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FRIDAY, November 28th, 2008, AT 4:30 PM/PST


Warrington, England


Oscar Fischer's Kings Dragon Productions Presents
Mexico City, Mexico


TKO Promotions Presents
Kent, England


Steve Logan Presents
Birmingham, England

WEDNESDAY, November 26th, 2008, AT 7:30 PM/PST

Results From LA Boxing / Winter Springs'
"LA Boxing Fight Night!"
November 22nd, 2008 - Winter Springs, Florida, USA

LA Boxing held their first IKF Amateur Kickboxing event on November 22nd. The event went great, there were almost 300 spectators. There were 10 Modified Muay Thai matches on the card. Fighters were from LA Boxing in Winter Springs trained by Paul Munfort and Elite Muay Thai - Port Orange Florida, trained by Dominque Simmons. Both teams had great skill and put on a good show. One of the best fights of the night was Marisol Garcia and Marla Vazquez. These two ladies were tough and crowd favorites for sure! Marisol Garcia won the fight by Split decision. LA Boxing plans to have an event every other month.

  1. Amateur Modified Muay Thai Rules
    Alex Felso, Port Orange Florida, USA, 1-0, 145lbs, 5'11" Dominque Simmons Elite Muay Thai 386-453-8115, 5-21-90)
    defeated JordanTyson, Winter Springs Florida, USA, 148lbs, 0-1, 5'10", Paul Marfort, 954-464-1364, 9-17-85 by unanimous decision with judges scoring the bout 30-27, 30-27, 30-27.

  2. Amateur Modified Muay Thai Rules
    Jerry Lee Daniels, Daytona Beach Florida, USA, 3-2-1, 203lbs, 6' Dominuque Simmons 386-453-8115 3-8-82)
    defeated Ian Hinds, Winter Springs Florida, USA, 0-3, 208lbs, 6', Paul Marfort 954-464-1364 by unanimous decision with judges scoring the bout 30-26, 30-26, 30-26.

  3. Amateur Modified Muay Thai Rules
    Daniel Thomas McGrath, Port Orange Florida, USA, 1-0, 161lbs, Dominuque Simmons 386-453-8115, 9-9-84)
    defeated Andrew Destacy, Winter Park Florida, USA, 0-1, 164lbs, Paul Marfort 954-464-1364, 4-19-65 by unanimous decision with judges scoring the bout 29-28, 29-28, 29-29.

  4. Amateur Modified Muay Thai Rules
    Erica Ebery, Winter Park Florida, USA, 1-0, 5'7", 131lbs, Paul Marfort 954-464-1364, 4-25-70)
    defeated Kayla Hanak, Port Orange Florida, USA, 131lbs, 0-1, 5'8", Dominque Simmons 386-453-8115 by TKO at 1:45 in round 2.

  5. Amateur Modified Muay Thai Rules
    Derek Deanda, Port Orange Florida, USA, 1-0, 165lbs, Dominuque Simmons 386-453-8115, 8-26-1990)
    defeated Jimmy Young, Winter Springs Florida, USA, 0-1, 170lbs, Paul Mafort 954-464-1364, 12-5-70 by unanimous decision with judges scoring the bout 29-28, 30-27, 29-28.

  6. Amateur Modified Muay Thai Rules
    Aaron Annatone, Port Orange Florida, USA, 1-0, 141lbs, Dominique Simmons 386-453-8115, 8-27-87)
    defeated Richard Porter, Winter Springs Florida, USA, 0-1, 140lbs, Paul Marfort 954-464-1364 9-9-84, by unanimous decision with judges scoring the bout 30-27, 30-27, 29-28.

  7. Amateur Modified Muay Thai Rules
    James Ditrolio Jr., Port Orange Florida, USA, 1-0, 183lbs, Dominque Simmons 386-453-8115, 11-28-84)
    defeated Christopher Vu, Winter Springs Florida, USA, 0-1, 180lbs, Paul Marfort 954-464-1364, 3-9-82, by TKO at 1:46 into round 3.

  8. Amateur Modified Muay Thai Rules
    Marisol Garcia, Winter Springs Florida, USA, 1-3, 115lbs, Paul Marfort 954-464-1364, 9-2-80)
    defeated Marla Vazquez, Port Orange Florida, USA, 113lbs, 0-1, Dominque Simmons 386-453-8115 8-30-90 by Split Decision with judges scoring the bout 30-27, 28-29, 30-27.

  9. Amateur Modified Muay Thai Rules
    Steven Provost, Port Orange Florida, USA, 1-0, 175lbs, Dominique Simmons, 386-453-8115, 1-19-83)
    defeated David Castro, Winter Springs Florida, USA, 0-1, 175lbs, Paul Marfort 954-464-1364 6-7-76 by unanimous decision with judges scoring the bout 30-27, 29-28, 29-28.

  10. Amateur Modified Muay Thai Rules
    Kyle Gagne, Daytona Florida, USA, 2-2, 153lbs, Dominique Simmons, 386-453-8115, 6-22-87)
    defeated Robert Mosier, Winter Springs Florida, USA, 3-4, 150lbs, Paul Marfort 954-464-1364 9-4-82 by unanimous decision with judges scoring the bout 30-25, 30-25, 30-25.


Stupid Is As Stupid Does

If you remember, Forrest Gump said that in the Movie called, ahhh, "Forrest Gump". Today we received an e-mail urging us to check it out and reply with our professional opinion. Well, we must say, Just when you might have thought you saw pretty much EVERY Ridiculous thing in the fight game, hold on, you haven't seen this game. We must say, with all honesty, this is by far the most RIDICULOUS attempt at a fight sport we have EVER SEEN!

Wait for the Commercial and then watch....

I believe the words, "Your kidding me right? This is a Joke Isn't it?" must have been said over and over again throughout the action and ESPECIALLY the commentary! Of man, wait till you see this! Even MORE FUNNY, This event took place in CALIFORNIA! It surly must have been on an Indian Reservation because we see NO WAY the California State Athletic Commission would have sanctioned it. Or, at least we wouldn't think they would have.

MONDAY, November 24th, 2008, AT 8:00 PM/PST


The single unchanging thing about the men and women who are a part of this great organization is that they are martial artists. The need to get up each day and push the envelope of personal development is an absolute. The attitude they exhibit, the way they walk, the way they look you in the eye is the mark of a people who want to engage in life. The IKF is the focal point of this energy and the fire that keeps the passion burning.

Is the IKF a teacher? No, but teachers gather here to expand their knowledge through networking and to share what they know with others.
Is the IKF a fighter? No, but fighters gather here to validate their accomplishments, to share with other fighters the joy of the art and to pit themselves against the best of their trade.
Is the IKF a fan, a supporting family member or martial artist? No, but here they can share in the accomplishments of the ones they love, they can follow the fighters they support and gain insight into our world.

So just what is the IKF?
It is us. All of us.
No matter what happens in the world of fighting, it matters to the IKF. Every fighter is unique, every fan worthy of the news, every family member a member of our family. To celebrate the events of the past, to bring you the news of the present and to provide the platform for the future is the IKF.

I have been gone too long and without good reason but I promise you this. I have not lost my love for this sport, my respect for the people or the fire to be a part of the IKF. As I renew my involvement with this great organization I challenge you to join me. To support every event, to engage on the message board and to bring what you have to offer so we can all benefit.

With so many magnificent people gathered to one place, what obstacles can we not overcome, what heights can we not reach? I want to thank Steve and the wonderful staff at the IKF for allowing me to participate once again.
My name is Brooks Mason and I am proud to be a part of the IKF.

"Goodnight Chesty Puller, Wherever You Are"


Results From Sean Toomey's
"IKF Pro Muay Thai"
November 23rd, 2008 - London, England


IKF Ireland Representative
Peter Foley Finishes
IRELAND Kickboxing Grading

The Galway Black Dragon Kickboxing Club were busy on Sunday with no less than 77 Kickboxers moving up the ladder in their chosen sport as they graded under the watchful eye of 5th Dan Black Belt Master Bernard Doyle from Kilkenny and Black Dragon Chief Coach, 6th Dan Black Belt Master Pete Foley from Galway.

They travelled from all over County Galway and from parts of Mayo, Longford, Dublin and even as far as Donegal to grede at the famous Black Dragon Gym.

The first group to be graded were the Junior members and ther results are as follows:

The Seniors were next and results as follows.

The next big occasion on the Black Dragon calender is the Ireland V The Carribean International Full Contact Kickboxing Promotion in the Black Box on Saturday sanctioned by the IKF on December 13 entitled "Seasons Beatings".
This promotion will feature a team event with 5 fighters from Guadaloupe in the French Carribean taking on an Irish Select and also one All Ireland IKF Title fight, One IKF 5 Nations Title fight and no less than three IKF European Title fights as well as a full undercard of fighters from Galway taking on fighters from all accross Ireland and England.
Tickets are on sale now from Town Hall Theatre, Sally Longs Bar, Menlo Park Hotel and Black Dragon Gym and Club Members and more info from Pete Foley on 087 8119227 or visit www.blackdragon.ie

FRIDAY, November 21st, 2008, AT 3:00 PM/PST


Griffin's Martial Arts Gym Presents
"IKF Point Kickboxing"
Indian Trail, North Carolina, USA


LA Boxing / Winter Springs Presents
"LA Boxing Fight Night!"
Winter Springs, Florida, USA


Sean Toomey Presents
"IKF Pro Muay Thai"
London, England

IKF Pro MTR English Super Middleweight Title
Lee Taylor VS Mark Little

IKF Pro MTR Commonwealth Lightwelterweight Title
Adam Lee Mason VS Wayne Fisher


Higher Level Martial Arts & Fitness Gym Presents
"IKF Amateur Kickboxing OSR Format"
Manchester, England

England vs Holland


Unification Bout - 2 Belts = 1 Super-Champion
IKF British Light Cruiserweight Champion

Gavin Rogerson
IKF Commonwealth Light Cruiserweight Champion
Dan Taylor

IKF Amateur OSR Rules British Light-Welterweight Title
Phil Williams, Urmston vs English Light Welterweight Champion Matt Murt, Cornwall

TUESDAY, November 18th, 2008, AT 11:10 PM/PST

Happy Thanksgiving

Especially for those who care about our fellow
Americans in Uniform.



In memory of our Viet Nam vets from their children.
I was a member of the first combat unit sent to Viet Nam, the 8th Marine Brigade, March, 1965.

Joe Lewis USMC...

To Our Parents - Click HERE.



Dragon Watch!

For those of you who stay up late, it's Primetime for the Dragon!
Don't miss a showing of Kickboxing Champion, Don "The Dragon" Wilson's movie, "The Last Sentinel" airing this
Saturday, November 22nd at 3:AM on the SCIFI Channel!


Results From AK Promotions'
"IKF Point Kickboxing"
Newcastle, California, USA

Newcastle IKF Point Kickboxing
Offered Great Fireworks This Past Weekend!

Northern California fighters fought hard to gather points in this year's final Point Kickboxing event!


LISTINGS: Name, Division Points, Participation Points, PLACED, HOMETOWN/SCHOOL

Special Thanks to Rubie Navarro (PKB West Coast Rep) Steve Fossum (IKF President) Grand Master - DeAlba and Grand Master Schleeter of Hollister, Ca for their assistance Thanks to all the instructors, students and fans to attended and cheered on the great action! 2009 PKB event calendar to be posted soon at www.IKFPKB.com


Boxing Coaching

The Monivea Boxing Club in Ireland was host to a Coaching Training Seminar recently where Connacht Tutor Gus Farrell passed out almost 40 new Boxing Coaches recognised by the Irish Amatuer Boxing Association (IABA). Pete Foleys Black Dragon Kickboxing Club had no less than 12 members on the course and Pete complemented Gus Farrell on a well presented and enjoyable seminar.

Pete Foley, Bernie Hynes (Tuam), Gus Farrell (Monivea), Sean Cumiskey, Chris Dowling, Karen Coffee, Catherine Cullinan, Eric Daly (Gort), Donna Larkin, Keith Daly (Gort), Ian Fitzpatrick (Tuam), Whitney Huish, Pat Ryan, Adam Keane (Tuam), Steve Joyce (Connemara), Pat John Mc Cool (Thurles) and Steven Reynolds (Sligo).

MONDAY, November 17th, 2008, AT 9:25 PM/PST

Results from Chi Town Throwdown & R & R Productions'
November 15th, 2008 - Chicago, Illinois, USA

Herrig And Meehan
Battle For The Vacant

The Question Is... "Who will The Winner Face Next?"

Chicago, Illinois, USA: It was a battle between two former IKF Amateur Champions who between them could fill up a trophy case from just the IKF Title Belts they have won, let alone any other titles. Both have been well known in the fight game and both were top contenders for the vacant IKF Pro Modified Muay Thai Rules Women's Bantamweight United States Title.

At 24 years old, Felice "Lil' Bulldog" Herrig had the edge in youth being 9+ years younger than "Killer" Katie Meehan, 33, but both were close to the same experience level. Before Saturday's clash, Felice had a 3-1 Pro record with an impressive Amateur record of 18-2. If you want to get technical, she also had 3 other Pro Fight bouts or should we say "Rounds" in the single round sprint bouts of the World Combat League

In the WCL "Karate Style Fighting" Felice had a round record of 1-2. However since the WCL is not really a real "Ring Fight" Sport but more of a "Karate" fighting sport, the leaders in real Kickboxing and Muay Thai don't put much stock in the win loss record of these bouts. A lot of the True Kickboxers and Muay Thai Fighters find themselves out of place in the open floor circle of the WCL fighting format which is nothing more than full contact "KARATE" and a far cry from real Kickboxing or Muay Thai! However with very few Pro Kickboxing Promoters in North America, many Pro Kickboxers and Muay Thai style fighters find themselves forced to give the "Sprint Karate" a try. Some have had success while others have found the open floor circle hard to adjust to.

Pre bout number 2 ranked Felice of Buffalo Grove, Illinois, USA was also part of the Oxygen Channel's "Fight Girls" which featured young women Muay Thai fighters. Many who followed the show thought that Felice was the strongest prospect to emerged from the show in terms of both skill and star power. What many people may not have realized about the 23 year is that prior to Fight Girls, Herrig had already accomplished a great deal in the Kickboxing.

Oddly enough, Felice's first kickboxing bout was at the 2003 IKF/TKO USA National Amateur Kickboxing Championships. At the event she lost in the opening round to eventual second place finisher in the Full Contact rule division, Stephanie Kernan of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, USA by unanimous decision 29-28, 30-27, 30-27.

In 2004 Felice didn't make the trip to Orlando, Florida for the IKF Tournament. However in 2005 she did, and won the 2005 IKF North American Classic Tournament, Adult Women's in the Full Contact Rules Bantamweight (112.1 - 121) FCR Title over Terri French of Little Rock, Arkansas, USA by unanimous decision 30-27 on all 3 judges cards.

In 2006, just seventeen weeks after breaking her arm, she defended the "Tournament" title at the same weight in the Full Contact Rules division when she won the 2006 IKF World Classic Tournament Title when she defeated Stacy Chung of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada by unanimous decision 29-28 on all 3 judges cards.

On the other side of the ring stood Katie Meehan. Before Saturday's clash, Katie had a 5-2-1 Pro record with an impressive Amateur record of 15-5-2. Like Felice, Katie has also fought in the World Combat League and currently has a WCL record of 1-4. However again, don't put too much stock in those WCL "Rounds."

Katie won her first IKF title when she took home the 2001 IKF/RINGSIDE USA National Amateur Kickboxing Championship Title in the Adult Women's IR Flyweight (120 lbs & Below) division when she defeated Tracy Kuschel of Omaha, Nebraska by unanimous decision, 29-28, 30-28 & 30-28.

The next year Katie defended the same title successfully at the 2002 IKF/RINGSIDE USA National Amateur Kickboxing Championship when she defeated Tamie Lankey of Alexandria, Virginia, USA by unanimous decision 29-27, 29-27 & 30-26.

The next year at the 2003 IKF/TKO USA National Amateur Kickboxing Championship Katie was ready to challenge for the Muay Thai title. However due to a massive power outage in the north/east USA and parts of Canada that shut down many airports (Including New York) on Thursday before the event, her top opponent, Alison Moore, (2002 IR Champion) of New York, New York could not make it to the event. The remaining fighter in the bracket was Alona Kipp of Casper, Wyoming, USA who simply "No Showed" for no reason. with no opponent, Katie was awarded the 2002 Tournament title by Forfeit.

On April 3rd, 2004 in Denver, Colorado, USA Katie had a shot at yet another IKF Title. This time it would be a 5 round clash for the vacant IKF Amateur International Rules Featherweight US Title. However she fell short to Sarah Ponce of Houston, Texas, USA by unanimous decision.

At stake was also the top spot to challenge current IKF Pro Women's Muay Thai World Champion, Karen Harding (Right) of Epsom, Surrey England for the IKF Pro Women's Muay Thai Rules Bantamweight World Title. However, chances are high that neither Meehan or Herrig would end up facing Harding for the title in the future. Why? Well, due to inactivity and no updated contact info, Harding may soon lose her IKF World title and the winner here would face another top challenger. The question is WHO? Harding won her IKF World Title way back on August 18th, 2002 in Reading, England when she defeated Gulzapa Azzizova of Kazakhstan by unanimous decision.

So now that you know their background, lets look at how these two Gladiator Women did as the nights Main event at the Chi Town Throwdown & R & R Productions' "RECKLESS FURY" on November 15th, 2008 at the Congress Theatre in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

So many questions had come up about these two Gladiators for this bout. Would Felice's age play a difference in speed, quickness and endurance or would Katie's experience in leg kicks and Muay Thai give her the technical edge to teach the younger, faster Felice a lesson? As round 1 played out, it was clear that Felice was quicker to the punch than Katie. Katie would be the aggressor, but Felice played a masterful counter fight game off of Katie's every strike. As Katie moved in, Felice found Katie's head with her right hand over and over again. Known for her endurance and composure, it was clear Katie would need to come alive in the later rounds to take control. However, Felice impressed many with her own stone faced composure. Her facial expression never changed during the entire 5 rounds of action. The question now came to the cornermen. Could Katie's cornerman make the right adjustments in her game plan to close up the free path Felice was finding to Katie's head with her right hand? Adjustments had to be made and made quickly. It was apparent that Katie's plan was to take the fight inside and score with Knees. However, getting inside was a battle in itself since Felice was landing her hands and front kick with high percentages. when round one came to an end it was an easy round to score, 10-9 for Felice across the board.

Always strong in the clinch, Katie's corner stayed with the game plan to take the fight inside. The result was the same as Felice stopped her attack with front kicks and right hands. Once Katie got inside, Felice was able to shed off the knee attack and back out, only to start the outside plan all over again. At the end of the second it was clear once again that Felice had won the round. However, although two judges gave it to Felice another one of the Illinois State Commission judges, Augustine Rodriguez gave it to Katie, which placed fears in the judging for the rounds to come since this was the first Muay Thai event that the Illinois State Commission had ever sanctioned.

In the beginning of round three, Katie and her corner seemed to have found a solution to Felice's free line strikes. However, as the round played out, it was back to the same exchanges. Felice was simply beating Katie to the punch and Katie had dropped back into the same plan of trying to win the fight in the clinch, which just wasn't working. As the round ended, all three judges gave the round to Felice who now lead on all three judges cards, 30-27, 30-27 and 29-28.

Round 4 started much like round 3 did, with the looks that Katie was changing her game plan. However, as round 3 did, soon enough, she fell back into the habit of trying to press the fight to the clinch. As she pressed, Felice landed jabs, front kicks and the right hand. As in the previous rounds, when the two did lock up, nothing was accomplished by either. A few knees thrown, but none doing any real damage to either fighter. In the end, 2 Illinois State Commission judges gave it to Felice while Illinois State Commission judge Dr. David Smith gave it to Katie. Felice's lead now was 40-36, 39-37 and 39-37. Out of reach to catch Felice by points, it was clear now that Katie needed a knock out to win.

Round 5 came and believe it or not, both fighters showed just as much fire as rounds 1-4. This was a non stop action bout, except for when the two went into the clinch. However, as was the case in rounds 1-4, Katie kept pushing the fight in hopes of a clinch and Felice simply continued to counter her attack. Without any change of a game plan, Katie's title hopes were fading away. Where were those Mehann hands we have seen in the past? Where was that explosive front kick she has rocked other fighters with? Why was she insisting on fighting an inside game? Questions after questions were asked about the fight strategy since her game plan just didn't seem to be the right decision. On the other side of the ring though, Felice's trainer, Alex Trujillo had a masterful game plan scheduled out for Felice. We were forced to move over by Felice's corner to sit with the Illinois State Commission to attain the round scores during this bout so we were basically in Felice's corner the whole fight. As the rounds played out, it was impressive how Trujillo kept Felice composed. Keeping her calm and relaxed seemed to be the main focus of Trujillo, and Felice followed the plan 100%. Throughout the entire bout he kept talking to Felice, not "Yelling" just to yell out commands but talking to her to keep her composed and calm.

When round 5 closed, Katie had done all she could winning on 2 of the 3 judges score cards 10-9, but as they say, it was just too little, too late. The new IKF Pro Modified Muay Thai Rules (MMTR) United States Champion on this night went to Felice "Lil' Bulldog" Herrig by unanimous decision, 49-46, 48-47 and 49-46. Congratulations on the win Bulldog! It was a masterful game plan that you disciplined yourself to follow well, which in itself shows the mind of a Champion! As well as the Heart!

As for Katie, we are sure to see her again. No Warrior like her wants to let such a loss go. Could these two fight again down the road? Who knows, only time will tell. One thing is for sure though. Any promoter looking to put either of these ladies on their fight card won't be disappointed because BOTH brought professionalism, energy, skill and plenty of Heart to the fight game! We here at the IKF are proud to have both of you as part of the IKF's History as well as the IKF's Present and hopefully future!


Results From Warrior Fitness & Fight Promotions' November 15th, 2008
"IKF Championship Kickboxing"
November 15th, 2008 - Mounds View, Minnesota, USA

Results Submitted By IKF Representative Glen Legus
Color Commentary by Scott Legus along with IKF Promoter Bobby Anderson.

Allen & Jones
Battle For Vacant IKF AMATEUR FCR

Mounds View, Minnesota, USA: This was a very clean event with all participants displaying the high level of sportsmanship that old time martial artists expect. There were no penalty points for fouls. Not one. And there were no warnings given to the corners for bad behavior, nor even for obstructing the view of the spectators, which is not unusual as corners often get over exited and jump up in front of the crowd. The crowd itself started out quiet but within a couple fights were cheering the loudly at the action in the ring. By the end of the evening the crowd was fully engaged and everyone seemed to be cheering as if their best friend was in the ring.

There was only one spectator that was a bit obnoxious, but he was handled diplomatically by security and then the promoter and then the event rep. In the end he calmed down and an altercation was avoided.

Many of the fights were very close and the judges had to pay close attention throughout the evening. All in all it was a night of good clean fun and hard fought matches.

Fight tallies and stats by IKF Representative Glen Legus.
Individual fight stories by Scott Legus and IKF Promoter Bobby Anderson.

The Main Event was Awesome! Jorden Allen of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada (13-8-1 & 2 KOs, 132, 5'5", 6/17/87, Mitz Bandiera) went toe to toe with Dee Jay Jones of New Brighton, Minnesota, USA (17-8 & 2 KOs, 132, 5'6", 8/20/81)

In this fight Jones threw good punching combinations but Allan was by far the better kicker. Allan pushed Jones around the ring controlling his movement well. The fight was very close but Allan took the edge with his front leg kicks picking Jones, as Jones struggled to kick above the waist being warned several times for low kicks.

The bout was very exciting and filled with plenty of exciting kicks and punches that went non stop for the full 5 rounds. Both fighters hit each other with solid kicks followed by lightning punches. It was clear to everyone that although both fighters wanted to take home the IKF Gold, Jordan Allan was the one who came far more prepared to take home the title.

Throughout all 5 rounds Allen delivered lots of heavy body shots that landed at will in every round. In the final round Jordan dropped Dee Jay Jones with a straight right hand to the stomach. Although he beat the count, the fact that Jones was given a standing 8 count simply added to the damage. Dee Jay fought great but in the end, the real damage was already done.

Jordan Allan came, he saw, he conquered. In the end Allan was victorious, tipping the balance in the ongoing competition between the two. Both fighters are true warriors but on this night, Jordan Allan took home the title of IKF Amateur North American Lightweight Champion. Congratulations to both fighters for Showing the people the art of KICKBOXING.

WINNER: Jordan Allan by Unanimous Decision, 48-47, 48-47, 48-47.
REFEREE: Ralph Lee.
JUDGES: Jessica Sullivan, Rick Anderson, Brian Campbell.

In addition, there was one exhibition bout when Chris Cichon took on Joe McDonald in an International Rules bout.

As promoter, I would like to thank New World Combat fighters and Fransico who traveled all the way from Texas.
Also a Big Thank You to Dubque Martial Arts' Dean Lessi who traveled from Iowa.
And as always, a big Thank you to Minnesota Martial Arts Academy and Cellar Kickboxing.

Bobby Anderson (R)


Results from No Xclusions, Inc.'s
November 7th, 2008 - Jacksonville, Florida, USA

Once again, Florida's Plush Nightclub produces Kickboxing at it's best!
This was a great fight night. Special thanks to guest Bill "Superfoot" Wallace who stopped by to see what all the buzz is about with Jacksonville Florida Kickboxing. Extreme Fight Radio WBOB AM 1320 was also there promoting their new live MMA Talk Radio show on Saturdays at 12:PM. They will be doing interviews with fighters and coaches and keeping everyone informed of the latest in fight news. Plush's next event will be December 5th and have already booked 3 more IKF Kickboxing events for January, February and match of 2008!

  1. IKF Amateur Full Contact Rules
    Scott Logan, Jacksonville Florida, USA, 159 lbs, 4-3, 5'9" 8-28-92 , Self, 904-210-7778)
    defeated David Bell, Citrus Florida, USA, 162 lbs, 0-1, 5'11", 7-22-91, Sean Spiddle, 352-422-2483 by Split Decision with judges scoring the bout 30-27, 27-30, 29-28.

  2. IKF Amateur International Rules
    Rabih Tabbara, Orlando Florida, USA, 1-0, 170 lbs, 5-7-77, 5'10", Paul Marfort, 954-464-1364)
    defeated Stephan Rhoden, Jacksonville Florida, USA, 174 lbs, 0-1, 5'9", 5-11-90, Self, 904-363-1539 by TKO at .58 seconds of round 3.

  3. IKF Amateur International Rules
    Josh Fournier, Orange Park, Florida, USA, 8-1, 153 lbs, 5'8", 11-27-87, Smiley Combat Athletix 904-644-7571)
    defeated Robert Moiser, Orlando, Florida, USA, 3-3, 149 lbs, 5'9", 9-4-82, Paul Marfort, 954-464-1364 by unanimous decision with judges scoring the bout 30-26, 30-26, 30-26.

  4. IKF Amateur International Rules
    Alex Cook, Jacksonville, Florida, USA, 165 lbs, 3-0, 5'8", 2-5-89, World Martial Arts, 904-642-3150)
    defeated Glen Usery Orlando, Florida, USA, 1-2, 163 lbs, 5'11", 7-9-64, David Cummings, 407-437-1750, by Unanimous Decision with judges scoring the bout 30-27, 30-27, 30-27.

  5. IKF Amateur International Rules
    James Smiley, Orange Park, Florida, USA, 7-0, 275 lbs, 6'1" 6-18-78, Self, 904-644-7571 )
    defeated Danny Dustin, Jacksonville, Florida, USA, 5-4-1, 245 lbs, 5'11", 5-29-82, Self 904-284-9225 by TKO at 1:30 of round 2.

  6. IKF Amateur International Rules
    Chris Roach, Melrose, Florida, USA, 2-0, 200 lbs, 6', 1-16-76, Pete Santiago, 352-298-1628)
    defeated Todderick Mebane, Orlando, Florida, USA, 0-1, 200 lbs, 5'11", 6-28-89, David Cummings Team Thunder 407-437-1750 by Majority Decision with judges scoring the bout 29-27, 29-27, 28-28.

  7. IKF Amateur International Rules
    Herman Dameron, Orange Park, Florida, USA, 2-0, 172 lbs, 5'9", 1-17-88, James Smiley Combat Athletix, 904-644-7571)
    defeated Nick Thomas, Jacksonville, Florida, USA, 3-4, 172 lbs, 5'11", Self, by KO at 1:41 into round 2.

  8. IKF Amateur International Rules
    Terry Blackburn, Middleburg Florida, USA, 10-1, 207 lbs, 5'11", 8-17-80, James Smiley Combat Athletix)
    defeated Derek Dustin, Jacksonville Florida, USA, 0-1, 280 lbs, 5'11", 4-10-81, Danny Dustin, 904-657-1809 by TKO at .57 seconds of round 2.

  9. IKF Amateur Modified Muay Thai Rules
    Jerad Engel, Jacksonville, Florida, USA, 1-0, 160 lbs, 5'11", 7-1-88, World Martial Arts 904-642-3150)
    defeated Chris Williams, Jacksonville, Florida, USA, 0-1, 5'11", 9-28-81, Ryan Lee, 904-294-1939 by Split Decision with Judges scoring the bout 29-28, 29-28, 28-29.

"Goodnight Chesty Puller, Wherever You Are"

THURSDAY, November 13th, 2008, AT 4:40 PM/PST

He's Back!

Some here may not remember him but for those who do, we hope you are as excited as we are hare at the IKF to welcome him back with us! For those who never got the pleasure of meeting him, you truly missed one of the greatest motivational spokesmen of the fight world, not to mention, one of the most knowledgeable too. He wrote some of, if not THE BEST fight reports seen on these news pages. His fight reports truly made you feel you were right there Ringside watching the event. If you were a fighter, you wanted him as your IKF Representative because you knew the fight results would include not just a win or loss, but a full detailed account of the fights action! His reports were by far "The Best" we have ever posted here on the IKF News pages.

Martial Arts MASTER, Kickboxing & Muay Thai Trainer, he was always there for anyone and everyone who asked for advice. Although very versed in knowledge as well as experience, you never heard him talk about himself. It was always about YOU and how he wanted to make YOU a better person, trainer, fighter or anything you were striving for. For those who didn't ask for any advice, it was his simple words of encouragement that often gave a fighter that extra edge in the ring of battle.

Not only a martial arts master, he was a master of words, and much more. He would never bring it up or offer to tell you but he is a certified Mensa. Hints of this were often present when it was obvious he knew a lot about the world around him and far more than the rest of us on many issues.

Enough of the build up, it's time to re-introduce you all to a great friend of us here at the IKF. It is with great honor and privilege that we welcome back to the IKF World Team, our one and only, IKF World Ambassador,

Brooks Mason!

In the coming weeks, you will see some stories from Brooks (R) here on the IKF News page. His life took an unexpected change a few years back after putting his trust in others, where he took the fall for everyone. However, what happened then is now in the past. Here at the IKF we are grateful that he is back with us here again and the future looks bright for the IKF, Brooks and the sport of Kickboxing!

Within a few months you will start to see brooks at more and more IKF and ISCF Sanctioned events as an IKF World Representative and IKF World Ambassador. His stories will bring knowledge and excitement to the sport once again he worked so hard to build. He will also soon be available for seminars and even more exciting will be the release of his new Kickboxing book that had been delayed due to his busy schedule. "KICKBOXING-A View From Both Sides Of The Corner" is a book that will help train both kickboxers AND Trainers/Cornermen on how to prepare for a fight as well as how to properly work a corner during a fight. It is a first of its kind and we are excited to be a part of the entire project.

Some of you may remember Brooks as co-host of the IKF Kickboxing show back in 2003. For a look back at those shows, click HERE.

Brooks has been around the world in the sport of kickboxing. From Cancun Mexico to Malaysia he has seen it all. As a former marine, his loyalty to others has been proven time and time again. He was and will once again be a valuable part of the IKF Spirit as the IKF moves into it's 17th year. He will also once again be back at the IKF World Classic. An event he helped create back in 1999.

In closing, there is one phrase that Brooks said a thousand times if he said it once which was, "I Love all aspects of this sport and believe that all people who participate deserve respect." Our respect goes back to you too Brooks, because anyone who has the passion about this sport as much as you do, deserves respect from EVERYONE in it!

As Brooks made famous at the end of the IKF TV Shows, we leave you with his well known line...

"Goodnight Chesty Puller, Wherever You Are"

For those wanting to contact Brooks, he can be reached by e-mail at brooks@ikfkickboxing.com

Brooks Mason

World Ambassador


Chi Town Throwdown & R & R Productions Presents
Chicago, Illinois, USA

IKF Pro Woman's Modified Muay Thai Rules
US Bantamweight Title

Katie Meehan VS Felice Herrig


Warrior Fitness & Fight Promotions Presents
"IKF Championship Kickboxing"
Mounds View, Minnesota, USA


Jorden Allen



Dee Jay Jones
North Carolina, USA

TUESDAY, November 11th, 2008, AT 6:30 PM/PST

The World Of Martial Arts Loses 2 Great People
On The Same Day...

- November 8th, 2008 -
Some of the photos in these articles came from www.martialinfo.com

In the ever changing world of Martial Arts, many have forgotten what Martial Arts is really about. With the passing of two great individuals of the Martial Arts world on our minds, we thought we would remind those who have trained more than 20 years ago of their past, and enlighten those Martial Artists of today what they missed from a time now forgotten. From the Journey of the Vanishing Martial Artist...

"As I stared at the face in the glass, I asked for the answer to life and the inner strength to deal with the challenges and adversities I faces ahead. One day I faced a choice in my life of two paths. I chose the one less traveled, to see why the others have passed it by. My path was the way of the martial artist. I did so because I wanted the challenge of facing those greater than myself. In doing so, I have walked the hard wooden floors of the dojo, kick after kick, punch after punch, and as I reached 1000, I chose to begin again as I searched for the answer of my being. I struck the makiwara board until the blood of my knuckles turned the rope red, as I desired to find The Way. I became a strong and fast tiger, in no time breaking boards and bricks with quickness and power. Still I strived for perfection, although knowing it doesn't exist, knowing only that each level of excellence is another level of beginning I would face as I sought life's secrets. I stared stone cold into the eyes of the enemy; those many great warriors who chose to test their martial skills in a battle against mine. I sought the way while barefoot in the cold winter, forcing my mind to ignore my bloody feet that left blood, red footprints in the crystal white snow. My Gi dripped with sweat as my feet blistered on the hot sand and rock while their only relief was a thousand kicks high into the desert air. I have done these things because I have chose to. I chose to seek my limits while seeking to find myself. Then one day, I realized that while the tiger was quick; there was another beast more powerful - the dragon. I learned in time that the dragon's power was far greater. For with one sweep of its tail or a blow of its fiery breath, it could defeat any opponent. But the dragon, knowing it had the power, chose not to use it. For it knew that true power was also patience and control of such power. This, I learned, was real power. Knowing you could defeat your opponent, and choosing not to. One day, as my sweaty and tired body staggered towards the mirror at the end of my workout, I felt the power of the dragon come to me. Then suddenly, I realized, I was always a dragon. For the answers of life and the search for the dragon within me was hidden, within my own desire, to grasp it. To believe in myself enough to let me become it. To accept my own strength, my own courage, my own power. I cleansed my body with the sweat from my pores and as I wiped it away, I realized where the dragon lies. It was always in the face staring back in the glass."

Master Hidetaka Nishiyama
(October 10th, 1928 - November 8th, 2008)

Press: International Traditional Karate Federation

The Karate world is in mourning following the passing of the President and Chairman of the International Traditional Karate Federation (ITKF), Hidetaka Nishiyama at the age of 80. Mr. Nishiyama was a world renowned karate master well known for his steadfast dedication to the preservation and protection of the Martial Art of Traditional Karate.

"Mr. Nishiyama passed away peacefully following his struggle with cancer", a family spokesperson said. Mr. Nishiyama dedicated his life to the Budo principles on which his beloved Martial Art of Traditional Karate is based. As a Charter Member of the Japan Karate Association and founding President of the Japan Karate Association International of America and the International Traditional Karate Federation, his influence on the modern day practice of Traditional Karate is unparalleled.

"He was truly one of a kind", said Acting ITKF Chairman, Rick Jorgensen. "He has greatly influenced and impacted the lives of those who practice Traditional Karate." "His vision was very broad. It included people of all ages and all styles of karate", said Jorgensen. "Sensei Nishiyama strongly held the belief that the Martial Art of Traditional Karate was a path of self development. School children, adults and seniors can use the principles of Traditional Karate to achieve their highest potential through the human development of mind, body and spirit. In the last years of his life, he created a system of training these Budo principles for the use in all styles of karate. He believed that creation of a universal system for self development through Budo training was his greatest achievement. He left the ITKF with that treasure of knowledge."

"It is now up to the ITKF to ensure Sensei Nishiyama's life work carries on and that we are unwavering in our commitment to preserve for future generations the Budo principles of the Martial Art that he saw as the necessary underpinnings for those who practice Traditional Karate".

Born in Tokyo, Japan, on October 10th, 1928, Mr. Nishiyama had a long history of Martial Art training beginning at a very early age. He began training in Kendo under the instruction of his father, an accomplished Kendo master, at the age of 5. At the age of 10 he began his training in Judo and in 1943 he joined the Shotokan karate dojo where he achieved his first degree black belt in 1946 under Master Gichin Funakoshi. Regardless of where Mr. Nishiyama traveled, he left his mark as a leader. He was named captain of the Takushoku University Karate Team and was co-founder of the All Japan Collegiate Karate Federation. He received a Master of Arts degree in economics from Takushoku University and in 1951 he co-founded the Japan Karate Association and was elected to its Board of Directors.

In 1960 he published his first book: Karate: The Art of Empty-Hand Fighting. Today, his book still remains one of the foremost authoritative writings on the Martial Art of Traditional Karate.

In 1961, following his move to the United States, Mr. Nishiyama formed the American Amateur Karate Federation (AAKF). He later formed the JKA-US that set standards for the practice of the JKA style of karate. In 1973, he formed the International Amateur Karate Federation (which later became the International Traditional Karate Federation) and in 1976 submitted the first application to the International Olympic Committee for recognition of Traditional Karate on behalf of its athletes representing different styles of Traditional Karate.

Nishiyama trained a wide variaty of different martial artist from the straight, non sport traditional to the traditional as well as sport fighters such as Joe Lewis in 1967 who was one of the greatest Martial Arts Fighters of all time.

In 1999, Mr. Nishiyama received an American flag which had flown over the Capitol Building in his honor on October 10th, the date of his birthday. The flag was in recognition of his unwavering effort on behalf of Traditional Karate and to acknowledge his significant contribution to the physical and psychological health of Americans.

In 2000, he was honored by the Emperor of Japan who presented him with the Order of the Sacred Treasure, Gold Rays with Rosette on the grounds of the Imperial Palace in Tokyo.

The Republic of Poland also honored him in 2001 with the Officer's Cross of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Poland, which was presented in Warsaw by the nation's President, Aleksander Kwaśniewski at the opening ceremony of the first Traditional Karate World Cup.

A Short Biography of Master Hidetaka Nishiyama

Joe Hyams
Best-selling Author and Martial Arts Pioneer, Dies at 85.
(June 6th, 1923 - November 8th, 2008)

By LA Times staff writer Dennis McLellan

Joe Hyams, a former Hollywood columnist and best-selling author of books ranging from biographies of Humphrey Bogart and James Dean to a popular tome on Eastern philosophy, has died. He was 85. Hyams, a longtime Los Angeles resident who moved to Penrose, Colorado, three years ago, died of coronary artery disease Saturday at a Denver hospital, said his wife of 14 years, Melissa.

A former West Coast bureau chief for the New York Herald Tribune who once was married to actress Elke Sommer, Hyams covered Hollywood as a syndicated columnist from 1951 to 1964. He then continued chronicling Hollywood for the Saturday Evening Post, Ladies' Home Journal, Redbook and other magazines for several more years.

"He was a Hollywood insider," movie producer David Permut, a longtime friend, told The Times on Tuesday. "Everybody knew Joe, and he knew everybody. He was a great wit, a great guy."

The author of more than 25 books, Hyams tapped his insider status in many of them, including the biographies "Bogie" (1966), "Bogart & Bacall: A Love Story" (1975) and "James Dean: Little Boy Lost" (1992), written with his son Jay. He also wrote the Hollywood-set novels "The Pool" and "Murder at the Academy Awards."

Among his other books are "Flight of the Avenger: George Bush at War" (1991) and, with Tom Murton, the 1969 nonfiction book "Accomplices to the Crime: The Arkansas Prison Scandal," on which "Brubaker," the 1980 movie starring Robert Redford, was based.

As an author, Hyams also worked in the 1980s with Chuck Norris on Norris' "The Secret of Inner Strength: My Story", President Reagan's son Michael on his "Michael Reagan: On the Outside Looking In" and with Joe Lewis on his book, "How To Master Bruce Lee's Fighting System."

Besides his reputation as a Hollywood chronicler, Hyams also was known as an icon in the martial arts community.

Hyams, who studied martial arts for more than 50 years, was the author of the 1979 book "Zen In the Martial Arts."

Melissa Hyams said the slim book "isn't really about martial arts. It's about life and philosophy, and how to turn a negative into a positive, how to defuse a situation by the way you handle it. That's what he'll most be remembered for."

Hyams was born September 6th, 1923, in Cambridge, Mass. Reared in Brookline, Mass., he was attending Harvard University when he enlisted in the Army in 1942. While serving in the South Pacific, he received a Purple Heart and a Bronze Star and later covered the war as a field correspondent for the Stars and Stripes newspaper.

After the war, he earned bachelor's and master's degrees at New York University and went to work for the New York Herald Tribune.

As Hyams wrote in his 1973 autobiography "Mislaid in Hollywood," his career covering the movie capital began in 1951 when the Herald Tribune sent him west to do an article on illegal immigrants. As recounted by his wife Tuesday, Hyams was dropped off in Mexico by the pilot of a small airplane and made the border crossing himself with a group of illegal immigrants. After he completed the story, his editor in New York told him that a room had been arranged for him at the Beverly Hills Hotel. "Take a break," he was told, "and if you get a chance to interview any movie stars, go for it." Hyams was sitting by the hotel pool smoking his pipe when he began chatting with a gentleman who asked him what he was doing in Los Angeles. After explaining that his editor wanted him to interview movie stars, the man said, "How would you like to interview Humphrey Bogart?" The man was Bogart's press agent, and the next day he took Hyams to Bogart's home.

The tough-guy actor was behind the bar when Hyams walked in. "What'll you have to drink?" Bogart asked him. 'I'll have a Coke," Hyams said. "The bar's open," Bogart said. "What will you have to drink?"

Hyams repeated that he'd have a Coke. Leveling his gaze on Hyams, Bogart said, "I don't trust a journalist who doesn't drink, or a man who has more hair on his head than I do." At that, Hyams pocketed his notepad and started walking toward the door. "Where are you going?" Bogart said. "Mr. Bogart, I have two things to tell you," Hyams said. "I don't drink, and a newborn baby has more hair on his head than you do." To which Bogart said, "Get back here, kid. I like you."

By the end of the week, Melissa Hyams said, "Joe had interviewed Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall, Katharine Hepburn, Spencer Tracy and Frank Sinatra. And the newspaper [editor] said, 'I don't know what you're doing, but you're moving out there.' "

During his years in Hollywood, she said, "Joe made many, many friendships. He always considered Bogie to be his mentor there and the person responsible for giving him the opportunity to become what he was." In addition to his wife Melissa, Hyams is survived by sons Jay and Chris; daughters Beverly Hyams and Dianne Byrne; stepdaughters Charisse Older and Kara Connor; and five grandchildren.

Instead of flowers, donations may be made in Hyams' name to Guide Dogs of America - www.guidedogsofamerica.org

A list of Joe Hyams books can be found by clicking HERE.

Humphrey Bogart



Absolute Adrenaline's

The countdown to the Absolute Adrenaline's December 7th "Sucker Punch" event has begun. Confirmed are IKF World Champions John Orchard & Natalie Bee along with a title fest on the undercard including Daniel Winstanley, Scott Rowley, Ross Phillips, James Cornick, Sam Gray & Gordon Childs. ISCF MMA is well represented by Paul Rocha, brother Sam, Sean Flynn and Lee Mulholland. Following the Bulldog teams explosive outing last month, this will be a series to look forward too. Thai Boxing is also represented and the Lonsdale White Collar Boxing Challenge makes a welcome return.

Check out the Provisional Fight Card.

  1. World Class (Non Title) Contest, Pro Kickboxing
    John Orchard (England) Vs Sven Loe (Germany) - 6 x 2.

  2. World Class (Non Title) Contest, Pro Kickboxing
    Natalie Bee (England) Vs Ulrike Vogt (Germany) - 6 x 2.

  3. IKF Amateur European Super Welterweight Title
    Daniel Winstanley (England) Vs Daniel Send (Germany) - 5 x 2.

  4. IKF Pro English Welterweight Title Defense
    Scott Rowley (Challenger) Vs Paul Douglas (Champion) - 8 x 2.

  5. IKF Pro South Area Welterweight Title Defense
    James Cornick (Champion) Vs Joe Bale (Challenger) - 6 x 2.

  6. IKF Pro South Area Super Welterweight Title Defense
    Ross Phillips (Champion) Vs Mark Townley (Challenger) - 6 x 2.

  7. Vacant IKF Pro South Area Middleweight Title
    Sam Gray (Bulldog Gym) Vs Gordon Childs (Dorchester KB) - 6 x 2.

  8. Pro MMA
    Sam Rocha (Bulldog Gym) Vs Panikos Kleanthous (Cyprus) 3 x 5.

  9. Pro MMA
    Paul Rocha (Bulldog Gym) Vs TBA 3 x 5.

  10. Pro MMA
    Lee Mulholland (Bulldog Gym) Vs TBA 3 x 5.

  11. Pro MMA
    Sean Flynn (Bulldog Gym) Vs Dominic Clarke (Sukhothai MMA) - 3 x 5.

  12. Muay Thai
    Mark Eastwood (Thai Works) Vs Mike Hawkins (Lumpinee Thai) - 3 x 2.

  13. Muay Thai
    Jake Best (Thai Works) Vs
    Simon Eastwood (Lumpinee Thai) - 3 x 2.

  14. Lonsdale White Collar Boxing Challenge
    Graham Catt (Bournemouth) Vs Lee Woodman (Bridgwater) - 3 x 2.

  15. Lonsdale White Collar Boxing Challenge
    Martin Saxon (Bournemouth) Vs Ben Grant (Salisbury) - 3 x 2.

  16. Lonsdale White Collar Boxing Challenge
    Graham Robinson (Bournemouth) Vs John Jones (Bridgwater) - 3 x 2.

  17. Kickboxing
    Steven Cook (Pegasus) Vs Rob Stevens (BMAC) - 6 x 2

For more info contact Carl Sams on 01020294223 or e-mail bulldogsports@btconnect.com or go to


MONDAY, November 10th, 2008, AT 11:00 PM/PST

Executive Officer Armando Garcia
Resigns From
California State Athletic Commission

The California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) will formally accept the resignation of Executive Officer Armando Garcia (L) at a commission meeting on November 18 in Los Angeles. Garcia left the position he held for over three years. At the meeting the commission will appoint an interim executive director and move to assemble a search committee for a permanent replacement.

With nearly 20 years of experience as a boxing referee and judge, Garcia was appointed as Executive Officer for the CSAC in mid 2005. Prior to his appointment, the commission, with the work of previous Executive Officer Rob Lynch, paved the way for Professional MMA in California. This was something Lynch had been working on since 2000. After working on rules and regulations for both Amateur and Professional Mixed Martial Arts, California Governor Gray Davis dashed the hopes of legalized MMA in California when he denied the Commission's funding request to regulate it. This denied funding request automatically forced the Office of Administrative Law to disapprove both the proposed Amateur and Professional mixed martial arts regulations. So, Lynch and his team went back to work on MMA however he was never able to see it pass into the California rules before he retired.

Soon after Garcia was appointed in 2005, with the road already paved by Lynch and his staff, Professional MMA was past as a legal sport in California. During Garcia's tenure California transformed into a hotbed of Professional MMA events, hosting large events by large MMA Promotional companies such as UFC, IFL, Strikeforce and EliteXC. In March of 2006 the Commission oversaw the first regulated event, Strikeforce "Shamrock VS Gracie," which set the North American attendance record for that time with 18,265 spectators.

Although Garcia worked hard to establish new rules and regulations in California, his work and success did not come without controversy. He was often questioned about his practices which included the firing of many established commission employees, demoting others and even bringing in officials from as far as Florida on the promoters dime instead of using California State Officials even though they were available and qualified for the event. On top of that, the commission had been criticized for failing miserably in not establishing any rules for AMATEUR MMA as was outlined in Lynch's plan. Garcia's Commission had tried to pass Amateur MMA in April of this year. However the effort started strong but simply ended, with no real reason.

The failure or lack of push for Amateur MMA has been rumored by individuals close to the Commission to be related more to money than any legit or justified reason. Rumor has it that the California State Commission did not want to approve, sanction or allow Amateur MMA, claiming it would take away from large profit revenues the State would receive from State Sanctioned Pro MMA events. This was a simply thought since PRO events bring in more $$ to a State Commission than Amateur. The State could have approved an Amateur MMA Sanctioning body as they have done with USA Boxing for Boxing, but choose not to do this as well, for probably the very same reasons.

Still, Garcia's commission did have it's high points. Such as when they implemented stringent drug-testing procedures. However, this too had it's downfall following a number of positive tests that resulted in the suspensions of several high profile fighters. Garcia was at the center of the controversial steroid suspensions of former UFC lightweight champion Sean Sherk, Strikeforce participant Phil Baroni, and most recently, in the one-year suspension of EliteXC heavyweight champion Antonio Silva.

During the Sherk case, questions were raised about the CSAC's oversight of drug-test samples. The former UFC lightweight champion, who maintained his innocence throughout the case, blasted the commission for what he believed were mistakes by the commission-appointed laboratory that compromised the integrity of his sample. Since the Sherk case, the commission has made changes to its drug testing program and now conducts analysis of drug tests in World Anti-Doping Agency, certified facilities only.

Other rumors of why Garcia resigned were associated with his decision to suspend the promoter licenses of Pro Elite and King of the Cage last Wednesday. Both of which are owned by the now defunct Pro Elite. Another idea is that Garcia's move may be more political. For example, come January there will be a change in political power from Republican to Democratic. Such a change means changes in some State jobs as well. Could Garcia be looking at the recently vacated Kansas Boxing Commission position recently vacated by Aaron Davis? Davis took the Boxing Commission job at the State of New Jersey leaving the Kansas Boxing Commissioner position vacant and looking for a new Boxing Commissioner. Could Garcia be going to Kansas? Who knows, but many are wondering what brought on his resignation in California.

Commission representatives were instructed not to comment on Garcia's departure over the phone or in person at a state regulated MMA event this past Saturday in Fresno, California. Commission Officials have said there may or may not be any press release about the issue but if so, an official statement from the Dept. of Consumer Affairs, which oversees the commission, would be issued shortly.

Garcia and his commission regulated over 500 boxing and MMA events in California during his three year tenure. Although he help grow MMA in California, Kickboxing and Muay Thai seemed to suffer from several bad or unjustified decisions in regards to the establishment of the new Martial Art laws in the State. The new rules and regulations pretty much killed Amateur Kickboxing in California as well as Pro. Making claims that were later established as facts in the new State Kickboxing Regulations, both San Shou and Muay Thai were deemed illegal in the State. However, the work of Southern California promoter Dennis Warner kept Pro Muay Thai alive and eventually Amateur Muay Thai as well. However the damage was done and many California Kickboxing promoters simply threw in the towel. Garcia's new definition of the Rules also outlawed well known IKF Pro San Shou World Champion and now MMA Fighter, Cung Le's Amateur San Shou Event that had been taking place for years. In the new rules and regulations definition, San Shou, both Pro and Amateur became banned in California. Adding to this, the raising of the promoter's required fighter medical insurance and additional requirements for Amateur Kickboxing promoters took Amateur kickboxing in California from around 30 events a year to less than 10 in 2007 and only 9 so far in 2008. California is one of less than a dozen USA States that regulates Amateur Kickboxing. However California has far more regulations than any of the others who regulate Amateur kickboxing such as those higher minimums for fighter medical insurance ($20,000).

"Commission revenue the year before I took over the job was at about $441K," Garcia told BoxingInsider.com. "In my first year we went to $1.3 million, the next one $1.6 million and then this tremendous $2 million plus year." It's important to keep in mind that 80% if not more of this income came from Professional MMA and as hot is MMA is right now, no one other than the event promoters can be given credit for these numbers. numbers that would be there regardless who was at the Executive Directors position in California.

Like any position of power, Garcia has had more negative things written about him than any of the good things he did accomplish that were positives for the State of California. Sadly for him, individuals will probably only remember those negative issues instead of the good things he accomplished while in office. Pretty much all of those negative issues can be summed up in two articles written sometime ago that can be found Here and Here.

IKF-ISCF tried to contact Mr. Garcia today but there was no answer at his contact number and a message was left. If IKF-ISCF has any additional information to add to this issue it will be posted here. IKF-ISCF is in hopes to hear Mr. Garcia's side of his decision. Regardless what it is, the IKF-ISCF wish Mr. Garcia the best in his future endeavors.

FRIDAY, November 7th, 2008, AT 1:40 PM/PST


No Xclusions, Inc. Presents
Jacksonville, Florida, USA


AK Promotions Presents
"IKF Point Kickboxing"
Newcastle, California, USA

TUESDAY, November 4th, 2008, AT 6:30 PM/PST

Results from Ketzal Productions'
October 31st, 2008 - Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Muay Thai "Triple Championship" Fight Results
By Bob Cohen - PVNN

In the main event at the IKF sanctioned Muay Thai "Triple Championship" fight card last Friday night at the Plaza De Toros La Paloma was won by Cesar Palomera (Left & Right - 9-1) by a dominant TKO that came at the end of the 2nd round of the scheduled 5 round bout. Palomera, who received his second IKF Mexican title belt in the Super Lightweight "Modified" division, adding to his Welterweight Title, stopped Jose Francisco Ramos (4-2-1) of Mexico City in the final seconds of the 2nd round as Ramos was unable to fight back as the bout was stopped by referee Armando Tapia. Palomera had a perfect mix of kicks and punches in his complete domination of Ramos.

The Friday night at the bullring was festive although quite intense as a crowd of 1000+ was in attendance in the event that had three Mexican IKF title belts at stake. Ketzal Productions, with IKF Mexican Representative Felix Perez put on a seven fight card, with six of the fights professional. The night was dominated by Puerto Vallarta fighters as they handled the challengers from Mexico City and Guanajuato.

Gregorio Gabriel, (Right - Pro 11-1-2) under the tutelage of Santiago Manzanares won the IKF Featherweight title with an assault that included quite a bit of boxing as well as strategic kicks as his opponent Eduardo Santos Moreno (22-7-5) couldn't come out for the 4th round as his right eye had closed and was unable to fight. Gabriel also holds the Mexican CNKB featherweight title and the future appears bright for the youngster.

In the first of the title matched, Carlos Solorio, (Pro 20-7-*1)owner of Lanna Gym in Puerto Vallarta faced Ricardo Neftali Garcia (Pro 11-2-*1) of Irapuato, Guanajuato for the Super Lightweight IKF Championship. Solorio controlled the fight from the start but at the close of the second round, after he sent his opponent to the canvas with a kick to the stomach, he instinctively followed with another kick. That kick landed on his back as he dropped to the canvas he flipped over and Solorio didn't have time to stop the inadvertent kick.

The crowd was hushed as Garcia was attended to by medics and was on the canvas for at least 15 minutes before being carried out of the ring, but was reported to be uninjured. The decision was a technical *draw due to medical conditions. Solorio has been a warrior over the years in the ring and a gentleman as well and was disheartened with the turn of events. The title belt went unclaimed.

(*) The IKF Headquarters will review the bout film footage for a final decision.

The undercard had three professional fights and one women's amateur bout. Yajaira Manzanarez at 17, daughter of champion Santiago, owner and mater of Dragon Manzanarez Gym won a unanimous decision over Wendy Peña also of Puerto Vallarta. Yajaira utilized extremely powerful and effective kicks in her second fight with her proud Dad in her corner.

Josue Ruelas of Puerto Vallarta and also of Dragon Manzanarez Gym made his professional debut against Candelario Torres Reyes of Mexico City, also in his pro debut. Ruelas explosive kicks caused the referee to call the fight in the opening round a TKO victory for the young Ruelas, who should be competing for a title in the future if this bout was an indication. He was 10-1 as an amateur, coming into the professional ranks.

Pedro Camberos of Gold's Gym in Puerto Vallarta recorded a 3rd round TKO over Ismael Gomez of Mexico City as he completely dominated his opponent. A bloody nose that bothered Gomez throughout the fight became too dangerous and the fight was stopped.

The final professional fight pitted Hugo Solorio of Lanna Gym in Puerto Vallarta against Daniel Villegas Ruiz of Mexico City. The two were the smallest fighters on the card in the featherweight division but clearly not the smallest in heart as they battled the complete 5 rounds that saw Solorio win a unanimous decision. Solorio was more aggressive and connected with more solid kicks and punches, but Ruiz stood his ground, taking the fight the distance.

The evening ended with celebration in the ring for Palomera just after midnight. The IKF led by their Mexican affiliate Felix Perez and Ketzal Productions put on a first class event. We look for yet another in the future and hopefully some fighters will come from the United States to compete for IKF World Titles.