This Page Includes Past IKF News for
JULY 2007


TUESDAY, July 31st, 2007, AT 2:30 PM, PT

World Classic

If you are a Registered Fighter for the IKF World Classic and have the words "NEED PHOTO" listed after your name in the registered Fighters Brackets, you only have TWO Days to get your photo to us to avoid paying a $25 Photo Fee at Registrations. Keep in mind this fee is a "Deterrent" so that all photos are in and we do not have long lines with People needing photos taken and passes made. If you still have the words NEED PHOTO by your name, you can either express mail your 2" x 2" headshot photo to us or e-mail one to us in a jpg file or refer us to a web page on the internet that may have your photo where we can copy your photo from.

Photos are placed on your Tournament ID PASS. without it, you will have to pay a spectator ticket fee to enter the Tournament. The photo is to prevent someone using your ID Pass if you should lose it or have it stolen...

SAME THING. As noted on your Trainers Registration Page if you have not sent in your Trainers Registration Form you will be paying $25.00 at Registration whether you have a photo of yourself or not.

If you are a trainer and have not pre-registered at all, your fee is $35.00 on Registration day.

Please note that we are leaving the IKF Office here on Saturday, August 4th to drive to Orlando. This means ANY mail received here after Friday, August 3rd, we will not get. We will be set up in Orlando by late Tuesday, August 7th or Wednesday morning, August 8th. We return here to the IKF Office on Thursday, August 23rd.

MONDAY, July 30th, 2007, AT 4:20 PM, PT

July 28th, 2007 - Darien, Illinois, USA

    Steve Shaffer Vs Pat Hasting
    Pat Hasting defeated Steve Shaffer by tapout at 1:47 of round 2.

    Tom Westwater Vs Nick Schue

    Miguel Luis Vs David Silva David Silva defeated Miguel Luis by unanimous decision 29-28, 29-26 & 29-28.

    Dorothy Schultz Vs Laura Mertz
    Dorothy Schultz defeated Laura Mertz by unanimous decision 30-27, 30-27 & 30-26.

    Tim Martin Vs Jose Maldonado
    Tim Martin defeated Jose Maldonado by KO at 1:13 of round 2.

    Joe O'Brien Vs Mike Davis Joe O'Brien defeated Mike Davis by unanimous decision 29-28 on all 3 judges cards.

    Brian Robertson Vs Danard Harper
    Brian Robertson defeated Danard Harper by unanimous decision 29-27, 29-26 & 28-27.

    Aaron Swenson Vs Winston Mathius Jr.
    Aaron Swenson defeated Winston Mathius Jr. by unanimous decision, 30-26, 30-26 & 30-25.

    Al Rojas Vs Di Carlo Johnson
    Al Rojas defeated Di Carlo Johnson by unanimous decision 29-27, 29-27 & 29-27.

    Chase Green Vs Stephane Bernadel
    Chase Green defeated Stephane Bernadel by unanimous decision 30-26, 29-26 & 29-27.

    Vanessa Aliling Vs Mellisa Mason
    Vanessa Aliling defeated Mellisa Mason by unanimous decision 49-45, 48-46 & 49-47.

    Chidi Njokuani Vs Oliver Davis
    Chidi Njokuani defeated Oliver Davis by Knockout at 1:25 of round 1.

    Josh Eckman Vs John Cantu
    John Cantu defeated Josh Eckman by submission at :45 seconds of round 1.

FRIDAY, July 27th, 2007, AT 3:25 PM, PT


Chi Town Throwdown Promotions Presents
Darien, Illinois, USA


BattleGroup International Presents
Meryhill, Glasgow, Scotland


Duncan Airlie James
Glasgow, Scotland


John James
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

MONDAY, July 23rd, 2007, AT 11:50 PM, PT

Saving $$ At The
World Classic!

For those attending this years 9th Annual 2007 IKF World Classic Amateur Championship Tournament in Orlando, Florida, August 10th, 11th and 12th, Orlando Coupons has partnered with The IKF to help you make the most of your time in fun filled Orlando, Florida. For those looking to have a little vacation along with your Tournament participation, just click on the Golden Ticket Graphic to buy discounted attractions tickets, make dinner reservations, book your group dinner party or event, and arrange for golf, shopping and so much more!

The web site will help you plan your time in Orlando and SAVE MONEY for those looking to do some R&R. Better yet, the Orlando Convention Aid has provided the IKF with some great coupon books which will be given to the fighters, trainers and officials at registration on Friday, August 10th. Be sure to check out the coupons books which will be jam packed with thousands of dollars of savings!

Look for more discounts and deals for participants of the 9th Annual 2007 IKF World Classic Amateur Championship Tournament to be posted soon.



Going For The

At this years 9th Annual 2007 IKF World Classic Amateur Championship Tournament in Orlando, Florida, August 10th, 11th and 12th there will be some eyes on 2 Junior Fighters both trying to do something no one has ever done. Win the IKF Tournament title in ALL THREE rule divisions.

Wisconsin Junior Amateur Chad Monyelle (Left) is entered in this years IKF Tournament to fight International Rules. Last year at the 2006 IKF World Classic he won the 16-17 Year Old Super Lightweight Muay Thai Title when he defeated Sergio Lopez of San Diego, California, USA (1-1/0, 135, 5'8", 16, 9-30-89, Victor M. Beltran) by unanimous Decision, 29-25, 28-26 & 28-27.

At the 2005 IKF North American Classic Tournament he won the 14-15 Year Old Bantamweight Full Contact Rules title when he defeated Brandon Lane of Martinez, Georgia, USA (1-1/0, 120, 5' 7", 15, 2-20-90, Bobby Wilson) by unanimous decision 29-28 on all 3 judges cards.

At the 2004 IKF North American Classic Tournament he won the 14-15 Year Old Atomweight Full Contact Title when he defeated Michael Holcomb of Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA (14-1/8, 107, 4' 11", 14, 12-7-89, Craig Smith) by unanimous decision 29-28 on all 3 judges cards.

"Walking the Walk" for the same quest as Chad will be Tyler Price (Right). In 2005 Price won the 12-13 Year Old 2005 IKF North American Classic Junior Light Heavyweight Tournament Title under International Rules when he defeated Jabari Rasheed of Durham, North Carolina, USA (1-1/1, 84, 4' 11", 12, 6-25-93, Kenny Keith) by split decision, 29-28, 30-27 & 29-28.

Last year at the 2006 IKF World Classic in Cedar Rapids, Iowa he won the 13-14 Year Old Full Contact Rules title when he defeated Jesse Chadwell of Danville, Kentucky, USA (2-0/0, AB: 5-0, 98, 5'2" 13, 10-13-92, Rodney Finn) by unanimous decision, 30-27 on all 3 judges cards.

Several others could be going for additional records but sadly, "Politics' has made their trainers stay away from this years Tournament. It's too bad that Politics overpowers once strong individuals and takes away from what could have been some great records, especially the ones that could have been made for "Consistency" of participation. Oh well, no sense sulking on spilt milk as they say. We need to focus on "Kickboxing's New Stars!" Those of you who are bigger than all the Politics of our sport, we will see you in Orlando "Walking The Walk" with the "Best of the Best". For those who are not....We wish you luck in gaining your strength back that was once proud and honorable.

And for those who simply could not make the trip due to expenses, we must HONESTLY say, we will miss you all at "The Show!"

Once again this years IKF Tournament will live up to it's proven hype as "The Largest Amateur Kickboxing Tournament". However, sure NUMBERS DO NOT make a good event. We assure everyone that this years IKF world Classic Tournament will follow in the footsteps of past IKF Tournaments with great awards, organization, great bouts and a great place to meet old as well as new friends. Although we may be the host, you all know it's YOUR YEARLY PARTY and we look forward to seeing you all there!

"Forward March!"


Former IKF Amateur Tournament Champion

Seeks K-1 USA Trophy!

Rick Cheek

Once again the IKF Tournament system has brought to the K-1 stage another fighter who has not just high hopes but a strong chance of winning it all. As did former IKF tournament Champion Carter Williams (Right) did, Rick Cheek of Rohnert Park, California will strive for that same Professional Kickboxing Glory of hoisting up the K-1 USA cup this coming August in Las Vegas, Nevada.

While Williams has sadly faded from the winners circle and overall fight scene, Cheek will try to follow in only his "Winning" footprints. The only sad thing about Cheek getting his big stage opportunity is K-1's poor planning, putting their event on the same weekend as the big IKF World Tournament. "There are individuals who would have gone to both events but now some will be in Orlando Florida and some in Las Vegas Nevada." Said IKF President Steve Fossum. "It's too bad that these two big events in the USA are now on the exact same weekend. Sure wish K-1 would have taken notice of our date because there are quite a few that would love to come see Rick fight, but won't be there now."

Regardless of who will be where, some claim that bets are high that Cheek can take it all. Some in the States say Cheek's toughest opponent should be Patrick Barry (14-3-1, 8 KO's). However, this event is no longer held to just USA or North American fighters. Making the trip from across the Atlantic will be some other fighters looking to surprise the American crowd and take that trophy home that Cheek's and others are gunning for. Sweden's Rickard Nordstrand (16-6,3 KO's), Russia's Alexandre Pitchkounov (6-1-1, 3 KO's) and Zabit Samedov (50-5, 26 KO's), of Belarus are no pushovers.

The sleeper of the tournament though may surprise them all. Awakening that night in the right mood just may be 30 year old Brown Ton of Dallas, Texas. Standing 6'2" tall and weighing in at 225 pounds, he has been training with former IKF Pro Muay Thai World champion Saekson Janjira. Saekson was the First ever IKF Pro Muay Thai World Champion. He won the title giving one of the most devastating beatings to a fighter the IKF has ever seen as he destroyed John "The Iceman" Adams of Bakersfield, California, USA with a dynamic leg kick attack! The win gave him the vacant IKF Pro World Lightweight title with a KO at 1:20 of round 2. Never being challenged for his title Saekson continued to hold the Title until he retired from fighting in 1997.

His fighter, Brown Ton made history in December when he became the first American ever to compete in the annual "S-1 Super 8 World Championship" Muay Thai Tournament event staged in Bangkok, Thailand as part of the celebration of the Thai King's Birthday. Before a staggering, standing room only crowd of over 100,000, Brown Ton defeated two opponents before placing as runner-up in the super heavyweight, single-elimination tournament.

Saekson also trained former two time IKF Pro World Champion and former 1998 K-1 USA Champion Rick "The Jet' Roufus. Roufus was the first K-1 USA Champion. "MANY" are surprised Roufus was not invited to be in the August K-1 Tournament this year. With his American popularity he would surly be a crowd favorite, especially since he has stayed quite busy, winning his past several bouts by KO.

K-1 USA has taken quite a bit of negative criticism over the last few years from poor matches, overweight fighters, lack of marketing all the way up to the losing of their ESPN II TV & PPV deal several years ago. Top USA Promoter and organizer of the K-1 USA Event Scott Coker has had great event success when "HE" is allowed to call the shots. However Coker lacks the control he needs to make K-1 USA a true success as K-1 Japan keeps creating bad matches and other negatives about the event. Last year Coker made an extremely successful transformation into promoting MMA when he organized the largest ever MMA event (In terms of tickets sold) in the World, even topping UFC numbers.

Carter Williams

The problems K-1 USA has and that Coker has always faced were best summed up in an article by Central Kickboxing which was entitled K-1 USA: Something Needs To Be Said. Simply put, if Coker had 100% control, we WOULD see K-1 back on TV here in the USA and the event WOULD be a Total Success... But Scott's hands are tied and even though he's a Tae Kwon Do Expert, you can only do so much with your feet...

The Bellagio Ballroom doors will open for "K-1 World Grand Prix 2007 in Las Vegas" at 5:PM Pacific Standard Time on Saturday, August 11th and the card's first preliminary bout will begin at 5:30 PM. The eight-man tournament will commence at 7 PM. For the whole story by Mike Afromowitz of K-1 USA on Cheek's quest to Win K-1 USA this August click "New Blood Primed For War In Las Vegas K-1 Tourney".



The Dragon & Superfoot
Scheduled To Give Seminars At
Battle of Atlanta!

Battle of Atlanta Promoter Joe Corley has yet another Great Tournament planned for this weekend. Corley's "Battle of Atlanta" this year will feature some Great seminars from two great former Kickboxing Champions.

On Friday, 27, former IKF World Champion (And winner of 10 "Other" World titles) Don "The Dragon" Wilson (Standing Right) will be giving a seminar entitled,

"How to prepare for and break into films"
(Friday - 2:00 – 3:15)

Don will share with everyone how to break into Films and leverage your Martial Arts Energy and Successes and how he leveraged a great fighting career into so many films, so much world travel and so many fantastic memories. Hear it from the man whose hard work and insights will help you greatly! One of Don's first movie Video covers is shown at left.

On the same day, one of the first ever Kickboxing World Champions, Bill "Superfoot" Wallace (Standing Left) will host a seminar he calls,

"Forever Young" and Championship Fighting Strategies"
(Friday - 3:30-4:45)

Learn the secrets of a truly unique master. Why is he so "fit" and how can he still kick you in the head, at will, 33 years after winning his first World Title. Learn what Bill can teach you and your students about the future.

The Battle of Atlanta will take place at the Atlanta Hilton and Towers in Atlanta, Georgia, USA on July 27-28, 2007.
The above seminars will follow the officials induction ceremony on Friday, July 27th.

For more info go to

SATURDAY, July 21st, 2007, AT 3:25 PM, PT

Ron Hilton
"Recent Recipient of The Ringstar® Braveheart Award"


The IKF would like to congratulate Ron Hilton (Right) who has been awarded by Steve Shepherd of Ringstar® Shoes the Ringstar® Braveheart Award. Mr. Shepherd (Left) said "I love to give the award to the fighter who displays not only the heart of a champion, but also the mental toughness to endure anything to become victorious. It doesn't matter if the fighter wins the fight, it is the character displayed and the warrior attitude!"

Ron Hilton is a career Fireman from High Point, North Carolina. He stands 6'6" ,weighs 255lbs, and at age 42 wants to win one more National Title before he retires. In 2004 and 2006 Ron won a Tournament Titles with other organizations. At another tournament a few weeks ago Ron fought the huge 298lb. fighter from Benny Voyles' camp named Dave Sharp. These guys were going at each other hard with neither fighter taking a backward step. During the fight, Ron and his opponent traded shots, but Dave Sharp landed the harder shots that echoed throughout the arena. Ron absorbed a tremendous amount of punishment and actually got dropped in the second round. Going into the third, Ron started to gain a little momentum when Dave Sharp was disqualified for only boxing and not kicking as the rules required. After the fight both Ron's eyes were nearly swelled shut. He had to ice his face all night to keep the swelling minimal so he could compete in the championship bout on Sunday. Ron kept the swelling down but his eyes were still black and blue. A lesser man would have pulled out and gone home but Ron wanted to be the Champion!


Recently Ron faced 21 year old Hiram Harris in the championship match who is a very skilled fighter with good kicks and smooth boxing. Hiram won the first round keeping Ron away and out pointing him. After the first round Ron's face began to swell again. The second round was a better round for Ron as he pressured Hiram and the younger fighter made a mental error by hitting Ron on the back of the head. The referee deducted a point for the foul and Ron threw caution to the wind and tried to make it a street fight in the third. Ron's eyes continued to swell and with only a minute left in the round he got cut over his left eye. The doctor was brought in to look at the cut and for Ron's safety, stopped the fight. Ron was yelling to the doctor as he walked away "Come on doctor, we only got a minute left! Let me finish!"

Ron exemplifies courage, heart and determination. If I am ever in a burning building I would definitely want to see Big Ron's face coming through the door to pull me out! Congratulations Big Ron! You may not have won a title but you won the hearts of all the spectators on this day.

Who will be the Ringstar Braveheart award winner at this years IKF Tournament?
As award presenter Steve Shepard of Ringstar® said, "I love to give the award to the fighter who displays not only the heart of a champion, but also the mental toughness to endure anything to become victorious. It doesn't matter if the fighter wins the fight, it is the character displayed and the warrior attitude!" Will YOU win the Braveheart Award? We will all soon find out at this years 9th Annual 2007 IKF World Classic Amateur Championship Tournament in Orlando Florida, August 10th, 11th and 12th.

The Ringstar® Starfighter page is a showcase of exceptional martial artists who embody the goals, ideals and drive for excellence that we here at Ringstar® share. We welcome and encourage your input to make this showcase your very own. If you are a Starfighter, or you know someone who is, write to us at: starfighter@ringstaradvantage.com and tell us who you think should be the next Starfighter.

FRIDAY, July 20th, 2007, AT 11:55 PM, PT


Lee Green and the Higher Level Gym in Manchester Presents
Manchester, England


Past 160 And Beyond...

After already breaking the first deadline registration number last week the 9th Annual 2007 IKF World Classic Amateur Championship Tournament staff is now starting other tasks along with continuing to register fighters for the Tournament. Things such as getting the awards together, the famous IKF Tournament Title Belts of course, Medals, Certificates, fighter gifts and on and on and on. In all, the IKF is spending somewhere around $25,000 in awards alone for this years event. The 2007 IKF Tournament Belts will be posted next week. Any guesses on what the color of this years belts will be? Hint... A color we have never used before...

In addition, the already expensive belts will cost the IKF a but more this year. The JUNIOR Belts will have a slightly different side plate, a powder coated metal rim border on each side will replace the past plastic rims on the side plates. on the ADULT Belts, fighters will see a drastic difference on the side plates. The side plates this year will be solid gold brass. However, this process was not cheap and will add about $84 to each belt. The stages to get this done include the actual pouring of each brass piece ($24) the polishing ($12) and then the painting & clear coat ($6) which comes to $42 per side plate. This of course will add more "Bling" as well as weight to the already beautiful belts.

As always, Brain Pad has already shipped in the many Brain Pads the IKF will be giving each fighter as a special gift. With all the other Tournaments this year, we thought we would be grateful to see 100 registered fighters attending this years IKF World Classic. However, as of this press release today at 11:10 AM, (before todays mail) we stand at 162 registered fighters and with everyone we have been speaking to over the phones and through e-mails today, we may see 200 and above again this year. The 161 number is before we have picked up todays mail too so we are assured more Registrations in the P.O. Box to assist with filling some of those matchmaking holes. No to mention the faxed in registrations awaiting credit card approval.

Some have questioned whether they will get a fight because there is no one in their division/bracket. Keep in mind that we begin the actual matchmaking next week and we assure you, pretty much everyone will be matched up for a fight by fight weekend. As it has been around here all week, the phone and fax machines keep ringing for fighter registrations as well as trainer registrations.

Make sure you get registered before AUGUST 1st, otherwise you will be paying $35 at the event for your trainers pass instead of only $10. To see how to register Click HERE. To see the trainers already registered Click HERE. Also, please keep in mind that a gym (Not each fighter) but each gym is only allowed "Three" cornerman/trainer passes at the $10 rate. Additional passes may be attained, but all other passes will be at the $35 fee.

Registration is far from over. Fighters will and always have the opportunity to continued signing up until the "Final Deadline" of Friday, August 3rd, but don't wait till then because your late fees will be pretty high. After August 3rd the registration will be officially closed. As of 6:00 PM today, Pacific Time, the late fee will go up another $10. Right now the late fee is $30.00.

To see all late fees Click HERE. When registering over the phone fighters are requested to first fax their forms in, then call in with their credit card number. Keep in mind, late fees are not there to make the IKF extra money. They are in place as a "Deterrent" so that fighters will register early so that work here is easier to do such as ordering awards and matchmaking.

Some IKF Point Kickboxing (PKB) participants also got in the mix on yesterday and sent in their registration as well which the sooner the better is always good. Since the PKB is an Open event, the final deadline for PKB Fighters is Friday, August 10th (Registration Day at the event) by 6:00 PM.
HOWEVER, Here is where it gets a bit confusing...
All PKB fighters who register after next Friday, July 27th will pay a late fee of $10 to register. IKF will accept PKB Registrations at the IKF Office up until Thursday, August 2nd. All registration forms received at the IKF Office AFTER Thursday, August 2nd will NOT BE ACCEPTED FOR THE TOURNAMENT. If you feel you may miss this deadline, DO NOT mail in your forms and fees to the IKF Office. Instead, bring your registration papers and fees to registration day, Friday, August 10th. This is because the IKF Offices will close at 5:00 PM August 3rd and move to Orlando Florida for the event. The higher late fees as noted for the Full Contact fighters does not apply to the Semi Contact - Point Kickboxers since there is less work involved here to prepare for their Tournament. Things such as matchmaking, the number of IKF Title belts and other awards and arrangements. The IKF Office will officially re-open on Thursday, August 23rd.

The 9th Annual 2007 IKF World Classic Amateur Championship Tournament will be held at the Largest Marriott in the World, the Marriott World Center in Orlando, Florida August 10th, 11th & 12th with the Point Kickboxing World Classic Tournament taken place on Saturday morning August 11th. Those needing more information please visit the official tournament page by Clicking HERE. See you at The SHOW!

MONDAY, July 16th, 2007, AT 1:10 PM, PT

Approaching 150...

After a quick count earlier today the 9th Annual 2007 IKF World Classic Amateur Championship Tournament is just short of the 150 mark. in fact, by end of day today we may very well be past the 150 Registered Fighters mark. If you add in the Semi Contact (Point Kickboxers) that number is even far greater. By the end of the day today we hope to have all the fighters posted up and in brackets.

Keep in mind that NONE of the fighters have been "Officially Seeded" yet. All seeding will be done this week since the first deadline has past this past Friday. Keep in mind now that fighters will be seeded in the order their registrations are received.

Only one fighter in your bracket? Don't worry. As we get closer and closer to the Tournament you will see little notes by your name or your fighters name that ask comments such as "You have no opponent here so IKF Requests you to move to IR from MTR - Please reply by e-mail." or "You have no opponent here so IKF Requests you move up or down in weight. - Please reply by e-mail."

Keep in mind that the we have a 98% rate of successfully matchmaking all registered fighters. This of course is with the help of all the trainers and fighters willing to adjust their divisions. To read other seeding details Click HERE. For other seeding details and matchmaking info both before and at the Classic Click HERE!

Again, a reminder that there are several Registration DEADLINES coming up. To see them all Click HERE. ALL deadlines refer to when we here RECEIVE your registration. We cannot control the mail so if you want to Guarantee a dated delivery we suggest you use FED-EX or some other Priority mailing service. See you in Orlando!


Who Are The Sponsors?
Is There a Line To Cross In Sponsorship?

Or Is Questionable Sponsorship Only OK If the Checks Comes To You?

7-16-07 - 6:00 PM: This article was completed last week but was not set to be posted until today. A recent message board post concern was added to the article since it was in direct relation to the article itself. However, those noted in the addition thought the IKF was taking a stab at them... Which we were not, nor was it our intention to. We were only pointing out the continued reaction many give when someone succeeds in something that will eventually benefit the sport. Because of these issues, this article was reversed back to it's original form, excluding the addition of the message board posts that were presented today. The IKF apologizes for any misunderstandings.

"One step forward, two steps back..." Sound familiar? Or better yet, have you ever heard the story about the "Crabs in a Bucket?" Does it seem like every time you're about to rise to a better position someone seems to grab you by the leg and pull you back down? Look down quickly enough and you'll see that that someone who is trying to keep you from moving on is actually a long, sharp pincer belonging to one of your fellow crabs...er, colleagues... It's pretty common in todays world. When one gets smart enough to get out of the bucket, he's constantly being grabbed and pulled back down by the others... who remain "In the bucket..."

Whether this is a "Crab in the Bucket" issue or a legit concern, we really don't know and will probably never know. In the past, when promoters or fighters attain a big sponsorship deal, many are quick to downplay it as if it's not legit, a bad deal, not what it appears, etc. etc.

Earlier this year the IKF and ISCF (IKF's sister organization for Mixed Martial Arts - www.ISCFMMA.com) made an alignment with a sponsor, Jack9. When the alignment was first made, it was a big plus for both the IKF and ISCF since Jack9 was going to host fight footage content on their site. However, since their start we have had a few concerns from some IKF viewers in regards to some other video now being hosted on the Jack9 site that some are calling adult video content.

The concerns made us think a little about what people are thinking as compared to where Kickboxing as a Sport is today. After thinking this through, the thought that came up was "Why should KICKBOXING Suffer?"

Some reasoning here to such a question... As many here know, kickboxing has dropped to third now in the fight game behind MMA and Boxing. If we added in Pro (Fake) Wrestling, Kickboxing would be 4th in the fight sport mix. So the question is why? Is it the sport itself or how it's promoted?

When the IKF made the Jack9 alignment months back everyone here knows that some of the content on their site now was not there back then, such as some of the content the two above are referring to. Last month we brought our concerns to the Jack9 company. Our concerns of course were the same as the individuals above, especially since we here at the IKF are from a more "Conservative, Martial Arts" background... or to put it more basic, "We are old school." We DO worry about IMAGE and PERCEPTION, much like many of you do. After sending Jack9 our concerns, we received the following e-mail from their President, Mr. James Marcellino:

"Dear Steve,
It's important that your families understand our site is designed to attract men ages 18 - 34. This is an adult content site. Not pornography, but adult content. "R" rated material should not be viewed by teenagers. If they are on the site to view fights, then all they have to do is stay in the IKF or MMA section of the site and they will not see any of the more edgy material. They need to exercises the same type of parental guidance they would for censoring their children from other adult material on the Internet. Understand that our popularity, similar to FOX in the 80's, is that we cross the line and maintain an edge to our content on certain shows. All of this is directed at our audience. We did not build a teen site- yet.
Sincerely, James Marcellino
President Jack9

Even with this reply though, we continued our concerns. Being "Old School" we choose to consult with several other current IKF Promoters, Trainers and Fighters. Without sharing with them what James said in his e-mail, everyone we spoke to had the same basic responses. Out of them all, here are the two that pretty much summed it all up. The first one came from a Promoter and Trainer, who also trains a lot of junior fighters;

"Dear IKF, I have two words for you, "Parental Guidance"
Jack9 is GREAT exposure for the sport of kickboxing! The fact is, 6 million different people are now being exposed to not just the IKF, but KICKBOXING around the world. Where else can you buy that kind of exposure!? The Jack9 - IKF marriage was one of the best things that the IKF could have done to give our sport more exposure and we are proud to be part of it. All I have to ask is how can I get our event footage on there?

Another Trainer with a Junior son fighting on IKF events wrote;

"Steve and others at the IKF,
Have you not watched NASCAR? Big time wrestling? What about Spike TV's UFC show? the HBO Boxing Chavez/Mayweather hype-up show on TV!? Steve, maybe your a little old school to worry about what others will see on their computer but hype sells. These other guys are cusing up a storm and look how much they grew! MMA and boxing are far ahead of Kickboxing and look how they have marketed. look at WWE and NASCAR. ALL these groups have went to the edge and it has brought them success. Something to point out here that your missing. I don't see any "IKF" Adult videos on their site, I see IKF FIGHTS! If the IKF were doing g-string kickboxing or oil wrestling kickboxing, OK, then I would question things. If I saw IKF fighters on the site saying f-you and other slang, again, I would question the selection of the content. But look at the IKF Content. it's ALL CLASSY and done with professionalism in mind. Jack 9 is not and will not hurt Kickboxing. It will though put us all in front of over 6 million different people each month, which is probably 5 plus million more than we were in front of before you guys hooked up.

Both these e-mail replies spoke volumes here. The reality of all these e-mail replies was this;

The IKF is not making Adult Videos.

The IKF is sanctioning as well as promoting kickboxing, which in turn helps everyone. This has been acknowledged by many here. Other big fight sports are coming to Jack9 as well such as the IFL (International Fight League).

The IKF and ISCF came on board with Jack9 when they first started. Jack9 has grown tremendously since the beginning and IKF content is still on their site. There will be even more content added soon which will include both older IKF events as well as new IKF events. So the question here is, "When someone contacts us and is upset we are advertising a site where IKF footage is being shown, and the site also hosts other content such as R Rated material, are such complaints justified or are they jealous stabs at the IKF for attaining Jack9 as a Sponsor? Honestly, who knows. We would like to believe they are legit concerns and we agree with them on that front. However, the fact is, it's exposure of KICKBOXING that is helping our sport. Everyone of course is entitled to their own opinions and with so many in the IKF, as well as other kickboxing people who visit the IKF site or the Jack9 site, there will be many different opinions from many different people.

So back to the question, "Why should KICKBOXING Suffer?"
Do we just want to sit here and see other fight sports pass us up? Do we want Jack9 to align with another kickboxing organization? If not the IKF, they will surly align with someone else, so why not IKF? Why should the IKF, or kickboxing for that matter be held back from such opportunities? Honestly... WHY? Will your explanation be a "Crab in a Bucket" justification?

As the one e-mail above noted, look at NASCAR, Big time wrestling, Spike TV's UFC show, HBO Boxing Chavez/Mayweather hype up show. ALL of these shows throw out the F-you's throughout their shows and events and even more. However, you don't hear this on the IKF content, nor will you. Kickboxing came from traditional martial Arts and from that, there will always be class related to our sport. To add on the other leading sporting events we see sponsors for all sorts of things from Viagra to Gambling sites on their advertising lists. So again, "Why should KICKBOXING Suffer?"

What everyone needs to see is that the key element that is missing in our sport is SPONSORSHIP DOLLARS! With Jack9, the IKF gets help with BOTH. This is something you don't get with a sponsor, especially one that can put you in front of more than 6 MILLION "Unique Visitors"' a month. Look at other event sponsors. Aside from giving money, who puts you in front of people.... For MONTHS? None. This is why we felt before and feel now that our relationship with Jack9 is a benefit to not just the IKF but everyone in the sport. So don't miss the reality of all this. The IKF is all about KICKBOXING. If you see IKF on Jack9 in front of over 6 MILLION PEOPLE EACH MONTH, all the better because remember,

The IKF is not making Adult Videos.

The Jack9 Link has been moved to the IKF TV site page
Depending on what future IKF Events Jack9 Sponsors, their site link will be added to these events.

SATURDAY, July 14th, 2007, AT 10:40 AM, PT

"Ring Of Fire"
Friday Night, July 13th, 2007 - Caldwell, Idaho, USA

    Josh Wick (95, 1-0) Vs Tyler Ray Rice (92.1, 0-1)
    Josh Wick defeated Tyler Rice in the 1st round TKO (strikes) referee stoppage.

    Charlie Furr (155, 1-0) Vs *Mike - Michael - Sanpayan (161.4 lbs, 0-0)
    Charlie Furr defeated Michael Sampayan at 2:08 in the first round by arm bar.
    Isaac Tijerina (134.9, 1-0) Vs *Marlon Telmo (127.8, 0-1)
    MMA Isaac Tijerina defeated Marlon Telmo at 1:12 in the second round by TKO (due to Telmo too tired to continue) referee stoppage.

    A.J. Poulsen (156.4, 6-2) Vs Randall Frost (156.1, 1-2)
    Randall Frost defeated A.J. Poulsen by unanimous decision scorecards 26-29, 27-29, 27-29.
    A.J. Poulsen was deducted 2 points in the 3rd round for knees to the head.

    Roy Ayala (183.8, 1-1) Vs *Gerid Basabe (183.2, 0-1)
    Roy Ayala defeated Garid Basabe at :29 seconds in the 1st round TKO (strikes) referee stoppage.

    Meir Cabaltera (141.8, 0-1) Vs Ricky Steele (137.9, 1-0)
    Ricky Steele defeated Meir Cabaltera by unanimous decision. All 3 scorecards read 27-30.

    *Frankie Formella (132.1, 1-0) Vs *Elmer Idolor (130.5, 0-1
    Frankie Formella defeated Elmer Idolor at :53 seconds in the first round TKO (strikes) referee stoppage.

    Chaase Tabuso (152.9, 0-1) Vs Cody Reyes (146.5, 1-2)
    Cody Reyes defeated Chase Tabuso at 2:56 of the second round TKO (strikes) referee stoppage.

    Manuel Rodriguez (159.3, 3-1 ) Vs Cole Conners (163.5, 1-3)
    Manuel Rodriguez defeated Cole Conners at :28 seconds in the first round TKO (strikes) referee stoppage.

    *David Manery (169.2, 2-4) Vs Chris Dunn (176.9, 5-3
    Chris Dunn defeated David Manery by unanimous decision. All 3 scorecards read 27-29.
    David Manery deducted 1 point in the 3rd round for a single hand trachea choke.

    Virgil San Nicolas (159, 2-0) Vs Tyren Sillanpaa (157.5, 0-1)
    Virgil San Nicolas defeated Tyren Sillanpaa at 1:30 in the 2nd round TKO (strikes) referee stoppage.

    Anthony (Tony) Lopez (193, 4-1) Vs *Andrew G. Moore (200.7, 0- 1)
    Tony Lopez defeated Andrew Moore at 1:47 in the first round TKO (strikes) referee stoppage.

    *Chuck Jordan (145.5, 1-4) Vs Travis Bennet (144.8, 6-2)
    Travis Bennett defeated Chuck Jordan at 2:40 in the 2nd round tap out due to arm bar.

We would like to thank John & Pepper Bujak, Chris Reyna, Dean Donlin, and all the supporting fighters and trainers. Judges Louie Nedgle, Frank Watts, & alternating referee - judges Pat Lee and Cody Aldredge. Special thanks to Chuck Palmer, timekeeper Sarah McKay, and ring announcer Rick Reyna.

For more info please contact Mr. Chris Reyna at (208) 463-9999 or at sidekicksidaho@netzero.net or Mr. Dean Donlon at (208) 861-9462 or dean@gorillataktics.com



Well everyone, things are moving along quite well for this years 9th Annual 2007 IKF World Classic Amateur Championship Tournament. As of late last night, the final tally at the first of several deadlines was 131 Registered Fighters. This "Shattered" the old record set last year of 114 fighters registered as of first deadline. Although we are still posting up names on the front registration page, all fighters that were registered as of yesterday's deadline are all listed on their bracket pages.

Be aware of the additional deadlines below as the number of registered fighters continues to grow.

In addition, if you have not booked your hotel room, you may want to get on it ASAP! Word has it that our room block is almost sold out so to avoid paying the higher hotel rate, get your rooms reserved now. For Hotel booking info click HERE!

Here are the additional deadline dates to be aware of below.

  1. REGISTRATIONS Received After July 13th, 2007
    will be charged a $30 Late Fee "IF" Your Registration is accepted at all.

    This Late Fee May Be Paid At the Finals Weigh-ins PRIOR to your weigh-in.
    Regional Seeding DOES NOT APPLY for any fighter registering Late - After the first deadline

  2. REGISTRATIONS Received After July 20th, 2007
    will be charged a $40 Late Fee "IF" Your Registration is accepted at all.

    This Late Fee May Be Paid At the Finals Weigh-ins PRIOR to your weigh-in.
    Regional Seeding DOES NOT APPLY for any fighter registering Late - After the first deadline

  3. REGISTRATIONS Received After July 27th, 2007
    will be charged a $50 Late Fee "IF" Your Registration is accepted at all.
    This Late Fee May Be Paid At the Finals Weigh-ins PRIOR to your weigh-in.
    Regional Seeding DOES NOT APPLY for any fighter registering Late - After the first deadline

  4. REGISTRATIONS Received After July 30th, 2007
    will be charged a $60 Late Fee "IF" Your Registration is accepted at all.
    This Late Fee Must be paid along with your registration.
    Regional Seeding DOES NOT APPLY for any fighter registering Late - After the first deadline

  5. REGISTRATIONS Received After August 2nd, 2007
    will be charged a $125.00 "TOTAL" Registration Fee "IF" Your Registration is accepted at all.
    This Late Fee Must be paid along with your registration.
    Regional Seeding DOES NOT APPLY for any fighter registering Late - After the first deadline




Full Contact
International & Muay Thai



Point Kickboxing

FRIDAY, July 13th, 2007, AT 1:00 PM, PT


North West Ring Warriors, Gorilla Taktics & Sidekicks USA Black Belt School, Inc. Present
"Ring Of Fire"
Caldwell, Idaho, USA


No Xclusions, Inc. Presents
Jacksonville, Florida, USA


Hardcore Promotions Presents
"UKC Fight Night II"
Lake City, Florida, USA

THURSDAY, July 12th, 2007, AT 9:25 PM, PT

96 And Counting...

like every year, this is SLAM WEEK! the Week before the first Deadline for this years 9th Annual 2007 IKF World Classic Amateur Championship Tournament. With one mail day to go before the end of the first Deadline of July 13th we are 3 fighters ahead of last years registration totals. Last year in 2006 by the end of the first deadline day we had 114 fighters registered to "Walk The Walk". To break last years "First Deadline" record we need 18 more registrations in the mail.

A reminder, you can always FAX in your registration form and call in your Credit Card to avoid the late Fees.
The fax number is (916) 663-4510.

By Finals weekend last year we had 217 registered fighters of which 190 actually showed up to "Walk The Walk!" These numbers were less than 2005 when we had 270 register and 240 show in Orlando Florida that year to "Walk The Walk!" This of course was due to the high cost of plane tickets to fly into the small airport in Cedar Rapids, Iowa last year.

Keep track of the Fighter Registrations as they grow by setting the registration page (Found HERE) as a "Favorites" on your computer. The page will be updated at the very least, every 2-3 days, and often, daily. Sometimes several times a day. To see these numbers and other past Tournament Stats Click Here.



Full Contact
International & Muay Thai



Point Kickboxing

Once again the IKF would like to congratulate all the winners and participants of the two recent
Amateur Tournaments in Iowa and Illinois.


Today the IKF would like to make an announcement of our "Commitment" to the Sport of Kickboxing once again. We would like to announce something that will include EVERY Kickboxing Tournament, sanctioning body, rule style, trainer, fighter, promoter and official, even retired fighters of our sport!

In the fall of 2008, after the last Amateur Tournament which is usually the USKBA Tournament which takes place this year at the end of October, the IKF will host the first ever...


Of course, that's just a working title for now so any ides anyone else comes up with will be appreciated. Still, it's GOING TO HAPPEN so the name is not of major importance today... Starting in January of 2008, those Amateur Kickboxing Tournaments who want to participate will be listed on a special Amateur Kickboxing Tournament page. The IKF will keep track of participants by a point system that will eventually create Amateur Kickboxing's first GRAND CHAMPIONS!

2008 will be the "10th Year of the IKF Classic Tournament system" and we already have some big plans for our IKF Tournament that will be announced this fall. But the Big Event will be at years end when all of us in the sport can gather for a GREAT WEEKEND! It's time for those of us in kickboxing to "Come Together" and start focusing on how to market our sport to the public for better exposure, TV and more ideas and this special event will be the start of that!

The heart of this weekend will be for Amateur Kickboxing's Grand Champions. The outline of this system is where the fighters who participate in all these Amateur Tournaments can accumulate points towards a GRAND CHAMPION award that the IKF and possibly other Sanctioning Bodies will sponsor. Points would be awarded for;

We are currently planning for the end of November, 2008 for this event, or somewhere around that time. The IKF and others who become involved with this will host a special Grand Champions Awards Banquet on the weekends Saturday night where the Grand Champion Awards will be awarded to the fighters with the most accumulated points in their rule style and weightclass. This is a way to reward the most active and winning Amateur Fighters.

However that's not all the weekend will offer. Here is just a taste of what we have been working on for the weekend...This is going to be a Kickboxing Fair! There will be vendor booths, special training seminars, marketing seminars, and we even have plans for a special Friday night Pro world title Kick off event. This event will feature a number of World title fights in all rule styles that we hope to be Multi Sanctioned unification bouts! How about that for an idea! But as the sales commercial says, "But wait, there's more!"

Added to the Grand Champions Banquet will be the Hall Of Fame Awards! Awards will also be given to trainers, fighters, promoters and officials of our sport! Who will be the first Grand Champions? Which other sanctioning bodies will Step Up and sponsor these awards with the IKF? What other sponsors will get involved? This will be big for KICKBOXING! This will be Kickboxing's Grand Champion weekend! This is surly to be an event you will not want to miss. The networking with others alone will be priceless, even if you are not a Grand Champion winner. It will be an Action Packed weekend from start to finish and all for KICKBOXING!

Time will tell who else steps up to the plate, but if no one else steps up, we PROMISE everyone here that the IKF will
"Make It Happen On Our Own

It only gets better from here everyone! So get ready to attend all these Great Amateur Tournaments to "Walk the Walk and Bring It ON!" Then... At the end of the year as all great sports do, we will all come together to talk about the Positive things we all accomplished in the past year for the Great Sport of KICKBOXING!

WEDNESDAY, July 11th, 2007, AT 8:20 PM, PT

IKF Algins With
Caribbean Kickboxing, Grappling, San Shou

Coming on the heels of the IKF resurgence in the United Kingdom, today the IKF announced their alignment with the newly formed Caribbean Kickboxing, Grappling San Shou Federation. The CKGSF is based out of San Fernando, Trinidad, West Indies. Their founder and president is Mr. Davanand D-Samaroo.

D-Samaroo has studied Nature Fist Kung Fu, Kickboxing, Ju jitsu and Tai Chi (Nature Fist Style). He has been running a successful martial arts school (a branch of the Al Hikmah Group) in the south of the country for the past ten years. Together with Professor Ted Sandy, they have established their school as one of the top Kung Fu schools in the country and have expanded to the Caribbean as well. They have schools in Grenada, Barbados and one school in Canada. He also co-host a Kung Fu program on local television called "Learn Kung Fu" in an attempt to educate the public about the art form. He has competed in every major tournament in Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean and has placed in the first 3 in every competition. He has been dedicated to promoting the sport of kickboxing for the past five years.


United Kingdom

It didn't take long once the IKF decided to look for new Leadership in the United Kingdom and Europe. As expressed in a past news article, the IKF has made a commitment to expand their worldwide associations for the betterment of the sport and to attain more International Competition. In these expansion plans the IKF has went a step further in aligning with other Kickboxing Organizations to expand their International Associations as well.

Along with the recent announcement of the IKF's allegement with Muay Thai expert Neil Holden and his AKA Kickboxing organization in the United Kingdom the IKF plans to announce more alignments in the United Kingdom and mainland Europe in the coming weeks to strengthen the Full Contact Rules division.

Holden has organized the first IKF and AKA Sanctioned event later this month on July 21st which is promoted by Lee Green and the Higher Level Gym in Manchester. The event, CHAMPIONSHIP KICKBOXING will be held at the Urmston Leisure Centre in Manchester, England

In addition, Holden has also made a lot of progress for the IKF's sister organization for MMA, the ISCF, International Sport Combat Federation. Stay tuned for more IKF Expansion News which includes some Asia plans!



Recently the IKF appointed long time IKF supporter and fighter Duncan Airlie James' "BattleGroup International" as the IKF representatives in Scotland. James and his team are representatives of other major organizations in Scotland as well and will be heading up IKF promotions there with several other promoters.

BattleGroup International is Scotland's leading, International fight event promoter. The organization has been in existence since 2001 and has promoted many "firsts", including, Scotland's first, ever World Title, Scotland's first ever K-1 Matches, Scotland's first ever major MMA fight event, Scotland's first ever MMA Cage event, Scotland's first ever All female fight event and various other firsts in quality combat promotions for Scotland.

James himself is fighting for an vacant IKF World title later this month on his event planned for July 28th, 2007. The event is entitled "CALEDONI DIAMONDS" "HEAVYWEIGHT EXPLOSION" and will be held at the Community Central Halls in Meryhill, Glasgow, Scotland. James will meet John James of Las Vegas, Nevada, USA (35-6/25) for the vacant IKF Pro International Rules Heavyweight World Title.

Also on the event will be two other IKF Titles. The vacant IKF Pro FCR British Super Middleweight Title between Craig Bradford and Graham Smith and the vacant IKF Pro Muay Thai Scottish Welterweight Title between Barry John Colquhoun and an opponent yet to be confirmed.



IKF Point Kickboxing
Two Great IKF Point Kickboxing© Tournaments
Loaded for August!

Two exciting semi- contact events coming to you!

July 11th, 2007- Sacramento, CA
Semi -Contact Kickboxing is growing and growing fast! As the United States becomes more familiar with the semi contact version of kickboxing which has for the longest time been seen only as a full contact sport, IKF Point Kickboxing© is starting to gain notice as more and more inquiries are coming in daily. IKF Point Kickboxing© - now around five years old is poised and ready to helped take the beginner kickboxer to new skill levels and give the experienced kickboxing some real good sparring with diverse opponents. For those who think its not enough action or you're in too good of condition to have it really affect you...think again! More and more competitors are seeing the real benefit in this intense but semi contact action and are requesting increases in rounds and length of rounds. Already the 16oz gloves give new meaning to the continuous action but now with the added rounds and intensity of a real fight, competitors will not only get their money's worth but will too feel the invigoration of one who just came off the battleground amassed with their share of war bruises of honor and have a nice award to show for their efforts.

Just recently, the IKF Point Kickboxing© Division announced the option for increased rounds for IKF Point Kickboxing© tournaments.

However, The IKF remains vigilant in the importance of safety for the fighters. Preliminary rounds can be only 1, 2 minute round or 2, 2 minute rounds. The Championship fights can be 2, 2 minute rounds or even 3, 2 minute rounds. At this years upcoming 2007 IKF World Classic Amateur Championship Tournament in Orlando this August the preliminary bouts will be 2, 2 minute rounds and the Championship bouts will be 3, 2 minute rounds. On each event, promoters are asked to make sure they announce and advertise on their event posters and brochures the number of rounds each division will have.

Its becoming more and more apparent that IKF Point Kickboxing© is getting closer to its intended creation of developing a fighters skills and now becoming more like the real thing with the exception of one thing...NO Knockouts! However, think of a division with eight or more competitors...for a $40 entry fee, a fighter could get in upwards of five to six rounds or more of intense sparring with diverse opponents...depending on the draws in one match or event. Many amateurs would struggle to maintain their competitiveness for this amount of rounds. However, fighters will now know well in advance that rounds have increased and will hopefully train harder. Its clear that IKF Point Kickboxing© like many of the hybrids sports is evolving and preparing to enter the worldwide arena of martial arts tournaments across the globe!

As part of the 2007 IKF World Classic Tournament, the IKF World Classic Point Kickboxing Tournament division is just around the corner this coming August *11, 2007. (PKB is only one day) This open event that now has registration in full swing for men, women and juniors is accepting applications from afar is attached to this year's renown IKF World Classic which is equivalent to the Golden Gloves event for boxing. IKF World Classic will be held on August 10, 11 and 12th in Orlando, Florida and is legendary for creating some of the best full contact kickboxing fighters of assorted styles in the world. Many of them have gone on to win prestigious awards and fights in events like the K1, UFC and IFL and not to mention- winning professional IKF championships... to name a few.

Clearly, the leading incubator for the top fighters in the world over the last nine years, the IKF World Classic has yet another level for those seeking to hone their fighting skills and this time its taking them fresh out of the gym. The IKF World Classic Point Kickboxing Tournament along with the Full Contact version of the IKF World Classic will be a blast for all to see! This year, held at the Largest Marriott Hotel in the World in Orlando, Florida, fighters and fans from around the world will travel and some for the first time while others many times over to get a feel of what stands as the pinnacle of success for the amateur kickboxer...The IKF World Classic. This time everyone from the gym can compete at some level all in this one exceptional weekend of IKF premier fighting action! Click Here for Point Kickboxing Registration

Later in the Month of August, newly appointed IKF/PKB Point Kickboxing West Coast Representative Ms. Rubi Navarro of San Francisco, CA along with IKF Point Kickboxing© Director Johnny Davis will be hosting an exciting multi faceted event August 25, 2022 in beautiful Roseville, CA at the Lord's Gym. They have joined forces- Navarro with her vast Karate Tournament experience and Davis with his notable history in kickboxing to host on of the most exciting events for the Northern, CA area. In addition to the full range of kickboxing that will cover three rules styles -American Kickboxing which all kicks are thrown above the waist, International rules where leg kicks are allowed and Muay Thai that incorporates all of the boxing, kicks with added knees to the body - they are also adding assorted divisions of grappling for men, women and juniors.

The Roseville IKF/PKB is sure to raise the eyebrows of those in attendance for several reasons. Grappling and Kickboxing are two of the primary sports that make up the steamrolling MMA style of fighting today. Fans will get a chance to see great semi contact action in their original form and see for themselves that these sports can stand alone to offer the competitor and the fans a lot of extreme excitement and entertainment! Tickets for all of this action will only be $7 for spectators to witness an entire day of action while registration to compete starts at $30 but increases after August 20th. Competitors can pre- register and save by Clicking Here.

"We are no doubt looking for this event to be a huge success and are already looking at the possibility of another event by the end of the year. The platform is set and the challenge to get ready has been issued...will you be ready? Bring It On!"...says IKF/PKB Director Davis. For more information e-mail AK Promotions at johnnyd@akpromotions.org or call (916) 205-4762 or the IKF Headquarters at (916) 663-2467.

MONDAY, July 9th, 2007, AT 9:45 PM, PT

Full Story Coming This Week

Grachev's Victory Over Gibson
Photos Curtesy of Adrian Sanchez

It was for the Vacant
-Full Rules-
Muay Thai Light Cruiserweight

That happened on
July 7th, 2007
At The Hollywood Park Casino
In Inglewood, California, USA
Promoted By
Dennis Warner & In Sync Productions

New IKF World Champion
Denis Grachev (Right)
of San Diego, California, USA Via Russia Holds on tight to his
Proud Reward!


"Walkin Tall"
June 30th, 2007 - Shreveport, Louisiana, USA

    Chase Herrera (140) Vs Josh Oden (140)
    Oden wins by Doctor Stoppage due to cut & broken nose at 2:52 of Round 1.

    Wesley Allen (170) Vs Mitchell Thelen (167)
    Thelen wins by Referee Stoppage due to punches at 1:21 of Round 2.

    Miles Bray (163) Vs Juan Ovalle (170)
    Bray wins by Split Decision.
    Travis Bennet (Bennett) (145) Vs Justin Glaspie (145)
    Bennett wins by Submission due to Armbar at 2:14 of Round 1.

    Kregg Jones (185) Vs Paul Hurdle (184)
    Jones wins by Submission due to Straight Armlock at 0:55 of Round 1.

  6. AMATEUR Kickboxing International Rules
    T.J. Dickey (179) Vs Brian Addison (176)
    Dickey wins by KO due to a head kick at 0:11 of Round 2.

    Tim Myers (170) Vs Jewel Scott (170)
    Scott wins by Submission due to Guillotine Choke at 2:28 of Round 1.

  8. AMATEUR Kickboxing International Rules
    Greg Grace (178) Vs Justin Stroderd (179)
    Stroderd wins by Corner Stoppage at 1:29 of Round 3.

  9. AMATEUR Kickboxing International Rules
    Kevin Sanford (280) Vs Brian Bradshaw (251)
    Majority Draw.

    Derrick Krantz, (170) Vs Cody Key (169)
    Krantz wins by Submission due to Side Choke at 1:49 of Round 1.

    Rafel Miramontes (205) Vs Mike Sams (200)
    Sams wins by Submission due to Kimura at 0:52 of Round 2.

    Justin Davis (210) vs Jason McCarty (241)
    McCarty wins by KO due to punches at 0:58 of Round 1.

THURSDAY, July 5th, 2007, AT 2:15 PM, PT


Dennis Warner & In Sync Productions Presents
"World Championship Muay Thai"
Inglewood, California, USA

Manson Gibson

Chicago, Illinois, USA
IKF Pro Light Cruiserweight
North American
IKKC, WKA, Shoot Boxing
Ring Fighting Arts, WAKO
UKF, IKL, KICK, Shidokan


Denis Grachev

San Diego, CA, USA Via Russia
Pro: 12-0
Amateur KB: 123-18/40
2000 World Championship
2004 World Championship
2005 World Championship
Pro Commonwealth Champion


See More
Dragon Action
Over 30 Times In July!

It won't be hard to see more "Dragon Action" on TV during July. Several movies of former IKF World Champion Don "The Dragon" Wilson will be on TV over 30 times July. Here are just "Some" of the air dates and times for the remainder of July below:

  • Bloodfist - Which also has Rob Kaman and Billy Blanks in it.
    1. Friday, July 6th, at 10:PM on Showtime Extreme
    2. Tuesday, July 10th at 8:35 PM on Showtime Extreme
    3. Tuesday, July 17th at 12:10 AM, on Flix Movie Channel
    4. Sunday, July 22nd at 2:20 AM on Flix Movie Channel
    5. Monday, July 23rd at 12:00 AM on Showtime Extreme
    6. Wednesday, July 25th at 4:00 AM on Flix Movie Channel
    7. Friday, July 27th at 10:00 PM on Showtime Extreme
  • Bloodfist II - Which also has Maurice Smith, James Warring in it.
    1. Thursday, July 5th at 1:35 AM on Flix Movie Channel
    2. Friday, July 6th at 11:25 PM on Showtime Extreme
    3. Saturday, July 7th at 10:10 PM on Flix Movie Channel
    4. Thursday, July 12th at 12:20 AM on Showtime Extreme
    5. Sunday, July 15th at 11:30 PM on Flix Movie Channel
    6. Wednesday, July 18th at 1:45 AM on Showtime Extreme
    7. Monday, July 23rd at 01:25 AM on Showtime Extreme
    8. Friday, July 27th at 11:25 PM on Showtime Extreme
  • Bloodfist III: Forced to Fight - Which also has Peter "Sugarfoot" Cunningham (Retired undefeated in professional kickboxing (50-0-1, 20 KOs), Stan Longinidis and Richard Roundtree in it.
    1. Saturday, July 7th at 12:50 AM on Showtime Extreme
    2. Saturday, July 7th at 11:35 PM on Flix Movie Channel
    3. Friday, July 13th at 2:00 AM on Flix Movie Channel
    4. Saturday, July 14th at 8:30 PM on Showtime Extreme
    5. Thursday July 19th at 1:05 AM on Showtime Extreme
    6. Saturday, July 21st at 1:45 AM on Flix Movie Channel
    7. Monday, July 23rd at 2:50 AM on Showtime Extreme
    8. Tuesday July 24th at 2:20 AM on Flix Movie Channel
    9. Saturday, July 28th at 12:50 AM on Showtime Extreme
  • Bloodfist IV: Die Trying - Which also has Gene LeBell, Dennis Keiffer and Maurice Travis in it.
    1. Thursday, July 5th, 9:00 AM - Spike TV
  • Bloodfist VIII: Hard Way Out (Trained to Kill)
    1. Saturday, July 7th, 2:00 AM - Spike TV
  • Cyber-Tracker 2 - Which also has Stephen Quadros in it.
    1. Monday, July 9th, 3:30 AM on Flix Movie Channel
  • Say Anything
    1. Wednesday, July 4th, 6:00 PM - Fox Movie Channel
    2. Wednesday, July 4th, 10:00 PM - Fox Movie Channel

Who Is Don Wilson...LOL...
Recently a movie producer in Dubai (UAE) asked Don's agent, Ray Cavaleri, (Left) who Don Wilson was.... and he replied;

Don "The Dragon" Wilson has starred in 12 films produced by Roger Corman, a producer famous for "never losing a dime". Corman additionally bought the rights to release 2 other films produced by other companies. Last year, he offered Don the starring role in "Bloodfist 2050", a franchise of 8 successful sequels. Why would a producer with his reputation continue to work with the Dragon? Because each of the films made a resounding profit! Don's first film, "Bloodfist" was listed, at that time, by Variety as one of the top 100 independent films of all time. MGM released it on domestic home video and sold well over 50,000 units on its initial release.

After having starred in 4 HBO World Premieres for four different producers, the Dragon's picture was in Time magazine as one of the top 4 direct to video stars in the world. Entertainment weekly did a story on the Dragon because he had successfully released 5 films on domestic home video in 13 months, something that was unheard of (who could release 5 films in a year and have them all be successful?).

Don starred in 6 films for PM Entertainment, an action powerhouse in the 1990s. Ashok Amritraj (Hyde Park Entertainment) and Andrew Stevens (Franchise Films and now has Andrew Stevens Productions) starred Don in another 6 features. Currently, Don is in development on "The Debt Collectors" for his 4th film with Gorilla pictures. It is not the "industry norm" for an actor to work repeatedly with the same producers...unless those producers are making a tremendous profit.

Roger Corman

Don is the only martial arts action star to be listed in the Guiness Book of World Records for his athletic accomplishments. In the 2006 issue he is credited as being the only kickboxer in history to have won 11 World Titles. No other action star in film history has fought on PPV, ESPN, NBC, Canal Plus, etc. at venues such as Madison Square Garden, Caesers Palace, The MGM Grand, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Berlin, Rome, Milan, Sweden, London, etc. and been considered by many experts as "the greatest kickboxer of all time".

Because of this world-wide appeal Don, like his good friends, Chuck Norris, and Arnold Schwarzeneggar, had millions of fans all over the world before he said his first line of dialogue on film. These loyal fans continued to support Chuck Norris throughout Walker Texas Rangers 8 year run on CBS. The Dragon's fans have already given their support to the 26 independent films already in release and since 50% of The Last Sentinel has already been recouped pre-completion, it is headed for major profits.

"We have the real deal with the Dragon". While Bruce Lee did not compete, he had a reputation for training with the best, and they all praised his abilities. Don and Chuck are not the premier "thespians" of their day, but, they are and were the actual best martial artists of their times. That is why Bruce Lee chose to fight Chuck in the first film he personally produced. While Don and Chuck were both hampered in their careers due to a lack of proper funding they rose to the top of their respective areas of entertainment. All this without "studio" backing.

See Don "The Dragon" Wilson
at this years 9th Annual 2007 IKF World Classic Amateur Championship Tournament
in Orlando Florida, August 10th, 11th and 12th.


Open House At Doyles
Omaha Nebraska, USA

Mick Doyle's gym has a new look and new equipment. Come and join us this Saturday July 7th for our open house from 10:AM until 2:PM. There will be demonstrations, exhibitions and food.

In the House on this day with Mick (Left) and the rest of the "Team Doyle" will be one of his students, Pro MMA fighter Houston Alexander.

Alexander (The Assassin) is fresh off his recent win over Keith Jardine at UFC 71: Liddell Vs. Jackson at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada on May 26. Alexander Knocked Out Jardine at the 48 second mark of the first round.

It was a stunning UFC debut for Alexander. Jardine landed the first big shot of the fight, a left that caught Alexander square, but that was all Jardine did and it was far from enough. Alexander was a 4-1 underdog but you wouldn't know it watching it. He opened up a series of strikes that had Jardine out on his feet. (Watch KO.)

At the open house will be a limited edition Houston Alexander, The Assassin, UFC T Shirt which is only available at the Open House and which Houston will be signing.

For more info go to

To see more photos of Mick's "AWESOME" facility, click


TUESDAY, July 3rd, 2007, AT 9:50 PM, PT


Now Former IKF Amateur World Champion Clifford Larson (Left) won his Pro Boxing debut bout this past Friday night, June 29th at the Cliff Castle Casino. Larson fought and defeated Ray Harris.

The bout ended at 35 seconds of the first round. After prancing around the ring Larson began with his attack, landing hard to Harris' forehead, with an overhand right. The referee started the 10 count but before he finished Harris had given up.

Larson managed and trained by Arizona's IKF Promoter & Trainer Richard Williams (Left) starts his pro Boxing career with a 1-0 record.

Congratulations Richard & Clifford!

MONDAY, July 2nd, 2007, AT 7:00 PM, PT

June 30th, 2007 - St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Midwest Fight Fest Packed Full of Action! What more can someone say when it comes to the fights Shamrock Promotions puts on? This past Saturday night might of been called awesome! The event was a success from the start of the weekend. At weigh-ins the professionalism of the trainers and fighters was great. All the fighters showed up on time and also on weight. Many thanks to the gyms and trainers for helping with a great event. Its too hard to talk about every fight, and have to pick a couple to call the best. Some of the fighters lost who have been tearing up the competition, which shocked the crowd. The event was packed full of action from the start.
Here are the results:

    Jordan Moore (Pacific, MO) defeated Justin Caton (Springfield, IL) by 2nd round TKO.

    Dalton Voyles (Pacific, MO) defeated Zach Naylor (Zack Maylor? - Mt. Zion, IL) by unanimous decision 30-27, 30-27, 30-27.

    Nick Reeder (St. Louis, MO) defeated Leif Mueller (Mt. Zion, IL) by unanimous decision 30-27,30-27,30-27.
    • Mueller was originally scheduled to fight Adam Cella.

    David Sharp (Troy, MO) defeated Tony Diaz (Decatur, IL) in the 1st round by by referee stoppage due to strikes.

    Brandon Reinbold (Manhattan, KS) defeated Natu Visinia (Carbondale, IL) in the 2nd round by Arm Bar.

    Chris Tickle (Carbondale, IL) defeated Brian Sanguinet (Pacific, MO) in the 2nd round by by referee stoppage due to strikes.

    Rocky Vercher Vs (Lafayette, LA) defeated Bruce Yoakum (Decatur, IL) in the 2nd round by rear naked choke.

    Mike Green (St. Louis, MO) defeated Casey Wiley (Springfield, IL) in the 1st round by rear naked choke.
    • This bout was not on the Finalized Fight Card.

    Matt Brown (Clayton, MO) defeated Rhet Spengel (Springfield, IL) by 2nd round TKO.
    • This was scheduled to be a Boxing Bout.

  10. MMA - NONE STRIKING - Exhibition:
    Justin Lawerence (Pacific, MO) defeated Damian Jeffro (Herrin, IL) in the 1st round by rear naked choke.

    *Aladin Hegic (St. Louis, MO) defeated Dustin Frisella (Fercella) (Imperial, MO) split decision 29-28, 29-28, 28-29.

For more info please contact Mr. Jesse Finney at (314) 608-3104 or by e-mail by clicking jesse@finneyskickboxing.com or go to www.ShamrockPromotionsLLC.com



The IKF would like to congratulate all 95 fighters that fought on June 23 & 24th in Crystal Lake, Illinois at the Wako / Kick USA National Tournament.

Also, Congratulations to Tyler Price and Andrew Krzeptowski for winning Dual rule Style Titles.
Good luck to those moving on to Wako's version of their World Tournament in Europe.