TUESDAY, February 27th, 2001, AT 11 AM PT

IKF Pro MuayThai Champion
Kostuck Opens New Gym!

IKF Pro MuayThai Champion Richard Kostuck Jr. (Right & Sweeping opponent during a win Left) Has recently opened his own Kickboxing/MuayThai Gym in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. Triton Kickboxing & Muay Thai is located at 4701 West Mill Road in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. The phone number is (414) 385-0491. Promoters looking to book Kostuck for pro bouts on their events can contact him directly by phone or by e-mail at

Kostuck is the current IKF Pro MuayThai Intercontinental Junior Welterweight Champion with a fight record of 22-9 with 6 wins by KO or TKO. He and his staff will be offering training for children all the way up to fighters looking to become Professional fighters like himself.

Although he's only been open 2 weeks, he's currently training 8 amateur fighters from the gym they all left along with over 20 fitness kickboxing students. His fighters will be looking for events to be booked on starting in April.

Promoters can feel welcome to contact Triton Gym directly for reliable and competent athletes. For more info on Triton Gym, please call (414) 385-0491 or e-mail Mr. Kostuck directly at

MONDAY, February 26th, 2001, AT 8:00 PM PT

Vierra's All Set For
IKF Arizona, USA!

Baxter Meets Davis for IKF Arizona Lt. Welterweight Title

IKF Promoters Clement & Rhonda Vierra are all set for tomorrow nights IKF Kickboxing at the Rodeo Nights in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. The event will feature several amateur kickboxing bouts that will work up to the nights Main Event when Daniel Baxter meets Robert Davis for the vacant IKF Amateur Arizona State Lt. Welterweight Full Contact Title.

For more info on the event, please contact the Vierra's at
Hard Knocks Gym at (602) 493-1567
or by e-mail by clicking HERE.

THURSDAY, February 22nd, 2001, AT 8:00 PM PT

Our Prayers Go Out To Coetser In
South Africa...

Our prayers go out to IKF South Africa Associate Representative, Roleen Coetser of Johannesburg, South Africa who just recently lost her 21 year old son, Nicholas. It was reported that he died of natural causes. Living alone, it appears that he went to sleep on Monday evening after returning from work, and never woke again, until he was found Tuesday night. Physicians suspect that it was a stomach ulcer that started bleeding, or it could also have been a burst appendix.

Nicholas was her eldest child who turned 21 years old on the the 14th of December. Funeral arrangements have been tentatively scheduled for Monday of next week. Roleen is arranging that he be buried near her Mom and Dad. Coetser's just lost her father a year ago when he past away on December 22nd, 1999. Her parents were the two people closest to her Son and she felt it was the right thing to do to bury him near them. To offer any prayers or words of condolence, you can e-mail Roleen at this e-mail address here:

Coetser has been a valued part of the IKF World Team for several years now offering supportive information on the kickboxing scene in South Africa. The IKF has worked with her while doing matchmaking for IKF World Title bouts as well as assisting in organizing IKF events and activities in South Africa. She remains today on the IKF World Advisory Board under our IKF HEAD WORLD OFFICIALS & REPRESENTATIVES.

MORE NEWS OF 2-22-01

"Winter Wars 2001"

Prestigious Source Lends Predictions of Selected Feb. 24, 2001 Bouts
PRESS RELEASE, Augusta, Georgia: Editor's note: The Doctor is a familiar face to many in the Southeastern fight scene. This avid fight fan is a staunch political supporter of the martial sports and is widely considered one of the Augusta area's most eligible bachelors.

Capable of quoting Shakespeare and a professional MMA fighter's record in the same breath, The Doctor is known to offer fight picks which have consistently shown uncanny reliability and insights. The following then, are the prognostications - or, more appropriately, prog Doctorstications -- for some of the more "high profile" bouts, in the upcoming Winter Wars 2001 fight card.

Terrie Hicks vs Rebecca Preacher
The Doctor:
"I see this bout as being a Panzer Tank against a Porsche. Hicks possesses incredible power, and is quite aggressive, like the Panzer, but Preacher (Below right, 2000 IKF/RINGSIDE National Amateur Tournament Welterweight Champion. ) is a sleek, relentless, high-performance machine, courtesy of her work ethic and trainer Ray Thompson. If Hicks could land the heavy artillery, Preacher might have problems. I just can't, however, see Terry getting the chance to let go of her big guns in the face of the kind of non-stop punishment I have borne witness to Rebecca dispensing over the years. Furthermore, these two fought in the PKC Amateur Championships in 2000, with Preacher coming out on top and conditioning being a real factor. As rematches are generally slanted in favor of the original victor, I am taking Rebecca Preacher, for the win, by unanimous decision."

Mike Farrow vs Joshua Hancock
The Doctor:
"Farrow is an incredibly powerful man. I am reminded of Longfellow's description of the "village smithy" when I see him in person. Hancock has an extensive and impressive competitive karate background, but his grappling skills are suspect. This being the case, I am taking Farrow for the win, via submission, due to strikes on the ground, in round two."

John Greubel vs Tom Poey
The Doctor:
"Examining the records and accomplishments of the combatants could lead one to conclude that we will end this bout with two men at equipose. Both are young. Both are hungry. Both are talented. Both were in the 2000 IKF/RINGSIDE National Amateur Tournament. (Gruebel won the FCR Light Welterweight Title and Poey took second in the FCR Welterweight division.) Well, notwithstanding the fact that world champion Curtis Bush coaches Poey, I am picking Gruebel to win the fight. Ponder for a moment the pedigree. John and his bother Mark are both IKF National Amateur Tournament Champions. (John in 2000 and Mark in 1999) They have both been willing to compete against anyone, anytime, and have "jumped up" in weight classes to do so. Between the two of them, there have won kickboxing championships in two different sanctioning bodies with not one kickboxing loss, ever, for either. That being the case, I predict that Gruebel will emerge victorious, via a split decision."

Summer Miller vs Trish Hill
The Doctor:
"This is a vexing contest to call. Hill (5 Time IKF National Champion: IKF Woman's Amateur MuayThai Rules U. S. Featherweight Champion, 2000 IKF Woman's FCR Lightweight National Amateur Tournament Champion, IKF Woman's Amateur IR U. S. Bantamweight Champion, IKF Woman's Amateur IR U.S. Featherweight Champion and IKF Woman's Amateur FCR U.S. Lightweight Champion) is certainly a physical specimen, but Miller is a very intelligent fighter. What I see as being dispositive is the weight loss issue. Miller has come down considerably to take this fight. That could be her undoing. Accordingly, I am selecting Hill for the win, by a split decision."

Jared Pettitt vs Rory Singer
The Doctor:
"Being something of a prodigy myself, I can certainly relate to Pettitt. Furthermore, the professional fashion in which he carries himself credits his esteemed forbearer, father/trainer Mark Pettitt. This can be juxtaposed and sits antipodal to the cacophony of equine waste that emanates from that putrescent website of Singer's. The uninitiated might glance at that piece of "spam" and believe that the Singer brothers were spawned by gods of Mount Olympus, or at least touched by their hands, and bestowed with powers beyond those of us mere mortals. In reality, they hail from less lofty environs. I think that they are in Clarke County, Georgia, which is Athens, Georgia, not Greece. This digression aside, I will take Pettitt as the winner, via unanimous decision. I believe that the "Prodigy's" athleticism will prove too much for Singer, even if Rory gets Hephaestus to forge him a special pair of gloves, and has Athena and Apollo running his corner."

Houston Grant vs Joseph Merit
The Doctor:
"Grant is one of the South Side's (Augusta-Richmond County) most popular fighters. This is a guy who you can wake up at 3:28 am on Wednesday and he will be ready to fight. In Merit, however, I believe that he will meet someone who is up to the task. For all of his spirit, I believe that Grant does not possess the technical skills to defeat Merit, who will wear the larger, stronger, Grant down, and win by submission in the third round."

Paul Pearman vsJason Laitsch
The Doctor:
"When I evaluate the fight career of "Pollyanna" Pearman", I find it hard to bet on a guy who is old enough to have sired just about every other fighter on any given bout card. Of course, I would prefer that he keeps competing, however, because then he won't be able to serve as ring announcer. This is the one guy whose on-the-mic shenanigans made me long for the unthinkable. That is, to see (ring announcer Johnny) Markwalter back in the "squared circle", clad in a tuxedo and calling fights. In spite of himself, Pearman (Second place finisher in the 2000 IKF/RINGSIDE National Amateur Tournament Light Heavyweight Division), inexplicably, manages to stumble into victory and win more than he loses. Even though legendary trainer Gary Brown coaches Laitsch, I am leaning on Pearman's experience here, and foreseeing a win for the Peter Pan (Pearman is the boy who just won't grow up) of kickboxing, by a unanimous decision. I am truly torn here, because should Pearman lose, fans might well be rewarded with a peaceful evening, free from his self-obsessed proselytizing, smothered in Pearman's personal brand of shrill sanctimony."

Adrian Turpin vs Sylvester James
The Doctor:
"The Big Cat (James) is another fan favorite from the South Side of Augusta. He has size and experience over Turpin. In this bout, however, I am selecting the younger, hungrier Turpin to win by TKO in the third round."

The views expressed in the foregoing column are strictly those of The Doctor. They do not represent the feelings, thoughts, or expressions of the IKF, PKC, ISCF, Karate Masters, Inc. d/b/a Augusta Martial Arts Academy, any of their representatives, employees, and/or assigns, including but not limited to Steve Fossum, Glenn Keeney, Mike and/or Elizabeth Carlson. Fight card subject to change.

Pictures were selected by availability. We did not have pictures of all these fighters.

MORE NEWS OF 2-22-01

Rick "The Jet" Roufus
Enters The Ring Again... In

IKF Pro IR Heavyweight World Champion Rick "The Jet" Roufus of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA will enter the fight ring Friday night, February 23rd at the Alliant Energy Center (formerly Dane County Coliseum) in Madison Wisconsin but he won't be throwing any kicks. Roufus is scheduled for a bout with boxer Richie Jero (9-1) of Janesville, Wisconsin, USA.

Roufus, the former WBC Americas Cruiserweight Champion holds a Pro Boxing Record of 13 wins and 3 loses with 12 of his wins coming by KO or TKO.

His opponent Jero is no second hand fighter. In December, 2000 he won a four rounder over Zeb Kimbrough in Madison, Wisconsin. In June of 2000, he defeated Laverne Ware by TKO in the first round and knocked out Jordan Keepers of Milwaukee at 1:02 of the first round in August, 2000. Jero out-weighed Keepers by 22 pounds. Before this fight, the press was calling him "Another Great White Hope" saying, "Jero will never downplay his fighting abilities, but he also won't downplay the leverage race adds to his resume. He's not bashful about his aim to become the next Great White Hope."

"Absolutely not. In fact, it's my M.O. And I know that. That's what keeps me going,'' said Jero.
"I'm in a sport dominated by colored fighters, in my weight class anyway. There's not many white heavyweights out there that can even fight. I'm here. I'm for real.''

The 25 year old Jero only has 1 loss which came to a Canadian Indian on a reservation north of the border. Though he knocked him down three times, Jero was disqualified for a blow after the bell, a charge he denies. On the other side of the ring, the 34 year old Roufus brings a 51-6 kickboxing record into play with 33 wins by KO/TKO and ring experience will be on the Kickboxing Champion's side. Not to mention Roufus also packs a strong punch! Roufus dominated kickboxing because he had such a strong boxing game and it's certain Jero will have his hands full.

A win over Roufus will look very impressive on Jero's resume. On the other hand, a heavy hitter like Jero may be just the challenge Roufus needs to take serious thought at making a run at a Boxing World Title. Good Luck Rick!

WEDNESDAY, February 21st, 2001, AT 3:45 PM PT

"Winter Wars 2001"
Augusta Georgia, USA

Augusta Georgia, USA
Mike Farrow has been a rodeo bull rider. Mike Farrow has been an emergency rescue team member.Mike Farrow has been a competitive body builder. But none of that fully prepared him for the world of mixed martial arts competition.

"A lot of guys out there think that this is all about being big and strong, or having a tough guy attitude," says the 28 year old Bridgestone/Firestone employee, "But all that will do is get you in the ring. From there, you had better have a lot more to lean on".

Farrow stands 5'10" and fights at 219 pounds with 8% body fat. He eats around 3500 calories a day, and burns it all off in training."It is not something most people like to hear, but I have to make myself eat, in order to keep my strength up during training."

Farrow does cardio work, lifts weights, and trains in both kickboxing and jujitsu at Augusta Martial Arts Academy. "You have to be a lot more than in shape to succeed", says Farrow, "You have to be a well rounded fighter. That means being able to punch, kick, take people down, and handle your self on the ground. It is a great deal to learn, and a whole lot to watch out for."

Mixed Martial Arts bouts were first made popular in America in the 1990's. They have revolutionized martial arts training and provided opportunities for local athletes like Farrow. "I got to fight on pay-per-view this summer here in Augusta as part of the WEF show. Even though that was a loss, I learned a great deal. Now that I am back in shape, I am looking forward to a strong showing on Saturday night."

Farrow's opponent in Saturday's match is Joshua Hancock of Harlem, GA. Farrow says he is ready. "I respect Joshua and hear that he is an excellent striker. That doesn't change what I am planning to do in the ring though." With a victory over Hancock, Farrow could set himself up for another foray into the sport's big time. "We had an influential and highly connected scout come by last week to watch me train. I heard that he like what he saw. None of that will matter much if I don't win on February 24." Farrow can be reached at Augusta Martial Arts Academy at 706-855-5269.

MORE NEWS OF 2-21-01

Who's Who in the
Martial Arts to be in Command at
Winter Wars 2001

Augusta Georgia, USA: Fans at Winter Wars 2001, a combination daytime karate tournament and nighttime full contact rules kickboxing and mixed martial arts event to be held in Augusta, Georgia's Fort Gordon on Saturday, February 24, 2022 will get the chance to "rub elbows" with some of the most accomplished and influential personalities in the martial arts world, who will be "in the house" and present for the numerous "battles" which will rage in the ring.

A full list of all of the martial arts dignitaries who will be in attendance would not be possible. Here is just a sampling of the luminaries scheduled and expected to be in attendance.

IKF and ISCF MMA President Steve Fossum (California, USA) will be present, along with his counterpart from Indiana, PKC President Glenn Keeney ( Indiana, USA). The son of the late Midori Yama Budokai multi-discipline martial arts organization founder Leo Wilson. 10th degree black belt Cary Wilson (Oregon, USA). MYB President Jack Allbritten. MYB District Leaders Larry Brooks (Texas, USA), Greg Allbritten (Georgia, USA), and Mark Pettitt (Alabama, USA). Mr. Pettitt also will be present to run the corner for his son Jared's ISCF MMA bout Saturday night. Full contact karate pioneer fighter, promoter, and Battle of Atlanta Founder, Joe Corley(Right) is expected. Hall of Fame trainer BROOKS MASON (Nebraska, USA) World Rated Heavyweight kickboxer Lane Collyer (Georgia, USA) will be present to judge. World Champion kickboxer Curtis Bush (Virginia, USA) will accompany his fighter Tom Poey to the Garden City.

Stars will also shine behind the fighters as FCR World Kickboxing Champion Kevin Hudson will be pulling fighters through. Speaking of judges, MMA pay-per-view promoter Brett Moses will be scoring the ISCF MMA bouts, along with ISCF MMA promoter Matthew Waller. Judging the kickboxing bouts will be veteran judges Pat Munk and James Watkins. One of the South's successful martial arts school owner and trainer, South Carolina's Ray Thompson. Some of the trainers expected to be present include;

The person who deserves credit for bringing all of this together, Elizabeth Carlson, (Above right with husband Mike & Marika) will be present, directing the troops as usual.

The third men in the ring include the dedicated kickboxing referee, Gerald Bush, and UFC referee Tony Mullinax. Noteworthy fighters like George Allen, Clint Wiggins, and Jack Nilsson are expected to be seen in the crowd as well. On top of that, 1998 USA Boxing Coach of the Year, Tom Moraetes will be present, and Assistant District Attorney Johnny Markwalter will serve as ring announcer.

These are just a few of the "faces in the crowd" expected to hear and see the artillery at Winter Wars 2001, February 24, in Augusta, Georgia.

For more information on Winter Wars 2001, please contact Augusta Martial Arts Academy at 706-855-5269 or e-mail at









TUESDAY, February 20th, 2001, AT 8:00 PM PT

"Winter Wars 2001"

The Forces are Aligned and Preparing for Combat!

Augusta Georgia, USA

A megalithic fight card awaits fans in greater Augusta, Georgia area as the "troops" are preparing to mount major offensives in the ring as they ready themselves to compete in "Winter Wars 2001," a combination kickboxing and mixed martial arts event to be held at Augusta's Fort Gordon on Saturday, February 24, 2001. WW 2001 is scheduled to present eleven IKF and PKC sanctioned American/full contact rules kickboxing bouts and seven mixed martial arts matches, sanctioned by the ISCF MMA. Clearly, with that much action, martial sports fans will get more than their money's worth for the price of admission.

Doors will open for the nighttime bouts at 6:00 PM, with the first match beginning at 7:00 PM, in Fort Gordon's Gym One. Ticket prices are $12 ($10 with a military ID), with children's tickets $5 and children under 4 are free. Those who bring two cans of food for the Golden Harvest Food Bank will receive $2 off of the admission price. The kickboxing and mixed martial arts bouts will follow a PKC nationally rated daytime karate tournament, which will begin in Gym One at 10:00 AM on February 24, with registration starting at 8:30 AM.

For more information, please keep an eye in the IKF and ISCF MMA web pages and/or contact promoters Mike and Elizabeth Carlson at (706) 855-5269, Fax: (706) 855-7119 or

The WW 2001 fight card (subject to change) is set forth below, with their home state listed beside each fighter's name.

FRIDAY, February 16th, 2001, AT 3:45 PM PT

Ferguson Faces Johnson
For Women's East Coast USA Title Tonight

Butler Pennsylvania, USA

IKF Promoter and Pro FCR Middleweight Champion Jimmy Stewert (R) of Butler Pennsylvania, USA is all set to host the Women's Amateur FCR East Coast title between Donna Ferguson of Butler, Pennsylvania, USA and Thaddine Johnson of Queens, New York, USA.

The 4 round bout will be for the Amateur Women's Atomweight title and will be the featured main event on a night of amateur action.

The event will be held at the Hindman Hall on Route 68 West, in Butler Pennsylvania. For more info in regards to the event contact Mr. Jimmy Stewert (724) 284-3725.

More News Of 2-16-01

Launches NEW Internet Page!

Carlson & Din Thomas

L: Tom Proctor

Since the IKF took over the operations of the ISCF a few years back, it has always been an addition to the IKF Web Pages. However, as of today, all that has changed and the ISCF is now ready to venture out on it's own. The New ISCF Web Page is (Later changed to

The ISCF concept was created by Nick Carroll, Jiro Shiroma and Tom Proctor, all from Arizona, USA. The group originally approached the IKF to design an ISCF title belt. As the IKF and IKF President Steve Fossum became more involved, he requested the IKF take over the sanctioning operations of the ISCF to build a bigger organization. With all eager to see the ISCF grow the decision was easy and Fossum and his staff took over the ISCF operations and went to work.

The first step was to have a logo created that was similar to the IKF logo. So Fossum contracted with Foster Graphics (The same design firm that designed the new IKF logo) to design the ISCF logo and the true beginning of the ISCF had taken shape. IKF President Steve Fossum and his staff soon went to work on building the ISCF much the same as the IKF with structured rankings, updated news and an active website. However, the website will become even more active now since it will be a solo site without the back-up of the IKF pages. "The two will still share links but creating an independent site for the ISCF will provide an easier marketing strategy for the ISCF in regards to advertising the web page worldwide now." says IKF/ISCF President Steve Fossum.

Although Carroll & Shiroma are less active in the Mixed Martial Arts Sport, Tom Proctor, (Right with Belt) went on to win the ISCF Pro Heavyweight Title. Proctor is still active in fighting and also has produced an intense training program that can be found for sale in Black Belt Magazine.

A major help to the ISCF growth was Augusta Georgia Promoter Mike Carlson. (Above left) Carlson is now the ISCF Director Of Operations and his work includes the organizing of the well known mixed martial arts promotion called WEF "New Blood Conflict Part 1". In the event, Din Thomas (of Team Rival, Pictured with Title Belt at Left with Carlson) defeated Jens "The Pulverizer" Puiver (Team Extreme) by heel hook at :35 seconds of round 2 to win the first ever ISCF Pro WORLD Title on August 26th, 2000 at the Augusta-Richmond County Civic Center in Augusta, Georgia, USA. Carlson has also been busy refining all the ISCF rules and regulations along with promoting his own events. One of them is coming up next Saturday night, February 24th, which is titled "Winter Wars 2001" The event will begin at 7:00 PM in Gym 1, The Sports Arena, at Augusta's Fort Gordon, Georgia, USA.

ISCF promoters have included WEF Promoter Jamie Levine, Jeff Mullen of Memphis Tennessee, USA, James Corbett & Matthew Waller of Georgia, USA and Donnie Michael & Terry Gruel of Indiana, USA just to name a few. Once again, the NEW ISCF Web Site can be found at: (Later changed to

THURSDAY, February 15th, 2001, AT 6:00 PM PT

Explosive Action Awaits at
"Winter Wars 2001"

Augusta, Georgia, USA

Augusta, Georgia will play host to kickboxing and mixed martial arts action on Saturday, February 24, 2001, as Winter Wars 2001 is about to be waged.

Beginning at 7:00 PM in Gym 1, The Sports Arena, at Augusta's Fort Gordon, the Central Savannah River Area will see some of the Southeast's finest athletes in real martial arts competition. With twelve kickboxing and six mixed martial arts matches scheduled, it promises to be a full night of action.

"We have found that more and more competitors want to come to Augusta and test themselves on our cards," said Mike Carlson of Augusta Martial Arts Academy, "It seems like the more bouts we have, the more fighters we wind up having to turn down, because the momentum to fight here keeps building." Carlson added, "I think that says a lot for the quality of the events Augusta hosts, and the high degree of fan support this area steadily provides."

The kickboxing bouts will be under the American or full contact rules, with only above the waist kicks being legal, and sanctioned by both the IKF and the Professional Karate Commission (PKC). The International Sport Combat Federation (ISCF), under its newly enacted rules, will sanction the mixed martial arts bouts. Those bouts will allow striking, grappling and submission techniques.

The nighttime kickboxing and mixed martial arts event will follow a PKC sanctioned daytime karate tournament, at the same location, which will provide competitors of all ages and experience levels opportunities to compete in forms, sparring, grappling and weapons divisions.

One of the most anticipated bouts of Winter Wars 2001 will be a Light Welterweight kickboxing match between Augusta's John Greubel and Tom Poey, of Virginia Beach, Virginia. Both Greubel and Poey were tournament champions in different weight classes at the 2000 IKF/RINGSIDE USA National Amateur Tournament Champion, held on Labor Day weekend, 2000. These are two young, exciting, and well-trained kickboxers who are ready to prove who is best!

Tickets for Winter Wars 2001 are available at Augusta Martial Arts Academy and at the door the night of the event. General admission is $12 ($10 with a military ID) and fans will receive two dollars off if they bring two cans of food for the Golden Harvest Food Bank. A portion of the evening's proceeds will also benefit Augusta Child Advocates. Children's tickets are $5 and children 4 and under are free. The daytime tournament registration is $30-$35 depending on the number of events entered. Registration begins for the day tournament at 8:30 AM, with the competition beginning at 10:00 AM. Doors open for the night bouts at 6:00 PM.

For more information contact Augusta Martial Arts Academy at 706-868-0178.

MONDAY, February 12th, 2001, AT 6:30 PM PT

IKF Logo USE....
Get Permission BEFORE You Use It...

Or It Could Cost You BIG!

Several months back in Tecate Mexico someone spotted a poster for an amateur kickboxing tournament in Tecate promoted by one Abraham Tostado. On the poster was the official IKF logo. The only problem though was that Mr. Tostado's event was never sanctioned by the IKF. He was simply using the IKF logo Illegally. When we discovered this, we asked one of our Representatives to ask Mr.Tostado about this and he told our Representative that someone else said he could use it. However after investigating this more, it was discovered that Mr. Tostado was not only illegally using the official IKF logo on his poster, he was now making up stories about WHO he claimed said he could use it at all. No one EVER Authorized him to use the IKF Logo. Poor Mr. Tostado now faces a hefty fine that needs to be paid quickly or he could find himself in a Mexican jail even quicker.

We would like to point out that the unauthorized use of the official IKF Logo whether it be on event posters, programs, club brochures, signs, business cards, clothing etc. etc. without the official approval of the IKF is Illegal and punishable by a fine of up to $1,000.00 "PER" Placement. The IKF has caught 4 other promoters around the world and collected fines from each of them. One actually did jail time. However there are 2 other Promoters that have used the IKF logo without the approved authorization of the IKF and they are soon to be charged as well after a lot of evidence gathering by the IKF International Legal Team. One is in South Africa and the other is somewhere we cannot disclose as of this posting due to our ongoing legal investigations with him. The South African promoter (Mr. Larry Vorster) went as far as to feature several IKF Title bouts and even had the event publicized in the local newspaper, which we have a copy of. Nice article too... Too bad the title winners are still upset they never received an IKF Title belt...

If you are wondering if an event is truly sanctioned by the IKF, please look at our UPCOMING WORLD EVENTS PAGE by clicking HERE. If the event is not on this page, it is NOT an IKF event. If the event says "To Be Confirmed" it is still not an officially sanctioned IKF event. However, if an event listing says below it, "Event Confirmed" you can be assured that this is an officially sanctioned IKF Event.

FRIDAY, February 9th, 2001, AT 5:00 PM PT

LaBree Stops Randolph
In 3rd In Defense Of IKF FCR
Super Heavyweight WORLD Title!

IKF Hayward, Wisconsin February 3, 2022

About 1500 of Mike LaBree's closest friends showed up at LCO Casino in the beautiful north woods near Hayward, Wisconsin to witness the final fight of one of the sport's mighty warriors. At 38 years of age, LaBree was hanging up the pads for the last time.

Now you would think that a fighter with Mike's (L) experience would carefully select a fighter for his retirement fight. You would think that a fighter could be found that would make you look good in front of your home town fans, a fighter that would allow you to get the job done with little effort. But not Mike LaBree! Mike and matchmaker Tom Sullivan go out and pick George Randolph (R). "Big" George Randolph, the top IKF Super Heavyweight contender from Glenville, West Virginia. Any questions on where "Big" George got his nickname were answered at the weigh-in on Friday afternoon. At 6'8" tall, George tipped the scale at a modest 256 pounds. With less than 15% body fat, George looked trim, fit, and just a little bit scary. At 6'4" tall, Labree's official weight was 220.5 pounds. And with Big George sporting a fight record of 56 wins, 6 losses and 1 draw, (Kickboxing only: 18-1/14) Labree's remaining hours before fight time were just a little bit less than relaxing.

On Saturday night, however, it was classic LaBree. Both fighters got acquainted in the first round. In that first round LaBree found out just how hard 256 pounds of Big George could punch and kick. LaBree said later that after blocking a Big George round kick, he didn't want to have to do it again! LaBree's determination in the trenches took over in the second round. Referee Rick Bush had to step in and separate the fighters at the end of the round as LaBree didn't want it to end.

Round three was all LaBree. He stuck his head in the center of Big George's chest and went to work. Three knockdowns later...


The under card was worthy of a championship event. Chris Ebbon and Jen Thyssen won decisions over Diana Wiedell and Kris Pagenkoph in the amateur female fights. Heath Fonnest and Troy Ozerkivech at 140 pounds put on a kicking display that was second to none with Fonnest winning the decision. Local favorite Dan Erickson from Stone Lake, Wisconsin pretty much pounded on Rick Bloyer from Beloit, Wisconsin for three rounds in the last Amateur fight before intermission.

In the Pro fights Jeremy Pearson from Thunder Bay narrowly defeated Thomas Downing from Windsor in the Battle of the Look-Alikes (both fighters had shaved heads, same size and same build).

The next fight was shaping up to be one of the evening's finest when Stacy Jorgensen from Corpus Christi, Texas, dropped Eric Mortenson from Burnsville, Minnesota to the canvas with a powerful close in, left roundhouse kick at the end of the first round, a round Mortenson would have won on the scorecards.

In the next fight Frank Tropea from Thunder Bay needed a 1 point penalty deduction from a spinning elbow in the fourth round to post a win over a tough Ernie Kitterman from St. Louis. Tropea has moved up from the lower weight divisions to become a real threat in Middleweight. Look for big things from him in the future!

All the fans, and most of the fighters, left happy. And we all want to thank Mike LaBree for many years of entertainment. Its been great watching you fight through the years, Mike. "Its been great watching you fight through the years, Mike." said Event Promoter Tom Sullivan. "I think I speak for everyone in the Kickboxing industry when I say "Long Life and Happy Retirement to one of the sports greatest warriors".

"We too at the IKF would like to thank Mike for being a true Champion both In and Out of the ring." said IKF President Steve Fossum. "We just hope we can replace such a Champion with another "CLASS ACT" in the Super Heavyweight Division."

So WHO will fight for the VACANT IKF FCR Super Heavyweight title now? Too soon to tell, but it won't take long before someone will challenge for it... For more info on this event, contact Mr. Tom Sullivan at (218) 724-1663 or (218) 349-4644 .


Avtamonov Captures Vacant
IKF World Title Over
Ben In Russia!

Last Saturday night, February 3rd, the IKF made it's debut in Omsk, Siberia Russia as Promoter Oleg Vadaturskiy brought together Englands Perry Ben (Pictured left in photo) and Russia's Vladimur Autamonov (Pictured right in photo) to fight for the vacant IKF FCR Super Welterweight World title. Over 4,000 people watched Autamonov & Ben fight a full 12 rounds that was one of the most exciting World Title bouts ever with tremendous action from both fighters in each and every round. It wasn't the first IKF event in Russia and it surly won't be the last.

The person who brought everyone together for the event and several meetings in regards to the growth of IKF in Europe was IKF Russian Representative Oleg Vadaturskiy. (Far right in photo) Vadaturskiy became a big part of the IKF last year after leaving another England based sanctioning body that many other representatives, fighters, trainers and promoters have left to join the IKF for many different reasons.

While in Russia, IKF President Steve Fossum (In group photo on left) and IKF European Director Alby Bimpson (In group photo 2nd from right) agreed to combine forces with a large Russian National League of Kickboxing to form the IKF Russian National League of Kickboxing. Working together, the two organizations will help build up kickboxing in Russia and provide exposure for Russian fighters for bouts around the World. The IKF plans to do this for many more countries throughout Europe in 2001 as well as part of their 2001 Game Plan.

IKF Promoter and Russian Representative Oleg Vadaturskiy (Below at right in photo) celebrates his fighter Vladimir Avtamonov (Red pants kicking Ben at right and below as awarded World Title Belt from IKF President Steve Fossum) unanimous decision World title victory after 12 Rounds against England's Perry Ben for the vacant FCR Super Welterweight WORLD Title.

In a 12 round bout, the minimum required amount of kicks would be 12 x 8 = 96. However, Avtamonov threw over 160 kicks over 12 rounds while Ben threw over 120. There wasn't a round that these two fighters weren't going toe to toe. This was one of the most exciting World Title bouts ever by 2 GREAT FIGHTERS! The night also featured 2 IKF FCR Russian National Pro titles which were co sanctioned with the Russian National League.

TUESDAY, February 6th, 2001, AT 1:15 PM PT

TKO Win Over Ford

Reported by "Cuddly" George Buse, IKF Milwaukee, WI, USA

He has fought around the world. He has faced the most formidable opponents available to him. He has never evaded an opportunity to rise to the next level, to seek greater challenges. He has won the amateur world title. He has fought in the K-1 USA. He has amassed a promising 13-1 record and is undefeated in his hometown.

In Milwaukee, America's colosseum of kickboxing, onlookers deem him as "Gladiator." Jason "Gladiator"Johnson (Right in photo) continued his reign of triumph before a sold-out crowd with a stunning win over Kansas City's Jeff "Big Diesel" Ford (L). Both Johnson and Ford have been touted as top American prospects, but tonight Johnson proved to be superior in a dramatic fashion.

The first round was punctuated by Johnson landing an impressive head kick, which dropped the ever-formidable Ford. Ford beat the standing eight count and continued to fight back, but Johnson's knee attacks and kicks prevented Ford from establishing a consistent offense. Ford was valiant throughout the bout, but Johnson remained relentless, methodical. The bout was rightfully ended in the third round by referee Al Wichers ; Johnson was landing numerous kicks, punches, and knees on a seemingly unresponsive Ford.

Below are the results from the action-packed undercard. Thanks to the sponsors and great fans for making this yet another spectacular "kaboom-kabap" evening of kickboxing! Don't miss Rumble in the Rave II, set for Saturday, March 24, 2001! Be sure to check the IKF News page or for more information.

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