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FRIDAY, September 30th, 2005, AT 4:10 PM, PT


B & B Productions Presents
Night Of The Warriors
Hinkley, Minnesota, USA

IKF Minnesota, USA: Tomorrow night, October 1st, B & B Productions will presents Night Of The Warriors, IKF Pro and Amateur kickboxing at the Grand Casino Hinkley in Hinkley, Minnesota, USA. The event will include 2 Pro bouts and 6 amateur bouts.

The main event will feature IKF Light Middleweight North American Champion Aaron Lassi (Right) of Minnesota, USA (PRO KB: 11-1/4, AM KB: 23-5-1/1, PRO BX: 3-0/0) Vs Sam Stout of Ontario Canada in a 7 round non title bout.

Lassi won his IKF title on April 30th, 2005 also in Hinkley, Minnesota when he defeated Muzammal 'Abu Zayd' Nawaz of Burlington, Ontario, Canada by unanimous decision 99-91, 99-91 and 96-94.

For more info on this event please contact Mr. Bobby Anderson or Mr. Bill Lassi at (218) 390-3203 or at thrill10@mindspring.com

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Results From
IKF Kickboxing
Aintree Liverpool, England, Saturday 24th September 2005

IKF England
This was a Great Night of Kickboxing, with a full capacity crowd for brothers Bern & Gary Giam, with the IKF Pro Super Heavyweight British Title topping of the Bill.
There were 7 bouts with the Main Event of the evening. Here are the nights results below.

  1. 3 X 2 IR 64-66 kg
  2. 3 X 2 IR 69-70kg
  3. 4 X 2 69-70kg
  4. 3 X 2 85-87 kg
  5. 4 X 2 73-74kg
  6. 3 X 2 77kg
  7. 4 X 2 85kg
  8. IKF Pro British Full Contact Super Heavyweight Title Defense

THURSDAY, September 29th, 2005, AT 11:40 PM, PT

Results From LTD Productions
Fairfield, California, USA

  1. IKF Amateur Muay Thai Rules
    Mitch Chilson,
    ( 1-0, 161, Kru Sam ) defeated G Sing, (0-1 164, Noah) by second round knockout.

  2. IKF Amateur Muay Thai Rules
    Harwood McCovey,
    (1-0, 186, Cory Rhoades) defeated Jason Coyle, (0-1, 181, Denise Poowmall) by first round knockout.

  3. IKF Amateur International Rules
    Anthony Figueroa,
    (1-0 127, Cung Le ) defeated David Casallas, ( 0-3 131, Fight and Fitness ) by unanimous decision.

  4. IKF Amateur Muay Thai Rules
    Kenneth Giang,
    (1-0, 134, Kru Kam) defeated Rob Mercado, (0-1,132, Fight and Fitness) by unanimous decision.

  5. IKF Amateur Muay Thai Rules
    Sean Quinn,
    (1-0 151, George Tsutsui) defeated Anthony DeLosSantos, (152, Ed Carpio) by split decision.

  6. IKF Amateur Muay Thai Rules
    Chris Aldea,
    (4-5, 147, Fairtex Muay Thai Fitness) defeated Kenyon Atkins, (2-3, 150, Gene and Cat Fields) by unanimous decision.

  7. IKF Amateur Muay Thai Rules
    Bret Bergmark,
    (1-0, 173, Kru Sam) defeated Mark Mimms, (0-1, 172, John Harris) by TKO in the second round.

  8. IKF Amateur Muay Thai Rules
    Damian Noorbakhsk,
    (1-0, 172, Fight and Fitness) defeated Julian Bowers, (1-1 169, George Tsutsui) by split decision.

  9. IKF Amateur Muay Thai Rules
    Roger Agtarap,
    (1-0 139, Cung Le) defeated David Goodwin, (0-1, 139, Paul Heinke) by TKO in the second round.

  10. IKF Amateur Muay Thai Rules
    Aaron Gerwer,
    (5-1, 172, Ezra Regan) defeated Raymond Doxie, (1-4, 171, Christopher Lee ) by knockout at 32 seconds into the first round.

  11. IKF Amateur Muay Thai Rules
    Nathan Smith,
    (12-2, 152, Gene and Cat Fields ) defeated Christian Gonzalez, (3-2-1, 153, Fairtex Muay Thai Fitness ) by split decision. This was one awesome fight and there needs to be a rematch!

  12. IKF Amateur Womens Muay Thai Rules California Bantamweight Title
    Karry Taylor, (4-0, 122, Kru Kam) defeated Aileen Miller, (3-2, 122, Fairtex Muay Thai Fitness) by unanimous decision.

  13. IKF Amateur Muay Thai Rules
    Dan Ash,
    (4-0, 137, Derek Yean) defeated Ray Juachun, (2-1, 137, Fight and Fitness). Someones "0's" got to go!!!! Bangin Fight! Two hard hitting warriors went at it and Ash came away the winner by unanimous decision.

For more event info please contact Mr. Dan Stell at (707) 372-0882 or by e-mail at Bambamstell@aol.com

TUESDAY, September 27th, 2005, AT 5:10 PM, PT

Results From Z's Martial Arts Academy's
Bach Retains IKF World Title In A WAR!

Mundelein, Illinois, USA - By Scott Fischer

  1. IKF Amateur Men's Super Welterweight Full Contact
    John Cantu (2-0, NO Joke Martial Arts, Rich Whitenack, Rockford, Illinois) defeated Parsiful Gomez (Debut fight, trained by Rick Sollo, Cicero Illinois) by unanimous decision, 30-26, 30-25, and 30-26.

  2. IKF Amateur Atomweight Full Contact
    Chad Monyelle (15-5-4, Team Thump, Craig Monyelle) defeated Isaac Hudson (3-2-0/1, Big Lou, Chicago Heights, Illinois) by unanimous decision, 30-23, 30-22, and 30-24.

  3. IKF Amateur Women's Bantomweight Full Contact
    Felice Herrig (6-2, Z's Martial Art's- Rob Zbilski) defeated Lisa Wells (0-1, Team Thump, Craig Monyelle) by way of knock out. Referee Scott Fischer stopped the fight at .58 seconds in Round 1 when Wells received a standing 8 and could not continue.

  4. IKF Amateur Men's Cruiserweight Full Contact
    Justin Hanlin (2-0, Jimmy Z's, Lake Zurich, Illinois) defeated Ken Walker (NO Joke Martial Arts, Rich Whitenack, Rockford, Illinois) by Unanimous decision, 30-26,30-26, and 38-28. Later it was discovered that Justin won this fight with a compound (open-bone) fracture to his toe and was taken to the hospital for surgical repair. We wish him a speedy recovery!

  5. IKF Amateur Women's Super Lightweight Full Contact
    Davinia (2-0, Fernando Leuvano, Chicago, IL) defeated Marta Kukec (Debut, Tommy Bach), by way of Split Decision 28-29, 30-29, and 30-28.

  6. IKF Amateur Men's Super Heavyweight Full Contact
    Mike Dean (6-1, Z's Martial Art's- Rob Zbilski) defeated Rudy Ovalos (0-1, Big Lou, Chicago Heights, Illinois) by unanimous decision, 30-24, 30-24, and 30-24.

  7. IKF Amateur Men's Heavyweight Full Contact
    Johan Haglund (1-1/1, Kyle McElroy- Kickn' Fitness, Palatine, Illinois) defeated Ed Cooper (6-4, Fernando Leuvano, Chicago, IL) by Majority decision, 29-28, 30-27, and 29-29.

  8. IKF Professional Men's Super Welterweight International Rules
    This was, in my opinion the fight of the night. WOW! Kyle McElroy (19-1/6, Z's Martial Art's- Rob Zbilski) defeated Brandon Adamson (6-3/3, Duke Roufus, Wisconsin) by way of K.O in Round 4. Referee Scott Fischer stopped the fight at 1:46 in the 4th round when Adamson based on the punishment taken to his legs fell to the canvas and could not continue after the count of 10.

  9. IKF PRO FCR Lightweight World Title Defense
    This fight lived up to the full hype it was given. Tommy Bach (Right, 12-1-1/4, Z's Martial Art's- Rob Zbilski) and Bobby Campbell (10-4, Chris Cardona, New York) went all 12 rounds in a toe to toe war! This was Bach's greatest test yet. The lone surprise for Bach was discovering in round 1 that Campbell was a southpaw. "We were forced to change our whole strategy in round 1". Said Bach's trainer Rob Zbilski. "We had an entire game plan that had to be changed which took us awhile to adapt to but once we did, Tommy was able to take control." And rightly so as Bach, after a close first half of the fight, took the later rounds to retaine his IKF World Title in a close fight by majority decision, 116-109, 116-113, and 113-113. These two are already talking rematch but when and where has yet to be determined.

For more info please contact Mr. Rob Zbilski at (847) 669-7833 or at info@teamzs.com or go to www.teamzs.com

MORE NEWS OF 9-27-05

Bach Vs Campbell
Rematch May Have A
TERRIBLE Political Twist!

Yes, Bach and Campbell's trainers have been talking about a possible rematch. However where the rematch may happen has yet to be determined. Sadly for us ALL, it may happen in the State of New York where the "Ridiculous" old fashion rule of the NY State Boxing Commission will only allow wka USA to sanction Professional Kickboxing events there. This rule is based off an "OLD" approved list of "Karate" organizations allowed to sanction KARATE events in the state of New York. The list was created many years ago and although wka USA was "ONLY" approved as a "KARATE" organization they have done their best to pull the wool over the eyes and fool the NY Commission to claim their approval is for kickboxing too.

Here is the actual list, in which you will notice, the wka that is listed is the World KARATE Association, NOT the World KICKBOXING Association and when it was approved, it was ONLY for their "Karate/Martial Arts" division, not for Full Contact Kickboxing. The list includes:
The U.S. Judo Association, U.S. Judo, Inc., U.S. Judo Federation, U.S. Tae Kwon Do Union, North American Sport Karate Association, U.S.A. Karate Foundation, U.S. Karate, Inc., World Karate Association, Professional Karate Association, Karate International, International Kenpo Association, or World Wide Kenpo Association. NONE of these are "KICKBOXING" Sanctioning Bodies! To view all the aspects of this law just Click HERE and click Section 5-A

According to many promoters who have never worked with the IKF so this isn't just biased reporting, the wka has done a terrible job at best in sanctioning the sport in New York. The never ending ego or "Little big man complex" as they say, of the wka's representative, has butted heads with more than a few who's experience in the sport started long before he was even born. In fact, the monopoly is so bad that wka has now even denied sanctioning of promoters because other promoters events may conflict with their own promoted events. Such was the case recently with Promoter Tommy Battone. After leaving many messages and sending e-mails for almost a month the wka representative finally told him that he cannot hold his planned October 15th pro kickboxing event in the state of NY at all. When asked for an explanation of why, he never received any reply.

Battone has been licensed as a pro fighter, and second in many major boxing commissions worldwide including working as a second in major boxing events in New York. Some of the states which he has worked with Commissions are New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, California, Florida, and Maryland as well as having a good working relationship with all major kickboxing organizations worldwide including the IKF, ISKA and the USKBA.

Many other former New York promoters who used IKF, ISKA and USKBA in the past are also sickened that wka has such a monopoly in NY. A monopoly that is more of a legal trick and not a legal reality. The USKBA Sanctioning Body has even announced it is going to fight it out in court against the NY Commission. To read more on this Click HERE or HERE.

So sickened are many of these promoters over the lack of professionalism the wka USA organization has shown that many have chosen to just not ever promote again, or at least until the law changes.
On a side note, all sanctioning bodies are allowed to sanction amateur kickboxing in the State of New York.

FRIDAY, September 23rd, 2005, AT 11:15 AM, PT

Dutch a Treat at K-1 Final Elimination

WEDNESDAY, September 21st, 2005, AT 8:30 PM, PT

Z's Martial Arts Academy Presents
Mundelein Illinois, USA

IKF Illinois, USA: IKF Pro FCR Lightweight World Champion Tommy Bach (Right) is always looking for a good challenge in his fight career. Although he has taken on some great talent, none have the resume his challenger, Bobby "Jack Hammer" Campbell (Left) does. Campbell of Long Island, New York, USA has a professional kickboxing record of 10 wins, 3 loses that came after a 16-5 amateur career. As an amateur he won 4 USKBA Titles and as a pro he currently holds the WKA USA title and the USKBA New York State Title. Needless to say, this may be Bach's best challenge to date.

However Bach has shown no signs of doubt. The "Little Dragon" as he is known as from Buffalo Grove, Illinois, USA boasts a professional record of 11 wins with 1 loss and 1 draw. This after an 8-3 amateur career. Still, it will be Campbell who will be chasing the current IKF Pro FCR World Lightweight Champion.

Bach first won the IKF World title rather easily when he defeated Keith Nesbitt of Steelton, Pennsylvania, USA in Crystal Lake, Illinois, USA on February 1st, 2003 by a first round KO.

In his first defense on November 12th, 2004, in Schauburg, Illinois, he easily handled Eric Mihindou of Wixom, Michigan, USA by TKO when at the end of round 5, with Bach up on all the cards, 50-44, 50-44 and 50-45, Mihindou told referee Scott Fischer from his corner during the round break that his shoulder Bach had injured in round 2 with a hard kick, hurt too much to continue.

Regardless of what these two have accomplished in their past, one thing is for sure... Only ONE bout will count come this Friday night, September 23rd, and only 1 will walk out of the ring wearing the IKF Gold!

For more info please contact Mr. Rob Zbilski at (847) 669-7833 or at info@teamzs.com or go to www.teamzs.com

Sorry but no additional fight card information was available at press time.


LTD Productions & Channel Lumber Present
Fairfield, California, USA

IKF Fairfield, California, USA
This Saturday night, September 24th, IKF Promoters Tim and Dan Stell and their LTD Productions Team along with Channel Lumber will host yet another version of the famous "Fairfield Fight Fest". The event will take place at the Allen Witt Sports Center in Fairfield, California, USA. There are 18 Muay Thai bouts scheduled for the evening. The nights semi main event is the quest for the vacant IKF Amateur Woman's MTR California Bantamweight Title between Karry Taylor and Aileen Miller. Taylor is from TEAM USA, San Francisco and Miller from Fairtex Muay Thai and Fitness also in San Francisco.

The nights Main Event is a match-up of undefeated fighters, and as the Stells said it, "Someone's "0's" got to go!!!!!!!" Ray Juachun from Fight & Fitness in San Francisco will take on Dan Ash from San Jose trained by former IKF National Champion Derek Yeun. The nights action will include fighters from gyms such as Gene & Kat Fields school out of Modesto, Cory Rhoades gym in Redding, John Harris' "Hitts" gym, Cung Le's and Ed Carpio's out of San Jose and George Tsutsui out of Vallejo. Here is the nights fight card as of press time tonight in no particular order. Sorry but some of the last names were un-readable.

  1. 168-172: Julian Bowers VS Damien Noorbahsh

  2. 153-159: Vince Wolfe VS Bobby Merell

  3. 187-197: Charles Lin VS Woodie McCovey

  4. 147-153: Sean Quinn VS Anthony ?

  5. 172-178: Jason Coyle VS Jeremy Remington

  6. 159-165: Mitch Chilson VS G. Singh

  7. 128-132: Mark Jimez VS Rob Mercado

  8. 168-172: Aaron Gerwer VS Raymond Doxie

  9. 143-147: Chris Aldea VS. Roger ?

  10. 147-153: Nathan Smith VS Christian Gonzalez

  11. 186-195: Justin Davis VS Adam Smith

  12. 215- Up: Dan Villa VS Teddy Smothers

  13. 153-159: Victor Rodriguez VS Bobier ?

  14. 132-135: Duncan Duffin VS David Casellas

  15. 128-132: Anthony Figero VSDavid Goodwin

  16. 159-165: Brett Burmark VS Mark Mimms

  17. IKF Amateur Woman's MTR California Bantamweight Title
  18. MAIN EVENT: Ray Juachun VS Dan Ash

Doors open at 5:PM and fights start at 6:PM. For more event info please contact Mr. Dan Stell at (707) 372-0882 or by e-mail at Bambamstell@aol.com

MORE NEWS OF 9-21-05

IKF Sides With State Athletic Commissions

Since the adoption of the IKF Optional Headgear rule that was past this last June, 2005, no fighter, trainer or promoter has requested to fight without headgear. Whether this is good or bad news is not really known. However, today the IKF past yet another adoption to the Headgear rule in favor of all State Athletic/Boxing Commissions that oversee or regulate amateur kickboxing.

The new rule will follow the mandatory requirements that are set in a State the IKF sanctions an amateur bout/event in as long as the amateur event is overseen or regulated by the State Commission. For example, in the States of Colorado or Florida, headgear is mandatory for all amateur kickboxers. On the other hand, in accordance with the California State Athletic Commission (AC) Rules and Regulations, in California, kickboxers must only have a minimum of 3 fights to be allowed to shed the headgear. In States such as these where the AC has chief control over amateur kickboxing, the IKF will uphold the minimum of the States requirements but also, not overshadow a States maximum requirement. This means there an amateur fighter in Colorado or Florida who is fighting on an event sanctioned by the IKF, will always wear headgear, no matter what their past experience is. On the other hand, in California, the IKF will allow fighters with 3 or more bouts, who are 18 years old or older, (CA: § 18766.) to shed their headgear if desired, as mandated by the California State Athletic Commission Amateur Kickboxing Rules.

If there is no State Athletic Commission, all IKF Rules and Regulations are to be followed. The IKF Headgear rules can be found by Clicking HERE!

MORE NEWS OF 9-21-05

SEPTEMBER 16, 2022
Kansas City, Missouri, USA

By Chuck Wolfe, IKF Missouri Representative
Jesse Finney (Shamrock Promotions) partnered with Ben Nogeueras (The Blue Corner) to bring another outstanding Midwest Fight Fest to Kansas City. This fine partnership between the Fight Pride of St Louis, Finney's Champions, (rated under the IKF, PKL, ISDF and KICK organization) and Nogeueras' Blue Corner, Kansas City Professional Boxing Organization' perfect venue, showcased some outstanding fight talent together!

The event was held at the classy Clarion Hotel Ballroom in Kansas City. The crowd certainly got what they paid for ~ an evening full of action and excitement as the Midwest's premier fighters took the ring by storm.

These promoters had a variety of fighters on their card ~ talented, eager MMA fighters, peppered between with Kickboxers (both Full Contact and Muay Thai Rules) ready to rumble! The evening went fast and furious, with results as follows. We're sure to see more of these fighters in the future!

  1. ISCF MMA Light Middleweight Bout
    Mike Hammer (Self-trained, Knobnoster, MO) vs Jimmy "JR" Haynes (Brad Jones Garage, Overland Park, KS)
    Mike Hammer started fast in an attempt to take down Jimmy Haynes. Jimmy quickly countered with an effective sprawl, keeping Mike from executing. Jimmy then swiftly moved to the dominant position and proceeded to "ground and pound" forcing ISCF Referee Kevin Engle to stop the match at :52 seconds of the 1st round!
    Jimmy Haynes winner TKO - :52 seconds of Round 1

    Jeff Marzolf (Krav Maga, Overland Park, KS) vs Chris Barrows (Dan Tharp, Kansas City, MO)
    Both fighters quickly went to the mat ~ with Barrows attempting what appeared to be a missed ankle lock. Within seconds, Barrows somehow rolled over Marzolf's ankle, causing an immediate dislocation. The ankle looked extremely out-of-place, and extremely painful! However, Marzolf was a true warrior, handling the injury with grace! He left the ring on a gurney, but the crowd cheered him on their feet!
    Chris Barrows Winner: Referee Stopped Contest Due to Injury -:39 seconds of Round 1

  3. ISCF MMA Middleweight Bout
    Parker Southworth (Dan Tharp's Gym, Kansas City, MO) vs Alex Carter (Self-trained, Chicago, IL)
    This bout was a barn burner. Both contestants came out throwing haymakers! Alex quickly settled down and got busy ~ landing repeated rights and lefts on Southworth's head! They went to the mat, and Carter gained the rear position, moving in for a rear naked choke, causing Southworth to quickly tap out!
    Alex Carter winner TKO - :2:28 of Round 1 - Rear Naked Choke

  4. ISCF MMA Middleweight Bout
    Todd Brown (Brad Jones Garage, Overland Park, KS) vs LC Davis (Dan Tharp's Gym, Kansas City, MO)
    This bout was a crowd pleaser. As Davis entered the ring, the crowd went wild with chants of "LC, LC". The fighters gave the crowd exactly what they wanted ~ three full rounds of action! In round one, Brown attempted to get Davis into a Figure Four, but Davis slipped past the leg lock. Davis then took the side guard position, and the action stalled. The referee stood the fighters up and the match continued. Davis landed a strong leg kick, followed by a quick right hand at the end of the round, clearly dominating this round. The fighters emerged for round two quick and ready. First blood was drawn ~ Davis again landing a right hand. The fighters returned to the mat, with Brown attempting an arm lock, with no success. Round two ended with Davis having an edge. The crowd roared for the start of round three. The fighters came out swinging. Quickly going to the mat, it was a battle of strengths, landing both fighters over the edge of the apron. The deft referee quickly stepped in and stood the fighters up to complete the round. Both fighters finished strong, with Brown fighting smart, but Davis still held his edge. All three judges scored it 30-27 for Davis. The crowd got their money's worth with this bout!
    LC Davis winner Unanimous Decision

  5. IKF FCR Kickboxing - Light Middleweight
    Melvin Hartley (Bud Johnson, Trainer, Kansas City, MO) vs Josh Fisher (Finney's Kickboxing, St. Louis, MO)
    These fighters had no problem getting their required kicks in every round. That left the focus on their boxing skills combined with their kicks. Fisher started round one landing several good straight lefts, causing Hartley to become tentative. Hartley then came back with a few straight rights of his own, followed by back leg round kicks; however, these were not enough to answer Fisher's speed. Fisher clearly dominated this round. Round two saw the fighters come out ready to brawl. Hartley landed some rights to the body early in this round, but again, Fisher's straight left hand along with an effective back leg round kick dominated. Hartley knew stepping into Round three he had to work to win this fight. Fisher threw a dynamic round kick to Hartley's face, causing Hartley to appear as though he was out of gas...but, just as the crowd thought Hartley was done, he pulled a right jump front kick out, landing it squarely on Fisher's body, causing Fisher to step back. Realizing what he had done, Hartley ran forward with a quick right hand to Fisher's face. Fisher came back with a series of flurries of his own. Although Hartley showed heart, Fisher dominated the fight overall, with all judges scoring all three rounds 30-27, in Fisher's favor. These young men (still teenagers) have a bright future in kickboxing!
    Josh Fisher winner: Unanimous Decision

    Tyler Hood (Brad Jones Garage, Overland Park, KS) vs Josh Johnston (KC North Cisco Guerra)
    This fight started with both fighters landing wicked knees from a stand up position. Johnson quickly gained an advantage as both fighters went to the mat. Johnson gained position from a top mount, consistently pounding on Hood until the round ended. Round two started much the same way, with Johnson demonstrating superior control throughout the round. Hood went back to his corner with both eyes swollen shut. The referee stopped the bout at the end of the 2nd round.
    Josh Johnson Winner: TKO - Referee Stopped Contest end of 2nd Round

  7. IKF FCR Kickboxing
    Cade Woodall (Kansas City, MO) vs Frank Bryant
    Both fighters came out fast, with Bryant landing a smart, crisp left-right combination, confusing Woodall. Bryant continued this barrage with front leg kicks, double punch combinations, forcing the referee to give Woodall a standing 8-count. Woodall attempted to answer back, but was clearly outgunned by the stronger, larger Bryant. As with all the fighters, these gentlemen are champions just to be in the ring!
    Frank Bryant Winner: TKO 1:36 of Round 1

  8. ISCF MMA - Light Heavyweight
    Dean Kugler (Brad Jones Garage, Overland Park KS ) vs Kenny Allen (Chicago )
    These fighters were ready to rumble. Allen came out with a flurry of strong punches ~ and Dean answered back with a couple of quick leg kicks. The crowd loved this action. The fighters went to the mat with Kugler attempting an arm bar, but Allen was too cagey to capture. As Allen attempted to get up off the mat, Kugler threw a powerful ax kick from the floor to Allen's face, connecting with a hard slam! Allen was forced to step back, injuring his knee in the process, causing him to tap out! Awesome fight action!
    Dean Kugler Winner: Tap Out: 2:15 Round 1

  9. IKF MTR Heavyweight Kickboxing
    Eric Siley (Krav Maga, OPKS) vs Darryl Harris (Chicago)
    Siley took command of this bout with a flurry of punches. Half way through the round, Siley's strikes were beginning to take effect, causing Harris to take a knee. After receiving an 8-count, the bout continued much on the same path - with Siley in command! Within seconds, Siley pulled out another series of punches causing the referee to stop the bout 1:28 in the first round!
    Eric Siley Winner: TKO 1:28 Round 1

    John Cornett (Brad Jones Garage Overland Park, KS ) vs Joe Marayo ( Chicago)
    The main event was worth waiting for ~ but, if you blinked, you could have missed the action! MMA fights are known for their quick upsets due to the technical nature of the fight! This fight was no exception - with Cornett getting down to business with a quick start! Cornett immediately landed a leg lock on Marayo and the fight was over in less than 30!
    John Cornett Winner: TAP OUT :24 seconds Round 1

For more info please call Finney's Kickboxing at (314) 608-3104 or by e-mail at jesse@finneyskickboxing.com or see go to www.shamrockpromotionsllc.com

THURSDAY, September 15th, 2005, AT 10:40 PM, PT

The StandOff II
Joilet, Illinois, USA
By IKF Representatives Pete & Pam Peterson

IKF Joiley, Illinois, USA
Ladies and Gentleman, all I Can say is if you were not at "The StandOff II", Saturday September 10th, YOU MISSED OUT!! Awesome, awesome fights! The trio of Masters; Ron Hill, James Hill, and Brian Thompson put together an outstanding show. The bouts were all matched extremely well. Each and every fighter came to do just that….. FIGHT!

As if great fights weren't enough, the audience was also treated to a live performance by Papermill recording artist, "True". This was a fantastic "touch" to a great night of IKF fights. Here are the results:

  1. Full Contact Rules, Super Middleweight
    "Cool Hands" Luke Malloy, 2-0-0, (Olymic Arena, Mantino IL) vs. Steve Byer, 0-0-0, (Independent, Chicago IL).
    Malloy dominated this bout with constant pressure, connecting with hard head kicks and punches. Byer received a knockdown and 2 standing 8 counts from IKF referee, Dave Rogers. At 1:12 into round 3, "Cool Hands" Luke Malloy won by TKO after delivering a hard kick to Beyer's midsection.

  2. International Rules, Super Welterweight
    Matine Silverwolf, 0-1-0, (Olymic Arena, Manteno IL) vs Adam "Ant" Lynn, 0-0-0, (HCX Mixed Martial Arts, Joliet IL)
    There seemed to be some confusion to the rule style in this bout when Lynn executed a throw and attempted a flying knee. IKF Referee, Dave Rogers, straightened matters out but Lynn had a hard time sticking to the rules causing him to receive two separate point deductions for catching kicks. In Round Three, Silverwolf came out to stop Lynn and did just that with a devastating body shot. Lynn staggered back and took a knee. IKF Referee, Dave Rogers, stopped the bout at 23 seconds into round three. Silverwolf winner by TKO.

  3. Muay Thai Rules, Super Middleweight
    Matt Wagner, 0-0-0, (Nihlan's Muay Thai, Champagne IL) vs. Andy Voelz, 0-0-0, (Top Notch Gym, Oak Terrace IL)
    Voelz seemed very confident, landing several straight, direct shots leading IKF Referee, Dave Rogers, to give Wagner a standing 8 in the first round. Voelz's pressure gave him the edge in this bout. Voelz wins by unanimous decision with all three judges scoring it the same: 30-26.

  4. Muay Thai Rules, Junior Bantam Weight
    Miguel "Too Slick" Cruz, 0-0-0, (Team Toro, Chicago IL) vs. Anthony "Ant Dog" Fearn, 0-2-0, (HCX Mixed Martial Arts, Joliet IL)
    Both young athletes came out poised with serious skill. These young fighters fought like adults, not 13 year old boys! Incredible job by both, making it a very difficult job for the judges. In the end, Cruz edged out Fearn to win by split decision, 29-28, 29-28, 28-29.

  5. International Rules, Junior Lightweight
    "Ruthless" Rob Menigoz, 2-0-0, (Olympic Arena, Manteno IL) vs. Kyle Dietrich, 1-0-0, (Pekin Martial Arts Academy, Pekin IL)
    Dietrich deserves credit for a lot of heart in this bout. He has a "never say die" attitude! Menigoz was able to land head kicks and powerful bombs. Dietrich seemed to weather the storm at first, but began to tire from Menigoz's thunder. By the end of the bout, Dietrich had received two standing 8 counts in Round One, two standing 8 counts in Round Two, and one standing 8 count in Round Three. "Ruthless" Rob Menigoz won by unanimous decision with all three judges scoring it 30-22.

  6. Muay Thai Rules, Super Lightweight
    Jonathon "El Matador" Villanueva, 1-0-0, (Team Toro, Chicago IL) vs. Jon Llaguno, 0-0-0, (Combat Do, Chicago IL).
    This was a classic Muay Thai fight with both fighters skilled in the clinch and taking turns controlling the fight, which made it a crowd pleaser with many on their feet for the entire bout. This fight was hard to judge, as it was extremely action packed. At the final bell, Llaguno pulled it out to win by split decision, 29-28, 28-29, 29-28.

  7. Muay Thai Rules, Super Lightweight
    Ryan "The Lion" Tyson, 2-0-0, (Olympic Arena, Manteno IL) vs. Eddie Ray Cox, 1-1-0, (HCX Mixed Martial Arts, Joliet IL)
    This was another hard to judge fight and one that kept IKF Referee, Dave Rogers, on his toes. Tyson and Cox seemed to be pretty equal in skills. Both countered attacks good, as well as knew when to turn it up. All three rounds were 10-9 scores. In the end, the scorecards agreed Tyson was more effective in the clinch giving him the unanimous decision, 29-28, 29-28, 30-27.

  8. Muay Thai Rules, Super Middleweight
    Mohammed Elhafy, 0-0-0, (Nihlan's Muay Thai, Champagne IL) vs. Paul Schroyer, 0-0-0, (Tiger Pit Muay Thai, Toledo OH)
    This fight was yet another action filled fight! Schroyer was the first of the night to give the crowd "blood" after taking shots from Elhafy but it only motivated him to turn up the heat and force Elhafy into a standing 8. All three judges scored this bout 30-26, Schroyer taking home the win.

  9. Muay Thai Rules, Light Middleweight
    Brian "Lights Out" Robertson, 0-1-0, (Team Toro, Chicago IL) vs. Benjamin Culbertson, 0-0-0, (Muay Thai Kickboxing Academy, Dixon IL)
    Robertson's demonstration of knees in the clinch along with his incredible timing of cut kicks definitely gave him the edge on this bout. Culbertson definitely deserves credit also as this was another action packed bout with a lot of evenly exchanged punches! Robertson wins by split decision, 30-27, 30-27, 28-29.

  10. Muay Thai Rules, Super Middleweight
    Edward Erickson, 1-0-0, (MHP Gym, Iron Mountain MI) vs. Ben Fisher, 1-0-0, (Tiger Pit Muay Thai, Toledo OH)
    This fight was also a crowd pleaser with a lot of technique and "focus". Erickson had two opponents on his hands for this bout; one fighter across the ring and one in his corner. The action in this bout was stopped twice by Referee Dave Rogers, and a point was deducted from Erickson's score for the behavior of his trainer. Even with the point deduction, Erickson came out ahead with a majority decision, 29-27, 29-27, 28-28.

  11. Muay Thai Rules, Cruiserweight
    Bryan "Smashing Machine" Kovar, 1-1-0, (Team Toro, Chicago IL) vs. Evan "The Monster" Mitchell, 0-2-0, (HCX Mixed Martial Arts, Joliet IL)
    A quick note on this bout: Justin Abatie (Pekin Martial Arts Academy) was scheduled to fight this match but was hit by a drunken driver the evening before sustaining minor injuries that prevented him from fighting. HCX Mixed Martial Arts teammate, Evan Mitchell, with less then 24 hours notice of this bout, stepped in and completely gained the respect of everyone in the crowd! Brian Kovar's fight name is "Smashing Machine" for being known to smash whatever is in front of him, however Mitchell was quick to show what he was made of. Kovar repeatedly pounded Mitchell's legs in all three rounds and every perfectly timed cut kick sent Mitchell to one knee but Mitchell was right back up. Mitchell has the heart of a lion! Not to take anything away from Kovar's awesome skill and win, but we did want to make note of Mitchell's heart. He will definitely be one to watch at future events! Kovar won by unanimous decision, 30-27, 30-27, 30-27.

  12. MAIN EVENT: International Rules, Super Middleweight
    Dan "Mighty" Masella, 4-1-0, (Dragonstyle Martial Fitness, Hillside IL) vs. Stan "Roughneck" Rousonelos, II, 8-5-0, (HCX Mixed Martial Arts, Joliet IL)
    Home town favorite, Rousonelos, gave Joliet just what they wanted to see! Marsella received a point deduction for a knee to the groin thrown while Referee Dave Rogers was pulling the fighters apart during a break in the action. (It was learned after the fights that Marsella thought knees were allowed in IR.) Marsella also received a standing 8 count after a barrage of strikes from Rousonelos. Rousonelos won by unanimous decision, 29-26, 28-27, 28-27.

Once again, Ron Hill, James Hill, and Brian Thompson did an outstanding job! I can't wait for The StandOff III.
For more information see the IKF events page or contact HCX Mixed Martial Arts at (815) 727-7000 or log onto www.HCExtreme.com

TUESDAY, September 13th, 2005, AT 6:50 PM, PT

IKF Approved
To Sanction Events In North Carolina

It's official. As of yesterday, the IKF was approved to sanction both Professional and Amateur Kickboxing bouts in the State of North Carolina. For years the IKF had put off seeking approval to sanction bouts in NC. However with all the inquiries within the last year from promoters looking to work with the IKF, the IKF finally contacted the NC Boxing Commission and was confirmed as an approved Sanctioning Body for North Carolina.

For several years, the only Kickboxing sanctioning body allowed to sanction kickboxing in North Carolina was Kick. The IKF already has several Promoters eager to have the IKF Sanction their events and some may host their first IKF Sanctioned Events as early as this fall.

Although it did not need the approval of the State Boxing Commission, there is already an IKF Point Kickboxing event organized by IKF Point Kickboxing President Johnny Davis. Davis has confirmed sanctioning for Mr. Sean Griffin's IKF Point Kickboxing event this coming October 22nd in Indian Trail, North Carolina. Griffin's event will also include a Point Kickboxing Seminar by Davis. Keep watch of the Upcoming Events Page for more IKF Sanctioned Events in North Carolina as well as around the world.

MORE NEWS OF 9-13-05


Mark Russell
Where Are You?

If there is anyone here that knows how to get in touch with Mark Russell of England, could you please e-mail his contact info to us here at the IKF. Mark is the current ISKA Super Cruiserweight World Champion and we may possibly have a fight for him.
Thank you.

Please inquire to (916) 663-2467 or by e-mail at

MORE NEWS OF 9-13-05

Amatuer Thai Boxing/Kickboxing Show
September 11th 2005, Rushden, Northampton, England - Promotor Ray & Sonia Debourgh

  1. Marcus Payne, Wutan vs Parnell, Lumpini
    Result: Winner Parnell

  2. (3 x 2 TB) Luke Debourgh, Wutan vs Zac Pears, Lumpini
    Result: Winner Draw

  3. (3 x 2 TB) Ricky Hitcham, Wutan vs Ben Jardine, Assassins
    Result: Winner Ben Jardine Unanimous decision

  4. (3 x 2 TB) Julian Kirby, Wutan vs Sid Kabach, Lumpini.
    Result: Winner Sid Kabach TKO 1st round.

  5. (MMA 2 x 5) A J Wenn, Kettering Shooters v Dave Cullen, Cambridge Free fighters
    Result: Winner A J Wenn – Tap out 1st round.

  6. (3 x 2 TB) Eric Jones, Wutan v Alan Sawyers, Lumpini
    Result: Winner Alan Sawyers

  7. (3 x 2 TB) Glyn Daniels, Wutan vs Lee Jones, Fury
    Result: winner Lee Jones

  8. CHARITY MATCH: Pete Butcher v Neil Drew

  9. Ray Debourgh, Wutan vs Danny Taylor, Lumpini
    Result: Majority *Draw
  10. (MMA 2 x 5) Nick Hensman, Kettering Shooters v Jay Gilbey, Cambridge Free fighters
    Result: Jay Gilbey – win by arm bar

  11. (3 x 2) Kevin Kovalic, Wutan vs Marc Brown, Lumpini
    Result: Winner Marc Brown unanimous decison.

  12. (5 x 1, TB) IKF JUNIOR Welterweight Area Thai Boxing Title
    Shane Debourgh, Wutan vs Tom Keeys, Lumpini
    Result: Tom Keeys TKO 1st round

For more info please contact Mr. Ray Debourgh at 01536 524652.

MORE NEWS OF 9-13-05

Amateur Thaiboxing Show
September 10th 2005, Kent England - Promotor Lee Whittinton

Sorry but only 1 bout result was submitted in the fight report by IKF Europe Representative Alby Bimpson.

    Tom River, (Swanley) VS Regan Laurie, (Chakapau)

    Ashraf Uddin, (KO Gym) VS Abdul Hammed Hida, (UK Warriors )

    Andrew Lees, (BFL) VS Dan Rigden, (KOTR)

    Stella Howell (Dixon, Bromley) VS Jo Sharpe, (King Cobra)

    Ruth Ashdown, (Lumpini) VS Clare Aldridge, (Eltham)

    Zak Chai, (BFL) VS Michael Robinson, (Assassins)

    Nathan, (BFL) VS Lyndon Knowles, (Minotaurs)

    Mark Little, (Chakapau) VS Tom Kent, (Eltham)

    Mark Harris, (BFL) VS Robo Robson, (Lumpini )

    Adam Chambers, (Assassins) VS Deano Durrant, (Eltham)

    Mark Hook, (Bromley) VS Harry Baker, (Sukhothai)

    Chris Bryde, (Swanley) VS Ryan Tamblin, (Touchgloves)

    Neil Savage, (BFL) VS Jason Barrett, (Eltham)

  14. IKF AMATEUR MUAY THAI - 77.5 kg
    Nick Baker, (Swanley) VS Mick Wells, (KOTR)

    Bernie Mendiata, (Sukhothai) VS Nick Kay, (Eltham)

    Ian Squires, (Sukhothai) VS Richard Fischer, (KOTR)

  17. IKF AMATEUR MUAY THAI - 119 kg
    Alex Gould, (Woking) VS Chris Knowles, (Minotaurs)

    Ross Calao, (BFL) VS Dan Harris, (Swanley)

    Grette Helle (Norway) VS Liz Hughes, (Touchgloves)


    Julie Kitchen, (Touch Gloves) VS Shelley Wilson, (Minotaurs)
    Result: Julie Kitchen – Unanimous decision.


    Paul Chedd (Swanley) VS Tony Gibbs (Feilung)
    Sorry but the result of this bout was never submitted in the fight report by IKF Europe Representative Alby Bimpson.

For more info please e-mail IKF Promoter Lee Whittington at lee.whittington@ukwarriorsgym.com or go to www.ukwarriorsgym.com

MORE NEWS OF 9-13-05

Coming Soon...

For those who have been asking about the results from this last weekends IKF events, please be patient because we are still awaiting all the event results from:

As soon as we have the results and stories, we will post them.

WEDNESDAY, September 9th, 2005, AT 8:35 AM, PT

IKF Europe Makes
Late Announcement
Of Two IKF England Events

WEDNESDAY, September 7th, 2005, AT 8:35 PM, PT

Get Ready For
The Standoff II
Joliet, Illinois, USA

IKF Illinois, USA
Get ready for an exciting evening of hard hitting action and premium entertainment. The Standoff II on September 10th will feature International Kickboxing Federation (IKF) International Rules and Muay Thai Kickboxing at the Joliet Multi-Purpose Center in Joliet, Illinois.

Promoters Ron Hill, James Hill, and Brian Thompson (Right) have searched the Midwest for top notch fighters for this event. The Standoff II will highlight fighters from: Pekin Martial Arts, Tiger Pitt, Nilahn Muay Thai, MHP Gym, Team Toro, and more. These fighters and trainers have prepared long and hard for this event and we expect to see an outstanding show.

Champion fighter Raul Llopis will be a special invited guest for the event. Raul Llopis has a record of 31-7 that includes the 2002 UKF Featherweight World Championship in Tokyo, Japan. Mr. Llopis will also be in the corner for Team Toro with head instructor Ricardo Perez.

The Standoff II will be bigger and better; featuring 12 IKF sanctioned bouts and additional live entertainment. The main event bout will be an International Rules match between HCX Mixed Martial Arts fighter Stan "Roughneck" Rousonelos and Dragonstyle Martial Fitness fighter Dan "Mighty" Masella. In addition, recording artist "True" out of Chicago will be performing live at the venue.

Athletes looking to compete on The Standoff III fight card in October can register as a fighter at


Or contact James Hill at (815) 347-1480.
Tickets are still available for this terrific evening of fights.
For ticket information and to view the seating chart visit
Or contact Brian A. Thompson (815) 557-1734.

Ron Hill

James Hill

Brian Thompson

Here is the current Fight Line-Up as of Press Time Tonight:

  1. FULL CONTACT RULES - Super Middleweight 165.1-172 lbs
    Steve Byer, 0-0-0 (Independent) vs "Cool Hand" Luke Melloy, 2-0-0 (Olympic Arena)

  2. IR RULES - Super Welterweight 147.1-153 lbs.
    Adam "Ant" Lynn, 0-0-0 (HCX) Vs Matine Silverwolf, 0-1-0 (Olympic Arena)

  3. MUAY THAI - Light Middleweight 153.1-159 lbs.
    Brian "Lights Out" Robertson, (Team Toro) Vs Benjamin Culbertson, (Muay Thai Kickboxing Academy)

  4. IR RULES - Junior Lightweight 127.1-132 lbs.
    Kyle Dietrich, 0-1-0 (Pekin Martial Arts Academy) Vs "Ruthless" Rob Menigoz 2-0-0 (Olympic Arena)

  5. MUAY THAI - Junior Bantamweight 117.1-122 lbs
    Anthony "Ant Dog" Fearn, 0-2-0 (HCX) Vs Miguel "Too Slick" Cruz 0-0-0 (Team Toro)

  6. MUAY THAI Super Lightweight 132.1-137 lbs.
    Eddie Ray Cox, 1-1-0 (HCX) Vs Ryan "The Lion" Tyson, 2-0-0 (Olympic Arena)

  7. MUAY THAI Super Middleweight 165.1-172 lbs
    Paul Schroyer, 0-0-0 (Tiger Pitt) Vs Mohammed Elhafy, 0-0-0 (Nihlan's Muay Thai)

  8. MUAY THAI Super Lightweight 132.1-137 lbs.
    Jonathon "El Matador" Villanueva, 1-0-0 (Team Toro) Vs Jon Llaguno, 0-0-0 (Marius Dan)

  9. MUAY THAI Light Middleweight 153.1-159 lbs.
    Edward Erickson, 1-0-0 (MHP Gym) Vs Ben Fisher, 0-1-0 (Tiger Pitt)

  10. MUAY THAI Super Middleweight 165.1-172 lbs.
    Andy Voelz, 0-0-0 (Top Notch) Vs Matt Wagner, 0-0-0 (Nihlan's Muay Thai)

  11. MUAY THAI Cruiserweight 186.1-195 lbs.
    Bryan "Smashing Machine" Kovar, 1-1-0 (Team Toro) Vs Justin Abatie, 0-2-0 (Pekin Martial Arts Academy)

  12. MAIN EVENTIR RULES Super Middleweight 165.1-172 lbs.
    Stan "Roughneck" Rousonelos II, 8-5-0 (HCX) Vs Dan "Mighty" Masella, 4-1-0 (Dragonstyle Martial Fitness)



Stephen Thompson
Chalks Up TWO More Wins!

.....Since turning Professional a little more than a year ago, former IKF Amateur World Champion Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson has been "VERY" Busy! This last weekend in Canada Thompson was the sole kickboxing bout on an MMA event. He made sure to send a strong message to the packed house of MMA Fight fans as he defeated Freddie Espiricueta of Leander, Texas by TKO at :47 seconds of round 3.

Two weeks ago he fought in North Carolina and stopped John Zuccala of England in the 5th round. Thompson of Simpsonville, South Carolina, USA became one of only four fighters to ever win an IKF Amateur World Title. It was on November 15th, 2003 in, Greenville, South Carolina, USA when he defeated Kevin Engle of St Louis Missouri, USA by unanimous decision to win the IKF FCR Amateur Light Cruiserweight World Title. To this day, both Stephen and father/trainer Ray (Shown with Stephen at right) say the battle with Engle was his toughest fight ever.

Thompson retired his amateur titles when he turned pro on May 15th, 2004. In only 15 months he has built a professional record of 7 wins with no loses with 6 of them coming by KO/TKO! His undefeated Pro record adds to his perfect amateur record of 33-0 with 18 wins coming by KO/TKO.

As an Amateur he won 16 Amateur titles (6 of them with the IKF).
The 16 titles included, 1 State Title, 2 Regional, 6 National, 3 North American and 4 Amateur World Titles from 4 different Organizations.

His IKF amateur titles included:

To book Stephen Thompson for bouts or appearances, please contact his trainer and father, Ray Thompson at (864) 967-3930, (864) 505-4237 or by e-mail at TETSUSHIN2@aol.com

To read more on Stephen Click HERE!


Local Relief Fund Started For
K-1 Fighter
Pat Barry
And Family

Special To IKF via Milwaukee, WI, USA
The force and devastation from Hurricane Katrina hit home full force for K-1 Kickboxer and New Orleans native Pat Barry and his immediate family last week.
The family's New Orleans East residence was destroyed by Katrina, and Pat, thinking that he'd have a house (and his belongings) to come back to after evacuating the city, left with only his clothes on his back, his automobile (the transmission blew five days ago in the midst of the evacuation) and an athletic bag full of his training equipment. Nothing more.
That is what he owns today.
Pat's mother Laverne and step-father Elwood Fleming, along with his sister Denise and brother Andrew, are living miles away out of a hotel room in Lake Charles, (LA). For now it's home, but the family has been turned upside down. No one has really had a chance to fully assess and realize the harsh, stark reality of the situation. It's one of those things people say "it's tough to get your whole mind around," even if you just lived through what is being called the "worst natural disaster" in U.S. history.
Pat became part of the Duke Roufus Kickboxing & Boxing Academy family a few months back after he met with Duke Roufus and his business partner Scott Joffe in New Orleans and got a feel for the style of training and coaching Duke could provide.
Shortly thereafter, Pat started training with Duke in Milwaukee to help further his professional Kickboxing aspirations and, more specifically, to notch his first K-1 victory after coming up on the losing end of a hard fought, unanimous decision tilt April 30th in Las Vegas to California's Scott Lighty (second place finisher of K-1's August 13th "Mayhem at the Mirage" 8-Man Tournament).
Pat spent seven weeks training in Milwaukee and did indeed, on August 13th in Las Vegas, earn his first K-1 victory with a first round TKO over Atlanta, Georgia's Mark Selbee (who possesses a seven inch height advantage and the current IKF 'Full Contact Rules' Super Heavyweight Kickboxing Title).
Training daily with the Duke Roufus Team and amongst the members gave Pat a chance to really get to know many of the genuinely gracious and certainly colorful personalities that form the nucleus of the family atmosphere cultivated at the school. As Duke Roufus student Manual Rocha was recently quoted as saying in the August 25th edition of the Milwaukee Business Journal, "What's unique (is) the sense you belong to something special." Pat couldn't have known how true those words would become to him less than a week later.
Feeling that the city now holds a special place in his heart as well, Pat decided to relocate to Milwaukee, saying he knew "this was the place (for me) to go, I just felt the warmth and knew." For now, Duke Roufus and his fiance Tami Brown have opened their home to Pat and many others have began asking what can they do to help.
In response, the Duke Roufus Academy is starting the "Barry Family Fund," with 100% of all donations of money, clothing, furnishings and any other type of aid going directly to Pat and his family. This is an excellent opportunity to make sure your donation goes directly to someone displaced and forever affected by this life-changing act of Mother Nature.
Persons interested in donating can contact Scott Joffe at (414) 305-3474 or via Email at dukeroufusgym@sbcglobal.net
Donations to the "Barry Family Fund" may also be sent c/o Duke Roufus Academy, 111 W. Virginia St., Milwaukee, WI, 53204, (414) 319-1151. Donations may also be made with Mastercard and Visa credit and debit cards in person, over the phone or via Email.
Here is a chance to show once again that Northern hospitality is just as abundant as it's proud Southern cousin. All members, family and friends of the Duke Roufus Academy family are urged to open their hearts for a cause that's beyond good.
For more information, please contact Scott Joffe, Ad Cetera Sports, (414) 305-3474.



In Memory of

Master Bill Packer
January 18, 2022 - August 19, 2022

Duke City Martial-Arts Legend Put Focus on Integrity
By Rick Wright
Albuquerque Journal Staff Writer

Packer built a martial-arts empire, but the foundation had nothing to do with martial arts. "His purpose ... was really to cultivate what he referred to as cultural humanism, to empathize with others and put their needs first as the mainstay of his teaching," said Bruce Davis, a longtime student, friend and business associate.

"He used martial arts to instruct all of us, his students, in traditional values. Those are specific, like courage, discipline, respect, honesty, integrity and excellence." Packer, an Albuquerque martial-arts competitor, promoter, teacher and entrepreneur, died early Friday morning after a long battle with esophageal cancer. He was 59. Packer moved to Albuquerque from Arizona in the late 1960s. He opened his martial-arts school, American Kenpo Karate Academy, in the university area.

There now are four AKKA schools in Albuquerque, five more elsewhere in New Mexico. The AKKA Web site lists 28 locations throughout the United States and one in Mexico. Elsewhere on the site, it is stated that there are more than 30 AKKA schools. Jim Hawkes, a local martial-arts legend who preceded Packer in Albuquerque, watched as his rival— first in competition, then in business— gradually won a giant slice of the pie. That, Hawkes said, never affected their relationship. "(Packer) was just the greatest guy," he said. "We were great friends." Packer also excelled as a karate and kickboxing trainer, manager and promoter. One of his proteges was Albuquerque's Tony Sigala, who later followed his manager into the martial-arts business. "He was my best friend," Sigala said. "But he was more than a friend. I loved him like a brother." Yet, despite their friendship, Sigala said, he rarely could bring himself to call Packer by his first name.

Sigala wasn't alone; throughout the martial-arts community, it was "Mr. Packer." "I called him 'Big Bear' when I was joking with him because my name in the ring was 'Little Bear,'" Sigala said. "... But he was my hero, and I couldn't bring myself to say, 'Hey, Bill.'" Fred Absher, like Hawkes, was Packer's business rival— and a friend. "A handshake was a deal, and (Packer) was good for his word," Absher said. "For him, (integrity) was a project, a concerted effort to make sure no one was forgotten, no one was left out, that nothing fell through the cracks."

Davis said he marvels at the number of people Packer influenced— people he coached, people his students coached, etc.— during his 35 years in the martial-arts business here. "He made countless changes in people's lives," Davis said, "and his intent was always to be for that better. "I'll vouch for that ... I loved that man." Packer was diagnosed with esophageal cancer in June 2004, Davis said. He underwent chemotherapy and was doing well until treatment for a collapsed lung earlier this summer revealed the cancer had returned. "He had totally accepted (his fate) and looked forward to what the new possibilities were," Davis said. "... He was still concerned for others up to the last minute. "I saw him trying to have a phone conversation when I was (visiting). He was still saying 'How are you?' and 'If you need anything, call.'

It was pretty amazing." Packer died barely two hours after Albuquerque policeman Michael King, a longtime student and close friend, was shot to death in the line of duty. "It's a tragedy for the martial-arts community," Absher said. "Mr. Packer's passing has caused a lot of sorrow, but it was expected. Mike's was a shock." Sigala said he'll miss Packer, his hero, friend and mentor, on all of those levels. "He was probably the most honest man I've ever met," he said, "sincere in everything he did. Courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control, indomitable spirit. "You name it, he had it."

Copyright 2005 Albuquerque Journal

William Patrick Packer
January 18, 1946 - August 19, 2022
With Love and Honor We will miss you A legend A Martial Arts Icon A silent sage whose actions will echo for generations to come A loyal Duke City resident for 35 years A successful business owner of American Kenpo Karate Academies headquartered here in Albuquerque, NM A veteran of war
On Friday, August 19, 2005, 10th degree Blackbelt (the highest level attainable) Grandmaster Bill Packer has graduated to the next level. May God Bless. He leaves a legacy in history that will not be short lived as well as a loyal following of Martial artists and Martial art students that circle the globe. World reknown for his contributions in the Martial Arts community: Boxing, Kickboxing, and Thai fighting, he was not a stranger to competition or the ring, starting his lifelong passion in his teens and following a discipline of constant and neverending improvement lifestyle until his final ascent. Mentor and trainer to more than 16 world champions, founder of no less than 30 karate school businesses still in existence, he touched the lives of tens of thousands - heart and mind, filled them with traditional values: love, honor, integrity, respect, and courtesy to their fellow man, then polished it off - confidence to be successful in their endeavors of life. He was a true messenger. A true guide. May grace and mercy receive him.
He is survived by his devoted wife of 38 years, Marisela Packer; a son of honor, Jared William Dean Packer; a faithful, loving, and caring brother, Mort Packer; and his father, Buford Dean Head, who we will never be able to express enough gratitude and appreciation for sharing his son with us; a list of nieces and nephews that would fill this page; along with a following of students loyal to the same cause; not to mention his friends, acquaintances, colleagues, peers, and life's brothers and sisters he welcomed long the way. God Bless. Services are being held, Strong-Thorne Mortuary, 1100 Coal SE, Albuquerque, NM 842-8800.

TUESDAY, September 6th, 2005, AT 4:15 PM, PT

Results From The
September 3rd - Louis, Missouri, USA

By Robert Donaker, IKF Missouri, USA:
Once again Shamrock Promotions put on another great night of fights. To a packed house, Jesse Finney made an unbelievable night of fights come to life. The match-making was perfect. In the boxing matches Team Finney went up against some of the best in their weight classes, and all of them coming out victorious. There were four NHB matches on the card. Each fight a little different. The first one had Erich Singer up against Kenny Allen. This match was your wrestler versus your Jui Jitsu fighter. The 2nd one had Dustin Phillips and Alex Carter slugging it out, and they did. There wasn't much defense, and the crowd loved the many punches that were landed. In a highly anticipated fight Tracy Taylor took on 3 Time National Wrestling Champion Titus Taylor. This fight was action packed from the start, and showed Tracy's well developed ground and pound skills. The last night of the four NHB fights had new comer, Chris Barrow, up against the veteran Mike Green. The only kickboxing match was between Josh Fischer and Brad James, both these fighters were coming off a great showing at the IKF North American Championships.
Here are all the nights results:

    Chris Barrows (Lenexa, KS) defeated Mike Green (St. Louis, MO) in the first round by Arm Bar.

  2. IKF Kickboxing
    Josh Fischer (St. Louis, MO) defeated Brad James (Little Rock, AR) 30-27, 30-27, 30-27.

    Tracy Taylor (St. Louis, MO) defeated Titus Taylor (East St. Louis, IL) in the second round by guillotine choke.

    Dustin Phillips (Kansas City, KS) defeated Alex Carter (Chicago, IL) by split decision.

  5. Kickboxing Exhibition
    Ron White (St. Louis, MO) vs Mike Kirk (Dallas, TX).

    Erich Singer (Kansas City, KS) defeated Kenny Allen (Chicago, IL) in the second round by rear naked choke.

  7. Boxing:
    Jamie O'Hare (St. Louis, MO) defeated Channel Ivory (East St. Louis, IL) by referee stoppage.

  8. Boxing:
    Timmy Connors (St. Louis, MO) defeated Brandon Hoskins (Hannibal, MO) by score card 3-0.

  9. Boxing:
    Kevin Engel (St. Louis, MO) defeated Adam Johnson (Hannibal, MO) by first round KO.

  10. Boxing:
    Michelle Hurchla (St. Louis, MO) defeated Dyesha Robertson (St. Louis, MO) by referee stoppage.

For more info please call Finney's Kickboxing at (314) 608-3104 or by e-mail at jesse@finneyskickboxing.com or see go to www.shamrockpromotionsllc.com