 8 count to Nordas, and followed this up by winning the 4th. Nordas knowing he was behind came out with all barrels blazing. The crowd was excited with this bout, as Nordas gave Forrest a standing 8 count, but Forrest recovered to take the bout on unanimous points decision.

  4. Bout Four, 5 X 2 Full Contact
    Kevin Smiles
    101 kg, Blyth, England Vs Tomas Rossvoll 105 Kg, Bergen, Norway
    Well what can I say, Smiles the current IKF British Heavyweight champion, today moving up into the Super heavyweight standing at 6' 6", and Rossvoll who I last saw in Brighton 2 years ago several weights lighter, is now a strapping Norwegian Marine standing at 6' 4". TWO GIANTS in the ring.
    Smiles I must say has been out of the ring for nearly a year traveling, and arrived late due to getting lost on the way, but this is not to take away anything from Rossvoll, who was here to win. This was a great fight. Round one Rossvoll came out and was determined to stamp some kind of authority and took the first round. 2nd round Smiles woke up and came back with hard punches and kicks which Rossvoll took well, winning the 2nd. This did not put Rossvoll off and the 3rd round was even, with a query over the number of kicks Smiles threw. In the 4th round Smiles did not get the required 8 kicks and the round went to Rossvoll. Rossvoll sensing victory came out in the final round and took the round on a majority. Final result unanimous decision, Tomas Rossvoll.

  5. Bout Five, 5 X 2 International Rules
    Steve 'The Don' Donnelly,
    65 Kg, Coventry, England Vs Arild Mikalson, 65 Kg, Bergen, Norway.
    What everyone was waiting for was about to happen. Steve Donnelly's absence from the ring was going to be put to the test. The Full House was in an uproar as he made his way to the Ring. His opponent Arild Mikalson, was already in the ring watching the frenzy of support and applauded Steve as he entered the ring. It must be said Steve Donnelly does not do things in half measures. Besides putting on one of the best and exciting shows this year, he put his head on the chopping block by accepting his opponent, Arild Mikalson, with a record of over 60 fights (amateur & professional) who was in excellent condition.
    ROUND ONE: This round started with both fighters assessing each others technical ability. The crowd was already in an uproar, but this seemed to encourage Mikalson who was actually on fire from the sound of the bell. The difference was obvious from this round with the lightening technique and combinations from the Norwegian, which stunned Donnelly. At one point with Donnelly's head connecting with a roundhouse kick which stunned him. This did not put Donnelly off, and he came back with some excellent combinations himself, but unfortunately after 10 years out, his timing was not quite there with his opponent taking advantage of this. Round 1 to the Norwegian by all 3 judges cards.
    ROUND TWO: Donnelly with excellent work from his corner came out with more intent, determined to change the pattern from the first round. But Mikalson was having none of this raising his own game plan, which resulted in a standing 8 count for Donnelly at the end of the round. 2nd round to Mikalson.
    ROUND THREE: Once again both fighters came out determined to stamp their authority. This resulted in Mikalson once again moving up another gear catching Donnelly across the ribs with a roundhouse kick that sent him crashing to the floor. Referee Clive Tennant started the count. Donnelly rose to his knees as Tennant continued counting to ten, counting Donnelly out on his knees. The crowd fell silent for a moment realizing Donnelly had picked a top fighter. The crowd showed respect to Donnelly as well as his opponent, Mikalson who took this win by TKO.

It must be said that Donnelly could have picked a much lesser experienced opponent, but as we have said before Donnelly does not do anything by half measures, and was first to congratulate his opponent and thank the crowd. Steve has now gone on holiday to consider his future.

He would like to say a
'Special thank you to sponsor Dean Woodhouse from FIRST CLASS MARKETING for making the show possible'.
'A big thank you from the Don, to Kash & Harry for organizing the show.'
'To all sponsors for their continued support and also to all the Officials, Doctors, Fighters and support from everyone involved in the show. '
A Sincere THANK YOU!


WEDNESDAY, June 25th, 2003, AT 1:20 PM, PT

IKF/TKO USA Nationals
Championship Bouts
To Be Filmed For
IKF/CSS TV Program


IKF Headquarters
Make sure you bring your best to the ring at this years 2003 IKF/TKO USA Nationals fighters. This years Championship bouts on Sunday will be filmed for the upcoming IKF CSS TV Series beginning in September.

Although all the bouts will not make it to the first show, the IKF plan is to use the Championship Fight footage of all the Championship bouts as added footage throughout the 17 week series that will run from September through the end of December. Beginning Friday night and continuing throughout the entire weekend the IKF/CSS Team will be scheduling special interviews with fighters, trainers and IKF Promoters.

Interviews will be given to individuals from Brooks Mason (L), Steve Fossum (R) and others working as on air personalities of the TV Program. Interviews and filming will include visiting IKF PRO Champions as well.

So make sure you not only bring your best to the ring amateurs, make sure you wear your best as well when you show up in Iowa this August to "Walk The Walk" and Bring It ON! For more info on the 2003 IKF/TKO USA National Finals CLICK HERE!


MORE NEWS OF 6-25-03

St. Louis Is Ready To
Showcase Talent

IKF St. Louis, Missouri
This Saturday Lucky's on the Landing isn't going to be just another Saturday night out in St. Louis. Most of the time you would see drinks being poured, people dancing, and the best nationwide DJ's spinning records, but not this time. On this Saturday Lucky's on the Landing, is being transformed once again from the hottest night club to an arena for the hottest ticket in town, the event...The Midwest Fight Fest. A combination of IKF sanctioned Full-Contact Rules Kickboxing and ISCF sanctioned MMA/HNB fights.

The event will showcase fighters from Canada, Iowa, Oklahoma, Michigan, and Missouri. Once again showing the St. Louis fans why some of the best fighters in the United States come from the Midwest and some of the best fighters in North America come from our neighbor country up north. The fights will showcase many fighters that will be completing in this years 2003 IKF/TKO USA Nationals.

The night will also be filled with plenty of action including a special exhibition fight and two fighters making their returns to the ring after some time off. In the main event Kevin "Boom Boom" Bozada is making his return to the ring after a short retirement. After leaving the kickboxing fight scene to become one of the head trainers of Finney's Championship Kickboxing and Martial Arts, one would think that he would want to come back slowly. Instead he is jumping back into the ring against Ken Keiser out of Windsor, Ontario Canada.

The other fighter stepping back into the ring is no other than Marc "The Hammer" Mayfield. Mayfield has taken the last 8 months off after a injury that he received sparring. Now back in the gym and working hard, he will be coming out looking for a win. Standing in his way is Dwight Lee, out of Detroit, Michigan.

There will be three ISCF sanctioned fights on the card. The first will "Mean" Mike Green, from St. Louis, Missouri up against Jaime Dawson, from St. Joseph, Oklahoma. Green has started to put together a good record since starting at Finney's. Green came to Finney's. to work on his stand up and has won some fights in FCR.

The second ISCF NHB/MMA will be between Kyle Hancock, of St. Louis, Missouri and Manual Salato, of St. Joseph, Oklahoma. Hancock has been training at Finney's. for 6 months and has started to put together his stand up and ground techniques.

The Last ISCF fight will be worth the price of the ticket. Up and coming "Brazilian" Mike Rothmeyer, of St. Louis, Missouri has started to make a name for himself in NHB. Now going into his third fight, he has shown that he has the power to stand up and also the patience to work from the guard. His opponent is Marty Daul out of Fort Wood, Ohio.

Kevin "The Hitman" Engel... What more is there to say? No one will step into the ring with him. That is why he will be doing a Special exhibition with Ray Dardon. Dardon is the current KICK North American Pro Light Heavyweight Champion.

Rounding out the fight card, will be a team from Waterloo, Iowa. Russ O'Connell will be bring three of his fighters down to fight three of Jesse Finney's fighters. The first one will be Josh Fisher, from St. Louis, Missouri against Matt Bedard, from Waterloo, Iowa. Both these fighters are starting there kickboxing careers.
The second will be two fighters that are no strangers to the ring. Finney's Dylon Leonard will be facing John Hoppes. Leonard has improved dramatically since starting over a year ago. Hoppes has started to diverse in his fighting styles, not only NHB/MMA but also in the FCR style.

The last of the three fights will be a rematch. "Little" Matt Taff, from St. Louis, Missouri and Nick Anderson, from Waterloo, Iowa. These fighters have fought before with Taff winning by decision. One thing is for sure, we will see both of these fighters in Cedar Rapids in August at the 2003 IKF/TKO USA Nationals.

For additional fight and ticket information call (314) 351-5226. Or email:

MORE NEWS OF 6-25-03

Cowtown Rumble Results!
Overland Park, Kansas, USA, June 21st

Cowtown Fight Promotions, Inc. headed up by IKF & ISCF Promoters Mr. Dan Tharp and Mr. Oren Gautreaux, presented the third installment of 'Cowtown Rumble'. Riding on the wave of two previous sold out shows the decision was made to find a larger venue that would allow for more seating and better show production. The Overland Park International Trade Center fit the bill.

Mr. Tharp says of the move, "We thought it was a good thing to invest in making the show bigger and better so more people could recognize these sports and become fans of them. We did radio interviews, flyer distribution and some other marketing things. It was obvious that a lot of new people were introduced to these sports at our show. With about 1100 people at the show, the word is sure to spread. We also have received a lot of publicity through our Hooters sponsorship. They've been great to us and we look forward to working together in the future."

On to the Fights…
After a card is considered 'confirmed', then the fun begins. This card experienced numerous pull outs and injuries that would make even the most experienced promoter grimace. But in the end, the fights proved to be highly competitive and entertaining.

  1. IKF Amateur Full Contact Rules Kickboxing: Chris Jacobson (AJJ) vs. Mark Donahue (Chuck Wolfe)
    This FCR Kickboxing match was fast and furious on both ends, each stunning each other with hard punches. Jacobson received a standing 8 in the first but recovered well. The second round saw more of the same. Jacobson received a spin back fist to the throat and was unable to continue. (He was seen eating afterwards so he is fine)

  2. ISCF MMA: David Snyder (AJJ) vs. Brad Aller (DMEF)
    This fight was packed with action. Aller being the smaller of the two showed no signs of backing down. Referee Fairn Otis stopped the fight in the first round after Aller took a heavy shot to the head. Allers corner protested heavily, but the decision was made on the side of safety. Perhaps a rematch ? Winner David Snyder by TKO round 1.

  3. IKF Amateur MuayThai Rules Kickboxing: Josh Edmonds vs. Sky Morris.
    This Muay Thai bout pitted two first timers against each other. This fight went back and forth, with both giving and receiving. In the end Josh Edmonds of Iowa City, Iowa won the decision.
  4. Kids Tae Kwon Do Exhibition: This one had the crowd roaring!!!

  5. ISCF Submission Grappling: Matt Cox, head wrestling coach at Blue Springs, Missouri High School was ranked internationally in Freestyle Wrestling showed why after arm barring Chris Moore of AJJ in the first round. Look for Matt to make a wave in the NHB scene soon.
  6. IKF Amateur MuayThai Rules Kickboxing: Emerald Mongoose's Michael Johnson took this fight on short notice against Chris Thompson of Prathet Muay Thai. Treating the crowd to a traditional wai khru, this looked like and was indeed a muay thai match. Chris Thompson used knee attacks the whole fight to slow down the hard combinations of Johnson. When moving forward , Johnson scored cleanly but was kept at bay by the knees. Johnson is a warrior but Thompson won a unanimous decision.

  7. ISCF MMA: After Clint White of AJJ pulled out at 2:30 in the afternoon on Saturday, Jamie Dawson of St. Joseph , Missouri was left without an opponent for a mma match. However, Jobe Duran of AJJ stepped in and did a submission match. Jobe scored the armbar straight way. Winner Jobe Duran.

  8. IKF Amateur MuayThai Rules Kickboxing: Dan Edmonds of Iowa City, Iowa had been scheduled to fight for 6 weeks, however, after TWO people pulled out Brian Corely of Omaha, Nebraska stepped in for an exhibition with Dan. Both of these guys looked very polished for their level of experience. Look for both these guys in the future.

  9. ISCF MMA: This first fight in a triple main event matched Rob Kimmons of AJJ against Aaron Bollig of Victory Sports fight team against each other. Bollig stands 5'5" and 195 of solid muscle. Kimmons 5' 9", 193. This fight was fast and furious. It wasn't the first day on the job for either of them. After a flurry of punches and clinching , Kimmons discovered the Knee and put one to Bolligs face. Stunning Bollig, he continued the assault, mounting Bollig and the ref stopped the fight after Bollig was not defending. The crowd roared in approval. Winner Kimmons, now 3-0.

  10. ISCF MMA: Bobby Voelker vs. Jason Purcell: To say the crowd went nuts over this is an understatement. Voelkers following is very vocal and intense.
    Round 1: Purcell being the more experienced of the two wasn't intimidated by the crowd or Voelker. He took the fight to Voelker with punches and attempted take downs. Voelker returned the favors often with a smile. This fight was dead even.
    Round 2: This round was more of the same. Voelker's confidence began to increase and he knew what he was waiting for, the knee. Fastly becoming Voelkers trademark, he hit Purcell square on the chin with a knee and Purcell went to the canvas. The ref stopped it as Purcell tried to get to his feet. Winner Voelker who moves to 5-0 with 4 ko's.

  11. IKF Pro Full Contact Rules Kickboxing:
    Cowtown's first pro fight matched up local 4-0 FCR kickboxer, Michael Kelly of Belton ,Missouri against Mike Winkeler of Belleville, Illinois. This being the rematch of the two, with Kelly winning the first one, Winkeler came for some revenge. The pace of the fight was fast from the get go. Kelly dropped Winkeler in the first round for a standing 8 count, but Winkeler kept moving forward and making Kelly fight him. Both men scored some heavy shots on each other but in the end Kelly won the unanimous decision. Kelly moves to 5-0.

For more info please contact Mr. Oren Gautreaux at (816) 229-6611 or e-mail at or contact Mr. Dan Tharp at for event PICTURES, go to their website at and click "PAST EVENTS"

TUESDAY, June 24th, 2003, AT 6:50 PM, PT

2003 IKF North Central U. S. Regional Championship A Huge Success!
56 Fighters Register To "WALK The WALK" At Zbilski's Regional!

IKF Lake Zurich, Illinois
Rob and Jim Zbilski of Z Promotions, who have hosted four successful midwest events, selected KITS SPORTS CENTER to host this year's IKF/TKO North Central Full Contact Regional Championships that featured 24 high-caliber bouts of some of the nation's finest amateur kickboxers.

The night provided participants and spectators alike with knockouts, toe-to-toe exchanges of tremendous kicks and punches and first-timers that performed like veterans in the heat of the moment. The big discussion after regionals was this years 2003 IKF/TKO USA Nationals in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

With the main event of the year approaching quickly the competitors are surely jumping right in to training to ensure that everyone is ready for the grueling competition that the national event always provides. Also in attendance at the event were some of martial arts and kickboxing finest champions. Take a look at some of these names!

Rob and Jim Zbilski and the entire Z Promotions team thank each and every competitor, trainer and their families who continuously support the sport of kickboxing and midwest martial arts. We hope to see everyone this year at Nationals. For more information on the regional event hosted by Z Promotions you can go to the Team Z web site at See everyone in Cedar Rapids!

Fight Results: "Not in bout order"

Walkover fighters who did not have a fight at the event were, Amy Beck, Patricia Bradley, Jorge Rodriguez, Sean Crowe, Demetry Lewis, Jason M. Adams, Zein Al-Ziyadi, Anthony Linenfelser and Eric Medina. For more info contact Team Z at (847) 458-8333 or by e-mail at or go to their website at

MORE NEWS OF 6-24-03


Here's Our Terrible Tuesday News...

Ultimate Athlete Magazine
Goes Under

IKF News Source
It was by far the best magazine for Mixed Martial Arts and one of if not the best out there for kickboxing news as well, considering there are no magazines for kickboxing. However financial troubles and other issues have brought an end to a great publication. As the saying goes, "You don't know what you had until it's gone." Well everyone, Ultimate Athlete Magazine is GONE! But this was no surprise to us as you will read below.

Back in late February early March we had announced that the IKF was teaming up with Ultimate Athlete Magazine (UA) to bring more media attention to kickboxing. There's a reason you didn't hear much more about this and today is the time to tell you about it. As many know, in mid January of this year we announced we were starting our own IKF Kickboxing Magazine. However on January 28th, we were presented with another opportunity that we thought would better fulfil our needs and the needs of the sport of kickboxing. This opportunity presented itself when Mr. John Pack took over All Operations at UA in January of this year. Pack sent an e-mail to us that stated, "As of Monday I have assumed the position of Editor as well as Publisher. I would like to discuss a long-term relationship between IKF & ISCF, I would especially like to put together a joint marketing agreement for 2003. This year I plan to step up the Kickboxing coverage in a big way and very much like to see how we can work together."

From Pack's e-mail we made the decision to hold off on publishing our magazine, mainly due to the promised distribution numbers UA had given us. To us, these numbers meant great exposure for not just the IKF and ISCF, but for our promoters, fighters and trainers as well. UA had made announced that ALL the 7-11 stores would carry the UA Magazine which promised a distribution of 82,000 + per month. We don't know about anyone else but we never saw UA in any 7-11 stores we visited. They also wanted us to be a part of their newsletter that claimed to be 12,000 per week and a website that boasted 150,000 unique visitors per month, yet never ranked on below 250,000. (These numbers are like Golf, the lower the number the more traffic the site receives. For more info, Click HERE.)

Since UA had offered to cover IKF Kickboxing we thought it better for everyone and the sport to hold off with yet another magazine that may compete with UA. This is why you have not heard much about the IKF Kickboxing Magazine in the last few months.

On February 7th, Pack sent an e-mail to the IKF that stated, "Let's get started. I want to expand my coverage of kickboxing online, in print and on video. I would like to structure an agreement between us that will allow me to market the hell out of you with massive coverage and lots of free advertising. I want to position my company as THE AP/ESPN of combat sports and want to do it through relationships. However to reach my goals I need to work very closely with you."

His enthusiasm continued when he sent another e-mail on February 18th where he said, "As a marketing partner with us, we'll provide you and your tournaments pre and post coverage as well as free advertising." However after we had already made an agreement and UA was placing IKF Ranking into the May UA issue, we received an e-mail from Pack on April 1st, announcing his resignation from UA. Of course we thought it was an April fools joke, but not so. In a conversation with him he stated how much financial trouble the magazine was in and doubted it would last more than 3 more months. Pack moved on to a better opportunity with his new venture,

After Pack left, we re-contacted the new Editor at UA, Dave Davis. Davis countered everything Pack said and assured us UA was in strong financial shape. He stated it would be better than ever and would continue. However Davis was not willing to fulfill the publication promises made to us by Pack. In fact, his reply to us was rather rude in a response e-mail to our agreement on April 17th which stated; "These promises of prostituting the magazine for ones benefit is not what the publication is about. We accept a lot of material that never reaches print. The content submitted is a group effort. This is the way it has to stay! No preferential treatment! We will be happy to accept your submissions, but that's as far as it will go."

From this e-mail we threw in our hat and to say the least, we were a bit offended by it. We had carried the UA link on both the IKF and ISCF front pages since January and all we got back was the IKF Rankings listed in UA one time, in the May issue. Well, good thing we didn't bet Pack on his claims that UA would only last 3 months at the most. Ultimate Athlete Magazine is GONE, and Pack is busy collecting on all those bets he made.

Now that you know what all happened we can assure you that we will re-focused back to our IKF Kickboxing Magazine in hopes to bring you "PRINT" media coverage of our sport and those who are in it. It may have been delayed but the wait will be worth it, and as well, you now have the full reason why there was a delay at all. Look for the new IKF Kickboxing Magazine at this years IKF USA National Amateur tournament in August.

MORE ABOUT Ultimate Athlete

Phone dead, doors locked, lights out.
May 30th 2003. RIP

Press From
After 20 months of trying Ultimate Athlete magazine finally succumbs to chasing the rainbow. During the last six months, Ultimate Athlete had made many staffing changes in an effort to saving the drowning magazine – all attempts failed. Ultimate Athlete magazine made a great attempt at reaching a broader market by offering the athletic side to combat sports in addition to the event coverage. At least this was the initial plan when John Pack published the first edition in October of 2001.

Beginning in April 2002 the magazine began to feel financial pressure from investors, experience internal bickering between editorial staff and investors and by February 2003 it had all come to a head. The first change was letting go of Editor Clyde Gentry and having publisher John Pack take over the additional responsibility. Then by April 28th with the mounting tension building over video rights, financial threats and pure frustration John Pack quits.

With the only remaining principals of Ultimate Athlete being former Sales Manager Dave Davis and the initial two investors: it was only a matter of time. By the last week in May, the money had dried up and all attempts had failed – it was time. A true loss to the sport and will be remembered and missed. Phone dead, doors locked, lights out. May 30th 2003. RIP.

NOTE: the writer called UA's Phone number at

MORE NEWS OF 6-24-03

Deals With Legal Issues

Press Release – Bangkok, Thailand
NOTICE: FAIRTEX is a trademark of Fairtex Equipment Company, Ltd. ("Fairtex Thailand"), a Thai company with exclusive rights to the FAIRTEX tradename and trademarks in the U.S. Fairtex Thailand owns both the FAIRTEX and TRAIN LIKE A THAI. FIGHT LIKE A THAI marks, which are protected under U.S. common law, with federal trademark applications pending. The FAIRTEX brand was established for garments in the late 1950s in Thailand by the Busarakamwongs family. Under the direction of Mr. Bunjong Busarakamwongs, also known as Mr. Philip Wong, the FAIRTEX brand was expanded to Muay Thai and boxing training and related apparel and gear. Fairtex Thailand began operating Muay Thai training camps in Thailand in 1975 under the FAIRTEX name and brought the training camps to the United States in 1993.

You may have heard or read about offers to license the FAIRTEX mark for training in gyms, camps, cruise ships, and seminars in the United States. These licensing activities are NOT authorized by Fairtex Thailand. Further, trainer certifications issued and/or licenses granted by individuals or entities other than Fairtex Thailand are NOT recognized by Fairtex Thailand and infringe Fairtex Thailand's rights. If you have heard of any such unauthorized licensing activities or trainer certification, or if anyone claiming to be "Fairtex" has approached you with a licensing or training certification opportunity, please contact Mr. Anthony Lin IMMEDIATELY by fax or e-mail at Fairtex Equipment Company, Ltd. Anthony Lin President & CEO Fairtex Equipment Company, Ltd. Fairtex Worldwide Headquarters, Thailand 99/5 Moo 3, Soi Boonthamanusorn, Theparak Road Banplee, Samutprakarn 10540 THAILAND Web: Fax: +662 385-5403 (Thailand number) E-Mail: TRAIN LIKE A THAI. FIGHT LIKE A THAI.™ FAIRTEX®

MONDAY, June 23rd, 2003, AT 3:45 PM, PT

Selbee Assists In Search For Suspects
IKF U.S. Heavyweight Champion Weighs In For Home Invasion Victim

IKF Georgia, USA
More than anything else, victims of crime want to know that someone out there cares. Certainly, in dealing with law enforcement officers they see that, but what often torments them is the sense of isolation they feel from their fellow citizens. Thanks to IKF U.S. Champion, Mark Selbee, (R) some of that pain on the part of one victim and his family will be, in part at least alleviated. He has let them know that he cares.

As reported in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Selbee, with the help of his employer, communications and billboard advertising company, Clear Channel Outdoor, spearheaded an effort to help find the suspects involved in still unsolved a home invasion, aggravated assault and murder, that occurred two-and-half years ago in East Point, Georgia, USA. What Selbee and Clear Channel did was arrange for the prominent posting of a billboard seeking information on the crime and offering a reward for same. It will stand for a period of six months, at a meager cost, only to cover the supplies involved in creating it.

Selbee and Clear Channel's philanthropy here is set forth in more detail in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution's article on the matter as posted below. We at IKF and ISCF want to express our admiration and respect for this effort. Mark Selbee has, again, taken serious steps towards setting the kind of example for which true champions are renowned and has made strides to make his community a better place. Thank you again, Champ!

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: 6/19/03:
Sign Seeks Leads on Home Invasion
By BILL MONTGOMERY The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Assault victim Joe Wood put up a billboard in East Point to help find the killers of his wife. Now he awaits "that call from someone who knows something." Travelers eastbound on Camp Creek Parkway in East Point will have a hard time missing the billboard announcing "$25,000 Reward." The sign, 14 feet high by 48 feet wide near the Main Street (U.S. 29) overpass, was installed Friday and will remain up for six months. It's the latest effort by assault victim Joe C. Wood and East Point police to crack a home invasion that left Wood's wife, Lourine, slain in the trunk of their luxury car.
The attack occurred 2 1/2 years ago at the couple's antique-filled brick house on Prince George Street. To Wood's surprise, and gratitude, the billboard company charged only $350, to cover the cost of the vinyl lettering. "The kindness these folks have shown sure does renew your faith in humanity," Wood said Despite the year-old reward from the retired service station owner and the governor's office, authorities have no suspects or solid leads in their search for the men who pistol-whipped Wood, 71, unconscious and killed his 84-year-old wife with blows to the head. Police believe the attackers used heavy statuary. Wood said he had considered for several months buying a billboard to publicize the killing and reward. He succeeded with the help of Mark Selbee, senior account executive with Clear Channel Outdoor, the billboard advertising arm of the radio communications company. "I was ready to give him $1,200 for what the sign cost, and he insisted he wouldn't take a penny for it," Wood said. "I'm a salesperson, and my job is to sell advertising, but it's not often you get an opportunity to help a person so deserving as Joe Wood," Selbee said.
Besides the reward figure, the billboard shows a photograph of Wood and his wife, and the number to call East Point police with tips: 404-761-2177. Police Lt. Russell Popham said investigators believe the two intruders slipped into the house when Wood turned off the burglar alarm and went outside to feed his cats. The killers overpowered him as he returned inside, tied and beat him. They took $400 cash and Wood's large, size 17 Masonic ring, but they ignored his checks and credit cards, items that could leave a paper trail. A search of pawn shops as far away as Florida has been fruitless, Popham said. Said Wood: "I must have gotten 15 calls from folks who know me and have seen the billboard. But all I really need is that call from someone who knows something. It just takes one, and I'm praying for it."

MORE NEWS OF 6-23-03


Fightatorium Sees Historic IKF/TKO
"Big South" Regional Event

IKF Richardson, Texas, USA
Saturday night (June 20th) marked yet another kickboxing landmark for The State of Texas when IKF promoters Chuck Best & Steve Goin and the rockin' fight-house known affectionately as 'The Fightaorium' treated an electrified and charged-up crowd to 5 IKF/TKO BIG SOUTH Regional Title fights.

The faithful took a moment to acknowledge a part of Texas' kickboxing history. With the house lights darkened for a few minutes, the arena PA system replayed the 'General Patton fight speech' made famous by George C. Scott in the opening scene of the Academy Award winning movie. As the speech came to a close, the house lights were turned up as the night's competitors paraded into the smallish fighting zone to the theme from the 'Patton' movie.

Shortly thereafter, former World Title contender Steve Goin took the microphone and acknowledged the hard work of one of 'The Fightatorium' volunteers....non other than its workhorse referee Bobby Stovall. As he acknowledged Stovall's current work, Goin also mentioned that an 'injustice of sorts' had occurred more than 2 decades before; whereas Stovall was The Lone Star State's first ever lightweight kickboxing champion, yet had never been awarded a belt. At that cue, a lovely ring-card girl paced a beautiful "Big South" Regional Title belt into the ring, where Stovall's young son and daughter were there to help him place his overdue trophy around his waist. Stovall has been a mainstay for the Fightortorium in it's near 2 year history; having seen a total of 161 bouts, with Stovall refereeing 144 of them. As the classy Fightatorium crowd applauded both respectfully and enthusiastically, the house could then turn it's attentions to "matters-at-hand" and bring in the competitors for the first of several Regional Title bouts of the evening. Those bouts and their results are as follows:


    Levi Best
    (2-0, Age 12, 94 lbs) Allen, Texas -vs- David Oppman (0-0, Age 12, 91 lbs) Houston, Texas.
    Making the adjustment from 2 minute rounds to 90-second rounds seemed to throw Best off just enough to keep Oppman in the fight. Although Best landed more telling blows flush to Oppman's face, Oppman was busier throughout and simply out scored Best as Oppman took the win by split decision.

    Megan Rogers
    (2-0, 145 lbs) Waxahachie, Texas -vs- Katy Frame (1-1, 142 lbs) Dallas, Texas.
    This was a rematch of last months' battle of 2 very competitive stable-mates from Kingdom Kickboxing. In May, Rogers simply dominated Frame with her power and reach on the way to a unanimous decision. In last night's Regional Title match, Frame turned the tables by utilizing movement, bursting offense, and slick evasive maneuvering. Frame was able to cause Rogers to go down in each of the first 2 rounds by knocking her off balance, and although Rogers was never in danger of being knocked unconscious, standing-eight counts were levied against her and Frame took the win by unanimous decision.

    Will Ford
    (1-1/1KO, 152) Dallas, Texas -vs- Zak George (2-1/2KO, 139 lbs) Norman, Oklahoma.
    Remember the scene from the movie 'Jaws' where Sheriff Brody, after seeing the gigantic shark up close, goes over to his boatmates and proclaims, "We need a bigger boat!" ??? Let's just say here that Zak George is going to be a 'big fish' in kickboxing, and we predict that he will be a leading contender for the IKF/TKO National Tournament Super Lightweight Championship. Anyone stepping into the ring with Zak George is stepping off into 'deep waters' and had better bring a BIGGER BOAT!! George simply did away with Ford at 1:07 of round 2, after having knocked him down twice in the first round. George weighs-in like a Super Lightweight, but hits to the head and body like a Light Heavyweight. George took the win via TKO at 1:07 of round 2.

    Nathan Bagby
    (2-2-1 / 1KO, 162 lbs) Carrollton, Texas -vs- Joey Pena (1-2 / 1KO, 165 lbs).
    At the end of this fight, Joey Pena proclaimed that he needs to spend more time training on his kicking abilities. Pena was right on the money, as it was neither a lack of heart or conditioning that cost him this bout, but rather a deficient propensity to kick effectively, if at all (he was penalized a point for missing a kick in round #1). Pena has tremendous hand power for a middleweight, yet Bagby was able to neutralize Pena's hands with some effective kick/punch combinations, as well as superior conditioning (he has been training with Doyle Gayler & John Vakidis under the watchful eyes of Chuck Best & Steve Goin with the blessings of his Instructor, Mr. Jeff Laun at Carrollton Martial Arts). Bagby comes away with a tremendous victory and has momentum rolling towards the 2003 IKF/TKO USA National Finals as he wins it by unanimous decision.

    Jaquee Hennefer
    (2-0, 126 lbs) -vs- Kornelija Numic (8-1 / 2 KO, 125 lbs).
    Most anyone familiar with the IKF knows something about Numic, who has built a nice fighting record over the past 17 months. With those "props" being paid to Numic, the real story in this fight was the 'intangible' Jaquee Hennefer, who at a mere 2 fights and young 16 years of age has already gone face-to-face with some of the finest women's fighters in IKF ( Such as Sherri Maxwell and now Numic). Predictably, Numic controlled the bout from bell to bell, however, in taking her first loss in a young career, Hennefer was willing to make an attempt to trade with Numic though she is yet not experienced enough to do so effectively. We see two "potential" IKF/TKO USA National Tournament Champions coming from this bout; Numic in her women's division, AND Hennefer in a true Girls' Junior/Teen Division. Numic took the win by unanimous decision.

In addition to those bouts listed above, congratulations are due to the 'walkover winners' in each respective division from the IKF/TKO BIG SOUTH Regional Tournament. Those walkover winners are as follows: Asher Best (2-0, age 10, 65 lbs) Boys' Jr Featherweight Allen, Texas. Chris Royer (0-2, age 14, 143 lbs) Boys' Teen Lightweight Richardson, Texas. Dusty Miller (6-1/ 3 KO's) Men's IR Heavyweight Norman, Oklahoma. John Vakidis (9-2 / 5 KO's) Boys' Teen Light Cruiserweight Mesquite, Texas

For more information about Kingdom Kickboxing, 'The Fightatorium', or IKF-Texas please contact Chuck Best or Steve Goin at (972) 889-0129 or email Best at

MORE NEWS OF 6-23-03

IKF Blasting On Message Board

Steve Fossum, IKF & ISCF World President

IKF/ISCF Headquarters: Today we had a look at the Kickboxing Message Board and found the issue of pro's vs amateurs being brought to the attention of the IKF. The issue was directed to this last weekends IKF/ TKO South East Regional where we (IKF) allowed Pro MMA/NHB fighter but amateur kickboxer George Allen (Right) fight amateur kickboxer Yahoshua Yahudah. Allen is not ranked as a pro fighter in the ISCF Pro Rankings but has fought several Pro MMA/NHB bouts. In fact, he's not ranked at all in the ISCF Rankings. Amateur or Pro. Allen and Yahudah along with Chris Sasek had already won their registered divisions by walkover since they had no competition in them.

Since all three fighters wanted to fight still, we matched them up in a special 3 person fight bracket which included Allen and Yahudah fighting first and the winner would advance to fight Chris Sasek in the night show. All fighters knew who each other were (Including Allen's MMA status and experience) and all 3 agreed to the special bracket. In the first bout, Allen defeated Yahudah by a Head Kick KO at 1:47 of round 1. From what our sources told us, Allen's KO was so disturbing to fighter Chris Sasek (As it would be to anyone) that it made him decide he didn't want to fight Allen at the night event. He never told any of the officials or the promoter this, he simple didn't show up for the night event.

Now "AFTER" the event, we (IKF) are being attacked and questioned on the Kickboxing Message Board for allowing a "PRO" MMA/NHB fighter fight in our IKF Amateur Kickboxing Regional Tournament. To begin with, we would like to admit that we feel the questions and concerns here are JUSTIFIED! However, we feel it is important to inform those concerned here of the full history of this issue in hopes we can come to a final decision and conclusion on the ruling of this for future events.

We too questioned the status and acceptance of pro MMA/NHB fighters fighting as amateur kickboxers over 2 years ago. Our first stance on this was as many have suggested on the Kickboxing Message Board recently, "To NOT allow Pro MMA/NHB fighters to fight as amateur kickboxers." However, when we made the stance, we were attacked from other fronts from MMA/NHB fighters, trainers and promoters in California, Nevada, Indiana, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee and other parts of the USA. These attacks brought focus to the beginning fighters in MMA that had not had a lot of amateur experience but were now considered pro mma fighters since they were getting paid to fight. Many of these fighters argued that MMA and Kickboxing were different sports. Their stance was mma had more ground fighting than kickboxing which made it more of a wrestling style of fighting. Their argument was to take the focus off the stand-up portion of the fight and focus on the so called "Ground and Pound" style of fighting they referred to as MMA/NHB.

The discussion and resolve on this issue took several months. During this time we had contacted several state athletic commissions to hear their stance on this. Of the ones we contacted, all of them took the side of the MMA/NHB argument, that the two sports were so different that they didn't care if a fighter had fought pro MMA/NHB, as long as the fighter had never fought in what they determined at the time as the "Big MMA" events which were UFC and Pride. With this knowledge, we finally agreed to a compromise, which was what the athletic commissions agreed to. That as long as the fighters had not fought in the major MMA/NHB events (UFC or Pride) we would allow them to fight as an amateur kickboxer.

As we know, MMA/NHB has grown and progressed greatly over the last year alone. Top fighters are now fighting in "OTHER" big events (Such as Allen in an event called "King of the Cage") and may never get to fight for UFC. Because of this, we are re-opening the case here and we can say at first glance, "This will be changed" and "PRO (PAID) MMA/NHB fighters "Will no longer be allowed to fight as an amateur kickboxer in the IKF."

Although we (IKF) will be the first to stand up to this rule and make this change, we can only hope that other kickboxing sanctioning bodies and their promoters will do the same. For example, over the past few weeks we know of several "PRO" MMA/NHB fighters that have fought as an amateur kickboxer on other sanctioning bodies events but they did not receive the attention this bout did due to the Kickboxing Message Board. It will be up to you, the peers as well as fans in our sport to, as one would say, "Blow the whistle" when you see this being tried again. Feel free to do so on the Kickboxing Message Board or the MMA Message board. This is what these boards are for. So YOU can have a voice in our sports.

More Importantly, we would like to add that we STRONGLY APPRECIATE and THANK those who posted their opinions (No matter how abusive towards the IKF they were written, we know how emotions can get heated on the board) about this on the Kickboxing Message Board board. NO ONE, including the IKF is above the law here and we as a sanctioning body for both kickboxing as well as our ISCF organization for MMA/NHB must LISTEN to our peers. When the complaint is justified, as we strongly feel this one was, we must stand up for everyone and make required changes in our sports for the better and move forward in a positive way for everyone.

Those of you who spoke up were "RIGHT!" What may have been allowed in the past now needs to be regulated and watched more closely in the future. The sport of MMA is growing rapidly and changes in regulations such as this one will not be the last one. As in this case, there will be times that individuals like those who posted on the Kickboxing Message Board will be the voice of many. Some of you feel they are wrong in attacking us, however, we feel they were RIGHT, and we thank you for standing up and making a stand for what you feel is right!
Steve Fossum
IKF & ISCF World President

PS ADDITION: Now comes another question and another issue of discussion as well as possible argument we must determine. The fighter in question here, George Allen (Who is innocent in his actions here) entered the IKF Tournament system under the impression that his status in this event was allowed. He registered to fight in the South East Regional event and has said he would like to now come to Iowa to fight for the IKF National Title. With the discussion now of this new regulation, what should Allen's status be? Should he be allowed to fight in the IKF National Championship Tournament in August or not? Please voice your opinion on the Kickboxing Message Board.
Thank you.

SATURDAY, June 21st, 2003, AT 11:55 PM, PT

IKF/TKO South East Regional
In Georgia ROCKS!

IKF Valdosta, Georgia, USA
Although this event didn't get on live internet radio tonight, when we tell you why you will be more worried about our internet radio man Johnny Walls. We were informed yesterday that Walls was the victim of some flooding around his hometown that caused a retaining wall in his back yard to slide into the rear of his house. Lucky for Walls him and his family were unharmed but of course shaken up since a lot of his back yard is in his kitchen. We hope he has a quick recovery of the damage.

Speaking of Damage there was plenty of damage at the IKF/TKO South East Regional in Valdosta Georgia today hosted by IKF Promoter James Corbett which came in many forms. Some of the damage came in forms of kicks, punches and KO's. However sadly enough, some damage was done with some fighters who no showed as well as others who pulled out of fights just before they were ready to happen, leaving others without a chance to "Walk the Walk" in the ring! This was a 2 part event that finished with a "Standing room only" night time event. Here's a quick rundown below of the fight brackets and the results for all you eager to be informed fight fans.


    1. FCR, 16-17 year olds, Middleweight Regional Championship Bout
      Jason Barrett
      defeated Joey Myers by split decision 29-28, 28-29 and 29-28.

    2. FCR, Super Middleweight, Prelim Bout 1
      Ryan Robertson
      defeated Randy Clarke by TKO at 33 seconds into round 3. Robertson advances to night final.

    3. FCR, Super Middleweight, Prelym Bout 2
      Stevie Dement
      defeated Shaun Love by TKO at 1:58 of round 1. Dement advances to night final.

    4. FCR, Cruiserweight, Prelim Bout 1
      Brad Abel
      defeated Lonnie Bowen by unanimous decision, 29-28 on all 3 judges cards. Abel advances to night final.

    5. FCR, Cruiserweight, Prelim Bout 2
      Adrian Turpin
      defeated Roy Yunker by unanimous decision 30-27 on all 3 judges cards. Turpin advances to night final.

    6. MTR, Heavyweight, Non Tournament Bout
      George Allen
      defeated Yahoshua Yahudah by Head Kick KO at 1:47 of round 1. Allen advances to a feature night time (Non tournament) bout against heavyweight Chris Sasek.

    7. FCR, Light Heavyweight Prelim
      Carl Houston
      defeated Nathan Thennes by TKO at 59 seconds into round 2. Advances to night time final against Robert Bailey.

    8. FCR, Middleweight Prelim
      Andrew Kloster
      defeated Brad Taylor by TKO at 37 seconds into round 2 to advance to championship bout against Derrick Reading.

    9. FCR, Light Middleweight Prelim Bout
      Clint Martin
      defeated Matt Dekle by TKO at 1:24 of round 1 to advance to the night time championship bout against Shannon Hudson.

    10. FCR, Non Tournament Bout
      Jesse Hendrix
      defeated Nathan McCall by unanimous decision 29-28, 29-27 and 30-26.

    11. FCR, Super Lightweight Regional Championship Bout
      Joshua Escher
      defeated Jeremy Adams by TKO at the break of round 2 and 3 when Adam's corner stopped the bout.

    12. IR, Middleweight Regional Championship Bout
      Matthew Callahan
      defeated Ben Hollis by unanimous decision 29-28, 30-27 and 30-27.

    13. Tim Ryan Hendrix was suppose to fight Jason Barrett in a special non tournament bout but Barrett was too tired to fight after his earlier victory over Myers.


    1. FCR "Junior Boys" (16-17) Cruiserweight Regional Championship Bout
      Cody Malicevoc
      defeated Shane Smith by TKO when Smith's corner stopped the bout after round 1.

    2. FCR "Junior Boys" (14-15) Super Welterweight Regional Championship Bout
      Billy Heslop
      defeated Jeremy Morrow by unanimous decision 30-26, 30-24 and 29-24.

    3. FCR Woman's Non Tournament Bout
      Terrie Hicks
      defeated Alindrina Allen by TKO at 40 seconds into round 2.

    4. FCR Super Middleweight Regional Championship Bout
      Paul Cantrell
      defeated Joel Weldon by unanimous decision 30-27 on all 3 judges cards.

    5. FCR Woman's Non Tournament Bout
      Susan Wood
      defeated Andrea Zalas by split decision 29-28, 27-30 and 29-28.

    6. MTR Men's Non Tournament Bout
      After defeating Yahudah in his morning bout by head kick KO, George Allen was ready to fight Chris Sasek in the night event. However Sasek had told sources that he had no desire to fight Allen after seeing what happened earlier with Yahudah leaving him without an evening bout.

    7. FCR Middleweight Regional Championship Bout
      After winning his morning bout by TKO, Andrew Kloster defeated Derrick Reading by TKO at the 50 second mark of round 3 for the championship bout.

    8. FCR Super Middleweight Regional Championship Bout
      After winning his morning bout by TKO Stevie Dement defeated Ryan Robertson by TKO at 54 seconds into round 2 with some impressive body shots.

    9. FCR Cruiserweight Regional Championship Bout
      Although Brad Abel had advanced to the championship bout by his morning victory he pulled out of the night time championship bout claiming to be sick. The move gave Adrian Turpin the Regional Championship.

    10. FCR Light Heavyweight Regional Championship Bout
      There were many of us who were looking forward to seeing Robert Bailey of Florida "Walk the Walk" and prove to everyone here he was for real. (There were some questions of his record prior to this event by some) He did his part, made weight, even assisted during the daytime bouts. However when the night time final came, his opponent Carl Houston pulled out of the fight giving Bailey the win by forfeit. We need to say here publicly that Bailey was a "Class Act". As far as we are concerned, he is truly a REAL DEAL for many reasons! Instead of just going home he stayed and helped judge (Doing an excellent job) the night time bouts and got to know many of the IKF Associates. We look forward to seeing Bailey at the Nationals this year and hopefully there will be someone there to "Walk the Walk" against him. As far as our thoughts though, Robert, you are the REAL DEAL! See you in Iowa.

    11. FCR Light Middleweight Regional Championship Bout
      Shannon Hudson is a new man. After moving down in weight he has won his last two fights by head kicks and wanted to do the same tonight. However his opponent, Clint Martin would not allow it. Hudson's kicks were head high and strong but Martin was able to block the ones packed with "The Heat" which helped him stay in with Hudson until the end. However all 3 rounds were Hudson's who gave Martin a standing 8 in round 3. Martin lost another point when he missed his kicks in round 1. All totalled, it spelled Hudson as he won the regional championship by unanimous decision 29-26, 29-26 and 30-25.

There were several "Walkover" Champions who had no bout as well. They include Jessica Botha, Jason Barrett, Bobbie Brown, Avigail Yahudah, Rachelle Hart, Nathan McCall, Nicholas Finney, William Phillips, Damien Frost, Dallas Crowe, Justin Pickett, Jason Kuhn, John Greubel, Andre Camarena, Reginald Kitchen, Mark Adams, William White, Joe Laughlin, Bert Chandler, Jarel Bowman, Philip Petersen and Michael Bengochea.

Other fighters who had scheduled bouts but were unable to attend due to various reasons were Billie Jo Grieswich, Dennis Waters, Scott Ward, John Ganner and Jin Kim. In all there were a total of 66 amateur kickboxers that registered to "Walk The Walk" at the IKF/TKO South East Regional. The event also featured some ISCF MMA Bouts. Here are those results below.

  1. ISCF Lightweight: Joe Laughlin defeated Kenneth Graham by TKO/Strikes at 1:56 of round 1.

  2. ISCF Lightweight: Mark Doast defeated Brad Bonner by Triangle Choke at 2:16 of round 1.

  3. ISCF Middleweight: Shaun Gay defeated Jeff Fenno by Choke Submission at 1:30 of round 1.

  4. In a non title bout, ISCF U.S. Super Heavyweight Champion, Jonathan Wiezorek swarmed on Ivan Carabello at the bell and defeated him by choke/submission at 21 seconds into round 1...WOW!

We would like to thank all the volunteers who helped make this event a great success. Without such TEAMWORK, these events would not be possible. GREAT JOB "South East TEAM!" For more information on this event, go to or e-mail South East Regional Director, Mr. James Corbett at or call (229) 245-8622.

WEDNESDAY, June 18th, 2003, AT 11:15 PM, PT


Z Promotions Ready For This Weekends
IKF/TKO North Central Regional!

IKF Lake In The Hills, Illinois, USA
The IKF/TKO North Central Full Contact Regional Championships are upon us. Over the years the Midwest has produced many of the nation's finest Pro kickboxers such as IKF Pro World Champions Mike LaBree, Rick Roufus and Tommy Bach along with other IKF Pro title holders like Jason Robinson and Jim Zbilski. And don't forget other Pro Champions like Brad Hefton and C. B. Bunkholt. Many fighters like these have gone on to win multiple national and world championships, all beginning with regional tournaments that showcased their talents. The path to become a champion starts here!

This weekend Rob Zbilski's Z Promotions will host their 4th IKF North Central Full Contact Regional Championships. Zbilski's have hosted this event all but 1 year when they took a brief break from the regional promotional scent. This weekends event will be at Jimmy Z's Fitness in Lake Zurich, Illinois and will play host to full contact rules fighters from Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan, Indiana, Central & Eastern North Dakota ( Timezone Line east) and Eastern South Dakota (Timezone Line east) Fighters will be competing for top seeding positions at this years IKF/TKO USA National Amateur Kickboxing Championships in Cedar Rapids Iowa on August 15th, 16th and 17th.

The official event Weigh-Ins and Physicals will be Friday, June 20th from 5 to 7PM (Required to weigh-in to fight during the tournament). If necessary any preliminary bouts will be held at Jimmy Z's Ringside Fitness. On Saturday night, June 21st at 7:PM the finals will begin.

Event tickets prices start at $20 for general admission and $30 for table seats ($25 in advance). For more info contact Team Z at (847) 458-8333 or by e-mail at or go to their website at

MORE NEWS OF 6-18-03

The BIG Eyes Of Texas Looks At
This Weekends IKF/TKO "BIG SOUTH" Regional!

IKF Richardson, Texas, USA
The weekend will mark the first ever IKF/TKO BIG SOUTH Regional Championships held in the great state of TEXAS! Last year IKF Trainer and Promoter Tommy Alcozer Sr. of Plainview, Texas put a lot of time and hard work into promoting the first ever Texas Regional event. However, thanks to an organization called TACKA and David Mason, (Information we discovered weeks after the event was scheduled) they sabotaged his event which lead to the event being cancelled. (See May 2002 News page for full story)

However Alcozar's work did not go un-noticed or unappreciated by any means. Alcozar went forward to bring a near record setting "NINE" fighters to the 2002 IKF USA National Finals and went home with 4 IKF National titles. Alcozar won't be able to attend this years regional event because his son, Tommy Jr is getting married the night of the event. We wish him the best as well as congratulations.

Because of the obstacles Alcozar faced, IKF Promoters Chuck Best and Steve Goin knew what to look out for as they embarked on the quest to host this years IKF/TKO "Big South" Regional event for the state of Texas. The two have already successfully promoted a vast amount of IKF Sanctioned events this year and this is sure to be yet another great one. Although we don't have a fully updated list as of press time tonight, here's a list of some of the event fighters;

Best and Goin are excited about this weekends event which will provide plenty of excitement for the fight fans of Texas. The event will be held at the Richardson Civic Center. For more info please contact Chuck Best or Steve Goin at (972) 889-0129 or by e-mail at

MORE NEWS OF 6-18-03


IKF/TKO South East Regional
To Be Broadcast on Internet June 21st!

Live Audio with Video to Follow!!

IKF Valdosta, Georgia, USA
IKF Kickboxing and some ISCF MMA action will be broadcast via Internet radio for this coming Saturday, June 21st. Fight fans will be able to "tune-in" to the IKF South East Regional via the World Wide Web. This broadcast will be courtesy of Mr. Johnny Walls, proprietor of the website.

As soon as possible after the live audio broadcast, Walls will broadcast a video feed of the evening finals. For the first time ever, IKF and ISCF fans will be able to watch free video via the Internet of some of their favorite fighters. This broadcast will include selected finals of the IKF South East Regional Kickboxing Tournament and the ISCF U.S. Super Heavyweight Champion, Jonathan Wiezorek in the main event.

Walls is a Internet broadcast pioneer whose credits include and In 1999, Walls launched and began streaming entire Martial Arts Events over the Internet such as HOOKnSHOOT and SuperBrawl. A year later he launched and began attending events live and streaming the live audio play by play over the Internet for fans to listen in. His broadcasts of the 2002 IKF South East Regional and the 2002 IKF National Tournament exceeded all previous records for listeners.

IKF South East Regional Promoter, James Corbett (Right) says, "Again, I am both humbled and excited about Johnny's support of our event. We need IKF and ISCF Fans to make this broadcast break all records for Johnny." Steve Fossum, IKF World President, says regarding and the South East Regional, "As we said last year about the Internet broadcast of the event, this is another one of many great things for the sport of kickboxing through the IKF World Team. We are meeting a stated goal this year by having internet video to compliment our upcoming Cable TV Programming. Johnny and James are adding another aspect to IKF Kickboxing and it's a Knockout!"

The friends and families of the IKF South East Regional competitors from Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Eastern Tennessee, and parts of Alabama, as well as IKF Kickboxing Fans WORLDWIDE, who are not able to attend the event in Valdosta this coming Saturday, June 21st, will be able to tune in on Mixed Martial Arts and IKF Kickboxing fans who regularly follow will again be able to hear IKF Kickboxing and still enjoy listening in on some mixed martial arts action. The audio show should begin broadcast about 8:00 AM, EST. Updates regarding the broadcast will be posted to IKF and the Valdosta Martial Arts Center website at


MORE NEWS OF 6-18-03

In Overland Park, Kansas, USA!

IKF Kansas, USA
This Saturday night IKF and ISCF Promoters Mr. Oren Gautreaux and Mr. Dan Tharp will host "COWTOWN RUMBLE" at the Overland Park International Trade Center in Overland Park, Kansas, USA. Although there are no title bouts scheduled for the event there is sure to be plenty of IKF Kickboxing and ISCF Mixed Martial arts Action. Here's the nights scheduled fight card:

  1. Clint White (American Jujitsu) vs. Jamie Dawson.

  2. Bobby Volker (JSF) vs. Aaron Jerome (Victory Sports fight team)

  3. Rob Kimmons (American Jujitsu) vs. Aaron Bollig (Victory Sports fight team)

  4. David Snyder (American Jujitsu) vs. Joe Bremmer (Des Moines Iowa)

  5. Matt Cox (American Jujitsu) vs. Chris Moore (American Jujitsu)

  6. Chris Jacobson vs. Mark Donahue

  7. Fighter from American Jujitsu vs. Brad Aller.

  8. Scott Staney (Tonganoxie TKD) vs. Roy Babcock (Earl Walker Martial Arts)

  9. Kelly King (Gautreaux's MA) vs. TBA

  10. Josh Edmonds (Iowa City Iowa) vs. Brett Hibbs (Prathet Muay Thai)

  11. Jason Self (Khru Sam) vs. Chris Thompson (Prathet Muay Thai)

  12. Dan Edmonds (Iowa City Iowa) vs. Sky Morris (Prathet Muay Thai)

  13. Michael Kelly (Self Defense Center) vs. Mike Winkeler (Championship Kickboxing)

  14. Chris Wietz (Iowa City Iowa) vs. Ryan Madigan (Iron City Gym)

For more info please contact Mr. Oren Gautreaux at (816) 229-6611 or e-mail at or contact Mr. Dan Tharp at or go to their website at
Cowtown Fight Promotions, Inc. was formed in 2002 by Dan Tharp and Oren Gautreaux. CFP, Inc. is the Midwests newest fight promotion that showcases a truly mixed martial arts show. Kickboxing, Muay Thai, and Extreme Fighting are the centerpieces of each show. CFP has also set a new standard for event professionalism and style. Each event is held in a clean, respectable venue and a safe, friendly atmosphere. Thru the help of our sponsors and fans CFP desires to constantly improve the quality of show and the level of the Combat Sports showcased.

MORE NEWS OF 6-18-03



IKF Headquarters
If anyone reading this received an e-mail entitled "K-1 report" and had the following in the content:

OK, well be changing the whole story today, adding the times etc.
Sincerely Steve Fossum
IKF World President
IKF World Team Kickboxing: "The Game Has Changed!"
IKF Web Address:

We need to inform you "DO NOT OPEN THE ATTACKED FILE!" Mr. Fossum NEVER sent out this mail. It is unknown how this e-mail was circulated. There was also another e-mail that was circulated ahead of this one with the following content;

Hi Alex,
A question,
Andrey Dudko (Chicago via Russia, Left, 6'6, 225) defeated Tomasz Kucherzewski (Right, 6', 225 - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada?) To win K-1 USA.
However, you don't have hi

The return e-mail addresses were and There was no address visible from a sender. We thought we should make you aware of this if you received such an e-mail.

TUESDAY, June 17th, 2003, AT 8:55 AM, PT

Mother Killed In Toughman Fight
Should Toughman's New Slogan Be
"Are You Tough Enough to DIE?"

Sarasota, Florida, USA
A 30-year-old Bradenton woman was left brain dead and died early this morning after being pummeled in her first amateur boxing competition Saturday at Robarts Arena. Stacy Young, (Far right with her husband, Chuck Young, and daughters Chantelle, top, and Cassie.) who entered the Toughman Competition thinking it would be fun, died at Bayfront Medical Center, according to family members. For full story CLICK HERE!

Police investigate woman's death in Toughman fight
The Criminal Investigations Division opened an investigation of "suspicion" to determine if the death is criminal. The Toughman contests allow unskilled boxers the opportunity to compete for a trophy or a satin jacket and advance to world championship competitions in different weight classes. For story, CLICK HERE!

Police Probe Toughman Contest That Left Woman On Life Support:
Police opened an investigation Tuesday into a Toughman contest that left a 30-year-old woman on life support after she was pummeled in the amateur boxing competition. For full story, CLICK HERE!

See what others are saying about this at, CLICK HERE!

Some quotes from individuals at
"My brother in law was front row at the event. He said he was amazed at how many people came out of the audience to fight."
"I take it this was not a sanctioned event? Crazy how they force MMA fighters to go through a barrage of medicals and paperwork to get licensed in Florida, yet Toughman can just pluck people out of the crowd when they don't have enough people to fight."
"The Toughman formula has long been to match up known ringers against untrained suckos in order to give the crowd what they want.......a total ass beating."
"As sad as this is, FL needs to really look at MMA's safety record and that of Toughman."

Was the State of Florida in the wrong?
One individual posted on "I thought that Toughman was outlawed in Florida. According to Florida Statute: 548.008 Toughman and badman competition prohibited.-- (1) No professional or amateur toughman or badman match, as described in this section, may be held in this state. Such competition includes any contest or exhibition where participants compete by using a combination of skills. Such skills may include, but are not limited to, boxing, wrestling, kicking, or martial arts skills. Notwithstanding the above, this section shall not preclude kickboxing or mixed martial arts as regulated by this chapter. (2) Any person participating in or promoting a professional or amateur toughman or badman match is guilty of a misdemeanor of the second degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083. History.--ss. 4, 18, ch. 88-365; s. 135, ch. 91-224; s. 4, ch. 91-429; s. 118, ch. 99-251.
But someone pointed out:
"Such competition includes any contest or exhibition where participants compete by using a combination of skills. Such skills may include, but are not limited to, boxing, wrestling, kicking, or martial arts skills." That bans Toughman contests that mix punching and kicking, or punching and wrestling. Toughman contests that follow boxing rules and use headgear are legal.

So who is Responsible? Someone added: "mixed feelings here, but she chose to get in the ring, shes an adult, as long as the reffing was competant I dont think Toughman is responsible."
and someone else added: "She was really, really stupid and irresponsible to fight. I am not saying that she deserved to die, but she was stoopid to do it."

IKF Addition: A few weeks back, an IKF associates out of Michigan sent us some very interesting facts about Toughman. A was 4 full pages all about Toughman and their organization. Toughman founder Art Dore's non-profit; "American Boxing & Athletic Association" took in nearly a million dollars over the last 2 years. (That was on paper, not cash intake from merchandise or any other cash sales) The article pointed out that at that time, Toughman has had a reported 12 deaths in its organization, make it 13 now. Some of these events have no doctor at ringside and some others have had a Chiropractor as the ringside doctor. Some of the weight spreads are as much as 30 to 50 lbs. In the article it told of a female fighter named Kelli Hochmuht who weighed 145 lbs who had to fight a girl who was 199 lbs in an Idaho Toughman contest. NONE of the Toughman officials are required to be trained by certified officials unless the state oversees their events. Where does this happen? In only 2 of the 50 states, Ohio and California.

MONDAY, June 16th 2003, AT 8:20 PM, PT

31 Fighters Register To "Walk The Walk"
At Mullen's South Central Regional!

But Only 6 Get Matched Up To Fight!

IKF Memphis, Tennessee, USA
IKF Promoter Jeff Mullen has sent the results of his IKF South Central Regional that took place in Memphis this last Saturday night, June 14. Although 31 fighters registered to "Walk The Walk", the disappointing thing was that only "SIX" of them matched up in divisions and were able to have a fight.

The jury is still out as to what to do for those fighters who register at regional events but do not get a fight. Two years ago the IKF gave these fighters (And will continue to do so) a discount when they register for the Nationals. However some question whether this is enough. "It's not like boxing where everyone is doing the same rules." Says IKF President Steve Fossum. "However, it bothers me greatly to see a fighter register to fight and when the time comes, he or she has no opponent."

Over the last 2 years some have questioned whether the regional promoters have tried hard enough to get everyone an opponent to fight. However on the other side of the coin and in the defense of the regional promoters, it's hard to find enough fighters in a single region to fill every weight class in every rule style. "In the promoters defense, there are 17 weight classes for each rule style." Says Fossum. "Multiply them by the three different rule styles, now double it for men and women and add even more brackets to fill when you add in the Junior (8 years old to 17) divisions. That's a lot of brackets to fill!"

Of all the Regional Promoters, North Central Regional Promoter Rob Zbilski may have the best chance of having the most bouts. The reason is Zbilski will only feature the "Full Contact Rules" style at his regional this weekend in Lake Zurich, Illinois.

South East Regional Promoter James Corbett looks to be able to match up nearly 30 bouts at his Regional Seeding event this weekend in Valdosta Georgia. Corbett has well over 60 fighters registered for his event and only found himself short of MuayThai rules fighters this year. Last year Zbilski had set the record for the most fighters in one rule style at a regional event (62 Fighters) while Corbett had the record for the most total fighters at a regional event which was *98 Fighters. This year Corbett had an increase of International Rules fighters from 6 last year to 10 this year but lost the number of total fighters in the other rule styles. He only has "7" MuayThai fighters registered as compared to the 30 he had last year and only 46 full contact rules fighters as compared to his 62 last year.

(*) Includes fighters who registered but no showed at the event

Although Mullen's had few fighters match-up for bouts he still had plenty of action. Here are the results below.

For more info please contact Mr. Mullens at (901) 406-2460 or by e-mail at

MORE NEWS OF 6-16-03

Paris Report 2003

By Alex MacDonald - IKF Japan

On June 14 in the French capital, Alexei Ignashov won the K-1 Paris 2003. Unlike the K-1 Las Vegas and the K-1 Basel which each had 4 fighters from the host country, the K-1 Paris only featured 2 French fighters, Tony Gregory and Cyril Abidi.

Alexei Ignashov vs. Pavel Majer
Ignashov of Belarus came into the spotlight in 2000. Many hailed him as the next Peter Aerts. He had a killer instinct and confidence beyond his years. In 2001, he won the K-1 Nagoya tournament to qualify for the Grand Prix and lost in the semi-finals to Francisco Filho. In 2002, he came one fight away from qualifying for the Grand Prix. This year, instead of automatically qualifying for the K-1 Osaka, he had to enter this tournament.
Pavel Majer of the Czech Republic won the K-1 Czech 2001 and 2002 earning him a place in the K-1 Osaka 2001 and K-1 Las Vegas 2002 respectively. This year without a preliminary tournament in his home country, he entered and won the K-1 Italy 2003 to earn a place in the K-1 Paris 2003.
Without the use of knees, both fighters had to make use of their other weapons. Ignashov fought like a new man using a sharp jab and following it up with solid punches. Majer, on the other hand, took a warning for bringing up the knee. In the first round, Majer took an 8 count. In the second, Ignashov got rocked by a high kick but had the composure to shake it off without taking an eight count. In the third, Ignashov sent his own high kick through Majer's porous defense scoring a knockout. Ignashov by KO-3.

Tony Gregory vs. Alexander Ustinov
Tony Gregory of France won the K-1 France in both 2002 and 2003. His 2002 championship qualified him for the K-1 Las Vegas 2002 where he made it to the semifinals only to lose to Michael McDonald. Winning the K-1 France 2003 qualified him for the K-1 Paris 2003 and loaded a ton of high expectations on his shoulders.
Alexander Ustinov of Russia made it to the finals of the K-1 Ukraine 2002 and this year won the K-1 Russia 2003 to qualify for this tournament.
Gregory was in the fight until the second round when Ustinov connected fully with a low kick. The second down that dropped him ended the fight due to the 2 knockdown rule. Ustinov by KO-2.

Cyril Abidi vs. Aziz Kattou
Cyril Abidi of France seized the spotlight when he knocked out three time Grand Prix champion Peter Aerts in one round. He then reached the finals of the K-1 Yokohama 2000 after beating both Aerts and Sefo. This was the peak of his career and he was only 23 years old. Since then, he lost to both Aerts and Sefo in the Grand Prix 2000 and added a string of defeats to unheralded fighters like Andrew Thompson, Quinton Jackson and Bob Sapp. Here, representing his country, he hoped to put his fight career back on track.
Aziz Kattou of Belgium is a relative unknown coming into this fight. His most recent K-1 fight ended in a no contest against K-1 Netherlands 2002 champion Errol Parris.
The fight went to the judges after three rounds. In a close fight that most would have thought had gone to the Belgian, the judges opted for the hometown favorite who has a fan following in Japan. Abidi by three round decision.

Chalid DieFaust vs. Pele Reid
Chalid DieFaust of Germany has not had a highly visible career until now. He did travel to Japan to fight Yanagisawa, a fight which he won easily, but other than that this German is relatively unknown.
Pele Reid of the United Kingdom is credited with knocking out boxing superstar Vitali Klictsko in a kickboxing match years ago. Since then, he himself has made a living on the British boxing scene and earlier this year traveled to Japan to fight Ray Sefo. Reid looked sharp and skilled and may have what it takes to be an FCR contender but if he wants to take the K-1 path seriously he'll have to make a major overhaul on his stance. Reaching with the jab Ali-style is a huge faux pas when leg kicks are part of the game.
After three rounds of booing fans, the judges picked the fighter who brought the most fight, the German. Chalid DieFaust by three round decision.

Semi Finals
Alexei Ignashov
vs. Alexander Ustinov
In a very close technical fight that ended in a split decision, Ignashov escaped elimination and made it to the final. Ignashov by three round decision.

Cyril Abidi vs. Chalid DieFaust
It appeared that DieFaust's quick hands would get the better of Abidi's hollow defense. Abidi, however, proved one thing about the unorthodox. One good hit sometimes is worth more than 10 good ones. While getting peppered, he got a solid high kick through that changed the tide. He then chased the German into the corner and collected a second knockdown to end the fight. Abidi by KO-2.

Alexei Ignashov
vs. Cyril Abidi
With better technique and faster strikes, Ignashov used Abidi as target practice throughout the first two rounds. The Frenchman made a few wild charges but his odd style wasn't frustrating anyone but himself this time. A few clean low kicks at the end of the second round exposed a weakness that Ignashov would then target in the third. As soon as the next low kick landed, Abidi's corner threw in the towel to prevent a serious injury. Ignashov by TKO-3.

Winning the K-1 Paris 2003, Alexei Ignashov has now qualified for the K-1 Osaka 2003 where he will join the winners of the K-1 Las Vegas (Carter Williams), the K-1 Basel (Jerrel Venetiaan) and the K-1 Melbourne which will be decided next month. There they will join the 7 athletes who fought in the K-1 Grand Prix 2002: Stefan Leko, Ernesto Hoost, Ray Sefo, Peter Aerts, Mark Hunt, Jerome LeBanner and Bob Sapp. The K-1 matchmakers will then select three proven fighters to bring the number up to 14. The seven matches at the K-1 Osaka will therefore decide which 7 fighters will qualify for the Grand Prix 2003.

SATURDAY, June 14th 2003, AT 3:15 PM, PT

The Eagle Academy
In Casper Wyoming Making News!

Eagle Academy
Scores World Class Boxing Coach

The Eagle Academy in Casper Wyoming owned by IKF North Mountain representative and promoter David Smith (Left) has signed Jesse Rodriguez as head boxing coach. Mr Rodriguez is a former lightweight world contender and veteran of 74 professional fights. He has over thirty years of coaching experience and has produced many champions on the west coast. Mr Rodriguez will serve as Director of Eagle Academy's Boxing program and as Assistant Director of Kickboxing.

Eagle Academy
Announces Resident Athlete Program

The Eagle Academy in Casper Wyoming, home of Paul Wood ( Right - 2002 IKF USA National Bantam Weight International Rules Champion) announced today the formation of a program to help College Kickboxing & MMA Athletes. The new program, the Resident Athlete Program is designed to provide living quarters to College Kickboxing & MMA Athletes. Any active athlete willing to attend Casper College or University of Wyoming at Casper College and be an active member of Eagle Academy's Team is eligible.

The athlete if accepted will live and train at Eagle Academy's 11,000 square foot facility in Casper at no cost. Athletes must submit an application which will be reviewed by Eagle Academy's scholarship board. Eagle Academy hopes this opportunity to live and train at a first class facility, have access to an excellent college and compete as part of a growing team will attract motivated young athletes. These athletes will be provided support such as travel and expenses for competitions, many opportunities to fight in the weekly event held at Eagle Academy, and a chance to focus on their training. Program applications and information are available from Eagle Academy by calling (307) 265-2589 or by e-mail at

FRIDAY, June 13th 2003, AT 11:15 AM, PT

Up Close and Personal with…
Dean Lessei

It wouldn't take long for you to discover that instructor Dean Lessei of Dubuque Martial Arts out of Dubuque, Iowa is committed to his art form of Muay Thai. As earlier as yesterday we took note of a post stating his commitment to another IKF Message Board writer. Anyone could see his words were passionate and with the intentions of nailing his point home! I Love Muay Thai!

Being that the IKF sanctions several styles of Kickboxing, we thought it would be a good idea to feature a few trainers and their specific Kickboxing art forms and perhaps allow you to get to know them up close and personal. We had a chance to speak with Dean in the past couple of days to find out more about his past and present. We already know that he is an excellent trainer of the Muay Thai art form because he has spun several IKF National champions in previous tournaments. (2001 Champions shown below at right)

Moreover, the IKF Marketing team ask Dean to assist in some Kickboxing / Muay Thai demonstrations in the Cedar Rapids area to promote the August 2003 IKF/TKO National tournament. He gladly stepped up to the plate to offer his services. In fact, Dean and his team will march in the annual Freedom Festival that has about ten thousand spectators on Saturday, June 28th. They will perform another demonstration at the start of the local professional Kernels baseball game on August 2nd . The game normally has about two thousand spectators in attendance. The Lessei team will also pass out August 2003 IKF/TKO National Tournament flyers and talk about all aspects of the event.

We here at the IKF are proud to have Dean's supports and are thankful for his commitment to his art and his assistance in taking the sport to the next level.

Introducing… Mr. Dean Lessei:
Dean Lessei is the owner and Chief Instructor of the Dubuque Martial Arts Group located in Dubuque Iowa. D.M.A.G. has been in operation since 1990. Dean began his formal martial arts training back in 1982 with Tae Kwon Do. His first exposure to the Filipino Martial arts came by training at a seminar with Tom Sipin in Doce Pares around 1985. Eventually his close friend and training partner Tim Mousel introduced Dean to Sifu Rick Faye late in 1986. From then on Dean began attending seminars and training camps as well as making trips to Minneapolis to train under Rick Faye.

Through hard work and determination Mr. Lessei achieved instructor credentials in Jun Fan Martial Arts, Filipino Martial Arts, Muay Thai, and Jun Fan / JKD Grappling. Dean also ventured out on the competitive level in Muay Thai and Kickboxing becoming a 3 time T.B.C. heavyweight champion. Additionally Dean is a 2 time W.E.K.A.F. national champion in full contact Escrima.

In the past several years Mr. Lessei has been busy training his students producing several regional and national champions in Muay Thai and Kickboxing under the IKF. Dean has produced many regional and national champions as well as world medal winners in full contact Escrima in W.E.K.A.F. events.
Dean's focus has been in working with the younger generation developing the "juniors" at his gym. He also continues to teach around the Midwest through seminars and camps on women's self defense, Muay Thai and Kickboxing, Kali and Jun Fan / Jeet Kune Do. In addition to being a martial artist and school owner, Dean is a husband to his beautiful wife Danielle, father to his wonderful children Savannah, Luke and Brooke and works full time as a designer of light gauge steel and wood roof and floor trusses. Dean has an extensive background in computer aided design and is a journeyman tool and die mold maker as well.

Dubuque Martial Arts is located at 3430 Dodge, lower level, Inn Plaza, Dubuque, Iowa. Their phone number is (563) 588-1012 or you can e-mail Mr. Lessei directly at For more information on demonstrations for the 2003 IKF/TKO National Tournament. or the Up Close and Personal segments contact IKF Marketing Representative Johnny Davis at (916) 780-7483 or by e-mail at

MORE NEWS OF 6-13-03

IKF Kickboxing &
Mixed Martial Arts Return to Memphis!

IKF Memphis, Tennessee, USA
IKF Kickboxing & Mixed Martial Arts return to Memphis, Saturday June 14 when Mid South Martial Arts host the IKF South Central Regional kickboxing Championships. Tournament promoter Jeff Mullen is a long time member of the IKF team having produced the first ever IKF regional kickboxing tournament in Memphis in 1999.

A total of 31 fighters registered to "Walk The Walk" however with the 3 different rule styles and the numerous weight classes to fill, only 6 fighters matched up in actual regional bouts. The others will receive a direct walkover placement at the 2003 IKF/TKO USA National. However, several of the walkover were matched up in bouts for the evening to gain more ring experience. In addition to the IKF tournament the fight card will feature 2 heavyweight MMA matches. Feature fights include (In no particular order)

The tournament will be held Saturday at 8:PM at the New Daisy Theater on historic Beale St. in downtown Memphis. For more info please contact Mr. Mullens at (901) 406-2460 or by e-mail at

THURSDAY, June 12th 2003, AT 6:55 PM, PT

This Weekend In The IKF...

Mullen's IKF/TKO
South Central Division #1 Regional!

IKF Memphis, Tennessee, USA
IKF Promoter Jeff Mullen is ready for his fourth IKF Regional event this weekend at the New Daisy Theatre on Beale Street in Memphis, Tennessee, USA. The event is the second of 5 IKF/TKO USA Regional events that will determine seeding for the amateur kickboxers at this years 2003 IKF/TKO USA National Amateur Championships at the U. S. Cellular Center in Cedar Rapids Iowa August 15th, 16th and 17th.

Mullen's regional is the South Central #1 and includes the states of Central & Western Tennessee (Break is at the Timeline) Arkansas, Mississippi, Southern Missouri, Louisiana, Alabama (Sharing with South East #1).

The event weigh-ins are Friday night from 6:PM to 8:PM at Midsouth Martial Arts Center at 2771 Clark Road in Memphis and Tennessee.

For more info please contact Mr. Mullens at (901) 406-2460 or by e-mail at



Montreal, Quebec, Canada:
This Saturday night legendary kickboxer Jean-Yves Theriault and Kyoshi John Therien will host another night of the exciting "ICEMAN Kickboxing Circuit" Amateur Kickboxing in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Jean-Yves "The Iceman" Theriault needs no introduction to the kickboxing world. He is a 23 time World Kickboxing Champion, who was recently named a member of Ottawa's prestigious Sports Hall of Fame. Kyoshi John Therien has been synonymous with Jiu-Jitsu in Ottawa for the past 34 years, making Therien Jiu-Jitsu and Kickboxing a leader in the Martial Arts and fitness arenas. Kyoshi John Therien and Jean-Yves Theriault are also respected internationally for their dedication and contribution to the Martial Arts Industry and its practitioners. For more info on this event please contact Jean-Yves Theriault or Kyoshi John Therien at (613) 746-5402.

TUESDAY, June 10th 2003, AT 2:30 PM, PT

Harminson Retains IKF Title
And Yelle Wins Vacant Title!

At RE/MAX Kickboxing Invitational, RiverPlex Sports Arena, Peoria, Illinois, USA

By Brooks Mason

RE/MAX Kickboxing Invitational.

IKF Peoria, Illinois, USA
The fights in Peoria, Illinois started the way you would like to see all fights start with an honor guard in the ring and the national anthem. IKF Promoter Ryan Blackorby out did himself with the card, the venue and the professionalism of a seasoned promoter. Job well done Ryan. The Riverplex, a beautiful sports center on the river, was packed to the gills with fight fans and they were not disappointed. To the fights.

  1. Jim Lyons VS Chad Richards
    Round #1: Chad Richards started the round like a ball of fire but that soon faded under the constant pressure of Lyons. Lyons Straight right, spinning backfist and knee work took the wind out of Richard's sails and the round.
    Round #2 Richards started the round with good leg kicks but they did not have enough power to slow Lyons. The better hands and knees scored two knockdowns for Lyons and took the round 10-7.
    Round #3: Lyons continued to dominate the fight with Richards landing ineffectual leg kicks. Two solid right leg roundhouses to the head scored a knockdown and Lyons took another round 10-8. Lyons wins by unanimous decision. 30-24, 30-24, 30-24.

  2. Jeff Bybee VS Matt Krigner
    This was an amateur boxing match and was one heck of a battle. The juniors weighing in at 90 lbs. Fought like heavy weights with Matt Krigner taking a split decision.

  3. David Flurry VS Brian Skjold
    Round #1: Flurry came out and established his straight right immediately. Skjold avoided the right well enough and took his game to the clinch. Flurry showed real talent in the clinch but Skjold was busier and quicker to deliver knees.
    Round #2: Round two was a knee round with both fighters going to the clinch often and staying busy. Flurry initiated the clinch but Skjold got off quicker and stayed busier.
    Round #3: Flurry showed some serious kicking skills in the last round especially his front kick. Skjold, once again, waited for the clinch and delivered knees quicker and more often. Flurry wins by split decision. 30-27, 29-28, 28-29.

  4. Kyle Watson VS Jason Scouten
    Round #1: Kyle Watson is a hell of a fighter but he needs to work on his aim. In the clinch Kyle sent Jason to the canvas with a knee to the groin. Winning the fight convincingly he then caught Jason in the groin with a front kick. Two fouls that round in an otherwise good show of skills.
    Round #2: Kyle continued to dominate Jason and pretty much dominated the fight. A couple of strong shots sent Jason looking for cover and he turned his back, a real no-no in this sport. Kyle was in the flow of combinations and landed a strong punch to the back of Jason's head sending him to the canvas via another illegal blow. Jason was unable to continue and was subsequently taken to the hospital for an exam. He is fine. Jason wins via disqualification.

  5. Kyle Groenewold VS Chandler Lowe
    Round #1: Kyle took control of the fight almost immediately and but Chandler to the test. Scoring two knockdowns in the first round put the fight all but out of reach for Chandler.
    Round #2: Kyle took this round scoring well with both hands and feet and working the clinch like a pro.
    Round #3: Chandler Lowe gave it a good try but could not find a thing that worked against Kyle. Kyle continued to dominate the round and the fight. Kyle Groenewold wins by unanimous decision. 30-25, 30-25, 30-25.

  6. Aaron Rafftery VS Charles Pemble.
    Round #1: Aaron stayed much busier in round one with Pemble pressing him, trying to cut off the ring. Pemble pressed the issue but Aaron took advantage of his longer reach and kept Pemble at bay.
    Round #2: Pemble showed us some good leg kicking but it could not slow Rafftery down. Rafftery worked quicker inside and out and Pemble just could not get started.
    Round #3: Aaron picked up the pace and once again Pemble had trouble closing the gap. Aaron continued to work better inside and kept Pemble at the end of his reach on the outside. Rafftery wins by unanimous decision. 30-27, 30-27, 30-27.

  7. John Castle VS Dan Pemble
    I wish I could give you a play by play of this fight but I refereed and was too busy to do anything but stay in the moment. I do know this. Either fighter could have won the first round. Both fighters are very well poised and had good delivery. Dan Pemble won the second round without a doubt and put Castle to task staying in the game. John Castle won the third round without a doubt and put the fight in the hands of the judges. John Castle won by split decision. 28-29, 29-28, 29-28. This will be a fight to look for at the Nationals.


    Bryan Medlin versus Ben Yelle
    What can you say about a fight like this but "Wow". These two are the cream of the crop. The crowd never stopped screaming as the action continued to build with each moment. Bryan threw every thing he had at Yelle and Yelle returned the favor. Medlin used a variety of kicking and punching combo's while Yelle stuck to what he does best, kick. Dominating the kicking game and inside knee work, Yelle made Medlin go to his outside and combo game to stay in the fight. And stay in the fight he did. You can tell a fight is really close when the score cards do not match on any round. The judges could not reach an agreement on any single round and that was the way the action added up.Yelle won the vacant IKF Title on a split decision win, 47-48, 47-48, 48-47.


    (*) Jeremy Harminson versus Kwame Stephens
    The first two rounds of this fight were all you ask for in a Muay Thai match. The judges could not agree on either round because the fight was that close. From inside the ring, I could tell that Harminson was hard as steel and an absolute natural at the game. I could also tell he was scrambling to adjust his game. Kwame showed up for this fight and he put Harminson to the test. The measure of the two fighters was that at no time did either fighter dominate the fight. Kwame would show flashes of brilliance and Harminson would show raw power and determination.
    The third round was not so pretty. Harminson threw a spinning backfist out of the blue and caught Kwame right on the side of the head. Kwame dropped like a rock but stood right up and I called a flash knockdown. Hindsight tells me perhaps I should have slowed the fight a bit and gave Kwame a standing 8 but that's behind me now. I don't think Kwame recovered from that spinning backfist. Harminson caught Kwame in the corner and dropped him with shots only Harminson could throw and Kwame hit the canvas. I gave Kwame a standing 8 at this time and after looking him in the face and asking the all important question, "Are you good to go?" I decided to stop the fight.
    Two things I learned from this fight. Harminson is one of the best fighters I have ever seen. Kwame Stephens is one of the best fighters I have ever seen.
    Harminson won this fight by TKO in the third round. These two fighters are destined to meet again. I know they do not want to fight again but both have the talent to hold a world title. Like the Highlander says "There can be only one".

Great fights, Great times. Thanks to Remax for their sponsorship and Ryan Blackorby for a job well done. Dean Lessei, I will see you at the Nationals. I have another bet for you. This is Brooks Mason coming to you from Mick Doyle's Emerald Mongoose Muay Thai Camp in Omaha, Nebraska. The Home of Kickboxing.

For more info contact Mr. Ryan Blackorby at (309) 444-1512 or by e-mail at

IKF NOTE: Due to the experience level of the referee at the event, IKF Event Representative Brooks Mason took over to referee the final 3 bouts. When he did so, he appointed IKF Associate Representative Kurt Podany as the IKF Event Representative for the remaining 3 bouts.

FRIDAY, June 6th 2003, AT 4:00 PM, PT

Comcast Sports South East (CSS) And The IKF Team Up!






IKF Headquarters, Newcastle, California, USA
Well everyone, here it is. The big news you have all been waiting for. At 3:25 PST Today it became official when we here at the IKF Headquarters received back our faxed contract from Comcast/Charter Sports Southeast (CSS) General Manager Mike Sheehey. This is a deal that IKF President Steve Fossum and CSS's Chris McKone have been working on for some time now. Today it was confirmed that CSS and the IKF have teamed up to have Kickboxing's own version of "Friday Night Fights!"

Starting the first Friday in September (September 5th, or quite possibly as soon as August 29th, if our production schedule is quicker) CSS will air IKF Kickboxing on a weekly basis at 11:PM to nearly 4 million households. The agreement is done in sections and this first run will be 17 straight weeks (September 5th, 2003 through December 26th, 2003) of an exciting 1 hour program of IKF Kickboxing! During the run, there is a very good possibility of some "LIVE" event broadcast as well. What will make this program more exciting than any other past programs for the sport of kickboxing will be the shows format.

Not only will the "Weekly" programming be a first for the sport since the 80's, the format will bring more attention to those involved in the sport. The show segments will include things such as fighter profiles, training tips, special guests, gear and product reviews, gym visits and of course, plenty of exciting IKF Kickboxing Fights!

The CSS region includes (See map at right) nine Southeastern states. The only bad news, (for now anyway) is that the IKF Kickboxing program will only be seen in these 9 South East USA states (Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Kentucky, South Carolina & North Carolina). However, don't get too discouraged. The IKF is already in the works with bringing the IKF Kickboxing program to the rest of the USA very soon with affiliates of CSS. There is a pretty good possibility that some of those regions may be confirmed by the September 5th air date.

One thing about the structure of the program is that the shows programming will come from IKF associates and events around the Globe. "Although this program will only air in the South East, we will not limit programming from the South East only." Says IKF President Steve Fossum (Left). "Our goal is to bring attention to as many regions around the world as we can that are associated with IKF Kickboxing. This includes Alby Bimpson's work with IKF Europe. This has been a long time coming for the IKF but an even longer time coming for this great sport. Right now I'm pretty excited for everyone in the IKF. I guess this is where I say 'I'm going to Disneyland!'"

The including of promotions and associates around the IKF World was a very important part in establishing this program for the IKF. They wanted to be assured that they could include as many IKF Promoters, Trainers, Fighters as well as Officials as possible. "There will be no 'One Promoter show' here" continued Fossum. "We have grown as a Team and we will grow more as a TEAM!"

"On behalf of kickboxing we take this opportunity very seriously," Says IKF World Ambassador Brooks Mason (Left). "With the help of the IKF team (trainers, fighters, promoters and our officials) we will make good on this opportunity for the benefit of kickboxing and the kickboxing industry. Our goal in this endeavor is to bring real purses to the professional kickboxing ranks and real futures to up and coming young fighters." Mason will be part of the IKF Commentating Team as well as one of the broadcast reporter on the sit down portion of the program.

"A lot of credit here goes to IKF Promoter Ray Thompson." (Left) Says Fossum. Thompson was the person who brought the CSS idea to the IKF when he had them film the 2002 IKF North American Amateur Championships last November. "This is yet another new day for kickboxing." Says Thompson, (Right). "The Comcast IKF Team will surly make for exciting events and future stars of our sport. As a promoter and trainer, I am not just excited for myself and our own program here but for the many other IKF Teams of Trainers and Promoters around the world. This brings something to the table for all of us in the sport and the way the IKF Team plans to organize it, we are sure to see a little of everyone in the IKF on the IKFKickboxing Program soon."

"As I mentioned to someone the other day on the Message Board, never give up and never lose site of the plan!" Says IKF Promoter Johnny Davis (Left). "Several of us have been working for years to close such a deal. We flew from South Carolina to L.A. meeting with TV executives and continued to come up short. Now, the day has come and its up to all of us to help keep it through even better local promotion of your events, fighters and the IKF! Forward March! "

"This is the break we have all wanted to take our sport to that next level we have all strived for." Says IKF Head of Officials Dan Stell (Left). "It is great that CSS, has given us this opportunity and we all need to thank for it by tuning in and making this one of their highest rated programs in the SouthEast. We hope they will not just be pleased with our shows but be proud to have us a part of their programing as well."

So there you have it Kickboxing Fans. For those of you not fighting this weekend, go ahead and relax for a couple of days because come Monday, The work begins AGAIN! Get your game faces on and get ready to

"Bring It ON!"

A partnership between Comcast Corporation and Charter Communications, launched September 3, 2022 as a 24-hour regional sports network. CSS programming includes live and re-aired NCAA football, basketball and baseball games; weekly coach's and preview shows; minor league hockey and baseball; stock car racing; outdoor shows and ESPN NEWS. Currently, CSS has approximately 3.9 million subscribers across nine Southeastern states. For more information, contact CSS Public Relations Manager Kate Whitaker at 865-862-5117 (office) or at

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New York Continues Attack
On Martial Arts!

David Ross, IKF New York, USA
A04415 is now under consideration in the committee on higher education in Albany (held on 6/3). It proposes to license all martial arts instructors and schools in New York State. Not only will this mean more hidden taxes in the form of "fees", but the criteria could well put many out of business. Remember the NYSAC "approved list"?
The following is a list of people on the committee with phone numbers, many are New York City and Long Island people. Feel free to call them and express your disapproval of A04415. You can call ALL of them. This (their phone numbers) is public information, on the assembly web page, so you can circulate it.

Debrah Glick 212 674-5153, Richard Gottfried 212 807-7900, James Conte 631 271-8025, Patricia Eddington 631 207-0073, Steve Englebright 631 751-3094, Steve Levy 631 589-8685, Michael Fitzpatrick 631 724-2929, Nick Perry 718 385-3336, Anthony Seminero 718 847-0770, Scott Stringer 212 873-6368, Mark Webrin 718 428-7900, Ron Castrari 518 455-4474, Darryl Aubertine 315 786-0284, Mara Butler 518 762-6486, Kevin Cahil 845 338-9610, Joan Christensen 315 449-9536, Brain Kolb 315 781-2030, Barbara Lifton 607 277-8030, William Magee 315 361-4125, Joel Miller 845 463-1635, Joseph Morelle 585 467-0410, Amy Paulin 914 723-1115, Robert Prentiss 518 877-7113, Call and express you opposition before this becomes a law!

THURSDAY, June 5th 2003, AT 2:55 PM, PT

Don't Miss The National Finals Registration
Deadline Of July 5th!

This is a reminder that the National Finals Registration Deadline is July 5th for this years Finals Event. As most should know by now, this years IKF/TKO USA National Amateur Championships will be August 15th, 16th & 17th in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA.

If you have already competed at one of the IKF/TKO USA National Amateur Tournament Regional Events, you are "NOT" automatically registered for the National Finals. To Register for the National Finals, go to this form HERE!

  • If you did not have a regional in your area and wish to attend the National Finals by direct walkover, please register at this page HERE.
  • If you missed the Regional Event in your area and want to know if you can still register for the National Finals go to our Question Answer page to find out how by clicking HERE.
  • If you were a 2002 National Champion and are attending the National Finals to defend your title, go to this page to register HERE.
  • If you registered for a Regional Event and you didn't have an opponent you will receive a $15 credit towards your National Finals Registration AND be seeded higher than other fighters that did not attend or register for a Regional Seeding Tournament at all. To register for the National Finals it will cost you $25 instead of $40.00. To register CLICK HERE! Make sure you include a note as to why you are only paying $25 instead of $40.00 or you will be charged the difference at the National Finals Weigh-in.

Please make sure you include a HEADSHOT Photo with your registration. If not, you will be charged an additional $5.00 to have your photo taken for your event pass on Registration Day.

DON'T MISS THE DEADLINE(S): Any fighter who's Registration form is RECEIVED (Not Postmarked) here at the IKF Headquarters AFTER JULY 5th, 2003 will be charged additional Late Fees. All Late Fees must be paid along with your registration. If not, you will be charged this fee when you weigh-in on Friday, August 15th. These Late Fees are as follows;

  • If Received here after July 5th, 2003, a $25 Late Fee will be assessed to you.
  • If your registration is received after July 10th, 2003 you will be charged a $35 Late Fee.
  • If your registration is received after July 15th, 2003 will be charged a $40 Late Fee "IF" Your Registration is accepted at all.
  • If your registration form is received After July 15th, 2003 will be charged a $50 Late Fee, again, "IF" Your Registration is accepted at all.

Coach & Trainers Pass.
Since there are so many people who try to sneak into these events, as started last year, there will be a fee for cornerman/trainers passes. The other reason for this is to police each fighters corner. Only registered cornermen 18 years of age and older are allowed into each fighters corner. The cost of each cornerman/trainers registration and pass is $10.00 and you must provide a headshot photo of yourself for your pass. If you do not have a headshot photo for your pass, we will take your picture and your pass fee will be $15.00. Cornermen and Trainers will register on Friday with all the fighters during the hours of 12 noon and 7:PM inside the venue, the US Cellular Center. These Official IKF Cornerman/Trainer Passes will have the cornerman/trainer's name, signed name and picture on a very nice 2003 IKF USA National Amateur Tournament Card and are laminated with a necklace.

  • WHO: ONLY cornerman/trainers AGE 18 AND ABOVE who attend the MANDATORY rules meeting will receive their event passes. All cornerman/trainers will sign and print their name on their cornerman/trainers passes and show a picture I.D. to attain their pass.
  • PHOTO: In addition to the cornerman/trainers full signed and printed name, if the cornerman/woman does not provide their own, we will take their picture at registration for their pass and the PICTURE will be pasted on their pass to avoid use by anyone else if the pass is lost, stolen or loaned to someone else.
  • WRIST BANDS: Each registered cornerman/trainer and fighter will receive wristbands at the MANDATORY rules meeting. (You will be issued one per event session)
  • RULES MEETING: For door security reasons, Trainers not attending the MANDATORY rules meeting will not be issued trainer/cornerman passes and will be required to purchase their own event ticket.
  • PASS ENTREE: All passes provide free admission into all sessions of the event.
  • NUMBER OF PASSES: Each Fight Team/Camp that brings between 1 and 4 fighters to the event will be allowed to purchase up to 4 Trainer/Cornerman Passes. For Teams/Camps with more than 4 fighters, they may purchase an additional trainers pass for every 3 added fighters up to "6" Passes to assist in warming up fighters that may be on deck while a team-mate is in the ring.
  • TRAINERS DURING BOUT: Only 3 cornerman/trainer allowed at ringside during a bout. During round breaks, only 1 cornerman in the ring, 1 on the outside of the ropes and 1 on the floor.
  • NOTE: Any cornerman/trainers caught lending their passes out to ANYONE will have their passes immediately destroyed. Those using the pass and the trainer will be escorted from the session with no refund of pass or fees and will need to purchase a ticket for re-entree. For this reason, sorry but please do not sell, give away or lend your pass to any fighters family, relatives or friends. Thank You.

We urge everyone to book their hotel rooms as soon as possible also.
As of Today, June 5th, 2003
Half of the rooms we have reserved there are already booked.

The Host Hotel, Crowne Plaza Five Seasons Hotel. The number is (319) 363-8161. The Hotel is connected by hallway to the event venue, the US Cellular Center and connected by 12-block skywalk system to numerous shopping and dining options and 2 theatres, the Theatre Cedar Rapids and the IMAX Theatre. The hotel is located 10 minutes from the airport and they do have free shuttle service. All 275 rooms in the 16-story hotel feature cable TV and in-room movies, coffee maker, hair dryer, ironing board/iron and there are non-smoking rooms available. Hotel offers concierge level, business center, fitness center, indoor pool, and sauna. Top of the Five rooftop restaurant and Front Street Lounge, serving lighter fare, are both open 7 days a week. The room rate for our event is $79.00 Please use our event code when booking which is IKF.

For more info for the
Please Click HERE!



Here Comes The
RE/MAX Kickboxing Invitational

RiverPlex Sports Arena, Peoria, Illinois, USA

IKF Peoria, Illinois, USA:
This Saturday June 7th, IKF Promoter Ryan Blackorby will present yet another night of exciting IKF MuayThai action. Returning for the third year as part of the Classic Sports Festival, the Blackorby's Peoria Athletic Club teams up again with RE/MAX Unlimited to present the RE/MAX Kickboxing Invitational. Kickboxing has grown in popularity for one reason, "EXCITEMENT!" The IKF sanctions 4 different styles of kickboxing. This weekend at the RE/MAX Kickboxing Invitational. fans will see the style of IKF Muay Thai at it's best!

The main event is a rematch. The hometown favorite is Illinois native and current IKF Pro MTR Middleweight U.S. Champion Jeremy Harminson of Lerna, Illinois, USA. Harminson has a fight record of 19 wins, 2 loses and 1 draw with 14 of his wins coming by way of knockout. He stands 6' tall and is 31 years old. His opponent will be Kwame Stephens from Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. Stephens pro record is 24 wins, 6 loses with 21 of his wins coming by way of knockout. He has an amateur record of 10-1 with 6 wins by KO/TKO as well. Stephens as well is 6' tall. The last time these two athletes met in the ring it was a battle; this year looks to be an all out war as both men want to take home the IKF U.S. MuayThai Rules Middleweight Title.

On the undercard will be the quest for the vacant IKF Amateur MTR Northern Midwest Title. The first fight fighting for the vacant title is number 2 IKF ranked Light Middleweight and 2002 IKF USA National Amateur Tournament MTR Light Middleweight Champion Ben Yelle of Marquette, Michigan, USA (9-1/1, 155, 5'6, 20). Yelle won his IKF National title last year after he defeated Philip Botha of Atlanta, Georgia, USA in the final by split decision 29-28, 29-28 & 28-29. His opponent will be Brian Medlin of Illinois. Sorry but no info was available on Medlin at press time.

Last year over 600 fans witnessed the event at the RiverPlex Sports Arena. This years event has a solid amateur undercard of ten fights and as noted, a fantastic main event. With all this, this RE/MAX Kickboxing Invitational promises to be one of the most exciting events of the Classic Sports Festival.

The RiverPlex Sports Arena is located at 600 Water Street, Peoria. Doors will open at 6:PM and the event starts at 7:PM. If you are interested in attending, please contact one of our ticket outlets: The RiverPlex (309) 282-1700, Peoria Athletic Club at (309) 672-3090.

For more info contact Mr. Ryan Blackorby at (309) 444-1512 or by e-mail at The IKF Event Representative for this event will be Mr. Brooks Mason and the IKF Event Referee will be Mr. Dave Rogers. Ryan Blackorby is the owner and head muay Thai Kickboxing coach at the Peoria Athletic Club. Ryan has been actively promoting amateur and professional kickboxing for the last four years. For more info go to

MuayThai: MuayThai allows the athlete to kick, punch and knee his opponent. (Sometimes, elbows are allowed as well.) With so many offensive weapons, the action never stops. The origins of Muay Thai kickboxing date back over 2000 years. This combat sport started off as a martial art, when the Thai nation was fighting for its survival in the midst of hostile neighboring countries. In the 1930's Muay Thai was transformed into what many consider modern day kickboxing. The United States has stayed somewhat behind in the promotion of this fighting style, following Japan, Europe and Australia in fan support and popularity.


Working Together, Bimpson & Jessop Make Show a Success!
25th May, 2003, Ormsby Institute, Miiddlesborough, England, Promoter Steve Jessop
Reported By IKF Europe

IKF England
Originally the main bout of the show was to be an IKF Professional England National Middleweight Title for the local fighter Karl Reid of Middlesborough England. However due to injury his opponent pulled out 2 weeks before the show. There was a debate over whether the show would go ahead, but as other bouts had been arranged it was decided to continue. This was the reason for the following events that were about to unfold, with people getting their "wires crossed". It was a test for IKF Europe Director Alby Bimpson, (Right) doing what is RIGHT FOR THE SPORT, and upholding IKF Rules and Regulations.

It was a day show due to commence at 1:PM. One club with 3 competitors failed to show, and several fighters failed to make their weight, weighing in heavy or too light. The bout list was rearranged, with several demonstrations arranged for the first half giving the competitors the opportunity to show their skills and make up for the disappointment of not having a competition bout. All Officials were in place including the Official Senior IKF Europe Doctor, the crowd had been very patient with the delay in commencing, but were in good spirits anticipating a great show of Full Contact Kickboxing, when the paramedics failed to show. This was due to a break down of communication, during the debate when the show was going to be cancelled for not having the doctor present.

IKF European Director Alby Bimpson then had to explain to promoter Steve Jessop (Left) that the IKF could not allow the show to continue, and made the decision to pull the sanction. After further discussions with all IKF Officials present, it was agreed a semi contact show could go ahead. All fighters and trainers were called back to the meeting room and the situation was explained and to give any competitors the opportunity to withdraw if they did not wish to take part, after which one competitor with drew.

Jessop announced the decision to the crowd, who were a little disappointed, but understood the implications of the risk of injury, and having no paramedics present. The show commenced with some of the best demonstrations we have seen for sometime, and the crowd was thoroughly appreciative of this, including an introductory demonstration of grappling (mixed martial arts) educating the crowd in the various techniques and submissions.

During this time Jessop was constantly on the phone to contact the paramedics and came up trumps. They would arrive for the second half of the show allowing all the original bouts to be changed back to Full Contact. The bouts and results are as follows:

  1. Demonstration, Junior FC
    Jamie West (36kg) Vs Hayden Speight.

  2. Demonstration, Junior V Senior FC
    James Hutchinson (60.5kg) Vs Mark Benton (62kg): It must be said that James Hutchinson is 13 years old, but gave a demonstration of excellent techniques against an experienced senior beyond his years. He definitely has the makings of a future champion.

  3. Demonstration, Junior FC
    Scott Robinson (50kg) Vs Dean Ward (46kg)

  4. Demonstration, GRAPPLING/VALETUDO
    David Elliot of Newcastle, England Vs Adam Edward of London England: Both these well known fighters are very experienced and trained with the Gracie camp. Two rounds of 5 minutes showing all techniques, and submissions. The highlight was the son of David Elliot, Tyrone Elliot, who is 8 years old and has attained the yellow sash, gave a 3 minute demonstration with Adam Edward showing that even someone so young can throw his opponent to the ground, and show a series of arm locks etc. resulting in a tap out by his opponent.

  5. Demonstration, Junior
    Alfie Smith (28kg) Vs Lef Taggart (31kg).

  6. Amateur FCR 3 X 2
    Nigel Stanley (79kg) defeated Kevin Davidson (80kg) by unanimous decision.

    Tim Jackson (66.5kg) defeated Manrajbir Singh (64kg) by unanimous decision.

  8. Amateur FCR 3 X 2
    Dale Hutchinson defeated Steve Ibbotson by KO in the 3rd round.
    This bout was a grudge match between two local stars. Ibbotson being an IKF Champion and Hutchinson being a WKA champion. Unfortunately there was a weight discrepancy in favor of Hutchinson. This was pointed out by IKF Officials to the Trainers and fighters. The trainers and fighters agreed for the fight to go ahead. This was not a good idea from Ibbotson's point of view being the lighter of the 2 fighters. But the fight went on.
    Round one both fighters came out throwing punches and kicks from the start, neither one taking a backward step, this had the crowd in uproar.
    Round Two was a repeat of round one.
    Round Three: Something had to give in this fight, unfortunately it was Ibbotson, who was caught in the corner with an excellent combination from Hutchinson. IKF European Referee Mick Fowles realized straight away that Ibbotson was in trouble, placing him in the recovery position, instructing the paramedics immediately into the ring. To everyone's relief Ibbotson was okay, and was the first to congratulate his opponent. Ibbotson then took the microphone and stated it was one of the hardest fights he had ever had, and is quite prepared to put his IKF title on the line in a rematch, at the championship weight category. This proved that Ibbotson, at such a young age, is a champion of the sport, and someone for the up and coming young fighters to follow.

  9. Pro FCR 5 X 2
    This bout was for the bragging rights to be called the Best Middleweight in the North East of England: Well known IKF Fighter Ingoff Neilson (72kg) defeated Karl Reid (75kg) by unanimous decision. Neilson rightly pointed out that even though he won, he has only ever been beaten by World Champions. Karl Reid gave an excellent account of himself, beaten only by a points decision.

The IKF Officials on this event were
IKF Europe Director: Alby Bimpson
IKF Europe International Referee: Mike Fowles
IKF Officials Leon Kelly and Jacqui Thompson.

WEDNESDAY, June 4th, 2003, AT 9:00 AM, PST

Champion Vs Champion!
Two IKF Amateur Women National Champions Battle It Out For PRIDE!
By Jade East

Council Bluffs, Iowa, USA
It was billed as fight number 6 of the night for Mick Doyle's promotion last weekend at Harrah's in Council Bluffs Iowa. Kornelija Numic (Left) of Dallas, Texas vs Leslie McNamara (Right) of St. Louis, Missouri. Both had won their divisions at last years 2002 IKF USA National Amateur Championships and both have had a very successful winning career. Here's the way IKF reporter Jade East saw it.

This was the fight of the night and I think the fans would agree. McNamara is not the first from Finney's camp to fight against Numic. Numic beat McNamara's teammate Jena Repa for the 2002 IKF USA National Amateur Title. But McNamara was also 2002 IKF USA National Champion as well. It was exciting to see these two IKF Champions battle it out to the very end.

  1. Round #1: McNamara came on strong and Numic held her at bay with a strong side kicks. However, McNamara did not let it stop her. She kept fighting her way in. Neither one of these fighters let the other get the best of her. It was a close round, but it went to Numic.
  2. Round #2: Numic came out of her corner with vengeance on her mind. In this round we got to see more of Numic's hands. Which prove to be strong. McNamara didn't let this stop her, though. She fought to the end. However, she couldn't quite overcome Numic's thirst for a victory.
  3. Round #3: Although this was the final round you would of never have known it. Both girls came out determined to take the other one out. Again a fight to the end, both Numic and McNamara showing their Championship skills to us all. Proving each has a desire to become Champion once again at the 2003 IKF Nationals. The winner by unanimous decision goes to Kornelija Numic.

For more info on this event please contact Mr. Mick Doyle at (402) 498-9592 or by e-mail at


Leiker's 22nd Annual
Tornado Internationals A Success!!

IKF Kansas City, Missouri USA
IKF Promoters Bob and Jill Leiker are happy to announce another successful "Tornado Internationals" that was held on May 23 & 24 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel & Convention Center in Kansas City, Missouri. This was their 22nd annual event that featured IKF Amateur Kickboxing on Friday nights and a full scale martial arts tournament through the weekend. Here are the kickboxing results below.

  1. MikeManning,172, Kansas City, Missouri defeated Dennis Cappal,174 of Kansas City, Missouri by decision.

  2. Fred Walker, 145 of Kansas City, Missouri, defeated Justin Penteria of Colorado by forfeit when Penteria was a NO SHOW at the event.

  3. Mike Lear,170, of Kansas City Miossouri defeated Ivan Garcia of Kansas City Missouri by TKO.

  4. Eric Fernandez, of Kansas City Missouri defeated Sir Williams, 163 of Kansas City Missouri by TKO.

  5. Leo Pla,190, of Kansas City Missouri defeated William Stringfellow, 172 of Parsons Kansas by TKO.

  6. IKF Junior Division: Donald Vickers, 176 of Las Vegas Nevada defeated Zach Burns, 165 of Cleveland, Ohio by decision.

  7. Mark Donahue, 191 of Kansas City Missouri and Rudy Bears, 192 of Kansas City Missouri fought to a draw.

For more info please contact Bob or Jill Leiker at (913) 432-2787 or by e-mail at or you can go to the event website at:

TUESDAY, June 3rd, 2003, AT 4:00 PM, PST

Who Will Carter Williams Face In Japan?
Part Of That Is Answered As Jerrel Venetiaan Wins K-1 Basel Tournament

Reported By Alex McDonald - IKF Japan

The second major international tournament is sending one man to Osaka and the other 7 challengers packing. Like the K-1 Las Vegas, the K-1 Basel had four fighters from the host country entered in hopes of sending a local kickboxer to the K-1 Osaka 2003 on October 11th. Unlike the K-1 Las Vegas, all the homegrown fighters, as well-schooled as they were, were considered underdogs to win the talent-packed tournament. The tournament winner, Jerrel Venetiaan (Left) of the Netherlands beat 3 Swiss hopefuls in his drive to go to Osaka.

Bjorn Bregy vs. Donovan Luff
Those who follow the K-1 closely might remember Luff from the K-1 South Africa 2000 tournament where he made it to the finals only to be stopped by Andrew Thompson. Since then his career has been low key. Switzerland's Bjorn Bregy, on the other hand, has had a few big name fights where he tried to match his size (202cm 120kg) against the talent and experience of Lloyd Van Dams, Alexei Ignashov and Remy Bonjaski. Although he looked good early in these fights, his size and stamina were his undoing after the first round. Bregy was hoping the hometown crowd would help keep the fire burning.
This match, however, failed to even materialize into a fight. A low blow by Bregy rendered Luff incapable to continue in the bout and in the tournament. What would normally be considered a no-contest ended up being declared a KO win for the Swiss fighter who advanced to the next round of the tournament. Bregy by first round KO.

Azem Maksutaj vs. Larry Lindwall
Larry Lindwall of Sweden may not be well known outside of Europe but that is not because he lacks anything in the ring. In fact, Lindwall is one of those fighters who can do everything in the ring. In both of his appearances at the K-1 Scandinavia (2001 & 2003), he won all three fights by knockout. His tournament win in 2001 was supposed to earn him a berth in the K-1 Nagoya 2001 but injuries kept this expert kickboxer in Sweden. The victory in 2003 earned him a place in this tournament.
Maksutaj, who fought lighter fighters such as Orlando Weit and Taiei Kin a few years ago, has come way up in weight to earn K-1 purses. He fought in the K-1 France 2002 & 2003 making it to the final match each time to lose the decision to French champion Tony Gregory. Although no one will draw the Swiss fans like the late Andy Hug, Azem seems to be a current favorite among his countrymen.
Making use of not only his skills but also his size, Lindwall was able to eliminate the first Swiss representative from the tournament. Lindwall by 3 round decision.

Xhavit Bajrami vs. Jurgen Krut
Jurgen Krut of Sweden has managed to survive at the top of the tough European scene. He won the K-1 Croatia 2000, made it to the final of the K-1 Netherlands 2001 and won the K-1 Netherlands 2003. His victory in 2000 earned him a place in the K-1 Fukuoka 2000 where he lost to Mike Bernardo. In 2001, he replaced an injured Jerrel Venetiaan in the K-1 Las Vegas and lost to Maurice Smith. Winning the K-1 Netherlands this year earned him a place in this tournament.
His opponent, Xhavit Bajrami showed a lot of promise in 1999 by defeating Mirko Filipovic and Lloyd Van Dams in a Grand Prix qualifying tournament. Since then his best performances were at the K-1 Croatia where he made it to the finals only to be defeated by Jurgen Krut in 2000 and Petar Mjstorovic in 2002. With his home country watching, he hoped to get revenge and put his career back on track.
Xhavit did just that albeit with an overtime decision. Krut's stamina problems once again came back to haunt him. Bajrami by 4 round decision.

Petar Mjstorovic vs. Jerrel Venetiaan
Undefeated Venetiaan trains out of the same gym as the sensational four-time K-1 Grand Prix Champion, Ernesto Hoost. Amazingly, he won the K-1 Netherlands 2001 despite breaking a bone in his wrist early in the first match. His MMA career and a injuries have kept him from gaining the international attention and match ups he deserves.
His Swiss opponent, Mjstorovic has had his ups and downs. On the upside he won the last K-1 Germany in 2001 and the K-1 Croatia in 2002. On the downside, he was the victim of one of the most devastating knockouts ever seen at the hands of Remy Bonjaski.
These two showed a lot of respect for each other in terms of how much defense they brought into the ring. Neither was willing to get into a wild brawl considering the skill level of the man in the opposite corner. After 3 rounds it was the Dutchman Venetiaan who had scored the most points.

Semi Finals
Bjorn Bregy vs. Gary Turner
No sooner had K-1 United Kingdom champion Gary Turner won his reserve match than he was told to get back in the ring as a replacement for Larry Lindwall who had aggravated a hand injury in his opening round match. Turner handled the much bigger Bregy with relative ease but if there was ever a case for the dreaded hometown decision, this was it. Turner, a pure gentleman, smiled at the decision then congratulated Bregy and his corner. The crowd jeered and whistled when Bregy's name was called and cheered and applauded when a special thanks was mentioned to Turner. In doing so, the people of Basel made it clear that fair play must come first without exception. Bregy by 3 round decision.

Jerrel Venetiaan vs. Xhavit Bajrami
The bout started even in the first round until Bajrami rocked Venetiaan with a solid right. Sensing an opportunity the Swiss fighter chased the Dutchman down and scored a knockdown. After the count, Bajrami tried to take advantage of the two knockdown rule but Venetiaan had no plans to touch the canvas again and the round ended. With the first round scored 10-8 against him, Venetiaan needed to win the next two rounds just to draw against the hometown favorite. He came out of the corner ready to show the world how the undefeated react to great challenges. He took the fight to Bajrami and clearly won the next two rounds. As expected, an overtime round was called and Venetiaan took that too. Venetiaan by 4 round decision.

Jerrel Venetiaan vs. Bjorn Bregy
On paper this would appear to be an easy fight for Venetiaan. One, however, should always read the fine print. These two are training partners at Vos Gym. This means that Bregy not only learned the skills of kickboxing but also the art of fighting against Jerrel Venetiaan thanks to the hours they spent in the gym sparring together.
To make matters more unusual, Bregy had an injured right ankle. He would throw a kick and either retreat in pain or fall to the canvas. Being the final match of the tournament, the three knockdown rule was back in effect. Bregy went down once in the first round and twice in the second. He got up and fought through incredible pain despite being so far behind on points that only a knock out would give a victory. In doing so, he earned the respect of the crowd, respect he had tarnished earlier in the evening with the foul and the dubious decision. As they chanted "Bregy. Bregy," they saw one man defend his undefeated record and another win his own test of courage. Venetiaan by 3 round decision.

Jerrel Venetiaan will join the K-1 Paris Champion, the K-1 Melbourne Champion and the K-1 Las Vegas Champion and former IKF USA National Amateur champion, Carter Williams (R) in Osaka in October. There, these four international tournament champions will meet the seven non-Japanese fighters from the Grand Prix 2002: Peter Aerts, Ray Sefo, Bob Sapp, Ernesto Hoost, Mark Hunt, Stefan Leko and Jerome LeBanner. The K-1 match makers will also select 3 proven fighters to give a total of 14 fighters. In 7 singles matches, seven of these fighters will earn passage to the K-1 Grand Prix 2003 in Tokyo on December 6th.



Regan Vs Marinoble

IKF Champion Regan To Concentrate On Boxing
As Reported By Jim Jenkins, Bee Staff Writer

Sacramento, California, USA, Courtesy Of The Sacramento BEE
Barring an unlikely big-money offer, undefeated Sacramento middleweight Eric Regan (R) says he's finished with kickboxing. It appears to be a wise decision. As a kickboxer, Regan rose to international championship status but freely admits that lucrative bouts are rare. Moreover, many of the quality opponents in that sport are foreign. (*IKF Insertion: With the exception to middleweight Dave Marinoble (L) who is in Regan's hometown of Roseville, California - See IKF Addition to this article below.)

As a conventional boxer, though, Regan (21-0, 14 KOs) is gradually moving up the ladder to respectability and better paydays. His three-knockdown, second-round, technical-knockout victory Wednesday night over Ron Weaver (29-13, 22 KOs) of New Orleans at the Radisson Hotel in Sacramento, CA was his third win over a veteran with more experience against quality competition. "It's the best Eric has ever looked," said promoter Don Chargin, who once doubted Regan could adjust from kickboxing. "Everybody was telling him Weaver would give him a tough fight, but he was confident from the start and never let the guy warm up."

Regan's next bout is tentatively set for early August. His opponent and the venue have yet to be determined. In the interim, the 6-foot-4, 160-pounder, ranked No. 29 by the WBC, World Boxing Council, will vacation in Europe for a few weeks with his longtime girlfriend who has relatives overseas. "Then it's back to the gym," said Regan, 27, owner of the IBA, International Boxing Association Continental title. "No slacking off."

*IKF Addition:
To begin with, not only are "BOTH" of these guys GREAT FIGHTERS, they are also "Class Acts out of the ring as well!" Both would make any organization proud to have them as their champion. This is what makes so many want this bout to happen even more. Two Great Fighters with respect for everyone they meet. For years now, local Sacramento area fight fans have wanted to match up Regan and IKF Pro FCR Middleweight World Champion Dave Marinoble. However an injury to Marinoble in training threw away the chances of their first meeting years ago and timing and money have kept the two apart since. In speaking to Regan's trainer today he made it clear that if the money was right, Regan "WOULD" come back to kickboxing so there was no need to retire his titles, at least not yet. We say "yet" because if Regan eventually gets a World Title shot in boxing, his purse may go into 6 figures making it impossible (At this time) for any kickboxing promoter to feature him on an event against the likes of Marinoble. But until that time, he will stay with boxing where his next payday is sure to be 5 figures.

Both Regan and Marinoble won multiple IKF titles as amateurs and as the two progressed in their pro careers, Regan won the IKF Pro FCR North American Super Middleweight title and later went on to capture the ISKA Pro Middleweight World Title. Along with his IKF World Title, Marinoble also holds the IKF Pro FCR North American Super Middleweight Title and arm fulls of IKF amateur titles. Many locals have wanted a unification bout between the two area middleweights but the money was never there. Due to their recent performances, both would request in the neighborhood of $10,000 for such a match-up and both are well deserving of such a purse. Now only time will tell if this bout ever happens. Regan is enjoying a successful boxing career and a possible title shot in his future while Marinoble is busy full time with a very successful martial arts school and takes fights when they come. Not to mention his time and dedication in training several of his own IKF kickboxing champions. Hopefully this won't be remembered as one of those Dennis Alexio Vs Rick Roufus bouts that everyone wanted to see but never happened due to $$$!



Kickboxing Returns To

By Brooks Mason (R)


IKF Nebraska - Iowa, USA

IKF Promoter Mick Doyle (Left) of Omaha, Nebraska brings kickboxing back to Harrah's after a nearly two year hiatus. Being one of the best venues in the area and home to the first two IKF Nationals, (1999 & 2000, when it was called Harvey's) Harrah's seemed out of place without a fight going on. No longer.

Friday night's fights brought in the crowd and confirmed Kickboxing is back where it belongs. Mick Doyle did a great job and spared no expense for the nights entertainment. To The Fights.

  1. Ralph Harr of St. Louis versus Michael Johnson of Omaha.
    • Round #1: Harr came out showing exactly where he is from, Handsville, USA. Another product of the Finney camp, Harr showed excellent handwork inside coupled with strong legs. Johnson relied mostly on his superior kicking ability but it could not keep Harr at bay. Scoring a standing 8 count. Harr took the round.
    • Round #2: Harr went right back to work with hands but added devastating round kicks to the arsenal. Johnson fought bravely but could not stand the onslaught. Another standing 8 for Harr as Johnson barely made the count.
    • Round #3: If Johnson had a chance it was in the third round. Looking for a knockout as the only way to win, Johnson went on the hunt but wasn't strong enough to wear Harr down. Another standing 8 and the fight was soon over. Harr shows he will be someone to contend with at the Nationals. Johnson got caught early and never got on track. A very talented fight, I am sure we will see Johnson at the 2003 IKF Nationals. Harr by unanimous decision.

  2. Jon Hoppes of Waterloo versus Duane Holt of Omaha
    • Round #1"Bang" it's over! For 47 seconds Jon Hoppes showed why he is one the O'Connell team. Non-stop punching and kicking overwhelmed Holt and sent him to the canvas. The Doyle camp, seeing Holt was hurt, threw in the towel. I have never seen Hoppes more focused for a fight. His right hand body shots and back leg roundhouse will be the talk of the 2003 IKF Nationals for sure. Hoppes by TKO at 47 seconds of the first round.

  3. Aaron Ohrt of Waterloo versus Koda Sanborn of Waterloo
    • This was an exhibition with Koda basically moving around with Aaron. Aaron did well for his first time and stood up to some shots. A new fighter being born there. Koda on the other hand has an almost unworldly kicking ability. A product of Russ O'Connell's Tae Kwon Do program, Koda can kick with either leg equally well and to anywhere on the body. Exhibitions being what they are, you tend to talk to your neighbor until the next fight comes out. Those watching caught the last ten seconds of the round and those who did not were asking what they had missed. The last ten seconds Koda put on a kicking display you are unlikely to see again. Round houses with both legs to the head nonstop. I mean, how did he do it? One leg was on Aaron's head while the other leg was traveling to Aaron's head. Gravity is all holding this boy back and I'm not sure O'Connell may not have an answer for that. Koda... A Rising Star!
  4. Sean Crowe of Waterloo versus Paul Donelson of Omaha
    • Round #1: "Pow' it's over. Sound familiar? Sean Crowe jumped right down Paul's throat from the bell and caught Paul with a devastating right cross. The referee could have counted to a hundred and ten and it would have made no difference. Paul Donelson is a tough, well-schooled fighter but there was no way to recover from power of Sean Crowe. Sean Crowe by KO at 36 seconds of the first round.

  5. Dan Tharp of Kansas City versus Rob Wiley of Omaha
    • This was an exhibition with Dan Tharp keeping Rob honest. Dan Tharp is a fine Thai fight from the Kansas area and stood his ground to give Wiley a little heat in front of his hometown. Rob Wiley, on the other hand, showed us he has entered a new level of fighting ability. Wiley has become a member of Omaha's finest (City of Omaha Police Officer) and a thorn in the side of crime. The citizen's of Omaha's gain is our lose. I hope arrangements can be made soon that would allow Wiley back into the ring for real. Wiley has "Title" written all over him.

  6. Brian Stockwell of Omaha versus Tony Stumpf of Omaha.
    • Round #1: Tony Stumpf had his hands full with Stockwell until he caught him with a straight right. Stockwell suffered a huge cut under his chin and the doctor stopped the fight. Stumpf looked ready to go another fifty rounds. Look out for Doyle's boys at this year's 2003 IKF Nationals. Tony, looking good pal.
    • Russ O'Connell lost a good portion of his fighting team to the Navy and College last year and has been rebuilding ever since. I talked to him by phone after the fight and being who he is, he credited Mick Doyle with being an instrumental part of developing his program. Russ O'Connell celebrated the birth of his new baby "Keenan" and could not be at the fight. The Waterloo team is back and with fighters like Hoppes, Crowe, Anderson, Koda, East and oh yeah, some fellow named Trent, O'Connell is making the statement he is to be reckoned with from this day forward and if you want to play in his world, "you had better be ready"

  7. Leslie McNamara of St. Louis versus Kornelija Numic
    • Leslie McNamara of St. Louis, Missouri vs. Kornelija Numic of Dallas, Texas.
      • As we mentioned earlier, this was to be the Battle of Champions! Both are 2002 IKF USA National Amateur Champions. At last years 2002 IKF USA National Amateur Championships McNamara defeated Penny DeGraw of Atlanta, GA, USA by split decision 29-28, 30-27 & 28-29 to win the IKF FCR Bantamweight title. On her way to the final McNamara defeated Sherri Maxwell of Norman, Oklahoma by split decision, 29-28, 30-27 & 28-29. For Numic, she defeated Sherry Zaruba out of LeClaire, Iowa by unanimous decision 30-27 on all 3 judges cards to win the IKF FCR Light Welterweight title. On her way to the Final she defeated McNamara training mate, Jenn Repa of St. Louis, Missouri by split decision, 29-28, 28-29 & 30-27. Numic is also a 2003 Texas Golden Gloves Champion. A match-up of TWO Champions! But who won? Well, you are going to have to wait until our new IKF Reporter posts the write up about these two great fighters later today or tomorrow. Don't you just hate to wait...!

Until next time, this is Brooks Mason (R) coming to you from Mick Doyle's Emerald Mongoose Muay Thai Camp is Omaha, Nebraska. The "Home of Kickboxing",
For more info please contact Mr. Mick Doyle at (402) 498-9592 or by e-mail at or go to



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MONDAY, June 2nd, 2003, AT 8:00 PM, PST

Steven Simmons
Of Colorado Is First To Register To
"Walk The Walk"
At The
2003 IKF/TKO
USA National Amateur
Tournament Finals

Last year the first registration we received for the 2002 IKF USA National Amateur Tournament was on May 20th. This year the first registration we received for the 2003 IKF/TKO USA National Amateur Tournament Finals was today, June 2nd.

The fighters name is Steven Simmons (Left). Simmons (200, 5'7", 19, International Rules Heavyweight Division) is a walkover registration out of the Central Mountain Division. His hometown is Greenley Colorado, USA. We first met Simmons back in August of 2002 when he travelled all the way to Northern California to fight at the Win River Casino in Redding California. In the bout Simmons fought a fighter by the name of (Mohamad) Ali Baaloucch of Roseville, California, USA trained by Nasser Niavaroni. It was the first fight for both fighters. Baaloucch defeated Simmons by unanimous decision 30-27 on all 3 judges cards.

However, he hasn't tasted defeat since going 2-0 in his next 2 bouts in preparation for this years 2003 IKF/TKO USA National Amateur Tournament Finals.

His first win was on April 26th, 2003 when he defeated a fighter by the name of Lonnie Hill in Waterloo Iowa on another IKF Sanctioned event, this one promoted by Russ O'Connell. Hill had good boxing skills but had never kickboxed. Simmons leg kicks were to much for him as he took the TKO win in round 2. His next win came on May 24th in Dallas Texas over opponent Sean Stoval. Both of his wins were by KO/TKO.

Like many amateur kickboxers in the USA, Simmons knows that the road to THE TOP for amateur fighters is through the 2003 IKF/TKO USA National Amateur Tournament. The question is, "What other fighters think they're good enough to 'Walk The Walk' and take their claim as The Best Amateur kickboxers in the USA?" We'll soon find out at this years 2003 IKF/TKO USA National Amateur Tournament Finals!


SUNDAY, June 1st, 2003, AT 12:15 PM, PST

With Parker Out It Left Just
One Main Event Title - Haley & Savoy!

And Neither Had Left Anything In the Ring In The End!

Fairfield, California, USA
Last night, May 31st, the City of Fairfield Community Services In Association With LTD Productions presented another night of exciting IKF Kickboxing at the Allan Witt Sports Complex in Fairfield, California, USA. The event was to feature 2 IKF Amateur Title bouts however an injury to former IKF Champion, John Parker's ankle the week of the event forced him to drop out of the bout giving his opponent Raul Rodriguez (Bakersfield, California, USA, 4-3/2, 154, 5'8", 20, ranked number 24 the win by forfeit. "His ankle was the size of a large softball." Said Co-Promoter Dan Stell. Add this to the drop of 3 Cung Le fighters the night before the event and the show went from a scheduled 10 kickboxing bouts down to 6. However with the addition this time of Stell's new creation, "Brawl Bowl", a toughman style amateur boxing tournament, the event had plenty of action and in fact, might have been too long if the other bouts would have worked out.

With Parker vs Rodriguez off the card the focus turned to the vacant IKF International Rules Amateur Light Heavyweight California Title between Glenn Hailey (San Jose, California, USA, 5-0/4, 174, 6', 31, ranked number 6) and Floyd Savoy (San Francisco, California, USA, 4-1/3, 178, 5'10", ranked number 7) for the main event. This was nothing short of a WAR! Although he was in Iowa overseeing Mick Doyal's event last night, the thoughts and words of IKF Ambassador Brooks Mason seemed to be echoed in these fighters heads, "Don't leave anything in the ring!" These guys followed this message to the "T!"

This was 4 rounds of toe to toe action. Hailey, trained by Gil Acusta and Savoy, trained by the Fairtex Team went punch for punch, kick for kick. This was without a doubt one of those bouts you were glad the judging was left in someone elses hands. It was clear Savoy had no desire to ad another loss to his record and yet Haley didn't even know what the word "Lose" was, as he kept focused to keep his undefeated record in tact. In the end, judge Susan Gitlin Thomas thought Savoy had brought and left a tad more to the rings as she scored it 39-37 Savoy. A view from another side of the ring saw judge Allen Reyes feel the same way, but about Haley as he gave it to him 39-37. From yet another view, judge Marcos Rosalas seemed to see both bring a lot and both leave plenty in the ring as he gave 2 rounds to Haley and 2 rounds to Savoy scoring it a draw at 38-38. It was a split decision DRAW! Neither would go home with the IKF Brass this night but after it all, both assured us the brass would go home with them next time. This looks to be a rematch on Stell's July event. We'll see if this happens! Great fight gentlemen!

Here's how the other bouts on the night ended

  1. IKF Amateur MTR
    Arthur Wong of San Francisco, California, USA (2-1/1, 179, 5'10", 27, 3-23-76, Enn Fairtex, (415) 512-9161) defeated Andrew Cobb of Dickson, California, USA (0-1/0, 179, 6'2", 39, 5-12-64, Manuel Vazcado, (707) 678-6720) by split decision 29-28, 28-29 and 29-28.

  2. IKF Amateur MTR
    Evan Esquerra of San Francisco, California, USA (3-1/0, 144, 5'7", 24, 7-13-78, Enn Fairtex) defeated Ricky Almondia of San Jose, California, USA (2-1/1, 148, 5'5", 23, 12-10-79, Cung Le, (408) 249-5800) by unanimous decision 29-28, 30-27 and 30-27.

  3. IKF Amateur IR
    Mike Knapp of Roseville, California, USA (1-0/1, 209, 5'10", 22, 9-14-80, Dave Marinoble, (916) 786-0333) defeated Andre Beamon of Fairfield, California, USA (0-1/0, 213, 5'11", 28, 10-22-74, Paul Powers, (925) 209-3206) by knockout at the end of round 1. Knapp had given Beamon a standing 8 earlier in the round and put an end to it as the bell sounded to end round 1.

  4. IKF Amateur FCR
    Julian Lugo of Barstow, California, USA (2-3/0, 165, 5'6", 29, 9-8-73, Abe Belardo, (661) 834-5871) defeated Daniel Larios of Fairfield, California, USA (1-1/1, 168, 5'11", 20, 12-7-82, Paul Powers, (925) 209-3206) by majority decision 29-24, 27-25 and 26-26. Both of these fighters had problems getting their 6 kick minimum in and lost points for it. Larios didn't score 1 kick in round 3 and both missed their minimums in rounds 1 and 2. Both suffered standing 8 counts as well. Larios in round 1 and Lugo in round 2.

  5. IKF Amateur FCR
    Justin Pollard of Fairfield, California, USA (1-0/0, 171, 6'1", 22, 10-1-80, Paul Powers (925) 209-3206) defeated Jamie Cushman of Redding California, USA (0-1/0, 174, 6'3", 21, 9-24-81, Jerico Lane, (530) 226-8362) by unanimous decision 30-26, 30-26 and 29-28.

  6. IKF Amateur IR
    Title bout as explained above.

The night was nothing short of current and former IKF Champions either. They included 2 IKF Pro World Champions, David Marinoble and Enn Fairtex. Also present was IKF Pro MTR North American Champion Jongsunan Fairtex. Former 2001 IKF USA National Amateur Champion and current K-1 North American Champion Carter Williams. Former IKF Pro USA Champion, Randy Bussart, former IKF Amateur Middleweight Champion Jerico Lane. For more info on the Stell's Saturday night event please contact Mr. Tim Stell at (707) 290-8102 or Mr. Dan Stell at (707) 372-0882 or by e-mail at

Full Contact Rules
Style Fighters!

We won't say what fight it was at the event above but in one of the Full Contact Rules bouts, a fighter came to the ring in shorts. In Full Contact Rules, this is no different than coming to the ring without foot pads and is considered Missing Equipment. Although we allowed the fighter to fight this bout, (Only because he "CLAIMED" he didn't know and wasn't told so in matchmaking) the trainer was strongly reminded of this being a MANDATORY rule in IKF Full Contact Rules.

Let this notice be a STRONG AND FINAL WARNING to ALL Full Contact Rules fighters, their trainers/cornermen as well as event matchmakers/promoters that when you have a Full Contact Rules bout on your IKF Sanctioned event,

"If you are in an IKF Full Contact Rules (All kicks above the waist) bout and you come to the ring in shorts, you will be Automatically DISQUALIFIED!"


Nevada Considers Mandatory MRI's and the
Retired Boxers Foundation has a plan to pay for them!