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JULY, 2005


FRIDAY, July 29th, 2005, AT 2:00 PM, PT


Kansas City, Missouri, USA

IKF/ISCF Missouri, USA
Tonight, June 29th, IKF & ISCF Promoters Jesse Finney, his Shamrock Promotion Team and The Blue Corner Promotions will once again team up to host "MIDWEST FIGHT FEST". The event will take place at the Clarion Hotel located next to Arrowhead Stadium at 9103 E. 39th Street, Kansas City, Missouri. The event will feature IKF Amateur Kickboxing, ISCF Amateur Mixed Martial Arts and Amateur Boxing.

For more info on this event please call Mr. Jesse Finney at (314) 608-3104 or by e-mail at jesse@finneyskickboxing.com or see their website at www.FinneysKickboxing.com or contact Mr. Patrick Harrington of the Blue Corner Group at pharrington@thebluecorner.com or Mr. Benjamin Nogueras at bnogueras@thebluecorner.com or go to www.TheBlueCorner.com


July 31st 2005

IKF European Title
Matt Martin VS Greg Katsimpas

Sorry but no additional event information was provided by IKF Europe as of press time today.

WEDNESDAY, July 27th, 2005, AT 11:55 AM, PT

IKF Champion
Derek "TNT" Yuen
Announces Retirement

Toney Hannon

As time moves on, so do some of the greatest fighters we have known. Such is the case of Derek "TNT" Yuen. This past Saturday in San Jose, California Yuen announced to IKF President Steve Fossum and head Official Dan Stell that the time has come to move forward in his life. Derek is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin but moved to San Jose, California a few years ago for the company he worked for. Today he is an assistant trainer at AKA (American Kickboxing Academy - www.akakickbox.com) in San Jose, owned by former Kickboxing World Champion Javiar Mendez.

AKA is also home to former IKF Amateur National Champion and now Professional Fighter Gary Owens along with other kickboxers such as Travis Johnson & Jerome Turcan.

Derek now owns his own engineering consulting business in San Jose. No disrespect to the great gym of AKA but Derek's best days as a fighter were when he was in Milwaukee Wisconsin. "I always joked with Darek that when he moved to California, especially San Jose, that the sun and the surf gave him too many fun things to do instead of train." Said Fossum.

Regardless what it was, change of home, change of job, whatever, it is true his bigger Glory Days as an amateur fighter were when he lived and trained in Milwaukee Wisconsin. While there under the guidance of trainer/promoter and former IKF World Champion Duke Roufus, Yuen built an impressive record and won several IKF Amateur Titles.

His first IKF Title he won was the IKF Amateur Wisconsin State Muay Thai Title. He won this title on February 26th, 2000 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA when he defeated Brian Rood of Hudson, Wisconsin, USA by split decision, 48-47, 47-48 & 48-47.

At the 2000 IKF/Ringside USA National Amateur Kickboxing Championships at Harvey's Casino Hotel in Council Bluffs, Iowa he won the Muay Thai Rules Light Heavyweight Title with a victory over Kevin Brown of Omaha, Nebraska, USA by TKO at 1:32 of round 2.

In 2001 Derek moved to San Jose, but was still guided by Roufus when he continued his winning ways on the National Level. At the 2001 IKF/Ringside USA National Amateur Kickboxing Championships at the Holiday Inn in Olathe/Kansas City Kansas, USA he successfully defended his National Title when he defeated defeated Charles Pemble of Marquette, Michigan by majority decision, 30-27, 30-26 & 28-28. This was Derek's last tournament appearance.

Some here may know about Pemble's future as he has went on to win the 2002 and 2004 IKF Championship Tournaments.

Derek ends his career with an amateur kickboxing record of 15 wins, 5 loses and 4 wins coming by KO/TKO. "Derek always reminded me of one of the greatest amateur fighters in and out of the ring in IKF's past, a fighter named Toney "The Hammer" Hannon (Left)." Said Fossum. He continued, "Like Hannon, (Bakersfield, California, USA, 18-0-3/16, trained by Eric Nolan) Derek has always been a gentlemen out of the ring and a focused fighter who fought calm and composed in the ring. Unfortunately for Hannon, there was no web site like this one on the internet back in the early 90's so few heard about him around the world. However I assure you, he was one of the greatest amateurs ever with "Several IKF Titles" to his credit, and like him, Derek will always be remembered in the same memory."

We wish Derek the best of luck in his future and as always, hope to see him around ringside at future kickboxing events, in the corner of future Champions. As we have said here before, to those of us who have known him over his winning years, he will always be "MR. TNT!"
Mr. Yuen can be reached at dyuen@xtestinc.com

TUESDAY, July 26th, 2005, AT 12:50 PM, PT

Pro Kickboxing World Champion
Gives Seminar

IKF Virginia, USA
Professional Kickboxing World Champion Ronnie Copeland (Right, www.teamcopeland.net) gave an outstanding seminar this past July 16th in Virginia Beach Virginia. To say the least, the seminar was a big success.

IKF Central East Representative Craig Smith (Below Left, www.craigsmithkarate.com) of Virginia Beach, Virginia hosted the seminar and tells us in his own words how great it was;

After sitting back and remembering all of the Saturday seminars that Copeland performed in Virginia Beach last Saturday it is very pleasing to know that we can still have the old fashion glove up, old school, workout and sweat, train and learn, and walk away satisfied seminars. I have been to a many a seminar and put on many seminars, but this one has to be near the top of all of them. I have had many Champions teach a seminar, but in recent years it seems that the teachers have forgotten how to give a seminar. It seems in recent years that most of them find themselves listening to themselves talk. I told Ronnie that the people who were coming to this seminar were all fighters. Not Karate guys or girls, not Forms people or beginners or brainiacs, these people were FIGHTERS and needed to be treated as such. Well they got there monies worth and more. One of the big things I have found in the seminars given today is that most of the Champions or teachers providing the material love to listen to themselves talk and have forgotten how to give a seminar for people to learn as well as WORKOUT. Well Ronnie did exactly what myself and everyone else wanted. He taught a Tuff, hard working, learning, and sweating seminar that many will never forget.

Between the mitt work and the cardio and the Combo's, and lets not forget the sparring, it went over perfect. Everyone walked away with new knowledge and a soken t-shirt and pants. "Exhausted" one registered fighter said, another said he had learned so many new drills with the mitts, that he could not wait to get back to his own school to teach his students. Then there was the cardio that seemed to impress all whom attended, second to none one fighter said. At the end, with the likes of the Pogue's and the Baines, and the Maldanato's and all the World class fighters, this seminar was well taught and appreciated by all.

When you can go to a seminar and learn new drills and learn new coaching material plus get in a tuff workout and then get to fight with all the Great fighters who attended this show, now that is a satisfying and tremendous feeling when all is done. For all coaches and school owners whom are looking for a good seminar, I recommend Ronnie Copeland for your next one. Great Job Ronnie and we all here in Virginia thank you for your time and effort in showing us the old school seminars are still out there, you just got to find Ronnie Copeland to teach them.
To read more about Ronnie Copeland go to: www.teamcopeland.net - Mr. Copeland can be reached at rcopeland1@triad.rr.com
Your friend Craig Smith.

MONDAY, July 25th, 2005, AT 3:00 PM, PT

5 IKF U.S. Champions Crowned At
Born To Fight

IKF San Jose, California, USA
IKF Promoter and Pro San Shou World Champion Cung Le and his USH! Entertainment staff once again hosted another great night of Amateur Kickboxing which included both Muay Thai and San Shou rules bouts. Here first are the results of the 5 IKF Amateur San Shou title bouts followed by the nights undercard.

  1. IKF US SS Flyweight Title
    Van Do (4-3, 112) of San Jose, California faced Shana Howell (7-3, 113) of Ohio in the first IKF Title bout of the night. Do won all rounds in taking her first Title by unanimous decision.

  2. IKF US SS Light Cruiserweight Title
    Mike Fonseca (8-0, 184) of San Francisco, California and Richie Council (6-3, 180) of Columbus, Ohio fought a war! Fonseca's trainer Kru Sam Phimsoutham has brought his entire team to greater heights over the past year and it was noticed by them all throughout the night. In the end, the judges were as close as we were but it would be Fonseca who would take the Title by Majority Decision. Fonseca is also the IKF Amateur Muay Thai Light Cruiserweight Champion.

  3. IKF US SS Featherweight Title
    Andrew Valladarez (10-0, 124) of San Jose, California jumped into his bout with Ray Ho (Actual record unknown since his smoker bouts are unknown, but many, 122) of Oakland, California, and we do mean "JUMPED!". Valladarez did a jump/flying kick that smacked Ho in the face as his very first move, and it set the tone for a fast and exciting bout between two great fighters. In round 4, Valladarez landed a head kick on Ho that knocked him down, forcing referee Dan Stell to give him a standing 8 count. this was quickly followed by an uppercut by Valladarez that dropped Ho again, and forced yet another standing 8 count. In the end, despite being much closer than the reply of a "Unanimous" decision, Valladarez took the title home and remained undefeated at 10-0.

  4. IKF US Woman's SS Super Welterweight Title *Defense
    July 26th, 2005 at 2:25 PM: After hearing some facts leading up to this bout, we have added them in for your reading
    On paper this looked to be the toughest challenge for IKF Champion *Elaina Maxwell, (13-1/2, 153) of San Jose, California. It was her first defense of the IKF title she won by forfeit at last years Born To Fight IV when her opponent, Melissa Alley, walked out of the arena right before the fight started, afraid to face Maxwell. Across the ring would be Tiffany Chen (6-3, 148) of New York, NY. What some may not know is that earlier in the day, the San Shou USA Team Trials were also held. Registered to try out for the USA Team were Maxwell and Chen. Chen naturally weighs less than Maxwell, so she had registered for the San Shou team trials at a weightclass below Maxwell. The Team Trial judges (Not associated with Cung Le or the IKF) made Chen fight Maxwell for the team selection anyways. Because of this, Chen fought Maxwell the morning of their night time fight. Maxwell won the morning fight unanimously by being outscored. Although she had already lost to Maxwell, chin agreed to continue to fight her for the evening fight, because she committed to it. Without a doubt, a very brave and honorable thing for Chen to do. In the night time bout, Maxwell was just too much for the naturally lighter Chen. Maxwell stopped her with a round kick to Chen's face that split Chen's chin wide open at 1:27 of the first round. Maxwell successfully defends her IKF US Woman's SS Super Welterweight Title in her first defense. Our respect also goes to Chen for assuring Maxwell had an opponent to face in the defense.

  5. IKF US SS Light Middleweight Title
    CORRECTION 7-26-05: Max Chen, of New York City, New York, USA (William C. C. Chen Tai Chi Chuan, 25-8/2) defeated Ricardo Almondia of San Jose, California, USA (Cung Le's, 5-2 with 2 wins by KO/TKO) by unanimous decision to win the vacant IKF United States San Shou Light Middleweight Title.

Here are the results from the nights undercard bouts:

    Vishu Gulati
    (135, 2-1) of San Francisco, California
    defeated Gem Mil Langit (135, 0-3) by unanimous decision, 30-27, 29-28 & 29-28.

    Rey Juachon
    (136, 2-0) of San Francisco, California
    defeated Chris Home, (137, 1-2) also of San Francisco, California by split decision, 30-27, 28-29 & 29-28.

    Kerry Paylor
    (122, 4-2) of San Francisco, California
    defeated Brittney Troesch (120, 6-3) of Oakland, California by unanimous decision.

    Alex Hernandez
    (San Francisco, California)
    defeated Ryan McClintok (221, 2-1) of San Jose, California by unanimous decision, 30-25 on all 3 judges cards. Hernandez gave McClintok two standing 8 counts, one from a head kick.

    Duncan Duffin
    (131, 14-6) of San Jose, California
    defeated Anthony Bui (132, ?) by TKO at the end of round two. Bui and his corner stopped the bout themselves.

    Kenny Woo
    (143, 3-0) of San Jose, California
    defeated Hugh Brasher (139, 5-3) of Houston, Texas by split decision.

    Ky Hollenbach
    (167) of San Francisco, California
    defeated Marcelino Miguel (168, 3-2) by split decision.

    Dan Ash
    (137, 3-0) of San Jose, California
    defeated Jesus Sosa (140, 4-2) of San Francisco, California by split decision, 29-28, 27-30 & 30-27.

    Sam Spangler
    (184, 6-3) of San Jose, California
    defeated William Reyes (183, 9-2) also of San Jose, California by unanimous decision.

For more info contact Cung Le Martial Arts at (408) 729-4468 or by e-mail at cungle@cungle.com or go to www.cungle.com or www.BornToFight.com


San Shou
OUT Of The

WHERE are all those San Shou Fighters who were excited about the IKF adding San Shou to this years NAC? Well, one thing is for sure... They won't be in Orlando fighting for an IKF North American "San Shou" Title as hoped. With only 4 fighters signed up for the San Shou division as of the first deadline (Last Friday) the IKF now needs to make the decision to eliminate San Shou from this years 2005 IKF NAC Tournament due to lack of competition.

There are NO Adult Women registered for San Shou and in the Adult Men there are only four who registered to "Walk The Walk". They are, in no particular order:

"It is possible we can match up Baten and Rivera for a San Shou title, if Baten want's to move up to the Super Heavyweight Division, which is 'A LOT' of weight to give up, (212-245) so we don't expect it to happen." Said IKF President Steve Fossum. "If the match can't be made, all 4 fighters will be given the choice to either receive a refund of their registration fees or move to another rule style."


Who's In The Lead At The

Last year the State of Virginia and Regional Director Craig Smith and company took home the award for the region and State with most participation. However this year Virginia is far behind. Will they catch up to regain the title they won last year or will there be a new Champion? Here are the states in order as of press time today, that do not include today's entrees.

  1. Illinois -21-
  2. Florida -12-
  3. North Carolina -12-
  4. Ontario, Canada -12-
  5. Alberta, Canada -10-
  6. Iowa -10-
  7. Missouri -9-
  8. Georgia -7-
  9. Arizona -6-
  10. Arkansas -6-
  11. Idaho -6-
  12. South Carolina -6-
  13. Virginia -6-
  14. Wisconsin -6-
  15. Texas -5-
  16. California -4-
  17. Tennessee -4-
  18. Indiana -3-
  19. Mississippi -3-
  20. Michigan -2-
  21. Minnesota -2-
  22. Oklahoma -2-
  23. Colorado -1-
  24. Maryland -1-
  25. New Brunswick, Canada -1-
  26. Nevada -1-
  27. New Jersey -1-
  28. Ohio -1-
  29. Pennsylvania -1-


Who's Afraid To
"Walk The Walk?"

So what States (or even countries for that matter) have NO AMATEUR KICKBOXERS qualified to go to the 2005 NAC Championships? What States so far are all "TALK" and no "WALK!" Many states and regions express how many great fighters they have and how many titles they have won... Really? Are their titles only against "LOCAL" Competition? Are some of these fighters afraid to step out of their local comfort zone and face "REAL Competition" from around North America? Some certainly are, as was told to us by some trainers in the North East two weeks ago. Their response to us when asked "Do you have anyone going to the NAC in Orlando?" They responded with, "Why travel when I can win a title here at home. And against an easier opponent. The general public doesn't know the difference between my boys north american title and one won at the NAC."

Well, this may be true for "SOME" of the general public. However, those "In The Know" do KNOW that the NAC is "THE" Golden Gloves of Kickboxing, and if your not there, you can never say you "Walked the Walk with the BEST".

If you have never won, you can never say you are "THE" North American Champion for Amateur Kickboxing... So remember that next time you brag to your friends about your hardware you won and put into perspective what your title is really worth. Worthy of "LOCAL" praise is fine, if that's all you seek. But in the Fight Game, fighters need to be known to their peers around the world.... Those of you who have the courage, the strength, the discipline to "Walk The Walk" at any of the past or present NAC Tournaments, your bragging rights are in place. And if by any chance you became a CHAMPION at the NAC, well, "Some things speak for themselves..."

Here are the states that have NO amateur fighters qualified to "Walk The Walk" in Orlando this August for the North American Championship Title.

To keep track of all the states and regions CLICK HERE.

FRIDAY, July 22nd, 2005, AT 11:10 AM, PT

Born To Fight V
Ready To

IKF San Jose, California, USA: IKF Promoter and Pro San Shou World Champion Cung Le (Right) and his USH! Entertainment staff are all set for tomorrow nights (July 23rd) Born To Fight V! the event will take place at Mt. Pleasant High School in San Jose, California, USA.

There are 5 IKF Amateur San Shou United States Titles on the card and if a replacement fighter was found to face current IKF US SS Welterweight Champion José Palacios, there could be a total of 6. Here are the titles on the line:

  1. IKF US SS Flyweight Title
  2. IKF US SS Featherweight Title
  3. IKF US SS Light Middleweight Title
  4. IKF US SS Light Cruiserweight Title
  5. IKF US Woman's SS Super Welterweight Title *Defense
  6. IKF US SS Welterweight Title *Defense

For more info contact Cung Le Martial Arts at (408) 729-4468 or by e-mail at cungle@cungle.com or go to www.cungle.com or www.BornToFight.com

SATURDAY, July 9th, 2005, AT 2:00 AM, PT

Pogue Proves He Deserves
ANY World Title

IKF Kansas City, Missouri, USA
Last year Randy Pogue was stripped of his ISKA World Title because they refused to wait for their Champion to have an eye operation so he could pass a boxing commission physical in the state his challenger lived in, California. It has always been an unwritten law that a sanctioning body should always respect their Champions needs first as long as they were not making up excuses to dodge an opponent. Pogue was doing no such thing here and they had plenty of justified and fair options such as postpone the title challenge, have the challenger fight for another title first or move the fight to a state where Pogue's eye condition (Prior to his surgery) would still allow him to fight as it did in the State where he first won the title. Plenty of fair options for all involved but instead, this organization made the worst decision of them all. An action where a great fighter had his World Title stripped and stolen from him by the very organization that gave it to him. Instead, "HIS" title was fought for between two other fighters, which means, no matter who won that night, they never won the title from the Champion.

That title is history now, and it's worth much less because the real Champion was never allowed to defend it in the ring. However, Randy Pogue could care less now, especially about some title with 4 worthless letters on it. Do we sound upset about what this other organization did? You bet we are! How could any organization do such a thing to not just a great fighter, but their own Champion? Oh well, who cares anymore about those letters... Anywhere for that matter. Instead, lets focus on what the Champion proved tonight to a full house in Kansas City Missouri that in a sense was his way of telling the world, "I'm back and guess what... I NEVER Left!"

Tonight, July 8th, at the Harrah's North Kansas City Hotel and Casino, IKF Promoter Joe Kelly and his Titan Entertainment company in Association with Harrah's North Kansas City Hotel and Casino hosted an exciting night of fight action. The night's focus of the undercard was Professional Boxing but it was clear to everyone that the Pro Kickboxing took the top honors of the night as the nights Main Event.

The "Harrah's River Rumble" - The Heat is On Main Event featured a showdown for the vacant IKF Pro FCR United States Super Middleweight Title. On one side of the ring was the visiting fighter. IKF Pro FCR number 2 ranked Randy Pogue (Above Right) of Norristown, Pennsylvania, USA. Although Pogue still holds his USKBA World Title, he has felt like the world pushed him aside when he was stripped of his ISKA World Title last year. So tonight, it was Pogue's moment to show the world, He's still 'THE' Champion. Having come off a loss in a fight to just stay busy, Pogue lost his number one ranking to the current number 1 IKF Ranked Super Middleweight Ryan Madigan of Akron, Ohio, USA in a very close 5 round non title bout by split decision. So Pogue had plenty to prove tonight to the world, himself, another organization, the guy who holds "His" World Title and in doing so, he wanted to send a message back to Madigan that next time they meet, he will see and feel the REAL Randy Pogue!

On the other side of the ring stood the power of IKF Pro FCR number 3 ranked John, JJ Barnes of Kansas City, Missouri, USA. Barnes on paper was the POWER of the night! He entered the fight tonight with a record of 18 wins, only 1 loss and 16 of his wins coming by KO or TKO. Pogue had an amateur record of 15-1 and a professional kickboxing record of 18-4-1, but only 3 wins coming by way of KO/TKO as a professional, in those 18 wins. So on paper, this would be a technician, Pogue, vs a POWER Hitter, Barnes. However, what we saw was a reversal of rolls, or better put, the only stealing done tonight was Pogue stealing the show with great technique, speed, patients and most importantly, Power!

In round 1 Pogue threw 18 kicks to Barnes' 12 and appeared to be the more active in the round. All except for one great right hand by Barnes that in our opinion, was either a wake-up call for Pogue to remember to defend from it next time, or the telling of another KO victory by Barnes. Still, the one great punch was not enough in our opinion to win the round. Two of the judges agreed with our visual giving round 1 to Pogue 10-9, but one judge had Barnes up 10-9 in round 1.

In round 2 Pogue exploded with his kicks again and this time, followed them up with some great hand combinations. He landed his roundhouse to Barnes' head on a few occasions but Barnes weathered them and fought back. Pogue seemed to be the one on the prowl but Barnes was always ready to try and answer him. Sometimes he could, but many times he didn't as the two would either tie up inside where referee Kevin Champion would eventually break them or Pogue would just be in and out so fast Barnes couldn't counter. Pogue threw 22 kicks but Barnes appeared to have been shut down by Pogue's attack as he only threw 10. Again we had Pogue win the round and again, so did two of the three judges. This time though it was yet a different judge that somehow gave the round to Barnes.

In round 3 Pogue came out kicking again and Barnes tried to counter with some big right hands. However Pogue was even more the aggressor in this round. Towards the end of the round he rocked Barnes with a strong right hand that dazed Barnes, but Pogue failed to close in to end it. Barnes regained his composure and kept in the fight but his kicking game had been all but shut down. Barnes failed to get his 8 kicks in, only getting 6 while Pogue kept busy again with 19. This time there was little to question as all 3 judges gave it to Pogue 10-9.

Round 4 was all Randy Pogue. He seemed as fresh and relaxed as he did in round 1 while Barnes seemed to be fatigued having taken several kicks to the head and become exhausted mentally trying to formulate a game plan against the ever changing Pogue. Still, at age 42, Barnes not only impressed us at ringside but he stood his ground and fought on. Then suddenly, WAM! Pogue landed a left rear leg round kick to Barnes' head and down he went! JJ stood up near the end of the count to beat the 10, but he was rocked. Still, he was back in the fight, but not for long. Unlike in round 3, this time Pogue was not going to give Barnes any chance to recover. He went right back to work on him with some of the best hand and feet combinations he had thrown all night. Barnes had no answer and as the round came towards the end, it came again! WAM! Pogue's left leg round kick sent Barnes to the canvas again. He was able to stand up but referee Kevin Champion saw in his eyes it was over and waived the bout off at the end of round 4. Randy Pogue became the new IKF Pro FCR United States Super Middleweight Champion.

As the night came to an end, a few things became clear. If anyone thought Randy Pogue was done, they need to think again. Second, if anyone thinks he is not currently the best Super Middleweight Full Contact fighter, they need to think again. And finally, it's time to match up Pogue and Madigan for that World Title shot, but with an organization that has respect for their champions. That being said, the vacant IKF World Super Middleweight Title is waiting for you guys... Madigan of Akron, Ohio, USA has a professional record of 8-2/3 and an amateur record of 18-2/7. We had mentioned before the fight that all such a bout would need is a promoter willing to host it, and Joe Kelly of Kansas City Missouri has already shown some interest in it. Time will tell if we get to see this rematch where BOTH have a lot to gain!

There is one thing that bothers us though. It's when we meet two great gentlemen outside the ring and know that at the end of the night, chances are, one will win and the other will lose. Such was the reality tonight. JJ Barnes was and is a CLASS ACT! As is Randy Pogue. These two guys talked before the fight to each other as gentlemen and then went between the ropes to do battle, and continued their respect for the fight game and each other inside the ring. We cannot be more proud of both these individuals and we cannot say enough of JJ Barnes ability at age 42. Don't let his age question Pogue's win fight fans. Barnes did not appear to be 42 years old! He came to the ring tonight in great shape and ready to win, but so did Pogue. It's too bad that someone had to lose tonight, but we would like to go on record to say that it's guys like JJ Barnes, at his age, has been such a great role model for us all in this sport. When your in the ring again Mr. Barnes, we hope the IKF letters are sanctioning the show because you were an inspiration to watch. The same for you Mr. Pogue. Two great warriors did battle tonight and in a sense, both still walked out of the ring as Champions because they "Walked the Walk!"

Great job by IKF Promoter Mr. Joe Kelly of Titan Entertainment along with the staff of Harrah's! For more info please contact Mr. Joe Kelly of Titan Entertainment at (816) 454-1123 or at joekelly@titanentertainment.com or go to www.titanentertainment.com

WEDNESDAY, July 6th, 2005, AT 1:40 PM, PT

The Heat is On For
Pogue & Barnes

This Friday night, July 8th, IKF Promoter Joe Kelly and his Titan Entertainment company in Association with Harrah's North Kansas City Hotel and Casino will present "Harrah's River Rumble" - The Heat is On! The event will feature both Kickboxing and Boxing.

The nights Main Event will be the quest for the vacant IKF Pro FCR United States Super Middleweight Title. IKF Pro FCR number 2 ranked Randy Pogue (Left) of Norristown, Pennsylvania, USA will face IKF Pro FCR number 3 ranked JJ Barnes (Sorry, no photo was sent to the IKF) of Kansas City, Missouri, USA

Randy comes to the ring Friday night with a record of 18 wins, 4 loses, 1 draw and 3 wins coming by way of KO/TKO. He also has a Pro Boxing record of 8-3/2. he is the current USKBA World Champion also. On the other side of the ring JJ (John) enters with a record of 18 wins, only 1 loss and 15 of his wins coming by KO or TKO. As a Pro boxer JJ had a fight record of 3-2/1.

The winner of this bout will have his sites on number 1 IKF Ranked Ryan Madigan of Akron, Ohio, USA. Madigan recently beat Pogue in a very close bout by split decision to capture Pogue's previous number 1 ranking, so Pogue will be hoping for a revenge rematch. Madigan has a professional record of 8-2/3 and an amateur record of 18-2/7. The winner between Pogue and Barnes hopes to face Madigan for either the vacant IKF North American or the vacant IKF World Super Middleweight Title. All such a bout will need is a promoter willing to host it.

The nights fight card will also feature IWBF Jar Flyweight World Champion Mary "The Heat" Ortega, IBC Americas Lightweight Champion Josh "Nino Asesino" Sosa, Harold Roberts, Jason Nicholson and Glen Cusimano.

The event weigh-ins will be at 5:PM Thursday night at the Harrah's Convention Center. For more info please contact Mr. Joe Kelly of Titan Entertainment at (816) 454-1123 or at joekelly@titanentertainment.com or go towww.titanentertainment.com

FRIDAY, July 1st, 2005, AT 8:30 PM, PT

Back In The Beginning

It all started in 1999 (Right) with 72 fighters who showed up to "Walk the Walk" at the first ever Major IKF Tournament. The place was Council Bluffs Iowa, USA and 43 bouts later we had our first 33 IKF USA National Amateur Champions, 4 of which were walkover Champions who's opponents did not show up. This year will be the 7th Annual Tournament that has grown from a USA National Championships of those first 72 fighters to a North American Event with over 200 fighters and 150 bouts. (All Stats Click Here)

We can bet there are some stories many of you didn't know about some of the Champions from those first two years who's names you have seen here on the IKF News page. Here are just some of them who were IKF National Amateur Champions in one of the first two years of the Tournament, 1999 and 2000. Check them out below in no particular order:

  • Aaron Lassi of Duluth, Minnesota, USA won the 1999 IKF FCR USA National Amateur Light Middleweight Title.
    • Aaron turned pro and is now the current IKF Professional FCR Light Middleweight North American Champion. He won this title on April 30th, 2005 in Hinkley, Minnesota, USA when he defeated Muzammal 'Abu Zayd' Nawaz of Burlington, Ontario, Canada by unanimous decision 99-91, 99-91 and 96-94.

  • Zachary Day of Augusta, Georgia, USA
    • Zack won the 1999 IKF USA National Middleweight Full Contact Rules title when he defeated Peyton Russell of Minneapolis Minnesota by TKO at 1:56 of round 2. Soon after Zach's moved on to fight professionally and has won titles under other sanctioning bodies. His most memorable win tough to date is a controversial win over IKF Light Middleweight World Champion Anthony Bartinelli in 2004. Many want to see a rematch of this bout.

  • David Pareja of Flossmoor, Illinois, USA won the 1999 IKF USA National Light Heavyweight Full Contact Rules title.
    • In September of 2004, David "Danger" Pareja was one of 12 amateur boxers to be featured on the Fox Boxing show, "The Next Great Champ" hosted by De La Hoya on Fox. With an amateur boxing record of 41 wins and 14 loses, he calls Chicago, Illinois his home with his wife PJ. He drives four hours round-trip every day to train with his boxing coach, who had talked him out of retirement so they could both pursue their dream.

  • Nathaaniel McIntyre of Brooklyn Ctr, Minnesota, USA
    • Nate won the 1999 IKF USA National Lightweight Muay Thai Rules Title when he defeated Vantha Chhim of Modesto California by unanimous decision, 29-28, 30-27, 29-28. He just recently (June 11th, 2005) won the IKF Pro Muay Thai Lightweight US Title when he defeated Raul Llopis by split decision at this years IKF North Central MTR/IR Region Tournament as a special Pro feature bout.

  • Dan Rawlings of Euclid, Ohio, USA
    • Dan won the 1999 IKF MTR Super Lightweight Title when he defeated Chris Brammer of Omaha Nebraska by TKO at 1:56 of round 1. Since Dan won his IKF Title he went on to have a very successful professional career. Along with his IKF National Amateur title, Dan has won the IKBO National Muay Thai Lightweight title the USKBA World Muay Thai Welterweight Title and the IMTC Warrior's Cup III Lightweight Title. Dan now runs his own school in Florida, GriffonRawl Muay Thai.

  • Duane Ludwig of Aurora, Colorado
    • There are a lot of great things that happened in Duane's career and we are proud to say we were there in the beginning. Duane won his IKF National Amateur Light Middleweight Muay Thai Title in 1999. Previous to this, in 1998 after Duane had lost to Canadian Trevor Desjarlais in Canada, our news page told his future when it said, "Ludwig has a great future in Muay Thai! Promoters look out for this kid as he is very good!" When Duane turned professional he went on to win World Titles in both Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Arts. For more on Duane Click Here.

  • Jason Johnson (Right) of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
    • Jason won the, 1999 IKF Muay Thai National Amateur Super Heavyweight title when he defeated Steve Bass of Omaha Nebraska by TKO at 1:16 of round 3. Jason turned professional and had great success before turning his sights to Hollywood. To read more on Jason Click Here.

  • Angela Rivera of Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
    • In 1999 Angela won the IKF Muay Thai National Amateur Woman's Flyweight title when she defeated Deb Davey of Dixon Illinois by TKO at 1:09 of round 1. She won her IKF Title while training with Jim VanOver in Hespeira California. However, she later moved to Las Vegas and trained with Master Toddy. She was one of the USA's top female fighters fighting and was voted Competitor of The Year by Inside Kung Fu magazine. She has since moved to Australia with her husband, another famous fighter, John Wayne Parr.

  • Anthony McGaughey of Norman, Oklahoma, USA.
    • In 2000 Anthony made his IKF debut at the National Tournament. There he started a relationship with the IKF where he won a total of 6 IKF light Middleweight Titles which included 4 IKF National Tournament titles, 1 North American Title and finally, the winning of the IKF Amateur World Title earlier this year. His wins included;
      • In 2000 he won the IKF FCR USA National Amateur Light Middleweight Title when he defeated Marc Mayfield of St Louis Missouri by TKO at 1:22 of the 3rd round.
      • in 2001 he defended his IKF National Tournament Title when he defeated Jeff Bederd by unanimous decision, 30-27, 30-27 & 29-28.
      • In 2002 he again successfully defended his Title when he defeated Neil Halmstad of Wrenshall, Minnesota by unanimous decision 30-27 on all 3 judges cards.
      • Later in the fall of 2002 he went on to win the IKF FCR North American Light Heavyweight Tournament title when he defeated Shaun Gay of Valdosta, GA, USA by TKO at 1:02 of the second round.
      • In 2003 he came back to the Nationals and again successfully defended his IKF National Title when he defeated Shannon Hudson of Greer, South Carolina, USA by unanimous decision, 30-27, 29-28, 30-27 in a bout that was closer than the scores sound to win his 4th IKF National Tournament title and his 5th IKF Title overall.
      • in April of this year he defeated Mike Morello of Santa Barbara, California, USA by unanimous decision 48-47, 49-46 and 48-47 to win the IKF Amateur FCR Light Middleweight World Title.

  • Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson (At right - Punching) of Simpsonville, South Carolina, USA
    • There are some similarities between Stephen and Anthony McGaughey. Both made their IKF debut in 2000 where they both won the IKF National Amateur Title that first year. Stephen defeated his now close friend Peyton Russell by unanimous decision, 30-23, 30-24 and 30-24.
    • Both came back a second year where Stephen posted a record that has yet to be broken, winning the IKF National Title in a record time of 14 seconds into the first round when he defeated Vilavahn Seukpanya by TKO. It was the only strike thrown in the bout and set a new record for quickest win by KO/TKO. The kick broke Seukpanya's arm.
    • Stephen came back in 2002 and defended his 2001 IKF FCR Light Heavyweight Title when he defeated John Scanlon of Chicago, Illinois USA by TKO at :44 seconds of round 1.
    • Later that same year in 2002 Stephen won the IKF North American Title at the same Tournament Anthony did when he defeated Bill Jardine at 1:26 of the 4th round which was Jardine's first loss. Stephen did not compete at the 2003 Nationals though because too many people were bagging on him saying he should turn Pro.
    • Stephen still had one more IKF title to accomplish before his amateur career was over. He still wanted the IKF Amateur World Title. He achieved his goal on November 15th, 2003 in Greenville, South Carolina, USA when he became the fourth IKF Amateur Champion ever when he defeated Kevin Engle of St Louis Missouri, USA by unanimous decision, 50-42, 50-42 and 49-45. His amateur career was an amazing 33-0 with 18 wins by KO or TKO.
    • So what is the difference between Stephen and Anthony? Well, we have yet to see what Anthony's plans are but as for Stephen, he turned Pro on May 15th, 2004 and has never looked back. As of this posting he is still undefeated with a professional record of 4-0 with 3 wins by TKO/KO. Stephen is actually fighting tomorrow night (Saturday, July 2nd in Canada), so he may be either 5-0 or 4-1 when some of you read this, but we would expect him to be perfect still at 5-0. for more on Stephen Click Here.

  • Jesse Finney of St. Louis, Missouri, USA
    • Many know Jesse as an IKF and ISCF Promoter but did you know him as a fighter? Yes, Jesse was an IKF FCR National Amateur Super Middleweight Tournament Champion in 2000 when he defeated Mark Brennan by a split decision, 30-27, 29-28 and 28-29. Jesse later retired to put his efforts into promoting full time. His fight record was 17-0 with 14 wins by KO/TKO.

  • Clint Zimmerman of Davenport, Iowa
    • Clint did something in 2000 that no other fighter has ever tried. At the 2000 Nationals he won the Cruiserweight title by walkover when his opponent, Quincy Morris of Stillwater, Oklahoma no showed. However, Clint still wanted to fight so he choose to move to the Heavyweight Division and "FIGHT" for the title against opponents heavier than him. The result? Not only did he do well... Not only did he end up winning the National Tournament Title but he won both his bouts by TKO! He won the IKF Championship bout by TKO at 1:58 of round 1 over Steve Bass.

  • Wayne Wilks of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
    • Until this years Tournament, Wayne will have the bragging rights of being the only IKF San Shou Tournament Champion. This year San Shou will be back after being dropped from the Tournament for lack of participation in 2000. Wayne won his title in the Adult Men's Super Middleweight division and made history as the first ever to win an IKF National Amateur Tournament San Shou Title Bout. His victory came by an impressive HEAD KICK KO at :35 seconds of round 1 to Raymond Jenkins.

  • Trisha Hill of Lawerenceville, Georgia, USA
    • Trisha "TNT" Hill won the 2000 Woman's Lightweight Title in impressive fashion with a spinning crescent kick KO at 1:09 of the 3rd round in what was "The Women's Bout of the Tournament" over, Katie Ehrhardt. But this wasn't Trisha's best moment. By the time she ended her amateur career she had won a total of 3 IKF Titles. The other two were the,
      • IKF Women's Amateur IR U.S. Featherweight Title when she defeated Jacqueline Chavez of Los Lunas, New Mexico, USA by unanimous decision on July 29th, 2000 in Merraitt, Georgia, USA.
      • IKF Amateur Woman's MuayThai Rules U. S. Featherweight Title when she defeated Angela Rivera, of Las Vegas Nevada, USA by split decision, 49-46, 49-47, 50-45 on December 2nd, 2000 in Monterey, CA, USA.

    • However Trisha's shinning moment came in February of 2004 when she defeated the German World Title Holder Silke Weickenmeier to take her WIBF (Womens International Boxing Federation) Featherweight World Title by TKO in the 7th round!

  • Sunshine Fettkether of Mesa, Arizona, USA
    • Sunshine (Deborah actually is her first name) won the 2000 IKF Muay Thai Woman's Amateur National Welterweight Title by TKO over Julie Jackle at 49 seconds of round 1.
      • Sunshine made headlines back in 1999 (Yes, before she was an IKF Champion) when she fought in a Man vs Woman bout. In the bout she "Woman Handled" 39-year-old Randy Pittman with ease. The big news though was before the bout when the Mesa City mayor tried to stop the bout. "I don't like kickboxing in the first place and kickboxing between a man and a woman, I really don't like that," said Mayor Wayne Brown... Probably because Wayne was a guy...hehehe.
      • Sunshine, like Trisha Hill has also excelled in Pro Boxing winning several Titles which include the WIBC Welterweight Title in 2002, the WIBF Welterweight Title in April of 2003 and again in July 2003, the IFBA Welterweight Title.

  • Kaspar Harrison of Detroit, Michigan, USA won the 2000 IKF USA National Junior Amateur Featherweight title over Shane Shappley by unanimous decision 29-27, 30-26, 30-26.
    • In September of 2004, Kaspar was featured on an ABC Family reality based T.V. show called Switched. The show featured two teenagers, from different parts of the U.S., switching places for a week. Kaspar switched with a farm boy in Montana as compared to his city life style in Detroit Michigan.

  • Justin "Hammer" Lawrence (Right) of Pacific, Missouri, USA
    • In 2000 at the age of 10 Justin won the Junior Boys Welterweight Title when he defeated Nathan Hicks by unanimous decision 30-24, 30-24, 30-24. Justin went on to win 3 more National Titles making him a "4 Time" National Champion... All before he was "Fourteen" years old...
      • In 2001 at the age of 11 he won the IKF FCR USA National Junior Amateur Light Heavyweight title when he defeated Ameil Alcozer of Plainview Texas by split decision, 30-27, 30-27 & 28-29.
      • In 2002 at the age of 12 he won the IKF FCR USA National Junior Amateur Light Cruiserweight title when he defeated Nic Houser of Twin Falls, Idaho by unanimous decision 30-27, 30-27 & 29-28.
      • In 2003 at the age of 13 he won the IKF FCR USA National Junior Amateur Light Atomweight. In doing so he fought his way from being the number 4 seeded fighter to win it all when he defeated Andre Camarena of Norcross, Georgia, USA by unanimous decision 30-25, 30-25, 30-26.

    • Justin could have very possibly became a "5 Time" IKF National Champion in 2004 but the change of venue for the Tournament from Iowa to Florida made the trip too expensive for Justin and his team to make. We hope to see him in Florida this year..

  • Derek Yuen of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
    • In 2000 Derek won the IKF Muay Thai USA National Amateur Light Heavyweight Title by TKO at 1:32 of round 2 over Kevin Brown.
    • The following year Derek came back and won the IKF Muay Thai USA National Amateur Cruiserweight title when he defeated Charles Pemble by majority decision, 30-27, 30-26 & 28-28 to become a two time National Champion.

  • Matt Bentley of Omaha, Nebraska, USA.
    • The Junior program of the IKF Nationals in 1999 had planned to start with 2 fighters. However Junior Anthony Kindel of Milwaukee Wisconsin won his IKF National Title by forfeit when Carlos Flores of Bakersfield, California failed to show up at the weigh-ins or the event. So where does Matt fit in here? Although not registered, Matt was there to watch his team-mates fight. But when Anthony didn't have a fight, Matt stepped in and fought an exhibition bout with him, which was the first time a Junior bout of any type happened at the National Tournament. It was the start of a winning career for Matt as a young amateur.
    • In 2000 Matt won the IKF USA National Amateur Bantamweight Title by unanimous decision, 30-27, 30-27, 30-27 over David Flurry.
    • Two years later in 2002 Matt defeated David Oudthone by unanimous decision, 30-24, 30-23 & 30-23 to win the IKF IR USA National Lightweight Title.
    • Matt now owns and runs a branch of his trainer, Mick Doyle's Martial Arts Center called Matt Bentley's Martial Arts in the town of Wayne, Nebraska.

Are there more stars from the 1999 and 2000 IKF National Amateur Tournaments? Of course there were and keep watch for them here in the coming days.

Aaron Lassi

Duane Ludwig

Jason Johnson

Stephen Thompson (Punching)

Jesse Finney