APRIL 2008

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WEDNESDAY, April 30th, 2008, AT 1:00 PM, PT

IKF Europe Proposes Plans To Grow
IKF Amateur Tournaments In Europe!

Today IKF Team Europe Leaders Neil Holden, Carl Sams and Colin Payne announced they are hoping to host the first IKF EUROPEAN CLASSIC AMATEUR CHAMPIONSHIP TOURNAMENT in May of 2009. The timing on this event will be excellent for those preparing for the 2009 IKF World Classic.

Next years, 2009, IKF World Classic Tournament will be held on July 24th, 25th & 26th. In 2010 the IKF has a choice of two different weekends. July 30th, 31st & August 1st or August 6th, 7th and 8th.

The May IKF European Tournament date will give the IKF Europe Athletes a good event to showcase their skills before the IKF World Tournament. In addition, the IKF European Tournament will also open doors to other countries who have been wanting to compete in IKF Tournaments whether in Europe or at the IKF World Tournament here in the USA. This request to compete at an IKF Amateur Tournament has been a major requests from many in Europe who have become frustrated with being forced to have their Amateur fighters compete against Pro fighters in other European tournaments to win a Tournament world title. However, many are starting to see the light in realizing the VAST difference between the IKF "World" Championships and other tournaments claiming to be "Amateur" Championships where pros compete side by side with amateurs. The difference in the awards has also been recognized by many of the European fighters as well who now want to be a part of the IKF "World" Championships.

The plan for the IKF European Classic will also help fighters when they apply for Visa's. Since they would have already competed on an IKF event, it would make things a lot easier for them. The plan, is to have Full-Contact, Muaythai, OSR and maybe even tie in with some ISCF MMA Bouts. However, the MMA bouts are not confirmed since this is not done at the IKF World Classic. A Better idea may be to run the two fight style events separate as the IKF and ISCF do here in the USA.

The current plan is to host the event close to Birmingham, which is the most central UK region with international airports. More to come on this soon. To see the Awards list for this years 2008 IKF World Classic Tournament, click HERE!


WAKO To Follow IKF Europe's Idea Of
System For Kickboxing

Knowing it will be required to be an Olympic Sport, the European Organization WAKO has made a move to follow in the footsteps of IKF Europe in adopting an OPEN SCORING System for kickboxing disciplines in their Ring Sports of Full Contact, Low-kick, K1-Rules and in Light Contact.

OPEN SCORING RULES for kickboxing were created by IKF Europe's Director Neil Holden over 2 years ago as part of his Amateur Kickboxing Association of England (AKA England) prior to joining forces with the IKF. WAKO is calling their decision to adopt the rules, "The future of the sport" and "The future of Open Scoring in Ring Sports". The current OPEN SCORING RULES used by IKF can be seen by clicking HERE.

In Europe, IKF Europe titles the system as Olympic Style Rules. However, in the USA, the word "Olympic" cannot be used unless an Olympic sport, which Kickboxing is not.

WAKO tried an open scoring system in the Light Contact Junior and Cadets European Championship in Faro, Portugal back in November of 2007 with success. At WAKO's board meeting held November 29th, 2007, they announced it was their goal to, within a 2 years time period, integrate a full open scoring with running points.

TUESDAY, April 29th, 2008, AT 11:00 PM, PT

IKF United Kingdom

IKF United Kingdom: Pain and Glory is the full contact fightsport flagship of the SENI show. Unique because it brings together top international fighters, matched across four fight genres - K1, Kickboxing, MMA and MuayThai, Pain and Glory' has rapidly become the country's premier genuinely mixed martial arts showcase. Held as part of the SENI event Pain and Glory forms part of the largest combat sports event held in Europe

It was also the first time the venue had changed from Birmingham to London, this time taking place at the prestigious Excel Arena. One thing was for certain though, the success story simply continued as the ExCeL welcomed 3,000 spectators. In attendance were many celebrities from both the fight and entertainment world. Some included Ernesto Hoost, Don 'The Dragon' Wilson, UFC legend Royce Gracie and Shannon Lee, the daughter of the Little Dragon himself, Bruce Lee. This was a fight night that many are saying is quite simply the best they have witnessed in this country.

Once again, IKF Europe (International Kickboxing Federation UK) was proud to sanction the kickboxing bouts held at this years PAIN AND GLORY event. The IKF Judges for this event were, Colin Payne (Chief Judge), Warren Fryer and Ian Lohoar.

Here are the IKF Kickboxing Results below.

    Nick Gill (TS Kickboxing) vs Maroon Bachir (Germany)
    WINNER: Nick Gill by unanimous decision.
    Judge A: 50-43, Judge B: 50-43 Judge C: 50-43
    *Bachir penalized 1 point in 2 rounds for low kick count.

    Qasim 'The Dream' Nisar (USKA) vs Mohammad Jamal (Germany)
    WINNER: Qasim 'The Dream' Nisar by unanimous decision.
    Judge A: 50-44, Judge B: 50-44, Judge C: 50-44.
    *Jamal penalized 1 point for low kick count.

    Suky Shoria (TS Kickboxing) vs Vedad Muradmerovic (Germany)
    WINNER: Suky Shoria by TKO Round 3.


Results From G & G Productions'
April 26, 2022 - Loves Park, Illinois, USA

T.J. Gibson
Is The "NEW" IKF Amateur FCR Heavyweight World Champion.

  1. Amateur Kickboxing (FCR)
    Austin Lewis defeated Christian Runquist via TKO at 1:17 of round 2.

  2. Amateur Kickboxing (FCR)
    Greg Green defeated Shawn Hohol via TKO at 1:51 of round 2.

  3. Amateur MMA
    *Mike Anthony Vs *Jamie Crossno
    Mike Anthony defeated Jaime Crossno via Rear Naked Choke at 2:02 of round 1.

  4. Amateur MMA
    *Eric Huntley Vs *Matthew Sassolino
    Matt Sassolino defeated Eric Huntley via Rear Naked Choke at 1:39 of round 2.

  5. Amateur MMA
    *Chris Zanoni Vs *Jon Nagel
    Chris Zanoni defeated Jon Nagel via Referee Stop to Strikes at 2:43 of round 1.

  6. Amateur Boxing
    Tyrell Boose defeated Doug Frye via TKO at 1:19 of round 2.

  7. Amateur Kickboxing (FCR)
    Non Scoring Exhibition: Jarren Norrell vs. Cole Lenington

  8. Amateur Kickboxing (FCR)
    Josh LaBree defeated Jason Christ via Unanimous Decision, 30-25, 30-25, 30-25.

  9. Amateur MMA
    *Anthony Goodwin Vs Andrew Dostal
    Anthony Goodwin defeated Andrew Dostal via Unanimous Decision, 30-27, 30-27, 30-27.

  10. Professional Kickboxing (FCR)
    Joe Linenfelser defeated Scott Carlson via KO at 1:14 of round 2.

  11. Professional MMA
    ISCF Heavyweight North Central Regional Title

    Shayne Adams Vs Jason Miller
    Shayne Adams defeated Jason Miller via KO at :31 of round 1.
    Shayne Adams is the ISCF Heavyweight North Central Regional Champion.

  12. Amateur MMA
    *Andrew Navickis Vs Albert "Jimmy" Cresswell
    Albert "Jimmy" Cresswell defeated Andrew Navickis via Doctor Stoppage Due to Cut prior to round 2.

  13. Amateur Kickboxing
    IKF Amateur FCR Heavyweight World Title

    T.J. Gibson defeated Roy Jones via Split Decision, 48-47, 47-48, 46-49.
    T.J. Gibson is the IKF Amateur FCR Heavyweight World Champion.

  14. Professional MMA
    ISCF Lightweight North Central Regional Title

    Cal Ferry Vs Richardo Lamas
    Ricardo Lamas defeated Cal Ferry via Guillotine Choke at 4:50 of round 4.
    Ricardo Lamas is the ISCF North Central Regional Champion.

SUNDAY, April 27th, 2008, AT 7:20 PM, PT

For The first Time in Tournament History...
- 2008 IKF World Classic -

For the first time in IKF Tournament history, fighters from Europe out-number fighters from North America with a lead of 10-4. Although it's early in the game (Most registrations will start coming in about the middle of May) IKF Europe has made it clear that they are serious about making the IKF World Classic the ONLY TRUE AMATEUR World Championships. Ten fighters is a strong challenge to others who plan to attend the IKF World Classic this year in it's 10th Anniversary event.

IKF United Kingdom Full Contact Director Colin Payne (Left) has set the bar already and there are many more to come. IKF UK Muay Thai Director Neil Holden also has a large team coming and many more "Independent" fighters are also scheduled to travel in.

There will be a strong local showing this year as well. Florida trainers such as David Cummings has plans on bringing a Team of 25-30 fighters. May is the month to watch the registered fighters page grow. will your name be on it? We hope to see you there to "Walk The Walk" with the Best Amateur Kickboxers in the World! 2008 IKF World Classic - Orlando Florida, July 18th, 19th & 20th!

Here is the list of fighters from Colin Payne's United Kingdom Team below. ALL are registered for Full Contact Rules.

To keep track of the registered fighters as they come in, click HERE! The fighters above will be added to this page later this week.


Think Kickboxing Is Dead?
Pictures Courtesy FEG

Well, if so, maybe you can explain why so many showed up this past weekend in the photo below. Our friend Monty DiPietro (K-1 International Publicist) of the K-1 media department sent us these and several other snap shots. The event was the K-1 World Grand Prix '08 Europe Final in Amsterdam, where Errol Zimmerman became the K-1 WGP '08 Europe Champ.

The stand-up fight sport of kickboxing is far from dead in Europe. As for the USA, what seems to be declining are not kickboxers (Fighters) but kickboxing PROMOTERS. The first amateur kickboxing fight card in the State of California this year happened last night at San Francisco's Kezar Pavillion. They were nothing short of spectators or fighters as a full house (Around 2,500 people) witnessed "26" fights! The sad thing though is the head Representative of the California State Athletic Commission made it publicly clear he has no love for Amateur Kickboxing and Muay Thai... Probably Amateur MMA either, but that's another story for another time.

The K-1 World Grand Prix '08 Europe Final attracted a sellout crowd of some 20,000 to the Amsterdam Arena and was broadcast live across Japan on the Fuji TV network.

In the final Zimmerman met Belorussian Zabit Samedov. Both fighters tested early with low kicks, Zimmerman stepping in with the right straight punch and missing with the knee; Samedov pressing with fists but off-target with his spinning back kick. In the second, Samedov's footwork and speed served him well as he pounded in a right-left combination; while Zimmerman surprised his opponent with a flying knee. A bit of clinching slowed the action some in the third, before Zimmerman landed several punishing blows. Samedov was fast and aggressive right to the final bell, working a wide variety of punching attacks. A close contest and a majority decision -- the deep disappointment showing on Samedov's face when Zimmerman's hand was raised.

FRIDAY, April 25th, 2008, AT 3:50 PM, PT


G & G Productions Presents
Loves Park, Illinois, USA

TJ Gibson, Minnesota, USA VS Roy Jones, Waterloo, Iowa, USA

(*) Number 1 Ranked Wade Hayness Past On This Bout.


Cal Ferry Vs Ricardo Lamas


Shane Adams Vs Jason Miller


Cal Ferry Vs Ricardo Lamas


Shane Adams Vs Jason Miller


Tricia McKeary, Keith Nathan, Neil Holden
In Association With IKF/AKA England Present
Altrincham, England


K-Star Promotions Present
'Return To The Tower!'
Edgbaston, Birmingham, England

IKF Pro Muay Thai
With 3 IKF Championship Bouts

IKF Pro MTR British Super Lightweight Title
Dave Copestake (K-Star Gym - Steve Logan) Vs Alex James (Studio 2000)

IKF Pro MTR British Light Welterweight Title
Karl Kopestake (K-Star Gym - Steve Logan) Vs Thomas McCormack (Wicker Gym - Mick Mullaney)

IKF Pro MTR British Super Middleweight Title
Mehndi Firoozi (Wicker) Vs Shaun Lomax (Combat Sports)

THURSDAY, April 24th, 2008, AT 4:20 PM, PT

IKF PKB At The World Classic!
Registration Now Open For 2008 IKF World Classic Point Kickboxing Tournament!
Early registration is requested

Many are excited about the new addition of IKF Point Kickboxing to this years 2008 IKF World Classic. The tournament itself will be held on July 18th, 19th & 20th, 2008 in Orlando, Florida at the outstanding World Marriott Center... the Largest Marriott in the World!

Like the Full Contact Kickboxing divisions, this years Semi Contact, Point Kickboxing will have open registration and you will be able to see how many people are in your division. We wanted you to know up front who is in your division so that you know that you will more than likely have competition if you attend to the event...barring last minute injury etc.

Moreover, you will be able to move to another division if for some reason your first choice is not available. Therefore, we want you to sign up as early as possible if you are even thinking about attending the mega event for Kickboxing! Don't wait to see who's there because someone else may be waiting too. The only way to assure that someone is in your division is for you to sign up first! Click the PKB Logo at left to Register.

IKF Point Kickboxing was presented as an exhibition style at the 2007 IKF World Classic as several champions emerged and were really tested as the competition heated up! Many who witnessed IKF /PKB for the first time found out that this semi contact competition is real, minus the knockouts as they are not allowed. But IKF /PKB is a big challenge for those who try it - beginner or advanced fighters. The comments and popularity of the 2007 Tournament assures us that many more will come from around the world as they did from country's like Canada, Egypt and across the United States. We hope to see you there this shape and ready to do battle!

Some of 2007 Champions have said they will be returning to recapture the 2008 Championship and it may be only up to you to change this course! Bring It On and sign up early! It's going to be a great 10th Anniversary Celebration for the 2008 IKF World Classic!

For more information contact IKF /PKB President Johnny Davis by e-mail at or by calling (916) 205-4762. For more info on the 2008 IKF World Classic - Click HERE! For more info about IKF Point Kickboxing click HERE!


2007 IKF World Classic
Point Kickboxing Results

Inaugural Event Had Positive Reaction!

At last years 2007 IKF World Classic the IKF Point Kickboxing was presented as a "Demonstration / Exhibition Style" and it was no disappointment! As the first event came to an end in Orlando, Florida there were many who had a lot of positive things to say about this newer concept of semi- contact fighting here in the United States. Most who witnessed it testified to the importance of its existence for the future growth of kickboxing in several styles. Moreover, they too saw the incubator process that this type of event will be for the future of kickboxing.

What happened last year was a showcase of what IKF Point Kickboxing is all about. Many have been seeing some forms of semi-contact continuous fighting cropping up in different arenas lately. However, the IKF wanted them to see what the original idea of this realistic fighting program should be like. In the words of IKF/PKB President Johnny Davis "Several groups are now attempting to duplicate the program, however, I caution them because kickboxing can be dangerous as any contact sport can be and without proper controls, someone could get hurt. Our goal is to show the world the intentions of this concept in showcasing a few fights with good control but good action as well and allowing it to become a model for future events and I believe we have been successful in doing just that."

One thing for sure in the words of IKF President Steve Fossum, "I see the IKF Point Kickboxing divisions as a big part of the IKF World Classic. The more kickboxing trainers who put their fighters into it, the more they see how this style really does help them progress to the next level.

One of those trainers who had put off attending the Point Kickboxing events was Billy Olsen of Santa Rosa California. Olsen trains former IKF Tournament Champion and IKF California State Champion Rick Cheeks (Right, with trainer Olsen to the right, 19-0/17, 2-0, Team Kickboxing, 4-1 MMA, 245, 6'4"). Cheeks will be fighting for an IKF Professional World Title June 20th, of this year in Montego Bay, Jamaica against Patrice Quattron of France (26-0/26, 265, 6'6") "I wish I knew about this sooner." said Olsen, "I would have had my fighters doing this long ago!"

Semi Contact fighters from around the world will now have yet another outlet to showcase and hone their skills for pursuit of their future endeavors in the great sport of kickboxing! (Pictured at Right - Chris Jameson of High Point, NC Lands Side Kick on eventual winner Paul Dillon of Florida)

Although small because it was not intended to be a big part of the World Classic tournament like this year, the 2007 PKB event was a learning experience for all involved. We at the IKF saw some of the issues right up front. One issue that we will resolve this year is to post entries as they come in like we do for the other fighting styles. That way, fighters from around the world will know who is in their division as well as use their option to move into another division if not enough participation. Last year, we were lucky and were able to match fighters close enough in their weight division that travel from as far as Egypt and Canada as well as parts of the U.S.

Fighters, Coaches and fans gathered around the floored- ring to witness the action first-hand. Since they were never posted last year due to the small size of the exhibition style, here are the results of some great semi-contact action that kicked off an even greater event in the IKF World Classic loaded with full contact action!

Sixteen year old Hayley Tennier traveled from Ontario, Canada to show that her prowess on the semi contact circuit in Europe was not fluke. She did prove that she certainly has skills and understands the sport well as she flashed her excellent jabs and crosses combined with extended lengthy legs to defeat the tough and gritty 16 year old Fatima Cornidez of Silver City, New Mexico who showed up that same day ready to do battle. Fatima, gave Hayley everything she could handle and then some...after the three- two minute rounds, both fighters were breathing heavy and glad the bout was over as Hayley pulled off a Unanimous Decision making her coach Mitch Bendiera of Progressive Martial Arts of Ontario, Canada very happy! Hayley Tennier became the first ever IKF World Classic Point Kickboxing Champion as a Lightweight and in the female division with this well deserving victory! In her own words "I had a great time and will be back next year!"

Next, the Men's Light Heavyweight division took the floor ring to show their stuff! Garrick Velat of High Point, North Carolina, USA stepped up to take on Salhah Azzazi who came all the way from Elshankia, Egypt to participate. Azzazai did show some skill in effectively landing an axe kick to the head of Velat on numerous occasions. However, it was the aggressiveness of Velate and a constant barrage of punches and kicks that out pointed Azzazi for a Split Decision win. Valat would become only the second person to win an IKF World Classic Point Kickboxing Title for Light Heavyweight. Both men were clearly exhausted after throwing so many punches and kicks as was encouraged by their trainers and the center referee over the three- two minute round period.

After receiving a bye in his original division, Chris Jamison of High Point, North Carolina felt that he wanted more action and stepped in to fight Paul Dillon of Holly Hill, Florida. This was perhaps the best fight IKF Point Kickboxing fight of the day as both men landed good punches and showed some skill with their kicks! It was clear that both wanted the title and the crowd really got into their fight as the intensity increased by each round although it was clear that each man was being challenged from a conditioning viewpoint. But the new IKF World Classic Point Kickboxing Title would go to Paul Dillon for the Middleweight division, Chris Jamison won first in his original division of Light Heavyweight where he received the bye...while Paul Dillon defeated Richard Williams of Camp Puerde, Arizona by injury default. Both Dillon and Jamison look forward to returning next year to defend their titles with even more diverse competition.

As a special feature in last year's IKF World Classic, the point kickboxing did exactly as it show others what it was all about. Based on the comments after seeing about 20 rounds of of IKF Point Kickboxing action, we can be confident that IKF Point Kickboxing will become a fixture at the World Classic!

Special thanks to IKF official Terri Storm who kept the ring moving and suggested that she liked the Point Kickboxing concept so much that she "might consider competing next year!" That would be a welcomed event to witness her in action...and perhaps is an early challenge to other women who may be considering the IKF semi contact arena of Point Kickboxing. More thanks goes to judges Tony Storm, Michael Lee and Rick Rosenbaum.


This being the 10th year of the IKF World Classic, it will be our goal to make it a little more special than in the past 9 years. For this years event, each fight division will have additional "Special" Awards that will be given only to their rule divisions.

These "Special Awards" will be in addition to the always custom IKF World Classic Title Belts. Our first special additional award announcement will be for the Adult Men's Muay Thai divisions. Each Champion in the 10 Adult Muay Thai will receive this beautiful metal Muay Thai fighter statue ( naikanomtom ) engraved with the 2008 IKF World Classic and their weight division on it.

More "Special Awards" will be announced over the next two months.

"Awards are a major part of our tournament." Said IKF President Steve Fossum. "As amateurs, we want these great fighters to walk away with not only great memories but something special to remember their experience by which is the main reason we want to send every fighter home with an award of some kind."

As in past years, all fighters will receive custom raised print color certificates and custom tournament medals. Second place and Champions receive more awards which include glass plaques, autograph gloves and of course, all (All age groups) the Champions will be awarded the 2008 IKF World Classic Championship Belt. The question everyone has been asking is the same every year... "What color are the belts?" That will be announced soon.

This year the IKF wants everyone to go away with more, especially the contenders who don't make it to the final championship bouts. This included the Chief Trainers of each fighter as well who will all receive special gifts.

The IKF is also working organizing a special "Welcome Banquet Dinner" free to all registered fighters and trainers on Friday night. This of course will depend on securing sponsorship for it since the IKF would be required to use the Hotel Catering for the dinner which could be as much as $20 per plate per person. Still, if a sponsor can be found, this would be a great way to kick off a great event.

As already mentioned, more special additions for the "10th Annual" IKF Tournament will be announced over the next two months so keep watch. The IKF tournament has proven for the last 9 years that it is 'THE' Tournament for Amateur kickboxers. It's always been the largest "ALL AMATEUR" Kickboxing tournament in the world and the IKF hopes to keep that prestigious title this year.

North American Amateur kickboxers don't need to travel overseas to be crowned one of the "Best AMATEUR Kickboxers in the World!" All they have to do is make a trip like IKF Europe and the rest of the "REAL AMATEUR Fighters" in the world plan to do this year to Orlando Florida, USA...

We hope to see you all there to

"Walk The Walk"


"Bring It ON!"

WEDNESDAY, April 23rd, 2008, AT 8:10 PM, PT

Welcomes Promoter Arthur Meek
To IKF UK Team

IKF Europe: The IKF UK is pleased to announce that Arthur Meek will be joining the team and sanctioning with the IKF for his next event set for 22nd June, to be held in Bridgewater, Somerset, England.

Arthur has been involved in Martial Arts for many years and is one of the highest ranked Black Belts in Wado Ryu Karate in England as well one of the driving forces behind full contact martial Arts in the South West of England. Both a former national and European Karate Champion and amateur boxer Arthur has been involved as a trainer of kickboxing since the early 90's before taking the plunge as a promoter in 2004.

This next event will feature IKF sanctioned Amateur and Professional Kickboxing as well as MMA. Zoe Mason and Anne Otterwell will meet for the IKF Professional Southern Area Super Lightweight title and local fighter Chris James will meet Rob Burbridge for the IKF Amateur English Super Middleweight title. All of us here at the IKF welcome Arthur to the IKF.


Photos From Mike Sheppard and Antoine McRae World Title War!

MONDAY, April 21st, 2008, AT 12:10 AM, PT

Sheppard Captures Vacant
"IKF Pro Cruiserweight World Title
In A 12 Round WAR Against McRae

Results From Pro Performance Presents
April 19th, 2008 - Morgantown, West Virginia, USA

On the Friday before his IKF World Title fight, number 1 Ranked Pro Full Contact Rules Cruiserweight Mike Sheppard said on a local Virginia radio station that he was hoping for a knockout win over his top ranked opponent Antoine McRae of Elizabeth New Jersey. What Sheppard didn't expect to face though was someone that has never been down in his fight career. Sheppard hit McRae with the power of a diesel truck throughout 12 rounds of non stop action but his powerful shots were like driving into a rock faced mountain. McRae gave his share of powerful shots back to Sheppard as well, but it was Sheppard that landed the majority of the heat to win the judges unanimous decision after all 12 rounds of World Title action.

Sheppard also landed the majority of kicks throughout the bout averaging 11 kicks per round to McRae's 9. Sheppard threw with far more power as McRae tried to score points with his deception and quickness. McRae came close to not making his kick count in rounds 5, 8 and 9 as he tried to score more with his hands. In fact, it was round 7 where some thought McRae was going to turn up the heat as he jumped around the ring as if he had been saving himself for the later rounds and went on to win round 7 from all three judges and pulled a draw score from 2 of the 3 judges in round 8. At the end of 8, the total scores from the three West Virginia Commission judges were split with one for McRae and the other 2 were for Sheppard but not by much. However Sheppard proved he truly did have enough in his tank as he turned up his own heat in the final 4 rounds, winning each from all three of the judges. In the end, it was the strength of persistence that kept Mike Sheppard pressing forward to take the vacant IKF PRO FCR Cruiserweight World title by unanimous decision.

This was one of those classic bouts that would have made great TV and great strides for the sport of kickboxing. However, as many great kickboxing bouts have claimed over the years, only those in attendance will have the memory of two great warriors giving their all for 12 full rounds on April 19th, 2008 in Morgantown, West Virginia, USA. As for those who missed it, all we can say is, we hope you make the next great fight, live in a city near you.

Also on the night was the quest for the vacant PKF Super Heavyweight title. In the end, Bill Shahan of Virginia took the title by a TKO win at 1:40 of round 4. The undercard bouts for the night included 6 amateur boxing bouts.

FRIDAY, April 11th, 2008, AT 3:00 PM, PT


Power Promotions & Pro Performance Presents 2nd Annual
Morgantown, West Virginia, USA


Mike Sheppard

Glenville, West Virginia



Antoine McRae
New Jersey


7 Round Super Heavyweight FCR Bout
Undercard Of Amateur Kickboxing and Amateur Boxing


Bridgestone Gym Presents
Dublin, Ireland

Robert Doyle (Dublin. Ireland, 15-8-2 ) VS Richard Cadden (Leeds, England, 24-18-1)

William Murphy (Cork, Ireland) VS Robert McGivern (Belfast, Ireland)


Black Dragon Presents
IKF Junior Irish Championships
Galway, Ireland

TUESDAY, April 15th, 2008, AT 12:10 PM, PT

Results From No Xclusions, Inc.
"Friday Night Fights"
April 11th, 2008 - Jacksonville, Florida, USA

Plush continues to pack the house with their monthly IKF Kickboxing events. They would like to thank coaches from Smiley's Athletix, Kenny Barry and Jahmal McClinnan from World Martial Arts for their continued support and providing such skilled fighters. They couldn't put on such a great event if they didn't have the support of such great coaches and gyms. Some of the best moments of the night were:

Bill McNeil had challenged Brian Stalvey last month - Bill's record was1-2 and Brian Stalvey was 9-5 Bill won the match by unamious decision from all of the judges. There was a rematch between Tryone Brisby and David Blackburn. David did a great job but Tryone won the match. Looking forward to next month. They have a rematch schedule between Oscar Williams and Charlie Herrera. Their next event will be on May 18th.

all these events have been great for the Florida fighters, but the real question is, "How many of them will be 'Walking The Walk' to this years IKF World Classic?" We hope to see a big Florida crowd at this years IKF World Classic to join in with the rest of the world's best Amateur Kickboxers. Here's the nights results below.

  1. Amateur Full Contact Rules
    William McNeil (St Augustine, Florida, USA, 2-2, 230, 6'', 10-07-77, Self, 904-347-6136)
    defeated Brian Stalvey (Jacksonville, Florida, USA, 9-6, 225, 6'2", Self, 904-737-4332) by unaminous decision with judges scoring the bout 28-27, 29-28, 29-26.

  2. Amateur International Rules
    Alex Ferguson (Jacksonville, Florida, USA, 2-0, 175, 6', 6-13-88, Garrit Joseph, 904-399-8686 )
    defeated Charles Gillespie (Jacksonville, Florida, USA, 0-1, 180, 6', 10-27-87, Chris Tillem, 904-509-8677) by TKO At 1:52 of round 2.

  3. Amateur International Rules
    Caleb Frisbee (Middleburg, Florida, USA, 5-0, 168, 5'11", 11-24-87, Team Relentless, 904-237-2044)
    defeated Nick Thomas (Jacksonville, Florida, USA, 3-3, 165, 5'9", 11-13-83, Self, 904-477-1517) by TKO at 1:18 of Round 2.

  4. Amateur International Rules
    This bout was scored a "NO Contest" due to groin kick at the begining of round 1 and fighter couldn't continue.
    Kyle Pitman (Orange Park, Florida, USA, 0-0, 145, 5'9", 1-7-87, Self, 904-272-3856)
    and Daniel Gray (Jacksonville, Florida, USA, 150, 0-0, 5'9", World Martial Arts, 904-642-3150)

  5. Amateur International Rules
    Jonathan Moore (Jacksonville, Florida, USA, 141, 1-0, 5'9", 10-12-89, Ryan Lee, 904-894-6961)
    defeated, Matt Hayt (St Augustine, Florida, USA, 0-1, 138, 5'6", 8-2-88, Gareth Joseph, 904-371-0829) by KO At 1:58 into round 3.

  6. Amateur Full Contact Rules
    Tyrone Brisby (Jacksonville, Florida, USA, 6-2, 180, 6', 6-2-88, World Martial Arts, 904-642-3150)
    defeated David Blackburn (Orange Park, Florida, USA, 1-2, 175, 5'11", 8-31-81, Mr Smiley, 904-861-7658) by unaminous decision with judges scoring the bout 30-27, 30-27, 30-27.

  7. Amateur International Rules
    Jonathan Logan Murphy (Jacksonville, Florida, USA, 141, 1-0, 5'10", 4-28-87, World Martial Arts, 904-642-3150)
    defeated Levi Cleveland (Jacksonville, Florida, USA, 0-1, 138, 5'6", 1-8-82, Self, 904-589-4800) by TKO at 1:10 of round 3.

  8. Amateur Full Contact Rules
    Tracy Jackson (Jacksonville, Florida, USA, 2-0, 190, 6'1",11-20-81, Self, 904-343-0078)
    defeated Alfred Hoppert (Orange Park, Florida, USA, 0-1, 183, 5'10, 4-2-84) by TKO at the end of round 2.

  9. Amateur Full Contact Rules
    Terry Blackburn (Middleburg, Florida, USA, 6-0, 254, 6', 8-17-80, Mr. Smiley, 904-861-7658 )
    defeated Brenton Stowers (Jacksonville, Florida, USA, 6-4, 250, 6'3", 2-15-84, Self, 904-412-7205) by TKO at the end of round 1.


Results From Carl Sams Absolute Adrenaline
March 16th, 2008 - Bournemouth, England

  1. Kris Cann (Bulldog) Vs Lee Lucus (King Tiger)
    WINNER: Cann by decision.

  2. Sam Gray (Bulldog) Vs Paul Haworth (Puma).
    WINNER: Gray by decision.

  3. Gordon Childs (Dorchester Kick) Vs John Gisby (Cage Gym)
    WINNER: Childs by decision.

  4. Chris James (Bridgwater) Vs Eric Laffin (Puma)
    WINNER: James by TKO Round 3.

  5. James Cornick (Bulldog) Vs Calum Smith (Dragonfoot)
    WINNER: Cornick by TKO Round 2nd.

  6. Mo Kargbo (Bulldog) Vs Marco Coelho (Portugal)
    WINNER: Kargbo by KO Round 4.

  7. Ross Phillips (Bulldog) Vs Mark Townley (Puma)
    WINNER: Townley by decision.

  8. Simon Millward (SDCS) Vs Qasim Nisar (USKBA)
    WINNER: Nisar by KO in Round 5.

  9. Scott Rowley (Bulldog) Vs Scott Gannon (King Tiger)
    WINNER: Rowley by decision.

  10. IKF 5 Nations Amateur Welterweight Title
    Daniel Winstanley (Bulldog - England) Vs Paul Huish (Black Dragons - Eire)
    This bout ended in a Draw

  11. IKF European Super Lightweight Title
    Natalie Bee (Mugendo England - defending Champion) Vs Sandra Ernano (Portugal - Challenger)
    WINNER: Bee by KO in Round 4.

SUNDAY, April 13th, 2008, AT 9:00 PM, PT

"England vs Portugal"
April 6th, 2008

Ben Barwise

Leon Segar


  1. IKF Junior English 37kg
    Liam Lambourne (Lumpini, Crawley) Vs Leon Segar (Keddles)
    Winner on points siplit decision - Leon Segar (Keddles)

  2. IKF Junior British Title 48kg
    Karen Matrtin (Nai Khanom Tom, Scotland) Vs Jade Nicholls (Scorpions)
    Winner unaminous points decision - Jade Nicholls (Scorpions)

  3. IKF Junior British Title 43kg
    Connor Rickman (Keddles) Vs Danny Whitlock (Sukothai)
    Winner unaminous points decision - Connor Rickman (Keddles)

  4. IKF Southern Area Title 60kg
    Jo Abrehert (Scorpions) Vs Jenny Sawyer (Newbury)
    Winner unaminous points decision - Jo Abrehert (Scorpions)

  5. IKF Southern Area Title 75kg
    Ben Barwise (Lumpini, Crawley) Vs Mark Little (Fight Factory)
    Winner on points Unaminous decision - Ben Barwise (Lumpini, Crawley)

  6. IKF European Title 60kg
    Rob Storey (Keddles) Vs Paulo Calhau (Nevershake, Portugal)
    Winner unaminous points decision - Rob Storey (Keddles)

  7. IKF English Title
    This bout did not Happen due to last minute pull out (injury)

Jade Nicholls

Rob Storey

FRIDAY, April 11th, 2008, AT 3:00 PM, PT


No Xclusions, Inc. Presents
"Friday Night Fights"
TONIGHT - Jacksonville, Florida, USA

THURSDAY, April 10th, 2008, AT 10:30 PM, PT

April 5th, 2008 - Tinley Park, Illinois, USA

On Saturday, April 5th, 2008, the guys at HCX International put together a powerful fight card at the Holiday Inn Convention Center in Tinley Park, Illinois. They brought amateur adult men and women in from Illinois, Ohio, Wisconsin and Michigan, many of whom were making their debuts in the ring, to energize fight fans with a Muay Thai Rules and Mixed Martial Arts event. They started the card with a fine Muay Thai Rules exhibition between Anthony Fearn and Tyler Smock, both of Illinois. These guys demonstrated to the crowd what could be expected when the fighting started later. Here Are The Results of the Night…

Submitted by Michael Storm, IKF/ISCF Representative

  1. Women's Featherweight Muay Thai
    Michelle Perry, 1-0-0, Team Blast, Madison, WI, Mike Vaughn, vs. Alex Paulsen, 0-1-0, Jho Boun Martial Arts, Mokena, IL Jho Moraga
    Round 1: Perry begins with jabs, hooks and kicks to Paulsen's head and body that backs her up. Paulsen throws leg kicks and front kicks to Perry's body in an attempt to stall the attack. Perry, the shorter of the two fighters, appears determined to be the aggressor as she charges forward. Perry throws a front kick to Paulsen's body but Paulsen answers with a left/right combination to Perry's head and forces Perry to tie her up. In the clinch, Perry proceeds to throw knees to the body of Paulsen. Paulsen appeared uncomfortable in the clinch so she pushed Perry away. Perry steps right up and throws a strong right hook to Paulsen's head that staggered her and forced Referee Al Wichgers to step in and issue a standing 8 count. As the fight resumed, Perry charges forward and tries to deliver more damage to the head and body of Paulsen right before the round ended. Perry took a strong edge in the round due to the 8 count.
    Round 2: Perry begins attacking at the opening of the round. Paulsen threw kicks and punches at Perry which had little effect on her. Perry continued moving in and attacking, she front kicked Paulsen in the stomach and put her down but Paulsen got right back up. It was called a flash knockdown but it got a rise out of the crowd. Perry, relentless, keeps moving forward. Paulsen valiantly fought back was not able to stop Perry. Perry's attack was strong, it forced Referee Al Wichgers to step in and stop the match at 1:12 of the round.
    Winner by TKO-Michelle Perry.

  2. Men's Welterweight Muay Thai
    Sean Barnett, 0-1-0, Peak Submission Shootbox, St. Mary's, OH, Jody Poff, vs. Tyler Parr, 1-0-0, Bob Long's Silverbacks, Galesburg, IL, Ashley Sanchez
    Round 1: Parr begins with a leg kick which Barnett answers with a pair of punches. Parr then throws two round kicks toward Barnett's head that just miss the target. Barnett moves in and ties Parr up. Parr pushes him away with his left hand and hits him with his right. Again, Barnett ties Parr up and pulls Parr's head down as he throws knees. Referee Al Wichgers breaks the fighters and warns Barnett for pulling down on Parr's head. Parr throws a round kick and this time hits Barnett in the head. Barnett answers with a leg kick and then ties Parr up attempting to knee him to the body. Parr pushes him off and lands a right hook to Barnett's head. The edge in the round went to Parr on all judges' cards.
    Round 2: Barnett starts with a kick to Parr's stomach which is answered by a stronger kick from Parr to Barnett's stomach. They exchange leg kicks. Parr then throws a leg kick followed by a right hook to the head of Barnett. Parr throws another round kick towards Barnett's face that just misses but he follows it up with a right hook to Barnett's face. Barnett lands a right hook to Parr's head and several unanswered leg kicks that back Parr up. It was a closer round than the first with two judges giving the edge to Parr and one to Barnett.
    Round 3: Barnett starts with a leg kick which is answered by a Parr left/right combination to Barnett's head. Barnett throws a left kick to the body followed by a punch and then he ties Parr up. Barnett begins taking the lead on the exchanges by getting off first and beating Parr to the punch. Barnett the obvious aggressor in the round and ha a much better round. As the bell ends the fight, Parr threw a round kick to the head of Barnett who threw a round kick to Parr's body. The body shot knocked an off-balance Parr down in a flash knockdown. All judges scoring the round for Barnett.
    The final scorecards read 28-29, 29-28 and 28-29. Winner by Split Decision, Tyler Parr.

  3. Men's Welterweight MMA
    James Fritz, 0-0-0-1, HCX International, Shorewood, IL, Hill Bros., vs. Brett Bartnik, 0-0-0-1, Jho Boun Martial Arts, Mokena, IL, Jho Moraga
    Round 1: Both fighters exchange kicks to the body. Fritz throws a leg kick which is answered by a left/right combination from Bartnik to Fritz's face that puts Fritz down. Bartnik comes forward but Fritz scrambled to his feet and meets him standing. Bartnik throws another pair of punches to Fritz's face and Fritz answers with punches of his own. Both fighters circle the ring as they look for an opening. Fritz shoots for a takedown and misses. Both fighters move to their feet and separate allowing Referee Al Wichgers to step in and stop time. He calls Dr. Grace Akiens in to look at a cut under the eye of Jimmy Fritz that he received during the earlier exchanges. The doctor determined that is was too severe for Fritz to continue and stopped the fight at 1:21 of the round.
    Since the fight had not completed the first round, it was issued a "NO CONTEST".

  4. Men's Light Cruiserweight Muay Thai
    Josh Daniels, 1-0-0, Team Blast, Madison, WI, Mike Vaughn, vs. Brian Strick, 0-1-0, Shiru Tora Academy, Madison Hgts., MI, Lisa Dzik
    Round 1: Daniels comes across the ring and throws a flurry of punches to Strick's head. Strick turns away so Daniels wraps him up and begins throwing knees to the body. Strick pushes Daniels off and throws a front leg sidekick to Daniels' body. Daniels walks through it, ties Strick up and begins throwing knees to his body. In the process, he pulls Strick's head down and lands an illegal knee to the head that forces Referee Al Wichgers to stop the fight and issue Daniels a warning for the knee to the head. As the fight resumes, Daniels comes in and knees Strick once again in the head. The referee stopped time and deducted one point from Daniels for the illegal blow. Strick charged forward as the fight continued and wildly threw punches at the head of Daniels as the bell rang to end the round and then continued punching after the bell forcing the referee to stop him an admonish him for the action. All judges gave the edge in the round to Daniels but due to the point deduction, it ended up an even round.
    Round 2: Daniels begins the round with a clinch and a left knee to Strick's body. They break, Daniels moves in calmly and throws powerful, straight punches to the head and body of Strick, forcing Strick back and between the ropes. Daniels steps back, lets Strick out and continues to hit Strick. Strick fights back but is unable to keep Daniels from coming forward. Strick throws a spinning backfist which is answered by a spinning backfist from Daniels as the bell rings to end the round. All judges score the round for Daniels.
    Round 3: Strick throws a right as Daniels throws a front kick to Strick's body. Strick, looking very tired, throws wild punches at Daniels. Daniels moves forward and begins throwing several unanswered left/right combinations to the head of Strick that back him into the corner. Referee Al Wichgers steps in and issues an 8 count and then sees that Strick is not able to continue so he stops the fight at 1:38 of the round.
    Winner by TKO, Josh Daniels.

  5. Men's Middleweight Muay Thai
    Nick Bismack, 1-0-0, Independent, Coldwater, MI, Cyrus Washington, vs. Erik Braun, 0-1-0, Peoria Athletic Club, Peoria, IL, Nam Do
    Round 1: Bismack grabs Braun around the head and throws knees to Braun's body and in the process spins Braun's headgear around. Referee Al Wichgers stops time for an equipment repair and then the fight resumes. Bismack comes in with left/right combination followed by a front kick to the body that backs Braun up. Bismack grabs Braun around the neck, throws a pair of knees and then steps back and throws eight unanswered punches to the head of Braun followed by a knee and then four more head shots. Braun goes down and receives an 8 count. The fight continues as Braun comes across the ring toward Bismack who is waiting in the neutral corner. Bismack hits Braun with a left/right combination followed by another knee and then steps back. He dances around and then throws a round kick that hits Braun in the head and puts Braun down at 1:29 of the round.
    Winner by KO, Nick Bismack.

  6. Men's Lightweight MMA
    Efrain Vazquez, 1-0-0, HCX International, Plainfield, IL, Hill Bros., vs. Ramon Soto, 0-1-0, Independent, Aurora, IL, Self
    Round 1: Soto begins with a pair of punches that are answered by a round kick to the leg of Soto from Vazquez. Vazquez throws two punches to the face of Soto who answers with a couple of upper cuts that drop Vazquez to his knees. He gets up and Soto continues throwing punches to Vazquez' head. Soto moves forward with a flurry of head punches that back Vazquez to the corner. Vazquez wraps his arms around Soto's head and throws a left knee into Soto's ribs that hurt him. He backs away and Vazquez throws two left round kicks to Soto's head that daze him. He moves in and throws two knees to the body and then flings Soto down onto the ground. Soto, face down on the mat with Vazquez on top and punching him, taps out at 1:26 of the round.
    Winner by Tapout-Efrain Vazquez.

  7. Men's Super Middleweight Muay Thai
    Dan Westlake, 1-0-0, Peak Submission Shootbox, St. Mary's, OH, Jody Poff, vs. Michael Bambach, 0-1-0, Shiru Tora Academy, Madison Hgts. MI, Lisa Dzik
    Round 1: The fighters exchange punches to the head, knees to the body in the clinch and then knees to the groin. With time stopped for recovery, Westlake appeared to receive the most damage in the exchange of low blows. As the fight continues, they exchange leg kicks then tie up and exchange knees. Both fighters step back and throw very wild looping punches at each other. Bambach moves forward with his head low as Westlake throws flurries of punches trying to catch him with his hands down as well. The round ends with the edge going to Westlake on all cards.
    Round 2: Bambach comes forward and throws a left round kick to the body but takes a left hook to his own body that puts him down in a flash knockdown. Bambach throws a left round kick the Westlake's body. Westlake catches the leg and throws a left/right /left combination to Bambach's head and staggers him forcing Referee Al Wichgers to step in and issue an 8 count. Bambach moves in with his head down again and tries to punch at Westlake. Westlake answers with a left/right/left/right combination that put Bambach down on his knees and his mouthpiece out at 1:51 of the round.
    Winner by TKO, Dan Westlake.

  8. Men's Welterweight Muay Thai
    Matt Olson, 1-2-0, Team Blast, Madison, WI, Mike Vaughn, vs. Brian Skjold, 0-7-2, Southside Dojo Guerilla Fight Team, Portage, MI
    Round 1: After the fight begins with an exchange of leg kicks from the outside and knees in the clinch. Olson takes the lead with an inside leg kick followed by a left/right combination to the head and a knee to the body of Skjold. He continues with a flurry of left/right combinations which put Skjold down and earns an 8 count from Referee Al Wichgers. As the fight continues, Skjold throws a round kick to the head of Olson that was blocked. Olson moves forward and watches for another chance to land power shots on Skjold. Skjold throws punches but many were blocked by Olson who then throws an overhand right and a left hook to Skjold's face that forces Skjold to grab on and tie Olson up. As the round ends, the fighters exchange knees in the corner. The edge in the round went to Olson due to the 8 count.
    Round 2: Olson starts with a pair of front kicks that back Skjold up. Skjold ties Olson up and they try to exchange knees. The referee separates them after a period of inactivity and then Olson comes forward with a pair of left/right combinations followed by a left hook to the jaw of Skjold that puts him down on his back and earns him another 8 count. Acknowledging that he wishes to continue, he receives a glancing left/right combination from Olson followed by a left upper cut to his chin and an overhand right in the corner of the ring that puts him down again and earns him a second 8 count. At the bell, Olson throws another left/right combination but Skjold survives the round. The round went to Olson because of the two 8 counts.
    Round 3: Olson, possibly wanting to finish the fight, throws straight punches to the head of Skjold who answers back with punches of his own but has the majority of them blocked by Olson. Skjold throws more punches and to want to take the lead in the round. Olson will allow Skjold to punch himself out and then come back with the left/right combinations that worked for him in the earlier rounds.
    Winner by Unanimous Decision, Matt Olson, 30-24, 30-24 and 30-24.

  9. Men's Cruiserweight Muay Thai
    Ryan Zielinski, 0-1-0, Team Blast, Madison, WI, Mike Vaughn, vs. Anthony Tangorra, 1-0-0, Olympian Centre/Xtreme Couture, Schiller Park, IL
    Round 1: Zielinski opens with a punch, Tangorra answers with leg kicks and then puts him arms around Zielinski's head and begins throwing powerful knees to Zielinski's body that hurt him and backs him through the ropes. Referee Al Wichgers breaks the fighters and brings Zielinski back into the ring. Tangorra then throws a left/right combination to Zielinski's head and puts him down forcing the referee to step in and issue an 8 count to Zielinski. As the fight resumes, Tangorra throws two leg kicks and two right hooks to Zielinski's body that put him down again and earns him another 8 count. Tangorra charges in with kicks and punches that over power Zielinski and forces Referee Al Wichgers to step in and stop the fight at 1:43 of the round.
    Winner by TKO, Anthony Tangorra.

  10. Men's Welterweight MMA
    Sonny Bordonado, 1-2-0, Team Reckless, New Lenox, IL, Bill Novak, vs. Joseph Negri, 2-1-0, Southside Dojo Guerilla Fight Team, Portage, MI, Jason Jackson
    Round 1: Negri comes in with a leg kick and then shoots in for a double leg takedown. He picks Bordonado up and drops him on his back with Negri in a side mount. Negri tries to throw his leg over as Bordonado twists around and slips out the back leaving bother fighters standing. Negri moves in with his arms around Bordonado and backs him into the corner. Negri reaches down and drops Bordonado with a single leg takedown. Negri again tries to get a stronger mount but allows Bordonado to twist out and stand again. Negri ducks under a punch and gets to Bordonado's back with both fighters standing. Bordonado attempts a standing roll to shake Negri but Negri rolls with him and ends up on top with Bordonado on his back. Negri took the edge in the round with superior takedowns and aggressiveness.
    Round 2: Both fighters start cautiously at first until Negri shoots in and takes Bordonado down. Bordonado from legs around bottom, pulls Negri's head down to neutralize any "ground and pound". With Bordonado's arms and legs wrapped around him, Negri stands and then falls on Bordonado to shake him loose. He begins throwing punches to Bordonado's body that cause Bordonado to tie him up again. Negri stands and allows Bordonado to stand which allows Negri to shoot in and pick Bordonado up and drop him on his back. He works his way around to Bordonado's side and grabs an arm and sits out into a match ending arm bar just as the bell rings to end the round allowing Bordonado to survive the round and continue the fight. The edge in the round went to Negri on all cards.
    Round 3: Bordonado starts with a left hook that Negri ducks under and shoots for a double leg takedown but only succeeds in backing Bordonado into the corner where Bordonado is able to throw and land a couple of knees to Negri's body. Negri keeps pushing Bordonado up against the ropes until he can get his arms around the waist and pick him up and put him down. Negri is able to get a full mount but gets too high and allows Bordonado to twist out and reverse positions on Negri who twists out himself and gains the top again. Negri spins around and attempts a guillotine choke on Bordonado as the bell rings to end the fight. All judges scored a really good fight 30-27.
    Winner by Unanimous Decision, Joe Negri.

  11. Men's Heavyweight MMA
    Rob Galloway, 2-0-0, Peak Submission Shootbox, St. Mary's, OH, Jody Poff, vs. Arnold Adams, 2-1-0, Bushido, Chicago, IL, Eugene Coker
    Round 1: Adams starts with a left jab to the face of Galloway as Galloway shoots in for a take down. Adams sprawls to avoid the takedown and attempts a guillotine choke but as he throws his legs around Galloway's body to apply the pressure, Galloway pulls his head out and gains a top mount. Adams, with legs around bottom, works to hold and control Galloway's arms to prevent punches. Galloway working to improve his position, slips and falls off of Adams allowing Adams to twist and reverse positions on Galloway. Now with Adams in a full mount on top of Galloway, he begins to rain punches down on Galloway. Galloway turns to his stomach with Adams high on his back allowing Galloway to slide out the back and stand. With both fighters up, Galloway comes in with his head down and tries a takedown but Adams avoids it. Adams throws a right leg round kick to Galloway's head followed by a left spinning backfist and a right hook to the head that puts Galloway down onto the canvas causing a stoppage of the fight at 2:41 of the round. Referee Al Wichgers reports that the final blow was an illegal punch to the back of Galloway's head and therefore disqualifies Adams in the fight.
    Winner by Disqualification, Rob Galloway


"Shrine Fight Night"
April 5th, 2008 - Springfield, Illinois, USA

Nights Results submitted by Rob Donaker Records shown are records after their bout below.

  1. Eric Newingham (Team DeVore, 6'1", 160, 4-2) Vs Josh Spain (Team DeVore, 5'7", 145, 1-0)
    Exhibition Bout No Winner.

  2. Michelo Pryor (Team Geyston, 170, 1-1) Vs Ryan Phillips (Team Flemming, 6'3", 165, 0-1)
    WINNER: Pryor won by Split decision 29-28, 29-28, 28-29.

  3. Paul Stenger (Team DeVore, 5'11", 165, 0-0) Vs Zac Tennison (Team Flemming, 18, 5'8", 163, 0-2)
    WINNER: Stenger won by 2 round KO.

  4. Nick Walenga (Team Lanna Muay Thai, 6', 148, 2-1) Vs Kyle Deitrick (Team Flemming, 134)
    AFTER 3 ROUNDS THIS BOUT ENDED IN A DRAW - HOWEVER, due to various circumstances the IKF has ruled this bout a "NO CONTEST".

  5. Vincent Eazelle (Team Geyston, 5'11", 195, 3-0) Vs Josh Stewart (Patrick Riley's Team House of Pain, 5'11", 195, 0-1)
    WINNER: Eazelle won unanimous decision 30-27, 30-27, 30-27.

  6. Tanner Waits (Whitakers PMA, 6'1", 205, AB: 18 Bouts? ) Vs Justin Abate(Team Flemming, 6'4, 210, 5-6-0)
    WINNER: Waits won by second round KO.

MONDAY, April 4th, 2008, AT 6:00 PM, PT


Finneys Kickboxing Presents
"Shrine Fight Night"
Springfield, Illinois, USA


HCX International, LLC - Entertainment Presents
Tinley Park, Illinois, USA


"IKF Amateur Muaythai and Kickboxing Championships"
March 21st, 2008 - Leigh, Manchester, England

  • WHO: Leigh Kickboxing Tatsudo Dragon Gym
  • WHERE: Lowton Civic Hall, Leigh, Near Manchester WA3 2AH
  • WHAT: IKF Amateur Kickboxing O.S.R. Format.
  • IKF Representative: Neil Holden
  • IKF Judges:
    • 1st Judge ( Chief Judge ) Pele Nathan
    • 2nd Judge : Matt Castle - Altrincham
    • 3rd Judge : Tony Parker - Leigh
    • 4th Judge : Daryl Ellis - Warrington
    • 5th Judge : Lee Green - Urmston
  • IKF Referee: Craig Booth
  • IKF PROMOTER: Mr. Dave Eckersley 0044-7775-788-043

Saturday, 29th March 2008 was the date A.K.A. England in partnership with David Eckersley and the Dragons Gym - Leigh staged the 2nd event of the 2008 season. The venue for this competition was Lowton Civic Hall, in Leigh, near Wigan, England.

This IKF sanctioned Kickboxing competition was conducted under AKA's Olympic Style Rules (IKF's Open Scoring Rules) similar to Olympic Amateur Boxing known as 'Open Scoring' using electronic score boards.

The OSR rules are proving very popular now with even more schools in attendance at this event, as more athletes look to compete in a safe competition format. Of particular attraction to the OSR format is the 'Outclass' rule, that ensures an athlete is protected form taking too much punishment.

This comes into effect through the 'Open Scoring' on the electronic scoreboards, and should an athlete be losing to an opponent by 20 points or more a contest is stopped due to 'Outclass'.

Here Are The Nights Results...

  • IKF Amateur OSR Ladies Britsh Middleweight title ( DEFENCE - DEFENSE )
  • IKF Amateur OSR Ladies Britsh Welterweight title
  • IKF Amateur OSR British Light Middleweight title
  • IKF Amateur OSR English Light Welterweight title ( DEFENCE - DEFENSE )
  • IKF Amateur OSR English Middleweight title,

Supporting athletes travelled from across the United Kingdom as competitors, and the local community from Leigh showed their appreciation by giving everyone tremendous support. This amateur martial arts championships was organised thanks to the support of the official 2008 sponsor of the A.K.A. England Circuit, one of the worlds leading martial arts equipment suppliers MAR International ( Everyone that was involved in this event would like to thank Mr Ali proprietor of M.A.R. International for his support, as well as Steve Fossum, the president of the International Kickboxing Federation.

Here are the night's Results:

  1. IKF Amateur OSR Kickboxing
    British Middleweight Title 'DEFENCE'
    • Chantell Cameron ( Milton Keynes - Lee Hasdell ) CHAMPION vs Janet Hartley ( Leigh - Dave Eckersley )
      Scores: 20 - 41, Winner Cameron.

  2. IKF Amateur OSR. Kickboxing
    British Light-Middleweight Title
    • Robert Lightburn ( Warrington - Mark Matthews ) vs Ben Marshall ( Tee-Side - Mike Carr )
      Scores: 60 - 90, Winner Marshall.

  3. IKF Amateur OSR Kickboxing
    English Light-Welterweight Title 'DEFENCE'
    • Ryan O'Donnell ( Warrington - Mark Matthews ) CHAMPION vs Matthew Murt ( Cornwall - Al Oakley )
      Scores: 47 - 70, Winner Murt.

  4. IKF Amateur OSR Kickboxing
    English Middleweight Title
    • Andy Roberts ( Leigh - Dave Eckersley ) vs Justin Hassell ( Altrincham - Pele Nathan )
      Scores: 103 - 65, winner Roberts.

Results from the Support Bouts

  1. Light-Heavyweight
    Nominated 'Best Bout of the Night!'
    Ste Martin
    ( Warrington - Mark Matthews ) vs Mark Walsh ( R.A.F. - Dan Reagan )
    Scores: 123 - 105, winner Roberts.

  2. Super-Heavyweight
    John Brough - 17 Fraser Opie - 27

  3. Heavyweight
    John Paul Emanu Vs Ken Marsh - No Contest

  4. Light-Heavyweight
    Neil Ditchfield - 94 Alexander Twiselton - 101

  5. Cruiserweight
    Joe Holman - 137 Darren Cooper-Smith - 143

  6. Middleweight
    Alan Lee - 19 Danny Wier - 39

  7. Cruiserweight
    Andy Hawkins - 49 Robbie Harrison - 15

  8. Ladies Super-Middleweight
    Rachael Wolfenden - 35 Cath Stroud - 69

  9. Light-Middleweight
    Danny Garth - 101 Kyle Walker - 77

  10. Ladies Welterweight
    Angela Atkinson - 70 Natalie Sharkie - 37

  11. Light-Middleweight
    David Charlesworth - 17 Randy Savage - 45

  12. Light-Middleweight
    Adnan Rashid - 87 Chris Southern - 69

  13. Cruiserweight
    David Corless-Smth - 40 Michael Reynolds - 22



TKO Promotions Is Proud To Announce Their Next IKF Event
Casino Rooms, Blue Boar Lane, Rochester, Kent
Sunday, May 11th, 2008

The last fight of George Pattison, (Sittingbourne, Kent, England, 30-4) consistently one of the best kickboxers in the UK for over a decade. Taking titles at every level from area to English,to British to European and finally to World level, George has decided to hang up the gloves. However there is no easy touch for him to finish on as George will meet former IKF North American Amateur Champion Mike 'Mad Dog' Morello from Santa Barbara, California, USA (9-6-1/2) who will be come looking to further his own World title ambitions and a win over Pattison will certainly do that.


We are very proud to be welcoming Qasim to the Casino for the first time. A former two time World Amateur Champion Qasim is considered by many to be the top professional prospect in the country, if not the world. He meets Andre Marcelino from Portugal here and anyone who has not seen Qasim before should come along and see why this young man is tipped to be a future pound 4 pound number 1.

An international Amateur Super Middleweight contest. Rob is currently 5 wins with just 1 loss and sits at the top of the IKF British Amateur Rankings, however he takes a big step up here and meets Mike's brother Andrew.

Two unbeaten amateurs meet for their first title shot. Dan is coming off a very good win over Micheal Bannon from Ireland whilst Ben has been very busy for the past year so both will be in good form.


Tickets now available from the Casino Box office on 01634-832888 or from TKO Promotions on 01634-321142


IKF-UK Announces New Outline
For Domestic Pro Titles

By Colin Payne (R) and Carl Sams (L) - IKF United Kingdon Full Contact Representatives

Carl Sams

The IKF-UK are pleased to announce the first British full contact title fight to be sanctioned since the formation of the new IKF team. On June 8th Scott Rowley and Chris Deakins will meet for the IKF British Super-Welterweight Title. The first such event that is planned for this coming year.

As those in the sport know we initially announced that the IKF would not be sanctioning domestic professional title fights for the time being as there was a constant voice from within the kickboxing community about the lack of credibility and the mess that British titles were in. With a firm belief that the British title should be one of prestige that matches our counterparts in Boxing we have decided that one of our mission statements will be that of a body who actually listens to the community needs and acts for the good of the sport.

To not sanction domestic titles for a while was the only solution open to us and one we still feel would help the situation. To be honest we looked for others to join us, to look at the bigger picture and at least restrict the proliferation of titles, however, whilst most of the community agreed with it in theory, to back it in practice has been perhaps too forward –thinking. Week by week titles are still being fought for, many of which lack the quality and meaning that the title is worthy of and which still challenge the credibility factor.

Colin Payne

Fortunately, many within the sport have supported our stance, but have also called upon us to use the ideals we have set out to help strengthen the value domestic professional titles should have and not to be deterred from that mission by the insistance of some groups to sanction title fights that offer nothing in the way of credibility and real value to the sport. So, in accordance with what many have been asking, we have decided that the time is right to once more sanction IKF domestic professional titles. At least on this one, no-one can blame the sanctioning bodies as in fact fighters, coaches & promoters have led this decision and we suppose that's a nice thing to be able to say for once!

IKF will provide domestic titles BUT we still feel very strongly about the standards that should be set. This for us is still all about the titles having real meaning within the sport; the BRITISH title for example will mean just that, a title contested only by the very best from within the sport.

IKF's eligibility criteria's are aiming to be higher than normal UK standards and this we feel bridges the gap nicely between the needs of the sport and of the community wanting to fight for IKF titles. Ultimately this will not please everyone. Promoters sometimes just want titles on their event regardless of standard and that will be where it stops for us and we will not be afraid to say no to a promoters request unless they meet the required standard. If that means they then sanction elsewhere, well that is something that we will live with happily in the knowledge that quality MUST be the foundation of all decisions made in this matter.

Our criteria will be as follows:

    • Will be fought over 10 rounds instead of 7 rounds which has been the norm for many years. However we feel the duration of the contests should match the prestige of the title at stake. 10 rounds is a true test of a professional fighter hoping to be called the Champion of their country. We will also be looking to add further meaning to the work conducted by the IKF with amateur fighters and so this further separates the two, giving added strength to both codes.
      • We realise that this puts us out of step with every other sanctioning body and we have had the comment from one trainer that this seems unfair to the fighters. However firstly we have clearly set our intention for the IKF British title to be a TRUE British title and we feel strongly that the British title in kickboxing should be one of prestige, in much the same way it is in Boxing. To this end 10 rounds is a true test for a professional fighter hoping to be champion of their country. We hope this clears up any misunderstanding on this issue.
    • All title challengers will HAVE to be ranked accordingly in the INDEPENDENT British rankings to be afforded the opportunity to compete for IKF titles. They have been copied elsewhere and they are a constant talking point within the sport, but no one can deny that the rankings are THE first serious attempt to truly rank the top fighters in the country.
    • If the British title is vacant, both challengers should come from within the top 10, one of which must be in the top 4.
    • The title must be defended twice within a 12 months period , one being against the designated mandatory challenger whilst any second defence should be against a top ten fighter with current good form. The IKF will provide a list of those contenders if required.

    • Will be 8 rounds duration.
    • At least one of the challengers for the vacant title must be ranked in the top 10, the second challenger can be outside top 10 but must be approved by the IKF.
    • Title must be defended twice a year. Although there will be no mandatory challenger, significant fighters may not be overlooked where practical. A list of contenders will be provided where possible.

  • AREA TITLE ( Southern, Midland, Northern - Known as REGIONAL in some areas.)
    • Will be 6 rounds duration (IKF Amateur title fights are 5 rounds so this further separates the two codes)
    • Both challengers for the vacant title can be inside or outside of the top 10 but with the approval of the IKF MINIMUM FIGHT REQUIREMENT FOR ANY CHALLENGER FOR AN IKF FULL CONTACT TITLE IS 5 PROFESSIONAL FIGHTS.
    • Challengers outside these criteria can only contest said title with approval of IKF UK.

Whilst looking at professional Boxing, we recognise that fighters holding a World title with one of the recognised sanctioning bodies will not be fighting for domestic titles. To this end the IKF will formally recognise that recognised World Champions of historically and geographically established associations as being ineligible for domestic title contention until such time that they no longer hold that title. As an illustration, if a World champion sits at number 1 in the rankings then the number 2 ranked fighter will effectively take on the position of number 1 and so on downwards.

The eligibility, as said, will be Independent Ranking driven. HOWEVER – the independent rankings WILL NOT be IKF Title driven! IKF will be treated like any other sanctioning body when approaching rankings decisions. We know there will be cynics regarding this, but we are very public with how we rank fighters along with our colleagues in the ranking who are NOT connected to the IKF in any way so please contact us if you ever have concerns about this and we will happily justify ourselves and re-assess situations where required.

It is our intention that the Independent British Rankings will now be used for the purpose they were created. To establish true champions at all levels following a code that is universally accepted. We are grateful to the IKF for backing this concept and look forward to bringing you the real champions of this sport.

As a final side note, we would ask all IKF past domestic champions who are still active and hold an IKF belt to communicate with us. We will track down as many as possible to establish those who wish to defend titles under the new and improved conditions. Should you wish to retain your title you will be expected to defend against a ranked contender or forfeit the belt. If you have moved on to a higher class, we would expect you to vacate but will attempt to communicate with you in the first instance.

Thank you all for your continued support.

THURSDAY, April 2nd, 2008, AT 4:40 PM, PT

IKF To Be A Part Of Jamaica Event
With 3 Other Sanctioning Bodies

WBC Muaythai, IMTC Muaythai and IKKC Muaythai

Well known Kickboxing Promoter Dennis Warner of California has been one of the few major promoters in North America staying faithful to promoting kickboxing and not moving over to the fast growing sport of Mixed Martial Arts. Warner has not only been consistent in his promotions in California and Nevada but has also brought some of the top kickboxing talent to his events from around the world as well as building up top local stars.

This past year on July 7th, 2007 at the Hollywood Park Casino in Inglewood, California, Warner hosted the IKF Pro Muay Thai Light Cruiserweight World Title bout between Denis Grachev of San Diego, CA, USA Via Russia (Pro: 16-2, Amateur KB: 123-18/40 Pro Boxing: 2-0/1) and IKF Pro Muay Thai North American Champion Manson Gibson of Chicago, Illinois, USA, (103-9-2/63, (30 Kick KO's) AM KB: 10-0-1/8). In that bout, Grachev came out victorious with a TKO victory over Gibson at :27 of round 3.

This coming June Warner has plans for yet another exciting event but in doing so, he will take his promotional skills on the road to Jamaica where he will bring together "4" different sanctioning bodies for an unprecedented event that will include "10" World Title Fights. Here is the events fight card as of today in no particular order.

2008 RISARC and the Caribbean Classic Golf Invitational (CCGI) Foundation has teamed up with Warner to host a Pro Muay Thai event at their 4th Annual Celebrity Golf Tournament and Charity Event to be held June 18th - 22nd in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Proceeds will be used to purchase computers and establish technology learning centers in primary schools in Jamaica.

The four-day event will feature a full schedule of star-studded events ranging from the Thursday evening Weigh-in Conference and Culture Night Kick-Off Extravaganza to the Golf Tournament and Muay Thai Fight and Expo on Friday, concluding with the 2nd Day Golf Tournament and the CCGI Gala Awards Dinner on Saturday night. Proceeds from the annual event will help make children's dreams come true, by providing computers to establish much-needed technology learning centers for primary schools in Jamaica.

"We are very excited that our efforts have already resulted in the delivery of over 500 new Dell computers to Jamaican primary schools." explains Richard Stephenson, Founder and Chairperson of CCGI Foundation and RISARC Foundation. "We have received a number of glowing letters from teachers about how valuable these computers are to the students. We are pleased that the students are using the computers as learning tools for research, assignments and projects."

Supporting this fantastic cause is a celebrity guest roster sprinkled with Olympic champions, famous recording artists, top Hollywood comedians, actors, writers, and more.

The guest roster includes individuals such as Michael Strahan (NY Giants, 2008 Super Bowl Champion), Cedric The Entertainer (Dr. Dolittle 2, Barbershop, Johnson Family Vacation, Be Cool) Anthony Anderson (Transformers, The Departed) Ed Moses (Olympic Swimmer-Gold Medalist) Bill Bellamy (Any Given Sunday, Host of Last Comic Standing) and many more. Friday nights schedule of events will feature the highly anticipated Muay Thai fight with an international line-up.

Muay Thai Fight Night
Celebrity Golf & Culture Festival
June 20, 2022

    • IKF Pro Middleweight World Title.
      • John Wayne Parr (Australia) vs Marco Pique (Holland)
        • Parr: 56-19-4,/28, Pro Boxing: 10-3/10. Pique: Dutch WPKL Champion.

    • IKF Pro Cruiserweight World Title.
      • Manson Gibson (USA) vs Edwin Aguilar (Mexico)
        • Gibson: 103-9-2/63, (30 Kick KO's) AM KB: 10-0-1/8. Aguilar: 119-3/87, 10-0 Boxing, 15-7 MMA

    • IKF Pro Super Heavyweight World Title.
      • Rick Cheek (USA) vs Patrice Quattron (France)
        • Cheek: 19-0/17, 2-0, Team Kickboxing, 4-1 MMA, 245, 6'4", Quattron: 26-0/26, 265, 6'6"

      IKF & IKKC
      Muaythai Light Heavyweight World Title.
      • Manu N'toh (USA, IKKC Champion) vs Vicente Vielvoye (Holland)

    • WBC Muaythai Super Welterweight World Title.
      • Malaipet Team Diamond (USA) vs Yodsaenklai Fairtex (Thailand, Current Welterweight Champion)
    • WBC Muaythai Middleweight World Title.
      • Lamsongkram Chuwattana (Thailand, Champion Middleweight) vs Farid Villaume (France ) -
    • WBC Muaythai Super Cruiserweight World Title.
      • Ashwin Balark - (Holland) vs Steve McKinnon (Australia) -

    • IKKC Muaythai Cruiserweight World Title.
      • Clifton Brown (Canada) vs Kaoklai Kannorasingh (Thailand)
    • IKKC Muaythai Women's Lightweight World Title.
      • Germaine de Randamie (Holland, Champion) vs Julie Kitchen (England)
      IKF & IKKC
      Muaythai Light Heavyweight World Title.
      • Manu N'toh (USA, Champion) vs Vicente Vielvoye (Holland)

    • Baxter Humby (USA-Canada) vs Jiangtao Dong (China) - IKKC Super Welterweight World Title.

    • Claudia Vidaurri (USA) vs Joanna MacEachem (Australia) - Women's Featherweight Bout
    • Dylan Resnedov (Australia) vs Genki Nakamura (Japan) - Jr. Lightweight Bout

The launch to announce the event in Jamaica is this Saturday at 7:30 PM. In attendance with Warner will be Clifton Brown, Malaipet Team Diamond, Baxter Humby and Claudia Vidaurri.


March 28th, 2008 - Independence, Missouri, USA

    Andrew Powell VS Chris Milne
    Chris Milne Defeated Andrew Powell by Rear naked choke 2:45 in Round 1.

    Josh Roberson VS Steve Snodgrass
    Josh Roverson Defeated Steve Snodgrass by Tapout at 1:35 in Round 1.

    Lonnie Dodge VS Josh Sisk
    Lonnie Dodge Defeated Josh Sisk by Verbal Submission due to Strikes at 2:13 of Round 1.

    Jamison Tevis VS Michael Anthony Mayer
    Jamie Tevis Defeated Mike Mayer by Tapout in a Rear Choke at .39 seconds of Round 1.

    Paul Witworth VS Alex Rakestraw
    Paul Witworth Defeated Alex Rakestraw by Split Decision.

    Cory Reiling VS Rusty Fredrick
    Cory Reiling Defeated Rusty Fredrick by Tapout due to strikes at 2:54 of Round 1.

    Matt McClure VS Chris Talley
    Matt McClure Defeated Chris Talley by Referee Stoppage due to Strikes at 1:18 of Round 1.

    Van Powell VS Dominic Cantu
    Van Powell Defeated Dominic Cantu by Tapout way of Guillotine choke at 2:08 of Round 2.

    Kevin Speierman VS Ian Barnett
    Ian Burnett Defeated Kevin Speirman by Tapout to a Rear Choke at 1:42 of Round 1.

    Tim Tripp VS Fred Givhan
    Tim Tripp Defeated Fred Givhan by Unanimous decision.

    *Adam Jensen VS Thomas Link
    Adam Jensen Defeated Thomas Link by Rear Choke Tapout at 2:40 of Round 1.

    Mike Goodman VS Mike Tysdal
    Mike Goodman Defeated Mike Tysdal by Rear Choke Tapout at 2:08 of Round 2.

    Chris Barrows VS Jason Ivey
    Chris Barrows Defeated Jason Ivy by Tapout due to Armbar at 21 seconds of Round 1.

    Brandon Koontz VS Nick Nolte
    Nick Nolte Defeated Brandon Koontz by Gator roll Choke Tapout at 1:16 of Round 1.