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January, 2007


FRIDAY, JANUARY 26th, 2007, AT 8:30 PM, PT

AKA Amateur Champion
Graham Sayer
Looks To IKF World Classic Title Next!

Graham Sayer is the Current A.K.A. Amateur Kickboxing World Middleweight Champion. He has just made the second successful defence of that title. Since 2004 he has had eleven Championship contests, and made seven title defences. He is one of the most active Kickboxers on the United Kingdom amateur circuit. recently our IKF England Associates had a chance to sit down with Graham and chat with him about his career and his goals. Here below is that interview.

  • IKF/AKA England: Where do you train, and who are your instructors?
    GS: I train at Warrington Kickboxing Studio, under Neil Holden and Mark Matthews.

  • IKF/AKA England: How long have you been training?
    GS: Just over seven years now.

  • IKF/AKA England: What got you interested in training?
    GS: I always liked the martial arts, and while growing up trained in several styles of Karate and Judo. When I was 20 I started Thai-Kickboxing with Neil Holden and was hooked.

  • IKF/AKA England: How many contests have you had?
    GS: In total, thirty to date.

  • IKF/AKA England: What Titles have you held, and which do you currently hold?
    GS: I have held Amateur English, British Commonwealth, and European titles. I currently hold the A.K.A. World Middleweight title. I also won the 2005 Warrington Sports Personality of the year award.

  • IKF/AKA England: A sports award is a great thing to achieve, what lead to this?
    GS: I had just challenged the current British Middleweight Champion, Ben Dukes, (Bad Company Gym – Leeds), and won on points. It was a double title contest that also included the Commonwealth belt. The local papers were very impressed that I beaten the defending Champion and ran a report with a photo. Following that contest I defeated Arthur Boerjan, (Holland ), for the European title. I think it was these two wins at the end of 2005 that lead to me being nominated.

  • IKF/AKA England: You are now a World Champion, can you tell us more about this?
    GS: In February 2006 I was due to face Milan Tierney, (Czech Republic), in a European defence, and then I was going to compete in America. However my father became seriously ill. I had to take time away from competing, to look after him, and the family business. Unfortunately he passed away in March.
    In May I began training again, as Neil asked me to defend my European title on Lee Greens show in July. This was supposed to be a European title defence against Valeri Luna, (Belarus). Unfortunately there were visa problems and the Belarus team withdrew from the event at the very last minute. One of the team, was to face Ibrahim Bulduk, (Turkey), for the World Title on the same show. He had a record of over forty contests, and had recently won the Princes Cup, (a Muaythai tournament in Thailand). I was asked if I wanted to replace the Belarus fighter. I was a little worried about ring-rust, but thought that I may as well go for it.
    It was a very tough contest. I hit him with everything, and he hit me with everything. I was determined not to give up. In the fourth round I could feel his strength going from him, and this just made me stronger. Rather than do a fifth round, Bulduk withdrew due to exhaustion, and I won the World Title. His trainer said that he felt I would have stopped Bulduk if we continued, which I took as a compliment.

  • IKF/AKA England: You have defended your World title on two occasions since the Bulduk win, can you tell us a little about these bouts.
    GS: On the next AKA show two months later, the Turks said they had a challenger for my World Title, called Guven Zencir. Being challenged really fired me up and made me train harder than ever. This was great as I stopped Zencir in the first round.
    My second defence was going to be against Kuldup Kumar, (India). He pulled out two days before the bout as he had a loss in the family. I had trained very hard, and was desperate to compete. Neil contacted everyone in the rankings to see which contenders were available, and eventually matched me with the current British champion Darren Langthorne.
    This was the toughest contest I have had so far. Darren was part of the Darlington team, and this contest was top of the bill on a Darlington show.
    The bout went the distance and was a draw. It was neck and neck all the way. We contested an extra round, which was very close, but I came through in the end on points. The atmosphere was very intense, I will never forget it. It is a great feeling competing on your opponents show, and the crowd were fantastic.

  • IKF/AKA England: Some of your title contests are now on the internet. Have you had any feed back from this?
    GS: Yes, I have had over ten thousand people watch my bouts and I have received lots of e-mails from all over the world. It is pretty amazing really.

  • IKF/AKA England: Do you have your own website?
    GS: Yes the address is, www.grahamsayer.net

  • IKF/AKA England: What are your future plans?
    GS: I am going to defend my title against Darren again. He deserves a rematch as it was a really close contest, and I know that I would want one if it had gone the other way. I am also hoping to compete in America in 2007 at the IKF World Classic Tournament. This is an 8 man grandprix like the K-1, but for amateurs. The sports awards for Warrington are also coming up, (February 2007), it would be great to do well in that again as the award means so much to me. A dream would be to fight in Japan on the K-1 MAX.

  • IKF/AKA England: Who are your favourite fighters, internationally and domestically ?
    GS: Internationally, my favourite fighter is definitely K-1's Peter Aerts. At K-1 Max my favourite is Andy Souwer. English fighters I really enjoy watching are David Paquette, Steven Wakling and Daniel Hudson.

  • IKF/AKA England: Is there anyone that you would like to thank?
    GS: Could I say thank you to my trainers and sparring partners at Warrington Kickboxing Studio. I would also like to thank Mike Parsons and the Warrington Guardian for their support.

  • IKF/AKA England: Thank you for the interview, and good luck for 2007.

TUESDAY, JANUARY 23rd, 2007, AT 10:15 PM, PT

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WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 17th, 2007, AT 10:10 AM/PT

RESULTS FROM No Xclusions, Inc.'s
January 12th, 2007 - Jacksonville, Florida, USA

IKF Representative Lee Braden
What a Great kick off for the New Year! IKF Kickboxing at Plush. The house was packed. With 10 bouts on the card it is going to get exciting, fast. Fighters came from all over, Orlando, Winter Springs, Jacksonville and Brunswick Georgia. Here are the nights results below:

  1. Richard Smith, Jacksonville Florida USA, (1-1, 140lbs, 5'8", 12-28-86) defeated Wesley Prince, Jacksonville Florida USA, (0-1, 140lbs, 9-22-88) By TKO at the end of Round 2.

  2. Eric Shellard, Orlando Florida USA, (1-1, 140lbs, 5'4", 5-21-86, Ron Rivera 407-963-9279) defeats Joe August, Jacksonville Florida USA, (0-1, 140lbs, 5'7" 4-12-86) by TKO at 1:40 of round 1.

  3. Joe Stores, Jacksonville Florida USA, (3-0, 199lbs, 5'8" 12-3-81, Kru Tom Burke 904-535-1054) defeats Bob Taylor, Jacksonville Florida USA, (0-1, 195lbs, 5'10", 10-4-55) by TKO at end of Round 1.

  4. Sean Ireland, Winter Springs Florida USA, (1-1, 155lbs, 6' 6-2-82, Adam Pollock 407-399-6352) defeated Jonathan Baldree, Jacksonville Florida USA, (1-1, 156lbs, 5'9" 4-12-84) by TKO at 1:07 in Round 3.

  5. Quenton Singleterry, Brunswick Georgia USA, (4-3, 155lbs, 5'10") defeats Rico McMillan, Jacksonville Florida USA, (1-1, 154lbs) by TKO at 1:40 of Round 2.

  6. Brian Stalvey, Jacksonville Florida USA, (1-1, 230lbs, 6'2", 3-11-65 Karate Arts 904-744-9995) defeated Michael Vespucci, Jacksonville Florida USA, (0-2, 235lbs, 6' 9-10-87, Foskey Martial Arts 904-307-7807)

  7. Chris Tellem, Jacksonville Florida USA, (2-0, 180lbs, 5'9", 1-9-87 Karate Arts 904-744-9995) defeated Tyler Morris, Hillard Florida USA, (0-1, 180lbs, 5'10",12-10-87) by TKO at :57 in Round 2.

  8. Mark McCorkle, Jacksonville Florida USA, (3-1, 235lbs, 6' Lonnie Bowen, 904-744-9995) defeated Tommy Paris, Jacksonville Florida USA, (0-1, 5'7" 8-1-88) by KO at 1:19 of Round 1.

  9. Lonnie "Gator" Bowen, Jacksonville Florida USA, (3-1, 5'10",190lbs Karate Arts 904-744-9995) defeated David Lewis, Knoxville Tenn. USA, (8-2, 190lbs) by TKO at 1:24 of Round 2.

  10. Sean Brady, Jacksonville Florida USA, (4-2-2, 250lbs, 6' Wade Hanes, 904-744-9995) defeats Brandon Young, Jacksonville Florida USA, (1-1, 255lbs, 5'11", 10-7-84) by split decision 28-29, 30-26 and 30-26.

For more info please contact Mr. Thomas Fischer at (904) 744-9995 or by e-mail at noxclusionsinc@aol.com

FRIDAY, JANUARY 12th, 2007, AT 1:15 AM, PT


No Xclusions, Inc. Presents
Jacksonville, Florida, USA

MORE NEWS OF 1-12-07

Up Close and Personal Featuring The One and Only...
Mr. Maurice Smith

Special To IKF

Recently, AKP Press had the pleasure of speaking with Kickboxing/MMA Champion Mr. Maurice Smith of Seattle Washington. We were elated he took time out of his very busy schedule to speak with us. He surprised us with some of his comments regarding different groups and his opinion on where he feels the state of Kickboxing and MMA is today and where it's going. He cuts no corners and is very candid and gets right to the point. Mr. Smith has done more for the combat industry than most of us can dream. He has a great story and we hope you will enjoy our conversation with him.

Maurice "Mo" Smith recently celebrated his forty fifth birthday and has accomplish great things in the sport of Kickboxing and MMA. He's won a total of three kickboxing world titles, a K-1 USA Grand Prix Title as well as the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) title to name a few. Maurice has a unique sense of humor but lets you know that he loves and wants great things for the martial arts as a whole. He and his team, The Tiger Sharks are preparing for the big International Fight League (IFL) Championship Show next Friday night at the Oracle Arena in Oakland , CA. The IFL is relatively new and the only fighting league that squares off teams in full contact mixed martial arts (MMA) action. Maurice Smith is one of their prominent coaches and has high regards for the direction of the IFL. Here's more with the legendary…Maurice Smith.

  • AKP: Maurice, most people have something or someone who inspired them to strive to reach certain goals. What and, or who sparked your interest in the martial arts?
  • MS: "That's an easy one, at the age of thirteen, I went to see film star Bruce Lee in a Kung Fu Movie called The Chinese Connection and after that… I was hooked! Additionally, I saw Sugar Ray Leonard, Muhammad Ali and Michael Jordan on TV and knew I wanted to be something in their likeness! Since I'd fallen in love with martial arts, I thought why not martial arts? Shortly after seeing the movie, I started classes in Tae Kwon Do and Kung Fu and began participating in a few point karate tournaments but did not do that well. I wanted to do more...I wanted to be able to make more contact. I had my first full contact bout when I was around 18."

  • AKP: Maurice, you had a nice long run fighting for the K-1 organization, how was that for you? Do you feel that K-1 helped the sport and if so, what did it do for you?
  • MS: "Not really, I don't call it a nice run...but it was a run. Overall, I did not like the way K-1 dealt with their fighters. They did not do well with the matching of bouts that many times made for boring and mis-matched fights. The crowd can tell if a fight is even or not. Moreover, they use you while you are winning but lose a few and they drop you. Don't get me wrong, I think it was good for what it was and I don't want it to fail but it could have been so much more. You can not expect to grow an event and market its fighters, if you are only having your event in one place ( Las Vegas ) a couple times a year. If you live in Florida and want to see the show, you would need to purchase an airline ticket to attend the event. The IFL is bringing the shows to you... saving you money while giving you a first class event!"

  • AKP: Why do you think MMA is so popular? (AKP-His answer was a little surprising...)
  • MS: "I think it's popular because so many people can do it. Kickboxing and Boxing is much harder than MMA!

  • AKP: Really!
  • MS: "Look! Boxing and Kickboxing takes years to master. With MMA, you don't have to master any particular art form, you just have to get a little of each and you are ready to go! Most MMA Fighters can't Box and it all starts from a standup position where the punch is closest first. A good striker will have a slight advantage at first...this is why I prefer to strike."
    (AKP- Maurice eluded to the fact that another reason MMA was so popular is because everyone likes to see a good brawl and that's what many of the matches turn into…its good entertainment.)

  • AKP: Tell us more about the IFL and why you feel it's the best thing out there?
  • MS: "First, let me say this, I feel very fortunate to be a part of this great organization. I feel that they really want to take care of the fighters. They are a model for other fight organizations to follow...all of them...Boxing, Kickboxing and other MMA orgs!"

  • AKP: Why do you say that?
  • MS: They care about the fighters! They set you up on a one year contract and pay you around a $25,000.00 annual salary.

  • AKP: That's more money than most fighters make.
  • MS: Plus, you get paid per show upwards of $12,000.00. You are guaranteed at least three fights per year. A fighter has Injury Insurance and can win additional money for best fight of the night, best knockout or for having the most heart etc. Moreover, since the IFL is now traded publicly, the coaches of each team receives stock options. I feel all of them will be millionaires in a few years!" Oh, and the coaches also get a piece of the sponsorship revenues as well."
    • AKP: You could hear the extreme enthusiasm in Maurice's voice as he spoke about the IFL's great benefits.

  • AKP: You mentioned Millionaires...When do you think MMA will have its first million dollar purse?
  • MS: "It really doesn't matter when…what matters most is that these fighters can count on making certain funds and that they will have more security...that's more important than shooting for a million dollar payday."

  • AKP: ... that makes sense. The IFL deals with the team concept much like the NFL. They have a pre and post season then a final and or...a Super Bowl type event...correct? Do you see your team in the finals? See Maurice's Team.
  • MS: "Right for the most part. Yes, I see my team in the finals. I have a solid team. Some of them are strikers while others are better ground fighters…we have a great team!"

  • AKP: Do you have a star player on your team who may stand out a little?
  • MS: I consider all of my team members star players because everyone's win or loss counts for or against us. However, I do have one fighter that seems to have what it takes to be a superstar player one day. His name is Brad Blackburn. He strikes a lot like me but has a better ground game. Additionally, he has a great attitude and looks nice too…he's marketable!

  • AKP: OK, lets compare the IFL to the NFL...will the IFL eventually have Eastern and Western Divisions and will they have International Teams?
  • MS: "There are about 16 teams now. I think they are looking at a divisional conference type deal. We already have international teams… like Canada , Brazil , England , Japan , France and Russia …and more coming on soon."

  • AKP: It sounds like you really like what the IFL is doing. It certainly sounds great…. a couple more questions about you. You have fought many tough battles with big names...like all time great Kickboxer Rick Roufus in the K-1, MMA with Bas Rutten and Randy Couture, Ken Shamrock, Marco Ruas and the list goes on... Who do you feel was your toughest opponent?
  • MS: "All of them were tough in their own way. However, I feel that Randy Couture handled me a little more and although not a tough fight, he controlled the fight more than the others. I should also mention I will have a rematch with Marco in March as the Super Fight on the card...the first match ended with me winning but he was injured coming into the bout. The rematch should be a good one!"

  • AKP: Maurice, with your celebrity status, what kind of things are you doing in the community to assist others and also helping them believes they can attain their dreams?
  • MS: In conjunction with the IFL we are doing "Free" Domestic Violence Seminars for abused women as well as I work with kids suffering from Diabetes.

  • AKP: Sum up your career for me... how would you like to be remembered?
  • MS: "As one who accomplished a lot in the fight game... I also want to be remembered as a person who gave back to the sport by training others who aspire to be their personal best and, or world champions. I want to leave a piece of me in each of them."

  • AKP: Thanks Maurice for your time and we really enjoyed talking with you!

Interesting enough, AKP received an e-mail from another former world champion fighter who is doing other things today - Jerry "Golden Boy" Trimble out of Southern California. The e-mail spoke of a poem called "The Dash." It started with a man speaking over his departed wife and noting that there was a beginning date of her birth -"A Dash"- and an ending date- the day she past on. He wanted every one to know that although the little line is often looked over, there was an entire life lived that represents that small dash. Based on all of Maurice Smith's accomplishments, he is a fine example of living life to the fullest and making his "dash" a legacy for so many to remember him for years to come.

Maurice Smith is a team coach for International Fight League (IFL). His team is the Tiger Sharks and they will be fighting Marcos Ruas' team, the Condors on next Friday night at the Oracle Arena in Oakland , CA. Each team fights in professional MMA bouts in a specific weight class. The most wins by knockout or submission for the evening, wins the event and gets valuable points heading up to the end of the season.

The January 19th IFL event will be under the authority of the California State Athletic Commission and Sanctioned by the International Kickboxing Federation's (IKF) sister organization, the International Combat Federation (ISCF) mixed martial arts division. The IKF and ISCF are based out of Northern California and is the largest sanctioning body in the world for kickboxing and MMA events. For more on the IFL and the January 19th event in Oakland ...see their site at www.IFL.tv For Tickets Click HERE!

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 10th, 2007, AT 5:30 PM, PT

Pickett Vs Lewis For The WORLD!

Amateurs Plan To Make Headlines First in 2007!
IKF Champions Lewis and Pickett Will Meet For The Vacant
IKF Amateur Super Lightweight World Title!

IKF Durham North Carolina, USA
In a few months on Saturday night, April 21st, IKF Promoter Will Smith and his Vanguard Promotions Team will presents THE CAROLINA TRIPLE THREAT! This will be yet another exciting night of IKF Championship Kickboxing presented by Smith who has consistently become better and better at his promotional skills. This is even more evident when you check out his new website at www.vanguardpro.net where Smith makes it clear that "The Road To A Title Runs Through Durham!"
The event will be a rematch of IKF Champions held at the Marriott Civic Center in Durham, North Carolina.

All the hype for this event will be focused on the nights Main Event which will be the quest for the vacant IKF Amateur Full Contact Rules Super Lightweight World Title. This will be a battle poised to set the stage for an exciting year of action with the IKF. This IKF Title bout will feature two of most recognized and respected fighters in the International Kickboxing Federation.

It will be number 1 vs number 2 in the IKF Amateur Super Lightweight division. However, the rank here means little until April because the only reason number 2 is number 2 is because he could not make it to the 2006 IKF World Classic Tournament... So in a sense, we are seeing number 1 vs number 1 (You will read why this is our theory here near the end of this article...) to see who will rightly be crowned the "TOP" Amateur FCR Super Lightweight!

As the rankings stand right now, IKF number 1 ranked amateur Super Lightweight, Justin Pickett (Left) of Tallahassee, Florida via North Augusta, South Carolina has an amateur record of 12 wins, 3 loses with 3 wins coming by KO/TKO. Pickett already has a mass collection of title gold for his trophy case which include the titles of 2006 IKF Amateur Super Lightweight Tournament Champion, 2000 IKF Amateur USA Featherweight Tournament Champion when he defeated Billy Byrd of Aurora, Illinois by TKO at :59 seconds of round 1. He also won both the 2000 and 2001 PKC Amateur USA Featherweight Tournament titles. He also has a perfect 5-0 Amateur boxing record and this past year became the Georgia State Novice Amateur Boxing Champion.

Across the ring from him will stand the listed number 2 IKF Ranked contender, Jon Lewis (Right) of St. Paul, Minnesota. Lewis has compiled an amateur Kickboxing record of 9 wins with only 1 loss and like Pickett, 3 of his wins have come by way of KO/TKO. Lewis also has gold in his trophy case having won the 2005 IKF Amateur Super Lightweight Tournament Title, the USKBA Amateur Super Lightweight Tournament Title and the KICK Welterweight Amateur World title.

As for the details, Pickett stands 5'5" tall and comes in around 132 lbs. He is a graduate from the University Of South Carolina and is currently pursuing his graduate degree at Florida State University. The term "Champions" surround him all the time during his training as he trains out of, and teaches at, Greubel Mixed Martial Arts in Augusta, Georgia. The Greubels are well known here at the IKF as they no longer have a Trophy case for their Title hardware, they now have a ROOM to display it all in. Pickett's trainers are Pro Kickboxer Stevie Dement and former IKF Champion Mark Greubel.

Jon Lewis is 5'6" and comes in around 137 lbs. He is from Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. He is a graduate of Concordia College in Morehead, Minnesota where he played 4 years of football as a running back. Lewis began his martial arts career in 1988 and began kickboxing in 1999. He trains out of, and teaches at, the Cellar Kickboxing Gym in New Brighton, Minnesota. He is trained by Justin Whiley.

The Title will be a rematch of the 2005 IKF North American Tournament Title between these two. If this bout is anything like that one, it's going to be a barn burner!!! At the 2005 IKF NAC Tournament Pickett advanced to the Championship bout when he defeated Miquel Bermudez of Dixon, California by unanimous decision 30-27 on all 3 judges cards. Lewis advanced to the Championship bout when he defeated David Thomas of Fredericksburg, Virginia by unanimous decision 30-27, 29-28 & 29-28. In the Championship bout, Lewis edged our Pickett by a close majority, 29-28, 29-28 & 28-28 to take the 2005 title.

A hoped for rematch was not to be at the IKF World Classic Tournament in 2006. Although Pickett came back to the Tournament in 2006, Lewis didn't make the trip. In 2006, Pickett took the belt home when he defeated Alex Tiria of Huntley, Illinois by Unanimous decision 30-25, 30-25 & 30-26.

As of today, here is the nights undercard for the event below

  1. Nick Parker Vs Tyler Jackson
  2. David Helfant Vs Anthony Bernard
  3. Anne Spafford Vs Amika Olchevic
  4. Scott Kingston Vs Anan Aiadeh
  5. Dennis Hoffman Vs Robert Shover
  6. Aisha Washington Vs Angela Hines
  7. Michael Bernard Vs Justin Moser
  8. Curtis Alston Vs Joshua Thompson
  9. Author Powell Vs Mike Frazier
  10. Darrien Reeves Vs AJ Moore
  11. Marc Castrovinci Vs Omar Hassan
  12. Jesse Price Vs Jacob Brantley
  13. Joseph Murphy Vs Brandon Lane
  14. Marlin Perking Vs John Park
  15. Michael Mcmullen Vs Wayne Revels

In addition to the full contact kickboxing Smith will also host a daytime IKF Point kickboxing© tournament along with a BJJ Submission Tournament. the night before (Friday) he has scheduled a Special Kickboxing Seminar with 2 time Pro Kickboxing World Champion and IKF Point kickboxing© creator, Johnny Davis. (Right)

The event doors open at 4:PM with the first fight starting at 5:PM. Children Under 5 are free. Advance seats are $10 and all Adult General Tickets are $15. Special VIP tables for 8 are $150 with a limited number available. To purchase advance seats and tables and for other info please go to www.vanguardpro.net For more info please call Mr. Will Smith at (919) 632-7242 or e-mail at vanguardpro@nc.rr.com

TUESDAY, JANUARY 9th, 2007, AT 1:50 PM, PT

Midwest Fight Fest
December 16th, 2006 - Kansas City, Missouri, USA

Chuck Wolfe ISCF Event Representative
Shamrock Promotions & The Blue Corner Promotions combined again to close out the year with yet another strong and well run event. Results as follows:

    Tonya Evinger vs Channel Rand
    Evinger controlled the action in every round. Using a good jab combined with a long right hand to win every round on two of the Judges cards. The other judge had Rand winning two rounds to one.
    WINNER By Majority Decision (30-27, 30-27 & 28-29) Tonya Evinger.

    Katrina Canfield vs Stacy Jennings
    Round one starts with Canfield working a good jab followed by left, right combo's. Jennings lands a few jabs of her own to make it a competitive round. Canfield lands more jabs followed by overhand rights. The overhand rights set up a good body attack at the end of this round. Jennings starts strong in round three backing Canfield up against the ropes with some jab right hand combo's. Canfield counters back effectively.
    WINNER By Unanimous Decision (30-27 all cards) Katrina Canfield.

    Bryan Carrol vs Adam Cella
    Exciting exhibition by both fighters. Cella demonstrating good kicking and boxing skills. Carrol good leg kicking skills.

    Natu Visinia Vs John Orr
    These big guys came to fight! Visinia lands a right hand, leg kick and a takedown only to be reversed by Orr. After some effectiveness by Orr, Visinia reverses Orr for some ground & pound as the round ends.
    Round 2 - After a few heated exchanges by both fighters Visinia lands a big right hand that KO's Orr.
    WINNER By KO (Strikes) at 2:32 of Round 2 Natu Visinia.

  5. MMA
    Andrew Keahn vs Dan Velton
    A leg kick and a right hand by Keahn starts this one. Keahn follows with a take down. Velton answer was a good ground defense, that set up the triangle into a arm-bar.
    WINNER By Tap Out (Arm-Bar) at 2:10 of Round 1 Dan Velton.

  6. MMA
    Mike Dilday Vs Chad Vancil
    Dilday lands a right hand that Vancil answers by landing a knee to Dilday's body. Dilday gets a takedown and moves to a full mount. Vancil locks into the arm-bar from there.
    WINNER By Tap Out (Arm-Bar) at 1:02 of Round 1 Chad Vancil.

    Thad Owens Vs Brandon Reinbold
    This was all Reinbold. He goes from takedown, to mount, and ground & pound. Then secures the arm-bar.
    WINNER By Tap Out (Arm-Bar) at 1:41 of Round 1 Brandon Reinbold.

    Aaron Jones vs Derek Garner
    A jab and double leg takedown by Garner that Jones quickly reverses. Garner gives Jones his back and Jones move in to secure the rear-naked choke.
    WINNER By Tap Out (Rear Naked) at :56 of Round 1 Aaron Jones.
    • 1-9-07: ISCF Needs Aaron Jones' Registration Form faxed to them with ALL his info filled out: (916) 663-4510.

    Josh Carney Vs Travis Sveum
    A solid takedown by Karney. Karney moves to a full mount and gets room to ground & pound. Referee Engle stops this one shortly after.
    WINNER By TKO (Strikes) at 1:55 of Round 1 Josh Karney.

  10. MMA
    Lonnie Dodge Vs Adam Noll
    These guys came to prove who was the best striker. Noll lands a leg kick followed by a right hand. Dodge answers with a right hand of his own. Both fighters trade knee's to the body and right hands. Noll lands a solid left hook that drops Dodge.
    WINNER By TKO (Strikes) at 1:12 of Round 1 Adam Noll.

  11. MMA
    Van Powell Vs Severeno Woods Jr.
    This one could be the main event on any ones card. Powell and Woods pound it out and counter each other all the way to the end of the first round.
    Round two starts with more of the same. This time Woods lands a right and a left hand that drops Powell forcing Referee Engle to put a stop to this one.
    WINNER By TKO (Strikes) at 1:46 of Round 2 Severeno Woods Jr..

  12. MMA
    Andrew Waters Vs Tony Goldsby
    Waters wasted no time getting the takedown and moving in to secure the arm-bar on Goldsby.
    WINNER By Tap Out (Arm-Bar) at :28 of Round 1, Andy Waters.

For more info please contact Mr. Jesse Finney at (314) 608-3104 or e-mail at jesse@finneyskickboxing.com or Mr. Benjamin Nogueras Jr. at (913) 568-8009 or e-mail at bnogueras@thebluecorner.com or go to www.ShamrockPromotionsLLC.com or www.TheBlueCorner.com