This Page Includes Past IKF News for November 2004


THURSDAY, November 25th, 2004, AT 1:10 AM, PT


Perez' IKF Mexico Promotion Ready To

This Saturday night, November 27th, in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, IKF Promoter Felix Perez will host one of the largest IKF events of the year. Perez' event will feature 4 IKF Professional Titles with two of them being IKF World Titles. This will be Perez's second IKF event. His last one was back on October 6th, 2001 in Puerta Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico and featured 1 IKF Pro Mexico National Title bout. That event was FULL HOUSE and he hopes to accomplish the same with this event Saturday night.

After a full line up of Professional undercard bouts, 4 of the top fighters in Mexico will fight for two IKF Professional Mexico National titles. The first will be for the vacant IKF Pro International Rules Middleweight Mexico National Title and will feature Victor Rizo Lopez of Mexico D.F. (8-2 with 6 KO/TKO's) Vs Israel Vargas Corpus of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (4-0 with 4 KO/TKO's).

This will be followed by the vacant IKF Pro MTR Light Welterweight Mexico National Title where Carlos Brian Hernandez of Mexico D.F. (21-1with 14 KO/TKO's) takes on Adalid Mendieta of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (11-3 with 2 KO/TKO's).

As if these two bouts will not provide enough action for the night Perez added two IKF Professional World Titles to the card. The first of a co-main event will feature the quest for the vacant IKF PRO Muay Thai Rules Middleweight World Title Bout. This will be "FULL RULES" Muay Thai which means knees and elbows to the head will be legal. In one corner will be number 2 IKF Pro Muay Thai Middleweight and IKF Professional Mexico Middleweight National Champion Adolfo Lozano of Puerta Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico (14-4 with 5 KO/TKO's) (Right with IKF Mexico referee Ubillado Vega Rangel). Lozano won his IKF Mexico title on October 6th, 2001 in Puerta Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico when he defeated Enrique Cuellar of Aguascalientes St., Mexico by TKO due to excessive blood from Cuellar nose after Lozano landed several knees to his face at 2:05 of round 5. Down on all 3 judges cards entering the final round, Lozano later told us that when he stood up during the round 4 and 5 break, he saw his mother and father in the crowd and the look on their faces seemed to motivate him to dig down deep and find the strength to carry on and win. However, as he seemed to look to the heavens and ask if he could do it, almost as if it were planned, his true fans, those who were still there, started chanting back, "Yes You Can, Yes You Can!" And he did.

Across the ring in the other corner will be number 1 IKF Pro Muay Thai Middleweight and IKF Professional United States Middleweight National Champion Jeremy Harminson (Left) of Lerna, Illinois, USA (21-3-1/16). Harminson won his IKF title on June 8th, 2002 in Peoria, Illinois, USA when he defeated Kwame Stephens of Salt Lake City, Utah, USA by unanimous decision, 48-45, 47-46, 47-46. These two came together again in Harminson's first and only defense of the title on June 7th, 2003 in Peoria, Illinois, USA. This time Harminson didn't let it get to the judges cards as he defeated Stephens by TKO in round 3. This will be a 5 round bout with 2 minutes rests to finally fill an IKF World title no other fighter has ever held.

In the second half of the nights co-main event we will see yet another quest for another vacant and never held IKF Pro Title. On the line will be the vacant IKF Pro International Rules Middleweight World Title. In one corner will come IKF Pro Super Welterweight (147.1 lbs. - 153 lbs. or 66.9Kg - 69.5Kg) World Champion Fernando Calleros (Below Left) of El Paso, Texas, USA (29-8/16), who has moved up in weight to take on this challenge. Callaros won his IKF World Title back on June 26th, 2000 when he defeated Miguel Reyes of Tijauana, Baja CA, Mexico by unanimous decision, 96-92, 97-91 and 97-91 in Sacramento CA, USA.


Across the ring Callaros will face undefeated and number 1 IKF ranked Pro International Rules Middleweight Santiego Sr. Manzanares (Above Right) of Mexico (15-0-1 with 8 wins by KO/TKO). Manzanares is truly the star of Mexico. At age 32 he is a Professional fighter and instructor of Kickboxing and Muay Thai in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. As for his past, it reads as follows,

Mr. Perez and the IKF would like to send a special "Thank You" to Sixto Ponce of Fairtex Gear, Inc. for providing the official fight gloves for the event. For more event info please contact Mr. Felix Perez at 322 - 22 - 237 - 84 or at eltorito@prodigy.net.mx

The event officials will be IKF Head of Officials Mr. Dan Stell of Vacaville, California, USA, IKF Representatives Mike and Terri Storm of Omaha, Nebraska, USA and IKF Mexico Officials Representative Ubillado Vega Rangel (Right) of Mexico City Mexico. The IKF Event Representative will be IKF President Steve Fossum.

Perez and his promotional team were masters at attaining Sponsorship for this great event. They include the following companies:

MORE NEWS OF 11-24-04

Drysdale Presents
Forest Hills Lodge, Loves Park, Illinois, USA

If you can't make it to Mexico this weekend you have another great option for some GREAT IKF Fight Action! This Saturday night Sky Drysdale (Right) & Sky's The Limit Productions will present "RUMBLE IN THE PARK IV" at the Forest Hills Lodge in Loves Park, Illinois, USA.

Drysdale has matched up a DYNAMITE card which will include two IKF Pro SUPER BOUTS! The first of these two Pro bouts will feature Danny Russ Vs number 2 IKF ranked Super Middleweight Ronnie Deleon of O'Fallon, Illinois, USA (54-12-4 with 17 wins by KO/TKO). A win here by Deleon will surly confirm him for a potential IKF Pro World Title showdown against number 1 IKF ranked Super Middleweight Randy Pogue of Norristown, Pennsylvania, USA. However a win by Russ could push him into the title hunt instead of Deleon. With all this on the line this is sure to be a WAR!

The second half of the co-main event will feature former 2 time IKF National Amateur Tournament Champion and number 4 IKF ranked Pro FCR Heavyweight Dan Erickson (Right) of Duluth, Minnesota, USA (Pro: 7-1-1 with 5 wins by KO/TKO, Amateur: 21-1 with 11 wins by KO/TKO) Vs number 5 IKF ranked FCR Heavyweight John James (Left) of Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA (35-6 with 25 wins by KO/TKO) Both are looking to move up in the Heavyweight rankings and challenge for the vacant IKF FCR Heavyweight World Title. However the road is crowded ahead of them with number 1 IKF ranked and current IKF North American Heavyweight Champion as well as IKF Super Heavyweight World Champion Mark Selbee of Atlanta, Georgia, USA who boasts an undefeated record of 21-0 with 12 wins coming by KO/TKO.

Selbee is followed in the number 2 spot by Ronnie Copeland of High Point, North Carolina, USA and by IKF British Champion Kevin Smiles of England. In the division Selbee defeated James by TKO when James did not answer the bell after the 5th round due to a pain/injury in his neck suffered in round 4 back on April 23rd, 2004 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. That bout was for the then vacant IKF North American Heavyweight title which Selbee now owns. James would surly like a rematch with Selbee but he will need to get past Erickson first. Erickson has been picked by most to be the next IKF Pro Heavyweight Champion. He has both speed and power on his side and will need every bit of it to get by James Saturday night. The winner will surly be placed against either Copeland or Smiles in the near future to determine the paring for the Heavyweight World Title bout against Selbee.

The event will feature a full amateur undercard. In no particular order these bouts will include the following as of press time tonight:

The 2004 IKF North American Junior Amateur Atomweight Champion Chad Monyelle was scheduled to meet up with Lucas Chappel. However Monyelle was stopped by TKO on Craig Smith's card on November 6th in Virginia Beach, Virginia in the third round by Michael Holcomb of Virginia Beach. This was a rematch of their fight for the 2004 IKF North American Junior Title in Florida back in August of this year which Monyelle won by unanimous decision 29-28 on all 3 judges cards. Monyelle has a 30 day TKO Medical suspension because of the TKO. A replacement for Chappel had not been named as of press time tonight.

The doors will open at 6:30 PM with the First Bell At 7:30 PM. The IKF event Representative will be Rob Zbilski. The IKF Event Referee will be Scott Fischer IKF Judges will include Mike Fitzgerald, Joe Gangi and Julie Keppler. Kick Judges will be Troy Hughes and Mark Bjelland and Tim Mazurkiewicz will handle the Tmekeeping. For more event info please contact Sky Drysdale by e-mail at SkyDryKing@aol.com

TUESDAY, November 23rd, 2004, AT 9:50 PM, PT

Results From The
Waterloo, Iowa, November 20th, 2004 - By IKF Event Representative Terri Storm

The 5 Sullivan Brothers Conference Center in Waterloo, Iowa was the place to be for a full card of great fights on November 20, 2004. Kick Fest 2004 hosted by Russ O'Connell was an excellent event for fighters, trainers and a full-house of fight fans. Thirteen fights including debuts, experienced fighters, exhibitions and a title fight energized the crowd.

  1. FCR
    Brian Berg
    169 lbs. (0-0) Vs Eric Enequist 168 lbs (1-3)
    Although Enequist was able to back Berg up a couple of times in this Full Contact Rules bout, his aggressive fighting was out-matched by Berg's continual front kicks to the body. The winner was a unanimous decision for Berg.

  2. FCR
    Amie Johnson
    135 lbs (0-1) and Angela Sacarello 139 lbs (0-0)
    These two ladies kicked and kicked for three rounds with the split decision win going to Johnson.

  3. IR
    Emil Grudic
    215 lbs (0-0) Vs Jason Smith 214 lbs (0-1)
    These two were scheduled to fight, however due to an accidental, self-inflicted injury sustained by Grudic during pre-fight warm ups, the fight was cancelled.

    Jaden Veach
    118 lbs (1-1) and J.T. Miller 118 lbs (0-0)
    These two fought in an International Rules exhibition match. With the heart of two lions, these young fighters fought aggressively and skillfully going 35 seconds into the third round when referee Mike Storm stopped the contest due to an overpowering performance by Veach.

  5. FCR
    Laurel Farrell
    112 lbs (0-0-1) Vs Laura Jo Wessels 109 lbs. (4-4)
    These two showed Full Contact was the name of the game with Wessels' strong barrage of punches in the first and second rounds and Farrell's powerful round kicks to the body. Wessels was able to overcome Farrell in the second round with her punches causing Farrell to retire at 1:05 of the second round.

  6. IR
    Riley Herman
    173 lbs (0-0) and Dave Mulbauer 173 lbs. (0-0)
    This was the debut for both fighters. It was evenly matched and these fighters went the distance. Round one began with Mulbauer sweeping Herman completely around. The adrenaline for these two fighters was high as they knocked each other across the ring. They settled down for the second and third rounds and leaving nothing in the tank when the fight was over. in the end, it was a split decision win for Mulbauer.

  7. FCR
    Jerica Veach
    138 lbs (3-2) Vs Andrea Sacarello 135 lbs (0-0)
    These two had no problem exchanging blows. Sacarello's strong sidekicks was no match for Veach's combinations of punches to the body, one that was followed by a kick to the head. Veach won by unanimous decision.

    Kayla Carpenter
    119 lbs (1-1) Vs Naomi Ferguson 120 lbs (0-0)
    These two shared the ring for a three round exhibition. Ferguson backed up Carpenter in all three rounds, but Carpenter was able to fight going backwards…even Mike Tyson can't lay claim to that.

    Lauren Herrig
    120 lbs (6-1) and Ann Graff 141 lbs (0-0)
    Due to the weight spread, this was also an exhibition. Herrig's experience and talent was evident as she dominated all three rounds. It's hard to believe she is only 14. However, credit also has to go to Graff. How many can say they went the distance with a current IKF North American Champion in their debut ring performance...

  10. FCR
    Tim Gorham
    158 lbs (2-2) vs Andy Brandl 152 lbs (4-3)
    This bout was one of the best fights of the night. Both fighters were ready for the bout and showed strong techniques, but Gorham's defensive skills prevented very many solid hits to get through. Every round Brandl came out aggressively, but through evasion and blocking and countering skills, Gorham was able to stop Brandl's attacks and win by unanimous decision.

  11. IR
    Sam Winberg
    186 lbs (2-0) vs Henry Bierman 180 lbs (1-0)
    These two had the crowd on their feet from the beginning! Winberg was the local favorite, but Bierman did not seem startled by the support given to Winberg. Instead he was obviously fed by the crowd's cheers for Bierman and proceeded to pummel Bierman's body leading to a standing eight count and an eventual body shot knockout at 1:17 into the first round.

    Rebecca Mione
    74 lbs (0-0) and Haley Rothmeyer 64 lbs (0-2)
    Rothermeyer entered the ring in gloves that covered 1/3 of her body and Mione wore a velveteen shirt. That's where the cuteness ended. Both from the same school, their trainer, Pete Petersen, worked both corners as they fought each other with heart and respect until the end. Watching them I kept thinking "Petersen's Warrior Princesses."

  13. Marshall Blevins 160 lbs (9-2) and Rob Wiley 158 lbs (15-9)
    This was indeed a Feature Bout. The skill level of both fighters was evident as both were able to land solid body shots. Blevins won by unanimous decision with his ability to land round kicks to the head.

    IKF Amateur FCR North Central Region Middleweight Title

    Nate Mohr (4-0, 160 lbs) and *Chris Cichon (1-0, 160 lbs )
    The crowd loved this fight. Cichon executed kick after kick in the first round, but Mohr was able to deflect the attacks. Round one was full of energy as Cichon continued fighting THROUGH THE ROPES until referee Blaine Nichols split them up. Round two began with Cichon flying out of the corner on fire. Mohr was able to stamp out the fire with boot to boot sweeps. Round three was an exciting round as the two fighters punished each other. Mohr was able to take advantage of a few lapses in Cichon's focus, however. Round four started with Cichon again taking the initiative and landing a round kick to Mohr's head and holding on strong for the entire round. At the end of the day, Mohr took the win and the IKF Brass home by Majority Decision.
    (*) Kudos to Cichon for stepping in to take this bout after the top contender pulled out only a couple weeks back. Despite his record not being of title acceptance, his challenge was allowed due to Mohr's original opponent dropping out so close to the event.

For more info please contact Mr. Russ O'Connell or the staff at Cedar Valley Pro Fitness and Martial Arts at (319) 234-1935 or by e-mail at Tkdoc07@aol.com

MONDAY, November 22nd, 2004, AT 10:15 PM, PT

Rumble In The Jungle VI
St. Louis, Missouri, USA

After a rocky start to the week, Match Maker and Promoter Jesse Finney put together a great card. As stated late last week, Witney Wadell Sr. pulled out 6 fighters on Wednesday. Then on Thursday 2 more fighters pulled out at the last minute. This left Finney with 1 fight on Thursday morning. By the time the fights started on Saturday night it was hard to tell all the headaches that Finney overcame to get the night started.

    The night started out with a women's exhibition between two of Finney's Championship Kickboxing and Martial Arts fighters. Robin Connelly and Amanda Freedland put on an awesome display kickboxing, which led a lot of people to wonder if they were really from the same gym. Both fighters put it out on the line for the entire three rounds.

    The 2nd fight of the night was the first NHB fight on the card. Josh Fritter of Evansville, Indiana and Marcus Davidson of Decatur, Illinois both came to fight. The fighters stood and exchanged low kicks and punches until Davidson connected with a solid right dropping Fritter to the canvas. Davidson seeing the opportunity attacked which resulted in him getting the win by rear naked choke at 2:34 in the 1st round.

    This fight was between Mike Green of St. Louis, Missouri and Peter Grine from Bloomington, Illinois. Grine started out showing his background in Muay Thai, landing many low kicks to Green's thigh, which later left a good bruise. Green stayed tough and landed a big right hand, stunning Grine and taking him to the ground. Green quickly controlled Grine and moved to his back. Green took the win by rear naked choke at 1:49 of the 1st round.

    The fourth fight was an amateur boxing match between Finney's Tim Connor and Edwin Flores of St. Charles, Missouri. Connor's came out setting the speed of the fight working his jab and working Flores body. Connor continued landing multiple combinations until dropping Flores at 1:52 of the 1st round. Flores couldn't make the count, Connor wins by KO.

    The fifth fight of the night was between John Manke Team Vaghi and William Winchester trained by Lincoln Turner from Kailua, Hawaii. The fight started with both fighters throwing punches, and then getting in the clinch. This is where Manke did some damage, landing multiple knees to Winchester's body, finally taking him to the ground. Manke wasted little time, getting the mount position. Manke landed some punches finally switching over to his Jui Jitsu background and winning by arm bar at 1:46 of the 1st round.

    The final match before the main event was suppose to be another amateur boxing match between Kevin Engel and Mike Gladney. However Gladney called his trainer at 6:30 PM on Saturday night telling him he wasn't showing up. His trainer Jim Howell, quickly made some calls and found a fighter at the last minute. Brian McClene filled the spot and was more than ready to fight. him and Engel both came out trying to establish there game plans. The first round had Engel connecting with his jab, giving him the round on all three Judges cards. The second round was a tight one but Engel continued to connect with his jab and landed some solid right hands. McClene landed a lot of big punches throughout the round also. After 2 rounds 2 judges had it even and 1 had Engel up by 2 rounds. The third round was just as exciting as the second with both fighters landing punches. Engel's punches looked to have more impact in the round which ended up getting him the win by unanimous decision, 30-27, 29-28, 29-28.

    The main event was just as exciting as the other nights bouts. Dustin Severs of Festus, Missouri and Ryan Kronewitter from Vinecunes, Indiana. Sever's record was 4-1, and Kronewitter's record was 3-1. This fight was action packed from the sound of the bell. Both fighters landed a couple of punches while on their feet. Until Severs took Kronewitter to the mat, and giving him good position to use is ground stills. Kronewitter being no strange to the ring quickly worked to get Severs into his guard. Kronewitter showed some of his Jui Jitsu skills getting Severs in an arm bar from his back but Severs escaped and regained ground control. The 10 second whistle sounded as Severs was working for a key lock, finally sinking it in, forcing Kronewitter to tap at 2:57 of the 1st round. Severs improves to 5-1 with 5 wins by submission.

For more info about Finney's Kickboxing or other Finney events, please call (314) 608-3104, (314) 351-5226 or e-mail to jesse@finneyskickboxing.com

MORE NEWS OF 11-22-04


Results From
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

  1. ISCF Light Heavyweight MMA
    Bernard Rutherford
    (Velocity) Defeated Aaron Ashendorf (Independent) by unanimous decision. Aschendorf came to fight attempting numerous submissions, but Rutherford dominated the stand up & striking on his way to a unanimous decision.

  2. ISCF Heavyweight MMA
    Scott Harper
    (Xtreme Fighting Academy) Defeated Frankie Parkman (Alliance) by KO 13 seconds into round 1. The heavyweights came out banging with harper landing the big bomb to stop the contest.

  3. ISCF Superheavyweight MMA
    Nate Horsely
    (The Hardcore Gym) Defeated Tony Roberts (Dixson's Dungeon) by Doctor Stop at .32 seconds into round 1. These two big boys were exchanging some serious leather when Horsely landed the blow that opened a nasty gash causing referee Cam McHargue to step in and call for the doctor.

  4. IKF Light Heavyweight Full Contact Kickboxing
    Jason Miller
    (AMA) Defeated Joshua Hancock (Hollywood Boxing) at 1:19 of round 1 by TKO (3 Knockdown Rule). Hancock Was barely even in this one as Miller completely and totally dominated with crisp hard punches.

  5. ISCF Light Heavyweight MMA
    Jeremiah Huskins
    (Oxendine/Soneca) Defeated Brent Elledge (Unattached) by Rear Naked Choke at 1:11 of round 1. Hats off to Elledge who took the fight on four hours notice when it became apparent originally scheduled opponent todd cutler would be a no-show. Elledge showed some serious stand up & athleticism, but his lack of ground skills did him in.

  6. ISCF Pro Light Middleweight MMA
    Efrain Ruiz
    (FFA) Defeated Dale Sapp (Team Cloddfelter) by Tap Out, Rar Naked Choke at 4:59 of round 1. Ruiz dominated this match although Sapp surprised him at one point with a heel hook. Ruiz managed to escape and Sapp tapped right before the bell.

  7. ISCF Pro Light Heavyweight MMA
    Rory Singer
    (The Hardcore Gym) Defeated Jason Hathaway (US Army) by Rear Naked Choke at 2:06 of round 1. Singer was just too much for the always game Hathaway. Rory dominated and secured the choke for the win. Fight Party and the crew at ISCF & IKF wish the best of luck to Hathaway who is returning to Iraq for another tour of duty.

  8. ISCF Pro Welterweight MMA
    Casey Oxendine
    (Oxendine/Soneca) Defeated Steve "The Weasel" Hallock (Toledo Jiu Jitsu Acad) by unanimous decision. A very technical fight showcasing stand-up & ground work. Oxendine landed more blows and received the edge on the ground.

  9. ISCF Pro Welterweight MMA Santino Defranco (Arizona Combat Sports) Defeated Melvin Guillard (Ancona's Gym) by triangle choke at 2:33 of round 1. Guillard came in as the favorite, but no one told Defranco. Santino dominated the takedowns and ground. Guillard defended the first triangle, but when Defranco locked in the second one, there was no escaping.

Worthy of mention is the fact that Chandler Oakes made it to the parking lot, but not into the building, taking off and leaving George Kassaeve with no opponent. Also, Todd Cutler left a cryptic e-mail the night before about his corner and "ride" having to leave town on an emergency. Rather than contact the promoter on the telephone, he simply no-showed from there. Then, on the day after, he wrote a nasty e-mail about how he trains with UFC veteran Rich Crunkelton and doesn't need "crackers" like Brett Moses.
Hey, FYI for ya Cutler.. No one here needs you either!

For more information contact Mr. Brett Moses at (404) 315-7235 or go to www.thefightparty.com

Monday, November 22nd, 10:20 PM:
We Are Waiting For Results From

Russ O'Connell and his IOWA KICKFEST in Waterloo, Iowa.

FRIDAY, November 19th, 2004, AT 5:50 PM, PT

Up The Pro IKF Rankings

We don't know about everyone here but for us, some of the best suggestions, ideas and questions come from the members of the Kickboxing Message Board. Recently one of the Kickboxing Message Board members posted a legit and valid question:

"I see that the top guys ranked have been ranked there for a long time but are they still fighting, should have to fight to keep there rankings?"

This was a good question and we had to agree with the concern 100%! Fighters should keep their top ranking ONLY if they are active in Kickboxing. Some of course have moved to boxing, where they remain active but may never kickbox again such as IKF Pro FCR North American Super Middleweight Champion Eric Regan. Such fighters will now be moved down in the rankings, despite the fact that they may have beaten fighters above them in the past. So, over the last week we took a look into the issue. After researching many of the fighters in each division, we made some necessary changes in the Pro Rankings along with adding a new section below each weightclass.

Our updates were based upon each fighters most known recent activity. Fighters we have not heard from (in the news or contacted us for ranking info updates) for some time have been moved below the rankings into a new listing with the heading, "Fighters Listed Below Are Possibly Retired As of the Date By Their Name." If you are one of these fighters, or their trainer and would like to be placed back into the active number rankings, we ask that you e-mail us (main@ikfkickboxing.com) and inform us of when you last fought and that you would like to stay active. In addition, if you know of other fighters that have retired, you can help us out more by e-mailing us with such info at main@ikfkickboxing.com

THURSDAY, November 18th, 2004, AT 6:20 PM, PT


Mohr Seeks More IKF Brass At

This coming Saturday night, November 20th, IKF Promoter Russ O'Connell (Left) and his promotional team from Cedar Valley Pro Fitness and Martial Arts will feature another edition of his "IOWA KICKFEST", IKF Amateur Kickboxing at the 5 Sullivan Brothers Convention Center in Waterloo, Iowa, USA. The nights Main Event will be the quest for the

IKF Amateur FCR North Central Middleweight Title
featuring IKF Amateur IR Midwest Middleweight champion
Nate Mohr (Right) of Iowa vs Chris Cichon of Minnesota.

Here are the remainder of the nights bouts below.

  1. Marshall Blevin of Davenport, Iowa, USA (8-2/3) vs Rob Wiley of Omaha, Nebraska, USA (9-2-1/3). Both are former IKF IR National Amateur Champions.

  2. IR: Sam Winbergof Iowa vs Henry Bierman of Wisconsin.

  3. IR: Tim Gorham of Nebraska vs Andy Brandl of Iowa

  4. IR: Lauren Herrig of Iowa vs Jackie Prine of Nebraska.

  5. IR: Riley Herman of Iowa vs Dave Mulbauer of Iowa.

  6. FCR: Laurel Farrell of Iowa vs Laura Jo Wessels of Wisconsin.

  7. IR: Emil Grudic of Michigan vs Jason Smith of Iowa.

  8. FCR: Steve Woock of Iowa vs KC Giwa of Minnesota.

  9. FCR: Amie Johnson of Iowa vs Angela Sacarello of Minnesota.

  10. FCR: Eric Enequist of Iowa vs Brian Berg of Wisconsin.

The nights IKF Event Representative will be Mr. Scott Fischer of Chicago, Illinois. The event referees will be Mr. Blane Nichols handling the full contact rules bouts while Mr. Mike Storm of Nebraska will handle the International and MuayThai rules bouts. The event doors open at 5:30 PM and the event begins at 7:PM. For more info please contact Mr. Russ O'Connell or the staff at Cedar Valley Pro Fitness and Martial Arts at (319) 234-1935 or by e-mail at Tkdoc07@aol.com

MORE NEWS OF 11-18-04...

RE-POSTED FROM MONDAY, November 15th, 2004, AT 1:00 PM, PT


Saturday, November 20th, the Party returns! Brett Moses' (Right) Fight Party Productions presents: "Domination At The DAC" The event will be held at the Dekalb Atlanta Centre, Atlanta, Georgia, USA and will feature 10 ISCF Mixed Martial Arts Extreme Fighting bouts and 1 Pro Full Contact rules Kickboxing match. The Main Event promises to be a WAR as highly regarded Melvin "The Young Assassin" Guillard & Santino DeFranco do battle no-holds-barred style.

The card also features, Light Heavyweight contender, Rory Singer. In a welterweight match, Casey Oxendine will take on the crafty Steve "The Weasel" Hallock. Also fighting will be local favorite Bernard Rutherford, the return of Junior Assuncao and the debut of Alliance Heavyweight Frankie Parkman.

Here's the nights FIGHT CARD:

    Chandler Oakes
    VS George Kassaeve

    Aaron Aschendorf
    VS Bernard Rutherford

    Jason Miller
    VS Joshua Hancock

    Scott Harper
    VS Frankie Parkman

    Nate Horsely
    VS Tony Roberts

    Jeremiah Huskins
    VS Todd Cutler

    Efrain Ruiz
    VS Dale Sapp

    Rory Singer
    VS Jason Hathaway

    Junior Assuncao
    VS Ray Totorico

    Casey Oxendine
    VS Steve Hallock

    Melvin Guillard
    v. Santino DeFranco

Doors open at 6:30 PM, fights begin at 7:PM. Tickets are $75, $55 & $35 and are available through Ticketmaster, The DAC, Alliance Martial Arts Center, Velocity Kickboxing, Tiger Academy Or The Fight Party Hotline at (404) 315-7235. For more information about the "DOMINATION AT THE DAC," go to www.thefightparty.com

MORE NEWS OF 11-18-04...

Rumble In The Jungle VI
St. Louis, Missouri, USA

This coming Saturday, November 20th, IKF Promoter Jesse Finney (Right) and his Promotional Team are all set to host Rumble In The Jungle VI. The event will be at the The Rum Jungle at 618 North 2nd Street. However, this event has been a nightmare for Finney as far as bouts booked. After begging Finney to fight on his event Witney Wadell Sr. from US Martial Arts out of Chicago, Illinois, USA pulled "ALL" 7 of his fighters out yesterday with shameful and weak excuses. The fighters all include Witney Wadell Sr. himself along with his son, Whitney Wadell, Jr., Alex Cancel, Ray Hernandez, Denese Rodriguez, Anthony Marion and Kristal Martinez. In all, Finney is out the $750.00 hotel bill because he had to guarantee all 3 of Wadell's rooms to reserve them for the weekend.

Because of this, Finney now has no kickboxing bouts, but will have 1 kickboxing exhibition featuring Robin Connelly vs Amanda Freedland. As for the rest of the bouts on the card they will be amateur boxing and amateur ISCF Mixed Martial Arts. Here is the line up as of press time today:

  1. Amateur Boxing
    Kevin "Tingle" Engel
    of St. Louis, Missouri vs Mike Gladney of St. Charles, Missouri.

  2. Amateur Boxing:
    Tim "Irish Pride" Conners of St. Louis, Missouri vs Edwin Florez of St. Charles, Missouri.

  3. Amateur ISCF MMA
    "Mean" Mike Green
    of St. Louis, Missouri vs Peter Grine Bloomington, Illinois.

  4. Amateur ISCF MMA
    John Manke
    of St. Louis, Missouri vs William Winchester of Kansas City, Missouri.

  5. Amateur ISCF MMA
    Dustin Seavers
    of St. Louis, Missouri vs Ryan Krewitter of Evansville, Indiana.

  6. Amateur ISCF MMA
    St. Louis Rams football player Tracey Taylor of St. Louis, Missouri vs Josh Hargass out of Kansas City, Missouri.

For event and ticket info call (314) 608-3104, (314) 351-5226 or e-mail to jesse@finneyskickboxing.com

MORE NEWS OF 11-18-04...

Results Of Merseyside Kickboxings
Heat Is On

At The C& B Club Haydock, England, 14th November 2004 - Promoter - Alby Bimpson

IKF Europe: Originally this show was scheduled for October 2004 with an IKF European Amateur title and International bouts between England and Portugal. This was cancelled due to the tragic death of Nuno Ferreira, the trainer of the Portuguese Team and President of one of the 2 major associations in Portugal one week prior to the show.

Nuno was a young man destined to make great changes for the good of the sport, determined for everyone to work together. He was widely respected in his country and to those who knew him around the world, and a personal friend. He is a great loss to the sport and forever in our thoughts.

This show brought fighters from across the country. The furthest being Emma Dove from Brighton, trained by Steve Gosden. A big thank you to all the fighters and trainers for arriving on time. The show gave a great opportunity for the amateur fighters to gain experience.

The final bout of the night was eagerly awaited as it was the only ladies fight. Emma Pennington being the local girl and her opponent Emma Dove travelling down from Brighton on the day. The bout started with Pennington on the attack, catching Dove with excellent punch combinations. Dove was not put off by this and continued throughout the fight to have the edge with her kicking especially push and front kick putting Pennington off balance. In the 3rd round Pennington seemed to loose steam in the last minute. Dove took full advantage of this and finished the round with excellent kicking combinations. Respect to both fighters. Winner Emma Dove.

Here are the Results of the other nights bouts below:

    LIAM FIELDS Vs ZAC McNABB, Kirkby Thai Boxing Gym, Liverpool

  2. Full Contact:
    Liverpool, Academy Vs DANNY HORTON, Fast & Furious, Skelmersdale
    Winner, DANNY HORTON by unanimous decision.

  3. Full Contact:
    Winner, DOMINIC FELIX by KO at 1:14 of the 1st round.

    (opponents pulled out 2 days prior)

  5. MuayThai
    Liverpool Academy Vs DEAN ROBINSON, Kirkby, Liverpool
    Winner DEAN ROBINSON by TKO at 1:48 of 1st round.

  6. MuayThai
    Siminngdan, Bradford, Vs JOHN BAINES, Kirkby, Liverpool
    Winner, JOHN BAINES by unanimous decision.

  7. Full Contact
    LADIES 54-56 kg.

    Pro Am Gym, Brighton Vs EMMA PENNINGTON, MKB, Haydock
    Winner, EMMA DOVE by unanimous decision

For more info please contact IKF Europe Director Mr. Alby Bimpson by e-mail at ikfeurope@hotmail.com

TUESDAY, November 16th, 2004, AT 8:20 PM, PT

Fireworks In Paisley Scotland
Lex Easdon Wins The IKF Intercontinental Title
After A Shaky Start

By IKF Europe: Welcome to Scotland, where the landscape is green and bag pipes are ringing the sounds of the Scottish Charm. The top of the bill on this night fight card was the vacant IKF Intercontinental Middleweight Full Contact Title rules title bout. the bout would feature hometown fighter Lex Easdon of Scotland (At right in a previous file photo) vs Edgars Pilvinis of Lithuania, and rightly so, this be the nights Main event because Lex is a hero in Scotland.

With Paisley Town Hall packed to the rafters and Easdon being (Bag) piped into the ring by a lone Piper, the crowd was truly ready for this battle. His opponent was 18 year old Lithuanian Edgars Pilvinis who stood in his corner watching the amazing scenes unravel. When the bell sounded for the first round Pilvinis took the fight to Easdon, stunning the crowd along with Easdon as this guy was here to win. Pilvinis caught Easdon with a right hand which shook Easdon along with the crowd and brought everyone's attention to center ring.

In round 2 the Lithuanian kept up the pressure on Easdon. Easdon calling on his great experience, to ride the onslaught. It had been noted that Pilvinis, although strong with his hands, his lack of kicks brought the first warning from International Referee John Blackledge.
Round 3 saw Easdon have enough to spare and came out with all guns blazing, determined to show the crowd, and this new upstart, who was the boss. The battle was in Pilvinis corner. Easdon using his experience, saw the opportunity for a short left upper cut, catching Pilvinis on the chin and putting him down, with Referee Blackledge picking up the count. As Blackledge's count reached 9 it was clear, Pilvinis was unable to continue. On this night, the new IKF Champion would be Lex Easdon who wins by KO at 1:48 into the 3rd round. Easdon becomes the new IKF Full Contact Rules Middleweight Intercontinental Champion. Pilvinis is definitely someone to watch out for in the future. Being only 18 years old he proved tonight that he was a tough fighter and even more praise goes to him for accepting this fight with only a weeks notice.

The Semi Main event was also a site to see. This bout would be for the vacant IKF Full Contact Rules Super Lightweight Intercontinental Title and would feature Wullie Chapell of Scotland vs Arild Mikarlsen of Norway.
This was a bout that went the full 10 scheduled rounds. Mikarlsen had already proved himself in England stopping Steve Donnelly of Coventry in a previous IKF show. It has got to be said, when ever the Norwegian team come over, they always come to fight to win. And the Norwegian team is nothing short of talent in their trainers department either with former "MULTI" time Kickboxing Champion Trevor Ambrose and Bard Trones leading the team, there is a great combination of experience behind the Team. Chapell has an excellent fight record and was certainly worthy of the fight for the IKF Intercontinental Title. Being from the Easdon stable of fighters with a fight record of 40 Wins and 2 Losses, and fighting at home, it all added up to a great fight.

Mikarlsen came out in round 1 and exploded with a full arsenal of punches and kicks stunning Chapell. Chapell seemed to be riding the onslaught with a game plan. In rounds 2 & 3, Chapell was pushing forward throughout, with Mikarlsen counter attacking and moving out of the combinations coming from Chapell. Even though Chapell was coming forward like a train, Mikarlsen kept to his game plan of strike with combinations and getting out of the way stealing the rounds. This continued into the middle rounds after which Chapell, guided by his corner, started to win the later rounds. This was a little too late and the scorecards were added up, the fight went to Mikarlsen on a unanimous decision. The crowd was very appreciative of the decision and comments after the fight said it was the right decision making Mikarlsen the new IKF Full Contact Rules Light Welterweight Intercontinental Champion.

There were 5 supporting bouts and here are the results below
One fighter that stood out was Kris Carlsen. The bout ended in a "no contest" due to a pure accidental injury to opponent Paul Graham, but there was enough time in the first 2 rounds to note that Carlsen is a star, and definitely someone to look out for. Not only is he an excellent fighter, he is entertaining which can only be good for the sport. Carlsen is another fighter from the Easdon's stable.

  1. Exhibition/Demo
    Sam Allen
    vs Alex White

  2. Jackie Mills vs Barbara White: Mills wins by Unanimous Decision.

  3. Exhibition/Demo
    Zander Patterson
    vs Michael Johnson

  4. IKF Pro FCR Light Welterweight Intercontinental Title
    Wullie Chapell
    Vs Arild Mikarlsen. Mikarlsen by Unanimous Decision

  5. Steve Peattrie vs Jacky Burnie. Peattrie wins by TKO at 1:43 of round 2.

  6. Kris Carlsen vs Paul Graham. - No Contest - Injury to Graham - Unable to continue.

  7. IKF Pro FCR Middleweight Title: Lex Easdon vs Edgars Pilvinis. Easdon wins by KO at 1:48 of round 3.

For more info please contact IKF Europe Director Mr. Alby Bimpson by e-mail at ikfeurope@hotmail.com

MORE NEWS OF 11-16-04

Makes A Move

Just about everyone knows or knows of Peyton "The Artist" Russell (Right) of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Peyton is a mild mannered, soft spoken martial artist that carries a big stick. He trained with Professional World Champion CB Bunkholt out of Bloomington Karate Center in Bloomimgton, Minnesota. Peyton is the two time IKF National Amateur Full Contact Rules Middleweight Champion and the 2002 IKF North American Amateur Champion.

If you had the pleasure to ever sit down and talk with Peyton you'd quickly learn that he is a very centered, focused and driven martial artist. One of Peyton's many goals is to reach the pinnacle of the sport of full contact rules kickboxing by winning the coveted title of IKF Professional World Champion. He also has plans to fight in Europe as much as possible.

Just recently Peyton made the decision to "Make A Move" to South Carolina to train with IKF trainer, promoter and representative, Ray Thompson. Ray owns Upstate Karate in Simpsonville, South Carolina, the home of Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson (Left). Peyton has been contemplating the decision to move south for some time but made it a reality on November 5th when he pulled up in South Carolina after a five day scenic trek from Minnesota. He said in order to take his kickboxing to the next level he'd need to move to South Carolina and begin training with Mr. Thompson and the Wonderboy.

Peyton came to this decision after coming south and training with the Thompson's on several different occasions. Mr. Thompson will begin Peyton's career in the professional ranks of kickboxing. He also will employ Peyton as an instructor in training. Peyton hopes to some day teach kickboxing and martial arts in his own school. He has been accepted into the Upstate Karate Family by all the students and instructors and he said he feels at home here already. Peyton we here at the IKF wish you much success and look forward to seeing you in the winners circle "AGAIN" in the not too distant future.

MONDAY, November 15th, 2004, AT 1:00 PM, PT


This article was re-posted above on Thursday, November 18th.

SATURDAY, November 13th, 2004, AT 12:50 AM, PT

Bach Retains Title
As Zbilski Rocks!

IKF Illinois, USA: On November 6th we were in South Carolina, USA as part of Ray Thompson's SUPER SHOW and wished we had more IKF Events like it! Thompson's show is an event we hope to tell you about in more detail later this week since all we had time to do last week was tell you the results, so look for that story soon.

Last night, Rob Zbilski (Right) answered our wish and Rocked the house, the Marriott Hotel House in Schauburg, Illinois, USA. The headline bout featured the IKF Pro World title defense of Tommy Bach of Buffalo Grove, Illinois, USA. Bach was defending his IKF Pro Lightweight World Title against current IKF Pro FCR Featherweight USA Champion, Eric Mihindou of Wixom, Michigan, USA.

The two battled strong for 5 straight rounds but in the end, it would be a kick that Mihindou took in round 2 that would end it all. Mihindou's left shoulder had been injured from one of Bach's strong kicks in round 2 but he kept battling. It showed in round 5 as Mihindou fell short in getting his mandatory kicks in. Finally at the end of round 5, with Bach up on all the cards, 50-44, 50-44 and 50-45, Mihindou told referee Scott Fischer from his corner during the round break that his shoulder hurt too much to continue. Bach gets the win by TKO and improves to 11 wins with 2 loses and a draw, with 4 wins coming by the KO/TKO while Mihindou's Pro record dropped to 10 wins with 3 loses. Here's the results of the rest of the nights action below.

  1. Alfredo Ramos of Maywood, Illinois, USA (2-0-1/1, 159, 5'9", 3-4-85, Daniel Tapia, (708) 323-7376) defeated Shelton Barnes of Round Lake, Illinois, USA (9-4/2, 158, 6'1", 10-9-69, Rob Zbilski, (847) 669-7833) by TKO at 57 seconds into round 2.

  2. Marcello Bezon of Waucondo, Illinois, USA (9-3/0, 154, 5'8", 5-14-72, Tommy Bach, (847) 877-4847) defeated Carlos Hernandez of Cicero, Illinois, USA, (3-1/1, 160, 5'5", 10-26-75, Bob Schermer, (708) 222-8100) by unanimous decision 30-27 on all 3 judges cards.

  3. Exhibition Bout: Felice Herrig of Lake In The Hills Illinois (0-2/0, 124, 5'4", 9-18-84, Rob Zbilski, (847) 669-7833) traded punches with Bonnie Gumkowski of Lansing, Illinois, USA (0-0/0, 134, 5'2", 12-2-82, Charles Baron. (847) 891-3361). This was suppose to be a real bout however the weight spread was outside the allowed limit. From what we saw in the exhibition, Herrig would have easily won this bout, even at the lower weight.

  4. Shawn Robertson of Cicero, Illinois, USA (1-0/0, 186, 6'2", 8-24-77, Rick Sollo, (847) 638-1108) defeated Ross Grady of Joliet, Illinois, USA (1-1/0, 185, 5'7", 11-10-82, Ron Hill, (815) 727-7000) by unanimous decision 29-28, 29-26 and 29-25.

  5. Eustorgio Gama of Elgin, Illinois, USA (14-6/1, 176, 6', 12-30-77, Rob Zbilski, (847) 669-7833) defeated Dan Ruszika of Cicero, Illinois, USA (3-6/0, 181, 5'10", 9-19-79, Rick Sollo, (847) 638-1108) by unanimous decision 30-27, 29-28 and 30-28.

  6. Sarah Ross of Lake In The Hills, Illinois, USA (12-0/2, 133, 5'7", 8-25-90, Rob Zbilski, (847) 669-7833) defeated Stephanie Mariscal of Cicero, Illinois, USA (4-3/1, 138, 5'3", 16, 6-6-88, Bob Shermer, (708) 222-8100) by a VERY questionable majority decision. Questionable because there was no way this was even close. Judges scored it 30-27, 30-27 but one judge had it even at 29-29. Trust us, this was ALL Ross, 30-27 all the way! We were especially impressed with Ross' spinning back kick to Mariscal head... Along with about a zillion other moves she did. Ross recorded 36 kicks in 3, 1:30 rounds. This girl has a dynamic future!

  7. Mario Williams of Chicago, Illinois, USA (Pro debut, amateur record of 7-2, 146, 5'9", 2-20-77, Charles Baron, (708) 891-3361) defeated Mark Streater of Arlington Heights, Illinois, USA (Pro 9-10/7, Amateur, 17-5-1/5, 142, 5'9", 3-15-61, Self, (847) 409-0007) by TKO at 1:35 of round 4 when Williams landed a HARD right hand that dropped Williams. Streater had taken a similar right hand in round 3 that dropped him but Williams was not able to end it.

  8. Mike Spelz of Chicago, Illinois, USA (7-3/2, 163, 6'1", 12-15-86, Jim Klaba, (773) 736-8200) defeated Damien Norris of Rockford, Illinois, USA (0-1/0, 161, 5'11", 1-31-88, Craig Monyelle, (815) 639-9360) by unanimous decision 29-27 on all 3 judges cards. However he paid a heavy price. Norris came out in round 1 with more spinning side kicks that we have ever seen in a single round. Better for Norris, about 80% landed and landed hard, including one to Spelz' face and another to his rib cage. Norris won round 1 easily but as Spelz and his trainer Jim Klaba figured out all Norris had was the spin kick, they changed their game plan and took over to win rounds 2 and 3. After the bout, Spelz was taken to the hospital with the worry of a possibly cracked or even a broken rib.

A great job by Team Z and the entire event staff and officials! We look forward to the next time the Team Z promotional crew decides to "Bring It ON!" For more info please contact Mr. Rob Zbilski and Team Z at (847) 669-7833 or by e-mail at info@teamzs.com

FRIDAY, November 12th, 2004, AT 9:30 AM, PT

IKF Intercontinental Titles
Tonight In Scotland!

IKF United Kingdom: Today IKF European Director Alby Bimpson confirmed a dual IKF Pro title event in Scotland. The show was originally planned to be sanctioned by a European only sanctioning body. However earlier this week, the other sanctioning body demanded more money from the promoter than originally agreed which brought the promoter to cancel the sanctioning from them rather than be "Played" by them. In response, the event promoter, Lex Easdon (Right) of Paisley, Scotland made an agreement with the IKF European offices which confirmed the sanction with IKF World Headquarters. "It's sad when some of these organizations feel they have a promoter over a barrel and make such ridiculous demands, believing they have no other choice." Said IKF President Steve Fossum via phone from Chicago, Illinois, USA. "This is not the first time this sanctioning body has done this but this is the first time we stepped in to help a promoter like this, and from what we have discovered, it may not be the last."

The decision wasn't a hard one for the IKF. The promoter Lex Easdon of Paisley, Scotland is ranked number one in the IKF Pro World Middleweight Rankings. Easdon has a record of 42 wins and only 2 loses with 32 wins coming via KO/TKO. One of his only 2 loses came at the hands of IKF North American Middleweight Champion Eric Regan. However Regan has dropped in the IKF Pro World Rankings because he switched to Pro Boxing a couple years ago where he has been very successful boasting a record of 23-1/15. As a Pro boxer Regan just won the IBA Continental Middleweight Title in May of this year.

Easdon was to defend his World Title he held with the other sanctioning body, but now, because he would not pay the additional demanded money, the other organization has elected to strip him of his World Titles. This was a decision that brings back other memories of unjustified title striping such as what another sanctioning body, the iska, did a few weeks back to their World Champion Randy Pogue of Pennsylvania. -see related stories below...- Pogue is the number one ranked IKF Pro FCR Super Middleweight fighter. Easdon's event will now feature 2 IKF Intercontinental titles on his event. These titles will include the IKF Middleweight Full Contact Rules Intercontinental Title when Easdon himself takes on number eight ranked IKF Pro FCR Middleweight Edgars Pilivinis of Lithuania, (Pro Kickboxing 7-3/0, Pro Boxing 4-1)

The other title fight will be for the vacant IKF Light Welterweight Full Contact Rules Intercontinental Title when number three ranked IKF Pro FCR Light Welterweight Wullie Chapel of Scotland (40-3/0) takes on number one ranked IKF Pro FCR Super Lightweight Arild Mikarlson of Norway (53-12/0).

Since Easdon is the number one contender in the IKF Pro FCR Middleweight division (Along with being a renowned World Champion with other organizations) is hoping in the future to challenge for the IKF Middleweight Full Contact Title previously held by IKF World Champion Dave Marinoble of Roseville, California, USA. Earlier this year Marinoble retired his title when he retired from the sport due to a back injury that had been bothering him for some time. Fighting for the IKF Intercontinental title is a stepping stone for Easdon who hopes to have a shot at the vacant World Title. Of course he will need to get past Edgars Pilivinis of Lithuania first and you can guarantee fireworks in Scotland when Lex is fighting - A fight not to be missed!

The show is tonight at the Paisley Town Hall on Gause Street in Paisley Cross, Scotland.

MORE IKF NEWS OF 11-12-04...

Results From The
Joe Lewis - IKF Amateur Kickboxing Event!

The Joe Lewis Fighting System Conference & Amateur Kickboxing, November 6th, at the Surfside Inn Oceanfront in Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA.

From Promoter Craig Smith:
First I would like to take this opportunity to thank the IKF and the Joe Lewis Organization for allowing me to sanction another one of their events. The Joe Lewis Conference was great with over 150 registered participants. The Kickboxing show on Saturday the 6th of November was attended by over 300, most of which ate the buffet dinner that was provided with their purchased ticket. The food was delicious with candle light atmosphere. It was a Top notch event with a pleasant crowd, not rowdy. Lets get to the FIGHTS!

  1. The first fight of the night was an Exhibition provided by one of the IKF's own Ronnie Copeland against his long time friend Randy Ballard. This was only a two rounder and they both provided great techniques to show the differences between most Pro's and Amateurs.

  2. The Second bout was also an Exhibition two rounder between a Home Grown Virginia boy vs a Home grown North Carolina boy. They also provided some excitement to start the night off with the first Sanctioned bout to follow (No names were given for this Exhibition bout by the writer/promoter, Craig Smith)

  3. Mike Ritzmann out of Texas Vs Michael Novitery with both fighters going the distance and a decision going to Mike Ritzmann.

  4. The 2nd bout of the evening was between Terique McDaniel and Dave Taylor. What a war this was with the decision being determined by (1) point due to not enough kicks. The winner, Dave Taylor from Craig Smith's Karate & Kickboxing.

  5. The 3rd bout of the evening was Stephen Snyder out of Danny Drine's school in Arkansas Vs Michael Harris from Ronnie Copelands school, after three rounds it was determined a draw.

  6. Next up was Bahseem Peterson from Poey's Training Center in Virginia Beach Vs Michael Decker from New Jersey. Decker squeaked out the decision by (1) point.

  7. Next up was the exciting Dallas Crowe out of South Carolina Vs Chris Barrineau of Poey's School in Virginia Beach. Dallas pulled off the exciting close match by decision.

  8. Next fight was Rafael Bayona out of BlackHawk Walters School Vs Josh Tufte from North Carolina. What a fight this was with Tufte pulling off the upset decision.

  9. The Final Bout was between two 2004 IKF/TKO North American Classic Champions. Michael Holcomb of Craig Smith's Virginia Beach school Vs Chad Monyelle out of Craig Monyelle's Gym in Wisconsin. If you missed the first fight in Florida this one lived up to, and past that one. In that first match at the North American Classic this year, Monyelle defeated Holcomb by unanimous decision 29-28 on all 3 judges cards. However on this night, Holcomb got his revenge with a TKO in the third round over Monyelle who is the only person ever to have beaten him. Michael Holcomb improved his record to 16-1 with 9 KO/TKO's while Monyelle drops to 10-4 with 4 KO/TKO's.
    REMATCH ANYONE? Call Craig Smith or Craig Monyelle and "Bring It ON!"

For more info please contact me at (757) 491-1733 or at (757) 729-0942 or by e-mail at kickingboxing@aol.com
Well, that does it. I also want to think Jeff Smith, Mark Selbee and all the other Officials and Great People who came to this event. Take care everyone!
Craig Smith
Your IKF Virginia Representative

MORE IKF NEWS OF 11-12-04...

With Great Power
Comes Great Responsibility

The action discussed above (Lex Easdon - Scotland) seems to be a common move with some sanctioning bodies. We here at the IKF ask WHY? Why would you make such a negative move that will stay with you, well, forever. The only thing closely related to this for the IKF was when the IKF Stripped IKF Pro FCR World Super Welterweight Champion Vladimir Avtamonov of Omsk, Siberia, Russia, (PKB: 22-1/11, AMKB: 35-5) after a long drawn out situation with his trainer/manager back then, Oleg Vadaturskiy of Russia. Avtamonov was scheduled to defend his title on October 26th, 2002, in Butler, Pennsylvania, USA against Jimmy Stewart. His trainer Oleg Vadaturskiy had insisted he would handle all necessary visa arrangements for their trip to the USA. However Vadaturskiy stopped returning any calls and e-mails from the IKF and the Stewart promoters 3 weeks prior to the planned event. It was eventually discovered that Vadaturskiy had never even attempted to attain the proper Visa's to come to America and had never informing the IKF or Stewart's promoters of this. To the best of the IKF's knowledge, although Avtamonov may have wanted to fight, Vadaturskiy had no desire to travel to the USA for the fight. The IKF later discovered Vadaturskiy had just started his own Russian Sanctioning body and was receiving funding from the government for it. The IKF also discovered he had been contacting other IKF promoters, asking for their business. Realizing he had no desire to bring his fighter to the USA to defend his IKF title, the IKF later made the decision in December of 2002 to retire the title from Avtamonov.

However, the IKF never "Banned" him from the rankings. He is currently ranked number three in the IKF Pro FCR Super Welterweight division. Lex Easdon of Paisley, Scotland as explained above was not as fortunate. Seems the organization he was a Champion in found money more important than the fighter himself. Not only have they banned Easdon, but they also banned all the Fighters, Trainers and Officials on the event. This is what it says on the other organizations web site today:

After meeting with XXX World director , XXX World office has take the decision today 11/11/2022 to suspend and stop the XXX SCOTLAND representation.
( Fighters / Trainers / Officials / promoters are today suspended to participate in any XXX Event worldwide). Regarding the problem this week (Fight on 12 /11 / 2004) with the cancelation in last minute by M. EASDON Lex (promoter of the show in PAYSLEY) , of 2 XXX World title profesionnal without any available reason, regarding all the work done by XXX World office during a period of 3 month time:
Due to his behaviour against XXX members and XXX World office these last days and the irespectfull action and talking, M. Lex EASDON is not anymore recognize as XXX WORLD champion, and is not allowed to fight anymore under XXX rules and regulation with no limit of time. The XXX World title will be organise on 20 of NOVEMBER 2004 in POLAND with: XX vs XX and the winner of this fight will be the New XXX WORLD Champion in the division.
WKN World president will shortly set a meeting with XXX, the former XXX SCOTLAND representative to discuss about the possibilitie to save this situation (No payment of some WKN taxes and no respect of WKN Rules and regulation regarding contrat/rules and promotion) . In the case there is no agreement done, SCOTISH fighters won't be allowed to fight in any XXX event all around the world.


Don't worry Lex, you are still rated as the number one contender in the IKF Pro FCR Middleweight rankings, same place you were even BEFORE this new news. We are sure you won't have any problem finding a fight with ANY organization and the same goes for the other fighters, trainers and officials working your event. Somehow WINNERS keep busy in this sport.

It appears as such but we don't know officially if this organization kept Lex in their rankings though. This is because they don't have rankings... What's new though with most other organizations. Well, the iska organization claims to have rankings. But guess what they did to their World Champion Randy Pogue of Pennsylvania just a couple of weeks back. Well, if you have been reading the news page here, you noticed Pogue could not defend his iska World Title in the state of California against top contender Brian Swartz of Foster City, California, USA because the State commission rules do not allow him to wear contact lenses. Instead of looking to book the event in another state, the iska just called up Pogue and flat out said, since you cannot accept the challenge, we are stripping you of your title. But here's the real joke or insult... iska pulled Pogue off their World Title listing but never ranked him back in the so called rankings. What's up with that?

To those in the IKF, this appears to be a simple case of abuse of power. Organizations can't just "At the blow of the wind" make such rash and unjustified decisions. There are consequences involved here they are not even considering. Where are their justified reasons? Pogue told iska he would have eye surgery so he could fight in California. Not good enough for iska though. What was good for them was to do what they did. But was it "The right thing to do?" Of course not. Remember what they did to Ramona Gatto, just to make another promoter happy? If not, Click Here. Now this other organization in Europe strips a fighter because he makes a stand not to pay added fees. What is going on people?

Trainers, fighters... and even Promoters... As you make your decisions to fight or work with or for certain organizations, don't forget to do your research on them like you would with any business decision. "Doing the right thing" to some of them seems to be a chore they choose not to do because it's too much work. Too much work like keeping their rankings updated, or their events pages, news pages, etc. etc. Too much work to "Follow their own safety rules" like amateurs and headgear - even though they say on their own website rules pages, that headgear for amateurs is MANDATORY. We cannot afford to align with LAZY People. LAZY people who do not do their part to progress this sport we love! Do their part to progress the work of OTHERS such as the promoters, fighters, trainers and officials. Some may choose to, and they come to the results like above. Unjustified decisions, cheating, lieing, money hunger actions that never take in any consideration for those making things happen in the sport (Trainers, fighters, officials and promoters), only themselves. Maybe we can see now why we are always a step behind to other sports around the world.

However to those associated with the IKF, officials, promoters, fighters and trainers, doing the right thing is part of this sport. The IKF letters do not make the IKF successful. The PEOPLE who represent the letters DO! We here at the IKF believe in THE PEOPLE of this sport, NOT our pocketbook or ego!

WEDNESDAY, November 11th, 2004, AT 8:45 PM, PT

This Weekends IKF Action...

Bach To Defend
World Title Against

IKF Illinois, USA: IKF Promoter Rob Zbilski and his Team Z Promotional team are all set to host IKF Championship Kickboxing this Friday night, November 12th, at the Marriott Hotel in Schauburg, Illinois, USA.

The Main Event of the night will feature Tommy Bach as he defends his

IKF Pro FCR Lightweight World Title

against current IKF Pro FCR Featherweight USA Champion, Eric Mihindou of Wixom, Michigan, USA. Mihindou has a pro record of 10 wins with 2 loses and 4 of his wins coming by the KO/TKO. As an amateur he had a record of 18 wins, 4 loses with 7 of those wins coming by way of KO/TKO.

Mihindou won his IKF USA title on November 23rd, 2002 in Waterloo, Iowa, USA when he defeated Jonathan Border of Memphis, Tennessee, USA by unanimous decision.

Bach of Buffalo Grove, Illinois, USA won the World Title on February 1st, 2003 in Crystal Lake, Illinois, USA when he defeated Keith Nesbitt of 'Then' Steelton, Pennsylvania, USA by knockout in the first round. Bach has a pro record of 10 wins with 2 loses and a draw with 3 of his wins coming by KO/TKO. As an amateur he had a record of 8 wins, 3 loses and again, 3 of his wins coming by KO/TKO.

The event will also feature a full amateur kickboxing undercard however the undercard bouts were not available to us as of press time. For more info please contact Mr. Rob Zbilski and Team Z at (847) 669-7833 or by e-mail at info@teamzs.com


& Dinner Show In England

IKF United Kingdom: IKF European Director Alby Bimpson (Right) is all set to host more IKF Kickboxing this weekend in England. Bimpson will present his fall "IKF Amateur Kickboxing Dinner Show" this Sunday, November 14th at the C & B Club on Ireland Road in Haydock, St Helens, England.

Dinner Show tickets are still available by calling 01744 26749. The event doors open at 7:PM. For more info please contact Mr. Alby Bimpson by e-mail at ikfeurope@hotmail.com
Sorry but no fight card was made available at press time.


In The UK This Weekend?

IKF United Kingdom: Word has it that there will be another IKF event added to the books for this weekend in the UK. The event will take place in on the 13th of November in Paisley Scotland and will be hosted by a new IKF Promoter. However, the final details of the event are still being worked out. When we have all the news, including why this show was so late to post, we will inform you here on the news page. Look for a news post about this event that will feature 2 IKF Pro Intercontinental Title Fights.

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2004 IKF/TKO
North American Classic


2004 IKF/TKO North American Classic Champions Jackets to be presented in Illinois this weekend.

Again, if you are unable to pick up your Jacket at this weekends event at the Marriott Hotel in Schauburg, Illinois, USA, please contact Mr. Rob Zbilski at 847-669-7833 or by e-mail at info@teamzs.com and let him know. Z's Martial Arts is located at 11320 Kiley Dr. Huntley, IL, 60142. To see what events I will be attending over the next 5 weeks please see my travel schedule by clicking HERE.

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Cung Le
On The Cover!

IKF Pro San Shou Light Heavyweight World Champion Cung Le of San Jose, California, USA is featured on the cover of two top Martial Arts magazines. Le is on the December issue cover of both Black Belt (Right) and Inside Kung Fu magazine. Both issues are currently on the newsstands now. Pick up your copy now.

Le won his IKF Pro San Shou World Title when he defeated Shoni Carter of Chicago, Illinois, USA by unanimous decision 5-0, 5-0 & 5-0, (5 Round to 0) in San Jose, CA, USA on December 15th, 2001.

Barron Scores KO Over Bandiera
To Win IKF Pro North American Title

By IKF Representative Scott Fischer

"Gooday" from The Great North Woods "ay". As The Moose is no stranger to The North Woods, neither is Outstanding IKF Kickboxing. The Grand Portage Casino and Resort hosted an IKF North American Title Bout between Mitz Bandiera of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada and Charles Barron of Chicago, Illinois, USA. It's great to see that kickboxing is ever increasing in exposure yet more importantly quality fighters. This night was no exception! Mitz Bandiera and his two assistants Laura and Tina put on an outstanding card of fighters for all of Grand Portage to see. here are the nights results below:

  1. The night began with two exhibition bouts showcasing some of Thunder Bay's Finest kickboxers. The first bout was between Stacey Chung (28) and Melissa Hardy (31).

  2. The second bout matched up Jaydn Cory (26) vs Randy McNeil (30). These bouts exhibited great IKF Kickboxers.

  3. Josh Niesen (20) of Mt. Iron Minnesota, USA vs. Jamie Maijala (23) of Thunder Bay, Ontario.
    At the final bell, The bout went to the score cars and Jamie Maijala of Thunder Bay, Ontario emerged victorious by unanimous decision 30-27, 29-28, 30-27.

  4. Ben Chung (26) of Wilmington, Minnesota, USA vs. Jordan Allan (17) of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.
    This Fight also went to the judges and after the calculations were done, Jordan Allen of Thunder Bay, Ontario was your winner by Unanimous decision, 30-26, 30-26, 30-26.

  5. Glen Homaz (32) of Thunder Bay, Ontario vs. Mika Hodge (25) trained by Frank Maki
    This fight was stopped at 1:49 seconds into the third round when Glen Homaz could not answer the count of ten and your winner by knockout was Mika Hodge.

  6. Mike Sherwood (12) of Cloquet, Minnesota, USA vs. Dan Walker (13) of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.
    This one was a close one to call! Yet, in the end it went to the Judges and the winner by split decision was Dan Walker (13) of Thunder Bay, 29-28, 29-28, 28-29.

  7. Kayla Costello (17) of Spooner, Wisconsin, USA vs. Katelyn Turner of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.
    This bout was left to the judges to decide the outcome and when everything was said and done Katelyn Turner came out victorious winning by split decision, 28-29, 29-28, 29-28.

    Charles Baron of Chicago, Illinois, USA, trained by Rob Zbilski, TEAM Z vs Mitz Bandiera of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, trained by Kathy Williams of Progressive Martial Arts.
    What a way to finish the evening, than with an IKF PRO North American Title Bout. This bout really looked to hold up to the hype. However, at 49 seconds into the second round Barron knocked Bandiera out with a wicked left hook to the head. Bandiera could not answer the count of ten and your winner by Knock Out and the new IKF Professional FCR Light Welterweight North American Champion was Charles Barron of Team Z!

Congratulations and best wishes should go out to Mitz Bandiera for putting on a great show while prepping to fight for a North American Title. Thanks to all the judges and support staff who made this evening go off without a hitch. For More Info Please Contact Team Bandiera by e-mail at mitz@tbaytel.net

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Returns To Pay Per View December 4th

World Grand Prix Finals tournament draw highlighted by Bonjasky-Hoost matchup
By Mike Afromowitz

K-1 will make an explosive return to United States Pay-Per-View television during a live broadcast of its annual "World Grand Prix Finals" single, elimination tournament championship beginning at 12:AM Eastern Standard Time (9 PM Pacific Standard Time) on Saturday, December 4th. 2003 tournament champion, Remy Bonjasky, will set out to defend his crown and be faced by an opening round challenge of gargantuan proportions in countryman and four-time World Grand Prix Finals victor, "Mr. Perfect" Ernesto Hoost.

The meeting of the two Dutch competitors comes as one of the most highly-anticipated in K-1's 12-year history. While Hoost has long represented the sport as its dominant figure and has defeated every top rival contender throughout his extensive stay in the K-1 tournament circuit, Bonjasky, at 28 years of age, is widely regarded as the heir to the Hoost throne. The pair were originally scheduled to do battle for the first time in their careers earlier this year during a single-bout contest. An injury sustained by Hoost during training camp led to a cancellation of the fight.

In the same tournament bracket, another explosive matchup will likely ensue when three-time World Grand Prix Finals champion, Peter Aerts faces former International Boxing Federation (IBF) World Heavyweight Champion, Francois "The White Buffalo" Botha. Since being burdened with a number of injuries during the last three years, the 34-year-old Aerts, nicknamed "The Dutch Lumberjack," has been victorious in six of his last seven K-1 starts. The 6 foot 4 inch, 240-pounder, who was ousted from last year's World Grand Prix Finals loop at the hands of Japan's Musashi via judges' decision in the semifinal round of competition, gained entry into this year's draw by earning a judges'decision over Canadian Michael McDonald on September 25th. On the same card, Botha secured his place in the eight-fighter playoff when he took on two-time World Grand Prix Finals runner-up, Jerome LeBanner. After three rounds of gutsy action, the bout was declared a draw and an overtime, "sudden death" round was ordered to determine a winner. LeBanner, however, indicated that he would not be able to answer the opening bell for the additional round as his left arm had been badly battered during the fight. The technical knockout victory awarded to Botha represented the South African's first win in five K-1 appearances he has made to date.

Two of the sport's newest faces in American "Mighty Mo" Siligia and Thailand's Kaoklai Kaennorsing will face off in the tournament's other bracket. Also a former professional boxer, the 33-year-old Siligia made his K-1 debut earlier this year and has since used his extraordinary power to soar through the sport's rankings. On August 7th, he captured his first K-1 tournament crown by defeating three straight opponents during "Battle at Bellagio III" at Las Vegas, Nevada's Bellagio Hotel and Casino. The September 25th card in Tokyo saw Siligia serve up a thunderous first round knockout of fellow brawler "Big Daddy" Gary Goodridge. At a mere 172 pounds, Kaennorsing represents the smallest fighter in K-1 history to win a Grand Prix tournament championship (K-1 World Grand Prix 2004 in Seoul, Korea, July 17th) and will give up more than 100 pounds to his December 4th opponent. The 21-year-old Thai boxer, who is a veteran of 71 professional Muay Thai bouts, shocked the world on September 25th by outboxing K-1 superstar Alexey Ignashov. After three rounds of battle that the judges scored a draw, an overtime round saw Kaennorsing frustrate Ignashov with continuous movement and a steady dose of kicks until the Thai native captured a majority judges' decision. The spectacular win over Ignashov extended Kaennorsing's perfect record in K-1 competition to 4-0.

A rematch between Musashi and 2000 World Grand Prix Finals runner-up, Ray Sefo, represents the fourth opening tournament round bout. During last December's Tokyo Dome extravaganza, Musashi reached the first World Grand Prix Finals championship round of his career by earning judges' decisions over Sefo and Aerts, respectively. The 32-year-old has been successful in all four of his appearances this year, including a June 6th showdown with former world boxing champion, "Merciless" Ray Mercer. At 33 years of age, Sefo is an established fan favorite in the sport of K-1 and has shown a renewed commitment this year to securing his first World Grand Prix crown by losing approximately 35 pounds and returning to top physical form. After producing a second round knockout of 6 foot 3 inch, 360-pound Bob "The Beast" Sapp in June, Sefo made a successful United States K-1 debut on August 7th by stopping American Marvin "The Beastman" Eastman in a Superfight contest.

The winner of the matchup between Bonjasky and Hoost will face the winner of the bout between Aerts and Botha while the victor of the fight between Siligia and Kaennorsing will square off with the victor of the matchup between Musashi and Sefo. The winners of each semifinal round bout will meet in the tournament's championship round.

LeBanner & Goodridge
Confirmed For K-1 Grand Prix Finals Action

Two-time K-1 "World Grand Prix Finals" runner-up, Jerome LeBanner, and veteran knockout artist, "Big Daddy" Gary Goodridge, will each see action in tournament reserve bouts during Saturday, December 4th's K-1 World Grand Prix Finals event. LeBanner will face Hiromi Amada while Goodridge will square off with Cyril Abidi during the card that will air live on United States Pay-Per-View television from Tokyo, Japan's Tokyo Dome.

LeBanner, who reached the championship round of the world's most esteemed martial arts fighting tournament both in 1995 and 2002, failed to qualify for this year's eight-man draw when he suffered a defeat at the hands of former world boxing champion, Francois "The White Buffalo" Botha on September 25th. One of seven matchups that awarded each of its winners a spot in the December 4th, single-elimination tournament, the showdown between LeBanner and Botha was a highly competitive one that was ordered into three minutes of overtime "sudden death" after the ringside judges were unable to determine a winner at the close of the three scheduled rounds. After LeBanner declared that he would be unable to answer the bell for the added round due to damage he had suffered to his left arm, the referee awarded Botha the win by way of technical knockout.

Earlier this year, Goodridge, a familiar face to fight fans worldwide, signed a two-year contract with the K-1 organization. The hard-punching brawler from Barrie Ontario, Canada has since made a statement in "The New Fighting Sport" by defeating back-to-back opponents during events in Las Vegas, Nevada. On April 30th, he scored a thunderous first round technical knockout on New Zealand's "Toa" and, on August 7th, he earned a unanimous judges' decision over Dewey "The Black Kobra" Cooper.

Goodridge's opponent, Abidi, is a 28-year-old native of France and a seven-year veteran of the K-1 tournament circuit. His finest year to date as a K-1 competitor came in 2000 when he twice recorded first round technical knockouts on three-time World Grand Prix Finals champion, Peter Aerts.

Should one of the original, eight tournament competitors sustain an injury that prevents him from returning to the ring after claiming victory in a tournament bout, one of the reserve fight winners will take the hurt competitor's place in the draw.

SATURDAY, November 6th, 2004, AT 11:55 PM, PT

Results From The 2004 Fall Brawl in the Foothills

Simpsonville, South Carolina, USA

  1. Bronson "The Drill" Sargent from Douglasville, Georgia, USA (1-0/0, 142, 5'9", 9-7-80, Mike Wood) defeated Osvaldo "The Wiz" Jimenez from Mexico via Simpsonville, South Carolina, USA (0-1/0, 140, 5'2", 7-29-76, Ray Thompson) by unanimous decision 30-25, 28-27 & 28-27. Jimenez lost a point in round 2 & 3 for missing his kicks.

  2. Jared Warren of Bradenton, Florida, USA (3-0/1, 151, 6', 11-20-83, Eric Marshall) defeated Michael Huff from Joelton, Tennessee, USA (0-1, 151, 5'9", 29, Richie Plant) by TKO at 31 seconds of the first round with a spinning backhand.

  3. Becki Halloran of Simpsonville, South Carolina, USA (2-1/1, 137, 5'7", 7-20-71, Ray Thompson) defeated Erin Cantrell of Atlanta, Georgia, USA (4-4/1, 139, 5'5", 6-6-74, Kelly Leo) by TKO at 1:48 of round 2. As referee Dan Stell was stopping the bout, Cantrell's corner threw in the towel. However Stell's back was to the center of the ring and his stop came before the towel was thrown in.

  4. David Lowery of Bradenton, Florida, USA (5-0/1, 178, 6', 3-5-71, Amir Ardebily) defeated Malford Jeter of Brevard, North Carolina, USA (2-2/0, 173, 5'10", 12-27-22, Russell Ziegler) by TKO at 1:41 of round 3.

  5. Evan Thompson of Simpsonville, South Carolina, USA (2-1/1, 197, 6'3", 6-26-84, Ray Thompson) defeated Kit "The Hit" Morrow of Douglasville, Georgia, USA (0-1/0, 197, 5'10", 5-7-75, Mike Wood) by TKO at 1:54 of round 3 with a round kick to Morrow's head.

  6. Brenden "Cash Money" Carpenter of Simpsonville, South Carolina, USA (4-1/2, 208, 6', 2-20-67, Ray Thompson) defeated Christopher Baten of Sumter, South Carolina, USA (0-1/0, 208, 6', 4-22-80, Self) by TKO at 26 seconds of round 3.

  7. Zack "Attack" Day of Martinez, Georgia, USA (Pro: 4-1/0, AM: 18-2/7, 5'10", 171) defeated Anthony "Powerhouse" Bartinelli of Phoenix, Arizona, USA (KB: 12-1/11, Pro Boxing: 16-8-2/9, 5'11", 176) by majority decision. Judge Lee Bradan of South Carolina scored it 66-66. Judge Peyton Russell of Minnesota scored it 68-64. Judge Mike Wood of Georgia scored it 67-65.
  8. Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson of Simpsonville, South Carolina, USA (PKB: 2-0/2, AKB: 33-0/18, 190, 6') defeated Jason "Sledgehammer" Reeves of Aberdeen, Mississippi, USA. (PKB: 10-2-1/5, AKB: 14-1/11, 196, 5'11", Self) by Knockout at 1 minute into round 1 with a right hand.

The following 2004 IKF/TKO North American Classic Champions received their Champions Jackets at tonights event,

A full story about this great event will follow later this week. For more info please contact Mr. Ray Thompson at 864-967-3930 or by e-mail at TETSUSHIN2@aol.com

THURSDAY, November 4th, 2004, AT 8:50 PM, PT

BAD NEWS For IKF Champion...

It was discovered today that 2004 IKF/TKO North American Classic AMATEUR Tournament Champion John Castle (Right) of Indianapolis, Indiana, USA had "THREE" Professional matches before the 2004 IKF/TKO North American Classic AMATEUR Tournament.

He made his Pro Boxing debut on October 7th 2003 against Damian Mansfield at the 8 Second Saloon in Indianapolis, Indiana winning by TKO at 55 seconds into the second round. Since then he has won all 3 of his Pro Boxing bouts. His IKF title now is now in question and being investigated by the IKF title board.

The way it looks right now his title will be vacated and be rewarded instead to the fighter he fought and defeated at the 2004 tournament, Chuck Baxter of Dubuque, Iowa, USA. This includes all awards Castle won at the 2004 Classic as well. Castle defeated Baxter by split decision 29-28, 28-29 & 29-28 in one of the best fights of the Tournament. This alone says something for Baxter.

"This is sad to hear about such a great Champion." said IKF President Steve Fossum. "John is such a GREAT FIGHTER who has won the IKF Tournament two years in a row. However, rules are rules and the only thing that upsets us here is he never informed any of us at the IKF when he registered for the 2004 Tournament that he had fought in Pro Boxing. I'm sure he will continue his great success in the ring as he has in the past." The 33 year old, 6'3" Castle had an amateur kickboxing record of 12 wins and no loses with 5 KO/TKO's. Very impressive to say the least. He will be making his Pro Kickboxing debut later this month.

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2004 IKF/TKO North American Classic

2004 IKF/TKO North American Classic Champions, we have your Champion Jackets from Ringside. I (Steve Fossum) will be bringing Jackets with me as I travel to IKF Events I attend over the next 6 weeks. If you are not local to any of the shows I will be attending or cannot make it to these shows, we will mail your Jacket to you directly. This coming weekend I will be in South Carolina for Ray Thompson's "ENTRAPMENT" event. If you are coming to the event, we will present your jackets to you in a special presentation in the ring during the event. If you are not coming to the event but can meet me at the event weigh-ins, please see me directly for your jacket. If you want me to leave your jacket for you at Mr. Thompson's school, please contact Mr. Ray Thompson at 864-967-3930 or by e-mail at TETSUSHIN2@aol.com and let him know. I will have Champion Jackets for the following 2004 IKF/TKO North American Classic Champions:

Again, if you are unable to pick up your Jacket at this weekends event in Simpsonville, South Carolina please contact Mr. Ray Thompson at 864-967-3930 or by e-mail at TETSUSHIN2@aol.com and let him know. To see what events I will be attending over the next 6 weeks please see my travel schedule by clicking HERE.

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This Weekends IKF Action

Bandiera & Barron
Fight For IKF North American Title

This Saturday night, November 6th, Team Bandiera will Present "IKF Pro & Amateur Kickboxing" at the Grand Portage Lodge & Casino in Grand Portage, Minnesota, USA. The Main event of the night will be the quest for the vacant IKF Pro FCR North American Welterweight Title when Mitz Bandiera of Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada (Pro: 7-1/1, A: 80+) faces Charles Barron of Chicago, Illinois USA (23-10/8). Here is how the undercard is matched as of press time today:

  1. Jamie Maijala of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada (2-2, 205, 5'11", 23, PMA) Vs Josh Nieson of Duluth Minnesota, USA (2-2, 210, 20)

  2. Daniel Walker of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada (0-2, 95, 5'3", 13) Vs Buddy Quam of Hinkly Minnesota, USA (0-1, 100, 5'6", 13)

  3. Stacy Chung of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada (2-2, 118, 5'5", 28) Vs Nicky Halverson of Wisconsin, USA (2-0, 120, 5'7", 20)

  4. Katelyn Turner of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada (4-2, 130, 5'2", 15, PMA) Vs Kaila Kastelo of Wisconsin, USA (1-0, 135, 5'7", 15)

  5. Glen Homac of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada (0-6, 158, 5'11", 32, PMA) Vs Mike Hodge of Wisconsin (1-4, 160)

  6. Jordan Allan of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada (1-4, 130, 5'5", 17, PMA) Vs Ben Chung of Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA (1-3, 130, 5'5", 16).

The IKF event Representative for this event will be Mr. Scott Fischer of Illinois, USA. The IKF Event Referee will be Mr. Bill Lassi of Minnesota, USA. For More Info Please Contact Team Bandiera by e-mail at mitz@tbaytel.net

MORE IKF Action This Weekend

2004 Fall Brawl in the Foothills

For all the big details for this event scroll down to the article below.
For the basic 411, here it is:

MORE IKF Action This Weekend

The Joe Lewis Fighting System Conference
& IKF Amateur Kickboxing Event

IKF Promoters Craig Smith & Mike Allen Present The Joe Lewis Fighting System Conference & Amateur Kickboxing this Saturday night, November 6th, at the Surfside Inn Oceanfront in Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA. This event is sanctioned by the IKF however the title bouts are Joe Lewis Fighting System (JLFS) Event Title Bouts.

Here is a rundown of the matched bouts as of press time in no particular order.

  1. JLFS Mid-Atlantic Light Cruiserweight Title
    Alterique McDaniel
    of Winston Salem, North Carolina (0-0, 185, 6'1", 27, American Martial Arts Academy) Vs Dave Taylor of Virginia Beach Virginia (0-0, 185, 5'10", 28, Craig Smith Karate and Kickboxing )

  2. JLFS Mid-Atlantic Cruiserweight Title
    Bahseem Peterson
    of Virginia Beach Virginia (3-2, 188, 6'1", 21, Poeys School of Martial Arts) Vs Michael Decker of New Jersey (2-1, 188, 6'1", 30, Iron Wolverines)

  3. JLFS Mid-Atlantic Super Heavyweight Title
    Rafael Bayona
    of Chesapeake Virginia (4-1, 225, 6'2", 34, Blackhawk Kickboxing) Vs Josh Tustie of Kernersville, North Carolina (2-0, 220, 6'2", 18, American Martial Arts)

  4. JLFS Mid-Atlantic Lightweight Title
    Dallas Crowe
    of Greer South Carolina, (10-5-2, 130, 5'7", 20, Hurricane Martial Arts) Vs Chris Barraneau of Virginia Beach Virginia (1-1-1, 128, 5'11", 18, Poeys School of Martial Arts.)

  5. JLFS Mid-Atlantic Super Welterweight Title
    David Thomas
    of Fredericksburg Virginia (6-3, 150, 5'10", 24, Manuels Kickboxing) Vs Damien Hatcher of Chesepeake Virginia (5-2, 148, 5'11", 24, Blackhawk Kickboxing)

  6. JLFS Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Title
    Justin McDaniel
    of North Carolina (0-1, 196, 6'2", 25, SideKick Gym, Ricky & Randy Smith) Vs Mike Richmond of Galveston Texas (0-0, 6'2", 205, 34, Galveston Kickboxing)

  7. JLFS United States Juniors Atomweight Title
    Michael Holcomb
    of Virginia Beach Virginia (15-1, 106, 5'3", 14, Craig Smith Karate & Kickboxing) Vs Chad Monyelle of Beloit Wisconsin (10-3, 112, 5'7", 14, Craig Monyelle's)

  8. Standby Fight - Super Heavyweight Division
    Shamill McMillian
    of North Carolina (7-2, 215, 6'1", SideKick Gym North Carolina) Vs Iamia Lee of Northern Virginia (10-2, 280, 6'5", 28, Jeff Smith Kickboxing)

  9. IKF Pro *Demonstration Bout: Ronnie Copeland and Randy Ballard.

For more info please contact Craig Smith at (757) 491-1733 or at (757) 729-0942 or by e-mail at kickingboxing@aol.com

TUESDAY, November 2nd, 2004, AT 10:30 AM, PT

Stickup Man Smacked Down by Customers
Tuesday, November 02, 2022 - www.foxnews.com

www.foxnews.com: An alleged restaurant holdup man found tougher customers than he'd bargained for, according to police in Vancouver, Wash. Russell R. Rogers, 64, walked into Elmer's Restaurant in the Portland, Oregon, suburb at about 2PM October 24th, brandishing a gun and demanding money, customers and staffers told the Longview, Washington Daily News. Enjoying a late Sunday brunch at the restaurant were "extreme fighting" pro Benji Radach (Right), 25, and his sparring partners, Dennis Hallman, (Left) 28, along with two women. As other customers ducked under tables or ran out the doors, and the cashier started to hand over money, Radach and Hallman snuck up behind Rogers.

"I kind of went over it in my mind, and walked over there," Radach told the newspaper. Rogers looked to his left and shouted out that he had a gun. Radach came up behind on the right, grabbed Rogers with a wrist lock and got the pistol out of the gunman's hand. Radach then forced Rogers' hands back behind him and pushed him face-first to the ground as Hallman frisked him for more weapons. Radach then knocked Rogers out with a blow to the head.

Police booked Rogers for first-degree robbery. "You see it in movies and you go over it in your mind," Radach later said, "but you never deal with it in real life." Radach is an expert in Pankration, an ancient Greek combination of boxing, kickboxing and wrestling. Also known as "The Razor," he has a 23-3 record in freestyle wrestling and Ultimate Fighting.

"I just know that I've been training for a long time and more than most people," said the 6-foot, 185-pound Radach. "Especially more than someone who's a crook and probably doesn't train." He later admitted that his decision to take on an armed man was kind of "stupid." "All he had to do was to turn to his right and he could have shot me," Radach told the Daily News. "But for some reason I felt I could do it. I saw the way he was looking and I felt that if I could just get his gun, I could get him to the ground."

His father agreed. "I should be proud, but the things that goes through a parent's mind," said Kim Radach. "That guy could have turned around and Benji could have been bleeding or dead on the ground." Lorrie Whitlow, the restaurant manager, said the heroes' brunch was on the house, but also had her doubts about future customer heroics. "I wouldn't recommend that anyone do that," Whitlow said. "But this time, it was a positive result."