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JUNE, 2005


THURSDAY, June 30th, 2005, AT 3:05 PM, PT

IKF Steps Up For The
Adult Women
One More Time

A few days ago we added a lower weightclass because of several requests to do so for the Adult Women's Division. Now we are addressing some issues with the other end of the scale. As of today, the IKF has added a 9th weight division for the adult women. Previously the highest weight class for Adult Women at this years 2005 IKF NAC Championship Tournament was 170 lbs MAX. However, the change brings the Middleweight division spread from 160.1 to 175 and the new Heavyweight spread from 175.1 to 200.

Here are the new and "FINAL" 9 woman's weight divisions below for the 2005 IKF NAC Championship Tournament in August below.

  1. Flyweight: 112 lbs. & Below - 50.90 kg & Below
  2. Bantamweight: 112.1 - 121 lbs. - 50.91 kg - 55kg
  3. Lightweight: 121.1 lbs. - 132 lbs. - 55.04 kg - 60 kg
  4. Super Lightweight: 132.1 lbs. - 137 lbs. - 60.01 kg - 62.27 kg
  5. Light Welterweight: 137.1 lbs. - 142 lbs. - 62.31 kg - 64.54 kg
  6. Welterweight: 142.1 lbs. - 150 lbs. - 64.59 kg - 68.18 kg
  7. Light Middleweight: 150.1 lbs. - 160 lbs. - 68.18kg - 72.72 kg
  8. Middleweight: 160.1 lbs. - 175 lbs. - 72.73 kg. to 77.27 kg.
  9. Heavyweight: 175.1 lbs. - 200 lbs. MAX - 79.59 kg. to 90.90 kg. MAX.

WEDNESDAY, June 29th, 2005, AT 9:55 PM, PT

To The 2005 IKF NAC Tournament!

Hey everyone... A little 411 for you...
"Here Comes Canada!"
Well known Canadian Trainer and Professional Fighter Muzammal Nawaz has just registered 8 of his Canadian Fighters from Ontario Canada for this years 2005 IKF NAC Championship Tournament. The 8 are all Full Contact Rules fighters and include:

  1. Yury Evsyunin, Adult Men's, Welterweight, 142.1 lbs. to 147 lbs. 64.59 kg - 66.81 kg.
  2. Nick Petroff, Adult Men's, Light Middleweight, 153.1 lbs to 159 lbs. 69.6 kg - 72.3 kg.
  3. Bart Molenda, Adult Men's, Light Heavyweight, 172.1 lbs to 180 lbs. - 78.3 kg - 81.4 kg.
  4. Elaine Fowler, Adult Women's, Super Lightweight, 132.1 lbs. - 137 lbs. 60.01 kg - 62.27 kg.
  5. Josie Novielli, Adult Women's, Light Middleweight, 150.1 lbs. - 160 lbs. 68.18kg - 72.72 kg.
  6. Ross Mylet, Junior Boys, 16-17, Lightweight, 123.1 lbs. - 130 lbs. - 55.91 Kg - 59.09 Kg
  7. John Nash, Junior Boys, 16-17, Light Welterweight, 137.1 lbs. - 142 lbs. - 62.28 Kg - 64.54 Kg.
  8. Jackie Lachapelle, Junior Girls, 16-17, Flyweight, 109.1 lbs. - 116 lbs. - 49.55 Kg - 52.72 Kg.

By entering "8" fighters it put's Nawaz' Team in the early lead for the award for the Largest Team to attend the event. Will 8 be the tops to win this Award in 2005? We will have to wait and see as we start the 3 week marathon (Our busiest time of the year here at IKF HQ) to the first registration deadline which is June 22nd. To see all the Registration Deadlines Click Here.

TUESDAY, June 28th, 2005, AT 6:10 PM, PT

IKF Adds A Lower Weightclass For
Adult Women
At The 2005 IKF NAC Tournament

Due to the many requests for a lower weightclass for the Adult Women's division, the IKF has added an 8th weight division for them. Previously the lowest weight class for Adult Women at this years 2005 IKF NAC Championship Tournament was 121 lbs and below.

However, now there is a new division that is 112 lbs and below, which makes the next division (Bantamweight) go from 112.1 to 121 lbs. Here are the 8 woman's weight divisions below for the 2005 IKF NAC Championship Tournament in August below.

  1. Flyweight: 112 lbs. & Below - 50.90 kg & Below
  2. Bantamweight: 112.1 - 121 lbs. - 50.91 kg - 55kg
  3. Lightweight: 121.1 lbs. - 132 lbs. - 55.04 kg - 60 kg
  4. Super Lightweight: 132.1 lbs. - 137 lbs. - 60.01 kg - 62.27 kg
  5. Light Welterweight: 137.1 lbs. - 142 lbs. - 62.31 kg - 64.54 kg
  6. Welterweight: 142.1 lbs. - 150 lbs. - 64.59 kg - 68.18 kg
  7. Light Middleweight: 150.1 lbs. - 160 lbs. - 68.18kg - 72.72 kg
  8. Middleweight: 160.1 lbs. - 170 MAX - 72.73 kg. to 77.27 kg. MAX

MORE NEWS OF 6-28-05

Gates & Biggerstaff
Florida Vs Illinois

The First Match-Up For The
2005 IKF NAC Championship Tournament
In Orlando This August!

With the first registration deadline for this years 2005 IKF NAC Championship Tournament coming up on July 22nd, there are currently 8 Registered Fighters. Not to worry though if this number sounds low. Last year, only 18 days prior to the first Registration Deadline of July 16th, we only had 16 fighters registered to "Walk the Walk" at the 2004 IKF/TKO NAC Championship Tournament.

By final registration deadline last year, 257 fighters had registered. In Orlando, on Friday night, a record setting 220 fighters (Breaking the old record of 207 set in 2001) checked-in to fight, despite the warning of, and of course, the landing of Hurricane Charley on that very night. Another record was set for the total number of bouts fought over the weekend. In all, the new record set last year was 150 bouts (146 was the old record set in 2003) that were fought, all in quest for one of the 62, IKF North American Classic Championship Belts that were awarded. (To see these numbers and other past Tournament Stats Click Here.)

Every year we like to point out who was "First" in various categories. For tonight's news, we will focus on the first match-up in the title hunt. This first of many match-ups (Not meaning it will be the first bout of the Tournament, just the first confirmed here) will be in the Adult Men's Full Contact Rules Division, the Super Middleweight (165.1 lbs to 172 lbs. - 75.1 kg - 78.2 kg) division to be exact. The tale of the tape as of press time reads;

J. R. Gates
Bradenton, Florida, USA
1-0/1, 170, 5'11", 19, 11-15-85
Trained By: Erik Marshall


Scott Biggerstaff
Chicago Heights, Illinois, USA
5-1/1, 170, 6'1", 39, 3-11-66
Trained By: Big Lew

In the Preliminary round of the Adult Super Middleweight division at the IKF North Central Regional, Scott Biggerstaff defeated Rene Bahena by unanimous decision. In the final, Biggerstaff defeated Blake Huffman by TKO at 53 Seconds into the 1st Round. This gave Biggerstaff two regional seeding bout wins which will help him greatly in his seeding for the finals in Orlando.

In the final of the Adult Super Middleweight division at the IKF South East Regional, J. R. Gates defeated Andrew Kloster by TKO at South East Regional.

Depending on who else registers into their division, these two may never meet up. However, as for now, they make up the first bout of this years 2005 IKF NAC Championship Tournament in Orlando Florida on August 19th, 20th & 21st. As the saying goes for the rest of you, "You can't be first, but you can be NEXT!" So, with that being said... "Who's NEXT" to "Walk The Walk" and "Bring It ON!"

MONDAY, June 27th, 2005, AT 11:10 PM, PT

The WALK Begins In Virginia
By IKF Event Representative Ronnie Copeland

IKF Virginia, USA
IKF Promoters Craig Smith, Clark Walters, and Frank Cucci did an excellent job with this years IKF Central East Regional Tournament. There were so many fighters it was like a mini North American Tournament in a long, action packed day of kickboxing. The official number of fighters who actually fought was 95, which broke the record for the number of fighters at a regional tournament that was set last year by Craig Smith and Tommy Poey.

For years this region has been a hotbed for kickboxing action. Looking back to the 80's with promoters like John Ormsby and Bill McDonald and fighters from the region such as Curtis "The Explosive Thin Man" Bush, Dale "Sunshine" Frye, Demitrius "Oak Tree" Edwards, Jeff "DC Bomber" Smith, Curtis "Cowboy" Crandell, Ronnie Weaver, Willie Lopez, and the names go on and on.

After the great depression of kickboxing ( the 90's ) things are making a turn around. The fights were great from the beginner to the experienced fighters. Traditionally the area has been known for it's great American-Full Contact rules fighters. This past weekend I saw some awesome International Rules action though along with the always popular, Full Contact Rules. Frank Cucci is the man to thank for that. There were 117 registered fighters total. Out of those, 95 showed up to "Walk the Walk". Looking back it was a long day and things have somewhat become blurred in my mind. The Walkover champions are as follows:

We started the fights at 9:AM with the Children's divisions. They all fought like little adults and with all of the talent displayed by these youngsters it looks like the next generation of kickboxing is going to be a smoking crew. Since the tournament was so large I am going to list the fights and the result sorted by daytime and night time fights, but not in the actual order of the fights. Also due to the size of the event I will not be able to give the blow by blow on each fight. Even though I watched every fight I just can't remember all the details of the GREAT ACTION I witnessed on this day!

  1. Jabarri Rasheed from Durham School of kickboxing defeats Charles Walton of Team Linxx by TKO in Round 3 in the Age 11-12 Boys Jr. INTERNATIONAL RULES 80-85lb Division

  2. Brandon Valdez from Team Smith defeats Johnny Deincourt from Team Linxx By decision in the prelims of the Jr. Boys 90-95lb 10-11 yr old Full Contact Rules Divsion.

  3. After a first round 'by' Jamaal Rasheed advances to the finals and defeats Brandon Valdez by first round TKO.

  4. Christopher Meeks of Team Smith defeats Jeremy Rodriguez of Team Copeland in a 3 round decision in the Boys Jr. 112-117 lb 13-14 yrs division.

  5. Denny Long Jr. of Team Linxx defeats Hector Soto of Team Smith by unanimous decision in the Jr. Boys Full Contact, 12-13 yrs Division.

  6. James Martinez of team Poey defeats Mason Vensland of Team Smith by unanimous decision in the Boys Jr. FCR Novice Division.

  7. Thoms O'Grady of Team Kardio Kick defeats Paul Burdette of Team Smith by unanimous decision in the Boys Jr. FCR 14-15 yrs Novice division.

  8. Tyer Price of Team Sportslex defeats Shawn Moore in the 2nd round by TKO in the JR. boys FCR 12-13 yr old division.

  9. Logan Howard of Team Spotrtsplex defeats Sam Eberhardt of Team Blackhawk by unanimous decision in the boys JR. FCR 60-65 Novice Division.

  10. Marshall Hobbs of Team Sportsplex got a 'by' in the first round and met Logan Howard of Team Sportslex in the finals of the Jr. Boys 8-9 yr old FCR 60-65-lbs Novice division. Howard defeated Hobbs by unanimous Decision.

  11. Tanner Elliot of Team Linxx defeats Jonathan Haygood and advances to the finals of the Jr. Boys FCR Novice 55-60lb Division.

  12. David Cyanar Jr. of Team Blackhawk defeats Tanner Elliott by second round TKO to win the 55-60 lb Jr. Boys Novice FCR Division.

  13. Tom Clough of Team Copeland defeats Jeff Lavin of Team Manuel by unanimous decision after a kickboxing war.

  14. Steven Bunnel of Team Smith defeats Tom Clough in a three round decision where all three of the judges saw it the same 29-28 in favor of Bunnel.

  15. The first Night time bout was Nelson Lebron Vs. Deejay Jones. Both of these guys fought hard with the classic puncher vs. kicker match up. After a hard fought three rounds Jones got the judges nod over Lebron in a 3 round split decision. Judges Ron Chewning and Roger Dabney scored the fight in the favor of Jones and the third judge, James Gamble saw the fight in Lebron's favor.
  16. Shalynn Atkins and Leah Cort both of Team Smith fought a toe to toe battle. These Girls looked like Rockem Sockem Robots. Both fighters took a standing "8" during the fight and at the end of 3 rounds the judges could not call a winner. The fight was a draw. The doctor at ringside advised against a 4th round so it stands as a Draw. (Junior Girls - 87.1 -95.0)

  17. Michael Bernard of Durham Kickboxing defeats Chris Hedio of West Virginia by first round TKO in the 153-159lb, Adult International Rule Novice Division.

  18. Selen Strickler of Team Thomas defeated Tara Smith of Team Warriors by majority decision in the Female Adult 155-160 Full Contact Rules Division.

  19. Jonathan Riffey of Team Copeland defeated Nathan Purser of Team Wyatt by first round KO in the Adult FCR Novice, 179-186lb division.

  20. Gabriel Goldman of Team Church defeated Cory Gordon of Team Darkside by TKO in the first round in the International Rules 159-165 Novice Division.

  21. Scott Turner of United Arts Training Center defeated Kevin Forant of Team Wyatt in the FCR Novice 172-179lb division.

  22. FCR Novice 165-172 lb Division.
  23. Jake Poss defeated John Beanan by TKO in the first round in the adult Muay Thai Novice 186-195 lb class.

  24. Jeff Gilmon of Team Warriors defeated Will Smith in the FCR Novice 195.1-215 lb division by unanimous decision.

  25. Steve Powell defeated Eldar Ramos by unanimous decision in the 195.1-215 lb International rules Divsion.

  26. Miguel Restrepo of Team Linxx defeated Robert Hodges IV of Team Gordon by TKO in the first round in the International Rules Novice 147- 153 lb division.

  27. David Thomas of Team Manuel defeated Tyron Cave of Team Blackhawk by first round KO.

  28. Charles Baines of Team Smith defeated Justin Stackler of team Manuel by unanimous decision in the FCR 195.1 -215 lb Division.

  29. Ian Alexander of Tam Linxx defeated Greg Mihovich of Team Underground by unanimous decision in the International Rules 172-178 lb novice division. The first half of the first round was fairly even until Alexander exploded with some powerful legs kicks. This was one of the best fights of the the night.

  30. Curtis Cropper Team PowerKicks Defeated Sergi Koraliov of Team Underground by overtime victory. At the end of three rounds the judges had this on a draw. We went to a 4th round where Cropper pulled out the decision in the international Rules 172-178 lb Novice division.
  31. Rafael Bayona of Team Blackhawk defeated Kevin Corron of Team Copeland by second round KO. Both fighters came out fighting hard in the first round. Bayona stunned Corron mid way through the first with a head kick and that was the beginning of the end for Corron. Bayona continued to put the pressure on Corron and Knocked him out in the 2nd with and overhand right.

  32. Brian Martin of Blacksburg, South Carolina, defeated Heath Weisigin of Virginia Beach, Virginia by TKO in the Adult Men's Super Welterweight division, 147.1 lbs - 153 lbs.

  33. Michael Harris of Team Copeland defeated Josh Williams of Durham Kickboxing by second round TKO. Williams had no where near the experience that Mike did coming into the fight but showed a lot of heart and determination. No matter what Josh got hit with he kept coming. He showed the heart of a true warrior. Chris Bergstrom Commented on the IKF message board about this fight saying:
  34. In addition to all of the fights that we had there was also some exciting exhibitions.
    The Exhibitions are as follows.

For more info please call (757) 491-1733 or by cell at (757) 729-0942 or go to www.teamcopeland.net or at www.craigsmithkarate.com

MORE NEWS OF 6-27-05


Tropea Takes Home The IKF
World Title!
Grand Portage, Minnesota, USA

IKF Minnesota, USA
It was how you would want a World title to be, ALL 12 ROUNDS of Great Fight Action! The IKF Pro Full Contact Rules Light Heavyweight World Title bout was as it should be, "Exciting to the end!" Frankie Tropea of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada (17-1/5) and Nick Rondinelli of London, Ontario, Canada (15-5/7) went the 12 rounds with back and forth exchanges.

As the belt went on, Rondinelli was appeared to be more active, but Tropea was blocking a lot and countering. Rondinelli was the attacker and Tropea the mover. In the earlier rounds Tropea used his side kick to keep Rondinelli off . Rondinelli kept throwing and moving forward as Tropea held his own and countered. The fight continued at this pace to the end of the rounds. In the end, two of the three judges had Tropea ahead making him the new IKF World Light Heavyweight Champion by split decision at 112-117, 113-115 and 116-112. Congratulations to the new IKF World Champion, Frankie Tropea!

The first Pro fight of the evening saw event Promoter Mitz Bandiera taking on Twin Dragon's Phil Carra in a super welterweight division. The fight was a kicking contest as both fighters threw more kicks than punches in the earlier rounds. The fight went the full 5 rounds with a unanimous decision to Bandiera, 46-49, 47-48 & 47-48.

The second Pro fight saw Jeremy Pearson against Chris Clements of Team Tompkins. This would be a toe to toe hard hitting fight. Pearson, being a slow starter, and very tough, took all Clements could throw for the first three rounds and kept walking forward. Pearson received a standing 8 in the second round after taking a full on spin back kick from Clements. This did not stop him. After three rounds Pearson began to be more affective as Clements tired. The fight went 5 with the first three rounds to Clements and the last two to Pearson by the scores of 48-47, 48-46 & 48-46.

  1. Ray Blais defeated Colin Parent by TKO in round 1.

  2. Aaron Gustavo defeated Glen Homac by KO in round 1.

  3. Felice Herrig defeated Stacy Chung by unanimous decision, 29-28, 30-27 & 30-27.

  4. Frank Scarmaglia defeated Stephane Lachance by TKO in round 1.

  5. Jaydn Cory defeated Ron Thompson by split decision, 28-29, 28-29 & 29-28.

  6. Jesse James defeated Ralph Baxter by TKO in round 1.

  7. Paul Bouvier defeated Mika Rahkola by unanimous decision, 30-26, 30-26 & 30-26.

  8. Jordon Allan defeated Jay Gould by unanimous decision, 27-30, 26-30 & 26-30.

For more event info please contact Mr. Mitz Bandiera at (807) 472-6437 or at mitz@tbaytel.net

FRIDAY, June 24th, 2005, AT 5:50 PM, PT

World Title!
Grand Portage, Minnesota, USA

IKF Minnesota, USA
This Saturday night, June 25th at the Grand Portage Lodge & Casino in Grand Portage, Minnesota, USA two fighters will meet in the ring for the Ultimate Goal! The WORLD TITLE! IKF Promoter Mitz Bandiera will be the host for this night of IKF Kickboxing action.

On the line is the vacant IKF Pro Full Contact Rules Light Heavyweight World Title bout between number 1 IKF Ranked Frankie Tropea of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada (16-1/5, 175, 5'10") and number 2 IKF Ranked Nick Rondinelli of London, Ontario, Canada (15-4/7, 179, 5'9").

Rondinelli is currently the IKF Canadian Champion. He won this title 1 day shy of exactly a year before this match-up on June 26th, 2004 at the same location, Grande Portage, Minnesota, USA. Across the ring on that night was Jeremy Pearson of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. Rondinelli took the title with a split decision win, 96-94, 96-93 & 94-96. Other titles he's won include the WKA Canadian Light Heavyweight title and the PKF Heavyweight Amateur Kickboxing title.

Tropea holds the KICK North American title and is seeking his first IKF Title. There is something these two have in common though, Pearson is Tropea's training partner from the same gym. With this in mind, Revenge will be on Tropea's mind in the name of Pearson but on Rondinelli's mind will be one thing, a World Title... And once the bell rings, we are pretty certain this will be the only thing on Tropea's mind too.

The nights IKF referees will be Mr. Scott Fischer of Illinois and Mr. James Peterson. The IKF Event Representatives will be Mr. Rob Zbilski assisted by Mr. Bill Lassi. For more event info please contact Mr. Mitz Bandiera at (807) 472-6437 or at mitz@tbaytel.net

THURSDAY, June 23rd, 2005, AT 12:05 PM, PT

Weight Classes

There seems to be some questions about the weight classes for this years 2005 IKF NAC Tournament. There are a total of "12" Adult Men's weight classes, "7" Adult Women's weight classes and "23" Junior Amateur weight classes. Fighters weighing 147 lbs. or less will wear 10 ounce gloves. Fighters weighing 147.1 lbs. or more will all wear 12 ounce gloves. To view the current weight classes CLICK HERE.

WEDNESDAY, June 22nd, 2005, AT 6:55 PM, PT

2005 IKF North American Classic
Amateur Kickboxing Tournament
August 19th, 20th & 21st, 2005

Orlando, Florida, USA

Here it comes everyone. All the Regional Tournaments are done and now comes the countdown to the Largest Amateur Kickboxing Tournament in North America. Formerly the IKF USA Nationals, the now North American Classic Tournament will once again host over 200 Amateur Kickboxers ages 8 and up from USA, Canada, Mexico, Greenland & Bermuda this August 19th, 20th and 21st at the beautiful Wyndham Palace Resort and Spa In the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, USA.

The Host Hotel, (Wyndham Palace Resort and Spa) has 1,014 guest rooms and suites and is connected by hallway to the 18,000 square foot venue Ballroom. The hotel is located 17 miles from the Orlando airport and has "3" Pools, Sauna, full Fitness Center, Steam Rooms, outdoor whirlpools, Tennis Courts, Volleyball, Basketball, Hot Tubs and Massage Therapy Center.

Last years event (The 6th year of this event) registered 257 Amateur Kickboxers between the ages of 8 and 45. The actual 214 fighters that showed up to "Walk the Walk" fought a record number, 150 bouts over 2 days to determine the best amateur kickboxers in North America in their perspective divisions.

Of them 133 were above the waist Full Contact American rule style Kickboxers, 52 were International leg kick rules and 29 were MuayThai fighters. In the end, there were 62 IKF North American Championship Title Belts awarded.

This event is by far the Largest Amateur Kickboxing Tournament in North America and has become the standard assessment for amateur kickboxers. It is the true "Golden Gloves" for amateur kickboxing. It is the incubator for the future of the sport and has produced IKF Amateur World Champions such as Anthony McGaughey, Trent "Thunderfoot" Tompkins, Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson (who has went on to be an undefeated Professional Fighter) and Scott Clark.

It has also been the proving point for Pro Kickboxing Stars such as K-1 USA Champion Carter Williams, Dan "The Son Of A Preacher Man" Erickson (Left), Peyton "The Artist" Russell, and of course as previously mentioned, undefeated Pro Fighter Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson.

for those booking their hotel rooms we need to remind you all that for reasons of important contact availability, except for the individual Fighters who live in Florida, ALL fighters NEED to Stay At The Host Hotel, the Wyndham Palace Resort and Spa.

At Registration we will be asking you for your room number in case we need to contact you for bout or schedule changes. Before this rule was in place, two years ago we had some fighters we needed to locate due to bout changes but we could not find them in the event room or in the hotel because they were at another hotel sleeping. This caused a lot of problems and we do not want to face such issues this year.

Our special room rate is available to Everyone associated with our group, fighters, trainers, family, friends and fans of the Sport and can be found by Clicking Here.

For those looking to register for this years NAC Championship Tournament Click Here. For Tournament Rules Click Here. For Tournament sponsorship and or booth space Click Here.

For all the info on the
Click Here.

MORE NEWS OF 6-22-05

Results From The
North Central Regional
39 Fighters "Walk The Walk" In
Peoria, Illinois, USA
By Kurt Podany

I would like to apologize to all contestants and corner staff for the delay in the results of June 11 2005. This job was put on me at the last minute and I could not neglect my other responsibilities so again I am sorry for the delay. Here are the results of the North Central Muay Thai & International Rules Regional event.

  1. Men's Muay Thai 135
  2. Men's International rules 165
  3. Men's Muay Thai 153
  4. Men's Muay Thai 159
    - There must have been a weight typo here with the next division below.
  5. Men's Muay Thai 159
    - There must have been a weight typo here with the division above.
  6. Boys Junior International Rules 117
  7. Boys Junior International Rules 165
  8. Exhibition:
  9. Exhibition: Boys Junior International Rules
  10. Girls Junior International Rules 122
  11. Men's Muay Thai 127
  12. Men's International Rules 165
  13. Exhibition Between Women's International Rules 130 vs 120
  14. Men's Muay Thai 160 Championship
  15. Exhibition:
  16. Men's Muay Thai 165 Championship.
  17. Exhibition Men's Muay Thai 172 vs. 178
  18. Exhibition Women's Muay Thai 142 vs. 150
  19. Men's Muay Thai 186
  20. Men's Muay Thai 210
  21. Pro Muay Thai Feature Bout
  22. MAIN EVENT: IKF Pro Muay Thai Lightweight US Title

I would like to thank the Peoria officials, Lyle Meece, Josh Williams, Jill Camp, Bryan Schmidgall, Bob Long, Tracy Buckley, and Dave Rogers for a job well done and a lot of fun. I would like to apologize for not listing home town and camp names but every camp present should be commended for your hard work and turning out fighters to compete at such a high level as this tournament proved to be. Finally, as a challenge to all other camps in the Midwest area I challenge you to train and enter this tournament next year and experience the quality and hospitality that Ryan Blackorby shows us each and every year. Thanks again and I will see you next year.
Kurt Podany, IKF Event Representative and Head Referee, Omaha, Nebraska


MORE NEWS OF 6-22-05

Founder Found Dead

Sacramento, California, USA
We have some sad news to report. We have been informed that the founder of Kikskin Kimonos, Scott Mofhitz, passed away on June 13th, 2005, at age 37 in his Sacramento, California apartment. Mofhitz founded the company in 1994 and was responsible for the first jiu-jitsu gi ever made solely for the American market. He was a student under Cesar Gracie when he realized the impact that jiu-jitsu would have in the U.S.. With plenty of determination he pioneered an industry that has grown astronomically in the past decade.

"Scott was a really likable person and a personal friend. I am very saddened to have heard of his passing and I send my sincere condolences to his family. May God comfort them" said Gracie. His service was held at the Mount Vernon Mortuary in Sacramento this past Monday, June 20 and his Burial Service was yesterday, Tuesday June 21. Scott was born on August 3rd, 1967. A longtime resident of Sacramento, he attended Casa Roble High School. A guestbook for the family is available online by Clicking Here and will remain online until July 21, 2005.

Kickskin was the first company the IKF ever advertised for when they did an article entitled "The Kikskin Company - Great workout Clothes!" back in 1997. Portions of the article read,

"Looking for a great looking and comfortable pair of workout shorts? Well, the new Kikskin gear is exactly what you are looking for. IKF President Steve Fossum was visited by Kikskin main man Scott Mofhitz a while back and Mr. Mofhitz left him some Kikskin shorts to try out and he says there GREAT! Wear them under your Muay Thai shorts, karate or kickboxing clothes or alone as just shorts. The kikskin line is usually advertised on the page opposite the back cover in Black Belt magazine. The gear was mainly focused for grappling and judo, but the gear will be great for kickboxing as well as regular karate classes. Cardio kickboxing programs will also benefit from the clothing as well. For more info, contact Scott Mofhitz at KIKSKIN at 888-KIKSKIN (545-7546)."

MONDAY, June 20th, 2005, AT 9:00 PM, PT

Adopts Temporary
Optional Headgear Rule For Amateurs

Starting tomorrow, the new IKF "OPTIONAL HEADGEAR Rule" will be in effect. This "OPTIONAL HEADGEAR Rule" will be under a 6 Month TRIAL STATUS and will end on December 21st 2005. After this 6 month trial status period the rule will be fully evaluated by Representatives of the IKF. If the evaluation finds that the rule was Safe, Productive and a Positive Influence to the Amateur level of IKF Kickboxing it will be made a permanent rule. If not, the IKF will reverse back to the rule of making Headgear Mandatory for all amateur kickboxers fighting on IKF Sanctioned events.

There is far more to this rule though than just shedding a fighters headgear. To begin with the rule option applies only to Amateur adult fighters, ages 18 to 40 years old. Also, in any state that has a mandatory requirement for headgear for amateur fighters (Florida & Colorado) the rule is not available. The most important part of the rule is the bout background information of the fighters who will apply to fight without headgear. This Optional Headgear rule applies only to Amateur "Kickboxers" who have fought in a minimum of 10 or more Amateur Kickboxing bouts and WON a minimum of 50% of those Amateur kickboxing bouts. The 50% rule is to prevent fighters with little skill level from fighting without needed safety equipment.

IKF Promoters seeking approval to have an IKF Sanctioned Amateur bout(s) on their event where the competitors do not wear headgear, must have the fighter's, who wish not to wear headgear, fill out the Official "IKF AMATEUR OPTIONAL HEADGEAR APPLICATION" Form. To see this form Click Here. The forms are required to be submitted to the IKF Headquarters for approval a minimum of 10 days prior to the IKF event they wish to have these fighters fight on. If a fighter does not get his/her form to the IKF by the 10 day deadline, both Fighter's in their bout will be required to wear headgear. To view all the Optional Headgear rules Click Here.

MORE NEWS OF 6-20-05

Results From The
South East Regional
38 Fighters "Walk The Walk" In
Valdosta, Georgia, USA

Another successful South East Regional occurred in Valdosta, Georgia, at the Lowndes County Civic Center. Only seven actual tournament matches occurred, however there were 28 unopposed fighters in various weight classes and rules styles. An additional eight exhibition matches were matched at the Regional.

Because many of the kickboxers had little to no fights, the event staff worked to create as many exhibitions as possible, in hopes of giving these kickboxers their first ring experience with actual fights at no penalty to their records. The first round of matches in multiple-level brackets occurred during the morning at the event as well as some finals and exhibitions.

Later, other finals and selected exhibitions accompanied exciting ISCF MMA matches on the evening fight card. A number of officials worked at this event to help make it possible. Event Representative Ray Thompson did an excellent job conducting the event and keeping to the schedule. IKF & ISCF Referees, Cam McHargue and George Allen kept control of the action in the ring. Several judges traveled many miles to volunteer at the event including Peyton Russell, Frank Bishop, and Jason Hornbuckle. Local judges Nick Panousis, Jeff Williams, Bobby Tyler, and Zakk Cumbess were on hand to help as well. Experienced ring physician, Dr. Jason Cox, several nurses and EMTs saw to the medical safety of the participants.

2004 NAC champ, Terry Hicks registered in her weight class in hopes that she would be able to have a fight, be it tournament or exhibition. Instead, she worked through the event assisting supervisor Ray Thompson to make it a success for other fighters. As the audience filed in to find their seats, they were treated to a mini- concert by Crystal Carter. Carter began with a wonderful rendition of "Simple Life" and later saluted the flag with "The Star Spangled Banner." Emcee and DJ, Ed "Shag" Pitts did a great job informing the capacity crowd and spinning entrance music for the fighters. A number of local dignitaries and public figures attended the event. IKF and ISCF supporter in the Georgia House of Representatives, Ellis Black was an event sponsor and sat ringside to enjoy the action. Follows are the actual results of the event:

For more information go to www.valdostamac.com

MORE NEWS OF 6-20-05

Results From The
South Central Regional
41 Fighters "Walk The Walk" In
Memphis, Tennessee, USA

Full Event Bout List


For more info please contact Mr. Jeff Mullen at (901) 406-2460 or by e-mail at jmullen@memphis.edu

WEDNESDAY, June 15th, 2005, AT 4:40 PM, PT

IKF Central East Regional
Broke Records!

IKF Virginia, USA: As of this post, the IKF Central East Regional has officially broke the record set for pre-registration for last years Central East Regional with a total of 117 fighters. "I would first like to Thank all fighters, trainers and ticket buyers for my Central East IKF Regional so far whom have Walked the Walk." Said Regional Promoter Craig Smith. Although 125 registered, 8 had to pull out due to injuries leaving 117 total active to attend this weekend. Those still wanting to register can contact Mr. Smith by phone for any info at (757) 491-1733 or by cell at (757) 729-0942.

This years event looks to be the largest to date, even breaking the East Coast Classic number of 106. This years Central East Regional event will have a novice division for the fighters with less experience of 3 fights or less. This will give a different look to the event. However, the "Novice" division winners will not receive a seeding above the "Open Division" fighters from any regional but will be seeded higher than any walkover fighters who do not attend a regional. Only the Open Division fighters who actually fight at their Regional will receive the top seeded positions for the NAC Finals, with the Novice winners seeded after them.

This Regional is having all three rules styles this year so they can add some flavor to the event with the leg kicking divisions of International and Muay Thai Rules. Here is some important info needed for this event:

Thank to all and see you at this years Central East Regionals Walk the Walk, Craig Smith, IKF Representative, Virginia, USA. For more info please call (757) 491-1733 or by cell at (757) 729-0942 or go to www.teamcopeland.net or at www.craigsmithkarate.com

MORE NEWS OF 6-15-05


Results From The
St. Louis, Missouri, USA

IKF/ISCF St Louis, Missouri, USA
Here are the results from last Saturday nights MIDWEST FIGHT FEST hosted by IKF/ISCF Promoter Jesse Finney and his Shamrock Promotions team at the Broadway Athletic Club St Louis, Missouri, USA.

  1. Boxing
    Josh Barnes,
    Granite City, Illinois, USA defeated Josh Fischer, St. Louis, Missouri, USA by Decision.

  2. Boxing
    Montel Washington,
    St. Louis, Missouri, USA defeated Mike Fairbanks, St. Louis, Missouri, USA by referee stoppage.

  3. Boxing
    Jamie O'Hare,
    St. Louis, Missouri, USA defeated Tonya Cupple, St. Louis, Missouri, USA by KO, referee stoppage.

    Dave Hile, St. Louis, Missouri, USA (1-0, 380, Self) defeated Vladimir Frankovic, St. Louis, Missouri, USA (0-1, 340, 24, 3-11-81, Finney's) by doctor stoppage.

  5. IKF Kickboxing
    Bobby Chu,
    St. Louis, Missouri, USA (1-0, 146, 5'6", 27, 8-9-77, Finney's) defeated Kevin Gutherie, Columbia, Missouri, USA (0-1, 133, 5'8", 18, 1-15-87, Zenny Reynolds) by unanimous decision, 29-28, 29-28 and 29-28.

    James Bunch, Lenexa, Kansas City, USA (1-0, 187, 23, 12-30-80) defeated Chuck Rainey, Springfield, Missouri, USA (1-1, 184, 5'11", 27, 2-11-78, Springfield Fight Club) by Rear naked choke.

  7. IKF Kickboxing
    John Duffy,
    St. Louis, Missouri, USA (1-0/0, 158, 6', 27, 10-24-77, Finney's) defeated Jake Hardesty, Columbia, Missouri, USA (0-1, 155, 5'9", 17, 8-20-87, Zenny Reynolds) by decision 29-28, 28-29, 29-28.

    Mike Green, St. Louis, Missouri, USA (10-4/3, 165, 6'1", 31, 8-1-73, Finney's) defeated Alex Carter, Edwardsville, Illlinois, USA (2-3, 168, 25, 3-6-80, Patrick Heely) by Triangle choke in the 2nd round.

    Tracy Taylor, St. Louis, Missouri, USA (4-0/2, 194, 5'10", 33, 1-24-73, Rodrigo Vaghi and Finney's) defeated Kenny Allen, Rock Island, Illinois, USA (2-2, 190, NA) by triangle choke in the 1st round.

  10. IKF Kickboxing
    Mark Winfield,
    St. Louis, Missouri, USA (17-1/11, 168, 5'9", 28, 7-23-76, Finney's) defeated John Antigliato, New York, New York, USA (8-2, 154, 5'8", 24, 1-25-05, Zenny Reynolds) by unanimous decision 29-28, 30-27, 29-28.

For more info please call Finney's Kickboxing at (314) 608-3104 or by e-mail at jesse@finneyskickboxing.com or see go to www.FinneysKickboxing.com

MONDAY, June 13th, 2005, AT 12:15 PM, PT

Easdon & Caverley
Will Need To Wait For The IKF Gold
By Alby Bimpson - IKF Europe

IKF Scotland
This last Saturday night at the Paisley Town Hall in Paisley, Glasgow, Scotland, Lex Easdon and Austin Caverley were suppose to determine the new IKF FCR Middleweight World Champion. Well... The decision will have to come another day. The bout came to an end when there was an Accidental Clash of heads in first round. Easdon's head got cut which stopped the fight from continuing and IKF European Representative Alby Bimpson ruled the bout a "No contest". Now the title will need to be rescheduled at a later date. Here are the full event results below.

  1. Junior 3 x 1½ FC
    Steve McCall, Paisley, Scotland vs Laing Croll, Forfar, Scotland in a Demo bout.

  2. IKF Amatuer Scotland Middleweight Full Contact Title
    Craig Bradford, Paisley, Scotland defeated Steve Kitchner, Aberdeen, Scotland by TKO at 1:48 of round 1.

  3. 3 x 2 FC
    Dean Clark, Dundee, Scotland defeated Stevie Walsh, Paisley, Scotland.

  4. 10 x 2 FC IKF Pro European Light Middleweight Full Contact Title
    Kris Carslaw of Paisley, Scotland defeated Ingoff Neilson of Newcastle, England by TKO at1:20 of round 3.

  5. 3 x 2 FC
    John Young, Dundee, Scotland defeated Joe Wallace of Paisley, Scotland by majority decision.

  6. 3 x 2 FC
    Amir El'bakary, Dundee, Scotland defeated Stevie Petrie of Paisley, Scotland by unanimous decision.

  7. 12 x 2, FC IKF Pro World Middleweight Full Contact Title Lex Easdon of Paisley, Scotland and Austin Caverley, Forfar, Scotland
    No contest, Accidental Clash of heads in first round. Head injury to Easdon the cut to the head stopped the fight from continuing. Title to be rescheduled at a later date.

Additional weekend results to be posted on Wednesday, June 15th.

FRIDAY, June 10th, 2005, AT 7:40 PM, PT

IKF ACTION This Weekend

Easdon & Caverley
Seek IKF Pro FCR Middleweight

IKF Scotland
On May 15th, 1999 in Lowell, Massachusetts, USA, Tommy Kimber of Salem, Massachusetts, USA became the first Professional Fighter to hold the IKF FCR Middleweight World Title.

Kimber won the title when he defeated Curtis Bush (Both at Right before the fight) of Virginia Beach Virginia, USA by unanimous decision, 100-85 on 2 judges cards and 100-86 on the other.

Two years later on June 28th, 2001, Kimber fought his first defense of the title when he faced undefeated Dave Marinobleof Roseville, California, USA in Kuala Limpur Malaysia (Both at Left before the fight). There, Marinoble defeated Kimber by TKO at 1:08 of the 8th round at the Shah Alam Stadium to take the title from Kimber. Having never been challenged to a defense of the title, Marinoble officially retired the title on October 2nd, 2004 as he retired from the sport.

Enter current IKF Intercontinental Champion Lex Easdon of Paisley, Scotland (43-2/33, 5'9") and IKF European Champion Austin Caverley (Sorry no photo was sent to us) of Worcester, England (32-4/8, 6' 1").

These two will meet up tomorrow night at the Paisley Town Hall in Paisley, Scotland. the reason? The two will seek the vacant IKF Pro FCR Middleweight World Title that was retired by Marinoble and now vacant. One of Easdon's only 2 losses cam at the hands and feet of current IKF North American Middleweight Champion Eric Regan of Citrus Heights, California, USA. Regan stormed through the amateur division capturing several IKF Titles on his way to a perfect record. Many thought that the "Dream Match" would be Regan Vs Marinoble since Marinoble was also undefeated and also the holder of several IKF Titles. However, it just never happened.

Regan (Shown at right in Red - Boxing) faced Easdon for another organizations World Title and gave Easdon one of his only 2 loses. Easdon was beating Regan on all the judges cards when Regan caught him with a combination that took his sight away. Easdon couldn't continue and Regan walked out of the ring with the title. Easdon wanted a rematch but Regan's trainer Nasser Niavaroni made it clear that they wanted no part of it, saying Easdon was Regan's toughest opponent to date.

Regan ended his kickboxing career with an overall perfect record of 24 wins and no defeats with 22 of his wins coming via the KO/TKO. He went on to become a successful boxer which is now his passion, sporting a Professional Boxing record of 24-1 with 15 wins by KO/TKO. Easdon kept in Kickboxing, still seeking that World Title that eluded him a few years back.

Austin Caverley won his IKF Pro FCR European Middleweight title on June 29th, 2000 in St. Helens England. There he faced and defeated Wullie Robbie (9-1/9) of Glasgow, Scotland by unanimous decision. After the bout Robbie moved up to the Super Middleweight division. The two will put it all on the line this Saturday night with a lot of people waiting to hear who will fill the always popular Middleweight World Title spot.

Also on the nights card will be the quest for the vacant IKF Pro FCR Middleweight Scottish Title between Craig Bradford (7-1/0) of Paisley, Scotland Vs Steve Kitchner (11-7/3) of Aberdeen, Scotland. Ingolf Nelson of Newcastle, England was scheduled to defend his IKF Pro FCR Light Middleweight European Title but no opponent had been confirmed as of this posting. For more info call MB: 07977760747 or e-mail to kirg84@yahoo.com


MuayThai & International Rules
Regional Tournament

Llopis & McIntyre
Seek IKF Pro Gold!

IKF Peoria, Illinois, USA
If the number are correct IKF Regional Director Ryan Blackorby will host about 40 fighters at this weekends IKF North Central MuayThai & International Rules Regional tournament at the RiverPlex, Peoria, Illinois, USA. The event has become well known as the RE/MAX Kickboxing Invitational in which this will be Blackorby's 5th Annual one. Fighters will be attending from Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan, Indiana and Northern Missouri, above St. Louis.

Along with the Amateur Tournament will be the quest for the vacant IKF Pro Muay Thai U.S. Lightweight Title between Raul Llopis of Ft. Wayne Indiana, USA (27-3/19) and Nat McIntyre of Brooklyn Ctr. Minnesota, USA (15-4/3) These two met at this event last year with some controversy surrounding the match up. The issue was whether or not McIntyre should be allowed a professional match against a 3 time champion like Llopis. The question was answered by the end of the bout with a loud, "YES!" What a fight it was. As Great as it gets. In the end, Llopis did not win every round in the judges eyes, but it was enough to win the fight.

This time McIntyre will be eager to seek revenge while Llopis will be eager to prove the less experienced McIntyre that he had an off night last year. Regardless, the winner this time will walk out of the ring wearing the Gold as the new IKF Pro Muay Thai U.S. Lightweight Champion.

Also on the night time card, but not as a title defense will be IKF Pro MTR US Middleweight Champion Jeramy Harminson Lerna Illinois, USA (21-4-1/16). Hopefully Harminson will get more work in this weekend than last years bout at the RE/MAX Kickboxing Invitational. Last tear he tore through Eric Wu and the bout was stopped at 1:58 of the 1st round. Harminson will fight at the Super Welterweight weight level against Saul Mitchell of Brooklyn Ctr. Minnesota, USA.

This years Regional will be attended by many supporting fight camps but missing some old favorites. This year we will see Teams from Dean Lessei, Pete Peterson, Greg Nelson, Jeff Westfall, Ryan Blackorby's and some others but we won't see any teams from Mick Doyle's in Nebraska (Since Nebraska is no longer in this Regional) or Duke Roufus' Gym in Wisconsin. Years ago the competition was fierce between these Northern Muay Thai Gyms. However this weekend, the competition will still be Great, but the names will be different.

For more info on this event please contact Mr. Ryan Blackorby at (309) 657-6787 or at blackrby@mtco.com
Dave Rogers & Kurt Podany will be the nights IKF Referees and it will be great to see IKF Ambassador Brooks Mason back at ringside again as the events IKF Event Representative.


AK Promotions
IKF Action - Triple F Smoker

IKF Roseville, California, USA: This Saturday IKF Promoter Johnny Davis will host a Double Header of IKF Action in Roseville, California, USA. The day will begin with an IKF Point Kickboxing Tournament. The IKF Point Kickboxing© Tournament will kickoff at 10:AM at 702 Atlantic Street at the Lord's Gym in Roseville, CA, USA. In that event Men, Women and Juniors will compete for 4' tall Trophies! Door registration for the IKF Point Kickboxing Tournament starts at 9:AM.

When the daytime action calms down, everyone will pick up and move over to Marinobles Karate & Kickboxing at 600 Commerce Drive (450 capacity) in Roseville, California for the nights IKF Triple F Smoker Kickboxing event. Its going to be another great day for kickboxing in the City of Roseville on this night as the Triple F Kickboxing Smoker gets ready to Kickarumpus!

Along with the exciting full contact bouts in the evening there will be some of the first and second place winners from the IKF PKB earlier that day competing for their 4' trophies. AK Promotions will be taking a few months off after this fight to pursue bringing shows to the area. Last year they took a short break and returned with some exciting events that included an IKF Amateur World Title fight between Anthony McGaughey of Norman, Oklahoma and Mike Morello of Santa Barbara, CA. They are not sure what they will return with this time but we're hoping that it only gets bigger and better for AKP and the sport of Kickboxing...Let's see... Here is the nights Kickboxing Card as of press time below:

  1. FCR Rules
    Tsukasa Riley, Sacramento, CA, 133 lbs, 5'7", debut Vs Miguel Bermudez, 133 lbs, 5'7", 1-0.

  2. IR Rules
    Teddy Brown, Sacramento, CA, 150 lbs, 5'8", debut, Vs A. J. Fonsecca, Santa Rosa CA, 153 lbs, 5'4", 1-0.

  3. IR Rules
    Digamaye Bonner, Sacramento, CA, 165 lbs, 6'0", 1-0, Vs Andrew Morello, Santa Barbara, CA, 168 lbs, 5'11", 2-1.

  4. MT Rules
    Charles Ceasar, San Francisco, CA, 200 lbs, 6'1", 2-0, Vs Jesse Hernandez, Fresno, CA, 200 lbs, 1-0.

  5. MT Rules
    Andrew Rivera, Fresno, CA, 135 lbs, 5'5", 1-2, Vs Dan Ash, San Jose, CA, 135 lbs, 5'7", 2-0.

  6. FCR Rules - Junior Match
    Haroutun Bejanyan, Rocklin, CA, 140 lbs, 5'7", debut Vs Jonathan Pryor, Sacramento, CA, 142 lbs, 5'7", debut.

  7. IR Rules
    Michael Bailey, Oakdale, CA, 165 lbs, 5'6", debut, Vs Ricardo Monterrosa, San Francisco, CA, 165 lbs, 5'7".

  8. MT Rules
    Beau "Bad Boy" Bunch, Santa Barbara, CA, 172 lbs, 5'11", 2-1, Vs Aaron Grewer, Roseville, CA, 169 lbs, 6'1", 4-1.

For the night-time event the doors will open at 6:15 and the event will start at 7:PM. For Ticket info on this event please call (916) 780-7483 or with credit card at www.highsierratickets.com or call (866) 463-8659. For more information call Mr. Johnny Davis at (916) 780-7483 or by e-mail at johnnyd@akpromotions.org or go to www.akpromotions.org


Shamrock Promotions
St Louis, Missouri, USA

IKF/ISCF St Louis, Missouri, USA
This Saturday night, June 11th, IKF/ISCF Promoter Jesse Finney and his Shamrock Promotions will present another night of exciting IKF Kickboxing and ISCF MMA at the Broadway Athletic Club St Louis, Missouri, USA.

Sorry but no fight card was available as of press time. For more info please call Finney's Kickboxing at (314) 608-3104 or by e-mail at jesse@finneyskickboxing.com or see go to www.FinneysKickboxing.com

THURSDAY, June 9th, 2005, AT 2:30 PM, PT

Night Of The Champions III
Camp Verde, Arizona, USA
By IKF Arizona Representative Clement Vierra

IKF Camp Verde, Arizona, USA
It was a great night of kickboxing fights hosted by the Yavapai - Apache Recreation in Camp Verde, Arizona, USA. The event, Night Of The Champions III featured 3 IKF amateur title bouts. All together the event featured 1 Boxing match and 6 Kickboxing matches. Here are the nights results below:

  1. Middleweight
    Steven Scott
    (AKKA Bad Company, Albuquerque, NM) defeated Mike Kennedy (Arizona Combat Sports) by unanimous decision. All score cards were 29-28.

  2. Boxing Match
    Jamie Varner
    defeated Stacey Barker by TKO in the 1st round.

  3. Heavyweight
    Andy Siivola
    (Arizona Combat Sports) Vs Braden Carlton (Tucson, AZ)
    I need to tell you something about this one. When you hear the saying "You can't judge a book by it's cover", this is what they were talking about. Andy Siivola is 33 years old 215 lbs. and look's like a normal person you see walking on the street, just not a fighter. And on the other side of the ring you see a fighter built like a pit bull, he could be in some body building contest. So at first I thought this may be a quick one and then I thought of that saying. All it took was one round with two knock downs and Braden could not get up or he just didn't want to get beat down again. I was VERY impressed with Andy Siivola who had good hand combinations, straight punches, good straight Kick's and good movement. Great Job Andy Siivola.

  4. Victor Avalos (Arizona Combat Sports) defeated Greg Peacock (AKKA Bad Company, Albuquerque, NM) by decision. 30-27, 30-27, 28-29.

  5. Rochelle Williams (Golden Cobra Kickboxing, Camp Verde, AZ) Vs. Amber Valverda (Chavez Kickboxing, Albuquerque, NM)
    This was for the vacant IKF Junior Amateur IR South Mountain Featherweight Region Title. Both fighters came out hard with hands and feet flying. But you could see that Amber had more skills in the ring landing great leg kick's. After three rounds of kick's to her legs you could see the look on Rochelle's face that they was hurting her. After two more leg kick's, down went Rochelle. She got back up and tried to fight back but one more great leg kick and it was over. Amber Valverda became the new IKF Junior Amateur IR South Mountain Featherweight Region Champion by TKO at 1:22 of the 1st round.

  6. David Webster (Arizona Combat Sports) Vs.Naeem Munir (Munir Kickboxing, Phoenix, AZ) This was for the vacant IKF Amateur IR Arizona State Light Cruiserweight Title.
  7. Clifford Larson (Golden Cobra Kickboxing, Camp Verde, AZ) Vs. Anthony Zomara (Chavez Kickboxing, Albuquerque, NM). This bout was for the vacant IKF Amateur IR South Mountain Middleweight Regional Title.

It was a Great night of fights, I want to thank Mr. Richard Williams for a Great Time. Fight more info about this event, please call (928) 300-0281.

TUESDAY, June 7th, 2005, AT 11:40 AM, PT

2005 IKF NAC
Matchmaking, Deadlines
& More Info.

August 19th, 20th & 21st
Wyndham Palace Resort and Spa In the
Walt Disney World Resort Orlando, Florida, USA

It's not uncommon to not see very many fighters on the Registered Fighter Pages yet for this years 2005 IKF North American Classic. Last year as of June 18th we only had 4 fighters registered. They included 3 Adult men, 1 Woman and no Juniors. Today is June 7th. 11 days before the above date and we have 6 fighters registered, 4 Adult men, 1 Adult female and 1 Junior. So for those of you wondering if or not anyone will be registering and if or not you will have a fight, our advice is, "Don't worry." And here is the TRUTHFUL reason why we give this advice.


Unlike some other Tournaments, the IKF posts ALL FIGHTERS in ALL weightclasses and in ALL fighting divisions here on the IKF site. This way you won't hear us giving you false registration numbers as was done back in 2003 with an event that said they would have close to 400 fighters and ended up having "57". With Public Registration, you won't see false numbers here for this Tournament. This year has been no different with some other tournaments who claim to plan to have large numbers of fighters and again, not even breaking the 60 number, leaving MANY fighters who paid their own way there and other expenses, just to sit and watch the few who did have a fight.


Listed below are the registration deadlines for this years Tournament. The key word below to keep note of is "RECEIVED". Received means "When we receive the fee HERE, NOT when you mailed it in. If you have ANY DOUBT that your fee will not make it here by the various deadlines, you may want to Express Mail it with confirmed delivery date. However, the better thing to do is just mail it in early. this will prevent any doubt about when we receive it here.

These deadlines assure us who will be registered at the IKF NAC Tournament. We do not accept ANY registrations at the event.


If you did not send us one with your registration, or we do not have a passport size HEADSHOT PHOTO by AUGUST 12th, 2005, you will be charged a $10 photo fee, REGARDLESS or not if you bring your own passport size photo to registration. Each fighter who we do not have a photo of will see under their name on their registration page, the words, NEED PHOTO.


Unlike in the past, this year we will have several separate lines for registration. These lines will be broken up for Women, Juniors and Adult men. Also separated from the rest of the pack will be a separate line for all fighters who registered on time, owe no late fees or photo fees. These will be our "A" lines. All fighters who owe late registration fees or photo fees (Meaning they have to have their photo taken for their event passport pass because they did not send one in with their registration) will be in our "B" lines.


Some of you have inquired about how strong will the Junior Division be this year. Well, last year we didn't have any Juniors registered until June 25th. Usually, like nearly everyone else, they start to register after all the regionals are done. To see how many Juniors went last year Click Here. There were "93" registered and only 1 did not show up at the Finals in Orlando. ALL the 28 registered Junior Girls and all the Adult Women showed up. There were 18 Adult Men who did not show up.

As you can see on 2004 JUNIORS page, nearly everyone was matched up. On this page link, the weightclasses and rule divisions shown are what was finalized "AFTER" all deadlines and matchmaking. The same is done for the men's and woman's registration pages. Prior to this, the page had ALL the weight divisions shown as does currently on the 2005 Juniors page FOUND HERE and the other pages.


As many of you here know, last year the event was directly effected by a Hurricane. Because of this, ANY fighter who informed us that they could not make it to the event due to the Hurricane can attend FOR FREE this year. These fighters include;

  1. Kevin Elmore, Pittsboro, Indiana, USA, Ray Sarkine, (317) 241-5425.
  2. Phil Leier, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Khaay Muay SitKraitus, (403) 244- 8424.
  3. Rob Graff, Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA, Eric Lalone, (719) 630-8973.
  4. Shale Lepage, Colorado Springs, Utah, USA, Eric Lalone, (719) 630-8973.

This also includes any fighters who were not found a match for the 2004 IKF/TKO NAC. None of these fighters attended the event because they were informed in advance they would not have a fight. Still, they paid a fee last year to enter the Tournament but were not matched up. These fighters include;

  1. Hector Arbos, Dalton, Georgia, USA, Ben Kiker, (706) 226-3318.
  2. Jeffery Bybee, JUNIOR, Peoria, Illinois, USA, Ryan Blackorby, (309) 672-3090.
  3. Umaer Haq, Adult Mens, Alexandria, Virginia, USA, Mike Hess, (703) 922-5147.
  4. Nick Manthey, Chesapeake, Virginia, USA, Clark Walters, (757) 548-9550.


Something that has been asked here is, "Can a fighter register into 2 different rule styles at a regional or at the finals?"
The answer here is a logical "No."
Sure, we could make a lot more money if we allowed this, however, there are several very good reason for this. Lets say a fighter registers in two divisions (As some tournaments are allowing). IF that fighter gets stopped (KO, TKO, RSC) it means they are automatically put on a medical suspension. This means a minimum "30 Day" hold from fighting for safety reasons. So if this happens, this fighter is now forced to pull out of the other rule style he/she registered in. This now means that ALL the brackets will need to be changed in this other division. Worse yet, what if there is only 1 other fighter in that other division? This means he/she will not have a fight at all. So you see, there is a very logical and justified reason we do not allow a fighter to register into more than 1 rule style.


Fit 2 Fight Club
In New York

Steve Ventura, (Right) formerly of NYKK GYM, has opened a new studio in Tribeca. In the new concept, Fit 2 Fight Club (www.fit2fightclub.com) is a real gritty Japan style Kickboxing /Boxing Gym. With two levels of training space and new equipment the gym can cater to all levels of interest. From the casual White Collar Boxer /Kickboxer to Amateur and Professional Fighters. The gym is a duplex style Ground Floor loft. Fit 2 Fight Club offers San Da Kickboxing, Boxing, Self Defense and Lama KungFu. Fit 2 Fight Club also has its trademark Weight Loss program "Fit 2 Fight Challenge". It is a 10 week boot camp program that uses kickboxing, resistance training, flexibility and one on one nutrition counseling. The program is utilizes a team support system and is very goal oriented. The program is also medically supervised.

We all wish Steve Ventura much success on his new studio. The Tribeca area of New York is undertaking a massive reconstruction. Ever since Robert De Niro moved his motion picture and acting studio into Tribeca, a steady influx of new businesses has occured... One of the newest being Fit 2 Fight Club. Be sure to drop by and check them out. For information regarding the new Fit 2 Fight Club, please call 212-925-5490 or visit them on the web at www.fit2fightclub.com or drop by at 17 Vestry Street & Hudson St New York, NY 10013, Tribeca section of Manhattan.

SATURDAY, June 4th, 2005, AT 1:40 AM, PT

Return to Colosseum
Returns Glory To The Sport!
Milwaukee Wisconsin, USA

IKF - ISCF Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
We need to admit, we are a bit upset... For the last several weeks we have been bragging about what a great show we just attended. However, EVERY week we seem to attend yet another great show which forces us to say once again, something like, "WOW, did you ever miss a great event if you were not here tonight!" or, "We just witnessed a packed house, standing room only!" Well, it appears our sport is picking up steam through the work of IKF promoters like Scott Joffe and Duke Roufus among the many other IKF Promoters we work with around the globe. Sellout venues are starting to be "Normal" as was tonight, and this sport just keeps getting better and better! From where we sit, it's clear that we're making our way back to the "Glory Days" of the sports past through the hard work of many. We thought people were saying this sport was dead... WOW, what a night those folks missed in Milwaukee last night!

Last night, IKF Promoters Scott Joffe and Duke Roufus hosted yet another one of their Heavyweight Gladiators events and simply put, these guys need a bigger venue. This one was entitled Return to Colosseum and was held at the Ramada Inn Grand Ballroom, in Milwaukee Wisconsin, USA.

The event started off with what Roufus and Joffe call the "Awesome Amateurs" and that they were. There were 8 "Exhibition" - Awesome Amateur bouts that was served as an appetizer to the main card. The main card featured 4 Amateur modified Muay Thai bouts, 3 Professional modified Muay Thai bouts and one Professional Woman's ISCF Mixed Martial Art bout. Without wasting any more of your valuable time, lets jump right in and go to the results.

Amateur Modified MTR, Middleweight

Sean Douglas of Elmhurst, Illinois, USA (1-0/0, 164, 5'9", 21, 5-24-83, Joe Schlotterer, (630) 730-4965) defeated Vince Tobias of Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA (0-1/0, 165, 5'11", 29, 9-2-75, Kevin Grissom, (262) 652-5449) by unanimous decision 30-27 on all 3 judges cards.

Amateur Modified MTR, Light Welterweight

Dan "The Savage" Lasavage of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA (1-0/1, 138, 5'7", 21, 6-7-83, Duke Roufus, (414) 319-1151) defeated Matt Conley of Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA (0-1/0, 134, 5'7", 29, 10-27-75, Kevin Grissom, (262) 652-5449) by TKO at 1:27 of round 2.
This bout was all Lasavage' from the start. Lasavage forced a standing 8 count by referee Al Wichgers on Conley in round 1 and if not for the ropes saving Conley from falling to the canvas at the end of round 1 Lasavage would have scored 2, 8 counts. It was a hard right hand by Lasavage that would knock Conley down to end it in round 2.

Amateur Modified MTR, Cruiserweight

Kyle "Wicked" Weickhardt of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA (5-1/1, 186, 6'1", 19, 1-21-86, Duke Roufus, (414) 319-1151) defeated Bryan Kovar of Elmhurst, Illinois, USA (1-1/1, 193, 6', 23, 1-11-82, Joe Schlotterer, (630) 730-4965) by majority decision, 29-29, 29-28 and 29-27.
Kovar took a hard body kick from Weickhardt and the force of the blow took him down forcing referee Al Wichgers to give him a standing 8 count. All 3 judges gave round 1 to Weickhardt. Kovar fought back and won round 2 on all 3 judges cards. Round 3 had one judge for Kovar while the other two scored it for Weickhardt. Simply put, this bout was so close it could have easily went Kovar's way who kept aggressive in all 3 rounds.

Amateur Modified MTR, Super Middleweight

Tom Grimmer of Waukesha, Wisconsin, USA (11-1/6, 172, 6'1", 25, 7-6-79, Oscar Medina, (262) 524-9799) defeated Chase Green of Rockford, Illinois, USA (6-1/4, 171, 6'1", 21, 6-20-83, Bryce Franke, (815) 988-1908) by Knockout at 1:56 of round 3.
Green was hit with a strong right hand in round 1 that forced referee Al Wichgers to give him a standing 8 count. In round 2 Green took a strong leg kick to his right thigh that dropped him for another 8 count. Finally in round 3, Grimmer hit Green with a strong knee to his body that dropped him making Wichgers call the bout at 1:56 of round 3.

Pro Modified MTR, Heavyweight

Alex "The Lumberjack" Beck of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA (9-1/5, 232, 6'2", 27, 10-7-77, Mark Miller, (330) 324-3034) defeated Ahmad "The Bounty Hunter" Hafez Indianapolis, Indiana, USA (7-1/4, 255, 6'6", 39, 11-5-66, Jamal Abdul, (317) 294-4206) by TKO at 1:19 of round 3.
Beck was making his professional debut and if looks were the telling of the future, Beck looked to be ready to lose to a much taller and much heavier Hafez. However from round 1 on, Hefez' bark, or 'Look' was much more fearing than his bite. Instead of using his reach, Hafez instead choose to fight a clinch game which cost him through all 3 rounds. In addition, when Beck took to a punching game Hafez was unable to block Beck's punches as Hafez cringed with every punch he took. By the end of round 2 Hafez looked gassed. As round 3 started he was unable to put up much of an attack and finally, at 1:19 of round 3, a tired and ineffective Hafez was done.

ISCF Professional Woman's MMA, 3 Rounds

Jen "Genetic Wonder" Case of Clay Center, Topeka, Kansas, USA (3-0, 152, 5'7", 22, 6-14-82, Steve Twlmlow, (785) 273-4343) defeated Greta "Mo Betta" Hicks of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA (PMMA: 1-2, AMMA: 1-0, 155, 5'10", 29, 2-26-76, Adrian Serano, (414) 305-1135) by rear choke submission at 2:18 of round 1 of the scheduled 3 round bout.

Pro Modified MTR, Heavyweight

Manson "The MasterBlaster" Gibson of Chicago, Illinois, USA (103-9-2-63, 200, 5'11", 44, 5-10-61, Eddie Abby, (708) 212-2554) defeated Horace "The Real Deal" Craft Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA (27-15-1/14, 227, 6'1", 44, 1-29-61, Self, (414) 744-2575) by 3 knockdown rule (TKO) at 2:17 of the first of 5 scheduled 3 minute rounds.
WOW! First off, if anyone was thinking the legend of Kickboxing Superstar Manson "The MasterBlaster" Gibson (Right in an older photo) is all but done at age 44, you need to think again... And maybe use a video of this bout to determine your final decision before putting your foot in your mouth. Gibson had to gain 10 lbs. to take this fight (He wants to stay and fight at 190 lbs.) against Craft, (Left) and although it showed as extra weight, Gibson moved like an 'In his prime' Manson "The MasterBlaster" Gibson that kept us excited and amazed during his career. From the opening bell Gibson proceeded to take apart Craft with his exciting fighting style. First Gibson dropped Craft to the canvas with a wicked and explosively powerful left hook. However as quickly as referee Al Wichgers took 2 steps back after administering a standing 8 count to Craft, Gibson closed the gap between him and Craft and let go a perfect spinning hook kick that landed square on Craft's jaw dropping him again to the canvas again. By this time the crowd was in AHHH!

Still, Gibson wasn't done with his performance of the night. Gibson stalked down Craft after he got his second standing 8 count and once again, landed that explosive left hook dropping Craft to the canvas for his 3rd time at 2:17 of round 1. However, Gibson was not done yet. When the bout was called, he did a standing back flip! Remember, Gibson is 44! However, referee Al Wichgers didn't see him do it. So after Wichgers raised Gibson's hand in victory, he asked him, "Aren't you going to do your back flip?" Gibson was all for an encore where he gladly performed another one! WOW! Did we already say that? Hey, did we also already mention this "EXPLOSIVE" fighter is 44?

So what's next for this 44 year old, who is STILL fighting like he is in his prime? We're thinking, a shot at the IKF World Title! Gibson already holds the IKF Pro MTR Light Heavyweight North American Title. He made it clear tonight he wants to fight at around 190 lbs. instead of the 200 he had to come in at for this bout or the smaller Light Heavyweight (172.1 lbs. - 179 lbs) he won his title at. Gibson won his IKF North American title back on April 7th, 2000 when he defeated Phil Petit of Sik Tai, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada with a spinning backfist in the first round.

So what titles are available for Gibson? He would either fight at the Light Cruiserweight (179.1 lbs - 186 lbs.) division where the IKF World Title is vacant, or at the Cruiserweight (186.1 lbs - 195 lbs.) division. At Cruiserweight there has been talk that current IKF Pro MTR World Champion Chris Wright of Merseyside, England plans to retire. Wright won his IKF World title back in 1998 when he defeated Duncan Airlie James (See photo to right after this bout) of Glasgow, Scotland by head kick KO at 2:04 of round 2 in St. Helens, England. However, he was never challenged and has never had to defend it.

Time will tell what's next for the "EIGHT" Time World Champion Gibson who has gotten pretty use to winning. So much that he may even find himself saying often enough, "Been there, done that" after nights like tonight where he recorded his 103rd victory. The chances are far more than good that he will get that shot at the IKF World Title later this year... It WILL HAPPEN! Especially since several are already talking about it!

MAIN EVENT: Professional Modified MTR, Super Heavyweight
Duke Roufus Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA (34-6/25, 245, 6'2", 35, 2-19-70, Master Toddy & Sam Johnson, (414) 319-1151) defeated Sinisa "Thunderman" Andrijasevic (Below Right) of Split, Croatia (P: 40-10-1/27, A: 150-6/60, 205, 6', 36, 8-21-68, Gordan Vatvuk) by unanimous decision, 48-47, 50-45 and 49-46.
When your in Milwaukee Wisconsin, USA, one thing is for sure. You only root for one football team, the PACKERS (Professional Football Team). If your not a Packer fan in Lambeau Field (The homefield for the Packers) on game Sunday, you may find yourself stuffed and crammed into the cracks between the seats after one clap for the opposing team. Before we go on, you need to embrace one important fact here, Passion runs strong and deep in Packer country and the same passion carries over into other sports, especially Kickboxing! If you are not the hometown fighter in Wisconsin, you need to understand... It's nothing personal, but the Wisconsin fans HATE YOU! Not because of who you are or where your from. Heck, they would probably like you after Game Sunday (Or in this case, Game Friday night) and even buy you a beer. It's no different in other parts of the world. The hometown fans just don't like you because your not one of them. Remember, Passion runs strong in Packer Country. Some of you may not get this, but hopefully you do.

Such was the case when Sinisa "Thunderman" Andrijasevic of Split, Croatia came to the ring to the song Thunderstruck (by AC/DC). The music rocked, the lights flashed and the Croatia flag waived... But it wasn't a Packer flag, or in this case, it wasn't the Stars and Stripes of the USA. There were Booo's and Hissess from the crowd as if the mighty Packers were playing the Vikings in the NFC Championship game! It was clear, this fight was going to have strong fan participation!

Those Booo's and Hissess changed to cheers and yells as hometown fighter Duke Roufus made his way to the ring. Roufus hasn't kept it a secret what has been on his mind for several years. Several years ago, Roufus lost to Andrijasevic in a controversial bout in Trieste, Italy when he was injured when Andrijasevic used an illegal judo-style hip throw in the second round. The confused WKA referee was giving Roufus time to recover when, after some commotion at ringside, he suddenly started a 10-count. Roufus staggered to his feet at the count of nine, but Andrijasevic pounced on him and quickly ended the contest. "It was pretty controversial," Roufus said. "I've lost to some good fighters, but the way this fight went down, it was a cheap shot." Simply put, this was about sweet REVENGE!

After seeing the explosive performance of Manson "The MasterBlaster" Gibson many of us wondered if this bout would have as much to talk about. Well, Roufus and Andrijasevic made sure to win the award of the "Best Bout of the Night" as these two Gladiators banged each other for 5 solid rounds. One thing is for sure, Andrijasevic is TOUGH AS Granite! Roufus blasted him with some solid shots and Andrijasevic took them all. However, Andrijasevic was no light attack either. He worked on Roufus' ribs and snapped shots to his head with explosive quickness throughout the bout. Roufus mixed up his attack with high kicks and even a spinning backfist during the fight. It was toe to toe action that had each of us saying after each round, "I'm glad I'm not a judge to determine who to give that round to. When the final bell rang and the dust cleared, no one could disagree that Andrijasevic had "Earned" the respect of everyone in attendance. Attendance? Oh ya, did we already mention that the house was packed with standing room only!

When we went to the scorecards, no one was fully confident Roufus would win his revenge match, but he did by unanimous decision, 48-47, 50-45 and 49-46. Although we didn't agree with the score of 50-45, we do agree, this was a very close and great bout to end the night with. In the excitement of the decision, Roufus did what he's been wanting to do for some time. He asked his girlfriend Tami to marry him. Making it even better for him, she said "I will." Sorry Manson, but I do believe the Dukster might pull out a close victory with that over your backflip... Oh wait, we forgot, you did TWO backflips...

Even Duke will relinquish the award of top move of the night to Gibson, and why not. He and co-promoter Scott Joffe had sold out the house, he won his revenge match in a WAR of a fight, and in the end, rode off in the night with his girl. Congratulations to you both Duke and Tami. And Thank You to Milwaukee, Wisconsin for an awesome event! We look forward to the next one coming October 8th.

Scott Joffe, Duke Roufus and the IKF would also like to add a special Thank You to all the participating gyms who were a part of this event. They include Schlotterer House Gym, Elmhurst, Illinois, USA, Devine Dragon Kung-Fu, Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA, Duke Roufus Gym, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, Medina Gym, Waukesha, USA, Nikko-Ki Training Center, Rockford, Illinois, USA, Iron City Gym of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, Al-Ghazi Gym, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, School of Martial & Meditative Arts, Clay Center, Kansas, USA, Serrano's Freestyle Fighting & Triton Kickboxing, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, Windy City Gym, Chicago, Illinois, USA, Box Off Gym & Ace Boxing, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA and Thunderman Gym, Split, Croatia. Your support is greatly appreciated!

For more event info Contact Scott Joffe of Ad Cetera Sports Inc. at (414) 967-7767 or at
adcetera@sbcglobal.net or go to

Manson Gibson

Horace Craft

Chris Wright (R)

Sinisa Andrijasevic

Duke Roufus

THURSDAY, June 2nd, 2005, AT 10:05 AM, PT

IKF ACTION This Weekend

Night Of The Champions III
Camp Verde, Arizona, USA

This Saturday night the Yavapai - Apache Recreation will host Night Of The Champions III in Camp Verde, Arizona, USA. The event will feature 3 IKF amateur title bouts which are:

Fight event info please call (928) 300-0281.


Heavyweight Gladiators
Return to Colosseum

Milwaukee Wisconsin, USA

IKF - ISCF Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA: This Friday night, IKF Promoters Scott Joffe and Duke Roufus will present Heavyweight Gladiators Return to Colosseum Milwaukee Wisconsin, USA. The event will feature Amateur and Professional Kickboxing and Professional ISCF Mixed Martial Arts.

The show begins at 8:PM on Friday, June 3 at Milwaukee's Ramada Inn Grand Ballroom, 6401 S. 13th Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. Doors open at 5:30 PM with an Awesome Amateurs undercard starting at 6:PM. For additional articles about this event below.

Added 6-3-05
Here is the nights line-up below;

  1. Amateur Modified MTR, Middleweight - 165 lbs. 3 Rounds
    • Sean Douglas of Schlotterer House Gym, Elmhurst, Illinois, USA, Vs Vince Tobias of Devine Dragon Kung-Fu, Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA.

  2. Amateur Modified MTR, Light Welterweight - 142 lbs. 3 Rounds
    • Matt Conley of Devine Dragon Kung-Fu, Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA, Vs Dan "The Savage" Lasavage of Duke Roufus Gym, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.

  3. Amateur Modified MTR, Cruiserweight - 195 lbs. 3 Rounds
    • Bryan Kovar of Schlotterer House Gym, Elmhurst, Illinois, USA, Vs Kyle "Wicked" Weickhardt of Duke Roufus Gym, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.

  4. Amateur Modified MTR, Super Middleweight - 172 lbs. 3 Rounds
    • Tom Grimmer of Medina Gym, Waukesha, USA, Vs Chase Green of Nikko-Ki Training Center, Rockford, Illinois, USA.

  5. Professional Modified MTR, Heavyweight, 3 Rounds
    • Alex "The Lumberjack" Beck of Iron City Gym of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, Vs Ahmad "The Bounty Hunter" Hafez of Al-Ghazi Gym, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA.

  6. ISCF Professional Woman's MMA, 3 Rounds
    • Jen "Genetic Wonder" Case of School of Martial & Meditative Arts, (PMMA: 2-0) Clay Center, Kansas, USA, Vs Greta "Mo Betta" Hicks of Serrano's Freestyle Fighting & Triton Kickboxing, (PMMA: 1-1, AMMA: 1-0) Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.

  7. Professional Modified MTR, Heavyweight, 5 Rounds
    • Manson "The MasterBlaster" Gibson of Windy City Gym, Chicago, Illinois, USA, Vs Horace "The Real Deal" Craft of Box Off Gym & Ace Boxing, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.

  8. MAIN EVENT: Professional Modified MTR, Super Heavyweight, 5 Rounds
    • Sinisa "Thunderman" Andrijasevic of Thunderman Gym, Split, Croatia Vs Duke Roufus of Duke Roufus Gym, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.

For more event info Contact Scott Joffe of Ad Cetera Sports Inc. at (414) 967-7767 or at adcetera@sbcglobal.net or go to www.heavyweightgladiators.com