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MONDAY, April 30th, 2012, AT 2:30 PM/ PST

Results From Golden Cobra Center of Fitness Inc & Steve Coury's
April 28th, 2012 - Camp Verde, Arizona, USA

Richard William's
Golden Cobra Promotional Team The Real Winners Tonight...

But Ortiz Takes Home

When one thinks of the word "Promoter" we come up with many things. However, if one of those definitions happens to mean "Bringing EVERYONE Together for a purpose of exposure to someone or something.", IKF Arizona Promoter Richard Williams' photo will be next to that definition. This past weekend Williams used his connections throughout the town of Cottonwood and Camp Verde, Arizona to bring together a full day of action and entertainment for the Verde Valley. With the gracious help of Steve Coury donating his two dearlership facilities and his land, Williams and his massive "Golden Cobra Team" organized a day of entertainment. However, the nights entertainment would not be possible if not for his massive supporting staff! From those who donated time, money and energy to those fighting in the ring, this event may have been small town, but it had BIG City Success! From the Hotel staff to the venue crew, we can't give enough praise here to cover them all!

While the Golden Cobra Team worked hard finalizing weeks of work leading up to this day throughout the morning hours, the IKF staff conducted the fighter weigh-ins and registrations. By 1:PM, the action started with "Mud bog" competition. Dozens of custom 4x4 trucks made their way into line to give there all at crossing a deep pit of mud as fast as they can. When we were first told about this, we had our reservations. However, it's like an individual who is not sure they like sight sports... Until they attend a Fight Sport event LIVE! Such was the case with William's Mud Bog idea, which not only drew a crowd, but kept a crowd all through the day.

After the Mud Bogs came a live band as the Golden Cobra Team made the switch over from Mud Bog viewing to seats around the Golden Cobra Team's new Boxing ring. By 6:30 PM, under the Verde Valley sky, this outdoor fight event was ready to begin. Amateur boxing got the crowd going as 8 Junior amateur boxers went at it.

When boxing was done it was time for the IKF Muay Thai. We always hear about certain people in the crowd that go unnoticed whether it be a ring official, trainer, etc. However, what we had at ringside was someone who really needs to be noticed, and not just the fact that he was one of the nights IKF Judges, but because of what this man has accomplished throughout his life. IKF Fight judge Spanky Spangler has been much more than an IKF judge in his past and present years.

Spangler is more known for being a daredevil and theatrical stunt man who holds the world record distance for a jump performed in an automobile at 328 feet (100 meters). The most common stunt that he performs is jumping off a platform or hot air balloon over 150 feet in the air into an air bag on the ground. Another notable Spangler stunt is a successful jump over the Rio Grande in a rocket-powered truck. Prior to becoming a stunt man, Spangler was the youngest ever Green beret in the United States Army.

Lee Majors also was to co-star with stuntman Spangler in a US pilot series called Hollywood Stunts that featured greats like Robbie Knievel, Matthew J. Phillips, George Nelson and Ron Nix. Spangler currently holds 23 World records and is a regular performer at Evel Knievel Days in Butte, Montana. He often works behind the scenes as a stunt coordinator for Robbie Knievel among others.

Well that pretty much lays out the foundation of the event, but the true heart of it all were the Gladiators in the ring! From the smallest of the Junior Amateur Fighters (50 lbs) to the nights main event, this event had something to offer everyone from start to finish. As for the Junior Amateur Boxing bouts, there was one fight that had an additional twist to it... One that made it the boxing fight of the night, as well as one that may have shown Arizona half of a future Movie Star Team.

Speaking of celebrities, we may have seen one in the making this past weekend...
Amateur "OPEN CLASS" Junior Boxers Saxon Vaughan and Osvaldo Hernandez put on quite a show as the two most experienced boxers went toe to toe for 3 hard rounds. In the end, Hernandez would take the decision. However, Saxon Vaughan and his long dreadlocks may someday be looking at a movie career with close brother Talon Vaughan. At this years IKF West Coast Classic in Sacramento California, the two brothers added some kicks to their ring experience as the two tried their hand at Kickboxing for the first time. In the end, 15 year (11-6-97) old Saxon Vaughan went 1-1, winning his first bout by decision, but losing in the final by decision. His 15 year old brother (11-18-96 -not twins, but close in age) Talon Vaughan. (Who's a shoe in as a Brad Pitt double or young Stan Longinidis!) though went on to win his West Coast Classic title by unanimous decision.

These two brothers pack some punch as amateur boxers with Talon sporting a record of 14-6 and brother Saxon now 15-6. Although Talon didn't fight on this night he was right there at ringside supporting his brother. These two are for sure a Great Team and we may find them on a fight poster soon as the "Fighting Vaughan Boys!" With their father supporting them both as a father and a trainer, and lets not forget mom too! :), they will have their hands full with the potential these two have in their lives. If you have failed to get their autograph by now, you may want to get it next time... These two have a Hollywood look and the skills of a Champion any Movie Executive should see coming a hundred miles away!

When it came time for the IKF Muay Thai, the IKF Arizona Officials Team assisted with IKF World Ambassador Brooks Mason and IKF World Muay Thai referee Mike Storm both of Omaha, Nebraska along with IKF Event Representative and IKF President Steve Fossum of California worked together like clockwork to keep everything running fair, safe and smooth.

The undercard bouts were mainly Junior bouts and all exciting to watch. The Semi Main event saw first time fighter Joshua Vancza of Cottonwood, Arizona dazzle the crowd with his many spinning head kicks that brought the crowd to their feet. Although he had some issues with balance on some of them, if he keeps training and gets a few more bouts under his belt, some of the kicks he was throwing tonight are likely to end some bouts for him in the future by head kick KO! When the bout came to an end, Vancza took the win over Gilbert Pimentel of Chandler, Arizona by split decision, 29-28, 29-28 & 28-29.

The nights main event lived up to all everyone had hoped it to be. IKF Light Heavyweight USA Champion Cecil Tudor of Glendale, Arizona, USA (16-11-0/8, 170, 5'11") had worked his way up the ladder in hopes for the ultimate title shot. He won his first IKF title, the IKF Amateur Modified Muay Thai Rules US Southwest Regional title on June 26th, 2010 in Cottonwood, Arizona, USA when he defeated IKF USA Southwest Regional Cruiserweight Champion Frank Bamford of Las Vegas, Nevada, USA (11-4-1) by unanimous decision, 49-46, 48-47 and 48-47. Since the bout was so close, the two rematched, but this time for the IKF USA Title back on October 15th, 2011 right here in Camp Verde, Arizona. Tudor won the rematch more decisively and took home his second piece of IKF Gold as he defeated Bamford on all score cards 48 - 46.

As many have learned over the years, Champions of the IKF World Classic are always ranked number 1 in the IKF Amateur World Rankings. This is because it's an open tournament and if a fighter want's to "Create their own opportunities", the best chance to do so is at the IKF World Classic Tournaments! It seems that kickboxers can win all kinds of "Tournament" titles around the world today, but NO OTHER Amateur Tournament offers fighters more opportunities than the IKF World Classic!

It was for this very reason 2011 IKF World Classic Champion Sergio Ortiz of Escazi, San Jose, Costa Rica (10-1-1/6, 170.6, 5'8") made the trip last year to Orlando Florida, and why many others will make the very same journey there this year. Lets face it fight fans, How would any of us have heard of many of the great fighters and great Champions we write about here on the IKF News page if not for the IKF World Classic Tournament! From multi time IKF Tournament Champions such as Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson to Champions like Sergio Ortiz who found himself stepping into the fight ring thousands of miles from home to fight for the IKF WORLD Title, the biggest thing the IKF World Classic offers every fighter is OPPORTUNITY! Opportunity NO OTHER Tournament can offer!

Ortiz took the IKF World Classic title after winning two Tournament bouts. His first round win was against Joe Merritt of Little Rock, Arkansas, USA by split decision, 29-28, 29-28 & 28-29. In his tournament Championship bout he defeated Joseph Boffi of Carmel, New York, USA by unanimous decision, 29-28 on all 3 judges cards.

In Ortiz' corner was another 2011 IKF World Classic Champion Raul Bustamante. Having a great trainer is a blessing enough, but also having your cornerman as a past Champion adds to the mix of strategy. Bustamante won his IKF World Classic title under International Rules. In doing so, he first defeated previous IKF World Classic Champion Clinso C. Brumfield IV (30-5/20, AB: 12-4-0/8) by split decision, 30-27, 29-28 & 28-29. In his title bout he defeated Justin Smith of San Diego, California, USA by majority decision, 29-27, 29-27 & 28-28.

Ortiz' had been busy in Muay Thai for some time prior to his IKF World Classic appearance. However, as he explained, there just are not any true Muay Thai promoters in his country, so he is forced to travel to find bouts elsewhere. Having never fought since last years IKF World Classic in July, some thought Ortiz would be a little slow and soft. Well, if so, he only showed it in round 1. Round 1 was a typical slow start for both fighters, as each tried to test the waters of each others depths of skill. It was no surprise that Tudor though scored more as he knew he needed to get the jump on Ortiz. All 3 judges saw round 1 10-9 Tudor.

Round 2 is where the bout took a drastic turn, and stayed it's course for the remainder of the fight. As each round past it appeared Ortiz became stronger and stronger while Tudor was getting more and more tired. What a made the true difference in this fight was not simply technique, but the ongoing strength of Ortiz. Ortiz' strength from round to round was persistent. He landed everything from a simple jab to some quick and strong elbows. In the clinch he overpowered Tudor so much that Tudor couldn't even turn him to the ropes. Round after round Ortiz wore Tudor down more and more. He used a finely tuned strategy that worked to perfection. Nothing fancy, and not really anything with knockout power, he was just persistent in every strike he threw. Don't get us wrong... It's not that some of what Ortiz threw couldn't knock out someone. what we are saying is that he didn't get careless and go for the knockout. If it came, it came, but there was no big risky attacks in hopes of a quick end.

By the end of round 5, all 3 judges had agreed that Ortiz had won every round after the first and there was no doubt to those at ringside either. As the judges cards were read, Ortiz took the win 49-46 on all 3 judges cards, and with it, became the new IKF Amateur Full Muay Thai Rules World Champion! Congratulations to both fighters as well as Cecil Tudor who "Walked the Walk" and took his shot for the World Title on this night. It's just that on this night, Sergio Ortiz was the one who proved to be the better fighter, and the New World champion!

Great fights by EVERYONE and a Great job by the Golden Cobra Promotional Team! We look forward to the next one, which as we have been told, may be in June.

Here are the fighter details and bout results.
All weights are weights each fighter weighed in at and all win-loss stats are after their bout this weekend.

    Leandro Martinez (Mesa, Arizona, USA, 2-2-1/1, 51, 3'2", 1-18-*06, Power MMA, (928) 600-3170)
    VS Ty Lai (Chandler, Arizona, USA, 1-0, 53.2, 3'10", 9-18-04, Russell McKinney & Destry Dalrymple, (602) 330-3711.)
    WINNER: Ty Lai by unanimous decision, 30-27, 30-27 & 29-28.
    Kyle Brewer (Cornville, Arizona, USA, 2-1, 58, 4'3", 5-9-00, Robert Gonzales, (928) 300-1945)
    VS Riales Hopper (Gilbert, Arizona, USA, 0-2, 62.2, 4'2", 3-3-03, Russell McKinney & Destry Dalrymple, (602) 330-3711.)
    WINNER: Kyle Brewer by TKO at 1:15 of round 2.
    Mardquez Mestas (Cottonwood, Arizona, USA, 2-4/0, AB: 3-6, 77, 4'11", 5-29-01, Robert Gonzales, (928) 300-9245)
    VS Tyler Brown (Camp Verde, Arizona, USA, 0-2, AB: 0-2, 77.2, 4'9", 2-16-00, Clifford Larson, (928) 274-1585)
    WINNER: Mardquez Mestas by split decision, 30-27, 30-27 & 28-29.

    Tyler Brewer (Cornville, Arizona, USA, 0-1, AB: 1-0, 94.8, 4'5", Robert Gonzales, (928) 300-1945)
    VS Dakota Guzman (Camp Verde, Arizona, USA, 1-1, AB: 0-1, 97.2, 4'8", 10-25-01, Clifford Larson, (928) 274-1585)
    WINNER: Dakota Guzman by *TKO at :54 seconds of round 1.
    Joshua Vancza (Cottonwood, Arizona, USA, 1-0, 165.6, 5'10", 8-19-82, Robert Gonzales, (928) 300-0281)
    VS Gilbert Pimentel (Chandler, Arizona, USA, 1-1-1/0, 169.8, 6', 11-21-92, PJ, Mike, (480) 720-4271)
    WINNER: Joshua Vancza by split decision, 29-28, 29-28 & 28-29.

    SUPER MIDDLEWEIGHT WORLD TITLE: 165.1 lbs. - 172 lbs. - 75.1 kg - 78.2 kg.

    Cecil Tudor (Glendale, Arizona, USA, 16-11-0/8, 170, 5'11", 8-30-81, Nico Fernandez & Richard Williams, (928) 300-9245)
    VS Sergio Ortiz (Escazi, San Jose, Costa Rica, 10-1-1/6, 170.6, 5'8", 5-16-89, Raul Bustamante, (506) 2524-3038)
    WINNER: Sergio Ortiz by Unanimous Decision, 49-46 on all 3 judges cards.

THURSDAY, April 26th, 2012, AT 9:25 PM/ PST


Golden Cobra Center of Fitness Inc & Steve Coury Present
Camp Verde, Arizona, USA


(165 - 172)

Cecil Tudor
Glendale, Arizona, USA
16-10-0/8, 5'11"
Golden Cobra Center/ BAD Training Center
IKF Light Heavyweight
USA Champion


Sergio Ortiz
Escazi, San Jose, Costa Rica
9-1-1/6, 5'8"
Sutai Muay Thai Gym
2011 IKF
World Classic Champion


Head To Head Promotions Presents
"Cage Fighting Championships"
Bridgwater, England

Amateur MMA Southern Area Lightweight Title
Rikki Gullis

(Trowbridge, England, 3-1, 69.5kg, 5'10", 2-28-85, Stu Pike, 0044 7859922035 )
Andy Stone
(Plymouth, England, 4-0, 68.0kg, 5.9", 8-20-87, Darren Norris, 00447717791314)


Amateur FCR British Super Welterweight Title
Rob Ellick

(Bridgwater, England, 8-3, 69.0kg, 5'8", 4-13-86, Arthur Meek, 00447765042414)
Mike Sandford
(Cardiff, Wales, 6-1, 69.0kg, 5'9", 8-2-91, Lee Carter, 00447515939953)


Pro FCR Southern Area Light Heavyweight Title
Chris James

(Bridgwater, England, 9-4-1, 78.9kg, 6'2", 7-29-86, Arthur Meek, 00447765042414)
Matt Martin
(Weston, England, 6-4-2, 80.2kg, 6'2", 8-2-91, Stuart Davies, 00447976528497)


Results From Julio Castro's
"IKF Point Muay Thai / Kickboxing"
April 21st, 2012 - Tracy, California, USA

Semi-Contact - No Knockouts! Muay Thai, International Low and Hi Kick Styles- Men, Women and Children!

More information on IKF Point Muay Thai Kickboxing events at www.IKFPKB.com If you would like to promote an IKF PKB in one of your martial arts tournaments contact Johnny Davis at at (916) 205-4762, e-mail, johnnyd@akpromotions.org

TUESDAY, April 24th, 2012, AT 11:05 AM/ PST

KUSI News Of San Diego CA, Takes A Look At What Is Building Our Sport!
Encinitaso, California, USA


Highlights from Team Quest's recent IKF Point Kickboxing event in Encinitaso, California, USA this past weekend. IKF/PKB Representative and Referee Daniel Hodges watches over the bouts for Safety and Fairness. For more information, contact Team Quest at (760) 633-1993 or e-mail at info@teamquestencinitas.com or for information about the IKF/PKB, contact Johnny Davis at (916) 205-4762, e-mail, johnnyd@akpromotions.org

MONDAY, April 23rd, 2012, AT 8:40 PM/ PST

Results From Joe Wilson's
April 21st, 2012 - Donegal, Ireland

Patrick Mc Fadden (Ramelton, Donegal), Referee Mick Burke from Dublin
Alex Fitzpatrick from Tuam and his coach Pete Foley (Galway Black Dragon).

Gary Manogue (Galway) lands a high kick on Mouim Issilahy (France).

Gary Manogue (Galway) lands a right body shot on Mouim Issilahy (France)

The sleepy village of Ramelton in Co. Donegal on the beautiful North West Coast of Ireland with a population of 900 people was rocked to its knees on Saturday night when IKF promoter Joe Wilson put on an International Kickboxing fight night featuring some of Irelands top fighters taking on International competition from the UK and France. Over half the population of the village was there to witness local hero Darryl Orr take on current IKF British Champion Sam Reeves of Cleveland, England for the vacant IKF 5 Nations Welterweight Title.

The anticipation and the asthenosphere was Electric!
Reeves entered the ring looking fit and extremely focused on the job in hand, to a quiet but respectful reception and it was obvious that the fight fans were holding back their enthusiasm as when Orr was called, the roof almost came off the building! The young and old getting behind their hero.

The fight lived up to all expectations as both men gave their all but Orr seemed to be that little bit stronger in the exchanges and landed the bigger shots to end each round. Reeves came to fight however and pushed the Donegal Warrior to the limit. Orr caught him with a well placed right hook to the body early in the 5th round which dropped the brave Englishman to his knees and the writing was now on the wall. After taking an 8 count from referee Mick Burke, Reeves got stuck right back in the action. However Orr was on fire now and teed off on his target, landing shot after shot and it was a testament to the fitness of both men that the fight went to the final bell such was the pace throughout.

The fight fans were at fever pitch now as they awaited the decision of the judges, who had each travelled over 200 miles to the event. When the MC announced Darryl Orr as the new champion, the party began.

Mr. Wilson put together an action packed undercard also which featured his wife Amy take on a very determined Melanie Pelissier from France in an exciting four round contest which went the distance with Amy getting the nod. Local fighter Ciilin Boyce who is the current IKF All Ireland Featherweight Champion scoring a close points victory over game Englishman Shaun Little. Ten year olds Alex Fitzpatrick from Tuam and Gary Manogue from Castlepark in Galway City who both fight out of the Galway Black Dragon Kickboxing club also travelled to Ramelton to take part in the International kickboxing fight night. Alex was the first fight of the night and he took on young Patrick Mc Fadden from the home team in a rematch which went Mc Faddens way the last time out. But this time the determined young warrior from Tuam turned it around and earned a well deserved points victory from all three ringside judges.

Gary Manogue, who is the current IKF 5 Nations Super Welterweight Champion, took on one of Frances finest and certainly one of his hardest fights to date, Mouim Issilahy, in a vicious four round contest. Issilahy, a Muay Thai specialist, is probably one of the hardest pound for pound kickers in the game and this was clearly evident when he unloaded on Manogue as the bangs could be heard all around the packed sports hall. It took Manogue a round or two to figure out the tough Frenchman. After which, he started landing some bombs of his own but Issilahy was dangerous to the end until Manogue caught him with a crisp body hook which slowed him down and the referee gave him an eight count. The action continued and halfway through the fourth round Manogue caught Issilahy with a straight left punch followed by a right hook to the temple and the brave Frenchman was out on his feet. Referee Mick Burke from Dublin waved it off giving Manogue victory by TKO and increasing his fight record to a perfect 16 and 0.

Manogue will travel to Florida in July to take part in the IKF World Classic Championships along with clubmates Charlie Ward, Nicola Collins and coach Pete Foley.

Results in Full:

    Alex Fitzpatrick from Galway Black Dragon Gym
    defeated Patrick Mc Fadden from Donegal Black Dragon in a light contact junior kickboxing bout, 20-18, 20-19, 20-18.

    Abdulla Smew, (Letterkenny, Ireland, 1-2, 84kg , 5'10'', 7-31-88, Joe Wilson, 086 8774382)
    defeated Stephen Mc Keever, (Derry, Ireland, 2-2, 78kg, 5'10'', 7-15-86, James Doherty, 087 1381015) when Mc Keever failed to come out for the 3rd round.

    Chris Mc Crudden, (Letterkenny, Ireland, 4-0, AB: 3-0, 69kg, 6', 9-28-94, Joe Wilson, 086 8774382)
    defeated Feidhlim Dunne, (Galway, Ireland, 4-1-2, 71kg, 5'10'', 8-24-93, Pete Foley, 087 8119227) by unanimous decision, 30-28, 30-28, 29-28.

    Eamonn Cullen, (Donegal, Ireland, 7-2, 74kg, 6', 1-19-78, Joe Wilson, 086 8774382)
    defeated Keith Moran, (City? 1-3-2, 74kg, 5'11", 10-14-85, James Doherty, 087 1381015) by majority decision, 29-29, 30-28, 30-27.

    Amy Wilson, (Letterkenny, Ireland, 15-13-2, 64.5kg, 5'6'', 12-3-80, Joe Wilson, 086 8774382)
    defeated Melanie Pelissier, (Talence, France, 9-8-1, 62.5kg, 5'7'', 10-5-90, Cedric Lacombe, 06-425-414413) by unanimous decision, 40-37, 39-38, 40-38.

    Gary Manogue, (Galway, Ireland, 16-0, 70kg, 6'1'', 5-28-81, Pete Foley, 087 8119227)
    defeated Mouim Issilahy, (St Martin, France, 22-5, 67kg, 5'10'', 11-19-84, William Varnier, 0602 054648) by TKO in round 4.
    IKF Ireland has issued a 30 medical suspension to Mouim Issillahy until 22nd May, 2012.

    Ciilin Boyce, (Ramelton, Ireland, 8-5, 58kg, 5'8'', 5-10-92, Joe Wilson, 086 8774382)
    defeated Shaun Liddle, (Cleveland, England, 9-11, 58kg, 5'8'', 4-2-87, Ron Grey, 07939 130942) by majority decision, 39-39, 39-37, 40-38.


    Darryl Orr, (Ramelton, Ireland, 13-4, 66kg, 5'11'', 1-19-88, Joe Wilson, 086 8774382)
    defeated Sam Reeves, (Cleveland, England, 13-7, AB: 4-2, 66.9kg, 5'10'', 9-12-86, Ron Grey, 07939 130942) by unanimous decision, 50-45, 49-46, 50-45.

FRIDAY, April 20th, 2012, AT 12:10 PM/ PST


Joe Wilson Presents
Donegal, Ireland

Irish Champion Darryl Orr & British Champion Sam Reeves
For the vacant
IKF 5 Nations Welterweight Title


Julio Castro Presents
"IKF Point Muay Thai / Kickboxing"
Tracy, California, USA

Semi-Contact - No Knockouts! Muay Thai, International Low and Hi Kick Styles- Men, Women and Children!


Team Quest Presents
"IKF Point Muay Thai / Kickboxing"
Encinitaso, California, USA

Semi-Contact - No Knockouts! Muay Thai, International Low and Hi Kick Styles- Men, Women and Children!


Results From
"Donnie Hair's Live Cage Fights"
April 14th, 2012 - Melbourne, Florida, USA

Brooks Mason , IKF/ISCF Representative
Donnie Hair and his fine crew have made the Angie's list of promoters. Brockington and Moorhead were good referees. Pat Vanlandingham, Billy Roberts and David Ayers were all dead on the money with the judging. Great fights. Well done. These folks were ready for IKF and ISCF! Well done Donnie. It was a pleasure.

    Eric Grayson, (Merritt Island, Florida, USA, 2-3/1, 134, 5'8", 1-24-89, Self, 321-536-6607)
    VS Quenton Alcairo, (Melbourne, Florida, USA, 0-2, 128.5, 5'7", 4-20-88, Darryl Hatchett, (321) 557-0302)
    Justin Laboto, (Merritt Island, Florida, USA, 0-2, 165.5, 5'8", 8-1-82, David Diquollo, (321) 368-9307)
    VS Dardan Shioshi, (Orlando, Florida, USA, 1-1, 150.5, 5'10", 12-30-88, Mitch McElroy, (407) 765-6249)
    Michael Greene, (Deltona, Florida, USA, 0-3, 144.5, 5'11", 10-15-89, David Sosa, (321) 299-4797)
    VS Kaulani Fonseca, (Merritt Island, Florida, USA, 1-0, 151, 5'7", 1-26-87, David Diquollo, (321) 368-9307)
    Brian Chandler (Melbourne, Florida, USA, 0-1, 168, 5'10", 5-13-96, Darryl Hatchett, (321) 557-0302)
    VS Ryan Burdett (Port ST. Lucie, Florida, USA, 1-0, 165.5, 6'1", 11-5-94, Din Thomas, (772) 985-5267)
    Patrick Abram, (Augusta, Georgia, USA, 1-4, 173.5, 5'11", 4-30-92, Self, (251) 298-9367)
    VS Andre Wise, (Melbourne, Florida, USA, 5-2, 174.5, 5'10", 6-30-81, Self, (321) 355-0336)
    Corey Thompson, (Jacksonville, Florida, USA, 0-1, 194, 5'10.5", 6-20-89, Daniel Duge, (305) 502-9422)
    VS Roy Simmons, (Gainsville, Florida, USA, 1-0, 207, 6', 3-15-92, Hunter Winter, (352) 871-0977)
    Chris Miller, (Sebring, Florida, USA, 3-0, 175.5, 5'11", 7-8-84, Stephen Weed, (863) 446-1398)
    VS Judah Anderson, (Gainsville, Florida, USA, 1-2, 175.6, 6'1", 7-25-82, Darryl Hatchett, (321) 557-0302)
    Ron McClellan (Orlando, Florida, USA, 0-1, 224, 6'1", 12-11-67, Jonathan Lowell, (321) 750-4085 )
    VSSaid Sohma (Port St. Lucie, Florida, USA, 2-0/1, 211.5, 6', 1-14-92, Din Thomas, (772) 985-5267)
    Hernandez Banks, (Apopka, Florida, USA, 6-0, 148, 5'11", 6-30-90, Richy Carrion, 561-767-5877)
    VS Jason Hunter, (Cocoa Beach, Florida, USA, 0-1, 143.5, 5'10", 3-5-86, Trey Roberts, (321) 208-3554)
    Chris Walker, (Cocoa, Florida, USA, 2-0, AKB: 1-1, 146.5, 5'7", 8-10-83, Mike Smith, (321) 863-6393)
    VS ***Jay Pressley (South Daytona Beach, Florida, USA, 0-1, 140, 5'7", 11-10-89, Mike Vazquez, (386) 689-0498)

WEDNESDAY, April 18th, 2012, AT 7:30 PM/ PST

TUESDAY, April 17th, 2012, AT 3:30 PM/ PST

IKF Muay Thai Kickboxing Show for
Cinco De Mayo
A Fight Fiesta for the World!

4 title fights and a super undercard makes for a great fight party for all to see!
May 5th, 2012, Oakland Convention Center, Oakland, California, USA!
Arcangle VS Chasteen....... Nahe VS Balentien....... Hurny VS Grant....... Gonzales VS Clay

On Saturday May 5th, 2012, there will be fighting events held around the world from Las Vegas to New York City. However, for the Muay Thai Kickboxing community in California, all eyes will be on the action at the Oakland Convention Center where California based Johnny Davis' AK Promotions will be putting on its largest show to date packed with world class action! It will be a fight party for sure - decorated with lots of lights, cameras, jamming music combined with tons of great food and beverages that will make Las Vegas take a double take!

Fight fans will have a place to be on Cinco De Mayo in Oakland, California! Some will choose to stay at home and enjoy other fights on the tube but for sure, thousands more will make their way out to witness some of the best standup fighting action in the world! Tickets are already starting to move for this event and many more are expected to sell as this show, loaded with some of the best fighters in the world, may SELL OUT the 2000+ seat venue! Those remotely on the fence about attending this world class Kickboxing Fight Fiesta should not wait long to get their tickets as this show will be a keeper for the world of Muay Thai Kickboxing!

In the Main Event, current IKF Super Welterweight World Champion T.J. Arcangle of San Francisco, California will be embroiled in the fight of his life. His challenger, Nick Chasteen of Phoenix, Arizona is a fighter with numerous championship belts to his credit and is coming to take Arcangle's title. No one should doubt his ability to defeat Arcangle for this championship. Although, highly talented, T.J. Arcangle who stands at 5'9" tall, is one the most skilled Muay Thai technicians in the amateur ranks and will have to be sharper than ever. Word has it that the 6'0" Chasteen knows how to use his height and reach "if he gets you hurt, he comes in to finish you" says one who is very familiar with Chasteen's fighting ability.

**T.J. Arcangle
San Francisco, California, USA

12-1, 140, 5'8", 10-24-88
Sam Phimsoutham, World Team USA

This anonymous person also said that he (Chasteen) was slightly more complicated than many others in the Arizona area and although he admits he does not know much about Arcangle, he knows that Chasteen is focused and is coming for the championship..."no one should take this kid lightly, he is very, very good!" he said adamantly!

For sure, Chasteen DOES carry himself like a true professional! In observing him at a recent event working a fellow fighter's corner, the hotel's gym was his favorite hangout. It was all about business for him even if he was not fighting. Its clear that Chasteen will come in great shape and very prepared to do all he can to leave a world champion!

Arcangle won his IKF World title back in October 2011 in Oakland at the Convention Center when he soundly defeated veteran Muay Thai and multiple champion Johan Hamm of Canada. It's clear that Arcangle is gaining confidence as a world champion. Since winning his world title, Arcangle stopped a fighter in Redwood City, California only a few weeks ago in three rounds as a warm-up for Chasteen. He wanted to make sure that the message was loud and apparent that he too is in it to win it and you have to bring some... to get some!

These two senior-veteran amateur fighters at the cusp of their professional careers want to own one of the most covenant amateur world championships in the game right now...The IKF World title! Both men have no plans to leave it to the judges, as they know their legacy is on the line. Arcangle's trainer, Kru Sam Phimsoutham of San Francisco, California is soft spoken in his approach to every fight. However, one can tell that this particular fight means a lot to him as he knows one of his most talented fighters will have to give his best that night to walk out of the ring still a champion.

Chasteen's trainer and promoter, Bob Karmel of Arizona, has been in this fight business for as long as anyone and knows the art like the back of his hand. One could watch the featured video on the IKF events page that gives every indication that he is a traditional artist and sincere about the sport of Muay Thai Kickboxing. He also understands the importance of this bout to the point that he cancelled one of ongoing Muay Thai Shows in Arizona to ensure that he is with his fighter and giving the fight the attention it deserves.

Nicholas Chasteen
Tempe Arizona, USA

16-3/6, 142, 6', 1990
Bob Karmel

Arcangle vs Chasteen, should make the fight-world stand up and take notice to the great sport of Muay Thai Kickboxing! If anyone ever wanted to see how Muay Thai Kickboxing has evolved, you must be at the Oakland Convention Center to see this and all the fights and festivities LIVE on May 5th! Arcangle vs Chasteen will be a war fitting for a Cinco De May Fight Fiesta!

Moreover, this Cinco De Mayo event will host one of the most anticipated female Junior bouts on the planet! For sure there will be a huge difference in the lives of two young ladies who at press time are training like Rocky Balboa in a Rocky Movie to be ready for the biggest test of their young Kickboxing careers. We're talking about the talented Tisha Balentien of the Netherlands who will be taking on Katrina "The Storm" Nahe of Antioch, California, USA for the IKF Junior Bantamweight World Championship.

Katrina Nahe
Antioch, California, USA
7-0/3, 5'4"
Dennis Guila

Some may ask about the Chili Peppers shown above... Chili Peppers are very popular in the Mexican community and known for their spicy and hot taste. Therefore, it's only fitting to point attention to the obvious connection to this Cinco De Mayo Fight Fiesta.

To put it simply, the Balentien vs Nahe battle is expected to show two non-stop Gladiators involved in a spicy but brutal battle with each fighter garnering raw and honest intentions to overcome the other!

There is no doubt tensions will be high and it will be a nerve racking experience for all involved. From the promoter's preparations for this event which have been intense in making sure the show is produced to what is deserving for this type of event; The trainers will be tired and irritable for the extra labor they've put into their fighter to make sure they are at their best!

Parents of course will be on edge due to just the simple fact that its
'Their Baby'
in that ring going for their dreams; The fans, oh the fans will be in a fury cheering on their pick to push to the finish line and have their hands raised at the end of the furious battle!

All of these emotions will not matter as much as one thing...and that is how the young ladies respond to the pressures that surely comes with an event like this. What matters is when they step into the ring and 'eye down' their opponent and whether they are prepared to demonstrate the brilliance they developed since their early childhood.

Tisha Balentien
Almere, Holland
27-4-1/11, 5'2"
Ropie Adriaan / Ropie Gym

In the end, their performance in the ring that night is all that really matters. Every heartbeat and every ounce of their being will be called upon to overcome their adversary. Imagine being a teen waking up every morning with just one thing on your mind...winning your world championship! Trust this, these two teen prodigies, both with great accomplishments already, will kick, punch and knee... giving their all for the opportunity to walk out a world champion on May 5th and that alone will make for one of the most exciting fights the sport has ever seen! No one knows the outcome today but somewhere in the late night hour on May 5th, there will be a new IKF Junior World Champion gleaming to the world, yes,
I took the test and yes, I'm the best"!

Check Out These Clips Of The These Junior Ladies!
Click The YouTube Links To See Them...

Tisha Balentien

Katrina Nahe

John Hurney
San Jose, California, USA
5-1/2, 6'2"
Kirian Fitzgibbons

Another great match up for the evening will be a toe to toe battle for heavyweight authority!

Gary Grant who lives in Antioch, California but will be fighting out of Oakland, California and will be chinning it up with former IKF United States Super Heavyweight Champion John "Big Sexy" Hurny of San Jose, California who is trained by well known coach Kirian Fitzgibbons of Dublin, California.

Hurny, who is now stepping down to the Heavyweights after losing his title to current IKF Super Heavyweight World Champion Xavier Vigney of Concord, California, will fight Grant for the

West Coast Heavyweight

Hurny and is a brawler with big punches and hard head kicks! Both men have a lot to prove and both really want this title shot. Grant has been churning for a title opportunity for the past few years and has finally earned his chance and you better know that he will be banking on his charisma and techniques to pull him through what may very well be an awesome battle of big men to the delight of everyone in the
Oakland Convention Center on May 5th!

Gary Grant
Antioch, California, USA
*7-2-1/1, 5'10"
Dennis Guila

In another main event Muay Thai Kickboxing bout that evening will be lightweights in action in what looks to be an excellent match up for the IKF Western United States Lightweight Muay Thai Championship in full rules, which includes the use of elbows. This match will be one that should kick off the main events with a bang! Alec Gonzales who is an excellent Muay Thai technician and who is trained by Kru Trey Howard of Vallejo, California will be attempting to upgrade his status as he hopes for a world title shot down the road. Howard and his camp of fighting machines have been mopping up titles and are seen as a major threat where ever they show up.

Alec Gonzales
Vallejo, California, USA
7-1, 5'6"
IKF West Coast Champion
Trey Howard

Gonzales' opponent will be Arizona State United States Muay Thai Association (USMTA) Champion Travis Clay of Arizona. Clay is trained by Professional Muay Thai fighter Thiago Azerado who has a lot of confidence in his fighter's ability. Clay and Gonzales, two 132 pound fighters that will demonstrate speed, power, technique and explosiveness and should be a great clinical fight showing authentic Full Rule Muay Thai action!

Along with all of the aforementioned great fights, there will be approximately 12 more bouts on the under card that will be an awesome display for May Thai Kickboxing. Fighters coming from across the state will be eager to prove they are the best at their weight class. Friends, family and fight fans will travel afar to witness to awesome display of courage, talent and unbelievable athleticism!

IKF Muay Thai Kickboxing events promoted by Johnny Davis' AK Promotions have grown tremendously in popularity and this will be one of their largest and most exciting cards in he Bay Area! Fight fans may have to make a choice this evening between some world boxing and mma events around the world and on TV on May 5th but one believes that the true Muay Thai Kickboxing fight fans will be out in great numbers at the Oakland Convention Center to witness for themselves this LIVE, World Class, Las Vegas style Fight Fiesta!

Get the tamales ready baby and come party with us...
May 5th in Oaktown, California!

Tickets are on sale now at

$40, $50, $80...add $10 at the door.
Get them early and save by using your credit card on line.
Doors and Convention Center Bars open at 4:PM.
Come early for Happy Hour Music and Fun! Fights Start at 6:PM!

Travis Clay
Mesa, Arizona, USA
5-2-1, 5'8"
USMTA Arizona Champion
Thiago Azerado

Ring Announcer: Wayne Wilson of Sacramento, California, DJ: Marlo Bucajit of Fairfield, California, Videos by Cliff Ingham of Newark, California, Photography by Chris Kisela of Sacramento, California. Executive Coordinator: Rebecca Alvarez of Elk Grove, California.

Event is sanctioned by the International Kickboxing Federation ( IKF)
and under the Authority of the California Athletic Commission, Director Mr. George Dodd.


Get Your Tickets Now!....Click on Ticket Below
Use Your Credit Card to Reserve Your Seat!



Results From CBBL's
"IKF Point Muay Thai / Kickboxing"
April 7th, 2012 - Turlock, California, USA

IKF Point Muay Thai Kickboxing Tournaments are fun and safe for everyone. We will see you on this next one in your area. Visit our site at www.IKFPKB.com or at www.californiabbl.com for upcoming events and take your next step out of the gym. Contact Mr. Junior Merfuentas at (209) 480.3192 or Johnny Davis at at (916) 205-4762, e-mail, johnnyd@akpromotions.org

MONDAY, April 16th, 2012, AT 5:50 PM/ PST

Results From Mike Burke's
"Mayhem In Meath"
April 7th, 2012 - Meath, Ireland

IKF Promoter Michael Burke once again put on a fantastic show at his latest venue, the beautiful Dunboyne Castle in Ashbourne, Co. Meath, Ireland. The show was entitled "Mayhem In Meath" and it lived up to its name with no less than 14 exciting bouts on the card. Four of these were for IKF All Ireland titles and the main event was a Pro K-1 (Modified Muay Thai) Rules bout.

The show went off without a hitch and all the fighters were fit and well prepared by their respective camps especially the the title fighters. all of these contenders were evenly matched and all but one of them went the distance. It was great to see such big support from each club at the show to spur on their fighters and it certainly made for a very exciting asthenosphere. Promoter Mick would like to convey a huge thanks to all involved including the fighters, fight fans, coaches, referees, judges, MC, kickcounters, medical staff, Dr. Maura Grummell, the beautiful ring girls, DJ, Dunboyne Castle management & staff, sponsors, the IKF and indeed anybody who contributed to making the show such a success.
The results are as follows:

    Feidhlim Dunne from Galway Black Dragon and Craig Merriman from PMA opened the show with an exhibition match.

    Joe Keating, (Ballybrack, Ireland, 3-1, 79.9kg, 6', 7-23-88, Glen Heenan. 086 3993095)
    defeated Justin Downey, (Dublin, Ireland, 3-1, 80.8kg, 6'1", 4-21-85, Damien Crowther, 087 9782532) by judges decision 29-30, 30-29, 29-28.

    Alan Moran, (Wicklow, Ireland, 1-2, 62kg, 173cm, 9-18-83, Julie Mc Hale, 086 1720969)
    defeated Alan O Gorman, (Meath, Ireland, 1-0, 62kg, 5'7", 12-6-89, Deano O Sullivan, 087 0911569) by judges decision 30-27, 30-27, 30-27.

    Gary Manogue, (Galway, Ireland, 15-0, 71.6kg, 6'1", 5-28-81, Pete Foley, 087 8119227)
    defeated James Heelan, (Dublin, Ireland, 0-1, MMA: 7-3, 76kg, 6'1", 2-12-89, John Kavanagh, 087 6876641) by judges decision, 40-34, 40-33, 40-34.

    Liam Kelly, (Dublin, Ireland, 1-0, 72.9kg, 5'11", 11-20-88, Luke Corcoran, 089 0911869)
    defeated Adam Pieczara, (Dublin, Ireland, 2-1, 79.3kg, 168cm, 4-18-80, Glen Heenan, 086 3993095) by judges decision, 30-27, 30-28, 30-27.

    Dylan Moran, (Kilmacthomas, Ireland, 7-1, AB: 50-7, 63.5kg, 5'10", 12-11-94, Billy O Suillivan, 085 8989902)
    defeated Paul Gallagher, (Dublin, Ireland, 5-4, 63kg, 6'1", 12-3-92, Jimmy Courtney, 087 2968021) by judges decision, 30-27, 30-26, 30-26.
    This was an eliminator fight for the IKF All Ireland Light Welterweight Title.

    Fran O Kelly, (Dublin, Ireland, 1-0, 74kg, 5'7", 10-12-90, Deano O Sullivan, 087 0911869)
    defeated Christian Madsen, (1-1, 73.6kg, 5'6'', 9-6-80, Stefan Moriarty, 086 3711370) by judges decision, 30-27, 30-29, 30-28.

    Shane Marum, (Portlaoise, Ireland, 2-0, AB: 2-2, AMA: 2-2-1, 60kg, 5'7'', 12-18-86, David Marum, 086 2290674)
    defeated Sean Egan, (Tipperary, Ireland, RECORD?, 61kg, 5'7'', 2-3-89, Craig Sutton, 087 9682833) by judges decision, 30-26, 30-27, 30-26.
    This was an eliminator fight for the IKF All Ireland Light Weight Title.

    Lindsey Doyle, (Wicklow, Ireland, 20-11-2, 56.5kg, 5'6'', 3-6-85, Glen Heenan, 086 3993095)
    defeated Nicola Collins, (Galway, Ireland, 16-7-2, 56.5kg, 5'2'', 1-6-79, Pete Foley, 087 8119227) by judges decision, 39-38, 39-37, 39-36.


    **Aoife Murphy, (Meath, Ireland, 4-0, AB: 1-0, 77.7kg, 6', 3-4-93, Mick Burke, 085 7249933)
    defeated Ann Christian Gebauer, (Wexford, Ireland, 1-1, 77.8kg, 5'10'', 1-11-87, Brian Roche, 086 0623186)
    by Kick Knockout in the second round in a mandatory first defence of her IKF Title.
    Ann Christian Gebauer has been given a 45 day medical suspension by the IKF until 22nd May, 2012 due to the KO.


    Peter Mc Cabe, (Dublin, Ireland, RECORD?, 66.6kg, 5'10'', 1-8-91, Jimmy Courtney, 087 2968021)
    defeated Gary Giles, (Galway, Ireland, 6-2, AB: 3-0-2, 66.6kg, 5'11'', 11-23-86, Pete Foley, 087 8119227) by judges decision, 49-48, 48-49, 49-46.


    Evan Walker, (Dublin, Ireland, 10-8, 66kg, 5'8'', 2-6-92, Jimmy Courtney, 087 2968021)
    defeated Keith Moroney, (Dungarvan, Ireland, 5-5, 66.6kg, 5'6'', 7-25-94, Vinny O Brien, 083 4218676) by judges decision, 50-46, 50-46, 50-46.


    Stephen Dent, (Dublin, Ireland, 5-4-1, 69.9kg, 5'9'', 7-25-91, Damien Crowther, 085 8393324)
    defeated Bryan Merrigan, (Galway, Ireland, 9-6-1, 68.9kg, 5'9'', 5-2-83, Pete Foley, 087 8119227) by judges decision, 49-48, 49-48, 50-47.

  14. IKF PRO

    Henry Fadipe, (Dublin, Ireland, 1-0, MMA: 2-3, 84.7kg, 6'2'', 9-4-91, Tony Carrick, 087 7712112)
    defeated Colm O Neill, (Dublin, Ireland, 1-1, 85kg, 6'2'', 2-16-84, Terry Mc Guinness, 086 8728298) by Knockout in round two.
    Colm O Neill has been given a 45 day medical suspension by the IKF until 22nd May, 2012 due to the KO.



Results From Deadgame Fight School's
"Rumble In The Ancient City"
April 14th, 2012 - St. Augustine, Florida, USA


173 MMA/KICKBOXING PHOTOS From Rumble In The Ancient City, April 14, 2022

  1. ISCF Amateur MMA: 205
    Michael Piper, (Atlantic Beach, Florida, USA, 2-1, 206, 6'3", 7-1-78, The Training Yard, (904) 525-0197)
    VS Ben Cromer, (Palatka, Florida, USA, 1-1, 203, 6', 11-14-89, C. Cl Corey, (386) 916-9615)
    Winner: Mike Piper by Unanimous, 30-27, 30-27, 30-27.

  2. ISCF Amateur MMA: 155
    Dallas Byrd, (Palatka, Florida, USA, 2-2, 151, 5'11", 7-15-92, Pak's Karate, (386) 325-2110)
    VS Del Wood, (Jacksonville, Florida, USA, 1-2, 155, 5'11", 9-3-85, JD, (716) 860-4414)
    Winner: Dallas Byrd by Tap Out at 1:21 of round 2.

  3. IKF Amateur International Rules
    Ryan Green, (Middleburg, Florida, USA, 1-0, 258, 5'11", 11-5-82, Marlin Owens, (904) 222-1928)
    VS Chad Locke, (Jacksonville, Florida, USA, 0-1, 255, 6'4", 11-19-73, J D, (716) 860-4414)
    Winner: Ryan Green by Spilt Decision, 29-28, 29-28, 28-29.
    Chad Lock received 180 day suspension- until 9-22-12 due to possible broken wrist -unless cleared by doctor.

  4. ISCF Amateur MMA: 200
    ***Raymond Butts, (Jacksonville, Florida, USA, 2-1, 200, 5'11", 5-23-80, J D Fight Systems, (904) 683-7540)
    VS ***Nicholas Carver, (Jacksonville, Florida, USA, 1-1, 198, 6', 1-23-82, Josh Rutgers, (904) 982-0099)
    Winner: Ramon Butts Tap Out at 1:19 of round 3.

  5. ISCF Amateur MMA: 160
    ***Matt Ng, (St. Augustine, Florida, USA, 2-0, 158, 5'9", 4-7-88, Todd Raven, (904) 814-6032)
    VS Bert Smallwood, (Palatka, Florida, USA, 0-1, 161, 5'9", 3-25-89, Stephanie Matos, (386) 937-3939)
    Winner: Matt Ng : Tap Out Arm Bar at 1:45 of round 2.

  6. IKF Amateur International Rules
    Suleyman Iznurov, (Jacksonville, Florida, USA, 2-1, 132, 5'8", 12-6-95, Josh Rutgers, (904) 982-0099)
    VS Michael Wooleyhan, (St. Augustine, Florida, USA, 129, 2-2, 5-16-95, Self, (386) 503-6225)
    Winner: Suleyman Iznurov by Unanimous Decision, 30-24, 30-24, 30-25.

  7. ISCF Amateur MMA: 185
    ***Rick Turner, (South Daytona, Florida, USA, 2-0, 184, 5'10", 9-25-85, Todd Cutler, (386) 589-7115)
    VS Justin Sumter, (Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA, 2-1-1D, 180, 6'2", 11-10-89, (Nathan Key, (706) 799-1622)
    Winner: Rick Turner Tapout at 2:36 of Round 1.

  8. IKF Amateur International Rules
    Richard Evers, (Jacksonville, Florida USA, 3-0, 152, 5'9", 1-25-91, Josh Rutgers, (904) 982-0099)
    VS Teddy Hudson, (St. Augustine, Florida, USA, 4-1, 154, 5'6" 12-10-91, Todd Hudson, (904) 315-2872)
    Winner: Richard Evers by Split Decision, 29-28, 29-28, 27-30.

  9. ISCF Amateur MMA: 200
    ***Scott Basci, (Palatka, Florida, USA, 1-1, 196, 6'2", 12-1-87, C C Corey, 386325-3743)
    VS Cody Thayer, (Palatka, Florida, USA, 2-2, 198, 5'10", 12-26-92, Stephanie Matos, (386) 325-2110).
    Winner: Scott Basci due to doctor stoppage during the break of round 1.
    Cody Thayer received 60 day suspension until June 6, 2022 due to cut.

  10. IKF Amateur International Rules
    Phillip Rowe, (Palm Coast, Florida, USA, 2-0, 171, 6'2", 7-18-90, Reese Hall, (386) 503-0315)
    VS Jarvel Brown, (St. Augustine, Florida, USA, 2-1, 174, 6'1", 5-10-92, James Brown, (404) 384-7683)
    Winner: Phillip Rowe by Unanimous Decision, 30-26, 30-26, 29-27.

  11. ISCF Amateur MMA: 145
    ***Kenny Feierstein, (Jacksonville, Florida, USA, 1-0, 145, 5'9", 4-7-90, David Hartsook, (904) 294-5504)
    VS ***Devin Russell, (Palatka, Florida, USA, 0-3, 143, 5'6" 9-6-92, Stephanie Matos, (386) 916-3813).
    Winner Kenny Feierstein by KO at 20 seconds of round 1.
    Devin Russell received 45 day suspension due to KO until May 22, 2012.

  12. ISCF Amateur MMA: 145
    Louis Demott, (Orange Park, Florida, USA, 3-0, 144, 5'9", 7-14-89, Sean Beavor, (904) 716-1468)
    VS ***Trevor Norris, (New Smyrna, Florida, USA, 1-1, 144, 5'8", 2-1-85, Daytona Armory, (386) 689-0498).
    Winner: Louis Demott by Unanimous Decision, 30-27, 29-28, 29-28.

  13. ISCF Amateur MMA: 195
    Mike McCusker, (Ormond Beach, Florida, USA, 2-1, 192, 5'9", 5-4-89, Todd Cutler, (386) 589-7115)
    VS ***Joseph Walker, (Palatka, Florida, USA, 0-2, 186, 5'10", 6-21-91, Stephanie Matos, (386) 937-3939).
    Winner: Michael McCusker by Tap Out at 1:49 of round 1
    Joseph Walker received a 30 day suspension till 5-14-12.


Results From MA Action's
March 31st, 2012 - Norwich, England

Internet TV Channel MA ACTION - www.maaction.com presented a full bill of International fight action and featured a 4 man tournament under Full Contact Rules featuring 4 of the best young fighters around. All 4 fighters aged just 15 to 17 and weighing in at under 60 kilos came prepared to give it their all, with the first prize of £250 sponsorship from KING Boxing waiting for the winner. The final contest between George Hennon and Steven Raybould was by far the best fight of the night. It is fitting that these two young men are now rematched for the vacant IKF Junior Amateur British title on 13th May. The fights were fought under standard IKF Full contact rules, the only difference being that in the case of a draw, an extra round would be fought To catch this event online and in high definition broadcast quality see it on YouTube by clicking HERE!


Featuring 4 of the best young fighters around
George Hennon (TKO) - Steve Raybould (Cleveland KB) - Idris Tabrezi (Black Dragon) - Keith Hamilton (Ireland)

THURSDAY, April 12th, 2012, AT 1:00 PM/ PST

'Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson: A Dazzling Debut


Deadgame Fight School Presents
"Rumble In The Ancient City"
St. Augustine, Florida, USA


Mick Bland Presents
North VS South"
Kilkenny, Ireland


Donnie Hair Presents
"Live Cage Fights"
Melbourne, Florida, USA

MONDAY, April 9th, 2012, AT 7:45 PM/ PST

Results From MTBOXING.CO.UK MTB3's
March 24th, 2012, - Johnstone, Scotland

Modified Muay Thai Welterweight

Lloyd Cochran
of Johnstone, Scotland (13-11-2, 66.8kg, 5'8", 06-17-82, John O'Brien 00447748071581)
Martin Conroy
of Galway, Ireland (23-8-1, 66.5kg, 5'9", 08-10-76, Don Naughton, 00353876675768)
by unanimous decision, 49-48, 49-48, 50-48
to become the new

Modified Muay Thai Rules Welterweight




Results From 3D Promotions'
"IKF Championship Muay Thai & K1"
March 31st, 2012 - Manchester, England

Modified Muay Thai Rules
Super Welterweight

David Chirco
of Modena, Italy
(25-11, Emiliano Lanci, 2 X Italian Champion)
Ric Barnhill
of Knutsford, England
(21-7-1 - Supergym / Kevin Harper, IKF European Champion)
to become the new

Modified Muay Thai Rules Super Welterweight




Results From First Coast Full Contact's
March 24th, 2012 - Jacksonville, Florida, USA

  1. IKF Junior International Rules
    Clayton Rix, Green Cove Springs Florida, USA, 1-0, 116, 5'9", 9-11-94, Gene Bautista 904-644-7999
    defeated Cody Hull, Jacksonville Florida, USA, 0-1, 116, 5'4", 3-8-96, Derek Hull 904-343-7055.
    Winner: Clayton Rix by unanimous, 29-28, 29-27 & 29-27.

  2. ISCF Amateur MMA
    Louis Demott, Orange Park Floirda, USA, 2-0 142, 5'9, 7-14-89, Sean Beaver 904-716-1468
    defeated Kevin Allen, Jacksonville Florida, USA, 0-1, 142, 5'6", Combat Athletix 904-644-7999.
    Winner Louis Demont by Tap Out at 2:38 of round 1.
    Kevin Allen has been issued a 30 day suspension due until 4-23-12.

  3. IKF International Rules
    Hugo Acero, Brunswick Georgia, USA, 1-0, 150, 5'8", 8-10-90, Jozsef Szasz 912-230-9267
    defeated Robert Nielsen, Tallahassee Florida, USA, 0-1, 145, 5'9", 8-11-84, Brandon Ryals 850-345-9689.
    Winner: Hugo Accero by TKO at 1:21 of round 2.
    Robert Nielson has been issued a 30 day suspension due to TKO until 4-23-12.

  4. IKF International Rules
    Morgan Sullenger, Green Cove Springs Florida, USA, 1-1, 173, 5'6", 6-28-95, Gene Bautista 904-644-7999
    defeated Dalton Purvis, Waycross Georiga, USA, 0-1, 179,5'7", 1-26-96, Jamey Perkins 912-285-5995.
    Winner: Morgan Sullenger by Unanimous Decision, 29-27, 29-27, 28-27.

  5. ISCF Amateur MMA
    **Luke Pustay, Jacksonville Florida, USA, 3-1, 123, 5'1", 4-26-93, Bulldog Boxing 904-982-0063
    defeated **Pedro Crisantos, Lawrenceville Georgia, USA, 1-2, 126, 5'7", 11-28-81, Jorge Rodriguez 404-431-2940.
    Winner: Luke Pustay by Split decision, 30-27, 30-27-28-29.

  6. IKF Junior International Rules
    Darius Coakley, Jacksonville Florida, USA, 1-2, 130, 5'9", 8-26-95, James Smiley 904-505-5229
    defeated Jesse Hull, Jacksonville Florida, USA, 2-1, 125, 5'6", 2-21-95, Derek Hull 904-343-7055.
    Winner: Darius Oakley by Unanimous Decison, 30-27, 30-27, 30-27.

  7. ISCF Amateur MMA
    **Alex Cook, Jacksonville Florida, USA, 1-0mma, 3-1kb, 159, 5'9", 2-5-89, Luiz Pahares 615-243-6233
    defeated Al Wait, St Augustine Florida, USA, 0-1 mma 1-0kb, 156, 5'11", 1-20-77, John Mahlow 904-449-3560.
    Winner: Alex Cook by Tap Out at 1:30 of round 1.

  8. IKF Amateur International Rules
    Michele Burke, Jacksonville Florida, USA, 1-0, 117, 5'4", 9-6-79, Gene Bautista 904-644-7999
    defeated Rachael Denton, Waycross Georgia, USA, 1-1, 115, 5'1", 9-25-79, Jamey Perkins 912-281-7622.
    Winner: Michele Burke by Unanimous Decision, 30-27, 30-27, 30-27.

  9. ISCF Amateur MMA
    Roman Davis, Brunswick Georgia, USA, 3-0, 135, 5'6", 10-19-88, Jamey Perkins 912-281-7622
    defeated **Franklin Twiggs, Marietta Georgia, USA 1-2, 136, 5'9", 6-7-86 Jorge Rodriguez 404-431-2940.
    Winner: Roman Davis by Split Decision, 30-27, 29-28, 28-29.

  10. IKF Amateur International Rules
    Carl Rhodes, Brunswick Georgia, USA, 2-0, 156, 5'9", 5-16-78, Jozsef Szasz, Brusnwick Georgia
    defeated Justin Snyder, Orange Park Florida, USA, 2-1, 156, 5'11", 8-23-86, Gene Bautista 904-644-7999.
    Winner: Carl Rhodes by -KO at :11 seconds of round 3.
    Justin Snyder has been issued a 45 day suspension due to KO until 5-8-12.

  11. ISCF Amateur MMA
    Seth Dowdy, Brunswick Georgia, USA, 2-1, 175, 5'11", 10-5-83, Jozsef Szasz 912-230-9267
    defeated **Lee Payne, Orange Park Florida, USA, 1-2, 171, 5'11", 9-14-88, Self 904-236-9843.
    Winner Seth Dowdy by Tap Out from Arm Bar at :17 seconds of round 1.

  12. IKF Amateur Muay Thai
    Caleb Robinson, Jacksonville Florida, USA, 2-0, 163, 5'11", 7-10-92, Kurt Curly 904-525-0197
    defeated Sam Reece, Jacksonville Florida, USA, 0-1, 160, 6', 5-25-93, Derek Hull 904-343-7055.
    Winner: Caleb Robinson by Split Decision 29-28, 29-28, 28-29.

  13. ISCF Amateur MMA
    Corey Wilson, Albany Georgia, USA, 4-1, 154, 5'10", 12-12-88, Self 386-538-0229
    defeated Miguel - Mike - Castillo, Jacksonville Florida, USA, 2-3, 160, 5'7", 8-1-78, Gene Bautista, Matt Henricks, 904-525-9468.
    Winner: Corey Wilson by KO at 32 seconds of round 1.
    Mike Castilo has been issued a 45 day suspension due to TKO until 5-8-12.

  14. ISCF Amateur MMA
    **Michael Piper, Jacksonville Florida, USA, 1-1kb, 1-1mma, , 206, 6'3", 7-1-78, Dean Grant 904-525-0157
    defeated **Michael Warrock, Jacksonville Florida, USA, 0-1kb, 0-2 mma, 6'4", 4-28-82, James Smiley 904-644-7571.
    Winner: Mike Piper by TKO at 2:50 of round 1.
    Mike Warrock has been issued a 30 day suspension due to TKO until 4-23-12.

  15. ISCF Amateur MMA
    ***Rock Myrthil***, Jacksonville Florida, USA, 6-2, 138, 5'10", 3-19-92, Bulldog Boxing 904-982-0063
    defeated Robert Gillon, Albany Georgia, USA,4-2, 138, 5'9", Self 813-562-9790l.
    Winner Rock Myrthle by Tap Out at 49 seconds of round 2.
  16. ISCF Amateur MMA
    **Taylor Thomas, St Augustine, Florida, USA, 1-0, 239, 6'2", 2-19-91, Gene Bautista 904-644-7999
    defeated **Alan Sturm, Jacksonville, Florida, USA, 0-2, 244, 6'1", 3-14-82, James Smiley 904-644-7571.
    Winner: Taylor Thomas by TKO at 1:11 of round 3.
    Alan Sturm has been issued a 30 day suspension due to TKO until 4-23-12.

  17. ISCF Amateur MMA
    **Adam Taylor, St Augustine Florida, USA, 2-0, 172, 5'10", 7-9-89, Gene Bautista 904-644-7999
    defeated **Votypka Clark, Albany Georgia, 1-1, 174,11-21-90, Self 904-724-7116.
    Winner: Adam Taylor by Rear Naked Choke at 2:55 of round 2.

  18. ISCF Amateur MMA
    **Corey Bactchelor, St Augustine Florida, USA, 2-0, 216, 5'11", 8-25-88, John Mahlow 904-449-3560
    defeated Danny Dustin, Green Cove Springs, Floirda, USA, 0-3, 222, 6', 5-29-82, Self 904-863-9026.
    Winner: Corey Batchelor by Arm Bar at 1:31 of round 1.
  19. ISCF Amateur MMA
    **Esau Bright, Gainesville Florida, USA, 1-0, 208, 5'11", 11-13-82, Pete Santiago 352-214-8144
    defeated **Joel Dye, Starke Florida, USA, 1-1, 207, 5'11", 9-24-80, Jamie Harrison 984-881-5066.
    Winner: Esau Bright by Unanimous Decision, 30-27, 30-27, 30-27.

SATURDAY, April 7th, 2012, AT 7:55 PM/ PST

Get Ready To
"Walk The Walk"
At This Years 2012 IKF World Classic

Celebrating The "20 YEAR" Anniversary Of The IKF!

It's that time of year again as everyone is training hard to get ready to "Walk the Walk" at the IKF World Classic Tournament.

This years 2012 IKF World Classic Amateur Kickboxing & Muay Thai Championship Tournament "Return Of The Gladiators" will be held on July 20th, 21st & 22nd. We have a NEW RESORT Location This Year! The Rosen Shingle Creek Resort in Orlando, Florida, USA! As Always, we strongly suggest you


Fighters, Trainers, Family & Friends, use the IKF Kickboxing name and book your rooms for not only the days of the Tournament, but you can also book at the IKF Rate of Only $135 Per Night, 5 Days Prior to the IKF Tournament and 5 Days After! That's about $150 less per night as compared the the regular rate! (July 15th Through July 27th!) There are only a limited number of "Additional Room Nights" Available outside our IKF Event Date Room Block, So you need to book these early while they last. Don't just make it an Event, "Make It A Vacation!"

For Hotel Booking Info Click HERE!

Dates To Note About
JUNE 8th, 2012!


Don "THE DRAGON" Wilson

Will Be In the House At The
IKF World Classic!

Although he would still step into the ring with anyone today, in 2002 at age 47, Don "The Dragon" Wilson entered the ring for what would be his last real kickboxing bout. Wilson had continued his undefeated comeback streak since winning his IKF World Title back in 1999 with his 3rd victory in 3 tries (2 wins by KO/TKO and 1 by decision). in the bout, Wilson faced off against pro kickboxer Eddie Butcher of Baltimore, MA, USA where in round 6, Wilson landed an overhand right that put an end to Butcher.

After that fight his Professional Kickboxing Record stood at 71 wins, 5 loses and 2 draws with 47 wins coming by the Knockout. He has been regarded as one of the greatest kickboxer of all time. This year, as every year, up and coming Amateur Kickboxers will get a chance to rub shoulders with him all weekend long because "The DRAGON" will be "In The House" at this years 2012 IKF World Classic Amateur Championship Tournament! in Orlando, Florida, USA.

During his career Don won a total of 11 World Titles with several Sanctioning bodies that included the IKF, WKA, KICK, ISKA, STAR and the PKO. Never backing down from a challenge, Don has fought champions all around the world, in Hong Kong, Japan, Italy, Canada, Germany, Great Britain, Thailand, Las Vegas and countless other locations.

In 1999 at 45 years of age, (Left) Don stepped back into the ring to fight for the vacant IKF Pro, FCR Cruiserweight World Title on May 15th, 1999 in Lowell, Massachusetts, USA against Dick Kimber for what is still this day, the highest kickboxing purse EVER paid, $150,000.00 and some additional training expenses. Kimber swore to everyone that he'd have the fight over before the fifth round. However when the Dragon unloaded on Kimber in round three, Kimber dropped to the mat and referee Dan Stell counted him out on the floor, a count that went into the round break. Kimber never stood during the count and to this date, Kimber never fought again. It had been over eight years since Don last entered the ring, but his trademark sidekick was stronger than ever. Wilson picked up the IKF Cruiserweight World Title for his efforts and Kimber kept his promise when this one was over in round 3. In 2001, having never been challenged for his title, Wilson Voluntarily Retired it to move down to the Light Heavyweight Division.

Over his career Wilson fought and defeated many Great fighters such as James Warring, Demetrius Edwards, Maurice Smith, Dennis Downey, Dennis Alexio, Branimir Cikatic, Mike Winkeljohn, Herb Thompson, Greg Smith, Muhammed Ashraf Tai, Panya Sornnoi, Pongdienoi Prasobchai, Rob Salazar, and a very controversial Draw against Jean-Yves Theriault which many thought Wilson clearly won.

After his first retirement from the ring, Wilson went on to yet another level of stardom as an action movie star. Movies to his credit include: The Last Sentinel (2007), Soft Target (2006), Sci-Fighter (2004), Stealing Harvard (2002), Redemption (2002), Moving Target (2000), The Capitol Conspiracy (1999), Whatever It Takes (1999), Inferno aka Operation Cobra (1998), Hollywood Safari (1997), Papertrail (1997), Night Hunter (1996), Virtual Combat (1996), Bloodfist VIII: Trained to Kill (1996), Cyber-Tracker 2 (1995), Bloodfist VII: Manhunt (1995), Batman Forever (1995), Ring of Fire 3: Lion Strike (1995), Bloodfist VI: Ground Zero (1995), Terminal Rush (1995), CyberTracker (1994), Red Sun Rising (1994), Bloodfist V: Human Target (1994), Out for Blood (1993), Ring of Fire II: Blood and Steel (1993), Bloodfist IV: Die Trying (1992), Blackbelt (1992), Bloodfist III: Forced to Fight (1992), Ring of Fire (1991), Future Kick (1991), Bloodfist II (1990), Bloodfist (1989) and Say Anything... (1989).

During this time Don married well known Film and Television Makeup artist Kathleen Karridene in 1996. They have three children together; Jonathan, Drayden, and Aubrianna. Over the course of his career Don won 11 world titles in 3 different weight divisions, something no other fighter has accomplished. Here is a list of his 11 World titles and some of his awards.

To read previous IKF articles about Don Wilson click HERE!



Get Your Ads IN
For This Years 2012 IKF World Classic Program Book!
FRIDAY, JULY 6th, 2012!

As many here know, every year now "Foster Graphics" - www.FosterGraphics.com has been creating a top quality IKF program book for the IKF World Classic Tournament. Along with the usual sponsor ads comes something very unique... EVERY Fighters Name!

Yes, over 250 names will grace the inside pages once again and will, as always, include each fighters name, city, state, country, weight, height, trainers name and contact numbers. Not only is it a great souvenir for every fighter and their families, but it's also a "Matchmakers DREAM Book!"

Every year, matchmakers and scouts from promotions around the globe attend the IKF World Classic looking for top talent for their events. If they would allow is to, we would love to tell you who has been hidden in the crowd in the past and who plans to be there this year. However, they have always respectfully asked us to keep quiet about who they are and who they represent. What we can say is that this year there will be some big names there representing both Kickboxing/Muay Thai and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts).

The program is a full 8&1/2 X 11 inches in size. Ads very from a business card size ad starting at $50 up to a full page, full color for the back cover and inside back cover. All inside ads are done in black and white but the outside cover pages will be color ads. As of today, the back cover is still available, but we have had 2 sponsors that say they want it.

There will be some other additions to the program as well such as some feature articles and of course, LOADS OF PHOTOS From Past IKF Tournaments!

To check out the various program ad sizes and fees as well as
vendor booth info, sponsor info etc. click

Keep watching the 2011 Registered Fighters Page for this years 2012 IKF World Classic Amateur Kickboxing Championships
As we see who will "Walk The Walk" with the Best in the World and win the original

Amateur Golden Gloves Of
Kickboxing & Muay Thai
World Tournament Title!

We look forward to seeing "The BEST" Amateur Kickboxers & Muay Thai Fighters In The World...
In Orlando!

To see all the Tournament Records from the past 13 years, CLICK HERE!



As many here know, the IKF Tournament has ALWAYS Provided The
of ANY Amateur Kickboxing or Muay Thai Tournament in the World!

However, it doesn't stop at the Belts! Every Year the IKF makes sure that EVERY FIGHTER walks away with special gifts that value far more than the entree fee they pay to register into the tournament. Keep in mind we are talking about an entree fee that has stayed the same since 2002 of only $55.00! To add, when you become an IKF World Classic Champion, you better have help at ringside to carry out more than just your IKF World Classic Title Belt! Every year the IKF awards additional gifts to all the Champions. Over the years, these additional "Champion Awards" have included items such as Champion Hats, Champion Sweatshirts, Champion Jackets, Special Trophy Awards, Autograph Gloves, Champion Certificates, just to name a few. This year will be no different as the IKF already has a LOAD of Awards scheduled to give out to the 2012 IKF World Classic Champions!

Below you can see some of the belts of past IKF World Classic Tournaments. This years Belts will be revelled in May, and we can assure you, if your looking for something DIFFERENT than in past years, THIS WILL BE THE YEAR! We can't give any hints just yet, but we assure you, this years IKF World Classic Belt will be the most Dynamic Belt EVER! Lets hope your wearing one around your waste come Championship Sunday!

See you in Orlando!

"The saying in football is that on any given Sunday any team can win. The champions of our sport will have no easy time at the IKF Championships as the best of the best come to meet the challenge. Fighters rise to the task when faced with great talent and our returning champions surely provide that. Don't hand out the belts quite yet as new talent will certainly emerge and increase the field of fighters to watch. I am positive there will be great fights for all the belts and we will enjoy the best tournament in America. Looking forward to seeing all of you."
By IKF Ambassador Brooks Mason




This coming July we will all celebrate the "20 YEAR CREATION" of the International Kickboxing Federation (For full History, click HERE) Sitting in a Denny's Restaurant in July of 1992, Steve Fossum (Left) & Dan Stell (Right) and a few kickboxing students found themselves complaining about the status of the amateur kickboxing ranks in California. No one knew who the top fighters were because no one kept track of any rankings. Titles were simply put together from two fighters a promoter happened to match up, not from being qualified. There was clear frustration coming from true, credible competitors and trainers in the sport at the time as it was basically a "Good Ol Boy" system, at least in California at the time. If you knew the top promoters, your fighters would get a title shot. If you didn't, no matter how good you were, you may go unnoticed for your entire career. Still, even those getting title shots were not given these shots because they were top contenders. They were simply given these shots because their trainers were "Friends" of the promoters or if they promised to sell a lot of tickets or they were buying their own belts and paying their own sanctioning fees. However, sanctioning fees were a JOKE during these times! All a promoter got from paying a sanctioning fee was the rights to put some letters and a logo on their poster. There was no media coverage offered by any of the sanctioning bodies, let alone a website. There was no central media database that announced upcoming events. Heck, as a trainer, if you were not in the "Matchmakers Book" of the only "THREE" matchmakers on the west coast, you had to pretty much BEG to get your fighters on an event, and lord help you if you didn't have a trainer... Needless to say, the sport was an unorganized MESS!

From the frustration though came an idea... An idea to TRULY organize the sport! Within the night, Fossum and Stell decided they could either continue to complain or they could do something about it. So they decided to do something all fighters are asked to do on any and all IKF sanctioned events today... Instead of talking about what they could do, should do, or how good they THOUGHT they were" they made a decision to "DO" something about the unorganized frustration and from their thoughts which turned into action, the very first act of "Walking The Walk" in the IKF was born, as the IKF itself!

The very first IKF logo with a
Muay Thai Fighter and a
Kickboxer in a boxing stance.

That night Fossum and Stell laid out the beginning ideas of the IKF along with the logo idea on a napkin... Yes... A Napkin... On this night the two created the foundation of the IKF from their knowledge and experience as past Kickboxers (Over 100 bouts between them and multiple titles), Trainers of Champions and Kickboxing Event Promoters. They didn't just want to make up letters like many promoters did to form their own sanctioning body and their own champions (As many still do today). They wanted to "JUSTIFY" to everyone else why their organization was going to improve the sport and be better than any of the others. They felt if they couldn't make a "Better Product", WHO would ever want to associate with them? Anyone can COPY something but if it were BETTER, than the sport would benefit along with its participants on every level. So the goal in the beginning was always to be BETTER the sport, make it more organized and offer MORE for the price one paid for it. Not just duplicate another organizations rules as many continue to do today around the world. Fossum and Stell were not making the product for themselves to use on their own promotions. They wanted to please the entire kickboxing world. So they looked at the state of kickboxing and came up with several great ideas that all focused around their main goal, To "ORGANIZE Everyone Together." This included Trainers, Promoters, Fighters and Officials. They wanted to somehow give them all recognition for their work!

The Second IKF logo keeping the
Muay Thai Fighter but
showing the Kickboxer Kicking.

How? Well to begin with, they decided to create an official IKF Rankings book, known eventually by all kickboxers as "The BOOK!" However, what made this book exceptional was their idea to list the TRAINERS along with the fighters AND the Trainers CONTACT NUMBERS so any event promoter who read the book would be able to contact trainers of fighters they may have seen or heard about to book them for their events. It began as a single 8½" x 11" sheet of paper folded in half. Over the course of 5 years, the books had grown to over 50 pages. Promoters from other organizations along with IKF Promoters started using "The Book" for matchmaking because it made their job A LOT easier than trying to track down fighters and trainers phone numbers through other sources. This was probably the MAIN reason for the IKF's success in the early years. No other organization had helped make fighters so easily available to everyone before "The BOOK!" It was a FIRST for sanctioning bodies and one all should follow today, yet oddly enough, NONE do.

The monthly books included rankings, news stories about events, upcoming events calendar, rules & regulations, trainer's names, IKF Rules & Regulations, officials names some advertising of sponsors and fighters pictures. The books became extremely popular in California and soon they were being mailed around the country as well as around the world. Fighters outside of California were calling to see how they could be listed in what California Kickboxers were calling "THE BOOK!"

The IKF logo as we know it today
with the addition of the
IKF web address.

However, from the beginning of the IKF in 1992 until late 1997, the only way a fighter could get placed into the IKF Rankings was to fight on an IKF event. In late 1997, the IKF started allowing non-IKF event fighters to be ranked in the rankings, which continue to fill today. Fossum wasn't content with just ranking fighters though. He also wanted to separate the rankings of different rule styles since he thought it was simply stupid to rank leg kick fighters with full contact fighters. Or Muay Thai fighters with Full Contact fighters. So in the monthly rankings books there were 3 divisions for men and women amateur kickboxers. (Full Contact, International & MuayThai). Later these same divisions were added for pros along with adding San Shou to the rule styles.

The monthly rankings books and the rankings themselves were the foundation of the organization. They were the true reason Fossum and Stell wanted to start the IKF. Not money. Not power. Not Control but "Organization" of the sport they loved. They made it a requirement to interview each fighter at every IKF event and find out all about them. A fighters real fight record was the most important piece of information the IKF needed for the rankings so the mismatched bouts would stop between the fighters with say an 8-1 record fighting a first time fighter. Many times, trainers would never offer a fighters true record just to get them fights. Record tracking became very important for matchmaking as well to see who was truly worthy of a title shot. Even today, the IKF Rankings are still used by promoters and matchmakers of many other organization, not just the IKF because again, they included the fighters trainers name and "CONTACT NUMBER". For every fighter in the IKF Rankings, even a first time amateur, the rankings include their name, hometown, record with KO's, height, weight last fought at, date of birth, trainers name and as said, a contact number. Today with the usefulness of the Internet, e-mail addresses are also included for many trainers.

On August 1st, 1992, IKF President Steve Fossum and then IKF Vice President Dan Stell hosted the first ever IKF Kickboxing event entitled "The Making of Team USA" at the Roseville Fairgrounds in Roseville, California. Some of the special guest included Eugene Ray who was the original trainer of Dennis Alexio and World Champion female Kickboxer Ramona Gatto, both who would later become IKF Pro World Champions. The first recorded IKF bout that night was between amateur fighter's Dave Griffiths of Fairfield, CA against John Hahn of Roseville, CA. Hahn won the bout. Also featured on the night were 2 IKF titles. The IKF Light Heavyweight Title and the IKF Heavyweight Title. Andy Sanchez (Right) defeated Nathan Patterson by TKO to win the first ever IKF title, the Light Heavyweight FCR Title. On that same night, well known referee Jon Schorle made his debut as an amateur Kickboxing referee.

Jim Brown defeated Ken Morgan for the 2nd IKF title awarded, the Heavyweight FCR Title. After their first event, Stell and Fossum's IKF quickly caught the respect from several other promoters and the IKF trail had begun. Following Fossum's opening IKF event were other promoters willing to work with the IKF. Jacob "Stitch" Duran (Now a famous Cutman with the UFC), World famous KungFu Master, Tat Mau Wong, Bob Solano, Abe Belardo, Scott Coker, (Creator of Strikeforce) Joe Corley (Former Fighter and President of the PKA) just to name a few. Fossum made a promise to the IKF promoters that he wouldn't do as a lot of promoters did when they crated their own sanctioning bodies... Keep promoting their own made-up champions...

So Fossum assured them that after he promoted 3 IKF Sanctioned events, he would not promote again to avoid conflicts of interest. From there, even more promoters became involved in the IKF. Promoters such as current and former Kickboxing World Champions like Duke Roufus, Dennis Alexio, Johnny Davis, Cung Le, Jimmy Stewart, Dave Marinoble, Mick Doyle, and other promoters who once sanctioned with other organizations as Fossum and Stell did, moving to the IKF because of one valuable offering... Recognition for their work, and the accomplishments of their fighters.

As we all know now, "The BOOK" was eventually replaced by the IKF website, IKFKickboxing.com. In December of 1996, IKF Web Designer Yancey Gillis and IKF President Steve Fossum worked together to create the first IKF Website at www.jps.net/ikf to see if it was a value to the IKF. Well, it took less than a year to prove that it did and soon after the IKF registered their official domain name as IKFKickboxing.com.

Almost overnight, the IKF and their "First and only" Kickboxing Rankings were a hit, worldwide. The IKF had fighters, trainers and promoters who had seen the IKF website contacting them from around the world now wanting to be in the IKF Rankings and part of the IKF News pages! It was basically an overnight success because the IKF was doing something NO Other sanctioning body had ever done, and still don't. Although the IKF was not the largest Kickboxing/Muay Thai sanctioning body, their philosophy of being "DIFFERENT" and offering MORE to the sport was exactly what those in the sport needed! By being DIFFERENT and offering more, the two concepts together eventually grew the IKF into one of the largest Kickboxing and Muay Thai sanctioning bodies in the world where it remains today.

Imagine how big the book would be today with all the information you find on the IKF Web Site? Everything on the IKF Web Site was once in the Monthly IKF Rankings books. The Monthly books were like a small "Who's Who" Kickboxing Magazine. Fossum's main goal of the IKF was to establish a ranking system for amateur fighters so the amateurs could determine who their competition was, as well as always know WHO held WHAT Title. As a kickboxer and trainer himself along with Stell, they went through their careers with little recognition. This made even a more important reason for the rankings, which was to register ALL amateur champions so the titles wouldn't be duplicated as in the case of all the other sanctioning bodies at the time. A practice that happens with some organizations still today, simply because NO other Kickboxing or Muay Thai sanctioning body keeps track of their Amateur Champions. Some don't even keep track of their pro champions, only collecting a check in exchange for the use of their letters. In addition, a champion could show someone their name in the book to prove they were for real.

Promoters once only known in their local area were now being headlined around the world on the IKF website. Finally they were getting recognized for their contributions to the sport. People worldwide would see their names along with IKF Promoters, trainers, fighters and officials. Most unknown outside their own community were now becoming well recognized names among Kickboxers and Muay Thai practitioners around the world.

The IKF would go on to create many "FIRSTS" in the Kickboxing world. One of those "Firsts" was the creation of the first ever Amateur Kickboxing Tournaments in the USA. What started as a USA Amateur Championship Tournament eventually grew, as the IKF Organization did, to become an Amateur World Championships. To read more about the IKF Tournaments, click HERE.

With all this being said, at this years IKF World Classic in Orlando Florida, those who also choose to "Walk The Walk" as Fossum and Stell did 20 years ago to prove to the world they can be the best, will celebrate 20 years of the IKF. In doing so, there will be some special "Limited Edition" THROWBACK shirts, jackets, T's and other things for those in attendance. Make sure you pick yourself up some while in Orlando. As we get closer and closer to the Tournament, we will unveil more and more about what the IKF plans to do with their 60,000 square foot ballroom. A Ballroom TWICE the size as in the past Tournaments.

Over the next few months we will post news stories that will highlight the past 20 years of the IKF and those associated with the IKF organization. A "Who's Who" of who helped build the IKF and the sport of kickboxing as well as some who along the way, tried to do what the IKF has done, but fell far short, and in doing so, fragmented a once fast growing sport that was eventually past up by the new sport of Mixed Martial Arts. We will share how the IKF created the first ever Mixed Martial Arts sanctioning body in 1999 and some of the stories that bring the IKF and Mixed Martial Arts together. In all, lets just say you want to keep an eye on the IKF News pages between now and July as we will unfold the many memories, both good and bad for the sports of Kickboxing and Muay Thai as well as the IKF and the eventual creation of a global fight sport organization known as International Fight Sports. We hope you continue to take the journey down memory way with us...

Oh and not to forget...

See You In Orlando!


FRIDAY, April 6th, 2012, AT 1:10 PM/ PST


Mike Burke Presents
"Mayhem In Meath"
Meath, Ireland

Peter McCabe of Dublin & Gary Giles from Galway
Will fight for the
IKF Amateur FCR All Ireland Welterweight Title

Evan Walker of Dublin VS Mike Bannon OF Galway
For the
IKF Amateur IR All Ireland Welterweight Title

Aidan Brooks, Gary Manogue, Nikki Collins & Bryan Merrigan


CBBL Presents
"IKF Point Muay Thai / Kickboxing"
Turlock, California, USA

Semi-Contact - No Knockouts! Muay Thai, International Low and Hi Kick Styles- Men, Women and Children!

MONDAY, April 2nd, 2012, AT 2:15 PM/ PST

Results From TS Promotions'
"Hell In Hitchin"
March 31st, 2012 - Herts, England

  1. IKF Pro FCR WORLD Welterweight Title (Vacant)
    Suky Saroya (Hitchin, England, 32-9-3, 66.4kg, 5'8", 05-22-83, Trevor Spencer 0044794-0715717)
    VS Lionel Picord (France, 59-2, 66.8kg, 5'9", 05-10-85, Nizar Gallas 0620490253)
    WINNER: Lionel Picard by unanimous decision 120-108, 119-109, 119-109.
    The top of the bill for this IKF Championship event gave us a fantastic clash between two true champions. IKF European Champion Suky Saroya had waited a long time for this opportunity, winning and defending his belts at all levels and turning no challenger down. It was fitting then that he should face WAKO World Champion Lionel Picard (France) in what turned out to be an absolute masterclass performance by the Frenchman. From the opening bell Picard had the situation under control, despite Saroya pressing the fight. The Englishman was always a few inches out of range as Picard moved perfectly out of range and returned fire with classy combinations and a solid left roundhouse kick.
    Saroya never stopped looking for the openings but by the 9th round his corner had run out of ideas. A supremely fit Saroya piled on the pressure in the 10th but Picard went with him and before long was dominating again, going on to record and almost shut out victory. A typically honest Saroya camp acknowledged the victory and the fact that this was a true world title contest. Coach Trevor Spencer said 'If you are going to lose a world title fight, then lose to a true World Champion' - and that he did!

  2. Pro Women's FCR European Light Welterweight
    Stacey Parker (Stevenage, England, 12-6-2, 64.0kg, 5'4", 07-18-86, Trevor Spencer 0044794-0715717)
    VS Elsa Hemat (St. Pathus, France, 40-11, 64.0kg, 5'9", 05-11-82, Jean Phillipe Lusine 0620490253)
    WINNER: Stacey Parker by unanimous decision, 98-92, 98-94, 98-92.

  3. IKF Amateur FCR Southern Area Super Welterweight Title (Vacant)
    Matt Kelly (Luton England, 7-3-1, 69.5kg, 5'6", 02-27-82, Mark Diemar 00447884323838)
    VS Chris Gifoile (Medway, England, 5-1-1, 67.4kg, 5'10", 07-18-82, Paul Wiffen, 00447868845483)
    WINNER: Chris Gifoile by unanimous decision, 49-46, 50-47, 50-45.

  4. IKF Amateur FCR - Light Welterweight
    Sam O'Donnell (Hemel Hempsted, England, 0-1, 63.15kg, 5'10", 03-03-89, Nick Morrish, 00447813877967)
    VS Kyle Allen (Medway, England, 1-1, 65.6kg, 5'8", 03-22-86, Paul Wiffen, 00447868845483)
    WINNER: Kyle Allen by Unanimous Decision, 30-25, 30-25, 30-25.

  5. IKF Amateur FCR - Light Cruiserweight
    Terry Funnell (Hemel Hempsted, England, 3-0, 83.7kg, 6'0, 08-15-89, Nick Morrish, 00447813877967)
    VS Liam Burdis (Letchwoth, England, 0-2-1, 81.2kg, 6'2", 01-06-76, Trevor Spencer, 00447940715717)
    WINNER: Terry Funnell by Unanimous Decision, 30-27, 30-26, 30-26.

  6. IKF Amateur FCR - Light Middleweight
    Gary Leggett (Faringdon, England, 2-1, 70.6kg, 6'0", 02-27-84, Clive Elliot 00447767607170)
    VS Am-e-Rahman (Stevenage, England, 4-0, 69.45kg, 5'6", 07-19-88, Trevor Spencer 0044794-0715717)
    WINNER: Am-e-Rahman by KO at 1:00 of Round 1.
    Gary Leggatt receives a 45 day medical suspension until 8th May 2012.

  7. IKF Amateur IR - Cruiserweight
    Lawrence Hutchinson (Potton, England, 3-1, 85.7kg, 6'0", 09-03-91, Mark Diemer 00447884323838)
    VS Pawel Barchikowski (Medway, England, 5-1, 83.5kg, 6'2", 06-19-86, Paul Wiffen , 0447868845483)
    WINNER: Pawel Barchikowski by Unanimous Decision, 30-28, 30-27, 30-27.

SUNDAY, April 1st, 2012, AT 6:45 PM/ PST

Results From LTD Productions'
March 31st, 2012 - Fairfield, California, USA

  1. IKF AMATEUR MUAY THAI - 159-165
    Carlos Bacerra, Modesto, California, USA, 1-1, 159.6, 5'10", 9-30-77, Gene Fields, (209) 262-8976
    VSLlyod Remo II, Vallejo, California, USA, 0-1, 162.2, 5'11", 7-19-86, Trey Howard, (707) 373-4125
    WINNER: Carlos Bacarro by split decision, Steve Marrow: 29-28 Vacarro, Marcos Rosalas: 29-28 Remo, Marty Salmon: 29-28 Vacarro.

  2. IKF AMATEUR MUAY THAI - 137-142
    Leno "Nick" Bellemo, South San Francisco, California, USA, 0-1, 140.8, 5'9", 2-9-83, Bunkerd Fairtex, (415) 571-0731
    VS Raheem Davis, Vallejo, California, USA, 1-0, 141.4, 5'7", 5-13-95, Abelardo Camares Jr. (707) 321-9048
    WINNER: Raheem Davis by unanimous decision, Steve Marrow: 29-28, Marcos Rosalas: 30-27, Marty Salmon: 30-27.

  3. IKF AMATEUR MUAY THAI - 142-147
    Salvadore Becerra Jr., Modesto, California, USA, 2-0/0, 142.6, 5'9", 10-31-95, Justin Smitley, (209) 484-9389
    VS Ivan Guerrero, San Jose, California, USA, 0-3, 148, 5'10", 4-1-87, Ed Carpio, (408) 406-2234
    WINNER: Salvadore Vecerra by split decision, Steve Marrow: 29-28 Vecerra, Marcos Rosalas: 29-28 Vecerra, Marty Salmon: 29-28 Guerrero.

  4. IKF AMATEUR MUAY THAI - 122-127
    Marcel Manzanares, Sacramento, California, USA, 0-1, 128.8, 5'7", 4-15-85, Jeff Baca, (916) 281-7006
    VS Kyle Zerbel, Grass Valley, California, USA, 1-1, 130.2, 5'7", 6-26-88, Lisa Jeanson, (530) 559-7422
    WINNER: Kyle Zerbel by split decision, Steve Marrow: 29-28 Manzanares, Marcos Rosalas: 29-28 Zerbel, Marty Salmon: 29-28 Zerbel.

  5. IKF AMATEUR MUAY THAI - 172-179
    Lawrence Gray II, Fairfield, California, USA, 0-2, 185.8, 6'3", 8-19-86, Paul Heinke, (707) 624-9912
    VS Brandon Horton, Ceres, California, USA, 3-1, AMMA: 2-2, 184.4, 5'10", 5-15-79, Gene Fields, (209) 262-8976
    WINNER: Brandon Horton by Disqualification at :16 seconds of round 1.
  6. IKF AMATEUR MUAY THAI - 147-153
    Peter Liang, Fremont, California, USA, 2-2, 150.6, 5'10", 9-13-77, Bunkerd Fairtex, (415) 571-0731
    VS Steve Swaby-Clacken, Vallejo, California, USA, 4-1, 151.8, 5'10", 6-3-88, Trey Howard, (707) 373-4125
    WINNER: Steve Swaby-Clacken by unanimous decision with all 3 judges scoring it 30-27.

  7. IKF AMATEUR MUAY THAI - 142-147
    Justin Manigal, Vacaville, California, USA, 1-2, 144.6, 5'6", 2-1-95, Dan Stell, (707) 372-0882
    VS Ryan Paul Tioyao, South San Francisco, California, USA, 3-0, 143.8, 5'8"', 9-19-87, Mark Tabuso, (650) 642-4220
    WINNER: Ryan Tioyao by split decision, Steve Marrow: 29-28 Manigal, Marcos Rosalas: 29-28 Tioyao, Marty Salmon: 30-27 Tioyao.

  8. IKF AMATEUR MUAY THAI - 147-152
    Porfirio ( Hector ) Hernandez, Fairfield, California, USA, 1-1, AMMA: 1-2, 153.8, 5'8", 8-15-85, Dan Stell, (707) 372-0882
    VS Hack Culling Jr., Richmond, California, USA, 0-1, AMMA: 2-0, AB: 78-1, 153.8, 5'7", 11-16-92, Pete Padillia, (707) 372-1515.
    WINNER: Porfirio ( Hector ) Hernandez by unanimous decision, Steve Marrow: 30-27, Marcos Rosalas: 30-27, Marty Salmon: 29-28.

  9. IKF AMATEUR MUAY THAI - 137-142
    Anthony Pizzarelli, San Francisco, California, USA, 4-1, 146, 5'8", 11-26-87, Jongsanan Fairtex, (415) 939-7844
    VS Willy Boatwright, Oroville, California, USA, 0-1, AMMA: 3-9, 145.2, 5'10", 9-8-88, Eddie Cole, (530) 354-0361
    WINNER: Anthony Pizzarelli by unanimous decision with all 3 judges scoring it 30-27.

    Anthony Pazmino, Vacaville, California, USA, 1-1, AMMA: 0-2, 150.6, 5'8", 10-22-87, Dan Stell, (707) 372-0882
    VS Israel Ocampo, Vallejo, California, USA, 0-1, 153.2, 5'8", 7-14-78, Abelardo Camares Jr. (707) 321-9048
    WINNER: Anthony Pazmino by unanimous decision with all 3 judges scoring it 30-27.

  11. IKF Full Rules Muay Thai California Light Middleweight Title
    Dustin Andrick, San Francisco, California, USA, 3-1, 159, 6'1", 12-28-92, Jongsanan Fairtex, (415) 939-7844
    VS Aaron Luellen, Sacramento, California, USA, 5-0, S: 7-1, 159, 6', 3-29-94, Paul Matsumoto, (415) 516-8588
    WINNER: Aaron Luellen by unanimous decision with all 3 judges scoring it 49-46.

  12. IKF International Rules Northern California Super Lightweight Title
    Nemo Vier, Fairfield, California, USA, 9-3/3, 135.8, 5'10", 5-26-93, Dan Stell, (707) 372-0882
    VS Franco Guyton, Ceres, California, USA, 4-4, 136.6, 5'10", , 5'9", Gene Fields, (209) 262-8976
    WINNER: Nemo Vier by "HEAD KICK" KnockOut at 1:14 of round 2.





Results From Jordan Pallen's
"IKF Point Muay Thai / Kickboxing"
March 24h, 2012 - Burlingame, California, USA

Semi-Contact - No Knockouts! Muay Thai, International Low and Hi Kick Styles- Men, Women and Children!

For more information on IKF Point Muay Thai Kickboxing go to www.IKFPKB.com
For information about the Golden Gate Intlernationals Contact Mr. Jordan Pallen at 510.914.6764.

To Promote anIKF Point Muay Thai Kickboxing division your martial arts event, contact Johnny Davis at johnnyd@akpromotions.org or call 916.205.4762.


Results From California Black Belt League's
"IKF Point Muay Thai / Kickboxing"
March 10th, 2012 - Ripon, California, USA

Semi-Contact - No Knockouts! Muay Thai, International Low and Hi Kick Styles- Men, Women and Children!

The California Black Belt League put on another exciting martial arts tournament that featured great IKF Point Muay Thai Kickboxing Action. See Results below and join us for the next event on Saturday April 7th in Turlock. More information at www.IKFPKB.com