TUESDAY, OCTOBER 30th, 2007, AT 11:55 PM, PT

Guila Continues to Add Growth to IKF Point Kickboxing
Through Successful Promotions!

Full Results...Coming Later This Week

IKF/PKB News Staff: Antioch, CA- October 28, 2007
This past Saturday, October 27th, 2007 IKF/PKB Promoter Dennis Guila (right) of Antioch, CA hosted yet another successful IKF Point Kickboxing Tournament. An enthusiastic group of men, women and children came from across Northern California to participate in this growing semi contact action-packed event! Guila stated that "I'm pleased with the event and plan to continue to contribute to the growth of such an exciting sport and division!" Guila and his team set up an impressive padded floor ring where all of the fights took place. The action was hot as the packed house of spectators screamed to the top of their lungs for their favorite fighter...erupting often into an ocean of hands waving and chanting!

In the audience was IKF CEO Mr. Steve Fossum (Left) who came to support the event and speak to the fighters "This is where it starts and you need to understand that its not about winning or losing its about showing up and walking the walk" he stated strongly. Mr. Fossum who is responsible for building the International Kickboxing Federation (IKF) that encompasses world wide Kickboxing, Mixed Martial Arts (ISCF) and semi contact kickboxing events. "He has poured many years of hard work to grow the IKF and the benefits have been proven over the years as many IKF champions would later win and, or participate in prominent events like K1, the IFL and UFC" said promoter Guila about Fossum.

"This was certainly another exciting event and everyone seemed to have a good time" stated IKF/PKB West Coast Representative Ms. Rubie Navarro (Left) who also had a group of impressive fighters on hand that gave notable showings in all of their bouts. IKF/PKB President Johnny Davis (Right) expressed to everyone the importance of following the rules as well as emphasizing the importance of knockouts not being allowed in this type of semi- contact competition.

"Fighters and fans sometimes become anxious to see more contact and its up to the officials to make sure that contact is controlled no matter what. This must be a priority for the IKF/PKB Division as well as trainers to properly coach their fighters for this type of competition said Davis.

He continued, "This is a great competition and we look forward to starting our IKF Point Kickboxing Circuit in January 2008. We are currently looking at about one IKF Point Kickboxing event a month in 2008 somewhere in Northern, California as it stands today. This point system will give fighters the opportunity to compete and win a certain amount of points based on their performance and in the end of the year, the participants with the most points will receive awards and championship titles. Moreover, we have executed our new website www.IKFPKB.com to keep everyone up to date on IKF/PKB News, Circuit standings and more. I'm extremely excited about what IKF Point Kickboxing tournaments can do for the entire sport of kickboxing...the future is bright but only with the support of all of the fighters, trainers and fans that come out and make these events successful!"

Mrs. Guila who is the other/better half :) of the Guila Team said it eloquently, "What the IKF has developed with the Point Kickboxing is becoming a trend. I mostly only heard positive comments about the event and the future of the IKF/PKB. Many of the old school martial artist are starting to recognize this event and want to get involved...its such a good thing!"

We at the IKF/PKB would like to thank Mr. Dennis Guila and his team as well as all of the trainers who stepped up to assist with the judging and referring . More on the IKF/PKB 2008 Circuit coming soon as well as the results from this past weekend's excellent event.



World Champion
Don "The Dragon" Wilson
Explodes The Screen With
The Last Sentinel

Special to IKF - www.videobusiness.com - Sci-fi military movie made for gamers: Eleven Time World Champion Kickboxer Don "The Dragon" Wilson is a Dragon no more. He has shed his old nickname, which he used in a slew of action straight-to-tapers in the '90s, for this by-the-numbers sci-fi war movie in which he is one of the last remaining human soldiers who must combat the "Drone Army" that has taken over America.

Wilson has a high-tech gun that speaks to him in a female voice and survives numerous explosion-laden battlefield sequences, but the movie's only twist is that he is eventually joined by an attractive blonde warrior, played by Battlestar Galactica's Katee Sackhoff.

Shelf Talk: Wilson is well known to action fans, as are supporting stars Steven Bauer (Scarface) and Keith David (whose voice is heard in everything from Ken Burns' The War to videogame Halo 3), but Sackhoff is the biggest lure for sci-fi devotees. Gamers are the target audience here, as The Last Sentinel is designed to look like a videogame, with Wilson and Sackhoff killing a humongous amount of enemy attackers.

Also appearing in the movie as the Last Human Cop is former World Champion kickboxer Jerry Tremble.

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 26th, 2007, AT 6:15 PM, PT

Bob & Jill Leiker Present
"Tornado International"
Kansas City, Missouri, USA

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 25th, 2007, AT 8:00 PM, PT

Inspires New Web Site!

Look out 2008!
The IKF/PKB Division (Semi-Contact) has some BIG PLANS for their 2008 Circuit. So big that IKF CEO/President Steve Fossum and IKF/PKB President Johnny Davis made the decision to create an independent web site for IKF Point Kickboxing.

To see the new site go to


WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 24th, 2007, AT 10:40 PM, PT

The Paradise Cup
Of IKF Point Kickboxing This Weekend!

Saturday October 27th, Antioch, California

Guila's IKF Paradise Cup of IKF Point Kickboxing is this Saturday October 27th in Antioch, California. Although no Knockouts are allowed, those in attendance will witness Exciting Semi-Contact Kickboxing Action for men, women and children. Each bout will be loaded with awesome techniques and plenty of passion to take home the Winners Trophy.

The event will be open to Beginner, Intermediate and Advance divisions for three rule styles, American (above the waist), International and Muay Thai! For registration info Click Here! For registration forms Click HERE!

This event will be held at Guila's Hawaiian Kaju-Kickboxing Gym, 4389 Hillcrest Ave. Antioch, CA, 94531 (at Wildhorse Rd. by 7-eleven) For more information contact Mr. Dennis Guila at (925) 755-3434, Cell # (925) 354-3434 E-mail address sifudg@comcast.net or go to www.guilakarate.com

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 21st, 2007, AT 12:45 PM, PT

Many WCL Fighters
Have IKF History

Results Are In From The WCL First Event of The Season
-Updated On 10-24-07-

This last Friday night Chuck Norris's WCL, World Combat League kicked off it's season in Denver Colorado. The Leagues Western Conference added a new team for this season, The Denver Fury, coached by Steve Alley of Martial Arts Radio (www.martialartsradio.com) A well known name on the new team is former multi time IKF Tournament Champion at Katie "Killer" Meehan (Left). Meehan takes up the 128 lb Division slot and did so with grace as she kicked and punched her way to her WCL debut win over Gia Wilson of the Texas Dragons, 15-9. Her alternate at the same weight is also a former multi time IKF Tournament Champion. Kornelija Numic however did not fare as well, losing to Hayes of the Texas Dragons 15-10. Numic of Texas has a WCL record of 2 win, 1 loss and 1 tie.

Also known to the IKF on the nights fight card was IKF Pro Super Middleweight East Coast USA Champion Ryan Madigan. Madigan had his hands full with the much talked about Raymond Daniels who took home the victory over Madigan 18-6 in the first round of action. We were informed that stepping in the slot for Madigan in round 2 was Faud Keranovic. However Daniels and Keranovic never fought because Keranovic failed to make weight at Thursday's official weigh ins. This gave Daniels the victory by disqualification. Madigan of Ohio evened his WCL record to 3-3 while Daniels improved to 6-0.

There was a lot of buzz about two well known IKF Amateur fighters who were making their pro Debuts with the WCL. Multi time IKF Champion Jessie Miles of Calgary Alberta Canada took the win in his WCL debut 16-6 over Texas Dragon' Charles Wilson. His training partner and multi time IKF Tournament Champion as well as now former IKF Amateur Muay Thai World Champion (now turned professional with the WCL) Scott Clark won his WCL debut too with an impressive victory over Sherif Ghaly of the Texas Dragons 15-5.

Shannon "The Dragon" Hudson was more than impressive in his 17- 0 smoking of Tom Johnson of the Denver Fury. Number 11 IKF Pro Muay Thai ranked Damion Caldwell of Statesville, North Carolina was on the mat fighting for the Texas Dragons but lost both his matches to Matthew Callahan of the Denver Fury 15-10 and 15-9.

Former IKF ranked Pro full contact fighter Ronnie Copeland of North Carolina was back fighting for the WCL this year but with a new team. Having been with the New England Strikers and the Oklahoma Destroyers, Friday he was with the Denver Fury but he didn't do any better in his WCL competition. Fighting winless (In WCL competition) WCL fighter Lawson Baker of Santa Barbara, California on the WCL Texas team, Baker landed a stiff shot to Copeland's head that put him down early in the fight. After the knockdown Copeland fought on instinct alone until Baker put him away with a right left combo at the 2-minute mark. According to Copeland, the referee stopped his fight due to Copeland's passivity... Copeland e-mailed the IKF and informed us that he got his rib broken from a knee 15 seconds into the match. Copeland said he moved to avoid contact and the WCL rules call this passivity... This was Copeland's third WCL loss making him 0-3 in the WCL while Baker records his first victory over Copeland and another in the second round over Damond Clark making him 2-2 in the WCL.

Number 6 IKF Pro Muay Thai Ranked Middleweight Thomas Longacre of Tulsa, Oklahoma met his match and came up on the losing end of WCL undefeated fighter Jack Felton of Huntington Beach, California. Longacre's record drops to 4-2 while Felton rules the 147 lb division at 5-0.

For more info on the WCL go to www.WorldCombatLeague.com

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 20th, 2007, AT 10:00 PM, PT

Full Amateur Ranking Update
- World Classic Fighters Now Ranked -

Today the IKF completed an extensive updating of all 6 IKF Adult Amateur Ranking pages. This completes the Amateur Ranking updates that have already seen the new Junior Amateur Rankings a few weeks ago. To check out your ranking just click your rule style below.

Help Us Help YOU!
Like all of you, things are busy here at the IKF so we don't have time to search for event results that we may not know about. sometimes we even miss updates on IKF Sanctioned events. Simply put, we will miss some info about you sometime in your fight career. This is where we need your help. If we don't know what's been changed on your ranking, we can't help you. If you need your record, contact info or anything else updated or you see that someone else needs an update, please e-mail the new info to the IKF. Please include in your e-mail the rule style the fighters name is under, weightclass and if possible, and number ranked and the number of their ranking. To e-mail the IKF with Ranking updates please click Here.

The IKF Pro and Amateur Rankings continue to be the most up to date and detailed set of rankings for Kickboxing in the World. With your help, we can keep your info updated so that Promoters around the world seeking quality fighters can find you with ease with your web info, e-mail or contact phone number.

To get registered into the IKF Pro or Amateur Rankings so that Promoters of any organization can find you around the world Click HERE.

The IKF/AKA Europe "Open Scoring Rules" (OSR) Muay Thai Rankings were also updated this week with the new Champions and a new format. To see them click HERE.

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 19th, 2007, AT 5:20 PM, PT


Keith Nathan, Tricia McKeary & Neil Holden Present
Chesire, England

Ready To "Bring It ON" With

This Sunday the newest members of the outstanding IKF European Team (Click Here For Full IKF Europe Info), Keith "Pele" Nathan and Patricia McKeary of Manchester England will host the first ever, IKF AMATEUR JUNIOR CHAMPIONSHIPS Their Junior events are really taking things forward, and the 2008 season should see plenty of activity for the young champions of the future!

Following this event will be the new addition of the IKF England National Junior Rankings. Just some of the dynamic gyms that will have fighters at the event include GFC (Bury), Wicker Camp (Sheffield), Nonkee (Dewsbury), K Star (Birmingham), G Camp (Manchester), Fortitudo (Liverpool), Walkden (Ronnie) Knuckles Gym and of course Peles Gym.

The England Junior Amateur program varies a little from the IKF North American Junior Amateur program. In the England program the age limit is 15 instead of 17 in North America. Also in the England league there is no head contact.

"The junior Amateur program has been a great success here in North America."
Said IKF President Steve Fossum.
"The addition of the England & Europe Junior Amateur program will only strengthen the program that much more and with the Leadership we have in charge of things in europe now, the sky's the limit!"

The event will feature 4 already matched IKF Championship bouts. They include 4 IKF Junior Amateur English Title Fights & 1 Title Defence.

All fighters need to be at the Beastmastersgym Gym to weigh in at 10:30 AM, Old Market Tavern, Church St, Altrincham, WA14 4DN. For spectators who are going to watch. The venue address is: Masonic Hall, Clay Lane, Timperley, Altrincham.

For additional info please contact Tricia McKeary on 07817-324-76 or at Beastmastersgym@yahoo.co.uk

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 16th, 2007, AT 5:20 PM, PT

Brain-Pad, Inc. To Sponsor & Attend The
2007 Women's Sports Conference

Nashville, TN
Brainpads, the "Head Gear That Fits in Your Mouth" Company, has signed on as a sponsor for the upcoming Marketing Women's Sports Conference & Summit. The conference is bringing together men and women who are involved with the explosion of women's sports. This national conference will be held November 5 & 6, 2007 in Nashville, Tennessee.

"Brainpads are one of the most important items any athlete can have for protection and we are delighted that they will be participating with us," states Catherine Masters, conference organizer.

Brain-Pad, Inc. - Develops, markets and retains numerous patents on its impact protective mouth-guard lines, along with it's patented impact protective head and wrist bands, all under the Brain-Pad brand name. Since 1997, Brain-Pad mouth guards have been among the most dominant brands in the mouth guard industry and the mouth guard of choice for serious competitors around the world.

Biomechanically Tested & Proven to REDUCE impact energy to the base of the skull by up to 50%, makes Brain-Pad mouth guards a top choice in reducing the risk of lower jaw impact concussions with competitors of all ages and all types of contact sports.

Brain-Pad products are sold in 5000 retail locations throughout the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Korea including a variety of catalog operations, E-Commerce merchandisers and the Army Air Forces Exchanges around the world. The company is located in Conshohocken, PA, 19428

For additional information on Brain-Pad, please visit www.brainpads.com - e- mail info@brainpads.com - Or call 610-397-0893. For more info please click HERE!

MONDAY, OCTOBER 15th, 2007, AT 7:00 PM, PT

"UKC Fight Night II"
October 6th, 2007 - Lake City, Florida, USA

Saturday, October 6th in Lake City Florida, IKF Promoter Rocky Moore had an action packed crowd for UKC Fight Night. Here are the nights results below.

  1. 155: Ray Bohannon (ScrapYard) over Tony Hood (Ocala MMA) by TKO in Round 2.

  2. 195: Andy Smith (Valdosta Ga) over Friend Dewey (Elite Muay Thai) by Split Decision.

  3. 155: Robert Berstler (Elite Muay Thai) over John Elwood (Melbourne Fl) by TKO in Round 2.

  4. Kyle McKelvy (Khonomtom Muay Thai) over Terry Daniels (Elite Muay Thai) by unanimous decision.

  5. 155: Chris Gordon (Team Thunder) over Eddie Plemmons (Lake City, Florida) by TKO in Round 1.

  6. 190: Dan Gilardi (Team Thunder) over Kyle Kling (Elite Muay Thai) by unanimous decision.

  7. EXHIBITION: Diego Perez (F2 Fight Team) vs BJ Hill (Team Thunder)

  8. Jessie Bodden (Team Thunder) over Billy Baker (Ft. White Florida) by TKO in Round 1.

  9. 195: Lawrence Ross (Elite Muay Thai) over Aaron Leffew (Ocala MMA) by TKO in round 3.

  10. 155: David Rose (Team Thunder) vs Nathaniel Robinson (Purple Dragon) DRAW.

  11. 170: Ricardo Rosario (Team Thunder) over Brandon Howie (Khonomtom Muay Thai) by unanimous decision.

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 12th, 2007, AT 11:10 AM, PT


No Xclusions, Inc. Presents
Jacksonville, Florida, USA

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 5th, 2007, AT 1:20 PM, PT


Hardcore Promotions LLC. Presents
"UKC Fight Night II"
Lake City, Florida, USA

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 3rd, 2007, AT 5:20 PM, PT

Sweet 'n Souwer
World Max Final

By Monty DiPietro, K-1 USA

TOKYO, October 3, 2022
Shoot boxer Andy Souwer (Right) turned aside three challengers to win the K-1 World Max '07 Final tonight at the historic Nippon Budokan. It was the 26 year-old Dutch fighter's second World Max Championship, he also claimed the coveted Belt in 2005.

The popularity of the K-1 World Max 70kg/154lbs weight class rivals that of the World GP. Where the heavyweights have the power, the lighter fighters appeal with speed and stamina, consistently producing thrilling contests. This year's K-1 World Max eight finalists represented six different countries.

The first quarterfinal was a keenly anticipated matchup between all-round kickboxer and media darling Masato of Japan, who won the Max Belt in 2003; and Thai fighter Buakaw Por Pramuk, whose positively lethal legs and fast fists made him the two-time and Defending Max Champion.

Both fighters got the low kicks going early, and the first round had plenty of action -- Buakaw scoring with body blows and a high kick, Masato getting an uppercut in before surprising his opponent with an innocent-looking right straight punch to score a down.

The second saw Buakaw good with the hard low kicks, Masato leading with the left straight and deftly picking his spots on the counters, connecting with another uppercut. Masato used the ring to effect, moving to his left, forcing Buakaw to approach with less than perfect positioning. In the third Buakaw needed a down to get back into the fight, but was uncharacteristically tentative with his attacks. Masato meanwhile continued his mastery, focused and fast with the straight punches, closing for another uppercut while absorbing his opponent's low kicks. A fine performance from Masato for the well-earned unanimous decision.

The second matchup featured power puncher Mike Zambidis of Greece, a compact bundle of strength and determination; and Ukrainian Artur Kyshenko, a muay thai fighter who also likes the fists.

A slow first, Kyshenko with occasional high kicks, Zambidis blocking well and countering with low kicks and body blows -- neither fighter connecting decisively, a slight edge to Kyshenko evidenced on two judges' cards. Better action in the second, Zambidis darting inside with punches but Kyshenko employing his 5cm/2" height advantage to arrest the Greek with long low kicks.

In the third, Kyshenko went with the fists, pumping in body blows, while Zambidis launched a couple of flying knees that came up short. Spirited action to end the fight, which one judge gave to Kyshenko and two saw as a draw, triggering a tiebreaker round.

A more aggressive Kyshenko in the deciding extra round, in with proficient kicks and combinations; Zambidis meanwhile circling with a hit-and-run strategy, missing again with his flying knees but getting body blows through. A difficult one to call, the decision going to Kyshenko.

Dutch boxer Albert Kraus' speed, smarts and punches won him the inaugural World Max Championship in 2002. In tonight's third tournament quarterfinal, the 27 year-old Max veteran met the two-time and Defending Japan Max Champ, kickboxer Yoshihiro Sato.

Sato started fast, intent on using his reach and 10cm/4" height `advantage to run Kraus down. But the Dutch fighter was equally aggressive, moving past the straight punches and knees with body blows and uppercuts. Sato sent a number of high kicks up throughout this one, but Kraus' evasions and blocking were sound.

In second, a Sato knee looked to have Kraus in trouble, but the Dutch fighter answered with a dandy straight punch and left hook to regain his momentum. The third was thrilling, both fighters repeatedly clashing. Sato again used his long legs to fire the low kicks, and leaped forward with the knees. But a determined Kraus was smart in all aspects of his game -- his movement and positioning were perfect, and he tallied big time late in the round with a punch combination that snapped Sato's head back and, were it not for the ropes, might have put him down.

One of the best fights on the night, the unanimous decision going to Kraus.

Andy Souwer of Holland set off on the road to glory against muay thai stylist Drago, an Armenian known for both aggression and creativity.

The pair kept their guards high and close and traded hard low kicks and straight punches in the opening moments, Souwer sailing a high kick just over Drago's head. The second saw Drago taking some chances, leading with the jab and closing with body blows, Souwer coming back with the knees and kicks. And then, in an instant, it was over. Drago leaned in with a left straight just as Souwer was bringing a right hook around. The fighters' arms brushed past one another, and Drago's missed and Souwer's connected, knocking the Armenian out cold.

The first semifinal pitted Masato against Kyshenko in a back-and-forth battle. Masato started fast with the low kicks and straight punches to put his opponent on the defensive. Kyshenko rallied promisingly with some big haymakers and high kicks, but was shut down well by Masato's stinging low kicks. Even as Masato appeared to be in control, the limping Kyshenko came back with three hard right straight punches, and now it was Masato in trouble. Kyshenko was chasing his opponent when the bell sounded to end the first, and took the round on two cards.

In the second Kyshenko resumed the punches, Masato the low kicks. The distance had closed, with both fighters center ring and exchanging punches, when Masato rammed in a left hook in to drop Kyshenko, who was unable to beat the count. Masato to the final.

It was Kraus and Souwer in the all-Dutch second semi. Souwer had very little rest time between his quarterfinal and this fight, but nonetheless brought some strong attacks, setting the distance with front kicks, pumping the knee up and putting the low and middle kicks through in the first, picking up the pace in the second to score with combinations, body blows and high kicks. Kraus got inside, only to be stymied by a high and close Souwer guard. A Kraus left hook in the second kept it close, but Souwer had the better stuff overall, connecting with a nice right in the fast-paced third and taking the decision on two cards, with one judge calling a draw. Souwer, with the narrowest of majority decisions, now had a date with Masato in the final.

The dream final brought the crowd on their feet, the encouragement deafening as their favorite son made his way to the ring. Masato took the initiative from the bell, charging at Souwer with straight punches and body blows, getting full contact with a hard left punch. Souwer weathered the attacks, closed up in defense. Souwer's attacks were less than overwhelming, he missed with a high kick, and saw his low kicks answered fearlessly with more straight punches.

But in the second Souwer turned it up a notch or two, throwing low kicks and flying in with the knees; while Masato pressed forward again to deliver the one-two straight punches, unleashing the uppercut that had done him well in his earlier fights. Souwer persisted with the low kicks, and by midway through these were seriously slowing Masato.

The turning point came late in the round, Souwer smashing in a right straight punch, catching his off-balance opponent with a number of hard low kicks. At the clapper Souwer was chasing the retreating Japanese fighter, and when the bell sounded Masato slowly slumped over the ropes, hurt and exhausted.

The ringside camera stayed on Masato between rounds, and the question now was whether he could answer the bell for the third. The time ticked off, the announcer called 'seconds out,' but Masato's cornermen remained huddled round their seated fighter, who had pain tattooed on his face. A quiet, mournful shake of the head and the hint of a smile from Masato. It was over.

Souwer leapt in the air, then dropped to the canvas and bowed to Masato, lifting the Japanese fighter to his feet as the crowd rose to theirs to offer both warriors a standing ovation.

In his post-fight interview, Masato told reporters that injuries to his hand and legs from his bout against Buakaw had badly limited him in his subsequent fights.

Commenting afterward on his strategy for the final, Souwer said, "My trainer Andre Mannaart and I knew Masato wanted to rush me with punches, so we had this plan to use kicks. My ribs and my ankle were hurt in my fight with Kraus, and my right hand was also causing me pain, but I had to give my all against Masato, who is one of the best!"

With the victory, Souwer reclaims the Belt he surrendered to Buakaw last year, and also picks up a cool 20 million (not US) in prize money.

"My second son was born just last week," said Souwer, "I will put this money in the bank for him and his brother."

In the Reserve Fight it was Takayuki Kohiruimaki of Japan vs Virgil Kalakoda of South Africa. Kohiruimaki wanted the distance to throw his kicks, but Kalakoda kept moving inside with the fists. Kohiruimaki had said in the pre-event press conference that he would "find the right position" to defend against Kalakoda's punches. Unfortunately for the fans, the position he choose was the clinch, prohibited under K-1 rules. This got Kohiruimaki numerous warnings and a yellow card. Kalakoda had the much better strikes, several straight punches and a right hook in the second then a left straight in the third for a down. After the count, Kalakoda pounded in tight hooks for another down and the win.

In a Superfight, seidokaikan fighter Kazuya Yasuhiro of Japan took on kickboxer Su Hwan Lee of South Korea. Fast and furious this one, the fists seeing action, Yasuhiro getting a right through in the first, Lee scoring a down with a left. Lee took the fight to his opponent in the second, scoring another down with a left hook, snapping in the low kicks and ducking a desperate spinning back punch to stay out of harm's way. Yasuhiro has great heart, and kept coming at the Korean, but couldn't muster the down he needed to get back into the fight, which went to Lee by unanimous decision.

A special junior 60kg Superfight saw 15 year-old Japanese kickboxer Hiroya take on 18 year-old Kwon Eolzzang of South Korea. An estimable contest, the youngsters showing impressive technique and speed. Both put the good low kicks in early, Hiroya scoring with combinations and a nice right overhand, and planting a couple more hard punches in the second. Eolzzang got his stuff going at times, but Hiroya used superior footwork, positioning and speed to put more muscle on the money, earning a comfortable unanimous decision.

In undercard action, Japanese fighter Gori beat compatriot Ryogi by unanimous decision; and Murat Direkci of Turkey scored a second round KO victory over Satoruvashicoba of Japan.

The K-1 World Max '07 Final attracted a sellout crowd of 14,231 to the Nippon Budokan and was broadcast live across Japan on the TBS network. For delay broadcast information in other areas contact local providers. For complete coverage of this and all K-1 World Max and World GP events visit the K-1 Official website (www.k-1.co.jp/k-1gp).


Matchups Set For
K-1 World GP Final

By Monty DiPietro, K-1 USA

SEOUL, September 30, 2007: The K-1 World Grand Prix '07 Final Eight were determined at the Seoul Olympic Complex this past Saturday night, September 29th. The following day in the Grand Ballroom of the COEX Intercontinental hotel, the first-tier matchups were set for the December 8 Yokohama Arena GP Final.

The pairings were decided with a system that combines choice and chance. One after the other, in an order decided by lot, the fighters were free to select any available position on the tournament tree.

French K-1 veteran Jerome LeBanner got the first choice, and went to the "A" spot, red corner in the first bout. This is a fighters' favorite, as competing first affords the winner a longer rest period before the semifinals.

Twenty-three year-old Japanese wunderkind Junichi Sawayashiki, who had drawn the number two selection, went against the "start early" strategy, opting to avoid LeBanner and instead put himself in the "H" spot, blue corner in the fourth quarterfinal. LeBanner was seen having a bit of a laugh at this.

Next up was Korean fighter Hong-Man Choi, and the biggest guy in the tournament, (7'2, 355) who made a bit of a deke on the stage, suggesting he might line up beside Sawayashiki before walking over to the "B" spot and a date with LeBanner. This delighted the Frenchman, who exchanged high-fives with Choi.

"I am very happy to fight this giant guy," said LeBanner, "December 8 will be a new Pearl Harbor!" Said Choi: "I am honored to be fighting someone I respect."

Two-time WGP Champ Peter Aerts of the Netherlands was up next, taking the spot beside Sawayashiki to set up a fight between the tournament's oldest fighter (Aerts is 36) and the second-youngest (Sawayashiki is 23).

"He had a good fight last night," said Aerts, "but I chose him because he has less experience." Sawayashiki just smiled and joked, "Same with me."

Two-time WGP Champ Remy Bonjasky of Holland got the fifth choice, and went to the "F" spot, blue in the 3rd fight. He was followed by Moroccan Badr Hari, the K-1 Heavyweight Champ and youngest fighter in the tournament (Hari's birthday is December 8, he will turn 23 on the day of the tournament). Hari made his way directly to the "E" spot, pairing himself with Bonjasky.

"I've wanted to fight R emy for long time," said Hari, "if I'm lucky I can get him and Peter in one night!" Said Bonjasky: "Hari is talented, but now comes the real challenge for him."

This left Semmy Schilt, the two-time and Defending WGP Champ and the current K-1 Super Heavyweight Champ to fight Brazilian Kyokushin star Glaube Feitosa. Schilt had the next choice and went to the red corner in the second bout, leaving Feitosa the blue.

Schilt: "I'm just happy to be in this first bracket!" Feitosa: "It's an honor to fight defending champion, I will do my best."

The truly international Final, featuring three Dutch fighters and one each from France, Morocco, Brazil, South Korea and Japan, is set for December 8 at the Yokohama Arena.

MONDAY, OCTOBER 1st 2007, AT 10:30 PM, PT

"IKF World Championship Kickboxing"
Saturday, September 29th, 2007 - Hinckley, Minnesota, USA

Heath Fonnest Takes IKF World Title in 12 Round WAR!

The Night of the Warriors was cast by a full moon and an action packed night for the fans. All fights were evenly matched and as usual, Mr. Anderson has given the new and upcoming pugilists a chance to show there stuff, and move the sport of kickboxing forward. Great job in promoting the sport and fan satisfaction. It's always admirable to see the ones who have been in the ring before us, give the up and coming champions an arena to "STEP UP AND BRING IT ON"
The results of the evening:

  1. Nick Riley, Little Canada, Minnesota, USA, ( 3-0, 143 lbs, 5'7, 09-09-89, Justin Whiley, 612-669-5726)
    defeats Judsen Whiteis, Cambridge, Minnesota, USA, (0-1,145 lbs, 5'11, 5-1-90, Derek Reid, 763-552-5425) by split decision 28-29, 27-30, 29-28.

  2. Mitch Whiley, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, (2-0, 159 lbs, 5'11,12-25-87, Justin Whiley, 612-669-5126)
    defeats Jamie Kottke, Forest Lake, Minnesota, USA, (0-1, 159lbs, 6', 4-16-90, Heath Fonnest, 651-303-2705) by Unanimous decision 28-29, 27-30, 27-30.

  3. EXIBITION BOUT: Adam Patneaude, Cambridge, Minnesota, USA, (3-0, 156 lbs, Justin Whiley)
    and Hunter Whiteis, Cambridge, Minnesota, USA, (2-1, 157 lbs, Derek Reid, 763-552-5425).

  4. Landon Franzmierer, Stacy, Minnesota, USA, (2-0, 196 lbs, 6', 1-14-83, Heath Fonnest, 651-303-2705)
    defeats Niel Osten, Chaplin, Minnesota, USA, (2-1, 201 lbs, 6'2, 5-28-83, Justin Whiley, 612-669-5126) by unanimous decision, 29-28, 29-28, 29-28.

  5. Chris Chichon, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA, (10-5, 166 lbs, 6', 10-22-82, Justin Whiley, 651-633-0107)
    defeats Kip Olson, Forest Lake, Minnesota, USA, (6-5, 166 lbs, 5'9, 6-29-77, Heath Fonnest, 651-303-2705) by TKO in the third round.

  6. Brittney Laamanen, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, (3-1, 132 lbs, 5'1, 4-16-89, Thunder, 807-623-5425)
    defeats Heather Everson, Forest Lake, Minnesota, USA, (0-1, 132 lbs, 5'7, 5-28-82, Heath Fonnest, 657-303-2705) by split decision, 28-29, 28-29, 29-28.

  7. IKF Minnesota Jr. Light Middleweight Championship
    Chuck "The Bulldog" Anderson,
    Hinckley, Minnesota, USA, (7-1, 157, 5'6, 1-2-91, Bobby Anderson, 320-384-7409)
    defeated Scott " Crazy Legs" Legus, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, (5-2-1, 156 lbs, 5'11, 5-22-91, Glen Legus, 612-220-6565) by Split decision, 28-29, 28-29, 29-28.

  8. Austan Whitehurst, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, (5-2, 82 lbs, 4'5, 11-16-95, Thunder, 807-623-5425)
    defeats Isaac Chung, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, (0-1, 82lbs, 4'7, 1-7-94, Thunder, 807-623-5425) by unanimous decision 29-26, 29-27, 29-27.

  9. Jon "Lights Out" Lewis, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, (13-1, 140 lbs, 5'6, 10-1-78, Justin Whiley, 651-633-0107)
    defeats Jorden "The Jackel" Allan, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, (10-8, 136 lbs, 17-6-87, Thunder, 807-623-5425) by Unanimous decision 35-40, 35-40, 35-40.

Super Lightweight
World Championship

This match up was a true World Championship as Stacey Gosden, the IKF British Champion from London England took on Heath " Heater" Fonnest the current IKF USA Champion from Forest Lake Minnesota. The fight went the distance as Stacey was given a standing 8 count in the second round and Heath received one in the 11 round. The battle continued as Heath delivered side kicks that kept knocking Stacey into the ropes, Stacey continued to weather the kicks and fought on as Heath picked him apart with his kicks.

As the rounds went on, Heath kept dominating with his accuracy and the British Champion stayed in till the final bell but it was Heath Fonnest scoring a unanimous decision over Stacey Gosden - 118-108, 118-108, 118-108 to win the IKF World Title!

Congratulation to both

Heath Fonnest and Stacey Gosden
for putting on a Great Fight!

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Mr. Bobby Anderson at (320) 384-7409 or at warrior@youbetnet.net or go to


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