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TUESDAY, August 26th, 2008, AT 7:15 PM/PST

IKF Expanding
Mexico Alliance And Into Latin America

It was made official this week that Oscar Fischer and his Kings Dragon Production Company ( www.kickboxingmx.com ) will now be sanctioning his Mega Production Events with the IKF. Fischer is one of the biggest Kickboxing promoter in Latin America and will host his first of many IKF Sanctioned events this coming November 29th in Mexico City. The event will host a Pro IKF North American Featherweight title featuring one of the top full contact rule fighters in Mexico, Isao Carranza. He may hold another event before the end of the year in Acapulco in December, but it has yet to be confirmed.

Fischer also features Muay Thai bouts as well and will host IKF Muay Thai bouts on his events too as well as an alliance with the IKF's sister organization for Mixed Martial Arts, the ISCF.

"I would like to represent the IKF and ISCF in Mexico and Latin America. I promise to commit myself and within the next three years, make the IKF the most important organization in Latin America as far as full contact sport could be." said Fischer. "In Latin America, I will coordinate representatives in each country and find the most professional people that I can so we can reach higher goals."

For those who may not know, Latin America has an overall population of well over 560 million people and includes the countries of Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Rep, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, Venezuela and of course, Mexico.

Fischer has the same plans as other IKF Leadership does in other countries which, along with Fossum, would like to see more IKF Tournaments offered for Amateurs outside the USA. "I would like to start up an amateur tournament in Latin America, and after a couple of years, maybe build it up to another IKF World Championship tournament in a location like in Acapulco, Cabo San Lucas, Cancun or something similar." Said Fischer.

Last year Fischer hosted 6 shows for Fox Sports and this year he hosted 15. This will be a relationship that will continue with the IKF which will now also include Fox Sports USA. In the past he has worked with several organizations which include WBC and WAKO.

On the MMA front, Fischer is working with Charlie Bravo, President of MMAX Fights - www.mmaxfights.tv - MMAX Fights is the number 1 MMA company in Latin America doing strictly MMA. They are an American company based out of Los Angeles, California. MMAX Fights has 40 events scheduled for 2009 and Fischer is looking for an ISCF MMA - MMAX Fights alignment as well.


As Fischer works to build up IKF Latin America, long time IKF Promoter and IKF Representative Felix Pérez Castillon (On left at right with an IKF Champion) of Puerto Vallarta has already scheduled another big IKF Event in Mexico. Castillon is helping to organize the upcoming October 31st, IKF PRO MUAY THAI event at the Puerto Vallarta Bull Ring, in Las Palomas, Mexico. The event will feature 3 IKF Pro Muay Thai titles that include:

This is sure to once again be another great event in Puerto Vallarta. the only change is that instead of being the promoter, Felix will be the Official IKF event Representative.

Usually IKF President Steve Fossum and Chief IKF Official Dan Stell attend these events. However, due to some political drama with fight sports in the State of Illinois, they will both be attending another Pro IKF event in Illinois this same weekend instead. That fight card will feature the quest for the vacant IKF Pro Woman's Modified Muay Thai Rules US Bantamweight Title between former IKF Amateur Champions, Katie Meehan of Florida and Felice Herring of Illinois.

If any of you are planning a trip to the beautiful city of Puerto Vallarta, we have to inform you that Felix is also the owner of a sports bar restaurant with what we can say is the best food in Puerto Vallarta. The place is called El Torito - torito.com and is home to Felix's World Famous BBQ Ribs!



Everyone wants to fight, but surprisingly several IKF Promoters are looking for some much needed talent for IKF title bouts. If you are a fighter or a trainer with a fighter that may have contender qualifications for any of these below IKF title shots, please e-mail the IKF at main@ikfkickboxing.com and put in the subject line "IKF TITLE CONTENDER".

In the e-mail itself, let us know your name, fight record and a brief bio about yourself and why you think you are qualified for the title shot (EX: What other titles have you won maybe, etc. etc.). Here are some of the title shots that we are looking to book. In all of these, the top ranked IKF contenders in their divisions have already been contacted and have informed us they are not able to fight due to schedule conflicts, injuries or other issues. Hopefully we can help the promoters fill these slots with qualified contenders.


Results From Jay Perry's
"IKF Point Kickboxing"
August 23rd, 2008 - Grass Valley, California, USA

Time and time again, IKF Point Kickboxing proves to be one of the most exciting new tournament competitions! IKF/ PKB Promoter Mr. Jay Perry hosted yet another exciting edition of the IKF/ PKB this past weekend in Grass Valley, CA and the votes are in...the PKB is a fresh new burst of energy. Those attending another competition on the same day, really had their chance to witness what's all the noise about the PKB. Afterwards, several seem to be looking forward to participating in future events.

Grass Valley was a buzz especially as the super heavy weights hit the mat in Muay Thai Action. Scott Manis ( 375 )of Santa Rosa, CA is trained by top trainer Billy Olsen and is a big man, but not to let the size fool you. We have witnessed too many times this colossal of a man throw and land impressive head kicks that dazzled and intrigued spectators! Manis would take first place after several hard fought overtime rounds against the tough Alofia Laupia of Roseville, CA. Both men were giving their all but in the end it was the consistency of Manis that overcame a very mobile Laupia.

See Remaining Results Below

For More information on Mr. Jay Perry's events contact him at (530) 273-8121 or at jayperry77@hotmail.com or go to www.IKFPKB.com for the best in semi contact kickboxing action! If you would like to join us and promote your very own IKF PKB event, contact IKF West Coast Rep. Rubie Navarro at (415) 505-4588 or Johnny Davis at (916) 205-4762 email at johnnyd@akpromotions.org - Currently Booking 2009 PKB Tournaments Dates!

FRIDAY, August 22nd, 2008, AT 2:10 PM/PST


Jay Perry Presents
"IKF Point Kickboxing"
Grass Valley, California, USA

WEDNESDAY, August 20th, 2008, AT 2:45 PM/PST

IKF My Space?
Who Runs IT?

For quite some time now we have had people ask, "Why don't you have an IKF Site on MySpace?" Earlier today the IKF and ISCF (MMA) were looking into launching a MySpace site. However, as we were looking into it, we discovered that someone has already created an IKF Kickboxing page on MySpace. The only problem is, we have no idea who created it, or who is running it. the space can be found by clicking HERE.

If the person who created the site is reading this, we would appreciate it if you could e-mail ( main@ikfkickboxing.com ) or call us here to discuss the use of the MySpace address. In the mean time, thanks for creating a site on the MySpace pages for the IKF.

MONDAY, August 18th, 2008, AT 5:45 PM/PST

Shoots Itself in The Head!

We will save you our opinions of this until later, but basically, lets just say WAKO is NOT for the Greater Good of the sport of Kickboxing. However, they are for WAKO... Clearly they have abused their Power and acted, well, irresponsibly... To read WAKO's latest wacky decision, click HERE.

In case they choose to change the link address, we have also posted their recent article in full below.

From this WAKO Page - Click Here.
7/25/2008 - 5:49 PM


Requirements for participating in WAKO Championships

Since we know that various national federations notoriously allow their fighters (or they don't pay enough attention) to participate in various other kickboxing organizations, WAKO board, during the meeting held in Budapest, made a unanimous decision about that issue as follows:

To compete in other international Championships besides WAKO will not be allowed and tolerated any longer, starting from this year.

It is mandatory that from now on all fighters, coaches, officials and referees, who are WAKO members stop competing in any other Kickboxing events and competitions organised by other organisations than WAKO. This includes world, continental and title fights in all disciplines with all other bodies excluding WAKO. Failure to comply with this rule will result in an automatic two years suspension from WAKO international activity, from the date of his/her involvement with other kickboxing bodies. Failure to notify WAKO of said involvement may result in a three years suspension for the national federation they belong to.

Kind regards
World Association of Kickboxing Organizations
WAKO Board

  • WAKO's Board Directors:
    • President, Ennio Falsoni, Italy
    • Vicepresident, Werner Sossna, Germany
    • Vicepresident, Borislav Pelevic, Serbia-Monten.
    • Vicepresident, Espen Lund, Norway
    • Vicepresident & President European Division, Richard Leyrer, Hungary
    • Vicepresident Board member, Renè Bosch, Switzerland
    • Board member, Kate Kocizewska, Poland
    • Board member, Mark Meltzer, Russia
    • Board member, Denis Marie, Cintura France
    • Treasurer, Tom Hibbert, Great Britain
    • President Asian Division, Nasser Nassiri, I.R. Iran
    • President PanAm Division, Paolo Zorello, Brazil
    • President African Division, El Hilali Abdelkrim, Morocco
    • President Oceanian Division, Rick Dobson, New Zealand

Additional comments about this decision and other issues related to WAKO can be found:

TUESDAY, August 12th, 2008, AT 8:00 PM/PST

Remembering My Visit With The
2008 Olympic Committee!

By Johnny Davis

Left to Right
Olympic Official, Doug H. Attorney, Dave Marinoble, Dr. Yong
Olympic Chairman, Myself, Johnny Davis, Olympic Official.

August of 2003 was a memorable year for me for several reasons. One, was the birth of my second daughter who is now approaching the tender age of 5 years old. I remember shortening my trip from Beijing, China to rush back to welcome her into the world. Although, it was a close call, I did make it and oh what a joy it was!

A week earlier, I was invited to go to China with Dr. Yong, one of the promoters and backers of the Lennox Lewis and Klitchco fight that was held a year before at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA. It was a huge and successful event.

Dr. Yong not only provided excellent tours of China but being that he was a respected promoter and businessman, he had many connections throughout China. Some of those connections were with some of the highest officials in China including the officials of the 2008 Olympic Committee...

I had the pleasure along with IKF World Champion Dave Marinoble and other guests to sit in on a meeting that was attempting to get the sport of kickboxing in some form into the 2008 Olympics. Of course, we were not successful in our bid, but many believe this was as close as the sport of kickboxing has ever come to being in the Olympics.

While on our trip there, we were able to confirm an event that would feature 6 fighters fighting for 3 vacant IKF Pro World titles. Dave Marinoble and Fernando Calleros of the USA along with Eduardo Fujihira of Brazil would take on China's Gung Fu Kings, Han Yuzhu, Bao Ligao and Liu Hailong in three Pro San Shou Style bouts. This style of fighting incorporates kickboxing with throws.

The event took place on December 7th, 2003 in Beijing, China. On that night, China proved why they are the Kings of San Shou as Marinoble lost his fight to the Chinese Champion, Bao Ligao of Beijing, China (48-6/5) by unanimous decision as did Calleros and Fujihira.

Initially, meeting the Chairman of the Olympics was awesome. They were very nice and perfect gentlemen. I remember taking many gifts from the IKF Headquarters to give them...IKF embroidered caps, tee shirts, medals etc. World Boxing Champion Mr. Lennox Lewis sent an autographed set of boxing gloves to give to the chairmen. They also gave each of use an official medal for the 2008 Olympics which I'm sure are are rare and unique.

It was a great occasion and a fun trip. We also had the opportunity to visit many popular tourist sites like the Great Wall of China, the Original Peking Duck House, The Jade Factory and so on. We were treated like royalty everywhere we went. Not to mention that we were all over the major television station there. It was a great trip to remember and one I will hold dear for years to come. Just thought I would share... :)

MONDAY, August 4th, 2008, AT 5:55 PM/PST

2008 IKF World Classic

We have them all up everyone, including an article about the IKF Point Kickboxing Tournament and PKB Results with it. It was a record setting weekend with 229 Fighters Fighting in 222 Bouts! So what took so long? Of those 222 bouts, 185 went the distance ending in decision. See all the event stats and notes after the Results on the Result page of the 2008 IKF World Classic which can be found by clicking


We look forward to correcting all the "BUGS" we faced this year and are already Excited about 2009! We Hope to see you there once again at the The Largest Marriott In The World, The Orlando World Center Marriott Resort next July, July 24th, 25th and 26th, 2009!

We will be posting photos from the 2008 IKF World Classic later this week!


"Dragon Action"
Click HERE!

SATURDAY, August 2nd, 2008, AT 3:00 PM/PST

"COOL" & "The Diamond"
Bring Quite A PUNCH... AND A KICK!

Usually we have stories on this page about fights from pre event news to the results. However, it's always a good change to update our readers of more personal news about those in the fight game we know. Such the case for our good friend "COOL!"

Not long ago, IKF Pro IR Super Welterweight World Champion Fernando "COOL" Calleros of El Paso, Texas, USA became engaged. What makes this an even more interesting story though is who he became engaged to. The lady is his partner and fellow fighter, Jessica "The Diamond" Sanchez.

Together their goals are to help keep the sport of Kickboxing Alive and kicking here in the USA by Promoting shows and staying active in the ring. They also want to bring as much attention as possible for the great sport of Kickboxing to their local Texas and New Mexico area. On August 9th in Florida, Fernando and Jessica will fight on Master Merhad's Shin do Kumate event which is a pay per view event.

Jessica (5'3", 120, Amateur 5-5 ) will be fighting Reality TV star and former 2005 IKF North American Amateur Tournament Champion and 2006 IKF World Classic Tournament Champion - Felice "Lil Bulldog" Herrig. Felice (5'4", 120, P: 2-1, A: 18-2/4, Huntley, IL ) was on the Oxygen Channel's reality show, "Fight Girls". She won her way to fight in Thailand and beat her Thai opponent. Felice also fight's coincidently for the World Combat League on the same team as Fernando, The St. Louis Enforcers. This will be Jessica's Pro Debut and she is very confident of her ability and is excited to fight someone she looks up to. She remembers watching Felice on "Fight Girls" and never dreamed she would have the opportunity to fight her.

Fernando (32-9-1/16, Pro Boxing: 0-0-1/0, AM KB: 10-1/7 5'8", 142) will be fighting in the co-main event against Remy Bonnel. Bonnel (6'2, 154, 45-7/32 ) also fights for the World Combat League for the Miami Force.Fernando and Remy fought against each other on a WCL show some time ago with Fernando winning a close decision. Remy challenged Fernando to a Full Muay Thai rules fight and of course, he accepted. Remy is a very good Thai Boxer so this will be a difficult fight for Fernando.

Adding to Remy's skill will be his obvious six inch height advantage and the fact that he has lived and trained in Thailand. However, Fernando is very experienced as well and has faced plenty of A-Class fighters in his career.

Jessica and Fernando have formed a new fight Team along with their partner and jui- jitsu instructor, DJ Blackwell of El Paso, Texas who is a Helson Gracie Brown Belt. Their Team name is "B.C. Fight Team" and is based out of El Paso, Texas. They plan to expand to Albuquerque, New Mexico as well. They have a stable of fighters who do boxing, kickboxing and MMA. Their goal in the next few years is to be a World Recognized Fighting Team and Camp.

Fernando will be fighting another season with the WCL and Jessica hopes to find a place in the WCL as well. Callaros is still interested in a title defense for anyone willing to put up a challenge. "I hope to one day receive a challenge to defend my IKF Super Welterweight World Title, anyone who knows me knows, I will fight anyone in my weight class and above it just to fight, so bring it on!!!" said Calleros.

Calleros turned Pro in 1991 which makes this his 17th year in the fight game. His goal is to fight for a full 20 years and maybe even past that. "Any challenges out there, this is your time before I retire!" Said COOL! Any promoters looking to put on such a challenge can contact Fernando by e-mail at ferncool105@hotmail.com


Terri Storm
Accepts IKF/PKB Advisory Post!

One would not have to go far to hear the name Terri Storm (Right) of Omaha, NE in the Martial Arts Community. Mrs. Storm has been an important figure in the martial arts for many years. As a Mother and Martial Arts Instructor, she has a strong presence where ever she goes. She is well respected as a highly capable judge, official and referee and shows impressive ability as a communicator.

Her talents caught the eyes of CEO and IKF President Steve Fossum some time back as he appointed her and husband Mike Storm (Left) as World Officials to the International Kickboxing Federation. In the last couple of years Mrs. Storm as stepped up to the plate to offer IKF Point Kickboxing President Johnny Davis (Right) a hand at the IKF/PKB World Classic in Orlando, Florida and has done an outstanding job keeping the fights organized and running smoothly. She and her husband have promoted hundred of Karate tournaments and the PKB Semi Contact Tournaments were a natural transition for her.

Davis has been so impressed with her guidance and leadership at the IKF World Classic that he recently asked if she would be interested in an advisory position with theIKF/PKB and she accepted.

"I'm totally elated that someone with the background of Terri would agree to work with a growing part of the IKF. Her knowledge and skill will be a tremendous addition to the already growing and talented team of advisors. I would like to thank her again for officially joining the IKF/ PKB and look forward to working with her as the PKB Division of the IKF continues to surge!" said Johnny Davis.

Terri Storm has been studying Martial Arts for 25 years. During much of her career she was a forms and point sparring competitor and was the Tae-Kwon-Do America Women's National Champion in 1993 (her husband, Mike Storm, was the Men's Champion the same year). She began judging and refereeing point sparring in the late 1980s and judging/refereeing full contact kickboxing in the 1990s under the tutelage and certification of Kuhn Fred Fitzgerald. She has been officiating IKF events since 1999 and was the first woman to referee a Professional Muay Thai fight in Mexico . She and husband Mike own and operate 2 full-time martial arts schools in Omaha , Nebraska. To contact Mrs. Storm by e-mail click stormtkd@cox.net For more on IKF Point Kickboxing events go to www.IKFPKB.com

IKF World Classic
Adult Men's Results
Will Be Posted Here Late