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HCX International Entertainment LLC Presents
Tinley Park, Illinois, USA

THURSDAY, MARCH 22nd, 2007, AT 8:20 PM, PT

Results From Ark - La - Tex - Promotions
IKF Amateur Kickboxing &ISCF Amateur MMA
March 24th, 2007 - Shreveport, Louisiana, USA

IKF & ISCF Representative Jon Munz: David Cox' Ark - La - Tex - Promotions' hosted ISCF Amateur MMA & IKF Amateur kickboxing at the Down Town Shreveport River Front Pavillion, Shreveport, Louisiana, USA.
Here are the nights results below.

  1. ISCF Amateur MMA
    Kregg Jones Vs Lewis Imler
    Imler comes out swinging. Jones takes Imler to the ground. Jones in mount position. Both get caught up underneath the ropes, referee brings them both back up. Jones catches Imler with a straight right hand and knocks Imler to the floor. Jones lets Imler back up. Imler takes Jones to the ground. Imler is in the mount position.
    Round 2, both swinging wild at each other. Imler with a right uppercut to Jones chin. Jones throws a left hook to Imlers jaw. Catches Imler, throws two more left hooks that connect. Referee stops the bout.
    Winner, Kregg Jones by TKO by Referee stoppage at 1:16 into Round 2.

  2. ISCF Amateur MMA
    Miles Bray Vs Andrew Myers
    Bray comes out with kicks. Myers trying to establish the jab. Both fighters kneeing each other while standing up. Meyers takes Bray down with a slam to the mat. Myers in the mount position. Both trying to get an Arm Bar. A small cherry forms underneath the left eye of Myers. Both throwing kicks. Both working Knees to the body. Myers has bray in a choke hold. Myers throws a right round kick to Brays head. Bray throws a straight right hand and catches Myers. Both fighters throwing punches in the middle of the ring.
    Round 2 begins, both come out swinging, Bray catches Myers with a straight right hand. Myers trying to go to the ground. Bray throwing a bunch of right hands to the head. Myers takes Bray to the ground. Myers in mount position. Bray reverses the mount position. Bray throwing numerous left and right hands to the head and scores. Referee stops the fight.
    Winner by TKO is Miles Bray at 2:56 into the 2nd round.

  3. ISCF Amateur MMA
    Tony Kelly Vs Shane Mason Kelly comes out with knees to the body. Mason takes Kelly down to the ground. Kelly ends up in the mount position. Kelly warned for head butt to the head by referee. Mason working for an arm bar. Kelly rolling to get out of arm bar. Kelly back to mount position. Mason has a triangle hold with the legs. Kelly works out of the hold. Both fighters standing up and starting again. Mason straight right hand to the head of Kelly. Kelly takes Mason to the ground. Both fighters back up on there feet. Mason throwing right and left uppercuts to the chin of Kelly.
    Round 2, Kelly comes running at Mason. Kelly taking Mason to the ground. Kelly in the mount position. Kelly in the side mount moves over to a full mount position. Kelly throwing a lot of left and right punches to the head. Mason can't fight back. Referee stops the bout.
    Winner by TKO, Tony Kelly at 2:10 into the 2nd Round.

  4. IKF IR Kickboxing
    Greg Grace Vs Scott Mutter

    Both fighters come out trying to establish their jabs. Mutter is warned by the referee to not kick in the groan area. Grace throwing kicks to the body and head of Mutter. Mutter has Grace in the corner throwing punches to the body and head. Grace covering up taking the punches to his arms waiting for an opening to punch back. The referee, Rusty Thames stepped in and stops the fight.
    WINNER: Scott Mutter by TKO at :35 seconds of round 1.

  5. ISCF Amateur MMA
    Nicholas Jackson, Vs Danny Allen
    Jackson comes out throwing punches to the head of Allen. Allen takes Jackson to the ground. Allen trying to get the rear naked choke hold. Jackson with the reversal trying to get the rear naked choke hold on Allen. Allen gets out of the hold. Both standing swinging wild at each other. Allen takes Jackson down to the ground. Hitting Jackson on he side if his head. Jackson is in the mount position.
    Round 2 begins as both fighters come out swinging. Allen takes Jackson to the ground. Danny Allen gets a rear naked choke hold on Jackson and Jackson taps out
    Winner Danny Allen by submission Rear Naked Choke at 49 seconds into round 2.

  6. ISCF Amateur MMA
    Mark Audleman Vs Chris Jones Both fighters come out cautious and throw a few punches. Chris Jones throws a left and right to the head of Audleman. Jones has Audleman in a front choke hold trying to take Jones to the ground. Jones stands straight up and gets a good angle on Audleman with a front choke hold. Audleman is choked out.
    Winner Chris Jones by Referee stoppage at 1:09 into the 1st Round by TKO.

  7. ISCF Semi-Main Event
    Amateur MMA:

    Wesley Allen Vs Tim Myers
    Both fighters come out swinging hard at each other. Meyers connecting to the head of Allen. Allen has a very big cherry under his right eye from punches to the head by Myers. Myers has Allen in a front choke hold on the ground. Allen has small cut above the right eye. Doctor looks at the right eye of Allen and lets them continue. Myers hits Allen in the right eye with more punches. Blood is spilling everywhere on the mat. End of the 1st round. Doctor looks at the right eye and nose of Allen and instructs the referee to stop the bout from Doctor Advisement. Wesley Allen's nose is broke. Can not continue.
    Tim Myers is the winner by TKO, break of round 1 & 2.

  8. Main Event
    ISCF Amateur MMA

    Jacob Hart Vs Rafel Miramontes
    Hart takes Rafel to the ground. Hart in the mount position. Both fighters back up in the middle of the ring. Both fighters swinging at each other. Hart slams Rafel to the mat. Hart punching to the face. Hart takes Rafel to the floor. Both fighters back up on there feet. Knees to the body by Rafel to Hart. Hart catches Rafel with a left and right hook to the jaw. Rafel in trouble, trying to clinch. Hart punching to the head of Rafel. Rafel scores with a right hand to the head of Hart. Slows Hart down a little. A small cut below the right eye of Rafel. Hart throws knees to the body of Rafel.
    Round 2 begins with the Doctor looking at the right eye of Rafel and will let them continue. Rafel coming out throwing hard to the body of Hart. Hart Slams Rafel to the mat hard. Hart in the mount position. Scoring hits on the body. Rafel reverses the mount position. Hart is on his back trying to get an arm bar. Rafel gets out of the arm bar and tries to get an arm bar on Hart. Both fighters working feverishly to get an arm bar on each other. Rafel Taps out from an Arm Bar by Hart while Hart was on his back.
    Winner Jacob Hart by Arm Bar Submission 2:00 into the 2nd round.

For more info please contact Mr. David Cox at (318) 687-3127 or at dcox@caddo.org


Zach George
On IKF TV At Jack9.com!

Jack 9 just uploaded some more IKF TV Fight Clips and in the new mix is a look back at current MMA powerhouse Zach George (Undefeated in MMA) of Norman, Oklahoma when he fought for the IKF Amateur North American Title against Chad Morgan.

At the 2003 IKF/TKO USA Nationals, some thought Zach George (Watonga, Oklahoma, USA, 6-1/3, 136, 5'6", 19, Scott Mincey) had a questionable win for his title against Robert Elledge of California. Elledge opted to fight on a local card in California on the night before the 2003 IKF North American Tournament (Before this was made into the big IKF tournament). This was sad for George who had planned to fight Elledge there but even more sad for Elledge because the fighter he was scheduled to fight in California no showed leaving Elledge without a fight.

Probably a good for Elledge because a very different Zach George showed up in South Carolina at IKF Promoter Ray Thompson's hosted, 2003 IKF North American Tournament. George looked like his winning multi time World Champion trainer Scott Mincey as he picked apart first time fighter Chad Morgan of Providence, North Carolina, USA trained by Ronnie Copeland on his way to winning the 2003 IKF North American title by TKO at 1:29 of round 1, by 3 knockdown rule. After one devastating loss in MMA Elledge pretty much dropped out of fighting while George moved forward with a great Professional MMA Career. (See article below, IKF Has Some Connections...)

Also added from the same event was the 2003 IKF North American title bout between Bill Jadine of Mondovi, Wisconsin, USA (11-3/1, 194, 6'3", 25, Michael Lind) and Adrian Turpin of Anderson, South Carolina, USA (10-8/1, 184, 6', 35, Ben Turpin) for the Cruiserweight title. This bout went the distance.

Check out all the IKF Action on Jack 9 by clicking HERE! Keep checking back because we will have new clips added often! Just click and watch the Action...




With the change of IKF Command in England, it's become common practice for several UK Promoters to claim their kickboxing events are IKF Sanctioned. A reminder to everyone, that if you have been told that a certain event is an IKF Sanctioned Event and it is NOT listed on IKF Upcoming Events Page (Here), then it IS NOT an IKF Sanctioned Event! If you know of such an event, please notify us by e-mail at main@ikfkickboxing.com This Includes Events ANYWHERE in the World.

The latest finding is a Promoter in England claiming to have IKF title fights on his events. We have been informed by some of our England Associates that the promoters name is Steve Kerridge of Aveley Essex. To note, "As of today's date" Mr. Kerridge has not sanctioned his upcoming event with the IKF, which means, he could still do so, but has not as of this posting. If he does, you will see his event listed on the IKF Upcoming Events Page (Here), However, as of this time, his event is not IKF Sanctioned. Mr. Kerridge has never been an IKF Director in the UK. The event in question is, Championship Kickboxing at the Circus Tavern in Meads Coerner, Purfleet, Essex, UK (England) on Sunday, the 17th of June, 2007.

FRIDAY, MARCH 23rd, 2007, AT 2:30 PM, PT

The Beginning For Future Fight Champions!

Giving Amateur Fighters A Platform To Grow

IKF/AKP Staff Writer Johnny Davis. It's strange enough that some organizations and promotion's companies that represent fighting sports like mixed martial arts and kickboxing almost look down on amateur divisions. Currently, we witness mixed martial arts taking the world by storm! Arenas are being packed; TV deals being made; fighters and promoters are racking in the big bucks; as fans spend top dollar to experience the "beauty of brutality" in its rawest forms. On the other hand, the exciting sport of kickboxing in its many styles (American, International and Muay Thai) continues to get high ratings from a base of hardcore fans that realize the potential of this sleeping giant and are awaiting its resurgence to the mainstream!

However, with all of this activity, one must wonder where is the real future of fight sports? Although, the activity of the aforementioned sports is brisk and gaining in popularity without formulating a strong foundation to stand on will most certainly show wrinkles at some point of its journey. Those that think that the sport of boxing has lost some ground to MMA, may be correct to some degree. But regardless of what one thinks of Boxing, it will be around a long time because boxing has a foundation! Not only that it is an Olympic sport but it has amateur/junior boxing programs around the world that host valuable events almost every weekend in gyms, community centers, Police Athletic Leagues (PAL) etc. These types of amateur programs have and will continue to provide a stall of highly skilled professional fighters in which some of them will eventually graduate to world class status. Talk to almost any great champion and most of them had extensive amateur careers with some having over one hundred fights before stepping into the pro ranks.

As alluded to earlier, a lot of organizations don't invest the time in developing potential prospects in the game. Its not just some fight organizations but some states that do not allow, regulate and, or sanction amateur mixed martial arts or kickboxing. Without a solid amateur/junior program you give a beginner fighter little choice but to go pro. Of course, anyone can see the dangers in this process... undeveloped amateurs will no doubt be unskilled pros that will be more susceptible to serious injury.

Today, far too many fighters are skipping valuable training time and ring time they need to expand their skills in lure of the money in the pro ranks of especially Mixed Martial Arts. Limited years of training that boxers and a few other fighting sports indulge themselves in to hone their skills will eventually show… as well as separate the great fighters from those not so great.

There is only one organization that has put major focus on the amateur fighters for the past decade or more. It's none other than the IKF/ISCF which has now grown to the largest sanctioning body in the world for Kickboxing and MMA! Most of its success comes from giving amateur fighters both MMA and Kickboxing a platform to showcase their skills. As promoters of the IKF World Classic' for both MMA and Kickboxing in separate states and at separate times in the year, the IKF Classics have become the standard toward bridging a successful career in the fight business. Those with the most experience and developed skills in a particular art will be the standouts. If they have taken the time to perfect at least one of the primary fighting arts, it will be these fighters that will be your champions and top contenders.

The IKF has sanctioned hundreds of events annually for the past few years. Several fighters who have competed in these events have gone on to win more prestigious prizes in all of the major and most recognized fight organizations and promotions' company's.

Take for example, The Ultimate Fighting Championships' (UFC) Light Heavy Weight Champion Chuck "The Ice Man" Liddell of San Luis Obispo, California - many of you would be surprised to learn that this 'vicious- punching-fighting machine' came from his martial arts background as well as his background as an Amateur Kickboxer. And guess what, the IKF was right there. Liddell even held an IKF amateur US Title. Liddell won his IKF US title when he defeated Scott Harmon of Simi Valley, CA by Unanimous decision, 49-45, 48-46 & 49-46 at Strongbow Stadium in Bakersfield, California on October 17th, 1996. Today, because of his enormous ring experience, he towers above so many as he pounds them into submission with thunderous blows loaded with bad intentions!

Then there is Carter "The Beast" Williams of Modesto, California. Like Liddell, Williams fought for the IKF long before he was known as "The Beast!" Williams won the 2001 IKF National Amateur Championship in Kansas City. After defeating John Grantham of Athens, Georgia by split decision 29-28, 29-28 & 28-29 in the prelim round on Saturday, Carter defeated 2000 Tournament Champion Kurt Hasley by unanimous decision, 29-27, 29-27 & 28-27. After his win, Williams made an appearance at the May 2001 Las Vegas K-1's where he faced off and defeated another former IKF Champion Manuel Quesada by TKO at 1:36 of round 2.

The talented Williams would go on to become a prominent K-1 Champion when he knocked out legendary and clearly one of the best kickboxers to ever grace a ring, Rick "The Jet" Rufus to win the May, 2003, North American version of the K-1 Championship.

Not to mention those Amateurs who went on to become IKF Amateur World Champions who include Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson (Right - 2000, 01 and 02), Three Time Tournament Champion Scott Clark (04, 05 & 06) of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Two Time Tournament Champion Clifford Larson of Camp Verde, Arizona, USA. Four Time tournament Champion Anthony McGaughey (2000, 01, 02 & 03) of Norman, Oklahoma, USA. There were also some 1 Time Tournament Champions that went on to win the IKF Amateur World Title. Jennifer Fowler (04) of Sunnyvale, California, USA and Trent Thompkins (01) of Waterloo, Iowa, USA.

There have been several other IKF Tournament Champions that have gone on to have successful Professional kickboxing Careers. Just to name a few are, Peyton Russell (2001 & 02), Kevin Engel (2002 & 03), Bill Jardine (2002 & 05) Dan Erickson (2001 & 02), Katie Meehan (2001, 02 & 03), Kyle McElroy (2000 & 01), Sunshine Fettkether (2000), Rick Cheek (2004), Daniel Green (2004), Danny Kelly (2001), Angela Rivera Parr (1999), Duane Ludwig (Left, 1999), Trisha Hill-Leo (Below Left - 2000), David Pareja (1999), Charles Baron (1999), Aaron Lassi (1999), Dan Rawlings (1999), Zac George (2003), Jonathan Border (1999), and Ben Dauck (2001 & 02).

The IKF also has a Mixed Martial Arts Division; The ISCF (www.ISCFMMA.com) is keeping with the theme of the importance of building a strong base of amateurs on the MMA side of fight sports. The ISCF will be hosting the first annual ISCF MMA World Amateur Classic Tournament April 27 and 28 of this year at the U.S. Cellular Center Arena in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

But, as one might guess, the IKF is also reaping their investment in the amateurs as they see fighters like the young and talented Lightweight Chris Horedecki of Canada and fights for the International Fight League's (IFL) Anacondas Team. A relatively new company that burst on the stage with big bucks, two major TV deals and a host of legendary fighters locked in for the long haul. However, Horedecki fought on several IKF amateur events long before he became the skilled fighter he is today. Chris comes at you with everything... kicks, punches and knees. He's undefeated in the IFL and the way it appears now, he will be holding on to that distinction for some time. Chris brings and leaves a ton of artistry gathered through his years of experience as a strong amateur fighter. Charismatic with yells, screams and impressive kicks, the crowd loves this standup fighter / kickboxer as he combines multiple punches and ends with his impressive round house kicks to the head that's leaves many opponents out for the count!

Another former IKF National Tournament Champion is looking to stand tall in the IFL is Zack George (Right) who is well on his way to becoming a leader in the MMA business. Zack, a former IKF National Tournament Champion and now a member of the San Jose, CA Razor Claws' as an alternate fighter and is looking very promising! In his fight in L.A. at the Forum this past weekend, he clearly impressed the crowd with good boxing techniques and excellent kicks. At one point, he landed a perfect jump spinning back kick to the solar plexus of his opponent and the screaming fans only wanted more! Clearly, you only develop this type of timing and accuracy through years of actually doing it in real combat situations as he did throughout his amateur career. Because of George's extensive past as a kickboxer in particular his winning his IKF National Amateur Tournament Championship, his confidence and skill level is high and he will be hard to stop!

In Closing, the point here is simple...WE NEED AMATEURS to solidify a pool of well rounded professional fighters that will fascinate the spectators and leave them at awe! Amateur fighters are our future regardless of what fight sport you favor. The IKF/ISCF's posture on providing amateurs a platform has no doubt been one of the driving forces and incubators for the success of several major promotions company's today. Without fighters and in particular, fighters with skills, promotion companies would feel the impact from fans because of the image of lacking talent to appease their thirst for highly skilled combatants. Finally, Athletic Commissions not allowing amateur/junior divisions of MMA and Kickboxing etc. really need to take another look if they are serious about growing these sports and giving them the longevity of Boxing.

Forward March!

This article was writing by IKF/AKP Staff Writer Johnny Davis. More information at www.AKPromotions.org

THURSDAY, MARCH 22nd, 2007, AT 8:20 PM, PT


Ark - La - Tex - Promotions Presents
IKF Amateur Kickboxing &ISCF Amateur MMA
Shreveport, Louisiana, USA

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 21st, 2007, AT 11:50 AM, PT

Coming Later This Week....

IKF Has Some Connections with the
Fastest Rising MMA Production Known As The
International Fight League (www.IFL.tv)!

Learn the IKF/ISCF connection with the fastest rising MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) production known as the International Fight League (IFL.tv)! Several rising stars in the IFL have some Lineage to the IKF!Just one example is a fighter by the name of Chris Horodecki.

It was less than 5 years ago in May of 2002, amateur kickboxer Chris Horodecki (Left Kicking & Right) of London, Ontario, Canada defeated Ilya Lemke of Waterloo, Iowa, USA by unanimous decision 30-23, 30-23 and 30-23. Who would have known then that the "Junior" fighter would soon be a big name in the new "Team MMA League" the IFL which is sanctioned by the IKF's sister organization, the ISCF, International Sport Combat Federation.

In 2006, Horodecki was named "Breakout Fighter of the Year" by Full Contact Fighter, one of mixed martial arts' longest-runing and most respected publications.

Not to mention, he is also a star on National TV with the IFL's "TWO" new TV shows! (IFL TV Schedule). The now 19 year old (9-24-1987), 5'8" 155 lb Horodecki competed in several IKF Kickboxing events as did several others you will be reading about.

Before he made the full commitment to MMA his Kickboxing record was 13-3 with 8 wins by KO which explains his nick name of

"The Polish HAMMER!"

After his win this past Saturday night at the IFL's Los Angeles event against Josh Odom he is still perfect at 9-0 in Professional MMA (1-0 as an amateur) and only two of those bouts went the distance. To add to it, Horodecki's trainer back then, Shawn Tompkins, (Right) is now the coach of Horodecki's IFL team, the Los Angeles Anacondas. Tompkins took over the team just prior to this last weekends event after previous head coach Bas Rutten was promoted by the league to be their official spokesperson.

More to come on others later this week

About the IFL
Founded in 2005 by Kurt Otto, a real estate investor and a life-long martial arts participant and Gareb Shamus, chairman of Wizard Entertainment Group, the International Fight League™ (IFL) was created to establish a centralized and structured organization that brings the power and influence of the mixed martial arts industry together. On August 25, 2006, IFL entered into an Agreement and Plan of Merger with Paligent, Inc. (PGNT:OTCBB), pursuant to which IFL would emerge as the surviving entity. Just recently the IFL landed "TWO" big TV deals with "My Network" and "Fox Sports". (IFL TV Schedule) As of 2007, all IFL events are now sanctioned by the IKF's sister organization, the ISCF, International Sport Combat Federation. The next IFL event is April 7th at the The Mark in Moline, Illinois. For info on this event click HERE. For further information regarding the IFL, go to www.IFL.tv

TUESDAY, MARCH 20th, 2007, AT 1:10 PM, PT

Pure Force V "Vendetta"
March 31, 2022

The Pure Force V "Vendetta" main event will be a rematch between "Bobby Gunz" Martinez of Team Truth and Davion "Mr. Perfect" Peterson of Modern Gladiator Fight Gym/Damage Incorporated. Look for sparks to fly as Martinez, a 2 Time Golden Gloves Champion, and Peterson, a 2 Time Big Ten Wrestling Champion, battle it out in this "Vendetta" Main Event matchup.

These two BodogFight veterans last met this past New Year's Eve. Both fighters came with there "A" games, but there could only be one winner. In their first meeting, Peterson was victorious via a split decision. In this awesome main event, Martinez will be looking for redemption, and Peterson will be looking to prove that the decision is final. See these two collide at Pure Force V "Vendetta" on March 31, 2022 in Tinley Park, Illinois!

Also, don't miss the co-main event as Kevin "The Bad Boy" English of Duneland Vale Tudo faces Dustin Neace of Damage Incorporated. Tinley Park is going to be rocked with an great evening of Mixed Martial Arts and Kickboxing action featuring over 20 awesome professional and amateur bouts. For more information or to purchase tickets online visit www.pureforcemma.com but be aware, most of the Great seats are "SOLD OUT".

VIP Ringside SOLD OUT, Gold Tables SOLD OUT, Gold Table Seats SOLD OUT, but we do have Silver Reserved Seats for $35 in Advanced/$40 At the Door and our General Admission Seats (1st Come, 1st Served Seating) for only $30.


Down Under!

The IKF would like to Welcome back Australia Promoter Robert Wilesmith to the IKF family! After taking some time off to deal with some personal business, Wilesmith has announced he is ready to start Promoting IKF Events again in Australia.

Robert has been working as a Personal Trainer in Pro Fitness and High Performance Sports Coach in the Gold Coast, Australia region while also building up his "THUNDERLEGS KICKBOXING" club. During his promoting Wilesmith promoted 6 IKF Professional World Titles under all three main rule styles, Full Contact, international and Muay Thai rules.

Along with promoting several other IKF Titles he has also trained many Champion fighters including two, three time IKF World Champions Ali "Lightning" Hallak (Top Left) of Granville, NSW, Australia (32-3-1/13) and Holly Ferneley (Bottom Left) of Sydney, NSW, Australia (16-4-2/8).

Hallak's first IKF World title was won on Wilesmith's first IKF Sanctioned event back on September 24th, 1999. In the bout Hallak defeated Lucky Clement of Dobsonville, Roodport, South Africa, by judges card decision after the bout was stopped due to a non intentional foul in round 9 at the Croatian Club in Bankstown, Sydney, NSW, Australia. That same night Ferneley won her first IKF World Title too when she defeated Lynette Els of Three Rivers, Vereeniging, South Africa by Kick KO in round 3.

Wilesmith has not set an official date for his first come-back IKF event but he hopes to schedule it soon and bring IKF Kickboxing back to Australia!


The IKF WILL Be Having A
At This Years IKF World Classic!

As of today, after a lot of discussion about it over the last 3 weeks, it became official that the IKF will be offering a Novice Division at this years IKF World Classic Tournament!

Although unconfirmed, as it stands right now the Novice Division will be for fighters with 3 fights or less. This could change as well as be different between the Junior and Adult Divisions. Some of the items still being discussed include but are not limited to:

As we finalize these new divisions additional details will be posted here. There are two other "Surprises" we are working on for Saturday Night at the Tournament as well, but we will inform you of these things a bit later. In the mean time, we look forward to seeing you at "The SHOW!"
For more info on the IKF World Classic Tournament Click HERE!

FRIDAY, MARCH 16th, 2007, AT 2:05 AM, PT


No Xclusions, Inc. Presents
Jacksonville, Florida, USA

  1. Justin Miller vs Kenny Tong
  2. Mr. Smiley vs Sean Brady
  3. Corey Vandyke vs Rob Washington
  4. AmieleGendive vs Laurel Leach
  5. Scotty Logan vs Todd Hudson
  6. Quinten Singleterry vs Josh Fornier
  7. Gator vs Troy Mansccalco
  8. Chris Tillum vs Stan Thomas
  9. Aaron Hill vs Eric Seigfried
  10. Leslie Stratton vs Mark Wade
  11. Justin Gage vs James Mason
  12. Thomas Manning vs Dwayne Farnell
  13. Rod Pruit vs Brian Flores
  14. Mark McCorkle vs Brian Reuter
  15. Devon Flagler vs Richatrd Smith


2007 IKF World Classic..
Moving South!
Government Politics Killed Chicago!

Despite Two Assurance from the Illinois State Boxing Division back in November of 2006 when the Illinois Venue contract was signed and again in late January, 2007, On Tuesday, March 13th, Rafael Caro of the Illinois State Professional Boxing Board informed the IKF that his boss, Ron Pachello had changed his decision on "Sanctioning Bodies Promoting Their own events" as the IKF has does with this Tournament for the last 8 straight years.

Because of this, the IKF was forced to move the location of the 2007 IKF World Classic. Because of the short notice, the IKF had to move fast in making this decision so competitors could have time to change travel plans. In this effort, the IKF wanted to keep the Tournament on the same scheduled weekend. Despite the IKF's desire to keep the location in the Midwest, such options were not available on the same scheduled weekend for the space needed for the Tournament. However, the IKF was able, on extremely short notice, to lock in a Great Venue in Orlando, Florida, USA.

The Largest Marriott In The World!
The Orlando World Center Marriott Resort

For More Tournament info Click HERE!


March 10th, 2007 - Waterloo, Iowa, USA

IKF & ISCF Representatives Mike & Teri Storm
Exactly one week after what some say was the largest snowstorm since 1998 went through the Great Plains, the folks in Waterloo, Iowa were ready, rowdy and looking for some action which is exactly what Promoter Russ O'Connell gave them on Saturday, March 10th with KICKFEST 2007 at the 5 Sullivan Brothers Convention Center.

Russ put together an event that combined International Rules Kickboxing and Mixed Martial Arts that included not one but TWO title fights. The ISCF Amateur Iowa State Lightweight Title and the ISCF Amateur Iowa State Middleweight Title were both up for grabs in the co-main event. Recognition must also be given to Brian Robinson, Jason Miller, Jamie Mether, Shawn Price, Rhonda Harmening, Amanda Malonie and juniors Noah Dinsdale, Marcus Harrison, Jordan Harrigan and Alex Herrara for putting on some fine exhibitions for the capacity crowd. Here are the results of the fights:

  1. International Rules Light Welterweight
    Bobby Kastli, 1-0-0, Waterloo, IA, Russ O'Connell vs, Steve Woock, 0-1-0, Des Moines, IA
    Round 1: Kastli had a tremendous height and reach advantage which he used to stalk Woock around the ring. He threw left jabs and right crosses throughout the round while Woock tried to keep him off with kicks to Kastli's legs and body. Toward the end of the round, Kastli waded through Woock's kicks and delivered a left/right combination that bloodied Woock's nose and sent him retreating for the remainder of the round.
    Round 2: This round was nearly a duplicate of the first round. Kastli continued his left/right combinations and added some kicks of his own. Woock continued to throw his kicks in an effort to stall Kastli's attack but was ineffective through most of the round.
    Round 3: Kastli came across the ring at the start of the round and executed a solid kick to Woock's body that made Woock double over and wince in obvious pain. Kastli failed to follow-up on it and allowed Woock to recover. Shortly after that, Kastli delivered another left/right combination to Woock's head, stunning Woock but again Kastli failed to follow-up and allowed Woock to recover. The round ended with Kastli following Woock around the ring as described in the first two rounds.
    All judges scored the fight 30-27, winner by Unanimous Decision, Bobby Kastli.

  2. Mixed Martial Arts Welterweight
    Nick Kilburg 1-0, Waterloo, IA, Russ O'Connell vs, Neil Meier 2-3, East Moline, IL, Mike Smith
    Round 1: At the start of the round, Meier came across the ring and tried to end the fight with one strong looping right hand to Kilburg's head but he missed and threw himself off-balance and to the canvass. Kilburg appeared reluctant to fight on the ground and as a result he let Meier back to a standing position. They moved around the ring until a clinch got Meier close enough to Kilburg to allow Meier to wrap his arms and legs around Kilburg, pulling him down to the canvass. Kilburg managed to maintain a top mount while throwing punches at Meier. Kilburg slid back and attempted an ankle look with no result eventually giving it up and standing bringing both fighters to their feet. Next it was Kilburg's turn to attack. He rushed Meier, took him down and quickly got onto Meier's back with his hooks in and a rear choke. Meier defended the choke well enough to survive till the end of the round.
    Round 2: It was Kilburg's turn to want to take the fight to the canvass. He attacked Meier and took him down and controlled Meier from a top and side mount during the first half of the round. Eventually the action stalled and Referee Dean Stone stood both fighters up and started them again. Again, Kilburg attacked and took Meier down to the canvas and finished the last half of the round much like he started the first half.
    Round 3: Kilburg took Meier down early in the round and was able to gain side control where he delivered several knees to Meier's body. Meier twisted away from the knees and was able to tie Kilburg up at which time they became inactive and were stood up to fight. Kilburg took Meier down again and the round ended with Kilburg on top.
    All judges scored the fight 30-27, winner by Unanimous Decision, Nick Kilburg.

  3. Mixed Martial Arts Welterweight
    Matt Bauler 2-10, Waterloo, IA, Russ O'Connell vs, Tyler Reams 6-1, Charles City, IA
    Round 1: Bauler came across the ring attacking with his head down. Reams caught him coming in and caught Bauler in a guillotine choke forcing Bauler to tap out at :50 seconds of the first round.
    Winner by Tapout, Tyler Reams.

  4. International Rules Heavyweight
    Roy Jones, 3-0-0, Waterloo, IA, Russ O'Connell vs, Casey Johnson, 2-3-0, Roscoe, IL, Rick Bloyer
    Round 1: Both fighters came at each other early. Johnson, the shorter of the two fighters had to bull his way inside to hit Jones while Jones was content to stay outside with his superior reach advantage. Both gave as good as they got with neither fighter hurting the other. Toward the end of the round, Johnson, showboating, dropped his hands and allowed Jones to punch him in the head with 5 good shots to prove he couldn't be hurt and probably not scoring a lot of points with the judges. There were very few kicks thrown in the round.
    Round 2: The action in this round was much like the first. Jones appeared to be able to move a little better this round and was able to keep Johnson from crowding him as much.
    Round 3: A tired Jones was less able to keep Johnson off this round. Johnson was able to connect with shots to Jones' head and body on several occasions during the round but Jones refused to go down. A better round for Johnson but it was too little too late. There were very few kicks thrown in the fight.
    Judges scored the fight 29-28, 29-28, 30-27, winner by Unanimous Decision, Roy Jones.

  5. Mixed Martial Arts Lightweight
    Joe Ayala 3-0, Waterloo, IA, Russ O'Connell vs, Kyle Reams 2-2, Charles City, IA
    Round 1: Reams attacked Ayala early, picking Ayala up around the waist and dumping him on his back. Reams controlled the top mounted position for the greater part of the round. Reams made a mistake by getting too high and allowing Ayala to get a leg around his neck and getting him in a triangle choke. At 2:20 of the round Reams ended up tapping out.
    Winner by Tapout, Joseph Ayala.

  6. International Rules Light Middleweight
    Josh Bumgarner, 3-1-0, Waterloo, IA, Russ O'Connell vs, Joe Duncan, 1-2-0, Roscoe, IL, Rick Bloyer
    Round 1: Bumgarner came ahead and began tagging Duncan with about a dozen left/right combinations to Duncan's head that had Duncan retreating the whole round. Duncan seemed unable to mount any offense to get on track.
    Round 2: Bumgarner started the round with a few kicks but soon went back to the left/right combinations that worked for him in the first round. Duncan attempted to finish the round strong with a short burst but was not able to do enough to take the round.
    Round 3: Bumgarner appeared as if he felt he had the fight won and was content to stay away from Duncan. Duncan became bolder and showed more offense by moving forward as Bumgarner backed away. Duncan's offense was not enough to move the judges decisions in his direction.
    All judges scored the fight 30-27, winner by Unanimous Decision, Josh Bumgarner.

  7. ISCF Amateur Iowa State Lightweight Title
    Mike Plazola, Mike Plazola, 6-2, Waterloo, IA, Russ O'Connell vs, Tory Bogguess, 6-3, Silvis, IL
    Round 1: Plazola attacked first to take Bogguess down. On the way down, Bogguess put Plazola in a guillotine but was unable to maintain the choke from the bottom.Bogguess was able to reverse the position but was unable to gain any advantage. The whole round consisted of both fighters continually changing positions from bottom to top with neither able to take clear control. It was a very fast paced round with all three judges giving the edge in the round to Bogguess.
    Round 2: As the round started, Bogguess ran across the ring and threw a flying "Superman" punch that landed on the face of Plazola knocking Plazola on his back with his head under the ropes. Bogguess failed to follow-up on the knockdown and allowed Plazola to get up where the round continued much as the first round did. While Plazola was on his back, Bogguess started to stand at which time Plazola threw an illegal up-kick hitting Bogguess in the face. Referee Dean Stone stopped time and admonished Plazola for the strike. The round ended with all three judges giving the round to Bogguess.
    Round 3: Bogguess attempted a flying knee to start the round but missed Plazola and was taken down by Plazola. Plazola was able to get a full top mount on Bogguess in Bogguess' corner where he proceeded to punch Bogguess in the face repeatedly. Bogguess was unable to defend himself from the barrage of punches and tapped out at 1:59 of the round.
    Winner by Tapout and ISCF Amateur Iowa State Lightweight Champion Mike Plazola.

  8. ISCF Amateur Iowa State Middleweight Title
    Jeff Bunger 7-2-1, Waterloo, IA, Russ O'Connell vs, David Severe 4-2, Davenport, IA, Gary Schroeder
    Round 1: Bunger came out and landed a right hook to Severe's jaw putting Severe on his back. Bunger jumped on Severe and from the top position he proceeded to punch at Severe's head. Severe was able to block many of the punches and defended himself to the satisfaction of Referee Dean Stone. After surviving the onslaught, Severe was able to work his way back to a standing position just to have Bunger charge him again and take him down once more. Severe, from the bottom, was able to slide a hip out from underneath Bunger and managed to reach behind Bunger's back and lock a kamura onto Bunger's arm. Bunger had his hand poised and was ready to tap when Severe slipped and lost the arm lock. Severe was able to slip out the side and rolled onto Bunger's back. Severe hooked his feet around Bunger's waist and between his legs laying Bunger flat onto his stomach. Severe then proceeded to pound Bunger on the head. Referee Dean Stone stopped the fight at 3:45 of the round when Bunger proved incapable of effectively defending himself from this position.
    Winner when referee stopped the contest and ISCF Amateur Iowa State Middleweight Champion David Severe

For more info please contact Mr. Russ O'Connell at (319) 404-4407.

IKF Champion Ross Kicks Off
Unique Vaulting Routine

By JUSTIN STOFFERAHN - editorial@nwherald.com

Do front kicks and punches have a place in track and field? Jacob high School Junior Sarah Ross (Vaulting Right) believes so. Before every race, Ross runs through her kickboxing routine. "It is the motivational factor and it sort of intimidates the other runners," Ross said of the reasons for her unique warm-up. "The other runners are probably going, 'Oh geez, what is this chick doing?' "

While Ross has had success in track – qualifying for state in the pole vault, 800-meter medley relay and the 1,600 relay last season – those accomplishments are dwarfed by becoming the International Kickboxing Federation's first five-time champion, Ross said. "It was exciting," Ross' father, Bill, said. "I could never achieve what she did."

The first IKF championship victory for Ross came in 2002 at the USA Championships in Davenport, Iowa, after defeating the 2001 Junior Light Heavyweight champion Brittany Anic of Missouri by a unanimous 30-27 decision on all cards in the Light Atomweight division.

In July 2006, the IKF held its World Championships in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where Ross claimed her fifth consecutive title with a victory against Jerica Veach of Dubuque, Iowa, by unanimous decision, 30-27, 30-27, 29-28, in the super welterweight division. "I was shocked when I won the first one," Ross said. "Now I work toward showing everyone I am everything they hear about."

Ross' venture into kickboxing began when she was 7 years old in the karate program at Z's Martial Arts Academy in Huntley. Four years later, Z's Shihan and founder Rob Zbilski persuaded Ross to try kickboxing. "I felt that she was very aggressive and physical, and her ability and focus to train hard would be good in kickboxing," said Zbilski, who opened the academy in 1989.

After competing in several local tournaments, Ross received her first true test at a tournament in Iowa. "We were a little worried that first tournament," Ross' mother, Sharyn, said. Those worries quickly were placated upon Ross' breaking of her opponent's nose. Ross moved on to claim the tournament title and became fully immersed in kickboxing. Nonetheless, Zbilski's teachings have done more than create a great kickboxer. "The kickboxing has taught her so much more then a normal athlete would have," Golden Eagles coach Beth Schloemer said. "She is an amazing all-around person minus her athletic ability. She never acts like anything is hard." The various moves Ross has learned not only have made her a five-time champion, but also have aided her in pole vaulting. "My pole vault coach [Tom Domenz], knows that I do the kickboxing," Ross said. "He watches the 'Ultimate Fighter' on TV and 'The Contender;' he compares some of the moves to pole vaulting. He will tell me, 'You have to do a front kick here.' That can be really helpful."

Ross' fight record is an incredible 20 wins with only 1 loss. She suffered her first loss in a European World Championship Tournament in Croatia, losing to the 1st place winner, a Russian named Nelli Glebova. Sarah also competed against an English fighter named Kristina Peek, TKO'ing her in the first round.


"BAM BAM" Stell
Changing Connections!

Dan Stell wants those who want to know that he now has a NEW e-mail address!

You can now contact

"Bam Bam" at


MONDAY, MARCH 12th, 2007, AT 8:25 PM, PT

March 10th, 2007 - Grand Casino, Hinkley, Minnesota, USA

IKF Representative Mitz Bandiera
This past Saturday night, IKF Promoter Bobby Anderson held his Warriors Fitness and Fight Promotions in Hinckley Minnesota at the Grand Casino. Mr. Anderson and the Casino staff did a great job in getting the Full Contact Kickboxing show off to a great start. Last year Anderson and Tim Runquist faced off as the main event. This year, their "Sons" Chuck Anderson and Cody Runquist fought for the vacant IKF Junior Amateur FCR Minnesota State Middleweight Title. "Like father like son" the two Kickboxers put on a stand up performance for the full house in Hinckley. It was a great night of fighting as all the bouts were evenly matched, good show Mr. Anderson! Here are the nights results below:

  1. FCR Kickboxing Heavyweight
    Bill Gilbert, Cambridge Minnesota, 1-0, 202, 6'2", 24, Randy Read
    Rob Tougas, Thunder Bay Ontario Canada, 0-1, 214, 5'9', 24, PMA
    It was the first time for both athletes and they put on a toe to toes performance.
    Winner by unanimous decision Rob Tougas, 29-28, 29-28, 29-28.

  2. FCR Light Heavyweight
    Rueben St. John, Hinckley, Minnesota, USA, 6-3/1, 5'6", 19, Bobby Anderson
    James Carver, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, 3-0/1, 5'11", 18, PMA
    Winner by unanimous decision Rueben St. John, 29-27, 29-27, 29-28.

  3. FCR Junior super middleweight
    Hunter Whiteis, Cambridge Minnesota, USA, 0-1, 5'11", 16, Derek Reid
    Cody Lennstrom, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, 2-0, 5'10", 15, PMA
    Winner by unanimous decision Cody Lennstrom, 28-27, 29-26, 29-27.

  4. IKF Junior Amateur FCR Minnesota State Middleweight Title
    Chuck "The Bulldog" Anderson, Hinckley, Minnesota, USA, 5-0, 5'9", 16, Bobby Anderson
    Cody Runquist,
    Aurora Minnesota, USA, 5-3/2, 5'7", 15, Tim Runquist
    Winner by unanimous decision Chuck Anderson, 40-35, 40-35, 40-35.

Up next for IKF Promoter Bobby Anderson will be the Minnesota "Full Contact Rules" Regional Tournament on May 15th, 2007... The Road to the WORLD CLASSIC! For more info please contact Mr. Bobby Anderson at (320) 384-7409 or at warrior@youbetnet.net

IKF Representative Mitz Bandiera
On his way to last years IKF World Classic Tournament, IKF Trainer, Fighter, Promoter and Representative Mitz Bandiera (R) almost lost his life in a motorcycle accident. He has went through an amazing recovery and we are please to see him back at events again!

A message from Mitz!
"To all my friends out there, Once again, thank you for your support and help during my time of need. My condition now is much better then when we last spoke, I'm out of the hospital and working on my recovery day to day. The therapist are amazed at how far I've come. In the beginning I was told that I would never walk or be able to lead a normal life. Today, I'm running, training and doing what I loved the most, kickboxing. I do cherish each moment of life, as this accident has taught me to never give up, even if you are down. I look forward to seeing you all at more events soon."
Mitz Bandiera

FRIDAY, MARCH 9th, 2007, AT 3:35 PM, PT

One Of Those Stories...
From The 2006 IKF World Classic!

As we get closer to this years 9th Annual IKF Tournament, we like to take some time to reflect on some of the stories from the 2006 IKF World Classic. On August 5th, 2006, a little after last years big IKF Tournament we received an e-mail with some photos and a story that was so unique that we wanted to wait and post it when it wouldn't be overshadowed by other Tournament news. When you read the photo captions below, please note that they were sent from a very loving father and trainer of one of the IKF Junior Tournament fighters.

His outline of their 2006 Journey was not only inspiring to all of us here, but it also reminds us again and again just how important this Tournament is to all who attend each and every year. When all is said and done, it's all about the memories and captured below are some of the best we have seen. these memories are about a team from Idaho that will send a chill through you all. Here is their short story.

Dear IKF,
We wanted to let you know, from all of us in Idaho, how much we appreciated all the efforts to organize the event in Iowa. Also included some pictures of some of the high lights of our trip that we have titled, "WHAT IT TOOK TO COMPETE!" In the photo at right, John Ladd (standing next to Kaden) is standing there with a broken shin he sustained in his Saturday Prelim. He returned to Idaho and made his way to his local Hospital for his cast.

IKF ADDITION: John Ladd of Nampa, Idaho, USA won the adult men's Heavyweight Muay Thai Title when he defeated Barret Myers of Dewey, Arizona, USA by Unanimous Decision 39-27 on all 3 judges cards. Ladd made it to the final when he defeated Jason Honeycutt of Rogersville, Missouri, USA by Unanimous Decision 29-28, 30-27 & 30-27 in the Saturday Prelim... The injury was not known to anyone after the bout.

Kyndal Fondren & Eric Fondren
And Fighting Son Kaden Fondren

Kaden's mother is 9 months pregnant with our 4th child.
She made the 1,500 mile drive despite being one
day from her due date. We had all the hospitals
along the way mapped out, just in case.

This is a photo of Kaden.
The very very small and one
day old baby is his new sister
Lanie Fondren.
Which happened to be born the
day after returning to
Idaho from the event.

The Junior Bantamweight competitors
52 lbs. - 58 lbs. - 23.63 Kg - 26.36 Kg, 8-9 Year Olds: INTERNATIONAL RULES
Collin Fischer, Kaden Fondren. & Philip Washington
These boys showed us the spirit of competition. They came, they competed, and someone ultimately prevailed,
though they showed no defeat of their intentions.
I can only hope we can meet them again, no matter the circumstances.

IKF Addition: In the Junior Bantamweight division Kaden Fondren of Nampa, Idaho, USA took home the 2006 title when he defeated Collin Fischer of Huntley, Illinois, USA by unanimous decision 30-27, 30-26 & 30-26. Fondren made it to the final by defeated Philip Washington of Alexandria, Virginia, USA in the Saturday prelim by TKO at :49 seconds of round 2.



Jack 9 just uploaded some more IKF TV Fight Clips! included in this latest edition is the IKF Amateur World title Bout between Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson and Kevin "The Hitman" Engel!

Also added were several other new clips from other IKF Kickboxing Stars that include "BIG"Bill Jardine, upcoming IKF Amateur World Title contender, Justin "The Blade" Pickett who was from Georgia and now lives in Tallahassee, Florida, who is currently preparing to fight for the vacant IKF FCR Super Lightweight World Title against Jon "Lights Out" Lewis of St. Paul, Minnesota, USA!

Also see Joe Surack, Rachelle Heslop, Nicole Hess and an interview with Ray Thompson, Stephen's father and trainer. Finally, not to forget, some of the best Kickboxing KNOCKOUTS EVER on IKF "Hits & Highlights!"

So sit back, grab a soda and some popcorn and check out the latest IKF Action on Jack 9 by clicking HERE! Keep checking back because we will have new clips added often! Just click and watch the Action...
Check them all out and remember, there's lots More To Come!

THURSDAY, MARCH 8th, 2007, AT 11:55 PM, PT


Shamrock Promotions Presents
"Midwest Fight Fest"
Springfield, Illinois, USA


Russ O'Connell Presents
Waterloo, Iowa, USA

ISCF Amateur Iowa State Lightweight Title Bout
Mike Plazola Vs Tory Bogguess

ISCF Amateur Iowa State Middleweight Title Bout
Jeff Bunger Vs David Severe


Warrior Fitness & Fight Promotions Present
Grand Casino, Hinkley, Minnesota, USA

Minnesota Middleweight State Title
Chuck Anderson Vs Cody Runquist


RoundKick Rumble IX - "March Meltdown"
West Des Moines Iowa, USA

IKF Representative Mike & Terri Storm: Snow, snow, and even more snow, a little ice, a closed interstate, several closed highways, snowed in fighters, a snowed in ring announcer and more snow. Did we mention the SNOW!? That pretty much sums up for the dates of March 2nd and 3rd in the Midwest. However, there was a bright side to the blizzard in Des Moines, Iowa... RoundKick Rumble IX!

This amateur and pro fight card at the Val Air Ballroom in West Des Moines Iowa had so many things going against it, yet it was one of the best fight cards Pete and Pam Peterson have ever promoted. Our hats are off to the Petersons and their staff! PSDA partnered with the US Army to produce a fabulous night and the crowd showed their appreciation to the fighters with incredible support.

Before the results, a pat on the back goes to Able Mahaffey, Ryan Clark, Rocky Gabriel and Cody Moberly. In spite of their opponents failure to make it to the event, they put on a good show in their exhibition bouts. Here are the nights results below.

  1. IR Super Cruiserweight
    Danny Sturm, 2-1, Team RoundKick, Ankeny, IA vs Logan Wirth, 1-2, Team Geyston, Springfield, IL

    Round 1: Sturm opened with a jab/cross combo followed by body and leg kicks. Wirth stayed upright and focused. He soon was able to time Sturm and effectively evade. Sturm's hands kept Wirth occupied and prevented Wirth from landed any solid hits. The round ended in a flurry of punches by both fighters.
    Round 2: Sturm continued the same strategy from round 1. Wirth tended to grab and push Sturm when he needed to stop Sturm. Neither fighter was really hurt, but Sturm was able to land left hooks to Wirth's head. Wirth was not afraid to advance and landed a straight left punch to Sturm's head. Just before the bell, Sturm executed a jumping straight punch to Wirth's head.
    Round 3: Sturm started the final round with an onslaught of right/left hooks and was able to land many. Wirth was also swinging but not making solid contact. As the fighters began to tire, Wirth began to take control of the fight in the middle of the round. Sturm began using more kicks to Wirth's body and legs. At the end of the bout, Sturm and Wirth gave all they could with obviously heavy arms.
    The judges scored it 28-29, 30-27, 30-27, split decision, Danny Sturm.

  2. IR Heavyweight
    John "Crazy" Mendeitta, 2-1, Team RoundKick, Pleasant Hill, IA vs Tony Overlin, 0-1, Team DeVore, Mt. Zion, IL

    Round 1: A feeling out round for both fighters. Each fighter seemed reluctant to mix it up throwing occasional punches but neither with much effect. The edge probably went to Mendeitta for a series of back leg leg kicks to Overlin's front leg.
    Round 2: Overlin started the round with a series of punches trying to take early control of the round. Crazy was successful in stalling the attack by tying Overlin up and then proceeded to attack Overlin with the leg kicks to finish the round.
    Round 3: Both fighters came forward with punches to start the round. Overlin leaned in with his head down and caught a right upper cut on the jaw earning him a standing 8-count from Referee Terri Storm. The rest of the round finished with flurries of punches from both fighters.
    All judges scored the fight 30-26 in favor of John "Crazy" Mendeitta.

  3. IR Light Middleweight
    Brian Schulz, 0-1, Team RoundKick, Pleasant Hill, IA vs Will Ryan, 1-0, Team Geyston, Springfield, IL

    Round 1: Schulz dominated the opening seconds of the bout and it took a few moments for Ryan to respond. Schulz never let up until Ryan slipped and hopped right back up. Schulz controlled the movement with his hand work all over the ring. Ryan had a difficult time working his strategy, but was able to throw an occasional leg or body kick.
    Round 2: Schulz began this round as well, but Ryan was ready this time. Using kicks, Ryan was able to keep Schulz at a distance. In the middle of the round, Ryan was still throwing kicks, but not as strong. Schulz was able to get inside where he was stronger and began using legs as well. Something was working in Ryan's favor as he again gained control and bloodied Schulz's nose.
    Round 3: Ryan started the final round with kicks. Schulz responded, but Ryan was able to effectively fight while stepping backward. Schulz pushed Ryan all over the ring, which frequently ended in clinches. However, this bout was IR, so the referee had to break them up. Ryan bounced back quickly and in the last 30 seconds of the round, Ryan threw a series of round kicks to tire and slow Schulz.
    All three judges saw the fight 28-29 in favor of Ryan.

  4. IR Middleweight
    Shawn Ellis, 0-1, Red Dragon Fight Team, Des Moines, IA vs Eric Newingham, 2-2, Team DeVore, Mt. Zion, IL

    Round 1: From the opening bell both were fighting for position. Repeated head punches to Ellis led to an 8 count by referee Carl Duncan. After the count, Newingham continued to throw right crosses to Ellis's head and the corner threw in the towel at 1:25 of the round.

  5. MTR Light Heavyweight
    Jason Tart, 0-2, Team RoundKick, Pleasant Hill, IA vs Jake Fox, 2-0, Janjira Muay Thai, Wichita, KS

    Round 1: Tart started the fight with 3 strong kicks to Fox's legs and body. Fox appeared unphased and came back with a series of left and right punches backing Tart up. Fox then proceeded to throw kicks of his own followed by powerful knees to Tart's body in the clinch to finish the round.
    Round 2: The round started much the way the first round ended. Fox controlled the clinches with his knees to Tart's body and backed Tart up with punches and kicks when not in the clinch.
    Round 3: An exhausted Tart tried to survive the round by holding Fox but only succeeded in taking more knees to the body.
    All judges scored the fight 30-27 in favor of Jake Fox.

  6. IR Light Heavyweight
    Jeff Cunningham, 2-2, Team RoundKick, Boone, IA vs Chris Perry, 2-2, Team DeVore, Mt. Zion, IL

    Round 1: Cunningham was patient while stalking Perry around the ring. He came forward with a left hook/right cross combination that should have put Perry down but somehow Perry fought back. Still, it only took Cunningham a few more seconds to land a devastating left hook square onto Perry's chin putting Perry down on the canvas.
    Referee Terri Storm stopped the fight here at 1:08 of the round.

  7. IR Light Middleweight
    Adam Brown, 4-3, Team RoundKick, Pleasant Hill, IA vs Casey Wiley, 0-3, Team DeVore, Mt. Zion, IL

    Round 1: For the first time of the evening, the fighters started out cautious. Throughout the round, controlled exchanges led to a display of blocking and footwork drills. At the end of the round, Brown was able to land a couple of punches to the head.
    Round 2: Wiley began with several high kicks. Brown joined in and they exchanged simultaneous round kicks. Wiley continued, but dropped his mouthpiece. At time in, Wiley was all legs. Brown looked for his opportunity and in the last 30 seconds of the round, Wiley looked winded. The crowd yelled for Brown to attack. At the bell, Wiley's mouthpiece again dropped out of his mouth. Referee Mike Storm warned Wiley to keep his mouthpiece in his mouth.
    Round 3: Wiley chose to use his legs again and increased his speed and power slightly. Brown landed a strong leg kick to counter. The fighters closed in and ended up in a clinch on the floor. Wiley walked around the ring tired and Brown capitalized by cutting off the ring and using punches. In the final seconds, the crowd and Brown's corner were screaming for a big finish.
    The judges scored the split decision 30-27, 28-29, 29-28 in favor of Brown.

  8. PRO MTR Light Middleweight
    Marshal Blevins, 2-0, Miletich Fighting Systems, Davenport, IA vs Douglas Edwards, 0-2, Janjira Muay Thai, Wichita, KS

    Round 1: One of the big differences between pro and amateur is the speed of the techniques. The fighters used quick exchanges. Each fighter went down in a pair of flash knockdowns. Both worked efficiently in clinch. Edwards used combinations well and Blevins was able to follow up quickly.
    Round 2: Edwards looked for an opportunity to get in close. He found it by catching Blevins' round kick and forcing a clinch. In clinches, Edwards used his height advantage to put pressure on Blevins. Blevins was able to grab Edwards and land a knee squarely in the body. Edwards pushed forward and Blevins ended up on the ground in another flash knockdown. Both fighters still looked comfortable in the fight as if the game plan was going their way.
    Round 3: They both threw harder techniques in the final round, but not as many combinations. Blevins showed to be a little more in control of the round by managing the movement and slowing or completely blocking Edwards' advances. Neither fighter seemed to be affected by the other's techniques. The last 10 seconds was a clinch.
    The judges scored the fight 29-28, 29-28, 30-27 unanimously for Blevins.

  9. PRO MTR Light Middleweight
    Jeremy Stephens, 1-0, Des Moines Mixed Martial Arts, Des Moines, IA vs Ricky Cabrales, 0-1, Janjira Muay Thai, Wicjita, KS

    Round 1: Stephens had plenty of energy and opened with a jumping right punch to Cabrales' head. He continued with a jumping left knee to the body. Both landed, but Cabrales stayed strong. Stephens then delivered 3 left jabs to Cabrales' body. Cabrales was getting visibly annoyed and received a flash knockdown from a punch. The following clinch had both fighters throwing hard knees. Stephens began to taunt Cabrales and then dropped Cabrales by repeated assaults with head punches and then pushed him to the ground. Cabrales couldn't get up immediately and received an 8 count. The round ended with Stephens delivery a series of knees.
    Round 2: Stephens started cutting off the ring immediately. Cabrales knew to expect the jump knee and effectively blocked it when thrown. Cabrales was repeatedly caught in the corners or on the ropes. Stephens was able to bridge the gap with his hands and followed up with his knees. Cabrales was able to squeeze Stephens in a clinch, but not able to block everything or deliver devastating blows. A series of punches and knees knocked Cabrales down again which led to another 8-count. Stephens taunted Cabrales again after the knock down earning him a warning from the referee for his behavior in the corner between rounds.
    Round 3: In the first 5 seconds of the last round, Stephens knocked Cabrales down again with a series of punches. Sweat in Cabrales' eye made it difficult for him to see, but he continued with the warrior spirit. At 54 seconds into the round, Referee Mike Storm stopped the fight when Stephens delivered punches to the head and Cabrales was on the canvass again.

For more info please contact Pete or Pam Peterson at (712) 792-8178 or -Email at Pete@TeamRoundKick.com or go to www.RoundKickRumble.com


Up Close and Personal with...

Dan "Bam Bam" Stell

Sacramento, CA - March 7th, 2007 : We thought it might be a good idea to dig into the mind of one of our silent heroes in the martial arts today...Mr. Dan Stell of Fairfield, CA. Most martial artist / kickboxers know him as 'Bam Bam' relative to his impressive knockout wins in his amateur & professional kickboxing career. Dan works relentless to perfect his craft. He knows the rules and regulations and knows them well. As the Head of Officials for the International Kickboxing Federation (IKF) and a licensed and certified referee for the California State Athletic Commission, many have seen him at work but perhaps few know a lot about him. This is our effort to assist you in getting to know Dan just a little better.

Those of us who dedicate our lives to the martial arts rarely get the recognition perhaps deserving. Sacrifices made by a few are many times not brought to the attention of the masses. However, there are those out there who burn the midnight oil and work tirelessly to assure a future for martial arts in particular Kickboxing, Boxing and MMA. Although the job of the referee could be a critical life-line between two combatants giving their all to get the win, too often they are the unsung heroes. I clearly remember introducing a referee to a friend as one who had officiated high profile fights and the comment back was "no one remembers the referee!" I remember the look on the ref's face as slightly embarrassed.

Hopefully in our interview with Dan, you will become more familiar with the thoughts and ideas of one who is recognized around the world and becoming a model for many to follow. By his own admission, he's not perfect and occasionally makes mistakes (don't we all) but one thing for sure...when "Bam Bam" is the center of your event, you will get 100% effort; 100% fairness and 100% commitment to making your event successful! So, without further ado please enjoy our Up Close and Personal conversation with ... Mr. Dannn "Bam Bammm" Stellllll!

"The true test of a person is not during times of comfort and convenience but in times of trials and tribulation" as paraphrased by the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr..

This saying fits Dan like a glove. Through good times and bad, he continues to stand tall, remain committed and grace the ring with his presence, knowledge and passion! He sincerely cares about the sport and the fighters. Be sure you let him know how much you appreciate his efforts next time you see him! Forward March!

The Dan Stell interview was conducted by IKF/AKP Staff Writer Johnny Davis. More information at www.AKPromotions.org More on Dan Stell... Click Here.

MONDAY, MARCH 5th, 2007, AT 10:50 PM, PT

Up Close and Personal with...
Dan "Bam Bam" Stell!

AK Press - Sacramento, CA - March 5th, 2007: Dan Stell of Fairfield, California is by far one of the most well rounded, sincere and experienced referees in the martial arts fighting business. He travels around the world as a referee, judge and representative for the International Kickboxing Federation, (IKF) an organization he co founded back in 1992. He is also a top referee for the California Athletic Commission, which is hands-down one of the most stringent commissions in the United States. Today, he is the head of officials for IKF which now touted as the largest sanctioning body in the world for kickboxing and mixed martial arts (ISCF) events and he's proud of his association with them and his overall accomplishments in the martial arts. His spirit overflows with 'much love' and passion for the martial arts.

Mr. Stell started his martial arts career at the tender age of nine years old and has since won hundreds of Point Karate tournaments before winning four kickboxing titles. Undefeated as a professional kickboxer, he honed his skills to become one of the most qualified referees in the sport today. "I called it how I see it...and I'm not perfect", he will quickly tell you. However, he makes clear that he goes out of his way to try and render the fairest decisions in a business where you literally only have seconds to make a decision that could be tragic for a competitor. Few of us know this feeling but far too many of us are willing to set on the outside of the ring and criticize a decision that may have not been ours. Moreover, Dan has ventured into the promotions' game as he and his brother Tim have promoted numerous Kickboxing / Tough Man shows in the State of California. He also, works as a Matchmaker for promoters seeking an experienced and qualified individual with in-depth knowledge to put together the best fights...and for the most part... Stell, never disappoints them!

This year alone, the IKF has several world title events (In Holland at left) planned and at the center all of them will be Dan Stell directing and overseeing the officials to assure fighters get a fair shake. He has refereed some of the best known champions in both boxing, kickboxing and mixed martial arts. From famed kickboxer and movie star Don "The Dragon" Wilson, Star martial artist Cung Le (Right) K-1 Champion Carter "The Beast" Williams to boxing and kickboxing champion Eric "The Hit Man" Regan, Stell has demonstrated diversity and professionalism in its highest form.

His work has taken him as far as China and Malaysia to all over the U.S. He has refereed fights on several major television networks like ESPN, Telemundo and Pay Per View events. Experienced...not even a question! Committed... Absolutely! Passionate...with all he's made of! Through thick and thin, he has been there for the martial arts. In many ways, a referee is a silent, unsung hero but without sincere and honest people like Stell working in these positions, martial arts as we know it... would be very different.

We wanted to make sure that you know more about one who gives his all to maintain and secure a future for those that choose the martial arts (boxing, kickboxing, mma) as their pursuit of happiness. In our Up Close and Personal interview with Dan "Bam Bam" Stell, we will venture into many areas with him as he gives his honest, no holding back opinions about his work and the state of martial arts. More to come later this week on Dan.


RESULTS FROM No Xclusions, Inc.'s
February 16th, 2007 - Jacksonville, Florida, USA

Reported by IKF Representative Lee Braden
Plush, Jacksonville, Florida, USA. Talent abode at Plush's IKF fight night. Fight nights at Plush have evolved into some of the hottest fights anywhere in North Florida. Point in fact, Alex Berrios from Eric Rivera's Team Dynasty shined as he fought Henrick Duirlin from the World Martial Arts' Team. Alex showed why that front leg front kick in Muay Thai is so effective.

    Brad Gearhart,
    Orlando Florida USA, (1-0 185lbs, 6', 9-7-83, Ron Rivera 717-377-2975)
    defeated Enis Selmanovic, Jacksonville Florida USA (0-1, 180lbs, 6'1", 1-29-83) by Unanimous decision, 30-27, 29-28 and 29-28.

    Quenton Singleterry,
    Brunswick Georgia USA, (5-3, 160lbs)
    defeated Rico McMillian, Jacksonville Florida USA, (1-3, 161lbs) by TKO at 1:56 of Round 2.

    Audrius Smaginas,
    Hilton Head South Carolina USA, (9-0-2, 163lbs, 5'9", 8-11-81, Mushin 843-338-2432)
    defeated Phillippe Mathoniere, Orlando Florida USA, (164lbs, 5'11", 5-26-72) by unanimous decision 30-25, 30-26 and 30-25.

    Samir Zahid,
    Savannah Georgia USA, (4-1, 174 5'11", 8-24-77, Mushin 843-338-2432)
    defeated Roy Delmark, Jacksonville Florida USA, (1-3 170lbs, 6' 9-14-77, Kru Tom Burke 904-535-1054) by unanimous decision 30-27, 30-27 and 30-27.

    Alex Berrios,
    Tampa Florida USA, (8-1, 170lbs, 5'11" Khanemtom Muay Thai)
    defeated Henrick Diurlin, Jacksonville Florida USA (177lbs, Kru Tom Burke 904-535-1054) by TKO at 1:56 of round 2.

    Eric Shellard,
    Winter Springs Florida USA, (2-1, 140lbs, 5'4", 5-21-86, Ron Rivera 407-963-9279)
    defeated Jason Masten, Orange Park Florida USA, (0-1, 142lbs, 5'11" 11-27-86) by TKO at end of round 1.

    Angel Santiago Rivera,
    Tampa Florida USA, (1-0, 158lbs, 5'10", Ron Rivera 407-963-9279)
    defeated E J Siegfried, Floral Ridge Florida USA, (0-1 155lbs, 5'7", 7-12-80, Troy Maniscalco 352-476-1328) by Split Decision 29-27, 29-27 and 30-27.

    Mark Wade,
    Hilliard Florida USA, (1-0, 152lbs, 5'8")
    defeated Silas Clark, St Augustine Florida USA, (0-1, 159lbs, 5'10", 11-3-81) by TKO at .59 of Round 2.

    James Smiley,
    Orange Park Florida USA, (3-0, 250lbs, 6', Orange Park Karate, 904-272-9511)
    defeated Bryan Reuter, Jacksonville Florida USA, (0-1, 228lbs, 6', 2-13-82) by TKO at 1:49 of Round 2.

    Joshua Fournier,
    Jacksonville Florida USA, (0-1, 158lbs, 5'9", Mr. Smiley 904-272-9511)
    defeated Donald McMillan, Jacksonville Florida USA, (0-1, 160lbs, 5'11") by TKO at 1:58 of round 2.

    Eric Rivera,
    Davie Florida USA, (3-1, 250lbs, 6', 12-2-82, America Tka 954-663-2951)
    defeated David Furnier, Jacksonville Florida USA, (0-1, 220lbs, 6'4", 6-16-77) by TKO at 1:43 of round 1.

For more info please contact Mr. Thomas Fischer at (904) 744-9995 or by e-mail at noxclusionsinc@aol.com

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