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FRIDAY, October 31st, 2003, AT 5:00 PM, PT

Tonight On
IKF Kickboxing On CSS!

Friday Nights, 11:PM EST - 10:PM CST

    • Justin Lemke, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, vs Yahosuah Yahudah, Bogart, Georgia. (2003 IKF Amateur North American MuayThai Heavyweights Title Bout)
    • David Flurry, Dubuque, Iowa, Vs Benito Tovar, Waukesha, Wisconsin. (2003 IKF Amateur North American MuayThai "Jr" Welterweight Title Bout.)
    • Peyton Russell, (Right) Minneapolis, Minnesota, vs Shannon Hudson, Greer, South Carolina. (2002 IKF North American Amateur Middleweight Title - Starting in Round 2 due to time limitations)
    • John Felts Vs Koda Sanborn (2003 IKF USA Nationals - Lightweight 16 & 17 Year Olds)
    • Corner Talk
      • Peyton Russell, (Right) Minneapolis, Minnesota, 2 Time IKF USA National Champion & 2002 IKF North American Champion.
    • On The Road
      • Dean Lessei, Dubuque, Iowa, Expert MuayThai Trainer.
      • David Flurry, Dubuque, Iowa, IKF MuayThai Champion.
    • Hits & Highlights
    • Final Round

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Those of you who catch tonights edition of Hits & Highlights on the IKF Kickboxing TV Program will see a slight change. Due to the fact that we have been getting a ton of fighters asking to see their stuff on the IKF Kickboxing TV Program, that was not on an IKF Sanctioned event, we decided to open this up to ANY event! Thats right, no matter where your Hits & Highlights took place, IKF sanctioned event or not, we'll do our best to get them on. Starting tonight you'll see a lot of faces from around the world! So send us your Hits & Highlights! Don't worry about the need for high quality video, as long as it's a GREAT HIT, Send it to us at;

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TUESDAY, October 28th, 2003, AT 3:40 PM, PT

San Shou's David Ross...
Making His Own Argument...For San Shou, Or Is He?
Says IKF "Caved In" On USA Vs China Event

Or Did We...?

The following is an article written by David Ross of New York (Right) which explains his opinions about China and San Shou. The article was sparked from the recent sanctioning agreement made between the IKF and a San Jose based promoter, Dr. Yong Yao for an event to be held in Beijing China this coming December 7th. Over last weekend Ross had noticed one of the USA fighter slots was not filled.

An opening created when first selected contender, Scott Sheeley of Bellefontaine, Ohio, USA pulled out due to a back injury. When Ross saw the opening he lobbied for his fighter, Yousef Taghizadeh of Iran to be the top contender for the vacant IKF Pro Light Cruiserweight (179.1 lbs. - 186 lbs. - 84kg) World Title. Taghizadeh is listed on Ross' gym page at 188 lbs with an amateur record of 14-0 and a pro record of 5-1-1 with 4 KO's.
Corrected on 10-29-03:
His amateur record is actually 86-0 with 68 knockouts. The posting on Mr. Ross' page was a mistake by their web designer. The IKF had been aware of Taghizadeh but were asked by the promoter if they could field an all American team with native Americans.

After a search that left them with very few options, the IKF re-informed the promoter of Taghizadeh and asked if they could have either a foreign (Non native American) fighter either living here in USA (Such as Taghizadeh) or any fighter from any of the American Continents. This was accepted by the promoter so the IKF went in search of all potential San Shou fighters in both North and South America.

During their search, they were recommended by Scott Sheeley to look into a fighter named Eduardo Fujihira who according to Sheeley was the best possible choice to fight China's number one fighter at the weight needed, Liu Hailong (Above Right). So the IKF requested a full bio on him which reads:

  • San Shou Fighter, 58 wins and 3 losses.
  • World Champion in Armenia 2001.
  • World Koushu Champion in 1996.
  • 4th Place in World Championship 1995 (USA).
  • 7th Place in World Championship 1999 (Hong Kong).
  • 1st Place: Pan American Championship Mexico.
  • 4 X, Brazilian Champion
  • 7 X, State Champion (Sao Paulo)
  • In 1997, Orlando, Florida, USA: Defeated Scott Shelley.
  • In 2003, Atlanta, Georgia, USA: Defeated ISCF (MMA) World Champion Steve Headden by TKO in the 2nd round.

Yesterday, the IKF, Fujihira's management and the promoter came to tentative terms for the Brazilian fighter to take the spot for the event. However, his spot has yet to be officially confirmed since there are several issues being resolved between the IKF, Fujihira's management and the promoter in regards to Fujihira and issues surrounding the event. This is where this issue stands today.

After seeing this, Ross has changed gears and instead of wanting to be a part of this event with his fighter (Who was still a possible contender for this bout until Ross' outburst on the Kickboxing Message Board today, but still could be.. Time will tell now) he has instead choose to attack the credibility of the event on the Kickboxing Message Board, which is explained in his article below he sent to the IKF Earlier today.

Ross has posted his anger at the IKF for not selecting his fighter Yousef Taghizadeh to compete for the vacant IKF World Title on the Kickboxing Message Board in several different ways. He goes on to attack the credibility of the China Wushu Association Officials and the IKF for sanctioning the event, even though he has no idea what all has transpired to make the event a credible success by those involved in the IKF. It's clear from his attacks that Ross had no idea of all the discussion about the event that DID indeed include his fighter Yousef Taghizadeh that is still ongoing as the IKF works to finalize the other contender to fight Liu Hailong of China for the vacant IKF World Title on December 7th. Here is what Ross has to say today:

Or Worse?

By David Ross

If you've been active in the San Shou/San Da world for any period of time you are aware of China's attitude of "win at any cost" no matter how corrupt and no matter how outrageous. We've seen US fighters wrongly disqualified (Cung Le) and we've seen US fighters wrongly dismissed. Who can forget Ray Neves, who was told that he wasn't to compete until the next day, was sent away and then dismissed for not being present! At the world cup, Albert Pope scored a perfect scissor takedown, not only to have the points taken away but in fact reversed!

China has put it's professional "Kongfu King" athletes into the so-called amateur events of the world championships and the world cup. China also put more athletes into the world cup than their own written rules would allow them to. None of that matters to China, it is "win" at any cost, even when the victories are cheap jokes.

One of the worst of these cheap jokes has been hand picking teams and having them come to China to compete against their athletes. For China, it isn't secure enough to cheat during the matches and have only THEIR judges scoring the matches. No, they have to hand pick the participants before just to be 300% sure they will get their result.

For years we've complained that no one was looking out for OUR interests. The USA WKF's policy has always been basicly whatever China says and whatever China wants. When are so-called "head coach" was asked to bring a team to China, he didn't care if they weren't properly prepared or if they were going to be humiliated. He made no protest when the official Chinese press ran items such as;

""For the 4th year in a row, Chinese Sanda fighters have crushed the US Kickboxing team. Since 1998, there were annual challenge matches between China & US, & every year ends in defeat for the Americans. This year is worse, unfortunately. In another team challenge match between US Kickboxing & Chinese Sanda Kungfu at the Song Jiang Sports Stadium in Shanghai 2 days ago, the Sanda fighters have humiliated the Kickboxers with a stunning 4 to 0 victory. This year's US Team are all champions, mind you, not unknowns like in previous years. Thus, after 4 years of defeat we are left with no choice but to conclude that American Kickboxing is useless against Chinese Sanda."

Recently, we thought we were beyond that stage. We've left the USA WKF and it's assorted bad officials behind us to step into the 21st century and see our sport get some respect. Well, we THOUGHT THAT anyway. Worst of all, the slap to the face comes from someone we thought WAS on our side, the International Kickboxing Federation, the IKF, www.IKFKickboxing.com.

For those not aware, the IKF is sanctining three world titles for an event to be held in Beijing called "US vs China". The three Chinese athletes are "Kongfu King" champions, one is a world champion and world cup champion. No complaints about them fighting for world titles. But who are the Americans?

Well, the Americans are in short not San Shou fighters. They are kickboxers. Why? Because China put specific conditions on who could fight, LIKE THEY ALWAYS DO, and the IKF caved right in. China specifically said they would not let Cung Le fight. They then insisted that "olympic rules" (yeah, BS) prevented Yousef Taghizadeh from competing.

We've shared our views with IKF. We just wanted to let you know what is going on, so when IKF later complains that they weren't aware you know it wasn't true.

If ever the phrase "Jumping The Gun" were to be used, this would be it. We don't even know where to begin. David, we are very sad to hear you feel this way about the IKF. To begin with, knowing the way China has operated their rules and regulations in the past is absolutely NO SURPRISE to us. Just look around the IKF Web Site and you can read about corrupt San Shou events such as the posting 1998 World San Shou Championships, or this short post back in 1999:

HAWAII - Posted On 7-18-99:
CHINA vs USA... A Great Event? Hmmmm... Well, we had the pleasure of attending this event in person and we must say... This Promotion Production was EXCELLENT! The fighters were GREAT! The officials of the event (United States Wushu Association from which we were told) all need have their heads examined!!! There were more errors of officiating here than we have seen on EVERY event all year long! The referees were the worst we have EVER seen. Can you believe they let a fighter continue AFTER he was KNOCKED OUT COLD!!! Can you believe they called a TIME-OUT to let a fighter fix a "Dislocated Shoulder" and continue on... Look for a FULL Report on our opinions page on this in the next few days. Too bad a GREAT Production by Mr. Matt Young was scared with such TERRIBLE OFFICIALS. This event had some great fights as well, but one in particular, James Cooper should have been given the win over An Hu of China after Hu dislocated his shoulder and was allowed to fix it. Try passing that rule with someone like the California State Athletic Commission. Cooper went on to lose by TERRIBLE Judging. On our card, Cooper had it won EASILY. This was one of those... "Which fight were the judges watching" fights... What a shame...

So as you can see, bad officiating by China Officials is no surprise to us here at the IKF. THIS was the main reason we wanted to be involved on this event, in hopes of making it better for the world of San Shou with us there, as the chief sanctioning body, to assure the rules, regulations and safety of all involved was legit. What I can add it this in itself has been a big challenge. As David said, we have been faced with a lot of issues they are trying to make us compromise on. In dealing with them we have had some very unpleasant conversations that end with us spinning our wheels in having to consistently repeat ourselves over and over again.

To note, China never said anything about not letting Cung Le fight. Mr. Le is currently committed to some K-1 events and simply could not take the fight. As for the Americans not being San Shou fighters maybe Mr. Ross should do some research on those involved. Mr. Marinoble has not only fought in Full Contact Rules Kickboxing but has extensive background in a number of styles (Kickboxing, MMA, San Shou, JuJitsu, etc. etc) . In addition, the promoter and Mr. Marinoble were the two who started this whole event plan. The Promoter took a liking to Mr. Marinoble some time ago and thought he was an exciting fighter to promote. He wanted to do a San Shou event in China and it grew from there. Not that Mr. Marinoble isn't qualified as a fighter, we feel he is. Him fighting for a "Vacant" IKF San Shou World Title on this event was one of first request when we became involved. We saw no harm then and still see none now.

Besides being an IKF World Champion in International Rules, Fernando Calleros (Right) has fought in a number of styles as well, and has won in San Shou style events like Draka.

As for the "olympic rules" issue, the rules do not appear to be much different than the official IKF Rules. The only main difference has been the shape of the ring, 6 sided instead of 4. This was an issue but one that was resolved between all involved. Nothing prevented us from selecting Yousef Taghizadeh from competing. We simply weighed out the two contenders who we were looking at and from those we discussed it with, we selected the one we felt was more qualified.

In closing, there is one thing to note... Keep in mind that although we are pretty sure this is confirmed as of this press posting, no contract has been signed with Eduardo Fujihira and his management so this can still change yet again. We will have to wait and see.


Eduardo Fujihira

Liu Hailong

Fernando Calleros

MONDAY, October 27th, 2003, AT 7:30 PM, PT

2003 IKF North American
Amateur Full Contact Rules Championship Tournament

"The Time Is NOW!"

Now that Brett Moses' IKF/ISCF kickboxing-mma show, "Trauma" (See article below) is behind us it's time for kickboxing fans and fighters to focus on the 2003 IKF North American Amateur Full Contact Rules Championship Tournament on November 15th at the Palmetto Expo Center in Greenville, South Carolina, USA. We all know the registration for this event has been a little weak but IKF promoter Ray Thompson is optimistic about the tournament and the turn out of the fighters.

It seems that there were several shows happening this weekend that kept some fighters from registering for this premier event for fear they might get injured and not be able to compete and therefore loose there registration fee. That is understandable....... Well the weekend is over, now all you fighters that want to win a IKF North American Kickboxing title get those registrations in THIS WEEK!!! Remember, we have waived ALL Late Fees so you have no excuse not to attend now.

There are a few well known fighters that have not registered yet that have informed us that they fully intend to "Rock and Roll" or as we say here at the IKF, "Walk The Walk and Bring It ON!" Fighters like Adrian "Iceman" Turpin and "BIG" Bill Jardine have informed 2003 NAC promoter Ray Thompson (Right) that they WILL be there. You may have already noticed that some of the "Hotrods" of the sport have already registered like Shannon "The Cannon" Hudson and 2003 IKF National Champion John Greubel.

Rumor has it that there is going to be some New Blood coming to the IKF. Seems that there is a whole network of kickboxing schools from the North Carolina, Virginia & D.C. area that will be bringing some of there "A" fighters to the tournament. Trainers like Ronnie Copeland and Craig Smith, both kickboxing champions, have assured us that they will be there. Now these guys come out of the Joe Lewis Association so you know they will be coming to take home the Brass.

Also included on this card is the Kevin "Hitman" Engel Vs Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson for the IKF Light Cruiserweight Amateur WORLD Title. This is the fight that so many of you have been waiting to see. So come on fight fans, bring it on out to the Palmetto Expo Center in Greenville, South Carolina, USA on November 15th and be a part of history and maybe appear on TV as this event will SURELY be filmed and aired on the new IKF Kickboxing show which will be aired on ComCast Sport South. Y'all come.

For additional info, please contact Mr. Ray Thompson, Gloria Thompson or Becki Halloran at Upstate Karate, at (864) 967-3930, Cell (864) 505-4237 or by e-mail at tetsushin2@aol.com

Every championship bout from the 2002 IKF North American Championship Tournament has aired on the CSS station a minimum of 3 TIMES! If you want to get exposure, this is your chance.
These same shows will soon replay in the new regions that will feature the IKF Kickboxing TV Program around the United States very soon.

Some of the 2002 North American Champions

SUNDAY, October 26th, 2003, AT 11:15 PM, PT

Selbee Takes His IKF Gold Home, But It's Bittersweet...
Headden (Above) Becomes Only The Second ISCF Pro World Champion &
Foster Claims His First Piece of ISCF Gold!

Dennis Alexio

IKF/ISCF Dalton, Georgia, USA
IKF & ISCF Promoter Brett Moses and his Fight Party Productions (FPP) can finally rest after last nights TRAUMA event at the North West Georgia Trade And Convention Center in Dalton, Georgia, USA. Unlike other FPP events, this one was not produced in Atlanta (Moses' home base for FPP) and the change of venue took it's tole. Moses was on a streak of 3 consecutive sellouts in Atlanta, but promises made by the locals involved to help support an out of town Dalton Georgia event (About 100 miles outside of Atlanta) fell short which closed the door on any hopes of another FPP sellout. Although a house of around 900 was still an excited room, Moses and his FPP associates had hoped for at least twice that and from the performance of his last 3 shows, this wasn't wishful thinking.

Adding to Moses' frustration and disappointment was the drop of the nights main event, the IKF Pro Heavyweight North American Title bout. The disappointment occurred when IKF Heavyweight Dan Lucas suffered a freak accident while getting ready to go to the airport to catch his plane to Atlanta Friday that left him with several stitches in his forehead. (See cut in both photos) From what we were told, Lucas was packing equipment at his gym. As he stood up he had forgot about a new dip bar that was put in and bolted to the floor. As he stood up he hit his head and blacked out for a moment. When he came to on the floor he had blood pouring down his face coming from a 6 inch gash in his forehead. A trip to the doctor and many stitches later it was clear he could not fight, for many weeks to come...

Due to the pull-out happening within 48 hours of the event, Lucas' opponent Mark Selbee (Left with the IKF Pro North American Heavyweight Title Belt) was awarded the vacant IKF Pro FCR North American Heavyweight title by forfeit. However, as IKF rules stat he must defend the forfeit awarded title once before moving to his next desired title shot, the IKF World Title. Hopefully we can match him with Lucas again for the same title in the mandatory defense. This of course was very disappointing for Selbee (As well as Lucas) because this was not how he wanted to win the title. It prolongs his time to go for that IKF Pro Heavyweight World Title that may soon be retired by Dennis Alexio and the IKF due to no defense in the last several years and the lack of money available by any promoter to feature Alexio in a defense. If so, the IKF will need to determine who the two contenders will be, one of course being the winner of the next Selbee vs whomever bout. The selection of the other contender may be confusing as the heavyweight division gets a reworking for ranking placement.

Adding to this confusion is the unknown activity of the IKF ranked fighters in Europe. It's not unlikely at all that we could see two North American Heavyweights fighting for the title if Alexio is excused from the mix. In a perfect world, a promoter could be found to promote a World title defense of Alexio vs the top contender. However due to talks the IKF has had with Alexio over the last year this seems highly unlikely due to his requested purse which is in excess of $70,000.00.

As if the cancellation of the Selbee - Lucas wasn't bad enough for both fighters, more disappointing to them was the absents of financial gain. Since the accident was no fault of the promoter, Moses, neither would receive any of their fight purse.

Regardless of the lack of the Selbee vs Lucas bout and the lack of a packed house, (Possibly due to the NASCAR Event in Atlanta and of course the deciding game of the Baseball World Series) the night was filled with plenty of IKF Kickboxing and ISCF Mixed Martial Arts action. Brett Moses like all of us has had disappointments in his life, and as the saying goes, "Fall down six times get up seven." Which means, if Moses is the promoter we have known him to be, you better get tickets EARLY for the next Fight Party, because it's sure to be a MEGA SHOW... "In Atlanta Georgia... The HOME of one of the best promoters in the World, Brett Moses and his dynamic show, The Fight Party!"

Brett Moses

Dan Lucas

Steve Headden

The main event of the night featured Steve Headden (At Right after another ISCF Bout) of Atlanta, Georgia, USA (11-2, 185, 5'11") vs Shannon Ritch of Tempe, Arizona, USA (66-48-2, 182, 5'9") for the vacant ISCF Pro Middleweight World MMA Title. Although everyone had hoped to see a barn-burner of a bout, the barn was only burning for about a minute. (See some of the bouts action at left)

After Headden slammed Ritch to the ring floor he hit Ritch with a left hook to his head. This strike was enough to make Ritch give in by verbal submission while on his back at 1:42 of round 1. The win gave Headden his 11th win and the ISCF Pro Middleweight World MMA Title making him only the second pro fighter who has won the prestigious ISCF World Title in the organizations history.

Those well involved in the IKF and ISCF have seen Andy Foster of Dalton, Georgia, USA (6-0/6, 196, 6'2") basically grow up in the world of MMA. Foster had more than proved himself against his peers of the sport that it was time he get a state or regional title shot after compiling 5 straight wins by submission in all 5 of his bouts. On this night he would face Will Blankenship of Athens, Georgia, USA (4-2/0, 189, 5'11") for the vacant ISCF Amateur East Coast U.S. Heavyweight Title. Like Headden's win, Foster didn't take long to get his gold as he defeated Blankenship by Armbar submission at 2:18 of round 1 to win the Title

Here's how the undercard bouts went for the night.

  1. Corrina White and Tiffany Say, both of Atlanta, Georgia, USA started the night off with a 3 round IKF Womens Muay Thai 'Exhibition'.

  2. IKF Super Middleweight Full Contact Kickboxing
    Mike Littrell of Atlanta Georgia, USA (6-0/3, 167, 6') defeated Rolando Luna of Dalton, Georgia, USA (--/--, 154. 5'6") by majority decision, 30-27, 29-28 & 29-29.

  3. IKF Light Cruiserweight Full Contact Kickboxing
    David Boles of Dalton, Georgia, USA (5-0/4, 183, 6'1") defeated Dean Johnston of Kansas City, Kansas, USA (0-1/0, 185, 5'11") by TKO at 1:21 of round 3.

  4. ISCF Welterweight MMA
    Rafael Assuncao of Smyrna, Georgia, USA (2-0/1, 143, 5'5) defeated Brandon Burgess of Madison, Alabama, USA (1-1/0, 140, 5'6") at 1:52 of round 2 by rear naked choke.

  5. IKF Super Middleweight Full Contact Kickboxing
    Shaun Giles of Dalton, Georgia, USA (10-1/7, 153, 5'9") defeated Harris Norwood of Atlanta, Georgia, USA (4-1/0, 153, 5'11", 28) by unanimous decision, 30-27, 29-28 and 30-26.

  6. ISCF Welterweight MMA
    Frank Maryska of Atlanta, Georgia, USA (1-0/1, 155, 5'11") defeated Joe Laughlin of Anderson, South Carolina, USA (1-4/0, 153, 5'10") by submission at 1:45 of round 1.

  7. ISCF Light Middleweight MMA Challenge Match
    Morrison Butler of Atlanta, Georgia, USA (3-2/1, 170, 5'8") defeated Chris Cloddfelter of King, North Carolina, USA (6-3/0, 170, 5'9") by strikes 'TKO' at 3:01 of round 1.

  8. ISCF Pro Super Heavyweight MMA
    Jonathon "Lock N' Load" Wiezorek, (Right) of Valdosta, Georgia, USA (5-0, 246, 6'2", ISCF #1 Ranked & ISCF USA Champion) defeated Johnathon Ivey of Conroe, Texas, USA (32-18, 263, 5'9") at :40 seconds into round 1 by smother Choke. The fight preparation and management of Wiezorek trainer/manager James Corbett has brought Wiezorek from the ranks of an unknown wrestler to a top contender in the MMA Fight World.

  9. The Following Bouts Did not take place;
    • ISCF Middleweight MMA: Charles McCarthy was left without a fight when Ro Brower was a "NO SHOW" at the event.
    • ISCF Light Middleweight MMA: Kevin Gittemeier Vs. Scottie Johnson did not happen, Reason unknown.
    • ISCF Super Heavyweight MMA: Chris Herring Vs. Mike Buchkovich did not happen, Reason unknown.

For more info please call the Fight Party Hotline at (404) 315-7235 or e-mail to not_tank@hotmail.com or go to

FRIDAY, October 24th, 2003, AT 9:10 AM, PT

Brett Moses &

Live At The North West Georgia Trade And Convention Center, In Dalton, Georgia

October 25th, 2003

Georgia's Premier Fight Promotion Delivers Once Again
14 Action Packed
IKF/ISCF Sanctioned Bouts

Championship Bouts!

Pro North American Full Contact Heavyweight Title
Mark Selbee
(Left) IKF #1 Ranked & IKF USA Full Contact Champion Vs.
Dan Lucas
(Right) IKF #3 Ranked & USKBA Full Contact World Champion.

Pro Middleweight World MMA Title
Shannon "The Cannon" Ritch
ISCF USA Champion Vs.
Steve Headden
ISCF South East Champion.

Amateur East Coast U.S. Heavyweight Title
Andy Foster Vs. "Iron" Will Blankenship.

Plus this Exciting Undercard...

  1. ISCF Pro Super Heavyweight MMA: Jonathon "Lock N' Load" Wiezorek, ISCF #1 Ranked & ISCF USA Champion Vs. Johnathon Ivey.

  2. ISCF Middleweight MMA: Charles "Chainsaw" McCarthy Vs. Ro Brower.

  3. ISCF Light Middleweight MMA Challenge Match: Morrison Butler Vs. Chris Cloddfelter.

  4. ISCF Welterweight MMA: Joe Laughlin Vs Frank Maryska.

  5. IKF Super Middleweight Full Contact Kickboxing: Shaun Giles Vs. Harris Norwood.

  6. ISCF Light Middleweight MMA: Kevin Gittemeier Vs. Scottie Johnson.

  7. ISCF Welterweight MMA: Rafael Assuncao Vs. Brandon Burgess.

  8. IKF Light Cruiserweight Full Contact Kickboxing: David Boles Vs. Dean Johnston.

  9. IKF Super Middleweight Full Contact Kickboxing: Mike Littrell Vs. Rolando Luna.

  10. ISCF Super Heavyweight MMA: Chris Herring Vs. Mike Buchkovich.

  11. IKF Womens Muay Thai 'Exhibition': Corrina White Vs. Tiffany Say.

Dropping off the card for reasons unknown were the bouts of ISCF Light Middleweight MMA: Cleuder "Junior" Assuncao (Broken Hand) Vs. Steve Kinnison (After losing opponent, no opponent could be found) and ISCF Welterweight MMA: Frank Maryska (Was rematched up with Joe Laughlin) Vs. Chris Keller. (Personal issues with his trainer)

TICKETS are $25.00, $35.00 & $75.00 and can be purchased through the Trade Center Box Office (800) 824-7469. Charter bus & Limo packages are available from Atlanta.
DIRECTIONS: Exit I-75 at exit 333. Travel west (left turn traveling North, Right turn traveling South) approx. ¼ mile. Trade Center on left.

For more info please call the Fight Party Hotline at (404) 315-7235
or e-mail to not_tank@hotmail.com or go to

TUESDAY, October 21st, 2003, AT 7:30 PM, PT

North American

Late Fees

With all that is going on in the world today we have all felt the pinch in the pocket book. Money has been tight for a lot of people this year so we here at IKF Headquarters felt we needed to, as one would say, "Show Some Love". Over the last week or so we have talked to several Amateur fighters and their trainers who would like to enter the 2003 IKF North American Amateur Full Contact Rules Tournament, but missed the deadline and would need to fork up some late fees to get in. These individuals have asked us to help them on these Late Fees if we could so, we will.

Yes, it's that simple. To show that love to all of you Amateur Fighters that had late fees due or face paying a late fee because you have not yet registered for the 2003 IKF North American Amateur Full Contact Rules Tournament, good news is here for you.

Between now and Saturday, November 1st, all Tournament Registrations received here by Saturday, November 1st, will not be charged any late fee. However, if after, there will be a late fee applied.

So Amateur Full Contact Rules Fighters and trainers, you now have 10 more days to register for this event. We hope this helps and we look forward to seeing you there. To see who has already registered, CLICK HERE!

For additional info, please contact Mr. Ray Thompson, Gloria Thompson or Becki Halloran at Upstate Karate, at (864) 967-3930, Cell (864) 505-4237 or by e-mail at tetsushin2@aol.com

MORE NEWS OF 10-21-03

This Week On CSS-IKF Kickboxing TV!

MONDAY, October 13th, 2003, AT 7:15 PM, PT

2003 IKF FCR
North American Tournament
Now OPEN Registration!

For All Amateur Fighters From
USA, Canada & Mexico

(North America)

With only 32 days left and only 8 fighters registered to "Walk The Walk" at this years 2003 IKF Amateur FCR North American Tournament in South Carolina, USA, the divisions have now been opened up to ANYONE. To Register for this event CLICK HERE!

Despite promises from Canadian Teams there are still no Canadian fighters registered as of yet. Several USA Fighters qualified at the 2003 IKF/TKO USA Nationals but few have taken the next step forward. Here are the 2003 USA Qualifiers, 2002 North American Champions and their status of Registration for the 2003 IKF Amateur FCR North American Tournament below:

MORE NEWS OF 10-13-03

Stewart KO'S Nesbitt
In Second Round!

Lynda C. Lamison - IKF Pennsylvania


Pennsylvania, USA
The Days Inn in Butler, Pennsylvania, USA was the sight of another great night of kickboxing Friday night. IKF Champion and promoter, Jimmy Stewart, (Left) once again did not disappoint in this action packed pro-am card.

The main event of the night featured IKF Champion Jimmy Stewart vs. Keith "The Hammer" Nesbitt (Right) of Rochester, New York. Stewart entered the ring with the crowd on their feet, cheering their hometown champ. The two went head to head delivering swift kicks and thunderous punches. Stewart downed Nesbitt in the first round that left Nesbitt looking furious and even more determined.

As the second round got underway, Stewart again downed Nesbitt. Nesbitt received an eight count and continued on. After one more series of exchanges, Stewart landed a roaring punch to the jaw of Nesbitt, knocking him to the canvas. Unable to answer the count, Stewart was declared the winner by knockout at 1:28 of the second round.

Here are the results of the nights Amateur undercard Action:
The evening started out with 6 year olds Jeremy Frazier and Ryan Sacco putting on a wonderful display in their first ever exhibition of their developing skills.
Following up that act was 9 year old Cody Lamison and 8 year old Colton Lamison. It appeared they learned a few moves during their participation at Nationals this year. The way these two went at it, the crowd found it hard to believe they were brothers.


Entering the ring next were lightweights Drew Cramer and Jonathon Jaquay. Despite Cramer's efforts, Jaquay proved to be too much and won by TKO at 1:58 of the second round.

Middleweights Mike McMullen and Chris Jaquay were next up on the card. After a heated exchange early in the fight, Jaquay delivered a low blow to McMullen. During the remainder of the battle, it appeared McMullen never was able to fully recover and lost by unanimous decision to Jacquay.

Jeremy Sampson and Alex Lysenko next took to the ring in a light middleweight battle. Both fighters were determined and battled for the three full rounds. Lysenko won by unanimous decision.
Cruiserweights Rich Cramer and Chuck Gerlach were next up on the fight card. These two have met in the ring twice before, each coming away with one win and one loss. In the end, Gerlach came out ahead on the judges card, winning by unanimous decision.

Due to a last minute scratch, Butler's Ashlyn Vlassich was left without an opponent. But just an hour before fight time, Ashley Jaquay, who Vlassich has met in the ring before, stepped up and agreed to do an exhibition with Vlassich. The ladies put on a spectacular display of their skills. They battled it out like warriors for three rounds and earned a standing ovation from the crowd. For more info on this event, please call (724) 287-6761.

MORE NEWS OF 10-13-03


Augusta, Georgia, USA.

IKF Pro Kickboxing Full Contact Rules

  1. IKF PRO FCR Middleweight
    Stevie Dement
    (Augusta, GA)
    defeated Shaun "The Stallion" Gay of Valdosta, Georgia by TKO at 1:32 of the second round.

  2. IKF Pro FCR Light Middleweight
    Tony Tucci
    of Atlanta, Georgia
    defeated Rob Akins of Harlem, Georgia by TKO after the second round.

  3. IKF PRO FCR Cruiserweight
    Jason Miller
    (North Augusta, S.C.)
    won by forfeit when his opponent Chris Shore of Macon, Georgia "no showed."

  4. IKF PRO FCR Heavyweight
    Chris Stolzman
    (Atlanta, GA)
    won by forfeit when his opponent Cameron Paul of South Carolina "no showed."

IKF Amateur Kickboxing Full Contact Rules

  1. Super Heavyweight
    Eddie "Tub Doctor" Singleton
    of Augusta, Georgia
    defeated William Waite of Savannah, Georgia at 1:02 by KO in the first round.

  2. IKF FCR Welterweight
    Matt Dekle,
    of Winder, Georgia
    defeated Michael Griffin of Harlem, Georgia by split decision.

  3. IKF FCR Middleweight
    Mike Littrel
    of Atlanta, Georgia
    defeated Brad Taylor of Augusta, Georgia by unanimous decision.

ISCF Amateur Mixed Martial Arts

  1. Tony Cantrell of Augusta, Georgia
    defeated Joe Laughlin of Anderson, South Carolina by split decision.

For more info see all the press releases below or please contact Elizabeth Carlson at (706) 855-5269 or augustamaa@earthlink.net

MORE NEWS OF 10-13-03

Was K-1
As Bad As We Have Heard?

What Has Happened To The "New Fighting Sport?"


FRIDAY, October 10th, 2003, AT 2:10 PM, PT


Stewart & Nesbitt
Meet In Pennsylvania!


It cost a lot of money to promote a World Title bout. IKF Champion and promoter Jimmy Stewart (Right) has tried to do it twice and both times, he has met with the problems of opponents that eventually led to the cancellation of the fight. Last October 26th, 2002 Stewart was all set to fight IKF World Champion Vladimir Avtamonov of Omsk, Siberia in Butler, Pennsylvania. During the organization efforts Avtamonov's trainer Oleg Vadaturskiy had informed us here at the IKF and Stewart that he wanted to attain their travel Visa's. However, only 3 weeks before the event we all discovered he had never even attempted to attain the proper Visa's to come to America. Instead of informing the IKF or Stewart's promoters of this, he simply stopped responding to any e-mails 3 weeks prior to the fight date.

To the best of our knowledge, although Avtamonov may have wanted to fight, his trainer had no desire to travel to the USA for the fight so Avtamonov could defend his IKF World Title. This left us no choice but to retire the title from Avtamonov in December of 2002 since his trainer had no plans of him meeting the challenge. In the end, Stewart still promoted a small event but nothing close to the hype and excitement of a Pro World Title. As one would expect, a lot of money was lost on the promoting efforts and Stewart was left questioning if he could afford to take such a chance again.

This last summer, Stewart again committed to promote his own World Title event. This time he had confirmed IKF Champion Jim Zbilski for the event. Again, posters were made, press releases sent out and money was spent. This time, Zbilski pulled off the card saying he broke his foot. Again, more money was lost. Although a replacement fighter was found, Stewart's money well was dry and their was nothing left to hype the event with new posters and everything else. In the end, Stewart cancelled the effort to fight for the now vacant IKF World Title. Hopefully another promoter will pick up this bout and promote it on their event. Stewart remains the number one contender for it since he has made such great efforts to make it happen. It's just that he can't seem to lock in an opponent that will finally show up in the ring.


However, in his defense, Stewart was always able to at least produce an event for his faithful fans in both situations and tonight will be no different. Tonight Stewart will still enter the ring but not for any Title. He will face Keith Nesbitt (Right) of Rochester, New York in a pro full contact rules non title bout that will be supported by 8 amateur undercard bouts. Here is the line-up for the nights action below:


    1. Boys Exhibitions
      Jeremy Frazier
      vs. Ryan Sacco and Cody Lamison vs. Colton Lamison

    2. Lightweight
      Drew Cramer
      vs. Jonathon Jaquay

    3. Middleweight
      Mike McMullen
      vs. Chris Jaquay

    4. Light Middleweight
      Jeremy Sampson
      vs. Alex Lysenko

    5. Super Atomweight
      Ashlyn Vlassich
      vs.Jerri Nesbitt

    6. Cruiserweight
      Shawn Robinson
      vs. Dave Metz

    7. Cruiserweight
      Rich Cramer
      vs. Chuck Gerlach

    • Super Welterweight
      Jimmy Stewart
      vs. Keith Nesbitt

The event will be held at the Days Inn in Butler, Pennsylvania. Doors open at 7:PM and the fights start at 8:PM. Tickets are $15 general and $25 ringside. For more info, please call (724) 287-6761.

MORE NEWS OF 10-10-03

Tom Sullivan's
"Rumble In The Valley"
Eau Claire, Wisconsin, USA

Tonight IKF Promoter Tom Sullivan will host "Rumble In The Valley" at the Plaza Hotel in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, USA. The event will feature both 3 Pro & 9 Amateur IKF Kickboxing Bouts with the Main Event featuring former 2 Time IKF National Amateur Champion Dan Erickson of Wisconsin (Right) vs Craig Schummer of Arizona.

Here are the other 2 Pro Bouts below;

  1. Aaron Lassie, Minnesota Vs Cecil Sites, Canada

  2. Scott Robinson, Wisconsin Vs Brad Fowler, Canada

For more info please contact Mr. Tom Sullivan at (218) 428-0073.

MORE NEWS OF 10-10-03

Augusta, Georgia, USA.

IKF Promoter Elizabeth Carlson is all set for some exciting IKF Kickboxing action tomorrow night in Augusta, Georgia, USA. Carlson's card will feature 4 Pro IKF Full Contact Rules Bouts with a supporting amateur undercard. The event will be held at the Warren Road Gym in Augusta, Georgia, USA (Washington Road, a few blocks from junction between Interstate 20 and Washington Road).
Here is the nights line-up

IKF Pro Kickboxing Full Contact Rules

  1. PRO FCR Middleweight
    Stevie Dement
    (Augusta, GA) v. Shaun "The Stallion" Gay (Valdosta, GA)

  2. PRO FCR Cruiserweight
    Jason Miller
    (North Augusta, S.C.) v. Chris Shore (Macon, GA)

  3. PRO FCR Heavyweight
    Chris Stolzman
    (Atlanta, GA) v.Cameron Paul (S.C.)

  4. PRO FCR Light Heavyweight
    Luis "El Diablo" Rodriguez
    (Augusta/Fort Gordon, GA) v. Mike Littrell (Harlem, GA)

IKF Amateur Kickboxing Full Contact Rules

  1. Middleweight
    "Bad" Brad Taylor
    (Augusta, GA) vs Matt Callahan (Atlanta, GA)

  2. Super Heavyweight
    Eddie "Tub Doctor" Singleton
    (Augusta, GA) v William Waite, III (Savannah, GA)

  3. Welterweight
    Matt Dekle,
    (Winder, GA) vs Michael Griffin (Harlem, GA)

  4. Welterweight
    Joe Laura
    (Lyman, S.C.) v Michael Griffin (Harlem, GA)

ISCF Amateur Mixed Martial Arts

*Fight Card Subject to Change - *Fight Card Not in Final Order

5:00 PM: Pre-Fight Party ringside for sponsors.
6:00 PM: Mandatory for all fighters and trainers. DO NOT BE LATE.
6:00 PM: Doors Open
6:30 PM: Officials Meeting at venue - ringside.
7:00 PM: First fight begins.

The tournament hotel is the Hampton Inn, which is located at 3030 Washington Road. There is a tournament rate, so when you reserve a room, please request the "Fall Brawl 2003". The phone number for the hotel is (706) 737-1122 . The hotel is about ¼ mile from the I-20 exit. For more info see all the press releases below or please contact Elizabeth Carlson at (706) 855-5269 or augustamaa@earthlink.net

MORE NEWS OF 10-10-03

Greco Last Minute Substitute For
Hoost at Osaka

Monty DiPietro - K-1 International Publicist

With the K-1 World Grand Prix 2003 Final Elimination just a day away, (OSAKA, October 10, 2022) K-1 veteran Sam Greco has been added to the card as a last-minute substitution. Greco got the call after four-time World GP Champion Ernesto Hoost was forced to cancel his trip to Japan due a severe skin allergy. It is not the first time the same ailment has struck Hoost, and K-1 wishes him a speedy recovery. Also announced today was the approval of Jerrel Venetiaan, who won his appeal against a disqualification after the May Basel tournament.

Said K-1 promoter Nobuaki Kakuda at the pre-event press conference: "With LeBanner and now Hoost out, it is obvious have had problems with the matchups for this event. LeBanner had suffered three fractures in his left arm in his bout last year against Hoost, and just last week the metal plate in his arm shifted, so doctors would not clear him to fight. Now, we have found out that Hoost's ongoing skin allergy has recurred at the worst possible time, unfortunately his physical condition is very bad now. These sort of things remind us that K-1 is not a game which we can just reboot when something goes wrong. In K-1, the fighters are real people, and when one is injured, well, that is something we have to deal with." Still, Kakuda remained positive about the card: "We have a great lineup of skilled fighters, and really now any of them has an excellent chance of going on and winning the Final."

Said the 188cm, 106kg Greco, "I guess I was semi-retired, I had come to Japan to watch the K-1, when on short notice I was offered a fight. In the karate spirit, I accepted the challenge. I am very much looking forward to it!" Greco's record is 18 Wins, 6 Losses, 2 Draws, 11 KOs, 2 No Contests.

Other bouts to watch include a Ray Sefo / Carter Williams (Right, 2001 IKF USA National Amateur MuayThai Super Heavyweight Champion) matchup..

Williams: "I've been following K-1 since I was 15, it will be a great honor to be in the ring with Ray Sefo."

Alexy Ignashov vs Mike Bernardo
Francois Botha vs. Cyril Abidi
And the match that has the Japanese media buzzing -- a showdown between Bob "The Beast" Sapp and Remy Bonjasky.

The K-1 World Grand Prix 2003 Final Elimination starts at 4:00 p.m. JST on Sunday Oct 11 and will be broadcast around the world. Winners of the seven Osaka bouts will join Japan GP 2003 Champion Musashi at the K-1 World GP 2003 Final at Tokyo Dome on December 6th.

2003 Osaka K-1 Line-up. Former IKF National Amateur Champion Carter Williams shown second from left


Botha Set For K-1 Debut Tomorrow
Briggs Scheduled To Attend

Mike Afromowitz

While World Boxing Organization (WBO) number 10 rated heavyweight contender Francois "The White Buffalo" Botha is primed for his Pay-Per-View televised K-1 fighting debut in Osaka, Japan tomorrow evening, another familiar boxing face in Shannon Briggs will be taking in the action ringside at the Osaka Dome. Briggs, a former heavyweight title challenger who took up martial arts training last year with the South Florida-based martial arts crew has repeatedly expressed his desire to pursue a fighting career under K-1 rules, which permit kicking and knee strikes in addition to western boxing.

Recently, Briggs appeared as a guest on NBC network's "Last Call" talk show hosted by Carson Daly and reiterated his interest in K-1 competition as well as his intention to "rid the world" of former undisputed heavyweight boxing champion, "Iron" Mike Tyson." To date, Briggs has not stepped in the ring to compete under K-1 rules.

On September 23rd, K-1 announced that it officially signed Botha, who sports a record of 44-4-2 with 28 KO's, in the world of professional boxing. Originally, the promotion penciled in world Muay Thai kickboxing champion and two-time K-1 World Grand Prix runner up, Jerome LeBanner, as Botha's opponent. When LeBanner was forced to withdraw from the event last week due to a fractured left arm that he sustained during training camp, K-1 named another one of its longtime veterans, French kickboxing champion Cyril Abidi, as Botha's opponent.

THURSDAY, October 9th, 2003, AT 6:50 PM, PT

Mr. Taft...
In Our Prayers

St Louis, Missouri, USA: Earlier today we were informed that the father of one of Jesse Finney's Junior fighters, Matt Taft (Pictured at right) is back in the hospital fighting his own battle against Leukemia. "Little" Matt Taff was unable to fight at this years 2003 IKF/TKO USA Nationals due to his father battle against Leukemia.

During the Summer months, Taff was by his fathers side and was unable to train is preparation for the tournament. Now Taff's father is back in the hospital once again. Our hearts and prayers go out to Matt's dad, Mr. Taft, Matt and of course, his family.

MORE NEWS OF 10-9-03


This Week On The
IKF Kickboxing TV Show!

Due to a lot of e-mailed requests and the fact that former IKF Amateur National Champion Carter Williams (At right in Black with Trainer Gene Fields behind him and Interviewer Johnny Davis at the IKF Headquarters Gym) is fighting in this weekends K-1 in Osaka Japan, (See story lower on this page) we will re-air show number 2 tomorrow at 11:PM on CSS. The show consisted of;

To see the schedule of other past shows and other upcoming programs, CLICK HERE

MORE NEWS OF 10-9-03

It's Official!
Thompson Vs Engle
For IKF Amateur WORLD Title

At The 2003 IKF Full Contact Rules North American Tournament

It's Official everyone. One of the most Talked about matches in IKF History is now a reality as two TOP CLASS Amateurs will meet in the ring on November 15th to fight for the vacant IKF Amateur FCR Light Cruiserweight (179.1 lbs. - 186 lbs) WORLD TITLE!

Kevin "Hitman" Engle (Right, 2003 IKF Light Cruiserweight National Champion) and Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson (Left, 2002 IKF Light Cruiserweight National and North American Champion) will face off in Greenville, South Carolina on November 15th as the Main Event to the 2003 IKF Full Contact Rules North American Tournament.

However, as suggested in a previous article, there will not be a two fight deal. This will be 1 fight for the Title with no assured re-match to the loser.

For more info on this bout or the

2003 IKFFull Contact Rules North American Tournament

please contact Promoter
Ray Thompson of Upstate Karate at (864) 967-3930 or go to the 2003 IKF "Full Contact Rules" North American Championship Tournament Page by clicking HERE!

MORE NEWS OF 10-9-03

IKF North American Tournament

The hotel this years 2003 IKF Full Contact Rules North American Tournament will be the La Quinta Inn & Suites. Room rates are $49/night for two double beds, $59/night for King Exec. and $85/night for two room suite. These prices include breakfast each day. Shuttle to and from the airport as well as to and from the venue is also included in the price.


Reservations can be made by calling the hotel at (864) 233-8018 or e-mailing the sales office at LQ0172DOS1@LAQUINTA.COM or ROBIN.GRAZIOSO@LAQUINTA.COM - For more event info CLICK HERE!

MORE NEWS OF 10-9-03

Updated Fall Brawl Card Announced
Last Minute Juggling Leads To Some New Match Ups In
Augusta Saturday Night

As all promoters, fight camps and fans understand, "fight cards are subject to change." For Fall Brawl in the Garden City, an IKF and ISCF sanctioned event to be held Saturday night October 11, in Augusta, Georgia, that old adage has played out.

Event organizer Elizabeth Carlson explains: "There were some last minute injuries and cancellations. But there also were some last minute calls from people wanting to fight. So we were able to keep a strong card together." In terms of changes, the original main event was to be a battle of IKF world rated kickboxers from different rules divisions, pitting Joshua "Hollywood" Hancock against Sean "Crazy Hunter" McCully. Less than a week ago, Hancock reported that he had to pull out due to an injury. Damien Caldwell was secured as a replacement for Hancock. Then, this week, McCully's camp announced that he would be unavailable, due to an injury. This being the case, Caldwell's camp was contacted and told that his services would not be needed, this time around at least.

IKF and ISCF World Team Member and Augusta Martial Arts Academy head instructor, Mike Carlson, remains confident with what the card will offer: "Obviously, many people wanted to see a main event with Sean McCully in whatever incarnation it would take. Despite the disappointment of that fight not coming off, there are still four pro kickboxing fights and other great contests on the card with a bunch of guys that will fight their hearts out for the crowd. No one making the trip to Augusta will be disappointed with the action they will see."

IKF and ISCF World President, Steve Fossum adds: "Good promoters need to be flexible and strive to give the fans their money's worth. The IKF and ISCF team in Georgia always seem to accomplish this. Fall Brawl is no exception."

Fall Brawl will feature both professional and amateur IKF kickboxing bouts and one ISCF amateur mixed martial arts contest and will be held in the Warren Road Gym, off Washington Road, a few blocks from the intersections of Interstate 20 and Washington Road.

Tickets for admission will be ten dollars ($10.00). Fight fans wanting more information should contact Augusta Martial Arts Academy by e-mail at augustamaa@earthlink.net or by phone at (706) 855-5269 or via FAX at (706) 855-7119. Set forth below is the Fall Brawl 2003 card, as currently set (bouts subject to change)

FALL BRAWL Fight Card As Of 10-9-03

IKF Professional Kickboxing -Full Contact Rules-

  1. Middleweight: Stevie Dement, (Augusta, GA) v. Shaun "The Stallion" Gay (Valdosta, GA)

  2. Cruiserweight: Jason Miller, (North Augusta, S.C.) v. Chris Shore, (Macon, GA)

  3. Heavyweight: Chris Stolzman, (Atlanta, GA) v.James Wakefield, (Independence, LA)

  4. Light Heavyweight: Luis "El Diablo" Rodriguez, (Augusta/Fort Gordon, GA) v. Mike Littrell, (Harlem, GA)

  5. Light Heavyweight Pro Kickboxing Bout: Rob Akins (Harlem, GA) vs Kenny Underwood (Atlanta, GA)

IKF Amateur Kickboxing -Full Contact Rules-

  1. Middleweight: "Bad" Brad Taylor (Augusta, GA) vs Matt Callahan (Atlanta, GA)

  2. Super Heavyweight: Eddie "Tub Doctor" Singleton (Augusta, GA) v William Waite, III (Savannah, GA)

  3. Welterweight: Matt Dekle, (Winder, GA) vs Michael Griffin (Harlem, GA)

  4. Welterweight: Joe Laura (Lyman, S.C.) v Michael Griffin (Harlem, GA)

ISCF Amateur Mixed Martial Arts

*Fight Card Subject to Change
*Fight Card Not in Final Order

5:00 PM: Pre-Fight Party ringside for sponsors.
6:00 PM: All fighters and trainers meet in the locker room with the referees to review rules. This is mandatory, DO NOT BE LATE.
6:00 PM: Doors Open
6:30 PM: Officials Meeting at venue. Please meet ringside. This includes referees, scorekeepers, timekeepers, judges, kick judges, etc.
7:00 PM: First fight begins.

The tournament hotel is the Hampton Inn, which is located at 3030 Washington Road. There is a tournament rate, so when you reserve a room, please request the "Fall Brawl 2003". The phone number for the hotel is (706) 737-1122 . The hotel is about ¼ mile from the I-20 exit.

MONDAY, October 6th, 2003, AT 2:00 PM, PT

IKF North American Amateur Tournament
Ready To "Walk The Walk!"

Ok fight fans the 2003 IKF Muay Thai/International Rules North American Championships promoted by IKF promoter Ryan Blackorby is in the books and was a resounding success. Now it's time to look forward to the 2003 IKF "Full Contact Rules" North American Championship (NAC) Tournament which will be held in beautiful Greenville, South Carolina, USA.

This years NAC will be held at the Palmetto Expo Center and again will be promoted by IKF promoter Ray Thompson. The second Annual Full Contact Rules NAC Tournament is close at hand and surprisingly enough there aren't very many of you warriors registered. Remember you MUST register in order to participate in the tournament. To give you a little heads up on this event, first it is the next step UP from the Nationals and IS for an IKF NORTH AMERICAN title, second it will be filmed for TV and third Thompson is pulling out all the stops on this show.

You see Thompson, Jesse Finney and IKF President Steve Fossum are working to put together, a SUPER FIGHT "series" between Kevin "Hitman" Engle (Right, 2003 IKF Cruiserweight National Champion) and Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson (Left, 2002 IKF Cruiserweight National and North American Champion) for the Vacant IKF Amateur Cruiserweight World title.

We said "series" because if all concessions are met the Hitman and the Wonderboy will meet, first, in Greenville on November 15th and a second time in St Louis, Missouri sometime in early 2004. This is the fight that LOTS of people are talking about and the one EVERYONE wants to see. BUT first we have to have a NAC tournament.

So all you "warriors" out there need to get registered to
"Walk The Walk"
for the 2003 NAC. Oh, we'll keep you posted on the Hitman/Wonder boy "series" situation.

For more info, please contact IKF North American Event Promoter
Ray Thompson of Upstate Karate at (864) 967-3930 or go to the
2003 IKF "Full Contact Rules" North American Championship Tournament Page by clicking HERE!

MORE NEWS OF 10-6-03

IKF Point Kickboxing©
"It's About The People!"

Results Of October 4th PKB Event - By Johnny Davis

It was apparent a couple of weeks prior to this past weekend's IKF Point Kickboxing© tournament that it would not have as many competitors as others in the past. There were two other martial art events on the same day in Northern California that was an obvious pull from the event. However, what wasn't lacking was the commitment and desire to win of those that attended. They also brought a host of fans and friends to add to the excitement of each and every match!

This event was not measured by size but buy the quality of the matches, enthusiasm of the fighters and the positive comments of the audience! This made the event worthwhile and gave energy to the cause and purpose of IKF Point Kickboxing©. In the end, it wasn't about the event its self, it was about the people that attended who enjoyed the action and those that benefited from their individual efforts! Forward March!

Here are the results:

Special thanks to all of the volunteers, officials, trainers, fighters and fans for their support! IKF Point Kickboxing©. training gear provided by Hits Training Gear. If you're are interested in hosting an IKF Point Kickboxing©. event in your area or within your martial arts event contact Johnny Davis at johnnyd@netwiz.net or at (916) 780-7483. The next PKB tournament is December 6th, 2003. Continue to visit the IKF site for more information the coming weeks.

MORE NEWS OF 10-6-03

Fall Brawl Main Event Changed
Hancock Out...
Caldwell In!

Damien Caldwell, who fights out of the highly respected and much heralded Rick Davis (www.championmuaythai.com) fight camp of Statesville, North Carolina, will replace Joshua "Hollywood" Hancock against Sean McCully in the main event of Fall Brawl in the Garden City on Saturday, October 11, 2003, in Augusta, Georgia.

IKF World Rated Heavyweight Ronnie Copeland, a fellow North Carolinian, speaks highly of both Davis and Caldwell: "One thing about Rick Davis is when he says his people are coming they will be there and will FIGHT. I have been in the ring with Damien and he is no push over. McCully is in for a real test."

Augusta Martial Arts Academy head instructor and IKF and ISCF World Team member, Mike Carlson, shared Copeland's laudatory comments on Davis and Caldwell: "Rick Davis has a reputation for having a fight team that is always ready to go. His enthusiasm to be part of Fall Brawl was reflective of this. We in the Augusta area are privileged to have fighters the caliber of McCully and Caldwell tying into each other on this card." Caldwell was moved in as a replacement for Hancock, after Hancock reported an injury that he asserted would prevent him from competing.

Fall Brawl will feature both professional and amateur IKF kickboxing bouts and one ISCF amateur mixed martial arts contest. Fall Brawl in the Garden City will be held in the Warren Road Gym, off Washington Road, a few blocks from junction between Interstate 20 and Washington Road. Tickets for admission will be ten dollars $10.00. Fight fans wanting more information should contact Augusta Martial Arts Academy by e-mail at augustamaa@earthlink.net or by phone at (706) 855-5269 or via FAX at (706) 855-7119. Set forth below is the Fall Brawl 2003 card, as currently set (bouts subject to change)

IKF Professional Kickboxing -Full Contact Rules-

IKF Amateur Kickboxing -Full Contact Rules-

ISCF Amateur Mixed Martial Arts

MORE NEWS OF 10-6-03

October 11th K-1
"Final Elimination"

Osaka, Japan Lineup and Matchups Confirmed
Mike Afromowitz

Date : Saturday, October 11, 2022
Place: Osaka Dome
Special To IKF: With the Saturday, October 11th K-1 "Final Elimination" card just around the corner, the seven matchups for the Osaka, Japan card have been hammered out. Here is the lay of the land for the first K-1 Japan event in history that will air live on United States Pay-Per-View television:

Carter Williams (Right with Trainer Gene Fields, United States) vs. Ray Sefo (New Zealand)
Making his debut in Japan 23-year-old American and former IKF USA National Amateur Champion, Carter Williams will be overmatched by K-1 veteran Ray Sefo in terms of fighting experience in K-1's birthplace, but not in terms of raw talent. Beginning with his May K-1 USA tournament win when he outpointed defending champion Michael McDonald and stopped Japan's Yusuke Fujimoto and six-time world kickboxing champion Rick Roufus, Williams proved he belongs in the big show. Since that career breakthrough night, Williams has reeled off four more consecutive victories, three of which came by way of KO/TKO. Sefo enjoys the status of one of K-1's most popular athletes. 2002 was arguably the New Zealander's best year to date on the fighting circuit as he earned five wins in six appearances.

Peter Aerts (Holland) vs. Jerrel Venetiaan (Holland)
At 32 years of age, Peter Aerts is seeking his 4th career K-1 World Grand Prix title. While injuries plagued him during the second half of 2001 and the first quarter of 2002, "The Dutch Lumberjack" imposed his will this year and racked up enough victories to earn a spot in the October 11th event that will award each of its single fight winners a place in December 7th's World Grand Prix Finals tournament. Another one of Holland's promising talents, Jerrel Venetiaan earned his place in the "Final Elimination" loop by defeating three straight opponents during May 30th's K-1 World Grand Prix single-elimination tournament in Basel, Switzerland.

Francisco Filho (Brazil) vs. Stefan Leko (Germany)
On July 13th, Brazilian Kyokushin Karate star, Francisco Filho, made his long-awaited return to K-1 action after back-to-back knee and shoulder injuries sidelined him for over 12 months. Filho's appearance on October 11th will be his second of the year since he fought fellow K-1 standout Mike Bernardo to a draw during his comeback fight in Fukuoka, Japan. Germany's Stefan "Blitz" Leko has become an increasingly dangerous force in "The New Fighting Sport" since he took the August 2001 K-1 World Grand Prix Semifinals crown by brutally knocking out Aerts in the championship round of the eight-man single elimination tournament at Las Vegas, Nevada's Bellagio Hotel and Casino. Team Glory mentor and mastermind kickboxing trainer, Cor Hemmers of Holland, who assumed command over Leko's training last year, is credited as the primary force behind his 29-year-old protégé's improvement.

Alexey Ignashov (Belarus) vs. Mike Bernardo (Republic of South Africa)
25-year-old Alexey Ignashov has earned the respect of his international competition during his three years of activity in the K-1 Super Heavyweight circuit. The 6'5", 239 pound fighter's long knees are recognized as one of the most potent forces in the fight game and have earned him the nickname "The Scorpion." South African Mike Bernardo has repeatedly beaten his top-flight opponents to the punch with superior western boxing skills that led him to the World Boxing Federation (WBF) Heavyweight championship several years ago. Bernardo has gone as far as the championship round of the World Grand Prix Finals tournament in 1996, but has not yet stood in the winner's circle of the Tokyo Dome.

Ernesto Hoost (Holland) vs. Cyril Abidi (France)
Aside from being the most accomplished fighter in K-1 history with a record four World Grand Prix titles under his belt, Holland's Ernesto Hoost has shown that he is, perhaps, the tournament's most durable fighter who deserves an "Iron Man" award for his refusal to slow down at the age of 38. 2003 has been another year under sun for Hoost, who picked up victories in both of his appearances earlier this year. In 1999, French kickboxer Cyril Abidi debuted in K-1 competition with a brilliant five-round victory over Petar Majstorovic and followed the performance up with two consecutive knockouts over Aerts and a technical knockout over Sefo. Since that early stage of his career, though, Abidi has experienced some rough times as he was twice viciously mauled last year by opponents possessing much lesser stand-up fighting experience in Sapp and mixed martial arts heavyweight contender, Quinton Jackson.

Bob Sapp (United States) vs. Remy Bonjasky (Holland)
On August 15th, appearances by Sapp and Remy Bonjasky highlighted the K-1 "Battle At The Bellagio" Las Vegas card. While the 6'3", 365-pound Sapp narrowly escaped the clutches of Superfight opponent Kimo by recovering from a knockdown and delivering his own high-powered knockout blow, Bonjasky put on an aggressive and dynamic display of high-flying kicks and knees to capture the eight-man tournament championship and the admiration of the spectators in attendance. Labeled time and time again as the "next Ernesto Hoost," Bonjasky is expected to be tested next week as he will face a fighter who carries over one hundred pounds more than him and one who enjoys punishing his opponents at close range where Bonjasky often strikes with his airborne tactics. Sapp is coming off of a September 21st first round victory over fellow former NFL player, Stefan Gamlin.

Francois Botha (Republic of South Africa) Vs TBA
A few weeks ago, Jerome LeBanner was scheduled to squares off with the event's curveball in heavyweight boxing contender, Francois Botha. However LeBanner injured his left arm during training on October 1st, and doctors have decided he cannot compete in Osaka. Botha (World Boxing Organization (WBO) number 10-rated contender.) had come to terms with K-1's front office in Japan recently was set to test his elite western boxing skills under K-1 rules for the first time. An announcement concerning LeBanner's replacement will be made in the next few days.

FRIDAY, October 3rd, 2003, AT 7:55 PM, PT

IKF Point Kickboxing© Grand!
Set for this Saturday in Roseville, California, USA
$$$$ Point Kickboxing© Takes Another Step Forward! $$$$
Cash Awards * Team Competition * Fourth Place Awards

Johnny Davis and his A. K. Promotions company are taking the IKF Point Kickboxing© (Semi Contact) tournaments to the next level this Saturday, October 4th in Roseville, California. Competitors will not only compete for nice trophies but also have the chance to win Grand Championship CASH! Team competition and fourth place awards will also be given. This tournament is open to all competing in the Kickboxing (above the waist) and International Rule styles (low kick). Registration at the door is only $35. There will be boxing gloves and headgear available at the event. Plus, Hits HitsTrainingTraining Gear will be on sale.

MORE NEWS OF 10-3-03

Adams Rogers
In Our Prayers

Less than 2 weeks ago, former 2 Time IKF Amateur Champion
Adam Rogers
was involved in a motorcycle accident that left him in a coma. We are sad to announce that he is still in that coma today.

It now has been close to 10 days & the doctors (neuro-specialists) do not see any improvements or changes in his condition. To put it mildly, they do not believe that he will come out of his coma anytime soon. Those close to him that have been spending time with him have seen small positive signs but the doctors involved do not see them as significant enough to consider them signs of progress.

They have also noted that they do not anticipate any changes in Adam's status or further treatments during this coming week. We here at the IKF would like to ask all of you to keep Adam in your prayers as we will do.

For more info or words of prayer for Adam
you can e-mail Christina Torres at

THURSDAY, October 2nd, 2003, AT 8:45 PM, PT

Great Show But There Are Questions About
LTD Production's Main Event

IKF Event Representative Dan Stell

Fairfield, California, USA
IKF Promoter Tim Stell of LTD Productions hosted a great crowd to some exciting IKF Amateur Kickboxing last Saturday night at the Allan Witt Sports Complex (Fairfield Sports Center) in Fairfield, California, USA.

LTD had matched up 4 IKF Amateur title bouts for the night and an exciting undercard of Northern California amateur kickboxers. The Main event was nothing short of non stop action by two amateur women fighters known well here in the IKF. The bout was scheduled for the Vacant IKF Woman's Amateur MuayThai West Coast Bantamweight Title between challengers Jenna Castillo of San Jose, California, USA (10-1, Cung Le, 122) and Lynda Loyce of San Francisco, California, USA (7-3, Fairtex, 125.5). This bout has two stories behind it.

First, Castillo won this title by forfeit when Loyce failed to make the weight for the title coming in 1.5 lbs overweight. 124 was the weight cut off and at weigh-ins, Loyce informed IKF Representative Dan Stell and California inspector Rebbeca Alverez that she could not loose the weight. This is a mystery to us here at IKF Headquarters because WHY would a fighter "Refuse" to try and lose the weight for a title fight?

Regardless, after Loyce would not lose the weight, she still wanted to fight Castillo. So Jenna, being the fighter that she is agreed to fight her even though she was in a weight division above her. The title though was not on the line. In the bout there was a lot of action packed rounds with a little rough housing by Loyce. The first round these two went at it like the end of their last fight. The crowd was on their feet as Castillo seemed to be the aggressor. The second round was just as the first with again Castillo being the more aggressive of the two. At the bell of the last round the crowd was on their feet. As the decision was read (27-30) for Castillo and the other (30-27) for Loyce, the crowd waited as the last judge's score and read (28-29) for Loyce. Most of the crowd was shocked as to many it had appeared that Castillo had won the bout. We were informed here at IKF Headquarters that we will be asked to review the bout but as of press time, no official review had been filed or submitted to us. Here are the results of the other IKF Title bouts on the night and the remainder of the nights undercard bouts below:

  1. IKF Amateur Full Contact Rules
    California State Lt. Middleweight Title *Defense

    *Raul Roriguez (7-2, Abe Belardo) defeated John Parker (6-2, Paul Powers) by TKO at :40 seconds into the third round.

  2. Vacant IKF Amateur MuayThai
    California Middleweight Title

    Julian Lugo (6-2, Abe Belardo) defeated David Anderson (3-3, Paul Mateyo) by TKO at 1:54 of round 3.

  3. Vacant IKF Amateur MuayThai
    California Welterweight Title

    Evan Esguerra (4-0, Fairtex) defeated Ballfrano Gayton (4-3, Gene Fields) by split decision, 36-40, 39-37, 37-39.

  4. Kenny Woo (1-0, Cung Le) defeated Brian Palmer (0-1, Dave Marinoble) by Split Decision, 28-29, 29-28, 29-28.

  5. Rob Dacanay (1-0, Cung Le) defeated Thyie You (0-1, Self) by TKO at 1:35 of round 2.

  6. Elanina Maxwell (2-0, Cung Le) defeated Chris Poole (1-1, Dave Marinoble) by unanimous decision, 30-26 on all 3 judges cards.

  7. Robert Cornejo (2-0, Cung Le) defeated Robert Payne (1-1, Steve Habib) by TKO at 1:20 of the 3rd round.

For more info on this event please contact Promoter Mr. Tim Stell at (707) 290-8102.

MORE NEWS OF 10-2-03


Fall Brawl Card To Feature 3
Professional Kickboxing Bouts

Augusta, Georgia Event Promises Tremendous Action

IKF Augusta, Georgia, USA
Southeastern fight fans wanting to see professional kickboxing bouts will get more than their money's worth on Saturday, October 11, 2003, as M.E.R.K. Services, Inc., in conjunction with Augusta Martial Arts Academy, presents Fall Brawl in the Garden City in Augusta, Georgia. Included on the event will be five professional IKF kickboxing bouts. Tournament organizer, Elizabeth Carlson comments: "I cannot believe how easily this fight card came together. There were a great many people wanting to be part of the event."

IKF and ISCF World President, Steve Fossum, is impressed and particularly enthused about the number of professional bouts on the card: "It is very inspiring to see this kind of development in the IKF. Booking more Pro fights on IKF Sanctioned events is part of our overall plan to move the sport forward. Those promoting Pro events in Georgia like the Carlson's and Brett Moses have always brought a lot to the table in regards to fight promotions."

IKF and ISCF World Team member and head instructor at Augusta Martial Arts Academy, Mike Carlson, agrees: "Clearly, this event was able to capitalize on the inertia that IKF and ISCF have created, especially in recent months. From another record setting national tournament to a regularly televised feature program, there is a rising tide from Newcastle that is floating a great many boats!"

Many familiar faces to Southern Fight Scene will be making an appearance on the card. In the coming days, their stories will be told in the best venue available-right here on the IKF and ISCF news pages - SO STAY TUNED!

Fall Brawl in the Garden City will be held in the Warren Road Gym, off Washington Road, a few blocks from junction between Interstate 20 and Washington Road. Tickets for admission will be ten dollars $10.00. Fight fans wanting more information should check the IKF and ISCF news pages, or contact Augusta Martial Arts Academy by e-mail at augustamaa@earthlink.net or by phone at (706) 855-5269 or via FAX at (706) 855-7119. Set forth below is the Fall Brawl 2003 card, as currently set (bouts subject to change)

IKF Professional Kickboxing -Full Contact Rules-

IKF Amateur Kickboxing -Full Contact Rules-

ISCF Amateur Mixed Martial Arts

MORE NEWS OF 10-2-03

Winfield, Engel & Taff
Win Big In St. Louis!

IKF St Louis, Missouri, USA:
On a night that many people would of stayed in to avoid cold temperatures and heavy rain, the demand to see some great fights was still too much for fight fans. When Lucky's on the Landing's doors opened at 6:30 PM, a line had already formed with eager spectators standing in the rain, waiting to get in and take a seat.

The night started out with some disappointment for some fighters. Two fighters from the same gym didn't make it, no show no call. So their two opponents decided to put on an exhibition fight. Josh Fischer and Tom Leoeuf, both fighting out of Finney's Championship Kickboxing and Martial Arts, train everyday together. These two fighters wouldn't let that get in their way. At the sound of the bell starting the first round, they came out ready to fight. The fight was non stop action for all three rounds, with both fighters getting stunned a couple of times.

The second fight showcased two IKF Champions in an exhibition fight. Jen Repa is on her way to get back into the ring, her opponent this night was fellow training partner Erin McNamara.
The third fight of the night featured David Hoffman and John Higdon. Higdon trains out Cedar Valley Pro Fitness, the same gym as IKF Amateur Super Heavyweight FCR World Champion Trent Thompkins. Not only did he train with him he did a lot of the same things. One thing for sure... the spinning heal kick, and just like Trent, it landed. Hoffman fell to the canvas, and was out for a minute or two. Doctors looked at Hoffman and checked him out. Winner by KO, Higdon's.

After a short intermission the fights started back where they left off. The Pride of the Southside "Mean" Mike Green stepped into the ring to face "Poison" Ivy Davis. The first round was all Green. He handed everything he threw. The second round was the closest round of the fight, both fighters landing combinations. The third round was Davis's round from the start, landing power punches after getting Green into the corner. All three judges gave it to Davis by unanimous decision, 29-28, 29-28, 29-28.

"Little" Matt Taff stepped into the ring with something to prove. Taff wasn't able to complete in the 2003 IKF US National Tournament, due to family obligations that prevented him from training. So now that he was back in the ring he was ready to let loose. His opponent was Jeff Thompson out of Detroit, Michigan. Taff came out in the first working and getting his rhythm back, landing combinations and moving around the ring. The second round he was back to normal, walking Thompson down with his kicks, and them unloading his hands. Thompson receive a standing eight count in the second. The third was no different, all Taff trying to get the knockout. In the end all three judges gave it to Taff 30-26, 30-26, 30-26.

The only ISCF sanction fight was between Dyrick Ripley and Nick Zona. Both these fighters come from a wrestling background. At the start, Zona shot in for a double leg, putting Ripley on his back. Zona, now in the guard, started to ground and pound Ripley, landing a couple big shots to the face. The action was stopped by the referee and restarted them in the middle, because they were getting too far under the ropes. When they were restarted Ripley immediately went for an Arm-Bar, and wasn't able to sink it in. He then switched to a Triangle-Choke, and submitted Zona.

The next fight was something different for the St. Louis crowd, Boxing. This would be the first time IKF USA National Amateur Champion Kevin "The Hitman" Engel was stepping into the ring and only using his hands. His opponent was Jodi Simons, from East St. Louis Boxing Gym. Simons has been to the National Golden Gloves Tournament a few times and is a 4-time Golden Gloves Champion, and has over 45 fights. Engel saw the difference early on, when Simons showed the hand speed of a pure boxer. Engel started to get more comfortable at the end of the round. The second round Engel and Simons both came out ready to put it on each other, until Engel connected with an uppercut to the solar plexes of Simons, hurting him. Simons ended up in the corner where Engel landed two right hooks to the body dropping him. Simons couldn't make the count as Engel wins his first boxing match by KO.

The main event of the night brought Mark "KY" Winfield back to the ring after a year off. His opponent was Dwayne Stanley. Stanley came in with more boxing experience that Winfield so Winfield's corner made the adjustment, informing him to keep his distance and land kicks early in the round. Once Winfield's kicks slowed Stanley down, Winfield moved in to use his punching ability. The first round went to Winfield. In round 2 you could tell that the first round took its toll on Stanley. Winfield landed kicks and punches at will, finally dropping him to the canvas. Stanley couldn't make the count and Winfield took the win by KO.

For more information on the fight or upcoming fights, contact Finney's Championship Kickboxing and Martial Arts at (314) 351-5226. Or email: finneys@finneyskickboxing.com Finney's Championship Kickboxing and Martial Arts Website is: www.finneyskickboxing.com

MORE NEWS OF 10-2-03

Sorry for the delays in last weekends results everyone but we are still awaiting the results from: LTD Production's Fairfield, California, USA event and Battle OF Douglasville II, Douglasville, Georgia, USA event.