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THURSDAY, March 30th, 2006, AT 11:10 PM, PT

Better Late Then Never...
We apologize that somehow this article slipped through on us and was never posted.
It was sent in to us on March 8th, by IKF Representatives Mike & Terri Storm

RoundKick Rumble V - Duke'n It Out
February 25, 2022 Winterset, Iowa, USA

Roundkick Rumble V was a battle of heart on February 25th in Winterset, Iowa, USA. Every bout went to the cards as every fighter was determined to stay in the game. It was a fabulous show at a new venue with EVERY fight going the distance.

  1. Men's Amateur MTR Super Heavyweight
    Ben Hauger,
    Minneapolis, MN, USA (0-1, 244.5, 6'0", 24, 08-29-81, Minnesota Kali Group) defeated by Kenny Hansen, Audubon, IA, USA (1-0, 252, 6'0", 19, 08-02-86, Pete Peterson, (712) 792-8178) by split decision 29-28, 28-29, 29-28.
    Two first time fighters opened the card, Ben Hauger of Minneapolis and Kenny Hansen of Audubon, IA. Hansen attacked first with a round kick to Hauger's middle. Hauger quickly responded with a side kick to Hansen's side. The two exchanged a spinning backfist and a jab followed by a variety of techniques not usually shown by first time fighters. In the clench, both used knees to slow down their opponent. All three rounds consisted of back and forth action, each trying to get in the last, strongest hit. In the end, Hansen won by split decision.

  2. Men's Amateur IR Super Middleweight Exhibition
    Alex Barrios,
    Dubuque, IA, USA (0-0, 171, 19, 03-02-86, Dean Lessei, (563) 588-1012) and Maksim Shcherbiy, Omaha, NE, USA (2-1, 159, 5'9", 18, 04-05-87, Mick Doyle.)

  3. Women's Amateur MT Light Welterweight
    Ashly Altman,
    Nashville, TN, USA (1-1, 137, 5'7", 21, 11-21-84, Josh Shockman, (615) 972-4482) defeated by Marie Sturm, Carroll, IA, USA (2-0, 138, 5'4", 23, 01-08-83, Pete Peterson, (712) 792-8178) by unanimous decision 28-29, 27-30, 27-30.
    The first ladies bout contained a lot of excitement. After an opening front kick from Sturm that pushed Altman across the ring, both fighters began a punch fest. Sturm attacked Altman's leg with a quick kick, but Altman responded with a harder kick. Unshaken, Sturm continued to initiate with kicks. Eventually, Altman was able to settle down and began attacking. Exchanges to the body with knees and punches in the clench ended the first round. The entire fight was a clinic in effective combinations and fighting to the end. The win was awarded to Sturm by unanimous decision.

  4. Junior Boy's Amateur IR Exhibition
    Derek Webber,
    Carroll, IA, USA and Tyler Wuebker, Carroll, IA USA

  5. Men's Amateur IR Super Middleweight
    Joe Kauder,
    Dubuque, IA, USA (1-0, 166, 5'9", 24, 05-18-81, Dean Lessei, (563) 588-1012) defeated Zach Johnson, Des Moines, IA, USA (0-1, 171.5, 6'1",18, 07-08-87, Ryan Clark, (515) 252-0889) by Unanimous Decision. 30-25, 30-25, 30-25.
    The fighters opened the IR bout cautiously sizing up the competition. Finding the appropriate distance seemed to challenge both Kauder and Johnson, but that did not stop them from battling and putting forth good effort.
    Round two opened with Johnson looking renewed. However, throwing wide punches left him open. Kauder threw two jump front kick/round kick combinations. Enduring repeated attacks eventually left Johnson on the ground with an 8 count.
    In the final round, Kauder again used the jumping kick combination landing cleanly on Johnson's head. It looked as if it could have stopped Johnson, but Johnson dug deep and ended up backing Kauder into a corner. Again Kauder tried to kick but Johnson evaded and landed a spinning backfist. With a bloody nose, Johnson continued to battle until Kauder was able to overcome his opponent. Johnson received a second 8 count for not fighting back. At this point, Johnson knew he needed a knockout for the win and landed several hooks to Kauder's head. This Rocky versus Apollo fight ended with Kauder winning by unanimous decision.

  6. Men's Amateur IR Light Middleweight
    Jeff Brooks,
    Omaha, NE, USA (1-1, 158, 5'9", 18, 09-08-87, Mick Doyle) defeated Adam Brown, Altoona, IA, USA (0-1, 153, 5'7", 19, 11-22-86, Able Mahaffey) by Unanimous Decision. 30-24, 30-24, 30-24.
    Brooks opened with a round kick, and Brown followed with punches down the center of Brooks' body. Brooks counters with round kicks and punches. Brown was unable to respond and took an 8 count. Brown came back intensifying the fight by throwing stronger and stronger techniques landing a right uppercut to Brooks' jaw. At the bell of round 1 Brooks was backing Brown up across the ring.
    Round 2 consisted of both fighters evading or blocking each other's technique forcing both to regroup and try new strategies. It became evident that both fighters could take a hit. Brown limped on his right leg for a few moments, but it was unclear how he got hurt. At the end of round 2 Brooks had Brown in a corner. No response earned Brown his 2nd 8 count of the fight.
    By the third round, Brown's leg obviously recovered as he threw strong leg kicks. Still going for a win, every punch, jab and hook had to be respected by Brooks. Brooks realized the fight was not yet over and began being more aggressive. Brooks threw a left round kick to Brown's head stunning him and buckling his knees. Brown received his third 8 count. The victory went to Brooks by unanimous decision.

  7. Men's Amateur MT Heavyweight
    Henry Bierman,
    Dubuque, IA, USA (2-3, 194.5, 5'11", 21, 02-28-84, Dean Lessei, (563) 588-1012) was defeated by Andrew Kappel, Minneapolis, MN, USA (1-1, 195.5, 20, 08-04-85, Diana DanBorne) by split decision 27-30, 29-28 & 27-30.
    This Muay Thai match began with Kappel immediately trying to force the clench. A lot of action could be seen in the clenches with knees in constant motion. Bierman was surprisingly comfortable fight at a distance even though Kappel had an obvious height and reach advantage.
    Round 2 opened much the same as round 1 with a clench. Kappel landed a powerful knee to Bierman's abs. Kappel fought very little out side of the clench, but when he did he landed two powerful punches to Bierman's head. Bierman, undeterred, continued to walk forward punching. Again, Kappel forced the clench and landed another clean punch to Bierman's head.
    Bierman still had plenty of fight left and ended the round swinging. Bierman tried to return some of the head shots from round 2. A few were clean, but the shear quantity added up. At the end, both fighters were throwing and landing kicks. This close match went to Kappel.

  8. Women's Amateur MT Exhibition
    Kat Johnson,
    Nashville, TN, USA (0-0, 23, 06-29-82, (615) 972-4482) and Marissa Biggerstaff, Carroll, IA, USA (5'7", 18, 10-21-97, Pete Peterson, (712) 792-8178)

  9. Men's Amateur IR Heavyweight
    Jason Strub,
    Dubuque, IA, USA (1-0, 197.5, 5'11", 27, 01-24-79, Dean Lessei (563) 588-1012) defeated Able Mahaffey, Altoona, IA, USA (1-2, 192 5'11", 27, (563) 650-5921) by Unanimous Decision 29-25, 29-25 & 29-25.
    Strub immediately took advantage of strong leg kicks to keep Mahaffey at bay. After not being able to get close enough to attack, Mahaffey was dropped in a corner and received an 8 count. Strub continued to focus on Mahaffey's head in round 1 and Mahaffey ended up with a second 8 count.
    In round 2, Strub wanted a knock out and focused entirely on Mahaffey's head. After getting knocked down and earning another 8 count, Mahaffey somehow found the courage to still try to win. Strub ended up with a bloody and possibly broken nose which appeared to take some of the fight out of Strub.
    In round 3, Mahaffey threw one of the strongest techniques of the night. After realizing he wasn't going to be hurt by Strub, Mahaffey took over the fight. No one knew where it came from but he continued with strong leg kicks and upper cuts when in close. This last ditch effort wasn't enough for Mahaffey after suffering too many 8 counts in the earlier rounds and Strub won a great fight by unanimous decision.

  10. Men's Amateur MT Super Middleweight
    Chase Green,
    Chicago, IL, USA (9-2, 168.5, 6'1", 22, 06-20-83,) defeated Ryan Clark, Des Moines, IA, USA (3-1, 174.5, 26, 03-07-79, (515) 252-0889) by Split Decision. 30-27, 30-27 & 28-29.
    The final fight of the night was between Chase Green and Ryan Clark. This was Clark's first attempt at Muay Thai. Green began with a strong leg kick and plenty of knees followed by a front kick to Clark's face. Green then set up for knees in the clench, but Clark escaped and got into the fight. An exchange of punches followed by Clark landing kicks and punches until the bell rang.
    Round 2 opened with Clark again on the offensive. Green had had enough and threw a leg kick dropping Clark. Green tried to force the clench knowing he was stronger inside with his knees. Clark fought successfully to stay outside. Green settled on fight outside and began landing his shots.
    In the final round, both fighters were going for the knockout. In the clench, Green threw knees and Clark threw punches. Outside the clench, both threw punches. It was amazing that there was no knockout because either fighter could have done it by their own accord or mistake. Clark matched Green punch for punch, kick for kick and power for power throughout the fight. However, Clark's Muay Thai inexperience showed in the clench where Green was strongest with the knees. This ended up making the difference in the end with a split decision going to Green.

For more info, please contact Mr. Pete Peterson at (712) 792-8178 or by E-mail at pete@teamroundkick.com or go to www.RoundKickRumble.com

MORE NEWS OF 3-30-06

Rockford Kickboxing & MMA's
"Rocktown Showdown"
Looking For Fighters

Rockford Kickboxing & MMA in association with Gladiators Fighting Series are hosting Rocktown Showdown May 19th in Rockford, Illinois, USA. They are looking to match amateur MMA & Kickboxing fighters. Here are the match-ups they are looking for:

If anyone would like to be on the card please contact Duke Roufus with your stats at (414) 403-3853 or by e-mail at dukeroufus@wi.rr.com

MORE NEWS OF 3-30-06

IKF Champ
Nelson Lebron
Needs Some Help...

IKF Champion Nelson Lebron needs some assistance from us all for his Afghanistan Kickboxing Club. (See yesterdays article below). Please find below a "Dream List" which he had generated and presented to his command for emergency restoration of the country funds. However, his request fell short because it did not meet the criteria. The list is a "Dream List" however any and all help will be welcomed.

The coaches have asked Lebron for books on rules and on how to coach and officiate Kickboxing properly.

"I am honored to have met and have been allowed to work with such a great group of young motivated individuals."

said Lebron.

"I welcome all help and right now, all they have are two used bags my friends donated, some gloves, and several headgears Top Ten donated, and some gloves the JLFS donated."

Here is Lebron's Afghanistan Kickboxing Club's "Wish List"

  • Title Classic Power Air Training Headgear, $40.00 x 20 = $800.00
  • Title Classic Speed Bag Platform, Adjustable 24" wooden platform, 3/4" thick board, black powder-coated steel brackets & Pro Style Swivel: $50.00 x 5= $250.00.
  • Title Classic Hook & Loop Training Boxing Gloves: $40.00 x 50 = $2000.00
  • Title Classic Weave Handwraps: $4.00 x 100 = $400.00
  • Title Deluxe Leather Speed Ropes: $13.00 x 20 = $260.00
  • Everlast Floor Boxing Rings: 24' x 24' (20' x 20' Inside Ropes). E6628 $3,699.99
  • Title Big Heavy Pro Training Bag: $200.00 x 10 = $2000.00
  • PRO MEX Professional Speed Bags: 35.00 x 10 = $350.00
  • Lace-Tie No Foul Protector: 20x 40.00 = $800.00
  • Double Guard Mouthpiece: 25.00 x 20 = $500.00
  • Professional Gym and Physician's Scale: $299.99 x 2 = $600.00.
  • Puzzle Sports Mats: $29.99, 100 Matts = $2900.00
  • Platinum Body Protector: $49.99 x 4 = $200.00.
  • Everlast Coach Spar Mitts: $44.00 X 4 = $200.00.
  • Everlast Double Handled Rubber Medicine Ball, 15 lbs EVMBH, $59.99 X 10 = 600.00.
  • Everlast Digital Gym Timers: $149.99.
  • Everlast Interval Timer: $119.99.
  • Deluxe Heavy-Duty Heavy Bag Hanger: $50.00 X 10 = $500.00.

Total Cost of the entire list, Approximately $20,000.00.

To reach Nelson by e-mail click LebronN@cfc-a.centcom.mil

WEDNESDAY, March 29th, 2006, AT 11:00 PM, PT

"Colosseum Of Champions"
Features Triple Style
Main Event

Denatale, Doerksen & Sharpe Headline Exciting Winnipeg Card

IKF Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
King John Boxing Promotions, Canadian Kickboxing & Muay Thai Centre in association with Gladiators Fighting Series present "Colosseum of Champions," Saturday, April 15, 2006 at the Winnipeg Convention Centre, 375 York Avenue, in downtown Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Doors open at 5:PM., the first bout starts at 6:PM.

The card will feature a combat sports trifecta main event featuring a Kickboxing World Championship, a Mixed Martial Arts Super Fight and a North American Boxing title bout.

  • Main Event Bouts
    • IKF Pro MTR World Heavyweight Title
      Giuseppe "The Godfather" DeNatale (CKMTC Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada) Vs 6-Time World Champion "The Lion Rampant" Duncan Airlie James (Team DAJ Glasgow, Scotland)
    • Middleweight Mixed Martial Arts Super Fight -185 lbs 3 rounds
      Joe "El Dirte" Doerksen -(CKMTC Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada) Vs Bill "Truth" Hill (Truth Fighting Systems-Boulder Hill, IL)
    • North American Boxing Organization Super Middleweight Championship 12 rounds
      Larry "Razor" Sharpe, Canadian Super Middleweight Champion (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada) Vs TBA

  • Featured Fights
    • Featherweight Gladiators Kickboxing Championship -145 lbs 3 rounds
      Agostino "The Bull" DeNatale (CKMTC Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada) Vs Jeff "Money Shot" Walsh (Mady's Karate-Windsor, Ontario, Canada)
    • Middleweight Mixed Arts -185 lbs 3 rounds
      Chris Fontaine (CKMTC Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada) Vs TBA
    • Welterweight Kickboxing -170 lbs 3 rounds
      "Dangerous" Dave Zuniga (CKMTC, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada) Vs John "The Punisher" Kaszuba (Mady's Karate-Windsor, Ontario, Canada)
    • Welterweight Mixed Martial Arts -170 lbs 3 rounds
      Kevin Manderson (CKMTC Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada) Vs TBA
    • Welterweight Kickboxing -170 lbs 3 rounds
      Mark "The Black Wolf" Durant (CKMTC Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada) Vs Rino Belcastro (Mady's Karate-Windsor, Ontario, Canada)

  • Undercard Amateur Fights
    • Super Welterweight Kickboxing, 153 lbs 3 rounds
      Jon Henderson (CKMTC Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada) Vs Arthur Ramsay (Mady's Karate-Windsor, Ontario, Canada)
    • Super Lightweight Kickboxing, 137 lbs.
      Rich "LT" Garcia (CKMTC Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada) Vs Chucky "TheEnergizer Bunny" Mady (Mady's Karate-Windsor, Ontario, Canada)

The fights are sanctioned by the Manitoba Boxing Commission, International Kickboxing Federation & North American Boxing Organization. General Admission tickets are $25.00 and may be purchased by calling (204) 772-2599. For more information, please contact Scott Joffe, Gladiators Fighting Series at (414) 967-7767.

MORE NEWS OF 3-29-06

Hinkley, Minnesota, USA, March 25th

IKF Representative Mitz Bandiera
Hinkley was the sight of "Rematch of the Warriors". The event had Full-contact, Thai-boxing and Mixed Martial arts bouts, it was a great night for fight fans. With 3 different disciplines in one night, centre referee Ralph Lee did an exceptional job keeping the action in check. The Judges were Jennifer Danos, Nat McIntyre and Diana Rathborne. The crowd favorite by far was the main event, local Bobby Anderson squaring of against Tim Runquist in an exhibition match that had the crowd on it's feet for the whole fight. By the last round the noise from the crowd was defining. It is inspiring to see the support Bobby has from his communities, In spirit I believe each person was in the ring with him.

Here are the nights Results:

  1. Exhibition Bout Full Contact
    Josh Bulu, Sandstone, Minnesota, USA (0-0, 150, 5'9 9-7-88, Bobby Anderson, (320) 384-6132)
    and Adam Patneaude, Isanti, Minnesota, USA (2-0, 155, 5'9, 11-13-78, Derek Reid, 552-5425)

  2. Full Contact
    Dongkun D.K. Ko,
    Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA (0-0, 174, 6', 3-15-81, Seko Tongola, 612-387-6839)
    fought Rich Winkle, Cambridge, Minnesota, USA (0-1 173 5'11 3/22/70 Derek Reid 552-5425) and for currently unconfirmed reasons, this bouts decision is pending.

  3. Full Contact
    Chuck Anderson,
    Hinckley, Minnesota, USA (2-0, 173, 5'7", 1-2-91, Bobby Anderson, 820-384-7410)
    Defeated Raymond Cottrell of Cambridge, Minnesota, USA (0-1, 17, 6'2", 2-24-89, Derek Read, 763-552-5475) by unanimous decision, 29-27, 29-27, 29-27.

  4. Full Contact
    Ryan Hayden
    Eau Claire, Wisconsin, USA (4-1-1, 160, 5'9, 4-18-79, Mike Lind, 388-7433)
    Defeated Rueben St-John Isle, Minnesota, USA (6-2-3, 160, 5'6", 12-29-87, Bobby Anderson, 384-7409) by unanimous decision 30-27 30-27 30-27.

  5. Muay Thai
    Matt Determan,
    Elk River, Minnesota, USA (1-0, 152, 5'9", 12-21-74, Greg Nelson, 763-441-5495)
    Defeated Rick Klien St. Paul, Minnesota, USA (8-3-1, 151, 5'10", 9-24-77, Kru Pong, 612-887-7680) Unanimous decision 30-27 30-27 30-27.

  6. Muay Thai
    Gustavo Garcia,
    St. Michael, Minnesota, USA (1-0, 166, 5'9, 7-20-78, Mike, 612- 424 8603)
    Defeated William Buelow Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA (1-1, 165, 6', 6-11-84, Nat McTyre, 952-221-3123) by Split decision, 29-28, 29-28, 28-29.

  7. Muay Thai
    David Morin,
    Ham Lake, Minnesota, USA (1-0, 186, 5'10, 2-13-82, Mike, 612-424 8603)
    Defeated Marc Bohnen of St. Paul, Minnesota, USA (0-1, 187, 5'9, 3-2-83, Greg Nelson, 768-568-5696) by unanimous decision, 29-28, 30-27, 29-28.

  8. Exhibition MMA
    Justin Symanietz,
    of Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA (0-0, 164, 5'8", Greg Nelson, 768-568-5696)
    and Josh Fridgen of Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA (0-0, 165, 5'7", Greg Nelson, 768-568-5696)

  9. Exhibition Full Contact
    Timothy Runquist
    and Bobby Anderson

For more info please contact Mr. Bobby Anderson At (320) 384-7409 or at warrior@youbetnet.net

MORE NEWS OF 3-29-06

IKF Champ
Nelson Lebron
Reports From Afghanistan

Nelson Lebron
As you all may know not all wars are won on the battlefield. Diplomacy is always the greatest solution in ensuring peace and creating a better future for the world. Over the last 8 months I have been working hand and hand with the Afghan Olympic Committee and Olympic Boxing team in trying to ensure that there is hope for a better future.

The boxing team here is very under privileged. Thanks to the IKF, Joe Lewis Fighting Systems, Mike Anderson and Top Ten, Craig Smith, Dog Pound Boxing Gym, Roger Belch, and the US Armed Forces the dream of a competitive Olympic future is baring fruit in Afghanistan. However, much help is still needed.

The country is very poor and all the coaches are volunteers. Some of the fighters only eat once a day. The team is in very much need of help. They are no different than any other individual that has laced gloves up before, the desire and heart is overwhelming. I ask for help in sponsoring this team with equipment. They are in need of everything. No ring to train in, the only equipment they have are courtesy of the great Mike Anderson and the JLFS.

Your support is very much needed. For those of you who have grown up poor, with a dream like I did, this is it, your chance to give back. Any little bit helps. Old or new, the key is to inspire hope and provide a training tool. Take a risk. The only things in life you regret, are the risks that you didn't take.

The greatest tragedy of life is not that men perish, but that they cease to love. If you can assist in any way, please help me in establishing the lasting impression of the kindness of the American people and the resolve that has made us the great nation we are.

Please help me in giving hope for a new future in the sport of Boxing in Afghanistan.

Very Respectfully Submitted

Religious Program Specialist Second Class (Fleet Marine Force)
Nelson Felix Lebron
CFC-A Chaplain's Office
APO AE 09356

To reach Nelson by e-mail click LebronN@cfc-a.centcom.mil

MORE NEWS OF 3-29-06

Ultimate Boxing and Kickboxing
On Sale Now for May 12!

Current IKF Amateur MTR Champion Christian Gonzales will defend his IKF West Coast Super Welterweight Title this coming May 12th at the Radisson Hotel in Sacramento, California! Gonzales is scheduled to face Artak Karapetyan of Los Angeles, California USA.

Since their last event was sold out, we urge you to purchase your tickets far in advance for this event. The Team of Ultimate Boxing and Kickboxing is planning on an exciting event with IKF Championship Kickboxing and Pro Boxing all in one night!

Doors Open at 6:30PM. You can use your credit card and purchase your tickets now by Clicking Here!

Or you can take a chance and try to purchase them at the Door. For more info go to www.AKPromotions.org Complete list of confirmed fights coming soon!

MORE NEWS OF 3-29-06

Gladiators Fighting Will Host
"Festival of Fights"
June 3rd In Milwaukee, Wisconsin!

This card will feature Professional & Amateur Combat Sports in the disciplines of Mixed Martial Arts & Muay Thai Kickboxing. The MMA matches are UFC rules with no elbows. Pros 3 rounds X 5 minutes. Amateurs 3 rounds x 3 minutes. The Kickboxing fights are modified Muay Thai rules, no elbows. Pro matches 3 rounds x 3 minutes knees allowed to the head. Amateurs 3 rounds x 2 minutes no knees to the head.

If anyone would like to be on the card please contact Duke Roufus with your stats at (414) 403-3853 or by e-mail at dukeroufus@wi.rr.com

MORE NEWS OF 3-29-06

IKF Novice Kickboxing
March Haydock Merseyside,England

By Alby Bimpson, IKF Europe
Novice show. What is a novice show? Or interclub. It a show for beginners as it is near impossible to pre-arrange a fight card for a novice show as nearly all the competitors taken part have never been in a ring before. As you can imagine a lot of people drop out for various reasons mainly nerves. On the other hand some of the kids cant wait to get in the ring. Baring this in mind the decisions on the night are meant to encourage not deter, IKF Referee Mike Fowles made all the decisions on the night. Most of the decisions are made to encourage and build confidence for the future IKF Champions. The decisions as followed;

  1. Thomas Bibby (Rockys Gym, 28 Kilos ) and Luey Morris (Fast + Furious, 28 Kilos) fought to a draw.

  2. Darren Wheweo (Merseyside Kickboxing, 52 Kilos) defeated Shaun Mugan (Rockys Gym, 51 Kilos)

  3. EXHIBITION BOUT: Ben Holcroft & Charlotte Cockayne.

  4. Dane Arkwright (Kirby Thaiboxing, 44 Kilos.) defeated Daniel Cullen (Merseyside Kickboxing, 41 Kilos.)

  5. Georgia Wright (Rockys Gym) and Kathryn Whittle (Rockys Gym) fought to a Draw.

  6. Ronnie Brussels (Rockys Gym) and Connor Martin (Fast + Furious) fought to a Draw.

  7. EXHIBITION BOUT: Tom Whittle & Danny Simms.

  8. Terry Nalen (Kirby Thaiboxing) and Lee Quirk (Merseyside Kickboxing) fought to a Draw.

  9. Neil Rimmer (Fast + Furious) defeated Paul Lee (Merseyside Kickboxing).

  10. EXHIBITION BOUT: Andy Holcroft and Andy Cauzer.

For more info please contact IKF European Director Alby Bimpson by e-mail at alby@ikfkickboxing.com

MORE NEWS OF 3-29-06

'Mayhem At Mirage II'
Marks Leko's Return To

By Mike Afromowitz

New York, NY, USA
German superstar Stefan "Blitz" Leko (24-12, 14 KO's) will return to K-1 action in Las Vegas, Nevada for the first time in three years when he faces former K-1 USA tournament runner-up and undefeated professional boxer, Dewey "The Black Kobra" Cooper (42-8-2, 26 KO's), during the opening round of the eight-man, single-elimination "Mayhem At Mirage II" tournament at Mirage Hotel and Casino on Saturday, April 29th.

At 31 years of age, Leko, a 6 foot 2 inch, 220 pound kickboxing stylist, finds himself at a fresh, new beginning with the organization that helped him kick-start his professional fighting career nine years ago. Following a loss he suffered at the hands of Sebastiaan van de Muysenberg in Japan on October 31, 2003, Leko abandoned the ranks of K-1 for other opportunities in the fight world and did not return until June 12th of last year when he was stopped by Badr Hari. The tournament in Las Vegas will be his first K-1 appearance of 2006.

Leko is a member of Team Golden Glory, the elite, Holland-based fight squad that is comprised of over 30 world-class pugilists, including reigning K-1 World Grand Prix champion, Semmy Schilt; Alistair Overeem; and Gilbert Yvel.

Sin City and the Mirage last played host to Leko on May 2, 2003 when he faced "The Great Kusatsu" of Japan during a Superfight contest on the annual, spring K-1 USA card. In the second round of the bout scheduled for five rounds, Leko smothered his tenacious opponent, scoring three knockdowns before being awarded a technical knockout victory.

It was at Las Vegas's Bellagio on August 11, 2022 (Click Here) that the German fighter made his greatest stand to date. (Photo at Right) Pitted in K-1 single-elimination competition, Leko fought at a furious pace during the quarterfinal round of the eight-man playoff before scoring a thunderous right hand that stopped American Jeff "Duke" Roufus at the 2:34 mark of the bout's second round.

The German's hard kicks were too much for semifinal round opponent Sergei Ivanovich, whose corner threw in the towel after the second round came to a close. The win over Ivanovich set up a meeting between Leko and one of the sport's most decorated icons in three-time K-1 World Grand Prix champion, Peter Aerts.

A heavy favorite to take first prize in the event, Aerts looked relatively slow as Leko repeatedly beat him to the punch before finally blasting the Dutchman with a crisp right hand that sent him plunging to the mat at the 2:05 mark of the third round (Right). So theatrical was the knockout of Aerts that, towards the close of 2001, ESPN included the footage in its annual, year-end sports highlight video that showcases the most exciting moments in sports from the current year.

The "Mayhem At Mirage II" card will also be highlighted by a Superfight showdown between 2005's two Las Vegas K-1 tournament winners, Glaube Feitosa (63-15-1, 59 KO's) and Ruslan Karaev (159-8, 125 KOs). For both men, the contest represents an opportunity to build on newfound success they experienced in Sin City last year. The 6 foot 4 inch, 225 pound Feitosa of Brazil was the first of the two to shine when he made what was the second start of his career in a K-1 North America tournament during the Bellagio affair on April 30th.

After securing a victory by way of unanimous decision over Dewey "The Black Kobra" Cooper, Feitosa was roughed up early by 2003 K-1 USA champion, Carter Williams. The Kyokushin Karate stylist fought back courageously in the second round, though, and turned the tides on the stocky American powerhouse, stunning Williams with a strong axe kick and following up the blow with a knee strike to the midsection that put Williams down for the 10 count.

The win over Williams set up a championship round meeting between Feitosa and heavy handed brawler, "Big Daddy" Gary Goodridge, who had brutalized Sean O' Haire and Scott Lighty, respectively, during the two previous tournament rounds, stopping each before the first round of action came to a close. Feitosa's skills were too much for Goodridge, however, as the Karate player remained poised until he was given the opportunity to floor Goodridge with a high kick to the head. Goodridge beat the referee's count, but the third man in charged called an end to the bout at the 2:40 mark as he deemed Big Daddy unfit to continue.

Relatively unknown in the world of K-1 despite his 100 plus previous martial arts fights, the 6 foot 2 inch, 215 pound Karaev was named a 17 to 2 underdog by odds makers before "Mayhem At Mirage," his debut in The United States.

The 22-year-old native of Russia quickly asserted himself against first round challenger Freddy Kemayo of France with more than one barrage of body punches executed at a high speed rarely seen in heavyweight martial arts fighting. Karaev attempted to do more damage with high kicks, but it was a powerful spinning back kick that he planted precisely on Kemayo's liver that put the Frenchman down for the 10 count.

The tournament's semifinal round saw Karaev engage fellow K-1 USA newcomer, Azem Maksutaj, in what has since been recognized as one of the greatest K-1 battles ever to unfold in Las Vegas. The drama heated up in the second round when, to the astonishment of those looking on, Karaev scored with the same spinning back that he used to defeat his first opponent. Maksutaj beat the count, though, and went on the offensive, snapping Karaev's head back repeatedly with everything from straight punches to knees and roundhouse kicks.

During the final three minutes, Karaev countered another campaign launched by Maksutaj and unloaded a knee strike that put Maksutaj down for the second time in the bout. Maksutaj recovered once again and survived the round, but it was Karaev who earned the unanimous nod from the judges.

Karaev was again taken to task in the tournament's championship round by American Muay Thai fighter, Scott Lighty. Understandably fatigued after the war with Maksutaj, the Russian worked at a slower pace than he had during his previous bouts that night. A strong right hand in the second round put Lighty on the run, after which Karaev attempted his spinning back kick twice. Karaev finished strong as he dished out straight punches to the body and roundhouse kicks and knees. After the third round came to a close, he was declared the victor by all three judges scoring the bout.

The names of the event's remaining six tournament participants will be announced shortly as will additional Superfight matchups. Tickets for "Mayhem At Mirage II" are officially on sale and can be purchased both online on K-1 USA's official website, www.k-1usa.net or at the Mirage Hotel and Casino box office (800-963-9634). Tickets are priced at $50, $100, $200, and $300, respectively

The Mirage Grand Ballroom doors will open for the event at 5 PM Pacific Standard Time on April 29th. The first preliminary bout will begin at 5:30 PM and the tournament will commence at approximately 7 PM.

K-1 is a martial arts fighting sport that derives its name from its inclusion of a wide array of combat disciplines, including Karate, Kung-Fu, and Kickboxing ("K"), and its intent to determine one champion in one ring ("1").

FRIDAY, March 24th, 2006, AT 11:45 PM, PT

Ratner Leaving Nevada Commission
Going To UFC

KEVIN IOLE -Las Vegas Review-Journal

Marc Ratner, (Right) the widely respected executive director of the Nevada Athletic Commission, resigned Thursday to accept a lucrative three-year contract from the Las Vegas-based Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

Ratner, who has been with the commission since 1985 and was appointed full-time executive director in 1992, called the offer "an extraordinary opportunity for my family." His last day with the athletic commission will be May 13.

"I love the commission and I love working for the state, and so from that standpoint, this was a very difficult decision," said Ratner, who will be a vice president for the UFC. "The commission has been such a huge part of my life for so long. But I had to think of my family and this offer was amazing." UFC owner Lorenzo Fertitta said Ratner, 61, will be involved in all aspects of the operation. He will concentrate on regulatory issues and dealing with state athletic commissions. The UFC recently was sanctioned in California, making it the 20th state where mixed martial arts fights are regulated.

Fertitta, who was a member of the athletic commission and developed a close bond with Ratner, said the hire is significant for his company. "Obviously, Marc's reputation is impeccable and his knowledge is first-rate, and people like that are the kinds of people we want working for us," Fertitta said. "He's very knowledge about mixed martial arts and he's one of the most knowledgeable guys anywhere about combat sports, and MMA is a combat sport. He adds a lot of value to our company. Our business is literally exploding and we've had to bring in a number of key senior-level executives to catch up with the demand the company is putting upon us."

Commission chairman Skip Avansino, who was a college classmate of Ratner's at UNR, said Ratner will be difficult to replace. Avansino praised Ratner for his dedication to the commission and to the sports he regulated. Avansino said few, if any, regulators are held in as high esteem as Ratner is. "There just aren't a lot of Marc Ratners walking around out there," Avansino said. "I wish there were, because then it wouldn't be such a big task to replace him. To say I'm disappointed is an understatement, but Marc has a wonderful opportunity with a very successful and growing company. He's been a marvelous leader for this commission as executive director and we'll miss him terribly. It's going to be a daunting task to replace him, but we're going to put a process into place to come as close as we can to getting someone of his caliber."

Ratner played a large role in writing the rules the commission adopted that allowed the UFC to promote in Nevada beginning in 2001. In its early days, the UFC was a "no holds barred" organization with virtually no rules. Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., called it barbaric and campaigned to have it outlawed. But Ratner worked with the Association of Boxing Commissions to develop a standard set of rules that helped create the modern UFC. "(The commission) never could have accepted it in the (no holds barred) days," Ratner said. "But once there were a defined set of rules and weight classes and such, then it became something that would work for the state. There's always fine-tuning and it's something I'll look at every day. How do we make this better and how do we make it safer?" Ratner's first day with the UFC will be May 15. There is an April 6 UFC card at the Hard Rock Hotel. Ratner said he would recuse himself from all duties involving that show.

MORE NEWS OF 3-24-06

Here We Go AGAIN!

A little over a month ago we presented to you a sad story about how the State of Illinois, Department of Regulations stepped in and threatened to shut down new IKF & ISCF Promoter,John Castillo's, IKF & ISCF Sanctioned Event in Moline, Illinois.(New Promoter John Castillo Decides To Cancel Show After Unethical Actions Of Others) Castillo was contacted by Rafeal Carro (Unsure of last name spelling) of the State of Illinois Boxing Commission, Department of Regulations on Thursday before his event. In the conversation, Carro informed Castillo he would need several items before he and the Illinois Boxing Commission would allow his event to take place.

Before we go on, let us remind everyone here that according to all the rules and regulations we have reviewed from the Illinois Boxing Commission, they have no Legal Jurisdiction over MMA or Kickboxing and certainly none over AMATEUR Kickboxing or Mixed Martial Arts. Back to Castillo.
By Friday morning Castillo had all the necessary papers Carro had asked him for. That morning, both Castillo and the IKF/ISCF tried to reach Carro to find out where to fax the required paperwork to. Four calls by us here at the IKF/ISCF were made to Carro that Friday morning. NONE were returned.

Finally, the week after the fight on Tuesday morning, (February 14th) Carro called us back here at the IKF/ISCF office. However, as if to be assured he would not have to speak to anyone, but yet, show he made an effort to return our call, he returned the call to us here at 7 AM Pacific time and left a message that he called. The moment we arrived at the office which was about 8:45 AM, we returned his call. In fact, his call was returned to him THREE TIMES, and all we received was an answer machine for the State of Illinois Boxing Commission. The story about all this was then posted after 10PM that evening.

Well, here we are again...
As of today, another event in Illinois was shut down. We received a call from IKF/ISCF Promoter Brian Thompson at about noon our time. He had received a call from Rafeal Carro (Unsure of actual last name spelling) of the Illinois Boxing Commission - Department of Regulations at 2:00 PM Illinois time. Carro presented Thompson with what we now call "The List" of requirements that has been mysteriously created. The funny part about this is that Carro told Thompson he needed the requirements on his "List" within about 20 to 30 minutes of him calling. Of course, during the phone conversation, Corro threatened to shut down Thompson event saying he will have the local authorities at the venue to stop the show if he could not provide him with his "List" of requirements.

Once called by Carro, Thompson immediately called us. After hearing Carro's name again, ugly memories came into play from our last issue with him. We immediately called Carro's number he gave Thompson. We were greeted with his voicemail as we were the last time. We left a message, as we did last time, and then waited.... and like last time, the call was not returned. Another call was made to him, still no answer, and yet another. After three attempts, we wondered... "As with Castillo, IF Thompson had his list completed within the miracle time limit of 20 minutes, HOW would he get in touch with Caorro to get him the required documents?"

Next we called another number for the Department of Regulations. This time we were greeted with a receptionist. We had him physically go to Carro's office to ask him to take our call. He came back and said, "OK, he will take your call now." He transferred us and again, we got an answering machine. This happened two more times. Finally, Carro actually called us back.

During the conversation we asked him repeatedly to direct us to the law, rule or regulation that said the State of Illinois Boxing Commission, Department of Regulations has ANY jurisdiction over Amateur Kickboxing or MMA. Finally he directed us to this page CLICK HERE.

On this page, he proceeded to direct us to several areas of their regulation. First he drew our attention to this section:
(225 ILCS 105/6) (from Ch. 111, par. 5006)
(Section scheduled to be repealed on January 1, 2022)

Sec. 6. Prohibitions. All boxing matches, contests, or exhibits in which physical contact is made including, but not limited to, "ultimate fighting exhibitions", are prohibited in Illinois unless authorized by the Department.

However, he must have thought we would not read the last line of this which stated;

At this point, we think he thought we didn't read the next paragraph which read:

In the conversation, even he agreed that both the IKF and the ISCF met ALL of these requirements. Still looking for his answer, he next directed us to this section, and as you read it, note the true feelings of MMA as expressed in a legal document by the Illinois State Boxing Commission as they compare MMA to Professional boxing;

This part he of course stopped at and said "See, there it is." At this point, we reminded him of the discussion we had a few minutes before. We had asked him, "How are these other MMA Promoters allowed to do MMA events in the State of Illinois?" In which his exact, word for word answer was, "Because they all got their paperwork to us on time."

Of course, from this we brought his attention back to the line within the regulation, which read, "It is therefore an appropriate exercise of the police power of the State and necessary for the public safety and the common good to prohibit ultimate fighting exhibitions in this State." and of course, the final one which read "No person may hold, promote, or participate in any ultimate fighting exhibition in this State."

He didn't have a response for us. He quickly moved to, "Well, it's out of my hands now." In which we replied, "OK, so who do we need to be talking to then?" He said his boss Ron Pichello, but said he didn't think he was in. After a short discussion, he said Pichello was in and said he would go and have him call us to talk with us about it. Well, of course, we knew better than this so we offered to be put on hold... A total of "Thirty Seven" minutes later, we determined we had waited long enough. We hung up and called Carro's number back. Of course, we were greeted by his voicemail...Again. We called the other number and again were greeted by the receptionist. We again had him physically go to Carro's office and asked him to take our call. The receptionist came back and said, "OK, he said he will take your call now." So we were transferred, and guess what... We got Corro's voicemail... AGAIN!

This happened three more times and we think you get the picture. The State of Illinois will need to answer a lot of questions and they will probably be asked in a Federal Court. This is because Carro and his staff had given a directive to the Joliet Police department to "Shut Down" Thompson's event if it happened. However, Carro had already said the event "Would have been OK if Thompson got his paperwork in on time." However again, even when Thompson had gathered all the required paperwork Corro requested, none of us could find Corro to get him the documents he requested. The fact here is the state took themselves out of the game and neglected to serve their own public.

So the question came to, "WHO were they REALLY Serving?" Was there some kind of a "Good Ol Boy" works in the play here? Was Thompson being shut down because his show, like Castillo's, threatened another MMA show in Illinois? A lot of fingers have been pointing that way and a lot of people are talking... Except the Illinois Boxing Commission - Department of Regulations. They have went silent and avoided and ignored all our calls. Are they afraid to explain to us a law that is enforced on some but not enforced for others? This is pretty "Black and White" to us here. someone has crossed a line and the line is VERY Dirty. It's time the Federal Courts step in to see what is really going on in Illinois with Kickboxing and MMA.

We reviewed the case a bit more and even made calls to the Joliet Police department who by the way, were on our side. In the end, we came to the conclusions;

  1. Carro KNEW he was acting out of his own boundary.
  2. Others in the Commission didn't return our calls either, which brings the question, "Why?"
  3. Carro knew he admitted it was legal to have MMA in Illinois if the right paperwork was done.
  4. Yet Carro also admitted and pointed out on their webpage that it was not. So which is it?
  5. He knew Pro and Amateur kickboxing promotions did not need the permission of the commission,
  6. Yet, he tried to create a law that didn't exist saying that they did.
  7. He could not refer us to any documentation that says it was illegal.
  8. Yet he insisted he needed all kinds of documentation before he could allow the show to go on.
  9. Even funnier, the term "exhibition" that the Illinois Commission uses so frequently throughout their rules actually means "NOT REAL". So in legal terms, their wording is saying, "If the bouts are not real, they are not permitted." Which leaves, if they ARE REAL, they are allowed.
  10. Carro did not act, as required by a State Official, in the best interest of his public. He made the decision to purposely ignore the situation offering no help for Thompson and went as far as avoiding him as well as our calls until the 5:00 whistle blew and when it did, he probably made a big sigh and said, "I'm out of the hot water."

Well Mr. Carro, all you did is get your feet wet. The next plunge you take into that water will be very public so make sure you have your best bathing suit on because the State of Illinois Boxing Commission is about to be dunked for this one.



Warrior Fitness & Fight Promotions Presents
Hinkley, Minnesota, USA


Alby Bimpson Presents
C/B.Club, Haydock, England

WEDNESDAY, March 22nd, 2006, AT 11:15 PM, PT

Pure Force II- March Mayhem
Joliet, Illinois, USA

Get ready for an exciting evening of hard hitting action and premium entertainment this Saturday March 25th. Pure Force II "March Mayhem" comes to Joliet, Illinois with IKF sanctioned Muay Thai Kickboxing and ISCF Mixed Martial Arts.

Promoters Ron Hill, James Hill, and Brian Thompson have searched the Midwest for top notch fighters for this event. The Pure Force II card will feature the much anticipated Muay Thai Kickboxing match between Brian "Smashing Machine" Kovar of Team Toro and Justin Abate of Pekin Martial Arts. These fighters have been set to square off on two other occasions but were postponed due to injuries. Look for fireworks when these two hit the canvas.

Pure Force II is bigger and better; featuring 12 bouts and a Masters MMA Demonstration by HCX Mixed Martial Arts instructors Ron "Tashi" Hill and James Hill. The Main Event will be an MMA bout in the Welterweight class between Charles Wilson of Double Tap Fight Crew and Dan "Mighty" Masella of Dragonstyle Martial Fitness.

Charles Wilson has been on a role as he is undefeated in MMA competition. He will have to bring his top game against Masella who has made previous appearances in Standoff Kickboxing events. Masella was the 2005 NAGA Novice Division Champion. Order your tickets now as seats are going fast!!!!!!!!

View an updated seating chart at www.pureforcemma.com
To order tickets call (815) 730-3800. Doors open at 6:PM and the event starts at 7:PM. The Pure Force II "March Mayhem" venue is located at

IBEW 176 Banquet Hall
1100 NE Frontage Road
Joliet, Illinois 60431

Athletes looking to compete in the 2006 IKF Muay Thai and International Rules Kickboxing North Central Regional Tournament should register by clicking www.standoffkickboxing.com or contact Brian A. Thompson at (815) 730-3800. Tickets are still available for this terrific evening of finals fights and MMA bouts. For ticket information and to view the seating chart visit www.standoffkickboxing.com or contact Brian A. Thompson (815) 730-3800.




WEDNESDAY, March 15th, 2006, AT 4:50 PM, PT

Midwest Fight Fest
March 10th, St. Joseph, Missouri, USA

By Chuck Wolfe, IKF & ISCF World Representative:
ISCF & IKF Promoters Jesse Finney of Shamrock Promotions (www.ShamrockPromotionsLLC.com) and Ben Nogueras of The Blue Corner (www.TheBlueCorner.com) treated a SOLD-OUT crowd to Amateur Boxing, Kickboxing and MMA at the Clarion Hotel in Kansas City, Missouri, USA. the Main Event featured the quest for the vacant ISCF amateur Light Heavyweight Central Regional Title.

The Title Bout would feature top ISCF Ranked Amateur MMA fighters, John Cornett and Robert Bishop. Once again, fans were not disappointed, as these Promoters continue to put on a Class-Act in the Fight World! Along with great musical entertainment the nights special guest was Mr. Matt Hughes, 8 time UFC Welterweight World Champion! Matt graciously visited with the fans while also signing autographs! Matt holds a 37-4 record and has fought in Japan, Kuwait and Great Britain, as well as throughout the US and his native Hawaii! Here are the nights results below.

  1. Amateur Boxing - SUPER WELTERWEIGHT
    Chanel Rand, Kansas City, MO Vs Catrina Canfield, Shawnee, Mission, KS
    After an even First Round, which could have gone either way, the Second Round found Catrina landing some solid right hands. Chanel answered with her effective left jab! Catrina landed a good left hook - right hand combination early in the Third Round, but couldn't catch up with Chanel, who had good movement and continued to establish her left jab.
    Chanel won the bout by the narrowest of margin, a Majority Split-Decision, 29-28, 28-29, 29-28 respectively.

  2. IKF Amateur Kickboxing - MIDDLEWEIGHT
    Ryan Pyles, St Louis, MO vs Jay Collins, Kansas City, MO
    The First Round, Pyles landed the better, more effective kicks followed by fast right hands. Collins weathered this storm showing good poise, landing a good right hand of his own! The Second Round showed more of the same for Pyles, as Collins seemed to tire. In the Third Round, Pyles lands a powerful front kick, knocking Collins into the ropes, which saved the knock-down, warranting a standing 8-count by Referee Kevin Engles.
    Pyles went on to win an Unanimous Decision, 30-26 on all cards.

    Larry Payne, Topeka, KS vs Charles Carpenter, Macon, MO
    Carpenter landed knees and leg kicks, showing a definite advantage in the Stand-Up position in Round One. Round Two found Payne taking Carpenter to the ground, securing a Rear-Naked Choke for a Tap-Out at 2:59 in the Second round.

  4. Women's Amateur Boxing - SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT
    Michelle Hurchla, St. Louis, MO vs Angela Turner, Kansas City, MO
    In the First Round Hurchla landed straight Right-Left Hook combinations. In the Second Round Hurchla landed more straight Right hands, with Turner answering with some straight Left hands of her own. In the Third Round, Hurchla landed many more Right hands. The fight went the distance to a Majority Decision for Hurchla, 30-27, 28-29 & 30-27.

    Anthony Young, Kansas City, MO vs Calob Barnett, Platte City, MO.
    Barnett started the First Round with a Take-Down, with Young countering with a good Guard from the ground, bringing it back up to a Stand-up position where Young scores good Knee Strikes to Barnett's body. The Second Round Barnett started quickly by landing two strong Right hands. Young again countered with good knees and a solid defense. In the Third Round, Young came to life, landing a good body attack, using Right hands and knees.
    Young wins the Unanimous Decision with a 30-27 on all judges cards.

    Tim Tripp, Kansas City, KS vs Daniel Lundsford, Macon, MO
    Tripp started the First Round as the aggressor and stayed aggressive throughout the round, landing good hands and showing good ground skill. In the Second Round, Tripp secured a Key-Lock on Luntsford's arm, producing a Tap-Out at 1:56 of the Second round.

    Kyle Marquez, Kansas City, MO vs Adam Neilson, Leavenworth, KS
    Marquez started fast by landing several Right hands, quickly taking Nelson to the ground, securing a Tap-Out at 1:34 of the First Round!

    Jason Colobong Kansas City, MO vs Cory Reiling Kansas City, MO.
    In the First Round Reiling caught most of the good riding time, narrowly missing two arm locks. The Second Round found Colobong reversing the situation, securing an arm bar for a Tap-Out at 2:02 in the Second round!

    Frank Bryant, Kansas City, KS vs Tommy Curtis, Kansas City, MO
    The fight started slow, but quickly heated up as Bryant landed two good Right hands and superior kicks in Round One. In the Second Round Bryant continued to work off better kicks to set up more Right hands. The Third Round action began as Curtis established himself, throwing a strong Side Kick, knocking Bryant to the canvas. Bryant recovered quickly, throwing a huge Right hand, causing a KO at 1:21 of Round Three!

    Nick Nolte, Kansas City, MO vs Daniel Morris, Manhattan, KS
    In the First Round, Nolte dominated from the Top position, creating a repeated Ground-and-Pound, which Morris survived to his credit! Nolte took Morris to the ground in Round Two, continuing to Ground-and-Pound to a TKO victory at 1:34 of the Second Round!

    Eric Siley, Overland Park, KS vs Jason Shane, Lee's Summit, MO
    This bout started and ended in a blink of the eye - with Siley landing a Right hand to produce a KO at :12 of the First Round which makes us wonder... "What IS the Record for quickest Knock-Out in the ISCF?" I think this would have to be IT!

    ISCF Amateur Light Middleweight Central Regional Title Bout

    John Cornett, Kansas City, MO vs Robert Bishop, Grand Rapids, MN
    This match, on paper, looked to be an exciting match-up! However, in the ring Bishop appeared immediately out-classed by Cornett's aggressive style. Cornett landed a swift Right hand, ending in a TKO at :21 seconds of the First Round.
    Winner And New ISCF Light Heavyweight Central Regional Champion, John Cornett!

For more info please contact Mr. Jesse Finney at (314) 608-3104 or e-mail at jesse@finneyskickboxing.com or Mr. Benjamin Nogueras Jr. at (913) 568-8009 or e-mail at bnogueras@thebluecorner.com

MORE NEWS OF 3-15-06

Boxing Champ Larry Holmes Visits
Upstate Karate in South Carolina!

Boxing great Larry Holmes visited Ray Thompson's Upstate Karate Family Martial Arts Center this past weekend in Simpsonville, South Carolina, USA during a promotional visit for a local business in the area. Larry and his entourage of staff members visited Ray and his staff for a bit and discussed boxing and kickboxing as well as offering the Wonderboy (Stephen Thompson)some business advise to take with him during his career.

Larry was very gracious and respectful and has a great since of humor. Ray and his staff was able to witness Larry's jab in real speed and even at his age (57 years old) was quit fast. You might remember Larry's bout with "The Greatest", Muhammad Ali where Larry defeated Ali in grand fashion.

Also visiting Upstate Karate was football great, Heisman Trophy winner and Super Bowl Champion, George Rogers. Both gentlemen were very kind and gladly allowed pictures and signed autographs to everyone that asked. Larry Thanks for being a Great role model for fighters of all styles.

SATURDAY, March 11th, 2006, AT 2:00 PM, PT

The World Of
Kickboxing & Martial Arts
To A Great One...

Howard Jackson

It is with great sadness to report that Martial Artist and former Karate, Kickboxing & Boxing Champion Howard Jackson passed away early in the morning on Tuesday, March 7, 2022 at the City of Hope Hospital in Duarte, California. Howard was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia back in 2002. His loss will surly be felt by many.

Howard was the only Fighting Champion in history to hold world titles in semi contact, full contact, kickboxing and boxing.

Memorial services will be held on March 25th, 2006 at 11:00 am at the First Church of the Nazarene in Pasadena, California. The address is 3700 E. Sierra Madre Blvd. Flowers may be sent there as well.

Contributions can be made to the Howard Jackson Memorial Fund and sent to
18663 Ventura Blvd
Tarzana, California, 91356.

The memorial fund was set up by friends of Howard's fiancée, Sharon, his companion and caregiver the last 5 years. He will be missed very much. You can E-mail a message for Howard to howardjackson@worldblackbelt.com


Who Was Howard Jackson?
The Below Article About Howard Was Posted on The March, 2002 IKF News Page.
We Are Re-Posting It Again To Remind All Of You What A Great Man Howard Was.

Howard Jackson had a phenomenal winning streak in major competitions-Tournament Karate, Kickboxing, full contact Karate, and Boxing. He was voted the best by his competitors and peers. Jackson was born in Detroit, Michigan to working class parents who many times had to rely on government assistance for housing and food. Life for the Jackson family was unstable and his mother and father died at an early age. The oldest of four children, he saw his two brothers die violent and tragic deaths. He and his sister (Corliss) survived the troubled streets of Detroit.

Jackson started studying kung fu in 1967 after the Detroit riots and searched for a martial art that would work best for him. A turning point came when Jackson witnessed a demonstration by an individual who had been studying Tang Soo Do karate for two years and thanks to this young man, Howard Jackson was led to Harold Williams who became his mentor and karate instructor up to Howard's testing for first degree black belt in Tang Soo Do karate. In 1970, Jackson along with two other soon-to-be champions, Johnny Lee and Everett "Monsterman" Eddy, and the champion of that time frame who was testing for fourth degree black belt, Chuck Norris, (Pictured with Howard at Right) were all tested for black belt by Grand Master Hwang Kee and His Moo Kwon testing board.

Shortly thereafter, Jackson searched for the ultimate self-defense martial art. He joined the Marines Corps and discovered tournament competition. While at Camp Pendleton, he read a karate magazine about his stable mates, Johnny Lee and Everett "Monsterman" Eddy, who were winning karate championships all over the country. Jackson had to find a way to be a part of karate competition. He got his chance and entered the Four Seasons Karate Championships. Although he was disqualified for excessive contact, he was noticed by Chuck Norris and Bob Wall. Although complemented for his exceptional kicking ability, he was told of his lack of control. Chuck and Bob also encouraged him to develop his usage of hand techniques. At that time, they invited young Howard to the Chuck Norris Karate Studios in Torrance, California.

The next week Howard caught the Greyhound bus from Camp Pendleton in California to Long Beach, California and spent his weekend leave training with Chuck Norris and his many talented black belts (such as Bob Wall, John Natividad, Darnell Garcia, Bob Burbitch, Ralph Alegria, Aaron Norris, and Pat Johnson, just to name a few). Jackson became an integral part of the Chuck Norris fighting team who were winning both team and individual championships across the country.

In 1972-73, Jackson was ranked among the top 10 national fighters in the United States. He was called "California Flash" because of his most outstanding attribute, his initial speed and a unique ability to rapidly close the gap on his opponents. He was ranked number 8 in 1973. Howard was contacted by heavyweight champion Joe Lewis and invited to his sparring session, and Joe and Howard became sparring partners. Joe also saw Howard's potential to be a recognized champion. Joe became a part of Howard's success and he helped Howard to become both mentally and physically prepared for competitive fighting. Joe Lewis combined his personal theories in fighting along with Bruce Lee's and taught these theories to Howard. While Chuck Norris, Mike Stone and others gave Howard the tools of competitive fighting, Joe sharpened them.

In 1973, Howard won the grand championship and first prize $1000 in semi contact competition at the Top 10 Nationals in St. Louis. Jackson became the only two-time grand Champion of the Battle of Atlanta (1973 and 1974). In 1973 , he was inducted into the Black Belt Hall of Fame as "Fighter of the Year." Jackson became the first lightweight to dominate his sport and professional karate's biggest money winner of 1973. Jackson had usurped Bill Wallace, at the time America's top tournament fighter. In 1974, he won the lightweight title in the split-division United States Championships in Dallas. Jackson was the Black Belt and Professional Karate Magazines #1 U.S. karate fighter of 1974 (Karate Player of the Year).

After a knee injury in 1974, Jackson's whole world seem to crumble. After two years of therapy for the knee, and perseverance and determination, Jackson launched a comeback in 1976, competing in professional boxing, karate, and kickboxing. On January 26, 1980, he captured the WKA full-contact welterweight title. Jackson won an unanimous decision over Japan's Yoshimitsu Tamashiro. In January 1981, he won against Miyaso Chiba in Tokyo to become the world junior welterweight champion of the World Kickboxing Association. Howard Jackson was the first competitor to win the Karate Player of the Year award with only two years of experience and was one of the first internationally recognized world champions. He was the first karate champion to be ranked in professional boxing-number 6 in the world by the World Boxing Association (WBA). At age 23, Jackson attained his goal of becoming the first black man to reach the pinnacle position of tournament karate. Howard Jackson was the only champion in history to hold world titles in semi contact, full contact, kickboxing and boxing.

After retirement in 1983, Jackson worked for 10 years as Personal Protection Officer/Training Partner to actor and World Karate Champion, Chuck Norris. His total dedication to the sport and the art earned him the admiration and respect of his contemporaries; he was known as a professional's professional. In keeping with his goals of accomplishment and self improvement, Jackson left his position with Mr. Norris and worked for 5 years as Bodyguard to the Temptations (Left). Howard then returned to his position with Chuck Norris. Jackson credits martial arts as giving him focus and a method by which he could achieve realistic goals. He learned that "step by step, one small goal at a time, he could accomplish what he wanted."

From Howard... Physically my body is in wonderful shape, by just knowing the right exercise, proper proportion of exercise, and the exercise that benefits me the most. Strength wise I am at my highest state. Both physically and mentally. I am able to push myself mentally to the point where I can achieve personal gains from my physical efforts which will not cause serious injury or break my momentum with my workout. From the stand point of life itself, I have had a wonderful prosperous life. I have had my ups and downs as we all do. I am going through my third divorce. I have three wonderful children. My oldest son Howard Jr., turned 30 this February (2002). He is a police officer for the L.A.P.D., (Los Angeles Police Department, California, USA) and a very good one at that. He also plays football, a running back, for the police department. He also is a work horse. Howard Jr. has a wonderful wife, Shanta and my two grandsons, Jonathan 9 and Jordan 2.

My second son Jeremy resides in Alberta Canada. Jeremy, a great athlete, won a full scholarship to Michigan State, for hockey. Jeremy was one of the best players on the hockey team while being an intrical part of the team at such an early stage of his college freshman year. He was on the first line. The only player to have free roam because of his ability for being a play maker, his exceptional speed and his ability to handle the puck. Unfortunately, age played as a negative conclusion on my young upstarts college career. He lost his focus from hockey and fell into the teenage party syndrome. We've all been there and done that, so I understand, but I'm very proud of him. He went back to Canada, projected his focus again on hockey and is now being noticed by the NHL and WHL hockey leagues. Trial, tribulation and maturity has established itself with my son. He's learned how to channel his energies to more positive goals.

Last but not least, my one and only daughter Amber Nicole Jackson, whom I held on to her name prior to her arrival. I had her name to bestow on Jeremy who turned out to be a boy. At any rate, the way to a man's heart is not the food he eats, it's the daughter he spoils. I spend a lot of time with my eight your old tyke. She is the apple of my eye, especially during the difficult time of divorce. Life is all that you make of it and I'm making the best of it, regardless of the ups and downs, there's always the better days. My children are my life. It took me such a long time to realize that life is truly all about family, because that's what has kept me going all these years.

Something To Ponder Now... While We Are Still Here...
"Over the years I have met many Martial Artists and fighters who are so fixated on how good they "Think" they were. As if they are trying to assure me they "Were" someone great. However, a lesson taught to me long ago was that those that were Really Great, never have to remind anyone how great they truly were... Because they ARE!
The greatest thing about Howard Jackson was not that he was a great fighter or martial artists. The greatest thing about him was that he NEVER felt he had to tell anyone how great he was. He was a Gentleman to all he met and unlike some Martial Artists, Howard never had to Brag about how good he "Thought" he was because Howard was indeed one of the GREATEST!
He was a Champion in and out of the ring who never had to live in his past to impress people because he was impressive in the present day. I can only hope his passing will be a lesson to some Martial Artists and Fighters both past and present, that it really doesn't matter how good you were, or think you were. What matters most is who you are now, in the present moments you share with those around you. These moments will set the standard as to how you will be remembered. For Howard Jackson, he has set the standards high for us all, and possibly too high for some to meet which is sad. Rest in peace Mr. Jackson. Your warrior spirit will never be forgotten here."
Steve Fossum

For more information about Howard, you can visit his Official Website by clicking

TUESDAY, March 7th, 2006, AT 2:25 PM, PT


Leon Kelly & IKF EUROPE
Coventry, England

Midwest Fight Fest
Kansas City, Missouri, USA

Shriner's Fight Night
Springfield, Illinois, USA

Bern & Gary Giam
Present & IKF Kickboxing

St. Helens, England


A Funny Turn Of Events
The Reason Nesbitt "No Showed" In Chicago!
More Info After The Two Articles Below

This is kind of funny because as in the case with Travis Fulton, we discovered the "REAL" reason he missed his fight on Duke Roufus' event was not due to a late appointment. It was instead, because he was stopped by TKO in a Pro Boxing bout in California the night before. Well, strange be it, here we have the mystery of why Keith Nesbitt "No Showed" for Rob Zbilski's event in Chicago last Friday night.

Nesbitt was home recovering from getting Knocked Out on Duke Roufus' show on February 24th in Milwaukee, Wisconsin by Brandon Adamson. Adamson trains under Duke Roufus and is from Madison Wisconsin. He knocked Nesbitt out in the first round with a head kick.

Sadly to add to this, the IKF Event Representative at Roufus' event responsible for getting the event results to us here at IKF Headquarters immediately following the event, have yet to get us the full fight report. That report would have include the results and the event write-up and the reporting of Nesbitt's KO. Because of the delay, no one here even knew Nesbitt was scheduled to fight on the Milwaukee event that was also IKF Sanctioned.

Still, Nesbitt faulted just like Fulton. BOTH booked fights far inside the required 30 day time spread for fight contracting. From what we have found out, Nesbitt was booked on Zbilski's show long before he took the fight on Roufus' event. "What was he and Fulton thinking?!?!?"

Well, the mistakes they made will now cost them in the wallet. BOTH will be reported to State Commissions to assure their suspensions hold in other states, even on non IKF Sanctioned events.


Updates For
2006 IKF North Central #1
Regional Tournament

Additional info has been added to the web page for the April 15th, 2006 IKF NORTH CENTRAL #1 Full Contact Rules Regional Tournament in Mundeline, Illinois, USA.



Gladiators In Milwaukee
February 24th, 2006

IKF Milwaukee, WI USA:
Gladiators February 24th Show at the Ramada Convention Center Grand Ballroom celebrated Ten Years of producing Kickboxing & Mixed Martial Arts events in Milwaukee. Please find below the nights results.

    "Battling" Ben Dauck of Duke Roufus Kickboxing in Madison, Wisconsin, USA
    defeated Toby "Tiger Heart" Grear, Team True Warrior, Columbus Ohio, USA by TKO round 3.

    Brandon "High Voltage" Adamson of Duke Roufus Kickboxing Madison, Wisconsin, USA,
    defeated Keith Nesbitt of Team Nesbitt Kickboxing, Rochester New York, USA by 1st Round Head Kick KO.

    Ben "Stoneman" Yelle of USA Muay Thai Marquette MI USA
    defeated "Nasty" Neal Fox of Duke Roufus Kickboxing Milwaukee Wisconsin USA by TKO round 2.

    Kyle "Wicked" Weickhardt of Duke Roufus Kickboxing, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
    defeated Bryan "The Smashing Machine" Kovar of Team Toro, Hinsdale, Illinois, USA by unanimous decision.

    "Terrible" Terry Brown a self trained fighter out of Chicago, Illinois, USA
    defeated Rafael Czalpicki of Rockford Kickboxing & Jiu-Jitsu, Rockford Illinois, USA by Split Decision.

    Henry Ebron of American Martial Arts & Fitness Academy, East Lansing Michigan, USA
    defeated Adam "Bomb" Vander Veen of Duke Roufus Kickboxing, Milwaukee Wisconsin, USA by unanimous decision.

    Rachid Maakoul of Rockford Kickboxing & Jiu-Jitsu in Rockford Illinois, USA
    defeated Mike Morrison of American Martial Arts & Fitness Academy, East Lansing Michigan, USA by unanimous decision.

    "Danny Boy" Downes of Duke Roufus Kickboxing in Milwaukee Wisconsin, USA
    defeated Dave Burrows of USA Muay Thai in Marquette Michigan USA by unanimous decision.

For more information please call Scott Joffe, Ad Cetera Sports, (414) 967-7767.

MONDAY, March 6th, 2006, AT 11:20 PM, PT

Results From
Z's Martial Arts Academy, Friday, March 3rd, Crystal Lake, IL, USA

Julie Frye, IKF Representative:
It was non stop action at the Crystal Lake, Illinois Holiday Inn despite the fact the one of the Main Event fighters did not show up. Pro Fighter Keith Nesbitt (Right) was scheduled for 5 Rounds of Full Contact Kickboxing against Pro Mario Williams but Nesbitt never made it to the venue nor did he notify anyone that he was not going to be there. Nesbitt has been Suspended & Fined by the IKF (Read more at end of this article).

Nesbitt was also supposed to bring a fighter to fight Leslie Stoll trained by Rich Whitenack out of No Joke Martial Arts in Loves Park, Illinois which left Leslie also without an opponent.

Even though Nesbit was a no show, Promoter Rob Zbilski (Right) was able to find a headliner just minutes before the fights were to begin. Syed Hatim offered to fight Williams and so the MAIN EVENT was back on.

  1. EXHIBITION Amateur FULL CONTACT Junior Atomweight
    Laryssa Zarate of Huntley, Illinois, USA ( 6-1-2, 108, 5'3 trained by Rob Zbilski, TEAM Z) and Katie Perez of Lakemoor, IL, (0-0-0, 118, 5'3", trained by Stephanie and Mark McCumber)
    This was a great experience for Katie's first time in the ring and these girls gave the crowd a great show.

  2. Amateur FULL CONTACT Men's Heavyweight
    Ken Walker of Loves Park, IL, (0-2-0, 213, 5'11", trained by Rich Whitenack, NO JOKE Martial Arts) defeated John Linebarger of Charlston, IL (debut fight, 202, 5'10", trained by Mitch Saret, Karate USA) by TKO at 1:24 of Round 1.
    Walker proved to be too much for Linebarger as he knocked him down with a straight left hand (Standing 8 #1) then he continued to press Linebarger and knocked him down again with a front kick to his face (Standing 8#2). Finally a roundhouse to Linebargers head sent him to the ropes where Referee Scott Fischer stopped the fight because Linebarger could not continue.

  3. Amateur FULL CONTACT Super Middleweight
    Simon Buetner of Huntley, IL, (2005 IKF North American Jr. Light Cruiserweight Champion, 10-3-1, 175, 5'9", trained by Rob Zbilski-Z's Martial Arts) defeated Eric Sezjiec of Chicago, IL, (4-1-0, 168, 6'1", trained by Fernando Luevano) by unanimous decision. Judge # 1 scored the bout 30-28, Judge #2 scored the bout 29-28 and Judge #3 scored the bout 30-27.

  4. Amateur FULL CONTACT Men's Super Middleweight
    Justin Hanlin of Lake Zurich, IL (3-0-1, 172, 6'1", trained by Jimmy Zbilski - TEAM Z) defeated Chandler Lowe of Chicago Heights, IL, (8-10-2, 170, 5'11", trained by Big Lou) by Split Decision. Judge #1 and #3 both scored the bout 30-26 Hanlin and Judge #3 scored the bout 29-28 Lowe.

  5. Amateur FULL CONTACT Men's Light Middleweight
    Billy Matties of Kankakee, IL (10-6-6, 155, 5'10", trained by John Gerard, corned by Rob Zbilski) defeated Chris Huberts of Naperville, IL, (2-1-1, 155, 5'11", trained by Dr. Dave Smith) by Unanimous Decision. All three judges saw the fight the same, scoring the bout 30-26.

  6. Amateur INTERNATIONAL Female Light Welterweight
    Current IKF North American Jr. Welterweight Champion, Sarah Ross of Huntley, IL (16-0-2, 142, 5/7", trained by Rob Zbilski TEAM Z's) defeated Marie Strum of Carroll, Iowa (2-0, 138, 5'4", trained by Pete Peterson Team Roundkick) by Unanimous Decision. This was the first time that Sarah fought International Rules but you would have thought she was a veteran. Sarah "The Terror" Ross dominated the ring in all three rounds. In my opinion, this was one of Sarah's best fights so far. She kept Marie guessing the entire three rounds not knowing if she was going to fire off 4-5 hand combo's or perhaps an ax kick, or my favorite of the evening, a spinning hook kick to head. I give Marie a lot of credit for WALKING THE WALK with Sarah Ross when no one else stepped up to the plate. All three judges scored the bout 30-27 for Ross.


    Said Hatim of Chicago, IL (3-1, 142, 5'6", trained by Fernando Leuvano) and Mario Williams of Indiana (1-0, 147, 5'8", trained by Charles Baron) set out to what we thought was going to be a great fight considering Hatim accepted the fight just hours earlier. But referee Scott Fischer stopped the bout at 1:11 seconds into ROUND 1 after an accidental head butt broke the nose of Mario Williams. The ringside physician examined Williams and determined he could not allow Williams to continue. The bout was ruled a NO CONTEST.


Keith Nesbitt

for bout Vs Mario Williams
at Team Z's
Friday Night Thunder
Show in Illinois Friday
and has been Suspended
& Fined by the IKF.

Team Z would like to thank all the fighters who participated. They have 3 more fights already on the scheduled for 2006 that include:

For more information contact: Z's Martail Arts at (847) 669-7833, Or at info@teamzs.com Or go to www.teamzs.com


Where Has IKF World Champion
Paul Biafore Been?


So who is Andrew San Paul? Believe it or not, it's former IKF Professional World Champion Paul Biafore. "No I did not change my name." said Paul in a recent e-mail discussion. "I am using a pysuenm for my music and Andrew is my middle name so I just reversed them."

Paul (Originally from Missaga, Ontario, Canada) already has a CD out entitled "Let's Spread Love Around." Check it out by clicking HERE! He also has his own web site which can be seen by clicking HERE!

Biafore won his IKF FCR World Welterweight Title on May 15th, 1999 when he defeated Bernard Robinson of Pittsburgh, PA, USA by TKO at the end of the 4th round. The bout was in Lowell Massachusetts, USA. He also held "Several" other World titles during his Professional Kickboxing Career. He retired with a fight record of 31 wins, 4 losses, 1 draw with 16 wins coming by KO/TKO.

He was never challenged for his title or offered any other bout after he soundly defeated Robinson. In September of 2002 he moved to Southern California to pursue music as well as teaching kickboxing. Looks like the Music Career was a SUCCESS!!!

Great Job Paul and Congratulations on the New Album! It Sounds GREAT!


Pro Fighters Nesbitt & Fulton
Suspended & Fined!

Pro FCR Fighter Keith Nesbitt (Right) of Rochester, New York has been Suspended and Fined by the IKF for "Failure to Show Under Contract." The suspension is based upon payment of his fine which is equal to his opponents fight purse plus fine fees. Nesbitt's fine is $750.00 and he will be suspended from fighting for a minimum 60 days. If his fine is not paid within the 60 days the suspension will remain in force. Nesbitt is required to pay his fine to Promoter Rob Zbilski.

Nesbitt is the second fighter to be suspended and fined by the IKF in the last two weeks for "Failure to Show Under Contract." The other was Pro Kickboxer and MMA Fighter Travis Fulton (Left) of Iowa. Fulton was scheduled to fight Patrick Barry of New Orleans, LA on Duke Roufus' event a couple of weekends ago. Fulton told Roufus one reason why he could not make the event but the reality was that Fulton took a Pro Boxing bout in at the Tachi Palace Casino & Hotel in Lemoore, California the night "Before" his agreed booking against Berry on Roufus' show the very next night.

In the boxing bout, Fulton was dropped twice by Pro Boxer Travis Walker (15-0-1 with 13 KO's) and eventually lost by TKO at 1:54 of round 2. The California State Athletic Commission applied a mandatory medical suspended Fulton for 30 days due to the TKO so he was automatically out of the fight with Berry.

Fulton has been placed on a 60 day Fight Suspension by the IKF and has been Fined $2,000.00. (Based on Berry's promised purse) Adding to this, Fulton had contracted for yet another pro boxing bout on March 4th against pro boxer George Linberger in Akron, OH, USA. This bout of course was cancelled due to Fulton's Medical suspension and his IKF Fight suspension.

Like Nesbitt, Fulton will be suspended from fighting for a minimum 60 days. If his fine is not paid within the 60 days the suspension will remain in force. Fulton is required to pay his fine to Promoter Duke Roufus. To see IKF Fines & Suspensions CLICK HERE

FRIDAY, March 3rd, 2006, AT 1:20 PM, PT

Z's Martial Arts Academy Presents
Friday Night Thunder
Crystal Lake, Illinois, USA


Desnica Still Seeking
IKF Gold!

Last year, IKF Junior fighter Alex Desnica of Chicago made the trip to Orlando Florida to participate in the 2005 IKF North American Tournament and hopefully become one of the 2005 Champions. However, once there it was a surprise to him and all of us here at the IKF that his scheduled opponent, Robert Wright of Bradenton, Florida, USA never showed up. Alex was the only fighter without a bout at the Tournament. As the saying goes, Desnica was left at the alter with no title, no award... Nothing!

Thus the chance a fighter takes when they choose to stay in a 2 person bracket for the IKF Tournament. It may look good on paper, having only one fight to win the Tournament title, but rolling the dice can sometimes have a sad outcome.

However Desnica's trainer Jim Klauba would like give him the chance to win that title they were forced to leave in Orlando last year. So, on Klauba's boxing fund-raiser event (Supercop Show) this coming March 25th in Chicago, he would like to match Alex (1-1/0) up with someone to fight for the title he didn't get a chance to fight for in Orlando.

So, if your a trainer with a Junior Full Contact Rules Fighter either 15 or 16 years old and weight between 180 and 195 lbs. (Cruiserweight), we would like you to contact us here at the IKF to challenge for the title against Desnica. Please e-mail us at main@ikfkickboxing.com with your fighters name, fight record, weight and location and hopefully he will be approved for this title shot. We look forward to hearing from you soon.


Not Enough Activity In Your Day?

Time to work your mind and you patience...

Click Here

Warning...may become addictive to some "A" type personalities.

Have a good weekend...

WEDNESDAY, March 1st, 2006, AT 2:20 PM, PT

IKF Welcomes Three New Members To The
IKF Advisory Board

As we have said before, "When you seek perfection you attain Excellence!"

This is what the IKF Organization is all about and we seek that perfection by the knowledgeable advice of those who truly KNOW KICKBOXING! Today the IKF has added 3 new members to the IKF Advisory Board. The first added is the already appointed India IKF Representative, Danial Issac (Photo at Left & See article below).

The second person has been a great help to the IKF in the area of development of the IKF rules and Regulations. He has assisted at both ends of the spectrum from pointing out rule violations to updating and clarifying new and existing rules within the IKF Organization. He has also been a big help at several IKF Sanctioned events including his assistance at the yearly IKF Tournament. Please welcome, from Illinois, Austin Baitman (Pictured at Right).

The third person to be added to the IKF Advisory Board has been a large part in developing the IKF on the East Coast. He is, along with Smith, the newly appointed IKF East Coast Representative, Clark Walters. (Left). Clark is a former Professional and Amateur Kickboxer as well as a former Pro & Amateur Boxer.

With the nickname "Whirling Thunder" Walters had a successful career in the fighting ring complying a Professional Kickboxing record of 23-1-1/13 after a successful Amateur career with a record of 10-0/7.

Clark has been in the martial arts for over 27 years and has won Kickboxing titles under several different organizations. Today he focus' on his Martial Arts School and training future potential Champions.

Congratulations to all three of our new IKF Advisory Board Members, Danial Issac, Austin Baitman and Clark Walters. We are PROUD to have all of you as part of the IKF World Team.

To see all the IKF Advisory Board members Click Here.

The members of the IKF Advisory Board are not paid members or employees of the IKF. The IKF established the Advisory Board to give recognition to those individuals who have helped and those who continue to help grow the IKF Organization as well as progress the growth of Kickboxing in their work. Their efforts are to give advise when and where needed to improve the work of the IKF They are often used as IKF event officials due to their vast knowledge in the sport of Kickboxing. Yes, unlike some Boxing Commissions around the USA, our IKF Board members "Really DO Know the sport of KICKBOXING!" Many Boxing commission board members are government appointed officials that know little if anything about the sport of Boxing. The IKF Advisory Board is comprised of individuals who have a vast amount of knowledge in the sport of Kickboxing. This is "EXACTLY" why we seek them to advise the growth and efforts of the IKF, and more so, why this board is called an "Advisory" board, and not a "Board of Directors". Simply put, "When THEY Speak, WE Listen!"



Who's Reading WHAT & WHERE
In Kickboxing?

Where does most of the world come for kickboxing news? Since the IKF started tracking our traffic ranking among the 20 million web sites in the world prior to 2002, the answer has been the same month to month. In a streak that has "NEVER" been broken, the IKF website still ranks as the most visited website among kickboxing sanctioning bodies in the world. The ratings are updated monthly by the independent site rating company Alexa.com

Alexa's system is unique in how it rates the over 20 million sites on the internet. Like in Golf, the Lower the number the MORE traffic the site is getting! The Lower the number indicates closer to the Number 1 Hit/Traffic web site in the World. The Higher the number, the fewer hits the site receives. Here are the ratings for this month among Kickboxing Sanctioning Bodies. Note that the IKF site receives over "TEN" times the traffic it's closest competitor receives. This says a lot in regards to "What site is being visited most for the sport of kickboxing!" But don't take our word for it. Go to Alexa.com and check the numbers yourself. Here are the top 10 sanctioning body web sites in the world today.

  1. IKF Kickboxing, 95,420
  2. ISKA, 941,638
  3. WMTC, 992,059
  4. USKBA, 1,010,752
  5. USMTA, 1,015,794
  6. WKA USA, 1,072,217
  7. WKA, 1,182,299
  8. WAKO, 1,814,582
  9. WKN, 2,507,411
  10. ISKA Australia, 2,979,323

Something to add, the IKF sister organization for Mixed Martial Arts, the ISCF, International Sport Combat Federation also beats out all of the other organizations. The ISCF site (www.ISCFMMA.com) ranks in at 149,637, nearly 800,000 sites greater than the closest organization.

Alexa's only ranks the top 6 million web sites. Those sanctioning body sites that did not make the top 6 million are, KICK, IAKSA, IAKSA USA, WKU, WKF, WPKL, IAMTF & WKL.

From todays search, here are the 99 countries that visited the IKF site during February in the order of most visited by. The 99 visiting countries to the IKF site is actually low. In January we had 128 visiting countries to the IKF Web Site and in December of last year we had 127. However, after we took a closer look, we found out why the number was low... Our web tracker was accidently turned off early in the day on February 10th. So the 99 countries had all visited within... 10 days... Here are those visiting countries:

United States, Netherlands, Canada, European Union, Great Britain, Sweden, Australia, China, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Germany, Spain, Greece, Ireland, Belgium, South Africa, Mexico, Japan, Italy, India, Hong Kong, France, Russian, Poland, Brazil, Hungary, Portugal, Iran, Singapore, Argentina, Yugoslavia, Norway, Finland, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Taiwan, Egypt, Pakistan, Austria, Malaysia, Turkey, Croatia, Cuba, Nigeria, Peru, Latvia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Chile, Romania, Israel, Philippines, Czech Republic, Estonia, Denmark, Lithuania, Dominican Republic, Slovak Republic, Puerto Rico, Ukraine, South Korea, Slovenia, Macedonia, Senegal, Monaco, Costa Rica, Kuwait, Cyprus, Georgia, Bulgaria, Belarus, Panama, Jordan, Colombia, Bolivia, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Malta, Papua New Guinea, Mauritius, Guam, Uruguay, Venezuela, Indonesia, Azerbaidjan, Bermuda, Macau, Nepal, Gambia, Bahrain, El Salvador, Polynesia, Fiji, Tanzania, Moldova, Ghana and Mongolia.

Adding to this, four out of the top 5 North American promoters web sites are IKF Sanctioned Promoters. The top North American Promoter does not sanction his events because his event is K-1 USA, Scott Coker. The top 5 North American Promoters with Coker are as follows;

  1. Scott Coker's K-1 USA, 183,761
  2. Duke Roufus' Gladiator Fighting Series, 546,377
  3. Johnny Davis' AK Promotions, 940,959
  4. Rob Blandenburg's Augusta Martial Arts, 1,547,471
  5. Pete Peterson's Team RoundKick, 1,946,612

What is the Number 1 Site on the Internet? Yahoo.com To see all this info, go to our "WHO'S WHO" page by clicking HERE!