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APRIL 2004



TUESDAY, April 27th, 2004, AT 9:45 PM, PT

Four New IKF Promoters Make Their
IKF Debut This Weekend!

We here at the IKF would like to welcome three new promoters to the IKF Team as they make their IKF Promoting debut this weekend. However, this is not their "Promotional" debut. All 4 have a tremendous background in Promoting. We wish them all the best of luck for this weekend. They include,
Loe Hoyer of Holland
William Lassi and Bobby Anderson of Minnesota, USA
Bob Schirmer of Illinois, USA, And here are their events for this weekends IKF Action around the world...

IKF Comes To Holland - Neatherlands
Hoyer Faces Hountondji for Vacant
IKF Pro San Shou Super Welterweight World Title

This Friday night, May 1st, new IKF Promoter Loe Hoyer (Right) will host the first ever IKF Sanctioned event in Holland/Neatherlands, Battle of the South III. Hoyer is the national coach of sanda from Holland and has worked hard to make this event one of the best ever. Hoyer has hosted events in the past but for this one the event will be more international than before. Fighters from Belgium, Sweden and Kazachstan will fight against the Dutch fighters.

Making this event even bigger will be the Main Event for the vacant IKF Pro San Shou Super Welterweight World Title between Hoyer's son, Danny Hoyer (Below Right) of Holland Vs Alexis Hountondji (Sorry no photo available at press time) of Belgium. As in many San Shou fighters in Europe, the separation between amateurs and pros is slim.

Hoyer's overall record in both amateur and pro is 21 wins with 9 loses. He has won quite a few titles in his career as well which include;

The 33 year old Hountondji has an impressive fighting resume too. His combined styles fight record is very impressive with 58 wins and 9 loses.
Here is the nights fight schedule as of press time:

  1. Sanda Amateur
    Yessengliyev Amangeldy
    ( Kazachstan ) Vs Alic Suad ( Wushu Institute Hoyer )
    Referee: Arlan Jongenelen

  2. Sanda X treme
    Wilbert van Dam
    (Buurmans ) Vs Detlev Andries ( Marc Dubois, Belgium)
    Referee: Gert Jan Bruinsma

  3. Sanda Amateur
    Wigen Garatyan
    ( Wushu Institute Hoyer ) Vs Bouzid Yassine ( Belgium, Alexis )
    Referee Arlan Jongenelen.

  4. Sanda X treme
    Hamza Ben Gamra
    ( Sportsch, Buurmans ) Vs Armen Aratyunan ( Kazachstan )
    Referee Gert Jan Bruinsma.

  5. Sanda Amateur
    Mustafa Azizi
    ( TuHai ) Vs Remy Friedrich ( Wushu Institute Hoyer )
    Referee Arlan Jongenelen.

  6. Sanda Amateur
    Bautuil Faycal
    (Belgium, Alexis ) Vs Kevin Deurse ( Wushu Institute Hoyer )
    Referee Arlan Jongenelen

  7. Sanda X treme
    Harwin Nederhoed
    ( Bao TrieuBlijd ) Vs Klyuyev Evgeny ( Kazachstan )
    Referee Gert Jan Bruinsma

  8. Sanda Xtreme
    Zhanbek Yesterekov
    ( Kazachstan ) Vs Ada Kaiser ( Wushu Ins. Hoyer )
    Referee Arlan Jongenelen

  9. Sanda Xtreme
    Ken Claes
    ( Belgium, Heilongquan) Vs Taif van der Haar ( Wushu Institute Hoyer )
    Referee Arlan Jongenelen.

  10. Sanda X treme
    Gert Travis Shlee
    ( Sportsch, Buurmans ) Vs Babalayev Artyom ( Kazachstan )
    Referee Jan Bruinsma.

  11. Sanda X treme
    Sudesh Mahabali
    ( BGF ) Vs Dave Dormans ( Wushu Institute Hoyer )
    Referee Arlan Jongenelen.

  12. Sanda X treme
    Remy de Ligny
    ( Allied Martial Arts ) Vs Martin Amblad ( Sweden )
    Referee Arlan Jongenelen.

  13. IKF Pro San Shou Super Welterweight World Title, 5 X 3
    Alexis Hountondji
    ( Belgium ) Vs Danny Hoyer (Wushu Institute Hoyer )
    Referee Dan Stell, IKF Referee, USA.

This event will be presented under traditional Sanda rules as allowed by IKF San Shou Rules. In other words, these bouts will not be in a boxing ring, they will be on a raised platform (See at right from Hoyer's last event).

Promoter Loe Hoyer has said that the biggest thing for him as a promoter is to make the IKF San Shou well known in Holland and Europe. In other words, look for a lot more IKF Action in Europe later this year. The address of the event is; Sporthal de Varenbeuk Heicarisborgweg 19 Heerlen Netherlands. For more info please contact Mr. Loe Hoyer at Tel/Fax 0031 (0) 45-5251412 - (0031) 622372297 - or go to or or

MORE NEWS OF 4-27-04

Hinkley, Minnesota, USA

First time IKF Promoters William Lassi and Bobby Anderson are all set to host their "BATTLE OF THE WARRIORS" Kickboxing event this Friday night, May 1st at the Grand Casino Hinkley in Hinkley, Minnesota, USA.

The nights main event will feature former IKF USA National Amateur Champion and now number 7 Pro Heavyweight IKF FCR Ranked Dan Erickson (Right, Pro: 5-1-1/1, (1 no contest), Amateur: 20-1/10) of Wisconsin Vs Howard Lameire of North Dakota. Erickson won the IKF National Amateur Title two years in a row. In 2001 he defeated Wil Joseph of Dallas, Texas by TKO at 1:18 of the 2nd round and in 2002 he successfully defended his FCR Heavyweight Title when he defeated Mark Mortensen of Lake Zurich, Illinois by unanimous decision 29-26 on all 3 judges cards.

The Co-Main event will have two fighters meet in the middle of their weightclasses as number 5 Pro Light Middleweight IKF FCR Ranked Aaron "Lightning" Lassi (Pro: 8-0/3, Amateur: 23-5-1/1) of Minnesota meets up with number 5 Pro Super Middleweight IKF FCR Ranked Ronnie "Diamond" Deleon (54-12-4/17) of Illinois, USA.

Event information please contact William Lassi or Bobby Anderson at (218) 390-3203 or by E-Mail At: The IKF Event Representative scheduled for this event is Mr. Tom Sullivan and the event referee will be Jim Peterson.

MORE NEWS OF 4-27-04

Fight Night
Cicero, Illinois, USA

This coming Friday night, May 1st, IKF Promoter Rob Zbilski will team up with Bob Schirmer of Cicero, Illinois to host a "BIG" night of IKF Kickboxing at the Cicero Sports Stadium in Cicero, Illinois, USA. The Pro Main event is a non title bout featuring IKF Pro FCR Lightweight World Champion Tommy Bach (Right, Pro: 10-1-1/3, Amateur: 8-3/3) against number 6 Pro Light Welterweight IKF FCR Ranked Fernando Leuvano (Below Right) of Chicago, Illinois (36-4 with 15 KO's ).

The event doors open at 6:00 PM and the fights begin at 7:30 PM. The teens fight will be held from 2:00 PM to 6:30 PM. Tickets for the event are $20 General, $25 Silver Seating, $30 Gold Seating, Ringside Seats are still available. Here is a rundown of the rest of the nights card as of press time tonight:

  1. Battle of the Undefeated: Donnell Sykes 240 lbs 6-0, of Sensei Steve's Karate vs. 2003 IKF USA National Amateur Champion Mitch Matrasko 240 lbs 5-0, of Winning Edge Martial Arts

  2. 2003 IKF USA National Junior Amateur Champion Laryssa Zarate 13 yrs (Z's Martial Arts) vs Ashley Galindo 13 yrs (Combat-do)

  3. Andrea Panduro (Combat-Do) 2-0 vs. Stacy Mathre (CFC)

  4. Thomas Cubas 160 lbs (Master Tsai) vs. Chris Kirkpatrick 160 lbs (CFC)

  5. Tracy Vega Schirmer (Combat-Do) vs. Meredith Mobil (Seong Heas)

  6. Stephanie Mariscal (Combat-Do) vs. Sasha (Pure Sweat)

  7. Andy Kozak (Matsumoto) vs Dan Ruzika

  8. John Taylor (Seong Heas) vs Obeu Renteria' (Mungia TKD)

  9. Daniel Arvizu (Morales TKD) vs Orlando Burgos (Mungia TKD)

  10. Bill Shenko (Roselle Martial Arts) vs. Luis Riviera (Combat-do)

  11. Mitch Matrasko vs Albert Dochester

  12. Brian Adams vs Angelo Rivera (Combat-do)

  13. Juan Escobar (National TKD) vs Alex Baria (Combat-do)

  14. Tim KC Hawkins 155 lbs (CFC) vs Justin Uhl 155 lbs (Seong Heas)

  15. Ben Rogers (Rocky's Dojo) vs Renee Bahena (Combat-Do)

  16. Also possible matches featuring: William Markb (CFC), Sean Miller (Z's), George Soto (Combat-Do), Eric Boyer (U.S. Shidokan), Jason Bender (CFC), Stacy Mathre (CFC), Tim Casey (CFC), Jeremy Rawls (Combat-Do), Hiram (Combat-Do), Alex Baria (Combat-do), Juan Carlos Hernandez (Combat-Do) and Aaron Taggert (CFC)

There will also be a special appearance by Mr. International Shonie Carter & 5 Time World Champion Maribel Vega Schirmer. For more info call Mr. Rob Zbilski and the TEAM Z crew at (847) 458-8333 or contact Mr. Bob Schirmer and his staff at Combat-Do at (708) 222-8100 or go to Combat-Do website at


MORE NEWS OF 4-27-04

Selbee Retains IKF Title Against James
At The Fight Party
In Atlanta, Georgia, USA

IKF & ISCF Promoter Bret Moses (R) is finally resting after a long night this past Friday. Moses card only featured one Pro Kickboxing bout but before it took place, the crowd was witness to both Pro and Amateur ISCF MMA: and Pro Boxing and by the time the Main Event came around it was after midnight.

The Main Event featured the IKF Pro North American Heavyweight Full Contact Title Defense of Mark Selbee (Below Left) of Atlanta, Georgia against #4 IKF Pro FCR ranked John James (Below Right) of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Selbee was awarded the title last year by forfeit when his opponent, Dan Lucas of New York got injured on the way to the Airport for their bout. The condition put on the Title though was that Selbee had to defend it within a year and tonight was the night.

As the two entered the ring there was one clear deference, their height. The night before at the weigh-ins James came in 5 lbs overweight and was given till the following morning to make weight, which he did, tipping the scales at 214 to Selbee's 215. Selbee had the height advantage standing 6'5" tall to James 5'11" height. However James came into the bout as the more experienced fighter with a record of 35 wins, 5 loses and 25 wins by KO/TKO. Selbee had much less experience with a record of 19 wins but no loses and 10 wins by KO/TKO. As everyone knows though, once the bell rings, their past means little, as was the game-plan of Selbee who was now under the direction of a new trainer. Not just any trainer though, he was disciplined by one of the greatest ever in the sport, Gary Brown, best known for training multi time World Champion Rick "The Jet" Roufus. This was a new game to Selbee under Brown, and it showed...

Round one is usually a proving period for two fighters prepared for a 10 round bout, however no one told these guys that. Selbee threw 16 kicks to James 14 and what impressed us most was James ability to throw his kicks up to Selbee's head, which seemed to surprise Selbee a bit too. However Selbee stayed to his game plan of "stick and move" throughout the round, scoring with his jabs and front leg. Round 2 seemed to slow down for both as Selbee dropped his kick count down to 11 as he focused more on his hands as did James. But James still stayed busy with his legs with 13 kicks.

In round 3, Selbee seemed to back way off his plan of kicking throwing only 8 while although less than the round before, James still threw more kicks than Selbee at 11. Round 4 was a change of pace for both. Selbee seemed to come alive with his hands and his kicks seemed to be stronger. Although he only threw 10, these kicks seemed to find their target more. James on the other hand went to work with his hands trying to close the gap with Selbee only throwing 8 kicks. In the middle of the round, James found himself under Selbee's left arm and here is where the questions come from. James felt Selbee tightened his arm around his neck and leaned forward on him causing him pain. So much that on the break, James fired a right hand hitting Selbee hard, probably the hardest shot he took in the bout. Referee Dan Stell warned James for hitting on a referee break but James answered back complaining about Selbee's move against the ropes. Although none of us could see such a foul or injury, it doesn't mean it didn't happen. Maybe so, but only James would know. He said it happened, so that is all we have to go on. (We are looking forward to see the video on this bout though to see if we can pick up what James complained about)

The pain started to bother James as the round ended and when he came out for round 5, he brought with him a totally changed game-plan and attitude. Instead of staying composed he now simply rushing at Selbee where he immediately got locked into a clinch. Some of his rushes now looked more like an attempt of an MMA fighter trying a takedown instead of in close fighting. In the middle of the round as referee Dan Stell went to break both fighters up in yet another bear-hug clinch, James threw and again hit Selbee on the break. This time Stell deducted a point from James for the foul.

As round 5 went on things just seemed to look worse. Possibly due to James injury but whatever had happened it had changed from a good fight to what looked more like a toughman contest with nothing to be proud of. James threw only 5 kicks in round 5, losing a point on the judges cards while Selbee threw 9. When the round was done, James told referee Dan Stell he was done due to the pain in his neck giving Selbee the win by TKO at the break of rounds 5 and 6.

We are not going to comment whether it was real or not because we are not James and you can't just see a neck pain. Regardless, in the end it wasn't pretty but Selbee took the win to confirm his title and now looks forward to a possible World Title shot against one of the top 3 contenders. Who will it be? Possibly Kevin Smiles of England who holds a record of 26-6/11 or even possibly Ronnie Copeland of High Point, North Carolina, USA who has a pro record of 22-4-1/18 and an amateur record of 10-3-1/2. Copeland has a bout against the number 1 IKF Ranked FCR Super Heavyweight, Raul Doucet of Canada this May in South Carolina for a defense of Doucet's IKF North American Super Heavyweight Title. Copeland has a chance to completely shake up the Pro FCR Heavyweight and Super Heavyweight rankings if he defeats Doucet. It would put Copeland in the drivers seat with a full tank of gas and a big engine because he would then be in line for possible "TWO" World title bouts. The Heavyweight against Selbee or at Super Heavyweight against who knows, actually several possible fighters. While the Heavyweight contenders would be easy to determine, a Copeland win would cause plenty of confusion for the Super Heavyweight contenders. Especially since Doucet has pretty much established himself as "THE" Super Heavyweight to beat. Come May 15th at Ray Thompson's IKF "Martial Arts May-Hem II" event in South Carolina, we may all see this more clearly...

Here are the results from the ISCF MMA Bouts at the Fight Party Below.

    Chad Shafer
    (Hardcore Gym - Athens, GA) wins by Rear Naked Choke in round 1 over Calvin Martin (Anconas Gym - New Orleans).

    Mike Israel
    (Tiger Academy - Atlanta, GA) wins by Rear Naked Choke in round 1 over Chuck Tiemann (Jointlock Sub. Acad. - Amarillo, Texas)

    Cory Nestlehut
    (LA Boxing - Atl.) wins, in round 1, by TKO over John Brown (Dixson Jiu Jitsu - Biloxi, MS).

    Rashad Khallig
    (LA Boxing - Atlanta) wins, R2, by KO over Will Blankenship (Team Syco - Athens, AL).

    Juan Guevara
    (Tiger Academy - Atlanta, GA) wins by Rear Naked Choke in round 1 over BC Maxey (Jointlock Sub. Acad. - Amarillo, Texas).

    Ryan Ellison
    (Alliance/Team Jacare - Atlanta, GA) wins by guillotine in round 2 over Camron Wilshire (Trammell's - Atlanta, GA).

    Andy Foster
    (LA Boxing/United Karate - Dalton, GA) wins by Rear Naked Choke in round 1 over Tim Stout (Oxendine/Soneca - Tennessee).

    Damien Stelly
    (Alliance/US Army - Columbus, GA) wins by Rear Naked Choke in round 1 over David Davis (Jointlock Sub. Acad. - Amarillo, Texas).

    Jeff Bedard
    (AKA) wins by unanimous decision over Steve Hallock (Columbus, OH).

  10. ISCF MMA
    Andrew Chappelle (San Antonio, TX) defeated Junior Assuncao (LA Boxing - Atlanta) by decision.

  11. ISCF MMA
    Kevin Gittemeier (LA Boxing - Atlanta) defeated Dan Anchetta (Hardcore Gym - Athens, GA) by decision to.

For more info call Brett Moses at (404) 285-3535 or e-mail at or go to

MONDAY, April 26th, 2004, AT 11:50 PM, PT

Morello Wins IKF Title Back!
Lugo Retains His With TKO!

April 24th, 2004 - Santa Barbara, California, USA

The experts call a third match-up with someone a "rubber-match", however I'm not sure where that term came from. To give this match-up justice its best to go back to the beginning, the first time our two featured fighters here shared the ring together. In the beginning, a little over a year ago on January 31st, 2003, Mike Morello of Santa Barbara, California traveled to Bakersfield's Strongbow Stadium (Now called "The Dome") in Bakersfield, California to meet up with Raul Rodriguez in a match for the vacant IKF Amateur International Rules Light Middleweight Title. These two didn't get a chance to learn much about each other because the meeting only lasted 24 seconds. Morello won the title when he defeated Rodriguez by a head kick KO, 24 seconds into round 1. Fluke? Luck? Well Rodriguez seemed to think so. so much that he quickly asked for a rematch which Morello granted him without hesitation.

So on August 8th, 2003, again in Bakersfield, California, Morello and Rodriguez hooked it up for their second match-up. This time, the two fought toe to toe for 4 rounds. Although the title is only required to be 4 rounds, these two wanted an extra round to punish each other. However this time, it was Rodriguez who would do the punishing as he stopped Morello with some strong leg kicks at the 53 second mark of round 5 to take the title from Morello. So of course, the questions of a "Rubber-match" came up and people started talking. Of course the two would have to fight again because now the two have split, a win and a loss each.

So a final match to determine the best of 3 winner was set up for this last weekend, Saturday night, April 24th in Santa Barbara, California at the Santa Barbara Fairgrounds. It was an outdoor venue and plenty of Morello fans filled the seats where in Bakersfield it was Rodriguez fans. Here is how the bout played out...

  1. Round 1
    Both came out hard and fast and it was hard to pick a winner here. However the 3 judges could, Judge Ralph McKnight scored round 1, 10-9 Morello, Judge Nelson Hamilton scored the round 10 to 9 Morello while judge Dej Sriampai scored it 10-9 for Rodriguez.

  2. Round 2
    This round was again action packed but it appeared Morello was more busy. In the middle of the round, Morello kicked Rodriguez high and Rodriguez caught the kick and followed with a leg sweep. Of course this was a foul in International rules so as the event representative, I made a comment from ringside to California State Athletic Commission Referee Cecil People who responded with the professional respect of "Shut-up" at the top of his lungs. (Yes, maybe I should not have questioned the foul at that very moment, but Peoples should have also thought about his response as well. I made sure to apologize after the event but got no mutual response from Peoples, which would have been the right thing to do... but oh well, moving on...) However, the yelling became a minor issue after what happened next. After Peoples made a point of yelling at me, he never even warned Rodriguez on the illegal sweep. Guess I shouldn't question that either... Judge Ralph McKnight scored round 2, 10-9 Morello, Judge Nelson Hamilton scored the round 10 to 9 Morello while judge Dej Sriampai this time also scored it 10-9 for Morello.

  3. Round 3
    This round was simply a war from both sides of the ring, however again, yet another questionable issue came up. In round 2 Rodriguez had hit Morello with a knee in his chest. I am not saying it was intentional, it was just landing there, about 3 or 4 times actually. When it happened in round 3 and Morello made a comment to the referee, Peoples, Peoples response was "Well you better fight him then!" Hmmmm? Which to anyone, even Morello, such a response was a bit confusing. Despite the comment, the knee came again in the round when the two were in close, and again, no mention in regards to it was made by the referee. Judge Ralph McKnight scored round 3, 10-9 Rodriguez, Judge Nelson Hamilton scored the round 10 to 9 Morello while judge Dej Sriampai this time also scored it 10-9 for Rodriguez.

  4. Round 4
    Again, this was yet another strong round by both Rodriguez and Morello. I won't get into the calls missed in this round because by now it just seems like me crying a river. But they continued, without anyone able to question them. At the end of 4, Judge Ralph McKnight scored round 3, 10-9 Morello, Judge Nelson Hamilton scored the round 10 to 9 Rodriguez while judge Dej Sriampai this time also scored it 10-9 for Morello.

  5. Round 5
    Entering round 5 it appeared Morello had this one in the bag as he was ahead on 2 of the 3 judges cards, McKnight and Hamilton, 39-37 but all even at 38 on judge Dej Sriampai. However none of us knew where the fighters stood at this point so to many in the stands, and even those in the ring, this was anyone's fight to win. It appeared both thought so too as they both came out for round 5 as strong and explosive as they did in round 1. This was clearly a bout where you would hate to be a judge because the action was so back and forth. It seemed clear though that Rodriguez got the best of Morello in this round and many fans of our sport tend to remember the last round and forget the others. Which seemed to be the case here to some of the Rodriguez faithful. A strong finish would not equal a slow start (According to the judges scores in rounds 1-4, not my personal judgement) and even though Judge Ralph McKnight and Nelson Hamilton scored round 5, 10-9 for Rodriguez, Judge Dej Sriampai gave round 5 to Morello 10-9, giving Morello the unanimous decision win (48-47 on all 3 judges cards) and and the IKF Amateur International Rules Light Middleweight Title from Rodriguez.

Will there be a fight 4? Well, not in the amateurs. Rodriguez already has his first pro boxing match scheduled and will do both pro boxing and kickboxing now. If and when Morello (Right) turns pro though we would sure like to see these two in the ring together again. These two put on a GREAT FIGHT for all in attendance and despite the loss, Rodriguez who has had an excellent career (19-6/7), has no reason to hang his head low. He and Morello both "Walked The Walk" and fought a WAR for us ALL! Thanks guys for a GREAT Bout!
Here are the results of the rest of the nights bouts below.

  1. Amateur International
    Aaron Hale
    of Bakersfield, California (1-0/0, 250) defeated Travis Ayers of Santa Yuez, California (0-1/0, 247) by majority decision, 29-27, 29-27 and 28-28. This bout was a bloody war between both fighters. Ayers took two standing 8 counts as a result of Hale's heavy right hand. One in round 1 and the other in round 2.

  2. Amateur MuayThai
    Dan Ash
    of San Jose, California (1-0/0, 145) vs Cody Grimes (Neil Nutt) of Sacramento, California (0-1/0, 145) Ash may appear to have a small record but in reality he has a lot of ring time. he has 4-5 smoker bouts and after this fight it makes us wonder, should smoker bouts count on a kickboxers record? Moving on... This was a great round one by both fighters with lots of good knees. However you would have thought knees to the head and face were legal in this bout since Ash kept pulling Grimes' head down and landing his knees to his face. Finally when one knee to his face took Grimes to the floor, referee Cecil Peoples stepped in where we thought he would issue his first warning to Ash or point deduction. Not so... Instead, he gave Grimes an 8 count from going down from the knee but then... Took a point from Ash. Not for the knee he threw that dropped Grimes, but for kneeing Grimes when he was down... but call us blind because no one around me at ringside saw any knee after Grimes went down, only one that took him down. Regardless, in the end, despite the high knees, Ash was a great fighter and very aggressive, as was Grimes. As for the judges, they scored it for Ash by unanimous decision 30-26, 29-27 and 29-25. Wondering how there was a 30 score in there for Ash when he was deducted a point? We too are wondering, but you will need to ask judge Dej Sriampai for that answer...

  3. Amateur MuayThai
    Chris Cope
    of Santa Barbara, California (4-0/0, 184) Vs Patrick Murphy of Fresno, California (2-1/0, 187). In this bout we had to feel sorry for Murphy. A referee is in the ring to protect the fighters, however, California State Athletic Commission referee Dej Sriampai made some big errors here, one that was so obvious I had several people in the stands come up to me after the bout and complain to me as if it was our fault (IKF) for his calls or lack of calls as you will be explained here shortly. I had to inform them that we (IKF) had nothing to do with assigning any officials on this particular event. we have seen Dej Sriampai referee about a year or so ago and had some minor questions on some of his calls, but we just thought he needed more experience. This time he should have had plenty of experience... But it didn't show. In round 1, Murphy's headgear had slipped down "TOTALLY" blocking his vision. He raised his hand for the attention of the referee but Sriampai never acknowledged him. Cope did though as he charged in and proceeded to land about 4 or 5 hard unanswered shots to Murphy's head. The last pushing Murphy between the ropes where Cope took yet another 2 shots. finally, Sriampai stepped in. But here is the surprise. Instead of adjusting Murphy's headgear, he gave Murphy, "Who's eyes were STILL covered by his headgear" a standing 8 count. WHAT? Come on! After the 8 count, Murphy still could not see and after a lot of yelling by his corner, Sriampai finally adjusted it so he could see. But wait, there's more... Also during this bout, Sriampai had broke the fighters up and upon returning to the action, was still holding on to one of them as the other one started to take shots at him. There was more but you get the point. In the end, Cope took this one by unanimous decision, 29-27, 29-28 and 29-27.

  4. Amateur International
    Van Palacios
    of Hanford, California (3-2/0, 262) Vs Mike Contreres of Bakersfield, California (0-1/0, 266). This was a bout that had very few kicks. In the end, Palacios took the unanimous decision win, 30-27, 29-28 and 29-28.

  5. Amateur International
    Luke Redding
    of Nipoma, California (1-0/0, 178) Vs Joe Maxwell of Santa Barbara, California (1-2/0, 178). This needs to be said... Redding has a BIG Right HAND! This guy seemed so smooth I had to wonder, what other fighting has he done. Probably some MMA since he comes from the Powerhouse Gym of John Hackleman (Trainer of UFC MMA Star Chuck Lidell). It took Redding a round to wake up but when he did, he came alive! Redding dropped Maxwell with that Big Right Hand in round 2 and in round 3. The only blemish was some pushing elbows thrown by Redding (this was where he appeared to be a good MMA fighter to me) when Maxwell was bent over in front of him. Not just one but about 3 or 4. Surprisingly, as you would expect, the referee didn't say anything about these... Needless to say, they did not make much of a difference as Redding took this bout rather easily after losing round 1 on the cards, 29-26, 29-26 and 29-26.

  6. Amateur Boxing
    Jessica Trevino
    of Fresno, California was suppose to kickbox Laura Conley of San Louis Obispo, California. However Trevino injured her leg so these two women did a boxing match instead. In the end it was the height of Conley (5'8") that gave her the reach and the win over Trevino (5'1") by split decision 29-28, 28-29 and 29-28.

  7. IKF Amateur MuayThai Rules California Middleweight Title Defense: Julian Lugo of Barstow, California (8-3, 159) successfully defended his title in a rematch over David Anderson of Fresno, California (3-3-4/0, 163) when he stopped Anderson at the 1:58 mark of round 2. Lugo has vastly improved over the last few years now that he has been assisted by trainer Abe Belardo out of Bakersfield. he is the kind of fighter who shows true determination and dedication to the sport and with each bout, continues to simply get better and better. We can hardly wait until we see him in action again.


Venting About California!
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Pro World Champ Skelton
KOs Sprott In
Boxing Title Bout!!

Saturday, April 24, 2004: With all his success in the Boxing ring there is a very good chance we may never see IKF Pro MuayThai Super Heavyweight World Champion Matt Skelton of England doing MuayThai anytime soon. The unbeaten (In Pro boxing - 13-0 with 12 KO's) Skelton knocked out defending British champ Michael Sprott (25-7) with two minutes to go in round twelve in Reading, England on Saturday, April 24. Skelton is now the British and Commonwealth Boxing Champion.



Larson & Carrillo
Win IKF Titles In Arizona!

By Clement Vierra - IKF Arizona Representative

On Saturday night, April 24, Camp Verde Arizona was the site for the Night of the Champions II fights. It was a great night that featured 5 Boxing and 5 Kickboxing bouts. Here are the results of the Kickboxing Bouts below:

  1. Berret Myers (Golden Cobra Gym) Vs. Matt Ebbons (Kiks Karate) Myers win's by split decision, 29-28 29-28 28-29.

  2. Lee Norris (Norris Gym) Vs. David Webster (AZ Combat Sports) Norris Win's by walk over. Half hour before the match Webster Came down with some kind of sickness.

  3. Damen Rippee (Rosales Karate) Vs. Jason Baca (J & R Martial Arts) Rippee Win's by unanimous decision, 29-28 29-28 29-28.

  4. IKF Southwest Regional International Rules Lightweight Title
    Rodolfo Carrillo
    (Champion Sports Kickboxing, Camp Verde, AZ) Vs. Chris Fleming (One Kick Gym, Las Vegas, NV)
    1. Round One: Both sides came out hard with high & low Kicks, but Carrillo pushed the action more in the round. Round goes to Carrillo.
    2. Round Two: Carrillo came out a bit slower but Fleming came out hard and in his combo lands a low kick to Carrillo's groin. After a rest the fight started up again, but Fleming landed one more Low kick so referee Jere Grimes took a point from Fleming for the Low blow. But it was a good round for Fleming outside of the low Blows. I called the round even, but with the foul the round went to Carrillo.
    3. Round Three: This was a good round for Carrillo who had Fleming going backwards with hand & feet combo's. But just when you thought he was going to win by knock out, Fleming came back hard but not hard enough to take the round which went to Carrillo.
    4. Round Four: Carrillo came out with hard punches & kicks that had Fleming going backwards again. As the round was almost over, here came Fleming again. But Carrillo closed out the round very strong giving him the round.
    5. The judges scores were: 40-35, 40-35 and 39-36. On my separate rep score sheet i had it 40-36, all for the winner and New IKF Southwest Regional Lightweight Champion Rodolfo Carrillo

  5. Main Event
    IKF Southwest Regional International Rules Super Welterweight Title
    Clifford Larson
    (Champion Sports Kickboxing, Camp Verde, AZ) Vs. Sean Baca (Chavez Karate, Albuquerque, NM)
    1. Round One: Good Round, both sides had good high & low kicks with good hand combos. It was a small edge to Larson to win the round.
    2. Round Two: Both sides came out hard again, but Baca was getting in some very good leg kicks that were hurting Larson and you could see it in his eyes and when he was trying to block the leg kicks with his glove. It looked like it was going to be a KO win and Title for Baca, but Larson sucked it up and came back hard at the end of the round. Baca won the round on the leg kicks and combo's he did.
    3. Round Three: Baca came back out and worked on Larson's leg again and it showed again it was hurting Larson. But Larson came back with a hard combos and landed a straight right and down goes Baca. Baca beat the count and made it to the bell. Round goes to Larson.
    4. Round Four: Larson came out hard trying to close the show, but Baca was fighting back and holding on. Referee Joe Joseph took a point from Baca for holding on. Then Larson came in with a hard combo and ended with a round kick to Baca's head and down he went. Baca got up on the count of 8 and wanted to go on but Referee Joe Joseph stopped the match at 1:18 seconds of the round. The winner and New IKF Southwest Regional Super Welterweight Champion, Clifford Larson.

I feel I need to make this comment about Clifford Larson. Larson started his kickboxing career on one of my events and fought on a bunch more. He is a prime example of someone that wanted to be a CHAMPION. After his first 7 fights his record was 0-7 and he got TKO'ed three times. But he did not give up, where most people would have given up. To be honest, I was thinking he should give it up too. I just Love when a fighter proves me wrong and Larson sure did. He found the way to be a Winner in his next 8 fights in a row! Not only did he win the fights he won the IKF Arizona State Title and the IKF National Tournament Title and Now the IKF Southwest Title. I am Very Proud of Clifford Larson. I just wanted to say to Clifford, Thanks for showing me the true meaning of "CHAMPIONS Never Give Up!"

For more info on this Arizona event please contact Mr. Gary Lolman at (928) 567-1024 or by e-mail at


Results From East Area's
Thai/Kickboxing Explosion XXX
Sunday 18th April 2004 - The Corn Exchange, Bedford, England
Promoter - Nigel Thompson

Reported By Alby Bimpson, IKF Europe Director: This is one show that we look forward to attending every year, as Nigel Thompson puts on great shows with quality bouts. We need to apologize to Nigel, as due to the traffic on the day, the weigh-in due at 2 PM was delayed until 3.30 PM, delaying the arrival of the Officials. The show start was only delayed by 15 minutes, and the full capacity crowd did not have long to wait for the eleven bouts scheduled. But before the first bout Nigel was called into the ring, by members of his club, to present him with a set of 3 Samurai swords in appreciation for all his hard work over the years, that came as a total surprise to him.



Team Z Announces Info For
2004 IKF/TKO North Central Regional!

- Full Contact Rules -

Z's Martial Arts Presents, the 2004 road to "The IKF/ TKO North American Classic" Regional Tournament, "Full Contact Rules Only - Adult Full Contact & Junior Amateur Full Contact" - June 19th, 2004. States included in this regional are Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan, Indiana, Central & Eastern North Dakota (Time Zone Line East) Eastern South Dakota (Time Zone Line East)

The registration deadline is be June 9th, 2004. The $35.00 Registration fee must accompany registration forms. Please make checks out to the Regional Director's Promotional Company. (Call for exact title on check). The weigh-in time will be announced soon on The North Central page at:

The fight venue is Jimmy Z's Ringside Fitness, 410 E. Main St., Lake Zurich, Illinois 60047. For event tickets and additional Fighter Information please contact Regional director, Rob Zbilski (L) at Z's Martial Arts Academy, 166 N. Randle Road, Lake in the Hills, Illinois 60156, (847) 458-8333, Fax: (847) 458-8180

"Walk the Walk" to the 2004 IKF/TKO Amateur North American Classic Kickboxing Championships! Your True Test to be The Best! BRING IT ON!
For Info on the North Central MuayThai & International Rules Regional in this Region Click HERE.

Weekend Results Coming Later Today!

SUNDAY, April 25th, 2004, AT 10:00 AM, PT

Selbee & Lugo
Retain Titles Over Weekend
Morello Takes Rodriguez'

In Georgia Mark Selbee retained his IKF Pro FCR Heavyweight title over John James while in Santa Barbara, Julian Lugo defends his Amateur MTR Middleweight title. However, Mike Morello of Santa Barbara took the title back he originally won from Raul Rodriguez in one of the most exciting bouts of the year! Stories about all three of these IKF Title bouts along with titles in Arizona and another one in Iowa and all their supporting undercards will be coming Monday! What a GREAT Weekend of IKF Action!


Why Should State Athletic Commissions
Profit From Our Sport?

What problems are State Athletic Commissions, like the one in California, causing our sport? Too often those who oversee us claim they know the sports rules when in reality, 'Some' prove to us they are not qualified or lack experience or proper training as referees for example. Why are MuayThai and leg kick fighters ALWAYS coming to us in the IKF asking to help or complaining about calls in their bouts and when we as the IKF stand up for them, we get publicly humiliated in a 'Power Trip' response that makes no sense that is always followed by 'Political' backlash BS!

From missed calls, ignored rules, insults to attitudes about our sport at the top level, we seem to be working with leaders who could care less about what our sport needs... Some officials have GREAT Knowledge of our sport, while others tend to just show up. While those in our sport all try to move our sport forward, we keep dragging the commission anchor behind us in states like California. Is it true what many say in California, that many of those on the commission could care less about our sport? We know some who do care, with great passion, but we also know many who don't! Kickboxing is the ugly step child to boxing in California and it NEEDS TO BE SEPARATED from boxing!

The straw has broke the camels back and the time has come for change! Who stays "IN" the circle and who should step "OUT" of the circle? Those associated with the commission know where they stand for our sport. Change is on the horizon and this time, its not just a desire and wishful thinking. The wheels have already started turning and things are in motion. As recently as the beginning of this year we thought it may be just a change of leadership that was needed. However, even that has come under question because no matter who is at top in the "State Commission" their hands would still be bound, by the commission itself. Should "ANY" commission oversee kickboxing in California? Pro or Amateur? After all we have seen, the answer is now even clearer... NO! We in kickboxing are tired of just being a paycheck to the commission without a voice. GOOD people with a great passion in our sport like Nelson "Doc" Hamilton have tried to change things, but his efforts have been without deserved rewards.

However, who should take control and how? We already have been given the answer which may include people like Hamilton. To add to this, you think MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) is dead in California? Think again... Those who have the ability to make changes have already stepped in and change is on the horizon with the help of the ISCF. More on all this in the coming week.

WEDNESDAY, April 21st, 2004, AT 10:00 PM, PT


Waterloo, Iowa, USA

Waterloo, Iowa, USA
This Saturday night April 24th, IKF Promoter Russ O'Connell (Left) will host "IOWA KICKFEST" at the Five Sullivan Brothers Event Center in Waterloo, Iowa, USA.

The event will feature two IKF Amateur title bouts which will include the quest for the vacant IKF Amateur IR Middleweight North Central Region Title between Nate Mohr of Iowa and David Flurry (Right) also of Iowa.

The other vacant IKF Title being fought for is the IKF Amateur FCR North Central Region Middleweight Title between Nick Anderson of Iowa and David Foreber of Wisconsin.

The nights undercard schedule was not available at press time. For more info please contact Mr. Russ O'Connell at (319) 234-1935 or by e-mail at


"Rumble On The Rez!"
Camp Verde, Arizona, USA

Camp Verde, Arizona, USA: This Saturday night April 24th, IKF Promoter Gary Lolman and the Yavapai-Apache Nation will host "Rumble On The Rez!" at the Yavapai-Apache Nation Gymnasium in Camp Verde, Arizona, USA .

The event will feature 2 IKF amateur title bouts which will include the quest for the vacant IKF Amateur IR Lightweight South West Region Title between Rodolfo Carrillio and Chris Fleming.

REVISED AT 10:20 PM, APRIL 21st: Well known IKF Amateur Fighter Clifford Larson (R) will meet up with Sean Baca of New Mexico as the two fight for the vacant IKF Amateur IR Super Welterweight South Mountain Region Title.

The nights undercard schedule was not available at press time. For more info please contact Mr. Gary Lolman at (928) 567-1024 or by e-mail at


"King Of The Ring IV"
Santa Barbara, CA, USA

Santa Barbara, CA, USA: This Saturday night April 24th IKF Promoter Domi Tomate (Right) will host "King Of The Ring IV" at the Santa Barbara Fairgrounds, Santa Barbara, CA, USA.

The event will feature another rematch between two great West Coast Fighters. This will be the title defense of the IKF IR Light Middleweight West Coast Title. Champion Raul Rodriguez (Left) of Bakersfield, California will meet up with former Champion Mike Morello (Below Right) of Santa Barbara California.

The first time these two met, Morello won his title by KO at 24 seconds of round 1 on January 31st, 2003 in Bakersfield, California, USA. Rodrigues of course wanted a rematch and Morello granted it.

The second time was revenge time for Rodriguez and both wanted it to be a 5 round battle instead of just the required 4 rounds. In the end, it would be the 5th round that paid off for Rodriguez as he defeated Morello TKO at 53 seconds of round 5 on August 8th, 2003 in Bakersfield, California, USA.

Now Morello has been granted the rematch by Rodriguez for the third and decisive bout.

When the dust settles, win or lose, Rodriguez will be turning pro while Morello will set his sites on the IKF North American Amateur Championships in August.

The nights undercard schedule was not available at press time. For more info please contact Mr. Domi Tomate at (661) 342-5222 or by e-mail at


Bret Moses' (R)
Fight Party!
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

This Friday, April 23rd, the Georgia fight community will be treated to the 2nd edition of the Friday Night Fight Party. 17 total fights including 11 ISCF Mixed Martial Arts, 5 Boxing and 1 IKF Championship Full Contact Kickboxing. Georgia martial artists representing AFA, Alliance, LA Boxing, Tiger Academy, Hardcore Gym, United Karate & Trammell's will pit there skills against fighters from Pennsylvania, Texas, Ohio, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee and Alabama.

Mark Selbee of Atlanta, Georgia puts his IKF North American Heavyweight Full Contact title on the line against #4 ranked John James of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Rising MMA star Jeff "LITTLE POPEYE" Bedard puts his undefeated MMA streak on the line against Ohio's Steve "THE WEASEL" Hallock. Promising prospects Junior Assuncao of LA Boxing and Damien Stelly of Alliance make their professional MMA debuts. On the boxing side, two of Atlanta's most promising up and coming fighters: Welterweight Ebo Elder & heavyweight Cedric Boswell, both of whom recently fought on high profile network broadcast cards, come to give their hometown fans a treat.

  1. IKFPro FCR North American Heavyweight Title *Defense
    *Mark Selbee (LA Boxing, Atlanta, Georgia, USA) Vs John James (Panther Kickboxing, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA)

  2. ISCF Pro Welterweight
    Jeff "Little Popeye" Bedard (AFA, Atlanta, GA) V. Steve "THE WEASEL" Hallock

  3. ISCF Pro Light Middleweight
    Cleuder "Junior" Assuncao (LA Boxing, Atlanta, Georgia, USA) Vs Andrew "The Powerhouse" Chappelle (San Antonio, Texas)

  4. ISCF Pro Light Middleweight
    Dan Anchetta (Hardcore Gym, Athens, GA) Vs Kevin Gittemeier (LA Boxing, Atlanta, Georgia, USA)

  5. ISCFAmateur (Vacant) East Coast Middleweight Title
    Andy Foster (United/LA Boxing, Dalton, GA ) Vs Tim "Moab"Stout (Soneca/Oxendine, Tennessee)

  6. ISCF Amateur Middleweight
    Rashad Abdul Khallig (LA Boxing, Atlanta, Georgia, USA) Vs "Iron" Will Blankenship (Team Syco - Athens, Alabama)

  7. ISCF Amateur Super Heavyweight
    Cory Nesslehut (LA Boxing, Atlanta, Georgia, USA) Vs John Brown (Dixson Jiu Jitsu, Biloxi, Mississippi)

  8. ISCF Amateur Middleweight
    Ryan Ellison (Alliance/Team Jacare' - Atlanta, GA) Vs Camron Wiltshire (Trammell - Atlanta, GA)

  9. ISCF Amateur Welterweight
    Chad Shaeffer (Hardcore Gym - Athens, GA) Vs R.C. Stephens (Ancona Gym, New Orleans, LA)

  10. ISCF Amateur Light Heavyweight
    Damien Stelly (Alliance/Team Jacare - Columbus, GA) VS David Davis, (Amarillo, TX)

  11. ISCF Amateur Light Middleweight
    Juan Guevara (Team Tiger - Roswell, GA) Vs B.C Maxey (Joint Lock submission Academy, Amarillo, Texas)

  12. ISCF Amateur Middleweight
    Mike Israel (Team Tiger - Roswell, GA) Vs Charles Tienann (Joint Lock Submission Academy - Amarillo, TX)

  13. Boxing Bouts
    1. 135 Lbs: Ebo Elder (18-1, 10 KO's) Vs William Rojas (15-11, 8 KO's).

    2. Heavyweight: Cedric Boswell (21-1, 16 KO's) Vs Robert Sulgan (10-2, 6 KO's).

    3. Sammy Retta (13-1, 13 KO's) Vs Robert Marsh (9-24)

    4. Anthony Henry (0-0) Vs Jeremy Brooks (3-0, 1 KO)

    5. Link Mcclain (0-1) Vs Troy Wilson (3-0-1, 1 KO)

Venue: The Atlanta Civic Center. Doors Open at 7:00 PM, Fights Start at 8:00 PM. For more info call Brett Moses at (404) 285-3535 or e-mail at or go to


"Kickboxing Night!"
Northampton, England

Northampton England
This Sunday night, April 25th IKF Promoter Clive Matthews will host "Kickboxing Night" at the Moathouse in Northampton, England. Keeping in mind the schedule of bouts may change by fight time, as of this press release, Matthews has 4 Professional and 6 Amateur bouts scheduled. The tickets to the event include a full sit-down meal. For tickets call (In England) 07802 603030.

MORE NEWS OF 4-21-04

Reality Or Dream?
Click HERE and Scroll To The Bottom Article - ROUFUS vs TYSON

TUESDAY, April 20th, 2004, AT 8:10 PM, PT

Moses Follows A Familiar Mix...
Kickboxing - MMA - Boxing!

Friday Night - April 23rd Match Ups - At The Atlanta Civic Center, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

  1. IKFPro FCR North American Heavyweight Title *Defense
    *Mark Selbee (LA Boxing, Atlanta, Georgia, USA) Vs John James (Panther Kickboxing, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA)

  2. ISCF Pro Welterweight
    Jeff "Little Popeye" Bedard (AFA, Atlanta, GA) V. Steve "THE WEASEL" Hallock

  3. ISCF Pro Light Middleweight
    Cleuder "Junior" Assuncao (LA Boxing, Atlanta, Georgia, USA) Vs Andrew "The Powerhouse" Chappelle (San Antonio, Texas)

  4. ISCF Pro Light Middleweight
    Dan Anchetta (Hardcore Gym, Athens, GA) Vs Kevin Gittemeier (LA Boxing, Atlanta, Georgia, USA)

  5. ISCFAmateur (Vacant) East Coast Middleweight Title
    Andy Foster (United/LA Boxing, Dalton, GA ) Vs Tim "Moab"Stout (Soneca/Oxendine, Tennessee)

  6. ISCF Amateur Middleweight
    Rashad Abdul Khallig (LA Boxing, Atlanta, Georgia, USA) Vs "Iron" Will Blankenship (Team Syco - Athens, Alabama)

  7. ISCF Amateur Super Heavyweight
    Cory Nesslehut (LA Boxing, Atlanta, Georgia, USA) Vs John Brown (Dixson Jiu Jitsu, Biloxi, Mississippi)

  8. ISCF Amateur Middleweight
    Ryan Ellison (Alliance/Team Jacare' - Atlanta, GA) Vs Camron Wiltshire (Trammell - Atlanta, GA)

  9. ISCF Amateur Welterweight
    Chad Shaeffer (Hardcore Gym - Athens, GA) Vs R.C. Stephens (Ancona Gym, New Orleans, LA)

  10. ISCF Amateur Light Heavyweight
    Damien Stelly (Alliance/Team Jacare - Columbus, GA) VS David Davis, (Amarillo, TX)

  11. ISCF Amateur Light Middleweight
    Juan Guevara (Team Tiger - Roswell, GA) Vs B.C Maxey (Joint Lock submission Academy, Amarillo, Texas)

  12. ISCF Amateur Middleweight
    Mike Israel (Team Tiger - Roswell, GA) Vs Charles Tienann (Joint Lock Submission Academy - Amarillo, TX)

  13. Boxing Bouts

Venue: The Atlanta Civic Center. Doors Open at 7:00 PM, Fights Start at 8:00 PM. For more info call Brett Moses at (404) 285-3535 or e-mail at or go to

MONDAY, April 19th, 2004, AT 12:45 PM, PT

Rockford, Illinois, USA

Rockford, Illinois, USA
Congratulations should be extended out to Sky Drysdale for putting on an outstanding Show (Rumble in the Park III) in Rockford, Illinois. Close to a thousand people had the chance to witness Nine great fights in one of the most enthusiastic areas in the country. The Rockford area people really love their IKF Kickboxing.

With a full card and full house, Drysdale and his promotional team had things well organized and in control 100% of the time. Also, everyone had the chance to witness a marriage proposal in the ring immediately following the Main event. Here are the highlights of the remainder of the nights bouts...

Here are the highlights of the remainder of the nights bouts...

  1. Sarah Ross vs. Laura Jo Wessels
    Sarah Ross (trained by Rob Zbilski of Team Z) over Laura Jo Wessels by TKO 1:14 Seconds into the first round after Referee Scott Fischer stopped the fight. Best wishes go out to Laura Jo who sustained a cracked rib after a debilitating spinning back Kick by Sarah Ross. May she be back on her feet and back in the ring as soon as possible. Get Well Soon!

  2. Ben Miller vs. Andy Brandl
    Andy Brandi TKO'ed Ben Miller after Referee Scott Fischer stopped the fight in the third round.

  3. Jackson Aren vs. Cameron Monyelle
    Jackson Aren (Trained by IKF World Champion Tommy Bach and one of Illinois' up and coming Jr's) won over Cameron Monyelle by unanimous decision.

  4. Diana Davila vs. Amy Beck
    Diana Davila defeated Amy Beck by Unanimous decision.

  5. Chris Shorrock vs. John Taylor
    John Taylor (Trained by Tommy Bach) won by TKO over Chris Shorrock after Referee Scott Fischer stopped the fight in the Second Round. Note: Shorrock drove 12-hours from Canada for this 3-round bout and we want to Thank him GREATLY for his efforts!

  6. Marcello Bezon vs. Kyle McElroy
    Big thanks to Kyle McElroy and Marcello Bezon who put on an outstanding exhibition. Yet, you'd never know it was an exhibition by the way these guys were going at it.

  7. Vilavanh Sevkeanya vs. Jason Ransom
    This bout ended in a No contest. Sevkeanya threw his shoulder completely out of it's socket, 14 seconds into the fight. According to his trainer Horace Craft, his career is probably over, due to repeated problems with his shoulder and back.

  8. Horace Craft vs. Johnny Ransom
    Ransom is a former Toughman champ and local hard-ass. He and his brother are known to fight on a moment's notice -- and they will fight anyone! This one was proof! In the end, a first round knockdown of Craft and Craft also missing a kick contributed to Ransom winning by Majority decision, 28-27, 28-27 and 28-28.

  9. Mike Winkeler vs. Rich Whitenack
    This fight was stopped 1:29 seconds into the (Round unsure at press time, 3rd or 4th, we received 2 different reports) round by referee Scott Fischer. Whitenack winner by TKO. Of what we saw before the stop, What a fight!

  10. Rick Bloyer vs. Shayne Adams
    One of the most anticipated fights in a long time (for Rockford), these two heavyweights REALLY stepped up to "Walk the Walk! What a Battle! What a WAR!" In the end, the fight was stopped by referee Scott Fischer at 1:34 seconds of the (Round unsure at press time, 2nd or 4th, we received 2 different reports) giving Bloyer the win by TKO. After the bout, they complemented each other on how tough the other guy was. Then Adams brought his girlfriend in the ring and proposed -- She said YES! Best of Luck to them. This was both Shayne and Rick's retirement bouts and what a way to finish their Kickboxing careers.

Congratulations to all the winners and great job of "Walking The Walk" by all the fighters on this night. And as well, best of luck to Laura Jo Wessels. We look forward to seeing her back in the ring as soon as possible. A Big THANKS to the Clock Tower Racquet Club who were absolutely the "BEST" to work with. What a beautiful facility and a GREAT accommodating staff! And of course, Thanks to Sky Drysdale for a great evening of IKF Kickboxing. For more info please contact Mr. Sky Drysdale by e-mail at


In St. Louis!

    Jimmy Long
    defeated Kevin Marconni by arm bar at 2:30 of the first round.

    Dustin Severs,
    St. Louis, MO defeated Joe Mabin, Kansas City, MO by ankle lock at 2:09 of the 1st round.

    Nick Zona,
    Arnold, MO defeated Vince Lombandi, San Antonio, TX by KO at 2:27 of the first round.

    Dustin Roberts,
    St. Louis, MO defeated John Oslander, Kansas City, KS by choke hold at 1:12 of the third round.

    Robin Connelly,
    St. Louis, MO defeated Liz Smith, Columbia, MO by decision. 29-28, 29-28, 29-28.

    Mike Green
    John Long fought to a draw.

For information about tickets please contact Jesse Finney at 314-608-3104 or

FRIDAY, April 16th, 2004, AT 6:00 PM, PT


Rockford, Illinois, USA

Rockford, Illinois, USA
This Saturday night IKF Promoter Sky Drysdale will host "RUMBLE IN THE PARK III" at the Clock Tower Racquet Club, Rockford, Illinois, USA. The event will feature 2 pro bouts and a full amateur undercard. As for the Pros, this will be a CO-MAIN EVENT. Shayne Adam of Illinois will face off against Rick Boyler of Wisconsin while Mike Winkeler of Illinois will face off against Rich Whitenack also of Illinois. Drysdale had 3 pro bouts planned which the third one was between Horace Craft of Wisconsin and Bryce Frank. However Frank pulled out of the bout just this week. Tickets can be attained still by calling (815) 968-5222. The doors open at 6:30 PM with the first fight starting at 7:30 PM. For more info please contact Mr. Sky Drysdale by e-mail at


Show Offers Variety!

Is MMA a bigger hit than Kickboxing?

St. Louis, Missouri, USA: Over the last couple of years St.. Louis has been a big Kickboxing city, this is starting to change. Last year Jesse Finney and the ISCF worked with the Missouri Athletic Commission to legalize Amateur Mixed Martial Arts events in Missouri. This new law has help Shamrock Promotions LLC. (Finney's Promotional Company) In the past the St. Louis events had great Full-contact fights, normally anywhere from 8-11 bouts. Now that MMA is legal, more and more fighters are coming to Promoter Jesse Finney wanting to get in the ring and fight.

The main event is more than two men fighting it out for the crowd. "Mean" Mike Green will be up against John Long, in a NHB fight. Long has been a boxer for several years and Green has been kickboxing and completing in MMA for a couple years. This feud started just as most fights outside the ring start... over a women. Long has disrespected Green's girlfriend and Green on numerous occasions, and now they have agreed to settle the differences in the ring. The rest of the card is as follows:

For information about tickets please contact Jesse Finney at 314-608-3104 or


Thai/Kickboxing - ExplosionXXX
Bedford, England

Bedford, England
This Sunday, April 18th, IKF Promoter Nigel Thompson will present, Thai/Kickboxing - ExplosionXXX at the Corn Exchange in Bedford, England. The event will feature a full card of both Pro & Amateur Thai Boxing. Thompson hopes to feature as his Main Event the IKF England Middleweight Thai Boxing Title featuring contender Narginder Gill (Who is the current Area Title Holder) of Bedford England (8-2) vs (Confirmed on 4/17) Steven Jones of Manchester England (5-2). Doors open At 5:PM and the fights start at 6:PM. For tickets call 07831714383.

THURSDAY, April 15th, 2004, AT 10:40 AM, PT

It's Official!
IKF & TKO Team Up Again For
2004 IKF/TKO North American Classic!

Today, Thursday April 15th it became official that TKO Sports Group( has once again acquired the naming rights to this years 2004 IKF/TKO North American Classic! Although the Tournament has been expanded to a "North American" format to include fighters from both Canada and Mexico, the concept of the event stays the same. The yearly IKF Sanctioned tournament is without a doubt the largest amateur "Kickboxing" Tournament in North America. This year the event will again be held in at the magnificent US Cellular Center Arena in Cedar Rapids Iowa with the host hotel being the Crowne Plaza. For info on this years "FINALS" event Click HERE!

This will be the 6th year of the event that started in Council Bluffs Iowa in September of 1999. As in all 5 previous Tournaments, Ringside Inc. will again be a sponsor of this years event. When the tournament started in 1999 it was mainly due to the efforts of Ringside Inc. Joe Taylor (Right) along with others in the IKF such as Rob Zbilski, Mick Doyle, Duke Roufus and IKF President Steve Fossum to create a IKF/Ringside USA National Amateur Tournament.

TKO Sports has made a name for itself in the sporting goods stores, however their competition level equipment has not been in the main stream as much as they would like. Recently TKO Sports and Ringside teamed up and Ringside now sells selected TKO Sports merchandise in their Catalog. TKO Sports is also the exclusive equipment sponsor for Amateur Boxing's National Golden Gloves Tournament. TKO Sports will supply gloves, headguards, shin pads and several other things agreed upon with the IKF while ringside will be involved with media assistance and supplying some of the Champion Awards as in previous years. Watch for more news on the 2004 IKF/TKO North American Classic here on the News page. To see what Regional Events are currently confirmed Click HERE!

MORE NEWS OF 4-15-04

New Addition To
IKF Rankings!

Many here know that a lot of fighters fight in both Kickboxing and Boxing. However, for a long time it was hard to research what kind of record these fighters have. The help of the IKF Rankings surly added to the sport, but the IKF is taking the rankings a step further. Recently we have added links to the rankings of the IKF Ranked Pro Kickboxers who have fought in Pro boxing and with those links, their current boxing records. The links are directed to a fighter data base hosted by offers a great data base for boxers around the world and has 217,086 Pro Boxers from around the world in their records.

Soon to be added to our rankings will be links to a fighters record in MMA/NHB. Currently our sister organization, the ISCF (Sanctioning Organization for MMA/NHB) uses the fighter database hosted by Adding all this information to the IKF Ranked fighters name will give matchmakers as well as potential opponents a complete background of a fighter or at least as complete as we can offer.

Some of the records in the IKF Kickboxing Rankings the Listings and Listings can be a little off for some obvious reasons. Some fights such as those on Indian Reservations or unknown non sanctioned events may go unreported, thus making any of the 3 listing systems a bit incomplete. In addition are the kickboxing bouts we here at the IKF never hear of or MMA/NHB bouts never hears of or even the Boxing bouts never hears of.

Adding to this, the fighters too often tend to not inform us here of their updated records, especially losses and especially knock out losses. Hopefully while cross-referencing all 3 data bases we can keep most fighters records as up to date as possible. If you are a fighter and want to update your current record in the IKF Rankings please do so by e-mail at Fights do not have to be IKF Sanctioned fights to count on your records and there is no charge for the update.

MONDAY, April 12th, 2004, AT 12:30 PM, PT

Christian Morales

Amateur kickboxer Christian Morales wants to make sure he is "In The House" in August at the 2004 IKF North American Classic. Today, Morales who is from San Antonio Texas, USA (MuayThai, 172 lbs.) became the first official registered fighter for the 2004 IKF North American Classic. Morales' region (South Central 2) is a "Walkover region" this year with no scheduled regional which is how he was able to register so early. Morales trains at the San Antonio Martial Arts Institute under James Olsen.

To see the list of confirmed "Regional Tournaments" Click HERE!

FRIDAY, April 9th, 2004, AT 4:30 PM, PT

A.K. Promotions
To Now Feature "ALL" Rule Styles!

Rocklin, CA, USA
After a discussion with a well-known practitioner of MuayThai and San Shou fighting styles, one of the most active promoter's in the state of California, Johnny Davis and his A.K. Promotions' company have decided to widen the fan base of the sport of Kickboxing. Davis will now be featuring all 4 IKF Sanctioned rule styles on his events that will start with his upcoming card in Rocklin, CA on May 7th.

He and assistant matchmaker Mike Marinoble will attempt to match two fights in San Shou and two in Muay Thai as feature bouts on the card. The remaining card will be in the Full Contact Rules (American style) and International rule styles formerly exclusive to Davis' events. "Recently I've attended some fights in the area and noticed something different about Muay Thai. The boxing skills seem to be much better than what I had witnessed in the past and there seems to be less holding and more head kicks! These fights were exciting with good techniques! Therefore we are excited to add these styles of fighting to our events."

Davis continues, "Every style seems to have their own fan base and we have decided to offer all kickboxing fans what they want while offering the fighters a platform to showcase their skills."

During Davis' fighting era there was one dominant fighting style in the U.S. which was above the waist full contact rules. However, times have changed and especially on the West Coast where full contact is not as popular as in the midwest and east coast. Davis has several ideas as to how to educate his fans as to what type of fight they are about to see which will help the fans better understand each bout. Davis adds, "My company's logo is dedicated to preserving the longevity of the sport, I hope this test is a step in the right direction." Adding to Davis' local exposure will soon be his local Triple "F" TV Show in the weeks ahead which will give more exposure and educate viewers about the variety of styles involved in the sport of kickboxing.

Well Amateur Fighters... The welcome mat is out. For those interested in participating in A.K. Promotions' May 7th event under/in ANY" rule style can contact matchmaker Mike Marinoble at (916) 704-6730 or at (916) 780-7483. Forward March!
NOTE: AK Promotions are only seeking those within driving distance and willing to drive to this event.

TUESDAY, April 6th, 2004, AT 12:40 PM, PT

IKF Point Kickboxing Competitors
Motivated by 4' Trophies!

Results from April 3rd PKB in Roseville, CA, USA
Reported by Johnny Davis

Roseville, CA, USA
It would not have taken much for one to see that there was lots of tension brewing before this past weekend's IKF Point Kickboxing event. The competitors paced the halls of the Lord's Gym as preparing for an Olympic event. The looks intensified has the rumor of the beautiful four feet trophies came to fruition as they were being unloaded from the delivery van. "Oh man, I want to take one of those babies home," I witnessed one participate whisper.
I knew then…it was on!

I will say this again and again, if you like Kickboxing, you are missing out on some great and exciting action at these events! These events may offer as few as 20 matches or as many as 100. Regardless of the number of bouts, for only a $5 ticket to watch it all, any way you look at it, it's non stop FIGHT ACTION! The diversity of the participants range from seven to forty seven and all of them wanted to drag their own "four foot trophy" out and load it in their vehicles. Some would have this honor while others would have to wait until next time.

All are literally winners at these events because every participant receives an award for having the courage to enter. The always-supportive IKF Chief Referee Dan Stell ( at left from previous event) took the lead officiating all of the bouts. Also, Master Instructor Rubi Navarro (Right) of Navarro's Kenpo and Muay Thai Kickboxing of San Francisco, CA gave decisive calls to each bout.

The little ones started the matches for the day and the action was the impressive. Gabiella Orteza of Rocklin edged out a victory over the tough Matteo "Machine Gun" Contartese also of Rocklin, CA in the PK-14: 8-10 year old! This was a tough match to call and went into a one-minute overtime! Evan Morrell of Rocklin won his third, First Place trophy out of his last three PKB events with a win over Jessica Cullen (2nd Place) and Sean Cronin (3rd Place) both of Rocklin. Evan really understands the concept of Point Kickboxing as his continuous rapid-fire kicks and punches bombards his opponents!

Rich Davis of Rocklin, CA is getting more impressive each time out. He throws an assortment of spin kicks combined with jump kicks and lands punching in a varied of combinations that dazzles the onlookers! On Saturday his first win came over the aggressive twenty nine year old Lilia Garciaof San Francisco, CA who ended up taking 3rd Place. Lila was the only women in this event and had to fight in the Junior Boys Advance division. Because of her small stature, this division suited her best. The junior boys where her size and were fairly even in regards to their skill level. Next, Davis would meet the always-improving Cameron Jones of Rocklin in a tough match that went, two additional overtime rounds. In the end, Davis took home the 1st Place trophy while Jones finished in 2nd Place. Those in attendance loved the action and both Rich and Cameron understood even more the importance of conditioning!

Jason Susdorf of Woodland, CA, is a junior with skills that will need to be reckoned with if he continues in the PKB events but more so, if and when he decides to go into the real, full contact events. His moves are slick and cagey! His thin built reminds me of another great blast from the past Curtis "the explosive thin man" Bush. Jason won first place while Eric Rivera of Sacramento, CA took 2nd Place. Aaron Wieand of Rocklin, CA finished in 3rd Place. Jason is the son of Woodland, CA instructor Mr. Dell Susdorf who was beaming with pride as he carried his son's trophy out of the gym.

In an exciting men's lightweight division, Jeff Cessford of Sacramento would take first place over Lincoln's Alex Orteza who finished in 2nd Place. Jerimiah Lewis of Woodland, CA took 3rd Place. Orteza looked as though he would take the division with his impressive win over Jermiah but due to poor conditioning was barely able to complete the last bout. He vows to be more prepared for future events and is eager to prove he can rise to the top.

The PIR 27 (International Rule –low kick-) Beginner lightweight division saw Steve Rivera of San Francisco, CA take home 1st Place with a close decision win over Chris "the cerebral assassin" Lugatiman of Vallejo, CA. In the final division of the evening, (PIR 32- Advance Heavyweight) the flexible and talented Charles Caesar of San Francisco, CA took the first place trophy home with a tough overtime decision win over Zak McBride of Sacramento, CA. Bill Huchet also of Sacramento took third place.

All the first place winners were excited to win the four-foot trophies! They seemed eager to get back and show it off to their friends! If you want to get your students started the right way…make sure they take the right and first step out of the gym with IKF Point Kickboxing. Hope to see you at the next on August 7th!

Special thanks to all the event officials for all their support. Also all of the parents from my Kickboxing program out of Rocklin, CA. Thanks too, to some of the newcomers like those from the Marcus Reaves Academy of Martial Arts of Sacramento and Darryl Liner's Kenpo and Karate of Sacramento. Thanks also to World Eagle Claw Martial Arts, Navarro's Muay Thai and Kickboxing, Woodland Self Defense School of Karate and Kickboxing, Aztec Kickboxing of Dixon, CA. and the others I may have missed. If you would like to host an IKF Point Kickboxing event or would like more information contact me (Johnny Davis) at (916) 780-7483 or e-mail me at or see my site at

MONDAY, April 5th, 2004, AT 4:00 PM, PT

Results From The Fredericksburg Fight Fest
Hess Edges Kernan
For Vacant IKF US Amateur Title!

Fredericksburg, Virginia, USA
Promoter Chris Manual
Reported By Craig Smith Virginia IKF Representative

VACANT IKF Women's Amateur FCR US Lightweight Title
Nicole Hess vs Stephanie Kernan

Here are the results of the nights Undercard

    Nick Fenton
    vs Aria Nawab. No winner: Nick was aggressor most of the fight, Aria was prepared defensively though.

    Nick Piscotta
    vs Niusha Nawab. No winner: Evenly Matched Nawab had a nice right hand, good luck to both fighters in the Future.

  3. Lightweight
    Patrick Lynch
    vs Chris Barrineau. Patrick Lynch came out in first round with some good kicks while Barrineau came back with some nice body and head punches. In the second round Barrineau *drops Lynch but Referee rules it a slip. In the 3rd Round Barrineau tried to use his reach while Lynch worked the inside with some nice uppercuts.
    DECISION: This match was ruled a majority draw.
  4. Women's Super Lightweight
    Jennifer Cutler
    vs Jaime Pomponio: Pomponio comes out the aggressor connecting straight down the middle. In the second round Pomponio continuing to be the aggressor but misses her kicks by -1- to have a one point deduction. In the third round Pomponio continuing to be the aggressor but both fighters showed a lot of heart.
    DECISION: Unanimous Decision for Pomponio.

    Darryl Wood
    vs David Thomas: Thomas came out the aggressor with a kicking combo to the head with Wood throwing his own spin kick right back. Thomas working some good hand and feet combos. With Wood working some spin air kicks. Good job to both fighters.

  6. Light Cruiserweight
    Joe Coffee
    vs Adam Jones: Both fighters coming out strong. Coffee getting a point deduction in the first round for holding the back of the head. In the second round Jones landed a good front kick to the chin. In the third round Coffee with another deduction for holding the back of the head and another point deduction for not enough kicks. Very powerful fight with both fighters being very heavy handed.
    DECISION: Jones with the unanimous decision.

  7. Junior Middleweight
    Ben Russell
    vs Jacob Ball: Both fighters meeting in the middle of the ring with Russell throwing a spin kick. Russell had some good hand and feet combos, but Ball continued to hold his own. Ball received a standing 8 count by a flurry of punches by Russell in round 1. Second round Russell was very active with his left hand. Ball showing a lot of heart. Ball was saved by the bell by a spin kick by Russell. In the third round Ball surprises Russell with a nice front kick that knocks Russell down. Russell comes back with flurries of punches staying the aggressor the remainder of the fight.
    DECISION: Russell with an unanimous decision

  8. Light Cruiserweight
    Michael Decker
    vs Bahseem Peterson. Both fighters were very strong throughout the fight, throwing crisp and clean techniques. Neither fighter gets kicks in round 2 or 3.
    DECISION: Decker unanimous decision.

  9. Junior Welterweight
    Sam Aydlette
    vs Travis Qualls. Qualls coming out looking sharp while staying away from his opponent. Qualls scoring with a rear leg round kick to the head of Aydlette. But Aydlette forces Qualls into the corner with Qualls fighting his way out. Qualls missed his kicks by 1 in the first round. In the second round Qualls comes out with some good body shots and a good round kick to the head while Aydlette scores with a spin backfist. In the third round Qualls again goes to the body, but Aydlette continues to be the aggressor. Aydlette gets a point deduction for pushing after an official warning.
    DECISION: Unanimous Decision for Travis Qualls

  10. Super Heavyweight
    Craig Rice
    vs Brandon (Two Ton) Williamson. Both fighters came out strong, but Rice had to deal with Williamson 335 lbs. In the second round Rice came out with some good body shots, but Williamson landed a right to Rice's jaw. Rice got a point deduction for not enough kicks. Rice has another deduction in round 3 for not enough kicks.
    DECISION: Unanimous Decision for Williamson.

  11. Light Cruiserweight
    Andres Saroa vs Joe Coffee:
    Both fighters threw a lot of punches. Coffee threw a sharp rear leg round kick to the body and a side kick that knocked the off balance Saroa back and down as he too was trying to kick. Second round Coffee gets another warning for holding and neither fighter getting their kicks in. In the third round Saroa was dealing with a bloody nose as he tries to slip Coffee's punches. Coffee scored with an ax kick, but Saroa kept his punches strong throughout.
    DECISION: Coffee with a majority decision

  12. Heavyweight
    Justin Steckler vs Salah El-Saddiouq:
    Steckler had to deal with El-Saddiouq height throughout the fight but scored with good combos. El-Saddiouq starting the second round with a spin side kick to the body, but Steckler tired El-Saddiouq throughout the remainder of the fight.
    DECISION: Steckler with an unanimous decision.

  13. EXHIBITION Boxing Match
    Roger Dabney vs Greg Roberts:
    Dabney looked sharp in both rounds stepping back into the ring since his World Title match a couple of years ago. He says he is thinking about coming out of retirement. Both fighters looking good throughout.

I want to thank Mrs. Manuel for helping me out throughout the fight card, writing down what my eyes saw. Great Show! I will have a write up about the whole event within the next day or so, but for right now this is the results and how we at Ringside saw each bout. Great Job Chris Manuel on your first IKF Event. For more info please contact Mr. Chris Manuel at (540) 899-6579 or e-mail at


Results From The IKF & ISCF Battlequest Phase II, Denver, Colorado, USA
Baldwin & Ponce
Both Capture Vacant IKF US Amateur Titles!

Denver, Colorado, USA:
According to those in attendance this event was a complete sell-out with standing room only. The nights Main was sure to be a war for the vacant IKF Woman's Amateur IR U.S Featherweight Title. In one corner stood 3 time IKF National Champion Katie Meehan of Colorado, USA (9-3-1/1, 121, 5'5") while in the other corner stood the IKF number 1 Ranked Amateur San Shou Featherweight fighter, Sarah Ponce of Texas, USA (9-1/0, 126, 5'7").

In this exciting bout Ponce threw an amazing amount of head kicks which seemed to impress the judges. From the other side of the ring, Meehan fought a very good fight and was always in Ponce's face using really good boxing and low kicks. After a 5 round toe to toe war, in the end the judges gave it to Sarah Ponce of Texas by decision making her the NEW IKF Woman's Amateur IR U.S Featherweight Champion!

As if the ladies Main Event wasn't enough, before them was the fight for the vacant IKF Amateur MTR Vacant U.S Welterweight Title between Mike Baldwin (5-0) of Colorado, USA and Ryan Farthingham (4-1) of Wyoming, USA. What was thought to be a 5 round war ended quickly at :53 seconds into round 1 when Baldwin landed a high head kick on Farthingham's for a first round KO win making him the new IKF Amateur MTR Vacant U.S Welterweight Champion!

Here is the results of the nights undercard bouts below.

  1. IKF International Rules, 150 lbs
    Matt Howard
    of Colorado, USA (3- D Martial Arts) over Atrau Maldanado of Texas, USA (Houston Kickboxing) by decision.

  2. ISCF MMA, 155 lbs
    Chris White
    of Oklahoma, USA (Team Caveman) over Phillip Dopkins of Wyoming, USA (American Freestyle) at :55 in the 1st round (tapout)

  3. IKF Muay Thai, 160 lbs
    Donald Cerrone
    of Colorado, USA (Freedom Fighters) over Joe Marintzer Colorado, USA (America's Best M.A.) at 1:57 of the first round by TKO.

  4. ISCF MMA 230 lbs
    Tom Clemen
    Colorado, USA (High Altitude M.A.) over Vince Lucas of Oklahoma, USA (Team Caveman) at 2:07 of first round by verbal submission.

  5. IKF Muay Thai, 200 lbs
    Elliot Edmonds
    of Texas, USA (Houston Kickboxing) over Nick Coggins of Colorado, USA (World Karate) at :49 seconds of the first round by K.O.

  6. ISCF MMA 155 lbs
    Noah Thomas
    of Colorado, USA (Warrior Dojo) over Matt Rushing of Oklahoma, USA (Team Caveman) at 2:01 of the first round by submission choke.

The referees on this event did a GREAT JOB! Christian Carvahlo of Manaus Brazil was MMA referee, Sifu Adam Martinez of Loveland Martial Arts handled the kickboxing. This was a very solid event and as always, some new talent was found! For more info please contact Mr. Sven Bean or e-mail at

FRIDAY, April 2nd, 2004, AT 11:50 AM, PT

The "JET"

Reality Or Publicity Stunt?

Just the other day we were all asking ourselves how we could use this great photo of Rick "The Jet" Roufus again, and "Wa-la", here we are with a "Jet" of a story to go with it!

We all know now that when K-1 signed Mike Tyson to fight, someone, anyone but as expected, it was nothing more than a publicity stunt! Something to bring TV ratings up and draw a different crowd to their shows. The "Stunt" worked with perfection as did the stunt with adding in Bob Sapp. The marketing idea brought the K-1 show in front of non kickboxing people and was all over the media. On network TV, magazines, and with the hype of Tyson actually stepping into a kickboxing ring and fighting someone who would be "Kicking" him, even the boxing press felt obligated to run the story. Now, a year later, the only "Stunt" that is remaining in K-1 is Sapp and the other, well to be respectful, we will use the word "Opponents," that they have signed to fight in their shows who are not true kickboxers. But we wont get into our thoughts on Sapp and those others and their relationship to the sport we all "Respect" and love.

However today we were informed of another potential match-up. Or is this just another publicity stunt? From what we have been told, former 2 time IKF World Champion Rick "The Jet" Roufus has signed a contract to fight "Iron" Mike Tyson. But how strong is Roufus' signature without Mike's? No disrespect to Rick, who has already signed and who we all admire Greatly here, but come on. Without Tyson's ink on the contract, it's no more valid than if this writer or you, the reader signed the same contract.

As many here know, Roufus announced his retirement on Monday, September 29th, 2003. In January of this year we announced his decision to move to Arizona and open his own gym, which he has done. But like "ANY" Great fighter, the right MONEY will bring anyone back into the ring. If Roufus is coming back, he has been offered something great. But remember, "Offers" to someone like "The Jet" are a dime a dozen. Any of us can "Offer" the Six-Time World Champion Roufus anything, but who will actually pay it? If this turns out to be real it will make more press than Bob Sapp and Tyson EVER did because "BOTH" are at least "REAL" fighters. Such a high profile bout should bring plenty of sponsors to the table too and imagine the numbers if this were on PPV.

However, as we settle down a bit, lets be honest. Who here really thinks Tyson would step into the ring with a "Skilled" Kickboxer like Roufus? Sure, he made "Claims" that he would step in against Sapp, but hey, that was Bob Sapp, NOT Rick "The Jet" Roufus!

So "Iron Mike!" If you really think you can take the punishment a REAL kickboxer can dish out to you, STEP UP and as you have said. "Sign the contract!" You called Sapp "Chicken" for not signing against you, so now is your chance for you to make it all happen! Roufus has already signed, will you? Only time will tell now if Tyson's claim of "I will fight any fighter under any rules" was all "Show and Talk" or is Tyson really ready to "Walk The Walk!" If he signs, we here at the IKF have only 3 words to add to the bout..."Bring It ON!"

THURSDAY, April 1st, 2004, AT 9:40 PM, PT


Fight Fest
Fredericksburg, Virginia, USA

This Saturday night, April 3rd, IKF Promoter Chris Manual will host "Fredericksburg Fight Fest" at the Eagles Lodge in Fredericksburg, Virginia, USA.

The main event will feature the quest for the vacant
IKF Woman's Amateur FCR United States Lightweight Title between
2003 IKF North American Amateur Tournament Champion
Stephanie Kernan
of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, USA (9-4/2, 131, 5'6")
2003 IKF Junior USA Champion
(And holder of many other IKF Titles)
Nicole Hess
of Alexandria, Virginia, USA (9-0/3, 126, 5'3").

Kernan is surly to be the the most experienced fighter with the best winning record Hess has ever faced. Kernan's been around long enough to know what it takes to win and we are sure this will be a GREAT FIGHT for those watching!

Here is the remainder of the card as of press time tonight:

  1. Tim Ball jr. vs. Gaeez Schpoon

  2. Patrick Lynch vs. Umear Haq

  3. Jacob Ball vs. Ben Russell

  4. Kristi Manuel vs. Tara Smith

  5. Adam Jones vs. Joe Lily

  6. Andres Sarda vs. Joe Coffiee

  7. Jaime Pompanio vs. Jen Cutler

  8. Justin Steckler vs. Salah El-Saddioq

  9. Michael Decker vs. Bahseem Peterson

  10. Kristin Cambell vs. Maria Darocha

  11. Josh Spry vs. Mike Harris

The IKF Event Representative for the title bout will be IKF Virginia State Representative Craig Smith. The Event Referee will be Mr. Trey Wyatt. For more info please contact Mr. Chris Manuel at (540) 899-6579 or e-mail at


Phase II

Denver Colarado, USA
April 3rd, 2004

This Saturday April 3rd, 2004 IKF Promoter Sven Bean is all set to host this weekends "Battlequest Phase II". The event is Bean's official RING OF FIRE feeder show and will return to RED & JERRY'S event center. Fight fans will be treated to a tremendous card of IKF Kickboxing and ISCF MMA. Looking at the athletes involved it is plain to see that the bar has been raised for amateur events in the area with this show.

Bean has 2 great title bouts planned for the night which are sure to add even more great action after the nights exciting undercard! The nights Main Event will be for the vacant IKF Woman's Amateur IR Vacant U.S Featherweight Title. The bout will feature someone who is no stranger at all to us here at the IKF. She is the 2003 MTR IKF USA National Amateur Tournament Bantamweight Champion, the 2002 IR IKF USA National Amateur Tournament Flyweight Champion and the 2001 IR IKF USA National Amateur Tournament Flyweight Champion. She is Katie Meehan of Colorado, USA (9-3-1/1, 121, 5'5")

Meehan will face off against IKF number 1 Ranked Amateur San Shou Featherweight fighter, Sarah Ponce of Texas, USA (9-1/0, 126, 5'7"). Don't let the rule style fool you here. Ponce, who is also a model, will bring plenty of "Non Throwing" game to the ring against the always strong and determined Meehan. This bout alone should be worth the price of admission!

As if the ladies Main Event isn't enough, before them will be the fight for the vacant IKF Amateur MTR Vacant U.S Welterweight Title between Mike Baldwin (5-0) of Colorado, USA Vs Ryan Farthingham (4-1) of Wyoming, USA. This too is sure to be a WAR! - (Sorry no photos were made available of these fighters)

Here is the nights undercard as of press time tonight:

  1. ISCF MMA 170 lbs
    Dennis Acuna,
    of Colorado vs. David Lindemeyer, of Colorado.

  2. IKF Kickboxing - 200 lbs.
    Nick Coggins
    of Colorado vs. Elliot Edmonds, of Texas.

  3. ISCF MMA Heavyweight:
    Tom Clemen,
    of Colorado vs. Tracey Allen, of Oklahoma.

  4. IKF Kickboxing - 160 lbs.
    Donald Cerrone,
    of Colorado vs. Joe Marintzer, of Colorado.

  5. ISCF MMA 185 lbs:
    Justin Martin,
    of Colorado vs. J.D. Case, of Oklahoma.

  6. IKF Kickboxing - 200 lbs.
    Mike Collins,
    of Colorado vs. Fino Soltero, of Colorado.

  7. IKF Kickboxing - 150 lbs.
    Matt Howard,
    of Colorado vs. Atrau, of Texas.

A host of ROF-BATTLEQUEST sponsors will be on hand to present trophies in the ring to the athletes. All tickets are only $20.00. The show has limited seating and just like the last event, is sure to sell out. The few tickets that are available can be purchased by calling (303) 246-5237. For more info please contact Mr. Sven Bean or e-mail at

SPECIAL NOTE: Our prayers go out to Sven, wife Lisa and their family because last night, Sven's sister in law past away. A tragedy we were sorry to hear.


IKF Point Kickboxing
Win a 4' Trophy This Saturday - Lords Gym in Roseville!

This Saturday April 3rd will be yet another IKF Point Kickboxing tournament! The event will be held at Lord's Gym 702 Atlantic Street in Roseville, CA. Men, women and children will be competing for nice awards including a 4' first place prize. The trophy will be bigger than some of the competitors! Director of IKF Point Kickboxing Johnny Davis decided to step it up a notch and offer larger awards for the competitors since point karate has been offering big trophies for years. Davis himself remembers coming home often with 6' trophies so this is a great opportunity to bring home a prize worth showing off to your friends.

Cash Prizes may be available for adult men and women's divisions if there are enough competitors in the each division. "We are looking at another exciting event!. Everyone leaves with a prize!" claims Davis Those who did not pre-register can still register at the door. Registration starts at 9:AM. Officials meeting will be at 10:00. A tournament meeting for all participants will be held at 10:30 with eliminations starting at 11:00. If you ever wanted to try the sport of kickboxing, this semi-contact event is designed for you. Don't miss it! Hope to see you there! For more information contact Johnny Davis at (916) 780-7483, or see rules and requirements at
IKF Point Kickboxing... Your Next Step Out of the Gym!


Calleros Looking For
"LEGIT" World Title Opponent

As of right now, we can't officially advertise it but on May 29th in El Paso, Texas, IKF Pro IR Super Welterweight World Champion Fernando "COOL" Calleros (R, 29-8/16, AM KB: 10-1/7, 5'8", 142) hopes to defend his IKF World Title. However before officially advertising the event his promoter first needs to be approved by the Texas State Boxing Commission.

As for now though, Calleros needs to have an opponent scheduled. The event will be called "Battle on the Border" - World Championship Kickboxing. The promoter hopes to book a Pro Semi Main event and around 10 amateur undercard bouts. as of this time the IKF is accepting challenges by e-mail which must include the fighters full name, separated amateur and pro record, any titles won or holding, height, weight and rank in any other organization.

Please e-mail all challenges to For event info please contact Mr. Calleros at This is scheduled to be a first class event. Thank you all.


Feet & Fists Of Fury
Kickboxing TV Show Starts April 14

Rocklin, CA, USA
IKF Promoter Johnny Davis and his company, A.K. Promotions is proud to announce the start of its Local Cable Kickboxing show, "Feet & Fists Of Fury". The show will be aired on the Rocklin, CA based Starstream Communications Channel #4. Starstream is a small cable company that covers approximately seven cities in the Placer County in Northern California. They currently broadcast out to around 17,000 subscribers with an estimated 60,000 viewers. Starstream offers such cable networks as ESPN, TNT, MTV, USA and other services like high speed cable modems to name a few.

Starstream Communications and A.K. Promotions partnered back in November of 2003 to promote Rocklin, California's first Kickboxing event. Since that time, the relationship has grown and now fight fans will be able to watch various bouts from Davis' "Feet & Fists Of Fury" events on a weekly bases for approximately six to eight weeks in total. The show may continue after the short series but will depend on other factors.

The show will feature fights promoted by A.K. Promotions but may also show fights produced by other IKF Promoters if the opportunity presents itself to do so. (This show is not to be confused with the IKF and Fresh Air Media Produced Program, IKF Kickboxing) Viewers will also learn more about A.K. Promotions upcoming events in the area which is the main reason Davis wanted to start doing the show with the help of Starstream Communications.

The show will be hosted by President of A.K. Promotions Johnny Davis (Left) and IKF President Steve Fossum (Right). It will be aired each Wednesday night at 8:PM only on Starstream Communications. The first air date will be April 14th. A schedule of the shows will be posted on the A.K. Promotions site prior to broadcasting.

For more information on advertising or sponsorships contact Michelle Culbertson of Starstream Communications. at (916) 315-3201 or A.K. Promotions at (916) 780-7483 or go to Davis' next event is Friday-May 7th at the Rocklin Sunset Center in Rocklin, CA, USA.