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WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 28th, 2007, AT 10:50 AM, PT

Results From Guila's Hawaiian Kickboxing's
The Paradise Cup Of IKF Point Kickboxing
February 24th, 2007 - Antioch, California, USA

February 26th, 2007
One word "Awesome!" Although this was Guila's first PKB event, he and his team have a lot to be proud of as competitors from around Northern California came out to support him. This tournament had some of the best action to date in IKF Point Kickboxing events. Done in the presence of screaming fans often made it difficult to hear but those in the center new that something great was happening!

If Guila's event was a precursor to upcoming IKF Point Kickboxing events including one that all serious PKB fighters should attend The 2007 IKF World Classic Point Kickboxing Championships to be held in Chicago this August along with the regular IKF Championship Tournament, we are in for a record breaking and exciting year for IKF Point Kickboxing©!
Here are the event results below:

  • Boys 7 + Under Division PK13a
    1. 1st place Richard Brown of Robinson's Tae Kwon Do, Sacramento, CA.
    2. 2nd place Keanu Megenhauser of Guila's Hawaiian Kickboxing, Brentwood, CA.
    3. 3rd Place Jack Houlihan of Guila's Hawaiian Kickboxing, Brentwood, CA.

  • Boys 7 + Under Division PK13b
    1. 1st Place Kobe Megenhauser Guila's Hawaiian Kickboxing,- Brentwood, CA.
    2. 2nd Place Joel Martinez Guila's Hawaiian Kickboxing, - Brentwood, CA.
    3. 3rd Place Jay Escobar of Guila's Hawaiian Kickboxing, Oakley, CA.
      • Runner Up Chance Estrada Guila's Hawaiian Kickboxing, - Brentwood, CA.

  • Boys 8-10 Year Old Division PK14
    1. 1st Place- Kapono Carreira -Guila's Hawaiian Kickboxing, Brentwood, CA.
    2. 2nd Place- Joshua Ransom of Guila's Hawaiian Kickboxing, Antioch, CA.
    3. 3rd Place - Jacob Donato of Dragon's Den, Union City, CA.

  • Girls 8-10 Year Old Division PK52
    1. *1st Place Katrina Nahe of Guila's Hawaiian Kickboxing, Antioch, CA. (fought in boys division)

  • Boys 11-12 Year Old Division PK15a
    1. 1st Place Nick Chinchilla of Guila's Hawaiian Kickboxing, Oakley, CA. (GRAND CHAMPION WINNER)

    2. 2nd Place Jacob Macaloyloy of Dragon's Den, Union City, CA.
    3. 3rd Place JT Permenter of Guila's Hawaiian Kickboxing, Antioch, CA.

  • Boys 11-12 Year Old Division PK15b
    1. 1st Place Hugo Rivera of Guila's Hawaiian Kickboxing, Antioch, CA.
    2. 2nd Place Derek Ros of Guila's Hawaiian Kickboxing, Antioch, CA.
    3. 3rd - Cody Maples of Guila's Hawaiian Kickboxing, Antioch, CA.
      • Runner Up: Raymond Sunga of Guila's Hawaiian Kickboxing, Antioch, CA.

  • Girls 15-17 Year Old Division PK23
    1. 1st Place Amber Colabianchi of Guila's Hawaiian Kickboxing, Antioch, CA.
    2. 2nd Place Adriana Martinez of Guila's Hawaiian Kickboxing, Antioch, CA.

  • Boys 15-17 Year Old Division PK20a
    1. 1st Place Jesse Agricula of North Bay Kung Fu, Sonoma, CA.
    2. 2nd Place Patrick Matthews of Sonoma, CA.
    3. 3rd Place Beau Wilkerson of Sonoma, CA.

  • Boys 15-17 Year Old Division PK20b
    1. 1st Place Logan Kauth of Guila's Hawaiian Kickboxing, Antioch, CA. (GRAND CHAMPION WINNER)
    2. 2nd Place Jonathan Pryor of Robison's TKD- Sacramento, CA
    3. 3rd Place Antonio Landaverde of Dragon's Den, Union City, CA.

      Photo at right: Some of the fights where you have one with shorts and one with long trousers was due to Grand Champion matches that in some case pitted two rules styles together, American high kick (Long Pants) and International Rules (Shorts).

  • Men's 18 and Up Division PK3
    1. 1st Place Jaime Kessinger of North Bay Kung Fu, Sonoma, CA.
    2. 2nd Place John Duenas of Guila's Hawaiian Kickboxing, Oakley, CA.
    3. 3rd Place Dennis Clay of Guila's Hawaiian Kickboxing, Antioch, CA.
      • Runner Up Clayton Christensen of Walnut Creek, CA.
      • Runner Up Alapai Carreira of Guila's Hawaiian Kickboxing, Brentwood, CA.

  • Women 18 and Up Division PK9
    1. 1st Place Karen Espinoza of Guila's Hawaiian Kickboxing, Antioch, CA. (fought in Men's Division)

  • Men 18 and Up Division PIR29 (International Rules)
    1. 1st Place Chris Mak of Guila's Hawaiian Kickboxing, Antioch, CA. (GRAND CHAMPION WINNER)
    2. 2nd Place Steve Keenan of Sacramento, CA.
    3. 3rd Place Paul Fausnaught of Guila's Hawaiian Kickboxing,-Oakley, CA.
      • Runner Up Erik Calvo of Guila's Hawaiian Kickboxing, Antioch, CA.
      • Runner Up Chris Baker of Guila's Hawaiian Kickboxing, Antioch, CA.
      • Runner Up Robert Snider of Sacramento, CA.

  • Men 18 and Up Division PIR32 (International Rules)
    1. 1st Place Richard Brown of Robinson's Tae Kwon Do, Sacramento, CA.
    2. 2nd Place Floyd Savoy of FSA JuJitsu of San Francisco, CA.

Special Thanks to Guila's Kickboxing staff for all of their support! Hats of the all of the great fighters and their gyms for their support as well! North Bay Kung Fu of Napa and Sonoma, CA, Robison's Tae-Kwon- Do of Sacramento, CA, FSA Jiu-Jitsu of San Francisco, CA, The Dragons Den of Union City and of course all of the fighters and parents of Guila's Kickboxing for making this event a success! Also wanted to acknowledge 7X Creative Forms World Champion James Solis and Scott Wu who captivated the crowd with their world class forms and impressive acrobats as part of intermission entertainment!

Last but certainly not least Mr. Guila would like to give a big thank you to the officials. Professor Carlos Navarro of San Francisco, CA, Grand Master Bob Maschmeier, Sifu Doug Jones of Oakland, CA and Master Mark Gerry of Castro Valley, CA.

For more info please contact Mr. Dennis Guila at (925) 755-3434 or e-mail at sifudg@comcast.net or go to www.GuilaKarate.com


It's Official...
The "Hit Man" Is Back!

Boxing - Sacramento, CA, 2/22/07
Last Thursday night, February 22nd in front of a sold out crowd at the Sacramento, CA Radisson Hotel, former IKF Kickboxing Champion Eric Regan (Pro Boxing: 27-3 with 18 KO's) had his come- back victory after his loss to The Contender Champion Sergio Mora a few months back at the Sacramento Arco Arena.

The 6'4", 31 year old Regan of Roseville, California disposed of Leval Fingers (26-2-13 ko's) out of St. Louis, Missouri in only three rounds. Regan's solid hook to the body at the 2:50 mark of round 3 brought referee Jon Schorle to stop the bout.

Box Rec.com has Regan is ranked 38 out of the 817 Middleweights around the world. He is trained by Nasser Niavaroni who also trains other pro boxers such as Super Middleweight Christian Cruz and well known, 16-1 Light Heavyweight Otis Griffin. Griffin was a contestant on reality TV show The Next Great Champ on Fox. After winning several bouts, he defeated former IKF National Amateur Kickboxing Champion David Pareja (1999) to win the title, "The Next Great Champ". Since then, like Regan, he has fought on several major undercards and has been featured on ESPN several times.

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 22nd, 2007, AT 11:35 PM, PT


Guila's Hawaiian Kickboxing Proudly Presents
The Paradise Cup Of IKF Point Kickboxing
Antioch, California, USA

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 21st, 2007, AT 8:20 PM, PT

IKF Kickboxing
On Internet TV!

OK Gang, the first few clips of IKF Kickboxing has been loaded up on our Sponsor Web site! Check out some Great Hits & Highlights, Great Fight Action and more from the IKF TV Programs we did back in 2003! More up to date footage will be added in the coming weeks.

For now, click the link below and watch the ACTION!


MONDAY, FEBRUARY 19th, 2007, AT 11:55 AM, PT

Eric "Hit Man" Regan... Returns to the Ring!
Sacramento Boxer Still Reaching for the Brass!
Presented by AK Press

Former IKF Kickboxing Champion Eric Regan (Pro Boxing: 26-3 with 17 KO's) of Roseville, California USA will be fighting this Thursday night at the Radisson Hotel in Sacramento, California, USA. Read our exclusive interview with him as he talks about his experience in fighting such a high profile fight against Sergio "The Latin Snake" Mora (Pro Boxing: 19-0 with 4 KO's) about six months ago at the Arco Arena in Sacramento, California. The fight was televised on ESPN and viewed by millions of fight fans. Sergio Mora, who was the winner of the Sylvester Stallone' Contender TV Series that pitted professional boxers against each other in route to be called the Contender Champion at the end of the series. The show was highly regarded and the winner of the tournament became an instant star. For any of their future opponents, it would be a big deal to defeat one of these new found celebrities. Eric Regan, a former kickboxing champion got this chance to grasp the brass ring but fell a little short in losing a Unanimous Decision to the slick, snake-like Mora!

Some saw the fight as Mora totally out-classing Regan while others thought Regan just didn't do enough to come close to winning the fight as Mora flurried at the end of most rounds in impressive Sugar Ray Leonard' fashion...winning over the judges and most spectators in the arena that night.

But months after this loss for Regan, he is now rested up and ready to step back in the pit to show he has what it takes to not only be a contender but eventually take on one of the current champions.

In this taped interview, AKP can hear in Regan's voice that he wants and perhaps knows that he needs to win this fight and win it big to stay in good standing with fans and potential backers. He plans to take lessons he learned in the Mora bout to show everyone that he deserves to be in the top with the big boys!

  • AKP: Who is your opponent for your upcoming fight?
    ER: "Leval Fingers...he's a 'lefty' out of St Louis, Missouri...his record is something like 28-6." (IKF: Actually Eric, he's 26-1, (Click) which makes him no slouch of opponent.)

  • AKP: Wow! That is a pretty good record! How many knockouts does he have?
    ER: "I'm not sure." (IKF: 13 - Click

  • AKP: Has he fought any notable opponents?
    ER: "I'm not sure... I don't know too much about him- tell you the truth."

  • AKP: You just fight...right?
    ER: "Right?" (laugh!)

  • AKP: This is your first fight since you lost to Contender Champion Sergio Mora. What if anything...do you feel you have to prove...what are your thoughts about this fight? Do you feel that you did everything in the last fight that you could have...?
    ER: "I just do what I always do...I'm still a green fighter. I don't have that much experience. I did not have that many amateur fights... Mora just beat me in the boxing match, he did not beat me in the fight! I learned a lot from that...it was my first time in the spot-light and I think it will make me better in the future. It (the fight) did not change me at all...it didn't take any wind out of my sails...it didn't change my training habits! It will probably make me a better fighter...learning how to win rounds etc."

  • AKP: So, you feel that you actually learned something in the fight with Mora about how to win fights?
    ER: "It's a chess match...its not a tough-man contest. I'm convinced that if you put both of us in a room somewhere... I will come out alive! (as in a street fight) (Laugh). With the judges and skeptics watching, he won the fight. The two fighters know who won the fight!"

  • AKP: So, do you feel that you won that fight with Mora???
    ER: "Well, I don't know if I won the fight either but I didn't get knocked out or hurt or something. I would love a rematch more than anything! I'm sure it probably won't happen. He's the champ and I need to get in a position to get a re-match but doubt that will happen."
    (Right - Regan scores big right hook on former world champion Yori Boy Campus.)

  • AKP: Win or lose this next fight, where do you think this will put you in your career? You have a pretty impressive record... something like 26 wins only 3 losses...so, again, what will it do to your career to lose?
    ER: "Well, If I lose this fight, I don't think I should be fighting anymore!" (laugh)"

  • AKP: Oh, Really?
    ER: "My goal is to get a shot at one of the top ten guys...and eventually get a title shot. Without fighting good fighters and fighting more consistently, it will be difficult to get that shot. My plan is to fight every other month and get myself in the top ten! I've proven that I belong at this level"

  • AKP: OK...
    ER: "I want to make a run at it and put the finishing touching on my career."

  • AKP: How old are you now...?
    ER: "I just turned 31 on Feb. 7th...!"

  • AKP: Happy belated birthday! :) It seems that you are setting a timetable for yourself. When do you see your plans materializing ...a year...two years?
    ER: "We have three fights scheduled this year."

  • AKP: Will they be local?
    ER: "Yep, all of them will be right here in the Sacramento area. We want to fight locally to get a good fan base and maybe we can 'bang the gong' to get a rematch with Mora!...- I want to get the big fights! I want to get on national TV! I want to fight with the top guys...I won't be stopped!"

  • AKP: Sounds good to me...! "A lot of people thought you could have been busier in the fight with Mora and you looked a little methodical. Could you have been busier? What can the fans expect differently from Eric Regan?
    ER: "I'm coming out with both guns a blazin'! I want to use my long reach better and my conditioning...Mora was a slippery fighter and had good head movement....he was a tough guy to find sparring for...!"
    (Right - Regan attempts to land a punch on slippery Mora.)

  • AKP: When you say use your reach...you are 6'3-6'4", we noticed that you didn't use your jab that often...why wouldn't guys 'eat jabs' all night long in a fight with you?
    ER: "I tell you, Mora was not that easy to jab...he was not easy to hit...very slippery!"

  • AKP: It seems like you were just standing back and waiting to hit with the jab. Sometimes people use the jab as a timer or gauge that sets up other punches...do you ever do that...? What were you thinking when fighting Mora?
    ER: (laugh) "You know what I was thinking! I was trying to connect with the jab...its obvious that I wasn't using the jab correctly for that type of fighter. I've learned from my mistakes and this will make me better!"

  • AKP: You were recently married...correct? How is that going?
    ER: "Yep, we finally did that. It's great! We have been together for a long time...twelve years!"

  • AKP: Eric, thanks so much for your time and we wish you all the luck in the world this Thursday night!
    ER: "Thanks...its always a pleasure talking to you and I appreciate your support... feel free to call me anytime! :)"


Regan returns to the Ring Thursday Night, February 22nd, 2007 at the Radisson Hotel in Sacramento, CA... For Tickets call (916) 922.2020 or pay at the door. Eric Trains out of Niavaroni's Boxing and Kickboxing in Roseville, CA, (916) 726-5425. Interview conducted by AKP and IKF Staff Writer Johnny Davis. More on AK Press at www.AKPromotions.org

MORE NEWS OF 2-19-07

A Great Master Gone
Grand Master Bong Soo Han Passes Away On January 8th, 2007

Hapkido Grandmaster Bong Soo Han, a pioneer in bringing real martial arts technique to American movies died on January 8th, 2007 at the age of 73 in his home in Santa Monica surrounded by his family and friends.

The Korean-born instructor was greatly respected in the martial arts community as the world's foremost practitioner of Hapkido and is referred to as the Father of Hapkido in the Western World for his many years of promoting and teaching the martial art in America. As a senior first-generation student to Hapkido founder Yong Sul Choi, Han is credited with first bringing the art to America in 1967. He led a dedicated effort in the development of Hapkido as it is known today. He taught thousands of loyal students throughout his life with many becoming masters themselves. Other masters across all styles sought his wisdom and teachings. Grand Master Han studied and refined this powerful Korean martial art for more than 60 years. He held the rank of 9th Dan Black Belt and was the Founder and President of the International Hapkido Federation. In honor of Grand Master Bong Soo Han's vision, the International Hapkido Federation will continue its pursuit of spreading Hapkido throughout the world.

His contribution to the development of martial arts action in American filmmaking is at least as noteworthy. In 1969, actor Tom Laughlin recruited Han after witnessing one of his demonstrations to assist in giving the star some credible martial arts moves in the film BILLY JACK. Han not only choreographed the fight scenes, but also doubled Laughlin onscreen. Thanks in large part to never-before-seen screen fighting moves, this independent cult classic became the first widely popular American-made movie to prominently feature authentic martial arts screen fighting. In the process, Han helped to set a standard for screen fighting in Hollywood that was far ahead of its time.

Han's Hapkido-based fight choreography no doubt influenced Hong Kong action filmmakers. The new fighting art wasn't introduced in Hong Kong's substantial martial arts moviemaking industry until 1972 when Sammo Hung choreographed the action for Golden Harvest's HAPKIDO, which in turn paved the way for Korean martial arts stars such as Wang In-sik to further promote their country's fighting arts on film. After providing fight choreography for BILLY JACK, Han began a brief rise to acting stardom when he was invited by Laughlin to play a role in THE TRIAL OF BILLY JACK. Up to the release of this film, brief references to martial arts were often portrayed by actors and not by martial artists. Grand Master Han redefined and revolutionized Hollywood's understanding of martial arts by demonstrating a level of martial arts skill previously not seen before, much to the delight of the audience who found it tremendously exciting. Grand Master Han continued to choreograph, double, star in, and/or produce numerous films since.

But it was Han's brief role as the evil Dr. Klahn in John Landis' now infamous "Fistful of Yen" sketch in THE KENTUCKY FRIED MOVIE (1977) that earned the martial artist true celebrity cult status. The character was a parody of Mr. Han, the villain in Bruce Lee's ENTER THE DRAGON, played by Hong Kong film legend Sek Kin. For fans of the movie, it is impossible to forget Han's delivery of the line, "We are building a fighting force of extraordinary magnitude. We forge our tradition in the spirit of our ancestors. You have our gratitude." Not only had Han pioneered martial arts action choreography in the West, but he also briefly became Hollywood's first martial arts comedy actor, a year before Jackie Chan became Hong Kong's preeminent martial arts comedian in DRUNKEN MASTER. Han's filmmaking career only lasted a few more years. His last acting role was in Robert Clouse's FORCE: FIVE (1981).

Following his years working in Hollywood, Han remained active in the martial arts community where he continued to promote Hapkido. He ran the International Hapkido Federation in Santa Monica, California and continued to tour the world lecturing on and demonstrating Hapkido until his death.

In Korea, turbulent times of the post Korean War and the increasing conflicts of the Vietnam War called upon Grand Master Han to train hundreds of military personnel, including American/Korean Special Forces and Secret Service. In part from this realistic and dynamic experience, many in the military and law enforcement agencies, including those of the FBI, continue to rely on Grand Master Han to develop and teach effective defensive tactics programs.

Grand Master Han had been the subject of hundreds of magazine and newspaper articles, countless martial arts magazine cover stories, and is a member of the Black Belt Magazine Hall of Fame (1978). He was also featured in The Arts and Entertainment documentary, "The Martial Arts," the Wesley Snipes-produced "Master of the Martial Arts," and several other radio, Internet, and television profiles.

In addition to being cited in dozens of martial arts books, Grand Master Han himself had written many articles on the Way of martial arts, and also authored the book, HAPKIDO, The Korean Art of Self-Defense (Ohara Publications, 1974), which is now in its 23rd printing. He had completed a series of ten instructional Hapkido videotapes for worldwide distribution, and was working on ten more Advanced Black Belt tapes. Grand Master Han is best known, however, for his indefatigable dedication to the teaching of Hapkido, sharing with thousands the truth and nature of martial arts, impacting those who had committed to embark on this journey of self-development. Until his death he operated his martial arts school and IHF Headquarters in Santa Monica, California, which he had done for 37 years.

Martialartsinfo.com has created an EXCELLENT online tribute to Bong Soo Han that includes an hour-long video interview and comments from martial arts celebrities including Richard Norton, Simon Rhee, Phillip Rhee, and Cynthia Rothrock. (The video can also be found at Google Video.)

  • Martialartsinfo.com
  • Video tribute from his school in Santa Monica
  • View Interview with Grandmaster Han

MORE NEWS OF 2-19-07

Lilly Urquidez Rodrigues
Leaves Us On
January 13th, 2007

Lilly Rodriguez a pioneering boxer and world kickboxing champion who helped establish women's kickboxing past away on January 13th 2007. She was one of ten children of Arnold and Lupe Urquidez; Eva (Alexis), Arnold, Mando, Linda, Lilly, Delores, Reuben, Benny, Adam (Smiley) and Alfred.

Rodriguez owned the Heart of Champions gym in Sylmar past away at the University of California in Los Angeles of complications relating to an infection, her family said. "She really changed martial arts for women," said Michael Matsuda, founder of the Martial Arts History Museum in Santa Clarita. "She was one of the few women champions in the 1970s and one of a handful of pioneers who spurred women into full-contact karate," as kickboxing originally was known.

She fought competitively in the 1970's and 1980's, a time when few women entered the ring to fight and fighting came naturally to her. Her father Arnold was a professional boxer and her mother Lupe was a professional wrestler. Her brothers were martial-artists, Arnold, Reuben, and Adam "Smiley" Urquidez while her husband, Blinky, was a kickboxer. Her most famous brother was both a great martial artist and world famous kickboxer, Benny "The Jet" Urquidez.

After winning the women's featherweight boxing championship in 1976, Rodriguez added the women's featherweight kickboxing title the following year. She is the only female boxer in the California Boxing Hall of Fame and one of a handful of women in the Martial Arts History Museum's Hall of Fame. She was inducted into the Martial Arts History Museum's Hall of Fame in 2003, preceded by Benny in 1999 and followed by Arnold in 2004 and Blinky in 2005.

"Nobody believed in us, or me, at first," Rodriguez told the Los Angeles Times in 2004. "They thought it would be 'foxy boxing.' But I didn't go in there wanting to show anything other than my skills in boxing." On November 16th, 1979, she and William "Blinky" Rodriguez made history at the Forum in Inglewood as the first husband and wife to box on the same professional card. "You have no idea the pressure she put on me. She went out there and dazzled them," said her husband, who also became a kickboxing champion. They both won. After retiring from competition in the early 1990s, Rodriguez started training other women.

For her first professional bout in the 1970s, Rodriguez stuffed quarters in her socks and undergarments to make weight. She was 5 feet 1 inch, and 125 pounds; her opponent, "Lady Tiger," had 25 pounds on her. Rodriguez lost the fight on a decision but "won the hearts of all the fans that night," her husband said.

A Los Angeles native, Lilly Urquidez was seven years older than the 16 year old William Rodriguez when they married in 1971. They had five sons and a daughter. When their 16-year-old son, Sonny, was killed in a gang-related drive-by shooting in 1990, the couple dedicated themselves to trying to end gang violence.

Lilly was also a trainer of champions, one being female world Kickboxing Champion Bridgett "Baby Doll" Riley who said after finding Lilly as a trainer, ""It was the best choice I ever made," says Riley, "When I got there, she said, 'If you are serious, I'll manage you, but you're going to have to make a lot of changes.' Back then I was a roughneck, I was a partier, I did it all." From Urquidez she not only learned about kickboxing but about self-discipline, respect and a belief in God. She had also trained with former IKF Champion Shawn Yacoubian and multi time World Kickboxing Champion Peter "Sugarfoot" Cunningham.

Blinky helped broker a peace treaty among 75 gangs in 1993. He is the executive director of the Communities in Schools, a social service agency that specializes in gang prevention and hard-core intervention. At her gym, Lilly made a point of mentoring at-risk youths. "Her compassion and passion for people dwarfed what she accomplished as a female athlete," her husband said.

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 15th, 2007, AT 2:05 AM, PT


No Xclusions, Inc. Presents
Jacksonville, Florida, USA


IKF Carolina Triple Threat Kickboxing Promoter
Will Smith Is The New
'Fresh Prince' of The East!

He Announces dates for his Impressive 2007 Promotion's Schedule
As he Prepares for his
Kickoff Event April 21st!

IKF North Carolina, USA
IKF Promoter Mr. Will Smith of Durham, North Carolina wants you to know that he's serious about promoting martial arts in its many forms. Although he has promoted shows in the past, they were just setups for bigger things to come. His Vanguard Promotions company has set an aggressive schedule with four kickboxing events for 2007 that are sure to have the Tobacco State Smoking! April 20th and 21st will start the string of events at the top notched Marriott Events Center- ( This event includes a kickboxing Seminar, IKF Point Kickboxing Tournament and Full Contact Fights); Following that, he will host the IKF Regional Seeding Tournament June 9th (fighters who fight on this event and win will get a higher seed at the IKF World Classic that will be held is August 2007 in the State of Chicago, IL); Next, he will present another Carolina Triple Threat event on Sept. 21st (this event will host a daytime IKF Point Kickboxing© tournament along with Full Contact fights at night); If all goes as planned, he will end the year with another evening of Full Contact Kickboxing November 9th, 2007.

The relatively new promoter has his eyes set on becoming one of the predominate promoters in the East and he's well on his way! Committed to making sure his upcoming events are well organized and get the recognition deserving of such events. By alining himself with the IKF he is assured to have the most organized and detailed sanctioning organization in kickboxing today working "FOR" him as needed. He knows that the IKF takes great pride in giving all participants their just due. Smith's Vanguard Promotions also brought in AKP's Consulting Services to assist with his upcoming event. Moreover, Johnny Davis, who is the Director of the IKF Point Kickboxing Division and heads AKP Consulting will host a rare kickboxing seminar at the two day event.

See the April 20th and 21st Carolina Triple Threat
Press Release on the
January 2007 News Page.

The evening of April 21st, Mr. Smith will present The Carolina Triple Threat Fight Night. This event will host an evening of exciting full contact kickboxing fights in assorted styles. (American - high kick & International - low kick ). Davis will also be the special guest announcer as he brings the fighters to the ring in electrifying fashion!

Smith, who is no stranger to martial arts, has competed in several events as well as he has two sons who have IKF Junior Championships. Look for great things in the future from Mr. Smith...this new 'Fresh Prince' plans to make the City of Durham, North Carolina majestic in the great sport of Kickboxing!


IKF Durham, NC - February 15, 2007:
The April 21st IKF Amateur FCR Super Lightweight World Title bout between Justin Pickett (L) and Jon Lewis (R) is rapidly approaching. Anticipation for this 5 round clash of Super Lightweight Titans is reaching a fever pitch. This spectacular event will be held at the beautiful Durham Marriott Civic Center in Durham North Carolina, USA. Tickets are selling at a brisk pace, with very few of the $150 VIP tables left.

"Fight fans have truly responded to this fight, and I'm not surprised," said Mr. Will Smith, Event Director of Vanguard International Promotions. "These are the two best Full Contact Amateur Super Lightweights in the world. Fight fans are eager to see the crowning of the next great International Kickboxing Federation superstar. April 21st is going to be a great night and the start of a great year for the sport of kickboxing."

This World Title Fight will be a rematch of the 2005 IKF North American Tournament Finals between these two. That year Lewis fought in the prelim on Saturday and defeated David Thomas of Fredericksburg, Virginia, USA (10-4/1) by unanimous decision 30-27, 29-28 & 29-28. That same day Pickett fought in his prelim bout and defeated Miquel Bermudez of Dixon, California, USA by unanimous decision 30-27 on all 3 judges cards.

The next day Pickett and Lewis met in the Championship bout. When the smoke cleared Lewis took a close majority decision victory, 29-28, 29-28 & 28-28 to take home the Super Lightweight Title belt.

"If this April 21st World Title bout is anything like that one, it's going to be a barn burner!!!" Smith stated with great enthusiasm!

There will also be a complete under card of up to 20 Full Contact and International rules kickboxing bouts. Vanguard Promotions will be featuring some of the best fighters from all over the east coast on this under card.

IKF PKB Tournament
In addition to the IKF Full Contact kickboxing show that night, Vanguard Promotions will also be hosting a daytime IKF Point Kickboxing© Tournament. All Adult Point Kickboxing Grand Champions will walk away with $150 cash and special gifts from the sponsors Title Boxing and Ringstar. Junior Boy and Girls will compete for great awards in semi-contact kickboxing action where no knockouts are allowed and the entire match is judged on points in continuous fighting action!

To obtain tickets before this mega event is completely sold out, please visit www.vanguardpro.net to purchase tickets. Ticket for this highly anticipated event are priced at $10 in advance, $15 General Admission, $40 Ringside & $150 VIP Table - seats 8 guests. Daytime IKF Point Kickboxing tournament starts at 10:AM.

Full Contact Super Fight Night Show featuring the Pickett Vs Lewis IKF Amateur World Title Fight Starts At 5:PM. For more info, contact Mr. Will Smith, Event Director, Vanguard International Promotions. at vanguardpro@nc.rr.com or at (919) 632-7242 or go to www.VanguardPro.net

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 8th, 2007, AT 8:30 PM, PT

Up Close and Personal With...
Professional Kickboxer
Mike "Mad Dog" Morello

By AKP / IKF Staff Writer Sacramento, CA - February 4th, 2007:
Mike Morello of Santa Barbara, CA is indeed one of the nicest guys you could meet. Although his looks may be a little intimidating at first, with his full mustache that extends to his chin, he really has a big heart! He loves his family dearly and reminds us that they are truly his inspiration as he pursues fame and glory in the grit and guts' sport of kickboxing!

Mike is rather soft spoken but get him talking about fighting and he lights up with tons of suggestions, ideas and stories about his career as a fighter! Like many kick boxers, he has high hopes that kickboxing will be able to regain momentum in the world of sports entertainment. He has witnessed the rise in mixed martial arts (MMA) but sticks to his number one passion- kickboxing. Mike wants to let promoters know that there are top quality kickboxing professionals out there waiting and willing to show up and give their audience a treat!

The Mad Dog, as he calls himself, feels that he has the ability to take the sport to the next level. He recognizes his amateur record of 9-6 with 2 KO's is not that impressive on paper but these fights have given him the experience he needs to be a very good pro and even obtain a world championship. Whether winning professional world title is in the Mad Dog's future, we are not sure. But what we do know is the pro ranks has a new contender and he's bringing his A Game loaded with skill, personality and attitude! Grab your favorite beverage and get in a quiet spot, sit down and enjoy our Up Close and Personal conversation with Mike Morello.

(As the announcer would say) ..."And now, making his pro debut...please welcome"

The MAD DOG!...

  • AKP: Mike, tell me how long you have been in the marital arts?
    MM: "I'd say about practically all my life it's always been around my brothers and I. My Dad's a 5th degree Black Belt in Kenpo Karate, ever since I can remember my Dad has been teaching at the gym right here in Santa Barbara, Ca. He has taught my brothers and I Kenpo Karate ever since we were young whether we were at home or at the gym."

  • AKP: What did you like most about your chosen style?
    MM: "I believe that all styles are the best so I'm always open to new information on how to do things a little better, faster or how to make myself faster and stronger."

  • AKP: Mike, when most see you fight... they see a highly skilled fighter with good kicks and good boxing skills. However, your record does not seem to indicate your skill level. What do you think is the biggest reason your record is so spotted? (Explain some of your fights and what happened.)
    MM: "Well, pretty much all my loses have been to champion fighters and I learned a lot from those fights. Lets start with my 1st loss it was to undefeated Majid Raees out of the Benny The Jet's Gym out of Southern, CA. It was a good fight! I was winning the fight, come midway thru the last round and he caught me with a perfect Benny the Jet style spinning back kick right on the ribs, the pain was crazy it was so bad I felt it shoot all the way up to my neck as I took a standing 8! I sat back on the 2nd rope to catch my wind and the count reached 10."

  • AKP: Yes Mike, I think that's called a TKO! :)
  • MM: "2nd loss was to Henry Cho trained by Chuck Liddell and John Hackleman of SLO Kickboxing out of San Luis Obispo, CA. It was a rematch, I beat him the first fight, 2nd fight with him I broke my hand on his hard head in the first round but gutted it out and finished the fight but lost a split decision. 3rd loss was to Santos Soto from Cung Le's Gym out of San Jose, CA...at the time, he was the current IKF Welterweight and Super Welterweight U.S. San Shou Champ. I had never fought San Shou but it was a good opportunity to take this fight. It was on the under card were Dave Marinoble of Roseville, CA and Rudy Ott of San Jose, CA fought for the IKF San Shou World Title."

  • AKP: This fight was at Win River Casino in Redding CA...Correct? I think we were there.
    MM: "Correct! So, Santos and I met in the middle of rule styles and fought a Muay Thai fight (I had never fought Muay Thai either) I lost by a split decision. 4th loss was to Raul Rodriguez of Bakersfield, CA. I won our first fight! It was for the IKF International Rule West Coast Title! However, we did a rematch and he beat me that fight. I blew my knee out!"

  • AKP: We're assuming that Rodriquez' kicks help with the blowout of the knee or did you fall wrong and twist it?
    MM: "Nah', I didn't fall or twist it, he threw a jab, cross stepped off to the side to throw a leg kick. I covered up and lifted one knee to block and it ( his kick) landed in the front of the supporting knee... that's how that started and he did what any good fighter would do... attack that leg and by the 5th we called it. We did a rubber match and I took the title back once again!"

  • AKP: That's showing some good resiliency to come back like that. That's the stuff true champions are made of....impressive!
    MM: "5th loss was at the 2002 IKF USA National Amateur Championships in Iowa to eventual 2002 IKF NAC Champion Oscar Montano by decision. 6th loss was to Anthony McGaughey who is also a multi IKF Champion. I lost by decision. I have been told that I fight like a pro and not busy enough at times fighting in the amateurs so that may have been a down fall for me. I like to try and look clean and sharp with my tools and try and look good doing it."

  • AKP: Often times, looking like a pro in the amateurs is a sure fire way to lose...we assumed a lesson learned....
    MM: "Oh yes!"

  • AKP: You won several titles as an amateur...what were they? Plus, out of all of those titles which one meant the most and which fight was the most difficult for whatever reason?
    MM: "We have won the IKF International Rules- (Low Kick) West Coast Title twice, The 2004 IKF American Kickboxing ( High Kick) North American Tournament Title, and the WKKO World Title. They all had a lot of meaning to me! The IKF IR West Coast Title the 2nd time... was cool! I had a lot on my plate for that fight, it was the rubber match between Raul and I. We fought right on about the estimated recovery time (6-8 months) from the knee injury, we brought it to my hometown - Santa Barbara CA, and I got to help out with some of the promoters' side of things securing fighter venue, negotiations with the hotels for fighters and weigh-ins, hotel stay for the show, paramedics, security, negotiations with our County Fair to make the IKF show the main event show. Normally, they have the X games motocross or the monster truck show and stuff as their main event because it's out in the rodeo arena. The Fair here runs Wednesday thru Sunday every year, it was pretty cool."
    Mike continues... "The 2004 IKF North American Championship Title was awesome too! The event itself was great! I got to meet a handfull of awesome people! My first fight on Saturday, I got a cracked rib in the last 10 seconds. We won our 2nd fight... come Sunday morning the finals... OOOhh! (LOL) I felt that cracked rib, It was really sore already and we had to fight Shannon Hudson out of South Carolina...hellava good guy and hellava good fighter (By the way, I wish him well in the WCL he's doing now.). We Won! Later, I fought for the WKKO World Title in Virginia...that was cool because we were coming off a HUGE disappointment in my loss for the IKF World Amateur Title and I had an opportunity to once again test myself against Steve Mann (a noted fighter out of Virginia) His last couple fights, he fought at a bit heavier weight and he was a little bit stronger than I but it was a good test for me! Steve has a lot of fights and experience and fought some great guys too. Coming home after winning both aforementioned fights made for great traveling!" :)

  • AKP: Mike, speaking of Anthony McGaughey...you had one of the rare chances to fight for an IKF Amateur World Title about a year or so ago. You fell a little short on this fight against him. If you could do it all over again what would you do differently? And losing a fight like this is like an Olympic boxer falling short of his Gold Medal and afterwards decides to turn pro...did this fight play a role in your decision to turn pro? Would you like to have a rematch with McGaughey in the pros without the headgear...do you think the outcome would be different?
    MM: "Hell ya! I'd like to do it again! He's a good clean fighter but he didn't whoop me! I kick myself in the ass every time I think about it! :( I just should have been (rrrrrrrrrr) busier that fight! He had won the IKF NAC Tournament 4 years in row and I think his only loss was to Kevin Engel. (At a weightclass above McGaughey's normal fight weight) My decision to turn pro was based on the last couple fights we've done. They went well and were against some good opponents that fight as good as some pros do and we had no big time troubles. So hey, what the heck! Bring it on! YES! I'd like to have a rematch with Anthony in the pro's and if it happens, it will be different without headgear and Anthony will see why they call me the Mad Dog!"

  • AKP: You call yourself the MAD DOG...how will you make this nick name more revealing to fans as you enter the pro ranks? What will make this name stand out to your fans? What does being called a Mad Dog do for you as a fighter? :)
    MM: "I just gotta be very active try and get as many fights as possible, stay healthy and injury free. Not being coincident but I think I put on a good show when I fight and most fans would remember the name Mad Dog and would come back to see me fight!"

  • AKP: Speaking of the nickname like the Mad Dog... There use to be a kick boxer back in the early 1980's called Dennis "Mad Dog" Downey, he fought on ESPN a lot back in the Professional Karate Association (PKA) days...he was as crazy as they come inside the ring! This guys would cut back flips off the top rope and do just the most ridicules things...but outside of the ring the fans loved him esp. the kids and we are still talking about him today because of some of his memorable antics! Do you feel we need more antics in Kickboxing to make it stand out and what do you feel you can add to your fight-game to bring in new fans? (we need a superstar...will that be you?)
    MM: "We have a lot of (potential) super stars here in the IKF. Superstars now as well as upcoming stars! Some people can pull off being real flamboyant and make it look good and some can't. For the ones that can do it, cool. I think we could use a little but not go overboard with it."

  • AKP: Who has been your biggest inspiration in and out of the ring?
    MM: "My family! Without my family, I could not have gotten to where I'm at today in my career. At the gym, my dad- my manager and trainer giving all his time and knowledge... the reminders, the corrections day in and day out. My brothers Danny and Andrew who is an upcoming fighter (Oh! watch out middleweight division Drews' coming for ya!) he's been working real hard and maturing as a fighter real fast, all the sparring rounds Drew, Danny, and the guys at the gym put in for me. My daughters... I have a 6 year old... that's Mikayla and an 8 year old named Alyssa, the feeling is awesome when they see Dad win or when I come home and show the video! It's great! Working with my Dad is weird sometimes because I see how some father-son teams don't work out but that has never been an issue with my Dad. He has not 1 but 3 sons that fight to manage and train. There is no doubt that your trainer has your back at all times and is always looking out for your health and best interest. My wife Elizabeth, puts up with not seeing me to much 6-8 weeks before fight time. I'm so proud of her too...she actually competes sometimes in IKF Point Kickboxing and won first place in her last tournament! She's great! I'm at work all day then off to the gym and come home where everyone's asleep already but like I said, when the outcome is in our favor, it's worth it in the end!"

  • AKP: When the 'Mike Morello Story' is told...what would you like for people to remember most about you as a person and as a fighter?
    MM: "As a person...I want to be remembered as someone that was easy to get along with... whether you've known me or just met me. As a fighter, I want to be the most feared fighter in the game! For example, if you were going to fight me...you would have nightmares! You couldn't sleep anticipating that you were going to be fighting the Mad Dog! All you could think was... damn, I'm fighting Mad Dog… It would be just like the Freddie Kruger song (In the Nightmare on Elm Street Movies) …. 1..2…Mad Dog's coming for you!" :)

If you would like to contact Mike Morello to fight on your upcoming professional kickboxing card...Contact him by e-mail at mikemorello@cox.net
More on AK Press at www.AKPromotions.org


"Rosales Kickboxing & Boxing"
February 3rd, 2007 - Los Lunas, New Mexico, USA

IKF Representative, Richard (Cobra Jet) Williams
In the fight game the card is never safe until the bell rings. The run for the IKF "Junior" Amateur New Mexico State title had another change the day before the Rosales Smoker. Contender Martin Gonzales had to pull out for he injured his eye one day before the title match and the doctor would not clear Martin for the fight, for he had internal bleeding in his eye. Just like team Baca who had one of their own step in for Joe Holder, team Rosales had just the right replacement also; 148 lb Tony Fincher with a record of 4 wins and 2 losses. So the title bout was finally set as fight number 13 on the card with the IKF Amateur IR Super Welterweight New Mexico State title on the Rosales fight card of 20 bouts. With 4 kickboxing matches and 1 female kickboxing one round expo between IKF champion Sonya Gurule from Rosales kickboxing and Sasha Villalva from Monsivaiz Kickboxing Los Cruses, N.M. Also booked for the night was 15 exiting, hard fought boxing matches from the finest boxing clubs of New Mexico and Arizona.

I tip my hat off to all the boxers on the card. You all fought your hearts out. One of the boxing matches that really caught my eye that night was fight number 10 on the card. The NM State Pee Wee Division Boxing Title was on the line. It featured Mathew Griego, 7 years old, 60 lbs. from Rosales Kickboxing vs. Aaron Perez, 7 years old, 60lbs from Perez Boxing. Mathew had fire in his eyes like a hungry tiger. He would stare down his opponent Aaron in between rounds. At the sound of the bell he would charge at him like a raging ball. It was a great little battle of 5 rounds with a unanimous decision for Mathew Griego of Rosales Kickboxing.

After a total of 13 kickboxing and boxing bouts the stage was finally set for the big show down, between the two opponents from the original fight card, a big heads up to both teams that made this fight happen. Team Baca Kickboxing Academy and Rosales Kickboxing. Both schools were from Albq. N.M.. For both teams had a replacement to fill the title bout after the changes over the last few weeks.

Fighting out of the Red corner wearing white shorts with a black stripe, Tim Sosa (153lbs from Baca Kickboxing Albq. N.M.) Out of the blue corner wearing black shorts, Tony Fincher (148lbs from Rosales Kickboxing Ablq. N.M.) As the bell rang both fighters meet face to face in the middle of the ring with Sosa making the fist move and also being the attacker of the two. In my view, I gave the first two rounds to Sosa and you can see already after two rounds that both fighters looked wore-out from the high-paced action.

The start of the third round saw Sosa started out strong again but lost wind fast. That's when Tony started to wake-up as he started throwing better techniques. Tony started to land several leg kicks, spinning back fists and superman punches. Toward the the end of the 3 round Sosa caught Tony unbalanced with a front kick that sent him down but Tony jumped right back up and the referee saw it (as myself) as an unbalanced knockdown and not a knockdown of the actual blow. Still, Sosa did not dominate the round so the knockdown did not make a big difference on the scorecards. He did not have the answers for the spinning back fists, or the superman punches Tony was throwing.

In my eyes I would gave the last three rounds to Tony Fincer. Both fighter fought a hard 5 round battle. Both were tough enough to take each others power shots which kept us from seeing any actual knockdowns or standing 8 counts. Congratulations to Tony Fincher, the new IKF Amateur Super Welterweight New Mexico State Champion by unanimous decision, 49-46, 48-47 and 48-47.

Keep your head up, gloves up and chin down Mr. Sosa and train for that knock-out. Thanks team Baca and god bless Kickboxer and Airman Joe Holder who was activated to Iraq. As for the other kickboxing bout results;

On behalf of the IKF Representative, Richard (Cobra Jet) Williams and the Golden Cobra Fight Team we would like to thank the Rosales Martial Arts Family for the nice down home and family environment hospitality. From the start at weigh-ins till the end of the event, you could see family members helping each other making the event a success. The national anthem was sung by 5 year old Kayla Montoya from Los Chavez, New Mexico. Her father also helped in the event as a judge. Thanks again to Tony and family for a wonderful time in Albq., New Mexico.

We have had some problems in getting photos sent to the IKF for posting on this article, but we hope to have them posted here soon, so please check back.

For more info please contact Mr. Tony Rosales at Rosales Karate and Kickboxing Academy at (505) 865-5414 or by e-mail at RosalesKarate@aol.com


Web Video - Coming Soon!

As many of you know, the Internet has become the mainstream for the majority of the world's media. When TV has let us down we can always find action on the internet whether by the written word, radio shows or better yet, internet video. There is already a number of IKF Sanctioned bouts and hundreds of other kickboxing bouts or highlights on the Internet today.

Back in 2003, the IKF spent thousands of dollars (6 figures) to try to break into the TV Market. After 16 weeks of shows the IKF had a very successful program (Viewer wise) but the production money had run dry. With no sponsors to support the $8-10,000 per program bill, the IKF made the decision to throw in the towel on the project. Simply put, "They tried..." However, as the IKF knows, "We tried" didn't mean "They Succeeded!"

Success has a high price in TV land. For example, at the time, politics played a part in keeping the IKF programming off ESPN. Even though the IKF programs were 10 times the kickboxing programming ESPN 2 was showing at the time, simply put, the person in charge of programming at ESPN back then had a close connection with the "Old School" boys. that connection gave "The other guys an "In" and kept the IKF Programs "Out.

But ESPN was not the only door shut back in 2003. From Fox to ABC, Spike, Comcast, TNN, NBC, whatever call letters or station names you could think of, none were interested in kickboxing. What we didn't know was that instead, several had their eyes on MMA... Mixed Martial arts.

It would not be long (Fall of 2005) until a network called "Spike TV" and the MMA group UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) would announce the airing of a MMA reality based program that took UFC from only being known among the fight crowds to now being the choice of the average male ages 18-45. It was the re-birth of MMA, and it's re-birth was successful because of two things. TV of course, but more important, it was on a program everyone could get, at PRIMEtime and the show time was consistent... EVERY Thursday night.

The programming decision was priceless! Through 2006 MMA would see tremendous growth throughout the USA. The IKF's sister organization for MMA, the ISCF (www.ISCFMMA.com) benefited greatly from the success of the Spike/UFC program as has ALL of the MMA world. From February 2006 to the end of 2006 the ISCF grew just over 1,500%! Yes, you read that right, over "One Thousand, five hundred Percent!" More on this growth below.

The IKF has been researching ways to bring more attention to kickboxing and they will soon be announcing this answer. It has to do with Web video. As noted above, the Internet has become the mainstream for the majority of the world's media. our fight fans in Europe can't see an IKF TV Program over there unless the IKF has made a European TV deal, which takes far more time in todays world than it did as little as 5 years ago. However, WEB TV is WORLD WIDE. This will be the new form of IKF Media starting in just a few weeks.

The IKF and the ISCF has teamed up with another sponsoring company that will not only host tons of IKF and ISCF Fights but additional programming such as a kickboxing & MMA fight show, fighter interviews, training segments and better yet, they will become a major sponsor at MANY IKF Selected events around the globe. They will also be bringing in film crews to shoot the action, some of which will end up being shown live over the internet as it happens! This company has already committed to sponsoring both the IKF and ISCF Tournaments as well and will be there to shoot the action! They will also be sponsors for other selected IKF and ISCF events. The IKF will be announcing more about this deal in the coming weeks. What all of you need to know now is that "You will soon be broadcast in great quality Internet TV around the globe!"

Internet TV is big, but few programs are of high quality as the IKF and ISCF programming will be. Here are just a few free fight action clips available on the internet today through a free site known as YouTube:

In addition, there as many if not more MMA bouts and videos available to watch on the Internet. Here are a few of those:

Keep watch here on the IKF News page for more details about the new IKF Programming.

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 6th, 2007, AT 6:40 PM, PT

"Midwest Fight Fest"
February 3rd, 2007 - St. Louis, -Fenton- Missouri, USA

ISCF St. Louis, -Fenton- Missouri, USA: St. Louis, MO Shamrock Promotions once again started out their 2007 fight season with a bang. The card was set with 13 action packed fights, 1 of which was an exhibition that got the crowd going early. This past Saturday the wind chills hit below zero in St. Louis, that didn't stop people from coming out to watch some great fights. This night was packed full of energy and action. Promoter Jesse Finney anounced that he is stepping back into the ring on the April 14th show. This will be an NHB match against a great wrestler and striker, Jasper Mayfield. Below are the nights results.

    Lance Benoist (Festus, Missouri, USA)
    defeated Mike Green (St. Louis, Missouri, USA) in the 1st round by TKO.

    John Duever (St. Louis, Missouri, USA)
    defeated Frank Grim (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA) in the 1st round by KO.

    Eric Huebner (Bethalto, Illinois, USA)
    defeated Nick Fletcher (Hillsboro, Missouri, USA) in the 2nd round by TKO.

    Jacob Eversmeyer (Pacific, Missouri, USA)
    defeated Dave Harper Jr. (Washington, Illinois, USA) in the 1st round by TKO.

  5. IKF AMATEUR Kickboxing
    Adam Cella (St. Louis, Missouri, USA) defeated Tim Knoldy (Belville, Illinois, USA) by split decision 29-28, 29-28, 28-29.

    Brian Sanguinet (Columbia, Missouri, USA)
    defeated Chris Hammond (Little Axe, Oklahoma, USA) in the 1st round by choke.

    Dan Velten (Velton) (St. Louis, Missouri, USA)
    defeated Jeremy Henderson (St. Louis, Missouri, USA) in the 1st round by TKO.
    Troy Kious (Harrah, Oklahoma, USA)
    defeated Chad Vancil (St. Louis, Missouri, USA) in the 2nd round by Gulitine.

    Natu Visinia (Carbondale, Illinois, USA)
    defeated Justin Anderson (Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA) in the 1st round by TKO.

  10. IKF AMATEUR Kickboxing
    Nick Reeder (St. Louis, Missouri, USA)
    defeated Dwayne Stanley (Detroit, Michigan, USA) in the 2nd round by TKO.

    Steve Ward (St. Louis, Missouri, USA)
    defeated Derek Brown (East Peoria, Illinois, USA) in the 2nd round by arm bar.

  12. IKF AMATEUR Kickboxing
    Marty Zajac (St. Louis, Missouri, USA)
    defeated Ivan Sichenko (Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA) in the 2nd round by KO.

  13. IKF AMATEUR Kickboxing - Exhibition
    Todd Metcalf (St. Louis, Missouri, USA) - Sean Felts (Pacific, Missouri, USA).

For More info Please Contact Mr. Jesse Finney (314) 608-3104 or by e-mail by clicking jesse@finneyskickboxing.com or go to www.ShamrockPromotionsLLC.com

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 2nd, 2007, AT 8:00 PM, PT

"Judgement Day At The Municipal"
January 31st, 2007 - Shreveport, Louisiana, USA

By ISCF/IKF Representative Albert Cole:
Ark - La - Tex - Promotions hosted a night of IKF Kickboxing & ISCF MMA action at the Municipal, Auditorium, Shreveport, Louisiana, USA entitled "Judgement Day At The Municipal". Here are the nights results.

  1. ISCF Amateur Lightweight MMA
    Chase Herrera (151 lbs) Vs Travis Bennett (154 lbs)
    Round 1. Bennett starts off with a right hook into a tight clinch. In the clinch Herrera throws a mean knee and slips on a guillotine choke. Bennett takes Herrera down and lands in his guard. Herrera tries a few arm bars and triangle chokes only to be diswayed by Bennetts punches. Bennett disconnects and they stand back up. They clinch once more with a takedown by Bennett. The bell sounds ending round 1.
    Round 2. Bennett starts with a vicious right hand that knocks Herrera to the mat. Bennett goes to work on Herrera only to land in his half guard. Herrera lands a left punch of his own to Bennett's nose causing it to bleed. Herrera then ends up taking Bennett's back only to be reversed to have him in guard. Bennett begins to punish Herrera with a bunch of punches. Bennett then breaks out of guard and Herrera stands back up. Bennett attempts a single leg takedown and ends up in guillotine again. Herrera takes it to the ground and Bennett breaks out of the choke. Bennett begins to drop more punches on Herrera and the bell sounds.
    Round 3. Bennett starts off being cautious and then out of no where lands a huge right hand and gets the double underhook. Bennett gets a big slam on Herrera only to end up in half guard again. Again, Bennett throws some good solid punches down on Herrera, but Herrera moves his hips and takes full guard. Bennett passes the guard with a kneebar attempt, and Herrera is about to tap and then rolls out. Herrera attempts another armbar, only to be blocked by Bennett. Then exhaustion sets in and they begin to just hold each other down. The referee restarts. A few techniques are exchange at the bell.
    Travis Bennett defeats Chase Herrera by Unanimous Decision.

  2. IKF Amateur IR Kickboxing
    Greg Grace (180 lbs) Vs Scott Mutter (184 lbs)
    Scott Mutter did not show for the event due to hospitalization the night before due to dehydration and irregular heartbeat. Greg Grace did not have the opportunity to fight, winning by forfeit.

  3. ISCF Amateur MMA:
    Tim Myers (166 lbs) Vs Miles Bray (165 lbs)
    Bray throws some good body shots followed by a big right hand but misses. Myers shoots in gets the double underhooks and slams Bray and lands in side control. Bray moves his hips out only to be mounted by Myers. Myers begins to just bomb Bray with big punch after big punch. Bray tries to keep his hands up, but Myers keeps going in between them. The referee stops the bout due to lack of protection on Brays part.
    Tim Myers defeats Miles Bray by Referee Stoppage due to punches at 1:13 of Round 1.

  4. ISCF Amateur Light Heavyweight MMA
    Chris Dieterich (198 lbs) Vs Chris Spence (188 lbs)
    Round 1: The bout starts with Dietrich throwing a nice kick to Spence's mid section but nothing on it. Then they clinch. Dietrich gets the takedown to side control, and then to top mount. He then begins to throw punches but Spence posts up and Deitrich cannot hit him. Spence then rolls only to give his back to Dietrich. Dietrich gets rear naked choke in, but Spence just relaxes and weathers the storm.
    Round 2: Both fighters throw some kicks, but nothing really lands. Then Dietrich lands a great kick to the side of Spence's head. Spence dazed, clinches to get away from Dietrich's kick. Dietrich then judo throws Spence and takes mount. With great punches being thrown, Dietrich gets warned for throwing an illegal forearm to Spence. Dietrich loses a point. When they are restarted, Dietrich takes Spence down only to be reversed. Spence takes side control. Dietrich scrambles and makes it to his knees only to be put in guillotine. Dietrich breaks free and then takes top mount. The bell sounds ending the round.
    Round 3: Dietrich leads off with a good left leg kick to the face of Spence. They then both throw a series of punches back and forth. Dietrich does a basic sweep and takes Spence to the ground and takes mount. Dietrich takes the arm and goes for armbar. Spence is holding to his own hand to stop the submission. Finally, Spence taps.
    Chris Dietrich defeats Chris Spence by Armbar at 0:42 of Round 3.

  5. IKF Amateur FCR Kickboxing
    Daniel Bell (157 lbs) Vs Kenneth Booten (158 lbs)
    This fight was a punching battle most of the way. All three rounds were basically the same. Bell starts with a combination of punches only to be answered by Booten with a series of punches. Bell lands quite a few straight jabs; however Booten is reluctant and keeps coming forward. Bell stands at least 6" taller, but Booten refuses to let that be a burden. Bell continues to utilize his jab and long reach. Booten gets in and throws some wild but fast punches. Booten, however, does not get all of his kicks in Round 2 and loses a point. After the final bell, it is unanimous.
    Daniel Bell defeats Ken Booten by Unanimous Decision.

  6. ISCF Amateur Heavyweight MMA
    Bob Hester (210 lbs) Vs Rafel Miramontes (210 lbs)
    Round 1: Hester leads off with a huge right hand only to be countered and returned by Miramontes. They then clinch, and using his strength, Hester takes Miramontes to the ground. Miramontes puts Hester in his half guard. Miramontes rolls over and Hester takes his back, but does not have hooks in. Miramontes rolls and disengages. They get back to their feet. Miramontes throws a big kick only to miss Hester's head. They end up clinching and throwing punches back and forth. It is a battle for supremacy. Miramontes then lands a big left knee to Hester's chest only to be hooked and slammed big time by Hester. Miramontes scrambles and gets back to his feet yet again. They trade some more good punching blows. Again they tie up and clinch. Hester gets a guillotine choke on Miramontes, but cannot squeeze it tight enough and Miramontes breaks it and throws a big right knee. Hester tries for a takedown but misses only to be hit with another big knee. They tie up and fall to the ground to exchange some punches. Bell.
    Round 2: Miramontes throws a good right leg kick to Hester's left thigh, followed by a good left knee and a mean right uppercut. Hester stumbles out of dangers way, but Miramontes follows and clinches with a series of knees being thrown to Hester's head. Referee stops the match.
    Rafael Miramontes defeats Bob Hester by Referee stoppage due to Knees at 0:48 of Round 2.

  7. ISCF Amateur Welterweight MMA
    Brent Mason (169 lbs) Vs Derrick Krantz (167 lbs)
    This fight was a battle of big punches, great scrambles and referee restarts. While standing Mason and Krantz both were relentless with big punches coming all the way from way back. They would both land strong punches on each others face. On the ground it was Mason who mostly had top control, but could not finish the fight. Krantz would buck and roll and end up in the ropes and the bout would be restarted away from the ropes. Both fighters were warned about grabbing the ropes and shorts, but in round 3 Mason loses a point for holding once again. Mason begins utilizing his leg kick to Krantz's left thigh. They are taking their toll. Again a nice exchange, but both fighters are exhausted. Krantz lands a big left hook right cross combo. Mason counters with a knee. Then right before the bell both fighters are just eyeing each other, and very few techniques are exchanged. It was a pretty even match, and could go either way.
    However, with the point deductions, the judges scored 29-27 Mason, 28-28 Draw, 28-29 Krantz. When asked if they were ready for a forth round both fighters agreed, NO, so This Match Was Determined a DRAW.

For more info please contact Mr. David Cox at (318) 687-3127 or at dcox@caddo.org

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 1st, 2007, AT 11:55 PM, PT


Shamrock Promotions Presents
"Midwest Fight Fest"
St. Louis, -Fenton- Missouri, USA


Rosales Kickboxing & Boxing Presents
"IKF Championship Kickboxing"
Los Lunas, New Mexico, USA

IKF Los Lunas, New Mexico, USA
The IKF Amateur New Mexico State Title Bout had a change in the fight card one week before the fight. The reason? On behalf The IKF family we would like to send our love and prayers to IKF Kickboxer Joe Holder (Airman) in the United States Air Force and to his family. Joe had to pull out from the title match to serve our county when he was activated to Iraq.

Well the stage is set in the Southwest desert of New Mexico as IKF Promoter, Tony Rosales is all set to host the Rosales Smoker this Saturday, February 3, 2022 at 3208 San Mateo NE, Albuquerque, N.M. the doors up at 6:PM and the fights start at 7:PM. Admission is a $15.00 donation at door. The nights Main Event will feature Martin Gonzales (Rosales Kickboxing) ALBQ., NM (5-0) vs. Tim Sosa of Los Lunes NM (Baca Kickboxing Academy, 4-1) for the vacant IKF New Mexico State Title IR Super Welterweight title.

Rosales of course is hoping the out come is the same as the last time the IKF came to New Mexico when Tony's Sonya Gurule captured the IKF Amateur Women's Rocky Mountain Regional Straw-weight Tile by a unanimous decision over Melanie Guadian of Los Cruces, NM, USA.
By IKF Representative, Richard (Cobra Jet) Williams, Golden Cobra Kickboxing, Camp Verde, Arizona.


Flatnose Productions Presents
Kansas City, Missouri, USA

  • WHEN: Saturday Night, February 3rd, 2007
  • WHO: Flatnose Productions
  • WHERE: 5100 Ararat Drive, Kansas City, Missouri, USA, 64129
    • ISCF Amateur Central Regional Light Heavyweight Title
      Mike Glenn Vs Josh Karney
    • ISCF Amateur Central Regional Middleweight Title
      Rudy Bears Vs Will Burns
    • Supporting Undercard: IKF Amateur Kickboxing & ISCF Amateur MMA
  • IKF & ISCF Representative: Chuck Wolfe
  • IKF & ISCF Referee: Curtis Stout
  • PROMOTER: For More info Please Contact Mr. Jason Teeman At (816) 589-9423 or at jasont@amiapproved.com
  • ON THE WEB: www.CavemanMMACrew.com

  • FIGHT CARD AS OF: Thursday, February 1st, 2007 - 8:50 PM - PST

    1. ISCF Regional Title Fight
      Rudy Bears Vs Will Burns

    2. ISCF Regional Title Fight
      Michael Glenn Vs Josh Karney

    3. Matthew Morris Vs Keith Cook

    4. Dean Johnston Vs Travis Sveum

    5. **Chris Page Vs Wes Miller
    6. Adam Stickley Vs Chad Vandenberg

    7. *Freddie Royal Vs *Hank Martin

    8. John Bullard Vs **John Orr

    9. Chris Hale Vs Kyle Miller

    10. Travis McEnaney Vs Mike Goodman

    11. Dumberto Salinas Vs Tim Horner

    12. Joe Valdivez Vs Mitchell Harris

    13. *Mike Smith Vs Mike Mitchell

    14. *Danny Timmons Vs *Danny Elsrode

    15. *Blake Crowly Vs Christopher Salmon

    16. *Craig Welch Vs Wesley Riley

  • Kickboxing

    1. Bryan Carroll Vs Jay Collins
    2. Johnny Gordon Vs Max Deal

  • (*) Registration fees paid - ISCF is awaiting Registration FORM.
  • (*) Not Registered - Ranked with the ISCF.