This Page Includes Past IKF News for AUGUST, 2009


WEDNESDAY, August 26th, 2009, AT 11:30 AM/PST

Results From Ron Anderson's
"IKF Championship Kickboxing"
August 22nd 2009 - Hinkley, Minnesota, USA

Results by IKF Representative Peyton Russell
This night had eight exciting amateur fights. Two titles on the line, the IKF Amateur FCR Minnesota State Title and a Warriors Promotional Title. The fighters came ready to "Rock and Roll", and they did just that. The fans had a full night of fast paced, hard hitting and high action bouts. Thank you to all the competitors for proving their valor and "Walking the Walk!"
Here are the nights results.

  1. Amateur Mixed Martial Arts, 3 Rounds
    Jordan Allen, Thunder Bay, Canada., 13-8-2-2, 143, 5'5" 6-17-87, Mitz Bandera, Progressive Martial Arts VSRobert Fletcher, Park Rapids, Minnesota, USA, 5-3-3, 143, 5'7", 9-9-89, Self Trained.
    This was the night's only MMA fight, and it was the right way to set the stage for the night. All 3 rounds were the same scenario "Brawler vs. Technician…" Fletcher came out banging right at the sound of the bell - very aggressive "head down" non-stop attack with all hands. Allen very calm (almost to calm) waited and was very patient for Fletcher to relax. In the middle of Fletchers wild attacks Allen was able to land accurate techniques with hands and feet with several axe kicks to the face. In Round 3 both fighters began to tier. Allen was able to land kicks to the legs and body with punches landing straight to the face, as Fletcher was able to land clean punches to the face too. In the end both fighters had their share of hard hits, blood, cuts and black eyes.
    Winner: Jordan Allen by unanimous decision: Anderson 30-27, Duffy 29-28, Campbell 29-28.

  2. IKF Amateur Full Contact, 3 Rounds
    Johathan Profant, Cambridge, Minnesota, USA, 0-0, 143.2, 5'9", 10-20-90, Jimmie Johnson, Cambridge Mixed Martial Arts VS Nicholas Riley, Little Canada, Minnesota, USA, 3-0, 135, 5'6", 9-9-89, Jon Lewis, Cellar Kickboxing
    This fight is under Official Review by the IKF.
    Round one started with Riley being very busy with ring control, movement and well placed strikes. Riley's Super Man punch found it's mark EVERY time. Profant was looking for the one hit KO and never really found a pace that worked against Riley's blitzes and ring movement. Round 2 saw the same story, Profant tried to pressure Riley but was stopped by Riley's peppering hit and move strategy. Profant seemed to get frustrated and tried to land the "one hitter quitter" as he pushed and trapped Riley against the ropes but again it was Riley's side to side movement that kept him out of trouble. Also Riley's Super Man punches really stole the show and excited the crowd; he was able to throw it at will. In round 3, Profant was able to put some pressure on Riley but with nothing effective. Not sure what the judges were doing, or what fight they were watching but the results were a MAJORITY DRAW! And the crowd was defiantly disappointed.
    RESULT: Majority Draw! Anderson 27-30, Duffy 28-28, Campbell 30-27
  3. IKF Amateur Full Contact, 3 Rounds
    Chris Schorrock, Thunder Bay, Canada, 1-2, 161, 5'6", 3/2/83, Mitz Bandera, Progressive Martial Arts VS Bryn Ollerman, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, 0-0, 165, 6'2", 11-19-87, Kirk Youngblood, Youngblood Kickboxing.
    If you are thinking of being a fighter…conditioning is critical! Ollerman began the fight looking as if he would win by TKO/KO with very strong, hard hitting strikes. Ollerman used his reach with long legs and arms to land stinging strikes that really shuck up Schorrock. WELL, as round 2 started Ollerman was tiered and Schorrock landed looping hooks with booth lefts and rights. An 8 count was one hit away with Ollerman using the ropes to stay standing but Schorrock was unable to deliver the final blow due to fatigue himself. The 3rd round was similar to the 2nd. Ollerman was simply tiered with wobbly legs and barely holding his hands in place to protect himself. Schorrock very fatigued himself, just couldn't get the job done. Again, the judging seemed suspect as Schorrock clearly won the last two rounds. "?"
    Winner: Chris Schorrock by split decision: Anderson 29-28, Duffy 29-26, Campbell 27-29.

  4. IKF Amateur Full Contact, 3 Rounds
    Truman Kellie, Woodbury, Minnesota, USA, 2-0, 181, 6', 9-6-76, Scott Masterton Sr., National Karate VS Adam Gotvald, Cambridge, Minnesota, USA, 0-0, 175, 6'1", 4-13-84, Jimmie Johnson, Cambridge Martial Arts
    It's a HUGE advantage to study a form of striking in the martial arts, in order to be an effect Kickboxer. Truman displayed awesome kicking ability with his background in Karate. I believe his background aided him with his calm demeanor and poise with good ring control and movement. Gotvald was awarded two standing 8 counts one of them coming by way of hook kick to the head. Gotvald was very, very, very close to a 1st round TKO. Gotvald was unable to answer the bell for the second round.
    Winner: Truman Kellie by TKO 2nd Round.
  5. IKF Amateur Full Contact, 3 Rounds
    Mike Yount, Stainly, Wisconsin, USA, 3-1-1, 238, 6', 1-29-85, Mike Lind VS Seth Able, Rutledge, Minnesota, USA, 0-0, 250, 6'3", 12-21-82, Josh Koksma
    Yount showed impressive techniques with punch combinations and effective kicks. Yount fought as if to be a Cruiserweight and not a Super Heavyweight. Able was very game fighter and showed lots of heart and fought on threw the punishment delivered by Yount. Able lost 2 points through the fight, one for low kicks and the second for not getting the required 6 kicks in round 3. Yount wins by unanimous decision.
    Winner: Mike Yount by unanimous decision: Anderson 30-25, Duffy 30-24, Campbell 30-24.

  6. IKF Amateur Full Contact, 3 Rounds
    Scott Masterton Jr., Montrose, Minnesota, USA, 0-0, 164.8, 5'10", 5-28-85, Scott Masterton Sr., National Karate VS Elijah Thibodeaux, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, 0-0, 162, 6'2", 8-8-87, Justin Whiley, Cellar Kickboxing
    This was another shaking call by the judges! Booth fighters showed good control, form and pressure. Thibodeaux seemed to win the first round by general ringmenship and out kicking and out punching Masterton, however all 3 judges gave this round to Masterton? Masterton was catching and holding Elijah's kicks and was penalized one point in the second round giving Thibodeaux the winning advantage. Again Thibodeaux showed better pressure and general ringmenship in round 3 but the judges were split on it. Thibodeaux wins by majority decision.
    Winner: Elijah Thibodeaux by majority decision: Anderson 27-29, Duffy 28-28, Campbell 27-29.

  7. IKF Amateur International Rules 4 rounds. - Warriors Promotional Title
    Ruben St. John, Hinkley, Minnesota, USA, 5-3-3, 185.4, 5'6" 12-29-87, Bobby Anderson, Warriors Kickboxing VS Charles Anderson, Hinkley, Minnesota, 7-1, 190.2, 5'9", 1-2-91, Bobby Anderson, Warriors Kickboxing.
    Battle of the low blows! These two fighters might want to get checked out, to see if they can still have children some day? Each fighter was down on the canvas at least two times for groin shots and several others that didn't put them down, but they needed time to recover. Very even match, both fighters had lots of respect for each other but also tried to win the fight aggressively. It was Anderson that won the split decision.
    Winner: Charles Anderson by split decision, Anderson 37-39, Duffy 39-37, Campbell 36-40.

  8. IKF Amateur Full Contact, 4 Rounds
    IKF Minnesota State Title

    Matt Hunter, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA, 3-1, 144.6, 5'10", 9-13-86, Steve Peterson, Combat Ju-Jitsu, VS Adam Patneaude, Isanti, Minnesota, USA, 3-2, 147, 5'6", 11-13-73, Derek Reid, Professional Karate Studios, Cambridge
    This was the second time these fighters met. A great match up to watch especially for the IKF Minnesota State Title. During their last fight many thought that Patneaude edged out Hunter for the win, but it was Hunter that got gold. Hunter defiantly looked more experienced than he did in the past. Patneaude was also in great shape with endurance as both fighters fought the entire 4 rounds and did not appear to be fatigued at all. The difference here was that Hunter changed his fighting style and approach with a more busy and accurate striking application by paying attention to the open areas and picking his shots. Where as Patneaude seem to have the exact combat plan as before, with a, "Just go out and fight" attitude. He has good skills and is very aggressive but it wasn't enough to win tonight. This was a very close fight, yet it was Hunters growth that was clear tonight, keep an eye on this Champion in the future.
    Winner: Matt Hunter by Majority decision, Anderson 40-36, Duffy 38-38, Campbell 40-36.
    Congratulations to Matt Hunter the New IKF Amateur FCR Walterweight Minnesota State Champion!


Results From Palm Beach Boxing's
August 22nd 2009 - West Palm Beach, Florida, USA

Another Sold Out show for Lou Martinez and the Palm Beach Boxing Team!

    Randy Jean 185 (Fizogen) defeated Mark Etiene 185 (Palm Beach Boxing) by TKO at 1:57 of round 3.
    Ken Turner, 164.5 (Zen Tao) defeated Matt Janzer, 159.5 (Punch Fitness) by Unanimous Decision 30-28, 29-28, 29-28.

    Henrick Szabados, 172.5 (Zen Tao) defeated Joe Miller, 170.5 (Temple Arts) by Unanimous Decision 30-27, 30-27, 30-27.

    Andrew Restrepo, 183 (ATT Wellington) defeated Brannon Smith, 185 (Elmores Kempo) Split Decsion 30-27, 29-28, 28-29.

    George Berns, 141.5 (Palm Beach Boxing) defeated Ryan Plummer, (RCF) by TKO at 1:58 of round 1.
    Nick Borseit, 230.5 (TNT Boxing) defeated Yoanry Parez, 245.5 (S. Miami Boxing) by unanimous Decision.

    Fabian Fegaroa, 163 (Kyokoshin) defeated Felix Maldanado, 158 (Punch Fitness) by split decision 29-28, 28-29, 29-28.


Results From Dorchester Kickboxing Club's
"IKF Fight Night"
August 22nd 2009 - Dorchester, England

  1. IKF Pro FCR Southern Area Super Middleweight Title
    Chris James (All Or Nothing 6-2-3) defeated Dave Gower (Dorchester Kick 5-4-2) by Unanimous decision.

  2. IKF AMATEUR FCR Light Heavyweight
    Peter Kosnar (Dorchester Kick 1-0-1) defeated Lee Campbell (Wasps 0-1) by TKO in round 1.

  3. IKF AMATEUR FCR Super Middleweight
    Rich Norman (Dorchester Kick 1-0-1) defeated Tom Rostance (King Borrai 0-1) by Unanimous decision.

  4. IKF Pro MTR Light Heavyweight
    Mat Hale (King Tiger 1-0) defeated Dan Peterson (King Borrai 0-2) by Unanimous decision.

  5. IKF AMATEUR MUAY THAI Light Heavyweight - 3 ROUNDS
    Mark Hollbrook (King Tiger 1-0) Bt Ben Fowler (ThaiWorks 0-1) by Unanimous decision.

  6. IKF AMATEUR MUAY THAI Light Heavyweight - 3 ROUNDS
    Mark Thompson (King Tiger 1-1) defeated Mark Carlton (Shaolin Kung Fu 0-1) by Unanimous decision.

  7. IKF AMATEUR MUAY THAI Light Heavyweight - 3 ROUNDS
    Stuart Hannah (King Tiger 2-2) defeated Ben Brown (ThaiWorks 0-1) by Unanimous decision.

  8. IKF AMATEUR MUAY THAI Light Welterweight - 3 ROUNDS
    Liam Bishop (King Tiger 3-3) defeated Jackie Walkey (Wildkick 3-2) by TKO in round 2.

  9. IKF AMATEUR MUAY THAI Super Lightweight - 3 ROUNDS
    Dave Weighill (King Tiger 2-0) defeated Andy Turland (ThaiWorks 0-1) by Unanimous decision.

    Scott Clist (Trowbridge 4-3-2) defeated Lee Lucas (King Tiger 6-6) by KO in round 1.

    Ed Bannister (Street Academy 1-0) defeated Scott Wilkins (King Tiger 0-1): by KO in round 2.

    Lee Grinrod (King Tiger 3-0) defeated Russell Hodges ( All Or Nothing 1-1) by TKO in round 1.

    Simon Comben (King Tiger 0-0-1) VS Ben Way (Street Academy 0-2-1) fought to a majority draw.

  14. White Collar Boxing
    Andy Steele
    (King Tiger 1-1) defeated Martin Cooper (Dorchester Kick 0-2) RSF 3rd.

  15. White Collar Boxing
    Steve Chislett
    (Dorset Kickboxing 1-1) defeated Jody Bovey (Dorchester Kick 0-1) by Unanimous decision.

FRIDAY, August 21st, 2009, AT 7:10 PM/PST


Ron Anderson Presents
"IKF Championship Kickboxing"
Hinkley, Minnesota, USA


  1. Amateur Kickboxing
    Jordan Allen VS Billy Fletcher

  2. Amateur Kickboxing
    John Profant VS Nick Riley

  3. Amateur Kickboxing
    Chris Schorrock VS Bryn Ollerman

  4. Amateur Kickboxing
    Truman "Tj" Kellie VS Adam Gotvald

  5. Amateur Kickboxing
    Mike Yount VS Seth Able

  6. Amateur Kickboxing
    Scott Masterton Jr. VS Elijah Thibodeaux

  7. Amateur Kickboxing
    Nate Emmons VS Adam Mcdermid

  8. Co-Main Event - International Rules Kickboxing
    Rueben St. John VS Chuck Anderson

    Matt Hunter VS Adam Patneaude



Dorchester Kickboxing Club Presents
"IKF Fight Night"
Dorchester, England


Palm Beach Boxing Presents
West Palm Beach, Florida, USA

    Henrick Szadados VS Joe Miller

    Marc Etienne VS Randy Jean

    Nick Borseti VS Yoanry Perez

    George Burns VS Ryan Plumber

    Fabian Figueroa VS Felix Maldonado

    Andrew Hilestad VS Travis Tayor

    Ken Turner VS Johnny Adaan

    Anderson Mores VS Alan Costa

    Andrew Restrepo VS Brennan Smith

MONDAY, August 17th, 2009, AT 11:45 AM/PST

Results From Ultimate Fighting School's
"Muay Thai Kickboxing 5"
August 8th 2009 - St. Petersburg, Florida, USA

This event was held in the beautiful Renaissance Vinoy Hotel in St Petersburg Florida. With the downpour of rain outside, the thunder was going on inside. This event was great!. Ali Tareh from UFS really knows how to put on a good show. There were two title fights on the card. Can't wait to see what Ali and St Pete have in store for us on there next show!

  1. IKF Junior Amateur Muay Thai
    Cameron McDowell, St Pete Florida, USA, 1-0, 58, 7-5-00, Amir Ardebily
    defeated Tony Jobe, Crystyal River Florida, USA, 63, 0-1, 12-6-00, Stephen Butin Bik by unanimous decision with judges scoring the bout 30-26, 30-26, 30-26.

  2. Amateur Muay Thai Rules
    Victor Kulgrovskyi, St Pete Florida, USA, 1-0, 150, 12-26-86, Ali Tareh
    defeated James Bulger, Tampa Florida, USA, 0-1, 153, 7-16-93, Erick Marshal by TKO at 1:06 of round 3.

  3. Amateur Muay Thai Rules
    Andrei Dovgopolyi, Tampa Florida, USA, 2-0, 165, 12-25-89, World Class Martial - Ralph Garcia
    defeated Dana Robbins, Crystal River Florida, USA, 0-1, 164, 6-8-85, Stefan Butin Bik by unanimous decision with judges scoring the bout 29-28, 29-28, 30-27.


    Travelle Mason, 8-0-1D, 195, Lutz Florida, 5'11", 1-23-85, Mehradad Moyadei, 813-919-6087
    defeated Michael Anderson, St Pete Florida, USA, 5-4, 196, 7-28-65, Amir Ardebily, by Split Decision with Judges scoring the bout 39-37, 39-37, 37-39.

  5. Amateur Junior Muay Thai Rules
    Marcus Hile, Crystal River Florida, USA, 1-0, 124, 3-24-93, Stephon Butin Bik, 352-220-6813
    defeated Efray Gayton, St Pete Florida, USA, 1-3, 4-8-95, Ali Tareh, by TKO at 36 seconds of round 1.

  6. Amateur Muay Thai Rules
    Rebecca Laborde, Tampa Florida, USA, 139, 2-1, 6-23-79, Sherman Henson, 813-516-3974
    defeated Tania Powell, Auburndale Florida, USA, 1-0, 140, 3-6-83, David Hurley, 863-701-2551, by Split Decision with judges scoring the bout 29-28, 29-28, 28-29.

  7. Amateur Muay Thai Rules
    Rushawn Cooper, Lakeland Florida, USA, 171, 1-0, 10-1-77, David Hurley, 863-701-2551
    defeated Luciano Matto, St Pete Florida, USA, 170, 2-1, 2-14-85, Ali Tareh, by unanimous decision with judges scoring the bout 30-25, 30-25, 30-26.

  8. Amateur Muay Thai Rules
    Vlad Dandu, Jacksonville Florida, USA, 143, 6-0, 5'8", 11-3-92, Josh Rutgers, 904-982-0099
    defeated Joshua Velarde, Bradenton, Florida, USA, 1-2, 138, 8-13-84, Erik Marshall, 941-812-2560, by unanimous decision with judges scoring the bout 30-24, 30-24, 30-26.

  9. Amateur Muay Thai Rules
    Antonio Alicea, St Pete Florida, USA, 149, 1-0, 12-24-81, Ali Tareh
    defeated Winston Tsai, Tampa Florida, USA, 0-3, 153, 7-31-80, Self, 352-870-4525 by unanimous decision with judges scoring this bout 30-27, 29-28, 29-28.


    Dustin Robbins, Crystal River, Florida USA, 7-4, 161, 1-7-87, Stefan Butin Bik, 352-302-7141
    defeated Brian Cleary, Tampa Florida, USA, 5-5, 165, 5'8", 7-19-77, Andre Garcia - Freestyle Muay Thai, by Majority Decision with judges scoring this bout 39-37, 39-37, 38-38.

  11. Amateur Muay Thai Rules
    Richard Rodriguez, St Pete, Florida, USA, 153, 1-1, 3-29-90, Roger Patrizzi, 727-422-4192
    defeated Jason Bileth, Bradenton, Florida, USA, 157, 0-1, 11-23-77, Eric Marshall, 941-812-2560, by unanimous decision with judges scoring the bout 29-28, 29-28, 29-28.

FRIDAY, August 14th, 2009, AT 6:40 PM/PST

AK Promotions Set For
BIG Fight Night at Tommy T's Comedy and Dinner Theatre!

Rancho Cordova, California, USA!

Daniel Hodges

SPECIAL TO IKF: In approximately one month from now, Sacramento and area fight fans will get yet another chance to see a great show of Kickboxing. The Sacramento area has been fortunate to have put on some pretty nice shows in the past few months like the well attended show of Former Mixed Martial Arts Champion Uriajh Faber of Sacramento, CA. It was clear by the energy in the fight arena at the Radisson Hotel that this area is ready and has much love for the ultimate striking sport- Kickboxing! Kickboxing has been dangling on the lower skirt tail of contact sports for the past few years and had to take a back seat to such hybrids sports as MMA.

However, this great sport is on the comeback thanks to promoters in the Bay Area like former World Champ Brian Schwartz of Redwood City and Tim Stell of Fairfield, CA...to name a few. All of these promoters have continued to endorse their passion for the sport resulting in keeping it alive in challenging times.

AK Promotions - www.akpromotions.org based out of Rocklin, CA is now ready to join back in the action promoting their first show in about three years... Sunday, September 6th ...Labor Day weekend in Rancho Cordova, CA. The event will take place at the popular Tommy T's Comedy Club and Dinner Theatre located at 12401 Folsom, Blvd. in Rancho Cordova, CA. (916) 357-5233

The excitement is starting to build for these electrifying fights between men and women! Muay Thai, Hi and Low Kick bouts will make this show one not to miss! The action will be hot and heavy as feet and fists of fury will fly with knockout action! Lightweights to Super Heavyweight bouts are currently scheduled to do battle! The ambiance of the club complete with spot lights, bar, excellent food, great music coupled with a ring at center stage, will give a Las Vegas feel to what will be a great night out for those looking for some thrilling sports entertainment!

Doors will open around 4:30 PM and an Silent Auction will kickoff around 5:15. You can get there early and start the celebration for the excellent event you will witness that evening. Autographed Memorabilia from all-time greats will be on display and most of the money raised will go to support local charities. So, we encourage your participation. At 6:PM the event will start with the National Anthem and shortly after, the first bout of the night will begin. Right after the fights, there will be a standup comedian who will use the ring as his stage for the evening , so you may want to make plans to hang around and enjoy and night of comedy! ( may be an additional cost)

Fighters from Northern and Southern CA will be competing in this event. But to top off the night, we will have a main event which will certainly have everyone talking...IKF Champion Caley Scott (Right) of Concord, CA who trains with multiple World Champion Mr. George Tsutsui will be defending his Amateur Muay Thai Kickboxing West Coast Middleweight Title against the tough Robert Cornejo of Milpitas, CA who trains with former champ Mr. Rudi Ott. This is a rematch where only a few months back, Scott defeated Cornejo by a close decision and you can believe that Cornejo won't take a second shot at this title lightly! Scott will need to bring his A- Game and not take Cornejo for granted as the smallest error on this evening could mean a new champion!

This will be a great night to remember for fight fans but here is a serious warning...DON'T WAIT TO GET YOUR TICKETS...this is not an extremely large venue and based on the hype that's already starting and with popular local fighters like Daniel Hodges (left) and Female fighter- Nadya Lynn Lorenz of Rocklin, we are in for a great night of action!.

Plus, local Muay Thai fighters- Branden Mackie, Clifford Smith and Alvaro Cabrera of Muay Thai Lau of Sacramento and a hint of even more talent like top IKF Point Kickboxing star Jesse Agricula ( Right) of Sonoma, CA on board, tickets will sell fast! (complete fight list coming soon)

Get your tickets now at www.tommyts.com or by calling (916) 357-5233. For special group orders contact IKF Promoter Johnny Davis (916) 205-4762 or email johnnyd@akpromotions.org

Caley Scott

Jesse Agricula

To Buy Tickets, Click

THURSDAY, August 13th, 2009, AT 5:45 PM/PST


After fielding a lot of requests to keep the IKF World Classic Tournament in July due to school schedules, the IKF can confirm today that the 2010 IKF World Classic will once again be held in July on July 23rd, 24th & 25th at the Largest Marriott In The World, The Orlando World Center Marriott Resort in Orlando, Florida, USA.

So mark your calendars now Fight Fans and Fighters. Book those Plane Tickets early and Register Early to avoid those Late Fees!

We look forward to seeing you all once again, and even those new to the IKF World Classic in July of 2010 to "Walk the Walk and Bring It ON!"

For Tournament info, Click

FRIDAY, August 7th, 2009, AT 11:45 PM/PST

Mortgage Broker Becomes
Kickboxing Champion?

At this years 2009 IKF World Classic, some of the greatest fighters from all over the world fought for the right to be named "IKF World Classic Champion!" The event took place at the Marriott Hotel in Orlando, Florida, with nearly 300 fighters registered to compete in all weight divisions and three different rules categories. Who would have thought a mild-mannered, 37 year old mortgage broker from Tampa, Florida, would be one of the new "IKF World Classic Champions!" Eric Parker, from Tampa, Florida, became just that.

That's right folks, this past July, Tampa Mortgage Broker Eric Parker (Right) became a 2009 IKF World Classic Kickboxing Champion (Lightweight 130.1 lbs. - 140 lbs. MUAY THAI RULE DIVISION ) when he won his final Championship bout at 48 seconds of round 1 with a crowd pleasing Spinning Hook Kick. The win came after Parker had defeated all 3 of his previous opponents by TKO, as he worked his way through the largest fighter bracket of the tournament. To see it on You Tube click HERE!

Not only did he win each of his 4 bouts by KO or TKO, he ended them ALL before the second round!

For Eric Parker, it was the opportunity of a lifetime when he entered the Muay Thai Rules Men's Lightweight Division, a full-contact rules division that permits punches and kicks to the head, body and legs, as well as knee and elbow strikes to the body. This was the 11 year of the annual international event. The IKF World Classic is a single-elimination tournament, meaning that if fighter loses once, he is out of the competition.

Parker weighed-in at 139 pounds on Friday afternoon and entered the ring on Saturday morning for his first of four potential fights in a division consisting of thirteen fighters. According to the IKF, Parker was the first fighter in the history of the annual world championship tournament to go 4-0 through the brackets of fighters, with four first round knockouts to win the belt. In a ringside interview, Mr. Parker was asked what made the difference between losing and being crowned the new IKF World Classic Tournament Champion. He summed it all up by saying, "Three things. One; the will to win. Two; support from family and friends, especially my wife, Amber, and daughter, Lauren. And three, my Team. I want to thank Cornerman Travis Hadwin, who took care of me and helped prepare me for these fights. And particularly, I thank my instructor, Shihan Gary Hellman, of Tiger Schulmann's Mixed Martial Arts in Clearwater, Florida - where I train - for his coaching and instruction in helping improve me as a fighter."

Asked after the interview if he used any special training in preparing to fight against fighters nearly half his age, Parker replied, "Believe it or not, at Tiger Schulmann's Mixed Martial Arts, my training regimen is no different than any other student at my school." His record now is 9-0, with 6 knockouts. Eric can be reached for comments or questions by phone at (317) -289-3380 or at eparker@america-one-finance.com or at Clearwater@tsk.com

THURSDAY, August 6th, 2009, AT 11:55 PM/PST


Ultimate Fighting School Presents
"Muay Thai Kickboxing 5"
St. Petersburg, Florida, USA


Ms' Rubie Navarro and Professor Carlos Navarro Present
"IKF Point Kickboxing"
Sacramento, California, USA

  • WHEN: Saturday, August 8th 2009
  • WHO: Ms' Rubie Navarro and Professor Carlos Navarro
  • WHERE: Rio Tierra High School, Sacramento, California, USA
  • WHAT: IKF Point Kickboxing
  • IKF Representative: Johnny Davis
  • IKF PROMOTER: Ms' Rubie Navarro and Professor Carlos Navarro at (415) 550-1694.
  • ON THE WEB: www.crushkick.com