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November, 2006


MONDAY, NOVEMBER 27th, 2006, AT 2:20 PM, PT

Dan "Son of A Preacher Man" Erickson
Crowned New IKF Pro FCR Heavyweight


November 25th, 2006
Loves Park, Illinois, USA

Right Hand KO in Round 7!
Full story coming later today.
Photo curtesy of Ryan Jarvis.
Thanks Ryan!


"Championship Kickboxing"
Hove Town Hall, England

This past Saturday night, November 25th, 2006 IKF Promoter Steve Gosden hosted 2 IKF Title bouts on his "Championship Kickboxing" at the Hove Town Hall in England. Here is the fight report from Alby Bimpson of England below.

By Alby Bimpson, IKF England
IKF Southern Area England Light Heavyweight Title
Scott Gibson
(Sama, 81.2kg) Vs Andy Pollard (TS Kickboxing, 79.5kg)
What an excellent fight with both fighters starting off at a tremendous pace, as both of these opponents were up for the title. Up until the third round the fight was close on all judge's cards. In the fourth round Andy Pollard received an eight count which gave the upper hand to Scott "Too Hot" Gibson. In the last round both fighters came out and gave their all. The decision going to the judges making Scott "Too Hot" Gibson the new IKF Light Heavyweight Champion for Southern Area England on an unanimous decision. What a great fight and we look forward to a return.

IKF British Super Lightweight Title
Stacey Gosden
(Pro-Am Gym, 61.9kg) Vs Ricky Massey (BBCA Gym, 62kg)
This is the fight that the crowd had been waiting for, as this was a return fight, having met previously and judged a draw. But with the IKF British Lightweight title up for grabs, this was the added ingredient needed to fire up the opponents, and it surely did. With Gosden having the home advantage this didn't seem to put off his opponent one bit. Gosden started round one strong, with Massey on the retreat, giving Gosden the first round on all three judge's cards.
Round two, once again with the crowd roaring him on, Gosden seemed to dominate the round, pushing Massey back, who at times looked a bit confused. Gosden winning round two on all judge's cards.
Round three, Gosden seems to sense that Massey was losing confidence, and took advantage of this, pushing forward even stronger. At the end of Round three the Referee stopped the fight, as Gosden seemed to have taken all the fight out of Massey making Stacey Gosden the new IKF British Super Lightweight Champion. Congratulations to both fighters, I'm sure Massey will have his day.

IKF International Welterweight Challenge
Non title bout:
The reason I feel I should mention this fight, besides it being totally exciting from round one, it is amazing to think that Brian Brosnan from Galway in Ireland is only 17 years of age. Brosnan has got to be one of the best prospects that I have seen at his weight and age for a very long time. Speaking to his trainer Peter Foley after the fight, he informs me that Brian recently won the WAKO world championships, which comes as no surprise. This lad is definitely one to watch for the future. Congratulations to Pete Foley for recognizing and taking care of such a talented fighter.

The IKF Europe Team must say a thank you to Steve Gosden for the hospitality shown throughout the night. And other promoters should take note. For more info please contact Mr. Steve Gosden by e-mail at stephengosden@btconnect.com - Here are all the fight results below.

  1. Karen Stokes (Puma Gym, 62.9kg) defeated Stacey Parker (TS Kickboxing, 66.8kg) by unanimous decision.

  2. Ollie Green (Aveley KB, 86.2kg) defeated Mirush Llesh (Mantis Gym, 85kg) by Unanimous decision.

  3. Tasha Palmer (Davies, Pro-Am Gym, 56.5kg) defeated Sam Spinney (Puma Gym, 54.3kg) by TKO at end of round 1.

  4. Jason Lee (Heathrow KB, 75.7kg) and Chris Giles (Bulldog Gym, 75.4kg) fought to a draw.

  5. Trevor Soko (Bulldog Gym, 72.1kg) and Ray Branch (Aveley KB, 74kg) fight ended in a no contest.

  6. Tracy Reno (Heathrow, 57kg) defeated Mel Spicer (Silver Dragons Gym, 62.9kg) by unanimous decision.

  7. Adam Hart (Aveley KB, 85kg) defeated Chris Dowling (Ireland, 94.1kg) by majority decision.

  8. IKF Southern Area England Light Heavyweight Title
    *Scott Gibson
    (Sama, 81.2kg) defeated Andy Pollard (TS Kickboxing, 79.5kg) by unanimous decision.

  9. IKF British Super Lightweight Title
    *Stacey Gosden
    (Pro-Am Gym, 61.9kg) defeated Ricky Massey (BBCA Gym, 62kg) by TKO at end of round 3.

  10. Brian Brosnan (Ireland, 68.2kg ) defeated Jason Vassallo (Aveley KB, 66.2kg) by Unanimous decision.
    • (*) CHAMPION RANKINGS: IKF Headquarters is awaiting all the fighter stats from IKF Europe so that the Champions can be ranked. IKF Headquarters needs:
      • City Fighter is from, Amateur Record, Pro Record, Height, Date of Birth, Trainers name, Trainers contact info. without this info, none of these fighters can be ranked. Please e-mail all these details to the IKF at: main@ikfkickboxing.com

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 24th, 2006, AT 5:30 PM, PT

Lucky Number 7!
What Is "Lucky Number 7?"
All IKF Champions better look for this headline next week...


Sky Drysdale's
Sky's The Limit Productions Presents

Saturday Night, November 25th, 2006 - Loves Park, Illinois, USA

IKF Rockford, Illinois, USA
This Saturday night IKF Promoter Sky Drysdale will host "RUMBLE IN THE PARK" - THE BRITISH INVASION! The Main Event will be for the vacant IKF Pro Full Contact Rules World Title between Kevin 'Stretch' Smiles (29-6/12, 209, 6'6") of Blyth, Northumberland, England and Dan 'Son of a Preacherman' Erickson (PK: 9-1-1/5, Pro Team: 3-1/2, AK: 21-1/11, 215, 6'6" ) of Stone Lake, Wisconsin, USA.

For those of you who can think back a few years, former IKF super Heavyweight World Champion 'Mean' Mike LaBree is back in the sport again but this time is putting his efforts into creating a World Champion of his own. Labree is training Erickson once again and is excited about being involved in another high profile World Title Bout!

"Erickson has moved to the next level with his raw power and flexibility." says LaBree. "He knows it's the biggest fight of his career to date and he's bringing his A-game."

Smiles on the other hand, flew in earlier this week from Europe. He started taking martial arts as a kid, because he was being bullied at school and a family friend suggested he learn to defend himself. That family friend now lives in Michigan and according to Drysdale they will be making the trip to sit ringside to witness Kevin's first World Title fight. "I'm living my dream!" Says Smiles. "I was born to fight this fight and I have every intention of taking this incredible IKF belt back across the seas."

Smiles has already captured two IKF Pro Title Belts. He won the IKF Pro FCR Heavyweight British Title on February 23rd, 2002 in Blyth, England when he defeated Shane Stanton of Aveley, England. A little over 3 years later he won the IKF FCR Super Heavyweight British title on September, 24th, 2005 in Aintree Liverpool, England when he defeated Steve Jones of Liverpool, England by unanimous decision.

The future of the Champion also looks set as the hopeful plan is to have the winner challenge IKF North American FCR Super Heavyweight Champion Raoul Doucet for the vacant Super Heavyweight World Title. Doucet will be sitting ringside for this bout to welcome the invitation of the new Champion in hopes of a Spring 2007 meeting.

Here is the nights full fight card.

For More info Please Contact Sky Drysdale by E-Mail At: skydrysdale@insightbb.com


Steve Gosden Presents
"Championship Kickboxing"
Hove Town Hall, England

This Saturday night, November 25th, 2006 IKF Promoter Steve Gosden will Present "Championship Kickboxing" at the Hove Town Hall in England. The nights main event will feature a 7 Round (Non Title) International Contest between Jason Vassallo of England and Brian Brosnan of Ireland.

Prior to the main event will be a clash for the vacant IKF Super Lightweight British Title between Stacey Gosden and Ricky Massey. The nights other IKF Title bout will be for the vacant IKF Light Heavyweight Southern Area Title between Scott Gibson and Gordon Childs

For other bouts please see the poster on the events page. There will be a full supporting card including The Silver Dragons Display Team For more info please contact Mr. Steve Gosden by e-mail at stephengosden@btconnect.com


"IKF England"
November 11th, 2006, Swanley, England

Alby Bimpson, IKF England: Congratulations to IKF Promoter Steve Gladstone for an excellent show and a full capacity crowd. Gladstone's event was held on the 11th of November at the White Oak Leisure Centre, in Swanley England.

An excellent night of Thai Kickboxing. It started with a demonstration by two young lads which got the supporters ready for what was about to come. Too many excellent to identify any one would be wrong, except for the European IKF Thai Boxing Title. Here are the nights results below.

  1. Pro MTR: George Miller and Liam Lambourne fought to a draw.

  2. Robbie Gibbs defeated Tom "Tomahawk" Riva by Majority decision.

  3. Chrissy Sheehy defeated Carly Russel by Unanimous decision.

  4. Chris Cheeseman defeated Richard Barker by Unanimous decision.

  5. Paul "Fozzy" Foskett defeated Nick Kay by Unanimous decision.

  6. Trevour Day defeated Chris Date by Unanimous decision.

  7. Britt Ganne defeated Louise Bennet by Unanimous decision.

  8. Isaac Sagers defeated Bal Singh by Majority decision.

  9. Jay Smith defeated Lee Cooper by Unanimous decision.

  10. Tom Kent defeated Simon Sturlson by Unanimous decision.

  11. Adam Bayne defeated Omar Balluch by Unanimous decision.

  12. IKF Pro Muay Thai (K-1 Rules) Light Cruiserweight European Title
    Erik "The Lacerator" Lloyd Vs Aurelius Kerpe
    The Title fight had the crowd on their feet from round one. Some were already on their feet as it was a full house. Each round was fiercely contended, but with Erik Lloyd (England) seeming to stay one step ahead and steal each round. Aurelius Kerpe from Lithuania never gave up the chase, but at the end of the five rounds Lloyd was announced the new IKF European Champion. Congratulations to both fighters.
    Erik "The Lacerator" Lloyd defeated Aurelius Kerpe by Unanimous decision.

For more info please contact Mr. Steve Gladstone at Swanley Thai Boxing: 07979 960087 or by e-mail at steve.gladstone@ukwarriorsgym.com

By IKF Headquarters, USA:
Promoter Steve Gladstone is part of the famous U K Warriors Gym. This is the Gym that brought 5 fighters to this years 2006 IKF World Classic Tom Kent, Chris Cheesman, Adam Bayne, Dean Durrant and Nick Kay with their trainer Lee Whittington who is the Head Coach of Eltham Warriors, www.ukwarriorsgym.com. Of the 5 fighters, 2 came back to England with the IKF World Classic Title, Tom Kent and Adam Bayne. Bayne won his title when he defeated Alex Berrios Jr. of Brandon, Florida, USA by Split decision, 29-28, 30-28 & 28-29. Kent's path to his title was a bit longer. He and his opponent fought in the only "Overtime" round of the Tournament. After the scheduled 3 rounds it was 29-27 Kent, 28-28 & 28-28. Kent had a point deduction for holding the head which forced the majority draw. in the extra round, Kent stayed tough and by unanimous decision over Ryan Pyles of St. Louis, Missouri, USA.

The Eltham Warriors, (www.ukwarriorsgym.com.) is full of much more talent. Another trainer/fighter associated with this great team is IKF Amateur Muay Thai Heavyweight World Champion, Andy 'The Spartan' Kipriano. Kipriano won his IKF Amateur World Title on November 19th in Swanley Kent, England when he defeated Nikolaj Silkin of Lithuania by TKO in round 1. Previously that same year on April 24th, 2004 in Birmingham England he had won the IKF Amateur European Heavyweight title when he defeated Thomas Rosvol of Bergen, Norway by unanimous decision.

Mr. Gladstone is head Muay Thai coach at the Semtex Gym/Swans www.swanleymuaythai.com and a 5th degree black belt. He began training at the age of 19 in Kyokushinkai Karate at the famous south african bushido dojo in Durban. By the age of 23 he had achieved black belt 1st dan and a record of 26 fights by knockdown. From this grounding he pioneered the sport of full contact kickboxing in South Africa and under these rules he achieved a record of 29 fights and 4 losses, an amateur title and a pro title.

After his amateur career he wanted to fight leg kicks so he had his trainer, Paddy Carson get him a low kick bout since this was where his heart was due to his kyokushinkai karate training. During this time he had begun pro boxing training having 2 fights 1 win 1 loss. I fought 8 fights under oriental rules (low kicks), having only 1 loss. in addition, he won a middleweight title (s.a). He was the first fighter to fight thai boxing in South Africa (1992) against a Malaysian Champion fighting out of the famous K-1 stable of Steve Kalakoda. In the fight he won by KO in the 3rd round with a head kick.
At the end of his career he had fought 67 times and accumulated a fight record of 60 wins and only 7 losses.

IKF HQ: IKF is awaiting all the stats of the Title winner above from Mr. Alby Bimpson of IKF England so that we can rank Mr. Erik Lloyd and his IKF Title fight results in the IKF Rankings.Sorry but IKF Europe did not provide any contact info for Promoter Steve Gladstone.

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 9th, 2006, AT 7:40 PM, PT


No Xclusions, Inc. Presents
Jacksonville, Florida, USA


IKF Point Kickboxing
November 4th, 2006 - Indian Trail, North Carolina, USA

Saturday, November 4th, 2006, IKF Point Kickboxing Promoter Sean Griffin and his Griffin Martial Arts team hosted the Bostic Properties LLC 2006 Tournament, which was a huge success. Students from ages 6 to Adult competed in self-defense, forms and IKF Point Kickboxing. The tournament was held at Indian Trail Elementary School, which also contained a grappling tournament, in addition to the karate and IKF Point Kickboxing.
Here are the event results below.

  • 6-7 Year Olds - American Rules
    1. Jimmy Whalen, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
    2. Carter Whickey, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
    3. Joshua Vandergrift, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
    4. Brisa Miramontes, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

  • 8 Year Olds Beginners - American Rules
    1. Garrett Richardson, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
    2. Alyssa Johnson, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

  • 8-9 Year Olds Intermediate - American Rules
    1. Mason Wickey, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
    2. Lucas Butler, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
    3. Rodrigo Artolozaga, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
    4. William Perkins, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
    5. Christian Bass, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

  • 14-15 Year Olds - American Rules
    1. Anthony DeMasi, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
    2. James Gaither, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

  • 16-17 Year Olds - American Rules
    1. J.C.Long, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
    2. Scott Childs, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

  • 10-13 Year Olds - American Rules
    1. Brian Teutonico, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
    2. Michael DeMasi, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
    3. Stevei-Lee Nance, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
    4. Daniel Gruszcnski, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

  • 15-16 Year Olds - International Rules
    1. Tyler Jackson, Princess Anne, Maryland, USA
    2. Max Rathbun, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
    3. Evan Sweeney, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

  • Women - American Rules
    1. Raquel Hainsel, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
    2. Ai'sha Washington, Princess Anne, Maryland, USA
    3. Kathy Smith, Greensboro, North Carolina, USA

  • Men Middleweight - American Rules
    1. Nick Parker, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
    2. Josh Sutton, Williamston, South Carolina, USA
    3. James Morrison, Carriere, Mississippi, USA
    4. Scott Richardson, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

  • Men Heavyweight - American Rules
    1. Sean Watson, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
    2. Michael Gentile, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
    3. Seth Watson, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
    4. James Lefler, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

For more info please contact Mr. Sean Griffin at (704) 488-3908 or at GRIFSMAG@aol.com or go to


TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 7th, 2006, AT 8:30 PM, PT

Family Says
To A Friend And

- Terrie Hicks Leaves Us At 41 -

Steve Fossum With Additional Details From Mark Greubel

Terri Hicks was born July 25, 2022 and passed away this past Saturday, November 5, 2006. What's important to all of us is not the day she died or how, but the 41 years of her life she lived among us all. As a fighter, Hick's ability to stand "Toe to Toe" while going for any of her Multiple Titles in the sport of Kickboxing was no different than how she took on every challenge in her life... Head on with 100% commitment.

Being a fighter was the side many of us here knew of Terrie and while in the ring, winning was a common thing. However, no win is ever easy for any great fighter and with Terrie it was no different. Each winning challenge came with the price of hard work along with strong persistence and a commitment to winning.

Terri is remembered by many through her performances at the annual IKF Tournaments. Her first trip to the Tournament fell short of the title with a loss to Jennifer Thyssen of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, but that didn't take away her motivation to be a Champion. If anything, it fueled her fire even more. Back again in 2002, she once again fell short of the title, this time by a close split decision loss. It was after this event that we started to see that Terrie was not only not a quitter, but she taught many of us the value and rewards of "Persistence" as well as "Commitment".

Back again in 2003, Hicks "Walked The Walk" all the way to the Title. In her prelim bout she defeated Alindrina Allen of Norcross, Georgia, USA by TKO at 1:30 of round 1. In the Championship bout the following day, Terrie defeated the 2002 Defending Champion, Chrisanne Roseleip of Denver, Colorado, USA to claim the IKF USA National Super Welterweight Title.

At the 2004 IKF North American Championships Terrie "Walked The Walk" again. In her prelim bout on Saturday she defeated Katie Davis of Warrenton, Virginia, USA by unanimous decision. In the Championship bout the following day, Terrie defeated Sharlyn Fellenz of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, USA by unanimous decision to claim the IKF North American Welterweight Title.

The following year at the 2005 IKF North American Championships Terrie started off the Tournament as usual, defeating Katie Davis of Marshall, Virginia, USA in her Saturday Prelim bout. However in the final, she lost tough close bout to undefeated Jamie O'Hare of St. Louis, Missouri, USA by split decision. Once again, Terrie wanted everyone to know, this was not the end for her in the ring.

This past year, at the age of 41, Terrie was once again in the ring and this time it was at the 2006 IKF World Classic Tournament. in her Saturday Prelim bout Terrie defeated Grete Helle of Bergen, Norway by unanimous decision. In her Championship bout on Sunday she defeated previously undefeated Michelle Hurchla of St. Louis, Missouri, USA to not only claim the IKF Woman's Light Welterweight World Classic Title, but to our knowledge, she was the oldest fighter to ever win one of the IKF Tournament titles in the ring.

Terri's talent did not start and stop with the IKF. She had also won the USKBA Amateur World title on October 22, 2022 at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville, Connecticut when she defeated Fatima Hdir. In fact, during her career she had won three other national titles from other sanctioning bodies. Last year she even went to Hungary to fight in a World Championship Tournament there. With over 20 wins in her nearly 30 ring appearances she was a Proven Champion to her Fans & Peers.

When she wasn't fighting, she was a physical therapist and athletic trainer for Sports Medicine Associates in Augusta Georgia, USA. She was a member of Greubel's Mixed Martial Arts in Augusta Georgia. Sadly enough though, what some of you never got to see was Terrie Hicks "The Person". Terrie was not only a hard working fighter, but she was never lacking a smile to anyone. If she was not in the corner as a fighter, she was in the corner to help others achieve the same goals and dreams she had fought for. She was always there to lend a hand when needed as well as offer up some encouraging words to her peers she worked with.

Her wake will be held on Wednesday, November 8th, 2006 in Augusta Georgia at Poteet Funeral home, on Wheeler Road between the hours of 6:PM and 8:PM. Her funeral will be held at Poteet Funeral Home on Thursday, November 9th, 2006 at 12:PM.

There were many who admired Terrie, and "Some" of them have voiced their thoughts below from the IKF Message Board.

"Any of her training partners, or even her opponents would tell you, there was no one that trained as hard as she did, wanted you to do your best beside her, and still wanted to beat you in the end. She was one of the all around nicest people I knew, and would do anything within her power to help you. Her training as a Physical Therapist she gave freely to anyone that needed her, and never charged a cent for her work. She will be mourned, and sorely missed at Greubel's MMA for the person she was, and for the fighting spirit she displayed."
Zack Day

The loss of Terri has yet to really hit me. I'm just stunned. She was so many things to those around her. She was always so compassionate and considerate for others. We spent much time training in multiple gyms, fighting in various tournaments, fighting overseas and I can't ever recall her having a cross word to say about anybody. My wife and children loved her, as did I. She inspired me to train my hardest and fight all comers…just like she did. This is such a difficult loss. She will be missed. My prayers go out to her family and loved ones. God Bless her.
Stevie Dement

"This is very sad news, Terrie will be missed by all that knew her. The world has lost a great person and one hell of a kickboxer. My prayers are with her friends and family, God bless!"
Michael Dean

"Terri had just fought on my card in Virginia Beach as well, and she won with over whelming results. She was always respectful to me and ready to fight on every card I made available if she could have made the trip. I am very saddened by this news. She was a true warrior and nice all around person. My Heart goes out to all of her friends and family and training camp."
Craig Smith

To go to our Terrie Hicks Page, Click Here.

Rest in Peace Terrie,
You are one of God's Champions now...


IKF Muay Thai & ISCF MMA
November 4th, 2006 - Peoria, Illinois, USA

IKF & ISCF Representative Pete Peterson: On November 4, 2006, Promoter Ryan Blackorby once again brought the IKF and ISCF to the Riverplex Sports Arena in Peoria, Illinois, USA for some awesome Muay Thai and MMA fights before a "Standing Room Only" crowd. Mr. Blackorby put together a fantastic combination of amateur Muay Thai and both amateur and pro MMA. UFC veteran Derrick Noble fought an exciting main event while IKF Pro U.S. Muay Thai Champion, Jeremy Harminson made his pro MMA debut. The feature fight of the night pitted two undefeated warriors battling for the vacant IKF Amateur Muay Thai U.S. Welterweight Title.
Here are the results:

  1. IKF Amateur Muay Thai, Welterweight
    Dennis Ho (19, 5'9", 152, 5-2, 6/21/87) vs. Jeremy Huffman (26, 5'6", 149, 0-1, 9/9/80)
    Round 1- Ho came out blazing with hand and feet combos. Ho was strong in the clinch with hard knees. Huffman showed great heart through the round.
    Round 2- Huffman turned it on this round with more aggression and superior hands. Ho was superior in the clinch. Great round.
    Round 3- Both fighters started like they were fresh but it was Ho who threw more effective combinations this round.
    All three judges see it the same, 29-28, 30-27, 30-27, the winner, by unanimous decision is Dennis Ho.

  2. ISCF Pro Mixed Martial Arts
    Wade Choate (26, 5'9", 143, 5-4, 2/6/80) vs. Tony Canis (26, 5'9", 145, 2-0, 7/31/80)
    Round 1- Both fighters came out swinging. Canis landed a spinning back fist to the throat of Choate, knocking him down. Choate recovered, but shortly gets caught in an arm bar.
    Winner by tap out, 1:17 in round 1 due to arm bar, Tony Canis.

  3. IKF Amateur Muay Thai, Middleweight
    Nam Do (24, 5'10", 166, 1-2, 1/20/82) vs. John Klyczek (22, 5'9", 164, 0-1, 4/19/84)
    Round 1- Great opening round, both fighters came prepared to bang. Do appeared stronger in the clinch, but the outside game was fairly even.
    Round 2- Much like round one, each fighter showing no signs of fatigue and still pressing the action. Do seemed to have the "heavy hands" in this round.
    Round 3- Do pressing the action, throwing one/two punches and clinching, unloading hard knees. This was a great, close fight.
    Nam Do pulled it out winning by split decision, 29-28, 28-29, 29-28.

  4. ISCF Amateur Mixed Martial Arts
    *Tom Marr (28, 5'11", 165, 0-1, 3/6/78) Vs *Brent Grant (21, 5'10", 159, 1-0, 8/12/85)
    Round 1- Wow! Quick fight! Grant landed a right cross early dropping Marr and he quickly went for the kill.
    Grant won at :34 in Round 1 by rear naked choke.

  5. IKF Amateur Muay Thai, Welterweight
    Mark Diffly (23, 5'8", 145, 5-0, 8/30/83) vs. Bob Mattsiessen (28, 6'1", 150, 0-2, 12/3/78)
    Round 1- Diffly began letting his hands go with great combos, working angles. Mattsiessen was not backing down. Diffly suffered 2 accidental knees to the groin.
    Round 2- Mattsiessen controlled action in the clinch, while Diffly landed stronger hands. Great round.
    Round 3- Diffly timed front kicks by Mattsiessen well, landing solid "cut kicks" 3 times, more great action!
    The judges all saw this bout the same, 30-27, 30-27, 29-28, Diffly taking the win.

  6. ISCF Pro Mixed Martial Arts
    Keith Munson (26, 6'0", 175, 1-3, 8/14/80) vs. Wayne Odle (36, 6'0", 183, 4-5, 5/14/70)
    Round 1- The stand-up game was pretty even. Munson scored 2 takedowns and was able to advance from guard position.
    At 2:31 Munson stopped Odle by referee stoppage due to ground and pound.

  7. ISCF Pro Mixed Martial Arts
    Jeremy Harminson (34, 6'1", 154, 1-0, 4/8/72) vs. Marco Olivera (24, 5'9", 151, 1-1, 10/29/82)
    Round 1- This looked more like a kickboxing bout in round one, with a brief time out for Harminson to recover from a solid knee to the groin. Neither fighter scored many damaging shots, more feeling each other out.
    Round 2- Olivera got the take down early, but could not advance position. Harminson held him in his guard until ISCF referee Strandberg stood them up. Harminson landed a solid kick to the head of Olivera, but he did not appear to be hurt.
    Round 3- This round was all Harminson. He pounded Olivera with leg kicks, and then went high with 2 kicks to the head that rocked Olivera and was heard throughout the venue, bringing the crowd to their feet. Harminson began to concentrate on the lead leg of Olivera and soon the affects could be seen.
    This was a clinic in "MMA Standup" by Harminson. He wins unanimously, 30-27, on all 3 score cards.

  8. ISCF Amateur Mixed Martial Arts
    Jaylon Hinchey (26, 6'1", 195, 4-0, 4/1/80) Vs Mike Gellestedt (26, 5'10", 204, 1-2, 1/15/80)
    Round 1- This one went to the ground early with both men exchanging control. Hinchey got mount and unloaded on Gellestedt. ISCF referee, Jason Strandberg, stopped the bout at 1:49 of round one.
    Winner by TKO, Jaylon Hinchey.

  9. ISCF Pro Mixed Martial Arts
    Billy Stamp (27, 6'1", 165, 8-2, 5/16/79) vs. Alex Carter (26, 5'6", 167, 1-1, 3/6/80)
    Round 1- Both guys let it all hang out, banging hard from the get go. Stamp scored several strong hands, kicks, and one BIG knee to the face of Carter. At 1:52 of round one, Carter signaled to the ISCF referee that he wanted no more.
    Stamp wins by verbal submission.

  10. Amateur IKF US Muay Thai Welterweight Title
    Jimmy Lyons (24, 6'0", 146, 6-1, 2/13/82) vs. Ben Culbertson (20, 5'9", 147, 6-0, 2/3/86)
    Round 1- Culbertson scored teeps while Lyons scored punches. Culbertson landed a devastating right hand sending Lyons against the corner cushion and onto the canvas. After receiving a standing eight, Lyons is back in the match, until Culbertson lands hard knees to Lyon's midsection, and ends the clinch with a throw, sending Lyons to the canvas. As Lyons stands, he wobbles unsurly on his feet. IKF referee Dave Rogers stops the bout at 1:23 of round one by TKO.
    Ben Culbertson is the NEW IKF Amateur Muay Thai U.S. Welterweight Champion.

  11. ISCF Pro Mixed Martial Arts
    Derrick Noble (28, 5'9", 178, 23-9, 8/14/78) vs. Ken Allen (26, 5'7", 179, 7-15, 6/12/80)
    Round 1- Noble landed several knees. Allen tried to take the fight to the ground, but then brought it back up. Noble landed two more solid knees to the head of Allen. Allen dropped; Noble got his back, and applied a Rear Naked Choke. The fight was stopped at 1:53 of round one.
    Winner Derrick "The Eraser" Noble.

For more info please contact Mr. Ryan Blackorby at (309) 657-6787.


Midwest Fight Fest
October 27th, 2006 - Kansas City, Missouri, USA

ISCF & IKF Representative Chuck Wolfe: Shamrock & Blue Corner Promotions continue their quality reign as one of the Midwest's premier Mixed Martial Arts Amateur Fight events! They constantly "discover" new talent, while continuing to showcase some amateur fighters that are developing into outstanding seasoned fighters ready to step into the Professional arena!

The ballroom (brawlroom) at the Clarion Hotel in Kansas City, Missouri was packed as the announcer began. After a stoic moment of silence for our Fallen Heroes, the fans were treated to quite a show as tonight's action included some strong grappling action, excellent striking, and a few Kickboxing matches to round the evening off! Fans know that in MMA ANYTHING can happen, but three hardcore bouts went the distance! Always a class act, Blue Corner also had entertainment by the dance team Fusion, who showed a few good moves of their own! The fighters were honored to fight before Missouri fans, known for their willingness to engage in the action with great cheers and wild applause! Great night for a Fight Fest! Kudos to Shamrock & Blue Corner Promotions yet again!
Here are the nights Results.

    Adam Meyer vs. Bryan Carroll
    The first bout of the evening was a kickboxing match between a tall kickboxer (Meyer stood at 6'3") and fighter with Muay Thai experience (Carroll)! This would prove to be an interesting match up. Carroll starts this war with a straight side kick, proving the shortest distance to an opponent is the side kick, but Meyer uses his reach to land a couple of round kicks and a straight right hand. Carroll is quick to tie Meyer up, closing the gap. The crowd reacts as Carroll lands a low kick, earning a warning by Referee Kevin Engel. Meyer seems to shake it off. Carroll lands a solid right, and Meyer hits the canvas and manages to get up but does not want to continue forcing Referee Engel to stop this bout.
    WINNER by TKO at 1:36 of Round One - Carroll.

    Sharice Davis Vs Courtney Martell
    Davids starts this bout connecting with a leg kick, but Martell works in. Davids throws a knee, but Martells gets the takedown, taking the top position. Davids pulls a tight guard, then goes for the triangle, grabbing the arm to secure an arm bar with the triangle choke, locking the legs and then landing three straight powerful rights from the bottom position that knock Martell out, bringing this fight to an outstanding finish! As we've experienced over and over in this fight game, these ladies again prove you don't have to be male to DOMINATE! Outstanding performance!
    WINNER by KO at :46 of Round One - Davids.

    Todd Metcalf vs. Paul Whitworth
    After the fast action of the last bout the fans were treated to a fight that went to the Judges Scorecards for the decision! This fight was "International Rules" kickboxing, which allows for the excitement of leg kicks! Metcalf starts the action with a left kick, left hand combination. Whitworth answers with some stiff jabs, followed by a leg kick. Metcalf was quick to respond with a left overhand, connecting with a kick to the body followed by a straight right hand to the head. Metcalf led as the fighters exchanged leather again, then the fighters exchanged leg kicks, with Whitworth's kick causing the crowd to react. These fast fighters were throwing blows faster than lightening. The fighters exchange a solid series of blows again to the crowd's delight! Although Metcalf's arsenal appears to have the slight edge, Whitworth's defense and reactions prove he's a contender!
    Round two starts with a couple of hard body round kicks by Metcalf, but Whitworth continues to prove unphased as he answers with solid blows of his own! Again, these fighters are going toe-to-toe, landing blow after blow on one another. Whitworth manages to back Metcalf into the corner, but Metcalf spins out moving Whitworth into the corner, then the fighters continue a speedy exchange! Excellent action! Whitworth draws a warning with an unintentional low kick, stopping time for a brief moment. The fighters go right back to hooking up, as the crowd cheers wildly ending round two!
    Round three action starts with Metcalf landing a kick, only to get answered by Whitworth's kick. Metcalf's solid kicks are then answered by Whitworth's double right hook, landing to the body and head! What a war as the action is continuous! Whitworth goes in with a right, backing Metcalf up slightly, but Metcalf comes right back with some solid work! The fighters tie up as Referee Engel breaks them, and they go right back at it! The fighters exchange a series of blows, followed by a stiff exchange of front kicks. Amazing action, as these fighters continue to go toe-to-toe right to the final bell! Great action!!!!
    WINNER by Unanimous Decision (29-28 All Cards) - Whitworth.

    Erin Reynolds Vs Tonya Evinger
    The ladies are back for action in this bout. These ladies pack a huge punch as Reynolds comes out landing a huge right, but Evinger answers with a slam takedown that causes the ring to shake and the crowd to roar! Evinger immediately moves to the top working for an arm bar, landing a knee to the body from a side mount position. Evinger is relentless as she moves to a guillotine to the top mount, cranking the head as she goes! Reynolds resists with all her might, but Evinger forces Reynolds to submit from the tight guillotine choke. Outstanding grappling from these dynamic women warriors!
    WINNER by Tap Out at 1:38 of Round One - Evinger.

    John Duever Vs Andrew Waters
    The women warriors are a tough act to follow, but these warriors don't let the crowd down! Ready for a rumble, Duever comes out landing a right, as the fighters grapple up. Duever goes after the leg for a takedown, moving right to the top position as Waters pulls guard. Waters works some good under hooks, tieing him up as the action stalls. Referee Engel stands the fighters back up and Duever flies in with a knee and attempts to take Waters down, but Waters won't have it as he foils Duever and Waters takes Duever down! Waters takes the top position looking for room for ground and pound, but Duever's is staying defensive. Again, Referee Engels brings them back to stand up. Waters misses with a right, spin kick. The fighters trade leather, then Waters lands a knee to Duever's chest. Waters gets the takedown as the bell rings to end round one.
    Round two starts with Waters jabbing and going for the missed takedown. Duevers gets the takedown trying for the full mount but Waters has some tight defense. The crowd is wild as the fighters grapple close to the edge of the ring. Duevers attempts an armbar, but Waters refuses to tap! Waters arm actually looked like it dis-and-relocated and he still refused to tap! Wow! Strong grappling skills demonstrated by both warriors should have taken a toll on them as round two ends, meaning it will be survival of the fittest in the third and final round!
    The excitement and exchange in MMA makes the crowds anticipation of this final round palatable! Waters throws an overhand right, connecting strong. Waters takes advantage as he moves on top, landing lefts, and moving into a rear naked choke. Waters won't give up and tightens his grip as the crowd roars. Waters reverses his grip and forces Duevers to submit! Awesome!
    WINNER by Tap Out at 1:06 of Round Three - Waters.

    Joe Deyoung Vs Ben Nixdorf
    With the excitement riding high from the last war, the crowd is primed! And, these fighters didn't let them down as they went man to man in this contest! Nixdorf starts this war with some kicks and punches, taking DeYoung to the ground. Taking the side mount, Nixdorf attempts the full mount, but DeYoung pulls guard, forcing the action to stall. Referee Engel stands the fighters back up. As DeYoung throws a right hand, Nixdorf wows the crowd with a fierce body slam takedown landing a couple of overhand rights. From the half guard, Nixdorf lands some knees, then stands. DeYoung throws a leg kick, but Nixdorf slams him again! Nixdorf moves to the top, landing a right hand. The fighters stand again, but Nixdorf does a double leg takedown, body slam as the round ends with a bang.
    Round two has Nixdorf with another body slam takedown attempting a Guillotine. The fighters stand and Nixdorf does a single leg takedown and DeYoung finally sprawls to avoid the body slam! Nixdorf swiftly moves to the side mount, then full mount. DeYoung tries to reverse, rolls out, and Nixdorf takes his back slipping in with an attempted rear naked. The crowd is loud as Nixdorf then attempts an armbar, with his legs locked in, but DeYoung won't tap! The fighters reverse back and forth with Nixdorf ending up on top, moving in for some ground and pound as the round then ends.
    The final round finds Nixdorf dominating again with a shooting double leg takedown, pushing DeYoung out of the ring. The fighters stand and Nixdorf attempts another shooting double leg, but DeYoung sprawls effectively. The fighters stand and exchange rights that miss. Nixdorf tries to shoot and again DeYoung sprawls. The crowd is thunderous as both fighters struggle but fail to improve their position forcing Referee Engel to stand the fighters back up. DeYoung misses with a right, answered by a blow and another body slam by Nixdorf, as Nixdorf goes back to work with repeated knees from the side mount ending this round! Excellent, busy bout - even the crowd was exhausted after this war!
    WINNER by Unanimous Decision (30-27 All Cards) - Nixdorf.

    Lonnie Dodge Vs Chris Nelson
    Nelson starts this war with a jab, right, overhand right, but is immediately countered by Dodge's right, overhand right as these fighters slug it out! Dodge connects with a powerhouse right that drops Nelson and Dodge moves in for the finish! Nelson attempts to move to his feet, but Dodge is relentless with another right forcing Nelson to submit! Dodge ends this war with superior striking!
    WINNER by Tap Out at :45 of Round One - Dodge.

    Eric Siley vs Mitch Ward
    These amateurs bring some experience to the ring as Ward stalks Siley, circling and faking a right, immediately grappling up, dragging Siley down and quickly moving to a side mount. Both fighters look for room to strike and Ward finds Siley's body with a couple of knees allowing him to take the full mount and begin his ground and pound attack. Siley executes a solid bridge, but Ward is relentless with his right hand, left hook combinations. Maintaining the dominate position, Ward looks to land more strikes, while going after Siley's arm for an armbar lock. Ward remains focused on Sileys arm and has success, forcing Siley to submit!
    WINNER by Tap Out at 2:23 of Round One - Ward.

    Chris Barrows Vs Chris Page
    These warriors come out ready to roll as Page immediately jumps in with a flying jump kick, barely missing, then moves in for the body slam. Barrows capitalizes on the miss, quickly sinking in a guillotine, cranking on Page's head relentlessly. Page is strong, and refuses to immediately tap, but Barrows only closes in tighter forcing Page to submit! Fast, quick action!
    WINNER by Tap Out at :31 of Round One - Barrows.

    Donaco Watts Vs Nick Nolte
    The crowd is ready for this war as they chant and cheer for their favorite warrior! This matchup shows promise as this war begins - Nolte known for his striking ability against the BJJ Watts. Nolte stays true to his reputation by starting this bout with a quick round kick to Watts' head, and Watts maintains his reputation by immediately grappling up, spinning and dragging Nolte to the mat. Watts immediately moves past Nolte's guard into the full mount. Nolte shows good defense pulling in a tight guard as Watts stacks up Nolte, looking for ground and pound. The fighters don't improve their position so Referee Engel stands the fighters and Nolte swiftly attempts a flying knee, overhand right. Watts counters by grappling up as the fighters move into the fence. Referee Engel moves them and Nolte throws an overhand right and another attempted knee. Watts fires back a right hand and the fighters end this action packed round trading knees at the bell.
    Round two Nolte tries to land a high round, but Watts throws an effective block. Both fighters exchange leather and Watts wows the crowd with a body slamming take down, going right to the full mount. Nolte pulls a tight guard, but Watts goes in for the ground and pound, landing a few good rights. Nolte spins out, taking Watts' back as Watts tries to throw some more rights, landing some to Nolte's body and head. Nolte maintains a good defense in spite of Watts attack! The crowd is going wild as Nolte's somewhat unorthodox defense continues to block the blows hammered in by Watts! Excellent round!
    The crowd can hardly wait for round three as the fighters face each other to end this battle! Nolte comes out strong throwing a jumping round kick, left hook combination proving he's still in the fight! Watts attempts a single leg as Nolte moves into a guillotine landing some knees to the head of Watts, but Watts pulls his head away and lands a solid knee of his own as the fighters continue to exchange. Watts is on top as Nolte pulls guard. Watts attempts to get around Nolte's guard, but Nolte is managing to slip in with some good underhooks. Nolte won't allow Watts to free his arms but Watts is relentlessly going for the ground and pound and manages to free up landing some solid blows to Nolte's body and head. The action stalls as Referee Engel gives Watts his lost mouthpiece and the fighters quickly exchange stand up rights, Nolte throws a leg kick moving into an attempted guillotine, but Watts powers right through this effort and slams Nolte to the canvas and moves in for ground and pound as the fight ends! What a war! The crowd cheers as we go to the Judges Scorecards.
    WINNER by Unanimous Decision (30-27 All Cards) - Watts

For more info please contact Mr. Jesse Finney (314) 608-3104 or e-mail at jesse@finneyskickboxing.com or Mr. Benjamin Nogueras Jr. at (913) 568-8009 or e-mail at bnogueras@thebluecorner.com or go to www.ShamrockPromotionsLLC.com or www.TheBlueCorner.com


November 5th, 2006 - Ireland

IKF European Director Alby Bimpson: IKF Promoter Paul Cummins hosted a great night of IKF Kickboxing action at the O'Loughlin Gaels, GAA Club in Ireland. Rage was on the poster, and rage it was. With a packed Arena, everyone waited in anticipation of a great night of Full Contact Kickboxing. The night started with a demonstration which got the crowd seated and ready for the action.

    James Dunphy
    and Waren Betts fought to a draw.

    Damascus Anatoli
    defeated Pierce Healy by Majority decision.

    Johnny McCube
    and Anthony Taylors fought to a Draw.

    Mohammed Nasar
    defeated Mike Bland by TKO at :51 seconds of Round 1.

    Sam Ryan
    defeated Niall Comerford by Majority decision.

    Marcus Mundey
    defeated John O'Shea by Unanimous decision.

    Dom McNamara
    defeated Kayne Nelson by Unanimous decision.

    Myles Price
    defeated Dagen Victors by unanimous decision.

    Ollie Walsh
    defeated Terry Clifford by TKO at :46 seconds of Round 2.

  10. IKF Pro FCR European Welterweight Title
    John Paul Soames
    of Ireland defeated Simone Akufo of England by unanimous decision.
  11. IKF Pro FCR European Light Middleweight Title
    Vinny Di Ruscio
    defeated Steve Primrose by KO at :30 seconds of Round 2.

A big thank you from IKF Europe and the England Team to Paul Cummins for his hospitality.

IKF Headquarters will post each IKF Champion in the IKF Rankings when we receive all the fighter stats from IKF Europe for each Champion. This info is:
Where from, Full Fight Record (Amateur & Pro), Fight Weight, Height, Date Of Birth, Trainers Name, Trainers Contact Info.
This same requirement is for ALL Fighters who fight on an IKF Sanctioned event.



IKF FCR Light Middleweight World Champion Anthony "Powerhouse" Bartinelli of Phoenix, Arizona, USA has had a lot of time to reflect on his kickboxing career since being attacked on the message board for some less than dynamic performances.

It all started with a 7 round non title bout loss to Zack Day of Augusta Georgia back in 2004 followed by a November 12th, 2005 loss in Ingolstadt Germany to Jens Lintow of Germany for the ISKA World Middleweight title

In the Day bout, there was plenty of controversy. Bartinelli lost the bout by majority decision. Judge Lee Bradan of South Carolina scored it 66-66. Judge Peyton Russell of Minnesota scored it 68-64. Judge Mike Wood of Georgia scored it 67-65. Bartinelli was deducted a point in round 6 for hitting Day in the back of the head after being warned twice. The three unofficial IKF Scorecards at ringside scored it 67-66 Bartanalli, 67-66 Bartanalli, and 67-67 even. After subtracting the point deduction for hitting to the back of the head, the unofficial scorecards read 66-66 even, 66-66 even, and 67-66 Day.

In the end, the decision stood and Bartinelli was left to field the message board attacks. The trash talkin was so pathetic on the message board towards Bartinelli that he decided to take a break from the ring to evaluate just what he wanted to do, and who could blame him...

Well, this past Friday night, November 3rd, Pro boxer Efren Diaz became the result of all those built up hostilities from the message board garbage talk. Bartinelli (Left - Not against Diaz) stopped Diaz at the 2:55 mark of the 2nd round at the Palo Duro Golf Club in Nogales, Arizona to make it clear, he's ready to Rock!

Bartinelli has a pro kickboxing record of 12-2 with 11 of his 12 wins coming by way of KO/TKO. In addition is his Pro Boxing record of 17-9-2 with 10 KO's. The 26 year old is now ready to step into the kickboxing ring says trainer Clement Vierra.

Bartinelli made history when he challenged the 'then' number one contender Mike Nagy of Lake In The Hills, Illinois, USA for the vacant IKF Pro FCR Light Middleweight World Title with only 9 fights to his credit. Since no one else wanted to fight Nagy, the IKF accepted the challenge.

It was the shot heard around the world when Bartinelli dropped the previously undefeated Nagy with his famous, crushing left hook at the end of the 3rd round at the Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix, Arizona, USA on April 17th, 2001. Nagy's record dropped to 31 wins with 1 loss and 27 wins by KO/TKO but it was his pride that had really dropped. Nagy never fought again.

Vierra says Bartinelli is ready to step back in the ring for a kickboxing bout, but the question is, "With Who?" Is there a possible rematch between him and Day? Bartinelli's camp says "Bring It ON!" The only missing part would be a promoter to promote the bout. Or is there someone else out there willing to step up to the challenge? Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure, Bartinelli Is BACK!

If your a promoter and would like to have Bartinelli matched up on your fight card, please contact his trainer/manager, Clement Vierra at (602) 973-9192 or by e-mail at hardknocksgym@cox.net

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 6th, 2006, AT 3:00 PM, PT

Retires A Champion

It was fun while it lasted but now it's time to move on for IKF FCR Super Heavyweight World Champion Mark Selbee of Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Since defeating the number 1 contender and IKF North American Champion Raoul Doucet of Ontario Canada by TKO at 1:09 of round 1 on September 11th, 2004, Selbee was only challenged once for the title... A challenge that only came a few weeks ago. However, he had already made his decision with the IKF before the official challenge was made for a rematch with Doucet.

Since winning his IKF World title Mark has moved up in his career and has also got married. "Kickboxing has been a very big part of my life." said Selbee in a conversation with the IKF. "As much as I would like to continue, I just don't have the time now that I would like to dedicate to the training."

His response to Doucet followed the same, "As I have been wrestling with the decision, I have decided, Yes, I am going to retire. As much as I would like to fight you again I am going to have to decline. I need to stay focused on my personal life and career. I just don't have the time to train for a 12-rounder. I wish you the best and hope that you achieve all that you want in kick boxing."

With the Super Heavyweight title now vacant, focus is put on the number one contender Derek Panza (Right) of Downtown Glen Cove, New York, USA, (18-2/14). However, the question is "Will Panza want to accept a challenge for a 12 ROUND fight from Doucet?"

We ask this NOT because we think Panza is afraid of Doucet, (Below Right) but more so because Panza has changed his focus in his fight career. Panza has been placing his hopes with the new "Team Competition League", the WCL, Chuck Norris' new World Combat League. Fighting in the WCL is exciting and fast paced because the fighters only fight 2 rounds separated by a long gap as each of the teams fighters fight their first round before fighting their second round. Having time to rest up for only one round of fighting of course makes the action fast paced and explosive.

Because of this new opportunity, Panza may not want to take on a 12 round fight against anyone now. If this is so, it places the number 3 ranked and still IKF North American champion, Raoul Doucet directly back in the mix, but against who?

Later this month, November 25th, IKF Promoter Sky Drysdale is putting the two top Heavyweight contenders, Kevin Smiles (Below Right) of Blyth, England (29-6/12) who is also the number 2 IKF Ranked Super Heavyweight, and Dan Erickson (Below Right) of Duluth, Minnesota, USA (30-2/16) together in Loves Park in Illinois to fill the vacant IKF FCR Heavyweight World Title.

Erickson is also a fighter in the WCL but he is eager to get a shot at the IKF World Title. After this match-up is over, it is highly possible for the winner to meet up with Doucet for the now vacant IKF Super Heavyweight title, especially if it's Smiles who currently holds the IKF British Titles in both the Heavyweight and the Super Heavyweight divisions. In fact, there is strong rumor that Doucet is flying down to be at this bout to make a formal challenge to the winner for the Super Heavyweight Title!

Following down the line would be number 4 ranked Mike Sheppard of Glenville, West Virginia, USA. Doucet and Sheppard have already met back on April 26th, 2003 in Glenville, West Virginia, USA for the IKF Super Heavyweight North American title. In that event Doucet defeated Sheppard by unanimous decision. Doucet went on to defend the title when he defeated Ronnie Copeland on May 15th, 2004 in Simpsonville, South Carolina.

Next in line would be Kelly Leo of Atlanta Georgia USA. Leo and Doucet have one thing in common in that they both beat Copeland for their IKF titles. Leo beat Copeland for the IKF Super Heavyweight East Coast title back on August 30th, 2002 by unanimous decision.

Hopefully from these contenders the IKF will be able to match-up two of them to contest for the Super Heavyweight title that was first won by Dennis "The Terminator" Alexio (Shown at right when he defeated Dick Kimber) back on May, 1998 in Sacramento, California, USA when he defeated Achille Roger of France by TKO in 5th round and later retired on November 24th, 2003.

The IKF will of course start at the top of the contender list after the Erickson - Smiles bout and work their way down. After the two top contenders are selected the only remaining part of the equation would be the promoter. Sky Drysdale out of Rockford Illinois is already promoting the Smiles - Erickson bout and has already thrown his hat in the ring to promote this Super Heavyweight World Title. If all works out Drysdale could do the bout sometime in the spring of 2007. All eyes will be waiting to see what transpires in the next month.

As for the 6'5", 224 lb, 37 year old Selbee, he has no regrets. He accomplished all he set out to do in the sport and now it's time to move forward into another chapter of his life. He retired with a record of 22-1 with 12 wins by KO/TKO. His only loss was in K-1 style bout (leg kicks) in a rule style he only fought 1 time before. He started his title winning as an amateur on April 12th, 2002 when he defeated Adrian Turpin of Anderson, Georgia, USA by unanimous decision to claim the IKF Amateur East Coast Heavyweight title. He turned pro right after this win.

As a pro, he spent little time with warm-up bouts. In his first IKF Pro Title shot he took on and defeated previous IKF Heavyweight Champion Kevin Hudson of Greer, South Carolina, USA by Split decision.

His next challenge was for the vacant IKF Pro FCR North American Heavyweight title but this fight never happened because Selbee's opponent, Dan Lucas, split open his forehead in a freak accident at his home the day before their scheduled bout which gave Selbee the win by forfeit.

However Selbee wanted to solidify the title and he did so on April 23rd, 2004 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA when he defeated John James by TKO when James would not answer the bell after the 5th round.

As for the future Mark will focus on his career and of course his new family. Over the last year he has tried out working as a referee and done quite well so we hope to see him in the ring keeping fighters safe in the future. All of us here at the IKF would like to wish Mark and his new family success for their future and we hope to see him at ringside as much as possible.

Dennis "The Terminator" Alexio (Right)

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 3rd, 2006, AT 10:20 PM, PT


Ryan Blackorby Presents
IKF Muay Thai & ISCF MMA
Peoria, Illinois, USA

IKF Amateur Muay Thai US Welterweight Title

Benjamin Culbertson Vs James Lyons

This Saturday night on Ryan Blackorby's IKF event in Peoria Illinois another IKF title will be on the line! Benjamin Culbertson of Polo, Illinois, USA recently took home the 2006 IKF World Classic Welterweight Muay Thai title, and is looking for another title! Culbertson holds an undefeated fight record of 5-0 is hoping to add more IKF Gold to his collection this Saturday night but like his Tournament title, the task will be no cakewalk. Culbertson's challenger will be undefeated James Lyons of Peoria, Illinois, USA (6-0). On the line will be the vacant IKF Amateur Muay Thai US Welterweight Title.

Culbertson fought in the largest bracket of the 2006 IKF World Classic Tournament, (A full 8) and had to win twice on Saturday before advancing to Championship Sunday. In his first prelim bout he defeated Michael Musto of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, (6-0) by unanimous Decision, 30-25, 30-27 & 29-28. Later that afternoon in his second bout of the day he faced and defeated Jose Ibarra of San Diego, California, USA (2-1) by unanimous Decision, 30-27 on all 3 judges cards. The following day on Championship Sunday he won his IKF WC Title when he defeated Phil Leier (17-8/5) of Calgary, Alberta, Canada by Split decision 29-28, 29-28 & 28-29.

Here is the entire card for the night...


Griffin Martial Arts Present
IKF Point Kickboxing
Indian Trail, North Carolina, USA


World Classic
Location Winner Is...

Before we make the announcement we just want to Thank all of you who e-mailed as well as called us here to express your opinions, good and bad for the many different locations we had this year to choose from. This process of elimination actually begin three weeks before this years 2006 IKF World Classic. This is because we started getting proposals for 2007 as early as July this year. To be exact, we reviewed 173 different hotels and fight venues that wanted to host this years 9th Annual, 2007 IKF World Classic Tournament.

In making this decision, as many here have heard before, we truly do try to please everyone. What one location lacks in one area for some, we try to make sure it offers back something in exchange. To us here, this is not just a selection of a room for an event. It's a selection of the location that will become a kickboxing city for three straight days. It's the gathering of all of us directly related to the IKF as well as many others who are associated with the many different kickboxing organizations around the world. The selected weekend will welcome "ANY" amateur fighter from "Anywhere" around the World. If they can make the trip, they will "Walk The Walk" with the rest of us and "Bring It ON!".

Despite unproven numbers from other events this year, 2006 was the 8th straight year of this Tournament being the Largest Amateur Kickboxing Tournament in North America. However, numbers alone do not make this event. In fact, anyone can make up numbers and even if provable numbers like ours each year, (Tournament Facts) this event is far more than numbers. Year after year we here at the IKF strive to improve this event each and every year. Whether we have sponsorship dollars to assist in promoting this event or not, we feel it is our obligation, our responsibility to the sport of kickboxing to offer the highest quality event to all of those who attend. This past year we were grateful enough to have some financial sponsorship from the Cedar Rapids CVB to assist in paying for the beatify US Cellular Center Arena. However, they were our only financial sponsor for the event. However, once we added their sponsorship to the other product sponsors we had for the event and the accumulative efforts made for a great event!

One thing that will never change at the IKF Tournament though are the many great awards given to the many deserving fighters. In 2006 as in years before, the IKF paid out over $20,000 for the many awards and gifts that were given out. Our commitment to assuring that the many amateur fighters who participate on this event are awarded with quality awards will never end, no matter how expensive these awards get. As we said above, we feel it is our obligation, our responsibility to the sport of kickboxing to offer the highest quality to all of those who attend.

OK, OK....... I can hear you all saying, "Come On IKF... Bring it On!" Ok, enough of the emotional side of this event. we too want you all to be as excited as we are about making a decision as well as be excited for the decision we have made. So, without any more delays, Go ahead and click the logo below and as we say here at the IKF... "Bring it ON!"



Ryan Blackorby Present
IKF Muay Thai & ISCF MMA
Peoria, Illinois, USA

2006 IKF World Classic Tournament Champ
Seeks More IKF Gold!

This Saturday night on Ryan Blackorby's IKF event in Peoria Illinois another IKF title will be on the line! Benjamin Culbertson of Polo, Illinois, USA recently took home the 2006 IKF World Classic Welterweight Muay Thai title, and is looking for another title! Culbertson holds an undefeated fight record of 5-0 is hoping to add more IKF Gold to his collection this Saturday night but like his Tournament title, the task will be no cakewalk. Culbertson's challenger will be undefeated James Lyons of Peoria, Illinois, USA (6-0). On the line will be the vacant IKF Amateur Muay Thai US Welterweight Title.

Culbertson fought in the largest bracket of the 2006 IKF World Classic Tournament, (A full 8) and had to win twice on Saturday before advancing to Championship Sunday. In his first prelim bout he defeated Michael Musto of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, (6-0) by unanimous Decision, 30-25, 30-27 & 29-28. Later that afternoon in his second bout of the day he faced and defeated Jose Ibarra of San Diego, California, USA (2-1) by unanimous Decision, 30-27 on all 3 judges cards. The following day on Championship Sunday he won his IKF WC Title when he defeated Phil Leier (17-8/5) of Calgary, Alberta, Canada by Split decision 29-28, 29-28 & 28-29.


Griffin Martial Arts Presents
Indian Trail, North Carolina, USA


"IKF England"
October 28, 2022 - Weston Super Mare, Somerset, England

IKF Headquarters will post each IKF Champion in the IKF Rankings when we receive all the fighter stats from IKF Europe for each Champion. This info is:
Where from, Full Fight Record (Amateur & Pro), Fight Weight, Height, Date Of Birth, Trainers Name, Trainers Contact Info.
This same requirement is for ALL Fighters who fight on an IKF Sanctioned event.


"IKF England"
Haydock, St Helens, Merseyside, UK

Most of the fans went with anticipation to find out who would become the undisputed winner of two warriors scheduled for the Main event of the night! In the first meeting of Qasim 'The Dream' Nisar and 'Razor' Rajesh Salan, Salhan sustained an injury and the fight was stopped by the referee and a rematch ordered. If that wasn't enough, we also had one of the best British IKF Amateur Title fights at 64 kilos between Matty Smith and James Quirk. Here are the nights results below.


    1. Nook Mohammed defeated Dennis Morris by TKO when the Referee Stopped it in round 2.

    2. Phil Bacchus defeated Richard Sidwell by Majority decision.

    3. Phil Quirk defeated Terry Kirby by Majority decision.

    4. Danney Horton and Steve Greensmith never got to a decision because the Referee disqualified both fighters.

    5. Jake Richards defeated Mohammed Rafaquit by Unanimous decision.

    6. Sam Pollard defeated Luwi Morris by Majority decision.

    7. Arran Seera defeated Darren (Name not listed in report) by Unanimous decision.

    8. IKF British Title Fight
      Matty Smith Vs James Quirk
      • These two fighters have met before for an IKF Title. The decision being a draw. And just like the first fight it was non-stop action from round one. James Quirk taking the IKF British Title by a majority decision. It takes two fighters to make a great fight and these are definitely two great fighters to look out for in the future. Respect to both.

    9. Quasim Mohammed defeated Rashesh Salhan by TKO when the Referee stopped the fight in Round 3.
      • At last it was time. A rematch 6 months in the making. The rematch between USKA's Qasim 'The Dream' Nisar and IFA's 'Razor' Rajesh Salan. The venue was the C & B Cricket Club in Merseyside. Both Qasim and Rajesh fought in the final tournament at Liverpool Olympia in April earlier in the year and both reached the final with impressive victories only for their final bout to be cut short due to an ankle injury to Rajesh sustained in the first round.

IKF Headquarters will post each IKF Champion in the IKF Rankings when we receive all the fighter stats from IKF Europe for each Champion. This info is:
Where from, Full Fight Record (Amateur & Pro), Fight Weight, Height, Date Of Birth, Trainers Name, Trainers Contact Info.
This same requirement is for ALL Fighters who fight on an IKF Sanctioned event.