MAY, 2001


SATURDAY, May 26th, 2001, AT 3:50 PM PT

Another Impostor? No Mas!

Federal DEA Agent, David Torres, Steals Ramos's Retired Boxers Foundation Name to Host 2001 Fundraiser for Puerto Rican Boxers...
Illegally endorsed Retired Boxers Foundation Checks for 2000 Event!

Read The Full Story: CLICK HERE!

FRIDAY, May 25th, 2001, AT 4:00 PM PT

North Central Regional

This weekend, IKF Promoter Craig Monyelle will have his hands full. Not only will Monyelle be promoting and hosting the IKF/RINGSIDE North Central Regional Tournament, he will also be fighting as the night main event as well. The event will be held at Telfer Park in Beloit, Wisconsin, USA. Nearly 50 fighters from Central & Eastern North Dakota, Minnesota, Eastern South Dakota, Northern Iowa (Waterloo North) Wisconsin and Michigan will fight for a qualifying placements in this years 2001 USA National Amateur Championships in September.

Monyelle's Team Thump and Thump Productions is also pleased to announce that former IKF Cruiserweight World Champion Don "The Dragon" Wilson (Left) will be in attendence at the event as well. Wilson volunterily vacated his IKF World Title earlier this year since he had decided to move down in weight and knew he could no longer defend the title at the higher weight.

As previously mentioned, IKF U.S. Champion Craig Monyelle will face KICK and USKB World Champion Devon Cormack of New York, USA in a non title bout in the nights main event.

Weigh-ins for all the "PRE-REGISTERED" fighters will be held Saturday morning, May 26th from 9 AM to 10 AM SHARP!! Prelim bo uts will begin at 12 noon.

The Coaching Staff for the event will include former and present champions such as retired IKF Super Heavyweight Champion Mean Mike Lebree, Keryy Roop, Troy "Holloywood" Hughes, C.B. Bonkholtz, Horace Craft and Bill Lassi.

For more event info please contact Mr. Craig Monyelle at (815) 623-6705 or (608) 346-4867 or by e-mail by clicking HERE. Monyelle will have plenty of help from IKF Event Representative and also former IKF World Champion, Duke Roufus Good Luck to all the fighters woh will be


This Saturday!!

Here's a rundown of the events activity;

  • 4 JRs X-Bouts Boys
  • 1 JRs Girls X-Bout
  • 1 Womens X-Bout
  • 2 Womens Finalist Bouts
  • 6 Mens Elinanation Bouts
  • 8 Mens Finalist Bouts
  • The come back of Un-deafeted Pro Mike "Tension" Nevitt VS former World Champion Marty "The Wolfman" Linqist
  • IKF U.S. Champion Craig Monyelle Vs KICK and USKB World Champion Devon Cormack.

More News Of 5-25-01

Leiker's All Set For
Tornado Internationals
In Kansas City, Missouri, USA

IKF Promoters Bob & Jill Leiker of Champion's Choice Inc. are all set to host what was awarded last year as the 2000 NBL Tournament of the Year, the Tornado Internationals this weekend, May 25, 26, and 27 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel & Convention Center in Kansas City Missouri. The event will feature IKF Kickboxing tonight and the dynamic point karate tournament during the rest of the weekend. IKF Over $4,000.00 in prize money Men's Overall Fighting $1,000.00 will be awarded during the karate tournament.

The IKF Event Representative will be Mr. Brooks Mason and the IKF Event Referee will be Mr. Chuck Wolf For more info on this event, please contact Mr. Bob & Jill Leiker (913) 432-2787 or by e-mail by clicking HERE OR HERE. For more info click HERE!

THURSDAY, May 24th, 2001, AT 9:15 AM PT


There IS A Regional In Your Area and you MUST ATTEND To Qualify For The National Finals!

There seems to be a bit of confusion with some fighters in the South East USA in regards to qualifying for the 2001 IKF/RINGSIDE USA National Amateur Kickboxing Championships. This is to inform everyone in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and Eastern Kentucky that you DO have a regional and you MUST attend it to qualify for the National Finals.

Your Regional event is in Atlanta, Georgia on July 14th and your Registration DEADLINE is July 3rd. To register for this event, please contact your Regional Director/Promoter Mr. Lane Collyer at (404) 906-0110 or by e-mail at For more info on this Regional Event, please click HERE!

The ONLY fighters who DO NOT have to fight at ANY Regional Event to qualify for the 2001 National Amateur Finals are last years (2000) National Amateur Champions AND OR Any fighter currently holding any IKF U.S. Amateur Title won on another IKF Event. If you are currently an IKF U.S. Title holder, you MUST ATTEND this years National Finals to continue holding your U.S. National Title. If you hold more than 1 U.S. National Title, you will be asked to choose WHICH TITLE You will defend at the Nationals. In regards to your other National Titles you may hold, these titles will be retired for other fighters to compete for at the National Finals. However if no fighters register to contend for these titles, you will continue to hold the title(s) in question until challenged. If you do not attend the National Finals Tournament, your title will be automatically vacated and will be available for those who DO attend the National Tournament Finals.

All CURRENT IKF U.S. National Amateur Champions
Are asked to register for the National Amateur Tournament Finals with this form at this link HERE!
Thank You.

If There Is NO REGIONAL In Your Area
Click HERE To REGISTER As a WALKOVER For The Nationals.

More News Of 5-24-01


We Have SCRATCHED the Pacific North West Regional!

After unsuccessful attempts to reach the Promoter/Director who had originally agreed to do the Pacific North West IKF/RINGSIDE Regional Event, and after we received several complaints from fighters not getting any info on the Regional we have made the decision to Scratch this regional Event. All North West USA area amateur fighters looking to register for the National Finals may do so by direct walkover now. The states included in this Region are Washington, Oregon, Northern California (North Chico UP), Northern Nevada and Western Idaho. Your Registration Deadline Date is July 15th, 2001. You may register at this link: HERE! Or if you need additional info, please contact the IKF at (916) 663-2467.

More News Of 5-24-01

No San Shou At
2001 IKF USA Nationals

IKF & Cung Le
To Organize Separate San Shou National Tournament

Cung Le

After a discussion with San Shou Superstar Cung Le, the IKF has decided to drop the San Shou Division from the IKF/RINGSIDE National Amateur Tournament this September. Instead, the IKF and Cung Le are organizing a SEPARATE San Shou National Tournament that will be an Open Invitation Tournament. This event will be scheduled for sometime this fall.

This decision won't surprise many since at last years 2000 IKF/RINGSIDE National Amateur Tournament there were only 3 fighters registered to fight in the San Shou Division. Super Heavyweight Edward Harrington of Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania, USA was registered to fight but didn't face any competition in his weight class so he switched to International Rules. In that division, Harrington defeated Terrance Meehan of Quantico, Virginia, USA by TKO at :57 seconds of round 3 in his opening round bout but lost to Kurt Hasley of Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA by TKO at 1:25 of round 1. Hasley went on to be the 2000 National Amateur Champion and also, later won the IKF North American Amateur Super Heavyweight Title over Canada's Keith Crawford.

The other two San Shou fighters in the 2000 Tournament fought for the first ever, IKF National Amateur Tournament San Shou Title. In the Super Middleweight Division, Wayne Wilks, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA made history as he became the first ever to win an 2000 IKF/RINGSIDE National Amateur Tournament San Shou Title Bout. His victory came by an impressive HEAD KICK KO at :35 seconds of round 1 to Raymond Jenkins of Detroit, Michigan, USA.

As of now, Le is organizing a MEGA IKF Amateur San Shou Event that will feature 10 IKF U.S. Amateur San Shou Titles. The event "BORN TO FIGHT" is planned for July 21st 2001 at the West Valley College in San Jose, California, USA. However, this will not be an open invitation tournament. Instead, Le will be putting together the best known San Shou fighters in the USA to fight for the many vacant IKF Amateur San Shou U.S. Titles to establish a stronger IKF Amateur San Shou Rankings. At the event, Martial Arts Superstars Frank Shamrock and Bob Wall of Enter the Dragon Fame, will be in attendance.

How does Le know who's the best in the US? Keep in mind, were talking about a person who DOES know all the top San Shou Fighters and Trainers in the USA and many outside the USA as well. In addition, Le has also fought for years in the San Shou circuit as an amateur and a pro and better yet, he's won the titles to back up his knowledge of the sport.

Cung Le

Cung Le

Knowing this, the IKF appointed Le to the position of IKF World San Shou Director. This position was formally held by Tat Mau Wong of San Francisco CA, USA several years ago. However Wong never took the San Shou Division to any higher level so the IKF retired his position after only 1 year at the helm. Wong also use to promote fights in San Francisco but he stopped promoting several years ago to pursue other interest. Le brings new light to the IKF San Shou Division. At this position, Le will help the IKF direct their Amateur San Shou division throughout the World and also assist with the IKF Pro San Shou Division. However, being a pro San Shou fighter himself, his work in the Pro San Division will be limited to avoid any conflict of interest. Why?

Mainly because Le has expressed his great desire to fight for an IKF Pro San Shou Title in the very near future. The only thing that awaits him is a credible opponent and an event to stage it on. However, these issues may be solved very soon. Plans are well under way for a MAJOR EVENT that will feature an IKF World San Shou Title with Le. We'd like to tell you more, but we have to leave ya hangin for a short spell until this announcement becomes official. Don't worry though, you won't have to wait long...

THURSDAY, May 17th, 2001, AT 9:30 PM PT

Finney's Ready For
Springfield, Illinois, USA

IKF Promoter Jesse Finney (Left) and his promotional team of St Louis, Missouri USA are all set to host more exciting kickboxing this weekend. However, this time they'll be taking there show on the road to Springfield, Illinois, USA. Finney and his staff have organized a fund-raising event for the nearby Shriners Hospital, a fund-raising event he's worked with before. Although there are no title bouts on the event, there's sure to be plenty of exciting kickboxing action.

For more info, please call Mr. Jesse Finney at (314) 351-5226 or contact Finney's Kickboxing by e-mail by clicking HERE

To see the Finney's Kickboxing webpage, click HERE!

TUESDAY, May 15th, 2001, AT 6:40 PM PT

Belarus Champions
Ready To Rock!

With 3 IKF Champions, Kick Fighter Gym Looks For ANY Challenge

Evgeny Kotelnikov of Minsk Belarus is all ready to take on any challenges from around the World. Kotelnikov has already hosted several IKF Sanctioned events in Belarus and is looking to get his 3 IKF Champions some work around the World.

These three include IKF MuayThai Rules Intercontinental Featherweight Champion Alexey "The Diamond" Pekarchik (66-6/24), IKF MuayThai Rules Lightweight World Champion Visily "Torrero" Shish (71-13) and IKF MuayThai Rules Junior Middleweight World Champion and Welterweight Intercontinental Champion Dmitry "The Shock" Shakuta (115-5/22 ).

To check out more info on all these IKF Champions and some of Kotelnikov's other champion fighters, click HERE!

More News Of 5-15-01

No Deciding Re-Match For
Hill & Rivera!

We May Never Know Who Was TRULY the BEST Between Them!

Angela Rivera

Losing is something no one wants to face, but if you do, redemption is always sweet revenge. It was the sweet taste of redemption that Angela Rivera (Left) of Las Vegas, Nevada, USA was able to experience a couple weeks back in Las Vegas Nevada when she was awarded a majority decision win against Woman's Kickboxing Superstar Trisha Hill (Right) of Lawerenceville, Georgia, USA.

Back in November, (2000) Rivera lost to Hill when they both met for the vacant IKF MuayThai Rules U.S. Title in Monterey CA, USA. The scores were 49-46 Rivera, 49-47 Hill and 50-45 Hill. However, it appears Rivera will not be granting Hill the same courtesy to determine who is TRULY the Best between them because it was announced earlier this week that the highly anticipated rematch between Rivera and Hill will not take place on the K-1 Las Vegas event this August. From what we've been told, Rivera will be making her pro debut against Bambi Bertoncello on the event instead which leaves the question,

"WHO was truly the best between them?"

Why do we feel there is still question as to WHO is the best between them? Well, lets look at the "Facts" and not the "Opinions". Rivera has always been a MuayThai fighter. She won the 1999 IKF/RINGSIDE National Amateur Tournament (At right after her win in 1999 with Trainer Jim Vanover) in Woman's MuayThai and recently won the IAMTF World MuayThai Title in Thailand. What many didn't know was that when she faced Hill in November, it was Hills "FIRST" MuayThai Rules bout "EVER!" How did she get such a title shot in a rule style she had never competed in? Well no one ever questioned whether Hill was a top contender. One look at her resume can answer that question...

Hill like Rivera, was also an IKF National Tournament Champion. She caught everyone's eye when she beat Katie Ehrhardt, (7-2/1) of Lake Zurich, IL, USA with a spinning crescent kick to her head to win the 2000 IKF/RINGSIDE USA National Amateur Tournament in the Woman's Full Contact Rules Lightweight Division. What made this head kick KO even more spectacular was that Ehrhardt was SIX INCHES taller than Hill (Left, after her win over Ehrhardt) . Hill has also won the IKF U.S. Amateur International Rules Bantamweight Title, The IKF U.S. Amateur International Rules Featherweight Title and The IKF U.S. Amateur Full Contact Rules Lightweight Title. Not to mention some other organization titles she picked up along the way. Clearly put, Hill was entering Rivera's world because she wanted to fight the BEST! No matter what rule style or what weight,

"Gloves On, Bring it On!" This is Trisha Hill!

In the rematch in Las Vegas, it was only Hill's "SECOND" MuayThai bout and she STILL did very well. In fact, BOTH women did very well, in fact, GREAT! Simply put, this was probably "The Fight of the Night!" AGAIN! The only things that changed on this meeting were who won this time and what letters were attached to the belt. This time, instead of the IKF title, this one was for the ISKA title and although the IKF offered to co-sanction the bout for free because it was a "Rematch", it was never granted. This time Hill came up on the short end against Rivera as one judge put both fighters even at 48.5 to 48.5 while the other 2 judges had it for Rivera 48.5 to 46.5 and 49 to 46.5. In fact, if not for a knockdown Rivera gave to Hill in the final round, from what the judges scorecards said that night, Hill "Might" have even won this meeting as well.

Trisha Hill

Take NOTHING away from Rivera though! She fought a very smart and aggressive bout and clearly deserved the win. This is why we all want to see a re-match between these two. However, as mentioned, Rivera is moving on to the Pros, something Hill wants to wait until she competes in the Woman's National Boxing Championships and maybe even take another shot at this years 2001 IKF/RINGSIDE National Amateur Tournament Championships.

Regardless, these are two CLASS ACTS and we wish them both great success in their fighting futures. Who knows, maybe they will meet again down the line. But if it's a PRO Bout, these two will deserve GREAT PURSES!!! Promoters... Get out your deep pockets because if these two get matched up again, they will earn and deserve the big money! Good luck ladies...

The EYES of Kickboxing are upon YOU!

MONDAY, May 14th, 2001, AT 3:00 PM PT

Nevada State Athletic Commission
& Mixed Martial Arts!

The Nevada State Athletic Commission and Director Mark Ratner (Left) would like to invite all potential promoters of mix Martial Arts in the State of Nevada to a meeting to discuss the future of such events in Nevada.

The purpose of the meeting is to assist commission in becoming more aware of the many types of Martial Arts as well as setting up rules and guidelines for these events. Such matches as the Ultimate Fighting Challenge and other similar matches will be their primary focus.

The public is invited to attend the meeting on Monday, May 21st at 9:AM in Las Vegas, Nevada. For more information call
The Nevada State Athletic Commission at (702) 486-2575

More News Of 5-14-01

33 Fighters "WALK THE WALK"
In Memphis Tennessee!


Memphis, Tennessee, USA: The first 2001 USA National IKF/RINGSIDE Regional event this year went GREAT! 33 fighters, ages 8 and up entered the regional event in hopes of qualifying for the National Amateur Championships this September in Kansas City USA! Due to the many rule styles and weight classes to select, there were only 6 actual tournament qualifying bouts, which has not been uncommon in the past 2 years of the tournament. Only 1 fighter didn't qualify and the only reason he didn't was because he was in the only 3 fighter bracket division and this year, only the top 2 finishers of each division will qualify for the Nationals. Here are the results of the tournament matches along with some of the fights with walk-over champs vs each other.

  1. ISCF MMA Eliminator Bout
    Richard Lee (Memphis) winner 1 min of 2nd round by submission vs Ian Watts (Memphis)

  2. Jr. Girls 14 & 15 years old 130 lbs. IR Championship Bout
    Lielane Payne-Blalock (Chattanooga, TN) winner by U decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) vs Bette Mullins (Memphis)

  3. Jr. FC Non-tournament match
    Shane Shappley (Memphis) winner by u decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28) vs John Felts (Pacific, MO)

  4. ISCF MMA Middleweight Championship
    Brian Robinson (Jonesboro, AR) winner .22 seconds of 2nd round rear-naked choke hold vs Jody Stephens (Memphis)

  5. ISCF MMA Cruiserweight Championship
    Jason Turnage (Memphis) winner 1:05 of 1st round arm bar vs Richard Lee (Memphis)

  6. Womens Lightweight IR non-tournament
    Sarah Libby (Chattanooga, TN) winner split decision (26-27, 27-26, 27-26) vs Micah Duncan (Memphis)

  7. Light Heavyweight IR non-tournament
    Al Morano (Tulsa, OK) winner split decision (29-28, 29-28, 28-29) vs John Greaves (Chattanooga, TN)

  8. Heavyweight IR Championship
    David Roberts (Memphis) winner 1:37 of 3rd RSC vs Senad Jaskic (Chattanooga, TN)

  9. Light Cruiserweight FC Championship
    Joseph Harris (Martin, TN) winner split decision (29-28, 29-28, 28-29) vs Darryl Baker (Memphis).

National Championship Qualifiers

    • Nicholas Gentry: FC 8 & 9 year old 60 lbs. Walkover Champion.
    • Justin Lawerence: FC 10 & 11 year old 85 lbs. Walkover Champion.
    • Jordan Moore: FC 10 & 11 year old 80 lbs. Walkover Champion.
    • London Curtis: FC 14 & 15 year old 120 lbs. Walkover Champion.
    • Shane Shappley: FC 16 & 17 year old 130 lbs. Walkover Champion.
    • John Felts: FC 14 & 15 year old 135 lbs. Walkover Champion.

    • Lielane Payne-Blalock. Jr. Girls 14 & 15 year old old 130 lbs. IR Champion.
      • Bette Mullins. 2nd Place Qualifier.
    • Boomer Fischer: FC girls 14 & 15 year olds.135 lbs. Walkover Champion.

    • Mike Fusco: FC Light Welterweight. Walkover Champion.
    • William Suddeth: IR Light Middleweight. Walkover Champion.
    • Corey Davis: FC Middleweight. Walkover Champion.
    • Justin Crawford: FC Super Middeweight. Walkover Champion.
    • John Greaves: IR Light Heavyweight. Walkover Champion.
    • Al Morano: San Shou Light Heavyweight. Walkover Champion.
    • Joseph Harris FC Light Cruiserweight Champion
      • Darryl Baker. 2nd Place Qualifier.
    • Cory Sirumacky: FC Cruiserweight. Walkover Champion.
    • David Roberts IR Heavyweight Champion
      • Senad Jaskic. 2nd Place Qualifier.
    • Jeremy Rardin: FC Super Heavyweight. Walkover Champion.
    • Kurt Hasley: MT Super Heavyweight. Walkover Champion.

    • Micah Duncan: IR Womens Featherweight. Walkover Champion.
    • Sara Libby: IR Lightweight. Walkover Champion.
    • Jennifer Woodrome: FC Super Lightweight. Walkover Champion.
    • Jen Repa: FC Light Welterweight. Walkover Champion.

    • Cliff Riley: ISCF MMA Lightweight. Walkover Champion.
    • Brian Robinson ISCF MMA Middleweight Champion
      • Jody Stephens. 2nd Place Qualifier.
    • Jason Turnage ISCF MMA Cruiserweight Champion.
      • Richard Lee. 2nd Place Qualifier.
    • Mike Thompson: ISCF MMA Heavyweight. Walkover Champion.

This was a Great job by IKF Regional Director/Promoter Jeff Mullen of Mid-South Karate in Memphis Tennessee, USA with all the work involved in this event. It's not east getting all these fighters registered, weighed-in as well as organizing the matchmaking for everyone but as a 3 year veteran, Mr. Mullen's "Walked The Walk" himself for the 3rd year in a row! Great Job Jeff!

Also a special Thank You to Duke Roufus of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA for being the IKF Event Representative and scorekeeper for this event who also assisted greatly with Mr. Mullen in event logistics and matchmaking. Mr. Mullen's will be the IKF Event Representative for Mr. Roufus' Regional coming up on June 23rd in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. For More Info, Click HERE OR HERE! For additional event info please contact Mr. Jeff Mullen at (901 757-0985 or by e-mail by clicking HERE!

More News Of 5-14-01

North Central Regional
To Include

IKF North Central MuayThai/Intl Rules Regional Tournament Director Duke Roufus announced today that he will offer ISCF MMA Regional bouts on his IKF/RINGSIDE National Regional Tournament in Milwaukee Wisconsin. For more info on his regional, please click HERE!

Although a date and location has not been finalized yet, the ISCF MMA USA National Amateur Championship Tournament is in the process of being scheduled for sometime in October or November, 2001. Watch for more news of this event soon.

FRIDAY, May 11th, 2001, AT 4:10 PM PT

IKF Extends
Around The World to 17 Years Old!

It was made official today that Europe will not be the only place the IKF recognizes fighters ages 16 & 17 in the IKF JUNIOR AMATEUR DIVISION. Today the IKF opened it's JUNIOR AMATEUR DIVISION with 1 more age class division, ages 16 and 17. Before today, IKF Europe had their Junior Amateur Division up to 17 years of age however in North America the Junior Amateur Divisions stopped at 15 years old. Now the Junior Amateur Divisions will be the same around the world with the IKF. This will allow fighters at the younger ages to attain more experience with fighters their own age before being matched up with fighter much older and most likely, with much more experience.

More News Of 5-10-01


Mullens Ready For
IKF/RINGSIDE South Central Regional
In Memphis, Tennessee, USA

Reposted Today, Was originally Posted On Wednesday, May 10th

Three years ago, IKF Promoter Jeff Mullens hosted the first ever IKF/RINGSIDE USA National Amateur Regional Tournament. This Saturday, May 12th, he's set to do it again as he kicks off the 2001 IKF/RINGSIDE National Amateur Championship Series. As the South-Central Division Promoter/Director, this will be Mullen's 3rd year for the event and the second year in a row he will be using the New Daisy Theater in Memphis, Tennessee.

The event will be the first of several regional events throughout USA on the road to the National Finals in September in Kansas City. Mullen's plans a full plate of action for everyone featuring fighters in Full Contact, International, MuayThai, SanShou AND ISCF MMA rules. The ISCF fighters will be qualifying for the ISCF MMA National Amateur Championship later in the year while the top 2 finishers in the other rule divisions will qualify for the National Finals.

Fighters from Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas, Southern, Oklahoma and Missouri (St Louis South) will be attending this regional event. The event weigh-ins will be held on Friday, May 11th at Mid South Kickboxing, 7277 Winchester Rd. Memphis, TN. For More Info, Click HERE OR HERE! For additional event info please contact Mr. Jeff Mullen at (901 757-0985 or by e-mail by clicking HERE! The IKF Representative for this event will be Duke Roufus on Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.

More News Of 5-10-01

Ready For IKF Milton Keynes, England

IKF Promoter Keith Gray is all set to host his IKF Event tonight in Milton Keynes England.
Although no IKF Title bouts are scheduled for this event, there will be plenty of fight action.
For more info, please contact IKF European Director, Mr. Alby Bimpson at 44 17447 39043 or by e-mail by Clicking HERE.

THURSDAY, May 10th, 2001, AT 1:00 PM PT

It Was Called The K-1 USA "UNDERCARD..."
What An INSULT!...?

See The K-1 USA Page!!

MORE News Of 5-10-01

IKF and K-1...
Working Towards a Common Goal...
by Johnny Davis

In unity... there is strength. These are the words that come to mind as I think of the recent participation of the IKF and the K-1 event held in Las Vegas, May 6, 2001. Scott Coker and his promotion team did an excellent job in putting a spectacular show together! They had all the lights, glitter and glamour that would make it a night to remember! This successful event also provided us with plenty of exciting fights attributed to some very good match making.

Additionally, some of the event's success is also due to the excellent and consistent coverage of the popular K-1 USA web page on the IKF's web page (International Kickboxing Federation, President Steve Fossum and his team were constantly updating the special K-1 page created for this event. The page featured interviews from some of the fighters, as well as highlighted a couple of the matches that the IKF staff thought would be great. These were two of the best fights of the event. Was it the hype? Who knows? The IKF advertised the K-1 to its enormous amount of daily visitors seeking kickboxing and martial arts information from around the world. One must assume that with tens of thousands of hits weekly, The IKF helped the already prestigious event go to another level. In fact, the IKF and staff purchased airline tickets as well as rooms at the Fabulous Mirage Hotel and Casino to assure they fully covered the entire event from start to finish.

One might ask, why would the IKF go to such expense to assist an event promoted and sanctioned by others? Well, I think the answer could be in this ancient saying...

"I am because we are and because we are therefore I am."

What this simply means is that we are all inextricably tied to each it or not! The good of one kickboxing event is a good for all. However, an event the size of the K-1 could easily hurt the future of the entire sport and impede all others who are trying to make their event successful. So, its vital to promote positive and professional kickboxing events because it helps us all!

Maybe now you understand better why the IKF staff went to such lengths to assist the promotion of the K-1. Its obvious, the future of the K-1 could very well dictate the future of kickboxing in this country and around the world! We must not only support this event but others like it. All Martial Artist should come together to make a distinctive mark in the world, agree to disagree and move forward to take this great sport to its deserving magnitude!

As this event comes to a successful end both K-1 and the IKF staff go back to what they were doing before...The IKF will continue sanctioning fights around the world and the K-1 promoters will start preparing for their next event August 11, 2022 in Las Vegas. Who knows, maybe the two could work together again and slowly but surely bring the world to the arena of the "pure science" of kickboxing and other martial arts!

TUESDAY, May 8th, 2001, AT 1:15 AM PT

Cung Le to Host
Cung Le Sanshou Shootout

A word from Cung Le:
As the three time Captain of the US National Team and pioneer of the Sanshou style of Martial Arts fighting in this country, for nearly 5 years I have fostered the dream of presenting the ultimate amateur Sanshou Fight Tournament. A tournament that was true to the practice of martial arts fight techniques. Where young martial artists from around the world who train in all fight styles would come together once a year to learn, grow and compete against the best amateur fighters.

My dream of giving back to the sport and to nurture the growth of young martial artists is now a reality. On July 21st at West Valley College in San Jose, California the first annual "BORN TO FIGHT" Cung Le Sanshou Shootout will be held.

The Sanshou Shootout will be divided into two segments. The Day Segment will be an open tournament sanctioned by the newly formed USA Sanshou Federation. To encourage the development of future champions there will be a Children's and Juniors Division, a beginners division (with no head contract), as well as intermediate and advanced Sanshou divisions. The Night Segment will be a grand event never seen before in the amateur ranks - we call it Super Fight Night. On this night many of our country's top amateur fighters will compete in the ring for National Titles. The fights will be sanctioned by the IKF (International Kickboxing Federation) and will be a treat for those who desire to see future world champions in action. To cap off the evening, I will give an exciting exhibition of world class Sanshou with this year's captain of the US National Team and current IKF Pro San Shou Middleweight Champion - Rudi Ott.

I look forward to seeing you at the
Cung Le Sanshou Shootout!
Thank You,
Cung Le

JULY 21st

TOURNAMENT: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Point Fighting, Advanced Sanshou Division, Beginners Sanshou Division, Modified Sanshou Division, Jr. Sanshou Division, Children's Sanshou Division

SUPER FIGHTS: 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

For more information and to Register for the Tournament, please call
USH! ENTERTAINMENT at (408) 729-4900
or e-mail us at CUNGLE@CUNGLE.COM

FRIDAY, May 4th, 2001, AT 12:30 AM PT

Its Hereeeeee... K-1 USA 2001, This SATURDAY NIGHT... CLICK HERE!

More News Of 5-4-01

Ready For IKF Missouri, USA!

IKF Promoter Mr. Paul Swigart is all ready to host his 2nd IKF Amateur Kickboxing event this Friday night at the No Place Bar & Restaurant in Grain Valley (Kansas City) Missouri, USA. There are no IKF title bouts on the event but there will be plenty of amateur action. No pre event press release was sent in so the actual card was unknown at press time. For more information, please contact Mr. Paul Swigart by e-mail by clicking HERE.

More News Of 5-4-01

England's Richardson
Becomes First Ever IKF Amateur World Champion!

IKF Newcastle, England
IKF Promoter Goff Bates had everything to be happy about at the end of the day this last Sunday night, April 29th in Newcastle, England. He had not only completed a fantastic event that featured 17 great amateur bouts, but he also became the first trainer in IKF History to have an IKF Junior Amateur World Champion by the name of Craig Richardson (At right, hand raised by IKF Referee Mick Fowles).

Before you question the validity of this title, you may want to see this bout on tape first. This was one of the greatest bouts ever fought. Richardson's opponent, Bruno Susano from Portugal put up a great challenge throughout the bout and there was only one time in the bout where we questioned "IF" the IKF should ever sanction an Amateur World Title bout, the first 10 seconds of the bout. That was when Richardson landed a right hand on Susano's jaw that dropped him to the canvas. He was quick to his feet to take the 8 count from IKF Referee Mick Fowles (IKF Europe Coordinator)

From that moment on though, each round could have gone either way for both fighters, it was just that close. In the end, Richardson, who threw over 20 kicks more than Susano over the entire bout, took the win by unanimous decision, 68-63, 69-64 and 69-64. It will go down in history as not only the FIRST IKF Junior Amateur World Title Bout, but also one of the Greatest bouts ever fought.

Above Left to Right,
Richardson's trainer Mr. Goff Bates, Champion Craig Richardson, Contender Bruno Susano and his trainer Mr. Nuno Ferreira

The event was a spectacular event of IKF Junior Amateur Fighters from as young as 8 years old. A total of 5 IKF Title bouts, 3 of them Junior Amateur bouts and 1 Adult mens amateur title. Here's the results of the remainder of the show..

  1. Marc Graham (10) defeated Craig Seamore (9) by unanimous decision, 30-26, 30-26 and 30-26.

  2. IKF FCR Junior Lightweight JUNIOR AMATEUR British Commonwealth Title: Jamie Bates (11) defeated Adam Graham (12) by unanimous decision, 50-45, 50-45, 50-45.

  3. Alfie Smith (9) defeated Peter Millward (8) by majority decision, 30-28, 30-29 and 28-30.

  4. JUNIOR AMATEUR fighters Kenny Crawford (10) and Matthew Carter (8) were disqualified in round 2 for being too wild in the ring.

  5. IKF FCR Junior Light Cruiserweight JUNIOR AMATEUR British Title: Dale Gibson (12) defeated Nathan Wright (11) by unanimous decision 30-29, 30-28 and 29-28.

  6. IKF FCR Junior Middleweight JUNIOR AMATEUR British Title: John Gilbert (13) defeated Jamie Lee (10) by TKO at 55 seconds of round 1.

  7. Julieanne Lisgo (15) defeated Danielle Yare (15) by unanimous decision, 29-28, 30-28 and 30-28.

  8. IKF FCR Light Welterweight JUNIOR AMATEUR British Commonwealth Title: Gavin Graham (15) defeated Craig Hall (15 by unanimous decision, 50-45, 50-48 and 50-44.

  9. JUNIOR AMATEUR fighters Dean Antrabus (n/a) and Dale Hutchinson (13) were disqualified in round 3 for wild contact. Hutchinson was leading the bout 20-17, 20-18 and 20-16 on the judges cards at the time of the stop.

  10. Becky Mathews (13) defeated Shelly Grimwood (*9) by unanimous decision, 30-27, 30-28 and 30-28.
    • (*) This fight was "LIGHT" contact, Not full and more of an exhibition bout than a real, full contact bout. A special Thank You to Miss Mathews for her excellent control in allowing Miss Grimwood to get in some ring time on a real event.

  11. Debra Seal (23) defeated Laura Tallentire (18) by unanimous decision 30-26, 30-27 and 30-27.

  12. Debbie Thomas (23) defeated Melanie Cowen (18) by unanimous decision, 29-26, 29-27 and 30-27.

  13. Richard Farley (25) defeated Paul Bell (22) by TKO at 1:20 of round 2.

  14. Mike Bell (18) defeated James Radford (18) by TKO at :50 seconds of round 1 when Radford injured his ankle.

  15. IKF FCR Lightweight Amateur Northern Area Title: Mark Benton (18) defeated Ian Wilkinson (26) by unanimous decision, 49-46, 49-45 and 50-45.

For more information on this event, please contact IKF Promoter Mr. Goff Bates at 012072 80 427 or the IKF European Headquarters at 44 174 47 39043 or by e-mail by Clicking HERE.

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Team Illinois (Team Z) vs. Team Ireland

April 28th 2001
Last Saturday, April 28th, IKF Promoter Rob Zbilski (Right) hosted Team Illinois (Team Z) vs. Team Ireland at the St Matthews Gym in Chicago, Illinois, USA. The event showed a lot of talent, and excitement for everyone. The first four fights of the evening were all local fighters, which were followed by the five international bouts. Every fight on the evening was a close one, however Team Z dominated the night winning 6 out of 8 bouts. Here's the nights results:

  1. Eustorgio Gama (Team Z 171 lbs) vs. Bob Tarello (Asian Martial Arts, 160 lbs) Scores: 20-17, 20-18, 20-17. Gama won by Unanimous Decision.

  2. John Ohnona (Team Z 205 lbs) vs. Mark Mortensen (Asian Martial Arts, 198 lbs.) Scores: 20-19, 20-19, 20-19, Ohnona won by Unanimous Decision.

  3. Alberto Gama (Team Z 190 lbs) vs. Ray Pollack (Tim Mazurkiewicz, 201lbs). Pollack won by TKO at 1:50 in Round 2

Team USA vs. Team IRELAND

  1. Scott Fischer (Team Z, 190 lbs) vs. Dave Pendergast (Ireland, 190 lbs) Scores: 28-30, 29-30, 30-27. Pendergast won by Split Decision.
  2. Joe Taylor (Team Z 121 lbs) vs. Garrett O'Reilly (Ireland, 130 lbs) Scores: 30-27, 28-30, 30-28. Taylor won by Split Decision.

  3. Rene Brodacz (Team Z,, 111 lbs) vs. Janice Halpin (Ireland, 116 lbs) Scores: 30-28, 30-29, 30-28. Brodacz by Unanimous Decision.

  4. Danny Griffin (Team Z, 172 lbs) vs. Steven Byrne (Ireland, 171 lbs) Griffing won by TKO at :46 seconds in Round 3
  5. Kyle McElroy (Team Z 148 lbs) vs. Derek Howe (Ireland, 150 lbs) Scores: 29-26, 28-27, 30-24. McElroy by Unanimous Decision.

The Illinois Team was coached by Rob and Jimmy Zbilski. For more information on this event, please contact Mr. Rob Zbilski at (847) 458-8333 or by e-mail by clicking HERE! You can also access the TEAM Z webpage by clicking HERE!

WEDNESDAY, May 2nd, 2001, AT 5:30 PM PT

Dons & Fury Promotions
Goes ALL OUT On The Largest Promotion Ever in the UK!

Promoters Stephen Donnelly and Mick Fowles Host a Spectacular Night of
Championship Kickboxing With 6 IKF Title Bouts at the Sky Dome Arena In Coventry England!

Ingolf Neilson

Perry Benn

It was a night of Glamor and Glitz and if one didn't know any better, they would have thought they were attending the K-1 Grand Prix of Japan, but in England. The Mega Size Stage, Bright Colored Light Shows and Dynamic Entertainment were all in addition to "THE" Grandest Night of Kickboxing the United Kingdom has ever seen. A night of Explosive Championship Kickboxing that featured 6 IKF Title bouts including a Pro World Title Defense that ended with a Kick KO!

For the first time ever, Dons & Fury Promotions mixed Championship Kickboxing with a full schedule of entertainment which included top European Musical Groups such as Phoenix J, Miss Jay, Laura Jayne, Nyjon, Swains, Tabitha LeBec, Gita, Sylvia Bird Dance Centre, The Crew, Sheen Doran and a special performance by Karate & Kickboxing Champion Dean Richards! It was like attending a MEGA Concert with the Action of Kickboxing! It was a night that showed everyone in the UK of what the future of kickboxing will be with Promoters like Dons & Fury Promotions.

The top bill on the night of course was the Main Event. The defense of Russia's Vladimir Autamonov's (Left with Trainer Oleg Vadaturskiy & IKF President Steve Fossum) IKFFull Contact Rules Super Welterweight World Title. Avtamonov (22-1/9) won the title this past January in Omsk, Siberia Russia when by unanimous decision over England's Perry Benn.

However, this time, Avtamonov didn't plan on going 12 rounds against his challenger, Ingolf Neilson (Left, 38-8/10) of Newcastle, England. Round 1 showed the same Avtamonov we saw in Omsk as he throw 19 kicks to Neilson's 13. As round 2 started, both fighters seemed to let up on the kicks and start working their hands which appeared in the end to set up the finishing blow for Avtamonov. At the 1 minute mark of round 2, Avtamonov landed a strong round kick just below the ribs of Neilson which dropped him immediately to the ring canvas. Grimacing in pain, Neilson stayed on the canvas through the 10 count by referee John Blackledge.

It was a short night of work for the IKF World Champion who raised his purse value with the win. "Champions become worth more when they defend their titles rather than just winning them and waiting for a challenge." said many at ringside. A truth known to many. If you want the big $$ Purses, you better find a way to promote yourself, which was exactly what Avtamonov and his trainer had in mind when he won the title. Knowing this formula of the fight game, we're sure to see Avtamonov defend his many times as he looks forward to the big purse money that awaits him ahead.

The undercard also featured some IKF Pro Title bouts. The semi main was a chance at redemption for Englands Perry Benn (Left) who had lost the World Title by a 12 round decision to Avtamonov back in January. It was a time to prove himself to everyone, and this time, he faced another Russian opponent, Denis Alexeev for the IKF Pro European Welterweight Title he vacated when he fought for the World Title.

In the opening round, Alexeev showed Benn he was going to have to work for redemption and Alexeev had no plans of Benn achieving such an honor at his cost as he exploded for a record setting 28 kicks in the first round to Benn's 14. However, as the rounds counted down, so did Alexeev's kick count. After 28 in round 1, he went to 11 in round 2 and 9 in round 3 as compared to Benn who stayed consistent throwing 12 in round 2 and 15 in round 3. Alexeev picked it up to 12 in round 4 to Benn's 12, but he faltered again by missing his minimum 8 kick requirement in rounds 5 and 6 as Benn continued to be consistent with another 12 in round 5 and 16 in round 6.

Round 7 proved to be the decider for Benn as he jumped on a seemingly fatigued Alexeev and at :43 seconds of round 7, Benn dropped him with a strong right hand where he stayed for the count by referee John Blackledge. Benn was awarded the vacant IKF Pro European Welterweight Title by TKO and on this night, proved once again that He belongs at the top!

Leo "The Artist" Verontchjk

Vladimir Autamonov

If you've ever heard the stories about the fights and riots that break out at European Football Games, you might have an idea how passionate the European fans can be for their teams. It's a passion so strong that you can feel the energy in the air. Such was the case when 2 England fighters met in the ring Saturday night from opposing regions, a fighter from Liverpool England against a fighter from Leicester England and you have plenty of passion from both sides. As if that wasn't enough to bring passion to the fans, add to the bout that the prize up for grabs was for a vacant IKF European Title.

Now you have a war in the making, both in the ring and out. Tony Bassentt of Liverpool England took a chance to fight in a different division on this night against Danny Bryne of Leicester. Bassenett is a winner in the International/ Leg Kick Rules, but as a MuayThai Rules fighter, he may want to rethink his strategy. For 5 full MuayThai rounds, Bryne proved he was the MuayThai man in the ring on this night landing knee after knee to the less experienced MuayThai Rules Fighter Bassentt. Bryne scored a 10 in every round on every judges card but wasn't able to land the knockout blow. In fact, the only knockdown was at the bell at the end of the fight when Bryne dropped Bassentt to end his lesson in MuayThai.

However, the fighting didn't end there. It was clear that the fight in the ring heated the passion out of the ring and when the final bell rang to end the fight in the ring, it was the bell that started the fight out of the ring. Fans of both fighters went at it at one isolated end of the arena. After a long delay and commands for the fighting to stop by not only ring announcer Lawrence Allen but fighter Tony Bassentt (Far Right in Picture) as well, IKF President Steve Fossum took the microphone from MC Lawrence Allen and announced loudly "The fight we all came to see tonight was IN the Ring, not by those who can't control themselves out of the ring."

The announcement was answered with loud cheers from everyone who agreed. Those who were angry that some of their fellow countrymen and women couldn't handle their alcohol. Regardless, it was only a few that caused the fighting and those few did not represent the great crowd that came to see such a great event on this night. When the storm calmed and the clouds cleared, Danny Bryne (Far Left in Picture Above) was awarded his IKF Pro European MuayThai Rules Welterweight Title by unanimous decision, 50-47, 50-45 and 50-46.

His ring name is "The Artist" and when he was done with his opponent Juan Moreno of England, Russia's Leo "The Artist" Verontchjk proved why he's called "The Artist". After literally "Playing" with Moreno for 2 rounds, Verontchjk came out in round 3 to show how he got his ringname. Landing kicks and punches at will and forcing referee John Blackledge to give Moreno 2 standing 8 counts, Verontchjk ended it all with a head kick at the end of the 3rd round which was also the 3rd knockdown in the round to win the vacant IKF Pro Light Welterweight European Title by TKO.

Richard Leeson of Coventry England had little problems with Alex Barton of Bristol England as he won the vacant IKF FCR British Middleweight title by unanimous decision, 70-62, 70-63 and 66-65. Barton missed his minimum 8 kicks in 5 of the 7 rounds which proved to be a major factor in his scores, losing a total of 5 points from each judges card. However the final outcome wouldn't have changed any because at best, it would have changed to a split decision win for Leeson instead of a unanimous decision win... However, we DID question the scoring of the judge who had the bout 66-65...

Fighters Jamie Knox of Leicester, England and James Gilbert of Liverpool, England won their bouts by forfeit as fighters Andrew Jones and Richard Bloor, both of Merseyside, England were no shows at the event. Reasons for their absence were unknown to everyone by fight time.

Promoters Stephen Donnelly and Mick Fowles hope to host their next Mega Event in November. If you missed this one, make sure you DON'T miss the next one. For more information on this event, see their website by clicking HERE or contact Mr. Stephen Donnelly at 07939 048 038 or Mr. Mick Fowles by e-mail by Clicking HERE Information can also be attained through the IKF European Headquarters at 44 1744739043 or by e-mail by Clicking HERE

Newcastle England Results...


TUESDAY, May 1st, 2001, AT 1:25 PM PT

A New Look...
and a New Site

11:55 PM:
Our good friends over at WIPSS Products, Inc. in Conshohocken, PA, USA have recently launched a new logo and identity for their fantastic product thats winning the fighters over around the World, but we won't call in a mouthpiece...
As Wipps puts it, it's better called

"The Brain Pad!"

It's been a winner with the IKF for years and the IKF has introduced the product to fighters and trainers all over the world in places like England, Mainland Europe, Russia, Australia and throughout North America.

For more info on the new product, check out the official Wipps Fighters Safety Page here on the IKF site by clicking HERE..
Or go to their new website at
Or you can also call them toll-free at 1-888-424-9477.

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In response to certain individuals who have "CLAIMED" that their events are IKF Sanctioned Events, and they are not, we would like to remind ALL IKF Confirmed Promoters that it is MANDATORY for you to have the full IKF Web Address
on ALL of your IKF event advertising.

This allows all viewers of your advertising to confirm that your event is a TRUE IKF Sanctioned Event.

Thank You

More News Of 5-1-01

Wins K-1 Osaka Grand Prix

By Alex MacDonald, IKF Japan

Putting on a world class event is not easy and no one knows that better than the K-1 organization. Because of either illness or injury, three fighters (Cyril Abidi, Jurgen Krut and Jerrol Venatiaan) had to pull out of the tournament. In addition to not being able to see Abidi vs. Lebanner or a rematch between Krut and Venatiaan (Krut suffered a cut in the first round of their first meeting and the fight was over before it really got started), we got to see a fourth injured fighter, Sefo, pull out during the tournament itself, denying us of a much anticipated super fight in the final.

Jerome LeBanner (FRA) vs. Pavel Majer (CZE)
One thing that was clear even before this fight started was that Majer (201cm), the K-1 Czech champion, would have to make several adjustments to prepare for LeBanner. His mauling style would be as successful for him as it was for Skelton (now IKF Champion), Aerts and Nortje. In short, though beatable no one in the world today can defeat Jerome with clutching overbearing tactics. Majer did try to fight from the outside but LeBanner cut off the ring and scored a knockdown that would lay Pavel out for 10. LeBanner KO-1.

Ebenezer Fontes Braga (BRA) vs. Kenji Kusatsu (JPN)
Kusatsu, a former student of the late Andy Hug, shocked the world by going the distance with top ranked Cyril Abidi. Unfortunately, one of the judges named him the winner despite the fact that he didn't win a single round which threw a dark cloud over an otherwise decent performance. This fight was supposed to have been the rematch but Abidi was replaced with Brazilian NHB star Braga. In this fight, Kusatsu appeared to be the more skilled with his hands whereas Braga was the harder worker. A knee dropped Kusatsu in the second and when he took a second down, the fight was over due to the 2 knockdown rule in tournaments. Kusatsu still shows promise though his record is now a dismal 2-7. Braga TKO-2.

Ray Sefo (Right - NZL) vs. Adam Watt (AUS)
Last years Grand Prix Finalist, Sefo has recently been concentrating on his boxing skills. In response, the K-1 organization matched him up with another boxer/kickboxer, Adam Watt. Watt tried to use his reach to fight Sefo from the outside but the Black Panther quickly pounced and scored two knockdowns.
As easy as the win looked, Sefo left the ring with grimacing in pain. We would later find out that he had injured his back a few weeks before the event and would be in no condition to continue. Watt would thus advance to the semi-finals. Sefo TKO-1.

Jan Nortje (RSA) vs. Peter Graham (AUS)
At 211cm in height and 133kg in weight, Jan certainly suits his ring name 'the Giant'. Peter Graham, the finalist in the K-1 Oceania, got the only decision of the evening after one extension round. Graham DEC-4.

Jerome LeBanner vs. Ebenezer Fontes Braga
Although Braga has Muay Thai training, few would have believed he would even qualify for this tournament much less go the distance with Jerome. The first knockdown had Braga airborne and the second sent him wobbling into the corner before sinking into the referees arms. LeBanner TKO-1

Adam Watt vs. Peter Graham
The strategy that failed against Sefo worked against Graham. Working from the outside Watt fed Graham jabs and combinations at will and in the second round Graham took two knockdowns. Watt TKO-2.

LeBanner (Left) vs. Adam Watt (Right)
Like Sefo, LeBanner had no intention to sit on the outside and get peppered with Watts combinations. Watt suffered his second first-round TKO loss of the evening. LeBanner TKO-1.

In the end, LeBanner scored three first-round stoppages over three unheralded fighters (Majer, Braga and Watt) to earn the first berth in the K-1 Grand Prix in Tokyo this December. Watt for his efforts now qualifies for the repechage tournament this October in Fukuoka which will give him a second chance to make it to Tokyo Dome.

The absence of Krut, Venatiaan and Abidi (and in a sense, Sefo) thinned out the talent for the evening but be sure to look for these fighters to appear in the three other Grand Prix qualifying tournaments: Melbourne (June 16th), Nagoya (July 20th) and Las Vegas (August *11th- *not to be confused with the K-1 USA also in Las Vegas on May 5th). One tournaments loss is another tournaments gain.




Adam Watt