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June, 2004


TUESDAY, June 29th, 2004, AT 6:00 PM, PT

The Canadian Flag Will Fly
From Ontario

At The IKF Classic!

Expanding the IKF USA National Amateur Tournament to a tournament that accepts fighters from all of North America was a major step, as well as a risk to the IKF. It was a "Major step" in the fact that the event was opening up the opportunity to provide more fighters and more competition at the event. A "Risk" because if no one showed up outside of the USA, this event would be like all the other past "North American" events which only drew fighters from the countries they are in.

Well, part of that pressure was gone as of yesterday as Number 4 IKF Pro Ranked Fighter and trainer, Abu Zayd Nawaz of Burlington, Ontario, Canada registered 4 of his fighters for the IKF North American Classic yesterday. Nawaz himself knows the fight game well. With a pro fight record of 17 wins, 5 loses with 1 draw (10 wins by KO/TKO) he is in line himself for an IKF Title shot soon. What people don't know though is that he had over 100 kickboxing fights as an amateur fighter. Those coming from Canada as part of Nawaz's team include,

  • FCR Super Lightweight Tyson Miagi of Oakville, Ontario, Canada, 11-4-1/3, AB: 1-2/0, 136, 5'9", 21.
  • IR Light Welterweight Yury Evsyunin of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 26-5/3, 142, 5'7", 19.
  • FCR Woman's Open Middleweight Josie Novielli, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 6-3/2, 164, 5'9", 37.
  • Junior FCR Super Lightweight John Nash of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, 9-4/0, AB: 1-0, 137, 5'9", 16.

The question now is "Who else will be showing up from Canada?" Or other countries for that matter. There have been about 5 or 6 other Canadian teams from across Canada that have said they are coming to the Classic but as the first deadline of July 10th nears, we will soon see who has been "Talkin the Talk" and who will actually be "Walkin the Walk!"

There is still question whether or not any fighters and trainers will make the trip from any of the other countries of Mexico, Bermuda, Greenland, Puerto Rico or the Virgin Islands. Plane tickets are not cheap so such costs may keep them and other fighters home for the event. However, those who know what this event means, will find a way to get there so they can assure that the North American Classic Title Belt is wrapped around "Their" waist and no one else's!

As of yesterdays date last year, June 29th, 2003, there were 6 fighters signed up for the 2003 IKF/TKO USA National Amateur Tournament. As of the end of the day yesterday there were 15 fighters registered to attend the 2004 IKF North American Classic. With that being the number, it appears things are ahead of schedule for the 2004 event. The USA States that are already being represented are Arizona, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, Colorado and Minnesota. Here is a list of the other 11 as of this time who have confirmed their spot to "Walk The Walk" at this years 2004 IKF North American Classic.

  • Ernesto Sierra of Camp Verde, Arizona, USA (4-0, 117, 16, Richard Williams).
    He is another Walkover of the South Mountain region.

  • Rodolfo Carrillo of Camp Verde, Arizona, USA (4-1/1, 130, 16, Richard Williams.)
    He is another Walkover of the South Mountain region.

  • Rochelle Williams of Camp Verde, Arizona, USA (4-1/0, 117, 15, Richard Williams)
    will be defending her 2003 IKF Title. She is another Walkover of the South Mountain region.

  • Diana Apressa of Cottonwood, Arizona, USA (6-5/1, 115, 17, Richard Williams, (428) 300-0281)
    is another Walkover of the South Mountain region.

  • Katie Davis of Warrenton, Virginia, USA (1-1/0, 146, 5'7", 20, Travis Alxander)
    contended at the Central East Regional. However she lost to Andrea Zalas by unanimous decision which placed her as the number 2 seed.
    However again, since no one else has registered in her division, she is currently the number 1 seed at the Classic.

  • Jenna Droluk of Collegeville, Pennsylvania, USA (10-1/1, 164, 6', 26, Randy Pogue)
    will defend her 2003 IKF Title.

  • Christian Morales of San Antonio, Texas, USA (KB: 0-0, ABX: 3-1/2, 5'10", 172, James Olsen)
    was a Walkover of the South Central #2 region.

  • Mark Korzenlowski of Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA (11-5-1/4, 6'1", 178, Chuck Daily)
    was a Walkover of the Central Mountain region.

  • Barret Myers of Dewey, Arizona, USA (1-1/0, 177, 6'1", 25, Richard Williams)
    who was another Walkover of the South Mountain region.

  • Mike Fenerty of Houston, Texas, USA (1-2/0, 188, 6'1", 46)
    is currently offshore on a seismic boat and made the effort to get his registration in before deadline.

  • Two time IKF USA National Champion Peyton Russell of Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA (34-6/9, 178, 5'11", 34, C.B. Bunkholt) will be moving up in weight to shoot for a new division title. That is provided his arm heals enough by fight time. On Monday night, June 14th, Russell earned his 2nd degree black belt but as he told us, "It came at a HEAVY price." Russell broke his ulna bone in his forearm as he was breaking 8 concrete blocks. Although the break was successful, the blocks were not the only thing that broke. Russell has said no matter what, he will be there for the event, but in a True Warriors passion, Russell also ended saying "You know there may be a possibility I can still fight - it all depends on my recovery so leave my name for now."

Get Your Hotel Booked!
The Hotel reported today that there are over 250 room nights already booked for event weekend so if your going you may want to get your rooms reserved ASAP to get the discounted rate. Sources have discovered that it is much easier to book your rooms with the hotel DIRECTLY rather than use the Wyndham International reservation service.

  • Wyndham Palace Resort And Spa In the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando Florida USA
  • Hotel Direct Booking Number: (407) 827-3333
  • Use the Booking name "IKF Kickboxing"
  • Hotel Address: 1900 Buena Vista Drive, P. O. Box 22206, Lake Buena Vista, Florida, 32830-2206


For The 2004 IKF North American Classic

    If you Registered at a Regional event, had a fight and now you want to attend the 2004 IKF North American Classic Tournament, CLICK HERE!

    If you Registered at a Regional event, DID NOT HAVE a fight and now you want to attend the 2004 IKF North American Classic Tournament, CLICK HERE

    If you were a Champion from:
    If for some reason you were not able to attend the Regional Tournament in your region but you still want to attend the 2004 IKF North American Classic In August "CLICK HERE"

    If there was NO Regional Seeding Tournament in your region and you want to Enter/Register for the 2004 IKF North American Classic: - CLICK HERE!


Championship Finals

In order for everything to run smooth, all fighter applications and registration fees must be received here at the IKF Headquarters by July 10th, 2004. Registrations received AFTER July 10th will be charged additional late fees. Any fighter who's Registration form is RECEIVED (Not Postmarked) Here at the IKF Headquarters AFTER JULY 10th, 2004 will be charged a Late Fee of $25.00 to be paid at the Finals Weigh-ins.


REGISTRATIONS Received After July 16th, 2004
will be charged a $30 Late Fee "IF" Your Registration is accepted at all.

This Late Fee May Be Paid At the USA National Finals Weigh-ins PRIOR to your weigh-in.

REGISTRATIONS Received After July 23rd, 2004
will be charged a $35 Late Fee "IF" Your Registration is accepted at all.
This Late Fee May Be Paid At the USA National Finals Weigh-ins PRIOR to your weigh-in.

REGISTRATIONS Received After July 30th, 2004
will be charged a $50 Late Fee "IF" Your Registration is accepted at all.
This Late Fee Must be paid along with your registration.

Please send all Championship Finals registration forms and fees to the IKF at:
IKF, 9385 Old State Highway, P. O. Box 1205, Newcastle, CA, 95658
Please mark your envelope "2004 IKF Amateur North American Classic " on the lower left side.

MONDAY, June 28th, 2004, AT 12:40 PM, PT

Captures IKF Canadian Title!

IKF Minnesota, USA: IKF Promoter Mitz Bandiera of Canada and his promotional staff hosted a great event this last Saturday night, June 26th at the Grande Portage Lodge And Casino, in Grande Portage, Minnesota, USA. the Main Event featured 25 year old, 5'9" pro FCR Fighter Nick Rondinelli (15-3/6) of London, Ontario, Canada Vs 30 year old 5'8" pro FCR Fighter Jeremy Pearson of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada (7-3/-). The bout was for the vacant IKF Pro FCR Canadian Light Heavyweight Title.

The 10 round bout went back and forth. The first 3 round went to Pearson. Rondinelli came back to win the forth but back came Pearson's for the fifth. However, rounds 6, 7 and 8 all went to Rondinelli as he pushed his way back. Pearson won the last two rounds but it was too little too late as Rondinelli pulled out a split decision win to capture the vacant IKF Canadian Title.

For more info on the event please contact IKF Promoter Mr. Mitz Bandiera at (807) 623-5425 or by e-mail at mitz@tbaytel.net

FRIDAY, June 25th, 2004, AT 5:15 PM, PT


TWO PRO Woman's MuayThai World Titles!

IKF Kaliningrad, Russia: This Saturday night, June, 26 IKF Promoter Yuri Belousov and his promotional team will host fighters from USA, Turkey, Belarus, Lithuania, Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Russia in his "IKF WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP MUAYTHAI" event in the seaside resort town Svetlogorsk Kaliningrad, Russia. This will be a co-promotion between Yuri Belousov of "Knights of the Ring" and the Baltic Federation.

The event will feature 2 IKF Woman's Pro MuayThai Titles. The first will be for the vacant IKF Pro Woman's MTR Welterweight World Title. Matching up will be Mariya Golovan of Russia Vs Mariya Ostapchuk of Belarus. Golovan has won the IMTF European and World titles and has been the Champion of Russia in 2001 & 2002. Her coaches are Alexander Gergert and Alexey Yakimov and her manager is Yury Bleousov.

The second title up for grabs will be the vacant IKF Pro Woman's MTR Flyweight Title. The two contenders in this bout will be IKF Pro European Woman's MuayThai Champion Yulia Khalturina/Julia Halturina (10-0/2) of Kaliningrad, Russia Vs Feride Tekin of Turkey.

Khalturina/Halturina won her IKF European Title on July 8th, 2000 in Kaliningrad, Russia when she defeated Anna Yakimova of Lituania by decision. She has also won the IAMTF European and World titles, Champion of Baltic countries among professionals in 1996, won the Baltic counties cup in kickboxing in 1998, the Champion of Russia in 1999 and the winner of the Russian Cup in 2001. Tekin was a Silver Medalist in the WMF World Championships in Thailand.

Other fighters on the night will include Alexandr Pukhovskiy of Sheriff, Kaliningrad (Trainer and manager Yuri Belousov), Saulis Ferbula of Lithuania (Manager Donatas Simanaitis), Sergey Pavlyuchenko of Pauk (Spider), Gusev (Manager Yuri Belousov), Ruslan Kolodko of Belarus (Trainer and manager Vladimir Kasianov) For more info on this event please contact IKF Promoter Mr. Yuri Belousov at ring_knight@mail.ru


IKF Canadian Title Featured On
USA Event!

IKF Minnesota, USA: IKF Promoter Mitz Bandiera of Canada and his promotional staff will host " TRIPLE - TROUBLE" this Saturday night, June 26th at the Grande Portage Lodge And Casino, in Grande Portage, Minnesota, USA. The night will give USA Kickboxing Fans a look at Championship Canadian Kickboxers Jeremy Pearson (Sorry no photo available) and Nick Rondinelli, (Right) both of Canada as they fight for the vacant IKF Pro FCR Light Heavyweight Canadian Title.

The 25 year old, 5'9" Rondinelli has a fight record of 14-3 with 6 knockouts. He has won the PKA Northeast Heavyweight title, the WKA North American Light Heavyweight title and the a World Heavyweight Muay Thai Title. After an extensive and very impressive amateur career, the 30 year old 5'8" Pearson's has built a "Pro" record of 7 wins with only 2 loses.

The night will also feature Promoter Mitz Bandiera vs Mark Streater plus a full Amateur Undercard! Here is the last scheduled bout line-up for the night below:

For more info on the event please contact IKF Promoter Mr. Mitz Bandiera at (807) 623-5425 or by e-mail at mitz@tbaytel.net The IKF Representative for the event will be Mr. Bill Lassi while the IKF Referee will be Mr. Jim Peterson.


Doyle Presents
South Sokol Kickboxing Spectacular

IKF Omaha, Nebraska, USA
IKF Promoter Mick Doyle is all set to host this Saturday nights, "South Sokol Kickboxing Spectacular" at the South Sokol Hall, Omaha, Nebraska, USA. The night will feature an all amateur card of IKF Amateur MuayThai. The Main Event will feature 2003 IKF National Amateur Champion Bryan Corley of Nebraska vs Dan Tharp of Kansas. Corley won his 2003 Title when he defeated Steve Rapinski of Wyandotte, Michigan, USA by split decision 30-27, 30-27, 28-29.

Also returning to the ring will 2000 IKF U.S Amateur MuayThai Champion Rob "Diablo" Wiley. Wiley won his 2000 title when he defeated Jason Strout of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA by split decision, 29-28, 28-29, 29-28.

For more info please contact Mr. Mick Doyle at Mick@mickdoyle.com or for more info such as Ticket Purchase go to www.Mickdoyle.com Ticket are All General Admission and are $15.00 until the day of the show, $20.00 at the door. You may pick up your tickets directly from Mick Doyle's Martial Arts Center at 10801 Blondo, Suite B & C, Omaha, Nebraska, (402) 498-9592. The nights IKF Representative will be Mr. Brooks Mason.

MORE NEWS OF 6-25-04

Joe Lewis
Conference & Special Guests

Parts From Craig Smith, IKF Virginia, USA: The Joe Lewis Conference for all his Black Belts and fighters and guest is approaching this fall November 5th thru 7th. One of the special guest will be IKF World Ambassador Brooks Mason (Left). Mason will be giving an hour long seminar on Cornerman Skills.

In addition to Mason there will be others from the Joe Lewis System that include, Mike Lee Kanarek (Haganah-USA Israeli Commando Instructor), Walt Lysak ( Ground Skills), Danny Dring and Matt Hamilton (Ground), Joe Lewis's First Black Belt ( Roger Greene) and Joe Lewis's first sparring partner Dennis Nackord

Also in attendance will be current IKF North American Champion Mark Selbee, former IKF United States Pro Champion Kevin Hudson who is also a former KICK World Champion and 2 Time KICK World Champion Ronnie Copeland. Of course the main attraction will be the seminars Lewis himself will do teaching his skills. If you are interested in attending this Fall's Joe Lewis Conference in Virginia Beach Virginia, USA e-mail organizer Craig Smith at kickingboxing@aol.com or call him at (757) 491-1733.

THURSDAY, June 24th, 2004, AT 3:15 PM, PT

RESULTS FROM Team Z's Full Contact Rules
2004 IKF North Central Regional!

Article By IKF Press Staff - Results By IKF Event Representative Julie Keppler

IKF Lake In The Hills, Illinois, USA
Last Saturday, June 19th, 2004, Rob Zbilski (Below Left) and his Z's Martial Arts once again hosted the 2004 IKF North Central Regional Tournament, for Full Contact Rules Only - Adult Full Contact & Junior Amateur Full Contact.

Each year some of the well known trainer and fighters names from past years are often replaced by other names that step into the spotlight. This year was no different. The steadfast trainers such as Craig Monyelle, Jim Kalaba, Kyle McElroy, Sean McCarthy, Tommy Bach and of course Rob and Jimmy Zbilski still brought their teams to this Regional. Great trainers and trainers of Champions who will probably be around as long as this Tournament is.

However there were the missing, as there were in Regionals and the Finals every year. some of these other trainers/camps changed to other rule styles or just did not participate due to no fighters in their camps or other reasons. Some of the missing teams at Zbilski's Regional were Iowa's Russ O'Connell, who's actual Team status is unknown. Russ was at IKF Amateur World Champion Trent Thompson's wedding on this event date so we hope Russ will be seen at the Finals in Orlando. Another trainer not seen from Iowa was Jerome Owens. Michigan's Elliot Cooper had fighters attend the Illinois International and MuayThai Rules regionals. The status and whereabouts of trainers such as Wisconsin's Mike Lind, Minnesota's C. B. Bunkholt's and Bill Lassi, Indiana's Ray Barkine's and Illinois' Glenn Hudson and Shishan Gangi though were still unknown.

The impressive surprise for Zbilski this year was the new comers to the Regional Tournament. Through the help of Rob Zbilski new comer Bob Shirmer was introduced to the IKF earlier this year and sanctioned his last event with the IKF. Shirmer registered 13 fighters at this regional to "Walk The Walk!" Lets hope he brings a strong team to Orlando to finish the Journey of becoming IKF North American Amateur Champions.

Regardless who wasn't there, the fact was, 50 fighters registered to "Walk The Walk!" The event location was Jimmy Z's Ringside Fitness, and of the 50 registered there were 15 Finals Bouts, which the results of are listed below:

For more information on this event please contact Regional director, Rob Zbilski at Z's Martial Arts Academy, (847) 458-8333.

MORE NEWS OF 6-24-04

Now The Question Is...

Who from these regional events and non region areas will go the extra step and register to "Walk The Walk" at this years 2004 IKF North American Classic in Orlando, August 13th, 14th and 15th?

Over the last 2 weeks we heard from camps in Georgia, California, Texas, Ohio, Idaho, Michigan, Illinois, New Mexico, Kansas, Utah, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Alabama, Missouri and the list goes on and on. We also heard from several camps in Canada, all with fighters who plan to be there. Like in years past, between now and July 10th we will see who will register to "Walk The Walk" and seek the ultimate Amateur Title in Kickboxing from this Tournament. However, instead of being crowned IKF USA National Champions, this years winners will be crowned IKF North American Amateur Champions! We hope to see you all in Orlando to "Walk The Walk!"

To see the past IKF Tournament Champions CLICK HERE.

WEDNESDAY, June 23rd, 2004, AT 7:10 PM, PT

For The
2004 IKF
North American Classic

    If you Registered at a Regional event, had a fight and now you want to attend the 2004 IKF North American Classic Tournament, CLICK HERE!

    If you Registered at a Regional event, DID NOT HAVE a fight and now you want to attend the 2004 IKF North American Classic Tournament, CLICK HERE

    If you were a Champion from:
    If for some reason you were not able to attend the Regional Tournament in your region but you still want to attend the 2004 IKF North American Classic In August "CLICK HERE"

    If there was NO Regional Seeding Tournament in your region and you want to Enter/Register for the 2004 IKF North American Classic: - CLICK HERE!

The DEADLINE is July 10th. To see all the Deadlines and Late fees CLICK HERE!

MORE NEWS OF 6-23-04

Rumble In The Jungle IV
St. Louis, Missouri, USA - By Robert Donaker of Shamrock Promotions

IKF St. Louis, Missouri, USA:
Last Saturday night in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, Shamrock Promotions in affiliation with Finney's Championship Kickboxing and Martial Arts once again provided St. Louis Missouri with another "Rockin" night with The Rumble in the Jungle IV!

When the sun went down on Saturday night, the famous St. Louis humidity was no where to be found. The sky was clear and the air was cool, but inside The Rum Jungle the action was HOT! In front of a packed house Shamrock Promotions had set the stage for an exciting night of action packed fights. Here are the nights results as reported by Robert Donaker of Shamrock Promotions

The other boxing match was cancelled due to Eric Watson not showing for weigh ins. Next fight will be held on September 18th. People seeing action will include: Jesse Finney, Kevin Engel, and Dustin Severs. For additional information please call (314) 608-3104.

MORE NEWS OF 6-23-04


The IKF would like to say "Congratulations" to last weekends champions from the Virginia Tournament.

We hope to see you and all the other great competitors at this years 2004 IKF North American Classic in August in Orlando, Florida, USA!

FRIDAY, June 18th, 2004, AT 1:40 PM, PT


Team Z Set For This Weekends
2004 IKF North Central Regional!

- Full Contact Rules -
Lake in the Hills, Illinois, USA

IKF Lake In The Hills, Illinois, USA: Z's Martial Arts Presents, the 2004 IKF North Central Regional Tournament, "Full Contact Rules Only - Adult Full Contact & Junior Amateur Full Contact" this Saturday, June 19th, 2004. Fighters in this regional will be coming from Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan, Indiana, North Dakota and South Dakota.

The event location is Jimmy Z's Ringside Fitness, 410 E. Main St., Lake Zurich, Illinois. The weigh-ins will begin at 4:PM on Saturday at Jimmy Z's and the fights will begin at 7:PM. Come see the fighters who hope to continue on to the 2004 IKF North American Classic in Orlando, August 13th, 14th and 15th.

For event tickets and additional information please contact Regional director, Rob Zbilski (L) at Z's Martial Arts Academy, 166 N. Randle Road, Lake in the Hills, Illinois, (847) 458-8333, Fax: (847) 458-8180.


Rumble In The Jungle IV
Set To Take Stage In St. Louis!

IKF St. Louis, Missouri, USA: This Saturday night in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, Shamrock Promotions in affiliation with Finney's Championship Kickboxing and Martial Arts brings to the St. Louis fight scene The Rumble in the Jungle IV. The fights are held at Rum Jungle on historic LaCledes Landing. The night is packed full of action. Shamrock Promotions is once again bringing variety to the card. The fight card is set with 5 NHB/MMA, 1 Kickboxing, and 2 Boxing. The kickboxing fight is sanctioned by the IKF and all NHB/MMA bouts are sanctioned by the ISCF ( International Sports Combat Federation.)

Shamrock Promotions has been getting involved with USA Boxing, and has started to put some great amateur fights on their cards. The main part of the fight card, is made up of 5 NHB fights. NHB has surpassed Kickboxing in the St. Louis area over this past year. The main reason is two top-notch gyms, Team Vaghi Submission Jiu Jitsu and Finney's Championship Kickboxing and Martial Arts. Vaghi's has put out such fighters as KOC veteran Mike Rodgers, and UFC Veteran Steve Berger. As well as numerous great Jiu Jitsu Champions. Where Finney's has put out some great kickboxers. These two gyms have been cross training with each other to put out some great fighters.

It seems that more and more fighters are changing over to MMA/NHB. This holds true with Saturday night's card. The main event will showcase Promoter Jesse Finney (Right) against Shawn Polaney. Finney made a name for himself in kickboxing winning numerous Titles. This is his first MMA fight. Polaney is a college wrestler from Iowa, and is trained by Travis Fulton. This fight looks to be the typical wrestler verse striker.

Kevin Engel will be back in the ring continuing to make his change from Kickboxing to MMA. Engel won his first MMA fight by discussion in RITJ III back in February. His opponent will be Dustin Roberts. Roberts also won his previous fight at RITJ II back in February.
Two other great matches will feature two fighters From Team Vaghi Submission Jiu Jitsu. Tyler Cregger will face Andrew Rippley, and Dustin Severs will face Mark Long. Cregger and Severs have been students with Vaghi for a couple of years. Rippley is trained by his brother Derrick Rippley. Cunningham is from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Mike Green will be back in the ring, taking on one of Travis Fulton. fighters from Iowa.

The fight card is rounded out with a Kickboxing fight, between Josh Fischer and Jon Antigliano. Fischer is on of Finney's top students, and former world champion Zenny Reynolds trains Antigliano. The two boxing matches are worth the price of the tickets themselves. The first one will put Aldo and Eric Watson up against each other. Aldo is trained by Finney's and is from Durango, Mexico. Watson is trained by Jimmy Howell out of St. Louis, Missouri.
The final Boxing match is between Rush Remmington and Mike Gladney. Remmington is trained by Kevin Bozada. Gladney is trained by Jimmy Howell. The fights start at 7:30, doors open at 6:30. For ticket information call (314) 608-3104.


Addition to The
Central East FCR
Regional Tournament

By IKF Representative Ray Thompson (Right)

Ok, Ok already. I must apologize AGAIN to you fans, this time for not posting about all the other great fighters that did not make it to the championship round of the IKF Central East FCR Regional Tournament. I thought I was supposed to report about the championship fights ONLY. Remember I am just a rookie at the IKF Representative thing so that means I am learning all the duties of the position. I was informed by "the man" that I need to do a write up on all the other great fights at that made this regional a great, record setting regional. So here goes.

Well those were the preliminary bouts of the Central East Regional in Virginia Beach. Just to give a little color to the event, hats off to Adrian Turpin for returning after taking a powerful, illegal kick to the leg. He could have easily set the rest of the tournament out and no one would have faulted him for it but instead he continued on in the tournament and won. What an inspiration.

Next, what appeared to be the "young lion" against the "old warrior" turned out to be just the opposite. Craig Rice (24 yr old young lion) stepped in against Brendan Carpenter (37 yr old warrior) in there prelim bout. Rice looked confident with what appeared to be his "stare down glare" at Carpenter as referee Tray Wyatt gave last minute instructions before the opening bell of round one while Carpenter looked down at the canvas. After that the rolls quickly changed when Carpenter attacked Rice so strongly from the opening bell with head and body attacks using both kicks and punches that the referee had to issue two standing 8's to Rice. The second round didn't last long when Carpenter attacked the body of Rice and took the wind out of his sails. Carpenter stopped Rice at 1 minute of the 2nd round. In Rice's defense he did have a bout earlier in the tournament before his bout with Carpenter. It just goes to show you that you can never under estimate those "old warriors".

Another GREAT fight was between veteran fighter Kevin Nedley and relative rookie Bahseem Peterson. This was another one of those fights that looked clear and easy to predict. In Kevin Nedley's first bout against Adam Jones, Nedley dismantled Jones in such grand fashion that he, in my book, was going to take all the marbles home that day. Bahseem clearly did not seem to have the skills to handle Nedley.........but..........fights are not won by skills alone. Bahseem displayed such heart and determination in this bout that he was able to withstand all of Nedley's skills and after FOUR rounds (The two were even after 3) of BANGIN it up Peterson got the nod by all the judges after scoring several knock downs against Nedley. Nedley was clearly the most skilled and experienced but Peterson had some extra SPIRIT on his side that day. A lot can be said for the human spirit.

Well that about does it for this LAST post on this regional.
Again, See you in Orlando for the 2004 IKF North American Classic!
Ray Thompson
For more info on this event please contact Mr. Craig Smith at (757) 491-1733 or by e-mail at Kickingboxing@aol.com


IKF Europe
Addresses Past Article Notes To The SENI04

By Alby Bimpson (R) - IKF European Director

IKF Europe would like to apologize for a misunderstanding on the SENI04 report (Previously posted on the May, 2004 News Page - Now corrected) as we do not wish to tarnish a great martial arts weekend.
Point 1: It was pointed out to us that some of our report was incorrect. People that paid for the evening event could also gain entry to the SENI04 with the same ticket, so there was never an entrance fee.
Point 2: In an e mail IKF Europe received it was also pointed out to us that the Seni has run evening events since Seni01, not 2003 as previously stated.
Point 3: The sanction fee. IKF Europe had previously reported that the IKF waived the sanction fee. This is true, Thank you to Mr. Steve Fossum, World President. The £500 we (IKF Europe) gratefully received from the organizer was divided between the Norwegian team that travelled over, the Doctor and the Title belt.

Once again we would like to apologize for any misunderstanding and incorrect reporting in our previous article (which has now been corrected) to the event organizer Mr. Paul Alderson as the Seni has got to be the best in Europe. We look forward to continuing work with the Seni in the future, as we have for the past 3 years.
Alby Bimpson
IKF European Director

THURSDAY, June 17th, 2004, AT 11:40 AM, PT

Results From Bob & Jill Leikers 23rd Annual
"Tornado Internationals!"

June 4, 2004, Kansas City, Missouri, USA - Reported By IKF Representative Chuck Wolfe

IKF Kansas City, Missouri, USA June 4, 2022 Bob & Jill Leiker again put on a class act. Held in a five-star Hyatt hotel, the crowd of 400+ was in a spacious, well-equipped Martial Arts arena. From the moment you entered the Competition Ballroom, the atmosphere was electric.

The Leikers are seasoned tournament/kickboxing promoters. They have a flair for entertainment, and proved it once again by mingling tough, international martial arts tournament competition with the onset of the actual kickboxing fights. The competition areas were set up side-by-side to add to the atmosphere! As the crowd awaited the start of the Kickboxing Event, they were treated to the worlds finest elite Martial Arts competitors, ranging from weapons competition to point sparring. This only lent to the excitement to come.

The Kickboxing Card held a variety of competition. Scheduled on the card were two Full Contact FCR Bouts, along with four International Rules (leg kicks) Kickboxing Bouts. Representing the IKF was Chuck Wolfe and Paula Wolfe from Chuck Wolfes Martial Arts & Kickboxing in Liberty, Missouri. Chuck also refereed the fights. The esteemed Judging Panel was Larry Tankson (Tankson's Academy Chicago Karate), David Clifton (Clifton's Martial Arts, Shawnee, KS), and Dane Jenkins (Bob Leiker's World Champion Karate).

The first spirited Bout was between Super Welterweights, Chris Sublette (0-2, Trainer, Bud Johnson at Chuck Wolfe's Kickboxing, Liberty, MO) and Mario Valles (0-0, Trainer, Bob Leiker's World Champion Karate, Kansas City, KS). Sublette came out fast and furious, with strong kicks and a wicked right hand, knocking down Valles 20 seconds into the first round. A tremendous punching and kicking flurry warranted a standing 8-count. After receiving the standing 8 count via Sublette's fierce, straight right hand, Valles was stopped after taking yet a third straight right, that left him staggering. Sublette won by TKO at 1:15 of the first round. Sublette improved his record to 1-2-0, with one KO.

The second Full Contact Bout featured two young Lightweight warriors, Geno Hartley (1-0, Trainer, Bud Johnson of Chuck Wolfe's Kickboxing, Liberty, MO) vs Ryan Arnold (0-0, Trainer, Rudy Bears, AKKA, Kansas City, MO)
At the first of round one, Hartley was challenged by Arnold's height and reach advantage, giving Arnold the clear edge. But toward the end of the round, Hartley came back with very effective left-right combinations. After a close first round, all three Judges gave the round to Arnold (10-9).
Moving into the second round, both fighters started strong. After a flurry of exchanges, Arnold began to tire, and Hartley took full advantage, scoring with stunning left-right flush shots, causing Arnold a standing 8-count at the close of round two. Judge Clifton scored 10-9, Hartley, Judge Tankson scored 10-9, Hartley, and Judge Jenkins scored 10-8, Hartley, giving Hartley the round.
Both fighters moved fiercely into round three. Hartley took advantage and moved in aggressively with a series of well-connected punches and kicks. All three judges gave Hartley the third and final round. Hartley gained his second win by unanimous decision, moving his amateur record to 2-0-0.

Next up were the International Rules Bouts. The first fight was between Super Middleweights Henry Delgado (Trainer unknown) and Shamus Cooley (Trainer, Steve Katzer, Katzers Bushidokan, Raytown, MO).
Shamus started the round with a flurry of front kicks, scoring big. Delgado answered with bombing rights and lefts! One Judge scored 10-9 Cooley, with the other two Judges scoring 10-9 Delgado.
The second round was much of the same, with Cooley landing front kicks and right hands. Delgado quickly answered with looping left & rights that were scoring. All Judges determined the second round belonged decisively to Delgado, 10-9.
The final round started with Cooley hitting Delgado with a nice spinning backfist, but to no avail, as Delgado continued to land solid left & rights, intermingled with effective leg kicks. Again, Delgado took the third round, with all Judges scoring 10-9 in his favor. Judging determined Delgado the unanimous winner!

Next up was a battle between two undefeated fighters, Super Middleweights. Wisconsin's John Paul (3-0) and Missouri's Rudy Bears (5-0).
This was an entertaining bout, with both fighters coming out strong in the first round. Bears effective use of low leg kicks, combined with straight left-right punches earned him a round win, all Judges scoring 10-9, Bears.
The next round proved even more entertaining as Bears drew blood with a fierce left hook, right straight combination, breaking Paul's nose in the process, forcing Referee Chuck Wolfe to apply a standing 8 count to Paul! Again, Bears was victorious, with two 10-8 scores and one Judge scoring 10-9, all for Bears.
The third and final round brought out the warriors for final vengeance. Bears scored with a jump, spinning kick and a spin backfist, followed by a quick right-left combination causing, yet again, Referee Wolfe to give Paul yet another standing 8-count.
The last round's scores mirrored the previous round, with two 10-8 scores, and the third being 10-9. Bears was awarded a much-deserved unanimous decision over Paul, maintaining his perfect win record, now 6-0.

Up next was Cruiserweights Eric Fernandez and Damiyhan Smith.
Smith started out strong, controlling the first round with quick hands, rights-lefts and a strong right leg left hand combination, earning him a 10-9 score from all three Judges.
Fernandez' corner gave excellent instruction and Fernandez came back with a flurry, flinging powerful left-right leg kick combinations, effectively stopping Smith time and again. Fernandez' superior techniques earned him two standing 8-counts in the first 30 seconds of round two. Then Fernandez put together a barrage of right-left punches combined with strong leg kicks to bring Smith to the canvas, forcing Referee Chuck Wolfe to stop the bout. This earned Fernandez a victory by TKO at 1:15 of the second round!

The Main Event, a three-round action packed fight was between Cruiserweights Leo Pla and Taiwan Howard.
These gentlemen knew how to put power behind every punch! Their focus on kicking was tremendous. Pla threw a barrage of effective right leg kicks. Howard answered back with hard back leg round kicks of his own, and moved effectively through the entire round. This earned Howard the first round by all Judges 10-9.
The next round was even more exciting. Howard held his own by scoring with an excellent face kick and straight right hands, causing the crowd to gasp in excitement. Howard then went on to throw numerous effective spin back fists. However, Pla opened up with a flurry of leg kick/punch combinations, staying busy chopping Howard with very effective right leg kicks. Two Judges scored this round 10-9 for Pla, one Judge giving the round to Howard 10-9.
The last round was the most exciting. The round started with both circling like hungry tigers, both fighters hungry for the win. Pla was a head-hunter at the start of the round, kicking Howard in the head. Pla tried again, but Howard answered with his own left leg kicks, fighting very aggressively. The fighters strength in kicking reflected one another fiercely. This round ended in Pla's favor 10-9 on all 3 judges cards. Judge Clifton scored the bout 29-28 for Pla, Judge Jenkins scored the fight 29-28 for Howard and Judge Tankson scored the fight 29-28 for Pla, earning Pla the Majority Split Decision.

What an excellent ending to an exciting evening! The fights were a tremendous success, based on the crowd that loudly voiced its appreciation! Much thanks to the Leikers for keeping Amateur Kickboxing Alive & Kickin' in Kansas City!
Chuck Wolfe
Chuck Wolfe's Martial Arts & Kickboxing
342A South 291 Highway
Liberty, MO 64068
(816) 407-1000

For more info please contact Bob or Jill Leiker at (913) 432-2787 or by e-mail at wchampkarate@kc.rr.com. or you can visit their event website at: www.tornadointernationals.com

MORE NEWS OF 6-17-04


Central East FCR
Regional Tournament

By IKF Representative Ray Thompson (Below Right)

IKF Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA: Well, first, I must apologize for not getting this info out to you kickboxing fans sooner. To give you some quick background on this write up first, and not to make excuses, but to explain why it wasn't done quicker. This is my first crack at the job of IKF Event Representative and a job it is!!! It is the Representative responsibility to see that the event runs according to the rules and regulations set forth by the IKF and to see that all competitors are treated fairly as well as see that the promoter represents the IKF in the BEST possible light. That in itself is a very big task.

After the event is over and all the fighters, trainers and fans have gone home and the only thing left of the event are the memories and the discussions of all the great fights our job as an IKF Representative isn't over. It is our duty to see that the information and paper work gets from the promoter to us, which is where we get the info for the write up, and then get the info to California in the hands of the IKF. Not to mention that we Representative's have our own jobs and businesses to run when we return home which I must admit does kinda get in the way of my duties as IKF Representative. So, anyway, there are my excuses for not getting this info to you sooner. Hope I am forgiven.

The information written here is not in any particular order but I will try to put the info in order of gender and age .

There appears to not have been very many fights at this regional and you'd be right IF you only counted the title fights. In reality there were non stop fights from 9:15 AM til 6:30 PM. What took place was promoters Craig Smith and Tom Poey's matching of the walkover fighters in two round exhibition matches that weren't like any exhibition fights I'd ever seen. Usually when two fighters agree to do an exhibition they get in the ring and spar around to give the crowd the chance to see there favorite fighters in the ring even though the fight is not real. Well the way those boys do it in Virginia Beach isn't like your typical exhibition card. They had those fighters rockin in those exhibition fights. It was great to see all those fighters bangin it up in the ring even though they were only doing exhibitions.

After the tournament was over the talk immediately turned to Orlando and the 2004 IKF North American Classic It was clear to see how excited the fighters were that they were going there to fight for the coveted IKF North American Title. I think this years 2004 IKF North American Classic will be the largest one yet so "Look out Mickey, here we come!"
Ray Thompson
For more info please contact Mr. Craig Smith at (757) 491-1733 or by e-mail at Kickingboxing@aol.com

WEDNESDAY, June 16th, 2004, AT 8:20 PM, PT

LEGAL Headgear For Competition

It has been brought to our attention that we need to watch the "Style" of headgear some fighters have been wearing in Amateur competition. As many here know, it is illegal for an IKF Amateur fighter to use any "Training" style headgear. This has always been described as headgear with a jaw bar across the front of the jaw. However, there are other headgears that are NOT allowed in IKF Amateur competition.

Headgear that are sold with the word "Training" in there title are not legal "Competition" headgear for IKF Amateur Kickboxing. (Just like they are not allowed in USA Amateur Boxing) The issue with "TRAINING" Headgears is that they usually have the large ear padding or the jaw bars. When you look at the LEGAL Competition Headgear you will notice there is no Jaw Bar and the Ears are far less padded. Training Headgear range between 16 - 18 ounces depending on the size while Competition headgear is 10 ounces.
Here are some photos of both styles.

Training Headgear ONLY



MORE NEWS OF 6-16-04


IKF North American Classic

Where Are We Now?
If you are wondering how things are looking for fighter registration for this years 2004 IKF North American Classic, as of 7:30 PM, PT, June 2nd, 2003 (Last year) we had "1" Fighter Registered for the 2003 IKF/TKO USA National Amateur Tournament. as of this time last year, June 16th, 2003 we had "2" Fighters Registered. By June 24th we only had 8 adult men fighters registered (4 in Full Contact Rules, 3 in International and 1 in MuayThai), 0 adult women and 3 juniors.

Simply put, about 90% of the registrations for this event come between June 24th and August 1st. However, don't wait till then because your Late fees will cost you. To see the deadlines and late fees CLICK HERE. In the end we had a total of 242 Registered Fighters of which 200 fought on fight weekend at last years 2003 IKF/TKO USA National Amateur Tournament.

As of today we have 3 registered fighters for this years 2004 IKF North American Classic. However before we jump to saying we are ahead of the game, we should fill you in on an injury that occurred two days ago. Last week, 2 time IKF USA National Amateur Tournament Champion Peyton Russell (Right) registered to "Walk The Walk" for the 2004 IKF North American Classic. Funny how things can change in just a few days. On Monday night Russell earned his 2nd degree black belt but as he told us, "It came at a HEAVY price." Russell broke his ulna bone in his forearm as he was breaking 8 concrete blocks. Although the break was successful, the blocks were not the only thing that broke.

Russell has done many demonstration like this but this was the first one that went bad. He is now in a full arm cast for the next 3 weeks which will be changed to a forearm cast after that which will be removed in another 3 weeks. Doctors say his expected recovery time is 8 to 12 weeks total. Russell has said no matter what he will be there for the event, but in a True Warriors passion, Russell also ended saying "You know there may be a possibility I can still fight - it all depends on my recovery so leave my name for now." Take it slow and do it right Champ, we will be here when you are ready, whether for this event or another...

Fighters & Brackets
Some have asked about a phrase we previously noted on one of the IKF tournament pages that reads something like:
"There will be no brackets of only 2 fighters for a title."
To add to this, it should read,
"We would like to have 'AT LEAST' 4 fighters in each bracket for a title."

Dealing with 1 or 2 fighter's in a bracket each year for the Tournament mainly happens in the Junior Divisions where there are only 5lb weight spreads but they do happen in the Adult Divisions too. Here are some, and we stress, these are only "SOME", Scenarios and what we try to do to not only assure everyone has a fight at the tournament but also, to make each bracket stronger, especially when a bracket may have two fighters with 0-0 or even 0-1 records and fighting for a North American Title.

If you register to fight and there is only 1 other fighter in your weight division by registration deadline and NO OTHER fighters in the weight divisions above or below you, your division will still take place between you and the other fighter for the IKF North American Title.

If you register to fight and there is NO ONE ELSE in your weight division and NO OTHER fighters in the division above or below you your division could be cancelled because there are no walkover champions, UNLESS you elect to move to the closest WEIGHT DIVISION above or below you 'OR' over to another RULE STYLE DIVISION of your same weight or a weight close to you to fight for the IKF North American Title.

If you register to fight and there is only 1 other fighter in your weight division and other fighters in the division above or below you, you will be asked if you can move up or down to fill a bracket to make it stronger (More competition) for the IKF North American Title.

If you register to fight and there is only 1 other fighter in your weight division and no other fighters in the division above or below you, you will be asked if you can move over to another rule style to fill a bracket to make it stronger (More competition) for the IKF North American Title. IF this is requested of you, fighters will only be asked to move what we call, to "Less Weapon" divisions. For example, a full Contact rules fighter would not be asked to move to MuayThai. However, a MuayThai fighter could be asked to move to International Rules or Full Contact Rules and an International Rules fighter may be asked to move to Full Contact unless they have MuayThai skills. HOWEVER, you will not be FORCED to make such a move if there is another fighter in your bracket. It's just that a competition of 4 is far better than a competition of 2. Fighters and their trainers will of course make this final decision.

Simply put, as we do every year, "We will find a way to assure you will not only have a fight, but of course, be fighting for the IKF North American Title."

This is why we have the registration deadline almost a month prior to the event, so that we can do all the required matchmaking for the Tournament BEFORE you arrive at the event. This also assures you will have a fight since you will be able to see who you are fighting on the Finalists registration pages. To assure your opponents are for real, we even provide you with their trainers contact number so that you can contact them to assure they will be at the Tournament.
We hope this helps everyone understand how we work with the Finals Matchmaking.

Hotel Rooms Booking FAST!
Although we don't have a lot of registered fighters, hotel rooms under our event code have been booking fast at the host hotel, the Wyndham Palace Resort and Spa and we are very near our assigned room block for all the nights reserved under our $89/night rate which is a GREAT RATE at this resort hotel. If you have not already booked your room we suggest you do so ASAP. For this information go to this page HERE.
To go to the actual Hotel booking page CLICK HERE

SUNDAY, June 13th, 2004, AT 10:20 AM, PT

Results Of The
South Central Regional Tournament

Results Reported By IKF Representative Jeff Mullen

IKF Regional Director Jeff Mullen has reported a successful IKF South Central Regional Tournament to us with around 30 fighters registered and nearly all getting in the ring to gain their top seeded position for the 2004 IKF North American Classic as well as gain ring experience. Here are the Regional Tournament results:

"Everyone was very excited about the 2004 IKF North American Classic being in Orlando." Said Regional Director Jeff Mullen. "I think we will have a large group from the South Central!" For more info please contact Mr. Jeff Mullen at (901) 406-2460 or by e-mail at jmullen@memphis.edu


Preliminary Write Up For The
Central East FCR Regional Tournament


By IKF Representative Ray Thompson (Below Right)

The IKF Central East - Mid Atlantic FCR tournament is in the books. IKF Promoters Craig Smith and Tom Poey and there staff were fantastic promoting there first regional together. The event was held at Poey's School of Martial Arts in Virginia Beach, Virginia. This regional set a new record for number of registered fighters for any past IKF regional tournament. The previous record for the most registered fighters in "One Rule Style" in a regional tournament was set in on June 22nd, 2002 (Results & NEW RECORD From IKF North Central FCR Regional Tournament) by IKF North Central Promoter Rob Zbilski when he registered 72 Full Contact Rules Fighters. I am not 100% on these numbers yet (waiting on the confirmed info from Craig and Tom) but I believe this regional registration topped out at 74 fighters. A more complete write up is to come early next week after receiving the info on the event.

The fighters were fantastic! The venue was compact and VERY crowded and the fighters were confined in a very small space which made for some very nervous situations which is why I made the comment on how the fighters were fantastic. Not one negative fighter situation in the whole tournament. It was great. You see this was my first crack at representing the IKF at a regional event and I couldn't have a better regional to get my feet wet at. There were a few glitches, which is common on every show but there wasn't a single glitch that wasn't taken care of immediately. Thanks to this website and its information content we were able to take care of 95% percent of the problems by a few clicks of the mouse and the other 5% were taken care of by the touch of the key pad on my mobile phone. This website and IKF President Steve Fossum were on hand to see that all regionals had the information and support that was needed to make them run as smooth as possible. This rookie IKF Representative would like to thank Steve Fossum and his web staff for being there this weekend even on your day off, if there is such a thing. I would also like to thank personally all the IKF Officials for taking there time this weekend to assure that this regional was run smoothly and efficiently. The referees, Tray Wyatt, Clark Walters and Ronnie Copeland worked hard to see that the fighters were kept safe and the fights ran smooth. The judges, Jim West, Randy Pogue, Kevin Hudson, Shannon Hudson, Ronnie Copeland and several others that I must apologize for not remembering who they are saw to it that the fights were judged fairly and impartially. The time/score keeper and kick counters remained on the job until every last bout was completed. Sorry guys for not remembering your names either but it has been a long day and it is 2:AM (East Coast Time) when I wrote this and I can barely remember my name.

None the less you all were FANTASTIC!! As I wrote earlier there will be a complete write up early next week on the winners of the various divisions and maybe a little color commentating of a few of the bouts that rocked the house in Virginia Beach this weekend. Oh, I'd also like the thank Ms. Stephanie Glasson (July, 04 Playboy Playmate of the Month) for coming by and supporting all the fighters this weekend. Stephanie you really brightened up the place. Stephanie also informed me that she is a true blue kickboxing fan and that she really enjoyed all the great fights this weekend. She is looking forward to the next event. Who knows she might just show up at the 2004 IKF North American Classic in Orlando, Florida this coming August. I know I will see you all there!
Ray Thompson

For more info please contact Mr. Craig Smith at (757) 491-1733 or by e-mail at Kickingboxing@aol.com

FRIDAY, June 11th, 2004, AT 3:30 PM, PT








Helpful Info For The
2004 IKF North American Classic

This news post is for those who have been asking questions such as, "Who is Eligible to compete at the 2004 IKF North American Classic this August 13th, 14th and 15th in Orlando, Florida?" Or anything else. We hope it helps.

2004 IKF North American Classic

MORE NEWS OF 6-11-04


Boxing Sanctioning Body
WBC Files for Bankruptcy!


June 11, 2004, MEXICO CITY: Graciano Rocchigiani may have put the World Boxing Council down for the count. The legendary boxing organization was forced to file for bankruptcy Friday after court proceedings upheld a $31 million award given to Rocchigiani, who claimed he was illegally stripped of the organization's light heavyweight title in March 1998. The WBC was forced into Chapter 7 bankruptcy liquidation proceedings Friday, a year after it filed for Chapter 11. The WBC had hoped to persuade the court and jury that it was not liable or responsible for "the harm Rocchigiani alleged."

"Sadly, and despite a vigorous defense, the WBC did not prevail," WBC president Jose Sulaiman (Right) said. Sulaiman called it "impossible" for the not-for-profit WBC to pay the $31 million verdict awarded in April 2003. He also claimed that the organization has done everything in its power to comply with the procedures and orders of the Federal Court in New York and Bankruptcy Court in Puerto Rico. The WBC also was ordered to recognize Rocchigiani as champion from 1988-2000. Rocchigiani beat Michael Nunn for what was supposed to be a title that Roy Jones Jr. relinquished. But in June, when Jones decided he wanted to keep the belt, the WBC opted to retain him as champion.

Feel sorry for Jose Sulaiman kickboxers? If so, maybe you forgot how he publicly voiced his opinion about K-1 Kickboxing... For those who don't remember who Jose Sulaiman is, he is the one who verbally attacked K-1 on record last year when they had announced a signing of Mike Tyson. Sulaiman said:

"The most astonishing thing is to see how a country of such elevated culture such as Japan, is adopting this criminal practice that literally takes society back to the cave era. The fact that such a brilliant boxer who at age 20 conquered a world heavyweight title with a brilliant victory over Trevor Berbick on November 22, 1986, becoming the youngest world champion in boxing history and holding the enviable record of 24 first-round KOs, close to Jack Dempsey's 25 first-round KOs amazing record, can not be thinking of blemishing such extraordinary career by stooping so low to participate in the denigrating legalized savagery of K-1. We wholeheartedly hope that Tyson forgets his recent past and comes back to the noble sport of boxing that opened the doors of greatness to him, to regain his status of world professional champion simply because K-1 is for those who have nothing left at all or for amateurs or cheap street fighters" - Jose Sulaiman

We liked the part where he referred to the "noble sport of boxing". Ya... Right... What's even funnier is the loving music played when you go to their website... (WBC) For someone in his position to say such a thing about ANY Kickboxing Event, we say, "Karma has a strange way of catching up with you!" As far as we are concerned, Sulaiman can take his "noble sport of boxing" and... Well, You get the idea...

Sulaiman's actions brought back memories of when when the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Challenge - Mixed Martial Arts) was starting and getting big PPV numbers in the 200,000 to 300,000 range. Back then, those in the world of boxing took notice and got a little worried. In to save them then was Senator John McCain (Right) or Arizona. In 1996, McCain and his colleague Colorado Republican Senator Ben Nighthorse-Campbell wrote to the governors of all 50 states, calling UFC "a brutal and repugnant blood sport . . . that should not be allowed to take place anywhere in the U.S." Its pretty obvious knowing his support of the sport of Boxing that he surly didn't take it upon himself to go on a personal crusade to crush the UFC because he was 'worried for fighter safety'. It was MANY Peoples opinion back then that McCain got bought out by bigger pockets, those with a vested interest in boxing that is, and McCain used his political sway to pretty much knock Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) off of InDemand PPV. However, it pretty much backfired on him because his actions made MMA FAR BIGGER today and look who is getting the last laugh here...

SPECIAL OUTSIDE SOURCE: McCain was put front and center some years back by known MMA Supporter Eddie Goldman. In Goldman's eyes, MMA was being harassed. And he says the story behind the harassment is rooted in McCain's self-interest. It's about a conspiracy involving Senator McCain, professional boxing and Anheuser-Busch, the brewing company. Back then, here's how Goldman's theory worked:
McCain opposes MMA because it threatens the boxing industry's hold on the pay-per-view TV audience; boxing's largest corporate sponsor is Anheuser-Busch, whose second largest wholesaler in the country is owned by Jim Hensley, the father-in-law of Senator John McCain. Theoretically, says Goldman, what's good for boxing is good for McCain.

On his 1996 financial-disclosure form, McCain acknowledges owning between $1 million and $5 million in Anheuser-Busch Company stock, along with significant interests in Hensley and Company, his father-in-law's Anheuser-Busch distributorship.

Again and again, in interviews, McCain has played loose with the facts. He has vastly exaggerated the extent of the violence associated with MMA, and has refused to acknowledge rule changes and safety precautions that make MMA far less dangerous than it was when he first logged his complaints. McCain is no stranger himself when it comes to other contact sports. He was a boxer in the Navy, he's a follower of professional boxing and, in fact, no stranger to pugilistic violence. McCain was ringside at the 1995 boxing death of boxer Jimmy Garcia, he has seen the ultimate brutality of boxing and, yet, remains a fan.

THURSDAY, June 10th, 2004, AT 2:55 PM, PT



Full Contact Rules Regional Seeding Tournament

This Saturday, June 12th, IKF Promoters Craig Smith and Tom Poey will host the IKF CENTRAL EAST Full Contact Rules Regional Seeding Tournament in Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA. The Regional Tournament will host over 70 fighters coming from 8 states, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and South Carolina. The tournament is the Seeding Tournament for the 2004 IKF North American Classic coming August 13th, 14th and 15th in Orlando, Florida, USA.

The action this weekend will take place at Poey's Martial Arts Studio at 945 Chimney Hill Shopping Center, Virginia Beach, Virginia, 23452. For more info please contact Mr. Craig Smith at (757) 491-1733 or by e-mail at Kickingboxing@aol.com to see who all is fighting on this event and for more information (Hotel, schedule etc.) CLICK HERE. The IKF Event Representative for this event will be Mr. Ray Thompson of Simpsonville, South Carolina.


South Central

Regional Seeding Tournament

This Saturday, June 12th, IKF Promoter Jeff Mullen will host the IKF South Central Regional Seeding Tournament in Memphis, Tennessee, USA. The Regional Tournament will host over 35 fighters coming from 5 states, Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana and Missouri. The tournament is the Seeding Tournament for the 2004 IKF North American Classic coming August 13th, 14th and 15th in Orlando, Florida, USA.

The action this weekend will take place at the New Daisy Theatre on Beale Street in Memphis, Tennessee, USA. For more info please contact Mr. Jeff Mullen at (901) 406-2460 or by e-mail at jmullen@memphis.edu For more information CLICK HERE. The IKF Event Representatives for this event will be Mr. Ken Blann and Mr. Jon Munz.

MORE NEWS OF 6-10-04

Blackorby & All
ROCK The Midwest!!

RE/MAX Kickboxing Invitational

North Central MuayThai/International Rules Regional Tournament & PRO Bouts!
JUNE 5th, RiverPlex Sports Arena, Peoria, Illinois, USA

IKF Peoria, Illinois, USA: So Whats New? IKF Promoter Ryan Blackorby (Left) once again offers a big fight party in the Midwest for the "BEST" and of course, "They ALL ROCKED!" Yes, last Saturday, June 5th Blackorby hosted his annual RE/MAX Kickboxing Invitational sponsored by RE/MAX Unlimited and and Miller Lite.

The event featured the IKF North Central Regional Seeding Tournament for MuayThai and International Rule fighters to attain higher seeding for the 2004 IKF North American Classic in August in Orlando, Florida, USA. Along with the Amateur Regional bouts Blackorby put together 3 great Pro MuayThai bouts. In one of them there was a little controversy as to why it wasn't for an IKF Title. More on that later...

To the Fights!
As reported by Mr. Kurt Podany

The first set of bouts were fought during the daytime portion of the event. The night time show is listed below.

Championship Bouts

Junior Womens Exhibition:
Mariah Betts vs. Kayla Carpenter: Betts 10, weighed in at 74 lbs, IA fought Carpenter 11, weighing in at 118 lbs. Both fighters are from Dubuque, IA under Dean Lessei. The '*non recorded' split decision went to Betts for the win.
(*) Due to the weight spread, the bout was not a sanctioned bout.

Night Show Riverplex Finals and Professional Fights

Amateur Regional Finals

Professional MuayThai Fights

IKF Response To Unapproved Title
To best explain all this we will offer a time line of all the particulars that lead up to this decision:

For more info contact Mr. Ryan Blackorby at (309) 657-6787.
Mr. Blackorby is the owner and head Muay Thai Kickboxing coach at the Peoria Athletic Club. Ryan has been actively promoting amateur and professional kickboxing for the last five years. For more info go to www.peoriaathleticclub.com


We are still awaiting Results From Bob and Jill Leiker's "Tornado Internationals" in Kansas City, Missouri.

TUESDAY, June 8th, 2004, AT 2:05 PM, PT

Results From IKF Utah's
"Hot & Heavy"
By Dan Stell

IKF Salt Lake City, Utah, USA: WOW! What an awesome show IKF Promoter Craig Lamanna (Right) and the crew from the MuayThai Institute of Kunponli put on! Let me tell you, personally these where some of the best MuayThai fights I have ever seen! The crowd of around 450 people (inside the MuayThai Institute of Kunponli's gym) brought the roof down! Along with the MuayThai, Craig also had some USA Amateur boxing bouts. With a lot of these fighters fighting for their first time, you can tell from their bouts they came from quality trainers of Muay Thai. Here are the results of the Muay Thai bouts.....

  1. Terry Begay (MTIK, 1-0) wins his amateur debut by defeating Emily Bloedel (Evolution, 0-1, 135) by unanimous decision.

  2. Jesse Sielhorst (MTIK, 1-0) won his amateur debut by TKO at 1:27 of round 2 over Ray Locquiao (SMT/ Vegas, 0-1, 140)

  3. Dear Kanthawong (MTIK, 1-2) defeated Prudence Fisher (Nick/ Vegas, 0-1) 105. Dear got her first win over a game Prudence Fisher. Dear dedicated this fight to her father Sem for his birthday.

  4. Chris Mickleson (SMT/ Vegas, 1-0) wins his amateur debut with a bell ending 2nd round TKO over Brian Wieber (Idaho, 3-1, 195)

  5. Elohym Sims (Nick/ Vegas, 6-0, 235) keeps his undefeated record running with a unanimous decision victory over Joe Cunliffe (MTIK, 2-3). This was a rematch from earlier this year. Cunliffe tried everything to win, even an elbow in the neck which, as the bout referee I (Dan Stell) warned him not to use, since there were no elbows allowed in the bout. In the 3rd round I was forced to penalized Cunliffe for once again the use of his elbow.

  6. Robby Wyatt (MTIK, 4-0) keeps his undefeated record going with a majority decision win over Joel Cloarek (Bunkerd/ CA, 6-5) This my friends would have to be the greatest MuayThai fight I've ever seen! These guys came out throwing everything.... Quick jabs, left hooks, straight rights, knees coming from everywhere, body kicks and an awesome display of head kicks. Possibly the MuayThai fight of the year! Now lets see if they bring this talent to the North American Classic!

  7. Boy Faphiamai (Bunkerd/ CA, 2-0) keeps his undefeated record with a unanimous decision win over Matt May (Idaho, 13-4, 145). With a very tough Matt May coming at you and your hitting him with everything you have and he keeps on coming, put Faphiamai in a very tough bout. Faphiamai just showed a lot of patience and battled May off well for this only being his second fight.

All the fight gear was supplied by Airmonkey Gear! Airmonkey is a new Gear Company created by Lamanna and has had great success with the Muay Thai crowds. For more info on Airmonkey Gear and to see their products go to www.airmonkey.com

For more event info on the event, please contact Mr. Craig Lamanna at (801) 474-3136 or by e-mail at admin@thaiboxutah.com or go to their web page at www.ThaiBoxUtah.com
Once again to Craig, Thank You for a very enjoyable evening of Great MuayThai.


Help US... Help YOU

Chances are, no one here noticed it, but it was done. We have spent the last 3 days updating the info on all "16" IKF Adult Rankings pages, yes, "Sixteen". In these rankings there are about 550 Pro Fighters and around 1,600 Amateur Fighters. What we did in the updates were several things. First we went to ALL 2,100 plus fighters names and took off all their posted "Ages" leaving only their date of birth. This had been started last month but a push from former two time IKF USA National Champion Mike "Magicman" Dougherty made us finish it this week. Over the weekend while several of us were at the wedding of Ringside Gym's Greg Kirkpatrick and Jaime Baron, (Both former IKF Champions as well, Congratulations by the way Greg & Jaime) Mike had pointed out how young his friend Dave Marinoble was in the rankings at age 29 (Dave is actually 35). This was because we rarely updated the "Age" portion of the rankings, only record and contact numbers.

Also done in this update was the posting of a "Request of information e-mail link" on the fighters who were missing information such as DOB (Date of Birth) height, contact info, records, etc. etc.. This is where "YOU" all come in. For obvious reasons we cannot keep up with "ALL" 1,600 plus fighters in the IKF Rankings. We need "YOUR EYES" to help us keep this information up to date. If your record or the record of your fighter or someone you know is incorrect, "PLEASE" e-mail us with the correct or updated information.

We especially need your help here! Especially trainers from Europe! Please look at the rankings. MANY fighters have never been listed in the IKF Rankings because of several reasons such as
1: The promoters or event representatives never forwarded your info to us, or
2: The info that was sent was incomplete such as your stats and contact info. Without full stats, "ESPECIALLY" fight records, we could not properly rank these fighters which meant, they were never listed in the IKF Rankings.

If you have fought on an IKF Sanctioned event in the past, you should have been listed into the IKF Rankings FOR FREE! If you are not in there, than one of the above reasons happened. To get listed in the rankings please send us "ALL" of the following information in the following order:

Amateur Adult Welterweight
International Rules
John Doe
Sacramento, California, USA
Pro Kickboxing: 5-2 with 3 KO/TKO
Amateur Kickboxing: 12-3 with 6 KO/TKO
Pro Boxing: 3-1 with 3 KO/TKO
147 lbs
January 1, 1970
Bob Doe
(555) 555-5555

If you are just updating
your current listing please inform us at the top of your e-mail message the following:
Followed by the update information.

Now some of you should know why you have never been the IKF Rankings. Yes, many of you have been placed into the event result write-ups but if we do not have all your information (Even simple things like if your fight was a pro or amateur fight or what rule style) we cannot help you by listing your name in the rankings.

Of the top 3 pages that are most read or visited on the IKF Site, the 3rd highest is the IKF Rankings page. This page receives Thousands of visits a month from not just fighters or trainers looking for their name, but most importantly, PROMOTERS!
Promoters are every fighters lifeline. Without Promoters, fighters would have no fights. I remember in the early 90's here in California before the founding of the IKF when there were 2 or 3 people who had what was called the "Matchmakers List". This was a master list of all the gyms in the state to contact for fighters. These two or three people would ask as much as $3,000 to matchmake an event for Promoters, and they got it. Why? Because no one else had the information.

There were even organizations that "CLAIM" to have fighter lists of like 4,000 fighters and for a price, if you sanction with them, this list can be yours. (One in particular that still claims this today) Well, we tried that too, and the list of 4,000 fighters? IT DOESN'T EXIST! They don't even keep track of who their awarded Champions are or were. What you are reading about here are the main reasons the IKF was formed. To not only keep track of all these fighters, but to also give deserved recognition to those current and past Champions of kickboxing, "AND" their Trainers! Did you know that the IKF is the "ONLY" organization that not only keeps track of both amateur and pro fighters in our current rankings with all Champions being listed, but also the "ONLY" organization where you can go to find out who our "Past Champions" were. See them all by visiting our Past Champions Page.

However, this is bigger than the IKF. Why? It is a proven fact that Promoters from EVERY Sanctioning organization visit the IKF Rankings page. Why? To find YOU! They are all looking for fighters and how to contact them. There have been MANY fighting STARS made in the past and will be MANY MADE in the future right here on the IKF News page. Think of the fighters you know today that we have brought to your attention right here on the IKF News page. Now ask yourself, "Where else have you read about them?" Often you will find that very few other places outside the fighters hometown have bothered to write about these fighters accomplishments unless they have already made it to the "International Stage".

Several fighters come to mind here. Keep in mind, we as the IKF are not taking credit for making them Champions, or even stars. We are simply pointing out how their exposure here on the IKF website helped propel them to greater opportunities due to that exposure. Two that come to mind here that are now well known on the "International Stage" are Cung Le and Carter Williams. Both were featured in several news articles here on the IKF News pages before they became article topics on the "International Stage." As already noted, no, we didn't discover them or make them Champions. Cung Le for example was already a star, but mainly to those in the sport of San Shou, not kickboxing. We brought attention to Le as a San Shou fighter from our association in the original DRAKA events. "Le WAS DRAKA!" we said in one of our articles, but in reality, "Draka was San Shou or Sanda." We pointed out the difference of a true San Shou fighter like Le as compared to a "Kickboxer" trying to become a San Shou fighter. Le pretty much "Spanked them ALL!" We also pointed out how Le was more than a ring fighter. He was and still is a Martial Artist and Champion "Outside" the ring.

Williams had won the 2001 IKF National Amateur Tournament in the Muay Thai Rules Super Heavyweight division. Williams won his Championship bout against the 2000 IKF National Amateur Champion Kurt Hasley by unanimous decision, 29-27, 29-27 & 28-27. Both Williams and Le have been featured on events such as K-1 USA.

There are MANY other stars too, way too many to list and many are in the amateur ranks where the list is endless. Names that everyone here have read before that are trainers, fighters, promoters and officials. We here at the IKF feel it is our DUTY and RESPONSIBILITY to bring exposure to every fighter, trainer, promoter and official in every opportunity we can present. We even gave you all a place to voice your opinions, even the Fight Fans by creating the Kickboxing Message Board. EXPOSURE is what it is all about, for Everyone and Everything! The more you as a fighter or trainer can get your name out there, the better for YOU! this is why we encourage trainers or fighters or anyone to send in stories that feature what they are doing or what they have accomplished. These stories as well as ranking or gym or contact updates can all be sent to the same e-mail address at: main@ikfkickboxing.com

Just for fun, we took the time to name some of them below. See if you can match them with their accomplishments as written about here on the IKF site. Many were names long before the IKF even started, but ALL have been featured somewhere on the IKF News pages. There names and accomplishments have been featured in articles here so you can research their past and follow them today. Check some of these names out below...

Names such as...
Brooks Mason, Ray and Stephen Thompson, Dan & Tim Stell, Alby Bimpson, Matt Skelton, Mick Doyle, Elliot Cooper, Ryan Blackorby, Rick & Duke Roufus, Anthony Bartinelli, Trisha Hill, Jesse Finney, Trent Tompkins, Katie Meehan, Clement & Rhonda Vierra, Rob & Jimmy Zbilski, Robert Elledge, Mick Fowles, Tommy Bach, Gene Fields, Raoul Doucet, Ingolf Nelson, Craig Lamanna, Kathy Long, Doyle Gayler, Marc Mayfield, Holly Ferneley, Anthony McGaughey, Kevin & Shannon Hudson, Dean Lessei, Jason Strout, Peyton Russell, Tat Mau Wong, Mike Lind, Abe Belardo, Perry Ben, Jenna Castilo, Kevin Engle, Don Wilson, Karen Harding, Gary Webber, Tony Bassnett, Scott Mincey, Fernando Calleros, Benny Voyles, Erik Marshall, Kevin Smiles, Leon Ramsey, Johnny Davis, Bill Jardine, Jacqui Thompson, Tony Stumpf, Ali Hallak, Curtis Bush, Fred Fitzgerald, Jimmy Stewart, Mike Carlson, John Castle, Tommy Alcozer, Chris Wright, Kelly Leo, Angela "Rivera" Parr, Mike, Brent & Nicole Hess, Dave & Mike Marinoble, Jacqueline Nava, Ronnie Copeland, Nelson Lebron, Raul Llopis, Dennis Palmer, Leslie & Erin McNamara, Abu Zayd Nawaz, Loe & Danny Hoyer, Dmitry Shakuta, Danny Byrne, Mark Selbee, Raul Rodriguez, Matee Jedeepitak, Jon D. Schorle, Mike Nevitt, Greg Kirkpatrick, Jarett Perelmutter, Jenna Droluk, Randy Pogue, Khunpon, Phil Nurse, Russ O'Connell, Mike Miles, Charles & Dan Pemble, Luraina Undershute, Mitz Bandiera, Kongnapa, Lilly Rodriguez, Kevin Bozada, Ronnie Deleon, Richard Kostuck, Dan Erickson, Steve & Mike Morello, Jason Jillian, Stephanie Kernan, Manson Gibson, Chuck Best, Eric Regan, Nasser Niavaroni, Clarence Thatch, Trevor Ambrose, Bill & Aaron Lassi, Sven Bean, Jeff Mullen, Ole Laursen, James Watling, Steve Jessop, Jeremy Harminson, Mike McDonald, Damian Trainor, Gary Brown, Sakasam, Evgeny Kotelnikov, Penny DeGraw, Morris Young, Duane Ludwig, Clifford Larson, Kevin Smiles, Jenn Repa, Yia Mua, Mike Winkeljohn, Shawn Yacoubian, Suzanne Anderson, Mike Labree, Brian Swartz, Sarah Ponce, James Corbett, John James, Kornelija Numic, Marshall Blevins, Craig Smith, Lynda Loyce, Zack Day, Heath Fonnest, Giuseppe DeNatale, Eddie Monger, Dan Rawlings, Terrie Hicks, Derek Yuen, Adolfo Lozano, Sky Drysdale, Chris Manual, Diana Apresa, Mike & Susan Wood, Fredric Rosenberg, Enn Fairtex, Ben Yelle, Scott Hicks, Brian Madigan, Jennifer Thyssen, Jim VanOver, Alexei Pekarchik, Richard Williams, Miguel Reyes, Christopher Terry, Stan Longinidis, Brenda Harrison, Jamie Knox, Ryan Madigan, Rob Donaker, Mike Zampidis, Visily Shish, Andrea Zalas, Danny Steele, Imaran Shah and the list TRULY goes on and on...


When we have them,
We will post the results from:
Leiker's Tornado Internationals In Kansas City, Missouri USA,
Blackorby's RE/MAX Kickboxing Invitational And North Central MuayThai/International Rules Regional Tournament in Peoria, Illinois, USA.

FRIDAY, June 4th, 2004, AT 12:30 PM, PT

This Weekend In the IKF!

It's Time For The 23rd Annual
"Tornado Internationals!"

IKF Kansas City, Missouri USA: IKF Promoters Bob and Jill Leiker are once again hosting their well known yearly event, the "Tornado Internationals" this weekend, June 4th and 5th at the Hyatt Regency Hotel & Convention Center in Kansas City, Missouri. The event will have a martial arts tournament as well as a special IKF Kickboxing event. The Kickboxing event will be Friday night while the Karate/Martial Arts Tournament & Finals will be on Saturday.

This will be the 23rd year of this event which has become one of the greatest martial arts events in North America. Although there are no IKF Title bouts scheduled on the Kickboxing Action, it is sure to be an exciting night of action, as well as an exciting weekend. In charge of the IKF Kickboxing show will be IKF Officials Chuck Wolfe. For more info please contact Bob or Jill Leiker at (913) 432-2787 or by e-mail at wchampkarate@kc.rr.com. or you can visit their event website at: www.tornadointernationals.com


"Hot & Heavy"
IKF Utah

MuayThai Institute of Kunponli, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

IKF Promoter Craig Lamanna (Right) will add a little mix in his IKF MuayThai event at his gym, the MuayThai Institute of Kunponli this Saturday night. On schedule along with the kickboxing will be some USA Amateur Boxing. The massive 20,000 square foot facility is located at 650 E. Wilmington (2180 S.) in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

The event will feature fighters from Fairtex out of San Francisco, California, Master Toddy's out of Las Vegas Nevada, Sidekicks Gym out of Nampa, Idaho and several others along with fighters from the MuayThai Institute of Kunponli.

IKF Chief Official Dan Stell (Left) will be on hand as the IKF Representative and also the events head referee. Here is the scheduled line-up below for this weekend as of press time today. Since USA Boxing is matching the Amateur Boxing bouts at the event we only had info on one of the bouts. The others we do not know who the boxers will be or who they will be matched up with.

  1. Scott Caress (MTIK) vs. Wade McCoig (SMT/ Vegas) 160
  2. Terry Begay (MTIK) vs. Emily Bloedel (Evolution) 135
  4. Jesse Sielhorst (MTIK) vs. Ray Locquiao (SMT/ Vegas) 140
  5. Dear Kanthawong (MTIK) vs. Prudence Fisher (Nick/ Vegas) 105
  7. Chris (SMT/ Vegas) vs. Brian Wieber (Idaho) 195
  8. Camie Escobar (MTIK) vs. Amy Davis (Idaho) 105
  11. Joe Cunliffe (MTIK) vs. Elohym Sims (Nick/ Vegas) 235
  12. Whop May (MTIK) vs. Chris Cariaso (Bunkerd/ CA) 140
  14. Robby Wyatt (MTIK) vs. Joel Cloarek (Bunkerd/ CA)
  15. BOXING MATCH: Dave Foley vs. Salavador Hernandez (SMT/ Vegas)
  16. Boy Faphiamai (Bunkerd/ CA) vs. Matt May (Idaho) 145

All the fight gear will be supplied by Airmonkey Gear! Airmonkey is a new Gear Company created by Lamanna and has had great success with the Muay Thai crowds. however, they are now seeing more and more styles of Kickboxing and Martial Arts participants using the gear. For more info on Airmonkey Gear and to see their products go to www.airmonkey.com
For more event info on the event, please contact Mr. Craig Lamanna at (801) 474-3136 or by e-mail at admin@thaiboxutah.com or go to their web page at www.ThaiBoxUtah.com



Ryan Blackorby

Blackorby Ready For Midwest!
RE/MAX Kickboxing Invitational
And North Central MuayThai/International Rules
Regional Tournament!

JUNE 5th, RiverPlex Sports Arena, Peoria, Illinois, USA

IKF Peoria, Illinois, USA
IKF Promoter Ryan Blackorby (Right) is ready to Impress us all once again this coming weekend, June 5th as his promotional team along with RE/MAX Unlimited and Miller Lite proudly present once again, the RE/MAX Kickboxing Invitational and the IKF North Central Regional Seeding Tournament For MuayThai and International Rule fighters. This is one of several seeding tournaments on the way to the 2004 IKF/TKO North American Classic. Blackorby told us today that he will have the largest regional event he has ever held for MuayThai & International Rules fighters. He expects to have around 40 bouts.

Along with the Amateur Regional bouts Blackorby has put together 3 great (non title) Pro MuayThai bouts. The Main Event will feature 3 Time World Champion Raul Llopis (Right) of Indiana vs Nat McIntyre (Right) of Minnesota. McIntyre won the 1999 IKF/Ringside USA National Tournament Title when he defeated Vantha Chhim of Modesto California by unanimous decision, 29-28, 30-27, 29-28. In 2000 McIntyre went back to defend his title but lost to Neal Fox of Milwaukee, Wisconsin by split decision, 30-27, 29-28, 28-29. This will be McIntyre's 4th Pro MuayThai bout. He has fought in the USA but also, as a pro he has fought Thailand at the Gawilla Stadium against Pawn Sawn Kiat Busaba, and in Shooto Japan vs Katsuhisa Akasaki in February of this year.

Next for the Pro Muay Thai will be IKF Pro MTR US Middleweight Champion Jeremy Harminson (Below Right) Vs Eric Wu, and Pro MuayThai Super Middleweights Derrick Noble Vs Peter Blythe will Bring It ON!

The event will feature fighters from Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan, Kentucky, Indiana and Missouri - Above St. Louis North. To see more info on the North Central Regional Seeding Tournament For MuayThai and International Rule CLICK HERE.

Blackorby's Peoria Athletic Club has promoted some fantastic IKF Kickboxing events in the past including last years 2003 IKF North American Amateur MuayThai Championship which was also known as the Fairtex Classic!

The event will be held at the dynamic RiverPlex Sports Arena. The RiverPlex Sports Arena is located at 600 Water Street, Peoria. Doors will open at 6:30 PM and the event starts at 7:30 PM. For tickets contact The RiverPlex at (309) 282-1700, Peoria Athletic Club at (309) 672-3090, Alamo Steakhouse (Matoon Illinois) at (217) 234-7337 or OLD CHICAGO PASTA & PIZZA at (309) 677-6766.

For more info contact Mr. Ryan Blackorby at (309) 657-6787. alternating as the IKF Event Representatives and IKF Event referees will be Mr. Dave Rogers and Mr. Kurt Podany. Ryan Blackorby is the owner and head Muay Thai Kickboxing coach at the Peoria Athletic Club. Ryan has been actively promoting amateur and professional kickboxing for the last five years. For more info go to www.peoriaathleticclub.com

For info On Other Regional Seeding Tournaments

THURSDAY, June 3rd, 2004, AT 9:10 PM, PT

Kickboxer Regan Wins Back Boxing Title!
Goes 12 Rounds for The First Time in His Career
Avenges His Defeat to Ortega and Regains His IBA Title

Oroville, CA, USA: He was known to many as "The Future of Kickboxing" but it turned out, IKF Super Middleweight North American Champion Eric Regan of Roseville, California had other skills. Boxing. When Regan made his Pro Boxing debut on August 20th, 1998 in Sacramento, CA, USA he made quick work of opponent Thomas Hinde of Lakewood, CA stopping him in the opening round. But this was no surprise to those of us who knew him as a kickboxer. Regan had already learned how to knock people out years before. Although Hinde was no test for his future in the sport (Since Hinde has yet to ever win a bout) it was clearly the beginning of a successful boxing career for Regan.

Last Friday night Regan and his trainer Nasser Niavaroni (1996 IKF Trainer of the Year) travelled north to Oroville, California, USA to face the fighter who took his IBA Middleweight title late last year on November 28th, 2003 by TKO. The stop came in the 9th of their scheduled 12 round fight when his trainer Niavaroni threw in the towel, giving Pedro Ortega the title, and the NEW Title of, "First FIGHTER Ever beat Regan" who is also 24-0 with 22 KO/TKO's as a pro kickboxer and ranked number 4 in the world "ONLY" because of his inactivity as a kickboxer. If he were still an active kickboxer he would CLEARLY have the number 1 or number 2 ranking.

Many said Regan had taken that fight in November against Ortega without time to rest and re-energize after his last bout. However since it took him less than a round to knock out Jaime Llanes (27-5-1) of Los Mochis, Mexico in Oroville, California, USA on October 24th, who would think he needed any rest? In Regan's 6 fights before last Friday nights title bout he faced opponents with a combined record of 171 wins with only 51 losses between the 6 of them.

Revenge is always sweet and last Friday, Regan dished it out in a convincing title win to retain his IBA (International Boxing Association) Continental Middleweight Title with a 12 Round unanimous decision. over Mexico's Pedro Ortega Nothing new to Regan was the announced sellout crowd. However, in a venue that only fits 1,100 (Feather Falls Casino) Regan has sold out 5,000 plus as a kickboxer in Sacramento's Memorial Auditorium when he won his Kickboxing World Title.

This was Regan's second victory in three fights against Ortega. This victory was far more impressive than when Regan won a 10 round bout by unanimous decision two years ago. Although there were no knockdowns (Like in their first two meetings) all three of the judges saw this bout for Regan. Judge Dave Nelson of San Jose scored it 117-111 for Regan, Judge Steve English of Sacramento scored it 118-110 for Regan while Judge Terry Smith also of Sacramento, must have been watching the ring girls while the fight was taking place as he only gave Regan the win, 115-114.

This was Regan's longest bout of his career and his FIRST TIME to go 12 rounds. There was no question he had his jab working for him which has always been the 6'4" fighters strong set-up, but it was his power hand that always followed with the convincing blows. "I didn't want to say it until now, but this was a crossroads fight for me," said Regan. "If I'd lost again, where could I have gone? I learned a lot tonight, mentally and physically." Talking about his previous loss to Ortega, Regan commented, "I learned from that, corrected some things, It was a great experience for me, something I need."

According to the experts, because of his win it appears a possibility that Regan may earn a fight with a 2 time world champion "Luis" Yory Boy Campas of Navojoa, SO, Mexico. The 32 year old Campas will be Regan's toughest test by record with a fight record of 82 wins with 69 coming by KO/TKO with only 6 loses. However, Regan will have him, as he does nearly everyone he faces, far below his sight line since Campas is only 5'8" tall. Campas recently won the vacant IBA Light Middleweight World Title on May 8th, 2004 against Anthony Shuler (15-2-1) of Indianapolis, Indiana, USA by TKO at 1:16 of the first round. Back in 1998 he won the IBF Light Middleweight Title when he defeated Larry Barnes (44-2) by TKO in the 3rd round.

Locally here in Sacramento, California, Oscar De La Hoya's Golden Boy Promotions (www.goldenboypromotions.com) inked a deal with Arco Arena (Home of the Sacramento Kings Pro NBA Basketball Team) to promote several boxing events. Just so has it that on May 3rd, 2003, Oscar De La Hoya beat Campas in Las Vegas, NV, USA by a 7th round TKO for the WBC and WBA Light Middleweight Titles before losing them to Shane Mosley on September 13th, 2003 in Las Vegas, NV, USA. That, as of today, was De La Hoya's last fight. Could Golden Boy Promotions have plans to put Regan on one of their events? We will wait and see. Regan's promoter has always been Don Chargin who also has plans to have an event at Arco Arena in August or September, could this be a mutual promotion between the two?

Speaking of connections, six years ago in June of 1998, the fighter Regan just beat, Pedro Ortega, defeated Yory Boy Campas in Tijuana, BN, Mexico for the IBF Light Middleweight Title.

Although Regan holds a fight record of 23 wins and only 1 loss, he isn't ranked in the top 16 of the organization he holds his title in. However, the independent Middleweight rankings have him at 33rd in the world. Don't let that confuse you thinking being 33rd is bad. A quick look of the combined records of those ahead of Regan is an outstanding 906 wins with only 69 loses. The worse record of those other 32 fighters is the guy ranked one above Regan, David Alfonso Lopez with a record of 22-12 while the best in his division is none other than Bernard Hopkins with a pro record of 43-2. His only real loss was on May 22nd, 1993 to Roy Jones, Jr. for the Vacant IBF Middleweight Title, 116-112 on all 3 judges cards. His other loss was his debut bout to a fighter named Clinton Mitchell in 1988. Mitchell only has 5 pro fights to his credit, and he will always be able to say, "Hey, but I beat Bernard Hopkins!" Regardless, Regan is in a "STRONG WINNING" division, and it will be exciting watching where he goes against so many stars.

During his Amateur and Pro Kickboxing career Regan won 3 IKF Titles. His first IKF Kickboxing title as an amateur when he defeated Josh Foster of Almogordo New Mexico by knockout at 1:50 of the 4th round in San Carlos, California, USA on March 30th, 1996 to win the IKF Amateur FCR California Super Welterweight Title. He won his next IKF Kickboxing title less than 2 months later when he defeated Josh Foster of Almogordo New Mexico by knockout at 1:50 of the 4th round in Sacramento, California, USA on May 4th, 1996 winning the IKF Amateur FCR United States Super Welterweight Title. Regan turned Pro in 1998 and went on to win the IKF Pro FCR North American Middleweight Title on May 1st, 1998 in Sacramento, California, USA when he Defeated Hector Torres of South Lake Tahoe, CA, USA by TKO as Torres bowed out of the bout at the break of round 7 and 8. Having never been challenged for the title, Regan still holds it despite his long absence from the sport of Kickboxing.



Cooper's Gym
Holds Workshop To Raise Funds For
"Detroit Helping our Youth Development"

On May 22, 2004, Raul Llopis, who is the 3 Time World Kickboxing Champion and IKF (International Kickboxing Federation) U.S. Pro Champion, held a National Kickboxing Workshop for Charity at Cooper's Gym - Salvation Army Community Center, located at 26700 Warren Avenue in Dearborn Heights, Michigan. All proceeds were donated to the Detroit Helping our Youth Development, a non-profit 501(c) 3 organization, who's mission is to service the education, physical fitness, nutritional needs and build and improve the self esteem of inner-city at risk children and teenagers.

Athletes from the Midwest attended the workshop in order to learn and improve their skills before the IKF Midwest Regional championships held in Peoria, Illinois this weekend, June 5, 2004. The Midwest event is the first step of the Golden Gloves of kickboxing. Finalist at the Midwest Regional will advance to the IKF/TKO North American Classic held at the Wyndham Palace Resort and Spa In the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida on August 14th, 15th and 16th, 2004.

The Detroit Helping our Youth Development along with Cooper's Gym (Mr. Elliot Cooper at left) has sponsored and produced several local teenagers from the Detroit area, who have previously won IKF USA National Amateur titles at the IKF Nationals. They include:

Mr. Llopis spoke to many teenagers and parents about the importance of youth enrichment and achievement, along with the importance of "Saying NO to Drugs." Llopis (26-3/18) currently holds the IKF Super Lightweight Pro International Rules United States Title. He won the title on December 18th, 1999 in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, USA when he defeated John Washington of Bakersfield, California, USA by TKO in the 4th round. He is now trained/managed by Mr. Ryan Blackorby. He is the number 2 Super Lightweight ranked contender in the IKF Pro International Rules World rankings and the number 1 contender in the IKF Pro MuayThai Rules World rankings.

For more information on the IKF/TKO North American Classic - Click Here. For more information on this workshop please contact Institute of Martial Arts-Cooper's Gym (Mr. Elliot Cooper and staff) at 16849 Warren Avenue, Detroit, MI, 48228, phone (313) 581-5085 (www.cooperkickboxing.com).

Donations are tax deductible and can be mailed payable to the Detroit Helping our Youth Development at 16900 Warren Avenue, Detroit, Michigan, 48228, (313) 584-7076.


Happy Birthday Rick!

We would like to say "Happy Birthday" to former 2 time IKF World Champion, Rick "The Jet" Roufus! Roufus turns 38 today and is enjoying the sun in Arizona. Rick and his family moved there late last year and also runs his own gym, "Roufus Kickboxing" (480-966-KICK (5425))

Roufus became the second IKF Mens Pro Champion and the second IKF Mens Pro World Champion when he defeated Mike McDonald of Vancouver, BC, Canada, by "KO" at :43 seconds of round 1. Roufus won the IKF Pro Full Contact Rules Light Heavyweight World title. The bout was at Caesars Tahoe Casino in Tahoe, Nevada, USA on January 22nd, 1994.

Roufus won his second IKF World title, the IKF World Heavyweight International Rules Title, on May 15th, 1999 when he defeated Stan Longinidis of Boxhill, Victoria, Australia by TKO after Loniginidis suffered a broken bone in his foot at the end of round 9. Roufus was ahead on all 3 judges cards at the time, 89-81, 86-83 and 88-81. The bout was in Lowell Massachusetts, USA.

The 1999 event which Roufus won his last IKF World Title on was an event that the IKF will never forget and one that set a new standard for securing and "Confirming" of Pro fighters purses "Before" the event. What happened on this event literally "Changed" the way the IKF organization sanctioned PRO kickboxing. To read more about this event and all of these issues surrounding it, Click Here and more, Here and finally, Here. Roufus retired with a kickboxing record of 61 wins with only 7 loses, 39 wins coming by KO/TKO. He also did pro boxing where he finished with a record of 14 wins and only 3 loses with 12 of his wins coming by KO/TKO! In his career Roufus held somewhere around 7-8 Kickboxing World Titles.

WEDNESDAY, June 2nd, 2004, AT 8:10 PM, PT

On Any Given Sunday

"The saying in football is that on any given Sunday any team can win. The champions of our sport will have no easy time at the IKF Nationals as the best of the best come to meet the challenge. Fighters rise to the task when faced with great talent and our returning champions surely provide that. Don't hand out the belts quite yet as new talent will certainly emerge and increase the field of fighters to watch. As Jesse Finney puts it "Stay positive". I am positive there will be great fights for all the belts and we will enjoy the best tournament in America. Looking forward to seeing all of you."

By Uncle Brooks - Better known As Brooks Mason

We Started the Event With The Song "We Will Rock You!" And They DID!

On Saturday morning, the 2003 IKF/TKO USA National Amateur Championship Tournament opened with the lights down low and 10 seconds of silence for the recent loss of MuayThai star Alex Gong. From the darkness, the lights focused on the American Flag as Mary Lee Malmberg (Director of Sports Tourism of the Cedar Rapids CVB) broke the silence with the National Anthem. The moment she was done, the sound system in the massive U. S. Cellular Center Arena blasted out the song "We Will Rock YOU!" setting the stage for the greatest Amateur Kickboxers in America to do just that, ROCK US! And it DID!

As the music played, each fighter took their last breath of air as a spectator and all became champions who all met on this weekend to "Walk The Walk" in the U. S. Cellular Center Arena in Cedar Rapids Iowa at the Greatest IKF National Amateur Tournament to date and very possibly, the Greatest Amateur Kickboxing Tournament EVER!

Or will this year be the Greatest...?

Every year at the end of the summer, REAL Championship Kickboxing takes on a whole new fee. The word "Champion" has a whole new meaning. This has always been a great event not because of the effort of one promoter or the talents of one fighter. This has always been a great because of the efforts of "EVERYONE" associated with the IKF on this given weekend who put in time to make it all possible. From those who run gloves or cleaned floors to the stars of the show, the Champions! Everyone represents a chain that will hold us all strong throughout the entire weekend. Doing their jobs, each will prove in their own way to be the Team's strongest link and through the efforts of the many we will all shine in the success of it.

This year, when the lights in the Empire Ballroom are turned down, only two squares will be visible to those in attendance. The two squares under the ring lights in the middle of the arena where the best amateur kickboxers in North America will take the stage to "Walk The Walk!"

Over the next two days, inside these squares, champions will be made and legends will be born. Some will be new Champions crowned while some will fight to successfully defend their titles of the year before All who enter the ring this weekend will forever be known, as those in the past have, as the "Best Amateur Kickboxers In America and this year, in North America!"

There will be "MANY" stories to tell when it is all over, but the question is, "Will your story be one of the winning ones?" Lets take a look back at the 2003 IKF/TKO National Amateur Champions and who they faced in their Sunday Title Bout to win their IKF Championship Belt. Keep in mind that none of these Champions need to fight at a Regional event to attain top seeding unless change weight, rule style or in the case of Juniors, their age division. Let's see who has earned the right to be called...

Amateur Kickboxers
In 2003!





So... Will your name be listed as CHAMPION for 2004? Only time will tell, but before that happens, first you need to get there. So make your plans, your reservations and most importantly, TRAIN HARD! Because at the 2004 IKF/TKO North American Classic, there will be no easy wins. Everyone who enters the ring will be there to prove to us all that on that day, THEY are THE BEST in North America and they will be more than ready to "Walk The Walk!"

TUESDAY, June 1st, 2004, AT 3:25 PM, PT

IKF/TKO North American Classic Hotel Info!

Here is the link to our Hotel Booking Page for this years
2004 IKF/TKO North American Classic Championships.


Please note that the dates available at our discounted rate are August 11th thru August 16th, for those who want to come in early or stay a day later. You will see there are other links on this page as well.

See you all in August!