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WEDNESDAY, December 31st, 2008, AT 9:35 PM, PT

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TUESDAY, December 30th, 2008, AT 3:25 PM, PT

Zbilski & Fischer
Give Out A Sincere Apology

- Move Forward On New Promotional Company Venture -


Some here may have received an e-mail yesterday in regards to copyright violations of a web site operated by former IKF and former KICK/WAKO Promoter Rob Zbilski (L) and Scott Fischer. The site had clear copyright violations of both the IKF Kickboxing site (Rules Pages) and the ISCF MMA site (Rules Pages).

Upon this discovery the IKF/ISCF sent out an e-mail addressing the issue to Zbilski and Fischer. Later in the day, Fischer and IKF/ISCF President Steve Fossum (Below R) discussed the issue over the phone and came to a positive conclusion. "It was what we thought it was." Said Fossum, "But their intention may have been a little different than others who have done the same thing. Their intention was not to sanction other events, only their own." In the end, Fischer understood the various consequences related to the issue as well as the need to rework their web page. The direct links entitled "Sanctioning" were removed from the sites front page which had directed readers to rules and regulations for Kickboxing (3 Rule Styles) and MMA that were exact duplications of various rules and regulation web pages of both the IKF and ISCF Rules and Regulations.



Today Fischer sent out this apology:
To all: It is our sincere apology to the IKF and Mr. Steve Fossum for mistakenly posting Rules on the TFC "True Fighting Championship Website that mirrored the IKF Rules in any form. Our organization is a promotional company that is considering the use of many sanctioning organizations. The use of the word sanctioning was for that purpose and that purpose only. Immediately upon finding out these were posted, we instantly pulled them from our site. We regret any inconvenience this may have imposed on the IKF and/or any of those who have taken an interest in our group.
Scott Fischer

This past summer Zbilski and Fischer promoted the KICK/WAKO USA Tournament. However, false promises and unfulfilled financial promises by KICK brought them to sever all ties with KICK and start up their new venture, True Fighting Championship. The KICK issue was nothing new to anyone here as we have seen this play out over and over again over the last 6 years. Individuals associated with, or who run KICK outright make big promises that they have NEVER come through on or kept. It's the same ol' exaggeration of numbers and promised expectations to everyone they solicited to that always comes up far short of KICK's promised outcome. In the end, despite their strong promotional efforts to help promote the KICK and WAKO name here in the USA, Zbilski and Fischer came to the realization that KICK and it's leaders had very little if any desire to help progress and promote the fighting sports of Kickboxing and or MMA.

This was not the first time a copyright violation had happened with the IKF/ISCF websites. Copyright violations have happened in the past from several start-up organizations as well as existing organizations such as the kickboxing organization, KICK International (Who is currently under legal investigation by the IKF/ISCF Legal Team for issues related to a multitude of copyright violations of ISCF Rules and Regulations they took from the ISCF website and several ethical issues all tied in with several individuals who either once were or are still associated to KICK within the last 5 years.) and others who copied the ISCF MMA Rules and or IKF Rules and other parts of the IKF and or ISCF web sites.

Because of these issues the IKF/ISCF has a team of attorneys that take on these issues directly once the IKF/ISCF determine they cannot settle them without legal action. This past year alone the IKF/ISCF had to deal with 26 copyright violations. Of them, only 6 went to legal action with those in violation paying out healthy 6 figure fines. Once the attorneys become involved, all fines are paid through court judgement to the IKF/ISCF legal team of which a vast majority is given to various charities after legal expenses are covered.

Since the ISCF was the first ever MMA Sanctioning body in the world, it's obvious that many other start-up organizations or other organizations (Kickboxing & Boxing) who all of a sudden consider themselves MMA Experts, simply cut/copy and paste the ISCF Rules and Regulations onto their own website, change some letters and call the rules and regulations their own.

"There will be no followed up legal action in the Zbilski/Fischer incident." Said Fossum. "Our past relationship and respect for both Rob and Scott helped in bringing this to a calm conclusion. We wish them success in their new promotional organization no matter who they choose to use as their event sanctioning body."

FRIDAY, December 26th, 2008, AT 2:40 PM, PT

Another Idea Created From The IKF's Persistence...
And An Idea Of Others Too...

Special To The IKF

While most of the IKF staff is out on vacation, I thought I would do a little catching up on some work. Of course, I looked at the Kickboxing Message Board and when I did, I was floored by a surprise. It seems the cat is out of the bag now and whether "heater" on the Kickboxing Message Board was tipped off about this or maybe he was just brainstorming in his own thoughts, the fact is, his thoughts have been the thoughts of the IKF's for the last 4 months. In a Message Board thread entitled, What does the IKF do for Pro's? first created by "kobra," the topic became a well looked at and talked about thread. In one of the responses, Message Board user "Heater" added some ideas of his own, and within them, wrote, "BUT, you get a guy to take control, to organize a sanction / promotion USU (Ultimate Stand Up) or whatever, to LEAD, and all these elite fighters will follow and much more."

How ironic was it that Heaters simple comment was actually a work in progress. Yes, the IKF has been using USU (Ultimate Stand-Up) as well as USF (Ultimate Stand-Up Fighting) in-house for the last 4 months in a project that would be Kickboxing/MuayThai's answer to the Mixed Martial Arts promotion of UFC.

As some may not know, the UFC was way in the hole financially until they struck their deal with Spike TV. Not just a few thousand dollars either. The sum was in the Millions. However, the UFC had big Casino/Gambling money behind them, and simply put, could afford to lose even more, just to keep MMA active. That "Golden Egg" has not presented itself for the idea of USU/USF so the progress on the project is moving slower than desired.

As many in the message board thread know as well as readers here, MMA has taken pretty much all the eyes of the fight game enthusiast. Sponsors have flocked to MMA events, and rightly so, UFC, love them or hate them, they "ARE" the NFL of MMA! No matter who comes along next, there will never be competition to the UFC when it comes to MMA.

Kickboxing had it's own "Attempt" at a UFC style of branding several times, but all have failed in the end, or looked ridiculous to those watching and eventually lost respect from their potential viewers. ALL OF THEM were both Promoters and Sanctioning Bodies in one package.

First there was PKA, which died out after having their big TV Deal taken out from under their feet by a lower bidding group of guys in an organization called ISKA.

ISKA had what appeared to be all the cards in the 90's, but when the curtain was pulled back, the truth was that those who started ISKA promoted their own events for their ESPN TV show. What appeared as LOADS of ISKA action around the world was actually from only 2 events a year, both with over 20 some fights on each. Each event split into 8 shows each, and a $90,000 paycheck from ESPN, sponsorship money, ticket sales and low purses paid out ($1,500 average) these guys made a little cash... Until their promoters kept asking "Why can't my event be on ESPN"... So their desire for the all mighty dollar won out over promoter loyalty.

Next was K-1, which has had at best, season after season of ups and downs. From the 100,000 spectators of their World Grand Prix events in Japan, to the embarrassment of fighters such as Bob Sapp and other characters along with them, K-1 was always a 1 step forward, 2 steps back organization. Scandal, corruption, betrayal and other negative words followed them in the news and finally, when Super Promoter Scott Coker dropped K-1 USA for a GREATLY Successful MMA Promotion he created, the K-1 fan base diminished greatly. Not to mention that they only catered to one weightclass, then eventually 2, K-1 simply ran out of talent. One of the final nails on the current K-1 coffin was one of the most TERRIBLE endings in K-1 Grand Prix History this month. In the final between Dutch-Moroccan kickboxer Badr Hari and Remy Bonjasky, Hari illegally took Bonjasky to the ground. That alone was a foul, but when the referee tried to step in, Hari inexplicably punched Bonjasky and stomped on his head. It was a dirty, despicable move that resulted in a disqualification and one of the worst black-eye's in K-1 History.

Most recently was the $10,000,000 investment from "Karate Fighter" Chuck Norris called the World Combat League, WCL. The question EVERYONE keeps asking is "Why didn't Norris invest into an already existing sport of Kickboxing?"

From his own people, the answer was simple. "Chuck was never a kickboxer, so he wanted to do his own thing and not have it related to kickboxing at all, but more so, a glorified exploit of full contact karate point fighting."

Not done in a ring, or a cage, or a square on the floor, instead, Norris made-up his own round circle design, with an angled lip for his WCL fighting circle. His own split round system, awkward rules, penalty scoring which has proved to be a JOKE to see what the referee chooses to call (Many times penalizing the wrong fighter for what they call Passivity) and in the end, all this turned out to be was "Glorified Point Fighting." Crowds of under 500, more when they gave "Thousands" of free tickets away to make it appear better for TV (Such as on shows in Texas and Colorado and other places.) and in the end, they even lost their own "Pay for TV Time" deal they had on the VS Channel. People were just not interested, unless you were part of it as a fighter or trainer, then of course it was and is the greatest fight sport ever.... Ahhh... Sorry, but not even close.

So, now that I have bashed everyone else who has taken a stab at the Promoting & Sanctioning game, the next question is "Why should the IKF try the same?" Next week, when he's back from the Holidays, IKF President Steve Fossum promised me an interview on this very subject. My own thoughts as to why the IKF would succeed over all these others is two words... "Structure & Persistence."

All these other groups were created at one time. Both their promotions end and their challenger end. Neither had any "Strong hold, long lasting structure" to keep them in place and centered. They have all made up their own Champions or top seeded fighters, but from where? You didn't get on a K-1 card unless you knew someone and if you were someone like Peter Aerts, you were ALWAYS promised an appearance in the K-1 World Grand Prix, (win or lose in the smaller tournaments) because he was the founders favorite.

If you were to be an ISKA Champion, you had to be the one that took only the paydays they offered you and when you challenged that, you were matched up against a far better fighter who in the end, took that new title. In the end, ISKA sided with Muay Thai and left the above the waist fighters by the wayside. Why? Because Fairtex was their biggest sponsor and a card without Fairtex fighters was simply unthinkable... At the time, the fight world was still very confused about what Muay Thai was and the fan base just wasn't there. In their end, they lost that ESPN deal which now only shows 5 and 10 year old re-runs of ISKA events. Still, ISKA was always about the $$ and not fighter loyalty or promoter loyalty which was both their success and their failure in the end.

Who wouldn't want Chuck Norris associated with their event? As Mr. Fossum has said many times, Regardless that he never was a Kickboxer, the truth is, "He's Chuck Norris! And a Great guy!" Chuck, "You had nothing to prove in trying to 'Appear' like you were once a full contact fighter... YOUR CHUCK NORRIS!"

Still, instead of seeing who was organizing the sport at the time and who were the real players in kickboxing at the time, Norris formed a team of has beens and unknowns to run his organization who in the end, only used the IKF Rankings to find the vast majority of their fighters and coaches, and when they did, gave zero credit to the IKF for making them easy to find.

The IKF is the most organized sanctioning body EVER! Not just now, not just for awhile, I mean EVER! Shut-up Mr. Fossum, let me speak openly here! Being an old PKA guy, I can speak from experience. There has not been any other sanctioning body that has done more for the sport and organized the sport as the IKF has. No other organization has provided such stability and as I said, "Structure" and "Persistence" to the "Stand-up Fight Game" EVER! So Mr. Fossum, as Heater said on the message board, WE DO NEED YOU!

So why should we all talk IKF President Steve Fossum into becoming a Promoter too? Because the man knows how to structure things and more so, he knows the value of "Persistence." Despite the disorganization fiasco he took personal responsibility for at this years IKF Tournament (Friday registrations) the event once again broke record after record. More so, look at the past 9 years of the IKF Tournament! FLAWLESS to the END! Which I'm sure the IKF will be back to for year 11 of the tournament.

Just keep moving forward Steve, happy, sad, mad, whatever, just keep the wheel turning because no one else is. This has been the secret of the IKF's success. Not just the IKF Amateur Tournament, but "10 YEARS" of it! Not just one event, but "18 YEARS" of Events! All Fossum and the IKF are missing is the big $$ to put their plan into action. What better an investment than into an IKF driven promotion! Experience alone would be the answer of their success. So why not put the plan of USU/USF into action? Is it money? Or something else? Things Mr. Fossum will answer to for us next week.

One thing is for sure, Mr. Fossum does not "NEED" to take on yet another challenge or entity. As President and CEO of International Fight Sports, he currently resides over 7-8 Companies as it is, and oversees about 600 events a year between Kickboxing, MMA and other fight sports. He's in a happy marriage with wife Toni and two year old daughter Fallyn and maybe even plans for more on the way, who knows. So WHY would he feel the need to start something new? When I asked him that one question over the phone today when I told him about the Message Board post, his answer was as it has always been. His answer has never been to please himself, his answer was the same as it was when asked why start an Amateur Kickboxing Tournament.

"Because the sport NEEDS it, and if not the IKF, WHO will do it?"

I can't wait for yet another candid interview with Mr. Fossum like the last one I did several years back. We will see how much his views and opinions have changed since then about the much talked about WCL back then and his outlook to the future of the sport and the idea of the USU/USF. To look back at that interview, click HERE.

"Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful people with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan "press on" has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race"

See you next week fight fans.

Here's Merry Christmas To Everyone
In ALL The World's Languages...

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MONDAY, December 22nd, 2008, AT 9:00 PM/PST

IKF's Association To

Some State Athletic Commissions listed the IKF as an Approved Sanctioning Body for their States for both Kickboxing & MMA. However, these Commissions "Thought" the IKF operated as does other Kickboxing Sanctioning bodies such as the ISKA and WKA, where they sanction MMA all under their Kickboxing Sanctioning Bodies.

Since MMA is not Kickboxing, the IKF does not sanction MMA. The IKF Sanctions KICKBOXING & MUAY THAI.

HOWEVER, the IKF's Sister Organization, the ISCF, International Sport Combat Federation DOES sanction MMA. In fact, the ISCF was the first ever MMA Sanctioning Body in the world and is the Largest MMA Sanctioning Body in the World today.

To learn more about the ISCF in regards to sanctioning, rules, regulations, rankings, events, news and more, click HERE.


Special Announcement In Regards To The ISCF's Approval in The State Of Tennessee

Tennessee Athletic Commission
Approves Four Amateur Sanctioning Organizations For
MMA, Kickboxing & Boxing

On September 30, 2008, the Tennessee Athletic Commission recognized and approved four amateur sanctioning organizations. One of them was for boxing, USA Boxing and 3 others for Kickboxing and MMA. The IKF, International Kickboxing Federation, the WKA, World Karate Association and the ISKA, International Sport Kickboxing Association.

This article is the clear up any confusion as to the approval of the ISCF
as an Amateur Sanctioning Body in the State of Tennessee.

Some State Athletic Commissions believe the IKF operated as do other Kickboxing Sanctioning bodies such as the ISKA and WKA, where they sanction MMA under their Kickboxing Sanctioning Bodies. As everyone here knows, MMA is not Kickboxing so the IKF does not sanction MMA. The IKF Sanctions KICKBOXING & MUAY THAI.

HOWEVER, the IKF's Sister Organization, the ISCF, International Sport Combat Federation DOES sanction MMA. In fact, the ISCF was the first ever MMA Sanctioning Body in the world and is the Largest MMA Sanctioning Body in the World today.

The ISCF "IS" an Approved Amateur Sanctioning body for MMA in Tennessee
as well as many other States.

The confusion here is that the Tennessee Commission thought the IKF and ISCF were the same organization so when the letter of approved organizations was drafted, only the IKF letters and name were included in the draft. This explains why the ISCF letters and name were not included in the initial State of Tennessee press release issued back in September, about their approval of the Amateur MMA and Kickboxing Sanctioning bodies. The ISCF has made contact with the State of Tennessee Boxing Commission today to add the ISCF Name to their information database.

The State of Tennessee Commission also notes: "Any amateur event not conducted by a school, college or university would be illegal unless the event is sanctioned by and the amateur combatant is registered with one of the four amateur sanctioning organizations recognized and approved by the Commission."

Which means, ALL AMATEUR FIGHTERS Must be Registered with the Amateur Sanctioning Body who is sanctioning the event. If not, the bout is Illegal. So, fighter's, if you are not registered or requested to register as an Amateur Fighter with the Amateur Sanctioning Body sanctioning the event you are fighting on, the event is Illegal. ALL AMATEUR FIGHTERS MUST BE REGISTERED.
ISCF Registration is currently the least expensive amateur fighter registration ($25 - $30 by CC). There has been talk of making all new registrations a "Yearly Registration" as with USA Boxing and KICK. However, as of this time, all ISCF registered fighters only pay a one time fee which is lifetime.

FRIDAY, December 19th, 2008, AT 7:00 PM/PST


You may not notice it but that's the number of new Amateur Kickboxers we added into the IKF Amateur Men's and Women's rankings this week. Here is an even more amazing fact. ALL 249 of these fighters are "Florida Fighters!" Yes, ALL 249 of the new fighters added this week were Amateur fighters who have fought on IKF Sanctioned Florida events over the last 2 years. For some reason, these fighters were never added to the IKF Rankings after their events. However, they can now all look up their names and prove to others, "They Truly ARE Gladiators!"

If you are an Amateur OR Pro fighter who has fought on an IKF Sanctioned event and you do not see your name in the IKF Rankings under the rule style you fought on, please e-mail to us your database info. This info must be submitted EXACTLY as noted below or we cannot place you in the IKF Rankings.

This info when e-mailed to us MUST APPEAR exactly like this:
John Doe, Denver, Colorado, USA, 5-1/2, 143, 5'9", 2-5-81, Bob Doe, (555) 5555

If you are already in the IKF Rankings,
We encourage you to send us updates for your listing. Even if your fights were not on IKF sanctioned events, they are still "YOUR FIGHTS" fights and deserve to have them as part of your fight record in the Rankings.

Please e-mail to IKF at main@ikfkickboxing.com and in the subject line please put "IKF RANKING ADDITION"

If Updating your current ranking, make sure in the e-mail you tell us if you are Amateur or Pro and what rule style and weightclass you are listed under. Send to: "IKF RANKING UPDATE".

We will be doing a lot of work with the IKF Rankings over the Holiday break that you may or may not notice. Some of this work will include us looking at retiring quite a few IKF Title holders who have either never defended their IKF Titles or have not done so within the past year to 18 months.

Some of these PRO Champions are now making bigger paydays in Pro Boxing or Pro MMA and do not wish to fight for less than they are being paid in these other sports. For this we cannot blame them as they must do what they have to do. However, we request the same respect back from them on the decisions their actions may bring us to.

It is our duty to keep the rankings active, so if these Champions are not defending their titles because they have no Promoter to help them with a defense or if they are asking for more than the average of their last 3 Kickboxing fight purses, we may need to step in and review the circumstances, in regards to "What is the best thing to do for the sport to march forward instead of sitting still."

This decision here may be to vacate several titles so that others, who may be willing to fight for less, or have promoters willing to help them promote such a title, can challenge for them. This may seem a bit ridiculous, especially if a Champion has never been challenged for their title. Don't get us wrong, we will assure fighters don't just wait for a Champion's title to be retired so they don't have to fight them for it, in hopes of a less skilled opponent. IF a Champions title is retired due to inactivity, this Champion will be given the first offer to win the title back under the offered purse terms offered to the other fighters. If the purse is not sufficient as deemed approved and acceptable by the IKF, then the IKF and the event promoter will move on to the next top challenger.

If these Champions are fighting on IKF Events or non IKF Sanctioned Events, they should be finding a way to defend their title on some of these fights they have had. If they are not fighting, then it helps no one for any Champion to just sit and wait for the great fights to come their way. Simply put,

"A fighter is remembered for the fights they fought, not just the titles they won."

You can win all kinds of titles in kickboxing today with all the various sanctioning bodies. Many sanctioning bodies today could care less who a fighter fights for their title. Some of these sanctioning bodies are ran by the promoter who claims they sanction him/her. When this happens, the cards are usually stacked in favor of the promoters fighters and not top contenders. This is because most of the sanctioning bodies in the world today lack in credible rankings. NONE of the kickboxing or Muay Thai sanctioning bodies in the world today have Amateur Rankings and those who have Pro Rankings are usually well outdated. Usually these sanctioning bodies approve contenders by the size of a check and not the skill or legit ranking of the contenders.

We here at the IKF must insure the credibility and integrity of a TRUE ACTIVE Champion who is a true ranked contender, even though other sanctioning bodies may not do so.


Dragon Watch!

The Lost Interviews.

Back in 2007, Kickboxing Champion and Movie star Don "The Dragon" Wilson did a series of interviews in London. With the help of "The Dragon" we found them and now want to make them available to you. These interviews include Don's thoughts, opinions and stories about his Martial Art Beginnings, Zen Mindset, Creating Success, Future Passions and his thoughts on Bruce Lee.

Hopefully you will enjoy them as we did. Click HERE and click on the available links that follow.

WEDNESDAY, December 17th, 2008, AT 3:45 PM/PST

The IKF Says Good-bye to 2008 with Last 2 Events of the Year!

Results From Galway Black Dragon Kickboxing Gym's
"Seasons Beatings"
December 13th, 2008 - Galway, Ireland

The Black Dragon Kickboxing Club ended 2008 on a high with their end of the year promotion on Saturday night at the Black Box Theatre entitled "Seasons Beatings". The club fielded 14 fighters and came away with 12 wins and 1 draw much to the delight of the capacity audience. The event opened with two junior fighters getting a chance to showcase their skills on the big stage and both young men put on a superb display of Kickboxing but it was Galways 12 years old James Ward that shined more in the eyes of the three ringside Judges and he was awarded a points win.

Back Row L-R: Ringcard Girl Stepnanie, Pete Foley (Galway Coach), T-Bob, Aidan Brooks,
Eric Daly, Amy Charles/Wilson, Gary Manogue, Ring girl Jessica.
Front row L-R: Steve Guiste, Emma Julienne, Francis Rigot, Christine Mourrer (Caribbean Coach), Damian Renaud, Jean Claude Albina.

Charlie Ward was next up for Galway and he faced Malcolm Kenny from Tralee over a scheduled 3 rounds. Charlie started fast and strong and caught the Kenny with solid body shots near the end of the first and his corner called it off giving Charlie the win by TKO.

Catherine Cullinan from Claregalway was next in and she took on Sarah O'Connor from Tralee, once again over a scheduled 3 rounds and this fight went all the way with Catherine taking a unanimous decision.

The next fight was a bit of an experiment for the club as it featured two of Pete Foleys private clients from his fightingfit.ie daytime business in a White Collar Boxing Match.
The two men entered the ring after 10 weeks of intense training with Pete and put on an excellent display of conventional boxing which was an absolute credit to them both. In the end it was Paul Mc Guire (Proprietor of Bike Tech Motorcycles) that caught the judges eye and he took a points victory over a very game Connor Farrell.

Next up was Shane Creaven from Turloughmor but his opponent from PT's Gym in Derry failed to show and he was awarded the win by forfeit.

Donna Larkin took on Chantelle Cameron from England next in the first of the International bouts. However Larkin was unsuccessful in her attempt to lift the IKF 5 Nations Title after a bruising 5 rounds.

L -R: Pete Foley, Stephanie, Paul Delaney, Kenneth Bentley (Tralee), Steve (Tralee Coach), Jessica.

The next fight was the "Fight of the Night" and it featured Galways Paul Delaney taking on tough Tralee man Kenneth Bentley over a scheduled 3 rounds. From the opening bell Bentley was all over Delaney landing some serious punches to both body and head with Delaney doing well to stay upright as he was well rattled. However he certainly proved he has a granite chin.
Round two started the same with Bently looking for an early finish but Delaney caught him with a straight right that took some of the wind out of his sails and levelled the match.
The third round saw Delaney up his game and midway through the round he saw his opening and caught the Kerryman with a vicious right hook square on the chin and knocked him out cold much to the delight of the crowd who were on their feet throughout the fight. Thankfully, Bentley came around and was fine.Delaney had won his debut fight by way of the big Knockout.

The IKF All Ireland Lightweight Title was up for grabs next and Galways Sean Cumiskey took on Belfast fighter David Walsh over 5 rounds and earned himself a unanimous points victory to add the Irish Title Belt and his 5 Nations Crown which he won last May.

The second International of the evening was next up and it featured Galways Connor Mc Callion taking on England's Joe Wells over 3 rounds. This was a nice technical encounter and Mc Callions corner were confident of victory but the judges saw it as a draw.

With all the preliminary fight out of the way, it was time for the main event with Ireland taking on a select team from Guadaloupe in the French Caribbean. MC Mr Paul Byrne entered the ring and called in the Caribbean team who got a rapturous reception from the house of sporting fight fans but when the Irish team were called in the noise around the arena was nothing short of deafening. After a team handshake and a presentation to the overseas visitors it was time for war and first up was Galways Gary Manogue versus Steve Guiste from the Caribbean.

L-R: Jessica (Ring Girl) Pete Foley, Gary Manogue, Steve Guiste (Caribbean), Stephanie (Ring Girl)

Manogue, who is fast making a name for himself on the Irish circuit was in no mood to hang about and dazzled Guiste with lightning fast hand speed and solid kicks for a down followed by a footsweep that knocked him again and he was counted out giving Ireland first blood by TKO.

Tinica Silviu Bogdanel (T-Bob) was next in and he went the full 4 rounds with Francis Rigot and scored a points win.

Amy Charles/Wilson was next in for Galway and she took on Emma Julienne over a scheduled 4 rounds but she caught the Caribbean girl with a solid right hook to the solar plexus after about 40 seconds or so and she received a standing count. Wilson was on fire now and ploughed in with a barrage of unanswered kicks and punches and Juliennes corner threw in the towel.

IKF Irish Champion Eric Daly was in next against Damien Renaud and this went the full 4 rounds with Daly securing a clear points victory after a text book display of Kickboxing from the young Gort man.

The last fight of the night saw Dubliner Aidan Brooks who fights out of Pete Foleys International camp take on Jean Claude Albina for the vacant IKF European Heavyweight Title. This was set for 5 rounds. Albina, who came in just under the 97 kilo limit tried to bully the slightly lighter Brooks but Brooks was having none of it and fired back with power punches and kicks which visibly hurt the big man.

Round 2 saw Brooks step it up. In the third, he saw his chance and went in for the kill and dropped Albina for a count. However Albina came to fight and boxed on only to be pummeled to the canvas once again by the aggressive Brooks. After the last hit, the referee had seen enough and called it off giving Aidan Brooks a victory by TKO and the IKF European Heavyweight Title.

Pete Foleys Club would like to thank all who helped make the night a success including the sponsors, medics, doctor, set up/down crew, security staff, referees, judges, fighters and of course the fight fans who support us time and again.

Below are all the Results in brief:

  1. James Ward (Galway) VS Connor Dowling (Kilkenny)
    WINNER: James Ward on points - 20-18, 20-18, 20-18.

  2. Charlie Ward (Galway) VS Malcolm Kenny (Tralee)
    WINNER: Charlie Ward by TKO.
    Kenny has been issued a medical suspension of 30 days from date of show due to TKO.

  3. Catherine Cullinan (Galway) VS Sarah O Connor (Tralee)
    WINNER: Catherine Cullinan by unanimous decision, 30 - 28, 30 - 27, 30 - 27.

  4. White Collar Boxing Match
    Paul Mc Guire (Galway) VS Connor Farrell (Galway)
    WINNER: Paul Mc Guire by unanimous decision, 30-27, 30-27, 30-26.

  5. Shane Creaven (Galway) VS Michael Boyle (PT's Gym, Derry) who failed to show.
    WINNER: Shane Creaven by Forfeit when Michael Boyle of PT's Gym, Derry, failed to show up.
    Michael Boyle has been suspended by the IKF and fined a Promoters reimbursement fee of £75.00. Suspension remains until fine has been paid to the promoter.

  6. IKF 5 Nations Amateur FCR Title
    Donna Larkin (Galway) VS Chantelle Cameron
    WINNER: Chantelle Cameron by unanimous decision, 50-45, 50-45, 50-45.

  7. Paul Delaney (Galway) VS Kenneth Bentley (Tralee)
    WINNER: Paul Delaney by KO in round 3.
    Kenneth Bentley has been issued a medical suspension of 45 days from date of show due to KO.

  8. IKF All Ireland Am FCR Lightweight Title
    Sean Cumiskey (Galway) VS David Walsh (Belfast)
    WINNER: Sean Cumiskey by majority decision, 48-48, 49-47, 49-48.

  9. Connor Mc Callion (Galway) VS Joe Wells.
    RESULT: Majority Draw, 29 - 29, 29 - 29, 30 - 27.

  10. Gary Manogue (Galway) VS Steve Guiste (Caribbean).
    WINNER: Gary Manogue by TKO round 1.
    Steve Guiste has been issued a medical suspension of 30 days from date of show due to TKO.

  11. T-Bob (Galway) VS Francis Rigot (Caribbean)
    WINNER: T-Bob by unanimous decision, 40 - 37, 40 - 37, 40 - 38.

  12. Amy Charles/Wilson (Galway) VS Emma Julianne (Caribbean) in the 1st round.
    WINNER: Amy Charles/Wilson by TKO in the 1st round.
    Emma Julianne has been issued a medical suspension of 30 days from date of show due to TKO.

  13. Eric Daly (Galway) VS Damian Renaud (Caribbean)
    WINNER: Eric Daly by unanimous decision, 40-36, 40-36, 40-36.

  14. IKF Amateur FCR European Heavyweight Title.
    Aidan Brooks (Dublin) VS Jean Claude Albina (France)
    WINNER: Aidan Brooks by TKO in the 3rd round
    Jean Claude Albina has been issued a medical suspension of 30 days from date of show due to TKO.

More kickboxing news from around Ireland on www.blackdragon.ie


Results From Jesse Saunders Shin Kick Muay Thai's
December 7th, 2008 - Surrey, England

IKF Amateur Modified Muay Thai English Junior Title
( Headguards, Shinpads, Larger Gloves )
Robbie Maslin, 47kg, 14, 3-2, Shin Kick Muay Thai, Jesse Saunders VS Connor Rickman, 47kg, 13, Keddles Gym, Alan Keddle
WINNER: Robbie won first round stoppage.

IKF Amateur Modified Muay Thai British Junior Title
( Headguards, Shinpads, Larger Gloves ) Connor Aldis Vs Connor McCormack
WINNER: Connor Aldiss by decision.


IKF Pro Muay Thai Rules British Cruiserweight Title.
Joe Colville, 86kg, 6', 24, 5-2-1/0, Shin Kick Muay Thai, Jesse Saunders, VS Phil Burke, 86kg, 6', Tobins Gym, Mike Tobin
WINNER: Joe Colville by 1st round TKO after Burke sustained a bad cut.

IKF Pro Muay Thai Rules European Lightweight Title
Sheree Halliday, England, 59kg, 5'10", 25, Sor Khamsingh, Liam Robinson VS Mari Krose, Holland, 59kg, Vos Gym, Ivan Hippolyte.
WINNER: Sheree by decision.


SATURDAY, December 13th, 2008, AT 2:35 PM/PST

Results from Steve Logan's
November 30th 2008 - Birmingham, England

Damien Trainor
Becomes Newest
IKF World Champion By KO!

While England's Damien Trainor (England, 45-10, Former IKF European Featherweight Champion) thought this match-up would start out slow and relaxed, then pick up, his challenger Gaylord Montier (France, 26-10, Former French Champion) didn't want any part of a slow start. From the opening bell Montier started the contest very fast, wasting no time at all feeling out his opponent. He caught Trainor with some big shots in the first which shocked the Brit who was using the round to find his range and timing.

Trainor started landing clean techniques with good effect in the second round, which seemed to rock the Frenchman's confidence. Through out the second round Damien began catching Montier almost at will. In the third, Trainor connected with a perfect left high kick to the head, which brought the contest to an early finish.

The winner by KO round 3 and the new IKF Pro Muay Thai *Bantamweight World Champion is Damien Trainor.


Results From Absolute Adrenaline's

December 7th, 2008 - Bournemouth, England

Absolute Adrenaline
Sucker Punch Success!

In front of yet another full house this absolutely stacked card did not disappoint, with outstanding performances from just about every fighter on the bill. Sharing top billing were IKF World Champions John Orchard & Natalie Bee.

Orchard, stepping up to Super Middle faced WKA European Champion Sven Loe (Germany). Having been out for a year with injury Orchard took a couple of rounds to shake off the ring rust against the slippery but talented Loe, but once he found his range the combinations began to flow. It was Orchards punching that did the damage whilst his footwork prevented Loe from working. The body shots began to take effect by about round 4 and from there the Englishman stepped the pace up to make sure he earned a shut out victory over 6 rounds.

Natalie Bee, who has been busy title hunting, finished the year with an international non title bout against Ulrike Voigt (Germany). Bee's ever increasing confidence was evident as she took the fight straight to the usually aggressive Voigt. Time and again she speared the German with her jab and followed through working the body and finishing with two or three kicks. Voigt, to her credit looked for openings and created chances but Bee was completely on form and dominated throughout. By the 3rd round the writing was on the wall as Bee stepped up another gear, forcing the stoppage of a game but outgunned opponent.

IKF British Champion Daniel Winstanley (Right) finished his amateur career with a shot at the IKF European Super Welterweight title. His opponent was Daniel Send, current German champion. This was a classic encounter featuring the speed and footwork of Winstanley and the stalking power of Send. It was clear that Send wanted to plant his feet and let the shots go but Winstanley was having none of it. The Englishman constantly stepped in and out delivering three and four shot combinations before moving off sideways to unsettle his opponent. At the end of 5 rounds a unanimous decision was awarded to Daniel Winstanley. This was all the more impressive when it was discovered that he had fought from the second round with a broken wrist.


  1. Full Contact World Class International Contest:
    John Orchard (England) defeated Sven Loe (Germany) by decision.

  2. World Class International Contest
    Natalie Bee (England) defeated Ulrike Voigt (Germany) by TKO round 3.

  3. IKF European Amateur Super Welterweight Title (Vacant)
    Daniel Winstanley (England) defeated Daniel Send (Germany) by decision.

  4. IKF Southern Area Welterweight Title
    James Cornick (Champion) defeated Joe Bale (Challenger) by decision.

  5. IKF Southern Area Super Welterweight Title
    Ross Phillips (Champion) defeated Mark Townley (Challenger) by decision.

  6. IKF Southern Area Middle Weight Title (Vacant)
    Gordon Childs (Dorchester KB) defeated Sam Gray (Team Bulldog) by decision.

  7. Rob Stevens (BMAC) defeated Steven Cook (Pegasus) by decision.

  8. Aaron Robinson (Lincoln KB) defeated Scott Rowley (Team Bulldog) by TKO round 1.

  9. Thai Boxing
    Mike Hawkins (Lumpinee Gym) defeated Mark Eastwood (Thai Works) by decision.

  10. Thai Boxing
    Jake Best (Thai Works) defeated Simon Eastwood (Lumpinee Gym) by decision.

  11. MMA
    Spencer Morley (USA) defeated Paul Rocha (England) ground & pound stop round 3.

  12. MMA
    Sam Rocha (Team Bulldog) defeated John Gisby (Cage Gym) Peruvian Neck Tie in round 1.

  13. MMA
    Sean Flynn (Team Bulldog) defeated Dominic Clarke (Sukhothai MMA) ground & pound stop round 3.

  14. White Collar Boxing
    Graham Catt (Team Bulldog) defeated Paul Dunphy (All Or Nothing) by decision.

  15. White Collar Boxing
    Graham Robinson (Team Bulldog) defeated John Jones (All Or Nothing) by decision.

  16. White Collar Boxing
    Martin Saxon (Team Bulldog) defeated Ben Grant (Aspire MA) by decision.


Results From Oscar Fischer's Kings Dragon Productions'
November 29th 2008 - Mexico City, Mexico

  1. 70 - 74 Kg. - International Rules
    Oscar Jose Garcia defeated Victor "El Hooligan" Salinas By KO.

  2. 70 - 74 Kg. - International Rules
    Claudio "El Gallito" Garcia defeated Samuel "El Borrego" Fragoso By Unanime Decisión.

  3. 58 - 61 Kg. Full Contact Rules
    Sergio Jaso Guerrero defeated Noe Garcia Mejia By Split Decisión.

  4. 61 - 64 Kg. - International Rules
    Marco "El Gladiador" Vazquez defeated Juan Caros Amador By KO.

  5. 67 - 70 Kg. Full Contact Rules
    Jesus "La Roquita" Rosas defeated Jesus Antonio Sois By KO.

  6. International Rules
    Miguel Ramos defeated Israel Esquivel By KO.

  7. 67 - 70 Kg. International Rules
    Luis Santibañez defeated Manue Velazquez By KO.

  8. 58 - 61 Kg. International Rules
    Jose "El Brodi" Tabares defeated Afredo "El Diego" Martinez By KO.

  9. 96 - 105 Kg. Muay Thai
    Raul Romero defeated Gaston Daniel Garcia By KO.



For the last 8 years, since the 2000 IKF/Ringside USA National Tournament - (The second of our 10 years) Brain-Pad Inc (Formerly known back then as WIPSS) has supplied FREE mouthguards to ALL the competitors of the IKF Tournaments.

Through the years, Brain-Pad has grown with the IKF and made improvement after improvement. So much improvement that the IKF/ISCF are considering making the Brain-Pad mouthguard a mandated mouthguard for all IKF and ISCF Sanctioned events.

Although not confirmed, the idea is not too crazy. In fact, it makes a lot of "Safety" sense due to the safety the new Brain-Pad mouthguards have brought to the sport over the years. As they have been doing for years, Brain-Pad has recently come out with yet "Another" great product we are proud to announce to you below. It is called "The Disinfector™"


FRIDAY, December 12th, 2008, AT 11:55 PM/PST


Galway Black Dragon Kickboxing Gym Presents
"Seasons Beatings"
Galway, Ireland

The Galway Black Dragon Kickboxing Gym are promoting an International Full Contact Kickboxing Tournament at the Black Box Theatre, Dyke Road, Galway on Saturday December 13th entitled "Seasons Beatings".

This is one of the Galway Clubs most ambitious projects to date and will feature An Ireland VS The Carribbean 5 man team event, 3 IKF European Title Fights, an IKF All Ireland Title Fight, an IKF 5 Nations Title Fight, an Ireland VS England International Bout and 7 undercard fights featuring fighters from Galway taking on fighters from all corners of Ireland.

The main event will see Galways very own European Champion Cathal "Mean Machine" Manning make a mandatory defence of his Super Middleweight Crown against British No. 1 Rob Burbridge from the famous TKO GYM in Rochester. If Manning is successful, he will challenge one of the top ranked Americans for the IKF World Title next year right here in Galway.

Sean Cumiskey takes on David Walsh from Belfast for the IKF All Ireland Lightweight Title and World Gold Medalist Donna Larkin will face Thai Boxing Specialist Chantelle Cameron from London for the IKF 5 Nations Lightwelterweight Title.

The Carribean fighters who call themselves "The Pirates Of The Carribbean" have a 10 hour flight ahead of them and are taking the event very seriously indeed and their coach Christine Mourrer, a former Professional World Kickboxing Champion and Promoter Pete Foley will go head to head on Galway Bay FM on Friday to talk about the event which is set to be covered on national television. This is the biggest kickboxing event to be held in Ireland this year and also the last IKF event of 2008. Tickets are on sale now from Town Hall Theatre, Menlo Park Hotel, Sally Longs Bar or at the door but be warned, it will be busy. Further information from 087 8119227 or go to www.BlackDragon.ie

After a final Heavy Sparring Session are some of the 'Comrades in Arms' from the Galway Black Dragon Kickboxing Gym
who will go to war on Saturday December 13 at the Seasons Beatings Kickboxing Promotion at the Black Box.

Pictured L - R
Back Row: Gary Manogue (Ballybane), Connor Mc Callion (Knocknacarra), Cathal Manning (Rahoon), Shane Creaven (Turloughmor), Eric Daly (Gort).
Front Row: Nicola Collins (Limnagh), Tinica Silviu Bogdanel (T-Bob - Romania/Tirellan), Charlie Ward (Ballybane), Amy Charles/Wilson (Riverside), Sean Cumiskey (Monivea), Paul Delaney (Ballybane) and Donna Larkin (Turloughmor).

THURSDAY, December 11th, 2008, AT 8:50 PM/PST

The End Of An Era...

This past January IKF Pro FCR Super Welterweight World Champion Jimmy Stewart was offered a great opportunity to come to California and train for what was to be a defense of his IKF World title. A fight he had been waiting for for years. Promoter Frank Cangi from Southern California was to put on a World Title Defense for Stewart in Anaheim California to what they had hoped to be a sell out crowd.

A month later, Stewart moved to train with a friend in Las Vegas Nevada. However, what had hoped to be more intense training turned into a nightmare he never expected. It was February 15, 2022 as Jimmy was crossing the street and out of nowhere came an oncoming car, striking Jimmy down. The accident happened at the corner of Valley View and Russell Road. Jimmy was taken to the hospital by ambulance and received medical care at Spring Valley Hospital. After treatment he was released the following day, but his life as a kickboxer had changed forever.

Upon returning home he went through countless hours of physical therapy and further medical treatment. The diagnosis was a maceration and fragmentation to the right interior knee and a complex tear to the ACL, contusion to the right hip, nine bulging discs in his back, five being in his neck. It seemed pretty clear that his kickboxing career was over.

Through the course of the summer, Jimmy tried hard in his physical therapy to regain his flexibility and continue his roadwork. However the the pain he was in often made a comeback seem impossible. By the fall, Jimmy truly thought he could get ready for that long awaited defense. He had hooked back up with his old promoter and friend Phil Di Rocco with "Just for Kicks Productions." They had planned to host the event in Jimmy's hometown of Butler, Pennsylvania.

However as the weeks played out, it was clear to Jimmy that he was just not capable of getting ready for a twelve round championship bout. The show was once again put on hold and then, eventually cancelled for good. World Champion Jimmy Stewart had lost his defense, outside of the fighting ring.

"My age, skill and ability never came into play with my decision for retirement." Said Stewart. "It has become a reality to me that due to my injuries, my inability to train has caused me to no longer be able to fight as a Champion should."

"Chris Algieri, Mike Morello, George Pattison and Fernando Calleros... These four fighters would have been great challenges for me in an IKF World Title Defenses. To fight the best you have to be in the best shape of your life, which I have always been until recently. So therefore, my decision to retire has come to an end abruptly on this tenth day of December 2008."

Turning Pro in 1996 and then meeting Steve Fossum and the IKF in 1998. Little did I know that my dream of becoming a professional "World Kickboxing Champion" was about to come true.

It was only a couple of months later that Stewart won his first IKF Gold. On January 23rd at the Butler Community College in Butler Pennsylvania, USA. DiRocco's Just For Kicks Productions INC. hosted a Pro event that headlined the IKF Pro Full Contact Rules, Pennsylvania State Title between Stewart and Tim Jones of Meadville, Pennsylvania. At 37 years old, Stewert (7-0 as a Pro) proved he still has what it takes to win as he scored a unanimous decision victory over Jones. Stewert dominated the fight, bloodying Jones' (4-3) nose in the first round and creating welts on the challengers face from round to round.

Tim Jones desired a re-match against the newly crowned Champion Stewert. So later that same year on July 16th in Butler Pennsylvania with a change of promotional management and seven months later, the re-match came. Stewart successfully defended his title by a unanimous decision victory over Jones.

In march of 2000 Jimmy made his pro boxing debut a success. Stewart knocked out Steve McDivitt of Bradford at 2:35 of the 3rd round. "I hurt my leg a couple of weeks ago, so I decided to box" Stewart said. "But on April 15th, I will kickbox again to get closer to the World Title." At 9 Pro Wins and no loses with 4 KO's and an amateur record of 27 wins, 5 loses, 2 draws, Stewart had more bouts and more wins then each of the top title holders at this time, including the current IKF World Champion, Tommy Kimber of Salem, Massachusetts, USA who was 8-3 as an amateur and 16-1 as a pro.

Sure enough, on April 15th, 2000 Stewart made yet another IKF Title defense and with it, IKF History as he became the first ever IKF Pro champion to defend his IKF title for a third time. This time Jimmy retained his title against Mike Holleran. From the opening bell of the 7 round bout, Holleran (5-3) pressured Stewart most of the entire round. Stewart was able to withstand the pressure with a flurry of combinations, that backed Holleran to the ropes, then eventually dropped him for the first standing 8 count. Holleran survived the round barely able to continue into round 2. Stewart had a swollen eye, but was able to turn the pressure back on Holleran. With a well placed back fist to the jaw that stunned Holleran, Stewart went in with a second combination of punches that dropped Holleran for the second & final time of the fight. Stewart retained the title after the fight was called at 1:20 into the second round.

It wasn't until July 13th, 2001 in Butler, Pennsylvania, USA when Stewart took a shot at the next title up, the IKF Pro Full Contact Rules Light Middleweight United States title. In the bout he faced Bernard Robinson. Robinson (Right) was the same fighter that back in 1999, Paul Biafore defeated to win the then, vacant IKF Pro FCR Welterweight World title. Biafore stopped Robinson in round 4 that night and although he lost, Robinson was so impressive we knew we would see him in the future on another IKF event and possibly fighting for another IKF Title, and this was the time...

Stewart's bout with Robinson was 10 rounds of non stop action at the Butler Days Inn in Butler Pennsylvania. After 10 rounds, Stewert had kicked over 120 times to Robinson's 99. It was strange to see anyone outkick Robinson who earned his nickname "Swiftkick" from his tremendous kicking speed and flashy kicks.

After 3 rounds, Robinson was down 30-26 on 1 card, 30-27 on another and 29-27 on another. Robinson came on strong in round 4 but only outright won on 1 judges card as the other 2 had it 10-10. Stewert simply kept busier on the outside as well as on the inside. Robinson was able to win round 9, 10-9 on 2 of the 3 judges cards but he lost a point for not getting his kicks in (5) so he lost again. Going into the 10th round Robinson was down on all 3 judges cards 90 to 80, 88 to 83 and 88 to 82. Stewert had fought a masterful fight doing exactly what he wanted to. He knew he could out box Robinson and planned to focus on his boxing as a big part of his attack. However, even Stewert was surprised at how much he kicked and even more surprised he outkicked Swiftkick. He worked his kicks from the outside to get in tight so he could work his inside game and the plan worked all night long.

As round 10 came it was clear in everyone's eyes that neither fighter wanted to quit. Both came out throwing stronger and faster than in any of the previous 9 rounds. Where they found the energy to do this, who knows... It was just the will and desire to win that kept them both strong. In the first minute they both had exploded with more combinations than in the earlier first half of rounds and it appeared they had just started the first round again.

In the end, Stewert took the decision 100-88, 98-91 and 99-90 to win the vacant IKF Pro Light Middleweight US FCR Title. Stewert now has the job of looking to his next opponent. Since he can weigh-in at any of 3 weight classes, his options are wide open.

For the next several years Jimmy and his promotional staff worked endlessly to book Jimmy a credible opponent for the IKF World title. Between October 2002 and October 2004 Jimmy challenged a total of "SIX", yes, "SIX" top contenders for the IKF World Title and all 6 (Vladimir Avtamonov of Omsk, Siberia, Russia, Miguel Reyes of Tijuana, Mexico, Jimmy Zbilski of Chicago, Illinois, Erik Marshall of Bradenton, Florida, Charles Barron of Chicago and at one point, Bernard Robinson.) either turned it down or something happened where the bout fell out. The last one was the last draw for us here at the IKF when his scheduled opponent pulled out only 5 days prior to the bout claiming a back injury.

"Stewart DESERVES this Title simply because he challenged ONLY THE BEST for it." Said IKF President Steve Fossum. "A fighter can only do so much and it's not his fault none of them were able to meet him in the ring and 'Walk The Walk' for it." It was with that thought that ON on October 6th, 2004, the IKF awarded Stewart the World title by default and thought, "No one want's to fight Jimmy for it, maybe they will come after him now he has it! Stewart as well as us here at the IKF can tell all Challengers or those questioning Stewarts ability, 'Bring It ON!"

"I thank Steve Fossum and all from the IKF for supporting me throughout my professional career in fulfilling my dream as World Champion." Said Stewart. "Looking back in my amateur career (1991-96) fighting for an organization in Steubenville, Ohio S.O.M.A I. Thank you to owner and promoter Master Clarence West who believed in me enough to name me 'Fighter of the Year' and 'King of the Valley."

Sadly, while Jimmy was trying to make his retirement decision, this past November, long time friend and martial arts Master, Master Clarence West, died in a fire that took his karate studio and limousine service as he was attempting to save a woman in the fire. "My heart goes out to his daughter Nicole and all that was near him." Said Jimmy. "Master Clarence West inspired many lives by teaching karate. His memory will live on forever. (His Story Below)

As Jimmy hangs up his fight gloves, we hope he doesn't hang up the fight game. He still runs his own gym Stewart Center Boxing - www.stewartcenterkickboxing.com and continues to train future champions. We look forward to seeing Jimmy at ringside at future IKF Events as a Trainer, Judge or even an IKF Event Representative. The world of kickboxing has brought him to a different level in his life, the level of Champion. And as everyone knows,

"IKF Champions Live Forever!"


Flags Lowered in Wintersville for Karate Teacher
Who Died in a Fire

Posted Wednesday, November 26, 2022 ; 07:24 PM by WTRF
Clarence West Considered A Hero.
Story by Dave Elias

WINTERSVILLE, Ohio: The Mayor of Wintersville, Ohio, said the Ohio Valley has lost a hero after a deadly fire claims the life of a tri-state area Karate instructor.

Clarence West watched his Karate Studio and Limousine Service on Main Street in Wintersville go up in flames Sunday night. We're now learning that investigators believe West thought that a young woman who lives in the building was inside and that's why he went back inside, trying to save her.

Bob Gale, Wintersville Mayor said, "He went back into that building to save her life. So he died a hero. Our belief is that's honorable and he should never be forgotten." West was a Karate instructor for years, literally touching hundreds of lives in the tri-state area.

Wintersville resident, Robby Martin said, "We've been friends since we were kids. I studied under him as a karate man. My two kids studied under him too. He was more than a businessman. He was a family man." West, known for his flamboyant hats, was a staple in the community who many tell me, strongly supported children. Sarah Malcolm of Wintersville added, "He would help anybody who needed something. Also help his students and follow them through. He was a mentor. He was a good man." It's that very reason that that flags in Wintersville were flying at half staff Wednesday. "That's the type of people that we need in the world today. It's a shame we lost a great individual that helped them in then in the right place in society." Gale added. West's body was found in the basement of the burning building. Fire Investigators tell me that's likely where the fire began, somewhere near the furnace or hot water heater.

For the video link to this story, Click HERE. - Another article found HERE.


And The

Many have asked us about the progress of Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson (54-0) and his timeline for a return to the ring. So, we interviewed his trainer/father, Ray Thompson. Ray gave us some pretty interesting information as to what the Wonderboy has been doing lately since his FIRST knee injury and major knee reconstruction. You might remember his first knee injury occurred in January of 2007 in the season finale of Chuck Norris's World Combat League against Ray Daniels. This fight was supposed to be THE most anticipated fight of the WCL! It was supposed to be the fight the fans were waiting for. Instead it became, at least to the Wonderboy and Ray, the WORST nightmare of the Wonderboy's life. The injury practically destroyed the Wonderboy's knee AND his potential to Superstardom.

EVERY ligament in his knee had some sort of tear and the ACL was shredded! In early February of that year he had surgery to replace the ACL and do whatever repairs possible to the rest of his damaged ligaments. Immediately after surgery, therapy started, to rebuild the knee. Once released from the Doctor the Wonderboy immediately started training. However this time his plan was to move to MMA. His love for kickboxing is strong and he still wants to win an IKF Pro World Title, but MMA is the sport leading the way now with more opportunities and far better Pro pay days. Add to this, Steven was looking for a new challenge.

Enter George "Rush" St. Pierre. GSP, as many MMA fans know him as is the UFC's current Welterweight Champion. In June of 2008 Ray got a call from Firaz Zahabi, head trainer of GSP and owner of world famous Tristar Gym in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, asking if the Wonderboy would be interested in coming to Canada to help GSP prepare for his title defense with Jon Fitch.

Ray and Stephen were honored and jumped at the opportunity to train with and even HELP GSP prepare for his fight. Their primary purpose was to assist in the stand up game of GSP. Ray informed us that they were able to introduce some new "Stand-up" concepts to the training camp that George 'was' not familiar with. 'WAS' is the operative word here. Ray also informed us that George is the MOST DISCIPLINED athlete he has ever seen! Since that training camp and GSP's victory over Fitch, Ray and the Wonderboy have been back at Tristar several times training with George and Firaz working to develop his own MMA game.

Wear and Tear. MMA is a very demanding sport and learning as much as possible of many different types of fight styles is required if you plan to be a "Top Tear" fighter such as your GSP's, Forest Griffins and Rashad Evans. The training is certainly abusive to the body BUT it was not the training that caused the Wonderboy need for a SECOND surgery. Yes... A Second!

Ray said he wouldn't get in to the reason for the second surgery but he did say something about high levels of testosterone. Anyway after the second surgery, which was on November 20th, the Wonderboy has been on a mission. He is on crutches, is in physical therapy AND training five days a week on top of teaching five Karate classes a day. He does his training AFTER teaching his classes.

Ray has also had him doing some special training, on one leg, as well. Ray said the challenges, which is how the Wonderboy views the situation, he faces now, will NOT be his most difficult. The psychological challenge will be the REAL test of the Wonderboy resolve.

Suffering an injury such as this is one most never forget. The pain associated with it burns an impression in ones mind that most never get over and subsequently causes the athlete to never rise to the level he/she once was for fear that it could happen again. This will be the REAL Challenge for the Wonderboy.

Will he rise above the pain and be the Champion he once was... the Champion we look forward to seeing again... and the Champion we know he could or SHOULD be? This is the million dollar question and only TIME will tell.


TUESDAY, December 9th, 2008, AT 6:20 PM/PST

Results from No Xclusions, Inc.
December 5th, 2008 - Jacksonville, Florida, USA

Lee Barden, IKF Florida Representative
What a great way to end the year!
Watching IKF Kickboxing at Plush! I heard this all night from spectators. Special guests included Sean Smith from Figters Inc., Jason from Caged Gear a local talk radio show. They have been doing many interviews with local coaches, fighters and school owners about everything involved with fighting.

Former World Champion David Cummings was also there with his guys. On January 11th he will come out of retirement to fight a Pro MMA fight with Joe Pierson on the Versus Channel. David has won World and International Titles with WKA, ISKA, IKBO, USMTA, IMTA, WKC, WKBA and KICK. He retired from kickboxing with a record of 145-44-2. I talked to David about why we are involved with Kickboxing and we both agreed it's a love for the sport and everything about it. Now about the fights!

One of the fights everyone was eagerly awaiting was a rematch between Alex Ferguson and Mitchell Masters. Alex came out strong and dominated the fight. Alex won by unanimous decision. Another great fight was between Errol Lopez trained by Richard Crunkliton of Daytona Beach and Curtis Kofstead trained by Kris Kofstead of World Martial Arts. Errol won the fight and is currently 3-0 . Looking forward to starting the New Year with IKF Kickboxing on January 9th!

  1. Amateur Modified Muay Thai
    Ryan Brown, (Palm Harbour, Florida, USA, 2-0, 160, 5'10", 1-6-1980, Dan Rawlings, 352-566-8746)
    defeated Jensen Hendricks, (Winter Park, Florida, USA, 0-1, 158, 5'11", 4-27-77, David Cummings, 352-989-0164, by TKO at 1:04 of round 3.

  2. Amateur International Rules
    Alex Ferguson, (Jacksonville, Florida, USA, 4-0, 170, 6', 6-15-80, World Martial Arts, 904-642-3150)
    defeated Mitchell Masters, (Jacksonville, Florida, USA, 0-3, 170, 5'11", 5-19-90, Brad Jodah, 904-838-5450 by unanimous decision with judges scoring the bout 30-26, 30-26, 30-26.

  3. Amateur Full Contact Rules
    Terry Blackburn, (Middleburg, Florida, USA, 11-1, 270, 6', 8-17-80, James Smiley Combat Athletix, 904-644-7571)
    defeated Bill McNeil, (235, 3-3, 6', Self, by Majority Decision with judges scoring the bout 30-27, 29-28, 29-29.

  4. Amateur International Rules
    William White, (Jacksonville, Florida, USA, 1-0, 240, 6'2", 4-1-82)
    defeated Tshalea (Shaka) Randall, (Orlando, Florida, USA, 0-1, 380, 6'5", 5-12-71, David Cummings 352-989-0164 by unanimous decision with judges scoring the bout 30-27, 29-28, 30-27.

  5. Amateur Modified Muay Thai Rules
    Errol Lopez, (Port Orange, Florida, USA, 3-0, 159, 5'10", 6-2-90, Richard Crunkilton, Daytona Beach Armory)
    defeated Curtis Estep, (Kingsland, Georgia, USA, 2-1, 155, 5'9", Kris Kofstead, CITY?? ETC?? 6-23-84, 904-400-75??, by unanimous decision with judges scoring the bout 29-28, 30-27, 29-28.

  6. Amateur Modified Muay Thai Rules
    Aaron Martinez, (Jacksonville, Florida , USA, 1-0, 145, 5'7", 3-27-89, Craig Oxley, 904-629-3283)
    defeated Alex Hebbelar, (Winter Park, Florida, USA, 0-1, 5'5", 140, 7-8-81, Dave Cummings, 352-989-0164, by unanimous decision with judges scoring the bout 30-27, 30-27, 30-27.

  7. Amateur Modified Muay Thai Rules
    Todd Mebane, (Casselberry, Florida, USA, 1-1, 207, 6', 6-28-89, Dave Cummings, 352-989-0164)
    defeated, Billy Griffin, (Saint Marys, Georgia, USA, 0-1, 6', 3-16-1981, Gregory LaRoche, 912-552-3431, by TKO at 27 seconds of round 3.

  8. Amateur Modified Muay Thai Rules
    Joshua Johnson, (Orange Park, Florida, USA, 1-0, 160, 5'6", 1-8-85, James Smiley Combat Athletiz, 904-644-7262)
    defeated Paul Durant, (Jacksonville, Florida, USA, 0-1, 155, 5'11", 8-8-87, Aqueel Majeed, 904-866-3456, by Majority decision with judges scoring the bout 29-27, 30-26, 28-28.

  9. Amateur Full Contact Rules
    Timthy James Richardson, (Jacksonville, Florida, USA, 1-0, 150, 5'6", 6-4-90, AJ Joseph, 847-309-0051)
    defeated Ed Kelleher, (Jacksonville Florida, USA, 149, 0-1, 5'7", 12-8-87, James Smiley Combat Athletix, 904-644-7262 , by TKO with 10seconds left in round 3.

  10. Amateur Modified Muay Thai Rules
    Vince McGinness, (Tampa, Florida, USA, 1-0, 159, 6'2", 9-5-87, Dan Rawlings, 352-566-8745)
    defeated Gabriel Lopez, (Port Orange, Florida, USA, 0-1, 156, 5'10", 8-8-85, Richard Crunkilton, Daytona Beach Armory, by unanimous decision with judges scoring the bout 30-27, 29-28, 29-28.

  11. Amateur International Rules
    Jordan McCullers, (Jacksonville, Florida, USA, 1-0, 150, 5'8", 1-26-90, World Martial Arts Darwin Varsay, 904-642-3150)
    defeated Zsuler (Dez) Buchanan, (Jacksonville, Florida, USA, 0-1, 153, 5'9", 5-8-86, Self, 251-554-8967, by Split Decision with judges scoring the bout 29-28, 28-29, 29-28.

FRIDAY, December 5th, 2008, AT 11:10 AM/PST


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No Xclusions, Inc. Presents
Jacksonville, Florida, USA


Absolute Adrenaline Presents

Bournemouth, England


Jesse Saunders Presents
Surrey, England

IKF PRO Women's Muay Thai Rules
European Lightweight Title
Sheree Halliday VS Mari Krose

Muay Thai Rules British Lightweight Title
Dave Fensom VS Saab Singh

Muay Thai Rules British Cruiserweight Title
Joe Colville VS Phil Burke

Muay Thai Rules English Lightweight Title
Bonnie Van Oortmerson VS Anna Zucahhie

Modified Muay Thai English Title
Robbie Maslin VS Connor Rickman


Cung Le Takes Center Stage On

SAN JOSE, Calif.: Strikeforce World Middleweight (185 lb. limit) MMA Champion, Cung Le, will seize the spotlight during an all-new "Strikeforce on NBC" episode on Saturday night.

The special, 30-minute program, devoted entirely to the one-of-a-kind knockout artist, will showcase Le's stoppages of Mike Altman and "Mr. Unbreakable" Brian Warren and will revisit his crushing knockouts of "The Ultimate Fighter" season three veteran, Sam "The Squeeze" Morgan, and Tony "The Freak" Fryklund.

Also included in the show is a feature segment that touches on the personal life of Le, who fled a war-torn Vietnam, just days before the fall of Saigon, as a baby in his mother's arms in 1975.

Le's victories over Altman and Warren were ranked number one and two, respectively, according to the results of an online poll that gave fans the opportunity to vote for their all-time favorite Strikeforce knockout on the promotion's official website, www.strikeforce.com last week.

A former junior college and high school wrestling star, Le has pioneered the Chinese stand-up fighting art of San Shou, which aided his run to a perfect 16-0 record in the sport of professional kickboxing and an International Kickboxing Federation (IKF) World Championship. His kickboxing conquests, which included three victories in K-1 North America "Superfights," have aired repeatedly on ESPN and ESPN2.

Two years after making his highly-anticipated mixed martial arts (MMA) debut, Le notched what is undoubtedly the greatest win of his career - a third round TKO of former UFC middleweight champion and MMA legend, Frank Shamrock on March 29th of this year. The live SHOWTIME televised victory earned Le the Strikeforce Middleweight Crown.

Le recently returned home from a two month stay in Berlin, where he completed his third acting stint for the silver screen, a supporting role in the science fiction thriller, "Pandorum," which co-stars award-winning actors Dennis Quaid and Ben Foster (3:10 to Yuma, Alpha Dog). The film is slated for release next fall.

"Strikeforce on NBC," the first 52-week mixed martial arts series in network television history, airs every Saturday, immediately following NBC's hit poker tournament series, "Poker After Dark" (check local listings). MMA legend Ken Shamrock and award-winning ESPN announcer, Lon McEachern, co-host each program and provide expert, play-by-play commentary.

About Strikeforce
Strikeforce is a world-class mixed martial arts cage fight promotion which, on Friday, March 10, 2006, made history with its "Shamrock vs. Gracie" event, the first sanctioned mixed martial arts fight card in California state history. The star-studded extravaganza, which pitted legendary champion Frank Shamrock against Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt Cesar Gracie at San Jose's HP Pavilion, played host to a sold-out, record crowd of 18,265. Since 1995, Strikeforce has been the exclusive provider of martial arts programming for ESPN and, after 12 years of success as a leading, world championship kickboxing promotion, the company unveiled its mixed martial arts series with "Shamrock vs. Gracie." Since then, it has co-produced the first SHOWTIME PPV mixed martial arts event in history with its world championship "Shamrock vs. Baroni" card on June 22, 2022 followed by the first-ever mixed martial arts event at the world-famous Playboy Mansion on September 29, 2007. On April 12th of this year, Strikeforce launched the first-ever 52 week MMA series on one of the four major television networks in The U.S. – NBC.
Contact: Mike Afromowitz, Strikeforce – (917) 566-8754 or mafromowitz@strikeforce.com

MONDAY, December 1st, 2008, AT 1:10 PM/PST

Results From TKO Promotions'
November 30th 2008 - Kent, England

This was not the event that was originally planned with the show being hit by a high number of pull-outs due to injury, however it was still a successful night headlined by a fantastic amateur title fight.


Champion Ashley Collins (TKO Kickboxing, England) defended his title successfully outpointing challenger James Wallace (Wado Dragons, Wales) by unanimous decision 50-45, 50-46,49 -47.

    Alex Sirman (Colchester) defeated Matt Gilbert (TKO Kickboxing) unanimous decision 30-27. 29-28. 30-27.

    Neil Wyborn (TKO Kickboxing) defeated Ross Cahill (Samurai) unanimous decision 30-27, 30-26, 30-26.

    Sam Latham (Invicta) defeated Alex Rafferty (STAR kickboxing) in round 2 by KO.
    Rafferty receives 45 day suspension.

    Bradley Collins (TKO Kickboxing) defeated Jason Murray (STAR Kickboxing) unanimous decision 30-27, 30-28, 30-29.

    Dean Alexander (Bulldog Gym) beat Ali Cahill (Samurai) unanimous decision 30-28. 29-28, 30-27.

  6. Zach Jee (TKO kickboxing) defeated Ricky Hall (Budokan ) unanimous decision 30-24, 30-24, 30-24.
    Hall penalised for low kickcount in 2nd round.


Results From Griffin's Martial Arts Gym's
"IKF Point Kickboxing"
November 22nd, 2008 - Indian Trail, North Carolina, USA

  • WHO: Griffin's Martial Arts Gym
  • WHERE: Indian Trail, North Carolina, USA
  • IKF PROMOTER: Mr. Sean Griffin at (704) 488-3908 or by e-mail at griffinsmag@aol.com

On November 22, 2008, the Griffin Martial Arts Gym hosted the 2008 Martial Arts Gym Fall Tournament in Indian Trail, North Carolina, USA which was a huge success. Students from ages 4-adult competed in self-defense, forms and IKF Point Kickboxing (PKB) divisions. The following are the results of the tournament:

  • 4-6 Year Olds Beginners
    1. State Champion Ethan Smith (Indian Trail, NC)
    2. Brock Adams (Monroe, NC)
    3. Dylan Hudson (Stallings, NC)
    4. Jared Schooler (Indian Trail, NC)

  • 6-7 Year Olds Intermediate
    1. State Champion Cam Allman (Monroe, NC)
    2. Chris Stegall (Pageland, SC)
    3. Eric Smith (Indian Trail, NC)
    4. Kathleen Buswell (Monroe, NC)

  • 8-9 Year Olds Intermediate
    1. State Champion Luis Oropesa (Monroe, NC)
    2. Jimmy Whalen (Matthews, NC)
    3. Joshua Vandergrift (Monroe, NC)

  • 10-11 Year Olds
    1. Intermediate State Champion Alyssa Johnson (Monroe, NC)
    2. Kelley Bui (Monroe, NC)
    3. McKenzie Meyer (Monroe, NC)

  • 12-13 Year Olds
    1. Intermediate State Champion Dallas Meyer (Monroe, NC)
    2. Jeff Gordon (Indian Trail, NC)
    3. Kevin Bui (Monroe, NC)
    4. Bryan Miller (Huntersville, NC)

  • Point Muay Thai (PMT) Division 14 Year Old
    1. State Champion Jeffrey Currence, Jr. ( Concord, NC)
    2. Michael DeMasi ( Waxhaw, NC)
    3. Luke Barber (Monroe, NC)

  • 15 Year Old, Girls
    1. State Champion Cassandra Lambert (Indian Trail, NC)
    2. Aubrey Meyer (Monroe, NC)

  • 15-16 Year Olds
    1. State Champion Brandon Meneses (Indian Trail, NC)
    2. Nathan Pierce ( Charlotte, NC)

  • Adult Lightweight Division (120-149 lbs.)
    1. State Champion Anthony DeMasi (Waxhaw,NC)
    2. Cody Cornwell (Fayetteville, NC)
    3. Brad D'Amico (Charlotte, NC)

  • Adult Middleweight Division (150-175 lbs.)
    1. State Champion Nathan Thomas (Charlotte,NC)
    2. Jason Dean (Charlotte, NC)
    3. Matthew Rutkowski (Matthews, NC)
    4. Mark McIntyre (New London, NC)
    5. Nikolos Nash (Albemarle, NC)
    6. Josh Doutt (Charlotte, NC)
    7. Micah Pierce (Indian Trail, NC)

  • Adult Light Heavyweight Division (176-199 lbs.)
    1. State Champion. Michael Alford (Charlotte, NC)
    2. Andrew Davis ( Concord, NC)
    3. Robert Cox (Pageland, SC)
    4. Wesley Hoke (Monroe, NC)

  • Adult Heavyweight Division (200-265 lbs.)
    1. State Champion Strayhorn Telly (Raeford, NC)
    2. Phillip Brown (Charlotte, NC)

  • Adult Men's Division (Over 40 Year Olds)
    1. State Champion Cody Porter (Huntersville, NC)
    2. John McKelvie (Raeford, NC)
    3. Terry Ess (Greer, SC)
    4. Dan Zupko (Tega Cay, SC)

  • Other Tournament Results:

    • Forms & Self-Defense Results: Forms 8-9 Year Olds Intermediate
      1. Jimmy Whalen
      2. Joshua Vandergrift
      3. Luis Oropesa
      4. Eric Smith

    • Self-Defense 8-9 Year Olds Intermediate
      1. Luis Oropesa
      2. Jimmy Whalen
      3. Eric Smith
      4. Joshua Vandergrift

    • Forms 12-15 Year Olds Beginners
      1. Aubrey Meyer
      2. Kevin Bui
      3. Kelley Bui
      4. McKenzie Meyer

    • Self-Defense 12-15 Year Olds Beginners
      1. Aubrey Meyer
      2. Kelley Bui
      3. McKenzie Meyer
      4. Kevin Bui

    • Forms 12-13 Year Olds Intermediate
      1. Alyssa Johnson
      2. Dallas Meyer

    • Self-Defense 12-13 Year Olds Intermediate
      1. Alyssa Johnson
      2. Dallas Meyer

    • Forms 14 Year Olds Advanced
      1. Michael DeMasi
      2. Luke Barber
      3. Jeff Gordon

    • Self-Defense 14 Year Olds Advanced
      1. Michael DeMasi
      2. Luke Barber
      3. Jeff Gordon

  • Tournament Grand Champions: Nathan Thomas & Michael Alford Adult
  • Women State Champion: Rhonda Smith (Indian Trail, NC)
  • For More Information on the IKF Point Point Kickboxing Circuit, contact Mr. Sean Griffin at (704) 488-3908 or go to www.IKFPKB.com for 2009 events.