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FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 29th, 2006, AT 3:00 PM, PT


Z's Martial Arts Academy Presents
Crystal Lake, Illinois, USA

  • WHEN: Friday Night, September 29th, 2006
  • WHO: Z's Martial Arts Academy
  • WHERE: Crystal Lake, Holiday Inn, Crystal Lake, Illinois, USA
    • IKF Pro Kickboxing - Muay Thai
    • ISCF Amateur MMA
  • CONTACT: Z's Martial Arts at (847) 669-7833 or at info@teamzs.com
  • ON THE WEB: www.Teamzs.com
    1. Laryssa Zarate Vs Noemi Ortiz
    2. Josh Maxa Vs Tim Martin
    3. Tim Merando Vs Louie Koble
    4. Drisen Hellberg Vs Marcin Bartoszuk
    5. Billy Matthies Vs Brian Caldwel
    6. Mike Artimenkov Vs John Lewsowski
    7. Felice Herrig Vs Margaret Smith

    1. Benjamin Kernaghan Vs Allen Weickert - Pro-Muay Thai Rules
    2. Kyle McElroy Vs Nate Moh - Pro-International Rules

    1. Michael Russow Vs Calvin Brown


No Xclusions, Inc. Presents
Jacksonville, Florida, USA

  • WHEN: Friday Night, September 29th, 2006
  • WHO: No Xclusions, Inc. - Mr. Thomas Fischer
  • WHERE: Plush - Jacksonville, Florida, USA
  • WHAT: "Friday Night Fights"
    • IKF Amateur Kickboxing
  • CONTACT: Mr. Thomas Fischer at (904) 744-9995 or by e-mail at noxclusionsinc@aol.com


Warriors Fitness & Fight Promotions Present
"Battle of The Warriors"
Hinkley, Minnesota, USA

  • WHEN: Saturday Night, September 30th, 2006
  • WHO: Warriors Fitness & Fight Promotions Present
  • WHERE: Grand Casino, Hinkley, Minnesota, USA
  • WHAT: "Battle of The Warriors"
    • IKF Kickboxing
  • CONTACT: For more info contact Mr. Robert Anderson at (320) 384-7409 or at warrior@youbetnet.net


September 1st, 2006 - Jacksonville, Florida, USA

IKF Florida Representative Lee Barden
What a great way to start the Labor Day Weekend! Once again IKF Promoter Mr. Thomas Fischer and Plush, located in Jacksonville, Florida amazed the crowd with some Great action at their "Friday Night Fights!"

The evening started with the local news wanting to catch all the hometown action. With 9 scheduled bouts and a packed house it proved to be an exciting evening. The started out as a Knockout as James Sablan (132) scored a TKO win over Kenny Tong in the third round. Another great bout was Henrik Duirlin (170) who defeated Aaron Ashendorf with a split decision from the judges. Here are the nights results from below.

    James Sablan
    of Jacksonville, Florida, USA (1-0, 132, 5'7", 2-20-80, Serhay Valoscy)
    defeated Kenny Tong of Jacksonville, Florida, USA (0-1, 138, 5'9", 7-31-83, Shaun Domingo (904) 315-4327) by TKO in round 3.

    Adam Parker
    of Jacksonville, Florida, USA, (1-0, 162, 5'11", 1-13-79, Karate America. 904-759-9166)
    defeated Randal Weese (0-1, 165, 5'8", 2-12-78, Karate America) by unanimous decision 29-27, 29-27, 29-27.

    Henrik Duirlin
    of Jacksonville, Florida, USA (5'11", 170, 2-1 6-6-72, Kru Burke, (904) 751-9672)
    defeated Aaron Ashendorf of Jacksonville, Florida, USA, (0-1, 5'11" , 166, 7-3-80, Shawn Doyle, 904-296-9663) split decision 28-30, 30-27, 29-28

    Gabriel Padilla
    of Jacksonville, Florida, USA (1-0, 160, 5'9", 11-5-87, Gene Baptista, 904-338-3550)
    defeated Gabriel Montalvo of Gainesville, Florida USA (1-1, 155, 5'9", 2-21-86, Mike Linbenmut, 352-870-4159) by Majority Decision 27-30. 26-30, 28-28.

    Robert Ingram
    of Jacksonville, Florida, USA (1-0, 145, 5'11", 4-12-85 , Mike Lee, 904-233-5605)
    defeated Jack Hodges of Jacksonville , Florida, USA, (0-2, 150 , 6'2", 4-12-85, Lee Barden, 904-744-9995) by Majority Decision.

    Jamie Howard
    of Jacksonville, Florida , USA (1-0, 179, 11-13-79, Mike Linbenmut, 352-214-4530)
    defeated Jarrod Jette of Jacksonville, Florida, USA (0-1, 180, 5'10", 3-10-74, Jason Benitez, 904-662-2678) by TKO at 1:25 of round 3.

    Ro Garcia
    of Jacksonville, Florida, USA (1-0, 160, 5'6", 7-8-55, Mike Lee, 904-233-5605)
    defeated Josh Carter of Jacksonville, Florida, USA (0-1, 5'9", 160, 8-28-86) by unanimous decision 28-28, 26-30, 27-29.

    Josh Williams
    of Jacksonville, Florida, USA (1-0, 200, 6'4", 12-21-86, Josh Rutgers)
    defeated Doug Turner of Jacksonville, Florida, USA (0-1, 200, 6'3", Mike Lee, 904-233-5605) Unanimous Decision 30-27 30-27 28-28.

    Mike Peltz
    of St Augustine, Florida, USA (0-1 203, 5'10" 11-18-75, Sean Doyle)
    defeated Aaron Hill of Jacksonville, Florida (0-2 198, 5'10", 2-23-79, Karate America) by TKO in round 3.

For more info please contact Mr. Thomas Fischer at (904) 744-9995 or by e-mail at noxclusionsinc@aol.com


Ball... Amazed Us ALL!
Sorry about announcing this story a month ago and then taking so long to get back to it.
We were hunting for some photos to add in.

As we stated when we first announced this article was coming the the IKF News Page, we are sure that many here have no idea who Tim Ball is. However, when you read our article about him, you will hear how he inspired all the fighters, trainers and officials at the 2001 IKF/RINGSIDE USA National Amateur Kickboxing Championships. From there, Ball went on to impress us all again and make us all realize, "All Things Are Possible!" And this was far better than the memory most will remember about September, 2001.

For some, the memories of the 2001 IKF/RINGSIDE USA National Amateur Kickboxing Championships may be a little lost in some of your minds. Not because the fights were not memorable or the event not memorable, but because of what happened the Tuesday morning after this great event. That Tuesday morning, September 11th, 2001, our world changed forever and so did each and every one of us. I don't need to say anything else about that day because I'm sure all of you remember where you were, what you were doing and exactly what happened that morning... The events of that day made us all different as it changed us forever.

For those of us who were at the 2001 IKF/RINGSIDE USA National Amateur Kickboxing Championships it was only about 72 hours earlier where we witnessed just the opposite. The work of something that made us all believe that great things can happen to great people.

That year 207 fighters showed up to "Walked The Walk" on September 7th, 8th & 9th at the 2001 IKF/RINGSIDE USA National Amateur Kickboxing Championships. However, there was one bout that stood out the most. It was the fight of a fighter with a paralyzed right arm. Sure, some of you are saying, "You let a fighter with a paralyzed arm fight?" Well before you call any of us stupid for doing so, let me say, I would do it again and again and again!

When Tim Ball of Pennsville, New Jersey finished fighting Mark Snow of Lake Zurich, Illinois, few waited for me to announce Tim's situation. Nearly everyone at Ringside at ring 2 stood to their feet and gave Tim a standing ovation for his efforts. When the applause quieted down, I explained how Tim had went through months of waiting for us at the IKF to make a decision whether or not to allow him to fight. We had several e-mails in support of him competing and finally, we made the decision to allow him to compete. I said to everyone there, "We decided, if Tim Ball wanted to walk the walk, we weren't going to stop him!" And the place erupted with yet another standing ovation.

If you were there you would have felt a lot of emotion in the room. Tim represented every fighter at that moment. He proved that if a 1 arm man could make the effort to "Walk The WALK" than NO ONE else could ever have a valid excuse. Tim may have lost his bout, but he won the hearts of EVERYONE there, and more important, he "Walked The Walk" in front of all his peers. Nothing is more valuable than that!

However, Tim's desire to be a fighter was no one time thing. He had entered the 2001 IKF/RINGSIDE USA Nationals with a record of 0-0-1. A lone draw. Although he missed the 2002 IKF Tournament, he was back at the 2003 IKF/TKO USA National Amateur Kickboxing Championships. By the time he showed up to "Walk The Walk" in 03, he had built his fight record to 5-4. Once again Tim entered into the FCR Super Heavyweight division. In the first round he faced off against eventual Tournament Champion Mitch Matrasko of Glendale Hts, Illinois, USA (5-0/2, 250, 6'6") Ball made it clear he wanted no mercy, and Matrasko did for Tim something Tim will always respect him for. He "Fought" him straight up as just another fighter! Matrasko stopped Tim by TKO at 1:30 of round 2 but should not feel bad about this loss. Matrasko went on to win the 2003 Tournament Title the next day.

However, when Tim was done "IN" the ring in 03, he was not done "With" the Ring. Tim still had to corner for both his sons who came to fight with Dad that year. In the FCR Junior Welterweight division (70.1-75 lbs. 9 - 10 Year Olds) Tim's son, Jacob Ball "Walked the Walk" himself. Jacob fought hard but lost his bout to another eventual Tournament Champion Mario Solis of Nampa, Idaho, USA, (5-0-1/0) by split decision 30-27, 29-28, 28-29.

Jacob wasn't the last of Tim's family though. His other son Timmy Ball II also "Walked the Walk!" However, as fate would have it, like father and brother, Tim the second also lost his opening bout to an eventual Tournament Champion when Aaron Rendon of Plainview, Texas, USA, (11-1-0/3). Rendon defeated him by unanimous decision, 30-27, 30-27, 29-28.

A tale of two directions came together that September of 2001. One of pain and tragedy and the other of hope and dreams. Both worthy of our memory and both teaching us different things about ourselves.

On August 13th, 2006, 39 year old Tim Ball sat down at his computer desk and wrote an official letter to the IKF announcing his retirement. We can count on 1 hand the number of fighters that have done such an honorable thing and we are proud Tim is one of them. In classic Tim humor, his opening sentences read, "I am writing you because i am "Retired from Full Contact Kickboxing." Or at least I really think i am, well pretty sure." One thing is for sure, like all fighters, none of us really "Retire...." For we all stay "Fighters" whether in our arms, our legs, our hearts or our minds. As time knows now, "Once a fighter, always a fighter."

Tim was ranked in the IKF Amateur FCR and IR Rankings. He retires with a fight record of 6 wins and 6 loses with 1 draw. He also had 6 smoker style bouts where he went 5-1. Tim's letter, which was long and appreciative finished with,

"The IKF Rankings opened doors for me in the past because when others see that the IKF Ranked me, most people allowed me in their kickboxing events. Again I hope that my story will be able to help others. The IKF has played a big role in my life. Thanks, Timothy Ray Ball, "The one armed warrior."

One thing can be for sure and forever for Tim and the others who have experienced the IKF Tournament...
"Those Who Walk The Walk, Stand Tall Forever!"


In Route To The
2007 World

Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
Promoter, Fighter and Trainer Mitz Bandiera (Left) of Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada was looking forward to spending the weekend of July 28th, 29th & 30th with his peers at the IKF World Classic Amateur Kickboxing Tournament in Cedar Rapids Iowa. When there he had plans to corner his fighters Stacy Chung and Jordan Allan. Chung was to compete in the Adult Women's FCR Bantamweight division and Allen in the Adult men's FCR Super Lightweight division. Both were eager to have their coach meet them in Cedar Rapids. The three had not travelled together because Mitz had planned to go to a bike rally in Sturgis, South Dakota after the Tournament so he started his journey to the Classic on his motorcycle. However... The meeting never came to be.

Mitz was told about the accident on the second week in St. Paul Regional Hospital by a State Trooper who was 3 cars behind him. On July 28 (Friday) his plan was to get to the Tournament registrations in Iowa. The Trooper told him this story:

"You were heading down 35W at 80 mph in the right lane, a car moved over from the left lane into your lane. You avoided a collision with the car by swerving to the right. You went on to the grass and hit the wooden wall on your right side, you stood on your seat to avoid more damage to your body. The bike stopped instantly by hitting a culvert, you flew off the bike and went 100 feet through the air landing on the highway with your head. I went forward to check you out and thought you were dead. I put a cloth over your body. Then I picked out the driver of the car that had made a lane change, I began telling her she would be charged with man slaughter. I went back to check on you and noticed you were breathing. I called for an ambulance, and they came in 15 minutes. Your head was bleeding all over the highway and your right side was busted up. The ambulance came and took you to the hospital. That night at 10 pm you had a heart attack. The nurses brought you back with the electric paddles. Again this happened at 2 am on Saturday morning. You were in a coma for 6 days from there in St. Paul Hospital."

Mitz told us that when he woke up he could not feel his body. He could not read or keep a conversation and his right side of his body was burned and his shoulder dislocated. Adding to this, his hips were out of place. "My left side, were I hit the pavement was busted with some brain damage." Said Mitz. He went on to say, "I am grateful to be alive. Today 7 weeks later I am in Thunder Bay at St. Josephs hospital. My day till 4 pm is filled with therapy, physical and mental. I can now walk, read and my conversation with others is great. I don't remember leaving Thunder Bay on July 28th or 6 days after. I have heard and been visited by all my friends and students, called from all over the world and cards from everyone. I do appreciate everyone's concern. Again thank you."

Although tragic, we here at the IKF surly speak for everyone when we say we are blessed that Mitz is still with us today. In his honor, Stacey and Jordan, not knowing the full severity of the accident, went on to fight in the Tournament. Stacy finished second in her division losing a close bout by unanimous decision 29-28 on all 3 judges cards. With concerns of his trainer on his mind, Jordan fell to defeat in his opening bout.

For those wanting to send their best to Mitz, we are sure that he would love to hear from you but please give him time to reply. As you can see, he will be pretty busy for awhile. His e-mail address is mitz@tbaytel.net We ask that all of you, as we will do, keep Mitz in your prayers in hopes for a full and speedy recovery.

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 26th, 2006, AT 11:00 AM, PT

"Midwest Fight Fest"
September 23rd, 2006 - St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Shamrock Promotions put on another great night of fights this past Saturday night. For the first time in their 8 year history, Shamrock Promotions showcased a 14 match fight card. To no ones surprise tickets were hard to come by for this night. Even after being sold out 3 weeks before, people were still trying to get tickets at the door. The fight card was packed full of action.

Starting out with a great boxing match and mixing in 3 Kickboxing matched in between the 10 MMA fights. Its hard to say which fight took the title as the most exciting. Some were saying the :08 Knock Out win by John Duever or the knock out win by Chad Vancil, others thought the come back fight from Mike Green. The one that in most eyes was the best fight of the night was the female MMA match between Noe Perreira and Candy Ticer. This fight went all the way into the third round.

The next Midwest Fight Fest will be in Kansas City on October 27th, then returning to St. Louis on December 9th. Tickets on sale now for both events.

  1. ISCF Amateur MMA - 169
    "Mean" Mike Green (St. Louis, MO) defeated Caleb Richards (Troy, MO) in the 1st round by Kimora.

  2. ISCF Amateur MMA - 155
    John Duever (Pacific, MO) defeated Jason Burgess (Cincinnati, OH) in the 1st round by Knock out.

  3. IKF Amateur Full-Contact Kickboxing - 179
    Adam Cella (St. Louis, MO) defeated Gerard Rios (Belleville, IL) by decision 30-27, 30-27, 30-27.

  4. ISCF Amateur MMA - 250
    250 lbs Natu Visinia (Carbondale, IL) defeated Nick Jones (Cincinnati, OH)in the first round by referee stoppage due to strikes.
  5. ISCF Amateur MMA - 180
    Todd Feager (St. louis, MO) defeated Jeremy Lowe (Cincinnati, OH) in the first round by referee stoppage due to strikes.

  6. IKF Amateur Full-Contact Kickboxing - 145
    Becky Gullet (Robertsville, MO) defeated April Taylor (Kansas City, MO) by decision 30-27, 30-27, 30-27.

  7. ISCF Amateur MMA - 180
    Adam Marburger (Alton, IL) defeated Tim Riddle(Cincinnati, OH) in the first round by referree stoppage due to strikes.

  8. ISCF Amateur MMA - 165
    Noe Perreira (Kalaheo, HI) defeated Candy Tiler (Carbondale, IL) in the 3rd round by referee stoppage due to strikes.

  9. IKF Amateur Full-Contact Kickboxing - 157
    Jesse Colmer (Norman, OK) defeated Jimmy Donahue (St. Louis, MO) in the 2nd round by corner stoppage.

  10. ISCF Amateur MMA - 150
    Brian Sanguinea (Pacific, MO) defeated Matt Manz (Cincinnati, OH) in the first round by referee stoppage due to strikes.

  11. Exhibition Full-Contact Kickboxing - 195
    Nick Reader (Columbia, IL) -vs- Brandon Griffin (Springfield, IL)

  12. ISCF Amateur MMA - 180
    RJ Colborn (Carterville, IL) defeated Chris Kelly (Rushville, MO) in the first round by referee stoppage due to strikes.

  13. ISCF Amateur MMA - 150
    Chad Vancil (St. Louis, MO) defeated Sean Look (St. Louis, MO) in the first round by slam.

  14. Amateur Boxing - 200
    Jose Jones (St. Charles, MO) defeated Brandon Gammage (St. Louis, MO) by decision 30-27, 30-27, 30-27

For more info please call (314) 961.1177 or go to www.ShamrockPromotionsLLC.com

MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 25th, 2006, AT 11:55 AM, PT

Tyler "Bad to the Bone" Price
"Making History!"

At 14 years old, Tyler Price has already made a name for himself as a force to be reckoned with in kickboxing. Tyler had his first full-contact kickboxing match at the age of 5 on former-world champion Charlton Young's event in Shreveport, Louisiana. At the age of 8 years old Tyler received his Black Belt from Ron Chewning who is a Joe Lewis Black Belt. He has fought in venues across the United States, including several casinos where he was the only junior amateur invited to fight on the main event fight card. Wanting to prove that he is the best of the best, he has won multiple championship titles through all the top recognized kickboxing organizations on his way to accumulating a record of 15 wins with only 3 loses with 2 wins coming by KO/TKO.

One of his goals is to prove that he is not just the best in any single organization, but the best in all organizations. Tyler has proven himself to be one of the most consistent amateur kickboxers since 2003, after winning his first KICK North American full contact championship in Las Vegas, Nevada. To prove he is the best of the best, Tyler is on a mission to become the first junior amateur to go back to back to back championships in three different rule styles, Full Contact, International and Muay Thai.

He continued his winning record claiming the 2004 KICK North American Full Contact Title. this was followed up in 2005 when he won the 2005 IKF North American International Rules Title and the 2005 KICK World Tournament Full Contact Title. Tyler has had a busy year in 2006 which begin when he won the IKF International Rule Intercontinental Title in Liverpool, England by defeating a very talented opponent, Kyle Harrison in a relentless attacking ending in a first round TKO. He followed up this win with the 2006 IKF World Classic Full Contact Rules in Council Bluffs, Iowa and yet another Tournament Title just this month.

The only thing left to do to finish his mission is to win the 2007 IKF World Classic Muay Thai Rules Title. One of the hardest steps to accomplishing this will be to have an opponent to face at the 2007 IKF World Classic Tournament. Tyler will be entering the 14-15 year old Muay Thai Rules, Junior Atomweight Division (102.1 to 109 lbs.)

Ultimately, Tyler's long range goals for his career in kickboxing is to follow many of the other great IKF champions who have went on to win championships in K1 and UFC. He is trained by his father Frank Price and Ron Chewning of Team Sportsplex in Kernersville, North Carolina.

If Tyler accomplishes this task, he will be the first ever to do so in both Juniors and Adults. Good luck to Tyler in his quest in making kickboxing history. As we see more of him in the ring, each fight is just another part of his already impressive History!

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 21st, 2006, AT 8:45 PM, PT


KnuckleUp Productions Presents
Atlanta, Georgia, USA


Shamrock Promotions Presents
"Midwest Fight Fest"
St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Another Sell Out for September 23
All Table seating is SOLD OUT for this Saturdays show. Only a few standing room only tickets remain. Call 314-961-1177 to get tickets. There will be an additional 25 tickets released at the door on Saturday night at 5:30. To be sure to get your tickets call 314-961-1177. See you there on Saturday night!!!!


September 16th, 2006 - Tinley Park, Illinois, USA

WOW!!! Can these guys put on a show?!! Brian Thompson, James and Ron Hill at HCX International Entertainment put on an explosive show on Saturday night, 9/16/06, at the Tinley Park Convention Center in Tinley Park, Illinois. Special guest and UFC veteran Shonie "Mr. International" Carter was on hand signing autographs for fans along with a fight card sanctioned by the IKF, International Kickboxing Federation and the ISCF, International Sport Combat Federation. Professional and Amateur fighters competed in 13 exciting bouts of Mixed Martial Arts and Muay Thai Rules styles for a capacity crowd. Here are the nights results below.

  1. Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Rules
    Samer Saad (0-1), Double Tap Fight Crew, Illinois Vs *Joshua Williams (1-0), Team Shockwave, Illinois
    (*) He is not this Joshua Williams
  2. Amateur Muay Thai Rules
    Tommy Chochlewicz, (1-0), Force-Toro, Illinois Vs Jeff Riddell, (0-2), USA Spirit Martial Arts, Illinois
  3. Amateur Muay Thai Rules
    Andy Voelz, (2-0), Top Notch, Illinois Vs Blair Makinney, (0-1), Team Lightning Kicks, Illinois
  4. Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Rules
    Eric Kennedy (0-1), Team Nobody, Michigan Vs Mike Comstock (1-0), Independent, Illinois.
  5. Amateur Muay Thai Rules
    Joe O'Brien, (1-1), Force-Toro, Illinois Vs Titus Campbell, (1-1), Top Notch, Illinois.
  6. Amateur Muay Thai Rules
    Al Rojas, (6-1/1), Force-Toro, Illinois Vs Brian Skjold, (0-6-2), Team Lightning Kicks, Illinois
  7. Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Rules
    Phonsamay Attanaphone (2-0/2), Independent, Illinois Vs Rodney Petermichel Jr., (0-1), Team Shockwave, Illinois
  8. Amateur Muay Thai Rules
    Mateusz Bujalski, (1-2), Force-Toro, Illinois Vs Justin Abatie, (3-3/0), Pekin Martial Arts Academy, Illinois
  9. Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Rules
    Leo Perez (4-0), Double Tap Fight Crew, Illinois Vs Joe Negli (1-1), Team Lightning Kicks, Michigan
  10. Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Rules
    Anthony Gomez (1-0), Carlson Gracie Team, Illinois Vs Chris Erickson (0-1), Pekin Martial Arts Academy, Illinois
  11. Professional Muay Thai Rules
    Whitney Waddell, (1-4-2/1), ATA Black Belt Academy, Illinois Vs Cyrus Washington, (7-2/1), American Martial Arts Academy, Illinois
  12. Professional Muay Thai Rules
    Ryan Murray, (0-1), Minnesota Martial Arts Academy, Minnesota Vs Terry Martin, (1-0), Illinois
  13. Professional Mixed Martial Arts Rules
    Charles Wilson, (1-8), Double Tap Fight Crew, Illinois Vs Matt Veach, (3-0-1), Warrior Concepts, Illinois

For more info on this event please contact Mr. Brian A. Thompson at (815) 730-3800 or by email at info@pureforcemma.com or go to www.PureForceMMA.com


"Python's Punishers 1"
September 16th, 2006 - St. Gabriel, Louisiana, USA

ISCF Representative Steve Miller
ISCF & IKF Promoter Mr. Donald Mayeaux promoted a successful event known as Pythons Punishers on September 16 at the St. Gabriel Community Center in St. Gabriel Louisiana. This event kicked off right on time at 7:30 pm and despite some rule issues that were addressed after the event, this was an exciting event which ran smoothly. Here are the nights results below.

For more event info please contact Mr. Donald Mayeaux at (225) 673-2046 or by e-mail at americanwarrior@eatel.net

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 14th, 2006, AT 7:00 PM, PT


No Xclusions, Inc. Presents
Jacksonville, Florida, USA


HCX International Entertainment LLC Presents
Tinley Park, Illinois, USA

    1. Charles Wilson Vs Matt Veech
    2. Terry Martin Vs Ryan Murray
    3. Whitney Waddell Vs Cyrus Washington

    1. Justin Abatie Vs Matt Bujalski
    2. Chad Walker Vs John Kalenze
    3. Joe "Love Machine" O'Brien Vs Terry Brown
    4. Al "El Matador" Rojas Vs Brian Skjold
    5. Andy Voelz Vs Blair Makinney
    6. Tommy Cochlewick Vs Jeff Riddell

    Fight Card As Of 9-14-06
    1. Leo Perez Vs Joe Negri
    2. Emanuel Eadie Vs Chris Hogan
    3. Phonsamay Attanaphone Vs Rodney Petermichel Jr.
    4. Samer Saad Vs Joshua Williams
      • (*) He is not this Joshua Williams
    5. Eric Kennedy Vs Mike Comstock
    6. Chris Erickson Vs Anthony Gomez

        • Emanuel Eadie


Donald Mayeaux Presents
"Python's Punishers 1"
St. Gabriel, Louisiana, USA

    As of 9-14-06
    1. Noah Templet Vs Landon
    2. Wheat Sky Rocket Vs Calvin Miller
    3. Charles Meaux Vs Matt Barksdale
    4. Ben Poole Vs Marcel Gotzman
    5. Chris Haley Vs Lawrence Miller
    6. John Henry Vs Kent Brien
    7. Greg Walker Vs Aaron Nickoson
    8. Daniel Bell Vs Dustin Carbajal
    9. Exibition Dominic Falzarano Vs Daniel Paulin
  • IKF Kickboxing Alternates
    • Alvin Harvey
    • Adam Verret
    As of 9-14-06
    1. Josh Fontenot Vs Gary Hancock
    2. Alex Jumonville Vs Wesley Mackey
    3. Derek Arcement Vs Jason Horak
    4. Jacob Taylor Vs Jymes Ehlers
    5. Chase Reynolds Vs Jason Segal
    6. Randy Billiot Vs Jason Harvey
    7. Brandon Warr Vs Sid Stevens
    8. Kevin Sanford Vs Josh Hird
    9. Matt Gautreau Vs Jesse Hodges
    10. Shawn Hale, Vs Jules Bruchez JR.


Pro FCR Heavyweight World Title

November 25, 2006
Loves Park, Illinois, USA

IKF Illinois, USA
An evening of IKF Professional and Amateur kickboxing is scheduled for Saturday, November 25, 2022 at the Indoor Sports Center, 8800 E. Riverside Blvd. in Loves Park, Illinois, USA. The Main Event is a scheduled 12-round fight for the International Kickboxing Federation (IKF) Pro Full Contact Rules Heavyweight World Title between Dan "Son of a Preacherman" Erickson (Right, PK: 9-1-1/5, Pro Team: 3-1/2, AK: 21-1/11) of Stone Lake, Wisconsin, USA and Kevin "Stretch" Smiles (Left, 29-6/12) of Blyth England. Both of these athletes stand 6'6" tall! Erickson is training with former IKF Super Heavyweight World Champion 'Mean' Mike LaBree.

Our undercard will feature "Big" Bill Jardine of Mondovi, Wisconsin, USA in a scheduled 7-round battle with James "Pretty Boy" Watling of Morpeth, England. Both England fighters are trained by Steve Jessop.

This card will also include 4-time IKF National Amateur Champion "Bad" Chad Monyelle of Beloit, Wisconsin vs Caleb "Pitbull" Plant from Ashland City, Tennessee.

Reserved seats start at $20.00 and are available at (800) 595 4849 or online at www.tix.com - A limited number if VIP tables will be available in the Skybox Restaurant, overlooking the ring. Doors open at 6:PM and the first bell is at 7:30 PM.

"You ain't seen a fight, till you've seen a Rumble!"

A 'Sky's The Limit Productions' event.
For details, e-mail Sky Drysdale at skydrysdale@insightbb.com


Randall Stephen Hall & The Big Kahuna Presents
September 7th, - Jackson, Tennessee, USA

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 5th, 2006, AT 7:00 PM, PT

Results From Cung Le's
"Born To Fight VI!"
San Jose, California, USA

Better Late Then Never...

IKF Pro San Shou Light Heavyweight World Champion Cung Le (Right) and his top staff hosted their 6th edition of the well known BORN TO FIGHT event at the Mount Pleasant High School in San Jose, California, USA.

Twelve exciting bouts took place at Cung Le's Born To Fight VI - www.borntofight.com Superfights on July 22, 2022 at Mt. Pleasant High School in San Jose, CA. The evening produced 9 decisions, 1 TKO, and 2 technical draws. A special thanks to teams who trained these fighters: Team USA, West Valley College, South Bay Fight Club, American Kickboxing Academy, Fight and Fitness, Cheetah's Muay Thai, Omei Kung Fu, Calvin Chin, Cung Le MATC San Jose, and Cung Le MATC Santa Clara. If you'd like, feel free to download the official BTF VI program by clicking HERE!

The results of the BTF Superfights are as follows:

  1. MUAY THAI: Igor Tsissar (FSA, 180, 2-0) defeated Francisco Soto (South Bay Fight Club, 180, 0-1) by unanimous decision.

  2. SAN SHOU: Travis Drager (West Valley College, 165, 1-0) defeated Marcnell Palacio (South Bay Fight Club, 170, 0-1) by unanimous decision.

  3. MUAY THAI: Kara Potter (American Kickboxing Academy, 140, 3-1) defeated Sara Deweywright (Cheetah's, 140, 0-1) by unanimous decision.

  4. SAN SHOU: Hugo Govea (South Bay Fight Club, 133, 0-1) defeated Jan-Michael Manual (Cung Le MATC San Jose, 130, 0-1) by Split Decision.

  5. MUAY THAI: Mitchell Folliott (Cung Le MATC San Jose, 155, 1-1) defeated Jacob Aringo (Fight and Fitness, 150, 0-1) by Majority Decision.

  6. MUAY THAI: Roger Agtarap (Cung Le MATC San Jose, 130, 2-0, 1KO) defeated Tim Chau (Fight and Fitness, 130, 0-1) by unanimous decision.

  7. MUAY THAI: Bryan Padilla (South Bay Fight Club, 155, 1-0) defeated Darrin Peterson (American Kickboxing Academy, 155, 0-1) by unanimous decision.

  8. SAN SHOU: Adam Antolin (West Valley College, 135, 1-0) defeated Chris Hom (Team USA, 140, 1-2) by unanimous decision.

  9. MUAY THAI: The Anthony Figueora (Cung Le MATC San Jose, 127, 1-0-1) and David Barrios (American Kickboxing Academy, 127, 2-3-2) bout ended in a technical draw from an accidental headbutt

  10. MUAY THAI: Vishnu Gulati (Team USA, 140, 5-1, 1 KO) defeated Duncan Duffin (Cung Le MATC San Jose, 140, 10-5, 3 KO) by TKO in the 3rd round.

  11. IKF Amateur US SAN SHOU Lightweight TITLE BOUT
    SAN SHOU: Owen Zhang (Omei Kung Fu, 132, 4-3-1, Tony Chen) defeated Ed Carpio (Cung Le MATC Santa Clara, 132, 11-6) by Split Decision.

  12. IKF Amateur US SAN SHOU Super Welterweight TITLE BOUT
    SAN SHOU: Rick Almondia (Cung Le MATC Santa Clara, 153, 6-2, 2 KO) and Gelet Luc's (Calvin Chin, 153, 11-4, 6 KO) bout ended in a technical draw from an accidental headbutt.

For more event info Call (408) 729-4468 or go to www.BornToFight.com


Le Fighters Take Home MMA Wins!

Cung Le and Garth Taylor led USH! fighters Sam Spengler, Jose Palacios, James Terry, and Elaina Maxwell into victory at the Warrior's Cup in the Stockton Arena (Stockton, CA) this past August 12th. The USH! team swept their bouts with two unanimous decisions and two knockouts on an all MMA card. Why are we posting MMA news here? Well, we first got to know Palacios and Maxwell in the IKF where they excelled in Kickboxing. Maxwell along with Terry made their Pro Debuts in MMA and won!

Palacios improved his own MMA record to 2-0 as he made quick work of former IKF Amateur Kickboxing Champion Robert Elledge winning by TKO in round 1. Maxwell had the best and only knockout of the night in her professional MMA debut, delivering a mean knock down with a right cross and then finishing with a ground and pound in the minute and a half of the first round over Michelle Maher. It was the quickest fight of the evening and the first sanctioned female MMA bout in the state of California.

Spengler won his third professional MMA fight by unanimous decision over Mike McGuinnes improving his record to 3-0 and James Terry won his MMA debut bout as he defeated Josh Hayes by unanimous decision. Congratulations to each of these fine fighters and their outstanding coaches, Cung Le, Alan Maravilla, and Garth Taylor.