THURSDAY, February 28th, 2013, AT 12:30 PM/ PST

Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson
Makes Rogan's
"Top 8 UFC Debuts Of All-Time"

You only get one chance to make a first impression. Many fighters have taken advantage of the spotlight and Joe Rogan ranks the best of the best in Ultimate 8. Former IKF Kickboxing World Champion and multi time IKF Tournament Champion (Among MANY other Kickboxing Titles) Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson made his UFC debut one to remember back on February 4th, 2012.

Thompson said hello to the UFC in the best way possible! A right (front leg) roundkick to the head of his opponent Daniel Stittgen at UFC 143. The kick (Right) knocked Stittgen (7-2 Pro, 2-0 Amateur MMA) out cold and paved the way for a hopeful bright future for Thompson in the UFC. According to, Thompson's purse was $12,000 (Includes $6,000 win bonus) and he also received a $65,000 bonus for "Knockout of the Night". not a bad first day on the job at the UFC!

The win brought Thompson's Pro MMA record to a PERFECT 6-0 which when added to his kickboxing record of 57-0 brought him to a perfect 63-0. Thompson had his first loss in the Cage later in April of 2012 at UFC 145. Actually, it was his first loss in his entire fight career. A close decision to ISCF Pro Eastern Regional Champion Matt "The Immortal" Brown by Unanimous Decision.

Word has it that Thompson will face Amir Sadollah in a UFC Welterweight battle on Saturday, May 25. While a venue for the unnamed event has yet to be determined, the UFC traditionally holds Memorial Day weekend cards in Las Vegas.

Check out Rogan's take on Thompson and 7 others that made Rogan's "Top 8 UFC Debuts Of All-Time" list by clicking HERE!

WEDNESDAY, February 27th, 2013, AT 10:30 AM/ PST

We ALL Lost A Legend Today...
Ramon "The Diamond" Dekkers
Passes Today At Only 43

Steve Fossum, IKF President
Images From Various Web Sources & Facebook

The circumstances surrounding Mr. Dekkers passing are still coming in.
As we hear additional updates we will ADD THEM to the story below.


This is one of those times where someone's accomplishments are in some ways, "Beyond Reality".
With this being said, we can only hope that we do justice to an article that will try and explain to everyone here, just what a true "LEGEND"
Ramon "The Diamond" Dekkers
was to everyone who knew of him either directly or indirectly around the world.

Earlier today, we lost this Legend who while in his hometown of Breda past away. According to sources, Dekkers was training on his bicycle (Not a Motorcycle, a regular bike) and he collapsed in a tunnel after feeling light headed and never regained consciousness again.
A few bystanders attempted to assist him using CPR before emergency services (R) arrived who also attempted to revive him, but to no avail.


A snap of our fingers and a moment passes, and just like that... He's gone... Death is something we are all aware of but we all think it's suppose to happen naturally, as we grow old. Yet, like other greats such as Andy Hug Dekkers has left us all asking "Why..." And of course, none of us know the answer. We can only hope that his passing had some kind of meaning, that he was taken from us because he was needed somewhere else for a greater cause. But we will never know. What we do know is in his passing, many want to know how it happened, how did this great, strong man die... Those questions will be answered in the weeks to come, but for now, we feel it's more important to remind everyone here, how this Legend became such, and tell you just a little bit about how he lived...

Ramon Dekkers was born in Breda, North Brabant, the Netherlands. He began learning martial arts around 1986 at age 12, studying judo for a few months. He then started boxing for a year. In 1986, at the age of 16 he first walked into Cor Hemmers Gym in Breda. As soon as he saw Muay Thai he knew this is what he wanted to do. Hemmers is a Dutch kickboxing trainer associated with the Golden Glory gym in Breda, Netherlands. Along with training Dekkers, he has trained numerous World Champions and contenders in both kickboxing and mixed martial arts including Heath Herring, Stefan Leko, Alistair Overeem, Bas Rutten, Gökhan Saki and Semmy Schilt.

Hemmers saw great talent in Dekkers as he had naturally explosive power and after a few months felt that he was ready to fight. During Dekkers early days of training his mother brought him to the gym and dropped him off every day, and picked him up after training. During Dekkers' training, Hemmers became more and more involved with his mother, and the two eventually married.

Dekkers had his first fight at the age of 16 and won by knockout. This bout was matched at approximately 56 kilos (123 lbs). For the first part of his career he was managed by Clovis Depretz who also managed Rob Kaman. In the twilight of his career Cor Hemmers was his manager. Ramon had his first international contest against Richard Nam of France. Dekkers lost the fight on points but Nam was European Champion at the time. At the age of 18, Dekkers was awarded his first title shot was on November 15th 1987. He fought Ramkisoen from the respected Chakuiriki Gym trained by Tom Harinck. Dekkers won this fight by knockout with a high kick in round 2 winning the Dutch Featherweight A-Class Title. Nam and Dekkers rematched on February 27th, 1988 for the MTBN European Featherweight Title. This time Dekkers won the fight by knockout with a left hook, cross to body combination in the fourth round.

Dekkers was one of the biggest Western legends of Muay Thai with over 200 fights to his name. During a 20 year fight career he was an 8 time World Champion. What made him a Legend though was not the "Titles" he won, but "Who" he fought. He fought in Thailand in the top stadiums of Lumpinee and Rajdamnern against the Thai's own champions. Not only did he beat a lot of them but often when he beat them it was also by knockout! As well as fighting the top Thais, he was a true warrior and would fight two times a week if someone challenged him. Many of his losses were on points as he often took fights too close together. He soon became known as "The Diamond".

On Sunday March 18th, 2001 he fought what he thought would be his Farewell-Retirement Fight against Marino Deflorin in Rotterdam, Netherlands, winning by TKO at 18 seconds of round 4 with his famous left hook. Throughout the bout, he controlled the fight, displaying the style and aggression he had been known for, for so many great years. After the fight, Dekkers joined the "Golden Glory" team members center stage for a finale. Rob Kaman came down the rampart, Golden Glory torch in hand, presenting it to Dekkers, who in turn passed it to each team member, as video clips of his victories were shown on the display screens.

After his retirement he kept himself busy training his two teams, Team Dekkers and Golden Glory. However, 4 years later he surprised the fighting world by agreeing upon a contract with K-1 to try mixed martial arts. Of course, Dekkers had never fought MMA, and took the fight by a few days notice. On March 26th, 2005 in Saitama, Japan he fought Genki Sudo who at the time had an impressive pro mma record of 11-2-1. The fight was on the Hero's 1 event. Sudo won the bout by Leglock Submission at 2:54 of round 1.

Prior to the MMA bout, Dekkers manager Bas Boon also arranged at least one more standup fight on regular K-1 Rules. Dekkers fought American Duane Ludwig in a Superfight during the K-1 Max 2005 event. A few days before the fight Dekkers injured himself, tearing a ligament in his right shoulder. The entire fight he punched only with his left arm, so he could not setup his famous boxing combinations. Nevertheless Dekkers knocked Ludwig down in every round, and won the fight by decision.
K-1 2005 Ramon Dekkers Vs Duane Ludwig Video - Click HERE.

His final retirement was a Superfight against Joerie Mes at the K-1 World Grand Prix 2006 in Amsterdam on May 13th, 2006. After both fighters suffered knockdown in the second round, it was Mes who earned the decision victory. Immediately after the fight Dekkers took the microphone and announced his final retirement. After retiring he went back to Breda to continue to teach Muay Thai while also traveling the globe teaching seminars...

Dekkers was one of the first Dutch Kickboxers to really make an impact in Thailand. He was instrumental in helping the sport of Muay Thai and Kickboxing to evolve to what it is today and will always be remembered for his accomplishments in and out of the ring. Although there is much to say about how he lived, there are no final words to express our sorrow in his passing. No final words because individuals like Dekkers stay with us the rest of our lives, and to many of us, there is nothing final in his passing, only the passing of time. Our memories of Dekkers will last forever in a lot of us... However, his name and what he brought to this sport will last long after all of us are gone, for everyone here knows... Diamond last FOREVER...

In closing, Ramon's final Tweet on his Twitter page reminds us of who he truly was even after he stopped fighting in the ring. He was a true Ambassador for Muay Thai & Kickboxing who always saw the good in the sport and was excited about it's future. He proved this in his last "Twitter" comments which read,

"How exciting the future looks for kickboxing...
Glory london Glory istanbul Glory milaan !!! Everything on Eurosport!!!"

(4:26 AM - Feb 27, 2022)

Rest in Peace Ramon...You are one of God's Champions now...

And Remember...
"Diamonds Last FOREVER!"

    • Total 221
    • Wins 186
    • By knockout 95
    • Losses 33
    • Draws 2

    • Dutch Featherweight Champion
    • MTBN European Featherweight Champion
    • NKBB European Super featherweight Champion
    • IMTA World Lightweight Champion
    • IMTF World Super lightweight Champion
    • IMF World Light welterweight Champion
    • WPKL World Welterweight Champion
    • WPKL World Super welterweight Champion
    • WPKF World Middleweight Champion
    • WPKL World Middleweight Champion

    • Some of these he has fought several times and there are many others not listed here, these are just the most famous.
      • Namphon Nongkee Pahuyuth (2-18-90 in Amsterdam, Netherlands (W) & on 4-20-90 in Bangkok, Thailand (L)
      • Cherry S Wanich (3-27-90 in Amsterdam, Netherlands (W) and 1995 in Bangkok, Thailand (L)
      • Coban Lookchaomaesaitong "The Crusher" (4-21-91 in Paris, France (L), 8-6-91 in Bangkok, Thailand (W) & 2-28-92 in Samut Prakan, Thailand (L)
      • Joel Cesar (9-23-91 in Paris, France (W) and on 10-25-91 in Paris, France (W)
      • Saengtiennoi Sor. Rungrot "The Deadly Kisser" (3-22-91 in Bunkyo, Tokyo, Japan (L), 9-3-91 in Bangkok, Thailand (L) and on 4-27-91 in Amsterdam, Netherlands (W)
      • Sakmongkol Sitthichok (11-26-91 in Bangkok, Thailand (L)
      • Orono (4-26-93 in Bangkok, Thailand (L) and on 4-8-95 in Bangkok, Thailand (L)
      • Joe Prestia (4-9-92 in Paris, France (W) and on 6-20-92 also in Paris, France (L)
      • Gilbert Ballantine (10-8-89 (L), 9-20-92 (L) and on 2-20-94 (W) all in Amsterdam, Netherlands)
      • Chanoy Pon Tawee (2-93 in Hamburg, Germany (L)
      • Decharwin (6-6-93 in Rotterdam, Netherlands (W)
      • Pralomran (1-27-95 in Breda, Netherlands (W)
      • Jomhod Kiatadisak (12-5-96 in Bangkok, Thailand (L)
      • Hassan Kassrioui (11-16-96 (W) and 11-10-97 (W) both in Amsterdam, Netherlands)
      • Rayen Simson (3-23-97 in Roosendaal, Netherlands (L)
      • Gerald Mamadeus (6-1-97 in Amsterdam, Netherlands (W)
      • Namphon Nongkee Pahuyuth "The Ring Genius" (2-18-90 in Amsterdam, Netherlands (W) and on 4-20-90 in Bangkok, Thailand (L)
      • Jerry Morris (2-27-97 in Hattem, Netherlands (L)

    • Wwikipedia - Ramon_Dekkers

  • A FEW on the "MANY" Presentations Out There Featuring Ramon Dekkers

    • Ramon Dekkers Greatest Hits
    • Ramon "The Diamond" Dekkers Highlights
    • Ramon Dekkers: A Living Legend
      • A 10 minute documentary about Ramon Dekkers career and his current life.
    • Ramon Dekkers Highlights
    • The Diamond Ramon Dekkers
    • Ramon Dekkers Highlight Muay Thai
    • Ramon Dekkers Never Back Down
    • Highlight - Ramon Dekkers - MuayThai

The above collection was created by Robert Alexander Smal.
Ramon 'The Diamond' Dekkers fought them all, in their homeland, under their rules... and he beat them!!!!!
He was an eight time Muay Thai World Champion... with a record of winning 186 out of 221 fights, 95 by KO!!!!!
After representing Golden Glory as a fighter, he worked as a coach passing on his fighting knowledge and expertise to the new generation of fighters.

This Article Has Been Added To Our

TUESDAY, February 26th, 2013, AT 8:35 AM/ PST

Results From Head to Head Promotions Presents
February 23rd, 2013 - Bridgwater, England



Chris James
(Bridgwater, England, 14-8-3, 75.4kg, 6'1", 07-29-86, Arthur Meek 00447765042414)
Gareth Richards
(Cardiff, Wales, 28-5-1, 75.2kg, 6'1", 08-02-83, Tony Ahern 00447896299702)
By KO At :47 Seconds of Round 3

It's amazing what a bit of self-belief will do for a person. 12 months ago Chris James was being declared a 'nearly man'. With an average record, albeit against top opposition, he was considered to be one of the better super middleweights in the UK, but also one who had probably reached his peak. All of a sudden from somewhere he found his mojo and has been storming through each opponent like wildfire ever since.

Tonight current ICO and WKA World Champion Gareth Richards must have thought he was marking time with this crack at the IKF British title. But Chris James had other ideas. It was clear that Richards felt he could go through the 'nearly man' in under 3 rounds and he came out to that effect. Unloading bombs and looking very dangerous. As usual the unassuming James sucked it up and showed no emotion. Mid-way through the round both men were visibly shaken as the combinations landed but it was Richards who looked unsteady.

The 2nd round offered more of the same and it was clear that one or other of these warriors was heading for an early bath. James nailed his man again towards the end of the second, then came out to finish in the third. Richards could not gather himself as he took unanswered shots followed by a count. He was up at 8 but this time James finished the job with a perfect barrage. This surely puts Chris James in amongst the elite of the division and a much anticipated rubber match with current IKF World Champion James Wallis must be on the agenda for 2013/14.


    Chris James (Bridgwater, England, 14-8-3, 75.4kg, 6'1", 07-29-86, Arthur Meek, 00447765042414)
    VS Gareth Richards (Cardiff, Wales, 28-5-1, 75.2kg, 6'1", 08-02-83, Tony Ahern, 00447896299702)
    WINNER: Chris James by KO 0.47 round 3.
    Gareth Richards receives 45day medical suspension until 11th April 2013.

  2. IKF Pro FCR
    Rob Ellick (Bridgwater, England, 5-5-1, 71.0kg, 5'10", 04-13-86, Arthur Meek, 00447765042414)
    VS Adam Kellaway (Weston, England, 12-3-1, 71.0kg, 5'11", 03-16-90, Stuart Davies, 00447967481128)
    WINNER: DRAW 36-40, 39-37, 38-38.

  3. ISCF Pro MMA
    Andy Manzolo (Bournemouth, England, 5-2, 83.6kg, 5'11", 09-08-84, Jimmy Johnstone, 00447545568778)
    VS Milan Tomes (Bridgwater, England, 5-7, 81.6kg, 6'2", 03-18-80, Martin Lawson, 0044758191057)
    WINNER: Andy Manzolo by unanimous decision 30-27, 30-27, 30-27.

  4. IKF Amateur FCR
    Sue Clist (Bridgwater, England, 1-0, 61.2kg, 5'5", 10-16-78, Arthur Meek, 00447765042414 )
    VS Sarah Ford (Weston, England, 0-2, 63.0kg, 5'4", 08-26-84, Michael Ford, 00447956110008)
    WINNER: Sue Clist by unanimous decision 30-27, 30-27, 30-27.

  5. IKF Amateur IR
    Raitus Datavs (Bridgwater, England, 1-0, 94.5kg, 6'2", 12-24-90, Arthur Meek, 00447765042414)
    VS Neil Izzard (Trowbridge, England, 0-1, 95.5kg, 6'1", 11-01-76, Scott Clist, 00447712161706)
    WINNER: Raitus Datays by TKO 1:42 round 2.
    Neil Izzard receives 30 day medical suspension until 27th March 2013.

  6. IKF Amateur FCR
    Juris Poskus (Bridgwater, England, 4-3, 67.1kg, 5'9", 10-07-86, Arthur Meek, 00447765042414)
    VS Lucas Hayles (Bournemouth, England, 2-3, 68.1kg, 5'9", 12-12-87, Ross Phillips, 0044792000878)
    WINNER: Juris Poskus by unanimous decision 30-27, 30-27, 30-28.

  7. IKF Amateur FCR
    Luke Hardwell (Bridgwater, England, 2-2, 76.2kg, 6'0", 09-30-92, Arthur Meek, 00447765042414)
    VS Joe Meachin (Bristol, England, 4-1, 76.9kg, 6'0", 11-10-89, David Clattworthy, 004476967218477)
    WINNER: Joe Meachin by split decision 30-28, 27-30, 30-28.

  8. ISCF Amateur MMA
    (Novice NO head contact)
    Sam Dunn (Bridgwater, England, 2-0, 58kg, 5'8", 06-23-96, Arthur Meek, 00447765042414)
    VS Du Nguyen (Bergen, Norway, 0-1, 55.5kg, 5'6", 11-21-89, Matthew Turner, 004797552663)
    WINNER: Sam Dunn by armbar 1:20 round 2.

  9. ISCF Amateur MMA International Tournament
    Shahair Assoiur (Trowbridge, England, 4-3-2, 64.5kg, 5'8", 05-31-87, Scott Clist, 00447712161706)
    VS Erick Unneland (Bergen, Norway, 4-0, 65.0kg, 5'10", 09-13-92, Matthew Turner, 004797552663)
    WINNER: Erick Unneland by rear naked choke 1:38 round 2.

  10. ISCF Amateur MMA International Tournament
    Oscar Rozwens (Trowbridge, England, 3-4, 80.0kg, 6'1", 04-27-90, Scott Clist, 00447712161706)
    VS Torjbom Madsen (Bergen, Norway, 4-0, 82.5kg, 6'1", 11-26-88, Matthew Turner, 004797552663)
    WINNER: Torjbom Madsen by ground & pound 1:52 round 2.
    Oscar Rozwens receives 30 day medical suspension until 27th March 2013.

  11. ISCF Amateur MMA International Tournament
    Nathan Perry (Bridgwater, England, 1-2, 81.0kg, 6'3", 07-23-88, Arthur Meek, 00447765042414)
    VS Stig Svrtsund (Bergen Norway, 3-1, 81.5kg, 6'0", 07-24-84, Matthew Turner, 004797552663)
    WINNER: Nathan Perry by ground & pound 0.53 round 2.
    Stig Svrtsund receives 30day medical suspension until 27th March 2013.

  12. ISCF Amateur MMA International Tournament
    Michal Truszkowski (Bridgwater, England, 1-1, 70.0kg, 5'8", 07-08-85, Arthur Meek, 00447765042414)
    VS Espen Visnes (Bergen, Norway, 2-0, 70.0kg, 5'10", 08-29-92, Matthew Turner, 004797552663)
    WINNER: Espen Visnes by unanimous decision 30-27, 30-27, 30-27.

  13. ISCF Amateur MMA
    Ryan Morgan (Swansea, Wales, 1-0, 64.0kg, 5'6", 03-10-86, Mike Edwards, 00447837630064)
    VS Mark Grey (Pewsey, England, 0-1, 64.3kg, 5'10", 07-24-86, Stuart Lee, 00447971917003)
    WINNER: Ryan Morgan by guillotine choke 1:03 Round 1.

  14. ISCF Amateur MMA
    Russ Hodges (Bristol, England, 2-2, 108.5kg, 6'1", 10-06-78, Arthur Meek, 00447765042414)
    VS Owen Gwain (Swansea, Wales, 2-1, 101.0kg, 6'0", 10-15-84, James Wallis, 00447837630064.)
    WINNER: Owen Gwain by armbar submission 2:03 round 1.

  15. ISCF Amateur MMA
    Brett Hassett (Bridgwater, England, 1-2, 76.0kg, 5'9", 02-05-91, Arthur Meek, 00447765042414)
    VS Joe Greenway (Harlow, England, 1-4, 76.0kg, 6'0", 09-18-90, Dave Mathews, 00447866909116)
    WINNER: Joe Greenaway by armbar submission 0:30 round 2.

  16. ISCF Amateur MMA
    Faisel Ghazghazi (Bridgwater, England, 2-1, 76.5kg, 5'10", 04-30-82, Arthur Meek, 00447765042414)
    VS Stephen Todman (Pewsey, England, 2-0, 77.5kg, 5'11", 03-18-90, Stuart Lee, 00447971917003)
    WINNER: Stephen Todman by disqualification 1:22 round 2.

  17. ISCF Amateur MMA
    Paul Carrott (Bridgwater, England, 1-4, 65.0kg, 5'10", 07-30-87, Arthur Meek, 00447765042414)
    VS Neil Owen (Bridgwater, England, 2-4-1, 64.0kg, 5'8", 01-02-78, Martin Lawson, 00447584191057)
    WINNER: Neil Owen by unanimous decision 30-27, 30-27, 30-27.


Results From Craig Sutton's
February 23rd, 2013 - Tipperary Town, Ireland

  1. IKF Junior AMATEUR FCR Kickboxing
    Scott Carey (Tipperary) and Bradley Kirwan (Waterford) fought to a draw.

  2. IKF Junior AMATEUR FCR Kickboxing
    Kian Farrell (Tipperary) and Ryan Walsh (Carrick An Suir) fought to a draw.

  3. IKF Junior AMATEUR FCR Kickboxing
    Alicia Chambers (Tipperary) defeated Leah Loughman (Portlaoise) by judges decision.

  4. IKF AMATEUR FCR Kickboxing
    Grace Banville, New Ross, Ireland (10-1, 61kg, 1.60, 08-08-98, John Fitzgerald, 087 7406262)
    defeated Grace Still, Carrick An Suir, Ireland (4-4-1, 62kg, 5'4'', 06-02-98, Billy O Sullivan, 085 8589902) by TKO in round 2.
    IKF Ireland has issued a 30 day MEDICAL Suspension for Grace Still until March 24th, 2013.

  5. IKF AMATEUR FCR Kickboxing
    Sarah Kiely, Waterford, Ireland (6-2, 56, 5'3'', 03-18-93, Vinny O Brien, 083 4218676)
    defeated Alice Cullen, New Ross, Ireland (1-7-1, 56kg, 5'4'', 11-22-94, John Fitzgerald, 087 7406262)
    Judge PJ Mc Cool: 27-30 Judge Charlie Ward: 27-30 Judge Tony O Donnell: 27-30
    Referee: Mick Burke.

  6. IKF AMATEUR FCR Kickboxing
    Dean Hallinan, Carrick An Suir, Ireland (2-0-1, 64kg, 5'5'', 10-16-95, Billy O Sullivan, 085 8589902)
    defeated Pearse Fahy, Galway, Ireland (0-3, 63.4kgt, 5;9', 04-06-93, Pete Foley, 087 8119227) by TKO in round 3.
    IKF Ireland has issued a 30 day MEDICAL Suspension for Pearse Fahy until March 24th, 2013.

  7. IKF AMATEUR FCR Kickboxing
    Alex Temnikov, Meath, Ireland (4-0 kickboxing/1-0 boxing, 79.5kg, 182cm, 10-04-82, Mick Burke, 085 7249933)
    defeated Justin Downey, Dublin, Ireland (3-3, 80kg, 6'2'', 04-21-85, Damien Crowther, 085 8393324.
    Judge PJ Mc Cool: 29-28 Judge Charlie Ward: 29-29 Judge Tony O Donnell: 29-27
    Referee: Mick Burke.

  8. IKF AMATEUR FCR Kickboxing
    Andy Mc Donald, Carlow, Ireland (1-2, 68kg, 5'4'', 08-19-88, John Fitzgerald, 087 7406262)
    defeated Leon Murphy, Waterford, Ireland (2-1-1, 68kg 5'7'', 07-15-87 by TKO in round 2.)
    IKF Ireland has issued a 30 day MEDICAL Suspension for Leon Murphy until March 24th, 2013.

  9. IKF AMATEUR FCR Kickboxing
    Darren Keane, Waterford, Ireland (3-0, 78kg, 6'2'', 04-14-901, Pat Rockett, 087 9396661)
    defeated Connor Mc Callion, Galway, Ireland (5-3-1, 74.8kg, 5'11'', 03-01-91, Pete Foley, 087 8119227).
    Judge PJ Mc Cool: 27-30 Judge Vinny O Brien: 27-30 Judge Craig Sutton: 27-30.
    Referee: Mick Burke.

  10. IKF AMATEUR FCR Kickboxing
    Stephen Doherty, Donegal, Ireland (3-1, 69kg, 5'9'', 03-22-90, Joe Wilson, 086 8774382)
    defeated David Rusinak, Tullamore, Ireland (2-2, 70.3kg, 5'10'', 04-01-94, John Quigley, 086 6660474)
    Judge PJ Mc Cool: 28-29 Judge Charlie Ward: 29-28 Judge Vinny O Brien: 29-28.
    Referee: Mick Burke.

  11. IKF AMATEUR FCR Kickboxing
    Matthew Moore, Carlow, Ireland (2-0, 100kg, 5'11'', 10-02-87, Tony Byrne, 085 1076239)
    defeated Paddy Mc Donagh, Limerick, Ireland (1-2-1, 96kg, 6', 01-08-92, Tony O Donnell, 087 279 6401) by TKO in round 2.
    IKF Ireland has issued a 30 day MEDICAL Suspension for Paddy Mc Donagh until March 24th, 2013.

  12. IKF AMATEUR FCR Kickboxing
    Leon Whittle, Dunmore East, Ireland (4-1, AB: 3-0, 86.3kg, 6'1'', 05-28-84, Billy O Sullivan, 085 8589902)
    defeated Atsaev Anzor, Lucan, Ireland (1-1, AB: 8-3, AMMA: 4-1, 85.7kg, 1.85cm, 03-30-92, John Kelly, 086 3872276)
    Judge PJ Mc Cool: 39-37 Judge Charlie Ward: 37-39 Judge Tony O Donnell: 37-39.
    Referee: Mick Burke

  13. IKF AMATEUR FCR Kickboxing
    Shane Mc Connell, Waterford, Ireland (7-5, AB: 2-0, 64.8kg, 6', 05-25-95, Pat Rockett, 087 7396661)
    defeated Paul Huish, Galway, Ireland (15-9-5, 67kg, 5'7'', 03-10-902, Pete Foley, 087 8119227).
    Judge PJ Mc Cool: 27-30 Judge Vinny O Brien: 27-30 Judge Tony O Donnell: 27-30.
    Referee: Mick Burke


    Sean Egan, Tipperary, Ireland (3-5, AB: 2-0, 60kg, 5'7'', 02-03-89, Craig Sutton, 087 9682833)
    defeated Shane Marum, Portlaoise, Ireland (2-2, AB: 2-2, AMMA: 2-2-1, 60kg, 5'7'', 12-18-86, Liam Marum, 087 8683640) to win the recently vacated IKF All Ireland Light Title by unanimous decision..
    • Judge PJ Mc Cool: 50-47, Judge Charlie Ward: 48-47, Judge Tony O Donnell: 48-47.
    • Referee: Mick Burke.


Results From Pete Foley's
February 17th, 2013 - Oranmore, Ireland

The Black Dragon Kickboxing Gym promoted a Junior Kickboxing event in the Oranmore Community Centre on Sunday 17th February which attracted over 150 children from all over Ireland. The kids show was immediately followed by 20 senior fights of varying disciplines such as Kickboxing above the waist, International Rules, K-1 and Boxing. All fighters were matched off on the day and the idea was to get everyone some ring time before the season kicks off in earnest. The day was also used to get several newly qualified officials the chance to Judge, Referee, Timekeep etc and it was a great success.

Dara Lawless from Galway Black Dragon lands heavy on
Dacek Wawrzyniak from Westside, Athlone. Amateur FCR Kickboxing

Nicholas Hogan from Galway Black Dragon
Lands a Right hands Clive McCormac from Westsied, Athlone. Amateur K-1 Kickboxing

Nicholas Hogan from Galway Black Dragon
Head kicks Clive Mc Cormac from Westside, Athlone. Amateur K-1 Kickboxing

Marc Mc Gettigan from Galway Black Dragon hooks
Niall Conneely from Tipperary Fight Factory - Amateur FCR Kickboxing

Ronan Kavanagh from Galway Black Dragon sends Ethan Connor from Westside, Athlone to the canvas.
Amateur Boxing


Four-Time World Champ
Stephen Wakeling
To Battle KO Artist
Eddie 'Showtime' Walker
At Star-Studded Glory 5 London Kickboxing Event March 23rd!

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SINGAPORE (Feb. 26, 2013)
Four-time world champion and Number 2 IKF Ranked Muay Thai Super Middleweight Stephen Wakeling (36-4, 14 KO's) of Kent, England will square off with fast-rising KO artist Eddie 'Showtime' Walker (11-2-1, 9 KOs, MMA: 1-1) of Atlanta, Georgia, USA in a middleweight (85 kilograms / 187 pounds) contest at the star-studded GLORY 5 London kickboxing event at ExCel Arena in London, England on Saturday, March 23, Glory Sports International announced today.

The 29-year-old Wakeling, renowned for his excellent conditioning and tendency to inflict heavy punishment on opponents, has faced and defeated a host of top-ranked superstars, including Thailand's famed world champion Jaowchalam Chatjanokgym and Australian powerhouse 'John' Wayne Parr. On July 7, 2012, Wakeling fought pound-for-pound sensation Artem Levin to a draw in a spectacular, five-round bout in England.

Wakeling comes from a high pedigree of fighting stock. His father Mark was a successful fighter in his own right and had a career which culminated with a fight in Thailand's prestigious annual King's Cup Tournament in 1998. Wakeling's brother, Michael is a European champion.

Stephen won the IKF Pro Muay Thai European Super Welterweight Title on August 18th, 2002 in Reading, England when he defeated Junior Herbert of Bedford England by unanimous decision. On the same fight card both his brother Michael and father had even more high points. Stephen's brother Mike fought and defeated Ferhart Kalay by Majority Decision and his father was in the corner for another one of their fighters, Karen Harding as she won the IKF Pro Women's Bantamweight Muay Thai World Title over Gulzapa Azzizova of Kazakhstan.

Stephen Wakeling Video Highlight Clip - Click HERE.

The Number 4 IKF Ranked Muay Thai Light Heavyweight Walker, experienced a career breakthrough last year when he scored a shocking, upset KO of WBC interim Muay Thai champion Joe 'Stitch 'Em Up' Schilling after Schilling had put Walker down twice early in the fight in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

The come-from-behind victor earned Walker a spot in the ROAD TO GLORY USA inaugural, middleweight development series tournament in Los Angeles, California on February 9th. There, Walker finished as runner-up after scoring a second round (1:26) KO on Edgar Del Fierro and a second round (2:13) TKO on Van Wyk Povey in the quarterfinal and semifinal stages of the tournament, respectively.

Walker is known for possessing frightening power in both hands and, with 9 of his 11 professional wins by way of stoppage inside the distance, he has an incredible 81 percent finish rate. Walker trains under IKF Pro Full Muay Thai Rules World Champion Manu N'toh, of Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Manu is also a renowned instructor who also counts UFC middleweight Brian Stann among his students, and posted a 7-0 amateur record before turning professional in 2010.

Tickets for GLORY 5 London can be purchased online at and by phone at the exclusive ticket hotline: 0844 847 2543.

In the highly-anticipated heavyweight main event, Number 3 IKF Ranked Muay Thai Heavyweight Remy Bonjasky (77-16, 40 KO's) of Amsterdam, Netherlands will take on Number 1 IKF Ranked Muay Thai Heavyweight Tyrone Spong (68-6-1 42 KO's) of Boca Raton, Florida, USA via The Netherlands.

All GLORY 5 London bouts are comprised of three, three-minute rounds.
The complete fight card is as follows:

FRIDAY, February 22nd, 2013, AT 6:00 PM/ PST


Craig Sutton Presents
Tipperary Town, Ireland

IKF AM FCR All Ireland Lightweight Title
Sean Egan
VS Shane Marum

Plus Full Supporting Undercard


Colin Payne Presents
Kent, England

IKF Amateur FCR European Title
Sean O Neill
VS James Gridley

Plus Full Supporting Undercard


Head to Head Promotions Presents
Bridgwater, England


Chris James
(All or Nothing – England)
Gareth Richards
(Cardiff Kickboxing- Wales)

Plus International MMA Tournament
England VS Norway

Plus Full Supporting Undercard


K-Star Promotions Presents
"Tear Up At The Tower"
Birmingham, England


(Birmingham, England, 5-2, 81kg, 6'1", 11-03-88, Steve Logan 00447866365963)
(Walsall, England, 4-3, 81.3kg, 6'1", 10-19-86, David Cole, 00447830084205)

Plus Full Supporting Undercard

WEDNESDAY, February 20th, 2013, AT 10:20 PM/ PST

IKF Promoter Johnny Davis Rises Again

Muay Thai Kickboxing
Invades Sunny Isles Beach
In Southern Florida…
March 23rd!

AK Promotions in association with World Class Kickboxing in Florida, Rawkt Sports MMA Sportswear and the International Kickboxing Federation (IKF) announced their exciting IKF Muay Thai Kickboxing Championship event scheduled for Saturday, March 23rd, 2013 just south of Hollywood & Fort Lauderdale Florida in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida, USA!

Approximately 15 bouts will be held inside the beautiful ballroom of the Newport Beach Hotel and Resort. A full night of Championship Kickboxing is planned and will consist of men and women's fights loaded with "Feet and Fists of Fury!"

Along with exciting fights, great music, food, drink and exciting entertainment will fill the evening! As one of the most exciting contact sports in the world, Floridians will get a chance to see a first class event with some of the best Muay Thai Championship Kickboxing fighters in the State of Florida as they show case their talents. AK Promotions President Johnny Davis and his partners with World Class Kickboxing- Jerry Mendez and Ray Ramos, commented "he is proud to be working with a devoted team in putting together this Kickboxing extravaganza! We at AK Promotions have always tried to find and build the next great champions and now fighters in the Florida area will get a chance to be crowned an IKF Champion and stand among the other champions in the State."

Davis continued, "We are in the process of putting together several events on the East Coast and you can be assured that the best fights will be on display for each event and therefore those in attendance should get ready for well organized and entertaining shows we produced in California!"

"This will be yet another great event sanctioned by the IKF in Florida." said IKF President Steve Fossum. "Davis has already proven himself here on the West Coast as a fantastic promoter and his events are missed greatly. Florida is lucky to have Davis promoting IKF events and he will only enhance the other great IKF and ISCF Promotions already happening there. Not to mention, another marketing venue for the IKF World Classic."

Doors will open at 5:30, Fights at 7:PM,. Tickets are $30 for Advanced General and $35 at the Door.
Front row VIP Tickets $50.

More information will be announced soon. Go to for tickets and updates. Contact Jerry Mendez for matching and additional information (786) 738-1904 or e-mail



Hits New York City With One-Night, Eight-Man Welterweight Tournament.
Winner Of Development Series Tournament Receives $20,000 Grand Prize, Contract With World's New Premiere Kickboxing League
Tickets On Sale Now

SINGAPORE (Feb. 19, 2013)
Glory Sports International (GSI), the parent company of the world's new premiere kickboxing league, announced today that it will bring it's ROAD TO GLORY USA development fight series designed to identify Americas next great kickboxing superstars, to Capitale in New York, N.Y., on Friday, March 22.

The winner of the eight-man, single-elimination welterweight (170 pounds/77 kilograms) tournament featuring a host of prolific, up-and-coming competitors, will be awarded a $20,000 grand prize and a multi-year contract with GLORY, home of the world's elite kickboxing champions and superstars. Tickets for the event are priced from $40 and can be purchased by phone at 516-458-4989. The tournament is being held as part of a kickboxing fight card being promoted by former world champion Louis Neglia.

"We are thrilled to bring our all-new ROAD TO GLORY development tournament series to fight fans in New York City, one of the world's greatest sports and entertainment epicenters," said GLORY CEO Andrew Whitaker. "With the two ROAD TO GLORY tournaments we've held in the U.S. thus far," continued Whitaker, "we've been able to discover tremendously bright and promising young kickboxers who could be developed to one day compete on GLORY's championship stage, which is exactly what ROAD TO GLORY was created for. We are confident that we will continue to unearth all kinds of new talent across the country, beginning with the upcoming event in New York."

Here is the current line-up.

Should any of the tournaments quarterfinal round fight winners be unable to return to the ring for semifinal round action due to injury sustained en route to victory, the winner of the matchup between Washington and Clodfelter will take the injured fighter's place in the tournament. A draw to determine the ROAD TO GLORY USA welterweight tournaments quarterfinal round matchups will take place on a date and at a location to be announced soon. Doors at Capitale will open for the event at 7 p.m. EST and the first preliminary bout begins at 8 p.m.

GLORY World Series ( is the world's new premier kickboxing league, producing live events across the globe and offering up to $2 million in prize money to the winners of one-night, 16-man 'Grand Slam' tournaments, which are open to only the best fighters in each of six different weight classes. The fight series also includes 8-man 'Slam' tournaments and events with traditional, single bouts. With television deals spanning every continent, online live video streaming of all shows and the world's largest online martial arts library, GLORY is one of the world's most widely distributed sporting organizations. Owned and operated by Glory Sports International (GSI), the organization has offices in the UK, Holland, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and soon in the USA. Its personnel include an unprecedented mix of accomplished entrepreneurs and senior level executives from the diverse worlds of finance, sports marketing, television and martial arts fighting. In 2013, GLORY launched the ROAD TO GLORY tournament fight series to identify and develop new kickboxing talent in The United States, Japan and elsewhere around the globe into future champions and superstars of the sport.


K-1 Ohio...

Lots Of Drama Associated With The Decision!

Earlier today the Ohio Athletic Commission confirmed that the Ohio K-1 event at the Arnold Classic scheduled for next Thursday, February 28th, had been cancelled by K-1 Promoter Russ Trapani. Lets keep in mind, this is not a decision Trapani came to himself. Although Trapani was the Ohio State Athletic Commission promoter of record, he was not the financial backing of the event. Much like K-1 USA was years ago with Scott Coker, the financial backing came from K-1 HQ. Trapani simply confirmed the decision Mike Kim (Right) of K-1 had already made and informed others of K-1 long before Trapani knew. More on this relationship in tomorrow's article...

IKF spoke to Trapani tonight and others associated with the event and we have a very detailed article we will be posting tomorrow that sites the actual "Details" of what all transpired as we will focus on a load of bumps and road blocks created by various individuals from sabotaging the initial fight card up to the final decision made today.

The final reason that was given had to do with financial matters associated with K-1 HQ. Mike Kim has been noted as the owner of K-1 however Kim is actually "Leasing" the K-1 name from Master Ishi (Who created K-1) for $250,000 a month. Already a high price to pay for a name. Although this may be breaking news to some, it's no breaking news to us here at the IKF. We discovered this on a multitude of web sites last year and this year along with a lot of other details related to K-1's connections around the globe. Again, More on this in tomorrow's article...

After K-1 Los Angeles, Kim appointed Andrew Oh, who was originally appointed by Kim as the CFO for K-1 prior to the K-1 Los Angeles event, to the K-1 CEO position. Although Trapani was appointed as the official Promoter of the K-1 Ohio event Kim required him to answer to Andrew Oh. Many associated with K-1 have wondered why and how Kim gave Oh such power to oversee K-1 USA when all of them have said Oh knows nothing about kickboxing. If so, our guess would be that Kim appointed Oh for his management background, but we have yet to confirm this from Oh himself.

In a brief e-mail tonight Oh informed the IKF that the event was cancelled because there were just far too many issues that K-1 failed to take care of as needed. During the day, we discovered the majority of these issues were financial issues such as failure of K-1 HQ to deposit the needed funds into the K-1 USA account to secure hotel rooms, book fighter/trainer plane tickets, and other promotional expenses.

Lets keep in mind that as early as yesterday K-1 was still looking for fighters to fill bout slots and continued to sign contracts. A lot of figthers turned down other bouts just to participate on this event. Some even turned down opportunities to compete on the upcoming Glory fight event in New York.

Regardless of the reasons, this is very sad news for a lot of fighters who were scheduled on this event, but after following all the issues involved with this event for the past 2 months, it shouldn't be a surprise to anyone. There has been a lot of drama associated with this event not to mention a lot of "Ego" posturing that ended up hurting a lot of relationships as well as reputations of quite a few people who were directly associated with this event.

This is also sad news for "PRO" Kickboxing as a whole here in the USA. Although Amateur Kickboxing and Muay Thai Promotions seem to keep busy, these Amateur fighters are all looking for "What's Next?" As in, what is their next step in the fight sports? Most have little choice in PRO Kickboxing/Muay Thai and end up turning to MMA where purses are far greater due to far more deep pockets along with larger sponsors for these events. K-1 as well as the Glory Promotions were welcome sights here in the USA. However, now that K-1 has the Ohio event as a black eye, many are asking "WHO" was truly at fault for the collapse of their event that was planned in Ohio next week? There are lots of fingers being pointed but in the end, who cares.

According to some (Which you will read in tomorrow's article) K-1 has no plans to host any future events here in the USA. If true, what a shock this would be to the K-1 name. Has the cancellation of this event hurt the K-1 name beyond repair here in the USA? If K-1 does move forward with another scheduled USA event, will K-1 USA get the right people leading its charge and will we see other K-1 USA Events in the future? If not, they just made a clear path for Glory to... well... "Take all the Glory here in the USA."

We can only wish and hope for K-1's future success whether it be here in the USA or on the Global Stage. Simply put, the sport of Kickboxing here in the USA NEEDS MORE PRO EVENTS to feed the hungry Kickboxers and Muay Thai Fighters of the future. Otherwise, we will start seeing more and more make the transition to MMA.

FRIDAY, February 15th, 2013, AT 2:00 PM/ PST


Training For Life MMA Academy Presents
"IKF PKB Fight Night"
Hollywood, Florida, USA

Semi-Contact - No Knockouts!
Muay Thai, International Low and Hi Kick Styles- Men, Women and Children!


Pete Foley Presents
Oranmore, Ireland

THURSDAY, February 14th, 2013, AT 5:45 PM/ PST



Welterweight standup specialist Stephen Thompson (Right) will return to the cage in May, when "Wonderboy" will square off with Amir Sadollah at UFC 160.

UFC officials announced the booking Wednesday, one day after revealing that heavyweight champ Cain Velasquez will defend his title against Antonio Silva in the UFC 160 main event. The May 25 show airs live on pay-per-view from MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas and will also see former champion Junior dos Santos lock horns with Alistair Overeem.

Thompson, 30, was dealt his first defeat as a mixed martial artist in his last outing, falling by unanimous decision to veteran Matt "The Immortal" Brown (ISCF Pro Welterweight Eastern Regional Champion) last April. The decorated kickboxer was slated to return to the Octagon in November before a knee injury forced him to withdraw from his UFC 154 booking against Besam Yousef. Thompson made his UFC debut roughly one year ago at UFC 143, knocking out an overmatched Daniel Stittgen with a first-round head kick.

The winner of "The Ultimate Fighter" Season 7, Sadollah, 32, has competed exclusively in the Octagon during his four-year career, posting six wins against four defeats. Sadollah fought twice last year, opening 2012 with a split decision victory over Jorge Lopez before falling on points to former title challenger Dan Hardy at September's UFC on Fuel TV 5.

TUESDAY, February 12th, 2013, AT 1:10 PM/ PST

The Fight World...
And Those Deeply Associated With
Muay Thai
Say Good-bye To One Of The Great Ones...
Adjarn Yodtong Senanan

Muay Thai Legend and Sityodtong Founder Adjarn Yodtong Senanan passed away February 8th, 2013 in Pattaya, Thailand. A revered teacher, trainer and fighter his death will be mourned all over the world. Born in Banpong Kru Yodtong had around 50 Muay Thai fights but discovered that he had an amazing aptitude for instructing others and decided to focus his efforts on teaching rather than competing himself. He founded the Sityodtong camp in Pattaya which is now over 50 years old. He has produced 57 Muay Thai Champions, the most number in the history of Muay Thai in Thailand.

His most famous Muay Thai World Champions include Samart Payakaroon, Kongtoranee Payakaroon, Nuengpichit Sityodtong, Detpitak Sityodtong, Chartchai Sityodtong, Yoddecha Sityodtong, Daotong Sityodtong, & others. His influence spans the globe and there are Sityodtong camps in Boston and Los Angeles. Adjarn Yodtong appointed one of his long-time students, Chatri Sityodtong, to be conservator of Muay Thai in Asia. Evolve MMA in Singapore was founded by Sityodtong.

Kru Yodtong Senanan was born in 1937 (Erawan Siriwalak) was Grandmaster of the Sityodtong Muay Thai Camp in Pattaya, Thailand. Additionally, Top Muay Thai, K-1, & UFC professional fighters from around the world such as Rob Kaman, Ramon Dekkers, Ernesto Hoost, Peter Aerts, Musashi, Kenny Florian, Antonio Braga Neto, Walter Michaelowski & many others have made pilgrimage to the Sityodtong Gym in Pattaya to train & sharpen their skills.

His top trainers include Saknarong Sityodtong, Daorung Sityodtong, Chatri Sityodtong, Yodsanan Sityodtong, Kongtoranee Sityodtong & others. Mark Dellagrotte of UFC fame is a conservator of Muay Thai in the US under Kru Yodtong Senanan. He is the only teacher of Muay Thai in Thailand to be awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Royal Family of Thailand for his influence on Muay Thai, Thailand's National Sport.

R.I.P. Adjarn Sityodtong!
You will always be remembered!

MORE NEWS OF 2-12-2022


Hey "Dragon" Fans.
Here is a collection of some Free Dragon Films available for a short time....

For more info on Don "The Dragon" Wilson, Click HERE!

FRIDAY, February 8th, 2013, AT 4:50 PM/ PST


California Black Belt League Presents
"The Bay Nationals"
Vallejo, California, USA

Registration is $55 at the door.
Pre-Register at for $45
Spectators are $10

Semi-Contact - No Knockouts! Muay Thai, International Low and Hi Kick Styles- Men, Women and Children!

THURSDAY, February 7th, 2013, AT 7:40 PM/ PST

Ads More Weight Classes

There has always been discussions about it among other sanctioning bodies and State Athletic Commissions, but no one has ever does anything about it. So today the IKF moved forward with a decision that has been discussed for several years now on their own, just like the IKF's sister organization ( ISCF ) did for MMA, the IKF has added more weight classes for more safety.

It was several years ago that the ISCF (International Sport Combat Federation - added a Cruiserweight Division to create less of a weight gap between Light Heavyweight and Heavyweight. The unified rules (Which were actually created from less weight classes with Massive spreads) list the upper 3 weight spreads as;

What the ISCF did was add in a Cruiserweight division which made the spreads between the upper weights much closer.

For the IKF the need for additional weight classes was at both ends of the scale. Earlier this year the IKF added an additional Women's weight class of STRAWWEIGHT 104 - 108.1, followed by ATOMWEIGHT, 108.1 lbs. - 112 lbs.. The addition today was in the upper portion of the weight classes. Today the IKF added in a "SUPER" Cruiserweight, and moved up the weight classesd above it which will bring those fighters in the upper weight classes closer together in weight. Doing so will eliminate clear size mismatches which equals better competition and of course, make the upper weight classes safer.

Here is how the new IKF upper weight classes break down below.

The only negative on this move was that 2 of the names of a couple of Title Holders Titles changed, which shouldn't be a problem. The changes were also added to the IKF World Classic Amateur Tournament as well. This was a decision almost complete prior to todays final decision since the IKF had already added the additional "Strawweight" division for the Adult Women's divisions and Juniors. To confirm the idea, the IKF made a Facebook post with the idea in mind and within a matter of 20 minutes the IKF had a combined total of 122 posts and private messages come in. Of them, only 1 had any opposition towards the idea. The other 121 were all in favor of the idea. The IKF would like to thank those who responded on Facebook today making all of them a part of Fight Sport "Safety" History.

TUESDAY, February 5th, 2013, AT 8:40 AM/ PST

Results From Tiger Heart Promotions'
January 26th, 2013 - Hastings, England



  1. IKF Amateur FCR
    Ambrose Salami (Chatham, England, 1-0, 75.5kg, 5'10", 06-04-92, Matt Simms 00447515010845)
    VS Jordan Garnett (Dorchester, England, 0-2, 73.6kg, 6'2", 07-26-94, Mo Teague 00447812140950)
    WINNER: Ambrose Salami by KO 0:21 of round 1.
    Jordan Garnett receives 30 day suspension until 25th February 2013.

  2. IKF Amateur MTR(Mod) / K1
    James Hawkins (Hastings, England, 3-3, 62.0kg, 5'8", 03-05-83, Matt Powell 01428654020)
    VS Sam Osmund (Weymouth, England, 5-0, 62.2kg, 5'9", 02-27-94, Mo Teague 00447812140950)
    WINNER: Sam Osmund by TKO 1:30 of Round 1.
    James Hawkins receives 30 day medical suspension until 25th February 2013

  3. IKF Amateur FCR
    Henri Burnham (Hastings, England, 1-0, 76.1kg, 6'1", 02-13-91, Phil Eaton 00447966220286)
    VS Paul Morgan (Aylesbury, England, 1-3, 75.7kg, 5'10", 08-05-83, Steven Cook 00447966789224)
    WINNER: Henri Burnham by unanimous decision 30-27, 30-27, 30-27.

  4. IAB Amateur White Collar Boxing
    Jon Heselwood (Newhaven, England, 0-1, 92.4kg, 6'1", 10-27-93, Sam Davies 01273 960785)
    VS Darren Anstey (Weymouth, England, 3-0, 93.8kg, 6'2", 01-17-86, Mo Teague 00447812140950)
    WINNER: Darren Anstey by unanimous points decision 30-27, 30-27, 30-27.

  5. ISCF Amateur MMA
    Dan Edwards (Luton, England, 2-0, 76.9kg, 5'9", 03-23-88, Amir Subasic 00447917688660)
    VS Will Thomas (Hastings, England, 2-1, 75.0kg, 5'11", 03-02-91, Paul Bridges 01424532377)
    WINNER: Dan Edwards by TKO (cut) 1:32 of Round 2.
    Will Thomas receives 30 day suspension until 25th February 2013.

  6. ISCF Amateur MMA
    Vlad Strelchenko (Hastings, England, 4-2, 77.0kg, 6', 04-23-89, Paul Bridges 01424532377)
    VS Joe Vidler (Maidstone, England, 5-3, 77.0kg, 5'11", 08-24-90, Clive Morgan 00447728345130)
    WINNER: Vlad Strelchenko by unanimous points decision 30-27, 30-27, 30-27.

  7. IKF Amateur FCR
    Gareth Evans (London, England, 5-1, 73.0kg, 5'8", 04-20-82, Paul Green 00447852131888)
    VS Jamie McGuigan (Hastings, England, 2-1, 74.5kg, 5'11", 01-02-89, Phil Eaton 00447966220286)
    WINNER: Gareth Evans by unanimous points decision 30-27, 30-27, 29-28.

  8. IKF Amateur FCR
    Matt McMahon (Gillingham, England, 1-1, 83.4kg, 6'1", 11-03-83, Matt Simms 00447515010845)
    VS Mark Britton (Hastings, England, 2-0, 85.0kg, 5'11", 12-17-73, Carl Denne 00447949 221946)
    WINNER: Mark Britton by split points decision 29-28, 28-29, 29-28.

  9. IKF Amateur MTR (Mod)/ K1
    Will Jones (Hornchurch, England, 1-0, 93.1kg, 6'1", 08-02-88, Paul Green 00447852 131888)
    VS Frankie Brown (St Albans, England, 0-2, 92.0kg, 6'1", 01-01-94, Ben Roberts 00447988723820)
    WINNER: Will Jones by unanimous points decision 28-27, 28-27, 28-27.

  10. IAB Amateur White Collar Boxing
    Mark Oldershaw (Gillingham, England, 2-0, 70.0kg, 5'10", 06-19-80, Matt Simms 00447515010845)
    VS Tom Collins (London, England, 0-1, 70.2kg, 5'11", 07-20-82, Darren Jackson 00447902247380)
    WINNER: Mark Oldershaw by unanimous points decision 30-27, 30-27, 30-27.


Results From Valdosta Martial Arts Center's
"Winter Heat"
January 26th, 2013 - Valdosta, Georgia, USA

  1. IKF Amateur International Rules Kickboxing
    Ashley Hancock (Atlanta, Georgia, USA, 1-0, 5'7, 140, George Rodriquez, 404-431-2940)
    VS Emily Parker (Lake Park, Georgia, USA, 0-1, 5'8, 142, Shaun Gay, 229-834-8158)
    Though Emily proved her toughness and landed a few big shots she seemed to be too tense to get her game going.
    Ashley Hancock looked smooth and executed her game plan to get a round 3 TKO.
    Winner: Ashley Hancock via 2nd round TKO.
    Emily Parker has been issued a 30 day medical suspension due to the TKO until February 27th, 2013.

  2. ISCF Amateur MMA
    Ramon Mallory (Jacksonville, Florida, USA, 1-0, 6'1", 195, Jamie Harrison, 904-881-5066)
    VS Kenji Griffin (Adel, Georgia, USA, 0-1, 6'3", 195, Chris Morris, 229-560-1359)
    Was a very exciting bout that was down to the wire.
    Ramon used his ring control, take downs and strong sub attempts to overcome Kenji's striking.
    Winner: Ramon Mallory via decision.

  3. ISCF Amateur MMA
    Bill Vickers (Atlanta, Georgia, USA, 0-1, 5'6", 145, George Rodriquez, 404-431-2940)
    VS Francisco Quijada (Athens, Georgia, USA, 1-0, 5'7", 145, Rory Singer, 706-340-6757)
    While Francisco proved to be the more efficient striker Bill really put the pressure on in rounds 1 and three and edged out the win.
    Winner: Francisco Quijada via decision.

  4. ISCF Amateur MMA
    Manny Cruz (Atlanta, Georgia, USA, 0-1, 5'8, 145, George Rodriquez, 404-431-2940)
    VS Anthony Mitchell (Athens, Georgia, USA, 1-0, 5'8, 145, Rory Singer, 706-340-6757)
    In this fight Anthony Mitchell dominated every phase of the game.
    Winner: Anthony Mitchell via decision.

  5. ISCF Amateur MMA
    Alex Wade (Newnan, Georgia, USA, 2-0, 6'2, 180, Tim Stout, 423-291-9161)
    VS Steven Niesielowski (Albany, Georgia, USA, 1-1, 6'2, 185, Glen Hamby, 229-347-0759)
    This fight looked much like the last one with Alex Wade dominating over Steven Niesielowski.
    Winner: Alex Wade via decision.

  6. ISCF Amateur MMA
    Tony Davis (Atlanta, Georgia, USA, 2-0, 5'10, 170, Corey Clark, 678-787-3189)
    VS Lei Ding (Athens, Georgia, USA, 0-1, 5'9, 170, Rory Singer, 706-340-6757)
    Winner: Tony Davis via referee stoppage/TKO In Round 2.
    Lei Ding has been issued a 30 day medical suspension due to the TKO until February 27th, 2013.

  7. ISCF Amateur MMA
    EJ Kaku (Valdosta, Georgia, USA, 1-1, 5'4, 150, Kamrin Naville, 229-242-1173)
    VS Jermaine Tillman (Newnan, Georgia, USA, 2-1, 5'8, 152, Tim Stout, 423-291-9161)
    EJ may have been the shorter than Jeramaine Tillman but he was certainly not short on power or speed.
    Winner: EJ Kaku via KO at 2:00 of Round 1.
    Jermaine Tillman has been issued a 45 day medical suspension due to the TKO until March 18th, 2013.

  8. ISCF Amateur MMA
    Forrest Pettay (Athens, Georgia, USA, 1-0, 6'2, 170, Rory Singer, 706-340-6757)
    VS Mike Boyett (Hahira, Georgia, USA, 0-3, 6'1, 170, Bobby Tyler, 229-740-4057)
    In a slow MMA fight, Pettay edged out a decision.
    Winner: Forrest Pettay via decision.

  9. ISCF Professional MMA
    Dean Grant (Jacksonville, Florida, USA, 4-0, 6'2, 205, self, 904-525-0197)
    VS Nathan Barnes (Adel, Georgia, USA, 0-5, 6', 205, Chris Morris, 229-560-1359)
    Both showed hearts as big as their weight but it was Dean who took the win.
    Winner: Dean Grant via submission In Round 2.

  10. ISCF Amateur MMA
    Bryant Meacham (Aiken, South Carolina, USA, 0-1, 5'6, 140, self, 803-522-1677)
    VS Kelly Barcol (Valdosta, Georgia, USA, 1-0, 5'6, 140, James Corbett, 229-460-0664)
    Bryant was a strong competitor with a nice set of skills but Pastor Kelly's superior wrestling really shined and he was able to get a nice arm bar from the scarf hold position.
    Winner: Kelly Barcol via submission In Round 2.

  11. ISCF Professional MMA
    James Marino (Valdosta, Georgia, USA, 3-5, 6'1, 160, James Corbett, 229-460-0664)
    VS Harris Norwood (Atlanta, Georgia, USA, 7-18, 5'11, 160, George Allen, 678-481-4733)
    Two really great Muay Thai fighters put on an excellent show of striking but Marinos knees and elbows proved to much and helped him earn a submission from a rear naked choke following a big right hand.
    Winner: James Marino via submission In Round 2.

  12. ISCF Professional MMA
    Shaun Gay (Valdosta, Georgia, USA, 8-23, 6'1, 160, James Corbett, 229-460-0664)
    VS George Reagan (Jacksonville, Florida, USA, 2-1, 5'10, 160, Jamie Harrison, 904-881-5066)
    Shaun The Stallion Gay, a long time veteran fighter, was caught with several strong power punches for the TKO.
    Winner: George Reagan by TKO At :37 seconds of Round 1.
    Shaun Gay has been issued a 30 day medical suspension due to the TKO until February 27th, 2013.



Special To IKF - Mike Afromowitz

SINGAPORE (Feb 5, 2022)
Glory Sports International, the parent company of the world's new premiere kickboxing league, GLORY World Series, today announced the appointment of former WWE Executive VP Andrew Whitaker to the position of global CEO of Glory Sports International.

"We are excited that Andrew has agreed to assume the leadership mantel at GLORY in the pivotal role of CEO, on the front lines of our fast-growing organization," said GLORY Sports International Chairman, co-founder, and award-winning hedge fund investor Pierre Andurand. "Andrew's breadth of global experience in the media space is a tremendous asset to GLORY's day-to-day business."

"Andrew joining as CEO is an important milestone in the development of GLORY as a company and kickboxing as a sport. We've had an incredible first year – we have over 40 of the world's top kickboxing athletes signed to us exclusively, we've staged four amazing events, achieved TV distribution in 200 countries and trended No. 1 globally on Twitter on New Year's Eve 2012 – GLORY and kickboxing are for real. As we start a new season in 2013, we have a calendar of over 10 events on 3 continents, an active global standard for athlete rankings, and we are rolling out a successful global format for kickboxing tournaments with our Grand Slams, Slams and Road to GLORY events. In addition, we are fully committed to entering the US market, and we are delighted Andrew has joined GLORY to oversee all this growth."

Marcus Luer, co-founder of Glory Sports International, who has spearheaded GLORY's rapid global expansion as interim-CEO over the last year since its inception, will resume the title Managing Director, allowing him to drive many of GLORY's initiatives in Asia where he continues as CEO and founder of Asia's leading, full-service sports marketing agency, TSA. "At the same time," Andurand continued, "this move will free up Marcus to focus on building the GLORY brand in the territories where his experience and business relationships are greatest."

Whitaker will be spearheading the opening of a new GLORY office in the tri-state region of the United States. "I am looking forward to taking a hands-on approach to driving the growth of what I have believed, for months, is an incredible combat sports entertainment product with tremendous global appeal," said Whitaker, who previously served on the GLORY Sports International Board of Directors as Non-Executive Director. "Our kickboxing rules distinguish our sport by requiring elite athleticism, skill, and honor, from GLORY kickboxers, and produce some of the most exciting knockouts ever seen in combat sports. Our martial artists define the word 'warrior, and our superb level of production makes our live events one of the most fan-friendly entertainment experiences in the world. GLORY has already redefined the standard for kickboxing, and has all the elements necessary to become a major player in the global sports industry," continued Whitaker.

"I look forward to working with Andrew again and continuing our successful partnership which began over 10 years ago while he was with WWE. Together, we ushered the wrestling brand into Asia," said Luer.

"GLORY is truly a global product now, which operates on a 24/7 basis with events and offices across three different continents – the U.S., Europe, and Asia. Prior to joining GLORY Sports International, Whitaker was the Managing Partner of Kings Highway Media, a global brand and media distribution advisory that serves sports and entertainment IP rightsholders, private equity and venture capital. Whitaker also served as the Executive Vice President of International for NYSE-listed WWE Inc. where he was responsible for establishing and growing the leading professional wrestling entertainment company's business via sales, marketing, promotion, public and government relations across television, digital media, live events, licensing and PPV/VOD.

Last week, GLORY debuted its new ROAD TO GLORY development fight series uniquely designed to identify and develop future kickboxing champions and other superstars in the U.S. and elsewhere, with an eight-man light heavyweight tournament (209 pounds/95 kilograms) at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA. On Saturday, February 9th, the ROAD TO GLORY series heads to Hollywood Park Casino in Los Angeles, California, USA with an eight-man middleweight (187 pounds/85 kilograms) tournament.

The next stop for GLORY's championship series, home to the world's greatest kickboxers, will be Excel Arena in London, England, where a stacked fight card, headlined by a heavyweight showdown between superstar Tyrone Spong (Right - 68-6-1, 42 KO's - #2 IKF Ranked Super Heavyweight) and decorated, all-time great Remy "The Flying Gentleman" Bonjasky (Left - 77-16, 40 KO's - #7 IKF Ranked Super Heavyweight), will take place on Saturday, March 23rd. For more information, visit

About GLORY: GLORY World Series ( is the world's new premiere kickboxing league, producing live events across the globe and offering a total of US $2 million in prize money to the winners of one-night, 16-man 'Grand Slam' tournaments and 8-man "Slam" tournaments, which are open to only the best fighters in each of GLORY's six different weight classes. The fight series also includes events with traditional single bouts which include Title Fights for individual Weight class Championships. With major events in the US, Europe and Japan and television deals spanning every continent, online live video streaming of all shows and the world's largest online martial arts library, GLORY is the world's fastest growing new Sports properties. Owned and operated by Glory Sports International (GSI), the organization has offices in the Singapore, UK, Netherlands, Japan, Singapore and in the USA. Its personnel include an unprecedented mix of accomplished entrepreneurs and senior level executives from the diverse worlds of finance, sports marketing, television and martial arts fighting. In 2013, GLORY launched the ROAD TO GLORY tournament fight series to identify and develop new kickboxing talent in The United States, Japan and elsewhere around the globe into future champions and superstars of the sport.

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