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MAY - 2003


THURSDAY, May 29th, 2003, AT 4:15 PM, PST

Doyle Set For
"War On The Shore 4!"

IKF Nebraska - Iowa, USA
IKF Promoter Mick Doyle (Left) of Omaha, Nebraska is all set to cross over the river again for tomorrow nights War on the Shore 4! Doyle's event will be yet another night exciting night of IKF Amateur Kickboxing at Harrah's Casino Hotel in Council Bluffs, Iowa tomorrow night, Friday, May 30. The event will feature several different styles of Kickboxing.

The nights line-up as of press time today is listed below. The night will begin with a Demonstration of Japanese Swordsmanship by Dr. Eric McKillican followed by of course the National Anthem. The first fighter listed will be in the RED corner and the next the BLUE corner.

  1. 3 x 2 Minute FCR (Above the waist)
    Jon Hoppes (Waterloo, Iowa) vs. Duane Holt (Omaha Nebraska)

  2. 3 x 2 Minute FCR (Above the waist)
    Megan Smith (Waterloo, Iowa) vs. Jade East (Cedar Rapids IA)
  3. 3 x 2 Minute FCR (Above the waist)
    Ralph Harr (St Loius, Missouri) vs. Michael Johnson (Omaha, Nebraska)

  4. 3 x 2 Minute FCR (Above the waist)
    Aaron Ohrt (Waterloo, Iowa) vs. Koda Sanborn (Cedar Rapids, Iowa)

  5. 3 x 2 Minute FCR (Above the waist)
    Battle of Champions, Both are 2002 IKF USA National Amateur Champions. Leslie McNamara of St Louis, Missouri vs. Kornelija Numic of Dallas, Texas. At last years 2002 IKF USA National Amateur Championships McNamara defeated Penny DeGraw of Atlanta, GA, USA by split decision 29-28, 30-27 & 28-29 to win the IKF FCR Bantamweight title. On her way to the final McNamara defeated Sherri Maxwell of Norman, Oklahoma by split decision, 29-28, 30-27 & 28-29. For Numic, she defeated Sherry Zaruba out of LeClaire, Iowa by unanimous decision 30-27 on all 3 judges cards to win the IKF FCR Light Welterweight title. On her way to the Final she defeated McNamara training mate, Jenn Repa of St Louis, Missouri by split decision, 29-28, 28-29 & 30-27. A match-up of TWO Champions! This will be a WAR!

  6. 3 x 2 Minute FCR (Above the waist):
    Sean Crowe (Waterloo, Iowa) vs. Paul Donelson (Omaha, Nebraska)

  7. Baseball Bat breaking demonstration by Master Mick Doyle

  8. 170 lb. 3 x 2 Minute Muay Thai:
    Dan Tharp (Kansas City) vs.Rob Wiley (Omaha, Nebraska, 2000 IKF USA National MTR Light Middleweight Champion.)

  9. Weapons demonstration by Weapons Champion Mr. C.D Nelson

  10. 3 x 2 Minute FCR (Above the waist):
    Matt Taff (St. Louis, Missouri) vs.Nick Anderson (Waterloo, Iowa).

  11. 185 lb 3 x 2 Minute IR:
    Steve Simmons (Colorado) vs.Tony Stumpf (Omaha, Nebraska).

For more info please contact Mr. Mick Doyle at (402) 498-9592 or by e-mail at Thaiboxusa@cox.net or go to www.mickdoyle.com

Fighters & Trainers: Weigh-in and physicals will be in the Pottawattamie Suites next to the ballroom at 5:PM.

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Oh, and did we mention,
There's Something BIG In The Air... Can You Feel It? You won't have to wait much longer... It's Coming!

MORE NEWS OF 5-29-03

The Stell Brothers Ready To
Bring It ON

This Saturday In Fairfield CA!

Fairfield, California, USA: On Saturday night, May 31st, the City of Fairfield Community Services In Association With LTD Productions will present IKF Championship Kickboxing at the Allan Witt Sports Complex in Fairfield, California, USA. IKF Promoters Dan (Left) and Tim Stell of LTD Productions will be your host for a night of kickboxing that will feature two IKF Amateur title bouts and 7 undercard bouts. The venue is the Allan Witt Sports Complex (Fairfield Sports Center) at 1741 W. Texas Street in Fairfield, California, USA.

One of the nights IKF Amateur titles will be for the vacant IKF International Rules Amateur Light Heavyweight California Title between Glenn Hailey (San Jose, California, USA, 5-0/4, 174, 6', 31, ranked number 6) and Floyd Savoy (San Francisco, California, USA, 5-1/3, 176, 5'10", ranked number 7). The other will be for the vacant IKF Full Contact Rules Amateur Light Middleweight California Title with former U.S. Champion John Parker (Fairfield, California, USA, 4-1/2, 164, 5'8", 31, ranked number 9) against Raul Rodriguez (Bakersfield, California, USA, 4-3/2, 154, 5'8", 20, ranked number 24)

John "PSYCO" Parker was one of the very first IKF United States Amateur Champions. He won his title by unanimous decision over Eric "The Pitbull" Haddock of Newark, CA, USA on October 17th, 1992 at the Solano College in Fairfield, CA, USA. However he was unsuccessful in his first defense at Travis AFB in Fairfield, CA on September 18th, 1993 as he lost his title to Jones Tom of San Francisco, CA USA.

The bout sparked controversy as Tom elected to wear headgear and Parker didn't. The headgear made a major difference in the bout. The defeat was devastating and Parker stopped fighting after it. After the bout, the IKF voted to never allow headgear in a mens title bout again. However after a phone conversation with the USOC (United States Olympic Committee) of what they wanted to see in kickboxing before considering it to be an Olympic sport in the future, (A proven track record of the Firm Regulation of safety for fighters such as headgear) this rule was changed in the year 2000. Headgear is now a mandatory requirement in all IKF Amateur Sanctioned bouts.

In Tom's first defense he lost to Brett "LIONKING" Spaid of Citrus Heights, CA, USA (10-1/6, 5'10", 138 trained by Nasser Niavaroni) at America Live in Sacramento, CA, USA by a spinning backfist "KO" at :55 seconds of round 3 on May 4th, 1996. In 1996 Spaid announced his retirement from fighting and with it, he retired/vacated the title as well.

Special guests to this event will be 3 IKF Pro World Champions. David Marinoble, Cung Le and Rudi Ott. also present will be former 2001 IKF USA National Amateur Champion and current K-1 North American Champion Carter Williams. Doors will open at 5:PM and the event starts at 6:PM. For more info on the Stell's Saturday night event please contact Mr. Tim Stell at (707) 290-8102 or Mr. Dan Stell at (707) 372-0882 or by e-mail at Bambamstell@aol.com

Fighters & Trainers: Weigh-in and physicals will be at the Allan Witt Sports Complex at 3:00 PM SHARP!

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By any chance did we happen to mention,
There's Something BIG In The Air...

WEDNESDAY, May 28th, 2003, AT 1:00 PM, PST

Somethings In The Air... Can You Feel It?
Something BIG For IKF and ALL Of Kickboxing...
We Hope To Announce It By The End Of This Week!

TUESDAY, May 27th, 2003, AT 8:00 PM, PST

Results From
IKF North Central MuayThai & International Rules Regional!

MAY 10th, 2003 - Sterling, Illinois, USA

IKF Press: Well everyone, we must apologize for the delay of this posting. Although it was not the fault of us here at the IKF, we understand the frustration all of you must have went through who were waiting for these results to be posted. We hope to have an event story to follow later in the week. This regional included fighters from the states of Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan, Indiana and Eastern Nebraska.

Due to circumstances involved surrounding this event we had to piece the below results together ourselves tonight and some of the information may be incorrect. If so, please contact us to let us know at main@ikfkickboxing.com. Listed below you will find the names of the fighters who had fights on this night but not the fighters who did not. We hope to have those names posted soon. So without further delay, here are the results of those who "WALKED THE WALK" at the first regional event on the path to the 2003 IKF/TKO USA National Amateur Championships.

  1. Men's Muay Thai - Heavyweight (PRELIM BOUT)
    Chuck Baxter
    (0-0, DMAG) defeated Brian Heeter (0-0, 203, 6'3", 34, Monroe County) by KO 27 seconds of Round 2.

  2. Men's Muay Thai Lt. Middleweight (PRELIM BOUT)
    Marshall Blevins
    (2-2, 154, 5'10", 25, SMTC) defeated James Shin (0-0, 156, 5'5", 21, Ronin Gym) by unanimous decision, 30-27, 30-27, 29-28.

  3. Men's Muay Thai Lt. Middleweight (PRELIM BOUT)
    Steven Rapinski
    (0-0, 163, 5'7", 23, Cooper's Gym) defeated Travis Rivera (3-3-1, 155, 5'7", 33, Tiger Medina Gym) by Majority decision, 29-28, 29-28. 29-29.

  4. Junior Girls IR Junior Lightweight (Non Tournament Match)
    Lynsey Reimer
    (0-0, 62, 4'3, 9, DMAG) defeated Kari Ludlow (0-0, 67, 4'2, 9, SMTC) by unanimous decision, 30-27, 30-27, 30-27.

  5. Men's Muay Thai Lt. Cruiserweight (PRELIM BOUT)
    Brian Youngs
    (0-1, 183, 6', 19, Rising Phoenix) defeated Chad Foster (0-0, 185, 5'8, 33, Ronin Gym) by TKO when Foster could not answer the bell after round 2.

  6. Men's IR Cruiserweight
    Justin Brown
    (0-0, 190, 5'11", 26, SMTC) defeated Tom Hopper (0-0, 190, 5'11", 38, DMAG) by unanimous decision, 29-28, 30-27, 29-28.

  7. Women's IR - Lt. Welterweight (Non Tournament Match)
    Sherry Zaruba
    (4-1, 141, 5'7", 33, SMTC) defeated Amanda Sanchez (0-0, 140, 5'8", 17, Galesburg KSW) by unanimous decision, 29-28, 29-28, 30-28.

  8. Junior Boys IR Super Welterweight
    Benito Tovar
    (0-0, 145, 5'8", 16, Tiger Medina Gym) defeated Jerimiah Johnson (0-0, 150, 5'8", 16, DMAG) by unanimous decision, 30-27, 30-27, 30-27.

  9. Men's IR Super Welterweight (Non Tournament Match)
    Hasan Makkey
    (0-0, 135, 5'10", 20, Cooper's Gym) defeated Usamah Loveless (0-0, 126, 5'5", 31, PAC) by majority decision, 30-27, 29-29, 30-28.

  10. Junior Boys IR Junior Flyweight (Non Tournament Match)
    Logan Kelley
    (0-1, 60, 4'6, 9, SMTC) defeated Michael Blake (0-0, 49, 4'1", 8, DMAG) by unanimous decision, 30-26, 30-28, 29-28.
  11. Junior Boys IR Junior Heavyweight (Non Tournament Match)
    Jaden Veach
    (0-0, 95, 4'4", 9, DMAG) defeated Jade Studelsk (0-0, 100, 5', 10, DMAG) by unanimous decision, 30-27, 29-28, 29-28.

  12. Men's Muay Thai Heavyweight
    Aaron Raftery
    (0-0, 178, 6'3", 21, PAC) defeated Jason Wetzel (3-2, 178, 5'10", 22, Duke Roufus Gym)

  13. Girls IR: (Non Tournament Match): Jerica Veach (0-0, 137, 5'7", 13, DMAG) defeated Amanda Hernande (0-0, 120, 5'5", 14, Tiger Medina Gym) by unanimous decision, 30-27, 30-25, 30-26.

  14. Girls IR Super Atomweight, (Non Tournament Match)
    Lauren Herrige
    (0-0, 110, 5'2", 13, DMAG) defeated Norma Magallanes (0-0, 117, 5'1", 14, Tiger Medina Gym) by unanimous decision, 30-26, 30-24, 30-25.

  15. Men's Muay Thai Super Welterweight
    James Lyon
    (Welterweight Walkover Champion, 1-0, 147, 5'11", 21, PAC) defeated Neal Fox (Super Welterweight Walkover Champion, 12-5/5, 153, 5'8", 31, Duke Roufus Gym) by split decision, 28-29, 29-28, 29-28.

  16. Men's Muay Thai Lt. Cruiserweight Final
    Kyle Groenewold
    (0-1, 185, 6'1", 25, PAC) defeated Brian Youngs (0-1, 185, 6', 19, Rising Phoenix) when Young pulled out due to an injury.

  17. Men's Muay Thai Super Middleweight
    Tom Grimmer
    (2-0, 170, 6'1", 23, Tiger Medina Gym) defeated Bruce Erickson (0-0, 165, 5'9", 47, USA Muay Thai) by KO at 1:25 of round 1.

  18. Men's Muay Thai - Heavyweight
    John Castle
    (8-0, 205, 6'3", 32, Ringside Sports) defeated Chuck Baxter (0-0, DMAG) by TKO at 1:22 of Round 3.
  19. Men's Muay Thai Lt. Middleweight Final
    Marshall Blevins
    (2-2, 155, 5'10", 25, SMTC) defeated Steven Rapinski (0-0, 163, 5'7", 127, Cooper's Gym) by majority decision, 28-28, 29-27, 26-25.

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Texas Fight Fans Roll "Lucky 13"
At The Fightatorium Last Saturday Night!

IKF Richardson, Texas USA: Kickboxing fans in The Lone Star State were once again treated to an 'encore-worthy' performance here Saturday night, May 24th. In this case, there were 13 "encores" with a record-setting number of fights and attendees at The Fightatorium.

Promoters Chuck Best (Left) and Steve Goin (Right) reported a record-setting attendance number of 213 seats sold, with an additional 18 "standing room only" tickets purchased for a grand total of 231 fight fans who witnessed an entertaining and competitive fight card.

The show featured mostly full contact rules bouts, however, four of the contests went the 'road less traveled' and featured international rules contests. All of the bouts (with the exception of 2 exhibitions) were sanctioned by the IKF. The card did feature one NACSO title bout, but it should be noted that NACSO currently only offers such title contests by committee selection only, which according to NACSO President Best, is the reason "we so greatly value our Texas affiliation with IKF.......although NACSO is growing, we've yet to have a sufficient number of competitors to offer a truly 'at large' type of title elimination process. Plus, we just think a whole lot of the IKF, from notables like Steve Fossum, Brooks Mason, Dan Stell, and so forth on to other promoters and trainers like Ray Thompson, Jesse Finney, and Conan Mincey, we feel great about the IKF, and we are looking to grow with the organization."

The results for Saturday night's card were as follows:

  1. Exhibition
    Connor Steinmetz (Age 8) vs Allie Oudthone (Age 9).
    Fun "little match" to witness as the competitors traded kicks and blows over the 3 round interlude.

  2. 3 Round FCR
    Kayla Oudthone (Age 13) defeated Erika Gamon (Age 14). Unanimous Decision.

  3. 3 Round FCR
    Jonathan "Panda" Oudthone (111 lbs.) defeated Greg "Bear" Liflyandsky (102 lbs.).
    Oudthone overwhelms Liflyandsky with hooks and overhand rights and stops him at 35 seconds of round 1.

  4. 3 Round International Rules
    Steve Simmons (191lbs, 2-1) defeated Sean Stovall (185, 1-1).
    Simmons made the trek to Texas all the way from Greeley, Colorado. His results were impressive and worthwhile as he stopped Stovall in between rounds 1 and 2. Both fighters put on a "game" battle all the way through round 1, but it was evidently Simmons who got the heavier shots in as Stovall's trainer Eric Mattingly stopped the bout during the first break.

  5. 3 Round FCR
    Megan Rogers (145, 1-0) defeated Katy "Steel" Frame (141, 1-0).
    Rogers wins a competitive 3 round unanimous decision, primarily by taking advantage of her height utilizing a stiff jab and hard sidekick.

  6. 3 Round International Rules, Exhibition
    Luke Truitt vs. David Oudthone.

  7. 3 Round FCR
    Nathan "The Patriot" Bagby (160, 1-3-1) defeated Jose Sandoval (155, 1-1).
    Bagby stops Sandoval at 1:27 of round 3. Bagby was clearly ahead and busier than Sandoval throughout the fight. To his credit, Sandoval continued to come forward and try to summon enough offense to affect Bagby; however, Bagby was too feisty and appeared to be in superior condition in this matchup.

  8. 3 Round FCR
    Gabe Ratliffe (182, 2-0) defeated Saul Lenniger (185, 1-0).
    Ratliffe stops Lenninger at 1:21 of round 2 by virtue of throwing straighter connecting punches and superior conditioning. Lenninger has all the tools, and should be fun to watch in the future.

  9. 3 Round International Rules
    Dusty Miller (205, 4-1, Conan Mincey's gym of Norman, Oklahoma) defeated Freddy Harroon (205, 2-1, The Cross-Trainer's Gym in Carrollton, Texas).
    Referee Bobby "The Heat" Stovall intervenes between rounds 1 and 2 on behalf of Harroon, who had suffered the heavier blows at the hands (and feet) of Miller, and had also incurred an injury during the initial round. The TKO victory was awarded to Miller.

  10. 3 Round International Rules
    Amanda Jarman (131, 0-0) defeated Melissa Peoples (130, 0-0).
    Both girls fight out of David Oudtones' stable in Arkansas, and traveled all the way to Texas to get in an initial bout against one another. In the end, it was Jarman out-pointing Peoples in a unanimous 3 round decision.

  11. 3 Round FCR
    Jaquee"Mad Dog" Hennefer (132, 1-0) defeated Sherry Maxwell (127, 5-2).
    This was easily the most entertaining fight of the night. These girls stood toe-to-toe and traded for 3 rounds. It was evident that Maxwell had superior kicking ability and experience, yet Hennefer was able to overcome those factors with volume-punching and a 'never say die' temperament and was awarded a unanimous decision.

  12. 4 Round FCR
    "Sunshine" Chris Smith (135, 3-1) defeated Matt "White Tiger" Puckett (135, 1-0).
    Both competitors seem to tire early, leaving much of the fight as a contest of endurance. In the end, Smith out-distanced Puckett, probably by virtue of experience. Both fighters are 'up and comers'.

    Adrian Cardenas (178, 3-0 / 2 KO's) defeated John "Greek" Vakidis (179, 9-1 / 5 KO's). Cardenas' punching power is impressive, to say the least. That being said, he was well behind after 2 rounds by virtue of failing to log the required number of kicks in each stanza (although he'd dropped Vakidis in round 2). In the 3rd round, Cardenas went for blood and got it, ironically enough by throwing a kick (back leg roundhouse). The kick caught Vakidis in the left eye, cutting just above it and obscuring the vision. Referee Stovall stopped the contest at 41 seconds of round 3. Cardenas is NACSO's 2nd ever title winner, and a sure bet to impress at the upcoming IKF/TKO USA National Tournament. Don't count Vakidis out yet either. The young Greek is a mere 17 years old, and despite his already impressive fight record, his best fighting days are yet ahead of him!

The next show at The fightatorium will involve the IKF-TEXAS CHAMPIONSHIPS (the regional qualifier for nationals). For information, contact Chuck Best or Steve Goin at (972) 889-0129 or email Best at sirkikman@juno.com.

MONDAY, May 26th, 2003, AT 12:30 PM, PST

Team Up For 2003 IKF/TKO USA Nationals!

What many never thought would happen has. This last Friday, May 23rd, it was confirmed that TKO Sports has acquired the naming rights to this years 2003 IKF/TKO USA National Amateur Championships! The surprise here is not so much the name TKO being added this years event, but that both TKO and Ringside Inc. will both be involved.

The IKF USA National Amateur Tournament is the largest amateur "Kickboxing Only" Tournament in North America. This year will be the 5 year anniversary of the event that started in Council Bluffs Iowa in September of 1999. From the start, Ringside Inc. has been involved as the official equipment sponsor. However after last years event TKO Sports and the IKF started discussing plans for the 2003 Event. In the end, TKO Sports was granted the official event naming rights to the Tournament Program (Regionals and National Finals). Ringside will have other sponsorship requirements.

However Ringside would not be playing a part if not for the recent return of Joe Taylor to the company. Taylor was the push along with others in the IKF such as Rob Zbilski, Mick Doyle, Duke Roufus and IKF President Steve Fossum to create a USA National Amateur Championships. Taylor had left Ringside 2 years ago which had taken its tole on the IKF/Ringside relationship. So much that the IKF had not planned on Ringside's participation at this years event. With Taylor's return, Ringside will be included yet again for the 5th straight year but this time will need to take a back seat to new sponsor, TKO Sports

TKO Sports has made a name for itself in the sporting goods stores, however their competition level equipment has not been in the main stream as much as they would like. TKO Sports is the exclusive equipment sponsor for the National Golden Gloves. Adding the IKF USA National Amateur Tournament to their supported events couldn't have been a better match. TKO Sports will supply gloves, headguards, shin pads and several other things agreed upon with the IKF. To see TKO Sports PRO Line for "Competition Fighting" click HERE!

As of press time, the actual sponsorship involvement of Ringside has yet to be finalized but from what we know, it will include many of the awards they have donated in the past National Tournaments. Watch former news on this as it comes.

MORE NEWS OF 5-26-03

IKF FCR North Central Regional!
The Road To The IKF/TKO USA National Amateur Championships!

IKF Lake In The Hills, Illinois, USA: The 2003 IKF/TKO North Central Full Contact Regional Championships are upon us. Last year's event was the largest in the country with over 70-fighters competing for IKF regional titles. Over the years the Midwest has produced many of the nation's finest Pro kickboxers such as Mike LaBree, Brad Hefton, Tommy Bach, Jim Zbilski, C. B. Bunkholt, Rick Roufus and Jason Robinson. Many of these fighters have gone on to win multiple national and world championships, all beginning with regional tournaments that showcased their talents. The path to become a champion starts here!

Based on the total number of applicants we will bracket accordingly, which may include Friday night fights for certain weight-classes and/or Saturday morning preliminary bouts. As stated below, you will be notified by June 16th of the exact breakdown based on the total number of applicants per class. Gyms with one competitor are allowed two corner persons. If your gym has two or more competitors you are permitted to have four total corner persons. The names of the corner persons are required prior to the regional and you can provide those names on the application. Tickets will be on sale through the main number for table and general admission seating. Prices start at $20 for general admission and $30 for table seats ($25 in advance).

Professional Kickboxing Main Event Tommy "Little Dragon" Bach, (Right) the current IKF Professional Lightweight World Champion and former World Champion Keith Nesbitt will go toe-to-toe in an exciting 5 round, NON TITLE bout. Keith will try to even the score from his previous loss to Tommy. Keith said that this time he will be more than ready. This is an exciting main event added to a great regional tournament!

Questions or concerns? If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call. For additional information go to the North Central FCR Regional page by clicking HERE! For directions and for hotel information, go the Team Z Web site at www.teamzs.com or call (847) 458-8333.
Take care and good training
Rob Zbilski, IKF Midwest Regional Director:

MORE NEWS OF 5-26-03

"The Barron is Back!"

IKF Illinois, USA: Charles Barron of Team Z Kickboxing, a former IKF USA National Amateur Champion based out of Calumet City, Illinois recently won over #8 IKF Ranked Heath Fonnest in the light welterweight division. After losing two split-decisions Barron is back on track!

Team Z Promoter and Manager Rob Zbilski said that Charles' strong boxing techniques to go along with his great kicking arsenal will move him right back up the ladder. Barron is looking to get a couple more fights this summer before getting a title shot this summer if his streak continues.
Look for a strong showing by Charles. The Barron is definitely back!

MORE NEWS OF 5-26-03

Youth Vs Age or Training Change?
Questions to be answered as 2 Time IKF Amateur Champ Loses First Title Bout!

IKF Stockton, California, USA
First time IKF Promoter Fred Lewis III has made it through his inaugural first event (Rumble in Stockton's Jungle) this last Friday night with some expected as well as unexpected bumps. One of those major bumps was the amateur fight card. Of the 7 amateur kickboxing bouts Lewis said he matched, only 3 actually took place. Lewis had things covered on the professional boxing side of his event, but note the work "Professional", NOT the word "Boxing". Professionals have signed contracts. They are getting paid to fight. However amateurs do not have contracts and do not get paid. This event was on a big holiday weekend which could have and probably did play into some of the amateur fighters not showing up, but who will know for sure. One thing Lewis did learn was to keep in closer contact with all amateur trainers when matchmaking his future events.

The other issue was the 1 hour and 10 minute delay in the start time of the event. However, in defense, the delay was due to the long line outside the door and because everyone was being searched before they entered the building. These are both things that many promoters learn on their first show. As far as the rest of the event, Lewis did a great job and we hope to see him back again. It was an excellent venue with not one bad seat in the house! We saw some great kickboxing and great boxing bouts and in all it was a great night of fights in Stockton California!

The final fact is, six amateur kickboxers "DID" show up and all six came to "Walk The Walk!" So here's how the nights action went for the IKF amateur kickboxing.

The main kickboxing bout was the quest for the vacant IKF Amateur MuayThai Rules Light Heavyweight California Title. It was "Youth" vs "Age" here as 35 year old and former 2 time IKF USA National Amateur Champion (2000 & 2001) Derek Yuen of San Jose, California (15-5-1/4, 179, 5'11") took on the "Youth" of 24 year old Brandon Banda of Concord, California (6-0/1, 178, 6'1"). Yuen entered the bout with a record of 15-4-1 with 4 wins coming by way of KO/TKO. He was ranked #2 in the IKF Amateur MuayThai Light Heavyweight division. On the other side of the ring was yet unranked and virtually unknown here on the IKF web pages Brandon Banda. Although unranked, Banda had come highly recommended by IKF Official Dan Stell as the top amateur California Contender for the vacant title with Yuen. Stell was dead on in his recommendation.

On paper it was clear that Yuen had the experience but for whatever reasons, since moving to California from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, we have yet to see Yuen perform to the level he did when he was a two time IKF USA National Champion. In Milwaukee, he was trained by one of the greatest trainers in the country, Duke Roufus. With Roufus, Yuen whet from a fresh starting amateur that reminded us a lot one of the greatest amateur fighters we had ever seen named Tony "The Hammer" Hannon (Right, 18-0-3/16, 5'11", 170) out of Bakersfield, California, USA. Trained by trainer Eric Nolan (Trainer of Woman's World Kickboxing Champion Kathy Long, at right with Hannon) Hannon was quiet and smooth but in the ring, we have yet to see a fighter in his rule style with such speed, accuracy and power. Hannon won several IKF titles including the IKF Super Middleweight North American Amateur Title, IKF U. S. Middleweight and IKF U.S. Super Middleweight Title, all long before (1994 & 1995) the IKF became well known and long before the IKF website was so popular. If he were fighting today, you readers would know him as well as other amateur fighters who have received a lot of press here such as Trent Tompkins, Peyton Russell, Stephen Thompson, Kevin Engle and the list goes on and on! All we can say is "MAN! Did you miss a GREAT Fighter!"

Back to this fight. Now living in California, we seen Yuen pull out some close decisions, something he never did while living in Milwaukee. He had great competition but when his bouts were over, there was never ant question as to who won. It eventually came to always be "TNT" Yuen! However, whether it be a change of lifestyle, change of trainers or simply age, last Friday night, we witnessed a very different Derek Yuen. Lets not take anything away from Banda. Banda fought an EXCELLENT bout and was lead by a master in the corner, George Tsutsui, a former 2 time IKF Pro IR Champion as well as former IKF Amateur Champion as well. Tsutsui has been well known to the California fight scene and should be well known around the globe as well. As an amateur he recorded an impressive record of 14 wins and only 2 loses, but what was more impressive was his 12 wins coming by KO/TKO. As a pro, he has had as much, if not more success with a perfect record of 7 wins and no loses with 3 wins coming by KO/TKO. With this being said, it was clear Banda had some experience in his corner, WINNING Experience at that. Whoops, better get back to this fight...

Throughout the bout Banda didn't miss a beat. He won "EVERY" round on every judges card except for the one round judge Ray Balewicz gave Yuen, round 1, 10-9. To the judges, this wasn't even close. It was Banda from start to finish. Was it huger? Banda had a lot he wanted to prove to a lot of people. Those who had never heard of him and never saw him fight. Well everyone, let us tell you here first, Banda proved he was for real on this night! It may not have been a Derek Yuen we remember, but it was still Derek "TNT" Yuen he defeated to capture that vacant IKF Amateur MuayThai Light Heavyweight Title by unanimous decision, 40-36, 40-36 and 39-37. He did it with speed, accuracy as well as CLASS! Congratulations to you Brandon. Now we hope to see you take the next step and "Walk The Walk" at the 2003 IKF USA National Amateur Tournament in August. Now that we have seen you "Walk the Walk" here in California, the rest of the Nation wants to see you do it too.

SPECIAL NOTE: The IKF Title belt was presented by event guest and former 3 Time Professional Boxing World Champion Toney "The Tiger" Lopez. Lopez and the IKF are good friends. He trained at the IKF Training facility in Newcastle, California for some of his greatest fights in his career. He is and has always been a class act both in and out of the ring! He didn't get to see much of the event though. After being introduced to the crowd earlier, he seemed to be signing autographs throughout the entire night, not turning anyone down.

As for Derek Yuen, it has been a good run for him. No shame here. With winning 2 IKF USA National Amateur Titles (2000 & 2001)) as well as an IKF Wisconsin Amateur State title, he has proved himself in this sport. He has "Walked the Walk" with some of the best amateur MuayThai fighters in the nation. While others stayed home, he was at the Nationals making a name for himself. Those who "Walk the Walk" at the IKF USA Nationals are always remembered in greater ways than those who don't take the challenge. This statement speaks for itself as far as Yuen is concerned. He has a busy work load and a different lifestyle now. If he were to stop fighting today, we would all remember him as a "TWO TIME" IKF USA National Amateur Champion. But to those of us who have known him over his winning years, he will always be "MR. TNT!"

As for the other amateur bouts, the first one on the night was a men's amateur International Rules bout. It was between two guys that looked like they should be in a male model magazine. Not getting weird on you here, it's just that these two were lean and ripped! They had bodies like a 21 year old and both were in there late 30's. Fred Camacho of Fremont California weighed in at a ripped 177 standing 5'8" and 37 years old. His opponent, Randy Ellis of Lodi California was also lean and ripped. Ellis weighed in at 174 and also stood 7'8" tall and was 36 years old. Sound short for their weight? Maybe so, but we have no idea where they could lose more weight to come down. On paper, Ellis had the experience with a record of 4-3. However, like in the case of Yuen, Ellis was living somewhere else (Colorado) when he had his fights and he had not been in the ring for two years.

These two went at it from round 1! At the end of one, Ellis took two of the three judges cards 10-9. In round two though it was all Camacho winning over all three judges cards 10-9. Round 3 would be the deciding round in this war and in the end, Camacho won over two of the three judges 10-9 to take the unanimous decision win, 29-28, 29-27 and 29-28. What was great about this bout, being the first of the night was he Stockton crowd. Usually it takes a crowd a few fights to get warmed up, but the crowd was as loud on this bout as they were for the nights pro boxing main event. Our hats go off to a great crowd in Stockton which we were told was around 1,350.

Bout two was an amateur woman's International Rules bout between Amanda Para of San Jose, California (2-1/1, 126, 5'1", 21) and Jessica Trevino of Fresno, California (2-0/0, 123, 5'2", 22). Anytime two ladies get in the ring the crowd is all for it. This bout was no different. The crowd loved it! The only one who didn't love it though was Amanda Para who struggled throughout the fight, getting beat to the punch nearly every time. All three judges saw the same thing as they gave her every round in winning by unanimous decision, 30-27 on all three judges cards.

As some of you were told, we had some other fighters well known to the IKF on this card as well, but they were doing boxing bouts. Former IKF USA National Amateur Champion and 2003 K-1 North American Champion Carter Williams was scheduled to fight but was pulled less than an hour from when he was to enter the ring. Williams had the flu the week before and while in the locker room getting ready, the heat got to him and he got sick all over again. After the event doctors checked him over, they pulled him from the card, so none of us got to see him fight.

The other fighter was Maurice Hooks. Hooks is now a "Former" IKF Amateur Champion. We say former because he made his professional fight debut on this event. Although it was boxing, it was still professional so he now moves to the pro rankings. It wasn't a pleasant welcoming to the pros though. His opponent, Vlad Inger scored throughout the bout and although he was answered back by Hooks it was more often too little and too late. In the end, the judges gave it to Inger.

As far as the no shows for this event? Well, here is what we were told by Mr. Lewis at the weigh-ins Friday morning.

Also, there was no demonstration/exhibition by Cung Le and his student Rudy Ott of San Jose, California, USA. When asked, there was no reason given for why. For more info please contact Mr. Fredrick Lewis III at (209) 522-9999 or by e-mail at fight@bigtimeboxing.com or for more info go to www.bigtimeboxing.com

FRIDAY, May 23rd, 2003, AT 9:00 AM, PST
This article was UPDATED today from Yesterday, May 22nd with the revised Fight Card

BIG Time Boxing
& Kickboxing Presents!

IKF Stockton, California, USA
First time IKF Promoter Fred Lewis III is ready to make some noise in Stockton, California! Lewis' event, the "Rumble in Stockton's Jungle" is sure to offer some great excitement for several reasons. The main event of the night will most likely not be the IKF Amateur Title bout scheduled for this event. Instead, it's going to be a Pro boxing bout. One of those boxing bouts will feature former IKF USA National Amateur Champion and 2003 K-1 North American Champion Carter Williams of Modesto, California, USA.Williams pro boxing record is 2-0 and he will be facing (UPDATED 5-23-03 >)Jason Stinson of Oakland, California, USA.

With that being said, the main "Kickboxing" bout of the night will be the quest for the vacant IKF Amateur MuayThai Rules Light Heavyweight California Title between former 2 time IKF USA National Amateur Champion (2000 & 2001) Derek Yuen of San Jose, California vs Brandon Banda of Concord. Yuen has a record of 15-4 with 4 wins coming by way of KO/TKO. He is ranked #2 in the IKF Amateur MuayThai Light Heavyweight division. Although unranked in the IKF Rankings, Banda is sure to be a challenge with a perfect fight record of 5 wins and no loses.

IKF MTR Amateur West Coast Champion Maurice Hooks of Modesto, California, USA will make his pro boxing debut against Vlad Inger of Los Angeles via Russia. The night will also feature a special exhibition with two IKF Pro San Shou World Champions Cung Le and his student Rudy Ott of San Jose, California, USA.

The event will be at the Stockton Civic Auditorium in Stockton, California, USA. For more info please contact Mr. Fredrick Lewis III at (209) 522-9999 or by e-mail at fight@bigtimeboxing.com. For more info go to www.bigtimeboxing.com

THURSDAY, May 22nd, 2003, AT 7:00 PM, PST

Leiker's Set for This Weekends
Tornado Internationals!

IKF Kansas City, Missouri USA: IKF Promoters Bob and Jill Leiker are once again hosting their well known yearly event, the "Tornado Internationals" this Friday & Saturday, May 23 & 24 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel & Convention Center in Kansas City, Missouri. the Kickboxing event will be Friday night.

The yearly event will have a martial arts tournament as well as a Kickboxing Show. Although there are no IKF Title bouts scheduled for the nights Kickboxing Action, you will find plenty throughout the entire weekend! For more info please contact Bob or Jill Leiker at (913) 432-2787 or by e-mail at wchampkarate@kc.rr.com. or you can go to the event website at: www.tornadointernationals.com

MORE NEWS OF 5-22-03

Phoenix Turns In A

IKF Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Although the crowd didn't get to see IKF USA National Amateur Champion Brook Locklear in action, they got plenty of action from other IKF Champions Alyssa DeFazio and Oscar Montano. Unfortunately DeFazio's action was in an exhibition whileMontano was unable to finish what he started despite opening strong!

Here's the nights results.

  1. IKF USA National Amateur Champion Alyssa DeFazio did a Boxing exhibition with Rebeca Garcia. DeFazio did very well, with hard Jabs, right hands and left hook's to keep Garcia away from her. Garcia is the Arizona State Boxing Champion and is 22 years old. No one in the state will take a match with DeFazio.

  2. This bout was another Boxing exhibition with Fabian Ortiz and Rodolfo Carrillo. It was a good match-up by both.

  3. This bout was a kickboxing exhibition with the little Big men, Anthony DeFazio and Michael Casillas. The two fighters went toe to toe getting the fans on their feet and primed for the nights real action. It was fun to watch this match.

  4. Eric McMullen defeated Kelly Harrison by KO at 1:10sec. of the first round. At the opening bell they came out after each other and it was back and forth when McMullen landed a big right hand that put Harrison out.

  5. Naeem Munir defeated Roberto Carrillo by unanimous decision 30-27 on all 3 judges cards. Naeem showed why he is ranked high with the IKF. Carrillo was a former three Champion with other organizations, but it was all Munir this night, landing at will with punches and kicks.

  6. IKF USA National Amateur Champion Oscar Montano has had better nights. On this night he faced Cecil Tudor. Montano came out hard to show why he is the National Champion to win round 1 on all score cards 10-9. The 2nd round was toe to toe and all of a sudden, Montano put Tudor down after a combo of hands and feet. After the count, Montano went in for the kill landing some hard shots, but Tudor was not going anywhere and he came back fighting. However, it still like Montano was on his way to a TKO Win. Someone forgot to tell Tudor that though. He came back to land a combo of punches that put Montano out on his feet as he went down but sitting on the ropes. Tudor did not stop his punches and referee Joe Joseph jumped in to give Montano a standing eight count but saw he was out on his feet. The fight was stopped and Tudor win's by TKO in the 2nd round.

  7. This was the nights Main event. Chris Gomez Vs. Mel Calabaca. Calabaca was making his pro debut. Gomez was just too much for Calabaca Although he could not put Calabaca down, he did a very good job of showing what he was capable of as he won his 2nd pro match by the scores of 50 - 45 on all 3 judges cards.

It was a Great night of fights. Look for the next IKF Phoenix, Arizona event on June 25, with the Main event, IKF Pro FCR Light Middleweight World Champion Anthony "Powerhouse" Bartinelli. For more info please contact Mr. Clement Vierra at (602) 298-6320 or by e-mail at hardknocksgym@aol.com or for more info go to their website at

MORE NEWS OF 5-22-03


Same Building and More Space For
2003 IKF South East Regional!

IKF Valdosta, Georgia, USA
The 2003 International Kickboxing Federation Southeastern United States Regional will be held again at the Lowndes County Civic Center and Fairgrounds in Valdosta, Georgia. This year they will have more space for the fighters to prepare in Building D, which is adjacent to Building A. This will give the fighters about 4,000 square feet to warm up in and provide them separate restroom facilities from spectators. Click HERE to see a diagram of the location. A map to the Civic Center can be found by clicking HERE!

The IKF sponsors an amateur National Tournament every year that can be liken to "The National Golden Gloves" of kickboxing. This is a truly national tournament for bona fide titles in kickboxing. Three rules styles are featured in this event: Muay Thai, International, and Full Contact (or American rules). At last years event, 200 competitors fought from around the nation, including Hawaii. In order to attend the national tournament, all competitors must go through their local regional (if available).

The 2002 South East Regional in Valdosta had almost 100 entrants and featured an amazing 57 matches. This year's regional promises to be as well attended and more. The kickboxing tournament will commence about 9:00 AM on June 21st. An evening fight card will feature selected finals and ISCF mixed martial arts/no holds barred action. Valdosta's own ISCF U.S. Super Heavyweight Champion Jonathan Wiezorek will be the main event fight on the evening card. For more information on this event, see Valdosta Martial Arts Center, at www.valdostamac.com or Mr. James Corbett by e-mail at sensei@valdostamac or call (229) 245-8622.

WEDNESDAY, May 21st, 2003, AT 3:00 PM, PST

Yes, Tonight & Tomorrow there are "2" IKF Events on a Special "Mid Week" Schedule.

Vierra Ready To Rock Phoenix!

Although there are no title bouts scheduled for tonights IKF action in Phoenix Arizona, USA, as always there will be plenty of Excitement. IKF Promoters Clement and Rhonda Vierra will host Pro & Amateur Kickboxing that will provide plenty of excitement, especially in the Main Event bout when Chris Gomez takes on Gary Marshall.

This bout replaces the previously scheduled main event between Christopher Terry and Tony Sanza. Terry was stopped in a boxing bout only a few weeks ago putting him on medical suspension and Sanza also has a boxing bout scheduled.

Other bouts on the night will include Kelly Harrison Vs. Eric McMullen, Oscar Montano Vs. Naeem Munir, and IKF USA National Amateur Champions Brook Locklear (Left) and Alyssa De Fazio (Right) will also have bouts. Locklear will match up against. Rochelle Williams but De Fazio's opponent was unknown at press time. IKF Head of Officials Dan Stell will be in attendance as well.

For more info please contact Mr. Clement Vierra at (602) 298-6320 or by e-mail at hardknocksgym@aol.com or for more info go to their website at


Reynaud Ready For More Action
At Sandy Station In UTAH USA!

IKF Sandy, Utah, USA
IKF and IKF/ISCF Promoter Mr. Griffin Reynaud is all set to hosts IKF and ISCF Action tomorrow night, Thursday, May 22nd at the "Sandy Station" in Sandy, Utah, USA.

The event will feature both IKF and ISCF Amateur bouts. The nights IKF Event Representative will be Mr. Kwame Stephens and the ISCF Event Representative will be Mr. Ben Call. The ISCF Event Referee will be Mr. Steve Gomm and the IKF Event Referee will be Mr. Drew Poulos. For tickets call: (801) 352-8032. For fighter info call (801) 273-0772.

MORE NEWS OF 5-21-03

Bringing The
Back In St. Louis!

IKF St. Louis, Missouri, USA
If you have ever watched one of Finney's Championship Kickboxing and Martial Arts fighters, you've notice the boxing combinations. Mayfield's precision upper-cut, Engel's powerful right hand, and Finney's devastating left hook all have developed to what they are today because of one man, Kevin "Boom Boom" Bozada (sorry, no photo on file). Kevin first came into the IKF scene on Saturday night, September 11, 1999, in Chicago on Rob Zbilski's "SUMMER BRAWL" event at the Centre at North Park in Franklin Park, Illinois. His IKF debut with the IKF was against Tim Mazurkiewicz (Right). Bozada had a kickboxing record of 4-0 with 4 KO's. However, it was in his boxing where he had already made headlines with a record of 34 wins and 8 loses with 15 KO's as an amateur boxer.Bozada made headlines that night! Zurk wanted to defend his IKF US Heavyweight title in front of his hometown but Bozada had other plans! He was there to take it... and he did. Winning with an amazing Knock Out at 55 seconds into the second round.

Since then Bozada went on to compile 2 other titles and comprised a record of 8 wins, no loses and a draw with "ALL" 8 of those wins coming by way of KNOCKOUT! He defeated Myron McNulty by KO at 2:35 of the 1st round for one of those titles on September 24th. The one blemish of a draw on his record came on July 8th, 2000. It was a Main Event bout against a fighter named Tony Melton The first round had Melton landing plenty of heavy shots to Bozada. In the second round Bozada put it on Melton. In third round had Bozada on top until Melton dropped him with a left hook. After the fourth round it went to the judges who scored it 36-39, 38-38, 37-37 as a majority draw decision.

Bozada retired in late 2000, but no one really thought he was going anywhere. Which explains why the IKF has kept him ranked #1 in the IKF FCR Heavyweight rankings.

Bozada went on to developing the boxing stills of fighters coming out of Finney's, and wanted to get the gym to the top. Bozada saw that he has accomplished what he set out to do as a coach, and now is looking toward his personal goals. The first one is getting back into the ring. This will happen on June 28th, in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. Next is winning the 2003 IKF US Nationals. He is lighter and more stronger than last time, weighing 193lbs. He is staying steady at that weight which would put him in the Cruiserweight weight class.

In that division he would need to get past Mazurkiewicz' again, but more so, the defending IKF USA Champion, Adam "The Scorpion" Sylvia. Sylvia (Left, 12-0/8, 194, 5'11", 28) has won the IKF USA National Title 2 years in a row, 2001 and 2002. In 2001 he defeated one of Finney's fighters to win the title, Cory Sirumacky, by TKO at 1:10 of round 1. At last years Nationals Sylvia met up with Mazurkiewicz in the Championship bout and successfully defended his 2001 FCR Cruiserweight Title when he defeated Zurk by majority decision 30-26, 30-26 & 28-28.

Last year Sylvia took the 2002 IKF North American Title as well with a win over Adrian Turpin of Anderson, Georgia, USA by unanimous decision win 48-43, 49-45 and 50-42. Sylvia also won the IKF East Coast Title some time ago as well. such a bout would be a true test for both Bozada and Sylvia. A test we may all see at the 2003 IKF US National Finals in August! Depending how he does at the Nationals Bozada will see if he can move on to the IKF North American Tournament!

MORE NEWS OF 5-21-03

Kings of the Ring!
Saturday May 17th, 2003!
Fight Report By IKF Representative Vicki A. Laegeler with *Additions by the IKF

St. Charles, Illinois, USA
First time IKF Promoters Mike Nagy (Also a Professional Fighter) and Kevin Miller, (former 1999 IKF U.S. National Amateur Champion) along with Friends of Friends Productions completed a very successful event this last Saturday night in St. Charles Illinois at the Sportsplex of St. Charles. Here are the nights quick results below, a full story will be posted later this week.

  1. IKF Amateur FCR
    Eric Medina
    defeated Edward Cooper by Majority Decision 30-28, 29-28, 29-29.

  2. IKF Amateur FCR
    Amy Ramirez
    defeated Laura Ripp by TKO when Ripp would not answer the bell for Round 2.

  3. IKF Amateur FCR
    Dan Serna
    defeated George Soto by Knockout at 47 seconds in Round 3.

  4. IKF Amateur FCR
    Sam Stout
    defeated Bryan Koza by split decision, 27-28, 27-27, 26-29.
  5. IKF Amateur FCR
    John Kaszuba
    defeated Matt Kryzeptowski by Majority Decision 26-30, 28-28, 26-30.
  6. IKF Amateur FCR
    Marcello Bezon
    defeated Chris Horodecki by Split Decision, 29-28, 29-28, 28-30.
  7. IKF Pro FCR
    Kyle McElroy (Right) vs. Fernando Luevano.
    *This was suppose to be a great bout between two great fighters. That is, if not for the mistake of referee Al Wichgers (Left of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA).
    Wichgers has been use to refereeing MuayThai style bouts which are 3 minutes long. In those bouts Wichgers does a good job, but this was above the waist full contact rules and there are differences. Mainly in the round times. In Full Contact Rules (Pro or amateur) the rounds are only 2 minutes long. Wichgers insisted to the timekeeper before the bout started that the rounds should be "3" minutes long despite the fact that IKF Event Representative Vicki Laegeler informed the timekeeper of the "Correct" time of 2 minutes.
    The outcome?
    Well, round one was fairly even until the two entered the 3rd minute. This was where McElroy got into trouble taking an additional amount of unexpected punishment from Luevano. When the round ended at 3 minutes, McElroy's corner went to Wichgers and asked about the round lengths. Wichgers told them the rounds were 3 minutes long. McElroy's corner corrected him and informed him they should only be only 2 minutes long. From this, the timekeeper made the change but the damage was already done. Luevano came out and TKOed McElroy at 1:09 of Round 2. After we here at the IKF spoke to several involved, we have ruled this bout a "No-Contest."

  8. IKF Pro FCR
    IKF Pro Full Contact Rules World Champion Mike Nevitt (Right) fought in a non Title bout to stay busy and took a unanimous decision win over Kadir Kadri, 70-67, 70-63, 70-58.

For more information on this event please call (847) 494-7833.

MORE NEWS OF 5-21-03

The Giant's Eyes Remain Wide Open And So Do His Shows
King Midas Moses Proves Golden Touch In Team Effort With Stolzman
By Mike Carlson - IKF & ISCF Georgia, USA

When IKF and ISCF proclaimed that a sleeping giant had awakened when promoter Brett Moses (Right) made his long awaited return to the business, many wondered if he could make lightning strike twice. Sure, his February Fight Party held in the Dekalb-Atlanta Center, was a titanic event, but would Moses enter a sophomore slump and fail to recapture his success?

Any doubters were silenced on Saturday, May 17, 2003. Proving that he has incredible promotional acumen and can fill a different venue in a different part of his city, Moses put forth another successful effort, this time at Earthlink Live in downtown Atlanta. The only empty seats seemed to those of the fans who stood up to cheer their favorite fighters, as Moses packed the house.

The event's success also was a testament to the Georgia IKF and ISCF team concept and its efficacy, as well as Moses' flexibility as an event orchestrator. For this production, Moses teamed with the valued IKF and ISCF supporter Chris Stolzman (Left) of Atlanta's LA Boxing. Rather than trying to establish separate fiefdoms, these two men worked symbiotically to create an exciting series of bouts, before a crowded house. The stands were full and those at the sponsor tables saw elbow to elbow. Everyone was glued to the action in the ring, that some seasoned fight watchers said was the best single night of fights in Georgia history. Without taking a position on that assertion, let's take a look at the evening's contests.

  1. IKF Light Middleweight Full Contact Kickboxing
    Mike Littrell (LA Boxing) defeated Nick Hajaji (Team USA San Shou) by TKO in round 1.
    What started off to look like a competitive bout wound up taking on some regrettable twists. Hajaji seemed, at first, to confuse Littrell by changing stances. After Hajaji threw Littrell, his opponent became energized, scoring numerous combinations on Hajiji. After a standing eight count, Hajaji stopped the fight himself. While waiting for the final call of the winner, Hajaji began making obscene gestures to the crowd. Wanting to give Hajiji the benefit of the doubt, IKF officials informed him that such conduct, if repeated, would result in his suspension from IKF events.Hajahi informed the IKF officials that he "Did not Care," and resumed. He was asked to be escorted from the facility.
    Hajiji will be suspended. The IKF and ISCF organizations are dedicated to the positive development of the martial sports. That includes image. His actions and cavalier attitude about their import will earn him what he apparently wanted, an indefinite suspension from IKF and ISCF events that will be lifted only upon his written request for re-admittance and a full panel's review thereof and vote thereon.
    WINNER: LITRELL by TKO at 1:16 of round 1.

  2. ISCF Middleweight Mixed Martial Arts
    Usif Murtadi (LA Boxing) defeated Harry Chaconas (Hybrid Vale Tudo/Relson Gracie Jiu Jitsu) via armbar submission in round 1.
    The two fighters almost immediately tied up and Murtadi scored a throw. After being restarted, Murtadi took Chaconas down, and placed him into scarf-hold position. From there, Murtadi captured Chaconas' arm, forcing him to tap out from an arm lock.
    WINNER: MURTADI by Tapout at 3:13 of round 1.

  3. ISCF Welterweight Mixed Martial Arts
    James Castillo (Team Khunpon-LA Boxing) defeated Jerell Bowman (Tramell's) by split decision.
    This bout looked whisker close from the stands and the judges seemed to have trouble coming up with a clear winner too. Bowman was aggressive early in each round, backing his opponent up, often taunting Castillo. This, however, would fade as the rounds progressed. Castillo appeared steadier, often hitting with clear single shots, including a crowd pleasing spinning back fist in the second round. After the score cards were reviewed, two judges had it for Castillo by a single point margin and one for Bowman by the same.
    WINNER: CASTILLO by Split Decision.

  4. IKF Women's Muay Thai
    Corrina White (Team Sherri Thompson-LA Boxing) defeated Robin Finlayson (Columbus, Ohio) by unanimous decision.
    These two ladies went at it as aggressively as any two fighters on the card, at times causing both to appear fatigued. Finlayson effectively used her reach at times during the contest, but, ultimately it was White's barrage of punches in the third and final round that forced a standing eight count. The judges rewarded the relentless White with a win after three competitive rounds from both athletes.
    WINNER:WHITE by Unanimous Decision.

  5. ISCF Heavyweight Mixed Martial Arts
    Andy Foster (United Karate) defeated Ben Morell (Suua Khai) via armbar submission in round 1.
    This match up was reminiscent of early MMA contests that would pit two contrasting body types against each other. The powerfully built Morrell aggressively rushed and repeatedly took town the taller and less densely proportioned Foster, who scored on restarts with effective striking. After numerous attempts, Foster finally found his mark and secured an arm bar from his back, forcing Morell to tap out.
    WINNER: FOSTER by Armbar submission at 3:00 of round 1.

  6. ISCF Welterweight Mixed Martial Arts
    Cleuder "Junior" Assuncao (LA Boxing) defeated Scottie "The Body" Johnson (Team Hybrid) via armbar submission in round 2.
    Effective guard play and differing physical dimensions were again at work in this match up as a powerfully muscled Johnson faced a smooth technician in Assuncao. Although Johnson scored takedowns, Assuncao demonstrated phenomenal ground skills, capturing Johnson's arm in a key-lock from his back. Assuncao applied pressure to his opponent's arm, while holding Johnson in a half guard, forcing Johnson to submit.
    WINNER: ASSUNCAO by Keylock Submission at :39 seconds into round 2.

  7. IKF Heavyweight Muay Thai
    Marshall Berger (Team Khunpon-LA Boxing) and Kelly Leo (Trammell's)
    This one was left to the crowd to decide. It picked Leo over Berger in this exhibition bout... That is, if a winner can be picked in an "Exhibition"...

  8. ISCF Light Middleweight Mixed Martial Arts
    Melvin Guillard (Team New Orleans/Anconas Gym) defeated Diego Saraiva (LA Boxing) via KO in round 1.
    Pulling guard is often a laudable strategy. Against a fighter as powerful at his weight as Guillard, however, it does not look to be well advised. After Saraiva attempted to drop and put Guillard into his guard, Guillard slammed his opponent on the mat. As Guillard began to strike from the top, the contest was quickly stopped.
    WINNER: GUILLARD by Referee Stoppage at 1:47 of round 1.

  9. BOUT NINE: ISCF Super Heavyweight Mixed Martial Arts
    Ron Humphries (Suua Khai) defeated John Gardner (Team Ring Skilz) via TKO in round 1.
    After Garner missed with a high round kick, Humphries got to work, scoring with numerous punches to Garner, including a straight right hand that stunned the taller fighter. Humphries kept on the pressure and followed Garner to the ground, scoring with repeated blows that lead to the match's stoppage.
    WINNER: HUMPHRIES by Referee Stoppage at 1:06 of round 1.

    ISCF Middleweight Mixed Martial Arts
    Steve Headden (LA Boxing) defeated Pat "Hammerhead" Clarke (Team Apocalypse) via TKO in round 1.
    In the MMA main event of the evening, ISCF Champion Headden came out aggressively. After missing with a kick, Headden took Clarke down, and rained down knees to his opponent's body from the side mount. While Covered by Headden on the ground, blood began to be seen persistently coming from Clarke's face. Although Clarke seemed game to continue, the bout was stopped after Clarke's condition was checked by the ringside doctors, due to a cut.
    WINNER: HEADDEN by TKO at :33 seconds of round 1.

    IKF Heavyweight Full Contact Kickboxing:

    Mark Selbee (LA Boxing) defeated Sylvester Stevenson (Team Bonecrusher/Ring Skilz) via KO in round 2.
    Stevenson, clearly concerned about Selbee's (Right) reach and power, crowded the IKF Pro FCR Heavyweight Champion, scoring with a left hook and right cross. This proved to be a pyrrhic accomplishment for Sylvester, who was dropped by Selbee at the close of the first round. In the second, Selbee maintained his technical onslaught, blasting Stevenson with a spinning back kick and winning via knock out, after landing a head hick on the gutsy but overmatched Stevenson.
    WINNER: SELBEE by KO at 1:45 of round 2.

After a night of outstanding action like this, Southeastern fans are screaming, "More, More!" Moses seems poised to give the people what they want, and plans on returning to the DeKalb-Atlanta Center, for another night of IKF and ISCF action on August 2, 2022 and to Dalton, Georgia on October 25, 2003, for more of the same. For more information, Mr. Moses can be reached at not_tank@hotmail.com

TUESDAY, May 20th, 2003, AT 6:30 PM, PST

2003 IKF USA
Nationals Amateur
Gets Sports Radio Sponsor!

May 21, 2003: The International Kickboxing Federation (IKF) is proud to announce the confirmation of acquiring a major media sponsor for this year's 2003 IKF USA National Amateur Kickboxing Finals held this August 15th , 16th , and 17th in Cedar Rapids, IA. The Zone 1600 AM ESPN Radio of Cedar Rapids, Iowa has agreed to co-sponsor the 2003 IKF USA National Amateur Kickboxing Finals.

The Zone 1600 is the most popular sports talk radio station in the Cedar Rapids area. They specialize in offering the best news on local, regional and national sports. Director of Sales and Marketing for The Zone 1600 Demetrios Hadjis commented "I'm excited about co-sponsoring the IKF National Kickboxing Tournament and it should bring a lot of interest to local listeners." Demetrios and the IKF Marketing staff have been negotiating the agreement for the past three months and agreed on terms yesterday. Not only will The Zone 1600 AM run a series of thirty and sixty second ads to promote the Nationals, they will also do IKF give-a-ways such as IKF water bottles, license plates frames, mini Kickboxing gloves, and some IKF apparel like T-shirts.

Event tickets will also be given away to lucky callers during some of the station's contest.Demetrios also noted that he wanted to interview fighters and trainers across the country who will be attending this year's IKF Nationals. Additionally, the station will cover the Nationals' Press Conference tentatively scheduled for Thursday, August 14th at the IKF USA Nationals host hotel, the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

The station will have a booth at the U.S. Cellular Center, the site for this year's IKF USA Nationals and will perhaps do a live remote broadcast of the action. The Zone's sister station KCRG-TV-9 along with local TV personality Scott Savelle will cover the Press Conference. Word has it that Scott may want to test his "skills" against some of the competitors in an exhibition match. This should add even more excitement for Kickboxing fans in the Cedar Rapids area!

The Zone 1600 AM and KCRG-TV-9 are owned and operated by the Cedar Rapids Television Company. The agreement reached with The Zone 1600 AM Radio is a great way to give IKF competitors and Kickboxing in general more of the recognition it deserves and needs.
For more information contact Johnny Davis at Johnnyd@netwiz.net or call (916) 780-7483.

What else but TV Coverage For The National FINALS!

MORE NEWS OF 5-20-03


Reynaud's Gallivan Center Results

By IKF Representative Kwame Stephens

IKF Sandy, Utah, USA
IKF/ISCF Promoters Griffin Reynaud and Tom Casey hosted another exciting night of IKF and ISCF Action last Saturday night, May 17th, at the "Gallivan Center" in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. This was a great evening of fights. First of all the venue was outside and provided a great atmosphere as people walking down the street became interested in all the commotion. There was live music from local rap groups which made this more of a festival than a regular day out. Even with periods of light rain the crowd continued to grow with the anticipation of great fights. There were definitely class fighters on deck as guest. IVC 16 man tournament winner and PRIDE fighter Alex Steibling was on hand and Upcoming fighter Melanie Kohler, who destroyed Miss Playboy at the May K-1 event in Las Vegas. The nights action was as follows:

  1. ISCF Amateur MMA
    Anthony Labado of Ogden, Utah (195, 2-0, NHB, self trained) defeated Jeremy Hooly of Salt Lake City, Utah (Walt Bayless JiuJitsu, Trainer Griffin Reynauld) by KO in round 1 from the mount.

  2. ISCF Amateur MMA
    Chris Rossiter of Salt Lake City, Utah (3-1, Trainer Griffin Reynauld) defeated Dave Young of Sandy, Utah (NHB: 1-1, Trainer Ben Moore, Black Belt Institute) when the doctor stopped it at the end of round 2.

  3. IKF Woman's Amateur MuayThai
    Katie Meehan
    of Denver, Colorado, USA (9-2, 3-D Martial Arts) defeated Ali Casey (1-2, Walt Bayless JiuJitsu, Trainer Mickee Porritt) by unanimous decision. This was absolutely the fight of the night. These two young ladies had the crowd on their feet the entire length of the bout. Even though Meehan was the out of town fighter she was shown respect and cheered for an excellently fought bout. Meehan applied constant pressure while Casey used her movement. This would definitely be a fight the spectators would like to see again. Both of these ladies put all the men on a point that they have to live up to the ladies. Hats off to the ladies for the fight of the night.

  4. ISCF Amateur MMA
    Brandon Melendez (4-1 NHB, Trainer Ben Moore, Black Belt Institute) defeated Alberto Rivera (1-2, Walt Bayless JiuJitsu Trainer Griffin Reynauld) by TKO in round 1.

Congratulations to Griffin Reynaud and Tom Casey and their staff for providing and excellent show. For more info call (801) 273-0772.

MONDAY, May 19th, 2003, AT 9:30 PM, PST

Where Are The

This year will be the 5 year anniversary for the IKF USA National Amateur Tournament. Through the years we have had competitors from nearly every state except Alaska enter the Tournament. However, not every State has had a fighter bring home the IKF USA National Brass! Since the Tournament begin in 1999 there have been 194 Titles awarded. Here are the top producers in several areas.

As of this year although 26 states have had an IKF USA National Amateur Champion, 24 have not. To see what states have and where they rank among the others and who else has brought home the IKF Brass, check out the new IKF USA National Amateur Champions STATES Page by clicking HERE!

Maybe you can be the first one in your state to bring home the IKF Brass at this years
2003 IKF USA National Amateur Tournament!

MORE NEWS OF 5-19-03

Three Time IKF Amateur Champion
Brent Hess

Alexandria, Virginia, USA
Seventeen year old IKF Champion Brent Hess of Alexandria, Virginia, USA gave up 10 pounds to fight a heavier fighter for another organizations East Coast MuayThai welterweight title this past Friday night, May 16th in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Hess fought Boris Ibanez whose record was 20-0 and put on his back three times in winning a unanimous decision. In the win, Hess showed he can definitely do well in MuayThai. His hand speed, knees and solid leg kicks have really improved. Hess is trained by his father, Mike Hess(Left).

Hess holds three titles under the IKF. He's a 2 Time IKF USA National Amateur Tournament Champion (2001 and 2002.) and the 2002 IKF North American Tournament Champion. The event was televised by Telemundo (Spanish network) & Martial Sports Network. Brent and his sister Nicole (also a 2 Time IKF USA National Amateur Tournament Champion - 2001 and 2002.) were interviewed by the networks as well.

For more info contact the Hess Team at (703) 922-5147.

MORE NEWS OF 5-19-03

Quick Results Of Last Saturday Nights
May Madness In Midtown

Full Event Story To Follow Later This Week

  1. IKF Light Middleweight Full Contact Kickboxing
    Mike Littrell (LA Boxing) defeated Nick Hajaji (Team USA San Shou) by TKO in round 1.

  2. ISCF Middleweight Mixed Martial Arts
    *Usif Yehouda (LA Boxing) defeated Harry Chaconas (Hybrid Vale Tudo/Relson Gracie Jiu Jitsu) via armbar submission in round 1.
  3. ISCF Welterweight Mixed Martial Arts
    James Castillo (Team Khunpon-LA Boxing) defeated Jerell Bowman (Tramell's) by split decision.

  4. IKF Women's Muay Thai
    Corrina White (Team Sherri Thompson-LA Boxing) defeated Robin Finlayson (Columbus, Ohio) by unanimous decision.

  5. ISCF Heavyweight Mixed Martial Arts
    Andy Foster (United Karate) defeated Ben Morell (Suua Khai) via armbar submission in round 1.

  6. ISCF Welterweight Mixed Martial Arts
    Cleuder "Junior" Assuncao (LA Boxing) defeated Scottie "The Body" Johnson (Team Hybrid) via armbar submission in round 2.

  7. IKF Heavyweight Muay Thai
    Marshall Berger (Team Khunpon-LA Boxing) and Kelly Leo (Trammell's) fought an exhibition bout. If the crowd were the judge Leo would be the winner of choice.

  8. ISCF Light Middleweight Mixed Martial Arts
    Melvin Guillard (Team New Orleans/Anconas Gym) defeated Diego Saraiva (LA Boxing) via KO in round 1.

  9. ISCF Super Heavyweight Mixed Martial Arts
    Ron Humphries (Suua Khai) defeated John Gardner (Team Ring Skilz) via TKO in round 1.

    ISCF Middleweight Mixed Martial Arts
    Steve Headden (LA Boxing) defeated Pat "Hammerhead" Clarke (Team Apocalypse) via TKO in round 1.

    IKF Heavyweight Full Contact Kickboxing:

    Mark Selbee (LA Boxing) defeated Sylvester Stevenson (Team Bonecrusher/Ring Skilz) via KO in round 2.

For more info please contact Mr. Chris Stolzman at (404) 943-0609 or cstzman@aol.com

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Martial Arts May-Hem
Provides Excitement!

Greenville, South Carolina, USA
It was a night many called "THE NIGHT" of Amateur Kickboxing. The undercards were great bouts that showed 6 fighters ready to prove they belonged. Of these three undercard bouts, only one of them had true beginners matched up while the other two could have been another of the 6, 5 round feature bouts. Nearly all of the 12 fighters in the 6, five round feature bouts held several amateur kickboxing titles each. All had great records and some undefeated. Of them, 4 were re-matches with hungry fighters looking to either change history's past or prove their worth again. Those who had lost before were looking forward to proving they had improved and were ready to take the win. Those who had won before had a strong desire to prove their victories were no fluke. With that being said, here are the nights results.

For more info, please contact Mr. Ray Thompson at Upstate Karate, Gloria Thompson or Rebecca Preacher at (864) 967-3930, Cell (864) 505-4237, e-mail: tetsushin2@aol.com


From the Other IKF Action This Past Weekend
Will Be Posted SOON!

THURSDAY, May 15th, 2003, AT 10:15 PM, PST

May Madness In Midtown
Atlanta, Georgia, USA - Saturday Night, May 17th!

IKF Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Despite major effort, the promoters of May Madness, Brett Moses (Left) and Chris Stoltzman (Right) were unable to secure first fights for a number of beginning but game LA Boxing amateur fighters. They also lost the Kevin Brooks Vs Sean McCully bout because there was some concern in the Brooks Camp, as to McCully's actual experience level. This was something the promoters certainly understood.

However, they are pleased to announce the addition of Bout 8 below, which could be a real Barn Burner! Diego Saraiva is a BJJ black belt, while Melvin Guillard is a former high school wrestling champion and an explosive striker. The fight card, as of 9:55 PM Tonight is listed below. in the mean time, "See ya at the PARTY!"

  1. IKF Light Middleweight Full Contact Kickboxing
    Mike Littrell (LA Boxing) v. Nick Hajaji (Team USA San Shou)

  2. ISCF Middleweight Mixed Martial Arts
    Usif Yehouda (LA Boxing) v. Harry Chaconas (Hybrid Vale Tudo/Relson Gracie Jiu Jitsu)

  3. ISCF Welterweight Mixed Martial Arts
    James Castillo (Team Khunpon-LA Boxing) v. Jerell Bowman (Tramell's)

  4. IKF Women's Muay Thai
    Robin Finlayson (Columbus, Ohio) v. Corrina White (Team Sherri Thompson-LA Boxing)

  5. ISCF Heavyweight Mixed Martial Arts
    Andy Foster (United Karate) v. Ben Morell (Suua Khai)

  6. ISCF Welterweight Mixed Martial Arts
    Cleuder "Junior" Assuncao (LA Boxing) v. Scottie "The Body" Johnson (Team Hybrid)

  7. IKF Heavyweight Muay Thai
    Marshall Berger (Team Khunpon-LA Boxing) v. Kelly Leo (Right, IKF East Coast Super Heavyweight Champion, Trammell's)

  8. ISCF Light Middleweight Mixed Martial Arts
    Diego Saraiva (LA Boxing) v. Melvin Guillard (Team New Orleans/Anconas Gym)

  9. ISCF Super Heavyweight Mixed Martial Arts
    John Gardner (Team Ring Skilz) v. Ron Humphries (Suua Khai)

  10. MAIN EVENT NUMBER 1: ISCF Middleweight Mixed Martial Arts
    Steve Headden (LA Boxing) v. Pat "Hammerhead" Clarke (Team Apocalypse)

  11. MAIN EVENT NUMBER 2: IKF Heavyweight Full Contact Kickboxing
    Mark Selbee (LA Boxing) v. Sylvester Stevenson (Team Bonecrusher/Ring Skilz)

For more info please contact Mr. Chris Stolzman at (404) 943-0609 or cstzman@aol.com


MORE NEWS OF 5-15-03


Time To "Bring It ON" This Saturday For
Martial Arts May-Hem

Greenville, South Carolina, USA
Ok fight fans this is the last post on this weekends event in Greenville, South Carolina, USA called Martial Arts May-Hem hosted by IronSpirit Promotions. This post is going to bring you some exciting NEWS.

There has been so much talk about the Dallas Crowe (No photo on file) vs Nelson Lebron (Right) fight on the Kickboxing Message Board that they both have agree to upgrade there fight to a five round fight. That means that they are also co-main event fighters. We had no idea there was such a strong fan base for these exciting fighters. Dallas and Nelson first met about a month ago in North Carolina on a Cheryl Nance Production and pert near brought the house down. Dallas was victorious in that match up but Nelson has vowed to take the victory home this weekend.

Hopefully Lebron won't be too tired for Crowe. He just fought this last weekend in the Joe Lewis Fighting Systems Championships in Virginia Beach Virginia where he defeated his opponent Marcelo's Rodriguez in a hard fought five round fight. At the 2002 IKF USA National Championship Tournament, Crowe lost his opening round bout to Jason Adams of Ean Claire, Wisconsin in a close and very questionable split decision 29-28, 28-29 & 28-29. Adams made it to the final where he lost to Brent Hess of Alexandria, Virginia by TKO at 1:20 of round 1. When Crowe and Labron hook up this weekend you are going to see some serious fireworks. They BOTH have something to prove, that they are the best and there can be only ONE.

Another highly talked about fight is the Shannon "The Cannon" Hudson (Right) vs Peyton "The Artist" Russell (Below Left) fight. Some have said that the younger Hudson will take the victory and some have voted for the older Russell. They both are champions so you KNOW that they are going to let it all hang out this weekend. Hudson was the 2002 IKF USA Nationals runner up in the super middleweight division. At the 2002 Nationals, in the opening round bracket he first defeated Brett Crosby of Clinton, Maryland by TKO at 1:34 of round 3. In the final he lost to Kevin Engle of St Louis, Missouri by unanimous decision 29-28, 30-27 & 30-27. Earlier this year on March 1st, in Augusta, Georgia, Hudson won the vacant IKF Amateur South East Regional Light Middleweight Title when he landed a head kick to his opponent, Shawn Gay's head at only 28 seconds into the first round that dropped Gay motionless to the canvas.

Russell (2 time IKF USA National Champion, 2001 & 2002) edged Hudson out last November at the 2002 IKF North American Championships held in Simpsonville, South Carolina. It was an extremely close fight until the last round when Russell landed about four good axe kicks to Hudsons head. This might have been what one of the judges saw as enough to sway him to award the victory and the IKF North American Amateur Title to Russell. We can't tell you what bout one judge was watching who gave Russell all 5 rounds scoring it 50-45, but the other two judges saw the fight we saw. One judge gave them each 2 rounds and couldn't come to an answer in round 3 giving them both 10 for an ending score of 48-48. The third judge forced himself to a decision and it was the small difference that gave the bout to Russell by majority decision with a score of 48-47 Russell.

Both fighters have been training HARD. Hudson has also been fighting a lot to get ready for this fight. This will more than likely be the last chance Hudson will have to take a victory off Russell. Hudson is planning on going down in weight to a weightclass more natural to him. Russell has recently done some training with Ray Thompson and the Wonderboy and hopes that along with the training he gets with from C.B. Bunkholts will be enough to bring him the victory. Peyton has the height and experience on Hudson but Hudson has the youth and boxing skills on Russell. This will be a super co-main event fight.

The final bout on the card and this post is between Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson (Right) and "BIG" Bill Jardine (Left). There hasn't been a lot of talk about this fight. Seems that most think that it will be an easy victory for the Wonderboy. However nothing could be farther from the truth!!! Jardine won the 2002 IKF USA National Amateur Tournament Light Cruiserweight title after he first defeated Scott Christopher of Cudaley, Wisconsin by unanimous decision, 30-25, 30-26 & 29-25. In the final he defeated Jason Ross of Southaven, Mississippi by unanimous decision 30-27 on all 3 judges cards. Jardine of course is preparing BIG TIME for this rematch and so has the Wonderboy!

These two have already shared leather in the ring last November at the 2002 IKF North American Championships where Thompson stopped Jardine in the fourth round. Before Jardine left the ring he asked for a rematch. Well this weekend it will happen!

When Thompson fought Jardine last November he only weighed 177 lbs. He had to weigh-in with all his clothes on to make weight. Remember Thompson (A 3 time IKF USA National Amateur Champion, *2000 - 2001 - 2002) originally registered as a light heavyweight for the 2002 IKF North American tournament but there wasn't enough competition in that division to really challenge Thompson and make for a good fight for the fans. Because of this, IKF President Steve Fossum asked the fighters involved if they would be willing to combine the Light Heavyweight and Light Cruiserweight divisions to create a potential AWESOME showdown between two 2002 IKF USA National Amateur Tournament Champions.

After the prelims, that battle was staged. It was Thompsons biggest (literally) test to date. WHAT A FIGHT!! Thompson was fast and explosive and Jardine was relentless and unwavering in his task. This was a war. Well the war isn't over. Jardine has been training extra hard and has had several fights since then. Thompson has installed about ten pounds of rock solid muscle on his frame to get him to the TRUE weight he needs to be at for the Light Cruiserweight division. When the bell rings, it will be clear to everyone that both fighters have made some serious adjustment to there game to prepare for this battle. Now lets see who REALLY wants it. IT'S GOING TO BE WILD!!!

Ticket prices are $50: 1st row ringside, $30, 2nd, 3rd & 4th row ringside and $15 general admission: 5th row and beyond. Call to reserve your tickets at (864) 967-3930. For more info, please contact Mr. Ray Thompson at Upstate Karate, Gloria Thompson or Rebecca Preacher at (864) 967-3930, Cell (864) 505-4237, e-mail: tetsushin2@aol.com

MORE NEWS OF 5-15-03

Reynaud Ready For More Action
This Saturday Night In UTAH USA!

IKF Sandy, Utah, USA: IKF and IKF/ISCF Promoter Mr. Griffin Reynaud is all set to hosts IKF and ISCF Action Saturday night, May 17th, at the "Gallivan Center" in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

The event will feature both IKF and ISCF Amateur bouts. The nights IKF Event Representative will be Mr. Kwame Stephens and the ISCF Event Representative will be Mr. Ben Call. The ISCF Event Referee will be Mr. Steve Gomm and the IKF Event Referee will be Mr. Drew Poulos. For tickets call: (801) 352-8032. For fighter info call (801) 273-0772.

MORE NEWS OF 5-15-03

I Sat Alone
And Laughed Out Loud! (LOL)

And Next Thought, Why Not?
Steve Fossum, IKF President

By now I'm sure all of you have visited the Kickboxing Message Board. Earlier this week we received about 6 e-mails from some readers who were offended at someone posting under the name of "The Hulkster". I have to admit, at first look, I too was offended thinking "What right does this guy have to come on here and challenge recent K-1 USA Champion Carter Williams (Left) and insult him in the process?" After discussing it with some others we made the decision to delete his posts from the board with a written explanation of why and thought maybe we heard the end of him.

In less than an hour, the The Hulkster was back. Giving us all his confessed "Real Name" as Terry Bolea. A little checking and I was to discover that this is the actual real name of Hulk Hogan though. (I guess I need to brush up on my WWF/WWE history. Maybe Bam Bam Stell - WWF/WWE Fan - can help me on this.) The Hulkster ended his message as he had previous ones with his signature line, "WHATCHA GONNA DO, when the 26 inch pythons and all my hulkamaniacs run wild on you, DUDE!!!!" A little more research by the old man here brought me to learn this was the "Signature Line" of Hulk Hogan.

What we found interesting was the followed support of this new found celebrity on the Message Board. Instead of people agreeing with us for removing his posts, we had others asking us to leave his posts on because they were funny to read. So we did. Today I must say, I look at these posts in a different light. The Hulkster was never out to offend anyone. He was giving us all some excitement for the day. Maybe we all need a little "Hulkamania" in us sometimes or at least the wild and crazy attitude our poster seems to take when he appears.

Today I was sitting at my desk and got an e-mail from someone that simply said "The Hulk is back, see the message board and LOL!" So I did of course and read his latest post towards IKF Pro US Champion Mark Selbee (Right) My first thought was "Oh boy, here we go again with an insult to a great fighter." However, as I read what he had written I was actually impressed with not just what he wrote but the way he wrote it. When I finished I found myself laughing out loud (LOL) at the thought of his post. He was again funny, exciting and motivating and as always, he ended his post with his signature line, but this time he offered his Hulkster Power to Selbee as he wrote,

"WHATCHA GONNA DO, when Mark Selbee, The Hulkster, and the power of Hulkamania, run wild on you?????"

I have to admit I was wrong in taking the Hulkster off the Message Board. Maybe I was in a bad mood that day, maybe too stuffy, grown up or whatever. Whatever it was, I hope I don't get in that mood again. There are some pretty heated topics on the Message Board and between them all, like any good fight, sometimes we need some humor to break up the tension. I apologize to you Mr. Hulkster, whoever you are. Keep the Hulkster Power and the humor coming. I think I can see now how you made wrestling big through The HYPE! Which more often than not, our sport needs a lot more of.

Maybe if we all had "The Power of Hulkamania, run wild Within Us" or a "Signature Line" for each Champion, we could add enough HYPE to get the attention of TV. Heck, if FOX can air a beauty pageant for "DOGS" (Shown this week at primetime on FOX) why can't Kickboxing be on PRIMETIME too? Maybe we can even add a little "Hulkster" for the show as well. I mean, Imagine "The Hulkster" and Brooks Mason doing commentating for a fight, now that would be some HYPE! You think I can talk a lot Uncle Brooks? well, "WHATCHA GONNA DO Brooks when The Hulkster, and the power of Hulkamania, run wild on you?" Maybe Brooks and I can try a little Hulkamania out this weekend on TV? OK, we'll leave the Hulkamania to the professionals.

MORE NEWS OF 5-15-03

Open Letter To
James Hoffa, Jr
From The
Retired Boxers Foundation

Alex "The Bronx Bomber" Ramos, Founder and President Retired Boxers Foundation shares his letter to James Hoffa, Jr. of the Teamsters about Hoffa's plans or desires to organize a union for professional boxers.

Ramos focuses on "The questions that will need to be answered" for this to move forward.

To read the letter, Click HERE!

WEDNESDAY, May 14th, 2003, AT 5:00 PM, PST

FIGHTERS! Looking For A Fight?
If So, We Need You In IOWA On the 30th!

We had made this request some time ago but here we are making it again. Seems there is a lot of chatter on the Kickboxing Message Board of fighters looking for fights but if this is true, why is IKF Promoter Mick Doyle having trouble finding fighters for his May 30th event in Council Bluffs Iowa, USA?

Doyle is asking for some fighters to add to his upcoming May 30th event at Harrah's Casino in Council Bluffs Iowa. Doyle and his Promotional Team are looking for fighters in all 3 main rule styles, MuayThai, International and Full Contact Rules. This is an all amateur event and interested fighters and or trainers may contact Mr. Doyle by e-mail at Thaiboxusa@cox.net or they can visit the events page on Mr. Doyle's web page at www.mickdoyle.com to contact him through it. The phone number to Mr. Doyle's Gym is (402) 498-9592.

TUESDAY, May 13th, 2003, AT 5:30 PM, PST

Congratulations To
Karina & Grampa Abe!

Bakersfield, California, USA: We would like to welcome George Quincy Ayonayon into the world. George is the son of his proud mom, Karina. Karina is the daughter of the longest, continuous IKF Promoter in the history of the IKF, Abe Belardo (Right) of Bakersfield, California, USA.

Little George was born on Friday, May 2nd at Bakersfield Memorial Hospital. He was 7lb, 7oz and named after his proud father. We're told he has a very Proud Grandpa Abe Too! Mr. Belardo can be reached at his karate school (Way of Japan in Bakersfield) at (661) 834-5871 or by e-mail at wayofjapan2001@yahoo.com



Kings of the Ring!
Miller & Nagy along with Friends of Friends Productions Proudly Presents "Kings of the Ring" This
Saturday May 17th, 2003!

St. Charles, Illinois, USA
Professional Fighter Mike Nagy and former 1999 IKF U.S. National Amateur Champion Kevin Miller, along with Friends of Friends Productions are proud to host: "KINGS OF THE RING" this Saturday, May 17th at the Sportsplex of St. Charles, 1400 Foundry Drive, St. Charles, Illinois, USA.

Miller and Nagy have turned the tables on the fight game! As the Promoters of this coming event they have combined their years of experience as fighters, trainers and coaches with the professional and unsurpassed talents of Friends of Friends Productions. Friends of Friends Productions is known in the Chicagoland area as the one and only Elite Party Promotions Firm. Spectators and Fans lucky enough to obtain tickets to this event will bear witness to an unforgettable night that will set the new standards for future Fight Nights. Fans of all ages are welcome to attend! Spectators will be treated to a FULL evening of entertainment that will include Interactive Inflatable Games, a Live Band and great matchmaking to bring you some great kickboxing bouts.

Center Ring will explode when both Amateur and Professional fighters from all over come together to showcase their skills before a primed audience. The intensity of the night will heat up when former 2 time IKF USA National Amateur Champion and now Professional Fighter, Kyle McElroy (Left) of Lake Zurich, Illinois, tagged "The Designated Hitter", faces off against IKF Nationally Ranked Professional Fernando Louvano of Chicago, Illinois, USA. Luevano (Pro: 36-4/12, AK: 16-4/10) is currently ranked number 6 in the IKF Pro FCR Light Welterweight division.

McElroy (PK: 2-0/0, AK: 19-1-1/6) is currently ranked number 5 in the IKF Pro FCR Welterweight division. In 2000, McElroy won the 2001 IKF USA National Title with 3 impressive wins. In round one he defeated Paul Edmonds of Augusta, Georgia by KO at 1:00 minute of the second round. In the final the next day he defeated Tom Poey of Virginia Beach, Virginia by unanimous decision in a VERY CLOSE Bout, 29-28, 29-28 & 30-27.

In 2001, McElroy won the 2001 IKF USA National Title with 3 impressive wins. In round 1 on Saturday he McElroy defeated Jeffery Williams of Berlin, Georgia by TKO at break of rounds 1 & 2 to advance to Round 2. In round two on Saturday he rematched the same person he defeated in the 2000 final, Tom Poey of Virginia Beach, Virginia. In this bout he defeated Poey in yet "ANOTHER" close bout by split decision 30-27, 30-27 & 28-29 to advance to the Final. In the Championship bout on Sunday he defeated Matt Mayer of Spooner, Wisconsin by split decision, 29-28, 28-27 & 27-26 to win the title.

The evening will come to a boil when IKF Pro World Champion, Mike "Tension" Nevitt (Right) of Sycamore, Illinois enters the ring in this non title bout to face Kadir Kadri of New York.

Tickets can be purchased in advance by contacting The Sports Plex at (630) 762-8100. General Admission (Advance Price $20) Door Price $25, Ringisde (Advance Price $25) Door Price $30, Table Seats are available by contacting The Sports Plex at (630) 762-8100. For fighter information call (847) 494-7833. Doors Open 6:30 PM and the Fights Start at 7:30 PM.


2003 Martial Arts May-Hem!

Greenville, South Carolina, USA
The 2003 Martial Arts May-Hem at the Palmetto Expo Center in beautiful Greenville, South Carolina is rapidly approaching. The team at IronSpirit Promotions in Simpsonville, South Carolina, headed up by promoter Ray Thompson is working feverishly to assure the fans the best fight card and event possible. This second of three fight profile post will give the lowdown on two more dynamic fights.

5 ROUNDS IKF Amateur FCR: "HOT" Rod Llaneza
of Atlanta, Georgia vs Stevie Dement of Augusta, Georgia.
Dement is an up and comer trained by Paul Pearman out of the Carlson (Augusta Martial Arts Academy) camp of Augusta, Georgia. Rod got his nickname "HOT" for a reason. He is the type of fighter that gets in there and makes things happen with spirit, technique and style. He is sharp, articulate and usually comes to the table with a SOLID game plan on how to take his opponent apart piece by piece. Llaneza will have you sweatin as you try to keep up with him with your own punches and kicks while sitting in your seat!

Dement, Llaneza's opponent is relatively new to the game but has proven he is up for the task at hand with Llaneza. He has been really working on his kicking skills to go along with his already sharp, clean and dynamic hands. Fighting is in his blood. His father actually beat Tommy Herns as an amateur way back when, so he has had some solid coaching when it comes to boxing. His last fight showed that his kicking skills have come a long way too thanks to the Carlson Camp! This fight promises to have you breathing hard at the end of the bout.

5 ROUNDS IKF Amateur FCR: Doyle Gaylor
of Kaufman, Texas vs John Greubel of Atlanta, Georgia.
This fight is called the "THRILLER" against the "KILLER". The fighter called the "THRILLER" is Atlanta's own John Greubel. Greubel trains out of LA Boxing Atlanta, and is trained by his brother Mark. He looks like he should be on the cover of Abercrombie & Fitch magazine instead of in some ring banging it out with one of the nations best. The Greubel boys have a history of kicking some serious butt, not with brute force. Instead they use pure, clean, FAST technique. John is so fast and elusive many of his opponents get frustrated and tired from TRYING to hit him. Some pray for the bell to ring so they can go home and call the cops and report a mugging. They swear there was more than one person punching and kicking them in the ring. John is also a former 2 time IKF USA National Amateur Champion having won the title in 2000 and 2001. In 2000 he first defeated Mike Fusco of St Louis, Missouri. In the final he defeated Mario Williams of Calumet City, Illinois by unanimous decision, 30-27, 30-27 and 30-27. He retained his title in 2001 when he defeated Jason Kuhn of Douglasville, Georgia by extra round (4th round) split decision. At the end of 3 rounds it was 29-27 Greubel, 28-28 even and 28-28 even. On the 4th round, Greubel won 2 of the 3 judges cards.

The "KILLER" is from the land of plain old BAD ASS fighters, Texas! To name a few, KILLER Texans, Demetrous Havanas, Troy Dorsey and Ray McCallum. These boys brought fear to the hearts of many a kickboxer and it seems that there is some "new blood" keeping the Texan tradition alive! Doyle Gaylor is the young Texan that has amassed a string of knockouts on his record that would make any fighter envious to have as there record. History has it that when you step in the ring with this boy your blocking skills had better be UP or your goin DOWN. You see Doyle doesn't like to leave it in the hands of the judges. He likes to take matters into his own hands (and feet). This match alone should bring half the country out to Greenville, South Carolina this Saturday night, May 17th at the Palmetto Expo Center.

Gaylor won the 2002 IKF USA National Amateur Tournament and won the 2002 IKF North American Title by forfeit. He won the IKF USA Nationals Title when he first defeated Tommy Alcozer Jr. of Plainview, Texas by unanimous decision 29-27, 30-26 & 30-26. Later that same day he defeated Jason Kuhn of Douglasville, Georgia by unanimous decision 30-25, 30-26 and 29-26. The next day in the Championship bout he defeated Omar Ballard of Columbus, Mississippi by KO at 1:52 of round 2. Since no one else had registered to compete, Gaylor was rematched to fight Ballard on the IKF North American Tournament. Although he was confirmed the week of the event, Ballard, was a NO SHOW giving Gaylor the title by forfeit. It was later discovered that Ballard fought in New Orleans the night before and was beat by KO, which would have taking him out of the event anyway. However he never called anyone to inform them of this.

Our next and final fight profile that will be posted later this week will be on two rematches. There first fights happened last November at the 2002 IKF North American Championships. These fights were between Peyton "The Artist" Russell and Shannon "The Cannon" Hudson and the other between Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson and "BIG" Bill Jardine. Don't miss it, IT'S GOING TO BE WILD!!!!

Ticket prices are $50: 1st row ringside, $30, 2nd, 3rd & 4th row ringside and $15 general admission: 5th row and beyond. Call to reserve your tickets at (864) 967-3930. For more info, please contact Mr. Ray Thompson at Upstate Karate, Gloria Thompson or Rebecca Preacher at (864) 967-3930, Cell (864) 505-4237, e-mail: tetsushin2@aol.com


Pulls Out

Just In From South Carolina, USA
Jen Tyson's trainer just contacted promoter Ray Thompson to inform him that Tyson will be unable to compete in this weekends event due to a foot injury. (See write up on her bout below) Tyson was scheduled to rematch Terrie "T-Rex" Hicks of Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Hicks and Thyssen fought at the 2001 IKF USA National Amateur Championships which Thyssen won by unanimous decision, 30-27, 29-28 & 29-28.

OBVIOUSLY Hicks was looking forward to the rematch that has now been cancelled. Look for more news on this to be posted later today or tomorrow here on the news page.

MONDAY, May 12th, 2003, AT 6:30 PM, PST

May Madness In Midtown
The Party Returns To Atlanta Georgia, USA On May 17th!

Atlanta, Georgia, USA:
Fight Party Productions, in conjunction with LA Boxing Atlanta, are proud to announce MAY MADNESS IN MIDTOWN. The event will be held at Midtown Atlanta's EARTHLINK LIVE venue, on West Peachtree Street. The card will include ISCF Mixed Martial Arts and IKF Full Contact & MuayThai Kickboxing.

"With all of the events taking place at or around the 17th, this was one of the hardest cards I've ever had to fill," explained promoter Brett Moses (Left) "LA Boxing's Chris Stolzman (Right) and I spent hour upon hour before finally coming up with a card that would fit our standards."

In keeping with the PARTY atmosphere, there will be music from Flavourset Promotions and more of the finest ring girls the Southeast has to offer! Here's the nights line-up:

  1. IKF Light Middleweight Full Contact Kickboxing
    Mike Littrell ( LA Boxing) vs Nick Hajaji (Team USA San Shou)

  2. ISCF Heavyweight Mixed Martial Arts
    Matt (LA Boxing) vs Wayne Music (Valdosta Martial Arts Center)

  3. ISCF Middleweight Mixed Martial Arts
    Youseff Yehouda (LA Boxing) vs Harry Chaconas (S. Carolina)

  4. ISCF Heavyweight Mixed Martial Arts:
    Andy Foster (United Karate) vs Ben Morell (Suua Khai)

  5. ISCF Welterweight Mixed Martial Arts
    James Castillo (Team Khunpon-LA Boxing) vs Jerell Bowman (Tramell)

  6. IKF Woman's MuayThai
    Robin Finlayson (Team Sherri Thompson (LA Boxing) vs Corrina White.

  7. ISCF Welterweight Mixed Martial Arts
    Cleuder "Junior" Assuncao (LA Boxing) vs Scottie "The Body" Johnson.

  8. IKF Heavyweight MuayThai
    Marshall Berger. (Team Khunpon-LA Boxing) vs "Bruno"

  9. ISCF Heavyweight Mixed Martial Arts
    Sean McCully (Team Cali) vs Kevin Brooks (Suua Khai)

  10. ISCF Super Heavyweight Mixed Martial Arts
    John Gardner (Team Ring Skilz) vs Ron Humphries (Suua Khai)

  11. ISCF Light Middleweight Mixed Martial Arts
    Diego Saraiva (LA Boxing) vs TBA

  12. MAIN EVENT #1 - ISCF Middleweight Mixed Martial Arts
    Steve Headden (LA Boxing) vs Pat Clarke

  13. MAIN EVENT #2 - IKF Pro Heavyweight Full Contact Kickboxing
    Mark Selbee (LA Boxing) vs Sylvester Stevenson (Team Bonecrusher/Ring Skilz)

For more info please contact Mr. Chris Stolzman at (404) 943-0609 or cstzman@aol.com


MORE NEWS OF 5-12-03

IKF Point Kickboxing© Results…
Norgol Excites Crowd Again!

Reported by PKB Director Johnny Davis

Roseville, CA, USA
Jab! Cross! Front Kick! Jab! Double Jab! Round Kick! Spinning Back Fist! These are the type of well controlled punches, kicks and non stop combinations you can expect to see when James Norgol of Roseville, CA fights PKB! Many had a chance to witness him in action this past weekend in one of the IKF Point Kickboxing © divisions that was held at the Dave Marinoble's Kickboxing facility in Roseville, CA. James took first place over John Pritting of Dixon, CA in a division that was packed with a lot of talent. The forty year old Norgols feels that IKFPKB is right for him and it allows him to practice the techniques he trains with daily in the gym. "This is perfect for me" he states. Norgols also stood out in the last IKFPKB tournament held in February earlier this year in Rocklin, CA when he also took first place in the men middleweight division.

James who's trained by IKF Pro FCR Middleweight World Champion Dave Marinoble is certainly one to watch in the near future! The tournament was held in conjunction with Dave's 'in-house" Martial Arts tournament but was open to other schools. Divisions like weapons, kata's, and grappling were well received by the hundreds of spectators in attendance. This Point Kickboxing tournament was as expected about half the size of the normal eighty or so competitors. Mainly because it was seen as more of a division as oppose to an entire tournament for solely Point Kickboxing©. However, the setting was great and the action was hot! Thanks to all instructors, fighters and volunteers that attended and supported this event. Also thanks to special referee, promoter etc. Dan Stell for his assistance running the main ring. We look to see YOU at future IKF Point Kickboxing© events and invite other tournament promoters to include this great division in their upcoming events.

For more information on IKF Point Kickboxing© go to www.IKFKickboxing.com/PKB.htm For more info, contact Johnny Davis at Art of Kickboxing Promotions (916) 780-7483 or by e-mail at johnnyd@netwiz.net

Note: Special thanks to Manuel Vizcarra instructor for the Aztec Kickboxing School of Dixon, CA for having the most students and most wins at the tournament. Manuel has proven again that he truly understands the value of IKF Point Kickboxing© and seems to train as well as prepare his students well for each event. Congratulations to all the winners listed below as well as the others who participated and took "the next step out of the gym" and competed in IKF Point Kickboxing©!

Here are the Results:

MORE NEWS OF 5-12-03


Martial Arts May-Hem

IKF South Carolina, USA: For those of you that LOVE full contact rules kickboxing, do we have an event for you! Over this next week we will highlight some of the fights that will take place on May 17th at the Palmetto Expo Center in Greenville, South Carolina, USA in the event called "Martial Arts May-Hem". There will be nine action packed fights that night. The first 3 bouts will be 3 rounders and the next six will be 5 round fights and any one of the 5 round fights would make an excellent "main event" on any ones fight card anywhere in this great country, BAR NONE.

This event is promoted by Ray Thompson of IronSpirit Promotions based in Simpsonville, South Carolina, USA. He and his staff have spent MANY hours and loads of money making sure this fight card happens. Ray said "I have been getting calls from all over the country from promoters, trainers and fighters asking about the event and how big THEY thought it was and that this is the fight card of the year".

As mentioned above, this fight card will have six 5 round bouts. We hate to call any of them a semi-main event but 5 of them will be so. These six fights are so high level that it would be a travesty to not name each of them a "main event". Something that makes these six fights so unique is that not one of them is for a title. What does that mean? It means that these fighters are fighting for the love and glory of a GREAT fight and the thrill of a GREAT victory. Whoever wins these fights will be set atop the pinnacle of amateur kickboxing in America. Of the 12 fighters in these six fights nine hold National or North American titles. The three non title holders will surely be title holders in the near future. Here are the bouts for the night followed by our first feature:

  1. 3 ROUNDS IKF Amateur FCR
    John Ganner
    of Simpsonville, South Carolina vs Uzi Maman out of Tennessee.

  2. 3 ROUNDS IKF Amateur FCR
    Stephanie Kernan
    of Mondovi, Wisconsin vs Susan Wood out of Douglasville, Georgia.

  3. 3 ROUNDS IKF Amateur FCR
    Dallas Crowe
    of Lyman, South Carolina vs Nelson Lebron of Virginia Beach, Virginia.

  4. 5 ROUNDS IKF Amateur FCR
    Terrie Hicks
    of Augusta, Georgia vs Jen Thyssen of Depree, Wisconsin.

  5. 5 ROUNDS IKF Amateur FCR
    Justin Pickett
    of Augusta, Georgia vs Joe Surack of Kokomo, Indiana.

  6. 5 ROUNDS IKF Amateur FCR
    KILLER, Doyle Gayler
    of Kaufman, Texas vs John Greubel of Atlanta, Georgia.

  7. 5 ROUNDS IKF Amateur FCR
    Peyton Russell
    of Minneapolis, Minnesota vs Shannon Hudson of Lynn, South Carolina.

  8. 5 ROUNDS IKF Amateur FCR
    "BIG" Bill Jardine
    of Mondovi, Wisconsin vs Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson of Simpsonville, South Carolina.

Justin Pickett
of Augusta, Georgia vs Joe Surack of Kokomo, Indiana.
The first fight we want to highlight here will be between Justin "Blade" Pickett (Right) from North Augusta, Georgia, USA vs Joe "Red Dragon" Surack from Kokomo, Indiana, USA. Pickett is presently trained by Ray Thompson but started his training with Tommy Seigler out of Augusta, Georgia where he was grounded in the fundamentals of kickboxing. He then transferred to the famous AMAA (Augusta Martial Arts Academy) camp also in Augusta, Georgia headed up by Mike and Elizabeth Carlson.

Another asset in the Carlson camp is an excellent kickboxer and trainer that has contributed to AMAA's success. You know him as Precious Paul Pearman. Carlson and Pearman have developed many champions. Pickett is a former IKF USA National Amateur Champion winning his title in 2000 after defeating two fighters from Illinois. In round one he defeated Joseph Balkis Calumet City by unanimous decision, 29-28, 29-28, 29-28 and in the final he defeated Billy Byrd of Aurora of by TKO at :59 seconds of round 1.

Pickett's opponent is Joe Surack. Surack is a tough nut. He hails from the Kokomo Indiana and is without a doubt, tough and MEAN. Surack is actually a nice guy (outside the ring). Pickett defeated Surack in the opening round of last years 2002 IKF USA National Amateur Championships by unanimous decision, 30-27 on all 3 judges cards. Surack of course is looking to avenge his loss while Pickett will be looking to prove himself again to him. Pickett wants to get back on the winning track again after he was defeated in the final at the 2002 IKF USA National Amateur Championships to Robert Elledge of Roseville, California, USA by split decision, 29-28, 29-28 & 28-29. These boys have some history together. This fight will surely put you on the edge of your seat.

Terrie Hicks
of Augusta, Georgia vs Jen Thyssen of Depree, Wisconsin.
The next fight we want to highlight is between Terrie "T-Rex" Hicks (whoooo this women scares us all) and Jen Thyssen (Right, Altoona, Wisconsin, USA - Who needs no introduction.). Hicks and Thyssen fought at the 2001 IKF USA National Amateur Championships where the experience of Thyssen was too much for Hicks In the bout, Hicks couldn't put her game plan to work and Thyssen was was just to evasive and skilled as Thyssen took the title as she defeated Hicks by unanimous decision, 30-27, 29-28 & 29-28. If things would have played out in various ways, these two might have met at last years 2002 IKF USA National Amateur Tournament, However two things happened that didn't make it possible.

1: Thyssen was forced to bow out of the event after coming in above the weight limit at weigh-ins because she had just fought all week at the USA Woman's Boxing Championships at a higher weight where she took 2nd place. But if she would have fought and if she would have won her opening bout, they still would not have met up because,
2: Hicks lost to Rachel Trujillo of Los Lunas, New Mexico in her opening round bout by split decision, 29-28, 28-29, 29-28. Trujillo went on to finish second in the division to the fighter who would have faced Thyssen, Chrisanne Roseleip of Denver, Colorado who defeated her by unanimous decision 29-28 on all 3 judges cards

However, in regards to their previous bout, that was in 2001, this is 2003 and there has been a lot of improvement from both fighters since then. The question is who has developed the most and who wants it the most. Hicks is trained by Carlson and Pearman and Thyssen is trained by Shawn McCarthy and Dereck Kaio from Dupree, Wisconsin, USA. This is the only female fight of the evening and it is sure to be a smoker!

So if you don't have any plans next weekend, May 17th, come on down to Greenville, South Carolina, USA to the Palmetto Expo Center and enjoy the 2003 Martial Arts May-Hem. IT'S GOING TO BE WILD!
Ticket prices are $50: 1st row ringside, $30, 2nd, 3rd & 4th row ringside and $15 general admission: 5th row and beyond. Call to reserve your tickets at (864) 967-3930. For more info, please contact Mr. Ray Thompson at Upstate Karate, Gloria Thompson or Rebecca Preacher at (864) 967-3930, Cell (864) 505-4237, e-mail: tetsushin2@aol.com

MORE NEWS OF 5-12-03

Croatia's Ivan Percovic Wins
KICKBOXING Event 7 - "Best Of The Best" In Italy!

IKF Italy
IKF Italy Promoter Franz Hallar announced the results of his KICKBOXING EVENT 7 "Best Of The Best" in Bolzano Italy this last weekend. Ivan Percovic (Sorry, no photo available at press time) won the 8 man tournament when he defeated Gabrielle Mastroddi (Right) in the finale with a first round KO.

Although Hallar wanted to have all the fighters in the 8 man tournament from Italy, he was only able to match 6 while the other 2 came from other countries near Italy. Percovic from Croatia and Igor from Maldavia. The event was a big success according to Hallar. For more info please contact Mr. Franz Hallar at franz.haller@tin.it or for more info, go to www.franzhaller.tk

SATURDAY, May 10th, 2003, AT 7:40 AM, PST

Reynaud Packs The House Again

Reported By IKF Utah Representative Kwame Stephens

IKF Sandy, Utah, USA
Nothing new here, IKF and IKF/ISCF Promoter Mr. Griffin Reynaud once again packed the house at the "Sandy Station" in Sandy Utah this last Thursday night, May 8th. The packed house was treated to a night of action packed fights of IKF/ISCF NHB and IKF Muay Thai Kickboxing. The atmosphere was set once again with cameras and video screens displaying the nights matches.

Here's the nights results:

    David Young (150) defeated Elmar Natialo (150) by armbar in round 1.

  2. ISCF Amateur MMA/NHB
    Donny Raines (150) defeated Dustin Dearing (150) by back mounted choke in round 1.

  3. IKF Amateur MuayThai:
    Bout 3 was clearly "THE FIGHT OF THE NIGHT!!!" Jerome Issacs (170) vs Nate Veldhouse (170). These 2 fighters went toe to toe and had the crowd on their feet the whole duration of their match. It was close until Veldhouse took too many punches and the referee stopped it in round 3. Issacs was the winner by 3rd round TKO. Let's hope these 2 make to the IKF USA National Amateur Finals because they will definitely make some noise!!!!!

  4. IKF Amateur MuayThai
    Aaron Brandt (185) vs Steve Gomm (182). This was also another good fight with both fighters going strong however by the 3rd round, there became only one who would do more to win. Gomm wins by 3rd round TKO. These will be another pair to keep your eyes on.

  5. ISCF Amateur MMA/NHB
    Faren Cobaz (195) defeated Steve Phillips (193) by KO, knee to the head.

This was another exciting night with a good look of potential future stars. This is IKF Utah Representative Kwame Stephens coming to you from Salt Lake City Utah, another hotbed for American MuayThai!
For more info call (801) 273-0772.

MORE NEWS OF 5-10-03

Thai Boxing & Kickboxing
Results Live From Club Barcelona, Liverpool, England

Reported By Alby Bimpson (R) - IKF European Director

IKF England
Last Sunday, May 4th, IKF Promoters Mark Wilson & John Rice made the IKF proud! There is one thing you can guarantee in Liverpool England is a warm welcome for competitors travelling to compete, and passionate home support for their own fighters. The atmosphere of this event was highly charged. IKF Official judge & referee Clive Tennant commented "If only all the shows had such fantastic support and atmosphere, I really enjoy coming to Liverpool" The bout card included "6" IKF Title Bouts and 9 undercard bouts. All the Title bouts were for vacant IKF Titles and included:

Here's the night's results;

  1. Junior International Rules 3 X 1
    Michelle Seary of Kirkby ThaiBoxing won this bout by default when Ashley Lackey of Liverpool Hope Kickboxing failed to show in the ring.

  2. IKF Junior England Thai Boxing Title 24kg 5 X 1½
    Dean Smith of Kirkby ThaiBoxing defeated Hayden Wheeldon of Olivers Gym, Manchester by Majority Decision.

  3. Thai Boxing 3 X 2
    Chris Cheeseman of Eltham Warriors, London defeated Darren Scholfield of Eagle Muay Thai, Blackpool by TKO at 1:01 of round 2.

  4. IKF Junior England Thai Boxing Title 52kg 5 X 1½
    Adam Graham of Kirkby ThaiBoxing defeated Lee Moffat of Rage, Liverpool by Unanimous Decision.

  5. IKF Amateur England Thai Boxing Title 75kg 5 X 2
    Colin Farricker of Liverpool Hope Kickboxing defeated Mark Skilbeck of Eltham Warriors, London by TKO when Skilbeck could not answer the bell for round 3.

  6. IKF Junior England Inernational Rules Title 50kg 5 X 1½
    Chris Mooney of Gladiators defeated John Gilbert of Merseyside Kickboxing, Liverpool by Unanimous Decision.

  7. IKF Junior Girls European Thai Boxing Title 28kg 5 X 1½
    Jessica Issac of Kirkby ThaiBoxing defeated Makala Cowen of Oakwood Freestyle by Unanimous Decision.

  8. Thia Boxing 3 X 2
    Bryan Creighton of Kirkby and Chris Bigdon of Eagle Muay Thai, Blackpool fought to a draw.

  9. IKF Pro England International Rules 62kg 5 X 2
    Paul Atherton of Winsford, Cheshire defeated Joey Graham of Kirkby ThaiBoxing by TKO at 1:50 of round 1.

  10. Full Contact 3 X 2
    Paul Middlehurst of Merseyside Kickboxing, Haydock and Chris Morgan of Wales fought to a draw.

  11. International Rules 3 X 2
    Ste Allen of Eagle Muay Thai, Blackpool defeated Daniel O'hara of Shrewsbury by Unanimous Decision.

  12. International Rules 3 X 2
    Kieron Burke of Merseyside Kickboxing, Haydock defeated Kenny Jermyn of Liverpool Kickboxing Academy by Unanimous Decision.

  13. International Rules 3 X 2
    Andy Webb of Liverpool Martial Arts defeated Paul Monaghan of Eagle Muay Thai, Blackpool by KO at 10 seconds into round 2.

  14. International Rules 3 X 2
    Tony Shackleton of Fudoshin Kickboxing, Manchester defeated Shaun Roach of Kirkby ThaiBoxing by DQ when Roach was disqualified for arguing with the bout Referee. Roach had been warned for striking Shackleton after the referee broke them up.

  15. International Rules 3 X 2
    Matty Ramsden of Kirkby ThaiBoxing defeated Anthony Owens of Liverpool Kickboxing Academy by TKO at 1:49 of round 3.

The show commenced on time 7:PM and was completed by 11:PM. Why do I mention this? Well congratulations must be given to All trainers and fighters that turned up at the specified time showing their professionalism which made the Pre fight rules meeting easier ensuring everyone knew what was expected of them. A special "Thanmk You" to the official runner, John Hall who made sure every fighter was ready and escorted to the ring on time with correct equipment. A person that is normally taken for granted and not often mentioned. As usual, this was yet another event where the Teamwork from all IKF officials and IKF fighters and trainers made for an EXCELLENT Event!

FRIDAY, May 9th, 2003, AT 5:45 PM, PST

This Weekends IKF Action

Hallar Ready For
In Italy This Weekend!

IKF Italy
IKF Italy Promoter Franz Hallar is all set to host this weekends KICKBOXING EVENT 7 in Bolzano, Italy. The feature of the event will be an 8 man heavyweight tournament of all Italian Fighters.

For more info please contact Mr. Franz Hallar at franz.haller@tin.it or for more info, go to www.franzhaller.tk Below are the fighters competing in this event.


IKF Point Kickboxing©
In Roseville, California

Roseville, CA, USA
IKF Promoter Johnny Davis and his Art of Kickboxing Promotions company are all set for another IKF Point Kickboxing© event tomorrow at Marinobles Karate & Kickboxing located at Commerce Professional Park, 600 Commerce Drive in Roseville, California, USA. Pre-Registration forms have been coming in strong and several Kickboxing schools in the California area have committed to many more entries on the day of the event!

All gloves will be 16 ounce Boxing gloves which will be available at the event along with head gear and chest protectors. However all gyms are encouraged to bring their own approved equipment if possible. Men, Women and Children will compete for beautiful 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place trophies. Beginner and Advanced divisions will be available.

Registration starts at 9:AM and the event will start at 11:AM. Registration fee at the door is $35. Spectator tickets are $5 and those under 4 years old are free. There is a rules meeting scheduled for 11 AM for ALL PARTICIPANTS. See this page for Registration and Rules: www.IKFKickboxing.com/PKB.htm

For more info, contact Johnny Davis at Art of Kickboxing Promotions (916) 780-7483 or by e-mail at johnnyd@netwiz.net


The Below Event News was previously posted on
Wednesday, May 7th at 10:30 AM
However we moved it up for this weekends Action


North Central Midwest MuayThai & Leg Kick
Regionals Ready To Bring It ON!

Sterling, Illinois, USA
After a last minute rush of registrants, IKF North Central MuayThai/International Rules Regional Promoter Mike Mattox of Sterling Muay Thai in Sterling Illinois is ready to Bring It ON for this weekends IKF Regional Event at Westwood Sports.

Mattox reports in with nearly 50 fighters and with the variation of weightclasses and rule style divisions (2), there will be about 15 bouts leaving some fighters without a bout. This is nothing new to regional events since the IKF started this Tournament back in 1999. Since last year, all the Regional Tournaments have been changed to "Seeding" tournaments for the IKF USA National Amateur Finals in August. However whether a fighter has a bout or not they will still attain the privilege of being seeded higher at the IKF National Tournament for registering at a Regional Tournament. This is a privilege many fighters will miss out on.

Due to the Middle East conflicts, this year has been hard due to the setbacks everyone has faced. Although the war has ended, several regional events were never confirmed by some of last years regional promoters. Because of this, those areas without Regional Seeding Tournaments will leave fighters without an opportunity to attain a higher seeding for the IKF National Finals. These fighters will be entering the National Finals Tournament registered as walkovers as in previous years.

As far as Mattox' event this Saturday, the weigh-ins will start at 8:AM and go through 11:AM. Prelims are scheduled for 3:PM sharp and the finals will go at 7:PM. Brooks Mason will be the IKF Event Representative. The venue for the event will be Westwood Sports at 1900 Westwood Drive, Sterling Illinois, USA. Tony "Killer" Kelley will be the DJ/Announcer like last year, so if any of you fighters have entrance music, bring it, preferably on a CD. Please remember that there will be children present so the Official IKF Rule and Regulation in regards to Music and Announcer will be strongly enforced. To read about this rule please click HERE!

The Holiday Inn in Rock Falls Illinois is one of the event sponsors so if you need a room, remember to tell them that you are with the IKF to get a discount. For any questions, or concerns please contact Regional Tournament Director Mike Mattox at (815) 622-0489 or e-mail him (Which is the best way) at sterlingmt@hotmail.com. If you need directions, once you get into town, call (815) 622-6201. DO NOT USE "MAPQUEST" OR SIMILAR SITES! THE DIRECTIONS ARE WRONG!

Fighters for this event will be coming from Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan, Indiana and Eastern Nebraska. The will come from the Peoria Athletic Club, Duke Roufus Gym, Sterling Muay Thai Camp, Tiger Medina Gym, USA Muay Thai, Rising Phoenix Martial Arts, Dubuque Martial Arts Group, Ronin Gym, Monroe County Martial Arts, Ringside Sports, Iron Mountain Muay Thai, Cooper's Gym and Galesburg Kuk Sool Won.

THURSDAY, May 8th, 2003, AT 7:55 PM, PST

Where Do Dreams Begin?

On on September 7th, 8th & 9th, 2001, over 200 Amateur Kickboxers from across the USA met in Olathe/Kansas City Kansas, USA for the Largest Kickboxing event EVER (Number of competitors) in North America. It was the 2001 IKF USA National Amateur Tournament. Although some would fall short of winning it all, all of them were winners on this weekend because they all made it there to "Walk The Walk" and test their skills against the BEST Amateur fighters in America. Of them, over 60 would walk away with the 2001 IKF USA National Amateur Championship Belt and Title. Many of them would go forward in their lives to accomplish greater things. This is a story about one of them that did just that.

At the event, an unknown amateur by the name of Carter Williams showed many that he had a plan. In Round 1 of the Men's Amateur MuayThai Rules Super Heavyweight division on Saturday, Williams faced John Grantham of Athens, Georgia. Grantham stood 6'4" tall and weighed in at 259 lbs. He was the one many thought would shine at this years Nationals. However, it was not meant to be. The young man from Modesto California trained by Gene Fields, Williams, defeated Grantham by split decision 29-28, 29-28 & 28-29 to advance to the final.

In the final, Williams faced 2000 USA National Champion Kurt Hasley of Signal Mountain, Tennessee. At 6'4, 240 lbs many thought it was now Hasley's title to win while others were still asking, "Who is this Williams boy?"

Many at the IKF Nationals that year would soon remember this young mans name as Carter Williams. What few knew was that this boy was no boy, he was a young man who had a dream. A dream that know one was going to take from him. He was to prove that those who believe are those who achieve. Williams strength was vast but it would be his heart and his mind that would help him achieve his dream on this day as he defeated the previous Champion Kurt Hasley by unanimous decision, 29-27, 29-27 & 28-27 to win the 2001 IKF USA National Amateur MuayThai Rules Super Heavyweight Title.

Williams turned Pro the next year and continued towards yet another dream. K-1 Champion. He fought any bout that he was offered, kickboxing, boxing and even mixed martial arts, winning them all. Then came his opportunity to fulfill his next dream. To be K-1 Champion. The call came from Promoter Scott Coker and matchmaker Javiar Mendez, Williams was in the tournament. However it would be no easy road for the young man. He was to face last years Champion Mike McDonald. A fighter Williams admired as well as respected for his great accomplishments. However McDonald had done what Williams now wanted to do. Win K-1.

Williams took McDonald by split decision, 29.5-28.5 Williams, 29.5-29 McDonald, 29.5-29, Williams. The decision shocked many but made everyone realize, Williams was for real! And as Williams said, "This is MY Title!" We all admitted that if he didn't win again from here forward in the Tournament that he had made plenty of us not only proud but also believe even more that this former IKF USA National Champion was for real! However, little did we know, Williams would not be content to finish before the final, let alone that!

In his Semi Final bout Williams faced Japanese fighter Yusuke Fujimoto. When Williams landed a left leg to Fujimoto's face the crowd of believers came to their feet as Fujimoto was given the 8 count. Williams ended it by TKO at 2:26 of round 2. Did someone tell Williams, "Dreams can come true, if you BELIEVE!"

It was now time for the final, the Championship bout. Shown live via PPV in North America and tape delayed to Japan, all eyes were on the young man from Modesto with a big heart and a dream he held close to it. Few believed the soft spoken Williams sheltered a BEAST within but step into his office known as a boxing ring and it's Game ON! Welcome to the JUNGLE!

Williams would face the most famous kickboxer in the world, Rick Roufus. As a young boy Williams had watched Roufus knock out opponents on his way to winning "6" World titles. This was no easy job ahead for Williams no matter how powerful the Beast was inside him. This was "Rick The JET Roufus and Williams was reminded by his trainer Gene Fields, "This is it son, we're not in Modesto anymore. Everything we dreamed about is right here in front of us at this moment. Seize the moment Carter, seize the DREAM!"

Williams wasted little time as he connected with a strong right hand to Roufus' head followed by a round kick to his head that "Grounded" The Jet in only 9 seconds into the first round. After the 8 count Williams went on the attack again and at 2:03 of the first round he landed a right hand that was heard around the world on Roufus' head! The Jet was down and at 2:20, referee Jon Schorle waived it of and all we and many others had to say was "Oh My GOD!" "We have a NEW BEAST!

Williams has now been brought to the attention to many others outside the IKF circle and we can only say we are very proud of him. He had a dream and him and his trainer took it on "Together" as ONE, as a TEAM! After the win Fields was screaming "IKF, IKF" in the ring. Williams also made it clear while still in the ring, "This all started at the IKF USA National Amateur Tournament!" We can't, don't and won't take credit for what trainer Gene Fields and Carter Williams accomplished on that night in Las Vegas Nevada, USA on May 2nd, 2003. THEY did it, no one else. But we can remember where they started their journey from and we can say "We knew him when..."

This is just a reminder to all you amateur fighters out there, that if you believe enough, Dreams can and do come true. For Carter Williams, those dreams started at the IKF USA National Amateur Tournament! We hope to see you in Cedar Rapids Iowa on August 15th, 16th and 17th. For more info, click HERE.



Reynaud Ready For More Action

IKF Sandy, Utah, USA
IKF and IKF/ISCF Promoter Mr. Griffin Reynaud is all set to hosts tonights, May 8th IKF and ISCF Action at "Sandy Station" in Sandy Utah.

The event will feature both IKF and ISCF Amateur bouts. Sandy Station is located at 8925 South - 255 West, Sandy Utah, USA The nights ISCF Event Representative will be Mr. Andrew Poulos and the nights IKF Event Representative will be Mr. Kwame Stephens. The ISCF Event Referee will be Mr. Steve Gomm and the IKF Event Referee will be Mr. Drew Poulos. For tickets call: (801) 352-8032. For fighter info call (801) 273-0772.


Jesse & Rob Do It Again With Another
Packed House at "Lucky's on the Landing".

By Brooks Mason - (R) IKF Ambassador

St. Louis, Missouri, USA
It is always a joy to work a Finney fight card. The fighters always come in on weight and the quality of fighters Finney brings in for competition is outstanding. Since the weigh ins went smooth I had a chance to visit the newest addition to the Finney Stable "O'Finney Acres". This little patch of heaven is located outside St. Louis next to a gentle rolling creek. A cabin along with a few acres in the wilderness is the official escape location for Finney and his fighters. Finney's better half, Kelly, was getting ready for her own professional battle on the Professional Beach Volley Ball circuit. Kelly played on the USA Team that went to Italy and has been a professional athlete for some time. A household with two professional athletes certainly explains the need for O'Finneys Acres.

On to the Fight Card.
Fight #1:
Ralph Harr vs Mike Winkler

This was a Pro-Am "Exhibition" with the weight advantage going to Harr. I was looking forward to seeing if Winkler had changed since I saw him fight on Zbilski's card, however the fight lasted only seconds. Winkler suffered a scratch on his eye and had to go to the hospital. Our best wishes go out to Winkler for a quick recovery. I have being told he will be all right but the injury was very painful.

Fight #2: Leslie McNamara vs. Jenny Woodrum
How in the world they call what I saw an exhibition, I do not know. Jenny Woodrum, under the tutelage of Benny Voyles, has improved by leaps and bounds. Jenny stuck with Leslie the entire fight. Exchanges were pretty much on an even scale. Good hands and feet from both fighters with Leslie's patented round house to the body taking it's toll. Jenny is showing much better composure and use of her hands inside. Both of these women will be the fighters to beat if you want an IKF title this year.

Fight #3: Erin McNamara vs. Sarah Schneider
This was a good fight. Sarah Schneider was a big surprise to everyone but her coach. Few people have ever dominated a round on either one of the McNamara women but round one was all Schneider. Staying on top of Erin she cut off all attempts to counter or build an offense. Good hands and feet in combinations kept Erin guessing what was coming next.
Round two was a different story. You don't confuse a Finney fighter for long. Coming out in the second round, Erin showed why she is the Champ. Battling back to take the round, Erin and Sarah were dead even going into the last round.
Round three could have been fought on a postage stamp. Both fighter stood literally toe-to-toe and banged it out for two minutes. Sarah showed skills you see at the Championship level but it was not enough to beat the likes of Erin McNamara.

Fight #4: Mike Green vs John Hoppes
Green and Hoppes have faced each other before but it was in NHB. Green left the ring with two black eyes but won the fight on an arm bar. This time both fighters said they had more fun. The friendship between these two is what Kickboxing is all about.
Round #1: Green is taller with a greater reach. Hoppes did exactly what he was told and took the fight to Green. Staying inside the first round, Hoppes was able to nullify the longer reach and work Green's body.
Round #2: Hoppes is trained by Russ O'Connell and you can tell he is well schooled in doing exactly as he is told. Hoppes continued to cut the ring and work inside on Green. Green on the other hand is trained by Finney and as you know, Almost nothing works twice on a Finney fighter. Adjustments were made in the corner between rounds and Green fought to stay in the center of the ring.
Round #3: Hoppes suffered a hurt knee and cutting the ring off became impossible with the light of foot Green. Green came to fight though and was never very far away. They battled it out till the bell and Green won on a split-decision. The two are best of friends who happen to like beating the crap out of each other. Both fighters should be watched at the Nationals.

Fight #5: John Felts vs. Dylan Leonard
Round #1: John Felts is trained by Benny Voyles. John Felts is destined to be a world Champion. On to the fight. Not much of a feeling out period for these two. Dylan comes out of the Finney camp and feeling out rounds are usually non-existent. The two fought with an interesting use of combinations for the first round. I think Dylan got the better of Felts.
Round #2: Felts seemed to come out connecting better. Dylan is a brawler who wants to get you in his pounding range. Felts used a great deal of lateral movement and peppered Dylan from the outside. Counter punching and working from the center of the ring, Felts won this round.
Round #3: Dylan laid it all out. Trying to corner Felts and take advantage of his superior strength, Dylan got caught up in a chasing game. Felts continued to move around and very effectively counterpunch off Dylan assaults. Felts wins but it is a very good fight.

Fight #6: Matt Taff Vs. Nick Anderson
This was a great fight. Round #1: Taff came out with one purpose, to corner Anderson and beat him unconscious. Anderson would have none of it. The first round set the tone for the entire fight. Anderson moved around the ring counter punching while Taff was throwing bombs.
Round #2: Remember that Taff can knock you out with either hand and has a chin like a barn door. His pursuit of Anderson was relentless and it was all Anderson could do to keep the fight in the center. Taff connected with a solid right that had Anderson's eye swelling before the bell.
Round #3: The fight was extremely close and both fighters knew they had to win this round. Taff took it to Anderson from the bell but the counterpunching and strong right of Anderson kept him at bay. Well almost. Taff took the round and the fight. It was a classic example of conflicting styles and made for a fantastic third round. Looking forward to seeing these two do it again. Split decision for Taff.

Fight #7: Kevin Engel vs. Frank Nygen
Round #1: Frank came into this fight with a good record as a San Shou fighter. When Kevin closed the gap you could tell Frank was looking to tie up or throw. He simply wasn't ready for the likes of Kevin Engel. Frank weathered some vicious assaults and lasted the round. All Kevin.
Round #2: Engel came out of the corner with a vengeance and the assault was on. Franks kicking, although quite good, was having no effect on Engel. The knockdown from round #1 was repeated and it looked as if Frank had had enough. But he showed more toughness than we imagined and came back to make a fight of it. His trainer, John James, built some serious heart into this boy.
Round #3: Engel came out throwing thunderous body shots. The previous rounds punishment had taken it's toll on Frank and he could not get anything going. The referee stepped in and stopped the fight. Referee Vance Thompson is one of the best and his decision to stop the fight was welcomed by all. Frank put up a good fight but he did face Kevin Engel.

Who out there will face Engel?
I vote for an Anthony McGaughey - Kevin Engel rematch. Two bits of big news. Kevin Bozada is coming out of retirement and intends to go to the Nationals. He has to get past one of the best though. He has a match with Adam Sylvia in June. This should be a war.

Jesse Finney is fighting NHB in June. Working on his grappling skills, Finney hopes to add NHB to his collection of Championship belts. Once again, great fights. Great job Rob Donaker. Until next time, this is Brooks Mason coming to you from Mick Doyle's Emerald Mongoose Muay Thai Camp is Omaha, Nebraska. The "Home of Kickboxing"

For more info please contact Mr. Jesse Finney or Rob Donaker at (314) 351-5226 or by e-mail by clicking HERE or visit their website at www.FinneysKickboxing.com

Results Of The
ISCF Mixed Martial Arts On The Above Event Listed Below

Guidry & Rothmeyer
Get Big Wins In St. Louis

By Rob Donaker

St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Since the Missouri Athletic Commission has legalized NHB/MMA fighting when using the ISCF as a sanctioning body, promoters have been getting more and more ISCF sanctioned fights on their events. This past weekend at the Midwest Fight Fest, Promoter Jesse Finney brought a team from Kansas City in to face three fighters from St. Louis.

The first fight of the night saw Bryan Guidry -vs- Mike Sealy
Both of these fighters come from a BJJ background and have both been very active in tournaments. Guidry is part of Team Vaghi Submission Jiu-Jitsu. This team has produced suck talent as UFC Veteran Steve Berger, and King of the Cage Veteran Mike Rogers. Sealy is from American Jiu-Jitsu. The fight started out with plenty of excitement, with Sealy landing a high kick to Guidry's head, splitting his eye open. His kick sounded like a baseball getting hit by Mark McGuire. Guidry dropped to the ground, Sealy quickly jumped on Guidry and started throwing punches. Guidry quickly fell back to his vast Jiu-Jitsu background and took control on the ground. Sealy looked comfortable, also with a Jiu-Jitsu background. Now both fighters started working for different submissions, until Guidry secured one of Sealy's arms and executed on an arm bar. Winner: Guidry by arm bar.

The next ISCF NHB/MMA fight had one fighter returning to the ring after a big win on Feb 3rd. Mike Rothmeyer is of the members of Team Vaghi, better known at his club as "Brazilian Mike", he came to fight. His opponent, Mike Schneider of American Jiu-Jitsu was in the same mind set, To win! The fight started with both fighters feeling each other out, until Schneider shot on Rothmeyer. Rothmeyer controlled Schneider's shot and landed a knee to counter. Rothmeyer then took it to the ground. Starting the "ground and pound" technique Rothmeyer was able to look for many different submissions. Schneider reversed the position putting Rothmeyer on his back. Big mistake! If no one can put it together the "Brazilian" in "Brazilian Mike" means he knows what to do on the ground. Rothmeyer quickly set Schneider up and executed a triangle choke.
Winner: Rothmeyer triangle choke.

The last of the ISCF NHB/MMA fight was as exciting as the previous two. Dustin Fercella, of Finney's Championship Kickboxing and Martial Arts, was coming into his second NHB fight. His opponent Grant Hartwig, of American Jiu-Jitsu, has a background in Jiu-Jitsu and has had some tournament experience. Both fighters came out looking to take the other one to the ground. Hartwig shot on Fercella, who sprawled and prevented the takedown. Once the fight went to the ground Hartwig started using his Jiu-Jitsu background, where Fercella went to the ground and pound style, which has made Matt Hughes and Tito Ortiz great fighters. Hartwig started on a knee bar, which the crowd thought it was over, until Fercella slipped out. This put Hartwig on his back, where any Jiu-Jitsu fighter would feel comfortable. After both fighters worked for a minute, Hartwig caught Fercella in a guillotine choke. Winner: Hartwig guillotine choke.

For more info please contact Mr. Jesse Finney or Rob Donaker at (314) 351-5226 or by e-mail by clicking HERE or visit their website at www.FinneysKickboxing.com


Selbee Speech
Motivates Students

IKF Kickboxing Champion "Gives Back" And Serves As An Inspiration To Georgia Youth
Mike Carlson - IKF Georgia

IKF Georgia, USA
When IKF/ISCF World President, Steve Fossum, poses his oft heard rhetorical inquiry, "What are you doing to promote kickboxing?" (See April 19th, 2003 Article: WHAT'S NEXT? , IKF U.S. Heavyweight Champion, Mark Selbee, got to thinking.

The Georgia-based powerhouse and undefeated professional kickboxer listened, possessed of the same choice as all involved in the martial sports do. Namely, to decide what sort of example he will set. Would the impression that he makes on others, especially the younger fans, be important to him? Or would he shirk the reality that fame, success and notoriety placed upon him?

Simply put, Mark Selbee is not the sort that runs from a fight or his responsibilities. He has dedicated himself to setting an upbeat and admirable tone with everything he does. Selbee's choice comes as no surprise to those who know him. The Champion is someone who understands his burden as a standard bearer for the martial sports, which have such an incredible appeal to our nation's youngsters. His conduct both in and out of the ring reflects that. His successes in the business world do too.

Mark Selbee understands that, because of his achievements, he will be seen by many as a role model. Rather than avoiding that portion of the price fame, Selbee, showing the spirit of the true martial artist, has embraced it. So, when an Atlanta area high school needed a motivational speaker to help steer young minds in a positive direction, Mark Selbee was an obvious choice.

Recently and in particular, the students and faculty at Wesleyan School in Norcross, Georgia, were privileged to hear Selbee detail his ascension to the title and his thoughts on what it takes to be the best. The students were mesmerized by Selbee's presentation, which focused on his many sacrifices and intense training regimen. It's fair to say the highlight tape of Selbee's knock-outs from both kick boxing and Tae Kwon Do matches didn't hurt his cause much either. They gave him instant credibility with the crowd.

Selbee spoke of the many different components of his training from cardiovascular conditioning to the various polymeric exercises he employs. The students were clearly impressed with Selbee's extreme dedication to physical fitness and passion for martial arts. Selbee also touched on the balance required to maintain his training schedule with the time required to be successful in his professional life as a business executive.

Most importantly, the students could see that the charismatic champion had achieved greatness in the ring concurrently with white collar success. He is a respected and respectable man. This let all in attendance know that achievement is a product of making the right decisions, and that toughness can be found in men wearing a tie, and who are at home in the boardroom and the classroom, as well in the bag room.

The presentation was coordinated by Marc Khedouri, (At Left with Selbee) the dean of students at Wesleyan. Khedouri, like Selbee, trains at Chris Stolzman's LA Boxing in Atlanta. Khedouri himself must have been inspired by Selbee as well, as he is getting ready to compete in the upcoming IKF Southeastern Regional Tournament in Valdosta, Georgia. Khedouri has been working hard with two of LA Boxing's strongest trainers, Phillip Botha and former kickboxing great Eddie Monger. Furthermore, Khedouri certainty is a guy who is not intimidated easily. He has officiated hockey matches in the Boston Garden, The Spectrum in Philadelphia and had his picture taken with the President.

Khedouri's association with and choice of Selbee as an inspirational speaker would certainly be an outgrowth of those types of associations, and Khedouri's own professional dedication to the positive development of young people.

So what is next for Selbee? He has a five round heavyweight contest scheduled for Saturday, May 17, 2003, in Atlanta. From there, the sky will probably continue to be the limit.

To contact Mr. Selbee for special appearances or other matters please call (404) 384-3456 or you can e-mail him at markselbee@clearchannel.com.

TUESDAY, May 6th, 2003, AT 1:00 PM, PST

Results From Finney's
"Midwest Fight Fest"

Saturday, May 3rd, St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Although Brooks Mason will be submitting a full report on this event later in the week, this is for all you hungry fight fans that want to know the results NOW! Here are the quick results of the Finney's
Midwest Fight Fest Below:

  1. IKF Amateur Kickboxing
    US Champion Kevin Engal (19-3/10 KO) of St. Louis, Missouri, USA defeated Frank Nygen of Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA (11-1-/8 KO) by 3rd round TKO when Referee Vance Thompson stopped the fight. (Fight records include the result of this bout)

    Grant Hartwig, Kansas City, Missouri, USA defeated Dustin Fercella, St. Louis, Missouri, USA by by guilitene choke.

  3. IKF Amateur Kickboxing
    Matt Taff, St. Louis, Missouri, USA defeated Nick Anderson, Waterloo, Iowa, USA by split decision.

    "Brazilian" Mike Rothmeyer, St. Louis, Missouri, USA defeated Mike Schneider, Kansas City, Missouri, USA by triangle choke.

  5. IKF Amateur Kickboxing
    John Felts, Pacific, Missouri, USA defeated Dylan Leonard, St. Louis, Missouri, USA by split decision.

    Bryan Guidry, St. Louis, Missouri, USA defeated Mike Sealy, Kansas City, Missouri, USA by arm bar.

  7. IKF Amateur Kickboxing
    "Mean" Mike Green, St. Louis, Missouri, USA defeated John Hoppes, Waterloo, Iowa, USA by unanimous decision.

    Brian Steckenrider, St. Louis, Missouri, USA vs Ken Sparks, Rolla, Missouri, USA. Fight doctor wouldn't release Sparks to fight. Fight was canceled.

  9. IKF Amateur Kickboxing
    Erin McNamara, St. Louis, Missouri, USA defeated Sara Schneider, Kansas City, Missouri, USA by unanimous decision.
  10. IKF Amateur Kickboxing
    Leslie McNamara, St. Louis, Missouri, USA vs Jenny Woodrum, Pacific, Missouri, USA: Exhibition fight, not judged.

  11. IKF Amateur Kickboxing
    Ralph Harr, St. Louis, Missouri, USA vs Mike Winkler, Belleville, Illinois, USA by TKO.

For more info please contact Mr. Jesse Finney or Rob Donaker at (314) 351-5226 or by e-mail by clicking: HERE or visit their website at www.FinneysKickboxing.com


Fighter Thor Ring
Will Be Missed!

San Francisco, California, USA
On April 26th we here at the IKF heard about the sudden death of amateur kickboxer Thor Ring of San Francisco, California, USA. Ring stood 5'8" tall and fought in the Full Contact Rules division as a Welterweight fighter. The first time we met him he was on an IKF Sanctioned event in Redding, California, USA at the Win River Casino on July 24th, 1997. In the bout he lost by split decision to Redding's Dan Weatherford, 28-29, 30-27, 30-27. During his career he was trained by trainers such as former IKF Pro Champion Randy Bussart, Andy Nance and Paul Wade. Our prayers go out to the Ring family and those associated with Thor. He was 32 years old.

MONDAY, May 5th, 2003, AT 6:35 PM, PST

TKO & Team Z
Rock Louisville At The
Miller Light Sports Village

Louisville, Kentucky, USA
From the hometown of boxing's "Greatest", Louisville welcomed premier gear and apparel manufacturer TKO who brought in expert talent from across the United States to showcase their products.

Led by IKF Hall of Fame Inductee and 2002 trainer of the year, Rob Zbilski, TKO showcased their gear by having such names as Sarah Ross (Team Z's 12-year old IKF Super Atom-Weight National Champion) and former IKF competitor and soon-to-be professional boxer Lois Theobald, take part in the expert training drills. These two top women competitors really showcased their talents!

Rob's (Left in Black) team of champions' demonstrated expert techniques pushing through round after round of slips, counters, power-punches and kicks impressing onlookers.

To further showcase their talents and step up their training regiment, the girls of Team Z sparred 2000 IKF Super Welterweight Champion Rich Whitenack. TKO also brought in fitness experts, both male and female. From Nashville, ESPN-2 Fitness Champion, Amy Fessler and New York City's very own Violet Zaki showcased their amazing training techniques. Based out of Miami, men's fitness expert David Cupp was brought in to demonstrate new strength and endurance drills.

This made for a super action-based demonstration offering visual proof that the marriage of fitness, boxing and kickboxing is one that is sure to last. Thanks to the representatives from TKO for bringing it all together!

What was the Miller Light Sports Village?
A unique Sports Village provided an interactive sports wonderland to a diverse audience to view the latest in sports products. From baseball to football, basketball to hockey, soccer to volleyball, tennis to golf, fishing and outdoor to extreme, it's an incredible, never-been-done opportunity to broadcast to the world just how exciting the sports industry is. It was a chance to network, brand, and test market to an unparalleled consumer group that is already in attendance for the Kentucky Derby.



Favorite Moments Of Past
IKF USA National Amateur Tournaments

Every year at IKF USA National Amateur Tournaments we put several fighters pictures in the event program. Often we are asked, "Why is HIS picture in there?... Why not so and so?" With this being said, we would like to open up the opportunity for past participants to be in this years 2003 USA National Finals Program. We especially want this because this is our 5 Year Anniversary of the IKF USA National Amateur Tournament and we plan to have several short stories in the program about the past 4 years of the event.

If you want to be in the program, please mail us your "ONE" favorite photo. Please include in the envelope or on the back of the photo (Tape the info on, do not write on the back of the picture paper) your name, where your from, rules style you have fought in, and any other info you can add to the picture. You can mail these photos to us at: IKF, P. O. Box 1205, Newcastle, CA, 95658. Because we need to assure the high quality resolution, photos sent by e-mail cannot be used. On the envelope in the lower left corner please put "USA National Photos".

Some photos will be associated with stories while others will be included on a page with many others. This way, no one will feel left out because their picture is not in the program. The deadline for these photos to be received here is July 4th, 2003.


If It Glitters…Is it Gold?

By Johnny Davis (R)

This past Friday night, the Las Vegas Mirage Hotel and Casino was the host of the now prestigious K-1 event that featured an assortment of mixed martial arts styles and fighters from around the world. The highlight of the event was the K-1 elimination which included some of the best heavyweight fighters in the world. It was subtitled "The New Fighting Sport" where eight men enters and only one exits to be called the K-1 champ. Although, the K-1 will not feed the mouths of all of the hungry Kickboxers in the world, it does satisfy the thirst for recognition that the sport so badly needs.

I had the opportunity along with a few other close associates to witness the K-1 event first hand while many others viewed it via Pay Per View television around the world. I also had a great time seeing many in the Kickboxing community that I haven't seen in years. Meeting celebrities like former world heavyweight boxing champ John Ruiz, who defeated Evander Holyfield but recently lost his title to the dynamic Roy Jones Jr. was also enjoyable.

The K-1 staff should be proud of this production. It had a lot of glitter and some gold! For the most part, it was done with class and had the flare of success written all over it. Most seats in the beautiful Mirage Convention Center seem to be filled with those anticipating exciting action. They got what they wanted especially in the final heavyweight elimination bout between the young and hungry Carter Williams of Modesto, CA USA and the experience veteran Rick "The Jet" Roufus (Current IKF Pro IR Heavyweight World Champion) of Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA. Rick has been long noted as one of the best in the history of the sport of Kickboxing. This match had everyone in attendance on their feet for the entire 2 minutes 50 seconds of the match. It would be a night that neither fighter would ever forget…one of ushering out the old and in with the new. Carter's devastating right cross cracked the head of Roufus leaving him horizontal and at the mercy of the referee and medical officials at ringside. Heck, I got so excited, I thought I saw Elvis…oh, wait a moment! I did see Elvis! (An Elvis impersonator was also in attendance)

Williams is as humble and respectful as anyone you would want to meet but clearly there lies a "Beast" within. At the tender age of 22 and as the new K-1 champion, he will be challenged in more ways than one can imagine in and out of the ring. We can only hope that he and his trainer Gene Fields will keep their eyes wide open as they negotiate the future of the young champ. I would like to make mention of the fact that Carter was the 2001 IKF National Heavyweight Muay Thai Champion. I clearly recall a conversation with those close to the K-1 event that the IKF Nationals and perhaps other events like it were the incubators of the future of Kickboxing. Carter Williams' win not only proved this point but also showed us what you can accomplish in a short amount of time with dedication and hard work. Congratulations to Carter and his entire team!

As for the event, it was one of mixed emotions. Yes, it had the glitz' and glamour of a Hollywood production. Yes, the smoke, fire, sound and lighting made it appear first class and yes, it did have a few fights worth mentioning. However, on the downside of that, I saw a well marketed Playboy Bunny who was no doubt stunning and "eye candy" for the onlookers but did not know the first thing about Kickboxing or any other type of fighting. From a marketing perspective, I can see the promoter's point. But, I had to ask myself, with all of the talented female fighters around the world who deserve to be on such a prominent card, how is it that a former Playboy Bunny takes the spotlight. Since I have a forum to do so, I feel that I must speak on behalf of those left out. There are female fighters who have been training and working hard in the gym for years who could have offered a more exciting fight! Instead of the one sided fight we witness. Hopefully, the K-1 promoters will keep this in mind for future events.

Additionally, I, as many, were a little dissapointed in the Mark Hunt vs Gary Goodridge fight and the lack of Kickboxing (combinations) ability of these fighters. Forget the high quality of the event for a moment, and lets get to the facts about the abilities of these fighters. This bout looked like boxing matche. No pun for boxing because I love it, but when its suppose to be a Kickboxing match, where were the kicks? When are we going to reach the level where Kickboxing will be defined in its own essence and by the sheer execution of kicks and punches with and, or when the opportunity calls? Boxing for most of the round only to throw one or two kicks to remind everyone that its Kickboxing as in the bout mentioned is not what I feel is taking the sport of Kickboxing nor, the K-1 events to new heights.

Moreover, Conditioning! Did anyone notice that a few of the fighters seemed "gassed" within the first two minutes of the first round of their bout? Are we at the point yet where we really understand how to train for this type of fighting or are we getting lost in the cross training for the diverse fighting that's accompanied with a certain rule style and missing out on the most vital areas of conditioning in our preparation? Understanding how to train and getting in the best physical condition possible is vital for the future growth of our sport. Many are willing to accept the fact that they are getting through rounds. Some, however are concerned with how we're looking getting through the rounds. In my personal opinion, some of those competing in the K-1 and other professional events need to go back to the basics and concentrate on the total body and technical conditioning part of Kickboxing.

Above all, the event was well done and there were some fighters that stood out as being in good shape with good techniques. It did have a lot of glitter but fell short of gold due to some of the reasons I mentioned above. Remember fighters, this is not a Tough Man Contest! This is Professional "Kickboxing" and we must deliver it in the essence of its name with skilled combatants that awe the audience! The K-1 staff have come a long way and as they continue to grow the entertainment value of the sport, I hope too that the fighters will see the need to rise to the occasion and continue to take our sport to its deserving magnitude. Forward March!

DISCLAIMER: The views expressed in the foregoing column are strictly those of Johnny Davis. They do not represent the feelings, thoughts, or expressions of the IKF, K-1 or any of their representatives, employees, and/or assigns.

SUNDAY, May 4th, 2003, AT 11:40 PM, PST

See Williams' K-1 KO Win Yourself!

It was like watching the Ultimate BEAST go after his pray, having no thought of fear, defeat or failure in his eyes. Fresh out of the gate, Williams eyes focused on Roufus like a Lion on a hunk of meat on a stick. Only 9 seconds into the first round, he landed a right hand followed by a left leg round kick to Roufus' head that knocked Roufus down. After the 8 count Williams went on the attack again. Then the shocking unthinkable happened. At 2:03 of the first, Williams landed a right hand that KO'ed "The Jet!" At 2:20, referee Jon Schorle waived it of and all we and many others had to say was "Oh My GOD!"

Now you can download this dynamic attack of Carter Williams on Rick Roufus at this last Friday nights K-1 Event in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. To do so, Click HERE! Windows Media Format - Size: 8MB -

SATURDAY, May 3rd, 2003, AT 10:20 AM, PST

There's A New BEAST!
Former IKF USA National Champion Carter Williams Wins K-1 USA!

We will be posting another story later next week, but for now, we will play it out as if you were there and simply give you the results. More PICTURES will also be added later.

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Well known ring announcer Bruce Buffer of Marina Del Ray, California, USA started the night out with the introductions and when he was done, we were ready to go. (To read more about Mr. Buffer go to www.bufferzone.com)

  1. International Rules, 3x3, Middleweight
    Brian Warren (Rancho Cucamonga, California, USA, 5'11", 27, 165, 1-1/0, Shark Tank) defeated Santino Defranco (Scottsdale, Arizona, USA, 5'10", 20, 156, 11-6/1, Arizona Combat Sports) by TKO at 1:49 of round 2 due to 3 knockdown rule. Defranco took a beating on his left leg and looked like he didn't know how to defend any leg kicks since he didn't properly check any of Warren's right leg kicks. Warren had won round 1 on all 3 judges cards 10-9.

  2. Full Contact Rules, 5x2, Super Middleweight
    Brian Schwartz (Foster City, California, USA, 6'3", 29, 1720 12-0/8, Golden State Tae Kwon Do) defeated Adrian Foster (Phoenix, Arizona, USA, 6'3", 26, 168, 10-3/3, Team Phoenix) by TKO at 1:26 of round 1. Foster was no match at all for Schwartz. Schwartz as usual had excellent kicks, especially his side kicks which he scored with often on Foster.

  3. MuayThai Rules, 3x3, Bantamweight
    Melanie Kohler (Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, 5'6", 21, 120, 1-0/0, Walt Bayless Combat Jiu-Jitsu) defeated La Tasha Marzolla (Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, 5'6", 23, 118, 1-0/0, Master Toddy's Muay Thai) by TKO when Marzolla's corner choose not to answer the bell for the second round. Marzolla took a severe beating from Kohler's right hand which she had no defense for. All judges gave round 1 to Kohler. Oddly though, one judge actually scored it 10-9-5. Man we hate that half point scoring system!

  4. K-1 Rules, Light Heavyweight
    Blake Lirette (Canada, 5'11", 24, 172, 13-1/5, Champions Martial Arts Academy) defeated Heath Harris (San Diego, California, USA, 6'1, 173) by KO at :29 seconds into round 2 with a great spinning side kick that caught Harris just below the ribs. The ring announcer announced Harris' record as 29 wins with only 1 loss and 28 wins by KO, but we know his record as 1-4 as a pro and 14-5 with 14 KO's as an amateur. Harris was a last second fill in who replaced Kit Cope who was injured in a car accident this week. Harris took a very hard groin kick in round 1 but seemed to have won round 1 easily on our cards. However on the judges cards, one judge actually had it for Lirette 10-9.5 while the other two judges had Harris winning 10-9. Have we mentioned yet that we hate that half point scoring!


BOUT 5: 3 X 3 Heavyweight
Carter Williams (Modesto, California, USA, 6', 22, 235, 30-5/22, Team Voodoo USA, Gene & Cat Fields) faced off against last years K-1 USA Champion, Michael McDonald (Canada, 5'11", 38, 217, 40-13/14, Independent). In our opinion, round 1 and 2 seemed very even. In round 2, Williams looked like he scored more but it wouldn't be a surprise to see a judge score it 10-10. On the judges cards two of them gave Williams round 1, 10-9.5 while the other gave it to McDonald 10-9.5.
For round 2, all 3 judges gave it to Williams. Two scored it 10-9.5 while the third had it 10-9. Round 3 is where the ghost of endurance showed it's face to Williams. McDonald scored on several good shots and what would seem to sway the judges more towards him was that Williams got tired. He seemed slow and tired and had a look on his face of, "What can I do to hurt this guy?" This continued through the round and round 3 was easily McDonald's on the judges cards. All three of them this time scored it 10-9.5. Would the ghost of endurance came back to haunt Williams again? Not so, it was a surprise upset as Williams took McDonald by split decision, 29.5-28.5 Williams, 29.5-29 McDonald, 29.5-29, Williams. The new kid at K-1 dodged his ghost and had beat the Champion! If he didn't win again from here forward he had made plenty of us not only proud but also believe even more that this former IKF USA National Champion was for real! However, little did we know, Williams would not be content to finish before the final, let alone that. Have we mentioned yet that we hate that half point scoring!!!

BOUT 6: 3 X 3 Heavyweight
Yusuke Fujimoto (Japan, 5'10", 27, 225, 10-4/6, Monster Factory) and Dewey Cooper (Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, 6'1", 28, 202, 27-4-1/17, One Kicks) Referee Cecil Peoples must have been expecting a phone call in round 1 since he had it snapped to his belt. Good thing he took it off for the rest of the fight. Fujimoto seemed to win the round, that is if not for Cooper knocking Fujimoto down in round 1. However it was more of Fujimoto's power coming into Coopers punch as he bounced off the ropes. We agreed and so did two of the judges who scored it for Cooper 10-9 while the third scored it for Cooper 10-8.
In round 2, Cooper's left arm took a beating from Fujimoto's right leg and it looked to easily be Fujimoto's round as Cooper didn't land anything of any power. The judges agreed as all 3 scored it for Fujimoto 10-9. Will Cooperhope his surprise knockdown in round 1 be enough math to give him the draw or maybe even a win? Who knows, but what we did know was he needed to get busy!
In round 3, although Cooper came with more this round, he took an even worse beating from both of Fujimoto's hands and legs. Again all three judges agreed and two gave it to Fujimoto 10-9.5 while the third gave it to him 10-9. Fujimoto takes the majority decision win, 28-28, 29-28.5, and 29-28.5. Have we mentioned yet how much we hate that half point scoring system!!! Come on, either you think the guy won the round or he didn't, lose this "Sorta won, sorta lost scoring!"

BOUT 7: 3 X 3 Heavyweight
Referee Nelson Hamilton must have been planning to write something during the bout since he came into the ring with a pen in his pocket. Someone check these guys before they get in the ring! Eduardo Morais (Campo Grande, Brazil, 6'2", 23, 227, 18-1/11, Champions Factory) thought he had a chance as a surprise pick for this first installment of K-1 USA but Rick Roufus (Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, 5'11", 36, 210, 57-6/38, Independent) introduced him to his BIG LEFT HAND as he knocked him down twice in the round! According to K-1 rules, after Roufus knocked Morais down the second time, the bout should have been over. However referee Hamilton made a mistake and allowed the bout to continue. Good thing for judge Cecil Peoples who was frantically waving his hands to stop the fight which the time keeper finally did. Roufus by TKO due to 2 knockdown rule. Good thing for Morais he didn't have to get that third one! He was out on his feet after the second!

BOUT 8: 3 X 3 Heavyweight
Although they announced it as only an 15 lb weight difference, this looked more like 30 to 40 as little David, Giuseppe DeNatale (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, 6', 29, 207, 18-6/16, Duke Roufus) faced off against the Big MO, Goliath, Maurice Smith (Seattle, Washington, USA, 6'1", 41, 222, 62-8-4/45, Maurice Smith Kickboxing). DeNatale was clearly the smallest of the tournament at 207 lbs but he's been here before in Milwaukee in 2002. Only this was, this wasn't Wisconsin or Kansas for that matter. This was Las Vegas and David doesn't live here. At least not on this night anyway.
Round one seemed like the speed of the Utah Jazz basketball team, or a well known speed for MO! It was quiet, slow and boring doing just enough to win 10-9.5 on two judges cards and 10-9 on the other.
Smith came out on fire in round 2 but the fire only lasted about 20 seconds and we were back to that slow game again. But again, it was enough to win all three judges cards 10-9.
In round 3, Smith came out strong again and it looked like he wanted to end it quick. But David (DeNatale) stood up to the storm as we have seen him do before. In fact, DeNatale even hurt Big Mo with one shot... One. Smith hit DeNatale low and after the pause, the two embraced and DeNatale kissed Smith on the ear. Big Mo wasn't laughing as he exploded on DeNatale as if to say, "Don't insult me!" Round 3 was all Smith who took the round 10-9.5on all the judges cards and the win by unanimous decision, 30-27.5, 30-28, 29.5-28.5. Have we mentioned yet how much we hate that half point scoring system!!! Either you won or you didn't!

Tournament Alternate Jeff Ford (Kansas City, Missouri, USA, 6'2", 32, 248, 28-7/19, Combat Sports Fitness Academy) was here but not needed. Makes us wonder, Ford being from the USA, why wasn't he in the 8 man tournament? Sources told us that K-1 had to have a Japanese fighter in the tournament to sell it to Japan PPV. OK, so why didn't Ford take the spot of the Brazilian fighter? No comment.

Super Fight
Bout 9: San Shou, 4x2, Light Heavyweight
In San Shou you don't have to throw to win but when IKF Pro San Shou World Champion Cung Le (San Jose, California, USA, 5'10", 30, 180, 38-3/26, Cung Le's) throws, it's purely entertainment for us all. Le scored 8 points in round 1 on opponent Scott Sheeley (Bellefontaine, Ohio, USA, 5'11", 35, 180, 28-8/12, Sheeley's Iron Tigers) and won the round on all 3 judges cards. We were surprised to see the half point scoring system here as well as 2 judges scored it 10-8 and the third 10-8.5.
In round 2 both Le and Sheeley looked to pick it up but when Le's shin slammed into Sheeley's forehead it started to bleed badly. It didn't phase Le other than make him go after Sheeley like a wild animal that smells blood. Le pressed the throws more but in the end it was his hands and his feet that forced referee Jon Schorlee to give Le the TKO win when he stopped the bout at 1:15 of round 2. Win for Cung Le? What's new...!

K-1 Tournament Semi Finals
BOUT 10: 3 X 3 Heavyweight
Carter Williams Vs Yusuke Fujimoto: Round 1 was all Williams as he pressed Fujimoto and scored a knockdown with a front kick. The judges agreed with two scoring it 10-8 and the third 10-8.5. 8.5? Whatever! Although Williams scored with some good shots, that ghost of endurance showed his face again. Will Williams wind last another round? The look on his face said one thing and only one thing... Bring It ON!
Round 2 brought more action by both and endurance seemed to slow them both down. Whoever wins still has one more fight so they better take a breath or need a little luck with a shot! The luck came Williams way as he landed a left leg to Fujimoto's face when he tried to duck what he thought was going to be a Williams head kick. It was the knockdown Williams needed to gain motivation. He had momentum but did he have the wind? It was William's hands that did the damage for the second. Is there a new BEAST in the house? Williams looked extremely winded and kept his hands far too low but Fujimoto could never take advantage of it. Williams wins by TKO at 2:26 of round 2, due to the K-1, 2 knockdown rule.

BOUT 11: 3 X 3 Heavyweight
Rick "The Jet" RoufusVs Maurice Smith: Nothing new here, a slow starting Smith vs a Jet that knew he had to take off quick. Roufus easily took round 1, 10-9 on all three judges cards.
In round 2, "The Jet dropped a BOMB" as Roufus lands that wicked left again he kept landing on Eduardo Morais in his first bout. Smith took a standing 8 and "THE JET ROARED ON! Roufus won the round 10-8 on two of the three judges cards but who was the judge that scored it 10-8.5? Was he crazy?
In round 3, Roufus continued to dominate with confidence throwing a fancy jump spin kick that would make the Matrix movie proud. If Roufus doesn't take this one, shoot us! No need to dodge a bullet here, Roufus took round 3, 10-9.5 but who's the judge that gave round three to Smith 10-9.5? Must be the crazy one. Roufus, despite the crazy judge takes this one easily by unanimous decision, 30-26.5, 30-26.5 and 29.5-27.5. Have we mentioned yet how much we "STILL" hate that half point scoring system!!!

Super Fight - Flex Fight
BOUT 12: Heavyweight - 5x3 - K-1 Rules
Gary Goodridge (Canada, 6'2", 37, 235, 27-15-1/13, Ultimate Thai Boxing) Vs Mark Hunt (New Zealand, 5'10", 29, 282, 27-11-1/13, Liverpool Kickboxing). Not to be insulting in any way but this was just two big guys in a "Slugfest!"... Yes, "SLUG", meaning where were the kicks? Those who complained about the LaBree vs Rosier fight PPV back on the 1999 Mass Destruction event had to easily agree, this was far worse! At least LaBree and Rosier knew how to kick and did.
Wasn't this a kickboxing bout? By the end of this one we could have counted all the kicks on "ONE" hand. We felt sorry for the K-1 promoters who thought like all of us did, "What a great fight this will be!" We felt for the KICKBOXING fans as well, but the boxing fans were either loving it or laughing at what was being called kickboxing. Although these guys proved they could not only hit hard but take a big hit as well, we all wanted kickboxing and all we saw was a boxing bash! We thought it was a coin toss, maybe because for the lack of kickboxing action but the judges saw it more clearly. Mark Hunt won it by unanimous decision, 50-45.5, 49-45.5 and 49.5-46.

K-1 Final
BOUT 13: 3 X 3 Heavyweight
Carter Williams Vs Rick Roufus: What could be better for us here at the IKF. Neither way would we lose. We were proud to have two IKF Champions in the main event! Roufus, a current IKF Pro IR World Champion and Williams a previous (2001) IKF USA National Amateur Champion. As we said, either way we were proud for both who made it to the final tonight!

Roufus seemed to end his last bout strong and still fresh. It seemed to many that the K-1 title that eluded him last year was his to win this year. On the other side of the ring was the new kid! He had everything to gain and nothing to lose against a fighter he had respected greatly for his power and skill as he fought his way to tonight. In question for many was still Williams wind. Would the ghost of endurance past continue to haunt him or would he scare the Ghost away himself? Well, can you say Booo!

One thing was for sure. This was the FINAL! The Championship bout! Whatever they had left was sure to hang out here. At this point if endurance was a worry for Williams he knew he had to Shoot "The Jet" down Quick!

Let the Beast Loose! Williams came out of the corner and exploded on Roufus and scored a knockdown. After Roufus came to his feet referee Jon Schorle finished the 8 count but when the action went on Roufus still looked a little groggy. Still he managed to score some on Williams but it wasn't the Roufus we know. Then without warning Williams shot a missile at "The JET" and brought him down! A solid right hand square on Roufus' jaw and he was on his back! Referee Schorle started the count but quickly put a stop to his efforts. This one was over at 2:20 of the 1st round and all we could say was

"Oh My GOD!
We have a

BOUT 14: 5x3
Stefan Leko (Germany, 6'2", 28, 218, 47-12-1/28, Golden Glory) defeated Great Kusatsu (Japan, 5'11", 26, 210, 20-7-1/13, Team Andy) by TKO after Kusatsu was knocked down 3 times in the round.

Flex Fight
BOUT 15: 3x3
Mushashi (Japan, 6'1", 30, 228, 24-18-4/9, Seido Kaikan) vs Nobuaki Kakuda (Japan, 5'9", 41, 206, 12-6-4/6, Seido Kaikan). This was suppose to be a kickboxing bout but it appeared more like an old style full contact karate bout with kei's and all. Well, according to sources, this was far from a bout of two fighters hating each other. We were told that Mushashi is Kakuda student. That didn't make Kakuda feel any better after taking a ton of shots from Mushashi in the second and third rounds. However it looked like a movie where the hero could take shot after shot and continue to get up. Wait, better yet, this was the movie Rocky all over again. Mushashi had plenty of opportunities to end Kakuda but for whatever reason, wouldn't do so. Do we dare to say this looked like a staged Rocky movie? Better not. In the end, it went to the judges for a unanimous decision, 30-23, 30-23.5 and 30-23.5, Mushashi! After the decision, Kakuda even gave a career ending speech that sounded like Rocky Balboa in Rocky 4. Oh and as we end, did we mentioned how much we "STILL" hate that half point scoring system? Well, we do...

Great Show K-1 and
GREAT JOB by Super Promoter Scott Coker for an Excellent Show!

THURSDAY, May 1st, 2003, AT 1:00 PM, PST

Finney Team Announces Final Fight Card For
"Midwest Fight Fest"

St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Vice President of Operations for Finney's Championship Kickboxing and Martial Arts, Rob Donaker announced the final fight card for this weekends "Midwest Fight Fest" on Saturday, May 3rd at Lucky's on the Landing in St. Louis Missouri, USA. Here it is in reverse order:

  1. IKF Amateur Kickboxing
    US Champion Kevin Engal (18-3/9 KO) of St. Louis, Missouri, USA vs Frank Nygen of Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA (11-0-/8 KO)

    Dustin Fercella, St. Louis, Missouri, USA vs Grant Hartwig, Kansas City, Missouri, USA.

  3. IKF Amateur Kickboxing
    Matt Taff, St. Louis, Missouri, USA vs Nick Anderson, Waterloo, Iowa, USA.

    "Brazilian" Mike Rothmeyer, St. Louis, Missouri, USA vs Mike Schneider, Kansas City, Missouri, USA

  5. IKF Amateur Kickboxing
    Dylan Leonard, St. Louis, Missouri, USA vs John Felts, Pacific, Missouri, USA

    Bryan Guidry, St. Louis, Missouri, USA vs Mike Sealy, Kansas City, Missouri, USA.

  7. IKF Amateur Kickboxing
    "Mean" Mike Green, St. Louis, Missouri, USA vs John Hoppes, Waterloo, Iowa, USA.

    Brian Steckenrider, St. Louis, Missouri, USA vs Ken Sparks, Rolla, Missouri, USA.

  9. IKF Amateur Kickboxing
    Erin McNamara, St. Louis, Missouri, USA vs Sara Schneider, Kansas City, Missouri, USA

  10. IKF Amateur Kickboxing: Leslie McNamara, St. Louis, Missouri, USA vs Jenny Woodrum, Pacific, Missouri, USA

  11. IKF Amateur Kickboxing: Ralph Harr, St. Louis, Missouri, USA vs Mike Winkler, Belleville, Illinois, USA.

For more info please contact Mr. Jesse Finney or Rob Donaker at (314) 351-5226 or by e-mail by clicking: HERE or visit their website at www.FinneysKickboxing.com


Leaving For K-1
Las Vegas Tonight!

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA: If your trying to reach the IKF staff over the weekend don't be upset if we don't get back to you until Monday. Why? Because we will be leaving for the May K-1 event tonight and won't be back until then.

Several IKF associates will be making the 10 hour drive from the IKF Headquarters tonight to Las Vegas to arrive in the morning at the Mirage Hotel & Casino for the 3rd annual May K-1 event promoted by Scott Coker of San Jose, California, USA.

Although titled K-1 "USA", the name only indicates the actual location of the event. The fighters are generally from North America which includes USA, Canada and Mexico.

The event will be shown live on PPV as well. For more info on the event click


Unless we have problems, look for results posted here on the IKF News page late Friday night.