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MAY, 2008


THURSDAY, May 29th, 2008, AT 1:30 PM, PT


Rumble In The Valley Productions Presents
"Rumble In The Valley"
Eau Claire, Wisconsin, USA

Neil Halmstad Vs Whitney Waddell


Chris Cichon Vs Leroy Walters


Stephanie Kernan Vs Lisa Wells

Carson Honaker (Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin) Vs Travis Chung (Hayward, Wisconsin)
Travis Mason (Park City, Utah) Vs Michael Ju (Virginia, Minnesota)
Heather Everson (North Branch, Minnesota) Vs Megan Brody (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
Carrie Slaughter (Humbird, Wisconsin) Vs Mary Tilley (Beloit, Wisconsin)
Mitch Whiley (Minneapolis, Minnesota) Vs Adam Patenude (Cambridge, Minnesota)
Jamie Kottke (North Branch, Minnesota) Vs Scott Legus (Bloomington, Minnesota)
Michael Yount (Stanley, Wisconsin) Vs Brandon Barnhart (Eau Claire, Wisconsin)
Dave Pekarek (North Branch, Minnesota) Vs Carlos Hernadez (Spooner, Wisconsin)
Chris Schultz (Mondovi, Wisconsin) Vs Jake Lavalle ( Minnesota)
Landon Fransmeir (North Branch, Minnesota) Vs Curtis Huff (Eau Claire, Wisconsin)


Upstate Karate Pressnts
Simpsonville, South Carolina, USA


Griffin's Martial Arts Gym
IKF Point Kickboxing & BJJ Tournament
Indian Trail, North Carolina, USA

TUESDAY, May 27th, 2008, AT 11:55 PM, PT

81 Fighters
At A REGIONAL Tournament!

IKF Promoter and host of this years South East Regional Ray Thompson (L) is ready for a big weekend this Saturday! As of this post, Thompson and his staff have "81" Fighters Registered for his IKF South East Regional event.

Of those 81, 13 are female, 41 are male and 27 are Juniors. They are coming from all over the East Coast. From South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Virginia!

The event will be a one day event, this Saturday, May 31st at Thompson's Upstate Karate, 129 N. Main Street, Simpsonville, South Carolina, 29681 . The event will include all three rule styles, International, Full Contact Rules & Muay Thai Rules.

For more info on Thompson's regional CLICK HERE or contact Mr. Ray Thompson and the Upstate Karate staff at (864) 967-3930 or at

After this final Regional Tournament is over is usually when we see the majority of fighters registering for the IKF World Classic. Unless you attend a Regional Seeding tournament, your seeding is based upon WHEN we receive your registration. for this reason, you may want to get your registration paperwork and fees in as soon as you can. if you end up not having enough fighters in your division, and cannot be placed into any other Rule Style or fighting style, you will receive a full refund of your fees.

The numbers are growing for this years World Classic. Additional fighters will be updated and added to the Registered Fighters page tomorrow. We look forward to seeing you all there to "Walk the Walk and Bring it ON!"


World Classic Tournament!



Results From Ray Delgaldo's
May 24th, 2008 - Santa Clara, California, USA

Ray Delgado's Martial Arts Event This Past Weekend Rocked!
IKF Point Kickboxing Divisions...A Hit!

The Results from the event... coming soon!

May 25, 2022 - Santa Clara, CA: Master Ray Delgado (Left) hosted his Ultimate National Karate Tournament this past weekend at the beautiful Santa Clara Convention Center and there is no wonder he calls it the is indeed that!

The event was loaded with different forms of martial arts from Kung Fu to Grappling to Jujitsu and IKF Point Kickboxing... ( ) to name a few. It was an awesome event! With well over 600 competitors traveling from across the United States, Mr. Delgado is certainly one of the most respected martial arts promoters on the circuit today.

Moreover, the kindness and proficiency of his staff made the event run smoothly with few issues for an event this size.

The IKF/PKB Department was impressed with so many kickboxers showing up as they have heard about its popularity. There were a lot of newcomers who got their feet wet for the first time in Kickboxing as well as a lot of curious on-lookers who were promising that they would be in there next year but chose to sit it this time to see what it was all about. As always though, several fighters got a real dose of what IKF/PKB was all about as several of them were too gassed to continue their bouts and others got very sick (If you know what we mean... blaaaaa) in the middle of their matches... :) More and more IKF/PKB fighters are getting the idea that they have to be in shape to do it effectively.

Based on many of the comments that IKF/PKB West Coast Rep. Ms. Ruby Navarro (Left) received, the event will double in participation next year. Ms. Navarro is doing an excellent job keeping records of the IKF/PKB Circuit Points as well as overseeing all aspects of the tournaments. We would also like to say thanks to IKF/PKB Promoter Mr. Dennis Guila and some of his staff who assisted with the event. As always, we are thankful to all of the trainers and instructors who come out and were quick to assist us with judging if needed.

In Closing, Mr. Delgado seemed very pleased with the turnout and operation of the IKF/PKB Tournament and committed to having IKF Point Kickboxing as part of his May 30, 2022 Tournament...The IKF/PKB gladly accepts his invitation. We are sure that IKF/PKB fighters are also taking note and marking their calendars.

More on this event: Contact Mr. Delgado directly at (707) 643-7778.
If you are interested in joining our IKF/PKB Circuit 2009... More information at or call Johnny Davis at (916) 205-4762.
The Next IKF/PKB Event is June 28, 2008 in Grass Valley, California.
Note: All competitors circuit points are being kept and will be posted in the near future to see who is on their way to becoming the IKF/PKB West Coast Champion in their perspective divisions!

FRIDAY, May 23rd, 2008, AT 11:15 AM, PT


Black Box Theatre, Galway, Ireland

Galway, Ireland: The Galway Black Dragon Kickboxing Club has a real treat lined up for Ireland fight fans on Saturday Night (May 24th) in the Black Box Theatre where 11 Galway Black Dragon Based Fighters will take on fighters from around Ireland, England, Norway and Muldova. The club which is headed up by the country's leading Kickboxing Coach Pete Foley (Right) prides itself on being the only club in Ireland that can fill the card with local fighters Versus the rest.

The last Black Dragon promotion at the Black Box was full to capacity and highlights were shown on national TV the very next day. This time there are 5 Major Titles on the line as well as 6 support bouts so the club expects another full house.

Cathal "Mean Machine" Manning from Westside will top the bill in an IKF European Super Middleweight Title fight against tough Muldovan Champion "Damascus" who comes to the table with a wealth of experience in various fight disciplines such as Kickboxing, Boxing and Muay Thai. If Manning is successful, negotiations will begin to bring over the number 1 IKF World Ranked Contender from the mighty USA for an IKF World Title fight in Galway city in early 2009.

Mannings stablemate Nikki "The Killer" Collins from Limnagh will share top billing when she takes on Norweighan Champion Britt Janne Mardel for the IKF European Featherweight Title. If successful she will challenge the number 1 IKF World Ranked Contender in her weight division for World Honors next year.

Both fighters however, have their attention focused on the May 24 fights for now and they are quite happy to take their time and keep clocking up the rounds.

Another exciting fighter Sean Cumiskey from Monivea who is ranked as Irelands Number 1 contender will take on England's Finest, Andrew Godbold for the vacant IKF 5 Nations Lightweight Title. This promises to be another cracker of a contest with both men reported to be in tip top shape.

The ever popular T - Bob (Tinica Silviu Bogdanel) who originally hails from Romania (And is their National Champion) has been fighting out of Pete Foleys Black Dragon camp for the last 4 years. He will take on Wexford man Pat Murphy for the All Ireland Light Middleweight title. Both men fought their way to the top of the Irish rankings to get a shot at the title with T- Bob ranked Number 1 (Irish Rankings) and Murphy ranked Number 2. Both fighter's have knockout power so don't blink if you're lucky enough to get a ticket for the event.

Donna Larkin, originally from Renmore but now living in Ballygunin, Tuam, will also fight for an All Ireland Title and she will face Waterfords Leanne Carberry. Donna put in a challenge to the Champion last year but the holder, a girl from Derry, was stripped of the Title by the Irish Kickboxing Federation for failing to produce a medical cert when she pulled out of the fight on 3 days notice. Carberry from Waterford was named as Larkins opponent for the vacant Title.

Eric Daly from Gort who recently became All Ireland Super Lightweight Kickboxing Champion when he dethroned Limericks Dom Mc Namara will take on the highly experienced James Dunphy from Kilkenny in a non title contest. Shane Creaven from Turloughmor will take on Johnathan Mangan from Shannon. Paul Huish from Knocknacarra will face down Kilkennyman John O Shea in an eliminator bout. The winner will get a Welterweight Title shot with the champion in December in the national stadium in Dublin.

Tadgh Manning and Adam Canavan will also face Kilkenny opposition while heavyweight fighter Chris Dowling from Ballybane will take on Tough Dubliner Aidan Brooks in a Full K-1 Rules heavyweight contest. Dowling and Brooks have both been All Ireland Heavyweight Kickboxing champions and are the most experienced Heavyweights in the country so this was a fight waiting to happen. When promoter Pete Foley offered the bout under K-1 rules (which allows low leg kicks and full knee strikes to the head) they both jumped at the chance. K-1 rules are widely accepted as the most exciting from of stand up fighting and in the event of a draw - both men must come out for one final round. All in all, a fantastic fight card which no serious fight fan can afford to miss! So go get your tickets now! They're available from Town Hall Theatre, Redlight Records, Sally Longs Bar or Black Dragon Club members. The doors open to the public at 6:PM with the first fight scheduled for 7:PM. A full bar is available on the night. More info from 087 8119227 or at

Picture L - R: Nikki "The Killer" Collins (Limnagh), Sean Cumiskey (Monivea), Tadgh Manning (Westside), Shane Creaven (Turloughmor), Chris Dowling (Ballybane), Cathal "Mean Machine" Manning, T-Bob (Tirrellan), Eric Daly (Gort), Paul Huish (Knocknacarra) and Donna Larkin (Ballygunin, Tuam).


Ray Delgaldo Presents
Santa Clara, California, USA


WEDNESDAY, May 21st, 2008, AT 12:15 PM, PT

Why Should You Choose The
World Classic Tournament?

For the last "NINE YEARS" The Annual IKF Amateur Kickboxing Tournaments
have been the Largest and Most Prestigious

Sounded impressive didn't it... But is it true?
The FACT is however, talk is Cheap! Performance is REALITY!

Year after year, PERSISTENCE is what has been the driving force behind the continued success of the Annual IKF Tournaments. This tournament continues to spend most of it's budget on awards and gifts for the participants than any other Tournament. WHY? At the IKF Tournaments those in attendance soon discover the tournament is about one thing and only one thing, "THE AMATEUR KICKBOXERS!" Year after year, the best compliment the IKF continues to receive is from fighters and trainers who write,

"The Annual IKF Tournaments not only make promises,
they keep them and have been DELIVERING on EVERY one of them
Year after Year for the last NINE YEARS!

Like any good idea, the IKF Tournaments have faced their share of competition but it's challengers have often ended with unfulfilled promises, missing awards, disorganization, unfair judging and on and on. As well, there were those who tried to host such a tournament, found out how much work it was and never tried it again.

Each year the followers of the sport of kickboxing read where another organization is going to host a "Bigger or Better" tournament, and when it is all said and done, their promises and claims fall far short of their hype. So driven to be called the "Largest," some promoters and organizations have chosen to mix every type of fighting style imaginable along with "Non-Fighting" divisions in their two day tournaments just to claim the title of "The Largest." With quotes such as "There are over one thousand competitors expected at this year's tournament competing to be a National Champion... bla, bla, bla" are no different than in years past where this same group claimed to have 500 fighters registered already in what was to then be "The Largest tournament in America" and only yielded 70 some fighters over a weeks long event. What sings as a proposed "Super Tournament" on paper and over the phone to prospected participants has always before ended in a disorganized logistics nightmare with more unfulfilled promises.

So yes, this year you may indeed be asking yourself, "With so many different Tournaments to choose from this summer, which Tournament should I choose?"

Well, the IKF of course hopes you choose the IKF World Classic, but they can't force you to come to Orlando, Florida with the rest of us. So, to be fair, the IKF will inform you of all your choices. Don't let printed hype and sales talk make your decision for you, NOT even from the IKF!

Talk is Cheap! instead, talk to those who have "Walked the Walk" at these Tournaments. If you want to talk to any of the past IKF Participants from the past nine years, you can find their contact info on the IKF Tournament Page. To save you time, here are the individual result pages below.

  1. For last years (2007) IKF Tournament in Orlando, Florida, CLICK HERE.

  2. For last years (2006) IKF Tournament in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, CLICK HERE.

  3. For last years (2005) IKF Tournament in Orlando, Florida, CLICK HERE.

  4. For last years (2004) IKF Tournament in Orlando, Florida, CLICK HERE.

  5. For last years (2003) IKF Tournament in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, CLICK HERE.

  6. For last years (2002) IKF Tournament in Quad Cities - Davenport, Iowa, CLICK HERE.

  7. For last years (2001) IKF Tournament in Olathe, Kansas, CLICK HERE.

  8. For last years (2000) IKF Tournament in Council Bluffs, Iowa, CLICK HERE.

  9. For last years (1999) IKF Tournament in Council Bluffs, Iowa, CLICK HERE.

Here is a list of the other Kickboxing & Muay Thai events scheduled for this SUMMER:

This year's IKF World Classic will add another exciting style of fighting to the already three exciting styles. IKF (Semi Contact) Point Kickboxing (IKFPKB - will be added as a special Saturday morning session. IKF PKB is an exciting, fast paced fighting style for those not quite ready for the Full contact sport of Kickboxing and Muay Thai.

In the end, only you can make the decision which Tournament(s) to attend this summer. If you choose the IKF World Classic, we "Thank You" for your support of this Annual Tournament and wish you the best of luck at taking home the IKF Gold! If you select another Tournament, we wish you the Best of Luck there at taking home your Championship. No matter where you will be this summer, just keep KICKIN!

As for the IKF, they will continue to follow the words of Calvin Coolidge (30th President of the United States, 1872-1933) who wrote,

"Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful people with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan "press on" has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race"

For the Future of Our Sport...
PRESS ON Everyone... PRESS ON!


Results From No Xclusions'
May 16th, 2008 - Jacksonville, Florida, USA

Plush Night Club in Jacksonville, Florida sent out an Xtreme invitation. Who wants to be a WORLD TITLE HOLDER??? Plush wants the "Best of the Best" that Florida and Georgia has to offer to be part of a sponsored team at this years IKF World Classic in Orlando, Florida. The heat radiating from the room was nothing compared to the heat coming from the fighters once they set their goals. WIN no matter what! June will be the final qualifier for the Plush, Competition Team Tryouts!! These are the results from this past Friday nights event at PLUSH!

  1. Amateur Full Contact Rules
    Kyle Pitman, Jacksonville Florida, USA, 142, 1-0, 5'9", 1-7-87, Self, 904-272-3856,
    defeated Zach Motes, Jacksonville Florida, USA, 140, 0-1, 10-22-88, Randy Gonzalez, 904-536-5612, by TK0 at the end of round 1.

  2. Amateur Modifed Muay Thai Rules
    James Mason, Jacksonville Florida, USA, 177, 8-7, 6', 1-4-63, Kru Tom Burke, 904-642-3150,
    defeated Aaron Hill, Jacksonville Florida, USA, 171, 5-5, 5'10", Smiley, 904-234-8653, 4-23-79, by Unanimous Decision with Judges scoring the bout 30-27, 30-27- 29-27.

  3. Amateur Modifed Muay Thai Rules
    George Reagan, Altamonte Springs Florida, USA, 168, 2-0, 5'7", 12-31-81, James Routson, 321-663-2415,
    defeated Chris Lopez, Jacksonville Florida, USA, 175, 0-1, 12-31-81, Trevor Muluskey, 305-331-8826, by unanimous decision with judges scoring the bout 30-26, 29-27, 30-26.

  4. Amateur International Rules
    Joshua Morrow, Nashville Georgia, USA, 1-0, 152, 5'8", 5-6-81 Chris Morris, 224-316-3404,
    defeated Raymond Stover, St Augustine Florida, USA, 1-0, 146, 5'8", 12-18-85 Self, 904-814-2899, by Unanimous Decision with judges scoring the bout 30-25, 30-25, 29-26.

  5. Amateur Muay Thai Rules
    Aqueel Majied, Orange Park Florida, USA, 189, 2-2, 5'11", 8-31-87, Patrick Brown, 904-822-3456,
    defeated Bernard Martin, Jacksonville Florida, USA, 195, 0-1, 5'7", 1-17-71, Jahmal McClennan, 904-642-3150, by unanimous decision with judges scoring the bout 30-27, 29-28, 29-28.

  6. Amateur Full Contact Rules
    Sahara Soliman, Jacksonville Florida, USA, 139, 1-0, 9-13-89, Ryan Lee, 904-294-1939,
    defeated Mindy Noll, Jacksonville Florida, USA, 0-1, 144, 12-13-79, Smiley Combat Athletix, 904-861-7658, by Split decision with Judges scoring the bout 28-26, 27-28, 28-26.

  7. Amateur International Rules
    Byron Lord, Baldwin Florida, USA, 179, 1-0, 5'9", 3-21-79, Russell Smith, (904) 338-1970,
    defeated Jason Moore, Jacksonville Florida, USA, 185, 0-1, 5'8", 12-6-85, Self, 904-710-6536, by unanimous decision with judges scoring the bout 30-26, 30-26, 30-26.

  8. Amateur Full Contact Rules
    Caleb Frisbee, Middleburg Florida, USA, 169, 5'11", 11-24-87, Frank Johns, 904-234-7-2044,
    defeated Chris Tillem, Jacksonville Florida, USA, 171, 3-1, 5'10", 1-9-87, Charles Blanchard, 904-509-8672, by Split decision with judges scoring the bout 30-27, 29-28, 28-29.

  9. Amateur Modifed Muay Thai Rules
    Alex Cook, Jacksonville Florida, USA, 165, 2-0, 5'8", 2-5-89, Miguel Alvarez, 904-871-2580,
    defeated Grant Rawlins, Deland Florida, USA, 0-1, 158, 6'3", 4-10-87, Mike, (386) 734-7182, by Split Decision with judges scoring the bout 29-28, 29-28, 28-29.

  10. Amateur Modifed Muay Thai Rules
    Kurt Kurley, Jacksonville Florida, USA, 2-3, 205, 6'3", 7-3-69, Kru Tom Burke, 904-642-3150,
    defeated Jonathan Ocasio, Tampa Florida , USA, 0-1, 210, 6', 8-12-86, Jeff Fleming, 813-446-2828, by unamious decision with judges scoring the bout 30-26, 30-26, 30-26.

  11. Amateur International Rules
    James OConnell, Jacksonvillel Florida, USA, 1-0, 130, 5'7", Self 904-235-3454 3-28-71
    defeated Steve Berios, Jacksonville Florida, USA, 135, 0-2, 5'7", 10-27-74, Frank Bennett, 904-651-3210, by TKO at 39 seconds into round 1

THURSDAY, May 15th, 2008, AT 1:30 PM, PT


No Xclusions, Inc. Presents
Jacksonville, Florida, USA


Just Wanted To Say
Thanks For A Great Venue

After last years IKF World Classic, as in every year, we receive all kinds of positive e-mails about the event. Most of them we don't share since many might take them as boasting and most come from the champions who of course are happy. However, last year we received an e-mail from a fighter that did not win the title and it was an e-mail we admired greatly.

Last year in the Adult Men's International Rules Heavyweight Division, Wallace Britton (Left) of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA (7-0/6, 206, 5'9") defeated John Savage of Grove Port, Ohio USA (3-1/1, 201, 6'1") by KO at 1:02 of round 1. It was Britton's second win of the day and John Savage's first and only fight.

Savage's loss was to no slouch. Britton who is trained by Danny Dring went on to win his third fight of the weekend over Mark Adams of Douglasville, Georgia, USA by unanimous decision and claim the 2007 IKF International Rules Heavyweight Tournament Title.

Savage who is trained by Larry Lucas could have left the venue with a negative attitude, but instead, stayed around and soaked up the experience throughout the weekend. After the event, he sent the e-mail below. If EVERYONE could soak in the weekend of the Classic as he did, the experience would be so much more fulfilling. Enough said on our part, here is his e-mail, and you make your own decision as to his thoughts.

Sorry but we had no Photo of John on file.

"My name is John Savage from Groveport, Ohio I just got back from competing at the 2007 World Classic in Orlando. The reason for this e-mail is to thank-you for a great tournament and a real good time overall. I can not tell you what a relief it was to travel that far and not be disappointed."

"This was my first fight with the IKF and I can not wait to compete again with your organization. The funny thing is I got beat and it was still the best tournament I have ever fought at. Well actually I got knocked out for the first time ever, nothing to brutal or to scary just got up a little slow. Its really quite weird how I have some pretty good success with some local tournaments and with some other organizations but my first loss at your tournament has been my best experience."

"The Friday night meeting was something I will remember as a fighter, fan, and somewhat of a coach. The words and stories from Mr. Fossum were a highlight of my trip. My coach and trainer was very impressed and touched by the class and sportsmanship that Mr. Fossum and the IKF present. I have made my trainer travel to many places to be in my corner and it always seem that we would end up at a tournament more like a bar fight, not a place for martial artist .It was a real pleasure overall. I really do not have one bad thing to say about the tournament."

"Everyone we met was extremely nice and professional to us. My wife even had a good time and she really does not like violence. She was very impressed with Johnny Davis. Funny she met him in the elevator and had know idea who he was. She told me she met a new friend and when she pointed him out I had to tell her about him. She did get a picture with him and his belt and now she has been showing it off. Tell Johnny he has a new fan."

"Any way I know most people only take time to complain so I wanted to write and tell you how I felt about the tournament. We will definitely be back next year. I kind of hope its at the exact same place. Thanks Again, John Savage."

John is hoping to make it back this year. The only thing that may stop him from coming is an injury that keeps reoccurring. we hope to see you there John, along with all the other Amateur Kickboxers around the world who have the true desire to "Walk The Walk" at this years 10th Annual, 2008 IKF World Classic Amateur Kickboxing Championships in Orlando Florida!




In keeping with he topic of e-mails, several others have pointed out to us their personal reasons for attending the IKF World Tournament. There is one reason that like many, come up every year, but not everyone thinks about that we would like to share with you.

For the fighters and trainers, it's not just a chance to be part of History in the world of Kickboxing, but more so, to be a part of "Documented" History. Many tell us year after year, they had to make a decision as to what tournament to attend. Things that they weigh out are details such as location, travel fees, accommodations, venue, awards and timing. The issue of "Documented" History is one many don't even consider... Those who do, used this fact in selecting the IKF Tournament over others.

Their reasons were not just to fight, but to be REMEMBERED. They would tell us how no other tournament offered around the world today has the kind of documented history the IKF Tournaments have. sure some do it for a year or two, but eventually, they either stop keeping records or just delete them from their web pages.

EVERY Fighter in the IKF Tournaments will be remembered forever. Heck, even fighters who fought on regular IKF events can look back to the Past IKF Events page found HERE for the same things. NO other organization or web site for that matter can offer such History of Kickboxing!

Facts such as who fought in an IKF Tournament can be found all the way back to the very first one in 1999. Even Tournament records are kept in the vast log of Tournament info on the IKF Tournament Page.

"It's nice to tell someone you took part in such an event many years ago, and to be able to prove it by referring them to a web page that has the entire event documented for proof of our participation." Said one e-mail. To see it all, just CLICK HERE.

On this page you will find info dating back to when the Tournament was just a USA Tournament through the growth to the North American Tournament and to the current World Classic Tournament,These pages include not only Tournament Results, but who fought, who they fought, where they are from, their background and even the records of each tournament such as What IKF Tournament had the most participants? Which one had the most Adult or Women fighters? Most wins by TKO or KO? All these records can be found on the Tournament Record Page by CLICKING HERE!

we look forward to the next chapter in our Documented History at this years 10th Annual, 2008 IKF World Classic Amateur Kickboxing Championships in Orlando Florida!

WEDNESDAY, May 14th, 2008, AT 10:00 PM, PT


First Deadline June 20

In The Quest for The Gold at The

IKF World Classic Amateur Kickboxing Championships!

In 2006, 2 weeks before the First Deadline we had around 20 fighters registered for the IKF World Classic. Last year before the first deadline of July 13th, we had 36 fighters. Today we are well over a month from the First Deadline for 2008 of June 20th and we already have 16 Registered Fighters.

That may not seem like a lot now but if the growth numbers continue as in past years, this could be the Largest turnout yet in the 9 year history of the IKF Championship Tournaments.

Already two camps in Florida are making bold statements that they will each have over 20 fighters. Last year the entire state of Florida registered 25 fighters and finished second to the State with the most registered fighters, Georgia with 31, up from 19 the year before in Iowa.

Although Kickboxing has been extremely quiet in the Peach State of Georgia, word has it that there are plenty of hungry kickboxers there who are ready to make the trip to Orlando and re-claim their title for Most Registered Fighters yet again.

It will be a mystery to see what California brings to "The Show" this year. Last year the Golden State finished a close third to Georgia and Florida with 24 registered fighters. With sincere regret, Dennis Guila of Antioch California will not be able to attend this year. Guila and his school will be at their Martial arts tournament they do every year and this year it just so happened to fall on the very same weekend. We will surly miss them this year with all the top talent they brought last year. Last year Team Guila brought 6 fighters and walked away with 4 World Classic Titles! The only ones who will not miss Team Guila this year will be those in the divisions they would have been in.

The team with the most titles last year was
Team Danny Dring
of Sherwood, Arkansas!

Team Dring - LDMA (Below Right) brought 9 fighters and walked away with 5 World Classic Titles. Two other Teams brought home 4 titles as well, Team Sarkine - IMAC (Above Left) of Indianapolis, Indiana and the ever present Team Han of El Paso, Texas. This past year two of the Han's turned Professional. Jennifer and Abraham Han won't be able to fight but lets hope they still bring their sisters Stephanie and Heather to contend. With them, Texas brought 11 fighters to the Classic in 2007.

As in any of the tournaments we have spoken to trainers and fighters from all over North America and in Europe about their plans to bring fighters. However, as in anything, the only thing that counts is taking the step of Action and actually showing up to "Walk The Walk" against the Best Amateur Kickboxers in the World!

We will all know soon but regardless of who chooses to "Walk The Walk" at this years 2008 IKF World Classic Amateur Kickboxing Championships in Orlando Florida this year.

What we do know is that the IKF Staff and the 16 fighters registered right now will show up in Orlando to "Walk The Walk" with the Best in the World and win the original

Amateur Golden Gloves of Kickboxing World Tournament Title

and become an IKF World Classic Champion!
We hope many more of you join the Fight Party with us.

We look forward to seeing "The BEST" Amateur Kickboxers In The World... In Orlando!

Drop the Gauntlet!
& Bring It ON!

Looking For Some Motivation Leading Into The
10th Annual
2008 IKF
World Classic Amateur Championship Tournament?

LOOK NO FURTHER... Turn up your volume And Click Below...

What It Takes To Be

To see all the Tournament Records from the past 9 years, CLICK HERE!

TUESDAY, May 13th, 2008, AT 10:30 AM, PT

IKF UK Extends Their
Thanks & Appreciation To
Team Morello.

Further to the results of our event listed yesterday I would like to add my personal thanks to Mike Morello and his family for helping make our event such a success. They conducted themselves as true professionals and were great ambassadors for the USA all the time they were here and were a big hit with the local supporters.

Mike's victory over George is a great result and I hope now that Mike will get his own World title shot as he certainly deserves it.
I look forward to working with Mike, Dad Steve and brothers Andrew and Danny again.

Colin Payne


MONDAY, May 12th, 2008, AT 5:00 PM, PT

Results From TKO Promotions'
May 11th, 2008 - Rochester, Kent, England

  1. George Pattison Mike Morello (Invicta) VS Mike Morello (USA)
    8 x 2 minute rounds, Full Contact, 69 kilos.
    In what was called his retirement fight, well know kickboxing Champion George Pattison lost by unanimous decision to former multi time IKF Amateur Champion, Mike Morello. Morello who was making his Pro debut simply outworked Pattison and shut him down and fought his fight. Although it would have been nice for Pattison to have won his last one, none of us will forget the many memories the multi time Kickboxing Champion Pattison has given us through the years. He has been a real credit to the sport and we wish him continued success in his future.
    WINNER: Mike Morello by unanimous decision.

  2. Qasim Nisar (USKA) VS Andre Marcellino (Portugal)
    6 x 2 minute rounds, Full Contact, 61.5 kilos
    Polished As Ever, Qasim went through the gears and was just too much for the very game Marcellino.
    WINNER: Qasim by 3rd Round TKO.

  3. Lee Whitfield (Eclipse) VS Andrew Tate (Storm)
    6 x 2 minute rounds, Full Contact, 82.5 kilos
    WINNER; Andrew Tate by decision.

  4. Dan Chubb (TKO) VS Ben Thorold (CKA)
    5 x 2 minute rounds, Full Contact, 67 kilos.
    For IKF Southern Area Amateur Welterweight Title
    Very pleased with Chubb's performance. He hit home early with a body shot and Ben was feeling the effects from then on but a very brave lad who was still trying to turn it around to the very end.
    WINNER: Dan Chubb

  5. Matt Gilbert (TKO) VS Ian Walsh (Ireland)
    3 x 2 minute rounds, Full Contact, 72.5 kilos
    WINNER: Ian Walsh by decision.

  6. Ross Cahill (Samurai) VS Lee Parker (Body Power)
    3 x 2 minute rounds, Full Contact, 67 kilos
    WINNER: Ross Cahill by TKO in round 1.

  7. Tom Cunninham (TKO) VS Wayne Golding (Gatwick)
    3 x 2 minute rounds, Full Contact
    Wayne is just the toughest guy! He took everything Tom threw at him for three rounds and kept coming back, but took the win and looked very good doing so.
    WINNER: Wayne Golding by unanimous decision.

  8. Rob Burbridge (TKO) VS Andrew Morello (USA)
    3 x 2 minute rounds, Full Contact, 78.5 kilos.
    Superb amateur fight, Andrew was very, very strong but Rob kept working and took a close deserved decision.
    WINNER: Rob Burbridge by unanimous decision.

  9. Ali Cahill (Samurai) VS Joe Wells (TKO)
    3 x 2 minute rounds, Full Contact, 61 kilos
    WINNER: Joe Wells by unanimous decision.

  10. Louise Orton (TKO) VS Tracy Beatty (Body Power)
    3 x 2 minute rounds, Full Contact, 60 kilos
    Louise who was just very good, never missed a punch or a kick.
    WINNER; Louise Orton by TKO in round 2.

  11. Jake Richards (USKA) VS Sakwar Hamid (KICKS)
    3 x 2 minute rounds, Full Contact, 63.5 kilos
    WINNER: Jake Richards by unanimous decision.

  12. Pat Sheehan (Invicta) VS Tinica Bogdanel (Ireland)
    3 x 2 minute rounds, Full Contact, 72.5 kilos
    Maybe the only slightly controversial one, very close. First loss for Pat.
    WINNER: Tinica Bogdanel by unanimous decision.

  13. Wayne Kennedy (TKO) VS John Paul Riley (Body Power)
    3 x 2 minute rounds, Full Contact, 77 kilos max.
    Not a great fight it must be said, very scrappy.
    WINNER: Wayne Kennedy by TKO, Round 3.

  14. Glen Merrit (PUMA) VS Chris Harper (Body Power)
    3 x 2 minute rounds full contact, Super Heavyweight
    WINNER: Glen Merrit

  15. Carla Jessup (TKO) VS Whitney Huish (Ireland)
    3 x 2 minute rounds, Full Contact, 55 Kilos



"The Dragon..."
Still Making It
In the Movies!

There are loads of former Kickboxing World Champions around the world. However NONE have had the success in Action Films like 11 Time World Champion Kickboxer and Movie Star Don "The Dragon" Wilson

As many of you are aware, Don will be the Special Guest at this years IKF World Classic Amateur Kickboxing Championships in Orlando Florida this July. Wilson has starred in loads of Action films and this last year, he starred in a Sci-Fi Action Film.

Here is a look behind the scenes of "The Last Sentinel"...with Don "The Dragon" Wilson


Anyone looking for some past history on "The Dragon" can find it easily on YouTube.
Here are just a few;


Launches New Website!

Speaking of Kickboxing World Champions and Action Stars, Another Successful World Kickboxing Champion (8 Time) is Benny "The Jet" Urquidez. Benny has just launched his new web site.

Check it out at


Beware of FALSE
IKF & ISCF E-Mail Messages!

Over the last two weekends, someone has thought it funny to somehow send out e-mail messages to hundreds of people with our main server return address on them of Some of the message subject lines read as:

Please be cautious in opening any e-mail or web address we may send you. If we do send you a web address to access, make sure the text is an,, or in the address. We apologize for any inconveniences this Internet Hacker has caused.

FRIDAY, May 9th, 2008, AT 7:00 PM, PT


TKO Promotions Presents
Rochester, Kent, England

Pro Prestige Bout
George Pattison (England) Vs Mike 'Mad Dog' Morello (USA)

Pro Prestige Bout
Qasim 'The Dream' Nisar (England) Vs Andre Marcelino (Portugal)

International Amateur Bout
Rob Burbridge (England) Vs Andrew Morello (USA)

THURSDAY, May 8th, 2008, AT 4:15 PM, PT

Soon To Return...

Many have been asking when Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson will be back in the ring again. Thompson has not fought since injuring his knee in the opening seconds of a "No contest" bout against WCL fighter Raymond Daniels in a WCL event last year. (See article about this bout below) During his recovery, Stephen and his father Ray have been researching other fight sports to see what is the best direction to go in. After fielding various offers, both decided the best opportunity for the "Wonderboy" is in the fast growing sport of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

Thompson could make his MMA debut on an ISCF Sanctioned event in Canada as early as September of this year. He and his father have been working with Vic Theriault out of Canada who has been helping him meet several MMA Superstars including Georges St-Pierre and Randy Couture. Theriault has some big ideas in the works for Thompson and hopefully all will come through.


Thompson Not The Only IKF Known Kickboxer Looking Into MMA

Making Their Own History in MMA!

Photos By Glenn Berg

With so much IKF Gold on their walls, Mike Hess' Team MikiDo of Alexandria, Virginia, USA has also made a BIG SPLASH into the world of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) through the IKF's sister sanctioning organization for MMA, the ISCF - International Sport Combat Federation.

Hess' Team has been competing on ISCF Events in Virginia for the last year in preparation for the Largest Amateur MMA Tournament in the World, the 2008 ISCF MMA World Classic at the US Cellular Center in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. This past weekend, Hess' son, Brent and team-mate, Umaer Haq took home the TOP ISCF "OPEN" Division titles at the Tournament.

This was the second year of the ISCF World Classic that grew from 58 contenders last year to 81 this year. These fighters fought their way through 8 Novice Divisions and 7 Open Divisions to win the ISCF Gold, and Gold it is! The Open division title Belts that Brent and Umaer won are valued at around $1,500.00 each.

Umaer Haq (A/MMA: 5-2, A/KB: 7-1) had to fight through 3 opponents to win his title. He won his first bout by forfeit when his opponent did not show up before his fight. In his second bout he defeated an undefeated (3-0) Tyrice Davis by armbar tapout at :50 seconds into round 1. In his title bout he met Lloyd Carter (5-3) of Indiana and stopped him by tapout at 1:58 of round 2 to win the ISCF Open Bantamweight Title (125.1-135 lbs).

Brent Hess first faced Idaho State Champion Michael Wells (5-3) and defeated him by unanimous decision, 30-27 on all three judges cards. In his second bout he defeated Lance Surma (4-1) of Indiana by tapout at :32 seconds of round 2. In his title bout, he faced Multi time ISCF Champion William Joplin of Missouri. Hess defeated Joplin by unanimous decision, 30-27 on all three judges cards to win the ISCF OPEN Division Featherweight Title. (135.1 - 145 lbs)

Over $20,000 in Awards & Gifts At This Years ISCF World Classic Amateur MMA Event.
Above Are Just A Few...


Did You Come To That Decision....?

Ray Thompson

Looking Back For Clarity: On January 20, 2022 at the Frank Erwin Center in Austin, Texas, WCL Super Stars, Seven-time World Karate Champion Raymond Daniels and winner of "16" Kickboxing Titles, Stephen Thompson took to the WCL platform/stage to battle it out in a match-up among undefeated fighters. Only 34 seconds later, the bout ended prematurely when Thompson dislocated his knee. What happened AFTER this bout left MANY in kickboxing asking...
"HOW Did You Come To That Decision....?"

For those not familiar with the bout, it was a much anticipated match-up between the WCL's two top Super Stars. However, in seconds (34 seconds to be exact) the bout was over when Thompson blew out his knee on a blitz towards Daniels. No punches or kicks ever landed and neither fighter ever had the other in danger.

However, the WCL felt they needed to make a decision since this was a match-up of their two top stars AND a decision would help adjust TEAM POINTS where needed. Thompson's father claimed Daniels fouled him, grabbing his neck and pulling him to the side. After a review of the footage, one could easily come to this conclusion due to the way Daniels hands went as he was being rushed. whether it was intentional or not though remains a question, one we will never know for sure.

After the bout, Thompson wound up on crutches and Daniels became the Top Super Star for the WCL. There were plenty of negative conversations following the bout both on public on message boards as well as in private between WCL (Chuck Norris' World Combat League) Representative Cory Schafer (Right) and Stephen father, Ray Thompson.

As one would think, Schafer should have a good understanding of fight sport rules having been appointed to ISKA President by Mike Sawyer several years back. However, Schafer shocked many when he choose to independently rule the bout a TKO victory for Daniels... "WHAT?" The bout only went "34 Seconds." No strikes landed by either fighter and neither was ever in any danger. The foul was unintentional and accidental so HOW Schafer could make such a ruling has since been pointed to WCL politics to keep Daniels as their Top Star. Another reason was that the WCL and Schafer knew Daniels would probably never have another shot at the undefeated Thompson again, at least in the WCL. So, to protect Daniels' Star power, Schafer gave his WCL fighter a win by TKO, and Thompson a loss... This way no one could say to Daniels, "Ya, but you never fought Stephen Thompson..."

However, Stephen's father Ray (Below Left) continued to press Schafer to change the decision and rightly so, simply because it wasn't right. Surly the WCL has made it clear they are not kickboxing, but how they can get away from general fight rules is beyond us. In EVERY Fight sport, a fight that never makes it out of the first round due to an unintentional injury is ALWAYS ruled a "No Contest". However, in the WCL fighters only fight "1" round so of course, the WCL has their own rules to their "One Round" bouts. Regardless, it's STILL a contact fight sport and the "General - Universal" rules of Fight sports should still apply.

However, after a period of time, In March of last year Schafer sent out his final decision in regards to the Stephen Thompson Vs Raymond Daniels bout. Schafer claimed to have shown the footage to three qualified Boxing Commission Officials, Colorado State Athletic Commission Director Josef Mason, Florida State Athletic Commission Director Tom Molloy and retired World Champion and Tiger Schulman's Franchise Founder Danny Schulman. Texas Commission representative Rudy Vasquez, originally selected to be part of the board had to disqualify himself due to a request by the Texas Commission. Together, he claimed to have allowed them to make the final decision on this bout.

Schafer wrote,
"By a vote of 2-1 the independent protest hearing board upheld the original referee's decision of TKO victory for Raymond Daniels.
The committee members were provided with the written protest submitted by Philadelphia Fire coach Ray Thompson, a copy of the WCL official rules and a video of the incident in question. After careful review, the majority opinion stated was, "there is not enough evidence of a foul that would have contributed to Stephen Thompson's injury in order to justify overturning the decision that was made at ringside".

Schafer says the referee called the bout a TKO the moment it happened. If so, we see two problems here... One was the call by the referee, Doc Hamilton. (Left) There is NO WAY this should have been ruled a TKO by ANY Fight Sport Referee so we are wondering, "Did Hamilton 'REALLY' call this a TKO???" And if so, HOW could he have made such a decision???

Second, the problem with their decision was that they were comparing the issue of "Was it a foul vs was it not a foul." In other words, Schafer simply directed them wrong and in doing so, left them with no other option but to say, "No, it wasn't a foul." What he should have done was simply ask them, "Should this be a No Contest or a TKO win for Daniels?" Since all are versed in not only the fight sports, but also serve as Boxing Commission Representatives, this should have been an EASY decision... NO CONTEST.

WCL can call it what they want to, but there is only one set of rankings that actually list fighters records and in many peoples opinion, they are the only numbers that count, the IKF World Rankings. The IKF listed the bout as a "No Contest." Which was the right thing to do.

On a side note, the real sad issue here is how many viewed Raymond Daniels. Although some may have thought he fouled Thompson, the foul issue is very questionable. Foul or no foul, neither fighter got their fair shake after this bout. Thompson was scared by Schafer's decision while Daniels was scared from the publics opinion and accusations of being a dirty fighter. NEITHER deserved these outcomes! This was a bout between two Great fighters that ended with two negatives. One being how it ended and the second being how it was ruled.

Fight Fans can only hope these two will have the pleasure to meet again in a REAL Kickboxing match-up with REAL Kickboxing rules. Both have fought in the WCL and in REAL Kickboxing and neither has ever lost. Lets hope to see this bout sometime in the future of KICKBOXING! - Bring It ON!