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AUGUST, 2006


TUESDAY, AUGUST 29th, 2006, AT 11:45 PM, PT

2006 IKF World Classic
Getting Posted In The Rankings

Well it's been a busy month since the 2006 IKF World Classic... From the long drive back to a new baby, and not to mention the tremendous growth and added work load of our MMA Division (ISCF-MMA). However, we don't like excuses so we are not making any! Instead, we would like to apologize for not getting all the Champions and participants listed in the official IKF World Rankings sooner.

As of tonight, we have completed ranking the Adult Men's Divisions. Over the next few days we will continue with ranking the Adult Women, Junior Girls and Junior Boys until everyone is ranked. After this is done, look for more "Fighter" articles from the event. Here are the links to the 3 Adult Men's Divisions:


Are You Ready For The
Carolina Triple Threat!!!

Will Smith Looks To "Light Things UP!"

"It is my pleasure to extend a personal invitation to martial artists of every style." Says IKF North Carolina promoter Will Smith. "Please come join me at the Durham Marriott Civic Center for the 'CAROLINA TRIPLE THREAT'".

This action packed event will be divided into three exciting parts. The first day, Friday April 20th, will feature an exciting Kickboxing seminar with former 2 time World Champion Johnny "SuperFoot" Davis. Mr. Davis will be leading a seminar for all interested martial artists on how to convert traditional martial arts techniques into kickboxing.

The second day, Saturday April 21st, will start the Semi-Contact Point Kickboxing tournament competition in the morning. IKF Point Kickboxing is derived from "full contact" Kickboxing and Point Karate tournament style competition. Participants compete on matts, wearing headgear, 12 to 16 ounce gloves, foot pads, mouthpiece, groin and breast protectors, etc. The action is continuous for 60 seconds, 90 seconds, or two minute rounds depending on age group.

Saturday evening will start the grand experience of the IKF Super Fight Night, where some of the best amateur kickboxers in the country are matched up for a Full Contact Super Fight card. The Super Fights will consist of Full Contact and International rules (leg kicks) bouts. The Super Fights will be topped off with 3 explosive IKF title bouts. All fighters interested in getting on the Super Fight Card should e-mail Vanguard Promotions at vanguardpro@nc.rr.com or call (919) 632-7242.

"It is my personal goal to inspire martial artists to evolve their abilities as a well rounded fighter." Said Smith. "As a martial artist with a background in Tae Kwon Do, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, wrestling, and American Kickboxing, I want to encourage competitors from all martial arts backgrounds to participate in this very competitive event."

IKF Point Kickboxing fighters can register online or they can download a REGISTRATION Form and mail it in. Full Contact fighters interested in getting on the Super Fight card can call (919) 632-7242 or e-mail Vanguard Promotions at vanguardpro@nc.rr.com Spectators can purchase tickets online for $10 or pay $15 at the door. "I look forward to seeing all of you at the CAROLINA TRIPLE THREAT. I wish all competitors the best as they travel from near and far to achieve new levels of greatness."


Amazed Us ALL!

Timothy Ball of Pennsville, New Jersey, USA has notified the IKF that he is making his official retirement. We are sure that many here have no idea who Tim Ball is. However, when you read our article about him, you will hear how he inspired all the fighters, trainers and officials at one of the past IKF Tournaments. From there, Ball went on to impress us all again and make us all realize, "All Things Are Possible!"

MONDAY, AUGUST 28th, 2006, AT 10:15 PM, PT

Big Kahauna Fight Night
Jackson, Tennessee, USA

Another full house was treated to an excellent night of IKF amateur kickboxing at The Big Kahauna in Jackson, Tennessee. Last Thursday night's action got off to an electrifying start with Justin Jinks scoring a first round KO of T.J. Johnson in the 155 lb. limit. Branden Townsend, 187 lbs. TKO'd Johnathan Gordon, 185 lbs. in the first round also. Samuel Vestal continued the knock out streak by stopping Brett Pryor in the second round of a heavyweight bout.

In a battle of the little guys, 135 lb Ben Harrison won by TKO in the first round over Lexington's 138 lb Andrew Hayes. The card then featured an exhibition bout between two local professional boxers. Jackson's Anthony Bowman and Lexington's Shane Horne put on a good show and demonstrated the skills which denotes a professional fighter. The crowd roared it's approval as several professional fighters in attendance were introduced to he fans. Marvin Hunt, Anthony Bowman, Shane Horne, Jason Hurley and local legend Anthony Maness all were honored. Join The Big Kahauna crew next week as "Fight Night At The Big Kahauna" continues to bring IKF kickboxing to West Tennessee!


Big Kahauna Fight Night
Jackson, Tennessee, USA

Back on August 17th, The fans at Big Kahauna in Jackson Tennessee were treated to another exciting night of IKF kickboxing. This night saw the return of local kickboxing star, Terry "The Iceberg" Ingram. The card began with a hard fought decision win for 145 lb Sean Bruen over 150 lb Nathaniel Malm. 150 lb Matt Lautensack defeated William Matlock by second round TKO. In the Heavyweight division, Ricky Goff scored an exciting second round TKO over Clint Clayton. In the main event, undefeated 185 lb Micky Sims lost a split decision to Terry "The Iceberg" Ingram in the fight of the night.

Looking back, July was a great month for Kickboxing at the Big Kahauna! Justin Jinks fought twice and looked fantastic scoring a decision over Chris Shumate and a first round TKO over Danny Hart. Justin continues to grow his fan base and is looking forward to avenging his lone defeat to Creston Glanz. Grant Singleton was defeated by Jonathan Pappis on July 6th in the heavyweight division yet has now won two straight fights. Daniel Lutrell was featured on the cover of the "Get Out" news section of the Jackson Sun, which also included a great article on the IKF Fight Night at the Big Kahauna.

Daniel backed his words up in the ring as well, winning a hard fought decision over undefeated Russ Aberle at 155 lbs. As the days heated up in July and August, so did Russell Long of Sage's ATA school in Jackson. Long scored two second round TKO's over Karl Erwin and Wesley Llis in the 165 lb. weight division. Long's superior kicking skills were the keys to his success.


Coming Together
For The GOLD!

This is the first of several stories about this years IKF World Classic Fighters. Both Champions & Contenders
Portions of This Article were Taken From An Article By Reach Lisa Kaylor Of The Augusta Chronicle

Team Zbilski of Lake In The Hills, Illinois, USA brought 14 fighters to this years IKF World Classic. Of the 14, 7 came back with the Gold. Team Voyles of Pacific, Missouri, USA brought 7 fighters and of them, 5 came back with the Gold. Team Thompson of Simpsonville, South Carolina and Team Han of El Paso, Texas, USA both went 4 for 4.

Among these greats are the accomplishments of 5 others we will focus on tonight. The stories of the others will come soon enough but tonight we will feature the combined efforts of the entire 8 of Team Greubal from Augusta, Georgia that came together from around Georgia and formed a TEAM. This is the side of the Tournament few notice. What makes a TEAM? What brings individuals together? Over the years, some of Team Greubal have trained with other trainers. But it was 2006 when all found their way to the new training facility known as Greubel's Mixed Martial Arts and from it, a new Team was created.

One could say the biggest champion of their Team was John Greubel. John trains fighters as he fights alongside them. He won the World Title for Super Lightweight International Rules Division when he defeated Jessy Jimenez of Camp Verde, Arizona, USA by Unanimous decision 30-27, 29-28 & 29-28. The win was his 5th IKF Tournament Title.

In the Full Contact Rules Division, Justin Pickett also won the Super Lightweight Title as he defeated Alex Tiria of Huntley, Illinois, USA by unanimous decision 30-25, 30-25 & 30-26. The title was Pickett's second IKF Tournament Title.

If you ask Mark Greubel, also a former champion, 11 year old Nick Torrance is the one most destined to be a star. "When you watch juniors fight, usually it's a brawl," Greubel said. "Nicholas fights with a maturity way beyond his years." Torrance has been involved in martial arts since taking tae kwon do classes at the age of 3, and has won two titles and eight fights since he's been with the Greubels. He said he's gotten to travel a little bit, mainly around the southeast. But his favorite trip was in July where he performed a crowd pleasing 360 degree spinning kick before winning the junior welterweight Title against Taylor Waite of Meridian, Idaho, USA by unanimous decision 30-27 on all 3 judges cards.

Greubel said he had been working with Torrance for months on that particular move. "When he did that kick, everybody was watching him," Greubel said. The championship belt dwarfs Torrance, who struggled to keep it around his torso for a photograph (Right).

Another top fighter that has found her way to the Greubel Team is year old Terrie Hicks. Hicks won her Third IKF Tournament Title this past July in the FCR Light Welterweight division when she defeated Michelle Hurchla of St. Louis, Missouri, USA by Split decision 30-27, 30-27 & 28-29.

Hicks also holds three other national titles. Last year she fought in Hungary where she said she encountered fighters who were the "elite of the elite," fighting with different styles and higher levels of conditioning than she was used to seeing in the United States, but she said the U.S. is catching up. When she's not fighting, Hicks is a physical therapist and athletic trainer for Sports Medicine Associates. "I drum up business in here," she said with a wink and a laugh from the Greubel's training center.

Rounding out the 5 is 17 year old Nathan Key only recently discovered his knack for kickboxing. The Lakeside Senior started nine months ago after his father saw an advertisement for the Greubel's gym. "Mark (Greubel) amazed me," Key said. Six months ago, when the Greubels formed an elite class for competitive fighters, the Light Middleweight Champion joined. Since then, he's fought three times and won all three, two by knockout. Key won his IKF Tournament Title over Kayode (KC) Giwa of Robensdale, Minnesota, USA by unanimous decision 29-26, 29-26 & 29-28.

Next in line for Key is another Tournament in Zadar, Croatia. It is the World Association of Kickboxing Organizations version of their Junior World Championships.

While the fighters credit the Greubels for their success, the Greubels turn the credit back to the fighters. "This is the most dominant kickboxing team to ever come out of Georgia," Mark Greubel said.

MORE NEWS OF 8-28-06

The Results Are In...
Size Doesn't Matter!

Mora Defeats Regan by Unanimous Decision!

Friday, August 25th, 2006, Sacramento, CA. Sergio "The Latin Snake" Mora of East Los Angeles, CA (19-0/4) continued his quest to become Middleweight Champion of the World. Tonight, he defeated Sacramento, CA's Eric "The Hitman" Regan (24-3/18) with a Unanimous Decision in their ten round match at Arco Arena in Sacramento, CA.

Regan had some good moments throughout the fight and landed nice clean shots to the head and body of Mora! Mora said after the fight "Regan hits hard, I felt his power!" This was evident in Mora's blacken eye. However, Regan's 6'4" frame and power proven in his 18 Ko's of 24 previous fights did not matter to Mora as he used his speed and movement to counter Regan's offensive skills!

We asked Regan about the decision after the fight. He commented "I wasn't busy enough!" One must ask...if you know you're not doing enough than why not do enough? This type of awareness or lack thereof is the essence of what makes a world champion and what keeps another dreaming of becoming a world champion!

Mora showed tonight that he has a huge following as thousands cheered for him throughout the fight! There were moment Eric's fans forgot they were to cheer for him but instead cheered for the star in Mora! Mora made his celebrity and bravado work for him as he would introduce Regan to flurries of punches and waved to him ..."let's fight!" The crowd loved it and many times came to their feet to cheer for both fighters as they traded hard blows at center stage!

It was clear to any trained eye that Mora is taking notes from the great Sugar Ray Leonard. Leonard was highly noted for throwing a flurry of punches in the final thirty seconds to impress judges and win over the crowd! This worked in several rounds for Mora while Regan seemingly tried to focus on the big shots! Mora constantly threw combinations demonstrating good speed while displaying fancy and slick head movement that pleased his fans. Unfortunately for Regan, he did not take the opportunity to stay busy with his Jab while Mora posed in front of him missing opportunity for important points.

When Regan used the Jab, he won the exchange and the round...when he didn't he lost it, plain and simple! One of Mora's coaches (Dean) stated that "now we know we can go twelve rounds...it's time to start looking at the next step."

Regan Vs Mora was a very good fight and both men should be proud of what it represented for boxing! Regan did hold his own but perhaps got caught up in the hype and forgot that he was not only fighting Mora but the media superstar he's become. Regan must learn that sometimes you have to get into the very moment at that moment to make it happen! Otherwise, dreams quickly become fantasy!

Whoever fights Mora, including a world champion...they better be very aware that not only can this kid fight but he's smart enough to know where he is in his career and that will make him tough to beat anytime soon! Congratulation to "The Man They Call the Latin Snake" Seeergiio Mooorrra!

Mora VS Regan was promoted by Don and ( Lorraine ) Chargin Productions. Johnny Davis is a freelance writer, two-time world kickboxing champion and President of A.K. Promotions, Consulting and Media Services. He can be reached at johnnyd@akpromotions.org or by calling (916) 205-4762…more information on his website www.AKPromotions.org

THURSDAY, AUGUST 24th, 2006, AT 3:00 P M, PT


Randall Stephen Hall & The Big Kahuna Present
Jackson, Tennessee, USA

Shamrock Promotions & The Blue Corner Present
"Midwest Fight Fest"
Kansas City, Missouri, USA


Regan to Mora...
"Now You're Going to Fight a True Middleweight!"
The Following Are Two Articles About Former IKF Champion Eric Regan by IKF Reporter Johnny Davis

Eric "The Hitman" Regan is preparing for the biggest day of his career! This Friday night, August 25th, he will take on the popular season one winner of The Contender TV Series - Sergio "The Latin Snake" Mora of East Los Angeles, CA in a huge boxing event at the Arco Arena in Sacramento, CA! The buzz of the fight is becoming apparent as the advertising is starting to hit the airwaves. AKP and the IKF have been covering this exciting bout with great interest due to the fact Regan is a former multi time IKF Kickboxing Champion and local boxer out of the Sacramento, CA area. This will certainly be big news if "The Hitman" can take out "The Latin Snake!" Boxing and Kickboxing fans around the world will be watching for the results as well as many will cram the Arco Arena to see the show firsthand! (Immediately, after the fight, we will post the results here) Mora spoke to us last week in an exclusive interview (see article further down this page) and now we have an Up Close and Personal conversation with... as the announcer would say, "The Hitman!"...EeeeRicccc Reeegan!

Nasser Niavaroni is a very proud man! He has been in the fight business a lot of years and has produced some very good talent out of his successful Kick/Boxing Gym Inc. located in Roseville, CA . He's worked with fighters like former IKF World Kickboxing Champion Dennis "The Terminator" Alexio and currently works with several other fighters out of the Sacramento area such as Oscar De La Hoya's Next Great Champ Reality Show Winner, Otis "OG" Griffin. The talented Michael Simms. Tough Christian Cruz. Fast and Cagey Andrey Kim and the man of the hour..."The Hitman" Eric Regan!

Niavaroni has a way of creating a special relationship with his fighters that garners total respect! For one thing, Niavaroni puts everything on the table while sharing his expectations and all of them seem to get it! Yes, sometimes he can come off a little brash and curt but his love for his fighters is unchanging. In fact, he and Regan share a father-son type relationship just as we informed you of Mora and his trainer's relationship in a previous article.

However, someone understood Niavaroni's commitment to his fighters long ago. It was Mr. Regan...not the fighter but Eric's dad. Nasser was a well known martial arts instructor before becoming the excellent boxing trainer he is today. Mr. Regan recognized Nasser's gift for training and motivating youth and decided to enroll and entrust his tall and slim fifteen year old son Eric under his tutelage.

In a short period, everyone could see that Eric was a natural fighter! His long legs and prevalent boxing skills were evident early on that the fight-game would be one he'd dominate for many years to come. Eric was hooked and all he wanted to do was fight and that he did racking up an undefeated 24-0 record! As an amateur and professional kickboxer he won several IKF titles which included;

  • IKF Amateur FCR California Super Welterweight Title
    • Defeated Josh Foster of Almogordo New Mexico by knockout at 1:50 of the 4th round in San Carlos, California, USA on March 30th, 1996.
  • IKF Amateur FCR United States Super Welterweight Title
    • Defeated Josh Foster of Almogordo New Mexico by knockout at 1:50 of the 4th round in Sacramento, California, USA on May 4th, 1996.
  • IKF Pro FCR North American Middleweight Champion
    • Defeated Hector Torres of South Lake Tahoe, CA, USA by TKO as Torres bowed out of the bout at the break of round 7 and 8 on May 1st, 1998 in Sacramento, California, USA.

He would eventually win several other titles including the ISKA Middleweight World Title. Some of his kickboxing bouts were shown on ESPN 2. He began to build a respectable, loyal following of fans. For years thousands of supporters packed clubs and arenas to witness this skilled combatant dominate his opponents with 'feet and fist of fury' for they knew there were bigger things to come! It would not be long before he earned the nickname of boxing legend Tommy "The Hitman" Hearns who was also known for his tall and slim built but yet possessed real 'pop' in his punches! Moreover, boxing great Sugar Ray Leonard who is also a co-host on the Contender will be at ringside and may have flashbacks of his great fights with the original "Hitman." If this fight is anything like the epic battles of Leonard Vs Hearns, fight fans are in for a delightful evening of Live ESPN Friday Night Boxing!

Regan's alludes the fact that his love for Kickboxing was so great that he really wanted the fame and fortune to come from this exciting but fragile sport! Kickboxing has struggled to obtain a place in the top echelon of major sports here in America . Big TV deals and sponsorship have overlooked this exciting combat sport! However, you see kickboxing style fighting as the choice for most action film stars! Go Figure! Moreover, it's clear to millions of fans, that Kickboxing is indeed a great sport with a huge following and would make any sponsor of these events very proud of its association. Unfortunately, the money and prestige was not there for the driven Regan who wanted and needed his original chosen sport to supply him with bare necessities. Therefore, he had to make a change. He would take off the kickboxing boots and leave on the gloves to pursue a career as a professional boxer that would surely provide him with fame, glory and more financial independence if he were successful!

In meeting Eric, one immediately recognizes he is genuinely a nice and respectful person. Everything is "Yes Sir" and "No Sir". It's clear his martial arts background continues to play a major role in his daily life. He almost makes you feel old...even if you're not. But that's just Eric. He walks around with a big confident smile on his face as to say "You're OK with me!" One would be hard pressed to hear him say or do something of ill will to anyone and in speaking to some of his peers, their feeling are unanimous "He's just an incredibly nice guy!"

I have known Regan for years and lately noticed something different about him. In our recent interview, his demeanor was that of sending a message to everyone "I'm at the doorstep of my destiny and prepared to knock the doors down to see what's on the other side!" When asked his feelings about the 'superstar making machine' - The Contender Reality Show. He replied "I really like the show and it's done a lot for boxing in showing what fighters go through in this game. However, I am somewhat envious of Mora… In a very short period, his name is more recognized than most world champions...taking him out would do wonders for my career …heck, I wish it was me!" In fact, Regan did get a call to audition for the second season of The Contender that's now aired on ESPN each Tuesday night. Unfortunately, the Producers needed someone around 149lbs and that weight was just too much for him to make and maintain.

Throughout our conversation, his facial expression was stoic and blank like that of an assassin on a mission! He calmly answered each question with precision and calculation as he finished lacing up his boots in preparation for another tough training session. Later, I would witness a sparring session and I can only agree with him when he said "I'm ready to go! My sparring has been better than ever!" He made evident his excellent boxing skills, footwork and power as he 'razzled' and 'dazzled' his sparring partners with slick moves and impressive combinations! If Regan's plan comes together next Friday night, it could mean a tough night for Team Mora!

In a previous interview with Mora, he made it clear that he was coming for a real fight! He too knows what's at risk and alluded to turning the match into one of his "Barbeque Fights" (street fight with gloves on) if it came to it! Eric, hearing this... declared "Yes and he is going to get knocked out! This is not a reality show but as real as it gets! He is going to find out what its like to fight a true Middleweight...Bring It On!"

Eric Regan is indeed a great guy and deserving of all the nice things that can come from winning such a high profile fight. He knows what he's up against and is not taking it lightly. Regan made it clear, "I know what winning this fight could mean for me, my gym and my family and I'm going to give it everything I have to be successful!" He will have the support of thousand of fans who will travel from afar to witness this great occasion! But not everyone in the arena will be cheering him on. Mora has a huge following around the world and his fans will barrel in as well to show their support for their guy. Co Host of The Contender - Sugar Ray Leonard shares his opinion on the fight in a short Press Release from the Arco Arena's Box Office "Sergio continues to successfully step up to challenges put in front of him. This will be a battle of two champions both trying to maintain their title, while also proving who's the stronger opponent. While I support Eric Regan, I'm sure that Sergio will once again bring pride to the Contender name."

With all due Respect to Mr. Leonard, Regan and trainer Niavaroni along with thousands of fans who's roar of support will be deafening for their hometown boy...have very different plans! There has been a Bounty put out on "the man they call the Latin Snake" and the "Hitman" is looking to cash in and put a down payment on his bright future!

The August 25 fights will be held at the Arco Arena in Sacramento , CA . Mora VS Regan is promoted by Don Chargin Productions. Tickets Available at Ticketmaster. Johnny Davis is a freelance writer, two-time world kickboxing champion and President of A.K. Promotions, Consulting and Media Services. He can be reached at johnnyd@akpromotions.org or by calling (916) 205-4762…more information on his website www.AKPromotions.org


Regan Vs Mora
This Friday Night - Arco Arena in Sacramento, CA

Final Preparations for the Showdown Nears...LIVE ON ESPN!
By IKF Reporter Johnny Davis

Tomorrow night, August 25th, will be the night thousands of boxing fans have been waiting for. The Arco Arena will be a buzz as homegrown boxer Eric "The Hitman" Regan moves another step closer to obtaining his dreams when he takes on Sergio "The Latin Snake" Mora, winner of season one of The Contender Reality show. The popular show has made a superstar out of the talented Mora but is his reign getting ready for an abrupt ending? The fights will be televised live as part of ESPN's edition of Friday Night Boxing and his promoted by Don Chargin Productions.

Promoters Don and Lorraine Chargin are excited to bring another electrifying boxing show to Sacramento, CA! Chargin and his wife have been promoting boxing events for over Fifty years and have stood the test of time! They both admit "We're no spring chickens anymore!" However, they have promoted many world championship events! Perhaps because of all the media allure of The Contender Show, one would guess, this will certainly be one of their highest profiled events! I guess they are the truest example of simply getting better with time!

Eric "The Hitman" Regan has made it clear in previous articles what this fight means to him and said "Mora will have to kill him in order to beat him!" He has also dug deeper into his soul and pulled out his essence to what he truly wants in life! He displays his hunger and sincere desire in his training and recognizes sometimes you only get one shot at your dream and therefore plans to use this fight as a major stepping stone!

Few people set goals like winning a world championship and fewer actually reach them. The sacrifice and dedication it takes to continue to strive for goals is very tough and often dreams are left dangling in timeless space. Regan however, seems determine to let nothing stop him! He feels the Mora team may be taking him lightly...we know from our interview with Mora that he and his trainer are taking this fight very seriously and they see Regan as a very worthy opponent. If anyone is taking Regan lightly, it may be the producers of The Contender show.

The appearance of being overlooked upsets Regan. Yes, it was noticed on the last ESPN Friday Night Fights that when the upcoming fight was mentioned, it seemed to be all about Mora and little about Regan. I'm sure this infuriates Regan who has a lot of pride and appreciates his proper just due. Nevertheless, Regan's mind and goals are clear and if he can combine all the skill he's accumulated throughout his fifthteen year kickboxing and boxing career, his chance is now! If he can conquer whatever adversity that's come his way, perhaps fate may be on his side come fight-night!

The final preparation is taking place for Regan Vs Mora and is set to headline a great night of boxing that will also feature the exciting Alphonso Gomez to the delight of many fans of The Contender's first season. Gomez stood out as one with 'guts and tremendous boxing skills' and always displays both in the ring! He will add yet another level of entertainment for this event!

Sergio "The Latin Snake" Mora is the kind of person you comprehend in a short conversation. He's a nice guy that's intelligent and articulate! Mora makes clear he is destined to achieve his goal of becoming a world champion too. Although, he is not taking Regan lightly, he is very confident that he's going to get the big "W" in the end! Mora will have to bring his best fight strategy. He has been working his plan to the max! Even his sparring partners with 6'3" frames and similar fighting style as that of Regan sent a personal message to AKP that "Mora is certainly ready for Regan and the height will not be a problem!" Height…perhaps not a problem, but what about Regan's power and boxing ability? That remains to be seen…

Mora will have more to prove than just beating Regan and protecting his undefeated record. He will need to continue to look as remarkable as he has in previous fights. The producers of The Contender show already know they've built the "Latin Snake's" name to have great value in the boxing world but in order to keep the 'ultimate media train' moving forward, Mora will have to win convincingly and impressively against Regan (who could be his toughest opponent to date) in order to continue to embrace the show's designed platform!

For more info on this event please CLICK HERE!


Extreme Measures
Of Passion & Kindness

At IKF World Classic!

AKPress Reporter Johnny Davis

James Kamau Mwangi
Traveled all the way from Kenya in pursuit of a dream..
This is a story that had to be told!

It was ironic that the IKF chose purple for the color of the leather that would support their championship belts this year. The color purple represents Royalty and Passion. Passion is exactly what we saw in so many of the fighters that attended the 2006 IKF World Classic Kickboxing Tournament this past July 28th, 29th & 30th in Cedar Rapids Iowa, USA. Teams of fighters traveled across the continent to participate in this prestigious event that many see at the 'Golden Glove' event of Kickboxing.

But of all the excellent fighters that attended the event, one that stands out to me is James Kamau of Kenya. (Left) Not just because he is from what some call a third world country, but more so because of the circumstances and added sacrifices he made to attend this event. Not being from a family of great wealth, he began to save his money well over a year ago after someone in the IKF informed him about the event and that it was a good way for him to get fights and more involved with the IKF. When others in his community saw what he was attempting to do, they gave him money to pay for his hotel rooms and assist with buying equipment etc.

You see, although James teaches Kickboxing and fitness to surrounding Kenyans, trying to make ends meet is very difficult. However, his passion burned and he simply had to follow his dreams. Coming to the IKF World Classic was not only for him but for his students as well. He wanted to let them know what was going on with Kickboxing in the United States so that in the coming years, they too could attend. He wanted to see what the IKF was all about and would it be worth it to raise money to bring a team to the event someday. So, he thought to make the sacrifice with the support of his wife and eight year old son.

It would be a long trip for him to cross the North Atlantic Ocean and land on the shores of America. Once he arrived, he spoke of the beauty of the land and the kindness of the people. He had no idea how far many Americans would go to take care of one who traveled so far in pursuit of their dream. I had a chance to speak with him in length and must say he seemed "Noble." His deep voice spoke with proud enunciation of every word like that of a Kenyan Prince. Intelligent and calm, he expressed his full vision and hope of creating an IKF connection in his country so to give his fighters something to look forward to in the coming years. He spoke of his family and how he loved them dearly as well as how he wanted his son to become more involved in kickboxing and hoping that his journey here could help create a link that would be lasting.

Most of those at the tournament had heard of the Kenyan who came to fight and I believe all of them were a little apprehensive about one who would travel so far alone to compete in this event. I'm sure they had to think this guy must really be good and plus having over one hundred amateur boxing matches made him a standout in his division. Trust me, when he stepped into the ring on championship Sunday because of a bye on elimination day, all eyes were on him. The arena seemed to silence as they introduced him as anticipation filled the air. His opponent would be the talented new comer out of Simpsonville, South Carolina Cody Freeland who trains under instructor Ray Thompson and is the sparring partner of his undefeated son Steven "Wonderboy" Thompson who reaps with talent! I spoke with Mr. Thompson briefly about what he thought about Cody fighting a guy with so much experience. But, Ray didn't seem too worried because although Cody did not have a lot of official ring experience, he had several years of gym time.

When the bell rang both men clashed in the center like two bulls crushing their horns in heated battle! Both men fought a great fight and although Kamau landed several nice round kicks to the body as well as several hooks and crosses to the head that snap the head of Freeland throughout the fight, Freeland kept his composure and landed excellent kicks and descent punches that kept Kamau off balance. This was certainly one of the most entertaining and intriguing fights of the tournament! Freeland would win a Unanimous Decision, 30-26 on all 3 judges cards however he admits that it was in no way easy. All of us confirmed that this Kenyan came to fight and displayed great heart and descent skills.

Afterwards, James, customary in his tradition brought gifts to those he met here in the States. He gave his opponent a statuette of some type. He also gave several members of the IKF beautiful wooden art hand crafted from his country.

Later on Sunday after his fight, I asked him how he felt and he said "great" as he gazed in the mirror examining his swollen eye. "I would not have missed it for anything! It was a great experience for me. Although, my body had trouble adjusting to the new environment and I felt sluggish, America has some very talented fighters and it was an honor to come here and compete." I asked him when he would be returning to Kenya? This is when I found out that he did not know for sure because his travel agent got him here but had not confirmed a flight for his return. He thought he would have this information before the event was over but although he was on the phone with his agent several times, he still did not have a definite date of his return. His agent told him it might be as late as the end of the week. Now if you are already out of your country and traveling with limited funds that would only last a certain amount of time, you too would be concerned. When I saw him fighting back tears as he discussed wanting to get back home because he missed his family, I knew I had to do something fast.

My first action was to just go and pay for some extra rooms and give him extra money to survive, the later… I did do. But moreover, I thought I would mention the situation to IKF President Steve Fossum and see what he might be able to do since he had been dealing with the hotel. (he's not to know I told you this...but since I have a little pull for what goes on this site...I think I can get away with it) Steve went above and beyond to assure that James would be taken care of. First, he called the front desk to have them extend his room to Wednesday and bill the charge to him, and told them if it went over those days to charge it to him until the end of the week. I witnessed this with my own two eyes and ears and yes it was another emotional moment for me at this event. (No shame in my game) The next day, I had to catch a 5:AM flight. I heard through a source that James came to visit Steve and thanked him for looking out for him and he would never forget it. After packing up, Steve took him and some other IKF associates out for lunch and gave James additional travel money since Steve would be leaving back to California on Monday night as well. Knowing that Steve does not make money on the tournament because he gives so much to make sure the participants are pleased. Plus, knowing that he has a baby on the way in a few days, I had to ask him "why did you go above and beyond?" He replied, "It's the same way I would hope to be treated if I were in that situation." When I say Steve is a standup Guy...trust me, he is!

I was glad to here that James did catch a flight out early Tuesday morning and I'm sure he is now home enjoying his family with great thoughts of his trip to the States!

Passion... when it burns within, it's a powerful thing! To have it is not a burden but a gift. All we need to do is direct and hone it and what is sure to follow is a life filled with adventure and successes that will live in our hearts and souls forever. James' trip here for the IKF World Classic was for more than just kickboxing, it was about pursuing and taming the fire within that aspires to be dealt with by the human spirit that contains it! May we continue to let our passions be the driving force in our lives! Forward March!

MONDAY, AUGUST 21st, 2006, AT 2:00 PM, PT


Randall Stephen Hall & The Big Kahuna Present
Jackson, Tennessee, USA

FRIDAY, AUGUST 18th, 2006, AT 2:45 PM, PT

Have A New Fighter...

Hi Everyone. I hope this post finds you all doing well and getting ready for a great weekend. First of all I would like to apologize to those we still owe return phone calls and e-mails to from the past week. We have been out of the office a lot this week, but I assure you, the reason was justified.

This past Tuesday, after a long and exhausting labor, my wife Toni and I welcomed our first child to the world, a baby girl.

Fallyn Brooke Fossum
Was born at 10:08 Tuesday morning, August 15th in Sacramento, California.

Toni has been resting up in the Hospital the past few days and is scheduled to check out of the Hospital later today and finally come home. Baby Fallyn is also doing well, "Kickin & Punchin" and we hope to have her ready for the fight game soon...LoL...

So, if we are a little slow in responding to phone calls and or e-mails, this is why. Still, as many would and should expect, we will keep the IKF and ISCF Train moving forward.

Thank You to all of you that have sent your cards, gifts and messages to Toni and I over the past few days.
They are greatly appreciated.

Back to the fight Game!
Have a Great Weekend Everyone.

Steve Fossum

MONDAY, August 14th, 2006, AT 9:15 AM, PT

Jim Klauba's - "Fight Party '06 "
Northbrook, Illinois, USA

IKF Representative: Rob Zbilski, IKF Referee: Scott Fischer
First Time Promoter Jim Klauba presents "Fight Party". For Jim's first time he started his promotional career out with a Bang! There were 12 fights scheduled. One of the fighters NO showed and didn't even call from the camp of Whitney Waddell of Chicago. Because of this, the card had to be minimized to nine action packed bouts. This is not the first time Whitney has been a no show so those promoters out there BEWARE!!

  1. Amateur Kickboxing
    Casey Wiley,
    Mt. Zion, IL, 1-1, 150, 6'1", 04-17-88, trained by Jeff Devore (217) 864-5858,
    VS Lazar Stojadinovic, Cicero, IL, Debut, 143, 5'7", 3-22-93, trained by Bob Schirmer.
    Winner by TKO Lazar Stojadinovic This fight was stopped by referee Scott Fischer at 1:59 in the second round.

  2. Amateur Kickboxing
    Frank Pokora,
    Springfield, IL (Debut, 174, 5'11", 5-26-78, trained by John Geyston, (217) 494-3052)
    VS Nebojsa Stojadinovic, Cicero, IL, (Debut, 173, 6'1", 10-26-85, trained by Bob Schirmer) .
    Winner by TKO Frank Pokora This bout was stopped at 35 seconds in the second round by Referee, Scott Fischer.

  3. Amateur Kickboxing
    Danielle Byrne,
    Chicago, IL, (2-3, 112, 5'3", 2-02-91, trainer Jim Klauba, (773) 578-9362)
    VS Noemi Ortiz, Lakemoor, IL, (0-1, 122, 5'4", 6-09-93, trained by: Mark McCumber, (815) 578-9362).
    Winner by Unanimous Decision: Danielle Byrne.

  4. Amateur Kickboxing
    Dale Pope,
    (1-0, 152, 5'9", 12-30-78, trained by Jeff Devore (217) 864-5858)
    VS Antonio Canas, Cicero, IL, (debut, 145, 5'9", 7-31-80, trained by: Bob Schirmer).
    Winner by TKO Dale Pope This bout was stopped at 27 Seconds of round two by Referee, Scott Fischer.

  5. Amateur Kickboxing
    Chris Perry,
    (1-0, 175, 5'11", 11-12-81, trained by Jeff Devore, (217) 864-5858)
    VS Ben Nguyen, (1-0, 171, 5'11", 5-02-82, trained by Bob Shirmer, (708) 222-8100).
    Winner by TKO Ben Nguyen This bout was stopped at 1:06 of the second round by Referee, Scott Fischer.

  6. Amateur Kickboxing
    Beck Spelz,
    Chicago, IL, (6-4, 122, 5'5", 9-19-91, trained by Jim Klauba, (773) 859-5150)
    VS Cristal Argomaniz, (2-1, 123, 5'2", 4-21-89, trained Mark McCumber, (815) 578-9362).
    Winner by Split Decision Becky Spelz.

  7. Amateur Kickboxing
    Lisa Wells,
    (1-3, 129, 5'7", 12-18-74, Craig Monyelle, (815) 389-8501)
    VS Katy Perez, (0-1, 127, 5'3", 2-01-89, trained By Mark McCumber, (815) 578-4362)
    Winner by Unanimous decision Katy Perez.

  8. Amateur Kickboxing
    Simon Buettner,
    (13-3-1, 171, 5'9", 12-16-88, trained By Rob Zbilski, (847) 669-7833)
    VS Alex Desnica, (1-1, 171, 5'10", 3-29-89, trained by Jim Klauba, (773) 859-5150).
    Winner by TKO Simon Buettner This bout was stopped @ 39 seconds in the first round due to a devastating left hook by referee, Scott Fischer.

  9. Amateur Kickboxing
    Sarah Ross,
    (18-0, 146, 5'7", 8-25-90, trained by Rob Zbilski, (847) 669-7833)
    VS Heather Fitzgerald, (17-2, 153, 5'6", 2-19-91, trained by Tom Whitaker, (618) 344-9675).
    This bout was action packed from the beginning with both fighters taking rounds. At the end of three rounds the judges decided a technical draw and a mandatory 4th Round.
    In the end Sarah Ross came out on top with a unanimous 4th Round Decision.
    Winner by Unanimous 4th Round Decision: Sarah Ross

The best of LUCK to Promoter Jim Klauba in all his future Shows!!!! For more info contact Mr. Jim Klauba at (773) 736-8200 or at or by e-mail at info@PMAChicago.com

FRIDAY, August 11th, 2006, AT 1:35 PM, PT


Jim Klauba Presents
"Fight Party '06 "
Northbrook, Illinois, USA


Sergio "The Latin Snake" Mora...
Ready for Former IKF Kickboxing Champ Regan!

By Johnny Davis

The Contender's TV Reality Show Champion Sergio The "Latin Snake" Mora (18-0-4) of East Los Angeles, CA says he is "ready for 'The Hitman' Eric Regan" (26-2/17) a former World Kickboxing Champion and now a top boxing contender out of Sacramento, CA. They are set to do battle in a couple of weeks on Friday, August 25th. This highly anticipated fight will take place at the Arco Arena in Sacramento, CA.

Sacramento, CA-August 11, 2006
We caught up with Sergio Mora recently and recognized through his words that he is smart, witty and a genuine contender! He takes the fight-game and every opponent very seriously, as they are… in his words "all dangerous!" This conscious attitude is why he is taking the Eric Regan fight seriously because all that is at stake, in particular a possible world title shot with one of the alphabet organization's top dogs. Rumor has it that the winner of the upcoming bout may have the opportunity to challenge well-known World Middleweight Champion Jermaine Taylor. However, it's difficult to get Mora to discuss anything beyond Regan right now as he maintains "Regan is my primary focus and I won't look past him." This attitude alone shows great intelligence for this young fighter who could possibly be on the verge of mega success providing he can conquer "The Hitman!"

Sergio Mora was just another boxer a few years back. He, like so many fighters had dreams of making it to the big time. Early on, he became a street champion elected by his friends because he had "basically beaten everyone in his neighborhood" fighting in what he calls "Barbecue fights!" Barbecue fights is when he and his friends would put their money together and buy food for a cookout, put on boxing gloves and spar a few rounds.

As an amateur, he states from an excerpt from his website (Sergio Mora's Web Site - sergiomoraboxing.com) "I got off to a decent start. I was not beating up other fighters as easily as I did my friends but I understood I was fighting more experienced opposition. For every bloody nose I received, I began getting tougher, but not better. That is exactly when destiny intervened and I met the two most important people in my boxing career, my trainer, Dean Campos, the genius behind my unorthodox style of fighting, and a Montebello Police Officer named John Montelongo...the only father figure I've ever had."

After turning pro in 2000, Mora became a little bored and complacent attempting to get fights but only received a lot of empty promises and no contracts. Then, a rare opportunity came across the table...someone was casting for fighters to form a reality show call The Contender. Mora and his team jumped at the opportunity and the rest is history. We asked Mora how he felt being on The Contender Show and eventually winning the overall tournament. "Thank God for the show!" he eagerly responded! "The show opened up so many windows for me that may have not been opened otherwise. Before winning the show's title, I felt unappreciated and unaccomplished which is the total opposite of how I feel today!" As a youth, his friends often told him he fought like an animal and because of his Latino Heritage, slim frame, fast hands and footwork as well as his somewhat awkward slithering fighting style...reminiscent of a snake...the name "Latin Snake" would indeed slither into the limelight of boxing elites!

Few would have thought that Mora would elevate his game to fighting on the under-cards of well known fighters like Former World Champion and top contender Fernando Vargas or moreover winning what quickly became the prize of boxing...The Contender Reality Show hosted by film star Sylvester Stallone and one of the greatest boxing champions of our time - Sugar Ray Leonard. As with all of Sergio's fights, The Contender' casts, producers and hosts are sure to be at ringside on August 25th cheering for their champion! Furthermore, the new Contender Series is now being carried by the ESPN Network who will be broadcasting the event LIVE!

Mora is training hard for this most important fight against the 6'3" Regan but how much trouble will he have with Regan's height and has he ever seen him fight? "A 6'3 fighter will give most guys three inches shorter trouble but I've fought tall guys before and beaten them. I've seen Regan fight and he is a well rounded fighter. I'm impressed with is skills and respect him. He is definitely a formidable opponent! I'm not a fan of watching tapes of my opponent, I let my trainer do that and we create a strategy and go from there." Regan is not only tall but also has an impressive knockout record of 17 KO's out of 26 fights! However, Sergio was not impressed "the last guy I fought had 15 wins with 15 KO's and I knocked him out in the seventh!" Basically, Mora made it clear, whatever game Regan wants to bring to the table that evening, he will be ready and prepared to step it up to the next level!

Pecking a little harder at his core, one wanted to see if the coat of armor that champions of this caliber must have could be penetrated. It would not take long for the "killer's instinct" to be revealed! The interview continued, Regan said a few weeks ago "They will have to drag me out of that ring against Mora, I'm giving it everything I have, he's going to have to kill me!" The strategy worked, one could feel the intensity coming through the phone! "No! Mora replied, I think that's my line! He's going to have to kill me! Manfredy, a fighter on the Contender Series said the same thing but like Manfredy...when he (Regan) starts getting hit..., lets see if he feels the same...both of us are gutsy fighters, it will come down to a war of attrition!"

Sergio Mora started out with humble beginnings. He witnessed his mother working hard to provide for four boys in a poor neighborhood. However, her testimony of hard work and never give up attitude has been perhaps a beacon light in his psyche and a huge motivating factor for this now famed fighter. He has already begun to give back to his family and community. His advice to those wanting to obtain their goals is "work hard at your craft. Be ready when the opportunity arises and if you are going to do it, don't do it halfway, give 100% when and while you can give it but know when to say when!" Excellent advice from a well-read fighter who idolizes and reads biographies of great leaders, presidents, generals and yes, great fighters to bequeath himself a blueprint of triumph over that which he feels is his destiny...to become a world champion!

Mora knows that Regan will be a tough fight and he is smart enough to acknowledge it. However, when he comes to town, he will only have one mission…WIN! Anyway you chalk this fight up, it has the potential of being one of the best match-ups Sacramento fight fans have seen in a while!

The August 25 fight at Sacramento California's Arco Arena between Sergio Mora and Eric Regan is promoted by Don Chargin Productions. Tickets Available at Ticket master.
For FULL details about Arco Arena and Tickets CLICK HERE.
This bout will be featured on ESPN Friday Night Fights

Johnny Davis is a free-lance writer, two-time world kickboxing champion and President of A.K. Promotions and Consulting Services. He can be reached at johnnyd@akpromotions.org or by calling (916) 205-4762…more information on his website www.AKPromotions.org

MONDAY, August 9th, 2006, AT 1:35 PM, PT

Introducing The Peats
Re, Three, Four & Even Five-Peat
From This Years 2006 IKF World Classic

As in any Tournament, you have Champions... However, some Champions have a way of standing out in the crowd. These are those who go back and win again. Over the years we have had several Repeating Champions and even some that have won the IKF Tournament 3, and even 4 times. Is their a limit? Is there a number where some will say "Enough is Enough?"

A few years back, a fighter named Stephen Thompson (Right) took some heat for winning the Tournament over and over again. Thompson won the IKF USA Nationals in 2000, 01 and 02. He went on to win the IKF North American Tournament (When it was the tournament 'After' the IKF Nationals) in 2002 and won the IKF Amateur World Title in 03. When he won his IKF Amateur World Title he was 33-0! It was at this point several started to say he shouldn't compete in the Tournament, so, he went pro on May 15th, 2004 and has never looked back as he has built an overall record of 50-0 (regular bouts and Team Round bouts combined).

So, did Thompson do the right thing? It appears so, but what if he would have competed at the IKF Nationals a few more years? Would it have hurt his career? Would it have hurt the tournament? Not likely. Maybe other fighters, but not him. Thompson is one of a handful that found success as a pro kickboxer after the IKF Tournament. Others being Carter Williams who went on to win K-1 USA.

What about those Amateurs who went on to become IKF Amateur World Champions? Three Time Tournament Champion Scott Clark (04, 05 & 06) of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Two Time Tournament Champion Clifford Larson of Camp Verde, Arizona, USA. Four Time tournament Champion Anthony McGaughey (2000, 01, 02 & 03) of Norman, Oklahoma, USA. There were also some 1 Time Champions that went on to win the IKF Amateur World Title. Jennifer Fowler (04) of Sunnyvale, California, USA and Trent Thompkins (01) of Waterloo, Iowa, USA.

There have been several other IKF Tournament Champions that have gone on to have successful Professional kickboxing Careers. Just to name a few are, Peyton Russell (2001 & 02), Kevin Engel (2002 & 03), Bill Jardine (2002 & 05) Dan Erickson (2001 & 02), Katie Meehan (2001, 02 & 03), Kyle McElroy (2000 & 01), Sunshine Fettkether (2000), Rick Cheek (2004), Daniel Green (2004), Danny Kelly (2001), Angela Rivera (1999), Duane Ludwig (1999), Trisha Hill (2000), David Pareja (1999), Charles Baron (1999), Aaron Lassi (1999), Dan Rawlings (1999), Zac George (2003), Jonathan Border (1999), Charles Baines (2005) and Ben Dauck (2001 & 02).

As in the past, this year we have many more that have been added to the list of "Petes". For example, Big Michael Dean. Dean, who is trained by Rob Zbilski, made his way into the IKF at the second IKF North American Tournament in South Carolina in 2003. It was here that the 265 lb FCR Fighter won his first of 4 IKF Tournament Titles when he defeated Thomas Casey of South Carolina by unanimous decision 29-28 on all 3 judges cards. Dean won two IKF North American (Large) Tournament titles in 2004 and 2005. In 04 he defeated Edward Robinson of Virginia Beach, Virginia by unanimous decision, 28-26, 29-25 & 28-26. In 2005 he defeated another fighter from Virginia, Rafael Bayowa by 4th overtime round. After 3, the scores were 29-28 Bayowa, 30-27 Dean and 29-29. Dean won round 4 by unanimous decision. At this years IKF World Classic he took home his 4th IKF tournament title. However Dean switched rule styles to International Rules and defeated Jason Holoohek of Omaha, Nebraska, USA by Unanimous Decision, 30-26 on all 3 judges cards. Now Dean is looking to make his Pro debut and with his change to International Rules, he opens his options up for fight venues. One of those venues for him at his size may be K-1. Will he follow in the footsteps of Carter Williams? Who knows, but one thing is for sure, like his nickname, Dean will look to "Steamroll" his way through his competition.

Several others at this years IKF Tournament followed along with Dean and added to their "Petes". Three of the best "Pete" stories at this years Tournament set new records. This year we had our first "Five-Pete" champion, but wait, not just 1 but "3" of them. Together these three have a combined fight record of 66-0-1. None of them have EVER lost!

The first one was in the IKF Junior Girls Full Contact Rules Super Welterweight (147.1 lbs - 153 lbs.) 15-16 Year Old division. Already 4 time IKF Tournament Champion Sarah Ross, (2002, 03, 04 & 05) of Algonquin, Illinois, USA (18-0/2) had registered to fight Full Contact Rules. However, no one entered to challenge the 15 year old Ross which has been a problem for her trainer and promoter Rob Zbilski as well through the years. In the Junior Girls Muay Thai division 16 year old Jerica Veach of Dubuque, Iowa, USA (6-2) has had the same problem. Veach who is trained by Dean Lessei, won her Muay Thai division at the 2005 IKF Tournament and the International Rules title in 2004. However, like Ross, no one challenged her for the 2006 IKF World Classic Tournament title, so, wanting to fight, Veach moved to FCR to challenge Ross. This was a much better fight than the scores showed as in the end, Ross won by unanimous decision 30-27, 30-27 & 29-28. This was Ross' 5th Tournament Title. she won the title on the 3rd bout of the day.

Who would have known that the next to step into the same ring, in bout number 4 in ring number 1 would be the very next "Five-Pete" IKF tournament champion. In the Adult Men's Full Contact Rules Welterweight division (142.1 lbs. to 147 lbs.), already 4 time IKF Tournament Champion, 16 year old Justin Lawrence of Pacifica, Missouri, USA (29-0/15) trained by Benny Voyles had first registered into the Junior Boys division. However, no one there entered to challenge him. so, he and his trainer made the decision to move to the Adult Men's division, a move possible because he was over 16 years old. There Lawrence took on Christopher Huberts of Chicago, Illinois, USA. it only took him 1:59 to earn his record setting 5th IKF Tournament Title. His winning years were 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2006.

For our 3rd "FIVE" Time IKF Tournament Champion, we present to you the "Still" undefeated John Greubel of Augusta, Georgia, USA. At 19-0-1, Greubel who is trained by his brother Mark, almost didn't make it to the final but he managed to earn a close win over 2003 Tournament Champion Umaer Haq of Alexandria, Virginia, USA by Split Decision, 29-28, 29-28 & 28-29 in the opening bracket on Saturday. On Championship Sunday Greubel went on to defeat Jessy Jimenez of Camp Verde, Arizona, USA by unanimous decision 30-27, 29-28 & 29-28 to become our third "Five Time" IKF Tournament Champion. Greubel's other Tournament wins were in 2000, 2001, 2003 and 2004. He missed the 2005 IKF Tournament or he may have been a "SIX" time IKF Tournament Champion. Together, these three became the only 5 time IKF Tournament Champions in the history of the tournament.

There were others that added to their own "Pete" list or became "Repeat" Champions at this years 2006 IKF World Classic Tournament. they are:

    1. Felice Herrig, Huntley, Illinois, USA, Junior Girls FCR - 2 Time Champion - 2005 & 2006
    2. Zach King, Danville, Kentucky, USA, Junior Boys FCR - 2 Time Champion - 2005 & 2006
    3. Jamie O'Hare, St. Louis, Missouri, USA, Adult Woman's FCR - 2 Time Champion - 2005 & 2006
    4. Justin Pickett, North Augusta, Georgia, USA, Adult Men's FCR - 2 Time Champion - 2000 & 2006
    5. Felice Herrig, Huntley, Illinois, USA, Adult Woman's FCR - 2 Time Champion - 2005 & 2006
    6. Heather Han, El Paso, Texas, USA, Junior Girls IR & FCR - 2 Time Champion - 2005 & 2006
    7. Stephanie Han, El Paso, Texas, USA, Junior Girls IR - 2 Time Champion - 2005 & 2006
    8. Nathan Smandych, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Adult Men's MTR - 2 Time Champion - 2005 & 2006
    9. Lori Burney, Simpsonville, South Carolina, USA, Adult Woman's FCR - 2 Time Champion - 2004 & 2006
    10. Eli McGlothlin, Bald Knob, Arkansas, USA, Junior Boys IR & MTR - 2 Time Champion - 2005 & 2006
    11. Luke Lessei, Dubuque, Iowa, USA, Junior Boys IR - 2 Time Champion - 2005 & 2006
    12. Tyler Price, Pfafftown, North Carolina, USA, Junior Boys FCR - 2 Time Champion - 2005 & 2006
    13. Brad Wall, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Adult Men's MTR - 2 Time Champion - 2005 & 2006
    14. Simon Buettner, Carpentersville, Illinois, USA, Adult Men's FCR - 2 Time Champion - 2004 & 2006
    15. Mike Aref, Champaigne, Illinois, USA, Adult Men's MTR - 2 Time Champion - 2005 & 2006
    16. Abraham Han, El Paso, Texas, USA, Adult Men's IR - 2 Time Champion - 2005 & *2006
    1. Terrie Hicks, Augusta, Georgia, USA, Adult Woman's FCR - 3 Time Champion - 2003, 2004 & 2006
    2. Brittany Anic, St. Louis Missouri, USA, Junior Girls FCR - 3 Time Champion - 2001, 2003 & 2006
    3. Scott Clark, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Adult Men's MTR - 3 Time Champion - 2004, 2005 & 2006
    1. John Felts, Pacific, Missouri, USA, Junior Boys FCR - 4 Time Champion - 2001, 2002, 2003 & 2006
    2. Mariah Betts, Dubuque, Iowa, USA, Junior Girls IR - 4 Time Champion - 2003, 2004, 2005 & 2006.
    3. Chad Monyelle, South Beloit, Illinois, USA, Junior Boys FCR - 4 Time Champion - 2000, 2004, 2005 & 2006.

So who will be added to the "Pete" list next year? Maybe you? To see *ALL the past Champions of the IKF Tournaments click HERE!

Speaking of next year...
We have about 60 Proposals already in from Hotels around USA and Canada looking to host the 2007 IKF World Classic. Top on the priority list for 2007 is a location with a large airport. This seemed to be the one and only complaint at this years event. The cost to fly into a smaller airport.

Next on our priority list will be the cost of the hotel room for the participants. This is followed by the actual venue itself. Is it big enough, does it have plenty of warm-up room, etc. etc. Additional factors that fall into order are of course the "Cost" of the venue, surrounding activities, date of the event, which we believe may be moved back to August instead of July for 2007, and a handful of other details. We hope to announce the 2007 location by November/December of this year so keep watch of the news page.

(*) 2006 Champions have yet to be added to this list as of this press time, but will be soon.
The first two IKF North American tournaments (2 FCR & 1 MTR) are not listed on this page. They can be found by clicking HERE!

Stephen Thompson

MONDAY, August 7th, 2006, AT 5:25 PM, PT

ALL The Results Of The
2006 IKF World Classic Are Done!!
To See Them All


Facts & Records Of Past Tournaments

FRIDAY, August 4th, 2006, AT 9:00 PM, PT

"Bring It ON!"
Once Again, The Yearly IKF Tournament Sets The Standard For Who Is The
"Best Of The Best!"
And This Time, The Message Is Heard Worldwide!

Since the beginning the IKF has lived and grown by the words of writer Robert Frost,

"Do not follow where the path may lead... Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."

Like the quote, the IKF has always looked for ways to "Change The Game" for the better instead of following the ways of old. The yearly IKF Tournament is no different. Having no pattern or example to follow, the IKF was the first organization to promote an Amateur Kickboxing Tournament in America. Over the past 8 years as the boundaries of the Tournament grew along with the participation, others have tried to follow the trail of the Tournament idea by attempting duplication. However, what they discovered was that such work was hard to duplicate in following the Tournament path. On the plus side is that the addition of the other Tournaments have provided additional opportunities for the amateur kickboxers. On the minus side it means more fighters make the decision to either stay close to home (and who could blame them with the high cost of travel today) or simply go to a smaller tournament with less competition to win their yearly tournament titles. Still, regardless of their decision, all in attendance each and every year at the yearly IKF Tournament say the same thing, "There is no other Tournament that will ever be like this one... This is indeed, 'The' Tournament where the TRUE 'Best Of The Best' are found each and every year since 1999."

The inaugural year was 1999. That year 72 fighters "Walked The Walk" and 33 champions were crowned. However this Tournament was not created by just one individual or was it a dream of just one. It was, as it always has been, a creation of "Teamwork!" With the coordinated efforts of people like Joe Taylor or Ringside Boxing, Mick Doyle of Nebraska, Rob Zbilski of Illinois, Duke Roufus of Wisconsin and IKF President Steve Fossum, what started as a USA Tournament has grown worldwide in only it's 8th year of existence.

For 8 straight years now the yearly IKF Tournament has set the standard for what a REAL Championship Tournament should be for Amateur Kickboxers! From the details of the website fighter listings and matchmaking BEFORE Tournament day to the many awards given on Championship Sunday, the system that has been generating Champion after Champion has been hard to duplicate by those seeking to build their own Championship event.

After five years of accepting fighters from the United States only, the IKF answered the request of other North American Countries in 2004 and opened the Tournament up to a "North American" Classic Tournament. Over the years, the IKF has built the yearly tournament into one of the largest "TRUE AMATEUR" Kickboxing Tournaments in the World. We say "True Amateur" because there are other Tournaments around the world just as large if not larger in number of attendance and prestige, but they allow Professional fighters to compete. In addition, some of these tournaments claim to have over 1,500 competitors at their Tournaments, but a closer look uncovers the reality that only about 200 are actual "REAL" Kickboxers while the others are semi contact, point karate fighters that call themselves kickboxers. Of those 200, many are Professional fighters too.

The IKF Tournament is the only Amateur Kickboxing Tournament that only accepts Amateurs fighters. This year over 60 fighters were turned away from around the world after the IKF discovered they had fought as professionals in either Kickboxing, Mixed Martial arts or Boxing.

This year the IKF answered the call of the many outside North America that have often asked to attend by expanding the name to the IKF "WORLD" Classic Amateur Kickboxing Tournament. In numbers, sadly, 86 fighters were unable to attain their visas to attend this year. Hopefully we will see them next year. One would think that expanding the fighter acceptance worldwide would add to the number of fighters who would register to "Walk The Walk". Instead, just the opposite happened. Many did not think they or their fighters were ready to compete on a "World" stage against competition from around the world and in turn, choose not to attend. Well... Except for those who "Walked The Walk" this past weekend anyway. This is not a report to point out who did not come, but a detailed report about Who DID COME! Who showed up to "Walk The Walk!" and "Bring It ON!"

This year saw some of the BEST Fights the Tournament has EVER fielded. In all, 190 fighters showed up, 189 made weight and 186 actually competed for the *60 IKF World Classic Tournament Titles. This is a report about "Those who dared to Walk The Walk with the BEST from around the World and Bring It ON!"
(*) 2 Walkover Belts Awarded.

And now, with an apology for our computer problem delays, we present to all of you the results of the 2006 IKF World Classic Amateur Kickboxing Tournament.



We're BACK!
Photos by Glenn Berg

Well we finally made it back from this years IKF World Classic.
If you didn't hear, we broke down in the in the middle of the Salt Flats in Utah on the way home (Fuel Pump) and you can only imagine how much fun and expensive this all was. Especially the 120 mile ride in a tow truck to lovely Elko Nevada.... We got back late Wednesday night and spent all day yesterday unpacking since we couldn't do any computer work. Oh, you didn't hear that horror story?

Thursday before the IKF World Classic, our computers crashed while in Iowa. All of our data was lost as well as our fighter bracket program. This meant we had to rebuild all the bracket sheets one by one for the posting on the wall, which is why we were up all night and didn't get them posted until about 6:AM. This also meant we got no sleep Friday night, so if we looked a bit tired on Saturday, this is why. Added to this, our server company changed servers and had some problems transferring files to the new server.

While broke down in the middle of the Utah Salt flats
Steve decided to ask for some Devine power to assist.
Unfortunately Glenn failed to inform him of
any oncoming traffic.

Needless to say, we have not had any computer access until just now. Yesterday we were able to "Delete" some files, which was done on the events page but we could not add information.

So, now we can get back to what everyone's been waiting for, the results of the 2006 IKF World Classic along with the stories about the event, as well as other IKF News from around the world. While we are finishing the results and our articles, we will post a story below from Johnny Davis about the World Classic.

Look for ALL the World Classic results and news to be posted later today.


How Dare You Dream!
The 8th Annual IKF World Classic Kickboxing Championships
By Johnny Davis

As I sit here at my desk reminiscing over all that transpired this past weekend...it's a bit overwhelming! There is so much to be said but not enough time to get it all in, so I will be as brief as possible.

Early Thursday and Friday morning fighters, trainers, family and friends began arriving at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Cedar Rapids , Iowa, this year's host hotel for the 8th Annual IKF World Classic Kickboxing Championship Tournament. (July 28th, 29th and 30th) The actual event was held at the perfectly designed venue adjacent to the host hotel, The U.S. Cellular Center. Over 60 championship fights would happen this weekend and would need to be split among the nearly 200 eager fighters as the purest form of 'thrill of victory and agony of defeat' would be on display in its most candid fashion! This IKF World Classic would be one of the best ever! It was organized, had outstanding fights and ran like a well oiled machine! At least four other countries attended this prestigious event: Poland , England , Kenya and Canada with representation from Mexico making this IKF Classic a real world event! There were several other countries attempting to attend but due to complication in acquiring a Visa, their efforts were futile this year but perhaps we will see them next year!

It would not be long before the hotel would reach it maximum capacity packed with anxious fighters just waiting their chance at the brass IKF Championship belts! The Hotel's (Free) Shuttle service reported a steady stream of "fight people" that came in as the trips to the airport went late into the night. Fighters and trainers told horror stories trying to get to the event due to some bad weather that delayed many flights. Well known trainer out of Virginia Mike Hess refused to take a chance on missing the event and risk his team not getting a connecting flight and instead paid a whopping $500 for a taxi from the airport in Chicago, Illinois to get there on time! Please, no one is to ever say that Kickboxers are not dedicated and loyal to making sure their fighters get the opportunity to obtain their dreams! Way to show Mike! In addition to Mike, I'm sorry to say, that IKF Trainer, Fighter and Promoter Mitz Bandiera of Canada was in a motorcycle accident traveling down to the event and as I understand it is in critical condition. (We wish him well...more on this later)

The point here is dedication! Mainstream businesses and potential sponsors really need to take another look at our sport! The IKF is ready! The fighters, trainers and fans are ready! We ask you and those large companies you associate with who could benefit from this excellent event to Bring it On! We are ready for the big time! I regress...

Around noon on Friday, fighters and trainers lined the front lobby of the Cellular Center to start the official weigh-ins. Many of the fighters were hungry because of lack of food and water from attempting to make their weight. In the end, there was only one fighter that was eliminated due to not being able to make his required weight. This was a real message to everyone that discipline must prevail when attending an IKF event! There is no tolerance for one not making the weight class they signed up for. This may cause another fighter who has made the sacrifice of hundreds if not thousands of dollars and then not have a fight, it's a major disappointment! Have discipline...make the weight! In spite of this one incident, what I recognized was the seriousness of the fighters this year...its clear that most of their trainers understand the severity of not making weight. Several fighters were witnessed walking around in sauna suits and running moments before the event to assure that weight would not be an issue. It's also clear that the sport of Kickboxing is acquiring more professional/amateurs which will only make it ascend that much faster in the mainstream of worldwide sports.

After weigh-ins, participants gathered for a meeting of rules and a message from IKF President Steve Fossum who is the driving force behind the tournament and the organization. I need you to hear me when I say this, I am veteran of the sport and with all of my years in the game, I know of no one more devoted to the success of the tournament and the future of Kickboxing than Steve. I don't think many realize the sacrifice he makes to see this event through. From driving thousands of miles to assure the belts arrive safely; to staying up wee hours in the morning making sure every detail is covered with his hard working paid staff as well as the many of volunteers and supporters who worked all night to assure brackets were ready to start elimination day.

I can not begin to tell you the things he does to take care of the fighters...you already know about all the awards etc. that one gets for attending the Classic...but trust me on this...there is so much more! I will leave it at that. (Those reading this article should drop an email sometimes just to let him know that you appreciate his work in trying to make dreams come true for the thousands who dare dream of making a living at this sport someday!) Again, I regress... All fighters were reminded by Steve that they are doing something that so many others only talk about doing...Walking the Walk! Those attending are putting their money and skill where their heart is to reach their goals and even those that did not go home with a championship this time deserve the utmost respect for just being willing to show up!

As the meeting continued, several awards were giving out. The most attended region awards were over 40 custom plaques given to those from Illinois, the State/Region with the most attending fighters. Other awards were for Dedication, Teamwork and Persistence in building the IKF around the world and went to IKF Team Europe Directors, Alby Bimpson and Mike Fowles of England, IKF Top Regional Promoters HCX Martial Arts out of Illinois, IKF trainer and Promoter Rob Zbilski of Illinois and IKF Officials Mike and Terri Storm of Nebraska. Another award went to Mary Lee Malmberg, Director of Sports Tourism for the Cedar Rapids Area Convention & Visitors Bureau. Mary Lee was the one who organized the entire package to bring the IKF to Cedar Rapids. The officials of the event were from around the world: London, England, Mexico, Canada and across the United States. There was literally over a thousand years of judging experience to assure that every one got as much of a fair shake as subjectivity would allow.

The Judges huddled around the stage as Steve gave words of encouragement and streamlined some of the rules to be followed. It was an enthusiastic crowd as they yelled and clapped throughout the meeting especially when the 2006 championship belt was presented in its chosen color purple this year... symbolizing royalty and passion!

The next day (Saturday) early at 9:30 am the elimination began and the first fight set the stage for what was to be an entire weekend of great action! Throughout the day, your eyes and neck would became fatigued! It was like being at a Serena Williams tennis match and trying to keep up with her high powered balls...left to right both rings were full of non stop fighting in assorted rule styles of Kickboxing! Fighters displayed unbelievable talent and skill! But most of all they were hungry to win! It showed early on in the fighter and trainer's eyes that the next eight minutes could very well change the rest of their life!

Elimination day ended and fighters filed out of the arena battered and bruised! Some limped in serious pain while others sported newly tattooed blackened eyes! Taped, iced and bandaged, they all left with one thing on their minds, I will be back tomorrow to take home the championship or at least I gave my best! As we know in this business, some of those who weathered elimination day dreams would be fulfilled while others would come up short come championship Sunday! The Hotel lobby seemed quieter Saturday night as fighters walked by me in a daze as though they were seeing their opponents with every step and every blink! Numb eyes, cold stares and blunt conversation seemed to be the theme of the evening for those that survived the battlefield on the first day!

However, for those that fell short on elimination day, it was not a good evening at all. I approached several fighters to see how they'd done and the mere asking of the question made their heads drop in their chests! I felt I had to console several fighters that evening as they seemed to look and react as though it was the end for them. My words were simple...Never Give Up! Later, some of those fallen warriors would thank me for seeing the signs of quitting on their faces and gave me a nod as to say, I heard you and will be back next year....way ya' go!

Bright and early Championship Sunday morning, fighters big and small, male and female lined up yet again...putting on their brave and poker faces as to say I'm not afraid and I'm not hurt! But one knows that if nothing else the fear of the unknown had to creep into their souls and make them second guess their abilities. But most were convincing... the 'Healing Fairy' must have visited them the previous evening because many of their injuries from the previous day seemed to had disappeared...at least they wanted you to believe that! Compellingly enough, when the bell rang for their fight, those I thought were injured stepped it up and did indeed take home a championship! They showed that if you really want it, fight through the pain and go and get it...and they did!

Throughout the day, fighters came by the IKF merchandise booth to take home valuable souvenirs to show all who wanted to see that on this special weekend they stepped up and 'Walked the Walk' like a true champion. As one fighter told me in tears standing proudly with his belt and other awards displayed on and around him " I can't began to explain what I'm feeling right now, its kind of the very opposite of what I feel when I lose. All I know is that I will never forget this moment and look forward to feeling it again next year!" His father resonated these emotions "I'm speechless" as the tears rolled down his face...of course by this time, I needed a tissue as well. This is what the IKF is all about...allowing dreams to come true...if only for one year, if only for one moment!

The IKF goes above and beyond to take care of their fighters...not only with top quality awards; providing proper medical insurance for all participants and giving them their proper due in press releases etc., on their website ( www.IKFKickboxing.com)! The IKF cares about every fighter and wants to make everyone who participants in their events feel welcomed! So, for those that I spoke to this weekend and expressed how excited they were in being there; for those that watch this year with anticipation of competing next year; for those little pee wee fighters walking around garbed in IKF clothing and the proud parents saying that this event is part of their future; for those who fell a little short this year by being knocked out or losing by close split decisions; and finally to those that might be feeling they either lack the skills or the courage to step into the ring...How Dare You Dream!... they can come true you know...if you don't believe me, ask one of the sixty plus champions crowned this past weekend at the 8th Annual IKF World Classic Kickboxing Championships! If you believe it, you can achieve it but never give up! Forward March!

How Dare You Dream!

WEDNESDAY, August 2nd, 2006, AT 11:55 PM, PT


Randall Stephen Hall & The Big Kahuna Present
At The Big Kahuna - Jackson, Tennessee, USA

  • WHEN: Friday Night, AUGUST 3rd, 2006
  • WHO: Randall Stephen Hall & The Big Kahuna
  • WHERE: The Big Kahuna, Jackson, Tennessee, USA
    • IKF Amateur Kickboxing
  • CONTACT: For More Info Contact Mr. Randall Hall at (731) 426-5297.


No Xclusions, Inc. Presents
Jacksonville, Florida, USA

  • WHEN: Friday Night, August 4th, 2006

  • WHO: No Xclusions, Inc. Mr. Thomas Fisher

  • WHERE: Plush Nightclub, Jacksonville, Florida, USA

    • IKF Kickboxing

  • CONTACT: For More Info Contact:
    Mr. Thomas Fisher (904) 744-9995
    or by e-mail at nonxclusionsinc@aol.com