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June, 2006


FRIDAY, June 30th, 2006, AT 9:20 PM, PT

Breaking Records...

In 2005, the number of fighters registered as of the first deadline was 112. As of today, the first of several deadlines, (Click HERE to see all the deadlines) we have 114 Registered Fighters ready to "Walk The Walk" at this years 2006 IKF World Classic at the US Cellular Center Arena/Crowne Plaza Hotel in Cedar Rapids Iowa, USA...

We still have several weeks yet, and just a few of the additional teams that have verbally confirmed and will have their registration papers in soon include, Team England, Team Norway, Team Mike Miles, Team Hess, and many more...Keep watch to see who gets added next by clicking HERE.


Congratulations To
Fernando Calleros
For His Victory In Japan

Current IKF World Champion Fernando Calleros of El Paso, Texas, USA avenged a loss he has wanted to for years. Back in 1996, Callaros lost to Kozo Takeda by decision. The 31 year old Callaros never disputed the loss, but he has always wanted a rematch. Yesterday, he got that much desired rematch as he defeated the 33 year-old kickboxer Kozo Takeda of Japan in a K-1 Super Fight that took place in Tokyo, Japan on the World Max Final undercard.

Here is the bout rundown as written by Monty DiPietro, K-1 World Max 2006 reporter.
The bout was the Main Superfight of the night. Calleros made an aggressive start to this one, charging in early with a barrage of punches to score a down. A rattled Takeda closed up and managed to ride out the round, but faced a similar Calleros attack in the second. Takeda stayed on his feet this time, and rallied somewhat midway through with low kicks and a knee, but the Japanese fighter was being out-adrenalined here. His head down and his fists flying, Calleros advanced again in the third, and although Takeda was now using his low kicks to ward off the American, the strategy came too late to salvage a draw, and Calleros came out ahead on all three judges' cards.

THURSDAY, June 28th, 2006, AT 4:25 PM, PT

A Stance for Something
Supporting the IKF World Classic Tournament!
By Johnny Davis
2 Time Pro World Kickboxing Champion

IKF Promoter Johnny Davis (Right) thought it would be a good time to re-post an article written back on July 15th, 2003 about the
IKF and our forthcoming IKF World Classic Amateur Kickboxing Tournament this July 28th, 29th and 30th in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Since childhood most of us have had to take a stance for or against something. Often times, the mental or emotional urges to follow the group in doing something that we knew was wrong or detrimental to us were the toughest to fight. We faced challenges in our adolescence that called for taking a stance. Remember when a "friend" would ask you to stay out longer than the deadline your parents had given? Some of us followed our parents' request while others went the opposite direction only to suffer the consequences of those actions...the wrath of our parents! As adults we deal with taking a stance on our jobs, with our children, spouses, and so on. Sometimes, not knowing if we are right or wrong but just following our hearts to what we feel is the right thing to do and hoping for positive results. Relying on our past experiences to show us and our loved ones the best way to proceed is never easy but nonetheless pertinent to our daily successes or failures.

Recently, Kickboxers have had to deal with the reality of other amateur tournaments that seem to spring up everywhere, alluring the "hungry for a fight" Kickboxer to make a decision. For the past four years the IKF has been building the most successful Kickboxing tournament in the history of the sport. Now in it's fifth year, most who have attended are pleased with the outcome of the IKF Nationals. Other organizations have recognized the success of the IKF and are now eager to produce their version of a National and/or North American tournament. The decision to try and support all of these tournaments may have financial and enduring consequences that all of us will have to deal with.

We will have to decide or take a stance on whether supporting other tournaments is helping to further grow our sport or diluting it in a way that diminishes the longest running and most successful tournament. Thereby, taking away the strength of a solidly laid foundation that could be the answer to convincing major potential sponsors to pour badly needed revenues into the dehydrated "spit bucket" we have had for many years. We are now starting to reap a few rewards of the hard work done by the IKF. For example, more sponsorships, a TV deal, and a Kickboxing magazine to name a few!

Some will argue they are more concerned with keeping their fighters busy than massaging any group's letters. Others will say that they support Kickboxing in general and the more tournaments the better. All of these views may be true and have their strong points. However, here is something to consider for example. When it comes to finances, some may find that choosing one tournament over the other will be their only recourse, resulting in one tournament losing out on a valuable competitor(s). Thus, possibly reducing the overall participants numbers to a level not respected by potential sponsors etc. So the real questions are do we take a stance for what has worked for us the past four years or, do we jump ship to chance the waters of the unproven? Is it better to have four or five small tournaments or one or two large ones? Are we willing to deal with the consequences of our actions in the potential demise of our sport...again? Or, should we continue to ride the wave of success that we have witnessed with the IKF / Nationals?

I don't necessarily see where supporting other tournaments will ultimately cause the demise of our sport and I also think one should follow their heart to what is the proper thing to do based on their situation. Keep in mind the questions posed above. But certainly there lies ahead a bigger challenge for the IKF and that is to continue to grow and make events even better than in the past. The IKF must continue to give the fighters, trainers, promoters and the fans what they want. The IKF must continue to prevail to the hearts of those who have committed their support to the IKF, regardless of their commitments to other organizations.

My mother, when I was a child, and my wife today constantly remind me of these cherished words "Johnny, either you stand for something or you'll fall for anything!"

Therefore, my objective and stance is unclouded and I'm willing to deal with whatever consequences that may befall me. I have witnessed firsthand the IKF fulfilling today my childhood dreams that never materialized for the sport of Kickboxing in the past. So today, my stance is for the potential bright future that has been established by the IKF's commitment to offer the best in growing our sport since its inception ten years ago! My stance is for consistency and to one day offer consistent opportunities for fighters to get more fights and make the kind of money that enables them to live beyond the meager means that many live in today! My stance is for fighters and trainers to get the recognition they deserve for their undying commitment, desire and hard work to become the best! My stance is for securing the hopes and desires of those not yet born but who will also dream of obtaining prosperity and longevity in this great sport of Kickboxing! My stance... is for the IKF! Forward March!

We hope to see you at this year's IKF World Classic...the true test for the Best Amateur Kickboxers in the World!


At The Big Kahuna

IKF Promoter Randall Stephen Hall & The Big Kahuna in Jackson, Tennessee, USA completed another edition of IKF Amateur Kickboxing last Thursday night. Here are the nights results.

For more info on the event, contact Randall Hall at (731) 426-5297.


"Fairfield Fight Fest"
Fairfield, California, USA

This past Saturday night, June 24th, IKF Promoter Tim Stell hosted another edition of his "Fairfield Fight Fest" at the Allen Witt Center in Fairfield, California, USA.
The event featured amateur Muay Thai and one Amateur San Shou bout.

  1. Amateur MTR
    Michael Bravo
    of Roseville, California, USA (4-0/1, 162, 5'11", 18, 1-14-88, Dave Marinoble, (916) 786-0333)
    defeated Keyon Atkins of Modesto, California, USA (2-4, 163, 5'8", 23, 2-3-82, Gene Fields, (209) 579-5425) by unanimous decision, 30-27, 30-27 and 29-28.

  2. Amateur MTR
    Florian Choukroun
    of San Francisco, California, USA (4-1/0, 152, 6', 20, 7-15-85, Fairtex, (415) 777-5888) has been visiting from Switzerland to train at the Fairtex camp. Tonight he fought out of the Fairtex camp and
    defeated John Chen of Milpitis, California, USA (2-1/0, 152, 5'10", 21, 4-16-85, Tony Chen, (510) 504-5393) by majority decision, 28-29, 28-29 and 29-28.
    This may have been the most action packed bout of the night and should have been placed closer to the Main Event because it seemed like the Main Event fight! Great fight guys!

  3. Amateur MTR
    John Corvinelli
    of South San Francisco, California, USA (1-0, 194, 5'10", 4-7-78, Mark Tubuso, (650) 871-5589)
    defeated Jeremy Marin of Roseville, California, USA (0-1, 187, 5'9", Dave Marinoble, (916) 786-0333) by unanimous decision 29-28, 30-27 and 29-28.

  4. Amateur MTR
    Justin Dong
    of Milpitis, California, USA (3-2/2, 147, 5'11", 21, 2-20-85, Tony Chen, (5100 504-5393)
    defeated Kyle Rideau of South San Francisco, California, USA (0-2, 150, 5'7", 20, 5-16-86, Mark Tubuso, (650) 871-5589) by TKO when Rideau could not answer the bell for round 2.
    From what we found out, he had dislocated his elbow near the end of the round.

  5. Amateur MTR
    Matt Fisher
    of Roseville, California, USA (1-0/0, 207, 5'10", 26, Dave Marinoble, (916) 786-0333)
    defeated Dennis Klomp of Turlock, California, USA (0-1/0, 210, 6', 29, 1-31-77, Gene Fields, (209) 669-8522) by majority decision, 28-28, 29-27 and 29-27.

  6. Amateur MTR
    Mark Jimenez
    of San Francisco, California, USA (2-0/0, 136, 5'7", 20, 12-3-85, Kru Sam, (415) 333-3496)
    defeated Carlos Saenz of South San Francisco, California, USA (0-1, 136, Mark Tabuso, (650) 871-5589) by unanimous decision, 30-27 on all three judges cards.

  7. Amateur MTR
    Dino Pagtakhan
    of San Francisco, California, USA (3-2/1, 159, 5'7", 28, 12-21-77, Fairtex, (415) 777-5888)
    defeated Sean Quinn of Concord, California, USA (1-2/0, 154.5, 5'11", 20, 11-14-85, George Tsutsui, (925) 934-9898) by TKO at #34 seconds into round 1.

  8. Amateur MTR
    Ken Kang
    of Milpitis, California, USA (6-1/2, 143, 5'9", 23, 4-10-83, Tony Chan, (510) 504-5393)
    defeated Chris Aldea of San Francisco, California, USA (5-6/2, 149, 5'8", 26, 6-8-80, Fairtex, (415) 777-5888) by Knock Out at 1:24 of round 1.

  9. Amateur San Shou
    Duncan Duffin
    of San Jose, California, USA (11-4/3, 135.5, 5'6", 36, 6-27-69, Cung Le, (408) 729-4468)
    defeated Owen Zhang of Milpitis, California, USA (3-1/0, 131, 5'6", 19, 2-10-86, Tony Chen, (510) 504-5393) by TKO at 1:59 of round 2 after Zhang expressed he injured his ankle and could not continue.

For more info contact Mr. Tim Stell at (707) 290-8192 or by e-mail by clicking ltdkickboxing@yahoo.com


"4th Annual Battle At The Jambaloya Capitol"
Gonzales, Louisiana, USA

By IKF & ISCF Associate Representative Michael Gordon: First time IKF & ISCF Promoter Donald Mayeaux hosted his first IKF & ISCF Sanctioned event, "4th Annual Battle At The Jambaloya Capitol" this past Saturday, June 24th at the St. Amant High School Gym in Gonzales, Louisiana, USA. Approximately 5 to 600 fans were in attendance for the 9 bout fight card. The only "Hick-Up" for the event was when a severe thunder storm moved through the area causing the venue to lose power. This outage put the show two hours behind and hurt attendance but after the delay, those still in there were all ready to "Bring It ON!" Here are the nights results below.

  1. Bantamweight Kickboxing
    Nick Geautreau vs Brantley Wilson
    Geautreau who was a last minute fill in replacing Ben Poole approved by Steve Miller won by TKO 1:51 in the first round when Wilson was unable to continue after a body shot grounded him. Wilson was on his feet for the 8 count but did not want to continue.

  2. Middleweight MMA
    Josh Fontenot vs Charles Moe
    Fontenot won by submission with a rear naked choke at 1:48 of the first round.

  3. Lightweight Kickboxing
    Dustin Carbajal vs David Deville
    This bout was stopped by the fight doctor due to a cut caused by an incidental head but. This bout was ruled a no contest. Carbajal was ahead on the score cards.

  4. Bout 4 was to be a Welterweight MMA bout between Mark Hinson vs Alex Jumonville. Hinson was at weigh-ins and the pre fight doctors check. He remained in the venue up until the lights went out. Apparently he left the venue with no notice to the Promoter or any of the Promoters staff. No fighters, staff members or any other event personnel were given permission to leave. Through the night the Promoter made several attempts to contact Hinson to get him to return but kept getting his voicemail. Hinson didn't return any calls.

  5. Light Heavyweight Kickboxing
    Antoine Gardner vs Aaron Nickoson
    Gardner won by split decision
  6. Welterweight MMA
    Matt Geautreau vs Wesley Suncheefor
    Due to some miscommunication in regards to this bout that occurred during round 1, this bout has been ruled a "No Contest" by the ISCF.

  7. Heavyweight Kickboxing
    Nick Davine vs Jason Horne
    Davine was down early in the first round from a roundhouse kick that landed to the head. When the same kick was landed in the second round Davine was unable to meet the ten count.
    Jason Horne wins by KO at 1:12 of the second round.

  8. Light Heavyweight MMA
    Keith Strickland vs Brandon Phillips
    Although Strickland controlled the fight on the ground and would take Phillips down at will, the bout was stopped by the fight doctor due to a cut on the eyelid of Strickland, awarding Phillips the win by TKO.

  9. Welterweight Kickboxing
    Adam Verret vs Calvin Miller
    Calvin Miller won by unanimous decision

Further notes about the show. Ben Poole was to fight Brantly Wilson. Poole's trainer called two hours before weigh-ins and informed the Promoter that Poole had to deal with some personal issues from the night before the event and was not going to be able to fight. Guy Girouard called on Wednesday and informed the promoter that he was unable to fight. The reason being he had taken a fight on the previous Saturday and got injured (broken ribs) on the show. He had a firm commitment with this promoter for his event for two months in advance, took a short notice fight on the weekend before this commitment and got injured. With the very short notice the promoter was unable to replace him and lost the entire fight. He was to fight Brandon Warr. Girouard has been suspended for his action of booking an additional bout after his commitment inside 30 days prior to this event.

For more info contact Mr. Donald Mayeaux at (225) 673-2046 or by e-mail at americanwarrior@eatel.net


The FALSE & Malicious
Rumors Need To Stop...
Or Our Sport Will!

There is no room for petty politics in this sport. However, sometimes, people need to make public responses in regards to false rumors that are being talked about. This response or defense is needed because some tend to believe such rumors to be true. The air here needs to be cleared so that we can all move forward. We apologize for bringing those of you not involved into all this but we have no way of knowing who all the people this particular rumor has reached, so we determined it best to have the following post made here.

Yesterday a person named David posted on the Kickboxing Message Board the Thread entitled, Are the Nationals going to happen this year? Here below are David's questions and our responses as posted yesterday, June 28th:



We want to Thank David for bringing up these question on the Kickboxing Message Board. After the posting of our responses yesterday, several trainers and fighters have called us to thank us for the reply and that they will now rush in their registration papers.

This was because these people were told by a certain person some comments lead to be true about this years IKF Tournament. This person, who's name needs not to be mentioned, said, and we will quote, "Man I think the IKF is cancelling their tournament" or "I think that IKF tournament was cancelled."

This action is an ultimate "Low Blow" by someone who would like to see this event fail for his own happiness or personal gain. In doing so, this person jeopardized the success of this event, and also jeopardized the opportunity of many amateur fighters who planned to "Walk The Walk" and take home one of the 2006 IKF World Classic Championship Belts!

However, now Thanks to David's question, the IKF was able to shut down this rumor and get back to the work associated with making this event, like the "Seven" others before it, the Largest Amateur Kickboxing Tournament and the most prestigious of its kind. We hope others here who may have heard the same comments will now continue to move forward and..."Walk The Walk" at this years 2006 IKF World Classic.

FRIDAY, June 23rd, 2006, AT 11:40 AM, PT

For Tonight's Knuckle Up Event At Cowboy's
Cobb County's Building Inspector Puts Stop To Show!
Kennesaw, Georgia, USA

Special From knuckle Up Productions, 11:36 AM-PST:
Due to situations beyond our control tonight's Knuckle Up MMA show at Cowboys is cancelled. Effective at 12noon today our venue, "Cowboys" had their Certificate of Occupancy pulled by Cobb County's Building Inspector due to massive amounts of violations of the "life safety code".

Knuckle Up was completely unaware of any issued between Cobb County and Cowboys until 10:AM today. Knuckle Up executives were present in a meeting with Attorneys for both Cobb County and Cowboys as well as Cobb Counties Building Inspectors and Fire Inspectors. After listening to all parties involved it was very clear that Cowboys was not a safe place for us to host our Fans and Fighters.

We apologies for any disappointment or inconvenience this is sure to cause but we are committed to rescheduling this event at another date a location yet to be determined.

In the event that you purchased advanced tickets or tables they will be honored at our next event. If you want to be refunded your money we will make that possible late next week at one of our locations once we collect and audit all pre-sales. Please check back for updates at www.KnuckleUpMMA.com or www.KnuckleUpFitness.com

ISCF: You can also check for updates here on the ISCF News Page or our Events page

For More Info Contact Mr. Chris Stolzman at (404) 247-5494 or cstolzman@velocitykickboxing.com



Pure Force III
"Maximum Impact"

On Friday night June 16th, HCX Mixed Martial Arts and Standing Ground Entertainment hosted non-stop ISCF Mixed Martial Arts and IKF Muay Thai Kickboxing action on their Pure Force III "Maximum Impact" event at the Tinley Park Convention Center in Tinley Park, Illinois.

Here are the nights results below:

  1. Junior Lightweight Muay Thai
    Anthony Fearn of HCX MMA defeated Michael Reid of Olympic Arena by unanimous decision, 30-27, 30-27, and 30-28.

  2. Light Middleweight Muay Thai
    Jason Mool defeated Steven Soum by KO at 1:19 of Round 1.

  3. Lightweight MMA
    Johnna Williams of Carlson Gracie Team defeated John Schaeffer of HCX MMA by Tap to exhaustion at 3:10 of Round 2.

  4. Middleweight Muay Thai
    David Dick of Team Nobody defeated Nam Do of Peoria Athletic Club by Majority Decision, 28-28, 29-27, 30-26)
  5. Cruiserweight International Rules
    Steven Galli of Pekin MA Academy defeated Greg Johnson of HCX MMA by TKO at 1:54 of Round 3.

  6. Light Heavyweight MMA
    Chris Hogan of Carlson Gracie Team defeated Rodney Petermichel of Team Shockwave by Tap to strikes at 1:28 of Round 1.

  7. Light Heavyweight International Rules
    Rob Morrow of HCX MMA defeated Tyler Lair of Pekin MA Academy by TKO at 1:30 of Round 3.

  8. Lightweight Muay Thai
    Rob Menigoz of Olympic Arena defeated Danny Geise of Kil's TKD & Kickboxing by KO at 1:44 of Round 1.

  9. Light Heavyweight MMA
    Anthony Gomez of Carlson Gracie Team defeated William "Bill" Mayer of Team Damage by Referee stoppage due to strikes at 1:00 of Round 1.

  10. Middleweight MMA
    Leo Perez of Double Tap Fight Crew defeated Quinton McCottrell of HCX MMA by Triangle Choke at 3:04 of Round 1.

  11. PRO MMA:
    Billy Stamp of Peoria Athletic Club defeated Joe Spiker of Midwest Jiu-Jitsu by KO at 2:11 of Round 2.

For more info please contact Mr. Brian Thompson at HCX Mixed Martial Arts and Standing Ground Entertainment (815) 557-1734 or go to www.pureforcemma.com

THURSDAY, June 22nd, 2006, AT 12:15 PM, PT


At The Big Kahuna

IKF Promoter Randall Stephen Hall & The Big Kahuna in Jackson, Tennessee, USA are once again ready to "Bring it ON" with more IKF Amateur Kickboxing tonight. Here is the fight line up for tonights event below;

For more info on the event, contact Randall Hall at (731) 426-5297.


Knuckle Up Productions Presents
Kennesaw, Georgia, USA


"Fairfield Fight Fest"
Fairfield, California, USA


Donald Mayeaux Presents
"4th Annual Battle At The Jambaloya Capitol"
Gonzales, Louisiana, USA

TUESDAY, June 20th, 2006, AT 4:10 PM, PT

Arkansas Welcomes IKF & ISCF At
Champions of the Rock
July 8th - Little Rock Arkansas, USA

IKF Arkansas, USA
July 8th is upon us and those in Little Rock are hoping to crush the barrier of Kickboxing and MMA in their state. For the first time the IKF and ISCF will be sanctioning their first event in the state of Arkansas. "We are hoping for a good show that will hopefully break that barrier." Said event promoter and long time IKF supporter David Oudthone.

The event is entitled, "Champions of the Rock" and will be held at the Clear Channel Metroplex in Little Rock Arkansas. As of today the following bouts are confirmed:

  1. Kelly Leo, Current IKF Pro FCR East Coast Super Heavyweight Champion
    VS Mo Fawzy of New York in a modified Muay Thai (K-1 Style) Professional Bout.

  2. Zack George 2003 IKF North American Amateur Tournament Champion and 2003 IKF/TKO USA National Amateur Tournament Champion trained by Scott "Conan" Mincey
    VS Danny Rodriquez undefeated in MMA action fighting in a pro ISCF MMA bout.

  3. Thomas Gregory
    VS James Woods making their MMA debut.

  4. Geoff Porter, Local hero
    VS Garrett Johson out of the Scott "Conan" Mincey Fighting Gym in a Full Contact Rules bout.

  5. Jerry Keefer, Local police officer out of Team Prathet Thai
    VS Patrick Greene out of Houston, Texas fighting in a Modified Muay Thai Rules bout.

  6. Jordan Smith, 2004 IKF Tournament Champion out of Team Prathet Thai
    VS Ethan Epperson of Little Rock Arkansas in a International Rules bout.

  7. The first Female MMA bout in Arkansas! Kathrine "Kat" Johnson of Atlanta Georgia
    VS Autumn Burtnett, local hero out of Waldron Arkansas Fighting.

  8. Kayla Oudthone, Current IKF Central Regional Champion and 2005 IKF NAC Tournament Champion and local Superstar from the Team Prathet Thai Camp in Jacksonville, Arkansas
    VS Ashley Altman of Atlanta Georgia in an exciting International Rules bout.

If you know of a camp that can match-up a fighter vs following fighters, please have them call or email Promoter David Oudthone at (501) 541-6681 or by e-mail at oudieman@hotmail.com

For more info please contact Mr. David Oudthone at (501) 541-6681 or by e-mail at oudieman@hotmail.com


IKF World Champ
Fernando Calleros
To Fight In Japan!

Current IKF World Champion Fernando Calleros of El Paso, Texas, USA will be going to Japan to take on Kozo Takeda in a K-1 Super Fight. This will be a rematch between these two. Kozo defeated Calleros by decision back in 1996. Since then Kozo won a World Muay Thai Title in Thailand at the famous Rajadamen Stadium and was the runner -up in the K-1 Tournament in 2002.

However Callaros also won a World Title. He won his IKF Pro IR Super Welterweight World Title on June 26th, 2000 when he defeated Miguel Reyes of Tijauana, Baja CA, Mexico, by unanimous decision, 96-92, 97-91 and 97-91 in Sacramento California, USA. Callaros has never been challenged for his title so he has kept it ever since.

Callaros is thankful to K-1 USA Promoter Scott Coker who helped him set up the rematch. "It's only 2 weeks notice, but I'm in pretty good shape and I have won 3 of my last 4 comeback fights." Said Callaros.

REVISED By The IKF On 6-27-06:
The fight Callaros lost was to a very tough and well known English fighter, George Pattison. The bout was for the WKU World Title. Malcolm Martin, a much respected editor of four of the UK's martial arts magazines was at ringside. He had Pattison 3 rounds ahead. Many other top coaches and judges present on the night were all in agreement. This was a close fight and Callaros fought tough, but Pattison worked constantly for every second of every round.Callaros also had trouble getting in his required kicks, missing them in several rounds.

Callaros himself thought there were some questionable calls though. In round 3, Callaros landing what he thought was a solid spinning back kick. Referee Andy Hill stepped between the two fighters and paused the bout and Callaros thought he was going to give Pattison an 8 count. Instead, according to sources, Hill saw it as a low kick and did not gave a standing 8 count.

A few moments later Hill stepped between the two fighters again, but this time it was to warn Callaros for an illegal back fist strike. The event Promoter, Mr. Colin Payne added, "It was a close fight, that's what you get with two of the best fighters in the world."

The decision was merited and certainly not the result of any 'home town bias' which was the news we were given in a previous fight report. We felt it important to make it clear that Pattison is indeed a great fighter, as is Callaros, but on this day, Pattison was the better of the two, We would also like to add that referee Andy Hill is one of the most active and best referees in the united Kingdom and he made no bad calls during this match-up. Callaros himself said, "I lost a very close 12 round decision against probably the best super welterweight, 6'2", full contact fighter I have ever fought, George Pattison is a great fighter!"

Congratulations to Pattison for his win and let's hope it will be Callaros day in Japan in a few weeks.



IKF England
Ferneham Hall, Fareham, England

This past Sunday, 18th June at the Ferneham Hall in Fareham, England, new IKF Promoter Luke Carter put on a fantastic show! Being his first event, you would expect some problems here and there, but if you were watching, you would have never believed it was his first. The venue (being sold out), the fight card and Carter himself were First Class! On top of all this the fight of the night left everyone asking "When is the return?"
We will keep you posted on this! Below are the nights results:

  1. Kickboxing 3 x 2.
    Josh Hawker v Dean Barker
    Decision Draw.

  2. Kickboxing 3 x 2.
    Taylor Brown v Ben Heap
    Decision Draw.

  3. Kickboxing 3 x 2.
    Lee Fowgies v Mark Knotman
    Winner Knotman by unanimous decision.

  4. Kickboxing 3 x 2.
    Trevor Soko v Paul Douglas
    Winner Soko by majority decision.

  5. Kickboxing 3 x 2.
    Gordon Childs V Mark Buckett
    Winner Childs by majority decision.

  6. Kickboxing 3 x 2.
    John Smith v Nigel Thomas
    Nigel Thomas won by KO.

  7. Kickboxing 3 x 2.
    This was the fight of the night! Martine Belque vs Zarina Vidate
    This is what you call a fight of the night with both girls totally committed to win.
    The crowd was in uproar as both fighters give there all.
    Not only was the crowd wondering who won, the judges were also undecided as the fight ended in a draw.
    Look out for the return. Respect to both fighters.

  8. Kickboxing 3 x 2.
    James Cormick v Chris Couch
    Winner Cormick by unanimous decision.

  9. Kickboxing 3 x 2.
    Jon Heaty v Bret Argile
    Winner Heaty by 1st round stoppage.

  10. Kickboxing 3 x 2.
    Bill Watts v Dillion White
    Winner White, Watts retired 3rd round

MONDAY, June 19th, 2006, AT 5:00 PM, PT

Rage At The Radisson!
Ultimate Boxing and Kickboxing

Special To The IKF:
This past Friday night (June 16th, 2006) the Sacramento, California Radisson Hotel started the Fourth of July fireworks off early! All in attendance witnessed some exciting boxing and kickboxing action and everyone seemed to leave asking one question...when is the next one? This writer does not have that answer just yet, here's hoping it will be soon! This was one of the smoothest events to date promoted by Roseville's Uppercut Promotions headed by Nasser Niavaroni, a world class trainer for boxing and kickboxing. The event was in association with A. K. Promotions' Triple F Kickboxing Entertainment.

Navaroni was psyched for weeks trying to hold things together as he had to patch up several last minute dropouts. But to his credit, he never gave up and in the end had a very successful show in regards to the exciting matches that were presented! Unfortunately, he was not able to repair the fight of his prize pupil "The Hitman" Eric Reagan, who's opponent gave such short notice that he would not be available for the fight, Niavaroni had no time to replace him. The fact that Reagan is a world class boxing contender sporting a record of 25-2 with 18 KO's and an undefeated record of 24-0 in Kickboxing, its not the easiest task to find him an opponent. However, Niavarroni is vowing to get an opponent for the 6'3" Reagan in the next event! (date to be announced soon.)

Moreover, popular MMA fighter and Sacramento native Nick Dias was suppose to fight in his second boxing match but injured his hand weeks before. IKF Super Welterweight Amateur Kickboxing Champion Christian Gonzales of San Francisco, California had an on the job injury that was bad enough for him to pull out early in the matching of the event. We know for sure that both of these fighters are true champions and will be back in the fight arena soon! We await their return! "Its the fight business and these things happen" said Niavaroni. His profound understanding of the aforementioned statement is the reason he is resilient in his approach to never give up!

Niavaroni was also vowing the event would kick off on time and all fights would run consecutively ...he was successful again! All night, from start to finish, the ring was filled with action and the crowd seemed to love each and every minute!

The evening started with a beautiful rendition of the National Anthem performed by Sacramento's 16 year old rising star Alexis Whitherspoon! What a voice! Her performance set the stage for what was to be an exciting evening of boxing and kickboxing mania! We would also like to thank Alexis' mom Mrs. Bobbie Hammond Witherspoon for assisting with the excellent photography! She may now be seeking a new career!...

As mentioned in an earlier article, the serious tone and the top conditioning at the weigh-in of all the fighters gave hint of a silent rage building in each of the combatants as they prepared to battle the following evening. It was evident last night as the rage presented its self in the fury of each kick and punch thrown with bad intentions!

The first fight of the evening featured two novice fighters. The fight crowd really enjoyed the match as both men gave their best, landing nice punches and kicks to the head and body, but in the end John Duenas of Antioch, California pushed the envelope a little harder and won a unanimous decision, 29-28, 29-28 & 30-27 over South San Francisco, California's Kyle Rideau.

Next, the heavyweights took center stage as big, cool and collected Jim Chapman of San Jose, California who has fought on this card several times, came out to take care of business like a pro. In fact his demeanor and actions are in many ways like that of a pro although he only has a total boxing and kickboxing record of 7-0. It may not be long before we hear an announcement from Jim... but we will see. Jim took on the 'dreaded' Josh Goessling of Sanoma, California. Not so dreaded because of his decent fighting skills but more so because he wore dreadlocks that touches his hips! It was kind of intriguing to watch the match wondering how the fight would be affected by the hair. Overall, it was not much of a hindrance but the big hair could have added to his fatigue as he was badly winded from the big uppercuts to the head and knees to the body from Chapman resulting in a stoppage by referee Dan Stell at :30 seconds of round 3.

Trainer George Tutsui of Concord, California is one of the most confident trainers in the area and knows in his fighter's ability. We are sure that confidence comes from the fact that Tutsui was a former world kickboxing champion with massive skills. George knows that his fighters are good and well trained and will let you know in private that his guys are the guys to beat. This night would be different! Julian Bowers is one of the nicest guys you would ever want to meet. He's very personable and eager to fight...perhaps too eager! All of this is good but for one problem. His opponent, newcomer to the area Josh Rossi of Santa Rosa, California, trains out of Napa, California and is also a super nice guy and very eager to fight. To add to this, both guys looked as though they lived in the gym with chiseled abs and biceps to boot! They were ready! When the bell sounded, it was Rossi that came at Bowers like a bull in a china cabinet! Although, a little limited in skills, this guy knows how to fight and placed punches and kicks as needed! Bowers never got a chance to show the highly technical skills he processes. At 1:15 of round 1, the fight would be over as Rossi landed a hard hook to the head of Bowers dropping him! Bowers attempted to stand but staggered badly showing the referee that he was too hurt and could not continue! The crowd enjoyed the action and erupted as the stoked Rossi encouraged them to do so! One would guess we will see more of Rossi in coming events!

Finally, it was time for the rematch! Dave Dennison of Santa Rosa, California was on a mission! He came to weigh-ins sporting his mohawk and serious attitude to let everyone know that he was there to avenge his lost to the talented Luke Riddering of San Luis Obispo, California. In digression, Riddering is the real deal! You must see this guy in action! Highly skilled, Super nice and clearly loves to fight! His boyish looks are very...very deceiving but one thing is for sure, we are looking at a future champion if he continues on his quest! We've remarked in previous articles that IKF Champion Christian Gonzales has the IT factor and still believe this is true... Well, we've found another one! There are a lot of good fighters out there but few who have the IT factor that will give them a presence in and out of the ring that screams CHAMPION...that's Cool Luke!

Dennison came into the fight with bad intentions as he was the aggressor throughout the bout. However, he constantly ran into left hooks and flying knees to the body! In fact, earlier Luke what was asked of his plan for the fight and he said Plan A was to get another devastating knockout as he did in the first fight when he landed a perfect round kick to the head of Dennison knocking him cold! People are still talking about that KO today! Plan A did not work in part because Dennison probably had it in the back of his mind. However, later in the fight, Riddering would land kicks to the head of Dennision but did not get the same result but delighted the enthusiastic crowd! In the end, Dennison had to again go home with a loss, at least this time he went the distance losing a Unanimous Decision, 30-27, 29-28 & 30-27. Riddering is now poised to fight for a title soon and we hope that we can bring that fight in the next Ultimate Boxing and Kickboxing Event in Sacramento. However, if Luke wants to "Solidify" his "IT Factor" status, there is truly only ONE place to do so. To "Walk The Walk" at the IKF World Classic next month in Iowa... Let's hope he makes the trip.

The main event of the evening featured talented Pro boxer Otis Griffin (13-1-2) of Sacramento, California. Griffin took on the very cagey and tough Mike Word (3-2-2) of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Word was the "Word!" was No joke!

This guy can fight and he kept Griffin's fans at the edges of their seats throughout the eight round fight as he landed hard body shots and a few good right hands to the head of Griffin! This was a true test for Griffin and showed that although he came to fame by winning Oscar De La Hoya's Next Great Champ Reality TV Show...he is the real deal! Otis can fight too! He seems to be getting better as time goes on. Fast hands, good technique and always in great shape, he will be a force to reckoned with in the coming months! All of the aforementioned skills allowed Griffin to maintain control of the entire fight! Slipping and countering, he gave true account of his full boxing arsenal! Griffin won the tough fight with a Unanimous Decision. The world of boxing should take notice of this fight because Mike Word was for real and Griffin handled him!

Kickboxing fights were matched by A. K. Promotions' - Triple "F" Kickboxing Entertainment. For more information contact Johnny Davis at (916) 205-4762 or by e-mail at johnnyd@akpromotions.org or go to www.AKPromotions.org Special Thanks to sponsors Silvarado Building Material of Sacramento, California.

FRIDAY, June 16th, 2006, AT 1:45 PM, PT

Ultimate Boxing & Kickboxing
Fighters Take Weigh-Ins Seriously...
And Are Ready to Go!

Special From AK Promotions:
There is no doubt that the fights tonight at the Radisson Hotel in Sacramento will be awesome! All fighters scheduled to do battle made their agreed weight last night at the official weigh-ins and are ready to "Bring It On!"

All of them had an anxious edge as they seemed confident that they would win their matches...of course - that was until they saw their opponent... In an instant expressions of confidence loomed at a distance and went to more of a lets wait and see attitude.

All of them saw their opponents come in looking ready and fit! All of them will need to definitely bring their "A" game. Well, "A games" are what makes a great night of fight entertainment as we are expecting this evening!

At right, WBO Special Champion and Main Event for tonight's (Boxing) fights, Otis Griffin of Sacramento, CA takes a pose with kickboxing matchmaker Johnny Davis. (Above Right). Griffin had no trouble making his weight and said "he's ready to go and wants to make quick work of his opponent!"

His opponent Mike Word (Above Left) makes his official weight as California Commission representative Mr. Bobby Ponzio examines scales for accuracy. If you have not made plans to attend...you should come out and enjoy this local evening of exciting boxing and kickboxing!

Here is how the Kickboxing card is scheduled as of weigh-ins last night

Kyle Rideau of South San Francisco, California (144, 5-7", 0-0, trained by Tubsco Kickboxing) will face off against John Duenas of Antioch, California (144, 5'8", 0-0, trained by Guila's Kickboxing ) in an International 'Low Kick' Rules Bout.

Jim Chapman of San Jose, California (200, 6'1", 4-0/1 trained by American Kickboxing Academy) will meet up against Josh Goessling of Sonoma California, (200, 6'4", trained by McFarlands Kickboxing) in an Amateur Muay Thai bout.

Julian Bowers of Concord, California (165, 5'11", 21, trained by George Tutsui) will meet up against Josh Rossi of Napa, California (165, 5'10", 5-1, trained by McFarland Kickboxing) in another Muay Thai match-up.

The big kickboxing bout for the night will be a rematch between Dave Dennison of Santa Rosa, California (175, 5'11", 11-10 trained by Billy Olsen) and Luke Riddering of San Luis Obispo, California (175, 5'10", 6-0 trained by John Hackleman).

Rounding out this exciting night of action will be several Professional Boxing matches featuring top contender Otis Griffin of Sacramento, California. Griffin was the winner of Oscar De La Hoya- Next Great Champ Reality TV Show!

Also on the Pro Boxing card will be
James Jefferson Vs Branden Mahoney
Andrey Kim Vs Alex Perez
Yohnny Perez Vs Daniel Quevedo

The Kickboxing fights were matched by A. K. Promotions' - Triple "F" Kickboxing Entertainment. For more information contact Johnny Davis at (916) 205-4762 or by e-mail at johnnyd@akpromotions.org or go to www.AKPromotions.org - Tickets available at at the Door! Doors opens at 7:PM- Fights start at 7:30.

THURSDAY, June 15th, 2006, AT 7:45 PM, PT


Pure Force III
"Maximum Impact"

This Friday night June 16th, get ready for another great night of MMA and Muay Thai action featuring some of the hardest hitting fighters in the Midwest. Pure Force III "Maximum Impact" will amaze and entertain you with non-stop Mixed Martial Arts and Muay Thai Kickboxing bouts. Pure Force III will feature over 10 bouts, plus an amazing Pro-Main Event Featuring The Professional Debut of Joe Spiker. Joe has made his mark as an amateur fighter and is now ready to prove to the pros he has what it takes to get to the top. Spiker will be testing his skills against a very strong opponent in his debut, when he faces the dangerous Billy Stamp who is an MMA vet.

Gyms will include HCX International, Olympic Arena, Iron Academy, Carlson Gracie Team, Peoria Athletic Club, Pekin Martial Arts, Kil's Taekwondo and Kickboxing, Team Damage, Team Shockwave, Team Takedown, KTAP Fighting, Michigan Sports Camp, and more. This ISCF Mixed Martial Arts and IKF Muay Thai Kickboxing event will be held at the Luxurious Tinley Park Convention Center Located at 18501 S. Harlem Ave. Tinley Park, IL 60477. The After Party will be held at Bananas Bar and Grill within the Holiday Inn Select at the same address.

For Tickets Call (815) 730-3800 For More Info and Seating Chart, Logon to www.pureforcemma.com


No Xclusions, Inc. Presents
Jacksonville, Florida, USA


Uppercut & A.K. Promotions Present
Sacramento, California, USA



Should Pro Muay Thai
Do More Than 5 Rounds?

And More To Think On...

The arguments of "Tradition" will always weigh strong whenever any change is suggested. However, change has also improved things around the world. The question on the table today has to do with the number of rounds a fighter can or should fight. Tradition from Thailand have showed us that Muay Thai was made to be a 5 round fight. A 5 round fight with 3 minute rounds and 2 minute rests. However, some time ago, someone "Invented" the term, "Modified Muay Thai". ??? When many of us first heard the term we thought, "So it's SORTA Muay Thai... but it's not?"

Modified Muay Thai allowed fighters who wanted to use their knees, but not their elbows. still say they were fighting "Muay Thai". Traditional Muay Thai fighters , trainers and supporters were probably as angered by the word "Modified" as much as many of us here were with the phrase "Cardio Kickboxing".(See The END is NEAR for FAKE Kickboxing Schools!)

Traditionally, Muay Thai "IS" Muay Thai. However, if several want to "Lesson" the weapons of this traditional art of fighting, why not extend the action? Modified Muay Thai has many now calling it "K-1 Rules". Name recognition is always important and if the words Muay Thai don't work, K-1 might. In K-1 Rules, the clinches are the big difference and depending on who's saying what, the use of knees and elbows very as well.

With this being said, lets go back to the number of rounds question. If we are a promoter and we schedule a "Modified" Muay Thai or K-1 Rules bout that has say, no elbows, no clinching and only 2 minute rounds, why not extend the rounds to say 10 for a World title fight, as is the case now for International Rules? We ask this because the "Less Rounds" argument for Muay Thai was solely based upon how tired a fighter gets in the clinch, the length of the 3 minute round and the punishment they could take from knees and elbows. But take all of this away except the knees and what do you have?

In U.S. States like California, no elbows are allowed in any Kickboxing.... (Yet in MMA it's Ok... Go figure... We can address that in another article) So, if you have no elbows, limited or no clinching and 2 minute rounds, what would be wrong with seeing a 7, 8 or 10 round Muay Thai fight? Nothing is being done to change this right now, but the concept has been brought up to us here and in return, we would like to know what you think. As a traditional Muay Thai fighter or trainer, as well as a non Traditionalist. What are the pros and cons of such an idea? should we sanction some Muay Thai or Modified Muay Thai style fights that are more than 5 rounds just to see how it goes? What could it hurt? remember, we are only talking about professionals here, not amateurs.

But hey, since we brought up amateurs, who established the rule and why are amateurs only allowed to fight 5 rounds? Imagine some of the past great title fights we have seen and how they could have turned out if more than 5 rounds. OK, maybe that's asking a lot for a fighter who doesn't get paid, but it's just a thought. If we really want to open up the discussion, WHY is above the waist fighting called "Full Contact?" Isn't it ALL FULL CONTACT? Can't we come up with another name for it and if so, what would it be???

Well, these are some great topics for you guys to think about, but lets take it a step further and make productive use of the message board. we have started threads for the following topics and we hope you offer your thoughts on them all. Here are the threads and a direct link to them all below.

Muay Thai - More Than 5 Rounds?
This thread was started by admin for responses to the article on the News page about having some, "Modified" Muay Thai bouts longer than 5 rounds. We look forward to your thoughts and posts on this.

Amateur Bouts - More Than 5 Rounds?
This thread was started by admin for responses to the article on the News page about having some, Amateur bouts longer than 5 rounds. We look forward to your thoughts and posts on this.

Better Name For Full Contact?
This thread was started by admin for responses to the article on the News page about creating a new name for "Full Contact Rules Kickboxing". We look forward to your thoughts and posts on this.

WEDNESDAY, June 14th, 2006, AT 9:45 PM, PT

It's A Family Thing...
Han Champions From Texas Are Coming Back

As in every year of the big IKF Tournament, there are those who return to prove to the World that their victory was no fluke. To prove to their peers that they are indeed TRUE Champions. This year it will be no different and the first 2005 IKF Champions to return to "The Show" will be an entire family of Champions, the Han Family.

There has been some Great Champions come out of Texas. However Texas didn't bring home any IKF Tournament Gold until the 4th year of the Tournament. That year the Lone Star State welcomed home 7 Champions.

  • Edson Renteria, Plainview, Texas, USA, trained by Tommy Alcozer, won the FCR: Junior Welterweight: 70.1-75 lbs., 10-11 Year Olds Champion.
  • Aaron Rendon, Lockney, Texas, USA, trained by Tommy Alcozer, won the FCR: Light Atomweight: 100.1-105 lbs., 8-9 Year Olds Champion.
  • Randy Alcozer, Plainview, Texas, USA, trained by Tommy Alcozer, won the FCR: Flyweight: 115.1-120 lbs., 14-15 Year Olds Champion.
  • Jesse Martinez, Plainview, Texas, USA, trained by Tommy Alcozer, won the FCR: Super Lightweight: 135.1-140 lbs., 14-15 Year Olds Champion.
  • Cody Cook, Mansfield, Texas, USA, trained by World Champion Kickboxer and Boxer Troy Dorsey, won the FCR: Super Lightweight: 135.1-140 lbs., 16-17 Year Olds Champion.
  • Kornelija Numic, Dallas, Texas, USA, trained by Steve Goin, won the Woman's FCR: Light Welterweight: 137.1 lbs. - 142 lbs. Champion.
  • Doyle Gayler, Kaufman, Texas, USA, trained by Chuck Best, won the FCR: Light Welterweight: 137.1 lbs. to 142 lbs. Champion.

The magic continued for Texas in 2003 when 5 more Texas Fighters brought home IKF Gold.

  • John Vakidis defended his 2002 title as did Doyle Gayler, Kornelija Numic and Aaron Rendon.
  • The new Texas Champion that year was Jonathan Perez of Plainview, Texas, USA trained by Tommy Alcozar, who won the IR: Junior Flyweight 50.1-55 lbs. 8-9 Year Old Title.

In 2004 John Vakidis became a Three Time Tournament Champion. Sharing the Texas spotlight with him was Tommy Alcozar Jr. trained by his father Tommy Alcozar Sr. and Christopher Salinas who was also trained by Alcozar. However, as in the Super Bowl, "Dynasties" change. None of these fighters made it to the 2005 IKF Classic, but in their place were the New Stars of Texas. Hey everyone, meet the Han Family.

Last year, armed with tons of fight experience, all 4, Stephanie, Jennifer, Abraham and Heather entered the tournament. However, when all the matchmaking was complete, Jennifer (22) was left standing alone with no one to fight. As for the others, ALL THREE took IKF Titles home to Texas! So out of spite, lets just say chances were pretty good (As far as from what we saw the others do last year) that Jennifer would have followed in her family footsteps. As of today though, 2006 will be much different. More on Jennifer for 2006 below (First Match-up).

One thing to point out about this Family Team. Their respect, appreciation and self discipline they showed at last years Tournament really made them stand out! They didn't walk in as a bunch of "Tough-Guys" or "Tough Girls". They simply walked around with a welcoming smile on their face the entire weekend. However, when they stepped through the ropes, they were all Business! This is what we feel takes a Fighter to a Champion and a Champion to yet another level of respect among their peers.

This is how many of the fighters are at this event and we could not be more proud of ALL the Fighters! All of them each and every year work hard to earn the money it takes and make many personal sacrifices while training hard to show up to "Walk The Walk" and hope to bring home the Gold!

Will the Han's be the only fighters to Represent Texas in July in Iowa at the 2006 IKF World Classic? will we see Team Alcozar there again, or fighters from Troy Dorsey, Steve Goin or Chuck Best? Or will there be new trainers stepping up to "Walk The Walk" for the IKF World Classic Gold? We will all have to wait and see as we draw closer and closer to "The Show!"


At The 2006 IKF World Classic!

This year Jennifer Han won't have to worry about having a match or not. That's because she will meet up with the very first fighter to register this year, Cynthia Bress of Denver Colorado.

Han is 22, 5'5" and registered at 125 lbs. Bress is 26, 5'3" and also registered at 125 lbs. Both will meet up in the Woman's International Rules Lightweight Division.

Bress brings a record of 4-1 to the Tournament. Han on the other hand, like many of the Texas fighters we have encountered, brings a much more experienced record to the ring. Her amateur boxing record alone is listed at 86-16 while last year she listed her amateur kickboxing record at 85-4. Regardless of their records, as nearly everyone reading this knows, all records go to 0-0 when the fighters step through the ropes. Who knows, these two may not even meet... If more women register into their division, they could face other fighters first which means both would have to win to work their way to their potential meeting. Still, as we said above, we will all have to wait and see what happens as we draw closer and closer to

"The Show!"

Read more on Bress below in the article,


A Special Note To The Central East USA Region

As many here know, last weekend IKF Promoter Will Smith hosted the IKF Central East Regional. Will and all the others involved did a great job in organizing this Tournament on such a short notice. However, it wasn't so much the Tournament that we want to talk about here, since we already did below, but instead, a certain comment that keeps being brought up. It was again brought up by some individuals at this event and again, we were asked about it this week as we have been asked for the past several weeks. Because we are tired of responding to it, we feel we need to clear the air on it. This is NOT an attempt to bash anyone, it's just to make something VERY CLEAR since the comment is an outright false rumor that has been going around claiming we said or wrote in an article something we never did.

We never said "We don't need the East Coast Fighters" or "We don't want them at the IKF Tournament" or "We don't need those 30 fighters from the East." These rumors were started by someone when some back stage politics were being discussed between us here at the IKF, several individuals in the Central East and eventually, another tournament there, and it simply got out of hand.

What was said was that a certain person told us in an e-mail that others in the Central East region will do as he does and if he chooses not to go to the IKF World Classic Tournament, others will do as he does and won't either.

Our response in an article we did here this past April (A Look At The 2006 IKF WORLD CLASSIC) was more along the lines of;
"If this is true, and no one from the Central East come to the IKF event this year, than we will be about 30 fighters short this year."

We say "More along the lines" because the article was later edited since we saw no need for some of the things that were said in it. Still, No one here ever said we could care less about the estimated 30 fighters (a number used since over 30 fighters came from the Central East region last year), or the Central East Fighters or ANY Fighters for that matter. Lets be honest here, who in their right mind would EVER make such a statement? It would be regional Suicide and the Central East, like ANY region is very important to us here at the IKF and not just for this Tournament, but always! We care about ALL fighters. If not, why would we be doing this tournament for our 8th year in a row!

Lets all be honest here. Things get said in the heat of arguments and all of us involved are more than sorry for our differences, our actions as well as the damage that was done from it. It was unprofessional as well as physically and mentally destructive in many ways, especially when a few others were brought into the discussions that didn't need to be. This person said something in an e-mail and we said something in our article. Later, what we said was changed by someone as they spoke to people verbally, but not us. We think this needed to be said so this can end here and now. As for the other individuals who were involved in the political issues of all this, all of us have smoothed out our differences between us and we all now hope BOTH Tournaments, if not ALL Amateur Tournaments around the globe are supported by as many Amateur Fighters as possible and are all a great success For the Greater Good of the Sport!

The opportunities for Amateur Kickboxers are far more today than they were 8 years ago when we did the first ever IKF Tournament. Back then there were no Amateur Kickboxing Tournaments in the USA and only 1 in North America which was done by Trainer and promoter Mike Miles. This year the Amateur fighters around the Globe will have somewhere in the range of 5 or 6 Tournaments in North America alone they can attend if they can. Not to mention the other opportunities around the world.
Enough of the politics!
Lets all get back to work as we prepare to "Walk the Walk" and "Bring it ON!"
Or as Johnny says, "Forward March!"

TUESDAY, June 13th, 2006, AT 10:05 PM, PT

Gladiators Clash on Milwaukee's
"Festival of Fights" Supercard

Whitesel & Zuniga Crowned Gladiators Champions

ISCF Wisconsin

Gladiators Fighting invaded Milwaukee, Wisconsin's Ramada Convention Center Grand Ballroom Saturday evening, June 3rd, 2006, with a monster show of force called "Festival of Fights." IKF and ISCF Promoters Duke Roufus and Scott Joffe and their Gladiators Fighting "Festival of Fights" Celebrated an evening of Exceptional Athletes. The Gladiators Fighting Series put on another successful exhibition of the world's greatest combat sports.

In an exciting exhibition showcasing two of the world's most popular combat sports, Kickboxing and Mixed Martial Arts, fans witnessed what many are calling one of the best Gladiators fight cards ever.

On a star studded night every fighter let it all hang out in the squared circle in front of a loyal, boisterous Milwaukee crowd. From the under card through the main event, every bout was worth the price of admission and then some.

Orlando, Florida's Striker Productions was on hand filming the show for the Mayhem Fighting Series television and DVD properties. "The Ultimate Fighter - Season 1" reality show favorite and UFC Star Stephan Bonnar was in attendance to assist veteran commentator Jay Adams with calling the fights for Mayhem.

Seated ringside were former NFL defensive superstars Gilbert "The Gravedigger" Brown and Santana Dotson of the 1996 Super Bowl Champion Green Bay Packers, Joel Przybilla, the 7'1" center of the NBA's Portland Trailblazers (formerly of the Milwaukee Bucks) and actor/comedian Dustin Diamond, more commonly known as "Screech" from the hit television show "Saved by the Bell." All of the personalities took a turn as the third man in the broadcast booth and as the dvd will show, each did an exceptional job behind the mike.

To begin the evening of events with a bang, all amateur fights were outstanding. Those enjoying victory include: Eric Markgraf, Jon Eldridge, Mike "The Volt" Vaughn, and Adam "Bomb" Vander Veen.

The main card continued to please the crowd with an array of knockouts, submissions and hard fought battles making the judges decisions very challenging. The action was fast and furious in all bouts as fans watched the action live in the ring or on 1 of 8 video and plasma screens placed throughout the venue. This was an A-1 show from start to finish!

Two new Gladiator Champions were also crowned in Mixed Martial Arts and Kickboxing on this exciting night. Here are all the bout results below:

"Festival of Fights" was presented by John Ellenbecker's All Construction and Shepherd-Express.com and sponsored by the Branded Steer Restaurant, Cush Lounge, Euro Cafe Bar, Joey Buona's Pizzaria & Restaurant, On the Border, Share Chemical Corporation, Sunbusters, Tendercar, and US Beef.

For More Info Contact Mr. Duke Roufus at (414) 319-1151 or by e-mail at dukeroufus@wi.rr.com or go to www.GladiatorsKickboxing.com or www.GladiatorsFights.com


At The Big Kahuna

Anthony Maness, IKF Tennessee, Representative: IKF Promoter Randall Stephen Hall & The Big Kahuna in Jackson, Tennessee, USA once again provided IKF Kickboxing action last Thursday night. Here are the results from last weeks show and the fight line up for this Thursday nights show below them.

For more info on the event, contact Randall Hall at (731) 426-5297.

MONDAY, June 12th, 2006, AT 11:55 PM, PT


June 10th, 2006 - Durham, North Carolina, USA

IKF Durham North Carolina, USA
IKF Promoter Mr. Will Smith and his Vanguard Promotions staff presented the IKF Central North East Regional Seeding Tournament in Durham North Carolina at the beautiful Marriott Civic Center this past Saturday, on June 10th. This was the first time ever that an IKF Regional Tournament was held in Durham and in the state of North Carolina.

From the opening bell the Full Contact and International rules bouts were electrifying! We would like to thank all the Officials, fighters and spectators who came out to make this regional a success. It would be impossible to give credit to all of the folks who helped make this event a shinning success. First we would like to recognize the referees for this event, Mr. Ronnie Copeland and Mr. Lee Brennen. They impressed everyone with their professionalism and effectiveness as third men in the ring. A special thanks also goes out to Ms. Lori Burney who assisted with the bracketing and bout order. She successfully arranged all the bouts and got the fighters to the ring on time.

Of course we would like to give thanks and recognize the IKF Event Representative, Mr. Ray Thompson for a job well done. You just can't say enough good things about Mr. Thompson. He is a constant professional and a real attribute to the IKF and to the sport of kickboxing. Vanguard Promotions has made it clear that they look forward to working with him again on future events.

Last but not least, we want to thank IKF Regional Director and Promoter Mr. Will Smith for his hard work in putting this Tournament together in such a short notice.

Listed below are the results from the IKF Central North East Regional Seeding Tournament.

For more info please contact Mr. Will Smith at (919) 632-7242 or by e-mail at VanguardPro@nc.rr.com - For more info about this regional click HERE!



Memphis, Tennessee, USA

IKF Regional Promoter Jeff Mullen has completed his south Central regional Seeding Tournament. The event took place this past Saturday at the New Daisy Theater on Beale Street in "Elvis Town" Memphis, Tennessee, USA. Here are the results below.

For more info please contact Mr. Jeff Mullen At (901) 406-2460 or by e-mail at jmullen@memphis.edu For additional news about this regional click HERE!


Ultimate Boxing and Kickboxing Presents
Kickboxing & Boxing
Friday, June 16th - Sacramento, California, USA

IKF Promoters Nasser Niavaroni and Johnny Davis are all set for their June 16th show at the Radisson Hotel at 500 Leisure Lane in Sacramento, California, USA. The Main Event of the night will by a Professional boxing bout featuring winner of Oscar De La Hoya's "The Next Great Champ" reality TV show, Otis Griffin of Sacramento. Griffin's opponent is Marcus Parnell of Portland, Oregon.

The Main Event was suppose to feature former IKF North American Pro Champion Eric Regan (Right) against former IKF Amateur Champion and veteran of over 90 amateur fights (Last known amateur record to the IKF was 100-11), Tommy Alcozar Jr. (Below Left) of Texas. However last week Alcozar called Niavaroni and in so many words said "I will not be fighting, and I am pulling out of the bout." All this without a more legitimate reason to do so other than his opponent being Eric Regan.

Ok... So who could blame Alcozar for his decision. Making his Pro Debut against a fighter who is the former ISKA Professional Middleweight World Champion, former IKF Professional North American Champion, 2 Time IKF Amateur Champion with an overall kickboxing record of 24-0 with 22 wins by KO/TKO and to top it off, has a Pro boxing record of 26-2 with 17 KO/TKOs. OK... Maybe he has a good reason...

HOWEVER... The reality here is if he had ANY second thoughts he should have never signed the fight contract in the first place. It's not like Alcozar is a beginner either. Alcozar is a fighter with over 100 Amateur Kickboxing bouts and holder of multiple kickboxing titles himself.

His fight purse was a good offer too. Far more than most fighters receive in their Pro debut in boxing or kickboxing at $3,000 for 7 rounds. Still, the worst thing about this was the timing of Alcozar's decision. With his decision being so close to the event, Niavaroni and Davis could not find a replacement fighter in time leaving Regan alone in the ring. Lets hope Alcozar's last minute action to pull from this fight doesn't hurt him in future pro bookings. However, as the saying goes, "What's done is done and regardless, you can't unring a bell."

Promoters Niavaroni and Davis are now looking for an opponent for Regan for their august event. If anyone is interested, please contact Johnny Davis of Triple "F" Kickboxing Entertainment at Cell: (916) 205-4762, Office: (916) 435-5004 or at johnnyd@akpromotions.org or Nasser Niavaroni at (916) 606-3245 or (916) 782-4757.

The event will also feature cage fighter Nick Diaz who will be competing in his 2nd professional boxing bout along with the always exciting Andrey Kim showcasing his boxing talents.

SATURDAY, June 10th, 2006, AT 7:00 PM, PT

Seth Grabinsky
Is First From

Today Seth Grabinsky became the first Canadian fighter to register for the 8th Annual IKF Championship Tournament. Seth is trained by former IKF Amateur Champion and current Professional Super Welterweight fighter Trevor T.N.T. Smandych and both are from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Seth has registered into the Junior Boys 16-17 Muay Thai Rules division. At 132 lbs and 5'8" tall, he will be making his fighting debut at the tournament. Sound "Gutsy" to make his fighting debut at this tournament? surly enough, but also keep in mind that there have been "Several" fighters who made their debut at this tournament and ended up winning it all. Good luck Seth.

Smandych is trained by well known Muay Thai Trainer Mike Miles. The IKF Amateur titles he won were the IKF Amateur North American Welterweight Muay Thai Title which he won back on May 2nd, 1998 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada over Rey Amaya of Texas USA and the IKF Amateur Intercontinental Light Welterweight Muay Thai Title on November 7th, 1998 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada over Wittaya Sripave of Thailand.

FRIDAY, June 9th, 2006, AT 5:45 PM, PT

"Count Down"
Begins To The
2006 IKF World Classic
Amateur Kickboxing
Championship Tournament!

As all of us prepare for the "8th" Annual IKF Tournament, lets take a look at where we are today as well as a look into the past.

Today we are 21 days prior to the first Registration Deadline (June 30th) for this years 2006 IKF World Classic Amateur Kickboxing Championship Tournament!

We are now entering into our 3 week marathon to the first registration deadline which is June 30th. This is our busiest time of the year here at IKF Headquarters.

After the first deadline date passes, we have another "Marathon" of sign-ups. These are usually the fighters who wait to see who's in what division. We had announced earlier this year that we were not going to post the registration pages until the first deadline of June 30th. This was because several fighters and trainers had expressed their concern about fighters trying to "Dodge" certain opponents. However, after a meeting today about this issue, we made the decision to do as we have always done and made the page public today.

Here are some points to note...

During our 3 week marathon it's always fun to watch the number grow. Currently we have 4 Registered Fighters... Not to worry though if this number sounds low. The numbers we offered above will assure everyone, this is normal for this event. In a sense, we are already ahead of schedule with the current 4. Surpassingly, we would have more than 4 had it not been for us turning away 17 European fighters from three different countries and 4 others from the United States that we discovered were "PRO" Fighters. As we have always said to everyone, This is an AMATEUR Tournament! If you have ever fought as a Professional in Kickboxing, Boxing or Mixed Martial Arts, you will not be allowed to participate in this event.

To keep track of the Fighter Registrations as they grow, set the registration page (Found HERE) as a "Favorites" on your computer. The page will be updated at the very least, every 2-3 days, and often, daily. Sometimes several times a day. To see these numbers and other past Tournament Stats Click Here.


Every year we like to point out who was the "First" fighter to register for the tournament. This years first registered participant is Cynthia Bress of Denver, Colorado. Cynthia has registered into the 125 International Rules division. She trains at 3-D Martial Arts under Clarence Thatch. Thatch is well known to the IKF. We have known him as a trainer of Champions back in the 90's. He also trained well known fighter Duane Ludwig.

Ludwig was one of the first IKF Tournament Champions at the very first IKF Tournament in 1999. At that event, Ludwig fought in the Muay Thai Rules division as a Light Middleweight Division. In the event he defeated Rob Wiley of Omaha Nebraska by unanimous decision, 30-27, 29-28, 30-28. Ludwig went on to win World Titles in Kickboxing as well as MMA.

Cynthia has a fight record of 4 wins and only 1 loss so she already has a great start on her fighting career. Who knows, she too may soon be Thatch's next World Champion. Now that she's registered, we hope to see her and many of you in Iowa next month for the 8th Annual IKF Championship tournament.

The other 3 fighters all came from Missouri, USA and are trained by Frank Fischer. They are 3 Junior Fighters. Erich and Elle Fischer and Levi Littmann. All three are first time fighters and they are registered for Junior Full Contact Rules. Good luck to all 4 of you!!

And Tieing 2 Others In 2005!

Did you know that at last years 2005 IKF Tournament, there were "16" New Records set and two other tied? The question is not how many records will be broken in 2006, the real question is, "Who will be a part of the 'Class of 2006' and the new records that will be set this year?"
Here are all the new records set or tied last year;

  1. Total Registered Fighters: 270, breaking the old record of 265 set in 2001.
  2. Final Number Of Fighters Who Actually "FOUGHT" On Event: 240, breaking the old record of 220 set in 2004.
  3. Number Of Bouts Fought: 166, breaking the old record of 152 set in 2004.
  4. Wins By KO or TKO: 43, breaking the old record of 34 set in 2001.
  5. Total Title Bouts Fought: 70, breaking the old record of 61 set in 2002.
  6. Total Belts Awarded: 71, breaking the old record of 64 set in 2002.
  7. Total Junior Bouts: 60, tieing last years record.
  8. Junior Girl Fighters: 32, breaking the old record of 28 set in 2004.
  9. Junior Girls Bouts: 19, breaking the old record of 16 set in 2003 & 2004.
  10. Junior Boys IR Fighters: 22, breaking the old record of 14 set in 2004.
  11. Junior Girls IR Fighters: 21, breaking the old record of 13 set in 2004.
  12. Junior Girls MTR Fighters: 2. This was the first time we actually had 2 Junior Girls fight Muay Thai.
  13. Junior Boys Title Bouts: 20, tieing the 2004 record that previously broke the 2002 record of 18.
  14. Junior Girls Title Bouts: 13, breaking the old record of 10 set in 2004.
  15. Adult Men Fighters: 117, breaking the old record of 115 set in 2001.
  16. Adult Men's Bouts: 90, breaking the old record of 86 set in 2001.
  17. Adult Men's MTR Fighters: 42, breaking the old record of 30 set in 2001.
  18. Adult Women's Title Bouts: 11, breaking the old record of 10 set in 2001.

To check out all the stats from all the previous 7 IKF Tournaments, CLICK HERE!

Who Have The Champions Been?

Has anyone ever walked up to you and said, "Ya, I won the IKF tournament", and you wondered if they were telling you the truth? Well, we have a page that you can go to to find out if they were telling you the truth. Find out what States or countries have brought home the IKF Gold over the past 7 years by clicking HERE!

So far we have no "5 TIME" Tournament Champions, but we do have several "4 Time" Champions that include;
John Greubel of Martinez, Georgia, USA
Sarah Ross of Algonquin, Illinois, USA
Justin Lawerence of Pacific, Missouri, USA
Anthony McGaughey of Norman, Oklahoma, USA
Brent Hess of Alexandria, Virginia, USA
Nicole Hess of Alexandria, Virginia, USA

All of these fighters are still Amateur. Will one or several return to become the first in a class all their own? A "FIVE" Time IKF Tournament Champion? Let's wait and see...


Lets not forget where a lot of Champions begin their Journey... At the various IKF Regional Tournaments. This weekend, we have TWO Scheduled.
Here is all the info on these two events below...


Durham, North Carolina, USA


IKF North Carolina, USA: This Saturday, June 10th, VANGUARD PROMOTIONS PRESENTS the IKF Central East Regional tournament. IKF Regional Director, Mr. Will Smith and his promotional Team, will present yet another exciting day of IKF Championship Kickboxing at the Durham Marriott Civic Center in Durham, North Carolina, USA. As of press time, this year's Central East Regional already has over 60 registered fighters. The event will accept Amateur fighters in 2 IKF Rule styles, Full Contact and International. The regional will showcase fighters from Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Canada.

The IKF referees will be Mr. Lee Brandham out of South Carolina and Mr. Ronnie Copeland of North Carolina. The IKF Event Representative will be Mr. Ray Thompson of Upstate Karate in South Carolina.

The event will be held at DURHAM MARRIOTT CIVIC CENTER, (919-768-6000), 201 Foster St. in Durham NC, 27701, on Saturday June 10th.
The weigh-ins will be the night before on June 9th, starting at 4:PM until 8:PM at the same location. The officials and fighter rules meeting will follow the weigh-in's. Late registers need to be at the location by 8:AM that Saturday Morning to compete. The fights will start Saturday morning, June 10th at 9:30 AM.

There will be seating for only 650 which means both the daytime preliminary event and the night time finals event will more than likely be a sell out. Prices are $10.00 for Advance tickets online, $15 General admission at the door, and $100.00 for a VIP Ringside table for 8 people. Please go to www.etix.com for Advance tickets and VIP table purchases or you can call (919) 484-1290. For more info please call Mr. Will Smith at (919) 632-7242 or by e-mail at vanguardpro@nc.rr.com



Memphis, Tennessee, USA


IKF Tennessee, USA: This Saturday, June 10th, Jeff Mullen's Mid South Karate will host their "7th" straight IKF Central East Regional Tournament. The only other Regional Promoter who has done 7 consecutive Regional Tournaments in a row is Rob Zbilski out of Illinois. Zbilski already hosted his regional last month on May 6th. in Mundeline, Illinois, USA.

Mullen hosted the first ever IKF regional Seeding tournament for the very first IKF Championship Tournament in 1999. This event, like that one 7 years ago, will be held at the New Daisy Theater on Beale Street in Memphis, Tennessee, USA. As of press time, this year's South Central Regional already has over 40 registered fighters. The event will feature fighters in all rule styles from throughout the South Central United States.

For more info please call Mr. Jeff Mullen at (901) 406-2460 or by e-mail at jmullen@memphis.edu

WEDNESDAY, June 7th, 2006, AT 10:30 PM, PT

Hungary's Rita Takacs
Wins IKF Pro FCR Woman's World Title!
June 3rd, Barnsley Yorkshire, England

Alby Bimpson, IKF Europe:
A big congratulations to IKF Promoter Jon D. Green for what can only be described as an excellent night of kickboxing. Its hard to actually know where to start as everyone put so much into the show which was obvious by the smoothness in which it ran.

Not only was there three IKF area titles, and an IKF British title, there was the ultimate an IKF World Title. The IKF World Title was between Bridie Murphy (England) and Rita Takacs (Hungary) which we will speak about later. Until then, here are all the results of the nights card below.

  1. Pro FCR
    Steven Holdsworth
    (Team Strike) vs Mark Wells (Aintree)
    Winner: Steven Holdsworth by majority decision.

  2. Pro
    Scott "The Sniper" Duncley
    (Dragon Foot Gym) vs Steven Greensmith (Bury Select)
    Winner: Steven Greensmith by unanimous decision.

  3. Pro FCR
    Ryan "Foxy" Fox
    (Dragon Foot Gym) vs Phil Bachus (IFA)
    Winner: Phil Bachus by KO in round 3.

  4. Pro FCR
    Mark "Scarface" Halford
    (Dragon Foot Gym) vs Mark Holden (Brighton Sports Gym)
    Winner: Mark Holden by unanimous decision

  5. IKF Amateur Area Title - Light Contact
    Lucy "Pink" Assassin (Dragon Foot Gym) vs Nicola Hutchinson (Team Strike)
    Hutchinson started this fight with determination to be the new IKF Area Champion. Towards the end tiring slightly but doing enough to take the fight on the judges scorecards.
    Winner: Nicola Hutchinson by unanimous decision.

  6. Pro FCR
    Liam Pacey
    (Dragon Foot Gym) vs Warren Jousheph (Newark Kickboxing)
    This bout ended in a Draw.

  7. IKF Pro FCR Area Title
    Paul "The Banger" Baxter
    (Dragon Foot Gym) vs Richard Oak (Lincoln Kickboxing)
    What an excellent fight!!! I say this but by looking at the judges cards it swayed both ways with Baxter starting strongly and Richard Oak finishing it. This would definitely make a good return defence.
    Winner Richard Oak by majority decision.

  8. Pro FCR Prestige Bout
    Rob Horton
    (Aintree) vs Simon Akufu (IFA)
    Winner Simon Akufu by unanimous decision.

  9. IKF Pro World Title
    This fight brought together Bridie Murphy (England) and Rita Takacs (Hungary). Rita Takacs took this fight on short notice but this certainly didn't dent her performance as she must be one of the best and fittest full contact fighters we have seen in a long time.. Hence her already being a 3 Time World Champion. My heart goes out to Bridie who throughout the fight never give up her dream but Takacs was in peak condition. I don't think at anytime she took a backward step never sitting down in between rounds... Which was a testament to her fitness. The scorecards may indicate a one way contest but I can guarantee you, this was not the case as Bridie herself did her up - most to give as good as she got which brought the respect of her supporters. In every round both fighters more than fulfilled there kick requirements. The home crowd showed there respect for the New IKF World Champion Rita Takacs by unanimous decision. As the crowd cheered, Bridie went on to thank them. Be warned World, Rita Takacs is a formidable fighter and I can guarantee you she deserves what she has achieved to date.

  10. Pro FCR
    Jamie Norkitt
    (Newark Kickboxing) vs Scott Jenkins (Lincoln Kickboxing)
    Winner: Jamie Norkitt by majority decision.

  11. IKF PRO Area FCR Title
    Gary "Issues" Jones
    (Dragon Foot Gym) vs Tommy Munne (Brighton Sports Gym)
    What a fight this was! So unpredictable with both fighters giving there all. It was inevitable it was going to take something special to win this fight with Jones finding it on the night with a TKO in round 3 at 1:11 seconds making Jones the New IKF Champion.

  12. Pro FCR
    Carla Ashton
    (Team Strike) vs Jade Grearson (Newark Kickboxing)
    Winner: Jade Grearson by majority decision.

  13. Pro FCR
    Vicky "The Sting" Rea
    (Dragon Foot Gym) vs Milly Neil (Lincoln)
    Winner: Vicky "The Sting" Rea as stopped in round 2 didn't come out.

  14. Pro FCR Prestige Bout
    Steve Swinburn
    (Lincoln) vs Martin Lamb (Martin Lamb Kickboxing)
    Winner: Steve Swinburn by unanimous decision.

  15. IKF Pro British Amateur Title - Light Contact:
    Jason "No Cart Wheels" Greensmith
    (Dragon Foot Gym) vs Alex Moore (Team Strike)
    This was a great fight up to the end of the third round and at that point it took its toll as Greensmith was unable to come out for the 4th round making Moore the winner.


"Midwest Fight Fest"
June 2nd, 2006 - Clarion Hotel - Kansas City, Missouri, USA

Kansas City, Missouri, USA By IKF & ISCF World Representative Chuck Wolfe
Once again Jesse Finney (Shamrock Promotions) and Benjamin Nogueras Jr. (The Blue Corner) combined to give KC fight fans truly a night to remember. A sold out crowd + Boxing + Kickboxing + MMA seemed to be the winning formula on this warm night in good old Kansas City.
Results as follows:

    Katrina Canfield (Shawnee, KS.) Vs April Taylor (Kansas City, MO.)
    1st Round - Canfield starts this round fast landing right and left hooks while Taylor was trying to get her kicking range together.
    2nd Round - In this round Taylor finds her range with her kicks landing front kicks to Canfield's face followed by more kick and punch combo's.
    3rd Round - Taylor and Canfield gave the crowd a action packed third round. Taylor landed more kicks to the face of Canfield as this round ended.
    Winner by Unanimous Decision 30-27 on all Judges cards April Taylor.

    Daniel Young (Kansas City, MO.) Vs Titus Talyor (St. Louis, MO.)
    Young lands a right leg round kick to Taylors head as he shoots in, but he is not fazed by it. Slamming Young to the ground and locking in on a KEY LOCK to get Young to Tap.
    Winner by Tap Out at :32 of the first round Titus Talyor.

    Stacy Jennings (Kansas City, MO.) Vs Noe Perrera (Olathe KS.)
    1st Round - Perrera out classes Jennings from the start with a good left jab followed by strong right hooks to the head of Jennings.
    2nd Round - More of the same in the second forcing Referee Kevin Engle to give Jennings a eight count half way through the round. Jennings toughs it out as the round ends. 3rd Round - Jennings starts this round fast but is no match for Perrera.
    Winner by Unanimous Decision 30-26 on all Judges cards Noe Perrera.

    Frank Bryant (Kansas City, MO.) Vs Ryan Pyles (St. Louis, MO.)
    1st Round - Speed and Power is what Bryant shows as he jumps all over Pyles from the start til the end of this round. Landing good solid right and left hands to Pyles head followed by good kicks to the body. Pyles answers back but can not seem to get on-track against Bryant.
    2nd Round - Bryant starts even faster this round landing high kicks followed by right and lefts to the head of Pyles forcing a knock down.
    Winner by KO at 1:27 of the second round Frank Bryant

    John Paul Horsh (Kansas City, MO.) Vs *Chris Nelson (Kansas City, MO.)
    1st Round - Horsh slams Nelson and tries to ground & pound to a quick win, but Nelson escapes almost getting a ankle lock on Horsh as the round ends.
    2nd Round - More good action as Horsh takes down Nelson. Nelson reverses and after a stand up Horsh lands a good right hand.
    3rd Round - Nelson starts with a right leg round kick to the head of Horsh. Nelson comes up a little short when after a stand up Horsh gets the take down and ground and pounds on Nelson til the round ends.
    Winner by Unanimous Decision 30-27 30-27 & 29-28 John Paul Horsh.

    Tim Tripp (Overland Park, KS.) Vs Anthony Young (Kansas City, MO.)
    1st Round - Good action in a even round as both fighters can not get any advantage over the other.
    2nd Round - Tripp gets the take down but Young reverses. Then Tripp reverses Young. Young spends the rest of the round in a defensive position on his back.
    3rd Round - Tripp gets Young down with a double leg. He then works most of round from the top landing knees to the body and punches til the round ends.
    Winner by Unanimous Decision 30-27 on all Judges cards Tim Tripp.

    Kyle Marquez (Kansas City, MO.) Vs Daniel Morris (Kansas City, MO.)
    1st Round - Morris gets the take down. Marquez reverses into an arm bar attempt by Morris.
    2nd Round - This round starts with some stand up. Marquez lands two knees and a upper cut. Morris answers with a right hand to the head of Marquez. Marquez lands two more right hands and controls the rest of the round from the ground.
    3rd Round - At the start of the round we see more of the same. Suddenly Morris lands a solid right hand after a stand up by referee Kevin Engle. The round ends with Morris attempting a ankle lock.
    Winner by Split-Decision 29-28 28-29 and 29-29 Daniel Morris

    Chris Page (Kansas City, MO.) Vs Danaco Watts (Oskogee, OK.)
    1st round - Page works for a triangle leg lock from the backside of Watts. Watts weathers the storm, gains a take down and pounds Page til the end of the round.
    2nd Round - Watts gets the take down, gains a mount from behind and successfully pounds out Page for a TKO.
    Winner by TKO at 1:24 of the second round Danaco Watts

    Thad Owens ( Edgerton, KS.) Vs Jason Colobong (Leavenworth, KS.)
    1st Round - These big guys came to fight. Owens starts with a single leg take down and receives many right hands to the head for not getting it. Colobong Lands more right hands before getting closer to Owens. As both fighters moved in they exchanged knees to the groin forcing referee Kevin Engle to give them both a rest and a warning. After the rest both these guys came out swinging. Colobong lands a right hand and a front kick as the round ends.
    2nd Round - What a War! What these guys lacked in motion they made up with heart. Flying knees - Wild right hands - leg kicks, you name it.
    3rd Round - Owens comes out strong and hurts Colobong and makes him Tap.
    Winner by Tap Out at :37 of the Third Round Thad Owens.
    These guys have split with each other. I myself can't wait for Owen Vs Colobong III

    Sean Ericson (Warrensburg, MO.) Vs Josh Johnson (Leavenworth, KS.)
    Johnson gets the take down and controls the top to pound on Ericson til referee Kevin Engle stops it.
    Winner by TKO at 1:47 of the first round Josh Johnson

    Eric Siley (Kansas City, MO.) Vs Chris Barrows (Ft. Scott, KS.)
    Barrows gets the take down and secures the rear naked choke quick.
    Winner by Tap Out via Rear Naked Choke Chris Barrows.

    John Cornett (N. Kansas City, MO.) Vs Daniel Dove (Parts Unknown)
    Dove comes out swinging but with his chin way to high. Cornett catches him with a right and follows it in quick. Forcing referee Kevin Engle to stop it.
    Winner by TKO at :15 of round one John Cornett.

For more info contact Mr. Jesse Finney (314) 608-3104 or e-mail at jesse@finneyskickboxing.com or Mr. Benjamin Nogueras Jr. at (913) 568-8009 or e-mail at bnogueras@thebluecorner.com

Or go to www.ShamrockPromotionsLLC.com or www.TheBlueCorner.com


At The Big Kahuna

Anthony Maness, IKF Tennessee, Representative:
IKF Promoter Randall Stephen Hall & The Big Kahuna in Jackson, Tennessee, USA keep the action going every Thursday night. Here are the results from the last two weeks and the fight line up for Tomorrow night below them.

For more info on the event, contact Randall Hall at (731) 426-5297.


Stuart Davies IKF Amateur Kickboxing
2nd June, Hove, Weston-Super-Mare, England

Alby Bimpson, IKF Europe:
IKF Promoter Stuart Davies puts on a unique open air event... The reason it was unique is we actually had good weather and along with the good weather we had an excellent show. Stuart Davies has put together a fight club with the aim of taking martial arts to another level and having strong contacts with television. With the well organized show, he is certainly on his way to achieving this. With a mixture of martial arts it gave the full house an insight into the different martial arts. Congratulations on an excellent show, thanks for the drink of water maybe a sandwich next time as its a long day for all the officials.
Here Are The Bout Results Below.

  1. Kickboxing: Dean Bettle (Weston Warriors) vs Dave Wrestlake (Wildkick)

  2. MMA: Martin Scott (Goshin Ryu Bristol) vs Ben White (Weston Warriors MMA)
    Winner: Ben White by majority decision.

  3. Kickboxing: Dan Hughes (Scorpions) vs Scott Maginty (Bristol)
    Winner: Dan Hughes by KO in round 2 at 53 seconds.

  4. Kickboxing: Karen Meek (Bridgewater) vs Zarina Vidale (Red Dragon)
    Winner: Karen Meek by majority decision.

  5. MTR: Thai Baddis (Bristol Thai) vs Dean Tratt (Scorpion Exeter)
    Winner Dean Tratt by unanimous decision.

  6. Kickboxing: Ollie King (Puma) vs Gary Bettle (Weston Warriors)
    Winner Ollie King by majority decision.

  7. Boxing: Genna Tachachenco (King Tiger/Paul Sutton) vs Matt Martin (Weston Warriors)
    Winner Genna Tachachenco by KO in 3rd round.

  8. MTR: Ashley Lewis (NVT Newport) vs Nigel Thomas (Storm Gym)
    Winner Ashley Lewis by KO.

  9. Kickboxing: Daniel White vs Michael Dovis (Storm Gym)
    Winner Daniel White by unanimous decision.


Attention Promoters and Fight Officials!

Today we contacted by someone asking if we sanctioned a certain event where a ring announcer used the phrase, "Let's Get Ready To Rumble!" Good thing for us, we had nothing to do with the event. However, our findings during the phone conversation made us want to pass on some valuable information to you to be aware of.

PLEASE inform your ring announcers that they CANNOT use the phrase, "Lets Get ready To Rumble" There is a copyright on it and it could cost them in excess of $10,000 +. For more info, click this web page link: HERE

FRIDAY, June 2nd, 2006, AT 9:10 AM, PT


Shamrock Promotions & The Blue Corner Present
"Midwest Fight Fest"
Kansas City, Missouri, USA


Gladiators Fighting Series Present
"Festival Of Fights"
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA


Sacramento CA's Top Ranked Boxer
Eric Regan...
Excited About June 16th
Kickboxing Match!

Special to IKF From www.AKpromotions.org
Great athletes strive to do great things all the time. From basketball great Michael Jordan's attempt at baseball; to Deon Sanders multi-talents in foot and baseball, both athletes knew they were extremely talented and wanted to show the world they could excel at other sports too. Sometimes they were successful and other times not so successful. However, that champion spirit gave them the confidence to at least try ...risking failure or success.

Eric Regan of Sacramento has proven himself to be a top notch boxer but before his impressive boxing career, he was already known as the "Hitman" in the world of kickboxing. However, over the past few years he's mounted a notable record of 25-2 with 18 ko's in Professional Boxing and has worked his way to #20 in one alphabet boxing organization. He's coming off an impressive knockout win a few weeks ago over tough Elko Garcia (18-4) that helped boost him into his current ranking.

It was clear that he is excited about kicking again as his eyes lit up and he broke out his big smile saying "its always been a part of me. Its how I got started and I have a deep love for Kickboxing." In saying that, he had to qualify the comment by stating "however, I know how far I've come in boxing and I'm so close to bigger things" hinting to the rumor that a representative from one of the big networks witnessed his last fight and the talks are in progress about a possible big TV bout with a top contender soon.

Regan knows that he cannot take anyone lightly. When ask how he feels about fighting someone with over one hundred fights as in his June 16th opponent Tommy Alcazar Jr. out of Plainview, Texas, he replied "Well, I fought and beat Yori 'Boy' Campus who had over one hundred fights in boxing, so I'm not that concerned. I recognize anybody who's been in the ring over one hundred times can be very dangerous. So, I must go in there with a' take no prisoners attitude'!"

Its been years since Eric has graced an audience with his high kicks stemming from his 6'4" frame, but he says "Its a piece of cake to get the legs going again...its like an extension of what I do. Although, I can't think kicking when boxing, kicking has played a big role in my life." Regan mounted an impressive 24-0 with 22 wins by KO/TKO record in Kickboxing and those that remember him know that they will get their money's worth by coming out fight night to witness this spectacular talent in action!

Longtime Trainer and father-like figure Nasser Niavaroni has all the confidence in the world for his fighter "We need to keep Eric busy and sharp for bigger things to come. The time is near for him to explode on the National and International scene!" The 30 year old Regan is always in great shape and stays on top of his game. The soon to be newlywed (around Sept. 2006) says that he is fortunate to have a special person in his life that continues to motivate him as well as be there for him 100%!

In closing comments about his future fight plans, he said that "I'm focused on my work and optimistic about my future as a fighter. I will see what Kickboxing has to offer but primarily will continue to pursue and put most of my focus on boxing and go from there. I'm taking the June 16th fight with Alcazar very seriously and will be in there to take care of business!"

"The Ultimate Boxing and Kickboxing Show is Friday, June 16th, 2006 at 7:PM at the Radisson Hotel. Along with Regan there will be a full night of Professional Boxing and Kickboxing Fights! The Boxing main event will feature Sacramento's Otis Griffin. To order Tickets, Click Order Here