APRIL 2007


WEDNESDAY, APRIL 25th, 2007, AT 10:20 PM, PT


Mike Lind Presents
"Rumble In The Valley" -The Meeting In The Middle
Eau Claire, Wisconsin, USA

  • WHEN: Friday Night, April 27th, 2007
  • WHO: Mike Lind Promotions
  • WHERE: Eau Claire, Wisconsin, USA
  • WHAT: "Rumble In The Valley" The Meeting In The Middle
      • IKF PRO FCR United States Light Welterweight Title
        Mark Streater Vs Heath Fonnest

      • IKF Amateur FCR Women's Wisconsin State Featherweight Title
        Stephanie Kernan Vs Lisa Wells

  • IKF Representative: Mitz Bandiera
  • IKF Referee: Rick Busch
  • IKF PROMOTER: For more info please contact Mr. Mike Lind at (715) 835-0381 or by e-mail at mplind@charter.net

  • Along with the Two Title Bouts above here is the Nights Undercard.


    1. Pro Kickboxing
      Bill Jardine Vs Jason Miller (5 Rounds)

    2. Pro Kickboxing
      Travis Buchholz Vs Ronnie Deleon (5 Rounds)

    3. Amateur Kickboxing
      Kirk Youngblut Vs Adam Mcdermid (3 Rounds)

    4. Amateur Kickboxing
      Kate Lessard Vs Stacy Chung (3 Rounds)

    5. Amateur Kickboxing
      Leroy Waters Vs Jamie Mcdermid (3 Rounds)

    6. Amateur Kickboxing
      Chris Schultz Vs Scott Legus (3 Rounds)

    7. Amateur Kickboxing
      Mike Yount Vs Tyler Bodie (3 Rounds)

    8. Amateur Kickboxing
      London Fransmeir Vs Tyler Koski (3 Rounds)

    9. Amateur Kickboxing
      Jake Benz Vs T.J. Gibson (3 Rounds)

    10. Amateur Kickboxing
      Jake Lavalle Vs Carlos Hernadez (3 Rounds)

SATURDAY, APRIL 21st, 2007, AT 10:30 PM, PT

Quick Title Result From Vanguard Promotions
Carolina Triple Threat
Tonight In Durham, North Carolina, USA

Say Hello To the Newest
IKF Amateur Champion...

Jon "Lights Out" Lewis of St. Paul, Minnesota, USA (10-1/3) defeated Justin "The Blade" Pickett of Tallahassee, Florida, USA (12-4/3) in what everyone in attendance is calling one of the BEST Amateur bouts they have ever seen! Lewis won the vacant IKF FCR Amateur Super Welterweight World Title by split decision.

Look for a FULL STORY later in the week about this great fight and a great day as well as night of IKF Kickboxing! For more info contact IKF Promoter Mr. Will Smith at (919) 632-7242 or e-mail at vanguardpro@nc.rr.com or go to


FRIDAY, APRIL 20th, 2007, AT 11:55 PM, PT


Vanguard Promotions Presents The
Carolina Triple Threat
Durham, North Carolina, USA

  • WHEN: Saturday Night, APRIL 21st, 2007
  • WHO: Shamrock Promotions
  • WHERE: Durham Marriott Civic Center - Durham, North Carolina, USA
  • WHAT: Midwest Fight Fest
    • IKF Amateur KICKBOXING
        Justin "The Blade" Pickett (Tallahassee, Florida, USA 12-3/3)
        Jon "Lights Out" Lewis (St. Paul, Minnesota, USA 9-1/3)

    • Daytime IKF POINT KICKBOXING Tournament

  • IKF Representatives: Johnny Davis
  • IKF Referee: Dan Stell
  • PROMOTER: Mr. Will Smith at (919) 632-7242 or e-mail at vanguardpro@nc.rr.com
  • ON THE WEB: www.VanguardPro.net

Scroll Down this Page for the FULL STORY about this Event!

THURSDAY, APRIL 19th, 2007, AT 9:20 AM, PT


No Xclusions, Inc. Presents
Jacksonville, Florida, USA

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 18th, 2007, AT 11:55 PM, PT

What Can Be Said...

In the aftermath of the terrible tragedy that happened at Virginia Tech this past Monday morning, all of us here at the IKF offer our deepest condolences to the Families and Friends of the loved ones lost as well as those who had Family and Friends injured in this tragedy.
Words alone can never describe our sympathy for your loses.

Virginia Tech Tragedy - Lets Come Together!
Special To The IKF

I would like to please ask that everyone understand that the Tragedy that happened on Monday at Virginia Tech University could have and hopefully in the future be stopped. First I would like to say lets all come together as Martial Artist and pray for all the killed students and loved ones of. There is a kickboxing school near Tech., I know there are some good Martial Artist near Roanoke Virginia. My step sister went to Tech. and many of my good friends did as well. Nobody knows how we would react as Martial Artist in a situation like this, to second guess what these students did is wrong but lets think about it for a possible future encounter. I have been upset since hearing of the killings yesterday morning. I also have friends that have e-mails from Tech. that have been keeping me informed. I watched as the Police did nothing on videos when our Americans were being killed. I know that they have a protocol to follow, but sometimes you have to step outside of the nine dots and yesterday was one of those days. They should have gone in that College hall and stopped that Killer before he killed 32 and possibly 33 students.

What we can learn from this is a very good lesson for all of us as Martial Artist. WE TRAIN FOR A REASON, TO PROTECT OURSELVES AND OUR FAMILIES. Roger Green, a Top Joe Lewis Blackbelt, said it best yesterday, "Why did the students not try and protect themselves, or a couple of them get together and jump this guy?" We can look back and say they should have or why didn't they, but we were not there, so under those circumstances yesterday, we don't know what went thru their heads. Lets look to the future and say to ourselves if that ever happens again and one of us is there, WE WILL DO WHAT WE TRAIN TO DO, PROTECT IN SELF DEFENSE!

Always be ready to self defend, the World is getting worse and now we all can say, this is why we train to do what we do. Yes many of us do this sport for the fight game and the sport, or some of us do it to get in shape. In the big picture of it all, we do it to know how to defend ourselves. So please defend yourself and the rest of our Country if this ever happens to you. Maybe if some of these students had ever did what we do, they could have overtaken this guy, but who really knows... Like I said we don't know, but it is better to think we would defend or at least be a little more confident if ever in this situation.

I just wanted everyone to take a moment of there day and think about what they would have done in a similar circumstance. We lose fellow Americans every day in Iraq, but we seldom lose "32" Americans on a College campus. Please pray for this never to happen again, but if it does, maybe one of us will be there to do the unthinkable, to do what these students had never thought of, to do what you think about today when you decide if you were in this situation, what would you do? Thanks for your time, God Bless all Martial Artist and all Americans. Peace Craig Smith Virginia Beach, Virginia.

MORE NEWS OF 4-18-07

IKF Prayers

IKF Prayers go out to Renshi Christies son, Josh, a close family member of Shihan Jeff DeVore and the DeVore Academy of Martial Arts of Illinois. Josh was involved in a bad auto accident yesterday afternoon while on his way to work. He is fine now and should be released from the hospital sometime today. He was a very fortunate young man! He got T-Boned at an intersection on a county highway and the car that hit him did not even have the time to apply their brakes...so you can only imagine just how lucky he was. Jeff DeVore shared this with us in hopes you will join him in prayer and support for Josh, Renshi and their entire family. This is a good example of how fast life can take a turn and serve us a reminder of the many things we so take for granted on a daily basis! Anyone that would like to send Renshi Christie a word of encouragement and support can do so at renshichristie@devoreacademy.com

Anyone that would like to send Josh a encouraging word and /or a get well / thinking of you card can do so be sending to the following address: Josh Christie, 543 West Abraham, Cerro Gordo, IL 61818. "Thank you all for your support and family values. The entire family has experienced quite a shock and real experience here and it is up to us to make sure they know they are amongst strong family and friends that support them in a time of such stress and trying situation." said Shihan DeVore.

MORE NEWS OF 4-18-07

Results From No Xclusions, Inc's
March 16th, 2007 - Jacksonville, Florida, USA

IKF Florida Representative Lee Braden
March 16th was a great night for IKF kickboxing at PLUSH. Some of the highlights were: Amiele Gendive vs Laurel Leach. Amiele proved to be the aggressor in this match. Her continual punching to the head made her the winner. One of the best knockouts of the evening was James Smiley vs Sean Brady. James landed a beautiful spinning hook kick to the head in round 2 and the match was over.
Here are all the nights results below.

  1. Teddy Hudson, Jacksonville, Florida USA, 2-0, 145lbs, 5'6", 12-19-91, Todd Hudson, 904-315-2872)
    defeats Scott Logan, Jacksonville, Florida, USA, 142, 5'4", 8-28-92, Gator Bowen, 904-744-9995, by split decision 29-29, 28-30 and 29-29.

  2. Aaron Hill, Jacksonville, Florida, USA, 180, 5'2", 4-23-79, Wade Hanes, 904-744-9995)
    defeats Erik Siegfried, Jacksonville Florida USA, 0-1 192, 6', 8-26-83, Troy Maniscalco, By TKO at 1:25 of round 2.

  3. Amiele Gendive, Jacksonville, Florida, USA, 1-0-0-1, 128, 5', 7-24-77, Karate Arts, 904-744-9995)
    defeats Laurel Leach, Mt. Pleasant South Carolina USA, 0-1, 133, 5'5", 8-6-74, Master Thomas 843-442-7338, by Unanimous Decision 30-26, 30-26 and 30-26.

  4. Anthony Patterson, St Augustine, Florida, USA, 1-0, 5'11", 160, 4-26-87, Todd Hudson, 904-315-2872)
    defeats Thomas Manning, St Augustine Florida USA, 0-1, 154, 5'11", 7-27-88, John Mahlow 904-315-9748, by unanimous decision 28-27, 28-27 and 28-27.

  5. Joshua Fournier, Green Cove, Springs, Florida USA, 2-0, 164, 5'4" 11-27-87, Mr Smiley, 904-272-9511)
    defeats Quenton Singleterry, Brunswick Georgia USA, 162, 5-3" 5-22-71, by Split Decision 29-29, 30-27 and 28-30.

  6. Mark Suggs, St Augustine, Florida, USA, 2-0 , 218, 6', 5-15-75, John Mahlow, 904-824-9739)
    defeats Danny Dustin, Green Cove Springs Florida USA, 0-1, 220, 6', 5-29-82, James Taylor 904-497-6751, by unanimous decision 28-27, 30-25 and 29-25.

  7. Terry Cohens, Palatka, Florida USA, 1-0, 235, 5'9", 8-11-73, C. C. Corey, 386-325-9472)
    defeats Ron Waters, Middleburg Florida USA, 0-1 , 290, 6', 1-22-66, Mr Smiley 904-272-9511, by KO at 1:48 of round 1.

  8. Mark Wade, Hilliard, Florida, USA, 2-0, 147, 5'6", 9-15-82)
    defeats Devin Flagor, Jacksonville, Florida, USA, 0-1, 140, 5'7", 7-9-83, by KO at 1:08 of round 1.

  9. James Smiley, Orange Park, Florida, USA, 4-0, 260, 6', Gene Bautista, 904-272-9511)
    defeats Sean Brady, Jacksonville, Florida, USA ,275, 6'4", 7-4-82, Wade Hanes, 904-744-9995, by KO at 1:26 of round 2.

  10. Brian Stalvey, Jacksonville Florida USA, 2-1, 223, 6'2", 3-11-66, Wade Hanes, 904-744-9995)
    defeats Garrett Adams, 0-1, 208, 6'1", 11-10-80, Wade Hanes, 904-744-9995, by TKO in round 1.

  11. Brian Flores, Orange Park, Florida USA, 1-0, 185, 5'11", 2-17-87, Mr Smiley, 904-272-9511)
    defeats Rod Pruitt, Jacksonville, Florida, USA, 0-1, 185, 6', 9-13-66, Chuck Williams, by TKO at the end of round 1.

For more info please contact Mr. Thomas Fischer at (904) 744-9995 or by e-mail at noxclusionsinc@aol.com

TUESDAY, APRIL 17th, 2007, AT 11:55 PM, PT

Kickboxing Manual and DVD Available Now!
Martial Arts Enterprise, Inc
Now Selling Popular Kickboxing Training Manual and DVD!

April 15, 2007- Sacramento, CA
We are proud to announce that AKP and Johnny Davis has reach an agreement to re-distribute The Art of Kickboxing Manual and DVD with Martial Arts Enterprise Inc. Martial Arts Enterprise Inc. is based out of Phoenix, Arizona, USA and is one of the largest suppliers of martial arts equipment including training accessories, books, videos and more! Additionally, they are the main suppliers of former World Middleweight Kickboxing legend Bill "Super Foot" Wallace's training material. Ironically, Davis also became known as a super foot after seeing his kicking idle in action as a youth. Davis, not only adapted the artistic kicking style of Mr. Wallace but also became a kickboxing world champion.

The Kickboxing training DVD and the Manual are timeless and will enhance the skills for anyone seeking to advance their kicking, boxing and kickboxing techniques. The Art of Kickboxing Manual also covers conditioning, stretching, technical sparring and much more! It also received accolades from such major publications as Black Belt Magazine (Right) who wrote that it was "one of the best training manuals to date for the sport of Kickboxing". Black Belt Magazine also followed up with words of praise by doing a five page spread in their May 2003 edition.

Moreover, Ringside Equipment, a leading Boxing equipment company sold the manual and video through their popular catalog and website and praised them as "some of the most informative work dedicated to the sport of Kickboxing." The manual is loaded with over 100 pictures that illustrate effective and proper techniques.

This autobiographical training manual also takes you through the life and training routine of Davis on his way to becoming a professional two time world champion kickboxer!

Originally, the video was only available in VHS format but now is available in DVD as many had requested this format in the past. The DVD covers the basics of conditioning, stretching, boxing, kicking and adds some knockout kick boxing combinations! It's packed with wonderful graphics while some of Davis actual fight highlights play in the background! Great music, nice graphics and clear instructions makes this DVD a must have for the serious practitioner!

With fighting and self defense consciousness at an all time high, this DVD and Manual are great ways to get introduced to the sport of Kickboxing. They are also vital tools for the MMA fighter who wants to improve his/her striking and standup fighting skills. Both Manual and DVD are technical and precise and you can only improve by having them as part of your training program.

Furthermore, Davis and Martial Arts Enterprise Inc. have plans to produce more exciting training videos in the near future. The Manual and DVD is available now on Martial Arts Enterprises and Martial Mart websites. They will also be available at Johnny Davis' Seminars and other upcoming events like the IKF Kickboxing World Classic Tournament and the ISCF MMA World Classic

You can use your credit card and order your copies today by clicking HERE! Or order by mail: Martial Arts Enterprises, Inc. 4215 N. 16th Street, Suite B Phoenix, AZ 85016 (602) 279-0585 or Toll Free at 888-840-3088. Special Prices: Both Manual and DVD will have special prices ranging from $14.95 to $29.95. Call or go to Martial Arts Enterprises' websites for additional information by clicking Here.

Note: The Johnny Davis Manual and DVD are endorsed by and are the official training tools of the International Kickboxing Federation (IKF). The IKF / ISCF are the largest sanctioning bodies in the world for kickboxing and mixed martial arts.

FRIDAY, APRIL 13th, 2007, AT 8:40 AM, PT


Shamrock Promotions Presents
Midwest Fight Fest
Grain Valley, Missouri, USA

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 11th, 2007, AT 11:00 AM, PT

IKF Promoter Will Smith Set to Bring
Carolina Triple Threat to Durham, NC!

April 20th and 21st will be a Full Weekend of Kickboxing Action!

Durham, NC- Sunday- April, 2007
IKF Promoter Mr. Will Smith of Vanguard Promotions is excited about his big event he's been planning for over a year. The Carolina Triple Threat as he labels it, will be one of the most exciting Kickboxing shows North Carolina has seen for some time. Kickboxing, martial artist and fight-fans are in for a real treat for the two day event that will host three exciting programs of kickboxing.
Friday night April 20th: True kickboxing enthusiast will get a chance to learn first hand ways to enhance their boxing and kicking skills as two time world champion Johnny "Superfoot" Davis offers valuable tips in his seminar that will start at 7:30. For more info on this event Click HERE!

Saturday April 21st: The following day, an IKF Point Point Kickboxing Tournament will kick off at 10:AM with a very important rules meeting that all participants and their coaches will need to attend at 9:AM sharp. For more info on this event Click HERE!

Saturday "NIGHT" April 21st: Around 5:PM will be the Super Fight Night of local amateur kick boxers that will be giving their all in Full Contact action to satisfy the hungry fights fans and to get the "W"! The night will end with an IKF Amateur World Title Fight between Jon Lewis who has a fight record of 9 wins with only 1 defeat and fights out of St. Paul Minnesota as he will be taking on Justin Pickett of Tallahassee, Florida, USA who sports a record of 12 wins with only 3 losses out of St. Paul, Minnesota. For more info on this event Click HERE!

Smith reports that a lot of interest has been coming from fighters and their camps from afar. His phone has kept busy with inquires about the event for the past six months are so. "Its clear that fighters are excited about attending the Carolina Triple Threat and some are anxious to see what the highly discussed IKF Point Kickboxing© is all about!" says Smith who continues, "Actually, I'm excited too as I have put a lot into this promotion. I've lined up two radio stations that will be blasting ads in the coming weeks! I also just finished a thirty minute radio interview a few nights ago and the interest in the event seems to be increasing daily! I believe strongly in the IKF (sanctioning body for the event) and what it stands for as well. I want to build the relatively new sport of IKF Point Kickboxing© to mega status. Its my intentions to become a major promoter of kickboxing and continue to give the fighters and the sport what it deserves...top quality promotions!"

Some Of The Participating Schools And Teams Include, Durham School Of Kickboxing & Marital Arts, East Pittsburgh Boxing And Kickboxing Club, W.A.K. Boxing And Kickboxing, Martial Arts Academy Of Pittsburgh, The Siler Silverbacks Fight Club, Greubel's Mixed Martial Arts, Controlled Force Martial Arts, Ray Thompson's Upstate Karate, Griffin's Martial Arts, Warrior Jiu Jitsu And Martial Arts, Sidekick's Martial Arts, NBS Gym Of Raleigh, Raleigh Institute Of Martial Arts, Iron Wolverines, Team Roc Of VA, The Karate Revolution, Team Diamond.

For more on The Carolina Triple Threat starting April 20th, 21st and some of their sponsors...Click Here.

Johnny "SUPERFOOT" Davis
Kickboxing Seminar

By popular demand, On Friday April 20, 2007, Vanguard Promotions will feature an exciting Kickboxing seminar with former two time
World Kickboxing Champion
Johnny "SuperFoot" Davis.
We would like to invite you to take advantage of this rare opportunity to learn the art of kickboxing and stand up fighting from one of the legends.

Mr. Davis will be leading this seminar for all interested Martial Artists on how to convert traditional Martial Arts techniques into Kickboxing. This seminar would greatly benefit the MMA fighters who want to improve their stand up skills.
Mr. Davis has been noted as one of the best technicians in the sport of Full Contact and Point kickboxing and will show you how to put techniques together with impressive fluency, timing, and power.

Pre-Registration Fee

Online Registration Here

IKF Semi-Contact Point
Kickboxing Tournament

This new concept of IKF Kickboxing is taking the martial arts world by storm! IKF Point Kickboxing is derived from "full contact" Kickboxing and Point Karate tournament style competition. The tournament is open to men, women and juniors but is semi contact only.
Participants compete on mats, wearing headgear, 12 to 16 oz. boxing gloves, foot pads, mouthpiece, groin and breast protectors, etc. The action is continuous for 60 seconds, 90 seconds, or two minute rounds depending on age group. There will be 2 style divisions:
The Point Kickboxing tournament will start at 10:AM.
Mandatory Rules Meeting for all
Participants at 9:AM Sharp!

$150.00 CASH PRIZE
Medals And Trophies for
1st, 2nd & 3rd place divisional winners.
PKB Pre-Registration is $35.00
before April 16th
$45.00 after April 16th

Pre-Registration Fee

Online Registration Here

IKF Full Contact Kickboxing
Super Fight Night

The main event of the evening will be the IKF Full Contact Super Fight night. This main event will feature some of the best amateur kickboxers in the country as they are matched up for a Full Contact super fight card. The Super Fights will consist of up to 20 Full Contact and International rules (leg kicks) bouts.
The super fights will be topped off by the Main Event, an IKF Amateur World Title Bout.
Main Event will start at 5 P.M.

Fight admission tickets can be purchased in advance online Here or you can call (919) 484-1290 and ask for Kevin Hammonds.
Advance Tickets are
V.I.P Table For 8 $150.00
V.I.P Ringside Seats $40.00
Advance Online Tickets $10.00
General Admission Seats $15.00

Purchase Tickets Here

MONDAY, APRIL 9th, 2007, AT 1:55 PM, PT

Elledge Won THEN...
But It's Pickett Who's Making Headlines NOW!

-IKF TV At Jack9.com! -

Jack 9 just uploaded some more IKF TV Fight Clips! The latest is the fight for the vacant IKF North American Super Lightweight Title.

This was a straight across rematch from the 2002 IKF USA National Championships between 2002 IKF USA National Super Lightweight Champion Robert Elledge of Roseville, California, USA (Trained by Dave Marinoble) Vs Justin Pickett (Below Right) of North Augusta, Georgia, USA (Who was then training with Ray Thompson)

At the time of this bout these two were ranked 1 and 2 in their division. At the 2002 IKF USA National Championships, Elledge won by split decision, 29-28, 29-28 & 28-29. Previous to the final though Pickett had to earn his way there by defeating Joe Surack in the opening round by unanimous decision, 30-27 on all 3 judges cards. Surack was scheduled to be at the North American Championships but had to withdraw when his trainer informed him he could not attend. With the stage set, the two were ready to rock.

Watch round 1 closely because it was in round 1 that made the scoring difference in this bout as Elledge forced Pickett to a standing 8 count giving him a strong 10-8 advantage on the score cards. From there out the two traded rounds but in the end Elledge would be awarded the belt by unanimous decision, 49-45, 49-46 and 48-46 to claim the IKF North American Super Lightweight title.

As time past, Elledge parted from the fight game. However, Pickett has stayed with it and worked his way up to a shot at the IKF Super Welterweight Amateur World title. In a few weeks, he will be taking on Jon "Lights Out" Lewis of St. Paul, Minnesota, USA at the Durham Marriott Civic Center in Durham, North Carolina, USA. Picket who is now 12-3 with 3 wins by KO/TKO, has won plenty of Gold that includes;

  • 2006 IKF Tournament Champion
  • 2000 IKF Featherweight North America Champion
  • 2001 PKC USA Featherweight Champion
  • 2000 PKC USA Featherweight Champion
  • 2006 Georgia Novice Boxing Champion

As for Lewis, he too has plenty of gold. With a record of 9-1 with 3 wins by KO/TKO, he has won;

  • 2005 IKF Tournament Champion
  • USKBA Super Lightweight World Champion
  • KICK Welterweight World Champion

Check out all the IKF Action on Jack 9 by clicking HERE!

Keep checking back because we will have new clips added often!
Just click and watch the Action...

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 4th, 2007, AT 3:30 PM, PT

March 31st, 2007 - Tinley Park, Illinois, USA

IKF & ISCF Representatives Mike & Terri Storm
The crowd was ready, the fighters were pumped and the card was volatile at the Tinley Park Convention Center in Tinley Park, Illinois on Saturday, March 31, 2007 for the


The guys at HCX International, Brian Thompson, James and Ron Hill, know how to put together an event in the face of adversity. The State of Illinois is attempting to take control of all styles of fighting, amateur and professional, and modifying the rules of such events to satisfy their own wishes and make it difficult to have an exciting program.

In fact, the state successfully managed to shut down an event elsewhere in the state on this very night. In spite of this, the guys at HCX crossed all of the t's, dotted all of the i's and put together a card involving Mixed Martial Arts and Kickboxing featuring both Professional and Amateur fighters.

Special congratulations must go to all of the fighters and trainers for being ready to fight.

The pre-fight weigh-ins, paperwork, rules meeting and physicals went off without a hitch which allowed the event to start "on time"…how often does that happen??!!! Before the results of the night, I want to recognize Lisa Dzik and Maggie Mangaliag for putting on a Muay Thai Rules exhibition.

Here are the Results of the night…

    1. AMATEUR MMA - Lightweight
      Ron Gilb (0-1, Cicero, Illinois, Bob Schmer) Vs Rick "Ricardo" Lamas (1-0, Top Notch, Elmhurst, Illinois, Macario Ramos)
      A cautious and slow start as each fighter appeared reluctant to take a risk. They wound up in a clinch where each began throwing knees to the others body. Eventually, Lamas got his arms around Gilb's body and threw Gilb onto his back. Lamas, from a top mount, threw several punches to Gilb's head causing Gilb to concentrate on covering up. Lamas was able to stand and grab Gilb's legs. He threw them aside and gained a full mount on Gilb while continuing the punching assault to Gilb's head. Gilb turned to his stomach, exposing his back to Lamas and allowing Lamas to put a rear naked choke on him.
      At 2:15 of Round 1, the fight was stopped by Referee Al Wichgers. Winner by Tap Out-Ricardo Lamas.

    2. AMATEUR MMA Welterweight
      Luke Niles (1-3, Sandwich, Illinois, Mike Clemens) Vs Daren Smith (1-0, Peoria, Illinois, Ryan Blackorby)
      Both fighters started the round punching at each other until Niels shot for a takedown. He came up short and as he stood up, Smith shot and took Niels down to the canvass. They wrestled around but neither was able to get the upper-hand. Referee Al Wichgers had to stop them, stand them and re-start them. The round ended with a slight edge going to Niels on 2 of the 3 judges cards.
      Round 2: Smith was able to take Niels down fairly easy this round several times but was unable to get an advantage. When the referee stood the fighters up a third time, Smith was able to take Niels down again and gain side control. Smith got Niels bent arm and placed him in an arm-bar (Kamura).
      At 2:56 of Round 2, the fight was stopped by Referee Al Wichgers. Winner by Tap Out-Daren Smith.

    3. AMATEUR MMA Welterweight
      Luke Bilski (1-0, Force Toro, Bull Ridge, Illinois, Sean Burke) Vs Casey Wiley (0-1, Team DeVore, Mt. Zion, Illinois, Jeff DeVore.)
      To start the fight, Wiley threw a round kick to Bilski's head and followed it up with a takedown. Wiley got the top mount but was unable to do anything from there. They rolled around for a while until the referee stood them up. Again, Wiley took Bilski down. While in the top mount, Wiley got too high and gave Bilski a straight arm allowing Bilski to put him in a straight armbar.
      At 2:00 of Round 1, the fight was stopped by Referee Al Wichgers. Winner by Tap Out-Luke Bilski.

    4. AMATEUR MMA Welterweight
      Rich Graveline (1-2, Olympic Arena, Manteno, Illinois, Peter Farais) Vs Mike Perry (2-0, Team DeVore, Mt. Zion, Illinois, Jeff DeVore)
      Perry threw a kick to Graveline's body to start the fight. Graveline caught the leg and threw Perry around onto the canvass allowing him to jump onto Perry's back. Graveline put Perry in a rear naked choke but was unable to cinch it in for the submission. Perry got out of the choke, twisted around and was able to stand. Again, Graveline was able to get onto Perry's back after another successful takedown. This time Graveline threw a number of punches to Perry's head. Perry again twisted around, got out of danger and stood up. While in the standing position, Perry threw a hard right hook that hit Graveline on the left cheek and sent Graveline down to one knee. Perry failed to follow up and allowed Graveline to stand. Graveline took Perry down once again and finished the round by pounding Perry until the bell rang. The right hook by Perry to Graveline's face opened a cut under Graveline's eye. Between rounds, Doctor Bruce Hertz came in to look at the cut and determined it was too severe for Graveline to continue.
      At the end of Round 1, the fight was stopped by the doctor. Winner by TKO-Mike Perry.

    5. AMATEUR Muay Thai Rules Middleweight
      Tim Martin, (1-0, Force Toro, Bull Ridge, Illinois, Ricardo Perez) Vs Ivan Wolshlager, (0-1, Team Lightning Kicks, Kalamazoo, Michigan, Amir Killah.)
      The round started with Martin coming across the ring throwing a right kick to Wolshlager's body followed up by a right punch to his head. Wolshlager clinched and Martin proceeded to knee him in the body. Martin controlled the round in the clinches as Wolshlager appeared to be bothered by Martin's knees to his body.
      Round 2: Martin started the round attacking. His main weapon this round appeared to be his leg kicks. He threw one kick to Wolshlager's legs earning a flash knockdown. When Wolshlager got up, Martin kicked his leg again and again put Wolshlager down. Referee Al Wichgers gave Wolshlager an 8-count when he was slow getting up. The round finished with Martin's vicious leg kicks.
      Round 3: This round was much like the previous round. More Martin leg kicks delivered to Wolshlager earned him several more flash knockdowns. In an effort to gain some relief from the leg kicks, Wolshlager tried to clinch with Martin. It only gave Martin the chance to work the knees to the body again. A hard well placed knee by Martin put Wolshlager down for the last time.
      At 1:08 of Round 3, the fight was stopped by Referee Al Wichgers. Winner by TKO-Tim Martin.

    6. AMATEUR MMA Lightweight
      Tim Potter (0-1, Double Tap Fight Crew, Plainfield, Illinois, Charles Wilson) Vs Brendon Stutzman, (3-0, Chicagoland MMA, Sugar Grove, Illinois, Kyle Solberg.)
      Lots of flailing of arms and legs to start the fight but nothing effective was thrown. In a clinch, Potter was able to throw Stutzman and land on top but was unable to do anything. The referee stood the fighters up where Stutzman began to connect with punches to Potter's head. Potter took Stutzman down again but as before the referee had to stand them after a period of inactivity before the round ended.
      Round 2: This round was much like the first round where they were up and down twice. The third time down, Stutzman was able to get to Potter's back and was able to put Potter in a rear naked choke.
      At 1:57 of Round 2, the fight was stopped by Referee Al Wichgers. Winner by Tap Out-Brendon Stutzman.

    7. AMATEUR Kickboxing - International Rules Middleweight
      Eric Newingham, (3-2, Team DeVore, Mt. Zion, Illinois, Jeff DeVore) Vs Daniel Park, (0-1, Top Notch, Elmhurst, Illinois, Macario Ramos.)
      Park came to the event expecting to fight Muay Thai but his opponent (Nick Mart ) became ill and was unable to compete. Newingham came to the event expecting to fight International Rules and his opponent (Clinton Brown) was a "No Show". The fighters were only 6 pounds different in weight and both came to fight so they paired up together to fight.
      Round 1: Both fighters came forward swinging to end it early with little effect until they settled down and started picking their shots. After several leg kick exchanges, Newingham moved in with a series of left and right punches to Park's head. He knocked Park down earning him an 8 count. The round ended with both fighters exchanging blows.
      Round 2: The round began with heavy exchanges. Park, the Muay Thai fighter, let his instincts kick in and clinched Newingham to throw knees which are illegal in an International Rules match. Referee Al Wichgers warned Park not to use knees. As the round progressed, Park was caught using his knees again and received 1 point deduction. Again, later in the round, Park received a warning for a low blow and a second point deduction for using his knees. The round ended with hard exchanges from both fighters.
      Round 3: Early in the round, Park was caught using his knees again.
      At :23 of Round 3, the fight was stopped by Referee Al Wichgers. Winner by Disqualification, Eric Newingham.

    8. AMATEUR MMA Super Heavyweight
      Joe O'Brien (1-0, Force Toro, Bull Ridge, Illinois, Sean Burke/Ricardo Perez) Vs Jon Jordan (0-1, Team DeVore, Mt. Zion, Illinois, Jeff DeVore.)
      The fighters wrestled around in the standing position for a period of time trying to prevent the other from getting the upper hand. Eventually, O'Brien was able to get Jordan down and get Jordan's back but was unable to do anything with it causing the referee to stand them and re-start them. O'Brien threw a kick to Jordan's body but slipped and fell to the canvass. Jordan dropped on O'Brien but O'Brien was able to slide sideways and escape to the top position. O'Brien had a chance to put 2 arm bars on Jordan but Jordan was able to twist out of them. As Jordan was twisting his body around, O'Brien took the opportunity to grab Jordan's leg and apply an ankle lock that Jordan couldn't escape from.
      At 2:09 of Round 1, the fight was stopped by Referee Al Wichgers. Winner by Tap Out-Joe O'Brien.

    9. AMATEUR MMA Bantamweights
      Kyle Dietrich (1-0, Pekin Martial Arts Academy, Pekin, Illinois, Justin Abaite) Vs Jacob Ritchie (5-3, Springfield Fight Club, Springfield, Missouri).
      Both fighters exchange punches early. Ritchie staggers Dietrich with a right hook to the jaw and takes Dietrich down to continue punching Dietrich from the top mount. Dietrich successfully tied Ritchie up long enough to recover and force the referee to stand them up. Ritchie was aggressive and went to finish Dietrich early. Dietrich was patient and remained calm while waiting for Ritchie to make a mistake. Dietrich's patience paid off as Ritchie got too high and gave Dietrich a straight arm which Dietrich locked into an arm bar.
      At 2:28 of Round 1, the fight was stopped by Referee Al Wichgers. Winner by Tap Out-Kyle Dietrich.

    1. Pro Muay Thai Super Middleweight
      Cyrus Washington, (2-2, Double Tap Fight Crew/Team HCX, Int'l, Marshall, Michigan) Vs Brandon Mahoney, (0-2, Springfield Fight Club, Springfield, Missouri, Clyde Hicks).
      13 kicks landed before the first punch landed in this scheduled 5 round fight. Both fighters threw vicious leg and body kicks to the other. Neither fighter had shown any advantage until Washington threw a round kick to Mahoney's head that missed but set up a reverse side kick that caught Mahoney in the ribs and ended the fight.
      At 1:51 of Round 1, the fight was stopped by Referee Al Wichgers. Winner by TKO-Cyrus Washington.

    2. Pro MMA Welterweight
      Charles Wilson, (4-4, Double Tap Fight Crew/Team HCX, Int'l, Plainfield, Illinois) Vs Amir Khillah, (0-2, Team Lightning Kicks, Kalamazoo, Michigan, Brian Skjold).
      Round 1: Wilson took Khillah down and worked from the side mount with little effect causing the referee to stand them up. They kicked and kneed each other for a while until Wilson took Khillah down again with a full mount while throwing several punches to Khillah face giving Khillah a bloody nose. The attack stalled so the referee stood them up again. Each fighter threw more kicks and knees, Wilson took Khillah down again and the round ended with Wilson on top.
      Round 2: Several kicks and knees by both fighters to start the round until Wilson took Khillah down with a top mount. Wilson attempted a quick arm bar but missed it and opened him self up for Khillah to switch positions and get on top. Nothing happened so the referee stood them up. More kicks and knees with Khillah possibly having the edge from the standing position as the round ended.
      Round 3: Wrestling around was ineffective until Wilson took Khillah down. Again the referee stood them up. After more clinching and wrestling, Khillah failed at an attempt to sweep Wilson. Khillah ended up pulling Wilson down on top of him. With Wilson now in a full mount, he pounded Khillah with a flurry of lefts and rights to the head. Khillah was unable to defend himself and told Referee Al Wichgers he was finished.
      At 4:23 of Round 3, the fight was stopped by Referee Al Wichgers. Winner by Submission-Charles Wilson.

    3. Pro MMA Lightweight
      John Paun, (4-6-2, South Holland, Illinois) Vs Dustin Neace, (14-8-1, Damage Incorporated, Greenwood, Indiana.)
      Neace took Paun down quickly gaining a side mount and throwing knees to Paun's body. Paun attempted to twist around and reverse positions but got his body too high allowing Neace to get his legs up around Paun's head and catching Paun in a triangle choke.
      At 1:53 of Round 1, the fight was stopped by Referee Al Wichgers. Winner by Tap Out-Dustin Neace.

    4. Pro MMA Light Heavyweight
      Bobby Martinez, (11-4-0, Team Truth, Huntington, Indiana, Guy Hinton) Vs Davion Peterson, (13-4, Damage Incorporated, Indianapolis, Indiana, Scott McCorkle.)
      Peterson shot quick, took Martinez down and gained a top mount while throwing punches to Martinez' head. Peterson passed to a half mount but in doing so he gave Martinez a chance to escape. Martinez stood up only to be taken down by Peterson again. This time Peterson gains a full mount punching Martinez in the head. In an effort to cover up, Martinez rolled over to his stomach giving Peterson his back. Peterson quickly threw a rear naked choke on Martinez.
      At 3:10 of Round 1, the fight was stopped by Referee Al Wichgers. Winner by Tap Out-Davion Peterson.

For more information contact Mr. Brian A. Thompson, Ron Hill or James Hill, of HCX Mixed Martial Arts, (815) 730-3800 or by email atinfo@pureforcemma.com or go to www.PureForceMMA.com

TUESDAY, APRIL 3rd, 2007, AT 2:30 PM, PT

7 Rounds To The End!
The Longest Amateur Fight EVER!
Hudson Vs Bezon
On IKF TV At Jack9.com!

Jack 9 just uploaded some more IKF TV Fight Clips! One of these clips is the "Longest Amateur bout in IKF History," maybe even ever in Amateur Kickboxing (Considering amateurs are only allowed to fight 5 rounds). See the epic "Back & Forth" battle for the vacant IKF North American Welterweight Title between IKF Golden Boy Shannon "The Cannon" Hudson of Greer, South Carolina, USA (19-9/8, 150, 5'8", 24, Kevin Hudson) and the man of many surprises, Marcelo Bezon of Wavonda, Illinois, USA (7-1/0, 150, 5'8", 30, Shihan Gangi). This was the first ever IKF North American Tournament overtime victory and the longest Amateur bout to date in IKF history!

Also new to the fight clips file on Jack 9 is the battle between a fighter who is serving our country proud in the US Navy, Nelson Lebran of Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA (18-5 with 9 KO's, 128, 5'1", 28, Craig Smith) as he takes on Dallas "Wild Thang" Crowe of Spartenburg, South Carolina, USA (5-3 with 2 KO's, 126, 5'7", 18, Kevin Hudson)

These two had already met about a month before this bout in North Carolina where Crowe was victorious. This was a rematch and a rematch many fight fans were asking to have as an IKF Title bout. However, the title was never requested so it never came to be.

On paper, Lebron had the better record at 18 wins with only 4 loses with 9 wins coming by way of KO or TKO. Crowe not only had far less experience with only 7 fought bouts, his record was far less impressive as well at only 4 wins and 3 loses with 2 of his wins coming by way of KO or TKO. Regardless of their records though, this bout turned out to be all it was hyped up to be.

Lebron had come up in weight to meet Crowe and Crowe had come down a bit to meet Lebron. Lebron came to the ring lean and mean and was looking to prove the smaller man would prevail. We say smaller not as an insult, but that Crowe was "SIX" inches taller than him. it was height Vs Experience and to see who won this match-up, go to the IKF Kickboxing page at Jack 9 HERE!

Check out all the IKF Action on Jack 9 by clicking HERE!

Keep checking back because we will have new clips added often!
Just click and watch the Action...

MORE Kickboxing News!

Something BIG Just Happened!

For those who thought MMA has taken the spotlight away from Kickboxing in the last year, well...
You may be right... and Yes, you heard it here...

However, there's an old saying... "If you want to get something done, sometimes you have to do it yourself!"

With less and less Kickboxing promotions being scheduled this past year and for 2007, we had to ask ourselves, "What is happening?" Several things went through our heads here and we had thought a lot had centered around some individuals who have been a "Cancer' to the sport for the last few years. Several who have been talking negatively about everyone (And we DO mean EVERYONE!) else in the sport as they try to gain Power, Money & Leadership for themselves from their false hype, drama, politics and garbage made up about the current condition of the sport as they push everyone else down and aside.

However, these stories made up by the likes of the KICK Organization and another organization called WAKO and some of their followers like Ronnie Copeland and Mike Anderson want everyone to believe they already have the Olympic Torch burning for kickboxing. However, in the end, as it has happened "EVERY YEAR" before, those still around will see that their false hype, drama, political workings and made-up garbage are nothing more than babbling BS, smoke and mirrors. Their goal is NOT to better the sport for everyone. It's a desire for hopeful financial gain and the attaining of Supreme Ego and Power over those of us working hard in the World of Kickboxing. Those of us "Walking the Walk" while they "Talk the Talk!"

Well over the last year while these individuals spread their terrible "Hate IKF because of..bla, bla, bla." stories, we have been working on some new ideas to "Wake-Up" Kickboxing from the Amateurs to the Pros! Our sport needs a shot in the rear and a few energy drinks because Kickboxing has been taking a nap! We have been pushed aside by the "Exciting World of Lights, Cameras, Fireworks and Dynamic Productions of High Energy Sound and entertainment of the MMA Promotions!"

Don't Wake a Sleeping Giant...
Kickboxing is not Dead! It's just been taking a nap.... The same goes for the IKF. Unlike what people like Copeland and Anderson have been telling many of you, we have not forgotten about Kickboxing and turned our passion towards MMA!

We will not deny that it's been a great year as well as a VERY BUSY year for the IKF's sister organization that sanctions MMA, the ISCF. However, it's also been a Great LEARNING year for us here at the IKF & ISCF. We have been taking lots of notes from all we have learned while sanctioning over 300 MMA bouts this past year and we are now ready to put a shot into the Heart of KICKBOXING!

All these people who have been trying to attain their greatness, power and riches through their many false stories and false hype will soon learn that "Talk is Cheap" and they should have never upset the Sleeping Giant of the IKF as we napped. The time has come again to "Bring It ON!"

The IKF is STILL the only organization that not only challenges the many fighters, trainers and promoters to step up their game, but the IKF also "Walks The Walk" WITH THEM! All this BS about Kickboxing Olympics and all got us a little riled up. So riled up that we knew when we spoke out, we needed to speak VOLUMES with some Great Ideas that we WILL put into action! For this, we THANK all the "Want-to-bes" for their "Talk".

To move kickboxing out of it's slumber we needed to find out why it was napping. So we asked question like, "Are there less kickboxers or less promoters who want to Promote kickboxing?" The answer we discovered was that there are less Promoters "Able' to promote kickboxing. There are MANY Promoters who "WANT" to promote kickboxing but sponsorship dollars have been dwindling away and finding their way to MMA. Well, as a saying we use to use here some time ago once said, "The Game Has Changed!"

Today something GREAT happened for IKF Kickboxing. Heck, ALL of Kickboxing for that matter! Soon we will be making yet another announcement about this Great thing, but for now, lets just say we're all taking a deep breath here and saying. "Did this really happen?" As we find ourselves answering... YES, it did!.

This being said, we are not quite ready to tell you all the details yet. What we can tell you is that within the next few months you will see some major additions to both the Professional and Amateur Kickboxing scenes. Adding to this, wait till we tell you what we have done to help with the financial end of things for all who attend this years IKF World Classic Amateur Kickboxing Tournament in Orlando Florida!

Yes, it did take some Babbling BS Stories and False Hype & Promises by others yet again to the kickboxing world to "Light a fire under our rears here." However, as we said above, we have to thank all these story tellers for "Talkin their talk." As a great President once said, "They counted on America to be Passive... They counted wrong." The same goes for the IKF.

"These Story Tellers counted on the IKF to be Passive.... MAN! Did the EVER count Wrong!
The Game is About To Change... Bring It ON!"