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SATURDAY, October 31st, 2009, AT 3:45 PM/ PST

Results From Hardcore Promotions LLC.'s
"Fight Night"
October 17th, 2009 - Lake City, Florida, USA

Loud and Proud. To me, that is what best describes the Lake City Fairgrounds Saturday night. All of the preperation Rocky Moore and Jerry Coker put into this Fight Night was quite obvious. From the first bell to the last. All great fights. With good people and great promoters you couldn't get much better. With most of this card being hometown fighters they brought it all for their Lake City fans. It's great to see the audience support their local talents and the promoters that take that risk for the Love of their craft. Promoters Rocky Moore and Jerry Coker did a great job putting this event together. We look forward to the next one.

    Kevin Banks, Lake City Florida, USA, 134, 1-0, Self defeated Zachary Mcmillian, Lake City Florida, USA, 5'10", 6-29-89, 0-1, Self, 386-754-3710, by TKO at 1:09 of round 2.

    Sean Charles, Jacksonville, Florida, USA, 169, 5'9", 1-12-89, 1-0, 1-12-89, Self, 904-463-3110, defeated Jackie Branham, Live Oak, Florida, USA, 2-0, 5'4", 171, 10-15-87, by unanimous decision with judges scoring the bout 30-27, 30-27, 29-28.

    Raul Coliri, Fort White, Florida, USA, 226, 1-0, 6', 9-30-70, Shawn Vaugn, 386-433-0475, defeated Shawn White, Jacksonville, Florida, USA, 240, 0-2, 5'9", 5-23-80, Josh Rutgers, 904-982-0099, by unanimous decision with judges scoring the bout 30--27 , 30-27, 30-27.

    Frank Bubrich, Lake City Florida, USA, 154, 1-0, 5'7", 11-26-86, self 386-623-6075, defeated Rodney Harvey, Fort White Florida, USA, 160, 0-1, l5'11", 8-12-90, Self 386-752-6876 by TKO at 1:24 of round 2.

    Wayne Banks, Lake City Florida, USA, 151, 1-0, 8-1-82, 5'8", self defeated John Pilgrim, Tallahasse Florida, USA, 151, 0-1, 5'10", 3-20-85, Shaun Wright 850-508-1132 by TKO at .27 seconds of round 3.

    James Outlaw, Lake City, Florida, USA, 145, 3-0. 5'10", 7-24-75, Phil Markham, 386-754-4166, defeated Jessie Barker, Lake City, Florida, USA, 145, 5'7", 0-1, 12-31-88, Self, 386-365-3734, by TKO at the end of round 1.

    Paul Vivdeon, Lake City, Florida, USA, 1-0, 199, 5'9", 4-21-89, David Manskee, 386-867-6263, defeated Richard Neslon, St Augustine, Florida, USA, 0-1, 210, 5'7", 3-2-87 Self, 904-387-7328, by TKO at 1:07 of round 1.

    Matt Dupree, Lake City Florida, USA, 1-0, 167, 5-11-84, 8-2-84, Rashaun Spencer, 386-623-6647, defeated Steven Farence, Jacksonville Florida, USA, 169, 5'10", 8-23-86, Self, 904-226-3176, by unanimous decision with judges scoring the bout 30-27, 30-27, 30-27.

    Jarred Carredy, Gainesville, Florida, USA, 182, 1-0, 6'1", 10-31-90, Self, 352-999-1570, defeated Jamel Marshman, St Augustine, Florida, USA, 183, 5'9", 0-1, 2-2-88, Self, by TKO at 1:21 of round 2.

    Donald Holliday, Jacksonville, Florida, USA, 161, 3-0, 5'10, 10-31-84, Josh Rutgers, 904-982-0099, defeated Joshua Harley Sikes, Fort White, Florida, USA, 2-1, 156, 6'1" , 90, Philip Meekham, 386-497-6165, by Split decision with judges scoring the bout 29-28, 29-28, 28-29

    Van Barker, Lake City, Florida, USA, 2-0, 6'1", 185, 1-5-88, Self, 386-758-0982, defeated Nicholas Carver, Jacksonville, Florida, USA, 1-0, 182, 6', 10-23-88, Josh Rutgers, 904-982-0099, by unanimous decision with judges scoring the bout 29-28, 29-28, 29-28

    Tim Taylor, Lake City, Florida, USA, 156, 1-0, 6'2", 11-8-76, self 386-344-3624, defeated Omar Aldridge, Starke, Florida, USA, 155, 0-1, 5'9", 4-23-80, Self, 904-316-8426, by Unanimous decision with judges scoring the bout 30-27, 30-27, 30-28

    Trey Tucker, Lake Butler, Florida, USA, 226, 1-0, 6'4", 12-2-89, Self, 386-266-8225, defeated Randall Purington, St Augustine, Florida, USA, 6'1", 0-1, Self, 904-347-7325, by TKO at :52 seconds of round 1.


Anthony Rosales Presents
"IKF Kickboxing"
Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Ready To ROCK in New Mexico TONIGHT!

Shaun Henson from Rosales Kickboxing and Steve Garcia from Kucevic
are both ready to Rock The House tonight as they challenge for the vacant
IKF Junior Amateur IR Super Lightweight (130.1 lbs. - 137) New Mexico State Title.
Both fighters weighed in at 135 lbs.


A.K. Promotions and Tommy T's Presents
IKF Championship Kickboxing!

Sunday, November, 22nd, 5:PM, Doubletree Hotel, Sacramento, CA!

Jimmy Machado of Concord, CA says he is "Ready for T. J. Archangle of San Francisco and wants revenge!"
Don't miss this exciting fight for the IKF California State Light Welterweight Title on Sunday, November, 22nd, at 5:PM inside the Doubletree Hotel in Sacramento, CA

Also on the line this night will be the quest for the vacant IKF Amateur International Rules California State Light Middleweight Title between Jon Pryor of Sacramento, CA and Tristan Arenal of Milpitas, CA.

This event will feature many more bouts as Men and Women will "Battle in The Capitol!" Adult Drinks, Beautiful Ring Girls, Great Music and lights will set the stage for a another great night of IKF Championship Kickboxing!

Get your tickets now for the best seats and price! $35 Advanced and $40 at the Door. Don't forget, our Last Show Sold Out!

IKF Amateur Muay Thai
California State Light Welterweight Title

Jimmy Machado
Concord, CA

T.J. Archangle
San Francisco, CA

IKF Amateur International Rules
California State Light Middleweight Title

Jon Pryor
Sacramento, CA

Tristan Arenal
Milpitas, CA

Use your credit card on line to Order Your Tickets Now!


For more info call (916) 357-5233, or call (916) 205-4762, e-mail: Johnnyd@AKPromotions.org or check out www.AKPromotions.org

FRIDAY, October 30th, 2009, AT 1:05 PM/ PST


Pollard Productions LLC Presents
Larose, Louisiana, USA


Anthony Rosales Presents
"IKF Kickboxing"
Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

IKF Junior Amateur IR
Super Lightweight (130.1 lbs. - 137) New Mexico State Title

Shaun Henson VS Steve Garcia

THURSDAY, October 29th, 2009, AT 3:00 PM/ PST

Results From Warrior Fight Promotions'
October 9th, 2009 - Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA


Warrior Fight Promotions, Bobby Anderson
At The HYATT REGENCY Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

By IKF Representative Brooks Mason

    Elijah Thibodeaux VS Glen Homac
    ROUND 1: Elijah came out hard in this fight and left little doubt he was in charge. At 1:24 of the first round he must of heard Glen say something about the French because he caught Homac with a right leg roundhouse to the chin that picked both his feet off the ground. Good night Mr. Homac. Thibodeaux winner by first round kick knockout.
    Rudy Morin VS Mark Tanglao
    ROUND 1: Both came out showing good leg kicks. Morin set the pace and pushed the fight. As the round progressed Morin's leg kicks started to land better. At the end of the round Morin started using knees but Tanglao hung in and gave as good as he got.
    ROUND 2: Morin started the round landing a leg kick to head combo. Certainly waking Tanglao up. Good leg kicks and hand work by both fighters but once again Morin set the pace. In the clench the knee work by both was impressive. Tanglao seemed to have trouble setting up with the pressure applied by Morin. Edge to Morin.
    ROUND 3: Morin opened the round by going to his hands. His right to the body followed by a left hook to the head was very effective. Good kicks by both. Both fighters were poised beyond their experience. Good job by both trainers. Morin winner by unanimous decision.

    Mario Martinez VS Jon Cichon
    ROUND 1: Both fighters both came out well poised and obviously well prepared. Mario took the riegns however and pressed the fight. Both fighters were landing well but the power definitely went to Mario. Both hands and feet carried some juice that Cichon could not match.
    ROUND 2: Once again Mario set the pace. Cichon was not rattled or hurt but simply could not get an effective game going. Cichon got in some good shots but Mario worked through them and delivered better hands and feet to edge Cichon out in the round.
    ROUND 3: Mario came out hard and scored an impressive knockdown with a right to the body followed by a left hook to head. Cichon shook it off and showed he was there to fight. Once again the pressure brought by Mario was too much for Cichon's game plan and he never got going. Mario Martinez by Majority decision.

    Mike Grinberg VS Angel Martinez
    ROUND 1: Taking a cue from the previous fight, Angel came out to set the pace in this fight. Mike let Angel pressed the fight and settled in for a counterpuncher duel. After catching a knee to the groin, Mike stepped up his own attack and delivered a barrage of well landed leg kicks. Better knee work and a good solid left to the head slowed Angel down but the pace of the first round was harsh.
    ROUND 2: Angel came out for the first half of the round to take the fight back but a hard right hand to the stomach put him down and Mike never gave him room to recover. Good leg kicks and a quick front kick put Mike in charge for the round.
    ROUND 3: Both fighters touched gloves. 30 seconds later Angel was touching the floor. A solid right hand to the chin put Angel down to stay. Mike Grinberg by KO 30 seconds in round 3

    *CHRIS CICHON (20-6-1/4 Cellar Kickboxing St. Paul, Minnesota, USA)
    RYAN LYALL (11-2-1, Rivals Gym, Wishaw, Scotland)
    ROUND 1: Very good opening round. Chris displayed better hands and feet but did get caught with a very dangerous spinning back kick. Ryan couldn't follow up on the damage and Chris settled down to take a very close round.
    ROUND 2: Ryan came out landing a solid right hand but lost his edge after getting penalized a point for holding Chris's leg. Good kicking by both camps. Chris rushed the end of the round but Ryan, showing good composure, held his own and faired better for the round.
    ROUND 3: Chris changed his game plan and came out landing good kicks to the body opening Ryan up to a nice display of hand work. Chris pressed the advantage and upset Ryan's plans. Ryan was never really hurt but simply could not get on track. He landed a couple of good rights that got Chris's attention but the round went to Chris.
    ROUND 4: The talk in the corner must have worked because Ryan came out a different man. Landing solid rights and lefts he left Chris struggling to stay erect. Much better legs and pressure he should have displayed in the earlier rounds put the round squarely in Ryan's corner.
    ROUND 5: Both fighters showed the punishment they had taken in the earlier rounds with a much slower pace. Chris mustered up some good kicks to the body that took the momentum out of Ryan charge Both showed well focused hands but the steam was gone off the delivery. Anyone's round. Chris Cichon by Unanimous decision

    CALEB PLANT (27-6/12 Ashland City, Tennessee, USA)
    ROB BURBRIDGE (9-2 TKO Kickboxing, Kent, England)
    ROUND 1: Rob came out very tight, taking a good portion of the round to warm up. Caleb came out relaxed fighting with his hands down. Caleb landed lefts to the body with ease and was very hard to hit. The wrong fighter to be tense with. Both fighter's displayed good kicking.
    ROUND 2: Caleb's left hooks to the body were still working but Rob was much settled down and took Caleb to task with better kicks. Caleb was still very hard to hit but Rob gave as good as he got. Very close round. Flip a coin on that one.
    ROUND 3: Caleb came out tough with a solid left to Rob's head but turned off the juice and seemed to coast. Rob recovered quickly and pressed the fight. Landing well with his hands and showing much better kicks, Rob showed there was hard work ahead to beat this boy.
    ROUND 4: Rob started the round like he finished the last. Good hands and feet and pressing the fight. Caleb responded with some beautiful displays of hand and feet work. Caleb was very hard to hit but both fighters manage to deliver some shots reserved for the pros. Very good round.
    ROUND 5: Same fight. Rob pressing the fight and Caleb playing the spoiler with his counter punching. Rob pursued and Caleb bobbed and weaved. Both were weary at this point but both finished the round well. Thank goodness I wasn't a judge on this one. Caleb Plant by Split decision

    ASHLEY COLLINS (15-3-1/8, TKO Kickboxing, Kent, England)
    ADAM McDERMID (24-5-1/4, Cellar Kickboxing, Duluth, Minnesota, USA)
    ROUND 1: Collins came out the clear aggressor in this round. Landing good hands he kept Adam on the counter punching team for the round. Adam landed some good body shots but Collins shook them off and kept Adam moving backwards.
    ROUND 1: Collins maneuvered Adam to a neutral corner and landed a sweet right leg roundhouse to the head. Adam dropped like the stock market and Bam Bam stopped the fight.

Bobby Anderson puts on a hell of a show. The venue was beautiful and all aspects of the fight were very well run. Dan Stell added an excellent seminar for judges and refs and left the Minnesota boys even better prepared. A great crowd attended the fight and everyone seemed pleased with the decisions. It was a pleasure to work with the Anderson team and I look forward to coming back. Thank you all for a job well done.


Results From Mike Lind Presents
"Rumble In The Valley"
October 23rd, 2009 - Eau Claire, Wisconsin, USA

"Rumble In The Valley"

October 23rd, 2009 - Mike Lind, Eau Claire, Wisconsin, USA
By IKF Representative Brooks Mason

    Jeremy Hoyt VS Bryn Ollerman

    ROUND 1: Bryan came out strong and pressed the fight. His kicks were clean and on target and he clearly frustrated Hoyt. Hoyt landed one solid right but the distance was off on his kicks. First round jitters no doubt.
    ROUND 2: Hoyt started the round with the distance trouble solved. He pressed the fight with good right hands and uppercuts. One leaping lead hand right was beautiful. Bryan took a standing 8 count for a shoulder injury that was to spell disaster.
    ROUND 3: Nursing a weakened shoulder, Bryan fought gamely but could not get anything going. Hoyt pressed the advantage and took the round.
    WINNER: Jeremy Hoyt by Unanimous decision.

    Mike Yount VS Andrew Navickis

    ROUND 1: Mike showed a strong right leg and some impressive footwork. Andrew relied on heavy body shots and a spinning backfist that could have ended the fight at any time. Very close round.
    ROUND 2: Mike loosened up and started to put hands and feet together. Although he pressed the fight Andrew managed to get off some scary uppercuts that had Mike thinking twice about working inside. Another close round. Judges nightmare.
    ROUND 3: Mike scored some kicks to the head answered by some very good hand series by Andrew. Flip the coin.
    WINNER: Andrew Navickis by Split Decision.

    Dave Wright VS Aaron Carrier

    ROUND 1: Slug fest. These two did not get far enough away from each other to allow the audience to take a breath.
    ROUND 2: Neither fighter took a step back as they repeated the first round. Aaron forgot which sport he was doing and took a one point deduct for throwing a knee. Dave was not hurt and they battled on.
    ROUND 3: Toe to toe from the bell. Could have fought this one in a phone booth. No surprise to the audience.
    RESULT: Aaron Carrier and Dave Wright fought to a Draw.

    Chris Schultz VS Jeff Bursik

    ROUND 1: Chris came out relaxed and pressed the fight. Good legs and combos kept Jeff busy but a solid right hand by Jeff let Chris know this was not to be a cake walk.
    ROUND 2: Chris came out working a good left leg side kick and scored a strong right leg kick to the head. Jeff suffered a standing 8 count and was repeatedly warned for low kicks.
    ROUND 3: Twice Jeff lost a point for kicks to the groin. Despite speaking in a slightly higher voice, Chris weathered the round well and continued to work.
    WINNER: Chris Schultz by Unanimous Decision.

    Stephanie Larock VS Rachel Munro

    ROUND 1: Good round for both. Rachel landed a good spinning backfist and worked combos well. LaRock does what she always does and worked every inch of the ring, keeping Rachel having to back up or get off. Both showed some serious class.
    ROUND 2: Rachel schooled LaRock on sweeps while LaRock delivered superior hand and foot combos. Rachel landed a strong right hand but LaRock shook it off and pressed the fight.
    ROUND 2: Both put it all on the line for the entire round. Rachel working the sweep-hand combo well and LaRock putting hands and feet together. Very tough fight to call but LaRock showed superior experience.
    WINNER: Stephanie LaRock by Spit Decision.

  6. IKF PRO FCR 172
    Travis Buchholz VS Whitney Waddell

    ROUND 1: Both looked sharp and they took the round to get their range on their kicks. Some good exchanges but mostly tentative.
    ROUND 2: The pace picked up considerably with both fighters willing to close the gap. A crushing right hand to the head by Travis had Whitney doing the horizontal tango at 1:50 of round 2.
    WINNER: Travis Buchholz by KO at 1:50 of Round 2.

  7. IKF PRO FCR 159
    Neil Halmstad Vs Charles Wilson

    ROUND 1: The first round was a feeling out round by both fighters with no clear advantage. Both tried a variety of combos to let us know we were watching pros.
    ROUND 2: Neil pressed the fight but was having trouble finding his range. Charles was counter punching and landed a couple of good kicks.
    ROUND 3: Charles came out and put the ax kick to work. A hard kick to land, Charles found his range and it kept Neil off balance. Despite being very game, Neil just could not seem to find his distance.
    ROUND 4: Neil once again pressed the fight. Although he never got hurt or was ever in trouble, he still never found his zone. Charles moved well and scored with counters as Neil tried to hunt him down.
    ROUND 5: Charles scored a good left leg to the head. Neil shook it off easily but once again was unable to find that range. This was not the Neil I have seen fight in the past. I don't know what the trouble was but Neil is capable of a far better fight. Charles however could not care less and did what he had to do.
    WINNER: Charles Wilson by Unanimous Decision.

  8. IKF Pro FCR North Central Cruiserweight Title
    Bill Jardine VS T.J. Gibson
    ROUND 1: Both started out strong. Someone forgot to tell these boys it was round 1. Gibson stepped in and landed a right hand that sent Jardine to the canvas. I glanced over at former world champion Kurt Podany and got the "Damn that must of hurt look". Jardine proved he was tougher that a bag of nails and made the count. Despite both being able to use hands or feet it was sizing up to be a classic puncher versus kicker fight.
    ROUND 2: Jardine was getting off well but still showed signs of not wanting to get near that right hand. Gibson stalked Jardine trying to set him up for the right but never got him in range. Very close round.
    ROUND 3: Both fighters showed no fear this round and heavy leather was the dish of the day. What a great time to be outside the ropes. The crowd was breathless at times as both fighters unleashed some vicious arsenal.
    ROUND 4: Gibson switched up and came out to land a strong kick to Jardine's body. Jardine was switching back and forth between right hand and south paw and landed a straight left that sent Gibson to the mat. Jardine continues to work good hand foot combos that where clearly frustrating Gibson. Gibson continued stalking Jardine with the big right.
    ROUND 5: Jardine showed impressive footwork and the ability to work both sides. Scoring good left right combos throughout the round. At one point Gibson literally roared with frustration reminding this writer of the scene from Rocky as Clubber Lang ended the first round. There was little doubt that the thunderous right hand of Gibson was a death blow waiting to happen if Jardine made a single mistake.
    ROUND 6: Once again Gibson landed some hard legs to the body and nearly set Jardine up for the right with a good sweep. Jardine continued to move in and out landing good combos from both sides of his body. Once again Jardine scored well while deafly avoiding that bone crushing right carried by Gibson.
    ROUND 7: Frustration clearly took it's toll on Gibson as he seemed to have trouble getting off. Jardine continued to work combos. Gibson was clearly the aggressor but obviously was relying on the power of his right hand to end the fight. Both fighters showed the crowd what being a pro was all about.
    WINNER: Bill Jardine by Unanimous Decision

I took my kids to the fight and the venue could not have been better. Indoor pool, great restaurant and an after fight bar. The crowd was standing room only as is a custom for a Sullivan-Lind production. The judges did a great job and the referee was excellent. Not much for me to do there but enjoy the fight and look at Mike's wife, Patty, (Secretly the reason we all put up with Mike). Thanks for having me and I can't wait to return next May. See you in Orlando Mike.


Results From Acom Sports'
"IKF/PKB Semi-Contact Kickboxing"
October 24th, 2009 - Hollywood, Florida, USA

ACOM Sports Lands High on First
IKF Point Kickboxing Tournament
In Hollywood, Florida, USA

Jerry Mendez (R) and Dan Paneda (L) were appointed New Florida IKF Point Kickboxing Representatives
by IKF / PKB President (C) Johnny Davis.

There is a big difference between talking and doing. It's clear that Jerry Mendez and Dan Paneda of Hollywood Florida are representatives of the later of this statement. From the first time they met IKF / PKB President Johnny Davis, it was all about what their plans were and how much they loved the concept of IKF Point Kickboxing.

They thought the semi contact version of kickboxing would go over well in their area. They thought that they could entice many of the gyms to come to their event and they thought that fighters in the area would really get into the action! They were 100% correct and in fact, their first promotion brought out impressive numbers of Point Kickboxers and many grapplers to boot... making this event a true success!

Mendez and Paneda have a great team and share a mutual respect between each other that shows the signs of a potential success story. To put it simply, these two gentlemen are passionate and serious about growing the IKF / PKB and the new PKB Grappling division in the State of Florida and by all accounts of the event this past weekend, Florida will become a hot bed for IKF Point Kickboxing!

Not to mention that the IKF World Classic is held annually in Orlando, Florida and has over 250 fighters from around the world that come for full contact and semi contact action. Now, both divisions should only grow as a result of more IKF Point Kickboxing events in the region and these events and others will serve as an incubator for the IKF World Classic and other such events. Mendez and Paneda are already planning their next show for December 12th, of this year and going on the requests for more events from so many this past weekend, they will have an even bigger tournament.

Mendez and Paneda will also be reaching out to others who wish to promote IKF Point Kickboxing in the State and will work with them to make their events successful as well. They have plans to create a Florida Circuit that will keep a tally of all the action and end the year with a huge banquet celebration as does the IKF / PKB currently does for the West Coast. Here's to bigger and better things to come for this dynamic duo! Forward March!

RESULTS FROM ACOM Sports IKF PKB Tourney In Hollywood, Florida, USA

For More information on upcoming IKF / PKB Events in Florida, contact Mr. Dan Paneda at (954) 309-4024 or Mr. Jerry Mendez at (718) 600 7069 or go to www.Acom-sports.net or www.IKFPKB.com



From IKF / PKB President Johnny Davis

Dear IKF / PKB Promoters and Potential Promoters.
We have had an exciting year of IKF Point Kickboxing! With over 20 events by the year end of 2009, I'm proud to say that the IKF / PKB seems to have caught on and will only continue to grow! So many fighters have gotten their start in the IKF / PKB in its eight years in existence and the results of it being the incubator for the sport is becoming more obvious each year. I could give so many examples of those that grew up on the IKF Point Kickboxing Circuit that are today IKF World Classic Champions and Professional fighters. Therefore, I hope that you will take the opportunity to join one of the fastest growing circuits in the martial arts for 2010...IKF Point Kickboxing©!

The IKF / PKB is about safety for the fighters where knockouts are not allowed and matches are all semi- contact. Men, Women and Children compete in styles of Muay Thai, International and American High Kick Rule Styles weekly and our safety record speaks for its self. The IKF / PKB is mostly profitable for our promoters as we try and keep our sanctioning cost down so that promoters and their clubs benefit. We also have a working relationship and understanding with most commissions as we stick to our semi contact rules and they allow our circuit to exist. As many of you know, these events are sanctioned by the largest kickboxing organization in the world...the IKF. See more at www.IKFKickboxing.com

Additionally, we work with you from start to finish to see that your event is successful. So, no matter what part of the country or the world you live in, if you are interested in becoming a promoter for this exciting semi contact sport and create a circuit in your area, please do not hesitate to contact us. Note: There are some blackout days, so we will let you know if your date is approved as we try and keep dates and events as separated as possible. Please see the following links for more information and the Circuit. Go to www.IKF / PKB.com - More info. Contact Johnnd@akpromotions.org or call (916) 205-4762 - (916) 630-9254.

2009 IKF / PKB Award Banquet Announced
We have confirmed our date for the 2009 IKF / PKB Award Banquet for our champions. It will be held at Tommy T's Dinner and Comedy Theatre in Rancho Cordova, CA on Saturday, January 30th, 2010 at 12:Noon.

We will not have an IKF / PKB tournament that day as we did last year. That day will be reserved to give our IKF / PKB Champions their praise for their hardwork and support in front of their family and friends. The dinner and awards banquet and entertainment will cost $35. If you have participated in IKF / PKB events this past year...you may be a winner.

We will give an idea who the winners are in the months to come. However, you will need to RSVP if you will be attending and you must be present to receive your award. Deadline for RSVP is Saturday, January 9th, 2010 but don't delay. Contact IKF / PKB President Johnny Davis at Johnnd@akpromotions.org or call (916) 205-4762 - (916) 630-9254.


Results From Mr. Dennis Guila's
"Guila Paradise Cup VI"
September 26th, 2009 - Antioch, California, USA


NO Grand Champions were awarded at this event.
Report Submitted By Rubie Navarro


Dragon Breathes Fire in Kosovo On October 24, 2009....

11 Time Kickboxing World Champion
Don "The Dragon" Wilson
has had a busy summer, but he's not resting yet. Don just got back from Kosovo and is headed to Russia on November 3rd for more special appearances.

Could "The Dragon" step back into the ring again? Funny you should ask that... but for now, we can't comment on anything...

Dragon back from Kosovo and headed for Russia November 3rd, 2009...

  • Check out some highlights of one of Don's seminars in Switzerland back in 2008
    • And back in Switzerland this past September, 2009
      • CLICK HERE!

  • And don't miss "The Dragon" on the Encore Action Channel and MoviePlex later today, Thursday, October 29th 2009;
    • 5:20 PM: -Sci-Fighter- Encore Action Channel
    • 6:20 PM: -Sci-Fighter- MoviePlex
    • 8:20 PM: -Sci-Fighter- Encore Action Channel


Toddy Jr. To BOX On
"Road to Redemption"

Toddy Junior Ultrachem or Dayel Sitiwatjana is the Son of well known Muay Thai trainer Master Toddy. He is currently 2-1. However, for some reason, the press release we received today says he is 3-0 and making his "Pro Debut" and is ranked #4 in the WBC Asia circuit. Hold on here... "Debut" in the fight business means he has never fought before, right? Or are they using the word as in the "Entertainment" business where it means "present for the first time to the public."

Regardless, we found him on the official boxrec database as 2-1... As for the "ranked #4 on the WBC Asia circuit" line in the press release, What is the "Asia circuit." Oh well...

DON'T BE FOOLED by what sounds like sarcasm on out part. From the looks of Dayel Sitiwatjana in the gym, this kid's got some GREAT Talent! See for yourself on this You Tube video by clicking HERE!

Dayel will be fighting his 4th Professional Fight against Antonio Hernandez (1-1-1) Friday November 6th at The Pearl, Palms Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV. "Toddy Jr." will be making his first Pay-Per View televised boxing bout "Debut" at 130 lbs. We wish the 18 year old Sitiwatjana more success to hopefully some day in the future, bring a "Boxing" world title back to his fathers gym!

More details about the fight: "Road to Redemption" leads to the Palms in Las Vegas, where Zab "Super" Judah and Joel "El Cepillo" Casamayor look to regain their place in boxing history, while fast and heavy handed WBC & WBF, light heavyweight Champion Ron "American Dream" Johnson looks to continue on his road to unifying the light heavyweight division.

Promoter Fernando Vargas V.E.P "Vargas Entertainment Promotions" in association with AD&CO and Super Judah Promotions will present the fight card on Friday, November 6, 2009, at the Palms Hotel and Casino, located at 4221 West Flamingo Road, Las Vegas NV 89103 inside the Pearl Theater.

TICKETS: (Las Vegas Locals/OneSoundMovement Guests) $45 (Regular $75-$200) Discounted tickets available at Master Toddy's Muay Thai Gym, 5740 Arville St, Las Vegas (702) 433-7000, www.mastertoddy.com or at www.djjaceone.com

MONDAY, October 26th, 2009, AT 7:25 PM/ PST

Results From Paco/LTD Productions'
October 24th, 2009 - Richmond, California, USA


  1. Amateur MTR Light Cruiserweight
    Jr. Aviles defeated Christopher Williams by TKO at 1:12 of round 2.

  2. IKF Amateur MTR West Coast Super Lightweight Title
    Rick Eriec VS *Jeremy Murphy
    RESULT: Split decision draw.
    Judge Steve English: 40-36, Murphy. Judge Steve Morrow: 39-37 Eriec. Judge Ray Balewicz: 38-38.
  3. IKF Amateur MTR Light Welterweight World Title
    Amber Pope VS Julie Jackle
    WINNER: Amber pope by TKO at 1:36 of round 2.
    This bout was all Pope as Jackle never challenged Pope at all. The stop was after the second 8 count in round 2 after Jackel took a load of unanswered, well placed shots to her head. Jackel's time away from the ring showed greatly in this bout while Pope's accuracy just keeps getting better and better.

  4. IKF Amateur MTR Middleweight North American Title
    Daniel Kim VS Dion Paminto
    WINNER: Daniel Kim by unanimous decision, 39-37, 40-36 and 40-36.
    Not that it would have made a difference in the bout, but sadly, for whatever reason, the California State Commission would not allow anything less than a World title bout to go the "IKF Required" 5 rounds. So instead, the fighters and fans were cheated out of a round on this title bout and the other North American title as it was only allowed to go 4 rounds.

  5. IKF Amateur MTR Welterweight North American Title
    Quincy Schoemann, VS Bryon Petro
    WINNER: Bryon Petro by split decision.
    Judge Steve English: 39-37, Petro. Judge Steve Morrow: 39-37 Schoemann. Judge Ray Balewicz: 39-37, Petro.

  6. IKF Amateur MTR Super Lightweight World Title
    Dan Ash VS Kenneth Giang
    WINNER: Dan Ash by split decision.
    Judge Steve English: 48-47, Giang. Judge Steve Morrow: 48-47, Ash. Judge Ray Balewicz: 48-47, Ash.

  7. Professional Boxing Light Weleterweight
    Al Simpson Vs Victor Cortez
    WINNER: Victor Cortez by KO at 1:56 of round 1.

  8. ISCF Pro California Featherweight Title
    Justin Smitley VS Evan Esguerra
    WINNER: Evan Esguerra by TKO at 1:00 of round 3 due to strikes.

  9. ISCF Pro West Coast Bantamweight Title
    Bryant Munoz VS Alvin Cacdac
    WINNER: Alvin Cacdac by TKO at 2:34 of round 1 due to strikes.

  10. ISCF Pro California State Bantamweight Title
    Andrew Valledarez VS David Barrios
    WINNER: David Barrios by Tap out Due to Rear Naked Choke at 3:03 of round 2.
  11. ISCF Pro Bantamweight World Title
    Rolando Velasco VS Chris Cariaso
    WINNER: Chris Cariaso by TKO at 3:17 of round 2 due to strikes.


Results From Mike Lind Presents
"Rumble In The Valley"
October 23rd, 2009 - Eau Claire, Wisconsin, USA

    Jeremy Hoyt VS Bryn Ollerman

    WINNER: Jeremy Hoyt by Unanimous Decision.

    Mike Yount VS Andrew Navickis

    WINNER: Andrew Navickis by Split Decision.

    Dave Wright VS Aaron Carrier

    RESULT: Aaron Carrier and Dave Wright fought to a Draw.

    Chris Schultz VS Jeff Bursik

    WINNER: Chris Schultz by Unanimous Decision.

    Stephanie Larock VS Rachel Munro

    WINNER: Stephanie LaRock by Slpit Decision.

  6. IKF PRO FCR 172
    Travis Buchholz VS Whitney Waddell

    WINNER: Travis Buchholz by KO at 1:50 of Round 2.

  7. IKF PRO FCR 159
    Neil Halmstad Vs Charles Wilson

    WINNER: Charles Wilson by Unanimous Decision.

  8. IKF Pro FCR North Central Cruiserweight Title
    Bill Jardine VS T.J. Gibson
    WINNER: Bill Jardine by Unanimous Decision

FRIDAY, October 23rd, 2009, AT 1:25 PM/ PST


Mike Lind Presents
"Rumble In The Valley"
Eau Claire, Wisconsin, USA


Divita Company Presents
Deerfield Beach, Florida, USA


Paco Presents & LTD Productions Present
Richmond, California, USA


Acom Sports Presents
"IKF/PKB Semi-Contact Kickboxing"
Hollywood, Florida, USA


Steve Kerridge Presents
Essex, England


Dave Eckersley Presents
Leigh, England


Mr. Pat Rockett Presents
"IKF Full Contact Fight Night"
Waterford, Ireland

Vacant IKF All Ireland Senior Full Contact
Middleweight Kickboxing Title Fight

Keith Whelan (Waterford) VS Myles Price (Kilkenny)

Plus Full Undercard


Results From Muay Thai-Thaiboxing Sacramento's
"IKF Point Kickboxing/Muay Thai"
October 3rd, 2009 - Sacramento, California, USA

THURSDAY, October 22nd, 2009, AT 10:30 AM/ PST

Results From CAKMA's
Stand Up and Fight MuayThai Series!

October 16th, 2009 - Calgary, Alberta, Canada

CAKMA and Mike Miles MuayThai presented the H2H Punishment International fight event on Saturday October 16th, 2009 in Calgary. The event was sold out to capacity and featured Calgarian journeymen athletes such as Sandra Bastian, Sean McKinnon, and Misty Sutherland. Up and coming talent such as Peter Arbeau, Ari Markle, and Hakeem Dawodu, were also featured on this event. The bouts were very exciting and competitive.
Here are the nights results...

  1. IKF Amateur Muay Thai Intercontinental Light Middleweight Title
    5 Rounds of 2 Minutes
    Peter Arbeau (Calgary, Canada, Miles) VS Takashi Goto (Japan)

    A great fight, possibly the best of the evening, that had the audience raising the roof of the building cheering. Peter Arbeau (Right) raised the bar in regards to his performance on this bout. Takashi Goto came to fight, and for the first round smiled almost jokingly at Arbeau's attacks. But during the fight, Arbeau landed roundhouse kick after roundhouse kick to the body with a stunning work rate. Goto also seemed to have problems dealing with Arbeau's punching combinations as he took a lot of uppercuts and body shots. Arbeau dumped Goto on his trunks with several well placed tiip's during the battle as well. Goto never let up on his work rate, but he just could not catch Arbeau with any telling blows. Arbeau's footwork and evasion has improved substantially in his last two bouts.
    WINNER: Peter Arbeau by Unanimous Decision.
  2. IKF Amateur Woman's Muay Thai Intercontinental Atomweight Title
    4 Rounds of 2 Minutes
    Alana Dunbrack (Calgary, Canada, Miles) Chihar Werasakreck (Japan)

    This was also a bout between Canada and Japan, and featured an IKF Intercontinental Title Belt on the line. Calgary's Alana Dunbrack squared off with Japan's Chihar Werasakreck. Dunbrack just could not seem to catch her opponent and in the clinch was having problems nullifying Chihar's tactics. Chihar would make the Canadian miss and then counter with good scoring roundhouse kicks. Chihar was to walk away with the title in a majority decision.
    WINNER: Chihar Werasakreck by Majority Decision.

  3. IKF Amateur MTR - Super Middleweight
    5 Rounds of 2 Minutes

    Sean McKinnon
    (Calgary, Canada, Smandych) Andreas Kaczmarczyk (DEU)
    This was a good fight. Sean McKinnon squared off against German athlete Andreas Kaczmarczyk. The German would just keep pressing and moving forward throwing punch after kick after punch. But he did not seem to carry a lot of power. McKinnon looked good in the fight, landing and dropping the German with multiple roundhouse kicks to the neck. But to Kaczmarczyk's credit, he would get up and keep fighting. McKinnon kept to his battle plan.
    WINNER: Sean McKinnon 4th Round "Head Kick" TKO.

  4. IKF Amateur MTR - Womens Lightweight
    4 Rounds of 2 Minutes

    Sandra Bastian
    (Calgary, Canada, Miles) Hanako Kobayashi (Japan)
    Sandra Bastian looked good in this fight. Calm, composed, and in shape. She was to rely on the clinch and elbow work in this fight to dominate the bout. The clinch had Kobayashi out of her element. However, the shorter Kobayashi landed a huge right hand in the second round which had Bastian back peddling. A few more landed and had Bastian almost glue her left arm to her head to avoid any further right hands. In the third round a huge knee attack from Bastian to the body and head convinced the referee that for the safety of Kobayashi, it was time to stop the fight.
    WINNER: Sandra Bastian 3rd Round TKO

  5. IKF Amateur Women MTR Super Bantamweight
    4 Rounds of 2 Minutes

    Misty Sutherland
    (Calgary, Canada, Miles) Chikako Werasakreck (Japan)
    Coming off two hurdles, the first not being in the ring for over half a year, and the second having just returned from her honeymoon, Misty Sutherland fought well. Her opponent Chikako Wersakreck started the fight off slowly. As both athletes probed at each other, it soon became apparent that Chikako just could not connect with the Canadian with any serious result. Sutherland was to go the distance and win the bout by unanimous decision.
    WINNER: Misty Sutherland Unanimous Decision

  6. IKF Amateur Super Lightweight
    3 Rounds of 2 Minutes

    Hakeem Dawodu (Calgary, Canada, Miles) Derek Boyde (Ottawa, Canada, Cooligan)
    This was a huge war that really excited the spectators. Technically not great on the part of Dawodu, but the bout was a huge swinging war. Dawodu was to take the first two rounds, but faded substantially in the third due to fatigue. Boyde kept a really nice style in this encounter, but was surprised by the angles that Dawodu would deliver his punches from. Dawodu was to take the fight by unanimous decision.
    WINNER: Hakeem Dawodu Unanimous Decision.

  7. IKF Amateur Muay Thai Light Heavyweight
    3 Rounds of 2 Minutes

    Dwain Soon (Medicine Hat, Canada, Morgan) Rinze Waldema (Steinbach, Canada, Outhaivong)
    Dwain Soon took this bout on short notice as the scheduled athlete, Tyler Twerdun had a medical issue arise which prevented him from fighting. Soon has just come back from Thailand and looked ready to rumble. Rinze Waldema just could not get his bearings and before he could get off the starter block the bout was over.
    WINNER: Dwain Soon 1st Round TKO

  8. IKF Amateur Muay Thai Welterweight
    3 Rounds of 2 Minutes

    Ari Markle
    (Calgary, Canada, Miles) Corey Sheikh (Ottawa, Canada, Cooligan)
    Very good match with two up and coming athletes. Ari Markle battled Corey Sheikh and for the first round and a half the match was very competitive with clean and tight techniques delivered by each athlete. Markle was to really pick up the pace in the third, and through constant pressure was to win the bout by a third round TKO. Sheikh is impressive as well.
    WINNER: Ari Markle 3rd Round TKO.


Results From PURE PAIN's
October 17th, 2009 - Orlando, Florida, USA

Mark Kern and the Pure Pain boys put on a great show. Entertaining close to 500 Kickboxing fans in the City the Mouse built. There was no mousing going on here this night. High caliber fights from high caliber fighters. The venue loved the turn out so much it looks like it might be a Thanksgiving event for the next one. Great Fights at Club Firestone tonight.

    Jupiter Green or Garzon, Longwood Florida, USA, 3-1, 154, 5'7", 5-25-84 Mark Kern 407-830-7111, defeated Ferdinando Piumelli, Orlando Florida, USA, 0-1, 157, 5'6", 12-5-91, Seth Petruzelli, 407-601-kick, by Majority Decision with judges scoring the bout 30-28, 29-27, 29-29.

    Christopher Nemethy, Altamonte Springs Florida, USA, 163, 2-2, 5'11", Sensei Angel 321-459-3240, 12-2-90 defeated Derek Petruzelli, Winter Spring Florida, USA, 163, 6', 0-1, 8-30-82, Seth Petruzelli 321-356-8517 By TKO at 1:16 of round 1 Derek Petruzelli has been issued a 30 day suspension until 11-17-09 due to TKO.

    Michael Milmerstadt, Ocoee, Florida, USA, 157, 1-0, 5'9", 4-7-91, Jonathan Burne 407-509-6368 defeated Matthew Murgio, Orlando Florida, USA, 154, 0-1, 5'7", 1-20-85, Clay-407-484-4752 by unanimous decision with judges scoring the bout 30-27, 30-27, 30-27.

    Matthew Dawly Melbourne Florida, USA, 185, 1-0, 6', 6-2-83, Self 321-271-1284 defeated Vincent ( Vinnie ) Deluca, Orlando Florida, USA, 187, 0-1, 5'11", 8-13-87, John Burke 407-715-0288 by unanimous decision with judges scoring the bout 29-27, 30-26, 30-26.

    David Rowe, Longwood Florida, USA, 1-2, 178, 5'10". 10-17-90, Mark Kern 407-830-7111 defeated Brian Griger, Orlando Florida, USA, 171, 6'. 2-14-83, Self, by unanimous decision with scores of 30-2630 , 30-26, 29-26.

    Matthew Garretson, Charleston West Virgiana, USA, 199, 5-2, 6' , 5-2-86, Scott Dixon 304-419-7394 defeated Boshamog "Bo" Hodges, Orlando Florida, USA, 196, 5'11", 0-1, 2-16-85, Self by TKO at 1:19 of round 3 Bo Hodges has been issued a 30 day suspension until 11-17-09 due to TKO.

    Daniel Cannon, Palm Bay Florida, USA, 137, 1-0, 5'10", 11-19-83, Ceasar Becazza 321-431-3186 defeated Josh Geister, Longwood Florida, USA, 132, 5'10" , 0-1, 7-25-90, Mark Kern 407-830-7111, by TKO at 1:52 of round 1

    Mark Davis, Longwood Florida, USA, 205, 1-0, 6'2", 10-16-90, Wagner Sogies, 407-967-0337 defeated Alex Tsvrtanov, Orlando Florida, USA, 201lbs, 0-1, 5'11", 2-20-82, The Jungle MMA, 701-240-3475, by TKO at .59 seconds of round 3.

    Andrew Flickinger, Rockledge Florida, USA, 178, 1-0, 5'11", 7-31-87, Seth Petruzelli 407-801-Kick, defeated Eric Caraballo, Apopka Florida, USA, 175, 0-1, 5'9", 8-30-91, Mick Cervellera 407-924-2015 by unanimous decision with judges scoring the bout 30-27, 30-27, 29-27.

    Ephrain Raliford, Altamonte Springs, Florida, USA, 6-3, 136, 9-26-90, Mark Kern 407-731-3586 defeated James Sams, Melbourne Florida, USA, 134, 1-2 5'7", 11-07-80, Caser Barazza by Unanimous decision with judges scoring the bout 30-26, 29-27, 30-26.

    Erik Gianini, Orlando Florida, USA, 1-1, 174, 5'11", 3-18-88, Bobby Dixon 407-929-2779 defeated James (Or Mike ?) Riley, Apopka Florida, USA, 175, 3-3, 5'11", 11-7-86, Mark Kern 407-830-7048, by unanimous decision with judges scoring the bout 30-27, 29-28, 29-26


Results From JPR Mixed Martial Arts'
"Throwdown in Otown"
October 17th, 2009 - Longwood, Florida, USA

JPR Mixed Martial Arts hosted a sold out show featuring 8 exciting amateur Muay Thai bouts. The show had great support from the local camps and featured fighters from American Top Team, Gracie Barra Orlando, Zen Tao, Naja Muay Thai and LA Boxing. There were also special appearances by UFC fighters Din Thomas and Ben Saunders.

  1. AMATEUR MUAY THAI Welterweight
    Ryan Badran, Longwood, FL, USA (1-0, 145, 3-29-1986, ATT Longwood) defeated AJ LoPrinzi, Orlando, Florida, USA (1-1,142,9-16-1989 Gracie Barra Orlando) by Unanimous Decision 30-27,29-28,30-27.

  2. AMATEUR MUAY THAI Super Middleweight
    Calen Holcomb, Orlando, Florida, USA (3-0, 170, 4-17-1985, Naja Muay Thai) defeated Mark Lucia Longwood, Florida, USA (0-1, 170, 8-18-77, ATT Longwood) by Unanimous Decision 30-27, 30-27, 30-27.

  3. AMATEUR MUAY THAI Welterwight
    Andrew Hillestad, West Palm Beach, Florida, USA (2-3, 145, 4-20-1984, Zen Tao) defeated Reid Tucker, Orlando, Florida, USA (0-1, 144, 10-15-1984, ATT Orlando) by Unanimous Decision 30-27, 20-27, 29-28.

  4. AMATEUR MUAY THAI Super Heavyweight
    David Phillips, Orlando, Florida, USA (1-0, 223, 7-25-1986, ATT Longwood) defeated Nicholas Torres, Orlando, Florida, USA (0-1, 225, 9-3-1992, Naja Muay Thai) by Split Decision, 29-28, 29-28, 28-30.

  5. AMATEUR MUAY THAI Light Middleweight
    Brendan Bobek, Orlando, Florida, USA (1-0, 159, 7-24-1990, ATT Orlando) defeated Aviel Naftali, Orlando, Florida, USA (0-1, 159, 5-2-1981, Gracie Barra Orlando) by Unanimous Decision, 30-27, 30-27, 29-28.

  6. AMATEUR MUAY THAI Light Middleweight
    Branden Kern, Orlando, Florida, USA (1-0, 160, 1-0, 4-22-1988, Naja Muay Thai) defeated Joe Boogich, Longwood, Florida, USA (0-1, 157, Need DOB, ATT Longwood) by Unanimous Decision, 30-27, 29-28, 29-28.

  7. AMATEUR MUAY THAI Light Middleweight
    **Daniel Wynn, Orlando, Florida, USA (1-0, 155,1-31, 1988, LA Boxing Winter Springs) defeated Varoon Jewahar, Orlando, Florida, USA (0-2, 155, 7-4-1990, ATT Orlando) by TKO at 1:40 of round number 3.

  8. AMATEUR MUAY THAI Light Middleweight
    Mark Carino, St. Cloud, Florida, USA (1-1, 154, 6-8-1980, ATT St. Cloud) defeated Joshua Flanary, Orlando, Florida, USA (0-2, 155, 9-6-1988, Naja Muay Thai) by TKO at 1:18 of round number 3.

TUESDAY, October 20th, 2009, AT 8:55 PM/ PST

Results From Absolute Adrenaline's
"Hardcore" - A New Blood Series Event
October 17th, 2009 - Salisbury, England

  1. IKF Amateur FCR Southern Area Light Heavyweight Title
    Audrius Budrhys
    (All or Nothing, 4-0) defeated Ben Grant (Aspire, 3-2) by split decision, 47-48, 50-49, 50-47.

  2. AMATEUR FCR 55.46kg.
    Lewis Jordan (All Or Nothing, 2-1) defeated Brendan Devlin (Aspire, 0-1) by Unanimous decision, 30-27 on all 3 judges cards.

  3. AMATEUR FCR 60kg.
    Tony Mallinson (Spartans, 1-0 ) defeated Martin Davies (Dorchester KB, 0-1) by Unanimous decision, 30-27 on all 3 judges cards.

  4. AMATEUR FCR 84.5kg.
    Shaun King (Team Bulldog, 2-0 ) defeated Richard Lane (Aspire, 0-1) by TKO in round 1.

  5. AMATEUR FCR 72.3kg.
    John Whittam (Team Bulldog, 3-0) defeated Craig Mckelvie (Aspire, 0-1) by TKO in round 1.

  6. AMATEUR FCR 84.5kg.
    Petr Kosnar (Dorchester KB, 2-0-1) defeated Mark Iveson (Storm Gym, 0-1) by Majority Decision, 29-29, 30-29 and 30-29.

  7. AMATEUR FCR 72.3kg.
    Ricky Beale (Team Bulldog, 3-1) defeated Paul Black (Aspire, 0-1) by TKO in round 3.

  8. AMATEUR IR 72.3kg.
    The fight between Mikhail Stephaniak (Team Bulldog, 1-0-0-1) and Chris Jackson (Shaolin, 0-0-0-1) was ruled a "No Contest".

MONDAY, October 19th, 2009, AT 11:55 PM/ PST

Results From Kick Axe Promotions'
October 17th, 2009 - Ontario, Canada

Drama Surrounds One Of The
Greatest Fights Ever!

Nawaz & Fowler Keep IKF Gold in Canada!

If there was any more "DRAMA" that shadowed over the dual IKF World title event in Burlington, Ontario, Canada this past weekend, we could all make a good "Reality Show" from it. Still, through it all, first time IKF Promoter Amer Mustafa of Kick Axe Promotions kept calm and managed to keep the promotional ship moving forward in one direction... SUCCESS!

When the smoke had cleared, Canada had two new IKF World Champions to be proud of! Brad Fowler London, Ontario, Canada took home the gold of the vacant IKF Pro Full Contact Rules Super Welterweight World Title and Muzammal 'Abu Zayd' Nawaz of Burlington, Ontario, Canada silenced the age critics and took the IKF Pro Full Contact Rules Light Middle World Title from previous Champion, Anthony "Powerhouse" Bartinelli of Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

The weigh-ins were held at the Bay Area Athletic Club ( www.bacboxing.com ) owned by Muzammal 'Abu Zayd' Nawaz. I must say that this was one of the most impressive clubs I have seen. It was well organized, clean and shined with professionalism. Although not the largest club I have seen, it had all that the serious fighters needed. Nawaz is the president of a well known Canadian organization called the Council of Amateur Sport Kickboxing (CASK - www.kickboxingcanada.org). CASK is the government recognized association for amateur kickboxing in Canada with over 60 member clubs across Canada with over 2000 registered athletes. The association has numerous programs and services they offer kickboxing/martial arts clubs from insurance coverage, providing coaching certification courses, sanctioning events to training and supporting National team athletes. Forget the time Nawaz spends on training, his involvement in CASK is more than a full time job. But that's not all, he has a full time senior management career in the voluntary sector where he has worked for the past 10 years! Between juggling his career, his status as a professional athlete and his work in the amateur kickboxing industry, he considers his number 1 priority his family and raising his three young children. Yet despite all this activity, on this day, he had one goal in mind... Becoming the New IKF World Champion!

Nawaz stepped on the scale and it read 72.3... THE EXACT top weight for his IKF Light Middleweight World title bout challenge...(153.1 lbs. - 159 lbs. or 69.6 kg - 72.3 kg)

Next up was the Champion as Anthony "Powerhouse" Bartinelli stepped up on the scale... 73.8 kg, or 3.3 lbs over the weight limit of his IKF Light Middleweight World title weightclass he was to defend. "No Problem" right? Bartinelli was in a taxi and back to the hotel he went. Lets move on with the others to weigh...

Brad Fowler came to the weigh-ins looking ripped and lean as he topped the scale at 68.8 kg or 151.36 lbs., well under the 69.5kg or 153 lb weight limit. Fowler had to his credit, sold over 400 tickets to fans and supports from the London Ontario area. Some had even chartered a bus for the nearly 100 mile journey. It was to be the Canadian's last curtain call after a great career, with plans to go out in a flurry of kicks and punches that would bring him his much awaited Pro World Title! All was set as he stepped off the scale and made way for his opponent, fellow contender, Fernando Calleros of Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA.

This fight was to be a simple "Warm-up" fight according to Calleros for his appearance on an event entitled Enfusion to be filmed in Europe later this year. Adding to this, his opponent Fowler had already KO'ed one of Calleros' students, Ben Acosta in his last fight earlier this year. Calleros thought this would be a good "Revenge" match for Ben.

So the stage was set as Calleros took off his shirt to step on the scale... And as he did, everyone stood silent ...The scale read, "78 Kilos!" that's 171.6 lbs to us Americans... Or, the more telling number, it was 20.3 lbs. heavier than Fowler and 18.6 lbs OVER the weight limit of 153 lbs for the vacant IKF Pro Full Contact Rules Super Welterweight World Title.

The verdict... Automatic win for Fowler since the weight was even far too much for Calleros to lose. Yes, Fowler won his long awaited world title without throwing a punch... A win NO True Fighter wants, and especially the warrior, Brad Fowler.

There was nothing to say but, "you have to be kidding me... 18 lbs?!" It was the highest recorded overage of weight in IKF History and probably in every other organization. HOW does a fighter come in 10 lbs. overweight, let alone, 18? And for a "PRO WORLD TITLE" on top of that. There were no words to explain what just happened. There was no excuse to justify such a massive weight overage. There was nothing to say other than "Congratulations Brad, you're a new IKF World Champion."

It was a bitter sweet win that had other related negatives to it as well than many never think about. Despite the title, there was now a greater concern. Fowler and his camp started calling others back in London Ontario to inform them that there would be no fight, trying to save them the 100 mile drive, which would be all for nothing. Adding to this was all the tickets he sold, the bus charter, already paid for. Still adding to this, the promoter had paid for a lot to make this fight happen for Fernando. Eye Exam, $125, Blood Work, $120, CATSCAN, $500, Flights, $900, Travel expenses, $200, Brad's Purse and more. When all was said and done, just the general expenses were over $4,000.00.

Calleros has been suspended by the IKF for 12 months and will have a fine that is yet to be fully determined that will need to be paid to the promoter. Still, just watch everyone. other organizations will still ignore the legit and justified suspension and Calleros will probably fight again soon. it's sad that the actions of one can effect the lives of so many, but it did, and the drama was just beginning...

Next up was the weigh-ins for the other Pro bout on the fight card. A 4 round Pro undercard bout. in Ontario, Promoters cannot mix amateurs with pros so there was no Amateur undercard like other places in the world. This was well known Canadian Kickboxing star Jesse Ronson against Phoenix Arizona's Martin Vierra. These two both cam in on weight and we had our first bout confirmed.

As the 90 minutes past, Bartinelli was back and everyone awaited to see the numbers on the scale. Shoes, shorts and shirt off and he stepped on... 73.4 kg's... 161.48 lbs. He was still over weight and since this was the Ontario commissions final weigh-in for him, this title too, was decided by the scales.

Muzammal 'Abu Zayd' Nawaz of Burlington, Ontario, Canada suddenly becomes the new IKF Pro Full Contact Rules Light Middle World champion as did Fowler... Without a punch or kick thrown...

Still at least these two were within a legal weight spread, so they would still fight. No title would be on the line though.

Now the stage was set, but yes, only "2" bouts. The Ontario Commission usually require a minimum of 3 bouts but Executive Director, Ken Hayashi allowed the event to proceed with just 2, knowing the financial investment the promoter had into the event. A quick note here about Ken Hayashi, and I assure you, this is not an attempt at scoring points with Ken. I mean greatly what I am about to say... We had been warned that Ken Hayashi and the Ontario Commission would be hard to work with by people even unrelated to this event. However, what I found was exactly the opposite. Ken was a pleasure to work with, as was his ENTIRE STAFF! The Judges were good and the referees as well. I had time to get to talk with the event timekeepers and they were great as well. The Ontario Commission may be stern, but they are FAIR! Ken and his team go by the book and stick to the book. Some things even Ken doesn't like, but as required, he follows the letter of the Ontario law and represents Ontario with pride. I'd like to thank ken for his professionalism as well as his hospitality while there. We would be proud to work with him and his staff again. If some of these people who told me about Ken Hayashi and the Ontario Commission have had any dealings with some of the USA Commissioners, they would LOVE working with him! Great work Ontario!

So lets get to Fight night! First up of course was Canadian Kickboxing star Jesse Ronson against Phoenix Arizona's Martin Vierra. This fight was all everyone said it would be. Both came out ready to rock. round 1 seem to sway towards Vierra, which 2 of the 3 judges agreed to. However, Ronsom got warmed up and took rounds 2, 3 and 4 almost unanimously. In the end, Ronsom took the unanimous decision in his pro debut, 39-37 on all 3 judges cards.

this bout was followed by some special weapon demonstrations by WAKO World Weapons Champion, Marie-Eve Dicaire of Montreal, Quebec Canada who thrilled the crowd with her explosive action with the bo staff. Once an intermission past some time, it was time for the nights main event. A non title bout between who was now the New IKF World Light middleweight Champion, Muzammal 'Abu Zayd' Nawaz of Burlington, Ontario, Canada and Former Champion, Anthony "Powerhouse" Bartinelli of Phoenix, Arizona, USA. despite it being a non title bout, I don't believe the crowd cared. they just wanted to see a Great Fight, which was what they were about to see...

Now before I begin to outline this fight, lets get something straight. Yes Bartinelli was over the weight limit. Yes, he tried to lose weight, both the night before and the day of. Some may want to say that he tired himself out because of the needed last minute weight loss. Well, sorry but I'm not buying any such excuse. I like Anthony a lot as well as his trainer Clement Vierra, but the reality here is simple, and as much as I hate the phrase, "It is what it is", I'm using it here. Bartinelli knew about his fight months back. He knew what he had to weigh, he's done it before and was surly capable of doing it again. There was talk about a partly torn ACL of his knee which kept him from running to keep his weight down. Was it true? Maybe... Did I hear the event physician say anything about it? No. Was I informed about it by Bartinelli's trainer? Yes. However, the doctor cleared him, and that was good enough for me, as it would be for anyone. Was their discussion about it before the bout? Some, but lets face it. If Bartinelli didn't think he could fight because of it, he wouldn't have come. Yes, it may have cost him his title due to the lack of activity towards a defense, but heck, I certainly wasn't going to allow it to be an "Excuse" for a loss if he lost. And frankly, I don't believe either Bartinelli or Clement was searching for any excuses. They too accepted the situation as, "It is what it is." LETS FIGHT!

ROUND 1: Not much to talk about here other than the surprise of how slow Bartinelli came out. I'd like to say he was pacing himself but for those who know what Bartinelli looked like when he won his title against a 32-0 Mike Nagy years back, you would all agree, Bartinelli does not "Pace" himself. He comes out explosive! However, certainly not this time. Nawaz on the other hand appeared to have a game plan. "Stay busy!" and staying busy he did. At the end of the round he had out kicked Anthony 17-8 and outpointed him as well for an easy 10-9 round win on 2 of the 3 judges cards. "2 of the 3??" Yes, even I was surprised that judge Bobbie Bell gave the first round to Bartinelli, but he did...

rounds 2 and 3 were pretty much the same way on my private card. with Muzammal averaging 12-15 kicks to Anthony's 8 and 9. It wasn't until round 4 that the crowd got into the fight though. this was the round that Muzammal caught Anthony with a perfect head kick to Anthony's temple that dropped him to the canvas. Anthony beat the count, but at the end of the round, the cards read 10-8, Muzammal.

Round 5 saw Anthony getting his composure back and waking him up because he actually made some progress in rounds 6 and 7, winning them both on the judges cards. Rounds 7, 8 9 and 10 all seemed to be mixed among the judges. Some saw Anthony ahead while the others saw Muzammal. After 7, Muzammal held a good lead on the cards of 68-65, 68-64 and 69-63.

Judges Bobbie Bell and judge Kelly Zolnierczyk both gave Anthony rounds 8 and 9, Bell even gave him round 10, while judge Dave Dunbar gave 8, 9 and 10 to Muzammal. After 10 the judges cards read 95-95, 98-91 and 97-92.

It was round 11 though where everyone could tell that Muzammal was starting to hit a wall. Although he kept busy, he was allowing Anthony to score more, and a lot of those shots were to Muzammal's head. So much that myself as well as others at ringside were beginning to worry for his safety as several hit flush and went unanswered. There was no doubt that Anthony won rounds 11 and 12, but lost round 12 because he never kicked once. Ontario rules say that if you miss your kicks, you don't deduct a point, you LOSE the round. Still, clearly, it was too little, too late. Muzammal had worked a perfect gameplan all the way to the end. He kept far more busy than Anthony did throughout the fight averaging 12 kicks a round to Anthony's 9. In the end, Anthony had hit a wall as well. Although Muzammal had let his guard down now, Anthony had no power to land his much needed decisive blow to change an ending that all saw coming.

When the cheering stopped, the ring announcer announced the obvious, the winner, by unanimous decision, 115-113, 117-110 and 116-111, out of the red corner, Muzammal 'Abu Zayd' Nawaz of Burlington, Ontario, Canada! He had won the bout, and had also won the right to place around his waste with pride, the IKF Pro Full Contact Rules Light Middle World Title belt.

There should be and will be no excuses about his win. HE WON! Muzammal now goes back to his everyday life, tending to business at his Bay Area Athletic Club ( www.bacboxing.com ) as well as business with the Council of Amateur Sport Kickboxing (CASK - www.kickboxingcanada.org) and as a full time senior management career in the voluntary sector. but lets not forget his number 1 priority... His family and raising of his three young children. Hopefully somewhere in there, he will remember the night he silenced the age critics and walked out of the ring with pride as the new IKF World Champion!

Answering to the Banter and Followed Drama...
Tonight after completing this article, I received an e-mail from Muzammal about some of the comments on the message board. I'd like to set the record straight here and now! Yes, there were some things said that DID upset myself and the other Americans. Things that simply did not need to be said. However, to more explain this, as I said in the article, Muzammal did hit a wall at the end of the fight and anyone here who is a fighter, knows what that wall feels like.... A wall of exhaustion during the fight, and surly a wall of emotions after the fight. Yes, he said some things he shouldn't have said but I'm sure a lot of it had to do with all the emotions coming to an end, as many of us could have easily done. As I had told staff members here, Nawaz was "Spent," mentally and physically, and in the end, things just came out. I'm sure his comments were NOT directed towards "America". In fact, I truly believe he liked Anthony and Clement, and I know he likes Fernando. However, after all these guys put the promoter through as well as him, I can now see how some things can just "Come out".

Muzammal has ALWAYS been a Professional Gentleman to me in every encounter we have had. His passion for the sport is beyond belief. He is a man that does not have "Money" on his mind or as his goal like a lot of people do. On his mind is "Doing the right thing" and I truly believe his heart is in the right place. He has put more into this sport than anyone can imagine and those thinking he created the Council of Amateur Sport Kickboxing to make some good $$ and get rich, let it be known that he takes NO SALARY and NO Financial income from the organization at all! Again, he is one of the few people I know that truly gives back to this sport with PASSION! And perhaps it was that PASSION that got him a little too emotional after his victory Saturday night. Muzammal has always been a man of honor and integrity and I can only hope he remains this kind of person for the benefit of us all and this sport.

For those wondering, Muzammal did apologize to me and it was sincere and honest. I'd like to share it with you to give you all a better example of what kind of a person he is, and note, this was before one of our web people posted the first message on the message board from all kinds of hearsay going around.

"Steve - I respect the work you do for kickboxing through the IKF - I have always admired your efforts to promote amateur sport. Your speech after the event was very thoughtful and I appreciate it greatly. But I have to also apologize to you. I was not very happy with the negative comments that our MC made about the US and the whole weight issue. That was not professional. But I think many of us - myself included were just so frustrated with everything that it came out. Even some of my comments were not appropriate. I think the emotions for our whole team were very tense and by the end of the show we just lost our composure. Please don't take this personally at all. I am a person that does not see a person's ethnic background, racial background or country as an indicate of the kind of person they are. It is the values and behavior they show in their daily lives that tells me what kind of person they are. So I do respect you as a man of integrity and I do feel badly for you that this had to happen. I am very proud to be the IKF World Light Middleweight Champion. It is something that I cherish and respect and will always be a good ambassador as a World Champion - a representative of the IKF and a PRO athlete. I see the way the sport has benefited my life and I feel it is so important for me to give back to the sport through my work in Canada with our amateur side but also as a representative of professional sport. Please accept my humble apologies for anything that was done at our event that offended you in any way. And please believe me that I will be a proud ambassador as the newest IKF World PRO title holder. Muzammal"

I believe anyone reading such a statement can agree with me that we too are proud to have Muzammal as a new IKF World champion, as well as Brad Fowler too. Thank you both for your efforts towards this great sport and I hope that now we can all move forward in a positive direction for Kickboxing in Ontario as well as a positive force for all of Kickboxing around the world!

Steve Fossum
IKF World President

For more info about this event or fight DVD's please contact IKF Promoter, Mr. Amer Mustafa at (416) 720-6894 or e-mail at amerm@indussys.com or go to www.KickAxePromotions.com - DVD's will soon be available of this fight. A must see for any kickboxing Fan!


Results From Frank Coornidez & Golden Girls Promotions'
"Sudden Destruction"
October 17th, 2009 - Silver City, New Mexico, USA

  1. JUNIOR AMATEUR Full Contact Rules 85:
    Isaiah Sifuentes, Silver City, New Mexico, 1-0/1, 82, 4'9", 12, 48-21-97, Frank Corinidez (505) 526-4429 defeaded Monique Rios, Las Cruces, New Mexico, 0-2, 83, 4'8", 11, 10-10-98, Justin Castillo (575) 526-4429 by the way of TKO, 17 seconds in the first round.
  2. AMATEUR International Rules 110:
    Brandi Montoya, Aubuquerque, New Mexico, 2-0-0, 107, 5'1', 15, 10-28-93, Tony Rosales (505) 865-5414, defeated Alyssa Sifuentes, 0-1-0, 110, 5'2', 15, 12-26-93, Frank Corinidez (505) 537-5443 by the way of Unanimous decision, Judges: Timmy Ruane 30-27, Linda Ruanes 30-26, Anne Montoya 30-27.

  3. AMATEUR International Rules 170:
    Chris Wells, Silver City, New Mexico, 1-0-0, 170, 5'7", 39, 7-4-70, Frank Corinidez, (505) 526-4429 defeated Isidro Herrera, Las Cruces, New Mexico, 1-1-0, 16, 5'9", 21, 11-24-87, Justin Castillo, 9575) 526-4429 by the way of a Majority decision, Judges: Linda Ruane 28-28, Anne Montoya 30-26, Mke Montaoya 30-26.

  4. PRO MUAY THAI 143
    David Ruelaz, Silver City, New Mexico, 1-0, amateur 1-1-1, mma 1-1, 141, 5'7", 28, 06-19-81, Frank Corinidez (505) 537-5443 defeated Gerald Lovato, Alburquerque, New Mexico, 0-1, amateur 5-0, 8-6 mma, 143, 5'7", 30, 12-28-78, Arlene Vaugh (505) 833-3351 by the way of a Split decision, Judges: Mike Montoya (49-46, RUELAZ) Timmy Ruanes (49-46, LOVATO) Anne Montoya (49-46, RUELAZ)

  5. PRO MUAY THAI 170
    Tim Means, Alburquerque, New Mexico, 1-0/1, amateur 6-1mma, 170, 6'3", 25, 2-20-84, Arlene Vaugh (505) 833-3351, defeated Denton Comyford, Silver City, New Mexico, 0-1, 1-1 mma, 168, 6'1", 30, 7-13-79, Fran Corinidez (505) 537-5443 by the way of TKO, 2:08 in the second round.

WEDNESDAY, October 14th, 2009, AT 11:55 PM/ PST


Calgary Amateur Kickboxing and Muay Thai Association Presents
Stand Up and Fight MuayThai Series!

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Tickets: $35.00, $85.00 VIP Tables Available - Tickets Available At www.ticketweb.ca

IKF Amateur Muay Thai

Peter Arbeau
Calgary, Canada

Takashi Goto

IKF Amateur Women's Muay Thai

Alana Dunbrack
Calgary, Canada

Chihar Werasakreck
Tokyo, Japan

    1. Sandra Bastian (Canada) VS Hanako Kobayashi (Japan)
    2. Sean McKinnon (Canada) VS Andreas Kaczmarczyk (Germany)
    3. Misty Sutherland (Canada) VS Chikako Hayama (Japan)
    4. John Hamm (Canada) VS Christopher Bray (UK)
    5. Ari Markle (Canada) VS Cory Sheikh (Ottawa)
    6. Hakeem Dawoodu (Canada) VS Derek Boyde (Ottawa)
    7. Tyler Twerdun (Canada) VS Rinze Valdema (Winnipeg)


Kick Axe Promotions Presents
Ontario, Canada



Phoenix, Arizona, USA
KB: 12-1/11, Pro Boxing: 20-13-2/10


'Abu Zayd'

Burlington, Ontario, Canada
21-6-2/12, AK: Over 100 Bouts

Brad Fowler
London, Ontario
12-6/6, A: 2-1/1


Fernando Calleros
Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA


JPR Mixed Martial Arts Presents
"Throwdown in Otown"
Longwood, Florida, USA


Hardcore Promotions LLC. Presents
"Fight Night"
Lake City, Florida, USA


PURE PAIN Presents
Orlando, Florida, USA


Frank Coornidez & Golden Girls Promotions Presents
"Sudden Destruction"
Silver City, New Mexico, USA


Absolute Adrenaline (Main Event) Presents
A New Blood Series Event

Salisbury, England

IKF Amateur FCR
Southern Area Light Heavyweight Title

Ben Grant (Aspire MA) VS Audrius Budrhys (All or Nothing)

MONDAY, October 12th, 2009, AT 7:10 PM/ PST

Results From Warrior Fight Promotions'
October 9th, 2009 - Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

QUICK RESULTS: Full Event Write up to Follow.

    Elijah Thibodeaux defeated Glen Homac by knockout at 1:24 of round 1.
    Rudy Morin defeated Mark Tanglao by unanimous decision.

    Mario Martinez defeated Jon Cichon by majority decision.

    Mike Grinberg defeated Angel Martinez by knockout at 30 seconds of round 3.

    *CHRIS CICHON (20-6-1/4 Cellar Kickboxing St. Paul, Minnesota, USA) defeated RYAN LYALL (11-2-1, Rivals Gym, Wishaw, Scotland) by unanimous decision.

    CALEB PLANT (27-6/12 Ashland City, Tennessee, USA) defeated ROB BURBRIDGE (9-2 TKO Kickboxing, Kent, England) by split decision. VS

    ASHLEY COLLINS (15-3-1/8, TKO Kickboxing, Kent, England) defeated ADAM McDERMID (24-5-1/4, Cellar Kickboxing, Duluth, Minnesota, USA) by knockout at 12 seconds of round 2.


Results From Mick Bland Presents
Full Contact Fight Night
October 10th, 2009 - Kilkenny, Ireland

New IKF Promoter Mick Bland of the Top-Pro Camp in Kilkenny put on a first class show in the 4 Star Ormonde Hotel, Kilkenny on Sunday 11th October and it was a complete sellout. The show started on time and finished on time which was a big plus for all the fighters, officials, medics & coaches and all the fights were well matched for weight, experience etc. Nice crowd, good atmosphere, good officials, on time, no mismatches - what more could you want? Results as follows:

  1. PJ O Neill (Waterford) defeated Evan Ryan (Kilkenny) by TKO in round 3
  2. Feidhlim Dunne (Galway Black Dragon) defeated Joe Fitzgerald by decision. 30-28, 30-28, 30-27.

  3. Jordan Mc Donald (Waterford) and Nicky Cashin (Kilkenny) fought to a draw, 29-30. 29-30, 28-30.

  4. Connor Dowling (Kilkenny) defeated Anthony Cooney (Thurles) by unanimous decision, 30-26, 30-26, 30-26

  5. Chloe O Brien (Waterford) defeated Alice Kelly (Kilkenny) by unanimous decision. 30-27, 30-27, 30-27.

  6. Dylan O Connor (Waterford) defeated Mehai Fosce (Kilkenny) by unanimous decision. 30-27, 30-28, 30-27

  7. Ricky Colclough (Waterford) defeated Lorcan Price (Kilkeny) by disqualification in round 3.
    IKF HQ ia awaiting explanation from IKF Representative as to the details of the disqualification - To be posted soon.

  8. Owen Condon (Kilkenny) defeated Martin Malone (Waterford) by majority decision, 29-28, 28-28, 28-27

  9. John Kelleher (Kilkenny) stopped David Murphy (Waterford) by TKO in round 1.
  10. Alex Novac (Galway Black Dragon) defeated Peter Gutzic (Kilkenny) by Disqualification in round 3 (Rematch set for Dec 5 in Galway
    IKF HQ ia awaiting explination from IKF Representative as to the details of the disqualification - To be posted soon.

  11. Anne Marie Bergin (Kilkenny) stopped Majella Connolly (Thurles) by TKO in round 1.
  12. Robert Miscow (Kilkenny) stopped James Dooley (Waterford) by TKO in round 3.
  13. Cathal Manning (Galway Black Dragon) did an exhibition match with Myles Price (Kilkenny)

  14. Vacant IKF Senior Amateur Full Contact Ireland Welterweight Title
    Paul Huish (Galway Black Dragon) defeated James Dunphy (Kilkenny) by decision, 48-48, 49-47, 48-47.

New All Ireland IKF Champion

Galway man Paul "The Hurricane" Huish is the latest All Ireland Champion to come from the Black Dragon Kickboxing Gym after winning the vacant IKF Super Welterweight kickboxing title at a packed Ormonde Hotel in Kilkenny City on Sunday.

Huish, who is a Black Belt Instructor at the World Renowned Galway Black Dragon Gym beat experienced local hero and hard man James Dunphy from the marble city over the championship five rounds in the main event of what can only be described as a thriller of an encounter which had the crowd on their feet throughout.

The club had two more exciting victories also as Feidhlim Dunne and Alex Novac won their bouts in style over Kilkenny fighters Joe Fitzpatrick and Peter Gutzit respectively and Cathal Manning took on another local man Myles Price in an exibition bout which was scored as a draw.

All four fighters can be seen in action at the next Black Dragon promotion at the Black Box Theatre in Galway on December 5th.
For more info go to www.BlackDragon.ie

FRIDAY, October 9th, 2009, AT 12:05 PM/ PST


Warrior Fight Promotions Presents
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA


Mick Bland Presents
Full Contact Fight Night
Kilkenny, Ireland

Vacant IKF Senior Amateur Full Contact Ireland Welterweight Title
James Dunphy (Kilkenny) VS Paul Huish (Galway)



Many here know that "The Dragon" has made a ton of movies. However, some may not be aware that former IKF World Champion Don "The Dragon" Wilson was in one of the Batman Movies. You may not have recognized him though as he played a Gang Leader in "Batman Forever". See his pic at right.

Also, check out next weeks "Dragon Action" schedule
on the Encore Channel below...

MONDAY, October 5th, 2009, AT 8:50 PM/ PST

Canada's World Championship
Is Less Than 3 Weeks Away!

Our first World Championship bout features International Kickboxing Federation (IKF) World Light Middleweight Champion Anthony "Powerhouse" Bartinelli from Phoenix, Arizona, USA (KB: 12-1/11, Pro Boxing: 20-13-2/10) as he puts his title on the line against the World Kickboxing Association (WKA) Middleweight Champion Muzammal Nawaz of Burlington, Ontario, Canada, (PK: 21-6-2/12, AK: Over 100 bouts)

Premiere Canadian striker Muzammal Nawaz has been putting himself through 3 grueling training sessions a day for the past 10 weeks as he prepares for this historic bout. Nawaz has World titles in the Middleweight and Super Middleweight divisions. Always looking for a new challenge he has chosen to drop down a weight class to take on the current IKF Light Middleweight Champion. This would be a test for any professional athlete, but at the age of 40, Nawaz will be facing an athlete 14 years younger at the peak of his career.

Nawaz is known as a hard working fighter who comes to each fight in shape and prepared to leave his heart and soul in the ring. To prepare for this next test he is working closely with strength and conditioning coach Joe Arko, professional boxing trainer Dewight Fraser and teammates at the Bay Area Athletic Club (www.bacboxing.com). Known as the 'Warrior of 1000 Battles,' the proud Canadian will attempt to capture his 5th World title belt in this historic championships bout. Never to say no to a fight he has faced the best in the sport in 36 countries across five continents and in four different weight classes.

Anthony Bartinelli has the nickname, "Power House". With a kickboxing record of 12 wins, 11 have come in the way of knock out. He has also had 35 professional boxing fights and is a regular in the fight capitals of Las Vegas and Atlantic City. Bartinelli has taken the world of PRO fighting by storm as he has ended the careers of over a dozen of his opponents via devastating KOs.

Bartinelli sees the fight in Canada as a career-ending match for the Canadian Champ!
Nawaz is committed to bringing victory to his home country!
The world will be watching this classic USA verses Canada match up on
October 17th.


The co-main event will feature Intercontinental Champion Brad Fowler from London, Ontario, Canada (P: 21-4/12 - A: 32-5/20 ) fresh off his May 2nd spectacular KO victory. He will face the IKF "International" Rules (Leg Kicks) Welterweight World Champion Fernando Calleros from Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA (41-10-3/19) in an above the waist, American Full Contact Rules World title Bout.

Calleros is a K1-Max Champion and was a featured fighter in the World Combat League before it stopped promoting. Canadian Brad Fowler won the World Amateur Kickboxing Championship in Spain in 2003 and went on to win the ISKA Pro Intercontinental title in Trinidad in 2008. He has waited for over 10 years for a World Title shot and has every intention of bringing the belt to Canada. Fowler has been training with former world champion Leo Loucks in preparation for his first World Title at home. Fowler feels that his time is now and is bringing a large fan base from Goddridge and London Canada to support him in his bid for the belt.

Both athletes are at the top of their careers and have only one goal...
The IKF World Title!


The under card features Toronto's favorite female kickboxing, Theordora Pistolis. She electrified the crowd in May in a toe-to-toe battle. She plans to thrill the crowd in her second PRO bout. Her opponent is PRO boxer Alison Cole from Arizona. Cole is a hard hitting aggressive fighter that will give the Canadian a major test in the ring.

London's Jesse Ronson is making his PRO debut on the October 17th event as well. The former Canadian Amateur Champion looks to bring his exciting fighting style to the PRO ranks. He will face new PRO Martin Verria from Arizona.

Also featured on the October 17th show will be exciting martial arts musical forms and weapons forms demonstrations. Top performers from across Canada will showcase their skills in exciting martial arts forms. Fight fans, martial artists and especially kids alike will be left breathless after each performance!


Results From MAGD Ltd's
"IKF Kickboxing"
October 4th 2009 - West Midlands, England

    Rob Stevens (BMAC) defeated Alex Davis (UCKBA) by unanimous decision, 60-54, 60-54, 60-54.

    Martin Smith (BMAC) defeated Blake Francis (Motiv8) by disqualification in round 1.

    Leigh Bryan (BMAC) defeated Steve Lane (Ipswich) by majority decision, 29-28, 30-28, 28-29.

    Stefan Martin (BMAC) defeated Mike Hale (Cardiff KB) by unanimous decision, 30-23, 30-23, 30-23 Hale penalized for kick count.

    Junior Sandiford (BMAC) and Paul Carrotte (All or nothing) fought to a draw, 28-28, 28-28, 28-28.

    Karl Johnston (Jesters Gym) defeated Darren Dredge (BMAC) by unanimous decision, 30-28, 30-28, 29-28



The IKF UK team is very pleased to announce the staging of the first IKF Junior Amateur World title fight held in Europe since the formation of the new IKF Europe management team. This fight will be staged by TKO Promotions on Sunday the 29th of November at the Amadeus Nightclub in Rochester, Kent. The two young fighters selected to compete for this prestigious title are more than worthy of the honor.


Chad (Right) is trained by his father Dean Sugden (former WKA World Champion) and so far has an unbeaten full contact fight record of 7-0. At just 15 years old he is considered one of the brightest prospects in British Kickboxing. He has also competed in over 50 Light Continuous bouts as well. His list of titles include National ISKA, WKA and EFK titles and he recently won the Golden Belt World title as well. He now steps up to fight for the IKF title and the opponent could not be stronger.


Charlie (Left) comes from the famous Black Dragon Gym in Galway and trained by Peter Foley, the man responsible for so many of Ireland's top fighters. His fight record is 17-1. Peter is very confident of his fighters ability and although very aware of Chad's capabilities, he is confident his man will be Ireland's first IKF Junior Amateur World Champion.

For further details contact Colin Payne e-mail tkokickboxing@hotmail.co.uk

*There were no North American Challengers qualified for this title bout and no 2009 IKF World Classic Champion in this division.

FRIDAY, October 2nd, 2009, AT 6:35 PM/ PST

Muay Thai-Thaiboxing Sacramento Presents
"IKF Point Kickboxing/Muay Thai"
Sacramento, California, USA


Results From Mr. Pete Foley's
"IKF Junior All Ireland Kickboxing Championships"
September 27th, 2009 - Galway, Ireland

The IKF Junior National Kickboxing Classic Championships were once again held in the Oranmore Community Centre, Oranmore, Co. Galway and once again, they went off without incident. Scores of young hopefuls came to the village of Oranmore from all over Ireland and enjoyed a well run sporting occasion while gaining invaluable experience in their chosen sport of kickboxing.

The results are as follows:

A big thank you goes to the Oranmore Community Centre management, The Order Of Malta, Judges, Referees, Timekeepers, Yvonne Mc Nevin, Set up crew, fight fans and of course all the young fighters and their coaches who travelled from near and far for the enhancement of their sport. More on - www.blackdragon.ie