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FRIDAY, June 29th, 2007, AT 12:30 PM, PT


Shamrock Promotions Presents
St. Louis, Missouri, USA


Ark - La - Tex - Promotions Presents
"Walkin Tall"
Shreveport, Louisiana, USA


First Deadline July 13th
With The Longest Drive in The USA - California Leads All USA States!

In the USA, you can't get much further from Orlando Florida than California unless your coming from Oregon or Washington. or, Hawaii or Alaska of course... As it stands, California fighters are making a statement as compared to previous years for the annual IKF World Classic Amateur Championship Tournament.

As many here know, this years event is in Orlando Florida this coming August 10th, 11th and 12th. Last year, petty political spats and an expensive to fly in to location brought the number of fighters down for the tournament. However this year, the event is held in Orlando Florida, the site of the largest attending fighters ever for the tournament (2005) when 270 Registered to fight and 240 actually showed up to "Walk The Walk!" That year the State of California registered 9 fighters. However this year, California has already registered "16" fighters and their closest competition for the "Most Fighters from 1 State' award so far is from Georgia with 5. in 2005, Georgia registered 19.

With the first Deadline coming in about 2 weeks on July 13th, fighter registration is already ahead of last year when there were about 20 fighters. As of press time of this article today we have 36 Registered Fighters... (Not counting the Semi Contact Fighters) which is way ahead of the schedule from the last 3 years. The largest number of registered fighters from the past 3 years at the 2 weeks prior to first deadline mark was in 2005 when we had 24 fighters registered at the 2 week mark.

As in any of the tournaments we have spoken to trainer and fighters from all over North America and in Europe about their plans to bring fighters. However, as in anything, the only thing that counts is taking the step of Action and actually showing up to "Walk The Walk." It's unknown how the other tournaments that have already taken place will effect this years Classic. Will fighters be content with winning a tournament title against fighters only from their region? Or will they "Walk The Walk" at the Classic against those willing to take the Action to actually "Walk The Walk" against the Best Amateur Kickboxers in the World?

We will all know soon but regardless of who chooses to "Walk The Walk" at this years Classic in Orlando Florida this year, what we do know is that the IKF Staff and the 36 fighters registered right now will show up in Orlando to "Walk The Walk" with the Best in the world and win the original Amateur Golden Glove of Kickboxing World Tournament Title and become an IKF World Classic Champion! We hope many more of you join the Fight Party with us.

We look forward to seeing "The BEST" Amateur Kickboxers in Orlando!


We have already had several ask what color the World Classic Belts will be this year. Well, we can't tell you yet, but we can tell you the color has already been selected and like every year so far, this color has never been used in any of the IKF Tournaments but has been a HOT Color of request for the last several years.

We also want to add that the side plates will be very different this year as well. like the center plate, these will be gold/brass metal. We plan to post a photo of the 2007 World Classic Belt in a few weeks so keep a watch for it here on the News page!

THURSDAY, June 28th, 2007, AT 1:45 PM, PT

They Had Their Shots
Are Their Replacements Stronger Opponents?

Heath Harris

IKF North American Muay Thai Champion Manson Gibson (Right, 103-9-2/63) was scheduled to rematch Heath Harris (Left) for the IKF Pro Muay Thai World Title this coming July 7th. However Harris had a management shake-up with the Promoter (Dennis Warner) and wanted more money than he had already agreed to take. So, rightfully so, Warner pulled him from the fight and quickly found a replacement... And what a replacement he found...

Enter Denis Grachev (Right) of Russia. Grachev may be unknown to those in North America but he is well known in Europe. He recently moved to Southern California and now fights out of City Boxing in San Diego. Grachev is one of the strongest Russian kickboxers in the World. Come July 7th he will get a shot to prove to the world that he is the best in the World as he takes on Kickboxing Legend Manson Gibson.

Grachev has been Champion of Russia four times. On the international level he has quite a bio as well.

  • 2000 World Championship (Ukraine)
  • 2004 World Championship (Switzerland)
  • 2005 World Championship (Hungary)
  • Amateur fight record of 123 wins and 18 loses. Of them, he won 40 by KO.
  • Pro record of 12-0.
  • Pro Commonwealth Champion

Grachev also just made his Pro boxing debut this past weekend at the Guts and Glory event in San Diego, California on June 24th. It was the pro debut for both him and his opponent Rosendo Rubalcaba of Tijuana, Mexico. in that bout Grachev completely annihilated Rubalcaba and stopped him at 2:06 of the second round. After a feel-out first round, Grachev showed his amateur and ring experience by dropping the 32-year-old Rubalcaba with a left/right hook combination topped with a straight right that sent him tumbling to the canvas. Ruvalcaba beat the count by official Jose Cobian but was dropped again seconds later by a left hook and again a right hand. The final knockdown came after another devastating right hand that sent Rubalcaba to the canvas and kept him there for the better part of about five minutes.

So to answer our question in the Headline, "Are Their Replacements Stronger Opponents?" The answer here for Gibson is without a doubt, "YES!" Heath Harris would have been a much easier opponent who has struggled as a Pro fighter. His bout with Gibson was approved more on the basis of a "Challenge Grudgematch" where as the bout with Grachev will clearly see two TOP Contenders shooting for the TOP Spot of World Champion!

Manson Gibson

Denis Grachev

What Other
IKF Title Changes Are There?

Anthony Bartinelli

On the other hand, our other fight change will be the upcoming World title defense of Anthony Bartinelli. Bartinelli (Left) had promised his first fight back (After doing Pro Boxing) as a kickboxer would be a promised rematch for his IKF World Title against Zack Day. Day (Right) would have had his promised shot at Bartinelli's title but the date didn't work out. The first proposed date came without enough preparation notice (2 weeks) for Day and the rescheduled date of September 3rd falls in the middle of an already scheduled family vacation. So the question now is, "Who will replace Day?"

It was questioned to us here at the IKF why we had "Past Up" current IKF Light middleweight FCR Champion Aaron Lassi (11-1/4, AM KB: 23-5-1/1, PRO BX: 3-0/0). To begin with, Lassi won his title on April 30th, 2005. Before this fight even took place, other issues were discussed that surrounded the Bartinelli vs Day bout. The fight between Zack and Anthony took place on November 6th, 2004, 6 months earlier. In their fight, Zack Day defeated Anthony Bartinelli by majority decision. 66-66, 68-64 and 67-65.

In the bout, Bartinelli was deducted a point in round 6 for hitting Day in the back of the head after being warned twice by referee Dan Stell. An officials review of the judges scoring on this bout was requested which took place. The three unofficial IKF Scorecards at ringside scored it 67-66 Bartanalli, 67-66 Bartanalli, and 67-67 even. After subtracting the point deduction for hitting to the back of the head, the unofficial scorecards read 66-66 even, 66-66 even, and 67-66 Day.

In the review, the same thing was found, but no change of decision was made. Instead, both agreed on a rematch, and because of how close the bout was, Bartinelli asked if he could defend his title against Day if Day found a promoter to promote it or on Bartinelli's next kickboxing fight. Well, Day couldn't find a promoter and Bartinelli started getting better paydays in pro boxing, so the fight never happened, but the promised word was kept. However the various circumstances took day out of the hopeful shot.

Enter IKF Light middleweight FCR Champion Aaron Lassi. Could he be the new challenger for Bartanalli? Well, it's possible, except for one issue. Lassi is now living in Costa Rica but has trained off and on in Hawaii. Still, Lassi has made it clear to the IKF that he will be back in Hawaii for fight time, saving the promoter a costly plane ticket from Costa Rica. Since this is a Title "DEFENSE," it's not mandatory for Bartanalli to defend the title against the top contender Lassi but we doubt he will pass on Lassi's desire to fight him.

If for some reason things don't work out with Lassi, the promoter may need to look at the other Light Middleweights. The IKF rankings shows the next 4 top opponents are IKF European Champion Vinny Di Ruscio of Ireland, former IKF North American Champion Eric Regan of California, Muzammal 'Abu Zayd' Nawaz of Canada or even Shannon Hudson of South Carolina.

So to answer our question in the Headline, "Are Their Replacements Stronger Opponents?" the answer here for Bartanalli is NOW unknown. If it's Lassi, we really can't say but what we do know is that it will be a heck of a fight, as long as the "Champion" Bartanalli shows up and not the one we saw in his last kickboxing fight. As for the other 4 above.... MAN! Any of them in the ring with Bartanalli would surly prove to be a GREAT WAR!

Zack Day

Aaron Lassi


Rubie Navarro
Accepts New Post With IKF/PKB Division

Mrs. Rubie Navarro The New West Coast
IKF Point Kickboxing© Division' Representative

Wednesday June 27, 2007: IKF Point Kickboxing© Director and Founder Johnny Davis and IKF President Steve Fossum are proud to announce the appointment of longtime martial artist and ambassador for martial arts Mrs. Rubie Navarro (Right) as the New IKF West Coast Point Kickboxing Representative. "Rubie is an excellent candidate for this position. She is very passionate and knowledgeable about the martial arts!" says Davis.

She and her father Mr. Carlos Navarro (Left) are legends in the State of California and abroad for their undying commitment to growing the martial arts especially the sport of Kickboxing. As owners of the Navarro's Muay Thai Kickboxing located in San Francisco for many years, they have developed tons of talented fighters and produced many successful events. In fact, it was one of these events when Davis first got a glance at kickboxing in a tournament setting and from there he developed The IKF Point Kickboxing© Divisions. Rubie has been there since day one assisting with the organizing and promotions of IKF Point Kickboxing©. The timing is perfect for this exciting semi contact competition and giving to the one most deserving makes it a great relationship. Right- Rubie's Father Master Carlos Navarro.

As an IKF/PKB Representative, Rubie will be responsible for assisting in the continued growth of IKF Point Kickboxing in the State for the next two years as well as attend and oversee events. Rubie will assure that rules are followed as well as keep a close eye on areas of the event like contact and safety.

"We have watched Rubie run several events and have seen how caring she is with all of the competitors while at the same time letting them know not to step out of line as she emphasizes the importance to always show respect. She's not only a jewel for the sport but is highly respected among her peers and will make a strong impact on the martial arts tournament scene with IKF Point Kickboxing©." Davis added.

Rubie Navarro, began training in Chinese Kenpo Karate in 1969 and began competing in 1971. She has competed in over 1000 National and International tournaments in Kumite and Kata Divisions. She has won hundreds of awards, medals, and trophies. Rubie received her Student Black Belt on December of 1984, and she is currently a 5th Degree Black Belt in Chinese Kenpo Karate. Along with her rank, she has earned the title of "GRAND MASTER." Rubie is under the instruction of her father, Professor Carlos Navarro. She has also studied under Mr. T.L. Unisa of the Japanese - Okinawan style.

Again on behalf of the IKF Point Kickboxing Division, we would to congratulate Master Rubie Navarro for accepting this honor and looking forward to her knowledge and leadership as she continues to grow this ever fast pace sport of IKF Point Kickboxing.

  • More on Mrs. Navarro's Accomplishment Below
    • Titles held in Women's Black Belt Division
      • San Francisco Grand Champion
      • Ranked 3rd in the West Coast Region
      • Ranked 2nd in Northern California
      • California Gold Cup Grand Champion
      • Bronze Medalist - USA Pacific League - 1990
      • Ranked 2nd in the Women's California Grand Champion Forms Division
      • Rubie qualified as an alternate member to the 1992
      • United States Women's Karate Team, competing in Barcelona, Spain.
    • Rubie is presently a member of the following organizations
      • Hawaiian Kenpo Karate Association
      • Affiliated Martial Arts Promoters Association (A.M.A.P.A.
      • Latin American Federation of Karate
      • International Kajukenbo Association
      • United States Amateur Boxing Association (USA Boxing)
      • United Muay Thai Association
      • Navarro's Kenpo Karate Association
      • Unified World Martial Artists Federation (U.W.M.A.F.)

Rubie is very active in teaching. She develops and coordinates Martial Arts Tournaments and is the former personal bodyguard of Dominique Di Prima from KRON-TV-4. She also serves as a personal trainer to many local and national television and recording artists. She has served on a special security task force division of Phoenix Operations and she volunteers to help train many community groups as well as helped train a well known vigilante group, "The Guardian Angels".

Mrs. Navarro can be contacted at Navarro's Martial Arts Academy, 3470 Mission St., San Francisco, CA, 94110, (415) 550-1694. Registration for the next IKF Point Kickboxing Event on the West Coast scheduled for late August will be posted soon...look here for pre-registration information.

WEDNESDAY, June 27th, 2007, AT 8:00 PM, PT

Results From Iron Spirit's
June 9th, 2007 - Simpsonville, South Carolina, USA


Last Second Rule Change?
Not Happening Here!

We have fielded several calls here over the last couple of days from fighters asking us if we would pull a last second rule change with the new Ringstar Fight Shoes at this years IKF World Classic Amateur Championship Tournament. After saying "No" to the fourth caller we had to ask them "Why are you worried about us changing the acceptance of the shoes at the tournament?" Our last caller informed us that at a tournament he and his guys were at this past weekend, the tournament organizers announced they could not use the shoes in competition, after they had already confirmed the shoes would be allowed. Simply put, this angered them a lot and they wanted to make sure we (The IKF) wasn't going to pull the same thing. Well, again, we assure everyone here, that the IKF would not or will not do such a thing and we are sorry some of you had to face this last second change that simply wasn't fair to those of you who had planned to wear the shoes.

We do find it a little odd, strange or awkward that this announcement was made at this tournament after we here at the IKF had just made our announcement of the approval for the shoes in IKF competition just last week... More so since the sanctioning body of this tournament had already confirmed and approved the shoes for this event and then to go back on their word and change the rule on the day of the event just wasn't fair to the fighters. Especially if there was some "Political" motive behind the decision, which there appears there was... This makes it even more sad for the fighters involved.

To avoid further questions and inquiries by anyone here, here are the conditions of the Ringstar Fight Shoes for the IKF World Classic Tournament:



Catch Some
Dragon Action
In 7 Films In 9 Days....

There's plenty of "Dragon Action" coming up in the next two weeks. former IKF World Champion Don "The Dragon" Wilson will be all over the TV screen for the next few weeks. However, what the listings don't indicate is how often the Dragon is really on. In the last week alone we caught 3 or 4 Dragon Movies, but if you missed any of them, here's a schedule to go by;

For a listing of all the "Dragon Action" movies, click HERE.

See Don "The Dragon" Wilson at this years 9th Annual 2007 IKF World Classic Amateur Championship Tournament in Orlando Florida, August 10th, 11th and 12th.

TUESDAY, June 26th, 2007, AT 2:20 PM, PT

Amateur World Champion
Clifford Larson
To Make Pro Boxing

Cliff Castle Casino, Arizona, USA
Top Rank Offer Is Irresistible!

He was the first IKF Native American World Champion (Amateur) and is now hoping to someday become a Native American Boxing Champion. Chances are good for this "Real Warrior!"

On April 29th, 2006, at the Yavapia Apache Nation in Camp Verde, Arizona USA Clifford Larson shocked the world when he defeated Darren Snell of Calgary Alberta, Canada by TKO at 1:01 of round 3. to many it was an improbable win over highly favored Canadian Kickboxing champion. The victory earned Larson an IKF - International Kickboxing Federation Amateur World Title and the respect and admiration of his fellow Native Americans.

They, according to Larson, will share his title. His championship win marks the first IKF World Title won by a Native American participating in the sport of kickboxing. Recently, the 25 year old tribal member announced a two bout contractual agreement with Top Rank Boxing Promotions. Both contests will be held at Cliff Castle Casino.

His debut encounter is scheduled for June 29th at the popular Camp Verde Arizona Casino/Resort. In retrospect, Larson lost his first seven kickboxing fights and could have decided "No Mas," but new manager/trainer Richard Williams (Left) convinced him to reinvent himself. When Larson returned to the ring he was a "Warrior," more aggressive and confident. The wins started coming and the effort was awarded with a championship. Clifford will meet Ray Harris in his boxing debut.

As for a return to kickboxing, rumors persist that he is intrigued with a possible offer to fight on the same card as current IKF Pro Light Middleweight World Champion Anthony Bartinelli. The chatter has already begun. No comment doesn't mean: "No Deal." Telefutura will televise the June 29th Stargaze Pavilion held event and further details can be obtained by going online at www.CliffCastle.net

Doors open at 3:30; first fight commences at 4:30 p.m. Members of the media are advised to contact Gail Kruschke at (928) 567-7991. Ticket prices range from $25 for general admission to $50 & $75 fir ringside.

Once Larson's bout is over Richard Williams will shift his focus in creating his Arizona Team for this years IKF World Classic Amateur Championship Tournament this coming August in Orlando, Florida. Like every coach, Williams has big plans for his team this year and hopes to bring home plenty of IKF Gold.

Don Smith Boxing Columnist, (602) 264-6372.

MONDAY, June 25th, 2007, AT 6:30 PM, PT

Looking For Some Motivation Leading Into The
9th Annual
2007 IKF
World Classic Amateur Championship Tournament?

LOOK NO FURTHER... Just Click Below...

What It Takes To Be

MORE NEWS OF 6-25-07

Like Every Year...
Begins To The
IKF World Classic
Amateur Kickboxing
Championship Tournament!

As all of us prepare for the 9th Annual 2007 IKF World Classic Amateur Championship Tournament lets take a look at where we are today as well as a look into the past. Today we are 19 days prior to the first Registration Deadline (July 13th) for this years 2007 IKF World Classic Amateur Championship Tournament. Currently we have 17 Registered Fighters... (Not counting the Semi Contact Fighters) Not to worry though if this number sounds low because we are actually already ahead of schedule with the current 17. The numbers we offer below will assure everyone that this is normal for this Championship Tournament.

We are now entering into our 3 week marathon to the first registration deadline which is July 13th. This is our busiest time of the year here at IKF Headquarters. After the first deadline date passes, we have another "Marathon" of sign-ups. These are usually the fighters who wait to see who's in what division.

Here are some stats to go by...

During our 3 week marathon it's always fun to watch the number grow. To keep track of the Fighter Registrations as they grow, set the registration page (Found HERE) as a "Favorites" on your computer. The page will be updated at the very least, every 2-3 days, and often, daily. Sometimes several times a day. To see these numbers and other past Tournament Stats Click Here.



(Full Contact
International & Muay Thai


Point Kickboxing

The IKF would like to congratulate all the winners and participants of the recent two
Amateur Tournaments in Iowa and Illinois.

SATURDAY, June 23rd, 2007, AT 3:30 PM, PT

Former World Champion Schwartz Tells it How It Is!
Gives his Advice in The MB Thread...

Future Of Kickboxing?

More often than not, a post comes on the Kickboxing Message Board that catches the attention of many because it simply makes a great deal of sense. One of those post was posted a few days ago and we wanted to point it out to those who may have missed it or to those who may not visit the message board. The post was made by retired ISKA World Champion Brian Schwartz (Right), and here is what he wrote on a thread entitled, "Future Of Kickboxing?"


Schwartz: I think we have some control over the success of kickboxing. The first ingredient, is of course talent. If there is no talent, then no one wants to come to the fights. We have a pool of talented athletes to choose from to make great fights.

Second, is a promoter. There are promoters out there promoting fights. History has shown us that there is more money for promoters in amateur fights then pro fights because there really isn't that much difference except the length of the fights.

Here is the missing ingredients...
I think that if you guys want to have pro shows and get paid...and I'm not talking about $1500 for a 10 round fight...I'm talking about making some money that will make it worth your time. If thats the case, then you guys have to have the ability to put people in the seats. The promoter can only do so much. You guys need to look at it like you are partners with the promoters. If the promoter is doing well, then you guys should do well. There are a lot of ways to do that.

  1. Selling Tickets
    Some fighters feel that they are above selling tickets for their event, but this is a great way to measure what your worth. If you think you should be making 20k for a fight, but only your mom and dad come to the fights, well you're not worth 20k. But if you are getting friends, family, students to come to the fights and you put on a good show, they will tell people for the next time. Each time you fight, more and more people will come.

  2. Be Personable
    People want to relate to athletes. There are iconic athletes like Michael Jordan or Muhammad Ali, where people will pay to see them no matter what they say or do. Its different for us. Since we are not "mainstream" we have to appeal to all kinds of people, not just kickboxing fans. We need to appeal to the person that feels that they have some type of connection to you. It could be students, friends, friends of friends even the guy that works at Starbucks...anyone. Anyone that you come in contact with is a potential new fan. You need to entice people to come to the fights by being personable. If they feel like you are an athlete that they can relate to, then they will support you. Thank them for coming to the fights. Maybe hold an after party afterwards and invite everyone to it. I would thank people I didn't even know for coming to the fights and supporting kickboxing. I really feel that makes a difference.

  3. Sponsors
    If you are waiting for Nike to come in and offer you a multi million dollar deal then get comfortable. You can get local sponsors for the event and for you personally. Real Estate companies, local bars, restaurants, financial firms...I even had a produce company sponsor me one time...whatever. Use people you know to help you get in with these companies. They may get turned on to a market that they never thought they would benefit from.

So, I am writing this huge long post and giving all these suggestions and you fighters may be thinking "how am I going to get paid from this." Here's what I did...

First, I would work out a deal with the promoter to get a percentage of the tickets I would sell. This is business and you guys both deserve to get paid for time and effort. I hate when people talk about that promoters put fighters first and don't make any money. My last fight I had, I sold over 60k worth of tickets just by myself. That shows the promoter that I'm worth something to him. If people bought the tickets at the box office, how would he know that those people were there to see me?

Second, is your fight purse. That doesn't have to be your biggest source of income from the fight if you're smart.

Third, sell sponsors for your self. I sold space on my pants for 5k a pop. To be honest I would sell space to anyone. I had a clothing company, a tequila sponsor, 2 real estate companies, produce market, a restaurant (that would hold a after party for me), and an investment firm. It was a different way for these businesses to entertain clients and have some association with a pro athlete. Plus, they would buy tickets also. Now you can sell sponsorships for whatever you are comfortable with. But it only takes a little networking and a good performance to have these guys coming back for more. They might even become an event sponsor (which you should get a piece of as well).

There is money out there in this business. Don't sit there and wait for it to come to you. Percentages of tickets, purse, sponsors and percentages of event sponsors...Go out there and make something for yourself.


This has got to be one of the most intelligent posts we have ever seen on the message Board! It reminds us of two quotes;
"If not me, Who? If not Now, WHEN?"
"Sometimes if you want something bad enough, you just have to go out and get it!"

Great Post Brian!
Let's hope many here take "ACTION" on it rather than just read it...

Mr. Schwartz started his training in 1981 at Mackowski's Taekwondo. He received his black belt in 1990, and began teaching at Golden State in 1991. He is currently a 3rd-degree black belt. Throughout his career Brian won a California State Title, US Title, North American Super Middleweight Title and the World Super Middleweight Title. He ended his Kickboxing Career undefeated with an 18-0 record with 10 KOs. He is also a 6-time World Champion in Sport Karate. His good sportsmanship, coupled with his superior fighting skills, helped earn him the California Competitor of the Year title from '92-'94. He was further honored as the National Black Belt League Player of the Year in 1999. In addition to the kickboxing classes he teaches at Golden State, Brian teaches adult kickboxing and children's taekwondo at the Pacific Athletic Club in Redwood Shores, CA. For a highlight video of Brian click Here.

FRIDAY, June 22nd, 2007, AT 8:00 PM, PT

Fight Shoes For Competition!


Stephen Thompson



Earlier today the IKF Officials Board approved the Ringstar® Sparring shoe known as The Maxx (Right) for both IKF Point Kickboxing and IKF Full Contact Rules Kickboxing. If you have never tried these shoes, you need to get a pair because it will literally change the way you fight!

"I find the shoes as a great source of comfort and protection for my feet." Said IKF Point Kickboxing Director and former two time Professional (FCR) World Champion Johnny Davis. (Left) "As I sparred with the shoe, I felt the padding was exceptional because as I made contact, I didn't feel much shock at all on my foot that delivered the strike. When you get hit with this shoe its more like being hit with a pad than a shoe and that's a good thing."

Those who have tested the shoes here at the IKF have come to the same conclusions such as, If two fighters doing IKF Point Kickboxing or IKF Full Contact (American Kickboxing) style fighting wanted to wear the shoes it would be interesting and perhaps may add some excitement and intrigue to some of the fights as well as an added safety factor for both competitors.

It is true that the shoe protects the foot better than the currently accepted kick footpads. However, although the impact was safe and padded, the impact of the kick is harder with the shoe on than the foot pads due to the confidence in the use of the shoe as compared to the non stability of the foot pad.

"The protection of the shoe in sparring to the person wearing them is far better than the old style pads." Said former Kickboxing Champion, co-founder of the IKF and now head of Officials for the IKF, Dan Stell. (Right) "I no longer worried about jamming my toes, the pad coming off, and the padded instep was a major addition as well. I would without a doubt highly suggest them for serious fighters."

The first Kickboxing Fighter to use them in actual competition was former IKF World Champion Don "The Dragon" Wilson (Right) "I loved them!" Said Wilson. "I used the very first pair, (-which has been greatly improved upon since then-) in a real kickboxing fight in Atlantic City at the Tropicana. The shoe gave me better footing and the safety on that first shoe was easily comparable to a regular foot pad."

The shoes have greatly improved since then, but back then, the shoes worked great in that bout which was Wilson's last kickboxing bout (So far...) as Don won by KO in the 10th round over Eddie Butcher.

Some other well known IKF Champions that have been using the shoes are Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson and Peyton Russell. "We have been working out in them and sparring with them a lot and tall my students love them, both full contact kickboxers as well as regular martial artists." Said their coach Ray Thompson. (Right). "These shoes are a major addition for safety in the sport, not to mention the added hygiene issues fighters had to deal with walking around in bare feet while working out."

This was a point Wilson made as well. "How many fighters pick up germs from the floors of gyms, athletes foot or whatever. Wearing these shoes while working out takes away the worry of this." Said Wilson.

"This is a great shoe that will without a doubt promote safety to the Full Contact Kickboxing arena." Said IKF Chief Medical Advisor Dr. Allen Fields. (Left) "We have been watching Steve (Shepard's) progress with the shoe and I must say, the outcome of what he has produced is outstanding!"

Like in any new product, IKF will closely monitor the use of the shoes in regards to the decline of foot injuries as well as impact and contact feedback of this full contact Kickboxers that use the shoe. I think the fact that the shoes form to the foot better than the old foot pads, they offer a lot more affective kicking potential.

This is the second alignment deal that the IKF has made with Ringstar Products®. Previously the IKF announced they, along with their sister organization for MMA, the ISCF. had come to a sponsorship agreement with Ringstar Products® to be the official sponsor for Officials Shoes for all IKF & ISCF Certified Referees for ALL IKF & ISCF Events with their Flexx Pro Trainer Martial Arts Training Shoe. The sparring or "Competition" shoe is a different shoe itself.

"Making ailments such as this one for us here at the IKF are a 'Win-Win'" Said IKF President Steve Fossum. (Left) I don't just mean for both companies, which it is of course, but what I mean is when you find a good product like the Ringstar Shoes and you are dealing with a Martial Arts and Kickboxing Icon who is as successful yet as humble as Steve Shepard, this is what we look at as a big 'Win-Win' for the IKF organization."

The founder and President and CEO of Ringstar Products® is Former Professional Kickboxer Steve Shepherd. "Making our relationship with the IKF has been one of the best moves for our connection with the sport of Kickboxing." says Sheppard. "All of us here at Ringstar are excited about the future of this relationship as well as the future of the sport. Together, Ringstar and the IKF have some great things planned."

As we have already pointed out to you readers here a few weeks back, Steve is a legend in the world of kickboxing. He is a 5 time, 4 weight division Professional Kickboxing World Champion who ended his career with a record of 49 wins, 4 losses and 2 no contest. He defeated International Champions from Canada, Japan, Australia, Europe, and Asia, and defeated World Champions in 7 separate weight divisions and was voted pound for pound the greatest fighter in the world in 1980, 1981, 1982 by Official Karate Magazine. He along with fighters like Jean-Yves Theriault, Brad Hefton, Jerry Trimble and others were the first stars of kickboxing when it became a new regulated sport and helped revolutionized the sport, taking it from small market special interest, to international recognition. To read more about Steve, click Here.

  • Here are some bullet point thoughts about the Ringstar Shoes:
    • POWER:
      • More freedom to kick much harder with the shoes on rather than off. They are comfortable to lounge around in ...very good support on the feet and ankles.
      • Even during warm-up drills the shoe is very comfortable as they allow you to slide into your stretch.
      • The shoes are very comfortable lightweight and don't take away from the speed in your kicks and they allow easy and quick movement.
      • Combination kicks and a variety of kicks from one leg combos to jump kicks with the shoes on feel pretty normal and did not take away from the effectiveness of the technique.
      • The IKF does not get a kickback for each pair of Ringstar shoes sold, so this is not a sales pitch. However, some may want to have a pair to workout in and a pair to spar or compete in. This way, you don't cause unnecessary wear on your competition shoes during a workout when doing other aspects such as running, jumping etc. etc.. That is, unless you like to wear them all the time.
    • BOXING:
      • We feel that these shoes would be great for boxing as well, but boxing doesn't need the additional padding. Maybe Ringstar can create a BOXING shoe as well. Regardless, the shoes did not take away from any punching power from those working with them over the last few months.
      • Unlike the foot pad, traction was a KEY part of the show for the user. No more slipping on the ring canvas or vinyl. The grip was solid and strong.
    • SAFETY:
      • If you have ever had a toe in the eye or had a toe cause a cut on your head, you will appreciate it now if your opponent is wearing these shoes. Even a dropping elbow on the side of the foot as a competitor tried to block a side kick didn't hurt like when wearing a regular sparring boot.
      • This can be related to the traction section. No slipping or sliding and your explosiveness is 10 fold with the grip of the shoe. Left, right and all the angles were greatly enhanced due to the superior traction of the shoe that is also well padded for those being hit with it.
      • In the winter time the shoes are great for those who hate taking their shoes off to kick the bag as the bag and your feet are always cold. This can also prevent any injuries from the cold weather and strong impact with cold feet on a heavy bag.
      • As clearly noted above, these shoes will greatly improve training cleanliness. The hygiene issues fighters have had to deal with while walking around in bare feet while working out are non existent with the shoes.

We here at the IKF who have tested the shoes feel that the shoes will be an asset to the sport of kickboxing but it may take some old school fighters a moment to get use to this form fitting 'boot'. These shoes will add to the full contact and point style fights which is why we have accepted them as a fighting foot pad for those fights that both fighters agree to wear the shoes.

For more info on the Maxx Competition Shoe or on all the Products produced by Ringstar Products® go to www.ringstaradvantage.com
Ringstar Products® and the IKF will soon be announcing other agreements that associate with fighters as well as the upcoming 2007 IKF World Classic Amateur Championship Tournament this coming August in Orlando Florida, USA.



Ray Thompson


Steve Shepard

MONDAY, June 18th, 2007, AT 6:45 PM, PT

"IKF Championship Kickboxing"
June 9th, 2007 - Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

  1. Exhibition: Julie Kedsie of Winkeljohn Kickboxing and Rosalinda Olivas from Rosales Kickboxing.

  2. Francisco Marin from Chavez Kickboxing stopped Virgil Begay from Winkeljohn Kickboxing winning by TKO.

  3. Adrian "Rambo" Melero out of Chavez Kickboxing defeated Angel Dominguez of J. Chavez Kickboxing by split decision.

  4. This bout was a slugfest between Tim Sosa of Art Baca Martial Arts and Jorge Garcia of LA Boxing. In the end, Garcia came out the winner by unanimous decision.

  5. Boxing: Patricio Quintana of Rosales Kickboxing and Kendall Lehman from FIT NHB. The winner by a split decision was Patricio Quintana.

  6. Eduardo Rios of Rosales Kickboxing won in unanimous decision over Jacob Chavez of LA Boxing.

  7. Rebekah Klimt of Art Baca Martial Arts won by unanimous decision over Adriana Velez of Rosales Kickboxing.

  8. Boxing: Eric Henson of Rosales Kickboxing and Erick Marin of Chavez Kickboxing. Marin won by unanimous decision.

  9. Mark Morgenstern of Rosales Kickboxing defeated Daniel Friedlander of Friedlander's Kickboxing by unanimous decision.

  10. Vicente Apodaca of Chavez Kickboxing defeated Neil Abrams of Art Back Martial Arts by decision.

  11. IKF New Mexico State Title
    Guillermo Alvarez from Rosales Kickboxing Vs Joby Sanchez from Chavez Kickboxing
    Winner: Sanchez when the doctor stopped the bout in the third round due to a serious cut close to Alvarez's left eye.

For more info please contact Mr. Tony Rosales at (505) 865-5414 or by e-mail at RosalesKarate@aol.com


June 9th, 2007 - Waterloo, Iowa, USA

ISCF & IKF Representative: Terri Storm: 5 Sullivan Brothers Convention Center, Waterloo, Iowa, USA.
For more info please contact Promoter Mr. Russ O'Connell at (319) 404-4407.


Don't Miss
The Upcoming

On Cable TV!

For those interested, several movies with former IKF World Champion Don "The Dragon" Wilson will be airing over the next month or so on several cable channels. Some of these movies include some well known names in kickboxing and martial arts such as Maurice Smith, James Warring, Stan Longinidis, Peter Cunningham, Richard Roundtree, Rob Kaman and Billy Blanks.

As already announced earlier here on the IKF news page, Wilson will be a Special Guest at this years 2007 IKF World Classic Amateur Championship Tournament this coming August 10, 11th & 12th in Orlando, Florida, USA. This will be one of many "Publicity" trips for Don and he will be selling photos and taking pictures with the fighters and fans.

Here's a rundown of the "DragonAction" for you.

    • A kickboxer stalks his brother's murderer in Manila.(1989)
    • Real life kickboxing champion, Don `The Dragon' Wilson, stars as Jake, a kickboxing instructor who goes to Manila to investigate his brother's murder. He stumbles upon a secret organization called the Red Fist, which is holding a kickboxing tournament, and meets Kwong (Joe Marie Avellana), a mysterious artist who knows the secrets of this style of fighting. Jake wants to infiltrate the contest and find his brother's killer, and Kwong decides to teach him some techniques that will help him win the contest.

    • Directed by Terence H Winkless.

    • Starring Don `The Dragon' Wilson, Joe Mari Avellana, Michael Shaner, Riley Bowman, Rob Kaman, Vic Diaz, Chris Aguilar, Billy Blanks.

      • Monday, June 18, 10:00 PM, on Showtime Extreme
      • Friday, June 22, 04:05 AM, on The Movie Channel
      • Monday, June 25, 12:10 AM, on Showtime Extreme
      • Thursday, June 28, 01:25 AM, on Showtime Extreme
      • Thursday, July 5, 12:10 AM, on Flix Movie Channel
      • Friday, July 6, 10:00 PM, on Showtime Extreme

    • Kickboxing has a field day in BLOODFIST II.
      The cast is composed of real-life martial arts champions who may not know how to emote but sure use their feet expressively. The movie opens with Jake Raye (light-heavyweight kickboxing champion Don "The Dragon" Wilson), a fighter with a conscience, accidentally killing a man in the ring. Disgusted by the senseless violence of it all, Jake throws his golden belt away and promises never to fight again. Astonishingly, this vow is rejected almost immediately when Jake is lured to the Philippines by his old friend and fellow kickboxer Vinny Petrello (heavyweight kickboxing champ Maurice Smith). Arriving in Manila, Jake is surrounded by five beefy thugs whom he dispatches quickly with his agile feet. Someone is out to get him. But who? Could it be the exotic and mysterious Mariella (Rina Reyes) who is also a talented kickboxer? Could it be the ghoulish German scientist Dieter (Robert Marius)? Not quite. It is the work of the sinister Mr. Su (Joe Mari Avellana), who kidnaps Jake and brings him to his private island. There, in tropical splendor, Jake discovers he and other world-class kickboxing champions are being prepared to be sacrificed to Mr. Su's steroid-laden martial arts experts in a gladiatorial fight to the death!

    • Directed by Andy Blumenthal.

    • Starring Don `The Dragon' Wilson, Maurice Smith, James Warring, Rina Reyes, Joe Mari Avellana, Robert Marius.

      • Thursday, July, 5, 1:35 AM, on Flix Movie Channel
      • Friday, July, 6, 11:25 PM, on Showtime Extreme
      • Saturday July, 7, 10:10 PM, on Flix Movie Channel

  • BLOODFIST III: Forced to Fight
    • Don Wilson returns to the screen as a man unjustly accused of a brutal crime. Within the prison he must fight for survival, freedom and justice.

    • Directed by Oley Sassone.

    • Starring Don `The Dragon' Wilson, Richard Roundtree, Stan Longinidis, Peter Cunningham, Gregory McKinney, Rick Dean, Richard Paul, Charles Boswell.

      • Tuesday June 19, 4:05 AM, on Showtime #2
      • Saturday June 23, 3:00 AM, on Showtime #2
      • Saturday July 7, 12:50 AM, on Showtime Extreme
      • Saturday July 7, 11:35 PM, on Flix Movie Channel

To read previous IKF articles about Don Wilson click HERE!

FRIDAY, June 15th, 2007, AT 2:20 PM, PT


No Xclusions, Inc. Presents
Jacksonville, Florida, USA


Iron Spirit Presents
Simpsonville, South Carolina, USA


Rosales Kickboxing & Boxing Presents
"IKF Championship Kickboxing"
Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

THURSDAY, June 14th, 2007, AT 8:10 PM, PT

IKF Has New
In England

Neil Holden

After a long absence of representation in England and Europe, today the IKF announced that Neil Holden (Left) will take over the IKF Leadership out of Warrington Cheshire England. Full details of the position will be released soon but basically Holden will take up where former IKF Leadership left off. Holden will be in charge of securing IKF Sanctioned events in England as well as IKF title bouts. In addition, possible plans look for the first IKF European Tournament to take place in the future, much like the IKF World Classic, but for European Countries. Whether this will be a United Kingdom only or European Tournament has yet to be determined.

The first proposed plan for IKF England is the sanctioning of two IKF Amateur World Titles on an already scheduled July 21st event at the Urmston Leisure Centre in Manchester England. The idea is to have two IKF Amateur Modified Muay Thai (K-1) Rules titles on the event. Former A.K.A. Amateur World Welterweight Champion, (67kgs), Lee Green (Right) would be one of those contenders. Green is the son of the well respected, ( now retired ), U.K. Muaythai fighter Ronnie Green, a protégé of Master Toddy that faced several top Thai's in his career. Lee has began to follow in his fathers footsteps, making two successful title defences of his A.K.A. Amateur World title, and only recently he competed in Thailand at the World Amateur Muaythai Championships. Also planned to fight for a World IKF title is 4 time AKA World Amateur Middleweight Champion (73kgs), Graham Sayer (Right). In the future both of these fighters would like to compete in the professional ranks of the 'K-1 MAX' (70kg division), hence the choice of the fighters management team in looking to sanction the respected IKF title.

Holden is the owner of Warrington Kickboxing Studio. He was born in historical city of Chester, Cheshire, England in 1972. He first began his training in 1983 at the age of eleven when he was introduced to Ju-Jitsu and Japanese Kickboxing. Twelve months later Holden then progressed onto Thai-Kickboxing, training in Master Sken's system, known as Sitnarong Muaythai, when he attended a class being taught by Phil Nurse, ( a former European Champion now based in New York ). In 1992, under Master Sken's tutelage, Neil qualified as an Instructor. He has been a full time professional martial arts coach for over 15 years now, a period that has seen him gather a tremendous wealth of experience both as a trainer and a promoter.

Neil has also trained in Japan, at the headquarters of the All Japan Kickboxing Federation in Tokyo, when he took two of his Instructors, Mark Matthews (I.S.K.A. British & Commonwealth / W.P.K.L. Inter-Continental Champion) and Rhys Edwards ( WAKO-Pro. British Champion ), there to train and compete. Having some of his top fighters train and compete in Japan, the home of martial arts, was a great experience and had a tremendous influence on Neil, his system of teaching, and the way of running his School. Following the Japan experience, Neil revised his training system and developed, 'OKAMI-DO' kickboxing, ( Japanese translation WOLF STYLE ). He expanded upon the teaching format he was currently using, which resulted in a new, complete and modern syllabus for his school. Okamido is a very successful Kickboxing system that incorporates only the very best techniques and training methods from Muaythai, Boxing, Taekwondo and Karate.

As the School Director for one of England's leading Martial Arts Centres, Neil currently holds the Senior Instructor Rank of 5th Degree ( over 15 Years Professional Teaching Experience ). He has developed a professional team of Instructors at Warrington Kickboxing Studio that have to date helped him train over 30 Blackbelts, along with several National Champions, two European and two World Champions.

Neil has dedicated his adult life to the martial arts and has been training for over 20 years! Even after such a long time, his enthusiasm is still the same as it was the first day that he ever kicked a bag, and as well as running a full-time studio, Neil still trains alongside his Black Belts & Champions six days a week, following a regimented split-system of Kickboxing, running and weight training.

Adding to this mix has been Holden's work towards the acceptance of Amateur Kickboxing into the Olympics through the AKA. The AKA incorporates a unique Olympic style open scoring system similar to that used for Olympic Boxing.

To date, two combat sports that involve striking an opponent have been accepted into the Olympics, under specific safety regulations ( Boxing and Taekwondo ). Rather than pursue a different method, as many other Amateur Kickboxing bodies are currently doing, ( for example the non-use of Bodyshields ), the AKA understands the IOC's (International Olympic Committee) safety requirements, agrees with them, and fully embraces them. Amateur Boxing has been accepted by the IOC as long as it follows specific rules and methods. This being that Olympic Amateur Boxing bouts are conducted with 'OPEN SCORING', using electronic scoreboards and for additional safety 'HEAD GEAR' is always worn.

The 'Open Scoring' helps to reduce the potential of a knockout, ( concussion ). as an early TKO rule is in effect, known as the 'OUTCLASS RULE'. Should an athlete be losing by 20 points ( as shown on the scoreboards during the bout ), then a contest is stopped. The AKA Kickboxing system has adopted these already accepted Olympic requirements and along with the IKF, together the two organizations can expand on the idea.

WEDNESDAY, June 13th, 2007, AT 8:40 PM, PT

Sheppard & Ringstar
Ask To Set The Record Straight

Earlier today we got a call from Mr. Steve Shepherd. As we had posted in an announcement article last week, Mr. Shepherd is the CEO of RINGSTAR, a martial arts merchandise and Shoe Company. Our conversation today was about what his plans are for the 2007 IKF World Classic Amateur Championship Tournament this coming August in Orlando Florida, USA. Since the discussion focused around sponsorship, there was a topic brought up about a so-called sponsorship of another event and another organization.

Sadly to say that once again, someone has went after people that the IKF has worked with to align with to better our sport and tried to make them a better offer to turn away from the IKF. Despite this happening in the past, this time is not the case. Sure enough, the same two names keep popping up when things like this happen and their desire to distroy the good work of the IKF still continues daily.

The press release was sent out this past Sunday by Mike Anderson and Ronnie Copeland. It was the same press release that brought us to respond (See headline below - Correcting A Statement About Kickboxing In The USA) to a phrase they used in it. In the same press release they had made the announcement that Mr. Shepherd's company, RINGSTAR Equipment Company, would be sponsoring 5 low kick fighters to the Wako World Championships in Europe. In their own press release they also noted that Mr. Shepherd would be the coach of this low kick team. No one here at the IKF had an issue with this so no one here contact Shepherd or Ringstar about it. There was no reason for us to.

Well, that was the story everyone thought to be true then... Until Mr. Shepherd contacted us earlier today, and in the conversation, the request came up for us to correct the story. "I knew nothing about the coaching thing until Mike (Anderson) told me last night that he posted me as his coach on their web site." said Shepherd. "We were negotiating a sponsorship deal and as of yesterday it seems to have fallen through."

Shepherd still stands behind what he said about the IKF last week, "We are excited to be a part of IKF Kickboxing as well as ISCF MMA." says Shepherd. "The IKF is the answer to what has been missing in Kickboxing for years. As the leaders in both Kickboxing and MMA our relationship will help bring our products to the center ring of both sports. Our relationship is long overdue but worth the wait."

For more info on Ringstar Products® go to www.ringstaradvantage.com
Ringstar Products® and the IKF will soon be announcing other agreements that associate with fighters as well as the upcoming.

MONDAY, June 11th, 2007, AT 9:50 PM, PT

IKF Honors Another Great One!
Curtis "The Explosive Thin Man" Bush

Curtis "The Explosive Thin Man" Bush was born May 26, 1962 and is a former 4 time World Champion Kickboxer in 4 weight divisions. His fighting career lasted from 1979-1999 and during that time he fought 22 times outside of the United States. As a professional fighter, he had 54 Wins with 40 KO's including 15 first round knockouts. He was hand-picked by Muhammad Ali in 1984 to box on Ali's Champion Sports Pro Boxing Team in the Cayman Islands after watching him in a kickboxing match on ESPN knocking out his opponent with a head kick. Bush signed a six fight contract with Ali's lawyer, Richard Hirschfeld to box in the Caribbean with a final bout in London, England for a minor title. Bush won his boxing fight by 4th round knockout.

Curtis became the IBF - International Boxing Federation, #1 Intercontinental Jr. Middleweight contender after winning the USBA Jr. Middleweight title with a 10th KO over Lynn Jackson in 1994. Bush appeared on ESPN, ESPN 2 more than 10 times and on Eurosport Television 3 times. He is still to this day often seen on ESPN Classics.

He was owner of the Curtis Bush Karate Club for 8 years and was honored with 'Curtis Bush Day' on April 27,2022 in Virginia Beach, Virginia by Mayor Meyera E. Oberndorf for his work with the D.A.R.E. program as a motivational speaker.

Bush is also an actor. His first film role was playing a deranged poacher in the 1987 Canadian film Dragon Hunt filmed in Toronto, Canada. Bush was killed by the star Michael Mcnamara in a brutal fight scene. He played a "Foot" in the hit films Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze in 1989 and 1990. He starred in the locally produced UPN television series 464 Roadhouse in 1992. The series was based on the film Roadhouse starring Patrick Swayze.

Curtis played Dillon where as Swayze played Dalton. He played a terrorist in the film Major Payne starring Damon Wayons in 1995. He starred in the gory, independent cult film Psycho Kickboxer released by EI Cinema in 1998.

On June 30, 1999, after 75 professional fights, Bush (37) retired from competition. In 2000, Curtis and his wife Bette were chosen to do the motion-capture and face scannings for the characters "Cobra" and "Tsuki" in the X-Box video game: Bruce Lee: Quest of the Dragon (Right) released in 2002. Curtis continues to act and played an Army Sargent in the ABC series LOST in 2006. He currently worked as a Behavior Counselor and lives on the Oahu island in Hawaii.

  • Martial Arts
    • Began Tang Soo Do Karate in 1976 (age 13) with Patrick Frick
    • Earned Black Belt in 1981
    • Head Instructor at NIMA Karate 1981-1988
    • Co-owner: Karate International 1988-1995
    • Owner: Curtis Bush Karate Club 1995-2003
  • Kickboxing
    • Cornerman Robert Dickason Chief Cornerman George Kelly
    • Began Kickboxing in 1979 (age 17) with George Kelly, Robbie Oliver, Jr. Clay, David James
    • Amateur Kickboxing 1980-1983
    • Amateur Titles: Virginia State Welterweight and Super Welterweight Champion
    • Amateur Record: 15-2 (11 KO's)
    • Pro Kickboxing: 1983-1999
    • Trainers: George Kelly and Tony Ornelas
    • Chief-Cornerman/Cutman: George Kelly
    • Cornermen: Francis Bush, Chris Bush, Robert Dickason, David James, Tony Ornelas, Dr. John Chappell Nutritionist: Dr. John Chappell
    • Sparring Partners: #1 Michael J. Jacobson, George Kelly, Rob Dickason, Luke Marshall, Tony Ornelas, Gerald Pilley, David James, John Willis, David Batten, Robbie Oliver, Jr. Clay, Jim "Bongo" Bailey, Dr. John Chappell
    • Pro Kickboxing Record: 42-10-2 (30 KO's) 2NC
  • Professional Kickboxing Titles
    • ISKA Southeast Welterweight Champion 147lbs KO-3 Alan Watson 29-5 (17 KO's) in Paradise Island, Bahamas
    • FFKA United States Welterweight Champion 147lbs KO-4 Chuck Cypress 15-3 (3 KO's) in Portland, Maine ESPN
    • ISKA North American Welterweight Champion 147lbs KO-2 Robert Visitacion 47-5 (36 KO's) in Lake Tahoe, NV ESPN
    • ISKA North American Super Welterweight Champion 153lbs W-10 Melvin Murray 32-6 (10 KO's) in Toronto, Canada ESPN 2
  • Professional World Kickboxing Titles
    • ISKA World Welterweight Champion 147lbs KO-7 ISKA #1 contender Piotr Falender 47-7 (14 KO's) in Virginia Beach, VA
    • ISKA World Super Welterweight Champion 153lbs W-12 ISKA #1 contender Tom Montgomery 40-8-2 (30 KO's) in Brighton, England
    • ISKA/WKA S. Welterweight Unification Fight KO-8 WKA World Champion Champion Roberto Fatica 65-11-4 (24 KO's) in Belfast, N. Ireland ESPN2/Sky Sports
    • ISKA World Light-Middleweight Champion 156lbs W-12 ISKA #3 contender Emmanuel Essessima 109-10-2 (70 KO's) in Paris, France WKKO World Middleweight Champion 160lbs KO-4
    • WKKO #1 contender Bubba "Blackhawk" Walters 37-5 (31 KO's) in Virginia Beach, VA
  • Boxing Career
    • Began Boxing in 1983 (age 21) with David Miller
    • Pro Boxing: 1984-1999
    • Trainer: David Miller
    • Chief Cornermen: David Miller, George Kelly
    • Cornermen: Gerald Pilley, Tony Ornelas
    • Sparring Partners: Gerald Pilley, David James, George Kelly
    • Member of 'Muhammad Ali's Champion Sports' Pro Boxing Team (1984)
    • #1 IBF Intercontinental Jr. Middleweight contender (1994)
    • #11 NBA World Middleweight contender (1998)
    • Final bout was for the NBA World Middleweight Championship L-TKO9 (1999)
    • Pro Boxing Record: 12-5-2 (10 KO's)
  • Professional Boxing Titles
    • USBA Jr. Middleweight Champion 154lbs KO-10 Lynn Jackson in Virginia Beach, VA
    • USBA Middleweight Champion 160lbs W-12 Kevin Hall in Virginia Beach, VA
  • Fight locations Bush and his crew traveled and fought many times on the road...
    • Paris, France 3x
    • Audincourt, France
    • Gaillard, France 2x
    • Amsterdam, Holland
    • Ajaccio, Corsica 2x
    • Toronto, Canada 4x
    • Montreal, Canada 5x
    • Hull, Quebec
    • Brighton, England
    • Cambridgeshire, England
    • London, England 2x
    • Belfast, N.Ireland
    • Geneva, Switzerland 3x
    • Grand Cayman Islands
    • Paradise Island, Bahamas
    • Lake Tahoe, Nevada
    • Las Vegas, Nevada
    • Atlantic City, New Jersey 2x
    • And 30+ cities across America!


"Battle Royal"
June 9th, 2007 - Nampa, Idaho, USA

IKF & ISCF Representative Dan Stell:
North West Ring Warriors present "Battle Royal" at the Bujack Battle Grounds, Nampa, Idaho, USA.

  1. Junior Amateur Muay Thai
    Randell Frost (17, 159, 0-2) Vs Zach Owens (16, 161, 1-0)
    Round 1: Zack gave a head kick to his opponent. Randell answered with a stiff jab. After eating the stiff jab, he gave a solid front kick in return. He followed that up with a hard right cross. Then he finished the round with an inside leg kick.
    Round 2: First sign of action in round two was a knee delivered by Zach Owens. Randall got a warning given to him by the referee for an illegal throw. After separating him he followed up with a stiff jab. Then Owens answered with two round house back kicks to Frosts thigh, following that up with a one two combo.
    Round 3: Owens threw two good roundhouse kicks to Frosts thigh. Frost followed up with a good knee to the body and an outside leg trip.
    Winner by split decision: Zach Owens, 29-27, 28-29 & 30-27

  2. Amateur MMA
    Brett Bosworth (131.8, 0-1) Vs Darius Gardner (132, 1-0)
    Round 1: In one of the most exciting fights of the night, Darius Gardner started out the match with a take-down resulting in a hard slam to the mat. He followed up with another one, after the fighters stood back up. Bosworth pulled guard at that time, attempted an arm-bar submission, Gardner escaped the arm bar but was stuck in the guard. Bosworth still landing several blows. The action in the guard ended, resulting in referee standing up the fighters.
    Round 2: Brett did a take-down, Darius ended up on bottom with guard position. While holding him in guard position, he attempted an arm triangle choke. Darius gained position and he stood up out of guard. He landed several blows, executing a take-down, and submitting his opponent in 2 min. 50 sec of the second round with a guillitine choke.
    Winner by tap-out: Darius Gardner 2:50 in the second round.

  3. Amateur MMA
    Jake Walters (211.2, 0-1) Vs Jesse Vasquez (210.2, 1-0)
    Round 1: Jesse jumped on Jake with several strikes causing referee to stop the bout 16 seconds into the first round.
    Winner by TKO Jesse Vasquez 16 second in the first round.
    Referee Josh Crow.

  4. Amateur MMA
    Chuck Jordan (156, 1-3) Vs Austin Kirkes (161, 0-1)
    Round 1: Austin executes a high impact take-down. Chuck reversed position, throws a couple of punches from side mount. Austin reverses position, attempts an arm-bar, ends up throwing two hammer fists while on top of his opponent, moves to taking his opponents back, attempts rear naked choke. Jordan was not able to execute the choke, so he rains punches to the side of the head from back position. Referee stopped the bout at 2 min 56 seconds of the first round.
    Winner by TKO Chuck Jordan 2:56 in the first round.
    Referee Josh Crow.

  5. Amateur MMA
    Derik Standley (189, 1-0) Vs Anthony Lopez (194, 3-1)
    Round 1: Anthony comes out and throws two rear round house kicks to his opponents thigh. His opponent answers with two right crosses. Then Anthony fires back two right crosses as well. Answered by two jabs by Derik. Anthony did a take down with Derik reversing position, putting Anthony on his back. Anthony attempts a triangle choke.
    Round 2: Same kind of action as above.
    Round 3: Anthony threw a back leg kick. Derik lands a hard blow knocking his opponent down, then finishes him with ground and pound. Referee stops the bout in 25 seconds of the third round.
    Winner by TKO Derik Standley 25 seconds in the third round.
    Referee Josh Crow.

  6. Amateur MMA
    Daniel Leuthold (149.5, 1-0) Vs Cody Reyes (153.9. 0-1)
    Round 1: Cody executes a take-down in response to Daniels one two combo. Daniel reverses position to take Codys back, attempts an arm triangle. Daniel excapes from the arm triangle, reverses position and ground and pounds from the mount. Daniel throws a cross to Codys head. Cody answers with two hard body shots.
    Round 2: Reyes comes out throwing two knees. Cody seizes his leg resulting in a take down, takes mount, with no action. Referee stands the fighters up. Daniel executes two back leg kicks, Cody follows with a solid right cross. After solid right cross Daniel responds with several punches causing the referee to stop the fight in 2 min 15 sec. in the second round.
    Winner by TKO Daniel Leuthold 2:15 in the second round.
    Referee Josh Crow.

  7. Amateur MMA
    Josh Maggard (173.6, 2-0) Vs *David Manery (171.6, 2-3)
    Round 1: Josh executes a take down, gives two hard strikes to the head, multiple one two combos to the face from the mount. Referee stoppage 48 second in the first round.
    Winner by TKO Josh Maggard 48 seconds in the first round.
    Referee Josh Crow.

  8. Amateur MMA
    Joe Ramos (159.7, 3-0) Vs Steven Clow (169, 0-1).
    Round 1: Joe attempts a standing guilitine choke. Steven attempts a take down from the guilitine choke. He then gets 2 warnings for hanging onto the ropes. Steven then ends up on his back, attempting an arm bar submission.
    Round 2: Joe executes a take down. Both fighters get back up on their feet almost immediately. Steven executes a take down, Ramos gets him into a guilitine choke, ending the fight in referee stoppage in 2 min 42 sec in the second round.
    Winner by choke out Joe Ramos 2:42 seconds in the second round.

  9. Amateur MMA
    Ruben Rodriguez (223.5, 1-1) Vs Jeremiah Neumann (214, 1-0)
    Round 1: Jeremiah starts with a mad flurry of punches, transitioning to a judo throw. He finished it with a ground and pound in 48 seconds into the first round with a referee stoppage.
    Winner by TKO Jeremiah Neumann 48 seconds into the first round.
    Referee Matt May.

  10. Amateur Muay Thai
    Scott Schmid (157.5, 0-1) Vs Manuel Rodriguez (155.7, 3-1)
    This fight was filled with plenty of exciting hand and feet combinations.
    Winner by unanimous decision, Manuel Rodriguez, 30-27, 29-28 & 29-28..

  11. MAIN EVENT Amateur MMA
    Micheal Peterson (167.7, 5-4) Vs Jesse (Marco) Martinez (170.2, 3-0)
    WOW!!!!!!! The fight of the night, a possibility in my opinion, amateur bout of the year!!!!!!!!!!! With this being a rematch, there is no doubt about it I think this would be a great Idaho Amateur State Championship bout. With everything from stand-up, to ground and pound, to multiple knees, and submission attempts this fight had it all.
    Winner by unanimous decision Jesse (Marco) Martinez, 29-28, 30-27 & 30-27.

I would like to thank John & Pepper Bujak, Chris Reyna, & Dean Donlon for promoting a great show. Our referees Josh Crow and Matt May. The judges Jake Ortiz, Pat Lee, Cody Aldrich, Louis Neagle, & Frank Watts. The timekeeper Sarah McKay & special thanks for all the help Chuck Palmer. For more info please contact Mr. Dean Donlon at (208) 861-9462 or at dean@gorillataktics.com or Mr. Chris Reyna at (208) 463-9999 or at sidekicksidaho@netzero.net


Registering For The
2007 IKF World Classic!

Word has it that once again there is some false and misleading information going around about the 2007 IKF World Classic Amateur Championship Tournament. Hopefully we can clear some of this information up in this post.

Many other Questions can be answered at our Q & A Page located HERE.


Where Is Kickboxing Going...
Or is It...

With all the Kickboxing Sanctioning bodies in the world today, each is trying to find something that makes them stand out from the crowd. If that's not enough, the need to exaggerate seems to be the best form of advertising. However, when those exaggerations come back to nip you in the rear, many start questioning why some continue to keep telling everyone the same thing over and over again. For example each time a sanctioning body keeps telling everyone that they now "Rule" kickboxing and that their "Tournament will be the Largest ever" and all this turns out to be false year after year for 5 years straight, many start asking, "What should we believe?"

For the IKF, there are some who claim they have exaggerated about their worldwide representation and size. With a new IKF Europe deal on the horizon and soon to be announced the exaggeration that some feel out of place is their claim with their phrase, "Largest Kickboxing Sanctioning Body in the World." The question here is, "Is it?" Today, there is no way to know. The IKF is the only organization that posts all their sanctioned events on their website so it's easy for someone to count all the events they sanction each year. However, with those other organizations claiming world domination over the sport of Kickboxing, how can one tally the numbers if they never see them? To add to this, what "Counts" towards being the "Largest?" Do we count all the forms and semi contact karate/kickboxing events organizations like wako, wka and iska do? Should these count? Should we count the number of countries an organization has representatives in? Heck, it's not hard to give an appointment to an individual just to say "We have Representation in 60 countries."

Over the past 3 years the IKF has seen the number of IKF Sanctioned events dwindle. However, this is not because of lack of work by the IKF. Instead there are many other factors to this. For one, the emergence of MMA has totally changed promoting. Many IKF Kickboxing Promoters are now MMA Promoters. In addition over the past 2 years the sport of kickboxing has seen the creation of 19 new sanctioning bodies... "19." Nineteen people who got tired of someone else telling them that a 200 lb fighter could not fight a 165 lb fighter, even if they both agreed to the fight. That a fighter with a losing record could not fight for a title. That a Pro can't fight an Amateur in an Amateur bout and many other ethical issues that revolve around the rules and regulations of actual sanctioning of a sport. All of a sudden, promoters thought there was some kind of glory and prestige in being a sanctioning body.

Is the time now for sanctioning bodies to become Promoters? Maybe so, and why not? The only thing that has been stopping the IKF from Promoting is a saying that has been said over and over again, and is actually, the reason for the success of the IKF and the organizational success of the sport in the late 90's through about 2005 . That saying is, "If everyone does THEIR job and does it well, we will ALL grow and succeed together." it sounded simple enough and in fact, it was so simple, it worked.

From the start, that was the goal of the IKF. we do our part, you do yours was what the IKF told promoters, trainers, fighters and officials. However today, too many want to play several positions instead of the one they are best at. As in a football team, the center now wants to play quarterback and the wide receiver wants to play defensive tackle. In the end, there is no one playing their position of skill and talent and instead, the team is now playing what they want to play instead of what they are good at. On a football team, the coach as well as the fans would call this a lack of discipline. A lack of leadership. Leadership is exactly what Kickboxing is missing today and although coming from a disciplined Martial Arts background, the sport is also lacking discipline.

Over the last year or two, there have been several who think they can do a better job leading a sanctioning body than promoting. There is nothing wrong with vision. Nothing at all. Vision is what started the IKF and vision is what keeps the IKF moving forward today. With this in mind, we should not discredit these new upstart sanctioning bodies but instead, ask the question that does need to be asked which is "Why?" Have the existing sanctioning bodies for the sport let down the fighters and trainers around the world? Or does it have more to do with things like ego and money? Is it so they don't have to meet certain title requirements? Or worse yet, ones desire to do as they please, even if it's not by the rules? Who knows. Those who have started their own sanctioning bodies will give you many reasons for their start. But how many of these reasons are justified? Well, when you break them down and look at them, in the end the truth is, very few. Their reasons are simply that they feel they could do a better job than those sanctioning bodies out there today.

While all sanctioning bodies are looking for individuals to represent them around the world as part of their Team, the IKF remains an organization with many things no other sanctioning bodies offer or have. Probably the most important are the IKF Rankings. However, these are always supported by the news page here along with many other things such as;

Someone wrote in an e-mail recently about what they "Want" to accomplish. One of their statements said, "Fifty (50) years from now, the only World or Nationals titles you'll find in the record books are those of XXX." We left the name of the organization out because it really doesn't matter. The truth here is, this organization has been around far longer than the IKF and no where on their website can you find any results of their many past tournaments now, so what makes anyone believe this will change in the next 50 years? You can find the results of ALL the past IKF Tournaments HERE.

Those who start their own organization have many great ideas and aspirations of being a great organization. However, more often than not, these organizations are started up just for a promoter who is trying to meet a state requirement for their event by being sanctioned by what many states call a "Nationally Recognized Sanctioning Body." However, the majority of these sanctioning bodies are unknown out of their home state. Several states that still have such organizations are Colorado, Missouri, Wisconsin, Florida, Oklahoma, Utah, Idaho and Louisiana just to name a few. These new upstart sanctioning bodies are often started to avoid sanctioning with a legit sanctioning body due to costs, rules and title requirements. Thus the continued issue of a "Champion on every street corner." However, none of these champions can be found on many of these upstart organizations web pages. It's as if they were promoted for one event and then forgot about.

Of those 19 new sanctioning bodies that we know of that started up over the last two years, 11 of them remain today or should we say, still have their websites up on the web. Of those 11, 6 of them have a web site that has never changed since they started it. Those other 5 organizations have at least tried to keep up with some posted news, but nothing consistent. None of them that promised sanctioned rankings have an up to date rankings page. Of the 4 that claim rankings, they are all old rankings, cut and pasted on a page to make their rankings. All 3 of them have fighters who are long since retired. The others have links that go nowhere or links to pages that pop up and have always said, "Under Construction."

However new sanctioning bodies are not the only addition to the sport. There are some good things. Since the IKF did the first ever Amateur Kickboxing Tournament in America in 1999 there have been a number of others following with their own tournaments. This can be good as well as bad. Good that fighters have more opportunities to fight, bad when fighters travel to one or more of these tournaments and what was promised, is never to be. worse yet, those who make a long trip only to find out they don't have a matched fight.

The IKF has come to realize that NO ONE truly knows who is the Largest Kickboxing sanctioning body in the world because the sport has been fragmented so much and there are so many new sanctioning bodies, they doubt there is, or ever will be, ONE that is the Largest in the World ever again. With this being said, the question now turns to, "Why the largest? Why not the best?" Although not always made as an open statement, this has been the motto the IKF has worked towards since day one. "Being the Largest of anything is great for the male ego." Says IKF President Steve Fossum. "But if your not good at what you do or a good organization providing for the fighters, trainers, promoters and officials working with you, all you are is letters, and anyone can be an ABC."

Someone on the Message Board today made a statement that should be followed up by as many as possible when they wrote: "Lets attend as many as we can and in the end, let the fighters decide which one was best." The BEST! What will make any organization "The Best!?" Who knows. It's clear that some people's definition of the BEST are far different than others. Regardless, you won't find the phrase "Largest Kickboxing Sanctioning Body in The World" anymore on the front of the IKF page. All you will read is "Sanctioning kickboxing Around The World." This is what the IKF does.

What the IKF will focus on is doing the best job they can and offer the most legit and credible titles and sanctioning for the sport of kickboxing around the world. Within this statement, there is no false hype or massive exaggeration. It's simple fact. In the end, those who work with the IKF will make their own determination as to their feelings about the IKF and in the end, the goal of the IKF is not to be the largest, but the BEST Sanctioning Body for the Sport of Kickboxing around the World. One thing that the IKF can and will respect though is that the only ones who will be able to determine if they are the Best are the many Fighters, Trainers, Officials, Event Promoters, Friends, Family & FANS who make the sport worth it all, The Great Sport of KICKBOXING!!!!!


Correcting A Statement
About Kickboxing In The USA

Earlier today, Ronnie Copeland sent out an e-mail written by Mike Anderson that had several misleading issues in it. However, the one we need to address is this statement:

The KICK organization was designated by the World Association of Kickboxing Organizations (WAKO) as the official sanctioning body for all the kickboxing sports in the United States.

Now, before any of you keep calling or e-mailing us here at the IKF (Or any other Kickboxing Sanctioning body you do business with) thinking things such as, "So from what I was told today, all the other kickboxing sanctioning bodies in the World are worthless and the only choice we have is Kick and Wako." Let us add some truthful facts that Mike Anderson SHOULD have made clear in his e-mail, but instead, choose once again to Exaggerate the truth of the matter.

A Truthful statement by Mike Anderson in Ronnie Copeland's e-mail should have read:
"The KICK organization was designated by the World Association of Kickboxing Organizations (WAKO) as the official sanctioning body For the World Association of Kickboxing Organizations (WAKO) in the United States.

Kick's appointment is only by Wako which is no different than us appointing a certain Individual as the IKF Representative in a state or region. For example, if this representative would stated, "John Doe was designated by the International kickboxing Federation (IKF) as the official representative for all kickboxing sports in the State of Illinois." This would be an exaggeration of the truth, just like Anderson's statement was because if you read more directly, John Doe's appointment was only by the IKF, NOT some World Body. There could and are, MANY Representatives for kickboxing "OTHER" than those appointed by the IKF in the State of Illinois. In addition, there will ALWAYS be many Sanctioning bodies representing kickboxing here in North America as well as ALL OVER THE WORLD!

Why these individuals feel they need to exaggerate the truth is a question to many who have spoke to us today from MANY other Sanctioning bodies. In doing so, they misrepresent themselves in proving over and over again how unethical and misleading they are in their game-plan of ruling the kickboxing world. In the process whether we see it now or not, they continue to bring the many other kickboxing sanctioning bodies around them down into their bucket filled with misleading, unethical drama that is always surrounded with false hype and lack of leadership and responsibility.

NOTE: An e-mail was sent to these individuals (Copeland, Anderson, Wako & Kick) at 11:50 AM today in hopes of some kind of correction reply. However, the only reply we got was from Ronnie Copeland which said: "I do not have time to examine each statement point by point so I am not going to read your email. So, I will not read this email. I did not wirte the press realease Mike Anderson did. I only distribluted it. So please take it up with him." This was the kind of response we expected which was why we posted the above details.

FRIDAY, June 8th, 2007, AT 8:00 PM, PT

UPDATES MADE ON SATURDAY, June 9th, 2007, AT 2:30 PM, PT


North West Ring Warriors Presents
"Battle Royal"
Nampa, Idaho, USA


Russ O'Connell Presents
Waterloo, Iowa, USA

THURSDAY, June 7th, 2007, AT 8:00 PM, PT

Let Us Grow From Here

"Let today be the beginning of a better tomorrow for all of us in the sport of kickboxing. That we will read these words below, and follow them true, even when tempted to sway away from them... for it shall be within these words as well as within each and every one of us to direct our sails to blow strong and swift into the wind that will take us on a journey to our future. A Great future, created by ALL of us for many to follow in the sport of Kickboxing."
Steve Fossum, IKF President.

The Optimist Creed
Let Us Promise Ourselves...
To be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind.
To talk health, happiness and prosperity to every person you meet.
To make all your friends feel that there is something in them.
To look at the sunny side of everything and make your optimism come true.
To think only of the best, to work only for the best and to expect only the best.
To be just as enthusiastic about the success of others as you are about your own.
To forget the mistakes of the past and press on to the greater achievements of the future.
To wear a cheerful countenance at all times and give every living creature you meet a smile.
To give so much time to the improvement of yourself that you have no time to criticize others.
To be too large for worry, too noble for anger, too strong for fear, and too happy to permit the presence of trouble.

Forward march....

Optimist International adopted this creed in 1922. It was originally published in 1912 in a book titled: "Your Forces and How to Use Them." The author was Christian D. Larson, a prolific writer and lecturer who believed that people have tremendous latent powers, which could be harnessed for success with the proper attitude. Click.



Will Be In the House At The
IKF World Classic!

Although he would still step into the ring with anyone today, in 2002 at age 47, Don "The Dragon" Wilson entered the ring for what would be his last real kickboxing bout. Wilson had continued his undefeated comeback streak since winning his IKF World Title back in 1999 with his 3rd victory in 3 tries (2 wins by KO/TKO and 1 by decision). in the bout, Wilson faced off against pro kickboxer Eddie Butcher of Baltimore, MA, USA where in round 6, Wilson landed an overhand right that put an end to Butcher.

After that fight his Professional Kickboxing Record stood at 71 wins, 5 loses and 2 draws with 47 wins coming by the Knockout. He has been regarded as one of the greatest kickboxer of all time. This year, up and coming Amateur Kickboxers will get a chance to rub shoulders with him all weekend long because he will be "In The House" at this years 2007 IKF World Classic Amateur Championship Tournament this coming August 10, 11th & 12th in Orlando, Florida, USA.

During his career Don won a total of 11 World Titles with several Sanctioning bodies that included the IKF, WKA, KICK, ISKA, STAR and the PKO. Never backing down from a challenge, Don has fought champions all around the world, in Hong Kong, Japan, Italy, Canada, Germany, Great Britain, Thailand, Las Vegas and countless other locations.

In 1999 at 45 years of age, (Left) Don stepped back into the ring to fight for the vacant IKF Pro, FCR Cruiserweight World Title on May 15th, 1999 in Lowell, Massachusetts, USA against Dick Kimber for what is still this day, the highest kickboxing purse EVER paid, $150,000.00 and some additional training expenses. Kimber swore to everyone that he'd have the fight over before the fifth round. However when the Dragon unloaded on Kimber in round three, Kimber dropped to the mat and referee Dan Stell counted him out on the floor, a count that went into the round break. Kimber never stood during the count and to this date, Kimber never fought again. It had been over eight years since Don last entered the ring, but his trademark sidekick was stronger than ever. Wilson picked up the IKF Cruiserweight World Title for his efforts and Kimber kept his promise when this one was over in round 3. In 2001, having never been challenged for his title, Wilson Voluntarily Retired it to move down to the Light Heavyweight Division.

Over his career Wilson fought and defeated many Great fighters such as James Warring, Demetrius Edwards, Maurice Smith, Dennis Downey, Dennis Alexio, Branimir Cikatic, Mike Winkeljohn, Herb Thompson, Greg Smith, Muhammed Ashraf Tai, Panya Sornnoi, Pongdienoi Prasobchai, Rob Salazar, and a very controversial Draw against Jean-Yves Theriault which many thought Wilson clearly won.

After his first retirement from the ring, Wilson went on to yet another level of stardom as an action movie star. Movies to his credit include: The Last Sentinel (2007), Soft Target (2006), Sci-Fighter (2004), Stealing Harvard (2002), Redemption (2002), Moving Target (2000), The Capitol Conspiracy (1999), Whatever It Takes (1999), Inferno aka Operation Cobra (1998), Hollywood Safari (1997), Papertrail (1997), Night Hunter (1996), Virtual Combat (1996), Bloodfist VIII: Trained to Kill (1996), Cyber-Tracker 2 (1995), Bloodfist VII: Manhunt (1995), Batman Forever (1995), Ring of Fire 3: Lion Strike (1995), Bloodfist VI: Ground Zero (1995), Terminal Rush (1995), CyberTracker (1994), Red Sun Rising (1994), Bloodfist V: Human Target (1994), Out for Blood (1993), Ring of Fire II: Blood and Steel (1993), Bloodfist IV: Die Trying (1992), Blackbelt (1992), Bloodfist III: Forced to Fight (1992), Ring of Fire (1991), Future Kick (1991), Bloodfist II (1990), Bloodfist (1989) and Say Anything... (1989).

During this time Don married well known Film and Television Makeup artist Kathleen Karridene in 1996. They have three children together; Jonathan, Drayden, and Aubrianna. Over the course of his career Don won 11 world titles in 3 different weight divisions, something no other fighter has accomplished. Here is a list of his 11 World titles and some of his awards.

To read previous IKF articles about Don Wilson click HERE!

TUESDAY, June 5th, 2007, AT 9:35 PM, PT

Announce First Alignment With

In what is the first public announcement of more to come, the IKF & ISCF today announced it's first alignment deal with Ringstar Products®, a Martial Arts Shoe and Merchandise Company. Ringstar Products® has come to an agreement with the IKF & ISCF to be the official sponsor for Officials Shoes for all IKF & ISCF Certified Referees for ALL IKF & ISCF Events.

The shoe selected for these officials is the Flexx Pro Trainer Martial Arts Training Shoe shown at the right. The shoe is an easy slip-on-slip-off design with no laces and a simple Velcro Secure closure cover. As a former kickboxing Champion, co-founder of the IKF and now head of Officials for the IKF, Dan Stell has had the opportunity to work with the shoe and is very pleased with it. "It's a very comfortable and lightweight shoe that allows easy and quick movement while working in the ring." Says Stell.

Along with being a Referee shoe, Ringstar Products® also makes great competition shoes which will soon be part of IKF Kickboxing as well as IKF Point Kickboxing (Semi-contact). "The Ringstar shoes will be great for Point Kickboxing competition." Says former World Champion kickboxer, Promoter and IKF Point Kickboxing founder Johnny Davis. "They are lightweight, flexibly and truly have competition in mind."

The founder and President and CEO of Ringstar Products® is Former kickboxer Steve Shepherd. Steve Knows Kickboxing! Steve is a legend in the world of kickboxing. He is a 5 time, 4 weight division world kickboxing champion who ended his career with a record of 49 wins, 4 losses and 2 no contest. He defeated international champions from Canada, Japan, Australia, Europe, and Asia, and defeated world champions in 7 separate weight divisions and was voted pound for pound the greatest fighter in the world in 1980, 1981, 1982 by Official Karate Magazine. He along with fighters like Jean-Yves Theriault, Brad Hefton, Jerry Trimble and others were the first stars of kickboxing when it became a new regulated sport and helped revolutionized the sport, taking it from small market special interest, to international recognition.

After hanging up his gloves and footpads, Steve trained, managed, and promoted over 200 state, golden gloves national and world champions, amateur and pro, boxing and kickboxing fighters. He promoted boxing and kickboxing on National & International levels also. In 1990, he promoted USA versus the Soviet Union, which included Vitale Klitchko, who in 2005, retired as the World Heavyweight Boxing Champion. In 1995, promoted USA versus Russia for the second time. In 1979, he created the Ringstar name, establishing Ringstar Promotions from 1979 - 1999, overseeing more than 100 events. A true martial arts renaissance man as competitor, trainer, manager, promoter, and successful school owner for over 25 years Shepherd's Boxing & Kickboxing Center, an internationally renowned training facility, boasted a multitude of world champions, including Andrew Golota, Michael Moorer, Oscar De La Hoya, Fernando Vargas, Kassim Ouma, Zab Judah, Don "The Dragon" Wilson, Bill "Superfoot" Wallace among many others.

In the mid 90's, amid his involvement in the careers of many up and coming fighters, Steve began to see the need to improve on faulty designed martial arts equipment. He began to develop a shoe that would replace the conventional footpad, which was prone to twisting on the foot during sparring, distracting fighters at the most inopportune times, not to mention inadequacies in hygiene and protection against broken toes. What eventually resulted was the first and only shoe ever sanctioned and approved for competition.

"We form relationships with sponsors based more on personalities than products and money." Says IKF & ISCF President Steve Fossum. "Everything about Steve Sheppard says Champion on it from his personal passion for the sport to his business ethics. We are proud to be working with him and Ringstar Products."

"We are excited to be a part of IKF Kickboxing as well as ISCF MMA." says Sheppard. "The IKF is the answer to what has been missing in Kickboxing for years. As the leaders in both Kickboxing and MMA our relationship will help bring our products to the center ring of both sports. Our relationship is long overdue but worth the wait."

For more info on Ringstar Products® go to www.ringstaradvantage.com
Ringstar Products® and the IKF will soon be announcing other agreements that associate with fighters as well as the upcoming 2007 IKF World Classic Amateur Championship Tournament this coming August in Orlando Florida, USA.


Filling With Fighters!

Exciting Times For Kickboxing On The Horizon...

As compared the it's sister organization, the ISCF (Sanctioning for Mixed Martial Arts) the rate of registering fighters for the rankings may seem low. However in the ISCF, it's mandatory for all amateur fighters to register into the ISCF Rankings.

On the average over the last year, the ISCF receives between 40 to 60 fighter registrations a month, sometimes even more. On the flip side, the IKF has also seen an increase in fighter registration in both the Professional and Amateur Rankings. On average the IKF would see about 10-20 fighter registrations per month. However over the last 3 months, from March 1st to June 1st a total of 97 fighters registered to be in the various divisions of the IKF Rankings. That's a pretty staggering amount considering during the same time last year the IKF only registered a total of 34 fighters.

There have been many claiming kickboxing is dead due to the growth of Mixed Martial Arts, but from the number of registering fighters, that rumor may be a bit off. "We have seen a decrease in the number of sanctioned 'kickboxing' events this year, but not because there are less fighters." Said IKF President Steve Fossum. "The promoters are doing more MMA promotions now instead of kickboxing which means less venues for kickboxers to fight on. We keep track of other sanctioning bodies as well and we have seen their number of sanctioned kickboxing events drop as well."

Kickboxing has always played second best to Boxing. However with boxing's fan base dropping off more and more due to the popularity of MMA, now may be the time for kickboxing promoters to step things up a bit. With the new company SFI on the Horizon, the addition of the new XG Fighting Style and looming promotional deals soon to be announced for the IKF with companies like Jack9, Ringstar Products and several other exciting companies, this may turn out to be one of the most exciting times for the sport. Get your Ringstar Shoes on everybody and get ready to "Bring It ON!"



Kickboxer Lynch
Keeping Us All

Where he is in the IKF Rankings is sitting in the number two contender spot of the IKF Amateur Full Contact rules Lightweight (127.1 lbs. - 132 lbs. 57.77 kg - 60 kg.) division. However, what many of you don't know is where number 2 ranked IKF Lightweight fighter Patrick Lynch of Waynasboro, Pennsylvania, USA (8-3-2/4) has been.

Pat along with thousands of other honored men and women has been keeping us all safe here at home while serving with the United States Marine Corps in Iraq. Pat was home in early May but had to go back to protecting us on May 12th to Hawaii and then an unknown location from there. "He's the smallest guy in his unit but carries the biggest gun. that fits Pats profile!" says his friend Rick Blandford.

Rick says Pat's been hitting the weights and is now up to 145 lbs. looking at the Welterweight division. While home he was in the boxing gym crushing the local amateurs with just his hands. His kickboxing career is still on standby but after he gives the Marine Corps all his devotion and talent, we will still have a contender spot for him here at the IKF.

Stay Safe Pat, and
Thanks for keeping all of us safe!

MONDAY, June 4th, 2007, AT 7:40 PM, PT

Major Organizations
Offer Major Tournaments In The United States
That Fill The Balance Of The Year!

Special USKBA: No matter what style of action sports you are interested in, there's bound to be something that is just right for you. From now until the end of the year, there are 6 major tournaments happening in the United States that are sure to be of interest to you. These tournaments provide an excellent chance to compete against competitors from all over. Each tournament is geared to accommodate different age groups and different styles. The only way you will not benefit by competing in these tournaments is if you don't compete in these tournaments! Here is a list of each one:

June 9, 2007, Suwanee, Georgia
Submission Grappling for Additional information
Plus That Night
"MMA Reality Fighting - Atlanta"
Sanctioned by the ISCF

RoundKick Rumble
Muay Thai Classic

"The T.B.A. Open"

June 16, 2007, Des Moines IA
For additional information


June 22, 23, 24, 2007
Crystal Lake, Illinois
Full Contact, Low Kick
For additional information


July 13, 14, 15, 2007
Mechanicsville, Virginia
Muay Thai Kickboxing, MMA, Submission Grappling
For additional information

August 10, 11, 12, 2007
Orlando, Florida
Full Contact, International, Muay Thai
Point (Semi Contact) Kickboxing
For additional information


October 26, 27, 28, 2007 Wildwood, New Jersey
Full Contact Kickboxing, Thaiboxing, San Da
Continuous Contact, Submission Grappling, MMA, Martial Arts
For additional information:
www.uskba.com & www.battleattheboardwalk.com

Take advantage of the opportunities that these organizations are providing. We hope to see you at one, two, three, four, five or all six of these tournaments!


"IKF Amateur Kickboxing Tournament"
June 2nd & 3rd, 2007 - Mexico City, Mexico

2007 IKF Mexico Regionals a Huge Success!
Doug Dickey, IKF Representative - Mexico City:
Tenochitlan, the ancient capital of the great Aztec Warriors, is now modern day Mexico City. With a population of some 13 million inhabitants, martial arts are a popular past time. In the past, Mexico has been plagued with both local and regional kickboxing politics. It seems that every promoter in the various region wants to be the chief, yet there aren't enough Indians. As a result, Mexican kickboxing has suffered greatly on the international circuit, offering few prospects to aspiring pros or amateurs for that matter. Mexico, however, in its Aztec Warrior tradition, has produced such notable fighters such as IKF Champions Miguel Reyes, Pedro Fernandez, Ivan Silva and Adolfo Lozano. also included in that mix of Great Mexico Kickboxers is Raul Romero as well as a few others to name a few.

The latest promoter to take up the torch towards the road to the IKF World Classic amateur Championship Tournament is none other than Raul Romero. Romero has competed for IKF Super Heavyweight titles, in K-1 USA and now has recently captured the WBC Muay Thai Super Heavyweight title. Soon, he hopes to compete for one of the IKF World Titles if given the opportunity.

This past Saturday, Raul promoted the first ever Mexican Regional Amateur Championships which featured fighters from Mexico City, Oaxaca and Michoacan. Unfortunately, due to the politics noted above, fighter turn out was lower than anticipated. Nevertheless, the bouts proceeded as planned, held at the beautiful and spacious BODY BUILDING CENTER GYM in the Arboledas section of the city. The results are as follows:

  1. 65 kilos/IR: Julio Olivares defeated Javier Hernandez by decision.
  2. 60 kilos/IR: Jorge Lenin defeated Javier Garza by decision.
  3. 73 kilos/MTR: Luis Ferrera defeated Jesus Alvarez by decision.
  4. 54 kilos/IR: Luis Martinez defeated Diego Vaquez by decision.
  5. 66 kilos/IR: Luis Velasco defeated Leopoldo Zepeda by KO in round 1.
  6. 86 kilos/IR: Jorge Tinaco defeated Miguel Cristobol by decision.
  7. 65 kilos/IR: Yolycatzin Gazga defeated Ana Hernandez by decision.
  8. Finals 65 kilos/IR: Julio Olivares defeated Jorge Lenin by decision.
  9. Finals 73 kilos/MTR: Luis Ferrera defeated Jesus Alvarez by KO in Round 3.
  • Fighters qualifying without opponent:
    • 75 kilos: Marco Antonio Richardo
    • 101 kilos: Guillermo Perez
    • 85 kilos: Raul Martell

The fight of the day was the women's battle between Yolycatzin Gazga of Oaxaca and Ana Hernandez of Mexico City. The non-stop action fight featured strong and punishing hands as well as well placed leg and body kicks. At the end of 3 hard packed action rounds, Gazga took the nod and is on her way to Orlando. Once again, Raul Romero "Walked the talk" and hopefully he will continue on with his promotional activities and take a strong team to represent Mexico in Orlando this coming August. For more info please contact Mr. Raul Romero at mexicankickfighter@hotmail.com


Results From
"UKC Fight Night"
June 2nd , 2007, Gainesville, Florida, USA

    Kevin Schruck, Bradenton, Florida USA, (217, 1-0, 8-10-83, Xtreme Martial Arts)
    defeated Orval Morris, (221, 0-1, 6-5-72) by unanimous decision 30-27, 30-27, 30-27.

    Jeremy Kaspi, Tampa, Florida, USA, (178, 1-0, 4-14-86, Griffen Raul Muay Thai)
    defeated Michael Whiteman, (0-1, 170, 9-25-84) by KO at :56 of round 2.

    Zach Ruffo, Florida, USA, (154, 1-0, 12-11-85)
    defeated Eddie Plemmons, Florida, USA, (0-1, Weight ?, 9-16-1980) by TKO at the end of round 1.

    Shon Henson, Florida, USA, (1-1, 171, 10-10-85)
    defeated Jeremey James, Florida, USA, (0-1, 165, 9-10-83) By TKO at the end of round 2.

    Nathanial Robinson, Florida, USA, (155, 1-0, 6-28-85)
    defeated Robert Berstler, Daytona Beach, Florida, USA, (3-2, 149, Elite Muay Thai, 5-19-90) by Split decision 28-29, 28-29, 29-28.

    Billy Baker, Fort White, Florida, USA, (154, 1-0, 5-3-77, Hardcore Fight Gear)
    defeated Joe Cortez, (148, 0-2, 1-25-87) by KO at 1:08 of round 1.

    Lawrence Ross, Port Orange, Florida, USA, (194, 1-0, 12-14-80, Elite Muay Thai)
    defeated Joel Duncan, (189, 0-1, 11-4-82) by split decision 29-28, 29-29, 28-29.

    Kage Ghys, Port Orange, Florida, USA, (170, 1-1, 12-21-79, Elite Muay Thai)
    defeated Jason Ross, (164, 0-2 6-9-78) by "No Contest" in round 1 - No reason was sent to IKF as to this decision.

    Allen Brightwell, Gainesville, Florida, USA, (1-0, 127, 10-17-83)
    defeated Brian Deese, Gainesville, Florida, USA, (0-1, 130, 1-1-82) by TKO at the end of round 2.

    Mike Ozuna, Gainesville, Florida, USA, (0-0-1/0, 167, 12-13-66)
    and Aaron Cougle, Port Orange, Florida, USA, (0-0-1/0, 1, 175. 4-29-88, Elite Muay Thai) fought to a DRAW. 28-28, 28-28, 28-28.

    Kyle Fanelli, Port Orange, Florida, USA, (136, 2-2-85, Elite Muay Thai)
    defeated Marc Spagnudo, (0-1, 143, 3-17-86) by unanimous decision, 29-28, 29-29, 29-28.

FRIDAY, June 1st, 2007, AT 6:50 PM, PT


Raul Romero Presents
"IKF Amateur Kickboxing Tournament"
Mexico City, Mexico


Rocky Moore Presents
"UKC Fight Night"
Gainsville, Florida, USA


IKF Once Again
Forced To Put Up A Defense!