This Page Includes Past IKF News for AUGUST, 2007.


MONDAY, August 27th, 2007, AT 6:20 PM, PT

August 18th, 2007 - San Jose, California, USA

News & Results from www.sharkspage.com & Born To Fight. Photo by Jon Swenson.
Saturday night featured a full card of 12 Muay Thai fights at Cung Le's Born to Fight VII Amateur Kickboxing Championships at the San Jose Civic Auditorium.

Roger Agtarap (4-0, Cung Le Martial Arts Academy) captured the 132 pound IKF Amateur West Coast Regional Lightweight Muay Thai title with a 4 round decision over the previously undefeated Mark Jiminez (3-1, Team USA). Each fighter opened with explosive speed, but Agtarap finished the first with several strong flurries and a particularly violent superman punch up against the corner. The high tempo continued in the second and third with technical kicks, knees, and sweeps coming in bursts. Mark Jiminez pressed hard in the fourth landing several round house kicks that echoed throughout the auditorium, but it was not enough to put him over the top as the judges awarded the decision to Agtarap.

In the other co-main event of the evening, Vishnu Gulati (5-1-1, Team USA) landed an accidental knee to the top of Brian Smith's (7-1-1, Sheeley's) head while in a clinch up against the ropes. Smith was unable to continue and the 147 pound Born To Fight Muay Thai title fight was ruled a "Technical Draw" by the California State Commission but a "No Contest" by the IKF since it came to an end inside of round 1 at the 1:09 mark.

Bryan Padilla (4-0, Unlimited) earned the 160 pound Born to Fight title with a win over Ryan Lugibhl (1-3, Sheeley's). Lugibhl was a game opponent, but Padilla dominated the fight from start to finish. Padilla connected more often, with a much higher velocity, and in the final round Lugibhl was in a defensive shell. Adam Antolin (3-0, CLMA) captured the 126 pound Born to Fight title with a victory over Andrew Moy (0-2, 445 Gym). Antolin was warned for holding the ropes in the second. He responded in the third with a series of hard knees in the clinch to earn the win and the BTF title.

Here are all the nights results below:

    Todd Oltmann (1-0, Sitan AZ) defeated Lawrence Ward (0-1, Fairtex) by unanimous decision

    Abel Carrasco (1-0, AKA) defeated Ken Uy (0-1, West Valley College) by KO Round 1.

    Josh Carter (1-0, Sitan AZ) defeated Marcnell Palacio (0-2, Unlimited) by split decision.

    Sadie Strayer (2-1, Sheeley's) defeated Jackie Carlos (0-1, Team USA) by split decision.

    Clifton Gross (1-0, Sitan AZ) defeated Steve Rivera (0-1, Patterson) by unanimous decision.

    Gabriel Carrasco (3-0, AKA) defeated Matt Lucas (0-1, Pacific Ring) by TKO in round 1.

    Miranda Cayabyab (2-0, Unlimited) defeated Shana Howell (0-2, Sheeley's) by unanimous decision.

    Andrei Hlusko (1-0, Team USA) defeated Steven Cotterman (0-1, Sheeley's) by TKO in round 3.

    Born to Fight 126 pound Title
    Adam Antolin
    (3-0, Cung Le Martial Arts Academy) defeated Andrew Moy (0-2, 445 Gym) by unanimous decision.

    Born to Fight 160 pound Title
    Bryan Padilla
    (4-0, Unlimited) defeated Ryan Lugibhl (1-3, Sheeley's) by unanimous decision.


    Roger Agtarap (4-0, Cung Le Martial Arts Academy) defeated Mark Jimenez (3-1, Team USA) by majority decision.

    Born to Fight Welterweight (147 Pound) Muay Thai Title
    Vishnu Gulati
    (5-1-1, Team USA) and Brian Smith's (7-1-1, Sheeley's) bout ended in a "No contest" due to an accidental knee in round 1.


"Collision At The Coliseum"
August 25th, 2007 - Lafayette, Louisiana, USA

From David Hebert - www.theadvertiser.com
The fans were booing, and Kenward Bernis was glad to hear it. The Port Barre resident they call "Boo" took down Verdan Badun of Croatia Saturday night in Blackham Coliseum, concluding an evening of mixed martial arts bouts on the card for the Collision at the Coliseum: USA vs. Croatia.

Bernis (2-0) needed less than three minutes to defeat Badun (3-1) as he escaped a triangle choke, then won with a rear-naked choke. Bernis, a veteran of the reality television show "Survivor", was grateful to outlast a more muscular and taller fighter in the 205-pound weight division. "I got lucky, obviously," Bernis said. "I fought above my weight division. I think this guy was rusty. He used to fight. He retired, and he took a fight. I think I got lucky with some of that. He hadn't fought in a while." Josh Artigue serves as Bernis' trainer. He instructed Bernis to use Badun's kickboxing background against the Croatian.

"I figured if he could get the guy to the ground and take his feet out of it, we could work more toward Boo's strengths," Artigue said. "Boo is a phenomenal grappler. He pins most of the guys in the gym on a regular basis." Bernis almost fell victim to the legs he was trying to avoid. "I knew he would be able to kick me," Bernis said. "I was trying to pick my shot to take him down. When we went down, I think he knows he can triangle a lot of people because his legs are 10 feet long. I made the mistake of trying to sweep under his leg. He got me in the triangle, and it was tight man." Bernis was running out of oxygen. Standing up, he loosened Badun's grip and put the Croatian on his back. With Bernis on top, Badun rolled to his stomach. It would be his last mistake of the evening as Bernis slipped his arm under his neck and pulled hard, forcing a submission by Badun. Bernis plans to take some time off before entering the ring once more.

In earlier professional action, Latigo Heriberto needed just 40 seconds to defeat Danny "Lil Voodoo" Payne. Heriberto landed multiple blows to Payne's head, forcing a quick tap out.

Four amateur bouts began the evening. Jimmy Guzman used a vicious left hook to bring Lafayette native Arron Phillips to the mat, then landed several more punches before the fight was called at 2:41 in the first round for excessive strikes. Robert Perez endured a knee to the groin from Blake Borskey, then dominated their match before retiring with an injury to his left thigh after one round. The most competitive fight on the card was between Lorenzo Billescas of Houston and Eric Scallan of Lafayette. Scallan forced action to the ground as both fighters took turns giving and receiving blows in the first round. In round two, Scallan brought Billescas to the mat again. He won the match with an arm bar at the 2:52 mark in round two. Ivan Brkljaca brought the crowd to its feet with a strong left uppercut that ended both Trenton Burke's night and the amateur MMA card. Brkljaca landed several more punches after Burke hit the canvas, winning via excessive blows 27 seconds into round two.

  • Results of the Entire Night

    1. Amateur MMA
      Jimmy Guzman, defeated Arron Phillips, by KO in round 1.

    2. Amateur MMA
      Blake Borskey, defeated Robert Perez, by retirement from injury between rounds 1 and 2.

    3. Amateur MMA
      Eric Scallan, defeated Lorenzo Billescas, by armbar submission round 2.

    4. Professional MMA
      Ivan Brkliaca defeated Trenton Burke by referee stoppage due to strikes in round 2.

    5. Professional MMA
      Latigo Herbierto defeated Danny Payne by tap out from strikes in round 1.

    6. Professional MMA
      Boo Bernis defeated Vedran Badun by rear naked choke in round 1.

    7. Professional Boxing
      Marko Benzon, defeated Carlton Beasly, by KO in round 2.

    8. Professional Boxing
      Damir Tovarovic defeated Denzel Atkins by unanimous decision.

    9. Professional Boxing
      Jason Papillion defeated Joshua Smith by unanimous decision.

    10. Professional Boxing
      Kasha Chamblin defeated Donna Biggers by unanimous decision.

The two scheduled IKF Amateur Kickboxing bouts on this card were cancelled the day of the event. Please read below for reasons why.

SATURDAY, August 25th, 2007, AT 5:20 PM, PT



Power Kick Promotions Presents
"Collision At The Coliseum"
Lafayette, Louisiana, USA

FIGHT CARD AS OF: Saturday, August 25th, 2007 - 5:00 PM - PST

The IKF Headquarters and the IKF Representative for this event (Mr. Gil Gilory) would like to make something very clear here. In our discussion with the Croatia trainer in regards to the two Amateur Kickboxing bouts being cancelled, we felt the Croatia trainer thought we were doing him wrong. From IKF Headquarters in California, IKF President Steve Fossum was directly involved in this decision and investigation process of this issue along side of the IKF and ISCF event representative at the event Mr. Gilory. Mr. Fossum was clearly very disappointed in the outcome of the background investigation of these fighters and that they would not be allowed to fight.

"We all tried to explain to the Croation trainer that this was not just some rule we made up on the spot." said Fossum. "We are truly sympathetic to the problem, but rules are rules and we as a legit sanctioning organization for the fight sports need to abide by these rules and regulations along side the Louisiana State Boxing Commission."

This issue is not an isolated issue either. Here is some information to help you readers understand this issue more.

The disappointing issue here is the vast difference of what Europe calls a PRO fighter as compared to what the USA calls a PRO Fighter. What Fossum and Gilory could not help the Croatian trainer to understand was that this was not just the decision of the IKF. It was also the decision of the Louisiana State Boxing Commission who was also overseeing the event along with the sanctioning of the IKF and ISCF. However, even if the Louisiana Commission were not present, IKF and ISCF Rules and Regulations are very clear as to what the IKF and ISCF classify as a PRO Fighter. Here are some articles to refer you to for a background on this issue:

Later this year there will be another version of the IKF Amateur World Classic Kickboxing Tournament held in Europe. However, it will be anything but the same as the IKF World Classic! This "World Championship Tournament" will be hosted by a European based sanctioning body. Although this organization will make claims to Olympic Organizations and others around the world that they are hosting an "AMATEUR" World Championships, the truth is FAR from the word Amateur. Before we explain this more, let us share with you the awful truth that USA Kickboxing will be faced with at this Tournament.
In this tournament will be a team of "AMATEUR" fighters from America. TRUE AMATEURS! Fighters who have NEVER fought as Pro Fighters in ANY Fight Sport. This USA Team will travel to this event to represent the USA as what this hosting European organization will make claims as "The BEST Kickboxers the USA has to offer!" NOT the Best "AMATEURS", the BEST KICKBOXERS! What most here do not realize is that America is being "Served up on a platter" to the rest of the Kickboxing World who will happen to attend this Tournament. You see, what many do not realize is that nearly ALL (85-95%) of the "Other" fighters at this tournament will be SEASONED PROFESSIONAL Kickboxers who are representing their country as the "BEST" Kickboxers from their country.

Knowing this, it's clear why many call the IKF Amateur World Classic Kickboxing Tournament the "LARGEST All AMATEUR Kickboxing Tournament in the World"... Because it IS!

The reason for this explanation is to make those here in the USA understand that many in Europe see the words Amateur and Professional VERY differently than those here in the USA. To many European organizations as well as fighters and trainers, a Professional fighter is NOT a fighter who fights as a Pro and gets a purse for his work. A PRO Fighter is one who "Makes a Living doing kickboxing - Or fighting", which in itself is a very questionable call... "Who determines when a fighter can 'Make a living' as a fighter?" No one truly can. Because of this, the IKF and ISCF will always stick to the only true way of determining if a fighter is a Professional or an amateur... the same way one would be separated in ANY trade... If he is PAID, he is a Professional. Once he is paid, he is from that moment on, a Professional. If he has never been paid, he is an amateur. End of story.

Everyone here at IKF and ISCF headquarters and in Louisiana representing the IKF and ISCF are all truly sorry we did not get the opportunity to see these Croation fighters fight on this event tonight. Hopefully they can be booked on a future event as Professional fighters. We also hope the Croation Team now understands that the decision of all this was not just something made up on the spot or a personal decision. this is a clear cut rule in American Fight Sports.

FRIDAY, August 24th, 2007, AT 11:55 PM, PT

Personal & Team Photos From The
2007 IKF World Classic?

If you had photos done at this years IKF World Classic and would like to purchase some, IKF photographer Glenn Berg has changed his contact phone number.
Please contact Mr. Berg at (530) 305-9453.
Glenn's e-mail address is glennberg@sbcglobal.net
and his mailing address is P.O. Box 372, Newcastle, CA, 95658

For more Photo info Click HERE.

THURSDAY, August 23rd, 2007, AT 8:50 PM, PT


AK Promotions Presents
"IKF Point Kickboxing!"
Roseville, California, USA


Power Kick Promotions Present
"Collision At The Coliseum!"
Lafayette, Louisiana, USA


FRIDAY, August 17th, 2007, AT 8:10 AM, PT


No Xclusions, Inc. Presents
Jacksonville, Florida, USA


Cung Le Presents
San Jose, California, USA

MONDAY, August 13th, 2007, AT 11:35 PM, PT

"KnockOut Finish!"
Business As Usual, As The 2007 IKF World Classic

The 2007 IKF World Classic

THURSDAY, August 9th, 2007, AT 5:05 PM, PT

Host Hotel Sold Out?
Don't Worry, We Have A Great Option...

Buena Vista Suites

As some of you realized this past week, the Host hotel for this years IKF Classic is SOLD OUT! To accomadate any of you still seeking a place to stay, the near by Buena Vista Suites has stepped in to take on any additional room needs at the same great rate of $119.00 per night. Here are some of the features of this hotel:

To book your rooms please call 800-537-7737 and give them the event name of "IKF Kickboxing" when booking. The only down side is you will need to find transportation to and from this hotel to the event hotel. However, the staff at the Buena Vista Suites can assist you with these needs. For more info please go to www.buenavistasuites.com



If you are looking for a rental car while in Orlando at this years IKF World Classic Tournament, Enterprise has stepped up to help make it much easier for you. Enterprise has a counter inside the Orlando World Center Marriott Hotel as well as at the Orlando Airport.

If you are needing a rental car and you are already in the hotel, the on site Enterprise number is (407) 397-0800 and their website can be found by clicking HERE.

You can book 1 or 3 ways:

  1. Go to www.enterprise.com and type in 07C8177 (account number and IKF pin number) and the website will automatically apply a 10% discount off of airport rates and 5% off at the World Marriott location rates.
  2. You can can call 800-325-8007 and tell them they have a corporate account # 07C8177 and they will be given the discounted rates.
  3. You can walk up to the Enterprise Rent A Car counter and tell them you are with IKF Kickboxing or mention 07C8177 for the discount.

WEDNESDAY, August 8th, 2007, AT 11:55 PM, PT


To This Years IKF World Classic!

If you're a CHAMPION, you need to arrive like one to this years IKF World Classic!! Ride to the IKF Classic this year like a Star! Stars of the IKF as well as Kickboxing itself such a Special Guest Don "The Dragon" Wilson, Head of Officials Dan Stell and Mike Storm and former Kickboxing World Champion Johnny "Superfoot" Davis and several other IKF Officials and Staff will all arrive in style this year in Limos from Elegance Luxury Transportation Inc. - www.elegancetransportation.com. Maybe you will arrive in one too, for a lot less than you might expect...

In the past years the IKF tournament has been in Orlando Florida we directed attendees to use a Shuttle Transportation company that we thought offered the best deal and the easiest ride to and from the airport. However, what we didn't realize was that the basic shuttle service was not as pleasant as thought. Leaving every half hour with a full van, what should have been a relaxing ride from the Orlando Airport to the Hotel in maybe 20-30 minutes turned into an uncomfortable and cramped ride of 45 minutes to sometimes over an hour. So much for relaxing after a long flight...

Although those attending of course can still book a basic shuttle service with these public shuttle companies, we thought it would be better this year to offer those attending an option for their ride to the Orlando World Center Marriott Hotel and this years IKF World Classic Tournament.

Enter Elegance Luxury Transportation Inc. - www.elegancetransportation.com Elegance Luxury Transportation Inc. offers a wide variety of transportation needs but the one we needed most was the help of some relaxing trips for many of you from the Orlando Airport to the Hotel.

This may not be the choice of a small group of say 3-4 people who can book a local shuttle service for $19.00 one way or $31.00 round trip from the Orlando Airport to the Orlando World Center Marriott. However, if you have a team of say 4, do the math and a one way ticket in a packed van for you 4 will cost you $76.00. Your other choice for just one of many examples and/or options is to book a Elegance Luxury Transportation Inc. Cadillac Esclade which fits 3-5 for only $75.00.

Take off another 10% discount that is offered to those booking under IKF Kickboxing and that same trip cost the 4 of you only $68.40 or a little over $17.00 each. Not to mention if you book your ride with Elegance Luxury Transportation Inc. you will get picked up when YOU want to, not when the bus leaves, and your ride will be a DIRECT Ride from the Airport straight to the Orlando World Center Marriott! You can book your return trip at the same time and save even more.

Here are some comparison rates for you;


Elegance Ride

Total Cost
The 10% IKF Discount


Shuttle Cost

2 - 4

Town Car


$38.00 - $76.00




$57.00 - $95.00


7 Pass-Van


$114.00 - $133.00


Lincoln Limo (R)


$152.00 - $190.00


12 Pass-Van




Excursion Limo


$228.00 - $266.00


Hummer Limo


$304.00 - $380.00


Esclade Limo


$342.00 - $380.00


Limo Bus



As you can clearly see, if you have a Team coming to this years IKF World Classic it would be a lot less expensive and a lot more comfortable riding to and from the airport in Style!

If you like this idea, you need to call the staff at Elegance Luxury Transportation Inc. - www.elegancetransportation.com who will be waiting to assist you 24-hours a day 7 days a week at: (407) 529-7031 or at 866-884-4567. Tell them you are with IKF Kickboxing and they will give you another 10% OFF YOUR TOTAL FEE!

If You're A CHAMPION, You Need To Arrive like One In A Limo From
Elegance Luxury Transportation!

SATURDAY, August 4th, 2007, AT 11:40 PM, PT

Time To Do Battle...
Bring It ON!

In about 2-3 hours we will close up the doors here and head out for what will be a drive of nearly 3,000 miles in route to this years 9th Annual 2007 IKF World Classic Amateur Championship Tournament. Some new to the tournament may be asking "Why drive?" Well, lets just say this trip is.. "For The TEAM!"

A little history... For those of you who have been around the IKF since the 2000 USA Nationals event will remember why we make this yearly journey. At the 2000 event, the event official shipping sponsor, UPS (United Parcel Service) was anything but... Official. They "LOST" ALL of the the IKF National Championship belts (Shown at left) for the 2000 Nationals Event before they left IKF Headquarters...... Although UPS found them... 3 weeks later, and did help us ship them out to all the Champions, it just took a lot of the excitement out of winning the title that year. For example, it's common practice for ALL Champions to wear their IKF Championship Belt throughout the entire day Sunday after winning it. It's also not uncommon for all the fighters to wear their championship medals throughout the weekend as well, even if a fighter loses his or her first bout, the medal alone is a sign of "I made the trip, and Walked the Walk against the BEST Amateur kickboxers!"

At the 2000 Tournament, we borrowed one of the 1999 Tournament Champions IKF Title belt (Right) and just represented it over and over again, but still... No Champion was able to proudly wear their belt home. With this yearly drive, this will never happen again! There was nothing worse that year than seeing all those Champions walk away from the ring with a "BORROWED" IKF USA National Title Belt knowing they had to give it back after a quick picture. So, from those thoughts, we have what we call here... "THE RoadTrip!"

Although it's called the "World Classic" now, many still refer to the yearly tournament as "The Nationals". It's a marathon weekend for the IKF staff and assisting officials, and a long weekend for all others involved as well. We can't speak for others but we know the direct IKF Staff will be lucky if they get 8 hours sleep from Thursday night to Sunday night. But the excitement of everyone there gives us more energy than we will experience throughout the year. It's been the "Who's Who" of Amateur kickboxing in America and North America and now the WORLD! It is indeed "THE TRUE" elite amateur kickboxing event in the World for "AMATEURS ONLY!" This year the Tournament will feature a special "Exhibition Session" with the introduction of IKF Point Kickboxing to the Tournament. Although the first year may be small, the addition of the IKF Point Kickboxing division will surly be an exciting addition to the already prestigious event. There will be no Pro's fighting as amateurs like in some of the European Tournaments here. This is a TRUE AMATEUR Kickboxing Tournament and with those outlines, it's the Largest AMATEUR ONLY Kickboxing tournament today for "REAL" Kickboxers!

Next weekend those in attendance will be surrounded by some of the greatest Fighters and Trainers in the world. Their presence humbles us all beyond all means. "THEY" are the Champions on this weekend. Their desires make us all proud just to work hard and make things happen. The many officials and staff that will be volunteering their time to help, what can be said of them other than "THANK YOU!!" Without them, this event couldn't happen.

If you have ever been to this event, you know what we are talking about... This event will change your life in so many ways. The trainers who give their time, effort and knowledge to their fighters with no financial compensation in return. Their sacrifices they make is rewarded when their fighters proudly enter the ring of battle to "Walk The Walk!"

In addition to the many great amateur fighters, we will be surrounded by many great current and past Pro fighters as well. Some of them include Special Guest of Honor and Former 11 Time World Champion kickboxer Don "The Dragon" Wilson who will be surrounded by others such as Steve Shepard, Stephen Thompson, Chuck Wolfe, Dan Stell, Ray Thompson, Johnny Davis, Mitz Bandiera, Jim Klauba, Mike Miles, Trevor Smandych, Danny Dring, David Cummings, Jonathan Border, Craig Monyelle and many more.

As of today, over 90 Trainers have already registered with the nearly 200 Fighters. Lets not forget the many past IKF Amateur Tournament Champions that have "Walked The Walk" who will be there to assist with the event as well as with their own fighters such as Mark Greubel, Jonathan Border, Justin Pickett and Stephen Thompson, just to name a few. While in their presence, we are sure to be humbled greatly by what they have accomplished in their lives. Their work, dedication, determination and persistence to accomplish their goals cannot be measured in just words for their greatness is far too much to type here tonight.

For those who will be in attendance at this years IKF Tournament, make sure you make the most of the event. Win or lose, stop and look around at who surrounds you. Many of the greatest Amateur fighters and their trainers and officials the World has to offer. This will, as always be a Journey where we all find ourselves again. A Journey where we all gather together to see what our sport is all about. A house of our Peers.

As Ol Duke use to say, "It's all about filling the spaces between the places, the grass roots of America." Now this work extends outside of America as the event grows. This Journey will humble us all who won't be fighting in it. It will show us how great Amateur Kickboxers are today and give us a chance to think about when we fought as they did and with the same desires but far less the rewards. We will share stories, laughs as well as ideas and in the end, this weekend will truly change us all as we will become someone different than we arrived as, and hopefully a better person than we were at the beginning of the weekend. We will be stronger both mentally and physically from having experienced it. We will be wiser and we will take this wisdom we gained from the others and move forward to make next year even better for those who will "Walk The Walk" again. As trainers we will learn new ideas, new techniques on how to advance our fighters skills. As fighters, we will learn from others by watching their every move and eventually making some of those exciting moves our own.

When were among our peers for these days, it's as if nothing else around the world matters other than what's happening inside the Grand Ballroom at the Marriott World Center in Orlando, Florida on august 10th, 11th and 12th. There may not be 10,000 spectators in the stands, but those watching are our peers, and they are the only "Critics" we care to have. Those who know what it is like to train hard and "Walk The Walk!" These are the people who will be there this weekend.

So as we say Goodnight to many of you who will be sleeping in a few hours, we are soon to depart on our "Journey". "THE Roadtrip" where we will find Gold at the end,

Drop the Gauntlet!
& Bring It ON!