MARCH 2001


WEDNESDAY, March 28th, 2001, AT 11:30 PM PT

The Battle For The BEST In

The Mexico Flag will wave strong and proud this coming Saturday night March 31st as Promociones Borimex' Mr. Jerly Diaz presents The Battle For The BEST IN MEXICO at the Jai Alai Sports Center in Tijuana, Mexico. On the line will be the first time ever any fighter has fought for an IKF Mexico National Title. Four fighters will seek to be the first ever IKF Pro Mexico National Champions but only two will walk away with the belt.

This Saturday night there will be 4 stars of Mexico taking the stage to be the Pride on the Nation. It will be a dual Main Event as Pedro "Pitbull" Fernandez (Left, ) will face Raul Romero Gonzalez (Right) for the vacant IKF Pro IR Super Heavyweight Mexico National Title. Fernandez, (6'5", 230, 15-2-11kos) of Tijuana, Mexico has won several smaller organization titles already that include the IKBL Super Heavyweight North American Title in 1995. The ITBO Super Heavyweight Continental Title in 1997 and the IKKC Super Heavyweight USA Title in 2000. The recognition of an IKF Pro Title would add a little clout to his list of hardware for when he enters the ring in K-1 USA on May 5th in Las Vegas Nevada.

On the other side of the ring will be little known Raul Romero Gonzalez of Mexico City Mexico. All we know of Gonzalez (6'1, 220, 6-0/3kos) is that he won the ANKB National Kickboxing title a few years back. His undefeated record offers question since few have heard of him. However he'll be out to prove to everyone that he should have received the K-1 invitation instead of the better known Fernandez. A win by Gonzalez here would definitely put him on the kickboxing map since Super Heavyweights are hard to come by nowadays. He's in the best position the sport has ever offered him with a shot at a well known National Title. Such an opportunity doesn't get any better than that. The second Main Event will Feature David Serrano of Tijuana, Mexico (9-4/3, 5'10") against Jose Guardado of Ensanada, Baja Ca, Mexico (6-0/4, 5'6") for the IKF IR Lightweight Pro Mexico National Title.

The IKF crowned a World Champion from Mexico several years back as Ivan Silva of Tijauana, Baja Ca, Mexico defeated Dave Horvath of Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada with a first round KO on December 15th, 1997 in Tijuana Mexico. Silva was Mexico's first kickboxing World Champion. Having never been challenged to defend his title, (14-1 with 8 KO's) Silva's trainer (Reyes) retired his title on June 22nd, 1999 after Silva suffered a potentially career ending hand injury while training to defend his title against Danny Steele in Hawaii.

For more info on this event, please contact Mr. Jerly Diaz of Promociones Borimex at 011 5266 488816, or Mr. Doug Dickey by e-mail by clicking HERE!

TUESDAY, March 27th, 2001, AT 2:30 PM PT

Has NEW Portugal Representative

IKF Europe: Following a successful trip to Portugal, IKF Europe-Asia Director Alby Bimpson and IKF Europe Coordinator Mike Fowles of England would like to welcome on board Mr. Nuno Ferreira and his father, Mr. Fernando Ferreira as the Official IKF Representatives for Portugal.

"We would like to thank them for their excellent hospitality and their honesty during our visit." Said Mr. Bimpson. "We look forward to working with them, and can only see Great things for IKF in Portugal - due to their abundance of enthusiasm and dedication to the sport of kickboxing."

Any Portuguese martial artists interested in Kickboxing, Thai boxing, Semi Contact and or Forms, please contact Mr. Nuno Ferreira by e mail at

FRIDAY, March 23rd, 2001, AT 1:25 PM PT

Towler, Minnesota, USA

Fortune Bay Casino located at 1430 Bois Forte Road in Towler Minnesota will be host to IKF Amateur Kickboxing this Saturday night, March 24th. Although there are no Title Bouts scheduled for this event, it will feature plenty of exciting amateur action. The event will be promoted by Mr. Frank J. Maki. For more event info, please contact Mr. Maki at (218) 749-6272 or by e-mail by clicking HERE or for more info, click HERE.

THURSDAY, March 22nd, 2001, AT 8:10 PM PT

IKF Invites
Non-IKF Amateur Title Holders to Nationals

Alex MacDonald

The IKF/Ringside USA National Amateur Kickboxing Championships are again in the planning stages. They will be held on September 7th, 8th & 9th and if you are an amateur kickboxer you are invited to sign up. Perhaps we should change the name of the tournament to the IKF/ Ringside OPEN Amateur National Championships because we won't slam the door in your face if you have a title sanctioned by another governing body. Unlike the K-1 pro tournaments, there are more than 8 spots available and you don't need a personal invitation. Simply put, this tournament is inclusive not exclusive. This is your chance to fight, your challenge to show us all how talented you are and your opportunity to get national experience. If you win, we'll match you with someone who has also won. If you win twice, we'll match you with someone who has also won twice. When we can't challenge you any further, we'll put a belt around your waist and call you champion for a year.

However prestigious the belt you now wear, there is no amateur belt in the United States that compares to the IKF/Ringside USA National Amateur Championship Belt. Even our own IKF amateur title holders are strongly encouraged to enter and tournament winners are put first in line to challenge for these titles. Moreover, anyone with any kickboxing knowledge will know that, by winning the IKF/Ringside USA National Amateur Kickboxing Championships, you faced fighters from around the country and selected by someone other than your personal promoter. They will know, without a doubt, that you didn't meet your sparring partner for the belt.

The only amateur champions we could find on the Internet were from the ISKA and USKBA so we have listed these amateur champions from the United States below(as listed on their web sites). It is to these fighters that the IKF would like to extend a special invitation. This is not a dare or a game of chicken. We're not taunting you to put up or shut up. This is us telling you that the door is as open to you as much as it is to anyone who has fought on IKF sanctioned events. At first glance, it might appear that you have nothing to lose by not entering the tournament. You can continue to call yourselves the state, national or international champions. Those of you, however, who are considering a pro career will need the best amateur experience you can get. That experience is the IKF/Ringside USA National Amateur Kickboxing Championship Tournament. It's the proving ground for future pros in the U.S. and the competition is getting better every year. One day we'll watch a superstar in the making. We'll see him/her progress through the junior ranks, dominate the adult class and then reek havoc on the pros. In exchange for the priceless amateur experience, s/he'll give the tournament even greater recognition much like Olympic medallists who go on to become pro boxing champions. On the other hand, some may never decide to turn pro. Instead they may opt to build an amateur legacy and try to win year after year. Whatever you decide we want you to get the rewards you deserve for your hard work: credibility and respect. Spread the word.


If we have listed someone inaccurately on the above list, please inform us by e-mail at

TUESDAY, March 20th, 2001, AT 1:30 PM PT

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Will Team Up Again For
USA National Amateur Tournament

As of about 1:00 PM (PT) today it became official that the IKF will team up once again with RINGSIDE to Co-Promote this years 2001 USA National Amateur Tournament. The IKF and RINGSIDE came up with the idea for the National Amateur Tournament 2 years ago as a request of several IKF USA promoters and trainers. However, what started as just an idea became a reality once IKF President Steve Fossum and RINGSIDE's Joe Taylor (Left) committed to doing the event which would include organizing regional qualifying events around the Nation that would lead up to a National Finals Event. However it was not accomplished by just these two individuals. Although the association of RINGSIDE helped greatly and the coordination of the IKF organization kept everyone together, it was the regional director/promoters, trainers and fighters who completed the TEAM and made it all a reality.

The first year many thought it was just a 1 time deal and estimated about 50 fighters would show up to Nationals. However in year 1 the number was doubled and it grew by about 40% in only it's second year featuring both Junior and Adult Boys/Men and Girls/Women fighters in 4 different rule styles. Last year nearly 50 IKF/RINGSIDE Leather and Brass National Title Belts were awarded at a cost of approximately $185.00 each. A prize any fighter would be proud to take home.

Last year Taylor left RINGSIDE not because he didn't like the company but for a job advancement opportunity. He will be a special featured guest at the 2001 National Finals though so make sure you say hello. Three of the events first regional directors are still directors today for the 2001 event who include Rob Zbilski, Jeff Mullens, and Duke Roufus. Unable to do a 2001 regional this year due to busy schedules are Mike Carlson, (Georgia), Sean Wohl (Florida) and Sven Bean. (Colorado) Lane Collyer will pick up in the South/East (Atlanta, Georgia) where Carlson and Wohl once organized things while a replacement for Bean's Central Mountain Division has yet to be found.

This year adding to the Regional Director/Promoters list are Clement Vierra of Phoenix Arizona who will host his second regional in a row along with first time Regional Director/Promoters Gene Fields and Adam Rogers who will host the first ever California Regional Qualifying Event. Craig Monyelle of Beloit Wisconsin will handle his first Regional event in the North Central Full Contact Division and Dan Dun of Corvalis Oregon will attempt again (Last year his event was cancelled due to lack of sign-ups... none) to get some participation in the Pacific North West Division. For info on the regional event in your area, please see the links below.

NORTH - Corvallis, OR - July 14th
CENTRAL - Monterey, CA - June 30th & July 1st

SOUTH - Phoenix, AZ - Date TBA

NORTH - MT/IR - Milwaukee, WS - June, 23rd
NORTH - FCR & SS - Beloit, WS - May 26th
U.S. CENTRAL - Nationals Registration Only
SOUTH #1 - Memphis, Tennessee - May 12th


SOUTH - Atlanta, GA, Date TBA

RINGSIDE's involvement for the 2001 event is much larger than in the previous 2 years. In the first 2 years, IKF Promoter Mick Doyle of Omaha Nebraska did a great job as the person who organized the National Finals venue at Harveys Casino in Council Bluffs Iowa. However this year, RINGSIDE will be the National Finals Host as they bring the finals to Kansas City, Kansas (Olathe).

The new venue will be the Holiday Inn which is the same location RINGSIDE holds their annual SILVER GLOVES Boxing Championship Tournament at so the staff is already prepared for the event. The event date will also change to September 7th, 8th and 9th. Holiday Inn will also offer a reduction in room rates for everyone from the previous years finals from approximately $80+ per room to only $64.95 per room. There will be 120 rooms reserved at the Holiday Inn and an additional set of rooms reserved at the hotel next door (Sleep Inn) for the same reduced rate.

As a Thank You for their efforts in Promoting Regional Events, Regional Directors for 2001 who have Promoted at least 2 Previous Regional Events will receive a free room for the weekend of the finals. First and second time Regional Directors who Promote a Regional Event will receive a reduced room rate of only $39.00 per room per night. The Hotel is located at 101 W. 151st Street in Olathe, KS. (913) 829-4000, Toll-Free: 800-833-6632, Fax: (913) 829-8165. Shuttle services will also be provided free of charge by RINGSIDE and the Olathe Convention and Visitors Bureau to and from the airport and the hotels.

Plans are also being made to feature seminars on both Friday and Saturday nights and an Awards Banquet will be happening for sure on Sunday night so you don't want to leave early. We will be looking for 2 different event sponsors as well, one to sponsor the awards banquet and one to sponsor this years National Championship Title Belts (2000 Belts at Right). If you know someone who might be or you might be interested in sponsorship, please let us know by e-mail at or call IKF Headquarters at (916) 663-2467.

Also available this year will be vender booths in the separate Tournament Pro Shop Room which will be located in the Bristol Ballroom. Already RINGSIDE of course will set up shop in there and another official sponsor of this years event, WIPSS Jaw-Joint Protector will also be there. WIPSS has committed to supplying all the National Finals participants a free WIPSS Jaw-Joint Protector which will be mailed out to all registered National Finalists a month before the finals in a gift and info package that will be mailed out for the first time this year by the IKF. If you or someone you know wants to have a booth space at the 2001 event please contact the IKF for fees and schedules.

As those who have noticed from year 1 to year 2, the IKF has been committed to make the event better every year. RINGSIDE has also followed in this commitment as they add to the winners prizes something new. Along with the IKF/RINGSIDE Champion Autograph Gloves, winners will also receive IKF/RINGSIDE National Championship Jackets as well. Runner ups will receive medals and finalists T-Shirts. RINGSIDE will also increase the exposure of the event this year which will include increased flier mail outs, internet ads, Ads in their RINGSIDE UPDATE mailer and of course, the full page ad in the Spring & Summer RINGSIDE catalog which will be at most of your doorsteps in April. This year they will also do a follow-up report in the Ringside Update October Issue with all the National Final fight results as well.

We have a lot more news to fill everyone in on so keep watch of the news page here and we hope to see all you Amateurs "Walk the Walk" at this years 2001 IKF/RINGSIDE National Amateur Kickboxing Championships.

Proud Sponsor of The IKF USA National Amateur Kickboxing Championships!

Below News Posted AT 2:00 AM PT on TUESDAY, March 20th

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The Kickboxing

By Alex MacDonald, IKF Japan:
One of the interesting things about the sport of kickboxing is not only the four rule classes but also where the fighters have come from. Some start as kickboxing amateurs then move on to the pro ranks like amateur boxers move to pro boxing but others come from various martial arts to create a fascinating diversity.
The K-1 in Japan claims that its name comes from the combat arts that have the letter K in them: karate, kung fu, taekwondo, kickboxing, etc. Muay Thai fans tend to dislike the name because most K-1 fighters have some training in Muay Thai, a martial art without a K. Some critics have even said the name K-1 comes from its founders name, Kazuyoshi Ishii (K-I). Regardless of whether the top K-1 fighters are primarily from one background or not, the fact remains that the K-1 has embraced all striking sports as a source of talent.
Ernesto Hoost (Muay Thai, full contact, savate, etc.) has made it to the finals four times ('93, '97, '99 and '00) winning three times ('97, '99 and '00).
Peter Aerts (Muay Thai) became the Grand Prix champion three times ('94, '95 & '98).
Andy Hug (Karate) was the only fighter to make it to the finals 3 years in a row ('96, '97 & '98) and the only karateka to win the GP ('96).
Mike Bernado (boxing) has made it to the finals once ('96) but is best remembered for the savage beatings he gave and Hug in '95, Aerts in '96 and Jerome LeBanner last week (March 17th '01).
Let's now look at some of the different striking arts and see how they might perform in the kickboxing ring. This Article is continued on the Opinions Page at: The Kickboxing Talent Pool.

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Ludwig & Rawlings
Victorious While
Villalobos & Harris Fall

ASST. REPORTER Sven Bean IKF Colorado: Duane BANG! With a ringname like "BANG" people expect a lot from you and the crowd got what they expected from former 2 time IKF National Amateur Champion Duane "BANG" Ludwig (At right with black and Gold trunks stalking Villalobos) of Colorado. Ludwig scored a unanimous decision win in his 5 round bout over former MuayThai World Title contender, Pedro Villalobos of Atlanta, Georgia, USA. All 3 judges had the score, 50-45 for Ludwig.

Ludwig took a fight that was fairly even in the first 3 rounds and opened things up in round 4 controlling every aspect of the final 2 rounds. Villalobos' technique was clean but he never had Ludwig in trouble.

The other bout the IKF was watching closely was the David Serrano Vs Dan Rawlings (L) bout. Serrano was being watched close by the IKF because he is booked to fight for the IKF Junior Lightweight Pro Mexico National Title in only 2 weeks in Tijuana, Mexico. If he was knocked out, cut or the fight stopped before the scheduled 5 rounds he would have been forced to pull out of the title bout in Mexico leaving top ranked contender Jose Guardado without an opponent only 2 weeks from fight time. However, this wasn't the problem for Serrano. Rawlings was the problem as he beat Serrano in a 5 round decision.

Another unlucky fighter we've seen a lot of in the past was former IKF Amateur U.S. Champion Heath Harris. Harris has struggled since turning pro and his struggle continued Saturday night as an unknown name to kickboxing, Pete "SECRET WEAPON" Spratt KOed Harris about :35 seconds into round 1.

Our bet is Harris won't forget him though and from what we hear, Spratt is no unknown in the world of Mixed Martial Arts. Apparently he's one of the most well known rising young stars in MMA. He's trained by Saul Soliz and Yves Edwards. We also heard that Frank Shamrock wants him to join his team and will be promoting him in MMA while Sven Bean of Colorado will remain his manager in kickboxing.

This event is not sanctioned by the IKF. Only a news story.

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Mar 17, 2001, Yokohama Arena
Special Thank You To For Assisting With This Report

Cyril Abidi

Glaube Feitosa

Jurgen Krut

Stephan Leko

Ray Sefo

Nicholas Pettas

Cyril Abidi (R, France, 190 cm -6'3", 97.8 kg -215 lbs, 16-3/13) Vs Great Kusatsu (Japan, 181cm -5'11"- 96.4 kg -212 lbs, 2-2/2) The Judges decision: The first score is 50-48 for Abidi. This sounds about right, as Abidi never lost a round. Perhaps a bit generous on Kusatsu's end. The next judge's score is announced as 50-49 for Kusatsu!!! Unbelievable ! K1 is notorious for homer judges favoring the Japanese fighter, but this is just ridiculous. This guy had Kusatsu not losing a single round, when you could argue that he lost 4, and he was clearly dominated in 2 of the 5. Abidi looks ticked off, and rightfully so. Luckily for him, justice is served when the final judge scores it 50-47 for him. Abidi takes the 2-1 split decision.

Glaube Feitosa (L, Brazil, 193cm -6'4"-, 100.5 kg -212 lbs, 1-5/1) VS Tsuyoshi Nakasako (R, Japan, 190cm -6'3"-, 97.6kg -215 lbs-, 9-7/5) Feitosa knocked out Nakasako with a head kick in round 2.

Stephan Leko ( Below Left, Germany, 188cm -6'2"-, 98.5kg -217 lbs-, 40-5-1/23) Vs Jurgen Krut (Swedan, 189cm -6'2"-, 98.0 kg -216 lbs-, 51-7-2/25) Krut scored three knockdowns against Leko in the second round. First Knockdown: Krut ties up Leko once more and when Leko pulls away to avoid a knee, Krut catches him with a right hand that drops him. Leko immediately pops up and tries to wave it off as a slip but it was a legitimate knockdown. Second Knockdown: Leko looks fine, but must still be feeling the effects as Krut rushes him and physically bowls him over with a flurry of blows. This counts as the second knockdown, though no one single punch was all that damaging. Third Knockdown: Leko throws a punch while moving backwards just as Krut unleashes a big right hand. Krut's punch finds the mark and Leko goes flying backward and lands flat on his back. It looks spectacular and it earns Krut the victory. Leko sits up and is okay and seems more mad at himself than hurt.

Ray Sefo (R, New Zealand, 180cm -5'11"-, 99.2kg -218 lbs-, 26-7-1/20) Vs Michael McDonald (Canada). Sefo rocks McDonald with a right hand and than a punch rush forces McDonald to the canvas. McDonald gets up only to be swarmed again. Sefo throws three big overhand rights, all of which just barely miss the fleeing McDonald. Sefo bulls McDonald into the ropes and unleashes some more punches and McDonald goes down again. Replay doesn't reveal any of the shots actually landing, however. McDonald seems completely aware but waits out the 10 count on the mat before getting up. This looked really strange. There probably was a punch that the camera missed, but it looked like McDonald just gave up and decided to call it a night before getting really caught with one of Sefo's bombs.

Nicholas Pettas

Mirko CroCop

Peter Aerts

Mike Bernardo

Jerome Le Banner

Nicholas Pettas (Denmark, 180cm -5'11"-, 100.5 kg -221 lbs-, 1-3/1) Vs Peter Varga(N/A). Petas senses the need to turn things up and in the 3rd round as he rushes Varga with a flurry of punches. Varga weathers the onrush and fights off Pettas. Varga seems to be ready to take command yet again when a Pettas low kick catches him right above the left ankle. Varga buckles a bit and then Pettas kicks him again in the exact same spot and he goes down. Varga is hurt and doesn't answer the bell. Pettas pulls out the timely K.O. despite being on the losing end of 2 1/2 rounds of action.

Peter Aerts (Holland, 192 cm -6'4"-, 106.2 kg -234 lbs-, 65-15-1/51) Vs Mirko CroCop (R, Croatia, 188 cm -6'2"-, 96.7 kg -213 lbs-, 52-10/40) A disappointing fight because both have exciting offensive arsenals when matched against the right opponent. These styles clashed here, however, and didn't produce much in the way of fan enjoyment. The Judges' decision: 49-49, 50-48 for Mirko, and 50-48 for Mirko. The Cro Cop takes the majority decision. He earned the victory by doing what he had to early and then coasting for the rest of the fight. Aerts won the last round with Mirko hanging on and taking warnings.

Jerome Le Banner (France, 190 cm -6'3"-, 120.0 kg -264 lbs-, 32-6-1/25) Vs Mike Bernardo (R, South Africa, 193cm -6'4"-, 107.9 kg -237 lbs-, 45-10-1/37) With less than 10 seconds left it looks like a clear LeBanner round, when all of a sudden a huge uppercut by Bernardo changes everything. LeBanner's head snaps back and Bernardo is all over him. About a dozen punches go unanswered which all find the mark on LeBanner's head. The referee steps in between them at the bell just as a crushing right hand by Bernardo drops LeBanner. The referee also goes down from the force of the blow and confusion sets in. The round is clearly over, but LeBanner is down for the count. Bernardo celebrates, spiking his mouthpiece and climbing the turnbuckle to scream to his fans. LeBanner is up now, however, and his corner are complaining that the round was over before the K.O. The officials meet and rule that, indeed, LeBanner was saved by the bell (The punch landed AFTER The Bell) and that there will be a round 2.

Bernardo has to come down off his high and get ready for another war because LeBanner is now up and seems fine and ready to go. As the time ticks on between rounds Bernardo and his camp look visibly upset as it appears LeBanner's corner is stalling. LeBanner's trainer is trying to remove LeBanner's gloves under some pretense or other. It looks as if he is just trying to buy time for his fighter to recover. Even LeBanner is getting upset as he wants to fight now and is resisting his cornerman's antics. Then just as suddenly LeBanner's corner throws in the towel and the fight is over. A muddled ending but just an incredible round of action. In less than 10 seconds Bernardo turned the entire fight around, landing a dozen punches and taking a victory in impressive fashion. Despite just being one round, this was as good a K1 fight as anything that took place in all of last year.

A great finale to an excellent show. HOWEVER, This result has officially been changed to a no-contest because they ruled that the final punch that laid out LeBanner came after the bell. This is kind of a shame as it takes away from Bernardo's impressive victory. K-1 Founder Mr. Ishi is already trying to put together a it looks like we will see this fight again soon.

Special Thank You AGAIN To the members who assisted in the reporting of this article.

More News of 3-20-01

Digging Deeper Into The
Darrin Morris
Sanctioning Body Scandal...

A Closer Look At The Muhammad Ali Boxing Reform Act
By Thomas Hauser - As posted by Alex MacDonald - IKF Japan

From Fightnews
Last year, Congress passed the Muhammad Ali Boxing Reform Act. It was the equivalent of putting a band-aid on a gaping wound that's badly in need of sutures. The Ali Act fails to address many of boxing's ills. But a little-noted provision in the statute could bring an end to the world sanctioning organizations as boxing knows them.

Section 11(d)(1) of the Ali Act reads as follows: "A sanctioning organization shall not be entitled to receive any compensation directly or indirectly in connection with a boxing match unless, not later than January 31 of each year, it submits to the Federal Trade Commission and to the Association of Boxing Commissions . . . a complete description of the organization's ratings criteria."

Each of the major sanctioning organizations purports to have filed this information with the Association of Boxing Commissions. The problem is, some of the filings appear to be fraudulent.
- The much-publicized case of Darrin Morris is instructive in this matter. Last month, Steve Bunce of The Independent in London summarized the salient facts of Morris's career. In July 1999, Morris defeated a fighter named Dave McClusky on a third-round TKO. The victory raised Morris's record to 28-2 1. A full year later, without having had another fight, Morris appeared in the number-ten slot in the World Boxing Organization's super-middleweight ratings. Then, without fighting again, he continued to climb upward, reaching the number-seven slot in October 2000. That was when Morris died of HIV related meningitis, but his career continued to flourish. By the time Bunce broke the story, Morris had climbed to number five. In sum, the WBO had a corpse ranked in the top ten of its super-middleweight division for four months. And -- no religious overtones intended -- that corpse continued to rise. -

The Morris fiasco gave rise to some whimsical observations:

But the Morris fiasco also revealed the hypocrisy inherent in the WBO's ratings procedures and the fraudulent nature of the WBO's filings. That much is clear from an examination of the document entitled "Ratings Criteria" that the WBO filed pursuant to federal law.
The first ratings criteria listed by the WBO is "a positive record with special emphasis on recent activities." Darrin Morris fought only once in the forty months prior to his being rated number 5 by the WBO.
The second ratings criteria listed by the WBO is "a positive amateur record with special emphasis on medals obtained in international and Olympic tournaments." However, I don't recall seeing Morris standing on the winner's podium while the star-spangled banner waved.
The third ratings criteria listed is "a titleholder in our regional division." Morris wasn't.
The fourth rating criteria is "quality of competition." In Morris's final four fights, his opponents had a combined record of 38 wins, 185 losses, and 7 draws. That's not a typographical error; 185 losses is correct.
The fifth ratings criteria is "frequency of competition." To repeat, in the forty months prior to his being rated number 5 by the WBO, Morris fought once.
The sixth ratings criteria is "positive TV exposure." Morris hadn't been on television in years.

Ratings criteria seven and eight are "good relations with the community" and "no drug or crime-related problems." No problem here. Morris was dead.
WBO president Francisco "Paco" Valcarcel tried to explain away the Morris fiasco when he told Steve Bunce, "It is sometimes hard to get all the information on boxers and we obviously missed the fact that Darrin was dead. It is regrettable." Later, Valcarcel added, "It could happen to any ruling body. You have seen retired boxers rise in other sanctioning body rankings."

Then Gordon Volkman (the WBO's fourth vice president and one of three men who rate boxers for the WBO) poured more fuel on the fire. Volkman was contacted by Tim Graham a week after Bunce's story broke, and he still hadn't heard that Morris was dead. "With the many different divisions that we have," Volkman acknowledged, "it's impossible to keep up with everyone intelligently." Volkman also told Graham that, although he sends in a monthly ballot, the WBO uses it only as a "recommendation" before finalizing the ratings in Puerto Rico.

The Morris case appears to be about incompetence; not a ranking in exchange for dollars. And in fairness to the WBO, I should note that its criteria don't specifically state that a fighter must be alive in order to be ranked. But at this juncture, it's also worth mentioning that nowhere in the WBO's "Ratings Criteria" does one see the name "Klaus-Peter Kohl" or "Frank Warren" mentioned.
Klaus-Peter Kohl is the most powerful promoter and manager in Germany. Frank Warren is the most powerful promoter in England. At present, the WBO has sixteen champions. Kohl and Warren control fourteen of them. They also appear to control the number-one or number-two contenders in eight of the WBO's top twelve weight divisions.
The WBO, of course, is not alone in this matter. The WBC, WBA, and IBF have track records that are just as bad, and that makes for an interesting situation. At least one and possibly all four major world sanctioning organizations have filed phony ratings criteria with the Association of Boxing Commissions in flagrant violation of federal statutory requirements. That gives rise to the question: "What is the penalty for a false filing?
Here's where things get particularly interesting.
Section 6 of the Ali Act provides that violation of the disclosure requirements is a criminal offense punishable by up to one year in prison and a fine of up to $100,000. The criminal division of the Justice Department is responsible for prosecuting any criminal action. John Ashcroft; are you listening?
Section 6 also provides that the chief law enforcement officer of any state may bring a civil action to enjoin the holding within the state of any professional boxing match related to the false filing and to obtain such other relief as a court may deem appropriate. Marc Ratner and other state athletic commission personnel; please contact the chief law enforcement officer in your state.
And perhaps most significant, under the Ali Act, any world sanctioning organization that files incomplete or false information "SHALL NOT BE ENTITLED TO RECEIVE ANY COMPENSATION DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY IN CONNECTION WITH A BOXING MATCH." That means, if a world sanctioning body is found to have filed incomplete or false ratings criteria, a boxer who fights for one of that organization's titles in the United States should be free of any obligation to pay a sanctioning fee to the organization.

Fighters and honest managers, take note.

SATURDAY, March 17th, 2001, AT 8:40 AM PT


Yesterday we brought up the question about why the K-1 USA was called K-1 USA and not K-1 North America since there have been in the past and in the future, scheduled fighters from Mexico and Canada. Our IKF Japan Associate Alex McDonald will explain why it's called K-1 USA.

There are only 6 continents in the world and 14 world tournaments. With the exception of Oceania (which had qualifying tournaments in New Zealand and some Aussie states), all the tournaments are named after their host countries. Nine or ten of the tournaments are held in Europe (K-1 Turkey is both Europe and Asia, isn't it?) There are no national tournaments. Even the K-1 Japan is international with fighters from various parts of Asia. Two examples from last year: K-1 Italy: Paris Vassilikos of Greece and K-1 Croatia: Jurgen Krut of Sweden. If Scott Coker were not the promoter and say Mike Miles of Canada was, it would be called K-1 Canada and have American and Mexican fighters.

More News Of 3-17-01

Darrin Morris & Andy Hug
By Alex McDonald - IKF Japan

Have you ever heard of a boxer named Darrin Morris? Well, he's got something in common with Andy Hug (R). They've both had their deaths ignored by sanctioning bodies. Thomas Hauser of describes the Morris story as follows:
"The much-publicized case of Darrin Morris is instructive in this matter. Last month, Steve Bunce of The Independent in London summarized the salient facts of Morris's career. In July 1999, Morris defeated a fighter named Dave McClusky on a third-round TKO. The victory raised Morris's record to 28-2 1. A full year later, without having had another fight, Morris appeared in the number-ten slot in the World Boxing Organization's super-middleweight ratings. Then, without fighting again, he continued to climb upward, reaching the number-seven slot in October 2000. That was when Morris died of HIV related meningitis, but his career continued to flourish. By the time Bunce broke the story, Morris had climbed to number five. In sum, the WBO had a corpse ranked in the top ten of its super-middleweight division for four months. And -- no religious overtones intended -- that corpse continued to rise. Hauser (March 2001)"

Now look at the criteria for high rankings according to the WBO and keep in mind that the fighter in question had died:

  1. Positive record with special emphasis on recent activities.
  2. Positive amateur record with special emphasis on medals obtained in international and Olympic tournaments.
  3. Titleholder in regional division.
  4. Quality of competition.
  5. Frequency of competition.
  6. Positive TV exposure.
  7. Good relations with the community.
  8. No drug or crime-related problems.

As shocking as that is to the boxing world, the kickboxing world has a similar example of incompetence. It concerns a fighter who was very well known: Andy Hug. Immediately after his death, he was removed from the IKF rankings. To leave him there would not be some sort of posthumous honor. That's silly. It would mean that a great fighter died unnoticed and believe me there is no reason in the world for that. So, why is it that other sanctioning organizations fail(ed) to remove a deceased fighter from their rankings? I don't want to put words in their mouths but I'm assuming they'll say something like "Oooops!" Andy died on August 24th 2000 and is currently (as of March 16, 2022) ranked by the following sanctioning bodies:

Hauser goes on to quote the recently passed Muhammad Ali Act [section 11(d)(1)] which states:
"A sanctioning organization shall not be entitled to receive any compensation directly or indirectly in connection with a boxing match unless, not later than January 31 of each year, it submits to the Federal Trade Commission and to the Association of Boxing Commissions . . . a complete description of the organization's ratings criteria."

Can it be any worse than that? Well, yes it can. Section 6 of the Muhammad Ali Act states that:
"violation of the disclosure requirements is a criminal offense punishable by up to one year in prison and a fine of up to $100,000. The criminal division of the Justice Department is responsible for prosecuting any criminal action". Simply put, sanctioning bodies must do their jobs….or else.

It may seem to some readers that this is a direct attack on our competitors. However, when most of the organizations fail to update their records, people tend to assume that we all fail to do so. We see that as a direct attack on our credibility to which we feel a clear explanation is warranted: we're doing our job, they aren't. We do apologize to the promoters affiliated with these organizations. Our comments are not directed at you. We simply believe that a good promoter and a good sanctioning body will produce a better end product than a good promoter and a poor sanctioning body. Demand your money's worth.

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IKF Fighters Looking For Title Shots
Featured On Non IKF Event Tonight

Tustin California, USA

Tonight there will be a kickboxing event called the Marconi Show in Tustin, CA, USA. On the event will be some fighters the IKF knows that will wither be hoping to keep their names in the winners corner or hoping to get back, in the winners corner. The card is a MuayThai event hosted by Jason Luevano of Low Kick Productions (Warriors Cup of America) The first fighter we know on the card is Heath "Cowboy" Harris. Harris (Overall: 15-6/14) is a past IKF Amateur US (International Rules/Leg Kick) Champion however he's struggled a lot in the pro ranks. His worse pro loss came in a full contact rules bout against IKF North American FCR Champion Eric Regan of Roseville, CA USA at Table Mountain Casino. In the bout, Regan stopped Harris by TKO at 1:19 of round 1. Harris will hope to get back on the right track when he faces little known fighter Pete Spratt.

A more publicized fight will be between 2 time IKF Amateur Champion (IKF U.S. Super Middleweight Amateur MuayThai Title, August 21st 1999, 1999 IKF/RINGSIDE US National Light Middleweight MuayThai Tournament Champion September 5th, 1999 Duane Ludwig (L) of Aurora, Colorado, USA (#5 IKF Pro MuayThai Ranked, Pro: 5-0/0, AM: 12-2/8) and Pedro Villalobos of Chamblee, Georgia, USA via Bangkok, Thailand (12-2/5). Ludwig has stormed into the pro ranks with 5 straight impressive wins without a loss but will probably have his biggest test tonight against Villalobos. Villalobos is remembered from being destroyed by IKF MuayThai World Champion Kongnapa, but than again, who hasn't been... Were very interested to see how he does against Ludwig. It's a must win for Villalobos if he hopes to stay in the top of the rankings and a great proving ground for Ludwig. A win here could get him an early title shot. Probably not against Kongnapa, but at a minimum of a US Title shot against....?.

Also being watched will be David Serrano of Tijuana, Mexico (9-3/3) vs Dan Rawlings (R) of Euclid, Ohio, USA (PRO: 1-0/1, AM: 16-3/7). Rawlings like Ludwig is also a 1999 IKF/RINGSIDE US National Light Welterweight MuayThai Tournament Champion (September 5th, 1999.) Rawlings had the pleasure of fighting for some unknown organizations World Title in his very first pro fight, against the organizations U.S. Representative, David Cummings of Colorado. Cummings might of thought fighting Rawlings would be easy because of his pro status, but Rawlings had other plans as he stopped Cummings with a KO victory winning his first pro fight and some wall hardware as well. Serrano is scheduled to fight Jose Guardado of Mexico in 2 weeks on March 31st for the IKF Junior Lightweight Pro Mexico National Title. If Rawlings stops him with a KO or TKO, his hopes of the Mexico title will be out the door due to the mandatory suspension of 45 days after a TKO or KO.

Because of this, we found it very unprofessional that he choose to schedule this fight only 2 weeks before his bout in Mexico. A TKO or KO loss to Rawlings here would not only pull him from the March 31st bout but destroy the goal of Guardado finally fighting for an IKF title, not to mention the promoters loss from advertising the bout. Guardado's fought impressively for the IKF twice before and this title shot has been promised for some time now. Serrano last fought for the IKF on April 23rd, 1998 in Tijuana, Mexico when he stopped Paul Reynoldson of San Diego, CA in 15 seconds of round 1. Going into the match, Serrano only had 2 fights and was 2-0 while Reynoldson was undefeated at 7-0. Knowing this, as everyone can see, this will be no easy match for Rawlings like Cummings was, but on the other hand, Serrano should have his hands full tonight with Rawlings as well.

Rounding out the card will be 2 more kickboxing bouts, Victor Galvan vs Andrew Brown and Lisette Pelayo vs Stephanie McClennan. There's also a boxing bout on the card with Daniel Reynoso vs Gustavio Tapia.

FRIDAY, March 16th, 2001, AT 10:30 AM PT

IKF England
Ready In Coventry!

IKF Promoters Stephen Donnelly and Mick Fowles of Coventry England are all set to host their IKF Open Amateur Tournament this Sunday night, March 18th at the Mercia Sporting Club, Lockhurst Lane in Coventry England.

For more info, you can contact Mr. Stephen Donnelly or Mr. Mick Fowles by e-mail by Clicking HERE. For additional event info, visit their website at

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IKF England Vs IKF Ireland
Highlight A SELLOUT Event!

IKF Liverpool, England, March 9th, 2001: by Alby Bimpson - IKF European Director: The show was a complete sell out with people being turned way at the door. The fight consisted of 12 bouts including demonstrations. The evening started with several demonstration - Exhibition Bouts. This was due to it being a novice show, and first time potential fighters changing their minds. We understand and accept this is a coross to bear, when dealing with first time fighters. As the Irish team had come such a long way we wanted to give them the opportunity of Ring experience.

  1. Demonstration/Exhibition: 2 x 1 1/2: This was 2 junior fighters from Kirkby Thai Boxing Club in Liverpool. ZAK V JACK, brothers, who always command the attention of the audience and get everyone seated for the show.

  2. Demonstration 2 x 1 1/2: JOHN GILBERT, of Merseyside KB Vs JOHN FOSTER, of Liverpool KB Academy. Sometimes I forget and so do the two contenders, that this was a demonstration not a fight. Because of this JOHN BLACKLEDGE decided to call a halt in the second round of 3, due to the enthusiasm of both fighters from rival camps. I can assure you both contenders deserved their trophies.

  3. IKF Ladies IR Jr Amateur England Featherweight Title: SAMANTHA MURRAY, of Liverpool KB Academy Vs LISA HOBON, of Kirkby Thai boxing. This was 3 rounds of non stop action which had the capacity crowd, literally standing on their seats. Great support for both ladies. As everyone waited in anticipation for the decision, a quite calm set among the crowd as they knew it was such a close fight. Mike Fowles, IKF European Coordinator and Jacqui Thompson, IKF Europe secretary/associate, had to double check the decision which went to LISA HOBON, the new IKF Ladies Junior Amateur England Featherweight champion. This is a must for a return - Congratulations to both ladies.

  4. LEE CONNOR, of St Helens Martial Arts Vs DARREN FLYNN, of Ireland 3 x 2 FC: This was going to be a British Amateur title, but LEE CONNOR had not put the necessary training in, so it was reduced to 3 x 2 min bout: CONNOR never fails to give 100%, we can also say this about FLYNN as well. An excellent match which got the crowd again on their feet, and demonstrating excellent Full Contact fighting skills. Close decision to LEE CONNOR. This will be an excellent title fight, possibly in August, in Ireland.

  5. 2 x 2 Ladies LIGHT CONTINUOUS - Exhibition: TONI WALSH, of Merseyside KB, Liverpool Vs LYNN McENERY, of Ireland. This was classed as an Exhibition bout due to Walsh being only 14 yrs old, and McEnery being a European Bronze medallist, experienced and aged 19 yrs. This did not deter Walsh - she definitely is someone to look out for in the future. Both girls refused to take a backward step keeping the crowd on their feet. Respect goes to both girls for an excellent Exhibition/demonstration bout.

  6. Exhibition 3 x 2: IKF Pro European Champion DAVE WILSON, of St Helens Martial Arts Vs DAVE PRENDERGAST, of Ireland. DAVE WILSON, agreed to a demonstration with Dave Prendergast from Ireland. A good demonstration, but unfortunately for Prendergast, Wilson accidentally caught him with a straight punch, even though he was holding back, stunning him for a few minutes. Prendergast showed great sportsmanship and insisted on carrying on. Unfortunately Wilson caught him again in the 2nd round. It was agreed to end the demonstration. Wilson apologized to the Irish corner.

  7. DEMONSTRATION 2 x 1 1/2: JAMES QUIRK, of Merseyside KB Vs JOHN RELLIS, of Ireland.

  8. MARK O'ROURKE, of Merseyside KB, Liverpool Vs RUSSELL BLOOR, of Stoke on Trent. 3 X 2 IR: This is what 50% of the crowd had waited for as O'ROURKE is the local lad, with his own supporters club. FULL RESPECT to BLOOR who accepted the fight at short notice due to the Irish opponent unable to come. The 1st round started at a fast pace with BLOOR not being fazed by the home support for O'ROURKE. Technique, especially the use of the ropes by BLOOR was excellent, but O'ROURKE managed to connect with a combination, putting BLOOR down. 1st round to O'ROURKE. The 2nd round Started like the first with O'ROURKEs strength and technique starting to wear his opponent down, once again giving BLOOR a standing count. As the fight continued O'ROURKE pressed forward trapping BLOOR in the corner. At this point IKF Referee JOHN BLACKLEDGE stepped in to stop the fight giving a TKO win to O'ROURKE.

  9. ROBERT HORTON, of St Helens Martial Arts Vs NEIL THOMAS, of Liverpool KB Academy, 3 x 2 FC: This was a first time fight for both fighters. HORTON giving away weight to THOMAS. This made no difference as HORTON wanted to win so much. HORTON who knocked down his opponent in the first round, carried on where he left off in the first round by stopping (TKO) THOMAS in the second.

  10. IKF Junior Amateur England Atomweight IR Title Defense: Current Champion COLIN FARRICKER, of Hope KB Vs LEE JONES, of Kirkby Thai boxing 3 x 1 1/2: This was FARRICKER'S first title defense, and what a defense it was. His opponent JONES gave 100%, but unfortunately FARRICKER wanted to keep his IKF title so much he gave 101%. This 1 % was enough for FARRICKER to hold onto the title with a points decision. Congratulations to both fighters for giving their all.

  11. SHABAZ ABDULRAHMAN, of Merseyside KB Vs PHILLIP REYNOLDS, of Kirkby Thai boxing 3 X 2 IR: SHABAZ having his 1st fight in England since coming to this country 1 year ago, was taken aback by the crowd, and seemed hesitant at first in the first round. REYNOLDS had weighed in heavier, but the fight was agreed by the trainers. This was a very close fight, with good kicking and punching techniques by both. Head guards were causing REYNOLDS a lot of trouble but being amateur, head guards were compulsory. At the end of the fight, SHABAZ was announced the winner by a split decision to the disapproval of his opponents corner. A return match is a must.

  12. JOHN REYNOLDS, of Kirkby Thai boxing Vs TOM MAHER, of Ireland, 3 x 2 FC: Both fighters had excellent kicking and punching technique. REYNOLDS put MAHER down in the first round giving an 8 count. This was to be a telling factor at the end, as when the scores were added up it was announced as a Draw. On close inspection it was deemed that one judge had not marked the knock down correctly in the first round. This would have made REYNOLDS the winner. As the announcement had already been made the decision could not be changed. (This decision is currently being reviewed by IKF European Officials and a final decision will be given soon)

  13. PHILLIP MONKS, of Liverpool KB Academy Vs JOHN BURKE, of Ireland: The 1st round was full of action but neither fighter took the advantage and was even. In the 2nd round BURKE started to dominate the round mainly with punch combinations on the ropes. MONKS took an 8 count in the round as well. In the 3rd round BURKE came on strong again and MONKS was warned for turning his back. The bout was stopped for the protection and safety of Monks as he continued to turn his back again after being warned several times .

A Special THANK YOU To the IRISH TEAM and to the following event officials:

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Fight Schedule Confirmed!





Cung Le

Yesterday we received a fax confirming the fight schedule for K-1 USA. There was a rumor that the event was being cancelled so we thought it best to post to everyone that it's still on and the fight order is confirmed. Scheduled for May 5th, the 3rd K-1 USA Promoted by World Class Promoter Scott Coker of San Jose, CA, USA will take place in Las Vegas once again at the Mirage hotel Casino. Here's the bracket and fighter info;

  • Bracket 1 will feature what we believe to be the top celebrity pick by Promoter/Matchmaker Scott Coker. This event, like any big event needs big names and this years K-1 USA event will feature one of the biggest names of all, Maurice Smith (Right) - (58-8-3/44, 6' 2", 220 lbs, of Seattle, Washington, USA)
    Smith has been a Champion in several ring styles including Kickboxing, MuayThai as well as mixed martial arts. (Submission/NHB Styles) His Accomplishments include:
    • WKC World Cruiserweight Champion (1983)
    • WKA World Heavyweight Kickboxing Champion (1983 to 1997, currently ranked #7 behind Peter Aerts, Ernesto Hoost, Sam Greco, Mike Bernardo, Filho and Jerome Labanner )
    • WKA World Heavyweight MuayThai Champion (1993 to 1997, currently ranked #7 behind, Ernesto Hoost, Peter Aerts, Mike Bernardo, Sam Greco, Filho & Jerome Lebanner. )
    • ISKA World Heavyweight Kickboxing Champion (1996, but currently ranked #6 with no title behind Peter Aerts, Masaaki Satake, Andre Dudko and Sam Greco)
    • BATTLECADES World Heavyweight Champion.
    • EXTREME Heavyweight Fighting Champion III, IV.
    • UFC World Heavyweight Champion, XIV, XV.

    Smith will face heavy underdog Pedro Fernandez (L) of Tijuana, Mexico. Fernandez is last remembered by the K-1 audience from losing to K-1 USA Champion Rick Roufus (R, IKF IR Heavyweight World Champion) in the first round of the first K-1 USA. However, that was Fernandez' first pro bout and look who he faced. He will get a chance to prove himself to everyone before the May K-1 date when he faces Raul Gonzalez (See picture in article below) in Mexico for the IKF Pro Mexican National title on March 31st in Tijuana. His current record is 13-2/9 and at 6'3", 228 lbs. he should be plenty big enough to fit in. However again, look who he's been matched up against in round 1.

  • The Second half of Bracket 1 will feature Gunther Singer (Sorry, no picture available) vs Mike McDonald. (Sorry, no picture available) Everyone here at the IKF remember McDonald from when he was KOed in 43 seconds of the first round back on January 22nd, 1994 by Rick Roufus. That was when McDonald only weighed-in at 174 lbs. However, that was a long time ago and he's been adding some weight and doing some KOing himself since that night at Caesars Tahoe in Nevada, USA. One issue that does come to mind is where he's from. Spectators are under the impression that K-1 USA meant fighters from USA.

    However McDonald, like Fernandez are not from the USA. McDonald is from Canada. Maybe K-1 USA should be called K-1 North America. (Make a note to Mr. Ishi...) McDonald will face unknown Gunther Singer. However, Singer isn't unknown here at the IKF. And we can explain why we're a little disappointed to say the least to see him get the K-1 shot when there are several other "Proven" Super Heavyweights in America (Jason Johnson -Who has improved greatly since his first K-1 Shot-, Lane Collyer, Chuck Liddell, Roman Roytberg, Jeff Ford, Moti Hornstein & Wrath White just to name a few in the mix.) that would love to have such an opportunity. Sure, a lot of them are fresh Pro fighters, but isn't this a USA Event? Shouldn't those proving themselves from the USA be on it? Which brings us to Singer.

    No one can confirm Singer's background. At least that was our findings a few years back. Several years ago Singer and his manager sent us a full bio of an overly impressive "PRO" record of something like 20-0 with 20 KO's as a Pro Super Heavyweight. At that weight, we found it very strange no one had ever heard of him and that no organization even had him ranked with such an impressive "PRO" record. One of the westcoast IKF Promoters wanted to see if he was really as good as his bio claimed so he booked him for 2 different Pro fights. However, singer pulled out of both fights only weeks before, dropped his manager and left town. It's strange that he shows up on of all doorsteps, "K-1!" He also tried to get booked with the DRAKA promotions but was never signed for a bout. Since no one has ever seen him fight, win or lose, we're sure that Singer will be the surprise to everyone at this years K-1 USA. Especially McDonald since he has no idea what he's up against. This obviously makes McDonalds fight with Singer one of the most talked about bouts of the tournament. What if he is as good as he claims to be? Can he stand up to the competition or better yet, can the competition stand up to him? He stands about 6'4+ and well into the Super Heavyweight range. Again, he may surprise everyone, but he may also disappoint everyone leaving a lot of critics (Who speak their opinions AFTER they see him fight) pointing their finger at K-1 USA matchmaker and promoter Scott Coker. For some reason though, we think Coker has his eye on this guy... Maybe he's not such a surprise to Coker who may know him better than all of us... It's his job to know that so we suggest you better be ready Mr. McDonald...
    No Prediction here....

  • As we move into Bracket 2, we see past K-1 USA fighter Jean-Claude Leuyer (L) take on vs Paul Lalonde. (R) Lalonde (17-2, 10 KOs, 24, 6'5", 230 lbs) a Muay Thai fighter from (Outside of the USA again) Surrey, British Columbia (Although he's listed as from Seattle, Washington, USA) already faced Leuyer in the 2000 K-1 USA. Lauyer as usual started slow but eventually started to do damage to Lalonde's left leg, striking it over and over again. Lalonde also took about 20 punches during the exchanges but stood tough. Lauyer landed a strong kick which put Lalonde down and when he got off the matt, while limping on his right leg, threw an off speed punch that put Leuyer down. At the count of eight, Lauyer stood up and took a step but his legs shook so he sat against the ropes and could not continue as the referee stopped the bout. After the Leuyer bout, Lalonde lost to K-1 USA Champion Andrei Dudko in the Semifinals by TKO. This rematch was probably requested by Leuyer to K-1 USA promoter Scott Coker who use to promote Leuyer on all the past San Jose, ISKA/ESPN events when they were happening. It's a revenge that Leuyer will seek strongly.

  • The other bout in Bracket 2 will match up last years K-1 USA Runner-up, Thomas Kucharski. (R, 6', 225) of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada... There's that non USA thing again... against former IKF MuayThai World Champion Duke Roufus (R, 33-5-1/24, 6'1", 220) of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Last year, Kucherzewski quickly stopped his first 2 opponents. One being Roufus' own student, Jason Johnson in just 56 seconds followed by stopping Glaube Feitosa in 2:03 of the first round in his second bout before losing to Champion Andrey Dudko (L) Chicago via Russia???) Roufus has retired from kickboxing twice now and has made his way into the good graces of K-1 finally with some negotiating of his own. Roufus' presence explains why Johnson isn't back in the mix again as well as first time K-1 USA Champion, brother Rick Roufus.

    Duke won his IKF MuayThai World title on December 4th, 1998 in Milwaukee Wisconsin, USA over Hiriwa TeRangi of New Zealand (Fighting for the IKF IR World Title in Burma in June this year) by unanimous decision 50-43 on all 3 judges cards. He defended it once with a first round KO over Grant Barker of Sydney Australia. On September 17th, 1999, Roufus retired his MT Super Heavyweight World Title to move down to the MT Heavyweight Division and eventually retired from fighting for the second time in January of 2000. (See headline: MONDAY, January 31st, 2000, AT 7:00 PM "DUKE" Roufus Retires - For Real This Time )

    However, at the end of October, 2000, Roufus announced he would come out of retirement to fight in the K-1 USA. It's a shot he's been trying to get for years now but Roufus has not had a MuayThai/kickboxing bout since November 19, 2022 when Roufus was fighting for the WKA World title in Italy. In the bout, his opponent executed a hip throw which stopped the bout due to a shoulder injury to Roufus and the bout was eventually ruled a no contest and no re-match was ever made.
    It's pretty much a given that the first thing Roufus will attack on Kucharski will be his legs and were sure he'll be seeking a little revenge for his student Johnson as well. In his past fights, "The Duke" has shown no weaknesses that Kucharski can focus his attack on. With a strong kicking and punching game and a no pain defense, he may be in the finals. But he needs to first get by Kucharski. If he and Leuyer make it to round 2 in Bracket 2, a lot of eyes will be on this match. Roufus has wanted Leuyer for a long time and would look to make a big impression against Leuyer's suspect chin. As in some of his past bouts, Leuyer's legs kicks won't be enough to stop Roufus as they have others in Leuyer path.

It's also been reported that San Shou Sensation Cung Le (L) and MuayThai Champion Alex Gong (R) both of San Jose, CA, USA will each have a Superfight. Keep in mind, not against each other though, with separate opponents. whether these bouts turn out to be title bouts has yet to be announced.

From what it looks like, K-1 USA Promoter/Matchmaker Scott Coker has put together an impressive card here. We plan to do additional reports as the event draws closer. Hopefully we can add the missing pictures to the fighters without ones above. If any of you have some, please send them to us. In closing, we'd like to wish all the fighters the best of luck at the K-1 USA Title. As far as the promotion itself, we need not worry about that, it's in good hands already.


Rick Roufus


Duke Roufus

Alex Gong

THURSDAY, March 15th, 2001, AT 1:40 PM PT


False Representation Complaints Coming From Turkey, Iran and Lebanon!

Obviously, this news will not be interesting to everyone, but we needed to make an official reply and post it here so everyone knows the truth about IKF Activities in the Middle East.

Recently, the IKF was informed that some individuals in Turkey, Iran & Lebanon were claiming that the IKF had been paid money by them to be the IKF Representatives there. We would like to inform everyone from this area of the world that this is not true.
We do not just accept money from people to make them representatives as many other organizations do. The IKF only appoints individuals to the position of IKF Representative after meeting them in person during a personal interview. The IKF has NEVER been to Turkey, Iran or Lebanon, so this would never of been possible.
In addition, we also heard that someone has been promoting IKF Sanctioned events/tournaments Turkey, Lebanon and Iran as well. This is not true either. We thought it would be important to make it clear to everyone in the Middle East exactly what the IKF status is in this region of the World.
We know that several people have already delt with the individuals in question who are calling themselves IKF Representatives or IKF Promoters in this region. The facts below should answer any and all questions these people and others may have about their position with the IKF. As of today, Wednesday, March 15th, 2001,

  1. The IKF has NEVER sanctioned a kickboxing fight or bout in any of the countries in question, Cyprus, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey or Yemen.

  2. The IKF has NEVER sanctioned a kickboxing EVENT or TOURNAMENT, Amateur or Pro in ANY of these countries.

  3. The IKF has NEVER sanctioned a kickboxing SEMINAR in ANY of these countries. However, we are scheduled to go to Lebanon in May to conduct several seminars. (The PMA SPORT CENTER at Haret Hreik- Kassees Str. Shaarour Bldg. First, Flr. Beirut, Lebanon. - which is also a listed gym/club on our gym/club reference page) Chief Trainer Mohammad Ali Jomaa has paid for a series of seminars that we will be giving to approximately 150 people during the weekend of May 11th, 12th and 13th. While in Lebanon, we hope to meet with many of the people in question here and discuss with each of them Official IKF Representation in their countries or regions. We also plan to organize and schedule several IKF Events during these meetings as well.

  4. The IKF has NEVER awarded ANYONE an IKF Championship Title OF ANY KIND (Amateur or Pro) in ANY of these countries.

  5. There are NO IKF Champions (Pro or Amateur) from ANY of these countries.

  6. There are and has never been, any IKF Representatives or "Certified" IKF Officials in ANY of these countries.

  7. The only person the IKF has appointed to any position in this region would be Mr. Mohammad Ali Jomaa, to the position of IKF Lebanon Associate, Beirut, Lebanon

  8. The IKF has NEVER appointed ANYONE to ANY position in ANY of these countries.

  9. The IKF has received "1" Gym/Club registration from only "1" club in Turkey. However, no one at this club was ever given any title, rights, permission or authority to certify ANYONE through the IKF.

  10. The IKF has never accepted any money from ANYONE (Especially an individual by the name of Yadollah Teymouri Azad) in this region to become an IKF Associate, IKF Representative, IKF Promoter or Certified IKF Official.

  11. The IKF Trainer, "HAS" accepted money from "1" club/gym in this region to become an APPROVED & ENDORSED GYM & OR CLUB REGISTRATION. This fee is $250.00. The club name is Baharan (Found HERE) and is located at Sajade Garbi, Maydan, Abusar, Tehran, Iran. The trainers name is Mr. Nasrola Shahsavary. His contact number is 011 9821- 622 4691. This status does not make him an IKF representative of Iran and he has not been given any rights to award or certify any individual as an IKF Certified or Approved official, fighter, promoter, associate, representative etc. etc. or to sell any products with the IKF name on them.

  12. Recently, Mr. Yadollah Teymouri Azad claimed that Mr. Shahsavari has informed him that he has obtain International Representation of IKF from Turkey. Since the IKF has NEVER given ANYONE any authority to do so in Turkey, we know this is not true.

  13. We recently ask Mr. Yadollah Teymouri Azad where he obtained such information so that it can be investigated by the IKF. HOWEVER, Mr. Yadollah Teymouri Azad never replied with the information.

  14. The IKF has "1" gym/club listed on our ( Gym/Club reference page ) from Turkey. Docang Sport Club, Bahcelievler Mh.1809, Sokak canli sitesi, B/Blok 24/A, Mersin/Turkey, Mr. Hasan Yildiz, Tel: 009032 43277412. Mr. Hasan YILDIZ, The President Of Docang Sports Club has never been appointed any official position by the IKF. To our knowledge, he has never implied that he has any Official Position in the IKF either.

We believe this should set the record straight. If you have any questions or comments in regards to this IKF Middle East Legal Situation, Please feel free to e-mail them to:
Thank You

WEDNESDAY, March 14th, 2001, AT 10:25 AM PT

We Will Soon Have Some GREAT Insurance Packages For ALL OF YOU!

For years now, we've talked about having a blanket policy for all IKF and ISCF Sanctioned Event Promoters that covers Spectators Liability as well as fighters medical on all IKF & ISCF Sanctioned events. However there were always things that kept making Insurance Packages difficult to accomplish. But as things have been going around the IKF & ISCF Headquarters here... "This Game is Soon to Change Too...!"

It finally appears the we will soon be able to offer to "ALL" IKF & ISCF Promoters (Starting with North America, and quickly following, Worldwide) a great insurance package that will cover EVERYONE from spectators to the fighters on all IKF & ISCF Sanctioned Kickboxing Events. We should have this new policy in force within 30 days (Hopefully MUCH Sooner actually) of this posting if all goes well. So if your an IKF or ISCF Promoter, or looking to be an IKF or ISCF Promoter and the issue of INSURANCE has held you back, this will no longer be an issue, especially when you see what we can do for you.
This is just another area where we have been working this year to improve the quality and services available to those associated with the IKF & ISCF. We're also working on Insurance Policies for IKF & ISCFGyms/Clubs, Trainers (While training at their gyms as well as while during the matches) Fighters Training Policies (Insurance for training injuries) and Officials (Event liability as well as Injury Insurance). Keep watch for the official announcement soon.

NOTE: Our IKF TEAM EUROPE has a Great Insurance package for all IKF Europe members.
They also have a great membership program in place that includes fighter insurance, gym and trainers insurance as well as official hardcover IKF Fighter Passport Books (See Cover Right ) which are something that the IKF needs to make available worldwide.
Currently, IKF Membership books are ONLY offered through IKF European Headquarters with the Official IKF Stamp and Endorsement Seal attached to make them official.
So if your in another part of the world and someone's selling you an IKF Membership Booklet/Passport, you better let us know because no where else has the IKF ever approved, authorized or endorsed the sale of any type of IKF License Books or any other type of IKF Licenses or Memberships.

To make such reports, please contact the IKF Legal Department at this e-mail address:

TUESDAY, March 13th, 2001, AT 2:20 AM PT

Looking For
World Title Contenders!

Hiriwa TeRangi

Holly Fernerley

Lane Collyer

Jason Johnson

For the last 2 months, we've been searching the globe for 2 Pro World Title Contenders for a Pro Event in Burma in June, 2001. Up for grabs are 2 vacant IKF World titles which include the vacant IKF IR Super Heavyweight World Title Bout. The challenger is Hiriwa TeRangi (ProKB: 27-5/12, AmKB: 10-2/8 ) of Auckland, New Zealand. In TeRangi last IKF bout, he lost by decision to Duke Roufus of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA for the vacant IKF MuayThai World Title.

The other title on the event is the IKF Women's IR Bantamweight World Title Defense of 3 time IKF Pro World Champion, Holly Fernerley ( PRO KB: 7-3-2/4, AMKB: 5-2/4) of Sydney, NSW, Australia. However, a MuayThai rules opponent would also be accepted for the vacant IKF Pro Women's MuayThai Bantamweight World Title.

However, the search hasn't been easy for opponents for these bouts. Or should we say, for Pro Fighters with a lot of Pro Fight Experience. For example, for a Super Heavyweight Opponent for TeRangi, we've had challenges from several new Pro Fighters such as Lane Collyer (Pro & Am combined: 16-2/10 ) of Atlanta, Georgia, USA, Jason Johnson (Pro & Am combined: 13-1/7 ) of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, Pedro Fernandez ( No Picture available, Pro & Am combined: 13-2/9) of Tijuana, Mexico and Raul Gonzalez (Pro & Am combined: 6-0/3) of Mexico City Mexico.

Fernandez and Gonzalez will meet March 31st at the Jai Alai Sports Center in Tijuana, Mexico for the vacant IKF Pro Super Heavyweight Mexico National Title. If these were the only 4 opponents to choose from, the winner of the Gonzales - Fernandez bout would be a great opponent to face a winner of a Johnson Vs Collyer bout for an IKF Pro North American Title and the winner fight TeRangi. However, scheduling conflicts make the Collyer - Johnson bout impossible. Of course, this is if the only 4 possible opponents were from North America.

Who else was offered this bout? The obvious possible opponents from North America such as #8 ranked Jean Claude Leuyer of San Jose, CA, USA, MuayThai Fighter Duke Roufus of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA and #7 ranked Maurice Smith of Seattle, Washington, USA were all potential opponents, however all 3 are booked for the K-1 USA event the month before (May) this event so their not going to take a title bout instead of a shot at the K-1 Gold! And who could blame them with the potential winning purse for the winner.

So with the addition of K-1, the Super Heavyweight bout has been almost impossible to match in both International & MuayThai Rules. Even IKF Pro MuayThai World Champion Matt Skelton turned this bout down because the purse wasn't enough, not to mention though that he is scheduled to defend his IKF World MuayThai Title in April in England. So the question are, "What purse IS ENOUGH?" and "Will the challenger for this bout come down to the 4 mentioned above?" Our answer? WHY NOT!

Although it would be nice to match up one of the #1 through #6 ranked fighters in the IKF International Rules Rankings which are Ernesto Hoost, Jerome LeBanner, Peter Aerts, Ricky Nicholson, Mike Bernardo and Ray Sefo against the number 9 ranked TeRangi but with the K-1 money awaiting, it just isn't possible. With so many sanctioning bodies out there with so many World Titles, the final answer is, "Show me the Money!" And again, Who could blame them!

With the hopes and aspirations of winning K-1 USA's (Or any K-1 Elimination tournament around the World) big money, the hopes of going to the K-1 Grand Prix and the potential of winning the big pot of gold that awaits for the winner, we agree with their desire. Who wouldn't? All we ask is "Don't complain about who we select for the World Title." Why? Because whoever it becomes will be someone we've decided is truly willing to "Walk The Walk" and prove themselves to the World. Most, certainly NOT ALL of the K-1 selected fighters have won their share of world titles, but the majority of them surly have. And to them, all that matters now is the money they will be paid for fighting, and again, we support them, or should we say, we can agree with their desires.

The purse money K-1 brings to the sport has made the Super Heavyweights a class of it's own with some of the greatest purses available out there today... To only Super Heavyweights though. Wouldn't it be nice if EVERY weightclass had the opportunity at these purse amounts? Every rule style? Of course it would, but it's only available to the Super Heavyweight K-1 Style fighters. World titles are worthless to many of the veteran K-1 Fighters, but what about the other Super Heavyweight fighters? Yes, the others. For one thing, K-1 is an "INVITATION ONLY" Tournament. Just because your a Pro Super Heavyweight doesn't mean you can attend. You have to be invited to the K-1 Elimination Tournaments and this is where "Politics comes in..."

Many of the K-1 Promoters (Excluding Mr. Ishi) use the power of their K-1 Promotions to control other fighters, trainers and promoters in their region. As many have told us, "It's good business to be friends with the man with the K-1 Power in your country, like him or not." In the USA that man with the power is, Scott Coker of San Jose. That is, if you or one of your fighters is a Super Heavyweight K-1 Style fighter. If so, make friends with Coker because he's the connection between you being just another Super Heavyweight Fighter and being a K-1 Super Heavyweight Fighter, having an opportunity to win the big K-1 money. Coker did a great job with promoting K-1 USA his first time out last year but it was no surprise to us. Coker is an Excellent Promoter and has proven himself in our eyes as the Best Promoter in North America and clearly one of the Best in the World! He's always had a great TEAM working with him and of course, having the ESPN money ($90,000 per event) or K-1 money ($$$) behind you helps you do GREAT Things. But the fact is, He doesn't talk about it, he DOES IT! He's now ready for his second K-1 Promotion in May in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

Coker didn't stop at a simple K-1 Promotion though. He also carved out a deal with the K-1 people to allow his sanctioning body ISKA (Coker is an owning partner in the ISKA) to sanction the event as well. But what will they sanction? No one knows exactly but it gives the ISKA a much needed event since they do very few events around the world now days. It also gives ISKA the Power Stroke it needs to persuade people to work with them, however, it may also be unfulfilled promises as many discovered over the years with other promises. But thats another story time will tell on it's own... It was a more needed move since ISKA lost their ESPN 2 contract last October which will be a big blow to Coker's impressive San Jose CA USA events of which he use to do an average of about 2 per year. Will we ever see them again? We hope so for the local Bay Area California crowds of which some 6,000 would attend. Without the ESPN Deal to support the San Jose mega events, Coker needed a new game and the new game in town now is K-1. Does his K-1 Status play some politics with the North American Super Heavyweights and their trainers? Need we answer...

Back to the Super Heavyweight search... We looked all around North American for Super Heavyweights as well as in Europe, but none were found. Are we missing someone who has an outstanding Pro record thats not attached to K-1? If so, let us know who you are.

In addition, we also need a Pro Woman's International or MuayThai Rules Bantamweight fighter to challenge against Holly Fernerley. As if finding Women fighters isn't hard enough with Pro Boxing making the play for nearly all the great women fighters, a woman's International or MuayThai rules fighter is a lot harder. If your out there, please let us know!!! So again, here's what were asking applications for challenges for;

IKF Pro Super Heavyweight International Rules Pro Fighter to fight against Hiriwa TeRangi of Auckland, New Zealand with a record of Pro KB: 27-5 with 12 KO's, Am KB: 10-2 with 8 KO's, 240 lbs, 6'4", 31 years old.

IKF Pro Bantamweight International or MuayThai Rules Pro Fighter to fight against Holly Ferneley of Sydney, NSW, Australia with a record of Pro KB: 7-3-2 with 4 Ko's, Am KB: 5-2 with 4 Ko's, 1.65 meters tall, 122 lbs., 122.5 lbs, 28 years old.

If you have a fighter or fighters that are qualified World title Contenders, please contact the IKF at (916) 663-2467, Fax: (916) 663-4510.

The event is scheduled for June 8th & 9th 2001 in Myanmar (Burma, by Thailand). The Men's World Title will be the main event on one night and the Women's on the other. The event promoter is Mr. Maung Tin Oo.

Matt Skelton

Jean Claude Leuyer

Raul Gonzalez

Maurice Smith

MONDAY, March 12th, 2001, AT 1:30 PM PT


Special To IKF From & Radio Martial Arts Network:
Congratulations to the International Kickboxing Federation for being chosen as the top kickboxing sanctioning body in the world by the Radio Martial Arts Network. Most events sanctioned, most fighters registered, best service, most reasonably priced sanctioning fees and fastest rankings updates. Way to go guys! More News on this to come...

FRIDAY, March 9th, 2001, AT 9:10 AM PT

IKF England Vs IKF Ireland
Liverpool, England
March 9th, 2001

IKF European Director and Promoter Alby Bimpson of England is all set to host his
IKF England Vs IKF Ireland
event tonight in Liverpool England. For event info, please contact Mr. Alby Bimpson at 44 1744 739 043 or by e-mail by Clicking HERE.

THURSDAY, March 8th, 2001, AT 4:55 PM PT

Provides Plenty Of
IKF & ISCF Action!

IKF/ISCF Memphis TN, USA: There was plenty of action in IKF Kickboxing and ISCF Submission at Newby's Restaurant in Memphis Friday night, March 2. IKF / ISCF Promoter Jeff Mullen of Mid South Karate & Kickboxing hosted "KICKSHOOT 2001". This event featured both IKF & ISCF amateur bouts. Here's the nights results;

  1. Micah Duncan did a kickboxing exhibition with Kelley Duncan. No decision, it was an Exhibition.

  2. ISCF:Dirk Hamilton
    defeated Joseph Bernidini by rear naked choke at 2:26 of the 1st round.

  3. ISCF:Scott Marlin
    defeated Richard Lee by keylock at 3:11, of the1st round.

  4. ISCF: Jay Shackleford
    defeated Trey Gandy. by armbar at 3:29 of the 2nd round.

  5. Drederick Reading did a kickboxing exhibition with J. Reading. Again, no decision, it was an Exhibition.

  6. ISCF:Jason Turnage
    defeated Jody Stephens. by armbar at 2:19 of the 1st round.

  7. ISCF:Grady Hurley
    defeated Neil Ferrill by tap out from strikes at 4:09 of the 1st round.

  8. ISCF: Cliff Riley
    defeated D.J.Speck by triangle at 1:57 of the 1st round.

  9. ISCF: Charles Church
    defeated Ricky Jackett by tko strikes at 1:57 of the 1st round.

  10. IKF Kickboxing Tojo Harris defeated Brandon Woo. In the main event Tojo Harris. dominated the first round with various combinations. In the second and third round Woo totally controlled the fight doing all his effective scoring by kicking Harris on the outside and tying him up on the inside. Harris was unable to counter. However, in the end, it was too little, too late for Woo as the judges award Harris a split decision victory.

For more info, please contact Mr. Mullen at (901) 757-0985 or by e-mail by clicking HERE!

MONDAY, March 5th, 2001, AT 11:00 PM PT

Butler PA's Ferguson
Claims IKF Women's East Coast Title!

Delayed Announced Results/IKF PA, USA:
Stewart Center and Coors Light presented Ramblin' & Gamblin' a sellout night of amateur kickboxing in front of over 700 spectators on Friday night, February 16, 2001.

Over 700 attended the sellout event at Hindman Hall, Butler, PA, USA to watch local Female Kickboxer, Donna Ferguson (10-6) of Butler, PA, stop Belinda McClain of Belzhoover, PA, with a first round TKO to claim the IKF Women's East Coast FCR Bantamweight title.

In other kickboxing action, K. P. Peth (15-1) won with a third round TKO over Josh Rodrigies (12-5) of Cleveland, Ohio. Dave Ellas of Cleveland, Ohio, defeated Steve Vlassich of Butler, PA, with a TKO in the first round, and Chris Hill of Butler, PA, defeated Mike Colon of Trenton, New Jersey.

In heavy weight action, Joe Daniels of Pittsburgh, PA, won a three round decision over Thomas Santiago of Cleveland, Ohio and Elliot Edmundo of Cleveland, Ohio, stopped Bill Kauns of Moundsville, West Virginia with a TKO win. For more info in regards to the event contact Mr. Jimmy Stewert at (724) 284-3725.

FRIDAY, March 2nd, 2001, AT 12:30 PM PT

Action This Weekend

IKF & ISCF Memphis Tennessee USA

MARCH 2nd 2001: IKF Kickboxing and ISCF submission fight return to Memphis Friday March 2 at Newby's Restaurant as Mid South Karate & Kickboxing Presents "KICKSHOOT 2001". This event will feature both IKF & ISCF amateur bouts starting at 9:00 PM. Weigh ins will be held at 6:30 PM. Tickets will be available at the door. All seats are $15. For advanced tickets call Mid South Kickboxing at (901) 757-0985.

This event is being promoted by IKF regional tournament promoter, UFC and K-1 judge, Mr. Jeff Mullen. For more info, please contact Mr. Mullen at (901) 757-0985 or by e-mail by clicking HERE! Here's the nights line-up:

  1. Micah Duncan IKF kickboxing exhibition Vs Kelley Duncan
  2. Nomi Davidson grappling match Vs Tony Watts.
  3. Joseph Bernidini ISCF Vs Dirk Hamilton.
  4. Scott Marlin ISCF Vs Richard Lee.
  5. Jay Shackleford ISCF Vs Trey Gandy.
  6. Drederick Reading kickboxing exhibition Vs J. Reading.
  7. Ernesto Byrd ISCF Vs Jody Stephens.
  8. Jason Turnage ISCF Vs Ian Watts.
  9. Grady Hurley ISCF Vs Neil Ferrill.
  10. Cliff Riley ISCF Vs D.J.Speck.
  11. Charles Church ISCF Vs Ricky Jackett.
  12. Brandon Woo IKF kickboxing Vs Tojo Harris.


Kansas City Missouri USA

This event will feature IKF amateur bouts and is promoted by new IKF Promoter Mr. Paul Swagert who was assisted by IKF St. Louis promoter, Jesse Finney. For more event info, please contact Mr. Paul Swagert at (816) 746-1717 or check out this Finney's Kickboxing Website by clicking HERE!


Dallas Texas USA

MARCH 3rd 2001: Knockout Productions Presents "World Free Fighting Championships" at the The Bronco Bowl in Dallas Texas. The Main Event will feature an IKF Pro Heavyweight Main Event as Derek Panza faces (Opponent unknown at press time) . The event will also feature mixed martial arts bouts as well and is promoted by Mr. Ray Compton of Knockout Productions while Mr. Guy Mezger has handled the matchmaking. For event info, please contact Mr. Guy Mezger at (214) 616-0022.


IKF Kettering North Ants England

MARCH 4th 2001: New IKF Promoter Mr. Guy Butler will host IKF Championship Kickboxing in Kettering, North Ants, England this Sunday night. The event will feature 2 IKF Pro MuayThai bouts. Fighting for the IKF British MuayThai Welterweight Title will be Ray De Burgh and Chey Daniels and fighting for the IKF Midland Area MuayThai Super Middleweight Title will be Lee Willis vs an opponent who was not named as of this posting. For event info, please contact IKF European Director Mr. Alby Bimpson at 44 1744 739 043 or by e-mail by Clicking HERE.


Milwaukee's Fowler & Downey
Most Recent To Join Kostuck At New Gym!

It looks like the beginning of something big for Milwaukee's IKF Pro MuayThai Champion Richard Kostuck (Right). His new gym (Triton Kickboxing & Muay Thai) hasn't even been opened a month and he's already got a stable of Champion Fighters working with him as a Team along with many potential champions in training.

IKF Amateur Champions Brian "Badboy" Fowler and Jim "Knock Em Down" Downey have joined up with Kostuck along with several other Milwaukee MuayThai kickboxers that include Josh and Joe Tarman, Joey Corro, Brad Fowler and Rachael Thomas just to name a few at his new Triton Kickboxing & Muay Thai Gym in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. Fowler became the 1999 IKF/RINGSIDE National Amateur MuayThai Light Heavyweight Champion on September 5th, 1999, when he defeated Ben Lankow of Camp Pendleton California by unanimous decision, 30-27, 30-27, 30-27.

Downey also won his title at the 1999 IKF/RINGSIDE National Amateur Championships on September 3rd, 1999 when he defeated Matt Kenney of Omaha Nebraska by TKO at break of round 1 & 2 when Kenney choose not to answer the bell for the 2nd round. He won the National Amateur MuayThai Super Welterweight Title. Fighting as a pro now, Downey is 1-1 with 1 KO. His amateur record was 11-1 with 5 KOs. Still fighting as an amateur, Fowler's record is 5-3-1 with 2 KO's.

Triton Kickboxing & Muay Thai is located with Adrian Serrano's (NHB Fighter) gym at 4701 West Mill Road in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. The phone number is (414) 385-0491 or you can contact Kostuck by e-mail at


IKF Kickboxers WIN In Boxing!
Bartinelli & Roufus Keep Active!

Although Anthony Bartinelli (R, Phoenix, Arizona, USA) has a World Title date with Mike Nagy (Chicago, Illinois, USA) at the Celebrity Theater in Phoenix, Arizona USA on April 17th for the vacant IKF Pro FCR Light Middleweight World Title, it doesn't mean he can't stay active.

Recently Bartinelli picked up another pro boxing win bring his boxing record to 13-4-1 with 8 KO's.

IKF Pro IR Heavyweight Champion Rick Roufus (L, of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA) on the other hand is still waiting for a challenge in kickboxing but he too likes to keep his ring skills sharp.

So Roufus was booked for a bout last weekend at the Alliant Energy Center (formerly Dane County Coliseum) in Madison Wisconsin against Richie Jero (9-1) of Janesville, Wisconsin, USA. Roufus won by decision adding another pro boxing win to his record which now stands at 14-3.


IKF Kickboxers
Keep Active Win or Lose!

Last weekends Warrior Cup 2 at the Burbank Hilton in Burbank California, USA had plenty of familier IKF names in the ring. Past IKF U.S. Super Middleweight Amateur MuayThai Champion and 1999 IKF/RINGSIDE US National Amateur Tournament Light Middleweight MuayThai Champion Duane "Bang" Ludwig (Below/Center with trainers) continued his winning ways as a pro fighter with his 5th pro win making him 5-0 as a Pro. As an amateur, Ludwig's record was 12-2 with 8 KO's. His win came at the expense of Brian Popejoy of Wilmington, CA, USA who made his pro debut.

As an amateur, Popejoy had done very well with a record of 10-0 with 5 KO's. Ludwig picked up the IMTC Super Middleweight Intercontinental Title in the win.

IKF Pro European MuayThai Middleweight Champion Ole Laursen of Copenhagen, Denmark faced off against IKF Pro MuayThai Welterweight World Champion Khunpon, (Surapon Dechkampu) of Atlanta Georgia, USA via Thailand winning the bout by unanimous decision. It was clear that coming up in weight (over 20 lbs) was not a good move for Khonpon. Laursen picked up the IMTC Super Middleweight World Title in the win.

Ben Garcia of Las Vegas, Nevada, USA (Part of the USA Vs Belarus team, see January Through June 1999 NEWS) defeated Jason Seip of Canada for the IMTC Jr. Welterweight Title by unanimous decision.Seip took the fight on a short notice when planned opponent, Joy Soneluck Syarath became ill.


Attention USA AMATEUR Kickboxers...
It's Time To "WALK The WALK" At The
2001 IKF USA National Amateur Tournament!

Hey there USA Amateurs! It's time to "Walk The Walk" as the 2001 IKF National Amateur Tournament Circuit Directors/Promoters are ready to host their Regional Events. If you think your the best, it's time to prove yourself to the Nation!

The IKF National Amateur Tournament is open to ALL AGES ( Junior Amateurs AGES 7 to 15 Years and 16 and up are the adult divisions) with 4 different rule styles. (Full Contact, International / Leg Kick, Muay Thai, & San Shou - Chinese Boxing.) It's also the only true USA National Amateur Championship Tournament in the Nation. This is not an Invitation Only like a K-1 Tournament. This circuit is open to ANY Amateur fighter willing to "Walk The Walk" and prove to the Nation just how good they are.

We should know in a few days the exact date and location of this years Final National Championship Event. The first 2 years we were at Harveys Casino in Council Bluffs Iowa.
However, this year, 2001, there is talk of having the event in several other possible locations. Regardless of the Main Event, make sure you qualify at your regional level events first provided there's a Regional Tournament in your area. To see if there is, just click one of these links below.





The IKF National Amateur Tournament Belts are awarded to the Champions of each division. The belts are first class valued at nearly $200.00 each (2001 Belts at Right) For the first time ever, California and the West Coast USA will have a Regional Event to attend. This will answer the questions of "Who Truly Are The Best Amateur Fighters in all the rule divisions on the West Coast USA? Info for this event can be found HERE.

If your a promoter and you noticed there was no Regional Event scheduled for your area, please contact the IKF if your interested in Hosting a regional event. To find out how to do so click HERE! For Tournament Rules & Regulations, check the Main Tournament Page or just click HERE.

We look forward to seeing "THE BEST OF THE BEST" USA Amateur Kickboxers at the Regional Events and eventually at the National Championships.... Or should we say instead... At least those Willing To


THURSDAY, March 1st, 2001, AT 10:00 PM PT


IKF GEORGIA: On Saturday, February 24, 2001, IKF & ISCF Promoters Mike (IKF Georgia Representative & ISCF World Representative) & Elizabeth Carlson (Both Pictured Right with Marika) of Augusta Georgia, USA Promoted what IKF President Steve Fossum called "The most organized event the IKF has EVER Sanctioned, Winter Wars 2001!"

"This is not to downplay ANY other IKF or ISCF Promoters," said Fossum, "but this was clearly the first time that I have ever attended an IKF event and did nothing. The Carlson Team handled everything from pre event weigh-ins to ringside officials and scorekeeping. They invited me there to be a guest, but I was thinking, heck, I'm sure I'll be doing something, but there was nothing I needed to do. What a GREAT TEAM Effort on their part."

In front of a record crowd of over 1,200 spectators, thirty-six kickboxers and submission fighters battled for victory at Fort Gordon's Gym 1 in Augusta, Georgia. This years Winter Wars 2001 event was held, following a successful daytime karate tournament which included kata, weapons kata, sparring, grappling, and submission sparring divisions. The daytime tournament was sanctioned by the Professional Karate Commission (PKC) and had more than 120 participants. The evening event featured kickboxing bouts sanctioned by the International Kickboxing Federation (IKF)) and the (PKC). The International Sport Combat Federation (ISCF)) sanctioned the mixed martial arts bouts.

In addition to the eighteen exciting bouts, the crowd was treated to a virtual who's who in the martial arts world. Mr. Steve Fossum, IKF and ISCF President, was in attendance, as well as Mr. Glenn Keeney, PKC President. Mr. Cary Wilson, CEO and Chairman of Midori Yama Budokai (MYB) was present at Winter Wars 2001 and Mr. Joe Corley, owner of several Atlanta-based karate schools.

  1. The evening began with a Light Heavyweight bout pitting Toty Otarola (Greer, SC) against Gary Williamson (Gainesville, GA). Dominating the first round with an assortment of kick and punch combinations, Otarola scored a knockout in 1:52 into round 2.

  2. The second fight of the night was a meeting of first time fighters. Phillip Pye (Augusta, GA) went head to head against Sean Gildea (Augusta, GA) in the Light Welterweight division. While both fighters traded an incredible number of punches and kicks, Pye pulled ahead early on to win by unanimous decision.

  3. ISCF: In the first mixed martial arts bout of the evening, Joel Weldon (Valdosta, GA) faced Charles LaFave (Tallahassee, FL) in the Light Middleweight class. The first two minutes of the first round seemed to be spent with both fighters getting used to each other and the ring. Few blows were exchanged until the match went to the ground, and Weldon (Pictured right as he's announced the winner) was able to win by referee stoppage at 3:45 in the first round due to unanswered punches.

  4. In the first women's bout of the night, Terrie Hicks (Augusta, GA) faced Christy Lindsey (Carrolton, GA) in a Light Welterweight *Exhibition Bout. both fighters showed great boxing skills to go along with their kicks. Although an exhibition, the judges scored this one which was a questionable decision for Hicks.

  5. ISCF: Shaun Gay (Valdosta, GA) battled Ken Calhoun (Augusta, GA) in the Light Middleweight mixed martial arts division. Being aggressive from the time the bell rang, Gay was quick to throw a barrage of leg kicks. Once on the ground, Calhoun put Gay in the guard but didn't anticipate Gay's quick escape. A series of knees and punches finally sent Calhoun to the ground, giving Gay a TKO in 2:12 of the first round.

  6. In what was easily one of the most exciting fights of the night, 2000 IKF/RINGSIDE National Amateur Tournament Champion John Greubel (Facing camera, Augusta, GA) faced 2000 IKF/RINGSIDE National Amateur Tournament Finalist Tom Poey (Back to camera, Virginia Beach, VA) in the Light Welterweight division. In a very close match, with both fighters delivering combinations at an incredible speed, Greubel emerged victorious. Poey threw many difficult techniques while Greubel seemed to be hitting his targets more often. Greubel threw a particularly effective sweep with a powerful round kick, which was a real crowd pleaser. In the end, Greubel won by a very close split decision in a bout that could have easily went to Poey. Both proved on this night that they are not only great fighters, but ready to give the pro division some heat as well.

  7. The next bout had Welterweights Chris Moncrief (Hartwell, GA) against Bobby McGee (Buford, GA). Moncrief made his presence early on by scoring several knockdowns against McGee. In a flurry of largely unanswered combinations, Moncrief scored a TKO in 1:14 of round one.

  8. In a much-anticipated bout for the local fans, veteran fighter Paul Pearman (Augusta, GA) squared off against Jason Laitsch (Lawrenceville, GA) in the Light Heavyweight division. Pearman, sporting his usual flair in the ring, threw numerous spinning punching and kicking techniques. Laitsch, successfully dodged many of the blows, but Pearman proved he had one strike too many for Laitsch as he landed a spinning backfist on him, thus ending the fight by knockout in 1:51 in round one.

  9. ISCF: The third mixed martial arts bout of the night pitted Mike Robinson (Simpsonville, SC) against Brandon Hewson (Plevna, MT) in the Light Heavyweight division. With the match ending in by submission :31 seconds into round one, Robinson worked quickly by taking Hewson down with a front heel trip and executing an armbar.

  10. The next exciting bout of the evening had PKC National Champion Summer Miller (Augusta, GA) in the ring against 2000 IKF/RINGSIDE National Amateur Tournament Champion Trish Hill (Right, Kennesaw, GA) in the Featherweight division. From the very start of the bout, both fighters began exchanging blows at a very fast pace. While Hill was able to execute her game plan, Miller landed a couple of good shots that hurt Hill including a strong round kick to Hill's head. In the end, the judges' scorecard rendered a questionable majority decision for Hill since it appeared she had won all 3 of the rounds.

  11. BOUT 11: ISCF: The next bout featured Rory Singer (Athens, GA) in a Light Heavyweight mixed martial arts match against Jared Pettitt (Huntsville, AL). One of the most colorful fights of the night, the match began with Singer taking control. At one point, Singer had Pettitt in a triangle lock, but was unable to finish the choke on the ever-tiring Pettitt. In the third round, while Singer attempts a takedown, Pettitt landed a sharp knee to Singer's forehead that instantly split it open spilling blood. However, the bout referee couldn't see the cut since Singer's back was to him as both fighters went down to the ground with Pettitt on top. Several more knees were landed by Pettitt before the referee finally saw the blood covering the matt where he quickly stopped it. This cut was so large it amazed us at ringside that Singer's corner first didn't throw the towel in to prevent further damage and secondly, that their corner doc actually wanted to just tape it up and let him continue. Good thing the ringside physician and ISCF President Steve Fossum didn't even entertain such an idea. Once Singer was attended to and his head bandaged, five minutes later, the bout was awarded to Pettitt by doctor stoppage at 2:13 in round three. Too bad for Singer who was ahead big on all the judges cards at the time of the cut.

  12. ISCF: The next bout, in the Heavyweight mixed martial arts division, pits Mike Farrow (Augusta, GA) against Joshua Hancock (Harlem, GA). Lasting only 48 seconds into round one, Farrow quickly gets into the mount position, begins to ground and pound, and ends the match by referee stoppage.

  13. After the final intermission, Walter McCall (Adel, GA) faced John Groves (Buford, GA) in the Light Middleweight kickboxing division. Exchanging punches and kicks, both fighters were off to a fast paced start. However, after only 1:15 seconds into round one, Groves dislocated his shoulder, and the match was declared a TKO for McCall.

  14. In the Light Heavyweight division, Eric Green (Piedmont, SC) went head to head with Willis Ivy (Atlanta, GA). This was an exciting match with Ivy scoring a knockout at 1:44 into round two.

  15. ISCF: In the next mixed martial arts bout, Joe Merit (Atlanta, GA) faced Houston Grant (Augusta, GA) for the ISCF East Coast U.S. Light Heavyweight Title. This match was over at :43 into round one, with the fight never going to the ground. Both fighters began the match by exchanging leg kicks, with Merit scoring a round kick to Grant's chin (Striking the pressure point on the chin directly) and winning the match by TKO. Merit is pictured at right with his trainer, IKF/ISCF Champion Trainer & Official Gary Brown of Atlanta Georgia, USA.

  16. In the Light Heavyweight kickboxing division, Ken Laurette (Daytona Beach, FL) went up against Luke Colling (Simpsonville, SC). This bout went the distance, with Colling dominating the match and winning by unanimous decision.

  17. In the final kickboxing match of the evening, Adrian Turpin (Starr, SC) squared off against Sylvester James (Eastman, GA) for the IKF Southeastern U.S. Heavyweight Title. This was an exciting match with the heavyweights working hard to get the job done. Turpin had the advantage with punches (despite coming off of kidney stone problems the week of the fight), but James (Pictured at Left with Promoter Mike Carlson and his trainer) still maintained control of the match and won the fight by unanimous decision.

  18. ISCF: In the final bout of the night, Chris Cromer (Travelers Rest, SC) faced Roger Waters (Lawrenceville, GA) in a Light Heavyweight mixed martial arts match. In a bout where the decision went to the judges, Cromer and Waters remained tied up and on the ground most of the match. While neither was able to execute a finishing technique, Waters won the bout by split decision.

The complete fight results are listed below. For more information, please call Augusta Martial Arts Academy at 706-855-5269 or e-mail to

Gary Brown & Joe Merit

Carlson & Sylvester James



  1. Toty Otarola def. Gary Williamson by TKO (1:52 Round 2)
  2. Phillip Pye def. Sean Gildea by unanimous decision.
  3. Terrie Hicks def. Christy Lindsey by unanimous decision (Exhibition)
  4. John Greubel def. Tom Poey by CLOSE split decision.
  5. Chris Moncrief def. Bobby McGee by TKO (1:14 Round 1)
  6. Paul Pearman def. Jason Laitsch by KO (1:51 Round 1)
  7. Trish Hill def. Summer Miller by majority decision.
  8. Walter McCall def. John Groves by TKO (1:15 Round 1)
  9. Willis Ivy def. Eric Green by KO (1:44 Round 2)
  10. Luke Colling def. Ken Laurette by unanimous decision
  11. Sylvester James def. Adrian Turpin by unanimous decision


  1. Joel Weldon def. Charles LaFave by referee stoppage (3:45 Round 1)
  2. Shaun Gay def. Ken Calhoun by TKO (2:12 Round 1)
  3. Mike Robinson def. Brandon Hewson by submission (:31 Round 1)
  4. Jared Pettitt def. Rory Singer by doctor stoppage (2:13 Round 3)
  5. Mike Farrow def. Joshua Hancock by referee stoppage (:48 Round 1)
  6. Joe Merit def. Houston Grant by TKO (:43 Round 1)
  7. Roger Waters def. Chris Cromer by split decision.


Vierra's IKF Arizona A KNOCKOUT!
5 Bouts, 5 KO'S As Davis Stops Baxter for
IKF Arizona Title In Main Event!

IKF Arizona USA
Promoters Clement & Rhonda Vierra of Hard Knocks Gym in Phoenix Arizona, USA hosted another great IKF event at the Rodeo Nights in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. The main event featured the battle for the vacant IKF Amateur Light Welterweight Full Contact Arizona State Title when Daniel Baxter faced off against Robert Davis Davis (14-7) won the bout by a forth round Knock Out over Baxter (3-3). The 1st round both fighters came out looking for the right shot's. 2nd and 3rd round was back and fourth and too close to call if you were a judge. Both entered the 4th round and both knew only one would leave as Champion. Davis came out with everything, hands and feet then with one Big left hook put Daniel down for the count, a count he couldn't beat as Davis left the ring as the new IKF Amateur Light Welterweight Full Contact Arizona State Champion.

Here's a Rundown of the nights bouts;

  1. Leslie Sonnenklar (1-0) win's by a 2nd round TKO over Ginger Ray (3-1). It was a good match with both sides coming out hard. The 2nd round was all Sonnenklar with leg kicks that put Ray down. Ray got back to her feet, but Sonnenklar ended the match with some great leg kicks.

  2. Ceasar Ortiz (1-0) win's by 2nd round TKO over Paul Motto (2-2). Both fighters came out fighting. Ortiz landed punches and kicks then with one big right hand put Motto down. Motto got back to his feet, only to go down again. Motto got back up and ended the round with some hand and feet combo's that had Ortiz going backwards. Round 2 Ortiz came out hard and put Motto down again, Motto got up only to go down again to end the match in the 2nd round by TKO.

  3. Oscar Rosas (5-2) win's by Knock Out in the1st. Over Clifford Larson (0-5). Both fighters came out to the center of the ring with Rosas hiting Larson with the first blow a right round kick to the head and it was over 9 seconds into the1st. round. Knock Out win for Rosas.

  4. Todd Whitmoyer (9-2) win's by TKO in the 1st over James Meals (4-7). Whitmoyer came out hard, landing hard leg kicks and punches sending Meals to the floor with a left hook, but Meals got to his feet and came back hard, but only to walk into another left hook. Whitmoyer put Meals down for good with a combo of Punches and Kicks in his 1st round TKO win.

  5. IKF Light welterweight Full Contact Arizona State Title. Robert Davis (14-7) wins by a forth round KO over Daniel Baxter (3-3). (Explained Above)

For more info on the event, please contact the Vierra's at Hard Knocks Gym at (602) 493-1567 or by e-mail by clicking HERE.