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FRIDAY, January 30th 2004, AT 7:00 PM, PT

Illinois Says "NO" To Kickboxing...
Unless It's IKF Sanctioned!

Mixed Martial Arts Banned Too... Can ISCF Come To The Rescue?

On Wednesday, January 14th, Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich banned "Toughman" events. Along with it, the State of Illinois is cracking down on other fighting events as well, including Kickboxing and MMA/NHB (Ultimate fighting style events). The State Department of Professional Regulation closed legal loopholes that have permitted Toughman bouts in Illinois in the past. In the past, Toughman's claim that it was a kickboxing event in Illinois exempted it from the state's boxing act. No longer. The new Illinois rules strengthen the previous definitions in the Boxing Act that had previously allowed promoters of "Toughman" events to mask their events and advertise them as "kickboxing" events. Officials said Toughman organizers got away with the "kickboxing" loophole but now the competitions are subject to the standards of professional boxing, including strict weight classes and medical safeguards. Violators face stiff fines and criminal charges. State inspectors say that many of the participants lack fight training, the referees are unlicensed, or at the very least...lax. Toughman and other amateur competitions must now ensure that the promoter, all the fighters, referees and ringside doctors are properly licensed by the state before the event can go forward.

The Illinois Department of Professional Regulation effectively halted the matches through emergency rule changes to the state's boxing law. The new law also says that Promoters and participants of MMA/NHB (Ultimate fighting style events) must now follow the same rules as professional boxing. When you look at the toughman weightclasses, one needs to wonder, "HOW" did they get away with such massive weight spreads: Light Heavyweight: 160 -184 Lbs., Heavyweight: 185 - 400 Lbs. With an entree fee as high as $62.50, toughman had a pretty good profit margin.

Last year Toughman came into the headlines here at the IKF because of owner Art Dores' "Insulting" attempt to legalize his events by calling them "Kickboxing!"

Toughman pits amateur fighters against each other in a bid to be called the toughest in a community. Toughman drew attention last June when a 30-year-old Florida woman was coaxed into fighting an experienced woman boxer and suffered fatal injuries. Jodie Meyers, the sister of Stacy Young, who died in such a fight in Sarasota, Florida last year, and Meyers' husband Donald joined Illinois Professional Regulation Director Fernando Grillo in announcing the change. The Meyerses have become activists in getting states to prohibit the fights. Illinois is the 14th. "These competitions amount to organized street fights," Grillo said. "The participants lack training, the rules are loose -- at best -- and the outcomes are often seriously damaging, if not deadly."

During the last 17 months, four fighters have died after suffering injuries in Toughman bouts around the country. In Texas, where the fights looked like they would survive a big political battle, the state has not banned them, but has made them practically impossible to continue due to their new state regulations. In an article in the Dallas Morning News a story showed how the "pro Toughman" forces rolled in some big political guns to try to save the fights. Even Dore's home state of Michigan has imposed tough new restrictions on Toughman.

The Saginaw News reported: "Michigan officials had issued a cease-and-desist order to stop Toughman events unless Dore could provide unlimited health insurance for his fighters. Facing a court battle with the state, Dore agreed to insure each of his fighters for $2 million, and a previous ruling requires that Dore get rid of a section of his pre-fight waivers that asks that fighters pledge never to make any insurance claims. The agreement kept Toughman critics in the Legislature from banning the events entirely, said state Rep. John Stewart, a Plymouth Republican who called the fights "repulsive."

With the ruling, Illinois became the 14th state to ban Toughman fights and will certainly not be the last. The ban on MMA/NHB will not be isolated to Illinois either. Other states are also looking to close down not just toughman but mixed martial arts and kickboxing unless the events are regulated and sanctioned by a legit sanctioning body for the sport like the IKF (Kickboxing) or ISCF. (Mixed Martial Arts).

"The one to thank here is IKF Promoter Rob Zbilski (Left) ." says IKF/ISCF President Steve Fossum. "It was Rob who went to the state to assure IKF events could still take place in Illinois." Zbilski's work was followed up by IKF Promoter Ryan Blackorby (Right) of Peoria, Illinois who also had discussions with the state about his events. Both Zbilski and Blackorby's efforts were followed up by IKF/ISCF Promoter Jesse Finney (Below Left) of St. Louis Missouri who also does some IKF events in Illinois. Finney has invited the state to sit ringside at his upcoming IKF Illinois show. "If not for the efforts of Rob and the followed efforts of Ryan and Jesse, we all would be wondering right now, when will kickboxing be allowed in Illinois again?" finished Fossum.

Several states across the nation have become quite friendly with the IKF and ISCF over the past several weeks. The topic has been in regards to placing the IKF and ISCF as the lone regulation for MMA/NHB and Kickboxing in their states. Many more states may end up working with the ISCF because the ISCF is the "ONLY" Sanctioning body for mixed martial arts in the world. Others are promotional "Companies" who have their own rules, regulations and champions. already ISCF is exclusive in the states of Georgia, Missouri and Kansas and close behind are Iowa, Nebraska and hopefully Illinois.

Colorado is considering a ban of toughman and also taking a much closer look at MMA events as well while Washington state has legislation pending to ban toughman completely. Toughman events are still being held in Washington, Ohio, West Virginia, and Kentucky. Last year, the American College of Sports Medicine urged lawmakers to demand better safety standards for the no-holds-barred events or ban them completely.

Chad Mason. Back In Our News!
Toughman's Art Dore wasn't the only one causing problems in the "Fight Arena". There have been "SEVERAL" MMA (Mixed Martial Arts, Ultimate Fighting etc.) Promoters out there that have held events in bars and pulled people from the crowds to fight in them. The IKF tracked down one of these individuals last year named Chad Mason. Mason had been telling everyone his events were sanctioned by the IKF or the ISCF to avoid problems with such laws. Just this week the IKF/ISCF was informed that Mason was up to his old tricks again in Iowa where he had started hosting his new "Fight Club" event this past January 7th, of what was to be a continuous weekly event at a Bar called Vieux Carre Night Club. However a call to the Vieux Carre Night Club. and they informed us that Mason was no longer welcomed there or allowed to do his events there. Mason has been making claims that his events there on a Wednesday night would bring in as many as 1000 people but according to Vieux Carre Night Club the numbers were no where close to that.

The Vieux Carre Night Club stated reasons such as Mason's procedures of picking people (Men "AND" Women) out of the crowd to fight. Not just fight anybody, but fight some of Mason's experienced fighters in which the bouts were completely one sided and dangerous. Although Iowa law prohibits amateur fighters from being paid, its common knowledge among the MMA/NHB crowd that Mason has paid fighters in the past which in reality, makes them pros.

Currently Mason is back at his old venue, Toad Holler and according to those we spoke to, "Pulling intoxicated individuals out of the crowd and throwing them into his ring to fight is still happening." As far as the majority of the MMA/NHB crowd is concerned, promoters like Mason and Art Dore are the very ones that are causing all the bans, not to mention the recent changes in everyone's insurance rates. (See article earlier this month) From what we discovered, Mason has not cleaned up his act at all. At the Vieux Carre Night Club he had a young girl fighter lie about her age and tell everyone she was 18 instead of the 15 or 16 she was. Mason had her fight an intoxicated girl from the crowd with no fighting experience at all (As many of the fighters coming from the crowd are). Mason's "Ringer" girl we discovered had extensive martial arts experience and hurt her opponent real bad in their bout which included kicking the inexperienced girl in the head when she was on her hands and knees.

Due to Mason's recent actions here in January, 2004, the states of Iowa and Nebraska are swiftly moving to now ban MMA/NHB completely. Hopefully the ISCF will be able to step in and assist in some way. One things for sure, Promoters like Mason and Dore will definitely not be on the IKF or ISCF Promoters list!

From MMAweekly.com: Sean Sherk could be the most talented 20-0 guy that your not very familiar with. Sherk is also a perfect 2-0 in the UFC and is starting to make waves in the mixed martial arts world. Some people have referred to him as a Mini Mark Coleman, but it's his powerful frame that opponents have NOT been able to deal with. Last year, Sherk wrote on MMAweekly.com, "I am asking the MMA community to permanently ban Chad Mason from promoting shows. He is taking advantage of a movement yearning to find its legs and I cannot allow this person to continue his practice of stepping on people for financial gain. I urge everyone to strongly reconsider any dealings with this individual. This sport is still a grassroots community, one with a lot of hope to succeed. It's a shame bad apples have plagued what so many have fought for so I ask you to do the right thing and shun his unscrupulous practices." So what was Sherk so upset about? Here's the whole story below.

I remember how proud I felt standing across Matt Hughes at UFC 42, fighting in the main event on pay-per-view after struggling to make a name for myself in smaller shows since 1999. I'm a very private person and have made MMA my full time career—it's in my blood, the subject never drifts far from my mind.

Today I'm working 15-hour days, holding down two jobs. This is certainly not where I expected to be after recently proposing to my girlfriend. When I choose to fight, there is nothing that is going to stop me…until I met promoter Chad Mason.

In mid-August, Chad (Mason) contacted me about promoting a fight in my hometown here in Minnesota. After reaching an agreement with my manager, DeWayne Zinkin, Jr., I spent hours on the Net finding suitable venues to help him any way possible. I really want the sport to grow, and despite hearing things about Chad's storied past, I wanted to fight in front of my hometown fans, friends and family.

After settling on Spikers, a local bar that I had fought at before, I joined Chad in meeting with them to cut the deal for November 1st. Originally, I was going to be on two Chad Mason cards during the same month—one on the 1st (Minnesota) and one on the 28th (Iowa). On his word and supposed contract, I turned down other offers and put everything I had into training and assisting Chad with the promotion.

Unbeknownst to anyone, including Spikers, Chad changed the first date to November 7th. Spikers called me and read me the riot act, but I assured them the November 7th date was good as gold and not to worry. Though I had nothing to do with the promotion outside of fighting, I told Chad I could sell tickets and sure enough, I sold over 150 in less than two weeks. My family and friends were staying at nearby hotels and I was excited about fighting in front of my hometown crowd.

The Monday before the show, Chad called me and said everything was great and that he was going to finalize my deal with DeWayne, along with buying some airtime on a local radio station for advertising. I felt good about the situation and concentrated on my training, anticipating the inevitable. But as the days passed, I never heard back from Chad and my manager couldn't reach him.

The day before the show I received a call from someone who said the show had been cancelled for two weeks. Promoter Monte Cox even called and said the same thing, as if it had been public knowledge. But how could this be? I had just spoken with Chad days before the show. After receiving two more calls relating to the same subject, I tried to reach him but to no avail.

Chad finally called Thursday evening, admitting the show was canceled. If not for that call, I would have shown up Friday night with all the people I sold tickets to, along with my family and closest friends, expecting to see me fight. I would have looked like an ass.

I told Chad I needed to be paid for the 12 weeks of training and keeping me off the market for three months with no fights and no money. He said he would personally come to Minnesota on Sunday to remedy the money. He never did.

As soon as I got off the phone with Chad that Thursday, I spent the rest of my night calling everyone I know, and everyone I sold tickets to, telling them the show was canceled, assuring their money will be paid back. I called Spikers as well and left a message with the manager telling him the show was canceled and what happened.

I got a call from Brad Kohler on Friday morning saying he talked with Spikers; they wanted to meet with me. He told me they were pissed off and rightly so. Brad went to the meeting to do some damage control. They blamed me for everything that happened. They said they were out a lot of money for chair and table rentals and whatever else. Outside of losing money and other opportunities, I lost face in my own town and that's something I can never regain.

At the end of the meeting they asked if I would stay and meet people on the night in question to explain why there was no show. Along with Brad, I stayed at Spikers for five hours. I spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday returning people's ticket money. Chad Mason just disappeared and left me to clean up his mess.

He (Chad Mason) is a coward without a conscience.

Chad did not answer any of my phone calls or my manager's calls for several days. When we finally got a hold of him, he kept saying he would pay my show money which he said I was entitled to for all my work and training. Chad assured me he would pay the next day, but tomorrow never came. Of course the November 28th date came and went without a thought. Several fighters lost out on this opportunity as well.

The last time I talked with Chad was about a week ago. He said he was going to Western Union to wire the money and would call back 20 minutes later after everything was sent. He never called back.

I've called 30 times since then; he will not answer his phone. So for the first time in nearly three years, I'm working full time and unable to concentrate on training 100%. Every night, no matter how tired I am, I still train with the same intensity I've always had. My name is mud in my own town, Chad Mason contends he is putting on a show (without me against my original opponent) on December 12th and refuses to acknowledge the people he's hurt in the process. To boot, the money owed to me was to pay for my wedding on January 24th, something Chad knew all along.

"I'm not asking for sympathy, but I am asking the MMA community to permanently ban Chad Mason from promoting shows. He is taking advantage of a movement yearning to find its legs and I cannot allow this person to continue his practice of stepping on people for financial gain. I urge everyone to strongly reconsider any dealings with this individual. This sport is still a grassroots community, one with a lot of hope to succeed. It's a shame bad apples have plagued what so many have fought for so I ask you to do the right thing and shun his unscrupulous practices."
Sean Sherk

MORE NEWS OF 1-29-04

Looking For Fighters!

We here at the IKF are looking for 2 "PRO" Full Contact Rules Fighters for a March event in California, USA. We are seeking fighters preferable from the West Coast (California, Oregon, Washington, as well as Arizona & Utah), but will accept offers from across USA. We need an experienced Super Heavyweight (215 lbs up to 235 lbs) and a not so experienced fighter around the Light Cruiserweight (179.1 lbs - 186 lbs.) division. Up to 190 would be acceptable.

The fights will both be 5 round, non title bouts. Please contact us here at the IKF if interested at (916) 663-2467 or by e-mail at main@ikfkickboxing.com Thank You.

MONDAY, January 26th 2004, AT 11:10 AM, PT

Alby Bimpson Wins
Ambassador for St. Helens Award

IKF Europe: St. Helens, England celebrated the best of the Borough's growing tourism and leisure industry in style when it presented the winners of the 2003 Tourism Awards with their accolades at a special event held at Haydock Park Racecourse.

The individual awards that were hand-crafted at The World of Glass went to each of the 11 winners, and their many achievements that reflect both the quality and the diversity of the St. Helens (England) tourism and leisure industry. A special award was presented to martial arts expert Alby Bimpson (R) who was named as Ambassador for St. Helens, based on public nominations for the most friendly, helpful, professional and enthusiastic person who best promotes the Borough.

Bimpson who is the IKF European Director and World President of the Golden Belt Competition, tirelessly promotes martial arts at every level, from grassroots to the international stage, and also raises money for children's charities.

SATURDAY, January 24th 2004, AT 3:45 PM, PT

Major League Kickboxing?
AND Regional Registration Fees &
USA Tournament Discussion

So, here is an ideas for you to ponder over the weekend either on your own or even on the Kickboxing Message Board.

Over the last few years, many of us have kicked around various ideas on how to better promote our sport and the fighters. Many ideas have come to the table over the years and today we would like to put one what we call the "Better" ideas in front of you. To begin with, I must say, running the IKF can at times be frustrating for many reasons, but the one that frustrates me the most is keeping myself motivated to keep moving forward despite all the issues I am faced with daily. However, over the years I discovered that the best way to motivate myself each day is to pick up the phone and make a call to a fighter, trainer or promoter and just listen to what ideas they have and as well, see how their day is going. I am always eager to hear new ideas to improve not just the IKF but the sport of Kickboxing as a whole.

Well after I had wrote the below article in the morning today, I got a call from one of our IKF Promoters Rob Zbilski out of Lake In The Hills, Illinois. Getting Rob's call provided me with a fantastic motivational brain storming opportunity about several things. Before I get to the "Headlined" topic, let me fill you in on what Rob and I discussed.

2004 Regional Event Fees
We discussed promotional ideas for the 2004 IKF USA National Amateur Tournament this year such as Regional Registration fees, National Registration fees and ticket sales. The main focus of our discussion was how to get more amateur fighters involved at both the Regional and National level. Our main discussion focused around the Regional tournaments. At the regionals, (Keep in mind I have discussed this with other people too) we plan to lower the regional registration fees per fighter from the previous $40 per fighter to either $25 or $35 per fighter. The difference of these fees would be if or not the fighter has a scheduled fight or not. All fighters would register paying $25.00. ($15 will go to the Regional Promoter/Director and $10 to the IKF) If the promoter is able to book a Regional division bout (In the fighters age, rule style and weightclass) for the fighter they would pay the additional $10 at the Regional event registration (The full $10 fee will go to the Regional Director/Promoter for assuring you have at least 1 bout at the Regional - Which possibly took more of an effort on his/her part.). If the promoter is not able to find a fighter a "Regional" bout, the fighter would not be required to attend the Regional Event and would pay no more money. Their $25 Regional Registration fee in a sense buys them a "seeded" position at the National Tournament, higher than those who do not register and attend a Regional Event. This will answer the pleas of many that have asked us to make the regional events more affordable, especially if they do not get a fight booked.

IKF USA Nationals Or The IKF World Classic?
well, one thing is for sure, this WILL BE a World Tournament. the actual name has not been confirmed but it will be very soon. However, we will have certain rules and regulations for each incoming fighter to follow. To begin with, we will probably have "TWO" divisions for every weightclass. Yes, TWO. Why? It will be hard enough checking to assure all fighters who register are "AMATEUR" fighters and have NEVER fought as a Pro. But one thing we can check on is their fight records, or at least have a good general idea of them. Since all records for this event have always been publicly posted, we will still hope the readers here will help us police them along with Pros and Amateurs coming from Europe and other regions around the World. I mean, what "PRO" would take pride in winning an amateur tournament? Lets hope NONE!

As mentioned, we will split each weightclass into "TWO" divisions. An "A" division, for fighters with more than 10 fights, and a "B" division for fighters with less than 10 fights. The transition from Juniors to Adults is still being discussed, which is another issue still. Regardless, this way we will be sure the beginners don't get into a bracket against a fighter with 20-40 fights. It will inspire more beginners to the event and give the more experienced "A" fighters a stronger sense of Pride in winning an "A" Class Amateur title against other "A" Class Amateurs. Look for more and more news about the World tournament in the coming week.

Now For The Headline News...
This is something Rob Zbilski and I have both been thinking about for some time now. What if there were "LEAGUES" of Kickboxing Teams like in NBA Basketball, NFL Football and other sports for different rule styles of kickboxing. For example, lets just use the two most popular styles to create these Leagues which are:

What if each of these kickboxing "LEAGUES" had 2 groups, an Amateur League and a Pro League?

What if each of these Leagues had divisional conferences and regions such as: (Using Full Contact for these examples below)

Next, what if each league had "TEAMS" that made up "Standings". Each TEAM would consist of say 5 weightclasses per team with '1' fighter to fill that weightclass. The weightclasses could be something like:

Having only 5 weightclasses would make the events work easier. An event would feature 5 Amateur Bouts and 5 Pro bouts. Each Team would have back-up fighter in case one of the Team fighters was injured, just like in Pro sports. A TEAM may consist of say 10 fighters per amateur and pro divisions. Again, just ideas so far.

When the Teams compete, it would be a TEAM Vs another TEAM. In the end, the TEAM with the most points wins. However, at the end of the year, fighters with the best records would be selected for the "ALL-STAR" event.

The "WIN" Points make up their position in their Divisional (Ex: Full Contact West or Mountain) Standings. the most points would be in first place, followed down the line. Teams could be all fighters from 1 gym/school (Where the Team would be named after their gym/school) or a combined group from the city or region the team is based out of with a name of that region or a mascot name like in other team Sports. (Ex: Team Chicago, Chicago KICKS, Team Minnesota, Team Dragon etc.) Here is an example of a Division and its teams:

Now, how would all this work?

  1. Each TEAM and Division would have a franchise owner, just like in Pro Sports. That owner pays for a franchise fee. The franchise fees would be the expenses for the League (IKF) to pay for the playoff and Championship events at the end of the year.
  2. Each Franchise Team would have a "SEASON" and a Season schedule. The schedule would consist of something like 5 - 7 events, again, just ideas.
  3. At the end of the season, the top Amateur and top Pro teams in each Division will meet each other for the 2 Conference Championships: In the West Conference: West Coast Division Vs the Mountain Division and in the East Conference:: Central Division Vs the East Coast Division.
  4. In the "PLAYOFFS and the Championship Finals, the LEAGUE (IKF) would pay for the team accommodations, meals, pro purses and venue expenses from the Franchise Fees each TEAM pays at the beginning of the year.
  5. Each Franchises attains these fees like in other pro sports, Sponsorship. However, now the sponsors have a full season schedule put in front of them rather than 1 event and will get exposure from around the Nation as the Team Travels.
  6. After the Conference Championship Events we end up with 2 Conference Champions that meet for the Amateur and Pro TEAM "Super Bowl" of American Kickboxing at a place like Las Vegas, Orlando Florida, New Orleans etc. etc.
  7. The "Super Team" event changes locations EVERY year, just like the Super Bowl does in the NFL.
  8. After the Championship, the league looks at the best fighters in each of the 5 amateur and 5 pro weigh classes and invites them, at the Leagues expense, to participate at the "Kickboxing All-Star" event held somewhere like Hawaii or Orlando Florida or Vegas.
  9. Remember, this is FAR DIFFERENT than the idea of Individual tournament fights like the Nationals. This is TEAM competition. Rob and I, and everyone else look forward to your ideas...

MORE NEWS OF 1-24-04


IKF Des Moines, Iowa Results
By Brooks Mason, IKF World Ambassador

Boys and Girls, Apologies for the late report. I plead the Flu, the whole Flu and nothing but the Flu.

The great city of Des Moines, Iowa has entered the kickboxing market with a bang. Lance Farrell and Russ O'Connell (R) teamed up to bring a solid card of fights to the 7 Flags Event Center. Every chair was filled and the crowd loved the constant action.
This event was the first of the year for new team development. The best coaches in America have to build and rebuild their National Teams. Work, school, marriage, children....... all take their toll on the ranks of the amateur fighters.
The best coaches have to fight back by constantly looking for and developing new talent. We saw some talent that will really blossom come the Nationals. Let's get to the fights.

Fight #1: Abraham Kuhl of Omaha, Nebraska {Doyle's Gym} versus Aaron Olrt of Independence, Iowa {O'Connell's Gym}
Round #1: Abe came out with a barrage of leg kicks followed up with shots to the head. He scores two knockdowns on Aaron and dominated the round. Olrt started to come back at the end of the round.
Round #2: Once again we saw the Doyle influence from Abe, with strong kicking to the legs. Olrt held his own this round and managed to get in a few leg kicks of his own.
Round #3: Abe started the fight by kicking to the legs but soon turned to head hunting. At 1:14 of the third round, Abe sent Olrt to the canvas with a vicious barrage of left and right combinations. Referee Blaine Nichols stopped the fight. The team building began. Kuhl wins by TKO.

Fight #2: Joshua Lee of Clinton, Wisconsin {Pete Hetrick's Gym}. versus A.J. Gross of Cedar Falls, Iowa {O'Connell's Gym}
Round #1: Lee came out swinging for the fence. Spinning backfist and crushing hooks dominated his game. Gross landed some hard body shots and catches Lee with a low blow to receive a warning. Both fighters and are in the groove and the action continues after the bell.
Round #2: Lee comes out strong and lands a hard right hand. Gross gets a one point deduction for grabbing the leg. Gross gets called for holding the head and Nichols stops the fight. Lee wins by disqualification.

Fight #3: Justin Wilkins of Kansas City, Missouri {Dan Tharp's Gym} versus Brian Stichter of Davenport, Iowa {Pat Millitech Gym} Worked by Russ O'Connell
Overview: I refereed the fight so round by round is a blur. Both fighters showed good boxing and kicking skills. The fight was a tie going into the third round. I stopped the fight at :55 of the third because Wilkins took some hard shots and was still on queer street after the 8 count. He was a game fighter which reflects well on Tharp but he had had enough. Stichter wins by TKO.

Fight #4: Sam Armstrong of Beloit, Wisconsin {Pete Hetrick's Gym} versus Matt Schuller of Cedar Falls, Iowa {O'Connell's Gym}
Round #1: Sam and Matt came out swinging for the cheap seats. Matt sends one south on Sam and follows it with a hard right. We were not sure which head took the most damage. Sam pulled himself together and finished the round. Good Hetrick inspiration.
Round #2: Both fighters came out strong but Schuller soon took control landing a devastating right hand. Armstrong recovers and I think took the round.
Round #3: Sam and Matt fought till the bell but Matt took the round convincingly. Matt Schuller wins by unanimous decision.

Fight #5: Joe Mabin of Kansas City, Missouri {Curtis Stout}versus Timothy Whitney of Cedar Falls, Iowa {O'Connell's Gym} Worked by Dan Tharp
Round #1: Tim Whitney
came out like a ball of fire. Setting a blistering pace. Joe Mabin did not set a blistering pace but he did set his foot upside Whitney's head at :28 seconds of the first round. Mabin can kick high and hard. Mabin wins by KO at :28 of the first round.

Fight #6: Tim Gorham of Omaha, Nebraska {Doyle's Gym} versus Nate Mohr of Davenport, Iowa {O'Connell's Gym}
Round #1: Tim Gorham came out leg kicking as if he had done it his entire life. In fact, for this round, he was by far the better kicker. Nate Mohr hung tough and even beckoned Gorham to "Bring It On".
Lesson #1. Never tell a Doyle fighter to bring it on. Mohr weathered some very tough shots. Gorham took the round.
Round #2: Both fighters came out and once again Gorham displayed the better leg work. Mohr was also busy and seemed to establish some control at the end of the round as Gorham started to tire. Mohr took the round.
Round #3: Mohr landed some good rights and kept his focus. Gorham showed the exertion of a tough fight and began to fade in the latter part of the round. Even as Doyle yelled "You got to go". Gorham was too fatigued to make it happen. Mohr wins with unanimous decision.

Fight #7: Chevas Lamoya of Blair, Nebraska {Doyle's Gym} versus Jeremy Evans of Urbandale, Iowa {Ferrell's Gym} Worked by Russ O'Connell.
Round #1: When these two boys stepped into the ring, I figured this will be short and sweet. Lamoya was a typical Doyle fighter. Chiselled muscles, look of confidence and no doubt in his mind he is there to win. Evans on the other hand did not quite fit this profile. He looked like a nice young kid who had no business in the ring with a Doyle fighter. I was wrong. Evans displayed kicking skills you get from years of Tae Kwon Do and kick he did. Lamoya hit this kid with strong hooks but he stayed on his feet. Evans kicking skills soon began to keep Lamoya and his devastating hands off balance. I think Lamoya took the round with sheer power.
Round #2: Lamoya immediately took the fight to Evans but Evans manage to avoid the heavy hands and started to connecting with good spinning back kicks. Frustrated to close the gap on the elusive Evans, Lamoya missed a kick, losing a point. The kid from Ferrell's Gym was looking more like a fighter every round.
Round #3: Lamoya started the round very aggressive and was trying to end the fight. Evans was showing signs of fatigued but was still able to catch Lamoya with spinning side kicks as he came in. Both fighters missed kicks in the last round and it went to the bell. Evans wins by unanimous decision.

Fight #8: Andrew Iva of Blair, Nebraska {Doyle's Gym} versus Lance Ferrell of West Des Moines, Iowa {Ferrell's Gym}Worked by Russ O'Connell.
Round #1: Andrew Iva came here from Hawaii and Mick Doyle did what he does. Turn men and women into Champions. Iva was in shape, he was well trained although green, he was fighting a man almost twice his age and he had Doyle and Willie Steward in his corner. Now from my point of view this looks like a stacked deck. On the other side of the ring we have Lance Ferrell. A Tae Kwon Do guy, over forty years old and green to the ring. He did have Russ O'Connell for a part time trainer and Russ was working his corner. You take Russ serious, no matter what role he plays. Ferrell was taller and had about ten pounds on Iva. Iva was here to destroy someone. Ferrell simply didn't see it that way. The first round was brutal. Iva came out swinging and Ferrell came out kicking. The kicker won.
Round #2: Realizing the kicking ability of Ferrell could not be matched, the Doyle Team sent Iva out to close the gap and work inside. Ferrell kept Iva at a distance and delivered kicks and hands while taking advantage of his height. If anyone thought Ferrell didn't belong in the ring, they were changing their minds by now. Iva pressed and pressed the fight but could not get the inside work the Doyle Camp was counting on. Iva continued to press forward. Ferrell started to relax. Both men walked back to their corners as fighters. Spectators no longer.
Round #3: Andrew Iva will be one of the men to beat at the Nationals. Lance Ferrell was the man to beat today but that was not to be. Iva tried the entire round to find a way past the kicking ability of Ferrell. But there was no door, no password, no hidden entrance. Only pain. Both men left it all in the ring and both can look at the fight with pride. Lance Ferrell, on this night, in this ring, was unbeatable. Ferrell wins by unanimous decision.

Well boys and girls we saw the first glimpse of the new teams for the Nationals. Doyle, Hetrick, O'Connell, Tharp, Millitech and now Ferrell have all started their march to the IKF nationals. Our thanks for sanctioning with the IKF and to the 7 Flags Event Center for doing such an excellent job. Our thanks to our newest promoter, Lance Ferrell. A Job well done! And to our old friend Russ O'Connell for bringing kickboxing to yet another part of America.
This is Uncle Brooks (R) coming to you from Mick Doyle's Martial Arts"" in Omaha, Nebraska, The Home of Kickboxing. Thank you.

MORE NEWS OF 1-24-04


Those promoters seeking fighter insurance you can attain coverage from Gagliardi Insurance out of Campbell, California. They can be reached at (408) 369-8040. They will insure events sanctioned by the IKF and the ISCF. They are the "ONLY" Company offering fighter insurance at this time so if someone is telling you they can get you covered for a couple of hundred dollars, they are WRONG! Due to the massive amounts of claims from other groups (See January 12th Article) this insurance has gone up dramatically to about $80.00 to $115.00 per fighter (Depending on the requested amounts of coverage). All of us hope that a new carrier for this type of insurance will be attained by mid February. We will keep you posted.

MORE NEWS OF 1-24-04

IKF Amateur Kickboxing Approved In

Back in October of 2002 we were sent a press release about how the sport of kickboxing was banned in the state of New York. New York had in place a law covering "Combative sports that stated such events could only be held if sanctioned or governed by the organizations on the "Approved List". This list has been around for years but has never been followed until Mr. Hugo B. Spindola, General Counsel for the New York State Athletic Commission, decided to re-enact it in the summer of 2002. the actual law and "Approved List" reads:

Section 8905 defines combative sports as "any professional match or exhibition other than boxing, sparring, wrestling or martial arts...the term 'martial arts' shall include any professional match or exhibition sanctioned by any of the following organizations: U.S. Judo Association, U.S. Judo, Inc., U.S. Judo Federation, U.S. Tae Kwon Do Union, North American Sport Karate Association, U.S.A. Karate Foundation, U.S. Karate, Inc., World Karate Association, Professional Karate Association, Karate International, International Kenpo Association, or World Wide Kenpo Association."

When this was made public it was clear to everyone that unless a promoter sanctioned their event with one of the organizations on this "Approved List" they would not be allowed to promote their kickboxing event in the State of New York. However, after the list came out, which was clearly a list of "Karate" organizations, one of the organizations in a sense, slid in under everyone's noses.

A Little History: For those of us who have been around awhile, the WKA when it was founded by Howard Hanson was originally called the "World 'KARATE' Association", as noted above on the "Approved List". Today the World "KARATE" Association sanctions exactly what you read, "KARATE" (Point sparring, semi/light contact, kata & forms). In their defense, the World Karate Association years ago also sanctioned the sport of KICKBOXING too under the name of the World Karate Association. In the early 90's, Hanson gave the organization to Dale Floyd out of Canada who eventually sold it to businessman Paul Ingram in England where their headquarters are today. A few years back, WKA split their organization into two different arenas and the letters WKA now stand for 2 different organizations, the World KICKBOXING Association, still known as WKA to sanction the sport of Kickboxing and the World KARATE Association, also known as the WKA to sanction Karate events. This was also done with ISKA who operates the International Sport 'KARATE' Association as well as the International Sport 'KICKBOXING' Association, both being known to the public as ISKA but actually 2 different organizations. A clever idea by both since they sanction both karate (Point sparring, semi/light contact, kata & forms, breaking and other martial arts competitions) and Kickboxing. After speaking with past and present representatives of these organizations both will tell you their main income comes from their "Karate" organizations, not their "Kickboxing" organizations. This makes their decision to split their organizations into two companies a smart business move for both organizations.

Back To our Story: When the decision was made by the New York State Commission, the WKA was able to slip in due to the fact that they had been on the list as a "KARATE" organization, like all the others on the list were. However, to those looking at the list for approval, they were told that the "K" in WKA meant kickboxing, not Karate. This was how the WKA slipped into New York as if they were on the "Approved List" and why only kickboxing events sanctioned by the WKA (regardless what the "K" stood for) could be held in the State of New York.

Over the last year, those wanting to promote events in the State of New York had to turn their back on the other organizations they had been using over the years such as USKBA, ISKA, USMTA and IKF. Instead, they were forced to start new relationships with the WKA. Some of those who knew of WKA had mixed feelings about this new regulation while others didn't know who the WKA was since they had sanctioned less than 5 events a year in the USA at this time. Others new to our sport don't know the WKA history but had heard of them through the events in Canada headed up by Promoter Mike Miles.

Back To The Law: As you remember from above, the actual law in place in the State of New York reads, "any professional match or exhibition other than boxing, sparring, wrestling or martial arts...the term 'martial arts' shall include any professional match or exhibition sanctioned by any of the following organizations, etc. etc." The key word in this law is, you guessed it, "Professional".

Today we spoke to Mr. Hugo B. Spindola, General Counsel for the New York State Athletic Commission. Mr. Spindola has been doing a good job with the New York State Athletic Commission and has also been trying to help other "Kickboxing" organizations get approved to sanction kickboxing events in the State of New York. Many have attacked him in his stance of using the "Approved List" but the truth is, he was simply 'doing his job' and following the law as it is written.

Mr. Spindola informed us today that the IKF is allowed to sanction "AMATEUR" kickboxing events in the State of New York. Of course we were excited to hear this since we have had several amateur promoters inquire about sanctioning their events in New York with the IKF. He also informed us that sanctioning Pro Kickboxing bouts or events has yet to be approved for those not on the "Approved List". However, he and his staff are doing what they can as fast as they can to provide an application system for other sanctioning organizations such as the IKF. When we know more, we will fill you in, but for now, we look forward to seeing IKF Amateur kickboxing back in the State of New York!

MORE NEWS OF 1-24-04

Heavyweights To
SUPER Heavyweights!


Whether it be Heavyweights or Super Heavyweights, whenever the big boys are talked about, people listen. Thus the reason for the success of K-1, "HEAVYWEIGHTS!" In the IKF Pro Full Contact Rules division, late last year the IKF retired the IKF Pro Heavyweight World Title from one of the greatest fighters ever, Dennis Alexio. On February 3rd, 2001, IKF Pro Super Heavyweight World Champion Mike Labree successfully defended his World Title when he defeated the #1 contender, George Randolph of Glenville, West Virginia, USA by TKO in the 3rd round. After the win Labree voluntarily retired his title and from kickboxing at the age of 38.

Since then, several fighters have thrown their names into the hat to be considered as a contender for these titles but no promoter has stepped up to promote them.

Some have questioned Selbee's number one ranking and who knows, maybe their concerns are legit, maybe not. Showing an overall record of 19-0 with 10 wins by KO, only 7 of those bouts are pro bouts. He has fought all of his kickboxing bouts under full contact rules. Not that he needs it but he has no Pro Boxing experience to add to this. Here are 5 of his Pro kickboxing bouts we have record of plus his last win by forfeit.

As it sits right now, Selbee must confirm his IKF North American title he was awarded by forfeit against either James or Copeland. The winner will most likely meet up with Smiles for the IKF Heavyweight World Title.

James has been very active and on some-what of a winning streak lately including winning an 8 man tournament on the East Coast and on June 21, 2022 he defeated Horace Craft by first round KO. But don't forget James was stopped by Super Heavyweight Kelly Leo in the 3rd round on February 8, 2003. James has also stayed busy in boxing with a pro record of 3-2-1. Here are the results of his Pro boxing bouts:

Copeland has been less active. On August 23, 2022 he lost to Kelly Leo of Georgia by unanimous decision in Atlanta Georgia in a quest for the vacant IKF "Full Contact - Above The Waist" rules East Coast Title. Although the bout was protested by Copeland's camp, and a rematch requested, apparently no one continued to question the decision since no re-match was ever booked. Regardless, in January, 2003 Copeland decided to move down to Heavyweight and forgive the rematch. Back on June 8, 2022 Copeland fought to a 7 round draw against Super Heavyweight Mike Sheppard. One thing Copeland has been doing though over the last 5 years is Pro Boxing where he has stayed busy. His boxing record is 8 wins and 3 loses but none of the opponents he defeated had a winning record. Of the 8 opponents he defeated in those 11 bouts, 5 of them had never won a fight. Of all 5, their total combined wins were only 25 while their combined loses were 184. Here is Copeland's Pro Boxing record:

However if someone is able to match-up James and Copeland instead, and Selbee never confirms his title (For various reasons such as he cannot come to terms with a promoter for his requested purse.) the decision process becomes a little more difficult. There is an "outside" chance that under the above scenario, James or Copeland could move into the number 1 or number 2 ranking (With Selbee dropping to #3) due to activity, to fight Smiles.

As it sits right now, IKF North American Champion Raoul Doucet is the clear number 1 contender for this title. However, the number 2 contender is close on his heels, especially due to their last meeting, which was for that IKF North American belt Doucet now wears.

Following close behind and possibly very deserving of a rematch is Mike Sheppard of Glenville, West Virginia, USA. According to those who witnessed, this "Should" have been for the vacant IKF Pro FCR Super Heavyweight World title. However, instead, it was the IKF North American title. IKF World Ambassador Brooks Mason called this bout between Sheppard and Doucet one of the greatest FCR Super Heavyweight bouts he had ever seen. It was on April 26th, 2003 in Glenville, West Virginia, USA and Doucet won the title when he defeated Sheppard by unanimous decision.

Sheppard has also been in the Pro boxing ring too with a record of 8 wins 4 loses and a draw. He stopped boxing though back in 2000. His boxing record consist of:

It's pretty clear these two are a solid 1 and 2 for the vacant IKF Super Heavyweight World Title, now we just need to find a promoter to host the bout.

As for the other contenders, number 2 ranked George Randolph of Glenville, West Virginia, USA already had his shot at the Super Heavyweight World title but fell short when previous champion Mike Labree stopped him by TKO in the 3rd round. Since then Randolph as been doing some mixed martial arts, but don't count him out of the hunt by any means. however one thing seems to be for sure... A lot of these Full Contact Rules fighters have been forced to jump into the leg kicking ring due to lack of offers for Full Contact style bouts from promoters. At the K-1 Battle at the Bellagio last August 15, 2003, a first round win over Kelly Leo by TKO was met with a second round loss to veteran leg kicker and K-1 fighter Michael McDonald who stopped Randolph with a first round KO. At the K-1 USA Grand Prix back on May 3, 2022 he lost to Jeff Ford by decision in, you guessed it, another leg kick - K-1 style bout.

Ranked at number 3 is IKF East Coast Champion Kelly Leo. In his last known bout to us as noted above, Leo lost to George Randolph by TKO in the 3rd round due to a cut at the K-1 - Battle at the Bellagio on August 15, 2022 under K-1 (Leg Kick) rules. Before that on June 28, 2003 he lost to Carter Williams by TKO in round 2 in another leg kick bout. Back on February 8, 2022 he defeated John James by TKO in the 3rd round in Wisconsin in a leg kick rules bout. As noted above, on August 23, 2022 he defeated Ronnie Copeland of North Carolina by unanimous decision in Atlanta Georgia to win his IKF "Full Contact - Above The Waist" rules East Coast Title. Although the bout was protested and a rematch requested, apparently no one continued to question the decision since no re-match was ever booked. Regardless, in January, 2003 Copeland decided to move down to Heavyweight and forgive the rematch.

On February 9, 2022 Leo defeated Brad Fowler by first round TKO in Wisconsin in a leg kick bout. On February 9, 2022 at the K-1 North American Grand Prix he lost a decision to Andre Walker of Colorado. In all, Leo has mostly fought Leg Kick (K-1 Style) bouts over the last 2 years because he has had more offers for them so maybe his goal is on an International or MuayThai rules title instead.

Looking at number 4, Derek Panza of Greenvale, New York, USA is a 3 time World Champion and a great fighter. But some promoters have informed us that his requested purse may take him away from any IKF title hunt. This has not been confirmed by us here at the IKF so to us, this is only speculated. Panza has also done pro boxing but despite his noted 8 or 7-0 record on some bios we have seen, we only found him to have 4 wins and 0 loses. Still, an impressive record. Here are his pro boxing bouts:

Looking at number 6, Chris Ballard bay need to slip down in the rankings even more. He last fought on September 28, 2022 in Bracknell, England and lost to unranked fighter James McSweeny. Before that he lost to unranked fighter Greg Rogers by TKO at 2:00 of Round 1 in Revere Massachusetts USA on July 19, 2003. BOTH back to back defeats make his actual ranking questionable but who would he be replaced with? He got ranked into the IKF when he won the vacant IKF Pro English "Heavyweight" title with a unanimous decision win over North Hampton, England's Dave Sharp, (47-41, 46-43 and 47-41). However Ballard's title was later retired when the IKF was informed he was too heavy to defend it on September 21st, 2003, so he was moved up to the Super Heavyweight division.

At the number 7 spot, Stuart Green's (No photo on file) last win was his one and only pro boxing bout on 11-17-03 when he defeated Chris Long (1-1) at the St. Andrews Sporting Club in Glasgow Scotland by decision in a six round bout. However he hasn't been winning in kickboxing much at all. In his defense, he seems to have been booked to be a 'victim' instead of a contender when you look at who he's faced and what rule style the bouts were fought under. At the K-1 Lumberjacks on February 4, 2022 he lost to Peter Aerts by first round KO. At the K-1 European Grand Prix on September 1st, 2000 he lost to Mirko Filipovic by 2nd round KO. At the May 12th K-1 in 2000 he lost to Sergei Morozov by first round KO and not to forget his March 10, 2022 K-1 World Grand Prix loss to Ernesto Hoost by kick KO in round 2.

In Green's defense, all 4 of these loses were all in K-1 rules, not Full Contact rules where Green made his name in the mid 90's. However it makes you wonder, who did he beat to win his WKA "Leg kick" rules Intercontinental title which he still holds? He once held the WKA Full Contact Rules World title but now the WKA doesn't even have him ranked in their men's full contact rules division. Whether or not he has been active recently still remains to be known but his past performance is sure to eventually drop him even lower if not completely out on the rankings in the coming weeks when the rankings go under full review.

Over in the IKF Pro International Rules division, another fighter that could be considered as one of the greatest fighters ever also retired from the sport. IKF Pro Heavyweight Champion Rick Roufus. No fighter has ever held the IKF Pro International Rules Super Heavyweight title so it remains vacant now with the Heavyweight title. Here too, the IKF has tried to have a promoter host an IR Heavyweight World title between 2 of the following top 5 contenders which include:

  1. Mike McDonald of Canada.
  2. Stan Longinidis of Australia -Word has it Stan may be retired now too though.
  3. Giuseppe DeNatale of Canada.
  4. Mark Russell, Manchester, Great Britain
  5. Dewey Cooper of Nevada, USA

Chances are slim in finding a promoter with the $$ to match up McDonald vs Longinidis in the ring. we are unsure if McDonald has done Pro boxing but did some of you know that Longinidis had? What may surprise you is when. Longinidis last fought as a Pro "Boxer" on July 16th, 1988. Yes... 88. He lost the bout to pro boxer Kevin Barry at the Mildura Basketball Centre in Mildura, Victoria, Australia by decision. Just goes to show you how long this superstar has been at it. His pro boxing record was 1 win and 2 loses.

So if the money isn't there to match up Longinidis and McDonald, we move to the number 3 and 4 ranked contenders, Giuseppe DeNatale and Dewey Cooper. DeNatale also has some experience in pro boxing. Although only 2 recorded bouts, he won them both. The last one was November 22nd, 2001 when he defeated Chad Johnson (0-0) in Winnipeg, MB, Canada by a TKO in round 3. His only other bout, his first as a pro boxer was a defeat of Mathias Hughes (1-1-1) back on September 13th, 2001 at the Fort Gary Hotel Ballroom, Winnipeg, MB, Canada. He won the bout by first round TKO. Denatale has been pretty active as a pro kickboxer.

Who comes next in the mix is a question to several and even a toss up. currently we have Mark Russell of England. Yes, this is the same Mark Russell that Dennis Alexio "DESTROYED" back in 1994 in the second round at Caesars Tahoe, Nevada. However, Russell fought full contact rules back then and now he's doing leg kick bouts. But is he winning? well, when he fought Alexio back in January of 1994 he had a record of 33-5. Pretty impressive, but that was 10 years ago. More recently we found the following on him:

Next in line is even a bigger question to many. Many are still asking, How is Dewey Cooper ranked number 5 in this division? A simple question deserves a simple answer... Who else in this division should be?

When you go to Coopers web page (Which is a really nice site) he notes he is a 2 Time World Champion. However, we could not find out what world titles he has won. He also says he has a kickboxing record of 27 wins, 6 loses, 1 draw with 17 wins by knockout. We know he had at least 10 of those fights during a very impressive amateur career, but as a Pro Kickboxer, we were kind of lost at where all the other wins came from. All we could come up with was a Pro kickboxing record of 3 wins and 8 loses. Next he lists his pro boxing record as 9 wins, no loses, 2 draws with 7 wins by KO. However, this we found to be true. Here is who he has fought in Boxing followed by what kickboxing info we could find:

Here's a breakdown of Coopers pro kickboxing record that we were able to find.

But somewhere there is someone who claims to have a whole lot of $$ and is making one of these high profile fights happen, or has at least planned the bout.

Sources have informed us that number 6 IKF Pro MTR Ranked Super Heavyweight Carter Williams will be have a rematch with number 1 IKF Pro MTR Ranked Heavyweight Mike McDonald for another organizations "Vacant" World title. from what we have been told, "BIG" money has brought this bout together so we hope the promoters make a profit. The bout will be on March 4th in London, England under modified MuayThai rules, or as we have been informed, K-1 rules. These two met in the ring at last years K-1 USA event where Williams won. We can see Williams for this, a "SUPER" Heavyweight title, but McDonald, at only 215 lbs should be fighting for a Heavyweight (215 lbs max) title. Williams last weighed in at well over 235 lbs. if not 240 so there will be a major difference in weight.

Due to the money McDonald may ask for after this fight, he may be out of the price range for most promoters other than the never ending $$ from K-1 Japan who funds K-1 USA. Because of this, maybe this vacant title could be fought for between DeNatale and Russell if the two will match up for it. However, the other question is "Would either of them even consider such a fight since they both mainly fight in MuayThai Rules bouts?" Again though, there needs to be a promoter to make this match-up happen.

As for the "SUPER" Heavyweight International Rules division, the top contenders may not ever be matched up due to their K-1 contracts. Sure, we would all love to see a 5 round Pro World Title between number one IKF IR Ranked Ernesto Hoost of Holland and number 2 IKF ranked Jerome LeBanner of France but lets face it... K-1 has these guys employed for good. With this being the case, many ask, "Why have them in the rankings at all?" Which is a good question and one that we are currently reviewing this year.

So if no promoter can attain let alone pay for these two, or probably any of the top 10 in the Super Heavyweight division, that brings us to the following 4 contenders for the vacant IKF Pro IR Super Heavyweight World title:

  1. Carter Williams of California USA.
  2. Ivan Tolkachev of Belarus.
  3. Pedro Fernandez of Mexico.
  4. Moti Hornstein of New York, USA

Unless one of the other top 10 become affordable, Williams may be the top contender here. But lets not forget, Williams and Fernandez fought to a draw last year in Mexico and both want a rematch. However word has it that Fernandez was sidelined after their bout due to a heart murmur which could very possibly end his career if not cleared by a medical doctor this year. If that be the case, Tolkachev or Hornstein would be next in line for Williams, that is, if all the others price themselves out of the market which include:

  1. Ernesto Hoost of Holland.
  2. Jerome LeBanner of France.
  3. Stefan Leko of Germany.
  4. Peter Aerts of Holland.
  5. Ricky Nicholson of Wales.
  6. Maurice Smith of Washington, USA - "IF" he is still fighting...
  7. Mike Bernardo of South Africa.
  8. Ray Sefo of New Zealand.

The match-up scenarios are very similar over in the IKF Pro MuayThai Rules division except for the fact that we have a MTR Super Heavyweight World Champion. However the question is, "For how long?"

IKF Pro World Champion Matt Skelton (Right) of Bedford, England (63-8/57 Kickboxing) stopped Jeff Ford of Kansas City Missouri, USA at 1:51 of the second round in North Hampton, England on November 26th, 2000 to win the title. Skelton is one of only a few IKF Pro World Champions to defend his title and did so successfully on November 18th, 2001 in North Hampton England when he defeated Peter Varga of Budapest, Hungary by TKO at 53 seconds of round 3. However, where has Skelton been since? His bout against Varga was his last kickboxing bout. Instead, he's been doing Pro Boxing! And doing quite well too.

This coming February Skelton (11-0 as a Pro Boxer) will meet up with Julius Francis, a former European kickboxing and British boxing champion. Skelton will defend his English Boxing title in the bout. (You can read the discussion about this bout by clicking HERE. So what's up with Skelton's IKF Pro World Title? Now that he has a successful career in Pro Boxing, will we ever see him kickbox again? Sources say probably not. With this being said, should the IKF retire his World Title and make it available to someone like former IKF USA National Amateur Champion and upcoming Pro star Carter Williams? Only time will tell.

The IKF San Shou World title has never been filled and since there are very few San Shou style fighters out there, let alone Heavyweights, we may have to wait awhile to see a World Champion here.

As for us here at the IKF? It's about 1:AM now, so I think we we will call it a night. Have a great weekend...

WEDNESDAY, January 21st, 2004, AT 6:30 PM, PT

Z's Martial Arts Presents
"Rumble at the Marriott"

IKF Chicago, Illinois, USA: 2004 is going to kick off with a "bang" in Illinois as Z's Martial Arts Academy and Rob Zbilski (Right) of Team Z promotes another exciting and Illustrious IKF Event on February 20th.

In a quest to further promote the sport of Kickboxing, Team Z is stepping it up and moving this production out of the Rec-Center to the Marriott Hotel in Schaumburg Illinois. Included in the production will be special Lighting, top notch audio/video along with nothing but the best representation of the IKF.

Team Z is expecting around 15-fights that night including the main event which will feature IKF Pro World Champion Tommy "The Little Dragon" Bach (Left) taking on Keith "The Hammer" Nesbitt of Steelton, Pennsylvania in a 7 round Professional non title bout. It looks to be a great night of Full Contact Kickboxing. Team Z will also be spotlighting in the Junior Female division, 13 year-old Sara Ross (Below Right) the two-time IKF National Champion. Sara will be taking on Julia Harvey (Glenn Hudson Kickboxing) in a 3- Round toe-to-toe match.

The show will also be spotlighting in the boys Junior Lightweight division Cameron Monyelle (Team Thump) taking on Jackson Aren (Sui Hung Martial Arts, Tommy "The Little Dragon"Bach, trainer). Team Z is happy to have as the "Third man in the Ring" Referee Scott Fischer.

Rob Zbilski quotes; "We're lucky to have someone like Scott in charge of the ring. Officials with his level of integrity, control and most importantly concern for the fighters is hard to find." Team Z has definitely got it down to a science. Zbilski has been promoting shows now for over 15 years and his reputation in the IKF and Martial Arts arena is astounding.

In 2003, Zbilski and Team Z put on the Largest IKF Regional Amateur Tournament in the Country with 35 fights and fighters (80) from all over the Midwest. Zbilski and Team Z are expecting this to be one of their biggest shows in well over 5 years. This looks to be another one of Rob's magnificent productions in the sport of Kickboxing. For Ticket/or Fighter information, you can contact Zbilski's or a member of Team Z at (847) 458-8333. Fighters interested in being on the fight-card, should contact Rob Zbilski directly at (847) 458-8333 or by e-mail at LITH@teamzs.com or go to their website at www.teamzs.com

TUESDAY, January 20th, 2004, AT 7:50 PM, PT

Lights, Camera, ACTION!
Studio City -Hollywood- Comes Alive With IKF Platinum Kickboxing!

IKF Studio, City, CA, USA: This past Saturday night the Platinum Live Supper Club in Studio City, California was host to some exciting IKF Amateur Kickboxing that was included in a full evening of entertainment. This was more than a basic kickboxing event, It was a "SHOW!"

IKF Promoter Johnny Davis (Left) of AK Promotions and Club owner David Sebag (Right) wanted to do something different in the kickboxing promotion game so the wanted to do an evening of entertainment in true Hollywood fashion!

The night of action came with more than just great kickboxing from 8 west coast fighters. Davis and Sebag combined the kickboxing action with some great singing and other action too.

Starting the night off, the National Anthem was sung by popular vocalist Nathalie Azerad. Next we had a fitness / dance demonstration done to some of the hottest aerobic sounds performed by top fitness competitor Shiva and her group called "Flava". Her face is known to many as the Krav Maga Self Defense System's model.

During the middle of the show, two songs will be performed by vocalist, actress and rising superstar Ashley Ta'mar Davis who was a constant winner on the 2003 Star Search TV series who has received many civic and music awards. "What a Voice!"

And we cannot forget the "DYNAMIC" martial arts demonstrations by Alfred Hsing, Christopher Jew, Isiah Polstra and Anthony Atkins! These featured presentations were a show by themselves, and to add Kickboxing action in there just made it all seem like a bonus show. So lets get to the fight action...

The kickboxing action started out with a two round exhibition bout between two time IKF Champion Raul Rodriquez of Bakersfield, California and training partner, California amateur MTR Middleweight Champion Julian Lugo Jr. of Barstow, California. Our hats off to Lugo who drove to the event at his own expense from "3 Hours" away, just to add a little more action to the show. The two did one of their exhibition rounds in full contact rules and in round 2, they demonstrated the style of International Rules. Raul was scheduled to fight Christian Gonzales of San Francisco, California but Gonzales pulled out of the event complaining of a sore foot. Gonzales is trained by Jongsanan Fairtex.

The first actual fight of the night was in the IKF Super Heavyweight International Rules (leg kick) division between Chris Cope (189, 2-0/0) of Santa Barbara, California Vs Chris Gonzalez (195, 1-1/0) This bout was fought under American Kickboxing - Full Contact Rules which did no help for Gonzalez. Although often more aggressive, Gonzalez only threw 5 kicks over the 3 round bout. If not for the "Generous" kick counting for him by the kick counter in round 1, he "Should" have lost a point in all 3 rounds. Somehow, the judges thought his aggressive style was enough to award him round 2, 10-9 (Before the 1 point missed kick deduction) despite the fact he only threw 2 kicks. After a strong 9 kick round 1, Cope only threw 3 in round 2 costing him a point too. In round 3 though Cope redeemed himself, throwing 12 kicks to win this one by unanimous decision, 27-26 on all 3 judges cards.

Bout two of the night was in the International Rules Division as Van Palacio (270 lbs. 202/0) of Hanford, California took on Brent Simms (241lbs. 2-0/0, Fighting name - 'Ala Hem') of Las Vegas, Nevada. Although he put up a good fight, Palacio seemed to be edged out in each round enough for the judges to give each round to Sims 10-9 which gave Sims the win in the end 30-27 on all 3 judges cards.

The semi main event was suppose to be the title defense of IKF California Light Heavyweight Champion Floyd Savoy of San Francisco, California vs challenger Derek Burnsed of Citrus Heights, California. However, a severe hand injury forced Savoy out of the bout so instead, Burnsed was matched up against former IKF International Rules West Coast Light Middleweight Champion Mike Morello, of Santa Barbara, California for a 4 round non title full contact rules bout.

This match-up was another close bout. In round 1, both had no problem meeting their mandatory kick requirement as Morello threw 14 to Burnsed's 12. At the end of one, 2 of the 3 judges gave the round to Burnsed while the third gave it to Morello. In round 2, the action was the same, Fast and Furious! Morello threw 14 kicks again but on the other side of the ring Burnsed seemed to fade in stamina and only threw 8 kicks. At the end of 2, all 3 judges gave the round to Morello 10-9 for his aggressive style and good hand and foot combinations.

In round 3, Burnsed came back strong with his kicks but couldn't land any good effective combinations. His 13 kicks to Morello's 7 had little impact to the judges who all gave round 3 to Morello, 10-9 because Morello was not only throwing a lot, his strikes were hitting his targets too. It must have been a strong talk in the corner for Burnsed by his trainer and IKF World Champion Dave Marinoble because when he needed a big round, he gave it. Burnsed out-kicking Morello 10-8 and landing some clean combinations which was enough to win the round for him on all 3 judges cards, 10-9. In the end, this one ended in a majority draw with one judge giving it to Morello 39-37 and the other 2 marking it even at 38-38.

In the main event of the evening Robert Elledge, (15-1) Roseville, California faced off against challenger Mark Tabuso, (15-6) of Daly City, California in the defense of Elledge's IKF Amateur FCR Super Lightweight California Title. Tubuso had taken a long lay-off from the ring but you never would have noticed it on this night. Both fighters came out in round 1 with "Feet and Fist of Fury!" Elledge made quick use of his feet in round one throwing 15 kicks to Tabuso's 8. All 3 judges thought Elledge was busier after one and all 3 gave him the round 10-9.

Round 2 was much the same but where Tabuso stayed steady with his 8 kicks in the round, Elledge dropped down to 10. Again, all 3 judges gave the round to Elledge 10-9. In round 3, Elledge seemed to slow up and although he still threw 10 kicks to Tabuso's 6, it was Tabuso who did more damage with the kicks he threw and his hands. In the end, the judges thought so too and all 3 gave round 3 to Tabuso, 10-9.

In round 4, Tabuso came alive even more but Elledge still stayed ahead on the kick count with 10 to Tabuso's 9. Still, it was Tabuso who did more damage with his hands and feet. However, midway through the round, Elledge went to kick Tabuso and Tabuso caught Elledge's leg and kicked out his supporting leg at Elledge's shin. Elledge fell to the ground in some pain and referee Cecil Peoples deducted a point from Tabuso for the foul. This was the difference of the bout and a break Elledge needed. Although the judges all gave round 4 to Tabusco, it was the point deduction that helped Elledge secure his title for another day by a very slim one point margin, 38-37 on all 3 judges cards.

L-R Standing, Cecil Peoples, Referee/Judge, Joe Gangi, California State Athletic Commission. Doc Hamilton, Referee/Judge, Kris Adrian, Judge, Mark Zacharatos, Referee/Judge, Dean Lohouse, California State Athletic Commission - Middle: Abe Belardo, IKF Trainer/Promoter. Steve Fossum, IKF President. Sitting, Johnny Davis, Promoter & special guest Benny Urquidez.

For more info please call

AK Promotions at
(916) 780-7483

or by e-mail at johnnyd@netwiz.net.

Or go to


Coming Tomorrow...

Results from

IKF Des Moines, Iowa USA!

FRIDAY, January 16th, 2004, AT 11:40 AM, PT

Guess What Top Amateur Fighter
Is Turning PRO This Spring?

Well we can't let you know yet where it will take place, and we can't yet let you know when. But what we can say is that this Spring, IKF Amateur World Champion Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson (Right, 33-0/18, Light Cruiserweight Full Contact Rules) will be making his Pro Debut. He has already been confirmed for a bout this spring and the IKF is now seeking an opponent for him.

Oh, and we noticed another IKF Amateur World Champion was being discussed on the message board recently. The Thunderfoot, Trent Tompkins (Left, 15-0/9, Heavyweight Full Contact Rules) Well all you Thunderfoot fans, recent word this week has told us here at the IKF that the Thunderfoot may be shedding his headgear too to step into the Pro Heavyweight ranks later this year.

No word on when yet, but when it does happen it's sure to shake up the IKF Pro Heavyweight rankings which is currently seeking a new IKF Pro World Champion. A title that is now vacant due to the retirement of probably one of the best full contact rules kickboxers ever, "The Terminator", Dennis Alexio (Right, 70-2 with 65 Knockouts).

One thing is for sure, as both these fighters did in the amateur ranks, both plan to bring something to the Pro ranks... Excitement and KNOCKOUTS! Between the two of them their combined records are 48-0 with 27 KNOCKOUTS!

Look for more info on this in the coming weeks.

THURSDAY, January 15th, 2004, AT 9:30 PM, PT

This Weekend In The IKF

IKF Des Moines, Iowa USA

This Saturday night, January 17th, IKF World Ambassador and Event Representative Brooks Mason (Bottom Left) will be in the house to oversee first time IKF Promoter Lance Farrell (No photo on file) as he teams up with veteran IKF Promoter Russ O'Connell (Right of Cedar Valley Pro Fitness & Martial Arts) for this Saturday nights IKF Kickboxing action at the Event Center at 7 Flags Fitness Center in Des Moines, Iowa USA. This is an all amateur event.

Mr. Farrell will have a big following at the event from his martial arts school, FARRELL'S U.S. Martial Arts. He runs 4 schools located in the Des Moines, Iowa Area which include Beaverdale, Urbandale, West Des Moines and the Waukee School.

Doors Open at 5:30 PM Fights and the fights start at 7:00 PM. Advanced Tickets Available at any Farrell's Location ( Beaverdale, Urbandale, West Des Moines and the Waukee School.). General Admission, $15 in Advance, $20 at the Door. Ring Side Seating, $20 in Advance, $25 at the Door.

The IKF would like to welcome Mr. Farrell to the IKF World Team and wish them the best of luck on their first kickboxing event. For more info please contact Mr. Lance Farrell at (515) 255-0095 or Mr. Russ O'Connell at (319) 234-1935 or by e-mail at Tkdoc07@aol.com

IKF Studio City, CA, USA

Platinum Live Kickboxing Series
Kicks Off New Year With A Bang!

This Article Has Been Revised From An Earlier Posting

IKF Studio, City, CA, USA: The Platinum Live Supper Club (11345 Ventura Blvd. Studio City, CA) is ready to host its first edition of IKF Kickboxing! Promoter Johnny Davis (Left) of AK Promotions and Club owner David Sebag are excited about the potential of bringing such an event to Studio City, CA, a place renown for its Hollywood appeal. January 17th, 2004 at 8:PM will be the "kickoff" time to what promises to bring together some of the best amateur fighters in the state to showcase their Feet and Fists of Fury! Special music and fitness performances combined with lights, music, cameras and some exciting fights is a sure fire way to present a promotion in true Hollywood fashion!

Studio City, CA - One of the incorporated cities of Los Angeles is located in the San Fernando Valley and is the home to one of television's network giants…CBS. A lot of movies and TV series have been produced like Flying Tigers and Fighting Seabeas, movies that only a stern movie buff would remember. However, since 1985 CBS Studios have produced more recognizable titles and shows like Grace Under Fire, Seinfield, American Gladiators, Dr. Dolittle and the list goes on.

Names like Ronald Reagan (the actor before becoming President), Bette Davis, James Stewart, John Wayne and numerous others all got their start in this famous city.

AK Promotions (www.akpromotions.org) hopes that some of the bright, talented kickboxers will also get their opportunity at stardom in this legendary city. What better place to showcase the talent of the best amateur and professional kick boxers than right at the doorsteps of one of the largest production companies in the world. Since many of the movie stars have made Studio City their home, you never know who might be in attendance on January 17th!

The Platinum Live Supper Club originally opened in 1939 and has Cabaret, Burlesque, The Doors, Chuck Berry and in 1964 held a Beatles press conference. Platinum Live is currently known for an impressive surround sound system, computerized lights with special effects and six full size screens. The club is complete with fog machines and a tasteful menu.
The addition of The Platinum IKF Kickboxing Series makes the club even more on the cutting edge for premier entertainment!

Bring on the Show...

In the main event of the evening Robert Elledge, (Right, 14-1) of Roseville, California will defend his
IKF Amateur FCR Super Lightweight California Title
against Mark Tubuso, (15-5, no photo on file) of Daly City, California.
Elledge is a three time IKF champion with 14 wins and only one defeat. His most recent scheduled opponent failed to even show up to do battle fearing he would be outclassed by the slick fighting style of Elledge.
Elledge's last opponents no show only infuriated him and he's biting at the bit for some real action! The way these two match up on paper, this fight will certainly be a barn burner!

Tubuso's name may be new to some but he has been around for quiet some time and executed many wars.
Tubuso's record of 15 wins with only five defeats tells the true story of his experience.
He's trained by veteran Mike Espinoza.
and his trainer have been anticipating a fight with this opponent for many months and finally stepped forward to request the fight.

Previously the main event was to feature the title defense of
IKF California Light Heavyweight Champion
Floyd Savoy (7-1, Left)
but a severe hand injury forced Savoy out of the bout. He was to defend the title against Derek Burnsed (7-1, Wearing Belt at right) of Citrus Heights, CA.
This fight was suppose to happen back in November at the Feet and Fist of Fury event in Rocklin, CA but due to a Burnsed injury, it was canceled.

Last time Savoy was given a replacement fight and the same was done for Burnsed this weekend.
Burnsed will face off against former IKF International Rules West Coast Light Middleweight Champion
Mike Morello, of Santa Barbara, California (Below Right) who is trained by his father, Steve Morello in a 4 round non title full contact rules bout.

In another expected tough fight, title holder of two IKF belts in two separate rule styles
Raul Rodriquez (Below Left, The fighter who Morello beat for his title, and the fighter who beat Morello in a rematch to win it back) of Bakersfield, California, will be keeping his word by granting a rematch to the determined
Christian Gonzales of San Francisco, CA
in an International Rules bout. Christian is trained out of the popular Jongsanan Fairtex Gym.
I'm sure somewhere in the back of the Fairtex camp's minds, they want to prove that they will keep the spirit of their slain leader Alex Gong alive and kicking.

In a Super Heavyweight International Rules (leg kick) bout big Van Palacio (268 lbs.) of Hanford, CA will take on the aggressive Brent Simms (240+ lbs.) of Las Vegas, NV. Van's trainer Mike Constantin say his fighter is "eager to get it on with Sims." Simms has a lot of experience in his corner in Nick Blomgren of One Kick Nicks Gym out of Las Vegas, NV.
Nick also trains the "Black Cobra" Dewey Cooper, a popular fighter on some of the K-1 USA events in Vegas. When the bell rings to start this one, it should be some real thunder in the valley when these two meet at center stage! Music Entertainment: The National Anthem will be sung by popular vocalist Nathalie Azerad of Sherman Oak, CA. Additionally, two songs will be performed by vocalist, actress and rising superstar Ashley Ta'mar Davis who was a constant winner on the 2003 Star Search TV series and has received many civic and music awards.
Additionally, the current host of Star Search, Mr. Arsenio Hall is slated to be in attendance.

Special Fitness Presentation...
A suave and sensual fitness / dance demonstration done to some of the hottest aerobic sounds will be performed by top fitness competitor Shiva (Right) and her group called "Flava". Shiva was recently featured on the cover of Ms. Fitness Magazine. Her face is known to many as the Krav Maga Self Defense System's model. At a glimpse, one can easily see why fitness is her forte!
The Platinum IKF Kickboxing series has great potential to give the sport what it's needed for some time, good fights on a consistent bases, fighters with good skill and exposure to the elite in Hollywood! The Platinum Live Supper Club will continue Studio City's legacy on January 17th by producing the best that Hollywood has to offer… GREAT ENTERTAINMENT!
Fights will be under the authority of the California Athletic Commission and sanctioned by the IKF. For information or for limited seating ticket prices call Platinum Live (818) 753-1771 or AK Promotions at (916) 780-7483, e-mail johnnyd@netwiz.net. Or go to www.highsierratickets.com, or www.platinumliveusa.com.

The Host Hotel for the event will be the:
Sportsman's Lodge, 12825 Ventura Blvd. Studio City, CA 91604, (Off Cold Water Canyon Road) Normal room cost is $120 per day. Kickboxing Guest will get it for only $99. Must Say "Platinum Live Kickboxing" 1-800-821-8511.

MORE NEWS OF 1-15-03

IKF Champ Harminson
Seeks Title In Japan!

IKF Peoria, Illinois, USA: He will have his shot at the IKF World Title later this Spring but first, IKF Pro MuayThai U.S. Middleweight Champion Jeremy Harminson (Right) will be off to win one in Japan.

On January 22, 2004, Harminson will fight in Tokyo, Japan for the UKF World Middleweight Title. His opponent, Hayato, is a technical fighter from Japan who is looking to secure a spot in the next K1 Max tournament.

Harminson is fresh off two knockout victories in the latter portion of 2003 and he hopes to capture a world title and further assert himself as a great champion of the sport.

This is a great opportunity for Harminson to showcase his skills that are constantly improving. According to his trainer Ryan Blackorby (Left) he's looking great in the gym and tells us to expect his recent winning pattern to continue with this fight.

We here at the IKF wish Jeremy The best of luck in his bout!

MORE NEWS OF 1-15-03

Another Kickboxing Champion In The News...

The Below Story Was Written By JO2 Charles L. Ludwig From The "ALL HANDS" Magazine Of The Navy
To See Story In It's Original Form CLICK HERE!

If you have ever seen a Rocky movie, it is a scene that you can appreciate: a seemingly over-matched competitor of small stature walks down the aisle of a half-empty arena, ready for the fight of his life with a man at least a foot taller than him.

That very thought makes him uneasy; he's really not scared, but definitely nervous. He has a reason to be. With that height advantage, his opponent could easily push him around the ring and use his long arms to batter him.

But as the bell rings, the uneasiness fades, as the diminutive kickboxer connects with two quick kicks to the stomach before landing a crushing right cross to the chin a mere 14 seconds into the fight, knocking the giant out in the process. As the referee raises his hand in victory, those in attendance can't believe it.

It's a feeling Religious Program Specialist 2nd Class (Fleet Marine Force) Nelson Lebron is used to. Lebron has surprised many people in his life by making a big name for himself in the sport of kickboxing. But by his admission, one doesn't usually think of a kickboxer when meeting him for the first time. "People are a bit surprised when they find out what I do in my off time," Lebron said while working in the Chaplain's Office at Naval Special Warfare Group (NSWG) 2 in Little Creek, Va. "I can't blame them though. Most people think of a kickboxer, or any type of fighter, as a big guy like a heavyweight boxer."

If someone is using a heavyweight boxer like Lennox Lewis or Mike Tyson as a standard, then there's no real reason to believe Lebron is a fighter. His physical frame, even when wearing his Navy-issue camouflage and boots, is a less-than-intimidating 61 inches and 120 pounds. And his demeanor is not what one would expect from a man who spends his off time giving and receiving flurries of punches and kicks to the head and body; as a soft-spoken, polite man, he's more likely to offer your grandparents an escort across the street than a right jab to the chin.

But that is only one side of Lebron, a 10-year military veteran during two stints with the Navy. While most Sailors and Marines know Lebron as a well-liked worker and NSWG 2's recent Sailor of the Year, those unfortunate enough to be in his way while he participates in his favorite pastime know him a bit differently. "I'm known for being a tough fighter," Lebron said. "The main thing is I never quit. When I fight, I may not win every time, but you will always know I was there. I take the fight to them."

With a toughness acquired while growing up in Brooklyn, N.Y., Lebron has taken that fight a long way. In the four years since he made the move from boxing to kickboxing, he has been on a steady uphill climb. That climb culminated last year, when Lebron won national championships for three different kickboxing organizations and took home a bronze medal at the International Amateur Kickboxing Sport Association (IAKSA) World Championships in Kissimmee, Florida. "The success I've had is unbelievable to me sometimes," Lebron says of the momentum he's been gaining in the kickboxing ranks. "It's not that I don't think I deserve it, but every now and then I feel overwhelmed. And there's more to come."

That success doesn't come so easy for Lebron, however. Between working as chaplain's assistant for NSWG-2, training as a field-qualified religious programs specialist and maintaining his kickboxing workout regiment, he often finds himself working as much as 17 hours a day. "That's the part of my life that no one really understands," Lebron said concerning his intense daily schedule. "I enjoy the things that I do, but it can get hard to keep it up sometimes. I really have to stay on myself a lot."

The day typically starts between 4:30 and 5 a.m., when Lebron rises and almost immediately goes on a two-and-a-half to three mile run. After returning home and showering, he then hits the gym, where he concentrates on endurance and stamina exercises ranging from working over a punching bag to dead lifts with high repetition. After another shower, it's finally off to work. "That's when I normally meet up with the chaplain and start doing whatever tasks I have to do that day," he said. "After I get off around 4 p.m., I go back to the gym for some regular weightlifting, usually a body part a day."

For most people, that would constitute a full day, but not for Lebron. After his second gym trip of the day, he finally begins his kickboxing-specific training. "I'll get to the kickboxing school at about six o'clock and start working on boxing and martial arts training. I'll be there until at least 9 or 9:30 p.m." All in all, Lebron says he works out a total of six days a week, with anywhere from three to six hours a day going toward training. He also works in two nights a week at Tidewater Community College, where he holds a 4.0 average. It's a rough cycle to say the least, and, as one could imagine, it has led to many sacrifices on his part. "It's a very long day even for me," he says. "It doesn't leave me much chance for anything else. I'm 28-years-old, and I'm not married and don't have much of a social life. I stay as focused as possible because when I am done with this part of my life I want to be able to say, 'I did that. I didn't take the easy way out.' I want to go as far as I can."

And many people seem to believe Lebron can go very far. Fellow kickboxer Shannon Hudson, a teammate of Lebron's on the U.S. World Championship Team, thinks the sky's the limit for Lebron's potential. "From what I've seen of him in tournaments around the country, he can go as far as he wants. He just keeps improving and improving," Hudson said, adding that Lebron's military experience gives him an advantage. "I'm not in the military, but you can tell he's very disciplined. It's helped him in competition and training. He always sticks to his routine."

That discipline is one of the things that may help Lebron overcome his one obvious disadvantage—his height. "The height thing could hurt him one day, but above that it takes mental toughness to be a kickboxer, and [Lebron] has that. Even when you are tired and [your opponent] is tired, you have to push through that, no matter what. That's the big thing that I've seen him be able to do time and time again." Lebron doesn't seem nearly as bothered about his usual height disadvantage. In his mind, the biggest obstacle he faces is travel. Despite what some of his peers may think, Lebron typically pays out-of-pocket for his trips to fight in tournaments across the country. To get days off, he continually dips his hands into his quickly dwindling leave balance.

The constant traveling and costs sometimes leave Lebron's head spinning. "In the last five or six months, I've been to a different state for a fight almost every other week," he said. Those trips include visits to North Carolina, South Carolina, New Jersey, Iowa, Kansas, Texas, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, Virginia and his bronze medal experience in Florida. "It's taken a big toll on my wallet, and it's totally destroyed my leave days— I'm almost in the negative there. I pay for everything completely out of pocket. All my expenses—travel, food, hotel stays—they've all had to come from me."

But Lebron believes his money-scrunching days may be coming to a close. If he continues to excel, he feels that he may be able to get a few local sponsorships in the coming months and years. "The main thing is that you have to continue winning," he said. "It's sad that way, but it's just how the market is. In the public's eye, they only want to wear a tie or something that is being used by someone who is a consistant winner." The added pressure some feel when fighting for a sponsor is something Lebron already feels prepared for. Being a fighter who is also in the U.S. military has given him a good bit of training in that regard. "In some ways, I feel like I am fighting for the Navy. When someone finds out that I am in the military, that becomes part of how they recognize me," he says. "I think it reflects very positively in the Navy. It shows people that the Navy is willing to support its members in what they wish to do in life. I love the Navy for it."

In trying to repay the Navy for their support, Lebron has made sure to excel in his rating. As a field-qualified RP, Lebron is responsible for more than just scheduling church services and community relations projects. He must be adept at artillery handling and hand-to-hand combat in support of his ultimate mission—keeping an unarmed chaplain alive in the battlefield. "People tend to take the RP rating lightly, but any RP who is Fleet Marine Force needs to know how to handle himself and his business. I take that very seriously," he says. "It's hard enough to keep yourself alive in a combat situation, and it becomes twice-as-hard to do it when you are protecting another person as well."

It's a job to which he can easily apply to his kickboxing regimen. "Kickboxing keeps my body sharp and teaches me to think in high-pressure situations. That's something that as an FMF RP you need to be able to do. You have to always be thinking three-to-four steps ahead." One area where Lebron isn't looking three or four steps ahead is in his personal life. Despite his many successes, he contends that he's only taking his life day-by-day. "I'm just seeing where life takes me. There's no reason for me to have a long term, big picture view of my future. If I did I would risk setting my expectations too high and falling off my big ladder. It worked for me so far." If that's the case, you can expect Lebron's hand to be raised in victory many more times in his life.
The writers of this story, Ludwig and McCoy are photojournalists assigned to All Hands!

WEDNESDAY, January 14th, 2004, AT 8:00 PM, PT

The "Wonderboy" Recognized
By The South Carolina State House of Representatives
And the South Carolina State Senate

L-R: Kacy Lyons (Student), Garry Smith (South Carolina State House of Representatives) Stephen, his mother Gloria and his father, Ray Thompson

IKF South Carolina, USA: Earlier today (Wednesday, January 14th, 2004) IKF Amateur World Champion Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson was brought before the South Carolina State House of Representatives by Representative Garry Smith to recognize Stephen for his accomplishments in the Martial Arts in particular the sport on kickboxing. Stephen was also recognized in the Senate by state Senator David Thomas.

Stephen's kickboxing career started long before he realized he had the talent to compete in the sport. Trained by his father since the age of 3, he has developed the skills to become one of the best in the world of amateur kickboxing. as an amateur he has won 4 different world titles from 4 different organizations including his win last November for the IKF Amateur World Title (Shown with IKF Belt in Photo at right) In addition he has won numerous Regional, National and North American titles, 6 of which have been IKF Titles. He has an undefeated record in the sport of full contact kickboxing of 33 wins, no losses and 18 wins coming by the knock out. His plans are to compete once more as an amateur and then step into the professional ranks later in 2004 and see if he can accomplish the same goals as a professional.

Stephen was also recognized for his assistance in the reading programs in the various elementary schools in the Simpsonville, Fountain Inn and Mauldin, South Carolina area. He has also volunteered his services to the schools by teaching free martial arts classes to A and AB Honor Roll students. He graduated from Hillcrest High School in Simpsonville, South Carolina and has plans to continue his education in the area of business so he will be better prepared to manage the family business which is a Martial Arts School.

He is a full time employee of the family owned and operated Upstate Karate Family Martial Arts Center which is located in Simpsonville, South Carolina. Stephen likes to encourage his students to train hard, set goals and stay focused. He says if you do these three things you WILL be a success.

For more info on Stephen please contact his trainer and father
Ray Thompson at their school,
Upstate Karate Family Martial Arts Center
at 864-967-3930 or go to their website at

MORE NEWS OF 1-14-03

More Thompson News!

As if Stephen's accomplishments were not enough, Mr. and Mrs. Thompson have even more to smile about. They are the proud grandparents of a new baby girl! Kailyn Elizabeth Machado was born at 6:35 PM on January 12, 2022 and weighed-in at 9lbs, 8 oz, 20 inches long with a Full head of black hair! Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. "T" and of course, the proud parents, their daughter Lindsay and son-in-law Carlos Machado.

MORE NEWS OF 1-14-03


And Platinum Live Presents
Platinum IKF Championship Kickboxing!
Platinum Live Supper Club, 11345 Ventura Blvd. Studio City, CA.

This Saturday, January 17, 2004, Robert Elledge, (Right, 14-1) Roseville, California will defend his IKF Amateur FCR Super Lightweight California Title against Mark Tubuso, (15-5) Daly City, California.

Official Weigh-ins are at 12:Noon - The media is invited to attend.
7:PM - Doors open for spectators!
8: PM- Start of event and fights!
Come witness a night of great entertainment! Outstanding Full Contact Kickboxing matches! Delicious Food! Super Martial Arts performances! Fantastic singing by Natalie Azarad and by rising superstar Ashley Ta'mar Davis! Plus, a special performance by top fitness competitor Shiva! It will be a show to remember!
Call for interviews or more information - Platinum Live (818) 753-1771 or AK Promotions (916) 780-7483. Limited Seating! Tickets will be on sale at the door and are available now at www.highsierratickets.com, www.AKPromotions.org or www.platunumliveusa.com.

MORE NEWS OF 1-14-03

Forced To Pull Out Of Title Defense!

UPDATED at 7:25 PM: IKF Amateur California Light Heavyweight IR Champion Floyd Savoy (7-1, Right) was forced to pull out of his title defense that was scheduled for this weekend against Derek Burnsed (7-1, In middle at Left) of Citrus Heights, California. According to Savoy's trainer Eddie Croft, Savoy injured his hand. Savoy is faxing a Medical form to the IKF on Thursday, January 15th to confirm the injury and secure his title.

His title defense bout with Burnsed was to be the Main Event of the nights card this Saturday night at the Platinum Live Supper Club in Studio City, California.

This fight was suppose to happen back in November at the Feet and Fist of Fury event in Rocklin, California but due to a Burnsed injury, it was canceled. Instead, Savoy fought Dion Pimento, winning a close decision. As of press time the promoters are trying to find a replacement fighter for Burnsed.

MORE NEWS OF 1-14-03

Slight Changes In Lower Weightclasses

Although it's not the big weightclass change you all might have been expecting, (Reduction of the number of weightclasses) today the IKF made all lower weightclasses into 5 lb spreads instead of 3 and eliminated the The 5 lower weightclasses changed today are as follows with the new divisions listed first and the old following them.

MONDAY, January 12th, 2004, AT 10:50 AM, PT

Fighter "MEDICAL" Insurance!

In 2004, Kickboxing and MMA promoters around the USA from many different organizations, including the IKF & ISCF found themselves without an insurance company to offer fighter medical coverage for their events. A couple of years ago, the IKF & ISCF Sanctioning Organizations agreed to an exclusive discount agreement with the sports insurance company F. L. Dean. F. L. Dean also covers promotional groups such as King of the Cage, UFC, K-1 USA, ISKA, USA Boxing, Toughman and several pro boxing promoters.

However, due to some "VERY" high claims submitted by some of these organizations, F. L. Dean was forced to drop fighter "Medical" insurance coverage from their offered coverage. In speaking with F. L. Dean last week, we here at the IKF & ISCF were assured we would be re-signed with them to offer fighter medical coverage to all IKF & ISCF promoters on events Sanctioned by the IKF & ISCF at a reduced rate by late February if not sooner.

F. L. Dean agreed to offer us here at the IKF & ISCF this coverage because in the years we have been with them there has not been a single medical claim from one of our sanctioned events. This of course was due to our insistence in areas of rules, regulations and of course, fighter safety. However many of the other groups will not be offered fighter medical coverage due to the extensive dollar amounts they have submitted through medical claims. Some of these groups have had claims totalling as much as $100,000.00 an incident and as much as 2 million dollars in one year.

Something that needs to be noted that F. L. Dean brought to our attention is that they insured events last year that had 2 deaths in boxing (Colorado & New Jersey) and 5 deaths from toughman events under Art Dore's "Adorable Promotions" group.

MORE NEWS OF 1-12-04

De Fazio Win's Her
Third Regional Silver Gloves Title

Phoenix, Arizona, USA: Three time IKF USA National Amateur Alyssa Defazio fought at the Silver Gloves Regional Tournament held in Norwalk, California this past weekend. Alyssa was the 100 pound Champion out of Arizona going into the tournament and had two other girls in her weight class, but they did not show up to the tournament. Upon finding this out the tournament director asked Alyssa's trainers, Clement & Rhonda Vierra if she could weigh-in at 101 pounds, they would let her move up to the 101 to 106 weight class. So theVierra Team said "Yes" and Alyssa ate a big dinner and drank water all night. She got up early to eat again and went to the weigh-ins, still drinking water. She weighed-in at 101¼ Lbs, so the fight for the 106 pound Championship was on.

Alyssa came out with hard jab's and right hands. This was the best fighter she has ever fought in her boxing career to date. (However Alyssa spar's with Pro fighters in her gym like Jessica Mohs, Becky Garcia and these are women that are 22, and 30 years old and weigh 15 to 20 pounds more then her. That's what help's Alyssa in her fights.) This was a very good fight for Alyssa which she won due to great on hard combo's and swift movement. She is now a 4 Time Arizona State Silver Gloves Champion, Three time Regional Silver Gloves Champion and a Three time IKF USA National Champion (3 Years in a row). She is looking forward to this years IKF USA National Amateur Championships, to try to make it four in a row.

FRIDAY, January 9th, 2004, AT 9:15 PM, PT

Once Again, IKF Says...
If It's NOT About The Money Than
"Walk Your Talk!"

MORE Good $$ News For IKF Promoters!

As if yesterdays financial news was not enough for IKF promoters, today the IKF announces even more discounts to spark more exciting bouts on IKF Sanctioned events. Today the IKF announced that any IKF promoter (Even first time IKF promoters) who matches up a "Current" IKF Champion, Amateur or Pro, to defend their IKF Title will only pay "*Half" price for the sanctioning of that title. A *50% Discount!

Talk about making things happen! "I spoke to some promoters today that asked to get help in promoting some title defenses," Said Fossum. "In the conversations we discussed how many Champions have never defended their IKF Titles and after we looked at it, the numbers were shocking, and something needed to be done." Fossum and the IKF put into action the radical sanctioning fee discounts to generate more title defense interest for IKF Promoters who want to host them. Now some of these Champions will finally get the opportunities to travel if desired and defend their titles.

"It's not the fighters fault no one challenges them." Said Fossum. "It's not like these Champions are turning down fight offers. 95% of them have never even been challenged." The reasons they have never been challenged are many but nearly all of them are financial. Some promoters will say the sanctioning fees are too high while others say the purses are too high. Well the IKF just made these title defenses more affordable for all promoters. However, there are other reasons these champions are never challenged. Too often, fighters who have trainers that are also promoters, choose not to fight a fighter who has an 'existing' title. This is some times because they want to take an easier road to a title for their fighter. This rarely happens in the IKF because of the strict IKF standards for IKF Title Contenders.

But this has its financial set-backs for the IKF too. This is too often the reason a promoter goes elsewhere for title sanctioning. "Some may be surprised if we told them how title requests we turn down from promoters because their fighter is either not qualified or because we want their fighter to fight our top contender for the title in question, which is only fair to the ranked fighters." Said Fossum. "It's a matter of credibility for us in making our IKF title holders more credible. When we deny their request or inform them of who we want them to fight, their opinion is, 'Why fight a TRUE Top Contender or proven Champion when I can match up anyone for my fighter and still win a title!'"

Thus the reasons there are so many "Non Working" sanctioning bodies pop up around the globe. The words "Non Working" are used here because most sanctioning bodies think all they have to do is offer letters and their titles when they fail to establish safe and credible rules and regulations, credible rankings and representatives and credible champions (And lots more as far as what the IKF expects of itself). Instead, they make their title selection by those willing to pay for a title, instead of those fighters who are truly "Deserving" of the title. This is just another way IKF is striving to bring more credibility to Kickboxing Champions around the world, and with this new decision, they prove it's not about the money! However, don't expect the credibility of contenders to fall. IKF will continue to keep their high standards for title contenders so that the IKF Champions are the "REAL" Champions of Kickboxing!
(*) This discount is to all regions in the World except for the countries in the United Kingdom.


"The Jet"
Lands In Arizona!

On Monday, September 29th, 2003, we here at the IKF Announced the retirement of former 2 time IKF World Champion, Rick "The JET" Roufus. At that point many wondered if "The Jet" would be heard from again, well, "The Jet" has taken off again and recently landed in Tempe Arizona with his family where he purchased a gym and is ready to "Bring It ON!"

Roufus recently purchased Tom Proctor's Absolute Gym in Tempe Arizona located at 23rd & Priest avenue. Of course Roufus plans to train fighters in all styles of kickboxing but he will also offer general classes for cardio fitness for those just looking to get in that great Roufus shape. In addition he will have an instructor adding a Mixed Martial Arts program to his curriculum.

Roufus called an end to his career due to an injury he felt he could not recover from (Severely Torn ACL). His impressive fighting record of 61 wins, 7 loses with 41 wins by KO and the winning of multiple World Titles in various weight classes (6 different World Titles in 6 different weight classes) made him a true legend in the sport. Adding to his kickboxing was his professional boxing record of 14 wins, 3 loses and 12 wins by KO and winning the WBC Continental American Belt, being ranked in the top 15. He won his first IKF World Title in Full Contact Rules when he knocked Mike McDonald of Canada OUT COLD at :43 seconds of round 1 at Caesars Tahoe Casino in Tahoe, NV, USA on January 22nd, 1994. His second IKF title was the IKF Pro International Rules Heavyweight title when he defeated Stan Longinidis of Boxhill, Victoria, Australia in Lowell Massachusetts, USA on May 15th, 1999. Roufus won by TKO after Loniginidis suffered a broken bone in his foot at the end of round 9. Roufus was ahead on all 3 judges cards at the time, 89-81, 86-83 and 88-81.

But Is It Over...?

We here at the IKF have been told the inside scoop but we can't make it public... At least, not just yet. What we can say though is that "The Jet" has had a hard time staying grounded and flight control in the tower says he may be taking off again soon. He tells us he's done with the tournament scene though so don't anticipate his return there. Word has it that we may see "The Jet" in the Full Contact Rules arena (Where "The Jet" truly shined) as well as in other rule styles against some very high profile opponents. And what about "The Jet" going for another IKF World Title? No one is saying "No" around here. All we have to say is
"Bring It ON!"
When the news is official, you can read it here first.


Pre-Registration Now Open For
February 7th IKF Point Kickboxing

Dear Instructors and Fighters,
Registration is now open for the next IKF Point Kickboxing event February 7th at the LORDS GYM, 702 Atlantic Street, Roseville, California. You can pre-register by clicking HERE.
Just fill out the form, print and send to the address listed. IKF Point Kickboxing is a great way to get in some good sparring while at the same time developing your techniques. It's safe and a lot of Fun! All competitors get an award for their efforts! Hope to see you there!
Sincerely, Johnny Davis, IIKF Point Kickboxing Director, johnnyd@netwiz.net


Williams Awarded
"Newcomer of the Year!"

Inside Kung Fu has recently awarded K-1 USA Champion Carter Williams with their "Newcomer of the Year" Award. Williams award is outlined in this months edition of Inside Kung Fu magazine. The article starts with;

"He was considered a throw away, a sacrificial lamb, a not-ready-for-prime-time player. With storied names like Rick Roufus, Maurice Smith and Michael McDonald in the mix, few gave Carter Williams much of a chance of doing measurable damage at last years K-1 USA in Las Vegas."

Williams went on to win the tournament and registered several other big wins in 2003 that made him a superstar in the sport. His power and speed were unmatched by his competition and proved to be someone who is here to stay. With trainer Gene Fields by his side (Left in photo with Carter) he is sure to win more titles, maybe even the IKF World Title in 2004! Who he would fight though would depend if current IKF Pro MTR World Champion Matt Skelton will be doing any kickboxing again. Skelton has had a VERY successful boxing career the past few years and has not kickboxed in some time. IKF has even considered retiring his World Title since it appears he may never kickbox again, which means he will not be defending his IKF World Title. If so, we would need to find a top contender to possibly face Williams for the title. But if Skelton is willing to defend his IKF World title, "The REAL Beast is ready to Bring It ON!"

If Inside Kung Fu hadn't made Carter their newcomer of the year we might have felt we need to do it... Only problem is, Williams was no newcomer to us. He was already a known to us here at the IKF because he had already been an IKF Champion. As an Amateur, Williams won the 2001 IKF National Amateur Tournament (Right). So to us here at the IKF,
"He had already arrived!"
Congratulations Carter!


No Problems Like This In KICKBOXING...
Top Boxing Promoter In Trouble
Arum says he's done nothing wrong, will cooperate in probe
By TIM DAHLBERG, AP Boxing Writer

January 9, 2004 LAS VEGAS (AP) Boxing promoter Bob Arum (Right) issued a statement Friday saying he has done nothing wrong and is cooperating with federal investigators who raided his company's offices earlier in the week. Arum returned from an overseas vacation amid intense speculation in the boxing industry over the reason FBI agents seized computers and financial records from the Las Vegas offices of his Top Rank company in a Tuesday night raid.Arum declined to answer questions. In his statement, he said he does not know the scope of the government's investigation but is "lawfully cooperating with that investigation.''

He said he would not respond to published reports that linked the probe to a variety of misconduct, including the fixing of a September fight between Oscar De La Hoya and Shane Mosley.
"Top Rank will not comment on or respond to the rumors, speculation and unverified allegations appearing in the media,'' Arum said in his statement. "Top Rank will continue to focus on its business of promoting its boxers and fighters and appreciates all the support it has received from the boxing industry.''
Some of that support came from Nevada's top boxing regulator, who said a suggestion that the De La Hoya-Mosley fight was somehow fixed was ridiculous. "It makes absolutely no sense. It would be nonsensical for him to do such a thing,'' said Marc Ratner, executive director of the Nevada Athletic Commission. "I'm perplexed and I can't even speculate how little sense that makes.''
The FBI confirmed the Tuesday night raid was part an investigation of business dealings in Arum's company, and was conducted as part of a probe with New York City police. Agents returned the computers Thursday, but reportedly kept about two years of financial files taken during the raid. A report in the New York Daily News quoted unnamed sources as saying the investigation had been ongoing for 20 months and included allegations the September fight between Mosley and De La Hoya was fixed.

Mosley won the fight, beating De La Hoya, who is promoted by Arum. "It's preposterous that Bob Arum, who has the golden boy who lays the golden eggs, would throw a fight against his own fighter,'' said Gary Shaw, who promotes Mosley. "This kind of absurd allegation tarnishes Sugar Shane Mosley's great victory."
Mosley made around $6 million for the fight, while De La Hoya made more than $20 million. The fight was sold out and did strong pay-per-view business, meaning Arum's company also made millions. Arum has promoted De La Hoya much of his career, matching him in his biggest -- and most profitable -- fights. Revenues from De La Hoya's fights were estimated to total some $500 million since he began fighting as a pro in 1992.
Shaw said no one from the FBI or law enforcement had contacted him, his fighter or his attorney. He said he talked to Richard Schaefer, De La Hoya's business manager, and he hadn't been contacted either. Schaefer did not immediately return a phone call for comment.

Teddy Atlas made an appearance on ESPN2 tonight at 11:30 PM EST with Brian Kenny and Max Kellerman for "Friday Night Fights" and claimed that from what he heard, the main fight in question in the investigation was a 2001 fight in Mexico between Verdell Smith and Jorge Paez. Atlas said that 'loud mouth' promoters in Mexico were telling people before the fight that Smith would lose in Round 3 and the fight, when it occurred, ended in round three. Atlas says he doesn't think Mosley/De La Hoya was fixed and is being used by the FBI as a public hook to catch more attention to the matter. Max Kellerman said that if the source that leaked information about the investigation into Bob Arum was lying about Mosley/De La Hoya being fixed that it would be "incredibly irresponsible."
Source: www.puroresupower.com

THURSDAY, January 8th, 2004, AT 6:45 PM, PT

If It's NOT About The Money Than
"Walk Your Talk!"

Rather than "Suggesting & Talking" about the need for Pro Promoters do more action to give Pro fighters more opportunities, the IKF has made a major move to REDUCE "*ALL" IKF Pro Title Sanctioning Fees for 2004! But it doesn't stop at just the Pro Events!
Already the IKF gives a 50% discount for all IKF Sanctioning fees paid 45 days in advance of a promoters event, but the IKF decided today that more needs to be done to assist promoters.

As of today, *ALL IKF Pro "AND" *Amateur IKF Title bout Sanctioning fees will get an automatic 20% Discount from the listed fees as associated to the time-line of the promoters events. For promoters doing more than 1 IKF Sanctioned Title bout, the IKF will give the promoter a 50% Discount on the second title of same the region. (State & State, Regional & Regional, National & National, etc.) "I get tired of hearing 'Talk' all the time." Said IKF President Steve Fossum. "It's time again we here at the IKF Walk the Walk because if we want to improve the Pro opportunities we ALL need to make it happen. Hopefully this will bring more 'PRO' Promoters to the table and increase more Pro activity for the sport. Adding to this, we needed to offer something for our IKF Amateur Promoters too."

The decision comes on the heels of the decision to keep the mandatory headgear rule for amateur fighters. The main focus of this fee reduction ruling by the IKF was because very few amateur fighters turn professional, due to lack of fighting opportunities. The IKF is trying to do their part in helping with the financial cost for pro shows and assisting in the opportunity for pro promoters to have more featured title bouts for their events. "Spectators and good marketing promoters love title bouts and good bouts bring in spectators!" Said Fossum. "But they are few due to the costs of sanctioning fees and of course, the purse amounts for good, legit, top title contenders." For more info on this Sanctioning fee decision, please contact the IKF at main@ikfkickboxing.com, or you can call the IKF office at (916) 663-2467. To see the current IKF Sanctioning Fee rates CLICK HERE.
(*) This discount is to all regions in the World except for the countries in the United Kingdom.


Prime Time Sunday For
IKF Kickboxing TV Show On CSS!

SouthEast USA: This coming Sunday, CSS and IKF will try out the new "Sunday" time-slot for the IKF Kickboxing TV Program. Show number 1 will re-air in the 6:PM to 7:PM time-slot to see how viewership goes. Nothing has been set in stone for 2004 but negotiations are in motion with CSS and other regions for the 2004 IKF Kickboxing TV Program run. Due to the details of these negotiations we cannot list what networks we are in discussions with but we can add that they include both other "Regional" cable networks and several mainstream National programming Networks that are available on National Cable packages as well as Satellite TV.

If you are interested or know anyone interested in becoming a program sponsor for 2004, please contact the IKF Kickboxing TV Programming department at ikftv@ikfkickboxing.com, or you can call the IKF office at (916) 663-2467.

This Sunday Night On
IKF Kickboxing


SUNDAY - Night, 6:PM EST, 5:PM CST.

TUESDAY, January 6th, 2004, AT 4:55 PM, PT


MONDAY, January 5th, 2004, AT 7:10 PM, PT

"Shush" Speaks Out About 2004
Upcoming Georgia IKF and ISCF Action!

Georgia, USA: The Peach state has traditionally been a hot-bed of IKF and ISCF action. The year 2004 promises to be no exception. "We have five events already set for the first of the year." says Matthew "Mr Shush" Waller. (Right) ISCF & IKF events Coordinator for the State of Georgia. "With such a diverse series of events it looks like the fighters will be able to stay as busy as they want to". The Georgia IKF and ISCF events for 2004 as they stand now are scheduled as follows:

For those wanting information or wanting to be a part of these events feel free to email the promoters at the above links, and as always keep your eyes on the IKF/ ISCF news pages.



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