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WEDNESDAY, November 30th, 2005, AT 11:40 PM, PT

Fellow IKF Fighters Meet in....

IKF Amateur Kickboxing Champion Nelson Lebron has mad lots of news in the kickboxing world as an amateur fighter. However, it was even a surprise to him to meet another former IKF Amateur Champion on the other side of the world in... Afghanistan.

Lebron is currently stationed in Kabull, Afghanistan and is doing several things with Martial Arts. In order to improve community relations, Lebron and others at Combined Forces Command –Afghanistan (title of the command he is with) volunteer on a weekly basis and attend orphanages, hospitals, a women's prison, and several poverty stricken towns. They provide the poor with food, clothes, shoes, coats and blankets so they may survive the severe winters.

At one of their meetings it was suggested that Lebron teach Martial Arts at one of the orphanages, and he gladly accepted. They are currently in the works of hashing out all the logistic to it. However, because of his background as a Marine, Close Combat Instructor, it was also suggested that he begin teaching Martial Arts, boxing, and kickboxing along with the Close Combat classes as an outlet for the Marines, Army, Air Force, and Navy in Camp Eggers, Kabul.

They work seven days a week and continually have to remain on high alert because of all the prevalent threats. "The country is poverty stricken" said Lebron. "You would think you stepped out of reality onto the set of Mad Max Beyond Thunder Dome. The air and water here are highly contaminated and we have to ingest a pill of doxycycline daily to keep our health."

With the holidays coming up, high stress, long working hours, what better outlet than the passion he shares with others, Martial Arts. Not only that Martial Arts bond all people regardless of ethnicity, social status, age, or creed. It also transforms your mind making it stronger.

Lebron also met several Martial Artist there, one of which is a former IKF fighter Derrick Jones from Clarksdale, Mississippi, USA. In his only IKF Championship bout at the 2003 IKF USA National Amateur Tournament Jones lost to another top IKF fighter, Doyle Gayler of Kaufman, Texas, USA by unanimous decision 30-27 on all 3 judges cards. At this same tournament, Lebron won the IKF National Amateur Featherweight title when he defeated Dallas Crowe of Spartanburg, South Carolina, USA by split decision 29-28, 29-28, 28-29.

Lebron and his team are currently in the process of building a small boxing/kickboxing gym. Once complete he promises to send us some photos. "I thank the IKF, JLFS, WKKO, and all the fighters and promoters for supporting me and the rest of the troops in our quest for Martial Arts." said Lebron.

To reach Nelson you can e-mail him at:

If you are able to help them by sending them any Equipment, the address to send it to is:
Nelson "The Hitman" Lebron
CFC-A Chaplain's Office
APO AE 09356
Thank you all and Godspeed.

MONDAY, November 28th, 2005, AT 11:50 PM, PT

Sky Drysdale's Sky's The Limit Productions
Rumble in the Park "The American Conflict"
The Lodge, Loves Park, Illinois, USA.

By IKF Representative Rob Zbilski: Another Intense Night of IKF Kickboxing presented by Sky Drysdale (Right) and his Sky's The Limit Production. The Lodge in Loves Park Illinois was packed to the gills with over 600 people in attendance, all there to bare witness to Bill Jardine of Eau Clair, Wisconsin making his Professional Kickboxing debut and also to see a packed under-card of Local fighters. As always Sky Drysdale put on one heck of a show.
Here's the nights results below.

  1. Full Contact Rules
    Sam Armstrong
    of Rockton, IL, USA, (1-5/1, 165, 5'10", 21, 4-7-84, Pete Hetrick, (815) 389-1804)
    VS. David Froeber of South Beloit, IL. USA (1-0/0, 170, 5'10", 23, Craig Monyelle, (815) 389-8501)
    This bout was toe -toe until Armstrong went down in the second round and missed his minimum kick count.
    The winner by unanimous decision was David Froeber, 29-25, 29-25, 30-25.

  2. Full Contact Rules
    Neil Halmstad
    Eau Clair, Wisconsin, USA, (20-9-1, 160, 5'10", 30, 2-9-75, Mike Lind, (715) 835-0381)
    VS. Ben Miller of Cherry Valley, IL, USA, (8-6/4, 155, 5'10", 24, 2-19-81, Joel Bowling, (815) 332-4201)
    This bout was close and most thought Halmstad would emerge victorious, yet in the end the judges decided Miller as the winner by unanimous decision, 29-28, 29-28, 30-29.

  3. International Rules
    Henry Beirman
    of Rockton, IL, USA (2-2/1, 190, 5'11", 21, 2-28-84, Pete Hetrick, (815) 389-1804)
    VS. Jeff Riddell of Sycamore, IL, USA, (0-1/0, 192, 6'2", 35, 5-17-70, David Smith, (815) 899-5425)
    Riddell was no match for Bierman in this bout. At 1:58 in the second round, Referee Scott Fischer stopped the bout declaring Beirman the winner by TKO.

  4. Full Contact Rules
    Chris Gusner
    of Janesville, WI., USA (2-0/0, 163, 5'10", 21, 5-16-84, Benny Gonzalez, (808) 312-1190)
    VS. Joe Davis, of Cherry Valley, IL, USA (0-1/0, 163, 6', 24, 5-12-81, Joel Bowling, (815) 332-4001)
    With two first timers in the ring, you'd expect mistakes. Yet this bout was close. Davis went down in round two from a devastating side kick from Gusner. This could have evened the scores with Gusner missing one kick in the first round. Yet after three rounds the judges decided by split decision… Chris Gusner, the winner by split decision. 29-28 Gusner, 28-27 Davis, 28-27 Gusner.

  5. Full Contact Rules
    Beth Ambrosius
    of Rocton, IL, USA (0-1/0, 120, 5'3", 21, 5-18-84, Pete Hetrick, (815) 290-9215)
    VS. Lisa Wells of S. Beloit IL, USA (1-2/0, 122, 5'7", 30, Craig Monyelle, (815) 389-8501)
    In this bout Beth Ambrosius made her kickboxing debut and even though she gave her best, she was no match for Lisa Wells. AT 1:58 in the first round Referee Scott Fischer stopped the bout declaring Lisa Wells the winner by TKO.

  6. Full Contact Rules
    Casey Johnson
    of Rockton, IL, USA (1-2/0, 192, 5'10", 20, 7-21-85, Pete Hetrick, (608) 290-9215)
    VS. Tanner Watts of Collinsville, IL, USA, (1-3/0, 205, 6', 27, 8-11-78, Gallen Peterson, (618) 344-9675.)
    This bout went back and forth for three rounds with no-one knowing who was going to be the winner. In the end the bout went to the judges scorecards and the winner by unanimous decision was Casey Johnson.

  7. Muay Thai Rules
    Kyle Dietrich
    of Pekin, IL, USA, (1-3, 125, 5'8", 9-11-88, Pekin Martial Arts)
    VS. Chad Monyelle of South Beloit, IL, USA (17-5/4, 5'7", 122, 11-8-89, Craig Monyelle, (815) 389-8501)
    This was Chad's first time in the ring fighting Muay Thai and what a show these two fighters put on. Non-stop action for two rounds until Referee Scott Fischer called a halt to the bout taking a point away from Dietrich for an illegal throw. Dietrich cleaned things up and finished the bout in exciting fashion. This bout went to the score cards and the judges had it a unanimous decision for Monyelle, 29-28, 29-28, 29-28.

  8. Full Contact Rules
    Robert Goble
    of Rocton, IL, USA (2-0/0, 169, 6'2", 21, 9-3-84, Pete Hetrick, (608) 290-9215)
    VS. Mark West of Cherry Valley, IL, USA, (3-1/0, 181, 5'11", 30, 2-12-75, Joel Bowling, 815-332-4001)
    This bout was one of the nights most exciting fights with both fighters putting on one heck of an exhibition of kickboxing for the crowd in Rockford. This bout at the end of three rounds was decided a technical draw. Both corners agreed to go one extra round to determine a winner and that they did. After the fourth and final round Robert Goble was declared the winner unanimously.

  9. MAIN EVENT Full Contact Rules
    Bill Jardine of Eau Clair Wisconsin, USA ( 17-3 as an Amateur, Mike Lind, (715) 495-3212)
    Vs. Nick "The Italian Stallion" Rondinelli of London, Ontario, Canada (PK: 16-4/8, AK: 6-0, Team Tompkins, (519) 630-0905)
    With Bill Jardine making his professional debut and Nick's outstanding reputation as a fighter, this bout was destined to be a great one. Bill fought back in August and took his final championship as an amateur winning the 2005 IKF North American Light Heavyweight Title. Nick fought last in Grand Portage, Minnesota for the IKF Light Heavyweight World Title against Frank Tropea. Unfortunately, Nick lost, yet the loss gave him more of an incentive to work towards another chance.
    This time around, Bill and Nick were going to go 5 Rounds of Full Contact Kickboxing and everyone was looking forward to it.
    The fight round began just as everyone expected with both fighters continuously throwing combinations of hand and feet. At 38 seconds in the first round Jardine threw the crushing blow. A straight right hand to the jaw of Rondinelli which dropped him to the canvas. As he got up under his own power, he took the standing eight count from referee Scott Fischer.
    Rondinelli was able to compose himself to continue, yet not for long. Only 15 seconds later Rondinelli was caught in the corner taking vicious body shots from Jardine. As Referee Scott Fischer stepped in to give Rondinelli another eight count, Rondinelli's Corner threw in the Towel stopping the bout at 53 Seconds. Congratulations to Bill Jardine starting his Professional career out with a bang. Everyone's best goes out to Nick Rondinelli and Team Tompkins.

For more info please contact Mr. Sky Drysdale by e-mail at SkyDryKing@aol.com


A Shout Out To

Earlier this month we sanctioned the Joe Lewis Classic in Virginia Beach Virginia. In the event write-up we mentioned the promotion of IKF Champion Steve Mann to the rank of Black Belt in the Joe Lewis Fighting System. We had planned to re-visit the highlights of the event but we've been so busy, we just never got back to it. So, let us take a few moments to give a few "Shout Outs" the the mighty Virginia crew.

To begin with, also earning Black Belt ranks that night under Joe Lewis were also IKF Promoters and Trainers Clark Walters and Chris Manuel. As many have read here, it's clear that Virginia is putting out some great associates of the sport of Kickboxing. Great Fighters, Trainers, Coaches, and now even Black Belts.

The last three years have brought around 100 fighters in what is the second largest tournament in North America, only second to the IKF Yearly North American Classic Tournament. This is an "Open Invitation" tournament like the IKF NAC. There is a fighter registration fee of $35.00. Already they have commitments from several new teams and registration e-mails from 15 fighters as of November 17th.

With the work of individuals such as Chris Manuel, Clark Walters, Jerry Beasley, Eddie Thomas, Nelson Lebron, Eric Easter, David Dise, The Hess Team and many more, the state of Virginia is flourishing with great associates of the sport who are constantly building and improving the sport of kickboxing. Great Job Virginia!

WEDNESDAY, November 23rd, 2005, AT 1:30 PM, PT


November 26th - Loves Park, Illinois, USA

IKF Illinois, USA: This Saturday night, November 26th, Sky Drysdale's Sky's The Limit Productions will Presents 'RUMBLE IN THE PARK' - "THE NORTH AMERICAN CONFLICT" at the Forest Hills Lodge in Loves Park, Illinois, USA.

The Main Event will be a USA vs. CANADA clash! This will be a special non title bout as former 2005 IKF North American Light Heavyweight Champion, 2003 IKF North American Cruiserweight Champion and 2002 IKF USA National Champion 'Big' Bill Jardine of Mondovi, Wisconsin, USA (17-3/3, 180, 6'3") will make his Pro debut against IKF Pro Canadian Light Heavyweight Champion, Nick 'The Italian Stallion' Rondinelli of London, Ontario, Canada (16-4/8, 179, 5'9").

In 2002 Jardine defeated Jason Ross of, Southaven, Mississippi, USA by unanimous decision 30-27 on all 3 judges cards to win the IKF USA National Light Cruiserweight Title.

Later in 2002, Jardine lost his bid for the IKF North American Title to none other than Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson of Simpsonville, South Carolina, USA. After nearly 5 full rounds of great action by both, Thompson was just too much for Jardine who fought like a warrior. This night belonged to Thompson as referee Dan Stell stopped this one at 1:26 of the 4th round giving Thompson the title and Jardine his first loss.

At the 2003 IKF North American Championships in Greenville, South Carolina, USA, Jardine had an easier road to the title when he only had to face one opponent, but it was a 5 round WAR! Across the way was Adrian Turpin of Anderson, South Carolina, USA. In the end, although the scores didn't show it, this was a great bout that saw plenty of action by both. In the end Jardine took the win by unanimous decision, 49-47, 50-45, 49-46.

At this years 2005 IKF NAC in Orlando Florida, Jardine first defeated Jesse James of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada by TKO at :45 of round 2. In round 2 Jardine faced and defeated David Lowrey of St. Petersburg, Florida, USA by unanimous decision 30 27 on all 3 judges cards. In the final on Sunday he defeated Lonnie Bowen of Jacksonville, Florida, USA by TKO at :19 seconds of round 1 to win the North American Light Heavyweight title.

Rondinelli won his IKF Pro Canadian Light Heavyweight title on June 26th, 2004 in Grande Portage, Minnesota, USA when he defeated Jeremy Pearson of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada by split decision, 96-94, 96-93 & 94-96.

Rondinelli had a shot at the vacant IKF Light Cruiserweight World Title against Frankie Tropea of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada on June 25th, 2005 in Grand Portage, Minnesota, USA. However in a great bout, he came up short on his quest, losing by split decision 112-117, 113-115 and 116-112.

Nick has also won the PKA NorthEastern Heavyweight Kickboxing Title, WKA North American Light Heavyweight Kickboxing Title, WMTA World Heavyweight Muay Thai Title

Here is a look at the nights amateur undercard as of press time today, in no particular order:

The event doors open at 6:30 PM and the first bout is scheduled to begin at 7:30 PM. Tickets start at $20 and are available at www.tix.com or 1-800-595-4849. For more info please contact Mr. Sky Drysdale by e-mail at SkyDryKing@aol.com

MORE NEWS OF 11-23-05



IKF Iowa, USA: It was announced today that IKF World Amateur Super Heavyweight Champion Trent "Thunderfoot" Thompkins has retired. Trent and his wife of 1 year, Kristen still live in Waterloo, Iowa. After graduating with top honors at University of Northern Iowa with a major in Business, he is now a part of the family business, R & M Metals, a metal demolitions and recycling company.

Trent retires with a fight record of 15 wins, no loses with 9 wins by KO/TKO. At 6'1", 217 lbs many thought Trent would be the next Dennis Alexio. What made Trent exciting was the power in his legs. He won several of his bouts with Kick KO's and more impressive, he won some with a spinning hook kick (right), which is a shocking move for such a big fighter, or more so, to be knocking guys out with it.

Knocking guys out is exactly what he did to win his Amateur World Title. On August 23rd, 2003 in Waterloo Iowa, USA he defeated Rob Macdonald of London, Ontario, Canada at 1:35 of the first round by a roundhouse kick to Macdonald's head.

Trent became a superstar in the IKF back at the 2001 IKF USA National Amateur Championships in Olathe, Kansas, USA. His trainer Russ O'Connell (Left) brought him to the "Show" where he first faced and defeated David Hampton of Calmet City, IL by TKO at 28 seconds into the 2nd round to advance to the Final. In the final he faced the 2000 Champion, John Lenamon, who he defeated by unanimous decision, 29-28, 29-27 & 29-27 to win the FCR Super Heavyweight Title.

He became the IKF Amateur FCR Super Heavyweight North American Champion on May 11th, 2002 in Waterloo, Iowa, USA when he knocked out Ivan Varga of Kitchener, Ontario Canada at :40 seconds into round 1 with a spinning hook kick.

Although we're all a little depressed we won't be seeing a Dennis Alexio replacement in the ring, we wish Trent and Kristen the best in their future. But if you ever get the urge to kick anyone ever again Champ, make sure to save us some ringside seats.

On a related note...
Trent's trainer, Russ O'Connell has plenty more talent in his stable where Trent came from. He plans to put that talent in the ring again in 2006 as he makes plans to get back into the promotional game with an IKF Sanctioned event in Waterloo, Iowa sometime in late January or early February. To reach Russ you can call (319) 233-8975 or e-mail him at Tkdoc07@aol.com

TUESDAY, November 22nd, 2005, AT 4:05 PM, PT

Regarding Pelvic Protectors

IKF Staff: Back on Wednesday, November 9th we addressed all Woman Fighters reading here about the issue of Woman's Pelvic Protectors. In that article we noted it was a reminder that they were "Mandatory" for all Woman Kickboxers fighting on IKF sanctioned events. We also addressed the issue of Woman's sports Bras and that "At the very least, a sports bra" was mandatory for breast protection. This became a hot topic of discussion on the message board. It was because of this discussion that we started discussing it with State Commissions and asking
"WHY is a woman's pelvic protector mandatory?"
We asked for "Medical documentation from some to prove such a device is helpful and proof of it's help as a piece of safety equipment. in the end, we did not receive ANY such documentation to support a woman's pelvic protector is helpful in preventing woman's injuries.

Today we had a discussion with the California State Athletic/Boxing Commission. We now were told that according to their rules and regulations, female pelvic protectors are "NOT" required by them, only chest protection (sports bra) is. We also spoke with Mr. Marc Ratner of the Nevada State Athletic/Boxing Commission. Nevada's position on it is they "Encourage" them but they are "NOT" Mandatory as per State of Nevada rules and regulations. Due to these answers, our new "Official" ruling on this for IKF Kickboxing is;

"Female Pelvic Protectors are 'Encouraged' but are NOT Mandatory for amateur and professional female kickboxers fighting on IKF Sanctioned events."

Thank you ALL for your input on this topic.
Sincerely IKF Kickboxing


The Standoff IV, "Bullseye"
November 18th, Bolingbrook Illinois, USA

IKF Illinois, USA by IKF Representative Pete Peterson: For the fourth time in 6 months, the trio of Ron Hill, James Hill, and Brian Thompson did an outstanding job of promoting kickboxing in the Chicago area!! The Standoff IV, - "Bullseye", brought Illinois martial arts fans an enjoyable night of action with a mixture of IKF Kickboxing bouts and Jiu-jitsu and MMA demonstrations.

  1. The show opened with a Junior Muay Thai exhibition pitting 6 year old Ryan King against 8 year old Derek Wright. WOW! What an exciting opener! Both boys are trained by HCX Mixed Martial Arts Instructors Ron and James Hill and Brian Thompson and they had the crowd cheering their nonstop energy!

  2. Second bout for the night was a grappling exhibition (with Gi) by Jorge Barraza and Ramon Sandoval. Both men showed a high level of skill and gave the room a quick schooling of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

  3. The Third bout introduced two junior lady grapplers, both HCX Mixed Martial Arts Students. Liliana Pecina and Cassy Edler showed the ground skills of seasoned veterans. Between this bout and the exciting junior boys opening exhibition, HCX Mixed Martial Arts has proven they are building a very impressive junior competition team!

  4. Junior MTR Lightweight Division
    Robert Miranda of Streamwood, IL, USA, (2-0, 129, 5'5", 16, 2-27-89, Tim Tokaez) vs. Kyle Dietrich of Pekin IL, USA, (1-3, 124, 5'8", 17, 9-1-88, Pekin Martial Arts.)
    Round 1: Miranda came out very aggressive, almost brawling with heavy hands but Dietrich, while "back pedaling" the majority of the round, managed to counter with jabs and lead hooks quite effectively. Miranda landed solid knees in the clinch to finish the round in the lead.
    Round 2: Miranda continued to push the tempo but Dietrich remained effective with counter punches and landed several tiips (Front kicks) setting the score to even on the judges score cards.
    Round 3: Both fighters came out wanting to call this round theirs. The determination was evident leaving both fighters to finish the round under pure heart. Miranda was able to force IKF referee, Al Wichgers, to administer a standing 8 count to Dietrich. This cinched the win for Miranda by unanimous decision 29-27, 29-27, 29-27.

  5. Bouts 5 & 6 gave the sellout crowd in Bolingbrook, IL an energizing exhibition of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu by Stan Hong (HCX Mixed Martial Arts) and Andrew Cernicenko (Team Toro)

  6. MMA Demonstration of Stan Hong and Ross Grady, both trained by HCX Mixed Martial Arts.

  7. Next a Muay Thai exhibition between James Lyons of Peoria IL, USA, (5-0, 163, 5'11", 23, 2-13-82, Peoria Athletic Club) and Omar Perez of Chicago IL, USA, (0-0, 143, 6'1", 25, 7-22-80, Independent). Omar, an experienced amateur boxer with a boxing record of 8-2, made his debut in Muay Thai. The experienced and undefeated Lyons controlled the tempo and exhibited tremendous standup skill. This was an exhibition and not scored.

  8. MTR Super Welterweight Division
    Dan Downs of Milwaukee WI, USA, (0-1, 149, 6', 19, 4-8-86, Duke Roufus Gym) vs. Jason Skow of Decatur IL, USA, (3-1, 151, 5'7", 21, 9-5-84, Team Bragg).
    This was definitely an exciting fight to watch with non-stop action!
    Round 1: Skow pressured his opponent with slamming inside leg kicks and heavy hands. The 5" height advantage of Downes allowed him to control Skow in the clinch and score knees, but for every knee thrown, Skow answered with hard body shots.
    Round 2: This round was similar to the first with Downes clinching to work Skow's body with knees, but they didn't seem to damage Skow as he picked up the rhythm of Downes' knees and began to throw body shots after each blocked knee. When not in the clinch, Skow was relentless with leg kicks and hooks to the body and head.
    Round 3: This round was a repeat of round two as Skow continued to punish Downes' body and head with leg kicks and punches while Downes' continued to use his height to pull Skow into the clinch to throw knees to his midsection. In the end, Skow won by a majority decision, 28-29, 30-27, 30-27.

  9. FCR Super Middleweight Division
    Rob Morrow of Joliet IL, USA, (1-0, 172, 6',2-1/2", 20, 9-3-83, HCX Mixed Martial Arts) vs. Scott Bresnahan of Romeoville, IL, USA, (0-1, 166, 5'10", 27, 8-1-78).
    By the cheers that went up at introductions of Morrow and Bresnahan, it was obvious the support of these two local fighters is what brought a high percentage of the crowd!
    Round 1: Both fighters came out strong and anxious to show their skill. Neither had any problem getting their required kicks in. Bresnahan seemed to have the stronger punches as he scored a standing 8 against Morrow.
    Round 2: Morrow gained his composure during the rest period and answered back scoring a standing 8 against Bresnahan.
    Round 3: Both fighters were showing signs of fatigue in this round. Morrow kept his hands up and continued to press the action, while Bresnahan let his hands stay at his sides and seemed to "wait for the round to end". Morrow won by unanimous decision, 28-27, 28-26, 28-27.

  10. Main Event: MTR Super Heavyweight Division
    Greg Tudor of Peoria IL, USA, (0-1, 281, Age 39, 2-11-66, Peoria Athletic Club) vs. Terry Brown of Hanover Park, IL, USA, (2-1, 225, 30, 9-1-75, Independent).
    Round 1: I could have sworn there was an earthquake in Bolingbrook when these two men began to rumble with over 500 pounds in the ring! The ring began to shake and move with every punch and kick thrown. This first round was pretty even with Brown appearing to edge Tudor in the judge's eyes.
    Round 2: Brown began to turn it up a notch and was able to score more then Tudor.
    Round 3: Brown let fatigue set in as he dropped his hands but Tudor was also worn down and was only able to land a few shots on Brown. Brown won a unanimous decision, 30-27, 30-27, 29-28.

For more information log on to www.standoffkickboxing.com or call (815) 730-3800 or at jhill@productionality.com

MORE NEWS OF 11-22-05

November 18th - Crystal Lake, Illinois, USA

IKF Illinois, USA, By Julie Frye, IKF Representative
It was an action packed night at the fights. WOW did these fighters come and perform! Here are the nights results below.

  1. Amateur FCR Men's Light Middleweight
    John Taylor of Buffalo Grove, IL, (144, 5'9", Tommy Bach), defeated Denis Barbualt of Canada, (1-1-1, 154, 5'9", Mitz Bandiera, Progressive Martial Arts) when Referee Scott Fischer stopped the bout at 1:51 in round 1. Taylor was just too much for Barbualt to handle after several combinations to the body and head he finished Barbualt with a hard hook to the body.

  2. Amateur FCR Junior Bantamweight
    2005 IKF North American Junior Bantamweight Champion Kristin Andras of Huntley, IL, (5-1-2, 115, 5'7", Rob Zbilski-Z's Martial Arts), defeated Katelyn Turner of Canada, (7-2, 120, 5'2", Mitz Bandiera- Progressive Martial Arts), when referee Scott Fischer stopped the bout at 1:57 in round 1. Both of these girls came out fighting. Katelyn threw a hard spinning backfist that landed perfect on Kristins head, but Kristin brushed it off and threw a hard straight jab which caught Turner in her left eye. She was unable to continue the fight.

  3. Amateur FCR Junior Boys Flyweight
    Alex Portocarrero of Buffalo Grove, IL, (3-0, 114, 5'2", Tommy Bach), defeated Daniel Walker of Canada, (2-2, 5'7", Mitz Bandiera - Progressive Martial Arts) by unanimous decision. All three judges saw it the same way scoring 30-25 across the board. These two left their hearts, souls and blood in the ring. With a 5" reach advantage it looked as though Portocarrero was going to have his work cut out for him, but he worked Walker over. He continued to get inside and work his combinations to the body and head, which proved to be too much for Walker. Referee Fischer called a Standing 8 in Rounds 2 and 3.

  4. Amateur FCR Men's Light Cruiserweight
    Jesse James of Canada, (3-1, 179, 6', Mitz Bandiera - Progressive Martial Arts), defeated 2005 IKF North American Jr. Light Cruiserweight Champion Simon Buetner of Huntley, IL, (9-2-1, 175, 5'9", Rob Zbilski-Z's Martial Arts) by a Split Decision. Judge 1 scored the bout 29-289 James, Judge 2 scored the bout 29-28 James and Judge 3 scored the bout 29-28 Buettner.
    All I can say is this was an extremely close fight and WHAT A BATTLE it was. These two fighters exchanged blow for blow and kick for kick throughout the first 2 rounds. Buettner must have known that he needed to put it on James because he came out in the third and dominated the round. I think the crowd would have loved to see another round from these two fighters because no one was in their seat at the end of Round 3.

  5. Amateur FCR Men's Super Lightweight
    Jordon Allen of Canada (6-5/1, 134, 5'6", Mitz Bandiera - Progressive Martial Arts), defeated Mike Armentkov of Lake Zurich, IL, (1-0, 127, 5'9", Jerry Macelli - Z's Martial Arts) by Unanimous decision. Judge 1: 29-27, Judge 2: 30-25, and Judge 3: 30-26.

  6. Boxing Exhibition

  7. Kickboxing Exhibition

  8. Amateur FCR Men's Heavyweight
    Mark Mortenson of Palatine, IL, (9-3-1, 205, 6', Kyle McElroy - Kickn' Fitness) defeated Ken Walker of Rockford, IL, (0-1, 210, 5'10", Rich Whitenack -No Joke Martial Arts) by KO in round 2.
    Referee Scott Fischer stopped the bout at 1:26 in round 2 when Mortenson landed a spinning backfist that sent Walker to the mat.

  9. PRO FCR Men's Light Welterweight
    IKF World Champion Tommy Bach of Buffalo Grove, Illinois, USA, (14-1-2, 139, 5'9", Rob Zbilski - Z's Martial Arts) defeated Fernando Luevano of Chicago, Illinois, USA, (PK: 36-5/13, AK: 16-4/10, 140, 5'8", 139, 5'8") by unanimous decision in this 7 round "Non" Title bout..
    Judge 1 scored the bout 70-63, Judge 2 scored the bout 68-67 and Judge 3 scored the bout 69-64.

  10. PRO Men's IR Light Welterweight
    Said Hatim of Chicago, Illinois, USA, (2-1, 137, 5'6", Fernando Leuvano) defeated Mark Streator of Schaumburg, IL, (Pro 9-11/7, Amateur, 17-5-1/5, 139, 5'9", Self) by way of KO in Round 5.
    Early in Round 2, Hatim threw a flying spinning hook kick to Streator's head and opened up a cut above his right eyebrow. The ringside physician looked at the cut and allowed the fight to continue. Hatim continued to bring several kicks out of his arsenal to dominate most of the fight. Hatim threw another jump spin kick and landed it to Streator's rib cage which forced him to take a knee. Referee Scott Fischer stopped the fight at 1:05 in round 5. Your winner by KO, Said Hatim.

This was a fight night to remember. Team Z would like to thank TEAM CANADA for making the trip to Crystal Lake, Illinois and look forward to seeing them again sometime in the future. Team Z has 5 fights already on the schedule for 2006.

  1. January 20, 2006, Clash of the Titans, Crystal Lake, Illinois, Holiday Inn
  2. March 3, 2006, Friday Night Thunder, Crystal Lake, Illinois, Holiday Inn
  3. April 15, 2006, IKF Regional Tournament, Location TBA
  4. September 29, 2006, GLADIATOR Challenge, Crystal Lake, Illinois, Holiday Inn
  5. November 10, 2006, Championship Kickboxing, Crystal Lake, Illinois, Holiday Inn

For more info please contact Mr. Rob Zbilski at (847) 669-7833 or at info@teamzs.com
For more info go to www.teamzs.com

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Take off the Boot?
Modifying American Kickboxing?

Note: The term American Kickboxing (AK) is used throughout this article. Some choose to call it Full Contact Kickboxing or Regular Kickboxing…either way this style of fighting does not incorporate kicks to the legs. This is not an argument about leg kicks validity although references will be made to leg kicks in this article. The premise of the article is about wearing boots or not in American Kickboxing rule style.

Special To The IKF: Has the time come for American Kickboxing to make some adjustments in order to better compete on the international stage of fighting sports entertainment? Maybe so, especially with the recent and successful influx of other hybrid martial arts forms.

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Muay Thai (MT) and International Rules (IR) have grown tremendously over the years. These stripped-down fighters, armed only with 8-10oz gloves, show little mercy as they beat and break down their opponents like gladiators of old. One may see it as an increased thirst for violence in our society, while others may view it as a greater challenge to the competitors to go at it almost bare boned and perhaps making victory more glorifying. Regardless of which stance you take, the truth remains concrete when it deals with the business of the fight game. These aforementioned forms of martial arts are bringing in the big dollars regardless of whether it says something about our society or not; for the businessman, it's about giving the fight fans what they want.

American Kickboxing has languished in popularity since its crescendo in the 1980's when the Professional Kickboxing/Karate Associations (PKA) had an enormous presence on ESPN. Millions of fans tuned in weekly to witness some the most exciting full contact kickboxing bouts ever shown on American TV. A lot can be said about the dynamics of watching the booted and gloved, non leg kick fighters scrap their way through up to twelve grueling rounds. Most would agree, that there were some exciting matches with an assortment of kicks to the head and body combined with mediocre boxing skills. Yes, there were knockouts, blood and more, but somewhere in the heat of battle, something may have been missing?

Some will argue, that boots (safety kicks) and no leg kicks took away from the essence of what fighting was all about. But there are still thousands of fighters around the world who prefer not to be kicked in the legs and still consider what they do as rewarding as others. Moreover, there are millions of fans worldwide that still prefer AK rules over watching someone kick the legs of their opponent. Others could argue too that AK rules would keep the fighters standing longer for battle as a design of the sport and is more similar to the age-old sport of boxing.

Back in the 1960's many who competed in Full Contact Karate did not wear any or very little protection. It was only later that companies came out with what was in their opinion safety gear to better protect the fighters. However, we should remember that the design of this gear was not as much for the full contact Kickboxer as we know today, but more for the tournament style fighting that was starting to blossom at that time and has since become a weekend attraction for millions around the world.

It was a good business move for the creators of this equipment because truthfully, there is a great need for it still today in semi contact tournament settings. Most of us who do not make a living at martial arts and only do it for recreational means, don't want to deal with the bruises and possibly broken bones that comes with pursuing the fight game as a career. However, those now fighting for and/or that have dreams of a career in this business, will need to know that certain risk will follow. Kicking with bare feet will have definite consequences from broken feet for the fighter to perhaps more injuries like toes striking vulnerable areas like the eyes; but these hazards exist even today in the full contact sports previously mentioned.

We recognize that safety must always be a part of the fight game. However, in today's climate, we need to move to the beat of what society yearns for, whether it is degrading our societal values or not, one will make their own conclusions. However, from the point of business and for the "longevity" of the sport, its time to re-evaluate American Kickboxing in order to move it forward and keep up with the pack.

When thousands of spectators cram into arenas around the world for other hybrid martial arts like MMA and MT, etc. to see what they call ultimate fighting, its time to revise the exciting sport of American Kickboxing to meet the cravings of those purchasing tickets.

Let's make something clear, this is not an argument on whether leg kicks shorten the lifespan of fighters etc., that battle of words has already been fought. Instead, it's a debate about choice and more options…boots or no boots. The key word is option, this means the choice will remain for fighters to wear the boots as well. The Match Maker would need to clarify this choice before a fight is confirmed.

Whether modified AK should be another division will be left to sanctioning bodies. However, regarding some of the issues that might arise like whether a fighter should wear shorts verses trousers could be left to the sanctioning bodies, commissions, etc. However, the trousers would further distinguish between the styles.

In closing, in this writer's opinion, it's time for the option to surface to take the boots off in American Kickboxing. If boots make American Kickboxing look amateurish compared to other full contact fighting sports, it should be done for the sake of millions of fight fans. Additionally, this option would be a good one for thousands of fighters who may favor other styles because of the boots.
The time has come to re-examine our direction for American Kickboxing and expand options to increase its marketability. American Kickboxing is an exciting fighting style but if modifying it by taking off the boots will quench the thirst of fight fans and fighters, then SHOULD that option be given?

Post your thoughts about this topic on the Message Board by clicking HERE.

MORE NEWS OF 11-22-05

Schilt Unstoppable At
K-1 World GP '05 Final


FRIDAY, November 18th, 2005, AT 11:10 AM, PT

Ready To

IKF Illinois, USA: Tonight, November 18th, Z's Martial Arts Academy will once again host another night of IKF Pro & Amateur Kickboxing at the Crystal Lake, Holiday Inn in Crystal Lake, Illinois, USA. In a non title bout, IKF Pro World Champion Tommy Bach will take on Fernando Luevano. Bach is coming off a draw decision against Title Challenger Bobby Campbell in their meeting a couple of months back. The two are set for a mandatory rematch for Bach's IKF World title sometime in early 2006.

Also headlining the card will be a bout between Said Hatim against Mark Streator.

For more info please contact Mr. Rob Zbilski at (847) 669-7833 or at info@teamzs.com
For more info go to www.teamzs.com

Don't miss
The Standoff IV - "Bullseye"
At the Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites in Bolingbrook, Illinois, USA
See the press Release Below that was posted on November 15th.

MORE NEWS OF 11-18-05

November 12th, St Louis, Missouri, USA

IKF & ISCF St. Louis, Missouri, USA: As the 2005 year comes to close, Shamrock Promotions has once again given fight fans another great year of fights.

This past Saturday night Shamrock Promotions brought a night of excitement to South Broadway Athletic Club. The Midwest Fight Fest hosted 4 boxing, 1 kickboxing, and 6 NHB fights All were packed full of action. As the competition gets harder so does the ability to find fighters. Shamrock Promotions brought fighters from North Carolina, New York, Chicago, Memphis, Virginia, Kansas, and Chicago. All of these fighters had nothing but great things to say about the event. This night was full of action and surprises.

During one of the intermissions President and CEO Jesse Finney (R) announced that 3 time UFC Veteran and Brazilian Jui Jitsu Specialist Steve Berger (L) will be joining Finney's Championship Kickboxing and Martial Arts. Berger brings a new dimension to the gym, and will be part of making Finney's an all around gym.

This may have been the last we see of another great amateur. Kevin Engel may have fought his last fight as an amateur. Rumors have been circulating that the former Multi Time IKF US Nationals Champion and Current Golden Gloves Champion, may be turning pro in early 2006. In his "possible" last amateur fight he went up against Joel Godfree, from Raleigh, North Carolina in an amateur Boxing match. This match was all everyone thought it would be… two powerful and quick punchers facing off. Both fighters fought hard for four rounds and in the end, Godfree won on a split decision.

Others in action were Finney's own Timmy Connors. Timmy is coming off a great showing at the 2005 IKF North American Tournament. On the opening day of prelims Conners first defeated Rolando Luna of, Dalton, Georgia by unanimous decision and then defeated Chris Cichon of Minneapolis, Minnesota by unanimous decision to move to the Championship bout on Sunday. There he won the Full Contact Rules Super Welterweight Title with a victory over Jared Warren of Brandon, Florida, USA by unanimous decision 30-27 on all 3 judges cards. Conners has been continuing his dominance in the Amateur boxing scene where he was on this night. in his bout he defeated Chrishawn Collier of St. Louis, MO by decision.

Titus Taylor, a former NCAA National Wrestling Champion, has recently joined Finney's to increase his standup and work on submissions. Combining his great wrestling ability with the standup and ground from Finney's Taylor will be one to watch for in the future. Here are all the nights results below.

  1. Boxing
    Tee Baker
    of St. Louis, MO defeated Josh Fischer of St. Louis, MO by a second round KO.

  2. Boxing
    Jeremy Ramsey
    of Pacific, MO defeated Chris Holoman of St. Louis, MO by decision.

  3. Boxing
    Timmy Connors
    of St. Louis, MO defeated Chrishawn Collier of St. Louis, MO by decision.

  4. Boxing
    Joel Godfree
    of Raleigh, NC defeated Kevin Engel of St. Louis, MO by split decision.

  5. IKF Kickboxing
    Chris Epply
    of Pacific, MO defeated Alex Carter of Chicago, IL by 2nd round TKO.

    Gary Askew
    of Cenerville, IL defeated Danny Balon of Jamestown, NY by a 29-28, 29-28, 29-28 decision

    Titus Taylor
    of East St. Louis, IL defeated Dustin Bloom of New York, NY by a 30-27, 30-27, 30-27 decision.

    Jason Colloban
    of Topeka, KS defeated Kyle Johnson of Jamestown, NY by a 1st round KO.

    Joe Spiker
    of Chicago, IL defeated Quinton McCochelle of Cardondale, MO by a second round rear naked choke.

  10. ISCF MMA
    Tyrone Smith
    of Virginia Beach, VA defeated Roger Bridges of Memphis, TN by doctor stoppage due to a cut.

  11. ISCF MMA
    Mike Green
    of St. Louis, MO defeated Keith Kohlbacher of New York, NY by a 30,27, 30-27, 30-27 decision.

For more event info please contact Mr. Jesse Finney at (314) 608-3104 or by e-mail at jesse@finneyskickboxing.com
You can also check out their web page at www.ShamrockPromotionsLLC.com

TUESDAY, November 15th, 2005, AT 12:30 PM, PT

HCX Mixed Martial Arts Present
The Standoff IV - "Bullseye"
Bolingbrook, Illinois, USA

IKF Illinois, USA: This Friday, November 18th, HCX Mixed Martial Arts presents The Standoff IV "Bullseye" at the Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites Bolingbrook. The Standoff IV features IKF Muay Thai and International Rules Kickboxing. One of the highlights of the evening will be a Super Heavyweight match between Greg Tudor of Peoria Athletic Club vs. Terry Brown and independent fighter out of Chicago Illinois.

Promoters Ron Hill, James Hill, and Brian Thompson have searched the Midwest for top rated talent for this event. Other gyms set to make an appearance include HCX Mixed Martial Arts, The Palace Athletic Club, Team Toro, Duke Roufus Gym, Super Kicks Kung Fu, and more. The Standoff IV will also feature several martial arts demonstrations.

The Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites Bolingbrook is located at 205 Remington Blvd Bolingbrook, Illinois. Come early as seating is limited for this "Las Vegas Style" ballroom event. Doors open at 6:30 pm and the show starts at 7:30 pm. For more information log on to www.standoffkickboxing.com or call (815) 730-3800 or at jhill@productionality.com

FRIDAY, November 11th, 2005, AT 5:30 PM, PT

November 12th
St Louis, Missouri, USA

This Saturday night, November 12th, IKF & ISCF Promoter Jesse Finney (Right) and his Shamrock Promotions LLC team will host another night of IKF Kickboxing & ISCF MMA. The event, "MIDWEST FIGHT FEST", will feature fighters from throughout the Midwest and will take place at the South Broadway Athletic Club in St Louis, Missouri, USA.

For more event info please contact Mr. Jesse Finney at (314) 608-3104 or by e-mail at jesse@finneyskickboxing.com
You can also check out their web page at www.ShamrockPromotionsLLC.com

WEDNESDAY, November 9th, 2005, AT 2:00 PM, PT


This is a special announcement to ALL Woman Fighters along with their trainers, event officials and matchmakers. Pelvic Protector ARE MANDATORY on ALL IKF Sanctioned events. Somewhere along the line, someone thought woman Pelvic Protectors were "Optional." They are not. They are MANDATORY.

It is also mandatory for all women to wear, at the very least, a sports bra.

To view all safety equipment requirements please Click HERE.

MORE NEWS OF 11-9-05


Well the selection process for the 2006 IKF NAC Tournament narrowed down a bit today. With proposals from Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and Corpus Christi for the 2006 NAC tournament, all will now be tossed aside thanks to some MMA Promoters in the State of Texas, the IKF will just have to cross Texas off the list for a potential location for the 2006 IKF North American Amateur Kickboxing Tournament.

However, what we discovered was actually old news since it actually took place on September 1st of this year. It was reported to us today by the Texas State Commission that as of September 1st, Texas banned all amateur competition until their new rules and regulations become in place on January 1st, 2006. These new rules and regulations will surly not help amateur kickboxing or mma in Texas. Some of the new rules will make it very hard for an "Amateur" promoter to hold events there.

From what we determined, it was promoters "Claiming" to hold amateur MMA shows that brought about this change. These so called amateur mma events were promoters who wanted to bypass all the State Pro Event Commission fees. However, these amateur mma promoters still paid their fighters a purse, just like pros. Apparently amateur toughman style events were guilty of the same thing. Too bad that kickboxing had to be lumped in with the bad actions of these Illegal Texas MMA promoters since amateur kickboxing in the state was never at fault.

Some of the new rules and regulations will soon include the requirement of a $15,000 security bond, a payment to the commission of 3% of the events gross gate for their event tax. Also, the promoter company needs to be a licensed, non profit organization. There are many other new requirements that will, as we said, make promoting amateur events in Texas very expensive. To read the new proposed rules and regulations CLICK HERE.

Needless to say, while organizations such as the IKF and our sister organization for MMA, theISCF (International Sport Combat Federation) are taking a step forward to promote amateur sports, it appears to us, Texas is taking yet another step backwards.

State Commissions
Not Fond Of MMA... Except UFC

UFC Wins The Eyes Of State Commissions... And The $$ They Can Make!

Let us add something that may have brought attention to the Texas issue explained above. Something to note, what happened in Texas may soon be coming to your state too, so beware. At the last ABC (Association of Boxing Commissions) meeting held in Las Vegas, Nevada, this past July, MMA was suppose to be a focused point of discussion.

However, instead of having this meeting at a neutral commission location, the UFC hosted a special session that included several commissioners at their facility to give a presentation on "UFC" MMA. During the sessions it appeared clear that Dana White, (Below Left) President of the wanted to focus the commissioners on the "UFC" and not just "ANY" MMA such as maybe ISCF Sanctioned MMA.

White went on to fed the state commission participants at the meeting the phrase,

"There is no such thing as amateur MMA."

And guess what,
"MANY believed him!"

So what's up?
Does the UFC want to do away with all "AMATEUR" MMA?
This sounds like Promoter Dale Cook (Right) out of Oklahoma who got Amateur MMA BANNED there.
Cook said, and we quote, "Amateur competition and experience is the training you do in the gym, when you fight, it's always pro." What kind of BS is that?

Are people like White and Cook "REALLY FOR" the sport or do they each have their own hidden agenda? We KNOW Cook had his. He was the sole promoter in Tulsa, Oklahoma until someone new wanted to do amateur MMA. Cook made sure to put a stop to it and have Amateur MMA Banned in the State. This assured his Pro Promotions to succeed.

As for White's efforts in hosting an MMA presentation at his Las Vegas facility... Maybe there is something more here too because recently we have been told that some states are now looking to BAN ALL AMATEUR MMA and only allow "UFC" events in their state... Did White pitch this to the commissioners in Vegas? That there is only ONE MMA, and it's UFC? Lets hope this was not the case, especially for all of us UFC fans.

It's true we have all admired UFC and their work for years. They have truly done great things for the sport as far as exposure and growth. They have become, "The Sport" all of their own. A powerhouse with name branding power and plenty of $$ to further their causes, whatever they may be. This includes in as well as OUT of the ring. This of course brings us to the questions, "What has been going on behind closed doors? What do they have planned for their future? Are they really now looking to hurt the very people who have supported them and brought them their greatness and financial rewards?"

Lets not forget that UFC claims to have the "Copyright" to the use of an OCTAGON cage for ANY MMA event. According to UFC, ANY promoter using an Octagon cage is demanded to pay the a minimum of $1,000.00 license fee for small events and the fee goes up from there, depending on the size of the event... Here is what they said, in their own words:

In reference to your inquiry in the attached electronic mail, there is substantial legal authority, both statutory and in case law, for the specific claims made on behalf of Zuffa, LLC ("Zuffa") in my letter to Mr. xxxxxx regarding his planned use of an octagon in the October xxx xxxxxxxx event.

First, as an attachment to the September 13th letter, enclosed was a copy of Zuffa's Federal Registration with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (Reg. No. 2098577) of the octagon design mark with respect to entertainment in the nature of "multi-disciplined fighting competitions" (International Class 41). Under Federal law - specifically the Lanham Act (15 U.S.C. 1057), this registration is prima facie evidence of the mark's validity and serves as constructive notice that the registrant (Zuffa) can prevent a person or entity from infringing on its trademark by using such mark or any format of the mark confusingly similar thereto in connection with similar goods and services (in this case - mixed martial arts events).

Second, Zuffa has filed Section 8 & 15 Declarations with respect to the mark which were acknowledged and accepted by the U.S.P.T.O in 2003. Pursuant to 15 U.S.C. 1065, Zuffa's octagon mark has thereby become "incontestable" under the Lanham Act, meaning that Zuffa's octagon mark registration cannot be challenged on the basis of prior use or descriptiveness.

Third, regarding your inquiry specifically for "case law" (which frankly is unnecessary in view of Zuffa's enforceable rights under the Lanham Act), we refer you to the matter of Bam! Entertainment Inc. v. Zuffa, LLC (Case No. C01-21207PVT/ADR; U.S. Dist. Ct., N. Dist. of California, 2002), in which the Federal District Court approved Zuffa's stipulated dismissal of the case pursuant to which Bam! "hereby acknowledge[d] the validity of Zuffa's trademark and trade dress rights in Zuffa's octagon-shaped fighting ring, and ... [Bam!] agree[d] that it shall not in the future challenge the validity of those rights". Furthermore, in the dismissal, Bam! was specifically required to "not use or depict a ring which is octagonal, or which appears to be or is confusingly similar to an octagonal ring" in the future.

It is fundamental that, based on substantial statutory and case law in favor of Zuffa, any party desiring to use an octagon-shaped fighting enclosure in an MMA event in the U.S. must either (a) enter into a license agreement with Zuffa authorizing such use on terms satisfactory to Zuffa or (b) simply refrain from using the octagon or any other design confusingly similar thereto. Zuffa takes its intellectual property rights very seriously and vigorously enforces such rights as it is required to do by law.
C. Thomas Paschall


All this makes us pause and wonder what is in store for the future of all AMATEUR fight sports in America. Will the state commissions move forward to regulate them so much that it will become too costly for the Amateur fight promoter? Is this a move by "Boxing" to do away with ALL their competition (Kickboxing & MMA). Or is there something more to all of this we have yet to see? Whatever it is, one things for sure... Amateur Kickboxing in Texas is now history. So we will get back to the decision making process for this years 2006 IKF North American Classic location, which we hope to have an answer for by December 1st... Lets hope we make our own deadline...

MONDAY, November 7th, 2005, AT 3:00 PM, PT

RoundKick Rumble III
The Python Returns!

Saturday, November 5, 2005, Lake View, Iowa

By IKF Representatives Mike & Terri Storm
Saturday, November 5th was the night Pete "The Python" Peterson from Team RoundKick in Carroll, Iowa chose to come out of retirement with a 5-round Professional K-1 rules victory over MMA fighter Chris Mickle from Des Moines Extreme Fighting in Des Moines, Iowa. The main event topped off a great card consisting of Muay Thai, Full Contact and International Rules matches.

  1. Men's Amateur MTR Junior Bantamweight
    Anthony Fearn,
    Joliet, IL, USA (1-3, 126, 12, 12-29-92, Ron Hill, 815-557-8155) defeated Miguel Cruz, Bolingbrook, IL, USA (2-1, 121.5, 5'5", 13, 08-24-92, Ricardo Perez 830-640-2886) by unanimous decision 29-28, 29-28, 29-28
    Cruz started the fight with a well-placed front kick to Fearn's mid-section. Fearn answered with a barrage of punches backing Cruz off. When in the clinch, they both shared knees to the body in good Muay Thai fashion. Throughout the fight, every time Cruz would kick, Fearn would answer with more punches. It went that way for three rounds ending in a close decision for Fearn with all three judges scoring the fight 29-28.

  2. Men's Amateur IR Light Middleweight
    11-7-05 - 10:20 PM PT, Corrected Decision:
    Jason Skow,
    Decatur, IL, USA (1-2, 153, 21, 09-05-84, Bradd Bragg, 217-429-5508) defeated Paul Bird, Des Moines, IA, USA (1-0, 154, 5'9", 22, 09-11-83) by unanimous decision 30-25, 30-25, 30-25.
    From the opening bell, Skow was the aggressor with punches and kicks to Bird's head and body, never letting up and never backing up. Bird was able to get a few strikes in but was unable to slow Skow down. Tonight Skow proved to be too strong and too aggressive with Referee Carlton Duncan issuing standing 8-counts to Bird in both the second and third rounds. Jason Skow won a unanimous decision with all three judges scoring the fight 30-25.

  3. Men's Amateur FCR Light Middleweight
    Chris Chicon, Minneapolis, MN, (5-3, 158, 6'0", 23, 10-22-82, Justin Whiley, 612-220-5026) defeated Jarred Warren, Bradenton, FL, USA (6-2, 158, 6'1", 21, 11-20-83, Jim Tisdale) by split decision, 30-27, 27-30, 28-29
    In what was the closest war of the night, both Warren and Chicon started strong with both fighters refusing to give any ground. Chicon began with a series of sidekicks to the body and Warren answered with round kicks to the head. Both fighters made their required 6 kicks minimum per round and then some in the opening seconds of the first round. From that point on it was feet and fists for the rest of the fight. The second and third rounds were much like the first where the fighters exchanged a series of right hands to the head and body with neither fighter backing up. The fight ended up in a split decision with Chris Chicon announced the winner. The judges scored the fight 30-27, 27-30 and 28-29.

  4. Men's Amateur IR Heavyweight
    Ben Hughes, Omaha, NE, USA (1-0, 212, 24, 07-20-81, Mick Doyle, 402-498-9592) defeated Brad Bragg, Decatur, IL, USA(1-4, 213, 6'3", 36, 10-15-69, 217-429-5508) by TKO at 1:13 in round 1.
    Newcomer Ben Hughes was too powerful for Brad Bragg. Hughes pummeled Bragg from the opening bell and never let up. After two standing 8-counts, Referee Carlton Duncan stopped the fight at 1:13 in Round 1 and a win for Ben Hughes by TKO.

  5. Men's Amateur MTR Cruiserweight
    Bryan Kovar, Hinsdale, IL, USA (4-1, 187, 6'0", 23, 01-11-82, Ricardo Perez, 630-640-2686) defeated Brian Green, Des Moines, IA, USA (0-1, 192, 5'11", 20, 09-05-85) by TKO at :42 of round 1.
    Kovar came across the ring at the opening bell and started on Green with leg kicks working his way up to the body with a series of kicks and punches. A well placed kick to the body doubled Green over, followed immediately by a kick to the head causing Referee Carlton Duncan to declare a victory to Bryan Kovar by KO at :42 seconds of Round 1.

  6. Feature Fight
    Men's Amateur MTR Light Middleweight

    Marshall Blevins, Davenport, IA, USA (11-4, 156, 5'10", 28, 07-31-77, Pat Miletich, 712-355-3360) defeated Ben Yelle, Marquette, MI, USA (12-4, 156, 5'6.5", 22, 11-11-82, Kirk Koonnalla, 906-361-6482) by unanimous decision, 29-28, 29-28, 29-28.
    Two experienced and evenly matched fighters put on a Muay Thai clinic with leg kicks, punches, knees to the body and throws in the feature fight of the night. Both fighters exchanged every legal technique possible throughout the course of the fight. Yelle's main weapon was a round kick to Blevins' head and upper body but it didn't take long for Blevins to time the round kicks, block them and deliver perfectly timed and well placed counter punches to Yelle's body. Marshal Blevins won a close but unanimous decision with all three judges scoring the fight 29-28.

  7. Main Event
    Men's Professional K-1 Light Middleweight

    Pete Peterson, Carroll, IA, USA (6-2, 155, 5'9", 38, 05-05-67, 712-792-8178) defeated
    Chris Mickle, Des Moines, IA, USA (MMA: 12-4-2, KB: 0-1, 158, 5'9", 22, 10-07-83, DMEF, 515-313-8313) by unanimous decision 48-47, 50-45, 49-46
    Pete Peterson's return from retirement started out tentatively as Mickle began the fight by trying to end it early with a vicious attack to the head and body that appeared to concern Peterson although he weathered the round.
    Between the rounds Peterson was able to settle down and figure out how to avoid Mickle's onslaught. As the fight progressed during the next four rounds, Peterson got stronger using superior footwork, leg kicks and strong jabs and punches to Mickle's head to keep Mickle off and gradually wear Mickle down.
    Peterson won the last 4 rounds on 2 judge's cards and 3 of the last four rounds from the third judge. The judges scored the 5 round professional fight 48-47, 50-45 and 49-46.
    • It was discovered after this bout that Mickle's was KO'ed in a bout 21 days before (10/15/2005, Extreme Challenge 64, Terrible's Lakeside Casino, Osceola, Iowa) by Rich Clementi in round 1. Mickle should not have been fighting in this bout at all! He went on to fight only 13 days later in an MMA bout, losing again.

Also involved in exhibition fights on the event were:
Naomi Ferguson, Team RoundKick, Carroll, IA
Marie Sturm, Team RoundKick, Carroll, IA
Ryan Clark, Farrell's USMA, Des Moines, IA
Tim Gorham, Team Doyle, Omaha, NE
Cory Schmidgall, Team RoundKick, Carroll, IA
Jared Hansen, Team RoundKick, Carroll, IA

For more info go to www.TeamRoundKick.com or contact Team RoundKick at (712) 792-8178 or by e-mail at pete@teamroundkick.com

MORE NEWS OF 11-7-05

IKF Welcomes APEX
As New IKF Promoters

APEX & The Wonderboy
On Canadian PPV

The IKF Welcomes the APEX Championship Fighting Promotional Team out of Montreal Canada who will begin promoting IKF sanctioned events in 2006. The first APEX show is planned for January 14th with more to follow in March and May. The APEX Shows feature both Pro Kickboxing and Pro MMA.

Alex Caporicci is the Vice President of Operations and he brings his years of experience working in the industry with professional fighters and promoters, in his position as a fighter manager. He has also been a fixture in the MMA media for years and is well respected within the MMA community as a straight forward visionary. He is the matchmarker for APEX Championship Fighting.

APEX recently promoted an event on September 3rd and is airing this month. The PPV presentation will air in November and is entitled, UNDISPUTED. This was an excitement filled evening packed with some of the world's best non-stop fight action. Multi time IKF Champion Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson (Right) was featured on the event as he faced off with Houston's Freddie Espiricueta. The other kickboxing bout features an epic battle between two of Canada's top heavyweight kickboxers, Serge Lafond and "Kazz" Kaszowski.

In some hard hitting MMA action, watch the talented Ivan "The Pride of El Salvador" Menjivar, Claude Patrick, Steve Berger, Martin "The Hammer" Grandmont and the other APEX warriors battle it out for pride while showing off the most ferocious strikes seen in sports. For action, guts and glory; APEX: UNDISPUTED delivers. Here will be the shows Fight Lineup:

  1. Ivan Menjivar (Montreal, QC) vs. Joe Lauzon (Boston, MA)
  2. Stephen Thompson (Simpsonville, SC) vs. Freddie Espiricueta (Houston, TX)
  3. Claude Patrick (Toronto, ON) vs. Mandela Kponou (Boston, MA)
  4. Steve Berger (St Louis, MO) vs. Nuri Shakir (Nashua, NH)
  5. Martin Grandmont (Drummondville, QC) vs. Eric Lacelle (Hawkesbury, ON)
  6. Eric Beaulieu (Longueil, QC) vs. Rowan Cunningham (Halifax, NS)
  7. Francois Flibotte (Quebec, QC) vs. Sean Ragnitz (Ottawa, ON)
  8. Randy Newell (Kitchener, ON) vs. Kevin Knabjian (Chicago, IL)
  9. Serge Lafond (Drummondville, QC) vs. Wojtek Kaszowski (Toronto, ON)
  10. Sebastien Poirier (Longeuil, QC) vs. Nabil Khatib (Rockland, ON)
  11. Nino Bezerra (Brazil) vs. Mike Hong (Burlington, ON)

SATURDAY, November 5th, 2005, AT 11:00 PM, PT

Baines Puts A ROCKIN End To The
Joe Lewis Fighting Systems Conference & Kickboxing Event
Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA

IKF Virginia, USA
What a weekend this has been! The combined efforts of Clark Walters, Mike Allen of the Joe Lewis Fighting Systems and Craig Smith can rest easy tonight after Charles Baines put a DYNAMIC finish on a great weekend of martial arts seminars and Kickboxing.

While Clark and Smith organized tonights fights, Mike Allen hosted over 80 participants for the conference and stopped nothing short of a top quality gathering of Martial Artists from around America. Mike's experience in organizing the yearly conference for the Joe Lewis Fighting Systems organization proved to be key to it's continued success. He organized seminars on Friday and Saturday that featured kickboxing and grappling skills by of course Joe Lewis (Right) along with instructors Danny Dring, Dr. Gyi, Richard Ryan, Matt Hamilton, Walt & Charlie Lysak, Roger Greene and Dr. Beasley.

Along with the seminars each day was the testing of several Joe Lewis system black belts which included 2004 IKF NAC FCR Middleweight Champion Steve "The Pirate" Mann (Right, Cheesapeake, Virginia, USA, 25-5/6, 160, 5'10", 1-10-68, Steve Burns). The testing included technique drills and plenty of sparring action, and these guys ROCKED when it counted.

At tonights grand finally hosted by Smith and Walters, the two promoters matched up their best Super Heavyweights in the ring to go toe to toe. It was 2005 IKF FCR North American Tournament Heavyweight Champion Charles Baines ( 25-1/6, 219, 5'11", Team Smith) vs 2005 IKF FCR North American Tournament Super Heavyweight Runner-up, Rafiel Bayona, (9-3/5, 238, 6'2", Team Walters.) However, the toe that spoke loudest was the one attached to Charles Baines leg as he "Rocked the House" and landed not one, but two strong ax/hatchet kicks on Bayona in the opening round. Both brought on 2 standing 8 counts on Bayona. Within moments of the end of the round, it would be yet another Baines kick that would put Bayona down for the third and final time as referee Trey Wyatt stopped the bout due to the three knockdown rule. Baines one round kicking clinic would have made former IKF Pro FCR Heavyweight World Champion Dennis Alexio excited! The main Event win brought a BANG of an ending to the weekend conference and brought Baines yet another Joe Lewis Conference event title belt.

Here are the results of the other bouts on the night.

  1. Jr. Boys, Sanctioned 12 year olds
    Brian Rector
    (Richmond, Virginia, 1-0/1, 104, 12, Roger Dabney) defeated Mason Vensland (Virginia Beach, Virginia, 1-2/0, 104, 5'3", 12, Craig Smith) by TKO at 1:10 of round 2. The end to this bout was due to Vensland dislocating his shoulder. After one round, the scorecards were 10-9 Vensland, 10-9 Rector and 10-10 even. The stop of course was a great disappointment for Vensland who exploded with 17 kicks in round 1 to Rector's 9.

  2. Adult Men Super Middleweights
    Bobby Withdrow
    (Richmond, Virginia, 3-1/2, 168, 5'11", Steve Mann) defeated Mark Gallagher (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 0-2/0, 175, 5'9", Dennis Tosten) by majority decision, 30-27, 30-28 & 28-28. Withdrow exploded with 20 kicks in round 1 to Gallagher's 7. However, he allowed Gallagher to make it close (But not close enough) when he only delivered 20 kicks total, in the final two rounds.

  3. Adult Men Heavyweights
    Jeff Gilman
    (Richmond, Virginia, 2-0/0, 208, 6', Steve Mann) defeated Rob Swaim (Wilmington, North Carolina, 0-1/0, 210, 6', John Maynard) by unanimous decision, 30-25, 30-25 and 30-23. Swaim barley got his kicks in all 3 rounds and it was questionable if he got them in round 2. Of course, the standing 8 counts didn't help Swaim either.

  4. Adult Men Super Middleweights
    Joe Hathaway (Fredricksburg, Virginia, 1-0/1, 165, 6', Chris Manuel) defeated Patrick Crowe (Norfork, Virginia, 0-1/0, 170, Team Karate for Christ) when referee Danny Dring stopped the bout by TKO at 1:58 of round 1.

  5. Adult Men, 183 lbs- 187 lbs: Kent Vensland (Virginia Beach, Virginia, 1-0/0, 191, 6', Craig Smith) defeated Boomer Dulin (Charlette, North Carolina, 0-1/0, 196, 5'10, Trey Wyatt) by unanimous decision 28-27 on all 3 judges cards. This bout was a draw but due to the fact that Dulin lost a point in round 2 for missing his kicks (only got 3), the one point deduction cost him the bout. Both fighters took standing 8 counts in the bout that saw some hard hitting action.

  6. Adult Men Super Heavyweight
    Victor Milbourne
    (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1-0/0, 222, 6', Dennis Nackord) defeated Brandon Williamson (Virginia Beach, Virginia, 5-5/0, 350, 6'2", Craig Smith) by majority decision 30-28, 29-28 & 29-29. This was a battle of big guys who both found it a challenge to get their 6 kicks per round in. Although they made them in every round, it doesn't get much closer than only 6 or 7 for each round.

  7. Adult Men Super Middleweight
    Dave Thomas
    (Fredricksburg, Virginia, 12-4/2, 146, 6'1", Chris Manuel) defeated Norman Greene (Virginia Beach, Virginia, 4-5/0, 149, 5'8", Craig Smith) when referee Trey Wyatt stopped the bout after Greene took a spinning side kick to the stomach, ending the bout by TKO at 33 seconds into round 3. Thomas came out in round one with a massive 15 kick attack to Greene's 6. After two of the scheduled 5 rounds Thomas held the lead at 20-18, 20-18 and 20-19. This bout was scheduled for 5 rounds because it was for a Joe Lewis Event Title.

  8. Adult Men, Main Event, Super Heavyweight
    Charles Baines
    (Virginia Beach, Virginia, 25-1/6, 219, 5'11", Craig Smith) defeated Rafiel Bayona (Cheesapeake, Virginia, 9-3/5, 238, 6'2", Clark Walters) by TKO via the 3 knockdown rule at the end of round 1.

A Great Job by all involved. There are simply far too many who made this weekends conference and kickboxing event a success to list them all.


Results From
The Standoff III
Joliet, Illinois, USA

By IKF Event Representatives Pete & Pam Peterson: Saturday, October 22nd, the promoting trio of Ron Hill, James Hill, and Brian Thompson, once again brought Chicago area fight fans a great action packed night of kickboxing. The HCX trio brought The Standoff III to a new location from the last, and plan to move again for The Standoff IV. I believe they are on a very successful track to spreading the excitement of IKF Kickboxing to many, many more future fans, as well as introducing new kickboxing talent along with seasoned fighters, to the Chicago area. Keep up the great work guys!! Here are the fight results:

  1. International Rules Super Lightweight
    Jay "Bundy" Gould, (St. Cloud Minnesota, 0-3) vs Rob Menigoz (Manteno Illinois, 4-1, Olympic Arena Martial Arts).
    Round one started off slowly with each fighter being a little cautious.
    Menigoz turned it up in round two, bringing the fight to Gould.
    Round three had the crowd roaring as Menigoz landed a solid head kick. Menigoz won by unanimous decision, 30-27, 30-28, 30-27.

  2. Muay Thai Rules Bantamweight
    Miquel "Too Slick" Cruz (Hinsdale, Illinois, 2-0, Team Toro) vs. Dylan Newbury (Peoria, Illinois, 1-1, Peoria Athletic Club).
    WOW! If these two 13 year olds are the future of our sport, we are in for an awesome future! Both boys came out to show the crowd why they were there! Newbury pushed the action forward while Cruz landed several well placed knees. The entire three rounds, Cruz and Newbury punished one another with every weapon from their arsenals, bringing a great show to the crowd and a tough decision to the judges. Cruz won by majority decision, 29-28, 29-29, 29-28.

  3. Muay Thai Rules Super Welterweight
    Gamy Pascual (Skokie Illinois, 1-0, Aiki Training Hall) vs. Matine Silverwolf (Manteno Illinois, 1-2, Olympic Arena Martial Arts).
    This was another crowd pleaser as Pascual landed several hard leg kicks to Silverwolf's lead leg. The impact of the kicks could be heard in the furthest corners of the room! Silverwolf answered those kicks with several straight punches, hitting Pascual square each time.
    By round three, Pascual's face was showing signs of Silverwolf's straight shots connecting with their target. This was another close fight. Both men put it all out in the ring, true warriors, going full throttle right up until the bell sounded ending the third round. Pascual edged by Silverwolf to win by majority decision, 29-29, 29-28, 30-28.

  4. Muay Thai Rules Super Middleweight
    Paul Schroyer (Toledo, Ohio, 2-0, Tiger Pit Muay Thai) vs. Talha Alfayadh (Urbana, Illinois, 0-1, Nihlans Muay Thai).
    This fight was all Schroyer. Throughout this fight, Alfayadh went airborne several times attempting flying front kicks but failed to keep his hands up. Schroyer stayed patient and timed his right cross to connect with Alfayadh in mid air. In the first round, Schroyer's cross sent Alfayadh stumbling causing, IKF Referee, Al Wichgers, to give Alfayadh a standing 8 count.
    In round two, Schroyer connected several staggering right crosses, knocking Alfayadh soundly onto the floor of the ring, bringing another 8 count.
    Round three gave the fans more of the same, with blood trickling from Alfayadh's nose he went down yet again from Schroyer's powerful right cross. Al Wichgers stopped the fight at 1:49 of round three.

  5. Exhibition
    This was a non-scored exhibition in the light middleweight division. Ben Yelle and Zach Tennison both fought the night before in Milwaukee but were game for this exhibition. The more experienced Yelle was a class act as he let Tennison push the tempo and forced him to work and improve his game.

  6. Muay Thai Rules Super Welterweight
    Ben Fisher (Toledo, Ohio, 0-3, Tiger Pit Muay Thai) vs. Dennis Ho (Peoria, Illinois, 2-0, Peoria Athletic Club). Fisher seemed to overwhelm Ho at times in round one with his skilled knees. Both men were very active, with a lot of crowd pleasing exchanges, however Fisher appeared to be the more dominate.
    Round two saw Ho pulling his game together and throwing more accurate punches while Fisher was starting to show signs of tiring.
    Conditioning proved to be the determining factor in this bout, as Ho still appeared "fresh" in round three and able to score more then Fisher. Ho won a unanimous decision, 29-28, 29-28, 29-28

  7. Muay Thai Rules Super Middleweight
    Phil Plowden (Chicago, Illinois, 1-0, Marius Dan) vs. Muhammed Elhafy ( Urbana, Illinois, 0-2, Nihlans Muay Thai).
    This was a great fight! In both rounds one and two, Plowden was in control in the clinch with his knee play, while Elhafy dominated outside using his reach advantage to deliver direct, straight punches.
    Round three began with Plowden snapping Elhafy's head sideways with a solid round kick. Elhafy's conditioning was winning this round, as Plowden seemed to be tiring quickly, but after Plowden threw a knee that dazed Elhafy, Powden was able to steal the victory when IKF Referee Al Wichgers, gave a standing 8 to Elhafy. Each judge saw the fight a bit differently, scoring a split decision for Plowden, 29-28, 29-28, 28-29

  8. Muay Thai Rules Light Cruiserweight
    Bryan "Smashing Machine" Kovar (Hinsdale, Illinois, 3-1, Team Toro) vs. Greg Johnson (Chicago, Illinois, 0-3, Independent).
    Kovar came out with combos right away dazing Johnson to the point of a standing 8. Johnson came back with a jumping kick, but Kovar wasn't impressed. He answered with his hands, again rocking Johnson. As Johnson's body was starting to sag from the pounding, Kovar connected to his head with a hard roundkick, knocking him down, bringing roars of approval from the crowd. Johnson beat the count, but was still staggering as IKF Referee Al Wichgers asked him to step forward, the fight was stopped at 1:16 of round one giving Kovar the victory by TKO.

  9. Muay Thai Rules Super Welterweight, Main Event
    2005 IKF North American Tournament Champion James "Little Jimmy" Bleau (Marquette, Michigan, 12-4) vs. 15th ranked Tim Riordan (Madison, Wisconsin, 4-4).
    Round one opened with Riordan throwing hard hands and aggressing well, but Bleau was too polished and technical. His experience definitely showed as he dominated in the clinch.
    In Round two, Bleau hit Riordan with smashing leg kicks, one slipping into the groin, causing Riordan to take time to recover. He came back out to finish the round but showed signs of fatigue from the pounding Bleau delivered. Bleau was a class act. At one point, he backed off and asked Riordan if he was all right. Great sportsmanship!
    In round three, Bleau continued with thundering forward pressure and clean technique. After 2 hard kicks to Riordan's head, IKF Referee Al Wichgers called the fight.
    Bleau won by TKO at 1:45 of round three. But let it be known, Riordan has a huge heart! He does not know the word "quit"! Awesome display of courage and heart!

Well this was another incredible IKF event, produced by Ron Hill, James Hill, and Brian Thompson. I'm looking forward to The Standoff IV on November 18th! I encourage everyone in the area to make a point to attend a Standoff event! The Joliet trio definitely knows how to put on a A+++ show with well matched fights and entertainment along with paying attention to all of the details to make their events VERY enjoyable for fighters and spectators!

On a side note: IKF Referee, Al Wichgers was great! He was the center referee the night before refereeing this event, in Milwaukee Wisconsin for the IKF sanctioned Colosseum Returns and refereed 19 bouts there doing, as always, a Great Job! Announcer Skye Drysdale as always, was thorough, professional, and entertaining as he gave the die hard fight fans periodic updates on the first game of the World Series which included Chicago's homeboys, The White Sox.

For information on The Standoff IV, contact Ron Hill, James Hill, or Brian Thompson of HCX Mixed Martial Arts, Joliet IL by calling (815) 557-8155, (815) 347-1480 or log onto www.sgcombatclub.com or www.hcxextreme.com or www.StandoffKickboxing.com

CONTACT: Contact Mr. James Hill at or at jhill@productionality.com or go to

TUESDAY, November 2nd, 2005, AT 7:00 PM, PT


Joe Lewis Fighting Systems Presents
Joe Lewis Conference
& IKF Kickboxing!

This Saturday night, November 5th, 2005, Craig Smith, Clark Walters, Mike Allen and the Joe Lewis Fighting Systems will present the Joe Lewis Conference & IKF Kickboxing Bouts at the Oceanfront in Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA.

Here is the fight card as of press time tonight. As with any event, the fights are subject to change.

To kickoff this years event Team Thompson with his World Championship Demo Team will take the stage for an 8 Minute Demo and to be followed by this line-up of fights.

  1. Jr. Boys Exhibition: 5 and 6 year old, 55 lbs and below: A. J. Atkins, Team Smith vs Colby Schneider, Team Smith.

  2. Jr. Boys Exhibition: 14 and 15 year old, 115 lbs - 120
    Alex Lyle,
    Team Walters vs Christopher Meeks, Team Smith.

  3. Girls Exhibition: 118 lbs - 125 lbs, Jr. 16 year old
    Amanda Shiner,
    Team Smith vs Adult Trish Koehler, Team Maldonato.

  4. Exhibition: 155 lbs -163 lbs, Junior
    Michael Davenport,
    Team Smith vs Adult Dean Lavin, Team Manuel.

  5. Jr. Boys, Sanctioned 12 year olds, 100 lbs - 108
    Brian Rector,
    Team Dabney vs Mason Vensland, Team Smith.

  6. Adult Men, 165 lbs - 170
    Patrick Crowe,
    Team Karate for Christ vs Joe Hathaway, Team Manuel.

  7. Adult Men, 195 lbs - 215
    Jeff Gilman,
    Team Mann vs Rob Swaim, Team Maynard.

  8. Adult Men, 168 lbs -173
    Bobby Withdrow,
    Team Mann vs Mark Gallagher, Team Tosten.

  9. Adult Men, 183 lbs- 187
    Boomer Dulin,
    Team Wyatt vs Kent Vensland, Team Smith.

  10. Adult Men Heavyweight
    Justin Steckler,
    Team Manuel vs Grant Helms, Team Wyatt.

  11. Adult Men Heavyweight
    Brandon Williamson,
    Team Smith vs Victor Milbourne, Team Nackord.

  12. Adult Men, 150 lbs -155 lbs: Feature Fight
    Dave Thomas,
    Team Manuel vs Norman Greene, Team Smith.

  13. Adult Men, Main Event, 215 lbs, Feature Fight
    Charles Baines,
    Team Smith vs Rafiel Bayona, Team Walters.

This is the line-up at 9:PM on Tuesday November 1st. There may be some fighters whom take on these fighters of which have no fights due to the fact that there will be over 80 other fighters at this show because of the Joe Lewis Classic.

The cost for spectators only wanting to see the fights, without the Buffet will be $25.00. The cost for Buffet plus the fight show will be $45.00 at the door. Doors open at 7:PM for the Banquet Dinner and Sitdown Buffet. Fights start At 8:PM

If you are interested in the Conference itself please contact Mike Allen at 813-625-7291 or at MikeAllenAKarate@aol.com to register.


RoundKick Rumble III
The "PYTHON" Returns
Lake View, Iowa, USA

This Saturday night, November 5, Team Roundkick will Present RoundKick Rumble III, The "PYTHON" Returns at the Lakewood Ballroom in Lake View, Iowa, USA. If all goes well, fans will see the return of Kickboxing Champion, Pete "Python" Peterson (5-2) as he takes on Chris Mickle (MMA: 12-4-2, KB: 0-0) from DM Extreme Fighting in Des Moines Iowa. Peterson will be making his comeback to the ring after a 4 year break. While coaching Team RoundKick, Pete has been bitten once again by the fighting bug. This is a definite "Not To Miss" night of fights!

Also Fighting from Team RoundKick will be Marie "Roo" Sturm! For the full fight card Click HERE!

For more info go to www.TeamRoundKick.com or contact Team RoundKick at (712) 792-8178 or by e-mail at pete@teamroundkick.com

Join us at The After Fight Party!!
The Club House on Main Street in Carroll. Save your event ticket stub for savings on your first drink!!