JUNE, 2001


SATURDAY, June 30th, 2001, AT4:00 PM PT

IKF Prepares For Magazine With New Rankings Layout!

One of the most trying issues here at the IKF Headquarters has been how to transfer the IKF website Rankings into the planned IKF Kickboxing Magazine. The Box listings take up too much room for a printed format and are very hard to transfer to a text file for a magazine print. So instead, the IKF has been taking the last week to redesign the rankings layout. So far, only one division is done. However, if you saw how long it takes to do this layout transfer, you would understand why only one layout is done so far.

Today we loaded up what we hope will be a new look at an easier to read and easier to print off web rankings for our readers. (IKF North American Men's Amateur Full Contact Rules Rankings.) The new layout will also make it easier to download current rankings from our web pages to the magazine layout. Please let us know what you think. You can see the new layout by clicking HERE!

More News Of 6-30-01

Europe ACTION!

IKF Promoters Stephen Donnelly and Mick Fowles are scheduled to host their IKF event tomorrow night, Sunday, July 1st. The event will be Professional Kickboxing at the Mercia Sporting Club, Lockhurst Lane in Coventry England. Additional info about this event was not provided at press time. For more info, please contact Mr. Stephen Donnelly or Mr. Mick Fowles by e-mail by Clicking HERE.

FRIDAY, June 29th, 2001, AT 2:00 PM PT


Robinson and Williams
Meet Tonight On



Tonight at the Pittsburgh Marriot City Center in Pittsburgh, PA, USA, Bernard "Swiftkick" Robinson (Right) will get his second chance at an IKF Title on ProKick Promotions "UNFINISHED BUSINESS" Fight card. Robinson's last IKF title shot was for the IKF FCR Welterweight World Title against Paul Biafore (Left) in Massachusetts of May of 1999. In the bout Robinson came out strong with a lot of great combinations with both his hands and feet, but so did the experienced Biafore. The bout was stopped at the end of the 4th round after Biafore landed several strong combinations with Robinson in the corner. In his win, Biafore won the vacant IKF Pro FCR Welterweight World Title. A look at all the scorecards showed Biafore ahead on all the cards at the time, 40-36, 40-35 & 40-35.

Tonight Robinson hopes he will Swiftkick his way to his first IKF Title as he meets Steve "Awesome" Williams of Baltimore, Maryland, USA for the vacant IKF Pro North/East Regional Super Welterweight Title. A closer look at the contenders shows that Williams brings a 30-2 record to the ring with 18 wins by KO while Robinson brings in a record of 46-5 with 31 KO's.

This bout was previously confirmed as an ISKA sanctioned U.S. title bout and is still listed as such, see: The ISKA had approved Robinson to fight a fighter named Timmy Jones of New Mexico. A couple of months ago, the promoter discovered the IKF. Upon their review of the IKF Sanctioning, they elected to switch to the IKF Sanction for the same title. At this time, the IKF did a "Contenders Background Check" on Jones and found that another IKF Champion (Jimmy Stewert) had already defeated Jones to win his IKF Pennsylvania State Title a couple years back. The IKF also discovered that Jones was from Pennsylvania, not New Mexico as suggested and his record was less than 5 pro fights, not the 20 + advertised. Because of this the IKF turned him down as a contender for a U.S. Title. From this, the promoter/matchmaker for the event found Williams who was approved by the IKF for a "Regional Title", but not the U.S Title.

Williams will not be an easy opponent for Robinson. He's considered a top contender for the title in question which will add additional pressure to Robinson who will need to avoid what could be the worst. Getting stopped before the scheduled 7 rounds. Not just because it would be a loss, but because it would take him out of the bout for the title he really wants. If Robinson is stopped before the scheduled 7 rounds he'll lose his opportunity to fight for the title he wanted in the first place. The IKF Light Middleweight U.S. Title. This may seem strange, but his opponent would be from the same state as he is. (YES, they are 2 top contenders for this title). Robinson is scheduled to move up a weightclass while his opponent, Pennsylvania State Middleweight Champion Jimmy Stewert (Right) will come down a weight class where the two plan to "Meet in The Middle" for the vacant IKF Light Middleweight U. S. Title. Changes of event schedules ended up making these 2 IKF events so close, both with Robinson as a title contender.

On Friday night, July 13th Robinson is scheduled to meet up against Stewert in Butler PA, USA. If Robinson has trouble with Williams tonight it would also cause big problems for Stewert's event. If all goes as planned and the two meet on the 13th, the winner could "Possibly" face IKF Light Middleweight World Champion Anthony Bartanalli (Right) later this fall in Bartanalli's first title defense. This is only a possibility because some other contenders are also being considered for this bout.

Other bouts on the card will include 3-Round Attraction HEAVYWEIGHT BOXING Devron "TCB" Means of Prokick Promotions, Bridgeville, Pennsylvania Vs Big "Al" Newsen of Team Fighting Dragons, Cochranton, Pennsylvania. 5-Round Pro non title middleweight bout between Dave "Diau" Duncan of Beltzhouver, PA against #9 IKF ranked Melvin "Mighty" Robinson of Hammer Promotions in Clinton, Maryland. In a non title amateur Junior Lightweight match, Justin "The Flash" Mankey of Powerkick, Inc. in Squirrel Hill, Pennsylvania will face Chris "The Kid" Fisher of Team Fighting Dragons of Erie, Pennsylvania. In a 3 round Bantamweight bout, Marcus Ventelli of Team Fighting Dragons in Meadville, Pennsylvania will face Jeremy Piercy of Team Fighting Dragons in Mercer County, Pennsylvania.

The event, sponsored by Coors Light will be promoted by PROKICK PROMOTIONS. The weigh-Ins are tonight at 5:30 PM and the Ballroom doors open up at 7 PM with the fights scheduled to start at 8:PM. As far as ticket info you can call (412) 456.1033 or (412) 690.5506 or by e-mail by clicking HERE. Corporate Tables are limited with Ballroom Ringside seats going for $35 and General Admission for $15. The event is co-sanctioned by the PA State Athletic Commission along with the IKF.



More News Of 6-29-2001

Cruz Meets Siebert
For IKF Women's New Mexico State Title!

Johnson Gymnasium at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque New Mexico, USA will be where the ladies action is tonight. IKF Promoter and IKF New Mexico State Representative Tony Rosales will feature the IKF Amateur New Mexico State Women's Flyweight Title Bout on his event tonight. Nadia Santa Cruz of the Rosales Kickboxing Gym will meet up against Jody Siebert of Bill Packer AKKA for the vacant title.

For more info on this event please contact Mr. Rob Monroe At (505) 362-0972 or by e-mail by clicking HERE or Mr. Tony Rosales at (505) 865-5414.

THURSDAY, June 28th, 2001, AT 3:05 PM PT

National Amateur Tournament...


To Inform everyone, the ONLY MANDATORY, name brand equipment the fighters are required to wear at the National Finals are the RINGSIDE Gloves. These will be provided by RINGSIDE. Fighters can wear ANY other name brand footpads, shorts, pants, groin cup, *shin pads, **headgear or ***mouthpiece they desire.

(*) For all leg kick and MuayThai Fights, RINGSIDE will provide the SHIN PADS. All Full Contact Fighters may use their own style shin pads, upon approval of the IKF. Please confirm your shin pads will be acceptable at the weigh-ins on Friday night.

(**) All HEADGEAR must be approved by the IKF. RINGSIDE or Top Ten is recommended. No "Karate Sparring" Headgear and no headgear with a full jaw bar.

(***) WIPSS will be supplying FOR FREE the Jaw-Joint Protector mouthguard to all fighters. This will be sent out to each fighter who has *confirmed their Nationals registration BY July 1st, 2001. (*=Sent in their Reg Form, Pictures and Nat. Reg. Fee) The National Packs will be sent out 2-3 weeks later along with several other items in the Nationals Package. You do not have to wear the WIPSS Mouthguard if you are already using another mouth guard you are use to.

More News Of 6-28-2001

IKF Introduces New Slogan!
" Bring It ON!"


Developing an effective marketing strategy is all part of a company image. Andre Agassi gave Cannon Cameras a name with "Image Is Everything" and more well known, Nike has "Just Do It." There are a vast amount of company slogans out there. For several years now, the IKF has used "The Game Has Changed!" However, in the past few weeks while working on several new projects, we've come up with a more aggressive slogan, "Bring It ON!"

The new "Bring It ON!" slogan will be used on many different new IKF T-Shirt designs you'll be seeing released at this years IKF/RINGSIDE National Amateur Tournament. Wording such as "You want to Walk The Walk? Bring It ON!" or "You want to go a round with ME? Bring It ON!" are just a couple of slogan ideas on paper here at IKF Headquarters.

The more aggressive Slogan is part of the gearing up the IKF is doing in preparation for it's TV launch deal currently in the works. "It's a slogan that can work for anyone." Says IKF President Steve Fossum. (Left) "It's also our own desire for competition as a sanctioning body as well as a fighter in the ring such as ""You think you can do better? Bring It ON!""


Several IKF associates have already sent in slogan ideas for bumper stickers, T-shirts, equipment, banners etc. and we welcome more. The new slogan puts the IKF in a more aggressive market as it sets it's goals on making great changes to the sport. Fossum added, "We're moving into a more aggressive, in your face style advertising campaign for the general public for our sport such as WWF Wrestling has done. Were looking for Attention Grabbing ideas because these will be needed to make kickboxing stand out against other sports.

Fossum and IKF Marketing Director Johnny Davis (Right) have been working hard on the new IKF marketing packages they will be presenting to several big worldwide sponsors interested in IKF events around the world. Fossum and Davis will be meeting with these companies in the next few months. Davis too is seeking a more attention grabbing attitude for not just the IKF but the sport of kickboxing in general. "The Bring It ON Slogan encompasses the full spectrum of objectives for the IKF." says Davis. Davis added some other slogans they've been working on such as When The Feelin "HITS YA"... Bring It ON!, Got Game... Bring It ON!, Feelin Tough Enough... Bring It ON! Just to name a few...

The new slogan will be edited into several TV advertisements that IKF is working on as well. The "Bring It ON!" Tag will precede several hard hitting action clips from past IKF bouts. The old slogan, "The Game Has Changed" will still be used with certain IKF projects. However, the Bring It ON slogan will be the main marketing slogan on items such as T-Shirts, bumper stickers, patches, hats, posters, banners and equipment just to name a few. We hope you like the new slogan of IKF Kickboxing. And if you have any ideas where you'd like to see it more...

"Bring It ON!"

WEDNESDAY, June 27th, 2001, AT 3:45 PM PT


Fire up your 4th of July with something to really celebrate!! Beginning right now through midnight on July 4th RINGSIDE Inc. will cover the ground shipping charges when you place an order with them over $100.00. That can compute into huge savings when ordering a new heavybag, stocking up on gloves or outfitting your home gym. So act quickly, because the fuse is running short on this dynamite offer.

This offer only covers orders over the amount of $100.00 shipped in the Contiguous United States (lower 48). Additional shipping charges will still apply on items as noted in the item description (filled bags, home gym equipment, rings, etc..) This is RINGSIDE's way of saying thank you once again for your interest in

MONDAY, June 25th, 2001, AT 5:30 PM PT

North Central Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
(MTR & IR) Regional RESULTS!

Last Saturday, June 23rd in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Duke Roufus and Scott Joffe hosted their third IKF/RINGSIDE North Central Regional in a row. This year, 47 North Central fighters were registered to "WALK The WALK" in both MuayThai and International Rules. Here are the results below.


  1. Heavyweight Semi Final MTR
    Dan Pemble, of Marquette, MI, 0-0 defeated Ryan Murray, of Minneapolis MN, 0-0 by unanimous decision.

  2. Super Middleweight IR
    Gregg Janke of Milwaukee, WI (Duke Roufus Gym 0-0) defeated Jason Lovelace, Milwaukee,WI, (Duke Roufus Gym) by unanimous decision.

  3. Light Heavyweight IR
    Joe Bonaguidi of Milwaukee, WI (Duke Roufus Gym 0-0) and Matt Burger of Milwaukee, WI (Duke Roufus Gym) fought to a draw.

  4. Women's Lightweight MTR
    Jennifer Butler of Dixon, IL (MA 1-2) defeated Rachel Thomas, Milwaukee, WI (Triton Gym, 4-6) by TKO at 1:20 of round 1.

  5. Middleweight MTR
    Harvey Grasse of Milwaukee, WI (Duke Roufus Gym 5-2) defeated Kao Moua of Sheboygan, WI (Sheboygan MA 0-0) by TKO after round 2. (Corner stopped bout)

  6. Light Middleweight MTR
    Ben Dauck of Milwaukee, WI (Duke Roufus Gym 6-0-1) defeated Andrew Hoffman of Peoria, IL (Peoria Athletic Club 0-0) by unanimous decision.

  7. Cruiserweight MTR
    Jeremy Engling of Dubuque, IA (DMAG, 2-0) defeated Charles Pemble of Marquette, MI (USA MT, 2-0) by unanimous decision.

  8. Heavyweight MTR FINAL
    Dan Pemble of Marquette, MI, (0-0) defeated Bryce Franke of Rockford, IL (1-4) by unanimous decision.

These Scheduled Tournament bouts Did Not Happen

In the NON TOURNAMENT BOUTS of the night the results were as follows;

  1. Non Tournament IR
    Rebecca Mahin defeated Cat Lee by unanimous decision.

  2. JUNIOR Boys Non Tournament
    Kelly Keuschel defeated Nathen Hicks by split decision.

  3. JUNIOR Girls Non Tournament
    Ellie Tearbill defeated Rachel Stecklein by unanimous decision.

  4. Lightweight Muay Thai Non Tournament
    Casey Garza defeated Joe Nichols by 2nd rd TKO 1:47.

  5. Light Welterweight Non Tournament
    Maciej Gulinski and Neal Fox fought to a draw.

  6. Welterweight Non Tournament
    Ryan Berg defeated Hutan Ghojallu by unanimous decision.

  7. Non Tournament
    Sahnya Thom defeated Karin Jacobson.

  8. Non Tournament
    Sean Mahin defeated Mike Bradway by unanimous decision.

  9. Junior Non Tournament
    David Flurry defeated Casey Johnson by split decision.

  10. Pro K-1 Rules Main Event
    Mark "The Shark" Miller of Pittsburgh, PA, USA tko'ed Darrin Plank of Topeka, Kansas, USA at 20 seconds of the first round.

Tournament Winners

For additional information about this event, please contact Scott Joffe at (414) 305-3474.

More News Of 6-25-01

Leaves Little Doubt!
Takes IKF U.S. Title From Thysen With TKO Win!

IKF Promoter Tom Sullivan of Minnesota, USA has once again pleased us all with yet another FIRST CLASS Promotion last Saturday night at the Black Bear Casino & Hotel in Carlton Minnesota. Sullivan's event featured the much anticipated matchup between current IKF Amateur FCR U.S. Welterweight Champion, Jennifer Thysen (Left, above) of DePree Wisconsin, USA (11-3-1/4) and Rebecca "The Pitbull" Preacher (Right above) of Simpsonville, South Carolina, USA (10-1-/1)

About 800 Kickboxing fans showed up for the big show "Under the Big Top" in the tent set up in the parking lot behind the Black Bear Casino and Hotel on Saturday night, June 23rd. They witnessed an action packed show featuring some of the areas top kick boxers. Former IKF Super Heavyweight World Champ Mike LeBree brought over a couple of his youngsters Leroy and Samantha Walters, 11 and 8 years old respectively. They got the crowd on their feet as they started the show against Mike Sherwood and Cody Rundquist in a couple of exhibition fights.

The crowd was treated to several amateur fights before intermission in which Neil Halmstad won a decision over Mark Thibidoux, Kate Lessard over Val Lossing, T.J. Kelly over Ryan Verbick, and Nicole Pittsley over Chris Ebben. The last fight before intermission saw Dan Erickson of Stone Lake, Wisconsin extend his record to 13 and 0 as he took a really close decision from Jay Stohl in the Super Heavyweight division.

The evening's feature Amateur fight was for the IKF Women's U.S. Welterweight Title. Rebecca Preacher of Greenville, South Carolina won on a 4th round TKO over Jen Thyssen from Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

In the Professional ranks Eric Mortenson of Burnsville, Minnesota lost a heartbreaker to Danny Russ From Beloit, Wisconsin. It was The closest fight of the night and could have gone either way. Both of these fighter put on a great show and it was a shame that there had to be a loser. And speaking of great shows, Mike Nevitt and Ronnie DeLeon showed the crowd just what Professional Kickboxing should look like as they fought 6 hard rounds. Mike Nevitt won the decision.

In the feature fight of the night Aaron Lassi of Duluth took on a tough Jerry McCoy from Kansas City. They treated the partisan crowd to 5 action packed rounds as Aaron Lassi posted a win in his Pro debut. Look for great things from young Aaron Lassi in the yeas to come, He is deffinitly an up and coming fighter that will need to remain active in the years to come. All in all the fight card, part of the Black Bear Casino and Hotel Anniversary celebration, was a huge success. We look forward to next year when the ring once again goes up "Under the Big Top".

Here's a first hand look at how the day went down as told by Preacher's Trainer, Mr. Ray Thompson.

It started off around 12:00 noon at the weigh in. The promoter Mr. Tom Sullivan who is an extremely fine gentleman and even better promoter called ALL the fighters to meet (in the same room at the same time) to cover the rules, have the doctors check up and the official weigh in. At the weigh in you could feel the tension, after all, the fighters would be at each others throat in just a little while. If you looked around you could even notice a few "looks" being tossed around after all I should know!! The fighters AND support teams were already jockying for the dominant position in the "game" of competitive kickboxing. It's all a game and you BETTER be able to play ALL of it. We were sending strong signals to our opponent. We came to WIN and they knew it!

At about 5:30 and we went to work on the real reason we were here, to win a title. We knew we were in our opponents backyard and we would have to make sure that we won this fight in grand style and grand style it was. The Pitbull (Preacher) was out for blood. After a most inspiring introduction by "SKY" the ring announcer, who by the way was the best announcer I had the pleasure hearing, we made our way to the ring where the "looks" and "psyche" game continued. All we had to do is stick to our plan (which I won't disclose for I know THEY are reading this) and take home the bacon.

  1. Round ONE started off with both fighters wasting no time throwing leather. It was evident from the beginning that the Pitbull was on a mission. She jabbed, crossed, hooked, uppercutted and kicked Thysen from one side of the ring to the other.
  2. Round TWO Thysen connected with a hook to the head of the Pitbull. Somewhere in the barage of punches and kicks Rebecca threw and she managed to bust Thysen nose (Unknown until AFTER the fight) and cause the blood to flowin. It was only a matter of time now cause the Pitbull smelled blood and Thysen knew it cause she started some serious back peddling which continued thoughout the rest of the fight.
  3. Round THREE: The Pitbull continued her relentless onslought of kicks and punches. Now remember this is the fighter that Rebecca beat last year at the IKF National Tournament Championships while The Pitbull was suffering from the flu. She was actually sick, in the ring and winning. I will admit it was a close fight.
  4. While in the corner between rounds three and four I noticed Rebecca looking over my shoulder at Thysen and her trainer to see Thysen telling her trainer that she didn't want to continue, now remember Thysen is the reigning National Champion. Rebecca is the National Tournament Champion. Well Thysen's trainer managed to convince her to continue.
  5. Round Four: D-Day, began with The Pitbull turning it up a notch when BAM The Pitbull slammed one in (I couldn't tell which one it was there was so many) and Thysen dropped like a rock and laid out on the canvas but to her credit managed to get up by the count of eight only to have the fight stopped by the referee.

When it was all said and done The Pitbull was declared winner by TKO in the fourth round and NEW IKF U.S. Women's "Full Contact Rules" Welterweight Champion. And that IS the rest of the story!!! We're looking forward to the Nationals in Kansas City this September and maybe another match with Thyssen at the IKF/RINGSIDE National Amateur Championships! See you there!!!

Here's the results of the entire night;

  1. Neil Halmsted defeated Marc Thibodeaux by unanimous decision.
  2. Kate Lessard defeated Val Lossing by unanimous decision.
  3. T.J. Kelly defeated Ryan Verbick by unanimous decision.
  4. Nicole Pittsley defeated Chris Ebben by unanimous decision.
  5. Dan Erickson defeated Jay Stohl by unanimous decision.
  6. Rebecca Preacher defeated Jen Thyssen by TKO round 4.


  1. Mike Nevitt defeated Ronnie Deleon by unanimous decision.
  2. Danny Russ defeated Eric Mortenson by unanimous decision.
  3. Aaron Lassi defeated Jerry McCoy by unanimous decision.

For more event information, please contact Mr. Tom Sullivan At (218) 724-1663 or (218) 349-4644.

FRIDAY, June 22nd, 2001, AT 2:30 PM PT

USA National "Regional Event" News.

North Central MT/IR Regional
47 Fighters Ready To
"WALK The WALK" In Milwaukee Wisconsin USA!

This Saturday, June 23rd in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Duke Roufus and Scott Joffe will host their IKF/RINGSIDE North Central Regional for the 3rd year in a row. This year, 47 North Central fighters will "WALK The WALK" in both MuayThai and International Rules. Weigh-in and physicals are scheduled for tonight, June 22nd from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at the Duke Roufus Gym located at 111 W. Virginia St., Milwaukee, WI (414) 319-1151. The night time finals event on Saturday night will feature a Pro Main Event, K-1 Rules Heavyweight fight featuring Mark "The Shark" Miller from Pittsburgh, PA, USA taking on Darrin Plank of Topeka, Kansas, USA.

Any fighter who has a walkover to the National Championships, please contact us if you would still enjoy fighting and would like to have a match on the even. It would be a great opportunity to have a match before Nationals. If you choose to take your walkover and not have a fight on the 23rd, you do not have to attend the weigh-in & physicals. You will however, have to fight at Nationals in the weight class you registered for the Regionals. If you do not make your weight, you will be disqualified.

Please see below all the fighters who are ready to "Walk The Walk" at the IKF/RINGSIDE North Central IR & MT Regional Kickboxing Tournament... The Road To The Nationals....

For additional information about this event, please contact Scott Joffe at (414) 305-3474. Good luck to all the fighters. Thank you

More IKF/RINGSIDE National News...

While Some Will Fight, Some Won't...
Central West Regional Cancelled...
Not Enough Fighters to Make Matches

While 47 fighters are registered and prepared to "Walk The Walk" at this weekends North Central Regional in Milwaukee Wisconsin, all the fighters registered for the first Central West Coast Regional will stay home next weekend. From the 30+ Fighters registered in the Central West Division, there were only 2 match-ups to make. Since the top 2 fighters qualify for the Nationals this year from each region, the decision was made today to cancel the actual event. "There would be no reason to make everyone drive to Monterey to just weigh-in and turn around and drive home." said IKF President Steve Fossum.

Of those registered, there was only 2 matched bouts, both in full contact rules. "We truly wanted to host a big event" Said Central West Director Gene Fields, "However, we were pretty surprised to only have about 30 fighters from the entire Central Region." The low numbers in registration weren't too big of a surprise to the IKF though. In probably the 2 largest populated areas of the United States, The South West (Los Angeles area) and the North East (New York area) there has been very few fighters willing to challenge the rest of the US at the National Finals. In both previous years of the National Amateur Tournament, these areas have registered the least fighters. It has always been the midwest that has brought in the most regional participants. Just under or over 40 in all 3 of the Central Division Regionals. This may be in part because the National Championships have been in the midwest the last 2 years and will be again in the central US this year, in Kansas City. However it still leaves many wondering, "Where are all those fighters who spend all year "Talkin the Talk?""

Canceling of a regional is not a major downfall though. In both of the last 2 years, regionals have been cancelled in Oregon, San Diego, Denver, Phoenix, Florida, Texas and New York due to not enough fighters being registered to fill all the slots for all 3 rule divisions. Unlike boxing, who has no problem matching bouts at their regional event, in kickboxing, there are 3 rule styles and over 50 total weight classes to choose from. Spread that around and separate it by men and women as well as junior divisions and one can see how a cancelation is more likely than actually succeeding at hosting an event. In the midwest, the rule styles are split into 2 different regionals. This could be a big reason for the success of regional promoters like Duke Roufus, Rob Zbilski and Craig Monyelle. Regardless of the cancelation, the big picture is on the National finals in Kansas City, September 7th, 8th and 9th. At Nationals, these fighters WILL have competition. The Best of the Best in the USA!

The good news for the Central West fighters is that to go to Nationals, it won't cost them the full registration fee of $25.00. Instead, all they will have to pay is a $10.00 fee to the IKF. For those who plan to attend the National Tournament from the Central West, please send in your registration form found here; HERE with your $10 fee to: IKF, P. O. Box 1205, Newcastle, CA, 95658. If you're located in the Central West Division and would now like to Late Register for the National tournament, please go to this page; HERE, print out the form, fill it out and send it in with your full fee of $45.00 plus a $10 late fee to IKF, P. O. Box 1205, Newcastle, CA, 95658.

Looks like only a small few from the central west will seek to be a bigger fish in a much larger pond. With all those ABC organizations out there, staying home and winning a US Title from the guy across the street is good enough for many... Only a small few challenged the unknown and were willing to "Walk The Walk" for National recognition. See below who registered to "Walk The Walk" for the Central West Coast Regional. Thank you all for your desired participation of the Central West Coast Regional. We truly hope we see you all at the National Finals in Kansas City this September to represent the Central West Coast Division.

More News Of 6-22-2001

It's HERE!!
Thysen Vs Preacher!
The Ultimate Amateur Women's SHOWDOWN!

IKF Promoter Tom Sullivan of Minnesota, USA has promoted some great fight in the past and this weekend he continues that tradition with the matching of Thysen Vs Preacher! Black Bear Casino & Hotel in Carlton Minnesota will be where the action is this Saturday night, June 23rd for "The Ultimate Amateur Women's Showdown!" Why "The Ultimate?" There's a good reason for it. The bout will be a defense of Jennifer Thysen's (Left, above) IKF Amateur FCR U.S. Welterweight Title. Thysen, (11-2-1/4, trained by Derek Kaio) is from DePree Wisconsin, USA. She won the title at the 1999 USA National Amateur Tournament. Her opponent will be Rebecca Preacher (Right above) Preacher(9-1-/1, trained by Ray Thompson) is from Simpsonville, South Carolina, USA.

Last year Preacher won the IKF/ RINGSIDE USA National Amateur Tournament Women's FCR Welterweight title. However, Thysen won it the year before along with what was once, a separate U.S. title. As many know now, to win an IKF U.S. title today, it can only be won at the National Tournament. At the 1999 and 2000 National Amateur Tournament, the IKF had a rule that the Tournament Champion will also become the (Once different Titles) U.S. Champion "IF" the U.S. Title is vacant. In 1999 it was, which gave Thysen the title along with the National tournament title.

As mentioned, at the time, these were 2 separate titles. However at last years tournament, the 2 met in the finals. Preacher won the National Tournament Title with a split decision (29-28, 28-29, 30-27) victory in one of the closest bouts of the tournament over Thyssen. Since Thyssen already held the US title from the previous year, she was able to still hold it after this bout because it wasn't on the line. Only the tournament title was. From all this, the cry for UNIFICATION came and the 2 were suppose to meet in a mandatory match earlier this year to determine the undisputed U.S. Champion, however an injury caused Preacher to pull out several weeks before the scheduled event and future plans were made, and this is them!

Saturday night, 2 of the best amateur women's full contact fighters in the country will meet to determine the TRUE United States Women's Amateur Welterweight Champion. You don't want to miss this one! Saturday, June 23, 2001, Gate opens at 6PM Action starts at 7PM. Ticket are Ringside $25, General Admission $15. For more event information, please contact Mr. Tom Sullivan At (218) 724-1663 or (218) 349-4644.

THURSDAY, June 21st, 2001, AT 3:30 AM PT

World Kickboxing Champion
In New Video Game!

Retired World Kickboxing Champion Curtis Bush (Left) has not been very quiet in his retirement. Doing movies and now in a new Video Game. (Bruce Lee, Quest Of The Dragon) He's been working on it since last August and it's going to be a big one! The game concept? Bruce Lee will battle 12 of the Worlds Best Martial Artists. Each one a master of their Art. Bush was chosen to be the Kickboxer in the game. He did all the motion-capture in Novato,California and the face scanning at Microsoft headquarters in Redmond,Washington. The story was written by Bruce Lee's daughter, Shannon Lee to honor her father.

In the game, you are legendary Martial Arts Master Bruce Lee in a fast paced, movie-like game experience. You must fight to find and save your father's honor and restore your monastery. Use Lee's own "Jeet Kune Do" martial arts style to fight your way through Hong Kong, England, and San Francisco in the 1970's. Battle a variety of enemies and bosses while unraveling a secret plot to build an evil underground empire.

The Xbox console by Microsoft will be released November 8, 2001, The console is pretty much a Playstation2 on steroids!! This is gonna be a cool game for Christmas so don't miss it! Bush should be honored, he was selected to play himself in the game. Great job Curtis!! Always a Champion, In and Out of the ring!

MORE News Of 6-21-2001

Predicts A Knockout At It's First
National "BOXING" Tournament

Not To Be Confused With The IKF/RINGSIDE USA National Amateur KICBOXING Tournament the FOLLOWING Weekend.

On August 29th - September 2nd, RINGSIDE will throw its biggest punch yet by unveiling the first-ever 2001 Ringside National Labor Day Championships. RINGSIDE will be utilizing ten years of experience in hosting the National Silver Gloves Tournament and in supporting the Women's National Golden Gloves, along with numerous other highly-acclaimed events throughout the years. The RINGSIDE team is mounting what promises to be the most comprehensive amateur boxing tournament in the country.

The 2001 Ringside National Labor Day Championships will be held at the Holiday Inn-Olathe and will host eleven different divisions. The tournament will provide unprecedented opportunity to novice, women's and master's classes. RINGSIDE President, John Brown, explains, "There are some fantastic tournaments that take place around the country. What we're doing with the Ringside National Labor Day Championships is giving not only elite athletes an opportunity to compete, but we're also going to provide an outlet where some of our less-experienced athletes can obtain top-quality national competition. The Ringside National Labor Day Championships will showcase some of the countries best amateur boxers, including outstanding female athletes, novice boxers and the master's division, where national competition is unprecedented. We're very excited about what we're offering in the way of an opportunity. It's guaranteed to be an experience that will serve each of the competitors well as they progress in their amateur careers."

From start to finish, the 2001 Ringside National Labor Day Championships is destined to set a furious pace. The event will play host to a number of instructional seminars and coaching clinics. It will showcase four action-packed days and nights of top-flight amateur boxing. After the smoke clears, the entire competition will be wrapped up with a boxers/coaches award banquet, where over 60 champions will be crowned.

For over 20 years, RINGSIDE has established itself as the most quality-oriented, customer-driven boxing equipment supplier in the world. That same concentrated effort and conscientious approach to providing the very best is being taken with the 2001 Ringside National Labor Day Championships. Which is why this first year will be precedent-setting in establishing this expansive tournament as one of the premier competitions in amateur athletes.

For further information go to

WEDNESDAY, June 20th, 2001, AT 11:00 PM PT

Wins IKF Illinois State Title By Decision At Blackorby's Peoria Event!

IKF Promoter Ryan Blackorby is very pleased with his very successful "CLASSIC KICKBOXING INVITATIONAL" event that was held on June 9th at "The Landing" on the Peoria Riverfront in Peoria Illinois, USA. The event was part of The Steamboat Sports Festival and included the battle for the vacant IKF Amateur MTR Illinois State Welterweight Title. The contenders were Eric Stein and Durville Martin. In the bout, Stein defeated Martin by unanimous decision, 49-45, 49-45 and 48-46.

In addition, the event also featured the Pro MuayThai Debut of Chris Weitz, who won the (2000 IKF/RINGSIDE USA National Amateur Tournament MuayThai Middleweight Title. Weitz was scheduled to fight former IKF Pro MuayThai Rules U. S. Champion Kwame Stephens. However Stephens was forced to pull out of the bout due to a medical reason. Instead, Weitz faced Jererame Harminson who he fought to a split decision draw, 48-47, 47-48 and 48-48. Here are the results of all the nights bouts.

  1. IKF MuayThai
    Ian Ransburge
    defeated Josh Tarmen by unanimous decision, 28-27, 28-27 and 29-26.

  2. IKF MuayThai
    Vitali Kyryk
    defeated Dave Flury by unanimous decision, 29-28, 29-28 and 29-28.

  3. In the nights first Pro Shootwrestling bout, Bart Palaswewski stopped Jimmy Berketta by KO.

  4. IKF MuayThai
    Keith Manuel
    defeated Ryan Edmonds by unanimous decision, 30-27, 30-27 and 30-27.

  5. Pro Shootwrestling: Jeff Curan won by submission over Pedro Silveria.

  6. IKF MuayThai
    Andy Hoffman
    and Jerame Engling ended their bout in a "No Contest" decision due to a foul. Who made the foul is unknown as of press time here at the IKF.

  7. Pro Shootwrestling: Derek Noble defeated John Roads by submission.

  8. IKF MuayThai
    John Castle
    defeated Demetrius Montgomery by decision, 30-27, 30-27 and 30-27.

  9. IKF Amateur Muay Thai Rules Illinois State Welterweight Title
    Eric Stein defeated Durville Martin by unanimous decision, 49-45, 49-45, 48-46.

  10. IKF Pro MuayThai
    Chris Weitz and Jererame Harminson fought to a split decision draw, 48-47, 47-48 and 48-48.

The only sad note about this event was that it proves there are a lot of MuayThai fighters from this event that are not registered to "Walk The Walk" at the North Central MuayThai & International Rules Regional this coming weekend. The regional director, Duke Roufus scheduled the regional to accommodate for the fighters of this event. However, from what we understand, only 2 of these fighters will be in Milwaukee to "Walk The Walk!"

For more news about the Peoria event, please contact Mr. Ryan Blackorby at (309) 682-6787, (309) 657-6787 or by e-mail by Clicking HERE!

TUESDAY, June 19th, 2001, AT 6:55 AM PT

Myanmar Traditional Boxing...
An Experience To Remember.


More News Of 6-19-01: Posted at 7:30 PM

Hoost wins Melbourne Grand Prix
IKF World Champion Skelton Takes Second...

By Alex MacDonald


Three time and reigning K-1 grand prix champion, Ernesto Hoost (Right) did what he does for a living (win kickboxing matches) and secured a berth in this years Grand Prix in Tokyo.

Opening Round:
Hoost vs. Gur: Many felt that Gur (K-1 Italy Champion) would be the dark horse and score an upset. Hoost himself said that he was not going to overlook the relative newcomer. In the clinch, Mr. Perfect connected with a knee to the ribs and then scored a second knockdown on the bell for a first round TKO victory.

Hunt vs. Amada: Boxing may be Amada's strong point, but it is Hunt's strong point too. Of the two, Hunt (K-1 Oceania Champion) hits harder and can take a harder punch. In fact, he went 3 rounds with LeBanner last year and was never in trouble. This match, in the end, was simple accounting. Hunt had more assets and fewer liabilities and scored a knockout in the first round.

McDonald vs. Filipovic: By far the most memorable fight of the card was McDonald's first round knock out win over K-1 superstar Mirko "Crocop" Filipovoc. Where Hoost refused to look beyond the first match, Crocop failed to focus on the fight in front of him. Perhaps his three losses to Hoost had him preoccupied. Of all the fighters to take lightly, however, McDonald (Right, K-1 USA Finalist) should be at the last on anyone's list. McDonald may not be the hardest hitter, but this pumped up Canadian cruiserweight, despite the quick losses to the likes of Aerts and Sefo on his record, always comes to fight and to win. In the first round, Filipovic tried to hold the head and throw knees and got caught with an overhand right hook that rocked him. Underdog McDonald then chased Mirko down and scored a knock down. A few punches later, the referee stopped the fight. Filipovic was visibly upset; he had choked and he knew it.

Skelton vs. Vassilikos: IKF World Champion Matt Skelton (Right) was set to meet McDonald in the first round until an eleventh hour line up change paired him up against one of the slickest kickboxers today, Paris Vassilikos of Greece. Skelton set an aggressive pace that may have been a touch risky. He did get hit with a few of Paris' counter attacks, but the slugfest was too much for the Golden Greek. Skelton scored two knock downs in the second round.

Hoost vs. Hunt: Home town favorite Mark Hunt had neither the experience nor the luck to find a weakness in Hoost within three rounds. As close as the fight got Hoost, as expected, remained ahead on points. A mistake by the referee nearly had the New Zealander ahead but the error (Hoost took a body shot while kicking and fell down) was later withdrawn. Hoost by decision.
Skelton vs. McDonald: Skelton was not going to make the same mistake Filipovic had made earlier in the evening. He took McDonald seriously and improved on last years performance by making it to the final. Skelton by unanimous decision.

Ernesto Hoost

Matt Skelton

The final may not have been the best match of styles but it certainly was close. Both fighters fought hard to control the movement in the ring. Skelton used his size to throw knees in the clinch and was warned for holding. Hoost started pushing. Skelton then responded with punches in the clinch and got warned for punching behind the head. The deciding factor turned out to be and accidental headbutt that took a point from Skelton's scorecard (an intentional headbutt would have cost 2 points). His third round surge may have won the round but it was not enough to win the fight.

Although Hoost got the berth to Tokyo Dome, Skelton did get a place in the repechage tournament in Fukuoka. There he will join Adam Watt, Ray Sefo and perhaps Mirko Filipovic in an eight man tournament where the finalists will earn the last two spots in Tokyo.

MONDAY, June 18th, 2001, AT 3:25 PM PT

WINS ISCF Title With Strikes!

Collyer wins IKF Title By Forfeit When Champion White NO SHOWS!

Several Valdosta area fighters competed on a card filled with fighters from across the Southeastern U.S. Saturday night in front of a crowd of hundreds. Here are the bout results of Saturday nights Hot Summer Fights!

  1. Pee Wee McCall led the Valdosta Martial Arts Center fighters in a kickboxing rematch to prove he should have had a "clean" win in Augusta earlier in the year against John Groves of Atlanta after winning a TKO due to injury. Groves was determined to show that his injury in February and loss was a fluke. McCall pleased the hometown crowd by KOing Groves in the first round with a sharp left hook to the head.

  2. Upstate's Chris Grubbs had great technique that started to fade as the bout went on. Bray's boy Bobby McKee showed great heart, which wasn't enough, as Grubbs won via unanimous decision.

  3. The crowd was awestruck as Boxhorn of Upstate threw a knee and then while airborne, "pulled guard". From his back he held the local Weldon in a triangle choke and struck him repeatedly causing Weldon to tap out in the first round.

  4. It didn't matter that Andrea Zalas and Rachael Preacher both train at Ray Thompson's Upstate Karate. These two "threw some leather" and gave the crowd an outstanding performed in an exhibition match.

  5. Brad Bonner came into the ring after impressive wins in May in Griffin. That didn't daunt Casey Oxendine, who forced the local to tap out due to a triangle choke in the first round.

  6. In the toughest and most exciting kickboxing battle of the night, technique went out of the window in the first round as Valdosta's Daniel Henderson and Mike D'Amico of Lawrenceville swung from their heels for the entire fight. The hometown crowd was pleased and rattled the Lowndes Civic Center with cheering as Henderson dominated this barn burner with his vicious series of straight jab - punch combinations. In the end of this battle, Henderson won the unanimous decision.

  7. Joel Weldon of Valdosta faced Ian Boxhorn of Simpsonville, SC, in a mixed martial arts match. This fight began as a boxing match until Boxhorn threw a knee and then while airborne, "pulled guard". He then held the local Weldon in a triangle choke and caused Weldon to tap out in the first round.

  8. Valdostan Brad Bonner came into the ring after impressive wins in May in Griffin for another mixed martial arts match against Casey Oxendine also of Simpsonville. Bonner took down Oxendine, who negated the momentum by moving to guard position and forced Bonner to tap out due to a triangle choke in the first round.

  9. Kenny Allen made his father pro fighter George proud by forcing his bout with Valdosta's Joe Eunice to a TKO by doctor stoppage after the first round. Eunice attempted to hold ground with the heavier Allen, but gave way to his superior technique.

  10. Toty Otarola filled in for an injured Shannon Hudson out of kick world champ in Kevin Hudson Hurricane Martial Arts Center. Against him was Gary Brown's Jason Laitsch, who showed superior techniques and kicks to counter Otarola's powerful hand techniques. The bout was close and Laitsch won a split decision that had many in the audience objecting.

  11. Technique went out of the window in the first round and Mike D'Amico and Valdosta's Daniel Henderson swung from their heels for the entire fight. In the end of this battle, Henderson won the unanimous decision.

  12. Local kickboxer Shaun Gay faced Jacob Pruitt of Buford, GA, next in a mixed martial arts match. Pruitt and Gay exchanged blows with an exciting opening, with Pruitt eventually avoiding Gay's striking and getting control on the ground. Gay went into the match with bronchitis which told on him when Pruitt squeezed him with a cradle causing Gay tap out in the first round.
  13. EXHIBITION BOUT - Not IKF Sanctioned due to Pro Vs Amateur Mix:
    Eyebrows were raised when professional NHB/mixed martial arts fighter George Allen of Lawrenceville stepped into a kickboxing match against Wilfred Moore of Lakeland.
    Ultimately, respect for Allen was raised when he won his first kickboxing bout by KO at end of round 2.

  14. Mike Robinson heel hooked his way to victory against Joe Jobes, but along the way took some heavy punches in this highly technical MMA bout.

  15. Clint "WildMan" Wiggins lived up to his nickname in an unorthodox win by keylock against very game Erick Jordan.

  16. Wonderboy Steven Thompson's power overwhelmed Demetrius Jones, who refused to answer the bell after the first round.

  17. IKF South East Pro FCR Title Bout
    Lane Collyer
    showed poise and class in accepting his win and appointment to the IKF Pro ECUS title spot after champion Matt White failed to show. Collyer accepted the belt, and then respectfully challenged K.I.C.K. FCR World Champion Kevin Hudson for the vacant IKF U.S. Heavyweight title. Hudson indicated he would accept and promoter Matthew Waller was quick to say that he would "make the fight" before the years end. Stay Tuned!!

  18. The Main Event featured Upstates' Chris Comer against Jared "The Prodigy" Pettitt. Comer was strong, but Pettit athleticism won out with by strikes in the first round. Pettitt won the ISCF South East Amateur Title in his victory.

Here are the events short results;

  1. Middle Weight KB Pee Wee McCall win by KO at 45 seconds of round 1 over John Groves.

  2. Chris Grubbs, unanimous decision over Bobby McKee.

  3. MMA Light Middle Ian Boxhorn won by submission by armbar Round 1, 1:57 over Joel Weldon.

  4. KB Welterweight EXHIBITION: Andrea Zalas and Rachel Preacher.

  5. MMA Light welterweight: Casey Oxendine by Submission, by triangle choke Round 1 1:05 over Brad Bonner.

  6. KB Super Lightweight: Kenny Allen win because opponent Joe Eunice didn't answer bell after 2nd round.

  7. KB Light Heavyweight: Jason Laitsch won by Split decision over Toty Otarola.

  8. KB Light Heavyweight: Daniel Henderson won by unanimous decision over Mike D'Amico.

  9. MMA Light Middleweight: Jacob Pruitt submission in Round 1 over Shaun Gay.

  10. KB Heavyweight: George Allen won by KO in round 2 over Wilfred Moore.

  11. MMA Middleweight: Mike Robinson won by submission by heel hook end of round 2 over Joe Jobes.

  12. MMA Light Heavyweight: Clint Wiggins submission, by keylock 2:09 of round 2 over Erick Jordan.

  13. KB Light Heavyweight: Stephen Thompson won by TKO at end of round 1 over Demetrius Jones.

  14. MMA: ISCF South East Title Bout: Light Heavyweight: Jared Pettitt won by strikes (TKO) 2:38 of round 1 over Chris Comer.

For more information please contact Promoter James Corbett at the Valdosta Martial Arts Center at (229) 245.8622 or by e-mail by Clicking HERE! Also, please see the Valdosta Martial Arts Center website, at

You can also click to - Ray Thompson's Upstate Karate Web Page for additional Info.

More News Of 6-18-2-01

Don't Be Fooled By "OTHER" USA National Amateur Tournaments!

We here at the IKF have been flooded with e-mails in regards to an article we had planned to post a few months back about Pro Fighters fighting in Amateur Events. Out of respect for the sport, we spent weeks trying to cut out a lot of negative issues in the article because our main goal was not to slam other organizations, but instead, to "Warn Amateur Fighters" of what they might be facing when entering other organizations "AMATEUR" tournaments. The article was cut by more than half and still, we felt it may do more harm than good. However, it was a phone call we received this last Friday that made us decide to share this news with some of you. We'll get to the phone call in a moment but first, let us offer some justification as well as foundation to our article here today...

Since 1992, the IKF has been the "ONLY" kickboxing sanctioning body to keep track of AMATEUR rankings. In 1997, we opened our Internet website, making these rankings available for anyone to see around the world. Through the years, we have continued to keep our AMATEUR rankings up to date as much as possible. Sure there have been times where we missed a fight or two on an amateurs record because they never informed us of it. Or where we have been late in moving an amateur fighter to the pro rankings after their first pro fight. These things are going to happen to any TRUE Rankings system. However, there is only "ONE" place they will happen in AMATEUR RANKINGS... The IKF.

Why only the IKF? Very simple... The IKF is the ONLY Kickboxing Sanctioning Body that has AMATEUR RANKINGS, and of those who claim to have any AMATEUR Rankings of any kind, ask them when their last update was? The IKF is the ONLY organization that has UPDATED AMATEUR Rankings as well. Before you think were just doing some IKF Bragging here, let us explain why this is important to know...

In 1999, the IKF and Ringside Products organized the "FIRST" Legit USA National Amateur Tournament. Yes, THE FIRST! There are people who CLAIM they did one years ago with other organizations but in reality, all they did was host "1" kickboxing tournament and "CALLED" it a National Amateur Tournament in HOPES everyone would attend... Of course, very few did, mainly only local fighters to the tournament. Those who did and won all got to call themselves National Champions because they were TOLD by the promoter and the organization that they just won a National Title. Sounds simple enough...

However, putting an ad out in a magazine or through e-mail about "1" single event isn't the answer and the IKF and RINGSIDE has PROVED this two years in a row! Together, we have produced regional directors and tournaments throughout the United States. All of these events have been recorded and tracked right here on the IKF website on our IKF USA National Tournament Page. This keeps everyone up to date as to who qualified for the Nationals and what their background is. If someone spots a PRO fighter on these pages, we are immediately notified and would act accordingly. However, because of the exposure of our web page, we have never had this happen because we made it clear that our National AMATEUR Tournament is for AMATEURS ONLY! Fighters must qualify at their regional events to earn their way to the National Finals. Some areas of the USA have not had regional directors, thus allowing fighters in these areas to attend the National Tournament directly.

The IKF/RINGSIDE USA National Tournament Circuit is already in progress. There have already been 2 regionals completed with a third this coming weekend. There will be 4 more before August 1st. The fighters who will qualify will all attend the IKF/RINGSIDE USA National Tournament the second weekend of September. The last 2 years this National Finals event was held in Council Bluffs Iowa. However this year, the Finals have been moved to Kansas City. There will be a National Championships in Iowa again though, but like many of you have been told that have e-mailed or called us, NO, this is NOT the IKF/RINGSIDE USA Nationals.More on this later...

As we have been informed by quite a few of you out there over the phone and through e-mails, there are two OTHER organizations planning on hosting their version of a USA National Amateur Tournament. In reality, we don't really care if there are 50 other tournaments to try to duplicate what the IKF, RINGSIDE and all of our IKF Regional Directors have done successfully over the last 2 years. In fact, we welcome the competition because competition is what will make our Amateur program just that much better. The only thing we worry about are the fighters on these events because it's been made clear to us, you have truly no idea WHO your competition is.

These other 2 organizations DO NOT have ANY AMATEUR rankings at all nor do they have plans to post competitors on a website for you to see BEFORE you go to your event (Hopefully they will after reading this...) In fact, the phone call we spoke of earlier? Well, we know of 3 Pro fighters who will be competing in BOTH of these events. What was more of a shock was what they told us in regards to the tournaments. They were told, "Who's going to know...They just want our money and people to fight so their event looks big." Here's where we would like to add to this a bit from the article we choose not to run a few months back.

Currently, the IKF has never hosted an AMATEUR World Championship Tournament. However, we do plan to announce one soon enough. In our minds, we feel such an event should be properly planned out and not just announced in hopes people will just show up on our doorstep to fight.... However a lot of other sanctioning organizations DO HAVE an Amateur World Championship tournament. (WKA, WAKO, IAMTF and the list goes on and on...) What many of you may not know is that PROS ARE ALLOWED to fight in these AMATEUR Tournaments! Yes, PROS!

We here at the IKF would like to point the finger at US for something we allowed earlier this year. We happen to know that our own IKF World Champion Dmitry Shakuta of Belarus fought and won the IAMTF World Championship recently. If you don't know who he is, all you need to know is that he has well over 100 fights and is one of the GREATEST Pro MuayThai fighters we have ever seen. His only well known loss was to another IKF MuayThai World Champion Kongnapa in a very close 5 round split decision a while back. Want to hear more about an organization that thinks they have the top running spot to organize Olympic MuayThai? Think all this is just made up? Well, here's some facts to back it all up...

For their 2001 World Championships, which is an OPEN Tournament by the way, The IAMTF ruling stated that, "No fighters will be allowed to enter the 2001 IAMTF World Championships if they have been rated in the top ten professional world ratings in the last 3 years". So using athletes who are rated in the top ten of ANY MuayThai organization was not allowed for the World Championships. At least one would think so....

Lets look up North to Canada... Former IKF Champions Trevor Smandych and Nick Ring were scrutinized in Canada. Smandych and Ring were scrutinized for being in the Independent World MuayThai Ratings. Smandych was also in the IKF World Ratings. The Independent ratings had no backing by any sanctioning body so Ring was off the hook. However, Smandych was not allowed to attend due to his IKF World Ranking. Upon seeing the gold medalists of the 2001 IAMTF World Championships many of us were shocked and astounded. It seems (as has been the case in years past) that other athletes who are professionals were allowed to compete in the event. All of us understand politics and we feel this was allowed so the IAMTF would have the backing (For the Olympics) of the country who submitted the professional fighters. Everyone knows there is a battle between the IAMTF and the IFMA organization and we suspect, favor was granted to get the country to support the IAMTF instead of the IFMA organization.

In 1995 (the first IAMTF World Championships) it was communicated to all participating countries that Professional World Champions would not be allowed to compete in the event. This rule was not followed and several professional World Champions (from the WKA, WAKO, and IKBF at least) did compete to much protest.

In 1996 several top world ranked professionals were allowed to compete in the event. This AMATEUR event has been full of top world ranked professionals and professional World Champions year after year. The IAMTF changed their position finally stating that any athletes rated in the professional world ratings of any organization would not be allowed to compete. But it still happened. Then in 1999, something very low happened. The WPKL entered a bunch of professional world top ten rated athletes into the event. Conveniently, the web site for this organization was down shortly before the 4th World Championships and stayed down after the World Championships. Access to this organizations world ratings was not possible. Many athletes of Arab descent (which fill the WPKL ratings) competed in this championship. Athletes who were quizzed about their placing in the WPKL World ratings suddenly became 'brothers' of the people in the ratings. Many people knew differently, but without access to the ratings during the event, it was impossible to prove otherwise and the IAMTF showed little desire to stand up to the offending countries (specifically Morocco).

Strangely enough, the IAMTF had banned the WPKL and the Morocco representative for a short period earlier. This year we found out that the same kind of crap happened again. What makes us ASHAMED here at the IKF is that it happened to US! Yes, US! And we are to blame so we accept the heat as deserved! It's our job here to assure what were about to tell you will never happen with the IKF again!

Earlier this year we were asked by one of our representatives to drop certain IKF Pro Champions and fighters for a period of a month. However, what we were told by this representative was that he was having trouble getting his fighters fights because of their status in our rankings and he no longer wanted them to be in the rankings. So one of our staff here, not fully understanding the reason for the request did the favor for him. Thus the country of Belarus entered in some pretty potent professional athletes to fight in the IAMTF World 'AMATEUR' Championships.

Class A Muay Thai professional Dmitry Shakuta, 71 kg, WAKO World Champion, IAMTF European Champion, IKF Welterweight Intercontinental and Junior Middleweight World Champion, won the 2001 IAMTF World 'AMATEUR' Championships. Consider Shakuta has over 100 fights and has fought with some of the top professional athletes in the world, how do AMATEURS compete with an athlete of this calibre? Once an athlete is accepted as a professional world champion or makes the professional world ratings, He's A Professional!

Let us give this a more clear example... Can Mike Tyson go back to being an AMATEUR Fighter? Would any amateurs have a chance with an athlete of his experience and calibre? Before one says that a Professional athlete makes his living from doing that sport only to survive, scrutinize professional boxers in the USA. You will find only a very small percentage make enough money to train full time as most professional boxers have other jobs. So we don't buy this argument or attempted justification at all! They are paid to fight and as such are professionals.

This is definitely not fair for the AMATEUR fighters in our sport. Who else allows PRO FIGHTERS to fight? WAKO has NO PROBLEM with allowing Pro fighters in their Amateur Tournaments and at the WAKO World Championships. Heck, they ADMIT that it's OK for Pro Fighters to fight in their Amateur World Championships. In fact, they made a great sales pitch to one of our tournament directors last year about how WAKO has more to offer because they have an AMATEUR World Championship. What they didn't explain was that PRO FIGHTERS ARE WELCOME to it...

Mismatches like this, pulling the wool over everyone's eyes in situations like this does little to win support in the eyes of the International Olympic Committee (IOC). If IAMTF or WAKO makes up rules and does not follow them, then are they really the organizations for any to follow to push for the Olympic dream? Not likely. According to our IOC contact, this is the exact reason why NONE of these organizations are winning ANY IOC points as far as getting kickboxing or MuayThai any closer to the Olympics. "Why would we allow one of these groups to organize Olympic Kickboxing when they can't even organize their own organization and their own events." Was what we were told by our IOC contact we have. He went on to say, "Someone may have given them an impression we were ready to accept them as an organizer for the sport of kickboxing or MuayThai, but it takes more than a bunch of countries saying yes to them before we say yes, and accept an organization or new sport into the Olympics. We've been watching them and no one here is impressed with their 'changing of the rules' in reference to amateur and pro athletes in a 'fighting sport'. This is the Olympics and Ethics DO play an important role!"

In the past, IAMTF has conveniently twisted and turned their rules around to suit their own political needs and agenda. WAKO doesn't even try to hide their actions, they come right out and tell you, "Pros are OK in our AMATEUR Tournaments." With organizations like these showing their true colors and putting their own agendas as being number 1, it is little wonder that Olympic MuayThai/Kickboxing is really only a dream. Amateur MuayThai/Kickboxing needs people who will put the sport first and their politics and personal gains second.

Don't get us wrong, there are plenty of others out there bending the rules and making their own rules for their own political or financial gains. There's a big reason why our IKF/RINGSIDE USA National Amateur Tournament is not in Iowa this year. The explanation is very simply actually... Someone wanted our IKF TEAM to do all the work for the event (Regional sign-ups, event registration, web news etc. etc.) and than share our teams work with WAKO and we said very easily... NO Thanks! We care about the amateur fighters in this sport. We won't be sending any Amateurs to fight pros like the USA WAKO team will, provided their tournament actually happens this year.

We hear WKA is also planning a USA National Amateur Tournament as well. However, maybe they should move that event to Canada along with the entire WKA operation because from our extensive research, Canada is the only place WKA is doing well around the world, if at all... They still advertise they are the oldest organization out there, which is true. But being old doesn't make you the best at your game. Any sport team or participant in our sport can prove that. You have to prove yourself year after year, month after month, day after day in this game and we here at the IKF feel we owe the sport and all of you exactly that, HARD WORK! WKA still advertises that they are the largest organization... Hmmm... Where? They claim to be in over 90 countries, 500,000 hits at their website??? Please... Maybe in their WKA "POINT KARATE & FORMS" division, but Certainly NOT IN KICKBOXING! Come on guys... Actions speak louder than words. Bring It On!

In closing, we ask all amateur fighters who are planning on competing in any other AMATEUR tournament than the IKF/RINGSIDE USA National Tournament to watch out. There is no tracking system for these other tournaments and the fighters registered and you have no way to truly know who your competition is. All we can say is WATCH OUT FOR YOURSELF. And of course, Good Luck to all of you!

FRIDAY, June 15th, 2001, AT 5:30 PM PT

Three MAIN EVENTS At Corbett's

Saturday Night, June 16th, Valdosta, Georgia, USA!

IKF & ISCF Promoter James Corbett of Valdosta Georgia, USA is all ready for tomorrow's 2001 Hot Summer Fights as martial arts action returns to the Valdosta, Georgia, area Saturday, June 16th at the Lowndes Civic Center/Fairgrounds. Valdosta Martial Arts Center is sponsoring this exciting event, which will include the IKF, International Kickboxing Federation and PKC, Professional Karate Commission sanctioned kickboxing and ISCF - International Sport Combat Federation sanctioned mixed martial arts/no holds barred matches.

The card will include mixed martial arts/no holds barred matches. In these exciting matches the fighters can utilize kickboxing and grappling skills to win by knockout and submission. Over twenty exciting matches are planned in all. Four women's kickboxing matches will be held as well.

Brad Bonner, former wrestler of the Lowndes High School team, will make his much-anticipated hometown debut. Local fighters also competing in those events will be Shaun Gay and Joel Weldon.

World Champion Jonathan Wiezorek debuted at this event last summer. He won the ISCF - International Sport Combat Federation East Coast Super Heavyweight title. He went on to beat Dan "The Beast" Severn for the Reality Super Sports World title this past April. Wiezorek will be present to greet the public, signing autographs and making photos.

Three area kickboxers from Valdosta Martial Arts Center are scheduled to fight in this event also. Local favorite, PeeWee McCall, will rematch John Groves of Lawerenceville. He TKOed Groves this past February. Joe Eunice and Wilfred Moore will make their kickboxing debut at this event.

Three main events will be featured as well which will include "Wonder Boy" Stephen Thompson of Simpsonville, South Carolina against Demetrius Jones in a Light Heavyweight amateur kickboxing bout.

Jared "The Prodigy" Petiit will will face Thompson's teammate, Chris Cromer of Atlanta for the ISCF - International Sport Combat Federation Southeastern US Light Heavyweight Title.

Matt White (no picture available) of Alabama will defend his IKF Pro kickboxing title against Atlantan Lane Collyer (Right)

A daytime martial arts tournament will be a preliminary to the evening event beginning at 10:00 AM and featuring divisions for martial artists of all styles, ages and skill levels. The day tournament divisions will include forms, sparring, grappling, and submission kumite. The event is a fundraiser for both the Valdosta Methodist Youth Home and the Valdosta Food Bank.

The nights MMA and Kickboxing bouts begin at 7 PM. A day tournament will precede the event at 10 AM, along with a BJJ Seminar. For more information please contact Promoter James Corbett at the Valdosta Martial Arts Center at (229) 245.8622 or by e-mail by ClickingHERE! Also, please see the Valdosta Martial Arts Center website, at

More News Of 6-15-01


Editor's Note: "The Fight Doctor" is an avid fan of the martial sports. A significant player in the passage of the HB 538, which kept mixed martial arts legal in the Peach State, this influential bout enthusiast possesses an encyclopedic knowledge of law, literature, and both the fine and fighting arts. As one of his many avid female admirers once wrote, "[The Doctor's] capacity for derivative knowledge, his levitational mind speak, sethim apart." Periodically, The Doctor "offers up" his take on forthcoming ring battles and related issues. Here, for posterity, are The Doctor's "progDoctorstications" as to James Corbett's "Hot Summer Fights" to be held on June 16, 2022 in Valdosta, Georgia.

The Doctor on Lane Collyer versus Matt White (Heavyweight Kickboxing)
White is the IKF East Coast US Champ, and is an unorthodox, devastatingly powerful, KO artist. "Lightning" Lane Collyer is the darling of the IKF, who is seeking to establish himself as a credible champion. The challenge to Collyer is to take this fight out of the preliminary rounds, where White has racked up an impressive string of wins. I believe that the weather conditions are right for "Lighting" to strike. Collyer sees this fight as a mission for himself and for the IKF. As such, he will temper his aggression such that he will be cautious in the early going, and later "open up the clouds", like the mighty Zeus. The Doctork's Pick - Collyer, by KO, in the fifth round.

The Doctor on Jared Pettitt versus Chris Cromer (Light Heavyweight Mixed Martial Arts - ISCF)
As a prodigy myself, I am, of course, immediately intrigued with Pettitt, a second-generation martial artist. To his credit, Pettitt has unequivocally demonstrated he is deserving of this title shot. Pettitt's "Achilles Heel" seems to be conditioning, which may not be as much of a problem against Cromer, whose bout with Roger Waters was as exciting as a double feature of the "Manchurian Candidate" and "The Spy Who Came in from the Cold". Cromer must get the taller, stronger, faster Pettitt to the ground in order to neutralize "the Prodigy's" superior striking and athleticism. I cannot foresee that happening, however, and Pettitt should return to Huntsville with the belt. The Doctor's Pick - Pettitt by unanimous decision.

The Doctor on Richardo Murgel
This man is a virtuoso. Murgel is the Itzak Perlman of Brazilian jiu-jitsu and vale tudo training. Furthermore, Murgel is a true Renaissance Man, sporting a resume that even includes a law degree. Anyone claiming an interest in furthering their martial arts abilities would be insane not to take advantage of the opportunity to train with this man during his seminar in Valdosta the afternoon preceding Hot Summer Fights, particularly given the fact that Murgel is returning to Brazil. At any price, the opportunity to gain from Murgel's experience and innovative teaching style would be a bargain. This seminar is a true "MUST".

The Doctor on Stephen Thompson versus Demetrius Jones (Light Heavyweight Kickboxing)
Ah, another prodigy graces the ring, as Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson, son of Upstate Karate's Ray Thompson, faces Demetrius Jones. While lefthander Jones possesses a tremendous physique, and is a former PKC US Kickboxing Champion, he, to my knowledge, has not had a kickboxing match since Zack "Attack" Day dismembered him in1998. Thompson's aggression and power will overwhelm Jones, and will give the uproarious Simpsonville crowd yet another win to shriek about. The Doctor's Pick - Thompson, by TKO, in round two.

The Doctor on the "The Hardcore Gym"
This Classic City compendium of competitors deserves credit for its activity if for nothing else. After its "flagship" athlete suffered defeat in February 2001, The Hardcore Gym moved forward and dauntlessly continued competing, acquiring wins, titles, and respect along the way. For its Phoenix like resurgence, The Hardcore Gym has earned a positive nod. While I am in this conciliatory mode, however, I will decline to comment on The Hardcore Gym's website. Why spoil the moment?

The Doctor on Atlanta "Fight Schools"
Juxtaposed to The Hardcore Gym's willingness to compete are our capital city's cadres of posturing pedagogical proselytizers. An analogy is appropriate. Atlanta lawyers occasionally come to the CSRA. They pull up in expensive cars, wearing $1,000.00 suits, with paralegals and palm pilots. By the time they get here for a hearing, they have filed dozens of extraneous motions and mercilessly billed their clients. Once it comes time to argue the motion, however, they articulate their positions about as convincingly as O.J. Simpson expresses his innocence. When the hearing is over, it becomes clear that the motions were filed in a thinly veiled attempt to avoid trial. A trial, of course, would expose these "posers" for the no-talent frauds that they truly are.
In 2001, Georgia has seen great activity in terms of mixed martial arts, muay thai, and kickboxing events. They have been enthusiastically supported by fighters and fans from such places as Athens, Lawrenceville, Buford, the CSRA, Valdosta, South Carolina, and other "small town" training centers. The relative dearth of athletes from greater Atlanta "fight schools" issignificant and noticeable. Furthermore, Atlanta's supposed MMA oriented schools' "representatives" and "supporters" were nowhere to be found during the battle to pass HB 538, which kept MMA legal in this state. I will not post an explanation for the obvious, save to say I am oh, so reminded of Atlanta's lawyers when I considerits "fight schools."

The Doctor on Forest Griffin versus Kevin Brooks (Heavyweight Mixed Martial Arts - ISCF)
The Muscle Beach Battle of the Adoni. I am pondering whether the fight will start with a stare down or a pose down. These guys have obviously spent "years in the gym." Brooks, however, had real problems with his conditioning in his bout against Adam Singer, and I believe that the aggressiveness of Griffin will leave Brooks "lost in the woods." The Doctor's Pick - Griffin, by submission, in the second round.

The Doctor on The Doctor
My record for my last fight picks was six accurate selections out of seven bouts that actually went forward. What more need I say?

The views expressed in the foregoing column are strictly those of The Doctor. They do not represent the feelings, thoughts, or expressions of the Jr. Karate Jujitsu Masters, Inc. d/b/a Valdosta Martial Arts Center, IKF, PKC, ISCF, Karate Masters, Inc. d/b/a Augusta Martial Arts Center, any of their representatives, employees, and/or assigns, including but not limited to Steve Fossum, Glenn Keeney, James Corbett, Mike and/or Elizabeth Carlson. Fight card subject to change.

For more information on this event, please see Valdosta Martial Arts Center, at

More News Of 6-15-01

Kettering England

Promoter Mr. Ray Deburgh is set to host his IKF Sanctioned event in Kettering England this Saturday night, June 16th.
The event is scheduled to feature Pro and Amateur Thai Boxing.
For more info, please contact IKF European Director Mr. Alby Bimpson at 44 1744 739 043 or by e-mail by Clicking HERE!

More News Of 6-15-01

Lancaster, Ohio, USA

Promoter Mr. Chris Miller is all set to host his IKF sanctioned event this Saturday night at the Desert Rose Event Center in Lancaster, Ohio, USA.
Miller's main event at last notice was to feature Will Carpenter vs an opponant yet to be named for the vacant IKF Pro Ohio State Title.
For more info on this event, please contact Mr. Chris Miller at (614) 837-7233.

More News Of 6-15-01

38 Fighters

North Central Division Regional Results
Beloit Wisconsin, USA, May 26th, 2001

12 Fighters In DAYTIME "PRE-LIM"

  1. PRE-LIM: Super Heavyweight FC Brian Neilson winner RSC 1:30 2nd round vs Don Spertad.
  2. PRE-LIM: Super Heavyweight FC Trent Tomkins winner -Head Kick KO :30 1st round over Rick Bloyer.
  3. PRE-LIM: Cruiserweight FC Dave Nolan winner Unanimous Decision vs Blaine Nichols.
  4. PRE-LIM: Light Cruiserweight FC Bill Jardine winner Unanimous Decision vs Corey Berkley.
  5. PRE-LIM: Welterweight FC Matt Meyer winner Unanimous Decision vs Teddy Grenke.
  6. PRE-LIM: Super Heavyweight FC Dan Erickson winner RSC :43 1st round vs Brian Neilson.


  1. Super Welterweight FC Josh Jennings winner KO 2nd 1:22 vs Ben Miller.
  2. Women's Super Lightweight FC Lois Pazera winner Unanimous Decision vs Jade East.
  3. Welterweight FC Matt Mayer winner Split Decision vs James McCallum.
  4. Super Middleweight FC Steve Fridh winner Split Decision vs Jason Shear.
  5. Light Cruiserweight FC Bill Jardine winner Split Decision vs Shawn Crowe.
  6. Cruiserweight FC Dave Nolan winner Split Decision vs John Ransom.
  7. Women's Lightweight FC Ryanne Dee winner Split Decision vs Suze Shea.
    • Official Protest of this bout TBA upon Video Review.
  8. Super Heavyweight FC Dan Erickson winner Split Decision vs Trent Thompkins.
    • Official Protest of this bout TBA upon Video Review.


  • Steven Stence, FC Junior 11 yr, 80-85 lbs.
  • Cody Monyelle, FC Junior, 13 yr, 75-80 lbs
  • Chad Monyelle, FC Junior, 11 yr, 70 lbs.
  • Cameron Monyelle, FC Junior, 9yr, 60 lbs.
  • Lee Roy Walker, FC Junior, 11 yr, 100 lbs.
  • Kyle Cottier, FC Junior, 9 yr, 65 lbs.
  • Kayla Cottier, FC Junior, 13 yr, 80 lbs.
  • Samantha Walters, FC Junior, 9 yr, 85 lbs.
  • Greg Schmitz, FC Junior, 11 yr, 75 lbs.
  • Oilavanh Sukapanya, FC Light Heavyweight.
  • Al Ronnei, FC Super Lightweight.
  • Susan Aderson, FC Super Lightweight.
  • Mindy Griffin, FC Atomweight.
  • Dave Froeber, FC Light Welterweight.
  • Jennifer Thyssen, FC Welterweight.
  • Peyton Russell, FC Middleweight.
  • James Dyas II, SS Cruiserweight.
  • Centurium Frost, SS Super Heavyweight 16 & 17 year.


  • Pro Light Heavyweight FC Mike Nevitt winner Unanimous Decision vs Marty Lindquist.
  • PRO Bantamweight FC Devon Cormack winner TKO :53 2nd vs Craig Monyelle - Dislocated Shoulder.

Below Posted AT 10:30 AM PT, June 15th, 2001

Takes Main Event Win At IKF Sacramento, CA, USA

Mike Marinoble (Right, 6-1/3) has had tougher opponents before but as the saying goes, "A wins a win." Marinoble faced off against what was thought to be a top West Coast contender according to promoter and matchmaker Tim Stell of Fairfield, CA. His opponent was Dana Moreisey of Sun Valley Nevada, USA. Although Moreisey's resume showed he had the credibility (4-1/4, boxing: 9-3/6) to be in the ring with Marinoble, his skills lacked the action necessary to back it up, at least on this night. While Marinoble weighed in at a slim and trim 204, Moreisey at 5'8" tall weighed in at 209, which looked to be quite a few lbs more than his 5'8 frame was use to. Marinoble made quick work of the bout when referee Jon Schorle II stopped the bout after the second knockdown at 1:50 of the first round.

After the bout, Marinoble and members of the IKF had a chance to discuss the bout with Moreisey. He said that promoter Tim Stell told him he didn't know much about Marinoble and his actual ability. Although this was just one side of the story, it makes one wonder... Was Moreisey a last second fill in so a Marinoble (A strong local Sacramento, CA draw) could be on the card to increase ticket sales? Quite possibly since the majority of the very small Thursday night crowd were from Marinoble's gym.

Moreisey was a replacement bout for one of Dan Dunn's fighters from Willamette Valley Kickboxing in Corvallis, Oregon. After Dunn's fighter was matched for the bout, Dunn would never return promoter Tim Stell's phone calls to continue confirmation. This comes as no surprise to the IKF. Dunn has been booked to host the IKF/RINGSIDE North West Regional Amateur Tournament the last 3 years has proved to be a lot of talk and no action. In all 3 years, after getting great publicity for his gym about the regional through the IKF. and Ringside, he's never hosted one of them. Many calls and e-mails were sent to Dunn to his Willamette Valley Kickboxing gym going unanswered. Finally we just gave up and deleted him from our gym listings page.

Stell, in a last second grasp at keeping Marinoble on the card accepted Moreisey sight unseen. Moreisey had contacted Stell some time back on his own in hopes of being on the card. However Moreisey, who told us after the fight he hadn't fought for 3 years, was obviously looking for an easier bout against a less skilled Heavyweight. The last thing he expected was to face the "Machine Gun" hands of Marinoble. Since it wasn't an IKF Title bout the IKF never became involved in the matchmaking.

Seeing less skilled opponents against Sacramento based fighters isn't a surprise though. Without naming names, a lot of area fighters have built their career being matched against fighters who had no right to be in the ring with them. Marinoble like these other area fighters we speak of didn't know who his opponent was, he just wanted to fight. So as all these other fighters have accepted, a wins a win, and now it's time to face another opponent down the road.

The match-up for the main event with Marinoble was probably the least of promoter Tim Stell's worries though last night. As mentioned, the crowd was very small due to a lack of advertising for the event but a large crowd was never expected since it was only scheduled to be a small amateur, non title event. With the help of the California State Athletic Commission and the IKF staff, the other problems were delt with and handled well to keep the event going. Dave Marinoble (Mike's brother, IKF Pro North American Champion) helped Stell out tremendously by bringing some of his students to fill time between bouts. One who impressed everyone greatly was Justin Ewen. Ewen (Youth Director Marinoble's Karate & Kickboxing) is a World Kata Champion and from the looks of his free-form acrobatic musical Kata and weapons demonstration he performed on the night, we hope to see "A LOT" more of him at future events! Later Ewen did a 2 round kickboxing exhibition bout with fellow student Robert Elledge. Elledge was scheduled to fight on the card but his opponent came in overweight at the weigh-ins eliminating him from the nights event.

Someone else who stood out on the night was one of the best ring announcers we have ever seen around the world, and we truly mean, "Around The World!" David Mercado of San Francisco, CA came into the event as an unknown to kickboxing. He had did some local boxing events before but never kickboxing. His voice and style were ABOVE Excellence as he rang out every fighters name with a dynamic tone. If your looking for a GREAT Ring announcer that we here at the IKF will personally endorse to ANY event, kickboxing (ANY organization) boxing, NHB, MMA etc. etc. we STRONGLY recommend David. He can be reached at (415) 999-1628 or drop buy his business at "Don Chuy's" in San Francisco (544 Excelsior avenue). Like Justin Ewen, we hope to see "A LOT" more of David at future events around the globe!

Also in attendance on the night was 2001 K-1 USA Champion Maurice Smith (Right). Smith won 2001 K-1 USA last month in May against Mike McDonald. Here's how the fight action went through the night...

  1. Maurice Smith's fighter John Polakowski (3-3/2, 150, 5'10") of Bellevue, Washington was in the first fight of the night and went home a winner as he stopped Victor Rodriguez (0-1, 155, 5'8") of Delhi, CA in his debut bout with an inside leg kick in the second round at the :45 second mark.

  2. Maurice Hooks (1-0/0, 172, 5'11") of Deli, CA won a unanimous decision over Peter Mauttapa (0-1/0, 176, 5'11") of San Jose, CA, 30-27, 30-27 and 30-27.

  3. ended in a "No Contest" when the bout was stopped in the second round due to an accidental headbutt between fighters Tony Jackson (2-1/0, 202, 5'10") of Redding, CA and Miguel Cruz (0-0/0, 205, 5'10") of Delhi, CA. In the clash, Curz's forehead split open leaving a gash that took about 10 stitches to close. Cruz was ahead after round 1 on 2 of the 3 judges cards 10-9 in a bout that was very wild.

  4. Cory Rhodes (2-0/1, 147, 5'6") of Redding, CA took the unanimous decision win over Thor Ring (3-5/1, 145, 5'8") of San Francisco, CA in a very close bout, 29-28, 29-28 and 29-28.

IKF Amateur California State Super Middleweight Champion Jerico Lane of Redding, CA was scheduled to face off against amateur FCR Light Cruiserweight Ricardo Miranda of Fremont, CA, USA in a non title bout. This fight had a lot of hype since it was rumored that Miranda was talking up how he was going to destroy Lane. However, Miranda didn't even show up at the weigh-ins, or after or by fight time... Guess only one was willing to "Walk The Walk" on this one, Jerico Lane! Lets hope we see Lane at the West Coast Regionals... Where we really see who will "Walk The Walk!"

For Event Information on this event, you can contact promoter Mr. Tim Stell At (707) 290-8192.

THURSDAY, June 14th, 2001, AT 10:30 AM PT

Georgia Legitimizes MMA Competition
MMA Gains Respect on the East Coast With ISCF!

By: Cal Cooper

In what has been a banner year for the sport of Mixed Martial Arts, Georgia has become the latest source for good news. On 4-26-01 Governor Roy Barnes signed into law a bill (HB 538) which, in part, makes provisions for legitimate, legally operated MMA events. Georgia has previously been a back-and-forth battleground state for the acceptance of the misunderstood sport, and in fact this bill as it was originally introduced would have banned MMA altogether.

Fortunately, due to the efforts of MMA supporters in the state, legislators were contacted and changes were made to HB 538 which will allow legitimate events to proceed if they are sanctioned by the International Sport Combat Federation (ISCF), a mixed martial arts sanctioning body. ISCFISCF is also a "sister organization" of the reputable kickboxing sanctioning body, International Kickboxing Federation. Effectively, this will allow Mixed Martial Arts promotions to operate in Georgia legally, as long as they are sanctioned or co-sanctioned with the ISCF. This is great news for Georgia and the entire sport of MMA.

Georgia's war over MMA fighting dates back to UFC XIII, which was held in Augusta, Georgia in 1997. At that time a published Georgia Attorney General's Opinion took the position that "ultimate fighting" would fall under the state Boxing Commission's authority, though this was not expressly enumerated in Georgia law. When UFC's parent company SEG did not apply for a license from the state Boxing Commission to promote UFC XIII, the A.G.'s office tried to enjoin the event, and prevent it completely, just days before the broadcast was set to begin. Balancing the relative harm to the two parties and determining that it would be inequitable to stop the event, the Superior Court in Augusta ruled that the event could go forward as scheduled. That ruling let UFC XIII come off as promised, but the issue of whether the Georgia Boxing Commission could exert authority over MMA in the Peach State, was still unresolved.

In 1998, Georgia law was changed to specifically remove "ultimate fighting" from the boxing commission's authority. This accomplishment was, in no small part, due to the efforts of current Assistant District Attorney Michael Carlson (Right) and former state Representative Robin Williams. It was a positive action for the sport at that time, but it left MMA officially unregulated. Ultimately, this would prove to have negative effects as well.

Legitimate and unscrupulous promoters alike could now use Georgia as a venue. Eventually, certain promoters of the latter ilk would incur the wrath of MMA supporters and state officials combined by blatantly ignoring obvious safety concerns and thumbing their noses at legitimate sanctioning bodies, such as ISCF. True mixed martial arts fans worst fears were realized when these actions lead to the first version of HB 538 being proposed. That version clearly would have made participating in MMA in Georgia a criminal offense!

The new bill, while making specific exemptions for sports like amateur boxing, made "unarmed combat" unlawful. (Unarmed combat was essentially defined as any activity in which 2 people strike each other in an attempt to cause injury, and where some profit in some way is gained from it.) The bill also included criminal sanctions for participating in "unarmed combat." Even after all of the years of struggle MMA has gone through to gain credibility, and after the tremendous positive support the sport has enjoyed in Georgia, "ultimate fighting" was specifically included as to what would constitute "unarmed combat". MMA was very close to being explicitly illegal in Georgia.

Fortunately for MMA fans, Georgia has an extensive network of MMA supporters. Other than myself, a journalist, and other well-known promoters here in the Peach State, there is one especially diligent watchdog who always seems to be in the right place to head off trouble: Augusta Georgia Assistant District Attorney Michael Carlson. Carlson, the same man who was present and ready to testify in support of SEG at the 1997 Augusta hearing, and who also participated in the effort to take MMA away from the Boxing Commission in 1998, was warned by several sources in the Georgia State Government that a bill was being introduced which could be trouble for legitimate promoters of MMA.

Carlson and this writer gathered information supporting the safety record of MMA versus that of other sports. Special thanks are in order to Dr. John Keating and Kevin "fightfan50" Lyons for their help in this matter. We prepared for a major offensive on behalf of the sport.

However, the support mixed martial arts has in Georgia is not to be underestimated. Amazingly, the safety statistics were not even needed. Coordinating with Georgia MMA's old ally Robin Williams, Carlson began mounting an "all out offensive" in the State assembly to keep MMA legal in his home state. Carlson working with open-minded representatives of both parties in the Georgia House and Senate, including Representative Ben Harbin and Senator Joey Brush of the Columbia County delegation and Richmond County Senator Charles Walker to champion the cause of MMA. He took the position that although certain irresponsible promoters had no place in Georgia, there were legitimate promoters, fans and athletes, who did participate in MMA responsibly who would be hurt by the proposed law. Carlson sought a provision to protect them.

After weighing several options, an amendment was made which provided that MMA competition, if in any way waged for profit, will be legal in Georgia, if and only if the competition is "approved, sanctioned, and/or endorsed " by the ISCF. This language was included in the final version of the bill, which was signed into law by Governor Barnes, and it opens the door to the progressive growth of MMA in Georgia for the foreseeable future.

Reactions to the new law have been overwhelmingly supportive.

James Corbett, a Valdosta, Georgia MMA and Kickboxing promoter who also worked with his area representatives in regard to HB 538 says, "The recognition of ISCF sanctions in Georgia occurred exactly as we had hoped. It is a huge stride for MMA nationwide. Wow." He adds, "I believe it costs about $100 to sanction a general ISCF event, which is really reasonable compared to some other sanctioning bodies."

Michael Carlson

ISCF President, Steve Fossum adds..."As many have seen with the ISCF's sister organization the IKF ( the success of any organization is about the concept of how well the TEAM works together. In this case, the team efforts of ISCF World Director Mike Carlson and the Georgia legislature have done something that will not only bring acceptance to the Mixed Martial Arts in the mainstream public, but also assure quality and safety to the fighters of Mixed Martial Arts Events in Georgia. As we grow, the ISCF TEAM will be joined by those looking to further the acceptance of Mixed Martial Arts around the world instead of searching to only satisfy their own personal gains. This work can be strongly supported by a credible, worldwide sanctioning body for the Mixed Martial Arts around the World."

Matthew Waller, Submission Fighting Open promoter says, "I am glad to see developments like this in Georgia. They will only serve to help the sport gain credibility and protect fighters from becoming involved in shady events. This is the kind of thing we need to present us as a legitimate sport in the public eye. "

When asked for comments, Brett Moses of Atlanta, Georgia, the promoter of Holiday Fight Party and MARS submitted the following. "In an 'ideal' world, every promoter would handle himself honorably. He would look out for the fighters' safety and live up to his contractual obligations. In an 'ideal' world as such, there would really be no need for sanctioning bodies. Reality check time, boys and girls...The ISCF enters our scene to act as a conscience to those continually cutting corners. With a reputable national sanctioning body in place, those dangerous few; the egotistical, morally deficient individuals who ignore consequences and endanger the future of both our sport and its participants, will be held in check. I applaud the Mike Carlson's of the world. His plate already overflowing as an Augusta, Georgia Assistant District Attorney and Martial Arts Academy owner, Carlson still manages to be in the right place at the right time, for mixed martial arts in Georgia.

Jamie Levine, promoter and matchmaker of the WEF, which has enjoyed tremendous success in Georgia, commented, "We're glad to see Georgia make this historic decision. WEF has used ISCF as a sanctioning body on several occasions now and we are excited to see them officially instated as a regulating body. Their rules keep the sport as 'real' as it can be. They don't take the tools away from the fighters like some organizations, but they do an excellent job of implementing safety."

After the bill was passed into law in late April, 2001, Michael Carlson himself had these words to say: "What should be most sobering to the MMA community is that the first version of HB 538 unequivocally outlawed the sport in Georgia. Fortunately, a bi-partisan compromise was presented to the legislature which maintains MMA's legal status, as well as ensures its positive growth in this state. The ISCF has been and will continue to be selective as to whom it allow to sanction here. Anyone one who knows how close MMA came to being eliminated will not ask "Why," and will applaud that position. At the same time, legitimate and credible promoters, and all others who are concerned with the positive development of the sport should be enthused. As a consequence of HB 538's passage, I foresee many promoters wanting to bring their events to Georgia. We have a tremendous body of fighters, great fans, and can assure promoters that, as long as their events are ISCF sanctioned, they will have not have to hire attorneys to 'fight city hall' in terms of resolving questions over the legality of MMA."

I, Cal Cooper, self-styled journalist and long-time supporter of this sport would like to add that I am thrilled to see this turn of events in our home state, and I am honored to have played a very small part in it. If it seems like Mike Carlson got a lot of recognition in this story, that's because he is the one who made the difference this time. We're lucky in Georgia to have someone like Mike who is not only a zealous martial arts enthusiast, but also an influential prosecutor. What we also have here is a deep fan-base for this sport. We have hundreds of athletes who live to train for MMA, and thousands more who do it otherwise. We have promoters who have presented some of the most elaborate shows ever produced. Most importantly I think, we have local promoters who present less elaborate shows like the Holiday Fight Party and the Submission Fighting Open, which at the grass roots level are what this sport is all about. Thanks to Mike Carlson, Steve Fossum, the ISCF, and to the huge, but close family of MMA in Georgia. You know who you are. Together we've done a great thing for our sport. It is something significant in the big picture. Now, let's enjoyit.

As Michael Carlson hinted in his remarks above, officials of the ISCF plan to approach major MMA promoters with invitations to hold their events in Georgia, which has venues of all sizes. Thanks to this fantastic turn of events, Georgia MMA fans can look forward to being right in the middle of MMA prosperity on the East Coast.

Promoters interested in holding MMA events in Georgia can contact ISCF at its web site at ISCF or Mike Carlson at

Special Note: The ISCF and The IKF are currently working to do the same as done in the state of Georgia for Mixed Martial Arts in many other States in the United States. Also in the works is for the IKF to sanction Kickboxing alone without the association of State Boxing Commissions as well, in several states as USA Amateur Boxing does throughout the United States.

More News Of 6-14-2001

Ready For IKF Sacramento, CA, USA

K-1 USA Champion Maurice Smith To be Special Guest!

IKF Promoter Tim Stell of Fairfield, CA, USA will be hosting tonights Sacramento event at the Radisson Hotel in Sacramento, CA. The event will feature 8 amateur bouts including a feature bout with IKF California State Heavyweight Champion Mike Marinoble (Right)

Also in attendance tonight will be 2001 K-1 USA Champion Maurice Smith (Left). Smith won 2001 K-1 USA last month in May against Mike McDonald. For news of K-1 USA, click this link: K-1 USA Results! Smith will be bringing a fighter down from his Seattle, Washington, USA Gym.

Tonights event does have a time change. Instead of the doors opening at 5:00 PM and the fights beginning at 6:00 PM as previously announced on the Upcoming Events page, the doors will instead open at 6:00 PM and the fights will start at 7:00 PM. Tickets prices for tonights event are $20, $30 & $35. For Event Info Contact Mr. Tim Stell At (707) 290-8192.

MONDAY, June 4th, 2001, AT 3:30 PM PT

IKF Action This Coming Weekend!

Peoria Illinois, USA

Ready For Stein & Martin's IKF Title Bout!

IKF Promoter Ryan Blackorby is ready to go with this weekends CLASSIC KICKBOXING INVITATIONAL on Saturday night, June 9th at the The Landing on the Peoria Riverfront in Peoria Illinois, USA

The event is part of The Steamboat Sports Festival and will include 1 IKF Amateur Title bout. Illinois fighters, Eric Stein will square off against Durville Martin for the vacant IKF Amateur MuayThai Rules Illinois State Welterweight Title.

In addition, the event will feature the Pro MuayThai Debut of Chris Weitz, who won the (2000 IKF/RINGSIDE USA National Amateur Tournament MuayThai Middleweight Title by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 30-27) over Harvey Grasse of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Weitz will face off against former IKF Pro MuayThai Rules U. S. Cruiserweight Champion Kwame Stephens. Other feature bouts will include Jeremy Harminson Vs Roland Siam and many more MuayThai Bouts!

For more event information please contact Mr. Ryan Blackorby at (309) 682-6787 or by e-mail by Clicking HERE! Tickets are available at CO-OP Records, 688-7457, or at the Peoria Athletic club at 672-3090. This one starts early at 3:00 PM so don't miss it! This event is sponsored by WWCT Peoria Rock 106, ReMax and the Peoria Athletic Club.

Abrantes, Portugal

Ready For IKF Portugal!

IKF Portugal Representatives and Promoters Nuno Ferreira & Fernando Ferreira are ready to host their IKF Portugal event this Saturday night June 9th. The event will feature several IKF Portugal Title bouts. For more event info and who the contenders are, please contact IKF European Director Alby Bimpson at Phone/Fax: 44 1744739043 or by e-mail by clicking To contact the event promoters, Mr. Nuno Ferreira & Mr. Fernando Ferreira by e-mail just click HERE.

Yangon, Myanmar -Burma-

What Takes The

This week, IKF President Steve Fossum will travel to Yangon, Myanmar (-Burma-) with 3 IKF & ISCF Fighters and 1 American Trainer. However, none of them will be going there for an IKF or ISCF Sanctioned event. The Event they will be attending will not be Sanctioned by the IKF or the ISCF. Instead, the group has other plans. Fossum will be traveling to Burma to meet with the Myanmar Ministry of Sports & RAF Company so they can develop a working relationship in hopes of Promoting IKF Sanctioned MuayThai, International and Full Contact Rules bouts there in the future.

Also on the table though will be the Myanmar Ministry of Sports & RAF Company's hopes for the IKF or the ISCF to become involved in the sanctioning of Myanmar's Traditional Boxing events that seem to only be known in South East Asia. From where it stands now, Fossum's and the IKF feel that a connection with Myanmar's Traditional Boxing and the ISCF (International Sport Combat Federation, the sister organization to the IKF for Mixed Martial Arts) may be a better mix. "I just don't see where the IKF can add a whole different rule division to follow Myanmar's Traditional Boxing rules. However, there may be a place for these style of events in some parts of the World for our ISCF Organization." Says Fossum.

So what's so odd about Myanmar's Traditional Boxing rules? Well, to begin with, the bouts are basically Full MuayThai rules with elbows and knees to the entire body along with of course punches and kicks. However, where the controversy comes in is 1 very unique technique thats not allowed in ANY other fighting sport... It's only allowed in Myanmar's Traditional Boxing. HEADBUTTS! Yes, we said Headbutts! Headbutts are legal in Myanmar's Traditional Boxing which is the main reason why the IKF feels this style would probably be better in the ISCF if anywhere at all in regards to a Sanctioned Rule Style. "The IKF would never allow Headbutts in a fight" says Fossum. "It's a safety issue as well as a career issue. A split head from a headbutt could easily take a fighter out of work for a long time if not indefinitely."

As far as the fight event itself, This is where the rest of the group traveling with Fossum comes into play. Three fighters known in the IKF and ISCF accepted challenge bouts in Burma under the Myanmar's Traditional Boxing rules. All three have never done headbutts before so all of them are going to be introduced to something completely out of their league. However all three hope to surprise their opponents. Especially Mixed Martial Arts fighters Shannon "The Cannon" Ritch and Doug "The Demon" Evans. Both Evans and Ritch are use to accepting unusual bouts as experienced Mixed Martial Arts Fighters. However MuayThai fighter Alberto Ramirez may have some trouble never being in a bout that had rules as wild as headbutts.

Mixed Martial Arts Fighter Shannon "The Cannon" Ritch (Left) has fought some of the best in Mixed Martial Arts. He's now living in Dallas Texas USA and is the current ISCF U.S. Middleweight Champion. Ritch, a Pride Veteran is now mainly a NHB fighter with a Muaythai background. His trainer was Boonkerd from Fairtex, and now he trains with Saeksan. He has a current fight record of 53 wins, 19 loses with 24 wins by KO or submission. He's 5'8" tall and will be fighting in the 165 lb class.

Alberto Ramirez is from Tacoma, Washington, USA and has a pro MuayThai record of 31 wins, 6 loses with 27 knockouts. Working against Ramirez again will be the weight of this bout (132) since he usually fights much smaller at 121 lbs. He's lost his last 3 bouts by first round KO to Alexei Pekarchik (2:10 of round 1) in Belarus, Ali Hallack(1:34 of round 1) in Australia and Enn Fairtex (2:39 of round 1) in Sacramento, CA, USA. However, there will be no excuses this time. As the saying goes, "If you take a bout, be PREPARED for the bout you take." Ramirez will hope to end up on the winning end of this bout in hopes to re-start him on the winning side of things.

Doug "The Demon" Evans stands 5'7" and weighs in at about 165 lbs (75 kg) His muaythai & San Shou fight record is 24 wins and 6 loses while he holds an 8 win and 5 loss record in mixed martial arts. Evans like the name implies is a simple ferocious fighter. He is a Muaythai stylist with a wrestling background. A combination that makes him one the top fighters in the world of Shootboxing, San Shou or Draka fighting. He combines wicked leg kicks, powerful hands, piercing knees and high amplitude slams to overwhelm opponents. "The Demon" is always on the offensive looking to finish his opponent by any means necessary. His experience is not only limited to stand-up style fighting. He has competed in various NHB/MMA venues throughout the world. He has fought at Neutral Grounds, SuperBrawl, The Bas Rutten Invitational, The IVC in Brazil and various underground venues in California. His results in NHB/MMA competition has earned him a fearsome reputation for his aggressive and pounding style.

Most recently Evans had become the Draka World Middleweight Champion, to add to his IFCKF Middleweight World Title he won in Armenia. He then went to Japan where he KO'D Shootboxing Falconweight World Champion Kenichi Ogata in the first round of a non-title bout. Next he then traveled to Thailand for a 1 month stay of training and fighting in the stadiums of Chang Mai and Pattaya. He trained under the tutelage of 3 time Lumpini Champion Denchai Fairtex and went 3-1 in bouts with full Muay Thai rules, including elbows, scoring 2 KO's and 1 decision in his three wins and losing by decision in his one loss. The Thai promoters were very impressed with his skill, desire, and aggressiveness and have invited him to compete in Thailand later this year.

As far as their opponents, all will face not only well experienced Myanmar Traditional Boxing fighters but all current Myanmar Boxing Champions. Ritch will face off against Ei Htee Kaw. Kaw is 26 years old, 5'11" tall and weighs in at 156 lbs. His fight record is 19 wins, 1 loss and 5 draws and is the current Myanmar Light Middleweight Champion. Evans will face off against Wan Chai. Chai is 29 years old and stands 5'6 inches tall. He weighs 165 lbs and has a Fight Record of 19 Wins, 1 Loss and 6 Draws and he is the current Myanmar Middleweight Champion. Ramirez will meet Saw Thei Myo. Myo is 23 Years old and stands 5'5" tall. He weighs in at 132 Lbs. and his fight record is 18 Wins, 2 Losses and 5 Draws and he is the current Myanmar Lightweight Champion.

The rules for Myanmar Boxing are, as already mentioned, a lot like MuayThai. 5 Rounds, 3 Minutes each with 2 minute rests between rounds.
Here are some of the other rules of Myanmar Boxing:

Shannon Ritch

Alberto Ramirez

Doug Evans

  • NHB/MMA, UFC style Gloves, Not Boxing Gloves.
  • All kind of punches by hand.
  • Slamming by hand - Palm Strikes
  • Pushing by Palm.
  • All kind of Elbow Strikes.
  • All kind of Knee Strikes.
  • All kind of Kicks.
  • All kind of Throws.
  • All kind of Clinchings.
  • Arm Locks.
  • Head butts
  • If a boxer is knocked down 4 times in the whole span of fight he will lose.
  • There are no DECISION wins. A fighter must win by knockout or if the referee stops the bout.
  • However, if the bout ends without a knockout or stoppage, here's where the American fighters are at a loss because none of them know what is meant in the rules as said: "Both boxers shall play International version of Myanmar Boxing dance before the fight. At the end of the fight the winner has to play boxing dance. If the contest is decided as draw both shall play the dance." This is not a Muaythai WAI KRU like some may think. They have been told that they will apparently learn the dance required once in Burma. This particular dance was suppose to be shown to the American Fighters in a video the promoters were sending them. Since all the American fighters had all sent their videos to the Burma Fighters, they were expecting, as promised and agreed prior, for them to send videos as well. However, as of press time, none of the American Fighters had received the promised videos of their opponents. Which brings us to some concerns...

Should the American Team Go?

All of those going on this trip have been warned by several that relations between the United States and Myanmar are not as friendly as they could be. Hopefully, this American "Sporting Team" can give the Myanmar people a different look at Americans and show that we "DO" want to promote Friendly Relationships between the two countries. Especially if the IKF and or ISCF are asked to sanction events there in the future. The USA Team has been asked to question their decision of participating in this event. The American Embassy in Rangoon wrote: "We do not encourage Americans to travel here (refer to the State Department web page for travel advisories to Burma). If you're expecting a fair fight, stay home."

Reading this, the American Team of course will be on guard as anyone would. The Team has also been told that their hotel phone lines will be tapped by military intelligence, the government would really like to see Americans get pummeled, the military really wants their boys to win, and have sequestered them in a military training camp, and are putting a lot of pressure on them to win. Word on the street (with no free press all news is a rumor-some true, most not) is that the authorities are pulling out all the stops, including instructing the judges and referees to ensure that the local boys win-illegal punches, thumbs in the eye, etc. In short, the fix could be in. Keeping in mind that this is rumor central the American Team has been informed that they will be under heavy surveillance by military intelligence..... and on and on...

Well, of course this all worries everyone on the USA Team. However, it's clear that the team is not going over to start a war or strike up political arguments. The team is going over to represent all of Kickboxing around the world and the goal of the American Team is to begin a strong and friendly relationship with Burma in regards to kickboxing. As the IKF 5 star mission says, UNITY: To Promote unity among all sanctioning bodies, organizations, schools, fighters, trainers and promoters so the sport of kickboxing can grow to its fullest potential.

As we have ALSO been told; "Yes, the competing Myanmar traditional boxers have been provided a camp with training facilities to offer the fighters competition nation wide which they otherwise would not have, and to improve the overall standard of the fighters. They do not have gyms throughout the country like in the USA where this otherwise would happen."

Putting it more clear was the comment made: "Imagine if it was you promoting a sporting event like this, the first in your country, would you jeopardize your future in promotions by being party to the types of things these people are wanting you to believe?"

Well, of course we hope not. Again, the USA Team is a "SPORT Fighting Team". None of them have government or political associations and none of them expect to be treated unfairly. They will be there to represent Kickboxing from not only America, but around the world. This is how relations start and if it takes a sport fight to start it all, lets hope the team can do great things for the relations between the two countries.

Here is the Teams Itinerary for the week

  • June 5th: Depart Los Angeles Airport to Bangkok where they will have a layover before traveling to Burma the next day.
  • June 7th:
    • Meeting at the airport with the event promoter, Mr. Maung Tin OO, Officials from Ministry of Sports, Myanmar traditional sports federation and Myanmar Boxing federation.
    • Transfer to Hotel Equatorial
    • Lunch
    • Greeting to the Minister of Sports.
    • Press Conferences
    • Dinner
  • June 8th:
    • Medical examination and weigh-in.
    • Pre Fight Clinic with the officials from Ministry of sports and Myanmar Traditional Sports Federation.
    • Training with the Myanmar Boxing Master.
    • Lunch
    • Meetings
    • Dinner
  • June 9th
    • Medical examination and weigh in for fighters Shannon Rich and Ei Htee Kaw, Alberto Ramirez and Saw Thei Myo.
    • Training
    • Lunch
    • Transfer to the Stadium for bouts. Program will be started at 2:00 PM: Shannon Rich Vs Ei Htee Kaw and Alberto Ramirez Vs Saw Thei Myo.
    • Dinner
  • June 10
    • Medical examination and weigh-in for Doug Evans and Wan Chai.
    • Training
    • Lunch
    • Fight night at Stadium for bout. Program will be started at 2:00 PM: Doug Evans Vs Wan Chai.
    • Dinner
  • June 11th
    • Visit to Myanmar famous Pagoda SHWE DAGON
    • Visit to National Museum
    • Lunch
    • Visit to famous BOGYOKE MARKET
    • Farewell Dinner
  • June 12
    • Meeting with the official from Ministry of Sports
    • Lunch
    • Transfer to the Airport for departure.
  • June 13th: Arrive back in the USA.

For more info, contact event Promoter Mr. Maung Tin Oo by e-mail by Clicking HERE. The actual Promotional Company is AUSTMAR INTERNATIONAL (Martial Arts Promotions) from NSW, Australia. their contact number there is 61-2-938 76248, Fax: 61-2-938 92738. For e-mail, click this link:

The IKF & ISCF would like to thank RINGSIDE .com for Providing some of the American Teams Equipment for this event.