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WEDNESDAY, January 30th, 2008, AT 12:40 PM, PT

January 11th, 2008 - Jacksonville, Florida, USA

What a great way to start the new year. The house was packed and we had a full card. We would like to extend a special thanks to coach Ichi Gonzalez for bringing his team from Puerto Rico. They traveled a great distance just for the fight and we appreciate everything they had endure just to get here. One of the highlights of the evening was from a first time fighter Kenny Griswold who knocked out his opponent Norberto Arroyo in :38 seconds of the first round. We look forward to seeing more of him in the future. Our next fight is February 15th so we look forward to seeing you next month.....

    Anthony Cortes, Aguada, Puerto Rico, (3-0, 137, 5'6", 10-4-91, Ichy Gonzalez)
    defeated Scott Logan, Jacksonville, Florida, USA, (1-1-1/0, 5'7", 145, 8-28-92, Karate Arts, 904-722-0110) by unanimous decision with judges scoring the match 30-26, 30-26, 30-26.

    Tryone Brisby, Jacksonville, Florida, USA, (4-2, 189, 5'11", 2-6-88)
    defeated Alex Medina, Aguarda, Puerto Rico, (4-1, 194, 5'11", 1-3-88, Ichi Gonzalez) by TKO at .50 of round 1.

    Kenny Griswold, Jacksonville, Florida, USA, (1-0, 5'7", 165, 12-6-07, Karate Arts 904-722-0110)
    defeated Norberto Arroyo, San Sebastian, Puerto Rico, (2-3, 5'10", Weight ?, 3-24-81, Ichy Gonzalez) by KO at .38 of round 1.

    Jonathan Torres Bonilla, Aguada, Puerto Rico, (3-0, 136, 5'11", 6-12-87, Ichy Gonzalez)
    defeated Jovan White, Jacksonville, Florida, USA, (1-1, 140, 5,4", 4-17-84, Mr. Smiley, 904-339-4047) by Majority Decision with judges scoring the match 28-28, 30-26, 30-26.

    Justin Robbins, Saint Augustine, Florida, USA, (1-0, 6', 168, 11-10-77, Darrell Brown)
    defeated Frank Godwin, Jacksonville, Florida, USA, (3-1, 6', Weight ?, 10-2-81) at .30 of round 1.

    Terry "Polar Bear" Blackburn, Middleburg, Florida, USA, (1-0, 6', Weight ?, 8-17-80, Mr. Smiley)
    defeated Danny "Darkside" Dustin, Green Cove Springs, Florida, USA, (4-2, 5'11", Weight ?, 5-29-82) by unanimous decision with judges scoring the bout 30-28, 30-27, 29-28.

    Brian Stalvey, Jacksonville Florida, USA, (9-3, 224, 6'2", 3-11-66)
    defeated Jamie Strickland, St Augustine Florida, USA, (0-1, 6'1", 240, 3-24-87) by KO at 1:54 of round 1.

    Romeo Forster, Jacksonville, Florida, USA, (1-0, 155, 5,5", 7-7-71)
    defeated Nick Ruby, (0-1, 6', 150, 8-25-87) by TKO at the end of round 1.

    Nick Thomas, Florida, USA, (2-2-1/0, 169, 5'9", 11-15-83, Karate Arts 904-722-0110)
    and Kelley Hewlett, USA, (176, 1-2-1/0, 6'6", 1-5-83) judges scored the bout a draw: 28-28, 29-29, 28-28.

    David Gensler, Orlando, Florida, USA, (1-1, 5'9", 152, 12-16-87)
    defeated Timothy Garretson, Orange Park, Florida, USA, (0-1, 5'6", Weight ?, 11-28-87) by TKO at 1:27 of round 2.


August 17th, 2007 - Jacksonville, Florida, USA

    Kelly Hewlett, Jacksonville, Florida, USA, (2-1, 178, 6'6", 1-5-83)
    defeated Nick Thomas, Jacksonville, Florida, USA, (0-1, 5'9", Weight ?, 11-15-83, Karate Arts 904-722-0110) by unanimous decision 29-26, 29-26 29-26.

    Bryan Conlon, St Augustine, Florida, USA, (1-1, 170, 5'9", 12-28-79)
    defeated Antoine Harper, Jacksonville, Florida, USA, (0-1, 170, 6', 4-23-87) by TKO at the end of round 1.

    Quenton Singleterry, Brunswick, Georgia, USA, (6-4, 160, 5'9")
    defeated Leslie Stratton St Augustine, Florida, USA, (3-3, 158, 5'6") by Split decision 29-28, 28-29, 30-27.

    Brian Stalvey, Jacksonville, Florida, USA, (4-2, 220, 6'2", 3-11-66)
    defeated Jamie Zarco, Jacksonville, Florida, USA, (0-1, 230, 5'7", 11-23-78) by TKO at the end of round 1.

    Joshua Fournier, Green Cove Springs, Florida, USA, (6-0, 155, 5'9", 11-27-87, Gene Bautista)
    defeated Kevin Alford, Deland, Florida, USA, (0-1, 162, 4-8-83) by majority decision 30-29, 29-29, 29-28.

    Tryone Brisby, Jacksonville, Florida, USA, (3-0, 185, 5'11" 6-2-87)
    defeated James Collins, Jacksonville, Florida USA, (0-1, 185, 5'10", 11-28-80) by KO at 1:36 of round 3.

    Duane Pettis, Apopka, Florida, USA, (1-0, 162, 6'3", 3-11-84)
    defeated Martin Weaver, Palatka, Florida, USA, (0-1, 160, 5'11", 7-14-75) by Majority Decision 30-27, 29-27, 29-29.

    Jesse Lawrence, St Augustine, Florida, USA, (3-0, 175, 5'7", 2-11-87, John Mahlow)
    defeated Joe Mustered, Interlachen, Florida, USA,(0-1, 171, 5'9", 3-4-79, CC Corey) by split decision 29-28, 28-29, 29-28.

    Steven Dahn, St Augustine, Florida USA, (2-0, 215, 6'4", 2-8-80, Brandon Rehe)
    defeated Joseph Swartz, Glen St Mary, Florida, USA, (0-1, 210, 5'10", 2-28-82, David Chisholm) KO at :52 of round 1.

    Aaron Cundy, Gainesville, Florida USA, (1-0, 210, 6", 4-26-82)
    defeated William McNeeil, St Augustine, Florida, USA, (0-1, 6', Weight ?, 10-07-77) by TKO at the end round 1.

    Robert Novak, DeLeon Springs, Florida, USA, (1-0, 178, 6' 3-23-79)
    defeated Antonio Taylor, Jacksonville, Florida USA, (0-1, 175, 5'11", 6", 3-28-82) by unanimous decision 29-26, 30-26 30-26.

    Shawn Connolly, Jacksonville, Florida USA, (1-0, 184, 5'6", 2-18-74, Sean Doyle)
    defeated Garrett Wilhelm, Jacksonville, Florida, USA, (2-1, 185, 5'10", 3-4-86, Joey Mainville) by KO of :28 of round 2.

    Kelly Jurca, Jacksonville, Florida, USA, (3-0, 200, 6'5", 8-5-76)
    defeated Rich Leber, St Augustine, Florida, USA, (2-1, 205, 6'4", 3-11-87) by KO at 1:10 of round 1.

TUESDAY, January 29th, 2008, AT 2:15 PM, PT

IKF Florida...?
We Didn't Forget You...

We would like to apologize to all the Amateur IKF Florida Fighters and Trainers that have been calling and or e-mailing us here asking why their event results have not been posted. For various reasons, a lot of the results from Florida IKF Events never made it to us. However, we have finally collected some of them and would like to announce those results here and now to give those fighters credit who fought on them. As you will read below there are several events we have never received results for.

If you are a fighter who fought on an IKF Sanctioned event in Florida (OR ANYWHERE FOR THAT MATTER) and you are not listed in the IKF Rankings (Pro or Amateur) please e-mail us here with the following info so we can get you listed in the IKF Rankings:

Once we have your info, we will list you in the Official IKF World Rankings. Please send your e-mail by clicking HERE.



Results From No Xclusions, Inc.
December 14th, 2007 - Jacksonville, Florida, USA

It was our last fight for the year and what a way to end it. Everyone was looking forward to our main event, Jahmal Mclennan and Anthony "Shadow" Thomas. Both fighters having lost only 1 fight in their career (When Jahmal lost to Shadow) everyone new this would be the fight of the night. Both fighters showed great skill and technique and it was a close match but Jahmal prevailed and was the winner. Can't wait till next month.

    Danny Dustin, Green Cove Springs, Florida, USA, (4-1, 237, 5'10", 5-24-82)
    defeated Shawn White, Jacksonville, Florida, USA, (0-1, 210, 5'9", 5-23-80, Charlie Blanchare) by unanimous decision 29-28, 30-27, 29-28.

    Brian Stalvey, Jacksovnille, Florida, USA, (9-3, 228, 6'2", 5-11-66),
    defeated John Ellis, Jacksonville, Florida, USA, (0-1, 226, 6", 6-26-82) by TKO at 1:24 of round 2.

    Oscar Williams, Lake Helen, Florida, USA, (155, 6-2-1/0, 5-10", 2-14-81, L. Barden)
    and Joshua Fournier, Green Cove Springs, Florida, USA, (7-0-1/0, 151, 5'8", 11-27-87, Mr Smiley) fought to a Majority DRAW. Judges scoring: 29-29, 29-29, 28-29.

    Jesse Bodden, Orlando, Florida, USA, (2-0, 164, 5'11", 11-10-82, David Cummings)
    defeated David Gensler, Orlando, Florida, USA, (0-1, 159, 5'9", 12-16-87, Brett Harold) by TKO at :50 of round 3.

    Jahmal McLennan, Jacksonville, Florida, USA, (12-1-3, 155, 5'7", 12-2-76, Tom Burke)
    defeated Anthony "Shadow" Thomas, Deland, Florida, USA, (8-1-2, 155, 5'9", 5-11-77) by unanimous decision 30-27, 30-27, 29-28.


We are Sorry To say
We do not have any Results from these
2007 Florida Events Listed Below

  1. April 20th, 2007
  2. May 18th, 2007
  3. June 9th, 2007
  4. July 13th, 2007
  5. August 17th, 2007
  6. October 19th, 2007

As of this date
Tuesday, January 29th, 2008, We do not have the results from this event yet:

TUESDAY, January 22nd, 2008, AT 9:20 AM, PT

AK Promotions and Navarro's Muay Thai Presents
IKF Point Kickboxing and Grappling Tournament...
This Weekend in Sacramento, CA! Top IKF Referee Slated to Officiate...

Sacramento- January 22nd, 2008
This weekend brings another, and first IKF Point Kickboxing tournament to the Sacramento, CA area. The semi contact version of kickboxing has been gaining in popularity.

"We have been getting calls from across the state for the past two weeks from those planning to attend. Therefore we are looking to have a first class event at a first class venue like the Doubletree Hotel. I think the fans and participants alike will enjoy the event" said Johnny Davis (Right) IKF Point Kickboxing President.

Davis Continued "We are also bringing in top IKF Referee, Mr. Dan Stell (Left) who is renown around the world for his excellent referring for this weekend's event. Dan has been assisting us with these semi-contact events since their inception about five years ago and his service is very valuable to the success of the events." Dan knows the vital difference between full contact and semi contact and allows fighters just enough room, not to cross the line.

For more information on this weekend's IKF Point Kickboxing and Grappling event Click Here!

TUESDAY, January 15th, 2008, AT 5:00 PM, PT

Where Is He Now...
IKF Takes A Look Back At


By the time many associated with the IKF saw him fight, he was not at his best. Being stopped by "Mean" Mike Labree back in May of 1999. Rosier and Labree kicked off a Nationwide LIVE PPV event called "MASS DESTRUCTION". Their bout was for the vacant IKF Pro Full Contact Rules Super Heavyweight title. Rosier of Buffalo, New York, USA entered the fight with a record of 36-4 with 36 KO's and Labree of Roscoe, Illinois, USA met him with a record of 50-2 with 42 KO's. It would have been better to see these two meet in their prime. Rosier came in heavier than had ever fought which played a part in his endurance.

However LaBree came in trimmed up and ready to Rumble. The two went toe to toe for 9 rounds exchanging blow after blow. At 26 seconds into round 10, LaBree caught Rosier with a short left to the head and Rosier went down to his knees. At that point, referee Jon Schorle put a stop to the bout even though it appeared that Rosier was more tired than hurt. Rosier respectfully accepted Schorle's decision. There was talk of a rematch but it never happened.

After that event the future of these two took different paths, but one path they took was the same. Neither were paid for that fight when Promoters Scott Haddad and Phil Malonson stiffed everyone. You can read all about it by clicking HERE. The result of this event put into place the IKF's new rule for Pro Promoters where all purses need to be paid before the fight happens in Cash or Cashiers Checks. This new rule prevented such a thing from ever happening again on an IKF Sanctioned event.

Labree went on to defend his title in what was to be his retirement fight on February 3rd, 2001 in Hayward, Wisconsin where he won with a 3rd round TKO over number 1 contender, George Randolph of Glenville, West Virginia, USA. After the fight Labree Voluntarily Retired his title and from kickboxing at the age of 38. However, in September, 2007, LaBree came out of retirement and knocked out Milwaukee's Horace "The Real Deal" Croft in the third round of a scheduled seven-round main event. This fight was LaBree's second since ending a five-year retirement. Labree has announced he wants a shot at another Kickboxing title, but no formal plans have been made. Who knows, maybe we will see a Rosier-Labree "2"?

As for Kevin, life taught him a lot after the fight as he faced ups in downs in his personal life that found him dealing with various issues. However, as of today, Kevin in a way has, "Found himself" again. He's back living in Buffalo New York and trying to give back to others, teaching martial arts. As he reflects back he is gracious for what life has delt him in his past as well as his present. Few here really know what Kevin Rosier has accomplished over his career so lets take a look back.

Kevin began his martial arts training at the Boys Club in East Aurora, New York. He earned his first black belt from Sensei William James Gallant. Since then, he traveled the world fighting in martial arts and professional boxing tournaments and amassed an impressive professional kickboxing record. As a Professional Kickboxer Kevin was no small fighter. Standing 6'4" and weighing in at about 285 lbs he came to the ring with a lot of power. His career record (Amateur & Pro) was 66-8 with all 66 of his wins coming by way of KO/TKO. He was a 3-time WKA World Super Heavyweight Kickboxing Champion as well as an ISKA North American Champion. In 1989 he won the All Japan World Karate Title, in 1987 he participated in the U.S. Kung Fu Karate National No-Rules Tournament. In his travels he trained with the best in the world, earning multiple high-degree black belts and red sashes in a variety of styles.

In 1993 he was part of the very first -original- UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) at McNichols Arena in Denver, Colorado on November 12, 2022 where he faced and defeated Zane Frazier by TKO at 4:20 of round number 1 in the first round of the Tournament. in round 2 he was defeated by French Savate/Samboo Champion Gerard Gordeau of Amsterdam, Holland. Gordeau went on to lose to Royce Gracie by submission.

Kevin was always one of those fighters who would accept a fight under any rule style, any time. From Karate to MMA, Boxing to Kickboxing, Rosier fought it all. in fact, in a recent phone conversation with Kevin, he said he would love to fight again. He says he's in far better shape then the "Mass Destruction" event, and is hungry to jump back in the ring again. So if LaBree is serious, who knows, maybe we will see that Rosier Vs LaBree "2" after all.

If anyone is interested, or if you just want to say hello to one of the former greats in the fight sports, Kevin can be contacted at (716) 854-3756.

FRIDAY, January 11th, 2008, AT 1:45 PM, PT


No Xclusions, Inc. Presents
Jacksonville, Florida, USA


Two IKF Regional Seeding Tournaments Added....
Who Will Be Next?

So far we have two scheduled USA Regional Seeding Tournaments for this years IKF World Classic this July in Orlando Florida. Both have been scheduled for the month of May. One in Minnesota and the other in South Carolina. Those who register for a Regional Seeding Tournament will always attain a higher seeding in their division at World Classic Tournament than those registering directly.

ANYONE can attend any of the regional Seeding tournaments regardless of where you are located. Here is the current info on the two regionals scheduled below. To be a regional promoter in your region, please contact the IKF by e-mail by clicking HERE.


A Picture Says A Lot...

We here at the IKF take a lot of pride in hosting the very best and up to date Rankings for Amateur and Pro Kickboxing and Muay Thai. As many here know, the IKF Pro World Champions have always had their photos displayed on the rankings. However, over the past few weeks we stepped it up a notch. Recently we completed step 1 of many as we made some adjustments to the IKF Rankings.

Along with the help of Colin Payne of IKF Europe, we updated all the European Adult Men's Full Contact Rules Fighters along with any additional info we had for any of the other Adult Men Pro Full Contact Fighters. As we did this, we added something new to the Adult Men's Full Contact Rankings. If you take a close look, when you click on some of the names, you will find that it will take you to the fighters photo, or at least the best photo we could find on him.

If you are in the rankings and want your photo linked to your name and we have not done it yet, please e-mail it to us by clicking HERE. Make sure you tell us whether you are amateur or pro, what rule style and where you are ranked. If we already have a photo linked to your name, but you want a different one, feel free to e-mail us your desired photo.

As we said, this has only been done in the Adult Men's Full Contact Rankings. As we keep working we hope to have this feature completed for all the IKF Rankings. Let us know if you like it.

MONDAY, January 7th, 2008, AT 9:20 PM, PT

Who Will Be In
Orlando Florida USA
This Year For The
2008 IKF World Classic
Amateur Kickboxing

As MMA seems to continue to grow here in the USA, kickboxing is looking to "The Next Big Thing!" Every year, the IKF provides the answer to "The next big thing" for Amateur Kickboxers and this year will be no different. The IKF World Classic is the without a doubt the Largest "ALL AMATEUR" Kickboxing Tournament in the WORLD! The very best fighters from around the world attend this OPEN Invitation Tournament for a chance to not only be called True AMATEUR World Champions, but to also win the BEST Amateur Tournament awards in the World!

However, you don't need 20-30 fights to be the BEST! Past accomplishments mean little on Championship weekend because there have been fighters in the ring for the very first time walk out with the World Championship Belt! The question is, "Who will be this years Champions?"

With some claiming the rest of the world needs to travel to mainland Europe to win a World Championship, the truth is, the ONLY True "All Amateur" World Championship is right here in the USA! The IKF World Classic is the only true "ALL AMATEUR" World Kickboxing Championships. NO PROS HERE like in other World Championships!

So if you are an AMATEUR Kickboxer, THIS is "THE" Venue for you! We hope to see you this year!

A Success Story Of The
2007 IKF World Classic...

"That's The Way We Roll!"
IMAC (Indianapolis Martial Arts Club ) Fields The Most Wins In Muay Thai
At The 2007 IKF World Championship Tournament!

Last year Kru Ray Sarkine sent 7 fighters to the 2007 IKF Amateur World Championships in Orlando, Florida, USA. "We were the only fighters representing Indianapolis and we fielded one of, if not the biggest Muay Thai teams in the whole tournament!" Said Sarkine.

Not one, Not 2, not even 3, but 4 World Champions! Their fighters all fought fantastically and the only fights they lost were close split decisions.

James Shin
What can you say? James not only won the IKF World Title, he did so after working the corner all that day, and the day previous and with no rest. James "Whirlwind" Shin put the heat on against his opponent, Jessy Jimenez of Camp Verde, Arizona, USA and the referee was forced to put a stop to the bout at 1:50 of round 3 to win the Muay Thai Rules Lightweight (130.1 lbs. - 140 lbs.) IKF World Title.

Tammy Sarkine
Tammy defeated her tough Canadian opponent to win a unanimous decision and bring home the IKF World Title. Tammy was strong in her boxing and clinch work which was the deciding factor in her victory as she defeated Alana Dunbrack of Calgary, Alberta, Canada by unanimous decision, 30-27 on all 3 judges score cards to win the Muay Thai Rules Atomweight (110 lbs. & Below) IKF World Title.

Jamie Bradley
Jamie fought a seasoned opponent in what was Jamie's first bout. She squared off before the fight and looked into her opponent's eyes and made sure that she knew that win or lose, she was coming to get her. Boy, she sure did! She won with solid boxing backing her opponent, Natalya Speece of Imperial Beach, California, USA, up and adding some great knee strikes to win by unanimous decision, 30-27 on all 3 judges score cards to win the Muay Thai Rules Lightweight (130.1 lbs. - 140 lbs) IKF World Title.

Kathy Wise
Kathy fought her way through a preliminary bout on Saturday with a hard, and tough opponent, Denise Jacobs of Orlando, Florida, USA to win by split decision, 29-28, 29-28 & 28-29. In her Championship bout she found herself against yet another tough Canadian fighter, Stephanie Marshall of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Kathleen fought valiantly as the aggressor on her way to win by Split decision, 29-28, 29-28 & 28-29 to win the Muay Thai Rules Bantamweight (110.1 - 120 lbs.) IKF World Title.

Doug Metrish
Doug fought on Saturday in the prelims and defeated his opponent, Randolph Hull of Detroit, Michigan, USA by split decision, 29-28, 29-28 & 28-29 with the use of some great endurance, skills, and knees. On Sunday though he faced "Multi Time" IKF Tournament Champion and IKF Amateur World Champion Scott Clark. Doug was able to hold his own in round one but in round 2, Clark turned it on and won the bout by Knock Out at 1:49 of round 2. Doug had nothing to be ashamed of though as he "Walked the Walk" against a seasoned Champion. Clark's record spoke for itself at 38-4-1/21. Clark turned Professional this past fall so Doug won't have to go through him for the 2008 IKF Tournament Title. Congratulations for showing so much guts and determination Doug!

Adam Moss
In Round 1 of the Tournament Preliminaries, Adam fought a tough opponent, Patrick Greene of Houston, Texas, USA on Saturday and took the win by unanimous decision, 30-26 on all 3 judges cards. This fight was textbook perfect. The fight for the title was well fought from both corners and it came down to a split decision and unfortunately, it went the other way with Eric Vtsch of Breinigsville, Pennsylvania, USA winning, 29-28, 30-27 & 28-29. This was Adam's first time fighting and to take it as far as he did is yet another example of "Walking The Walk!"

Jason Bradley
Jason fought on Saturday against a very skilled and seasoned opponent, Branndon Hawkins of Sherwood, Arkansas, USA who defeated Jason by split decision 30-27, 29-28 & 28-30. This was Jason's first bout and he really charged out and took it to his opponent. To Jason's credit, Hawkins who went on to win the tournament title on Sunday.

Kru Ray's Indianapolis team really showed their stuff and defeated teams from some of the top gyms and camps in the world. All Indy fighters were in Great shape that they didn't even sit between rounds! Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. But, Indianapolis proved that given a fair fight they are competitive and can "Walk The Walk" with the Best in the World.

We hope to see Kru Ray and his Team at this years 2008 IKF World Classic. Who else will be there? One thing is for sure... If you want to "Claim" you are the BEST AMATEUR in the World, you need to get on a plane this July and come to Orlando Florida, USA because THIS is where the Real "AMATEUR" World Champions can be found! See you in Orlando!

For more info on this years 2008 IKF World Classic Click


Remembering The

Speaking of Champions!

Did you ever wonder who all has won an IKF Title? You all know some REAL Kickboxing Champions. However, we also all know of some of those "so Called" Champions who either claimed to win a kickboxing title but can't account for it, or did win one but you find out later, that the title was what they call a "Paper Champion" title because they didn't fight a top contender...
Oh ya, you know those we're talkin about...
Even if some of the other sanctioning bodies list their Champions, you never know when the title was won, who they fought or what the actual outcome was.

Checking facts about past bouts is easy with the IKF web site. 24/7 one can look back into the "Past News" pages (Found Here) and see if their friend really did win an IKF Title. However, we have even went deeper in making sure History is preserved here at the IKF. Many here know it's easy to find the CURRENT Title holders. Just click through the CURRENT Rankings Pages and you will find all the current title holders.

However, the IKF is proud that we not only list publicly all our Current Champions in their prospective rule styles and the separation of them by pro or amateur status, but also that we kept track of all our Former IKF Champions. EVERY fighter who won an IKF Title, Amateur or Professional, can be found on two easy pages. We spent the last several weeks designing these pages for your ease of viewing. The Past champions pages use to be separated in the "Years the Title was won". However, this was confusing since some who were looking didn't know when the title they were looking for was won. Now a past Champion can be found on either the past Amateur Champions page or the past Pro champions page in alphabetical order. To check out all the former IKF Champions or to see yourself on these pages, click HERE.

We are still adding photos and links back to the news of these champions wins. We are also searching back to assure we haven't missed anyone. If you think we missed someone, Please, send us an e-mail and let us know. Remember though, all Champions STILL HOLDING their title will be listed on the current ranking pages. These past Champion pages are only for fighters who no longer hold their IKF titles.

TUESDAY, January 2nd, 2008, AT 2:30 PM, PT

Another Warrior Has Fallen...
January 6th, 1953 - December 24th, 2007

While the Holidays brought many here joy and happiness, one family had the opposite of those emotions by Christmas Eve. Few reading this will know who this great man was. When I first met him, Jim Ashe, back in the early 80's, he was a humble, yet Strong Martial Artist that I wish I could have spent more time with, and today I wish more people here knew. Even though most here never knew him, I thought he is well worth remembering on our pages here. So we have taken text from various sources and compiled them here for your reading.

On December 24, 2022 at around 1:PM, 54 year old Martial Arts Master, James Ashe past away after a battle with cancer. Remembered for his Passion for martial arts and teaching self-defense to others as well as for his painting and drawing landscapes.

Master Ashe was the founder and creator of a martial arts system called "Ashen Tao". It was a blend of Tang Soo Do and modern martial arts. He was a pioneer in the Sacramento Area during the mid 70's and contributed a vast amount of this area's martial arts "practicing" trend. He was a martial arts practitioner for over 40 years, a Vietnam veteran and a 20 year veteran of Folsom (California) State Prison as a correctional sergeant. He also enjoyed painting.

Mr. Ashe was born in Wyoming to a Southern Baptist family with strict military values. When he was 9, the family moved to Japan where his father was stationed with the Air Force. While living in Japan, he developed a passion for martial arts. When he was 11, his father was transferred to McClellan Air Force Base in Sacramento, California and the family moved to North Highlands, California. He graduated from Highlands High School, then followed in his father's footsteps and joined the Air Force. He served for four years, including a tour in Vietnam. But he never lost his love for martial arts.

After earning his black belt in the Tang So Do, when he came home from the war, he opened two martial arts studios in North Highlands. He developed his own style of martial arts that blended traditional forms. In the 1980s he was in a televised martial arts fight that caught the attention of many inmates. As a result, he was constantly getting accosted by inmates – people trying to test him to see if he was for real or if it was just for show. At one point, Ashe became the most assaulted correctional officer in the state. He also trained other prison employees in self-defense and worked side by side with Ray Arquillia, who was his colleague in the prison and his opponent in the fight ring. He also taught martial arts skills at camps for children with cancer.

While working at the Vacaville prison 16 years ago, he met Marina Brunelle, who became his second wife. They moved to Folsom, where Mr. Ashe fostered his love for art. He sketched images of Folsom landscapes in charcoal, watercolor and ink pen. Postcards with his pictures of bridges and buildings in old town are for sale in Folsom still.

Before Master Ashe passed on, he requested that members of The Iron Dragon Kosho-Shorei Martial Art Institute assist his surviving Dojo in passing on his beloved system to all those wishing to learn. Mr. Ashe will forever be a part of the Iron Dragon Kenpo System.

Rest in peace Master Ashe. You will always be remembered as a Martial Artist we all strive to be...