TUESDAY, November 27th, 2001, AT 2:00 PM, PT

IKF Associate Dennis Palmer
Writes & Sings Song For America.

IKF Associate Dennis Palmer of Snellville, Georgia, USA has written a song to help fund relief efforts for the September 11th tragedy. 'Cause I Love This Country... America' is available in an autographed CD by Dennis Palmer. A portion of the proceeds from this CD sale will be donated to the families of the victims of September 11th. To purchase a CD, please send a check or money order for $15.00 to: Palmer Kickboxing Studio, 3300 Centerville Hwy 124, Snellville, GA, 30039. You may also order by phone (770) 978-0151.
Here are the Lyrics:

An airplane one day fell out of the sky, the first, we all thought it was an accident, the second the world asked why?
The third one hit the Pentagon a vicious attack, the fourth one people gave their lives, the heroes won't be coming back.
It's time Americans to see we'll be strong, as strong as we can be. We still stand for freedom, and you can't keep us down. "Cause I love this country, America".
How can anyone be so cruel? To take the lives of innocents and think it was cool.
We pray for all the families of those, who lost their lives so tragically and we hold them all so close. It's time Americans to see we'll be strong, as strong as we can be. We still stand for freedom and you can't keep us down, "Cause I love this country, America."
It doesn't matter if you're yellow, black, or white. We are all still Americans and it's time for us to unite. We still stand for freedom and the home of the brave, cause I love this land of the free. It's time Americans to see.
We'll be strong as we can be. We still stand for freedom and you can't keep us down, "Cause I love this country, America".
And through these times of sorrow put your God in your heart. He'll help to calm the sadness just say, "How great thou art, how great thou art. "It's time Americans to see, we'll be strong as strong as we can be.
We still stand for freedom and you can't keep us down," Cause I love this country, America, America, America.
Dennis Palmer
Palmer Kickboxing

More News Of 11-27-01

Regional Promoters Needed For
2002 IKF USA Nationals!

Attention USA Based Event Promoters.
We are currently accepting bids for hosting several IKF Regional events for the IKF USA National Finals Championships.
Please see below for the regions that are still available.
If you are interested in hosting a regional event in one of the non confirmed areas, please contact our IKF Nationals Director staff by e-mail at;
Thank you and we look forward to a GREAT 2002 National Tournament Season!


Click HERE!

FRIDAY, November 23rd, 2001, AT 5:30 PM PT

Ready For His First
IKF Sanctioned Promotion

Lenamon Faces Childs
For Vacant IKF Amateur SC Regional FCR Super Heavyweight Title

First time IKF Promoter B.J. Huffman is all set to host his IKF Sanctioned Kickboxing Event at the Capitol Ballroom in Jefferson City, Missouri, USA tomorrow night, November 24th.

The main event will feature the challenge for the vacant IKF Amateur South Central Regional FCR Super Heavyweight Title between
IKF FCR #11 Ranked Leroy Childs (Jefferson City, Missouri, USA, 4-1/0, 6', 245, 23)
IKF FCR #2 Ranked John Lenamon (Abilele, Texas, USA, 6-3/5, 6', 216, 29).
For more info, please contact Mr. B.J. Huffman at (573) 896-2566.

WEDNESDAY, November 21st, 2001, AT 6:30 PM PT


MATT SKELTON Retains His IKF World Title On Young's Mega England Event!!

Morris Young

Peter Varga

Last Sunday night, November 18th, IKF AND ISCF (International Sport Combat Federation- NHB/MMA) England Promoter Morris Young (Left... wish we had a bigger picture of you Morris) showed everyone in England what "MEGA" Promoting is all about! Young put together one of the greatest nights of kickboxing ever in England at the dynamic Derngate Royal Theatre in North Hampton England. It was like a signature of a K-1 Production with pyrotechnics, fire lights, lasers, fog rolls and more, all topped off with an IKF Super Heavyweight mtr World Title Fight. It was a night scheduled for spectacular entertainment for everyone!

However before the light show and fireworks would be launched there was some re-organizing to be handled. On his way to the event, IKF World Referee John Blackledge (Right) was in a car accident and instead of checking into the ring, he was checked into a Hospital instead. It was reported later that he was doing fine which we were glad to hear. Also getting caught up in yet another accident on the M-1 motorway was the event doctor and several fighters. The delays caused plenty of stress for everyone involved in the event but the North Hampton England crowd was greatly patient for everything to get going. Finally the event doctor arrived but we were still short many fighters. Enter IKF European Coordinator Mick Fowles who had to work some quick matchmaking magic to make a card out of the fighters who were able to make it to the event. Along with IKF European Director Alby Bimpson and Jacqui Thompson, the three put together the entire undercard in a matter of under an hour and after the doctor finished all physicals, we were ready to ROCK! Or should we say, "Do War!" Since this was "Jungle WARS V!"

Prior to the night, Young had organized a brilliant card with 22 bouts in all. These bouts included 8 ISCF (International Sport Combat Federation- NHB/MMA) Title bouts and 8 IKF Title bouts along with of course, the Main Event. The IKF Super Heavyweight World Title Defense for IKF World Champion Matt Skelton. (Right)

However, after re-organizing the fight card due to the no-shows because of traffic and other issues, the event came down to only 3 IKF Title bouts plus 1 IKF World Title and only 2 ISCF Title bouts. Filling in for Referee John Blackledge would be IKF Referees Clive Tennant and Mick Fowles.

In his defense, Skelton (43 wins, 8 Loses with 37 wins by KO) faced Peter Varga of Budapest, Hungary. (Left, 29 wins, 9 Loses, 1 Draw with 22 wins by KO) Varga weighed in at 105kg (231 lbs) while Skelton came in at 110kg (242 lbs) These two were big boys and sure to throw some heavy shots. However in round 1, it appeared neither took any great advantage in the bout, keeping apart and picking their selected shots.

John Blackledge

Matt Skelton

It was in round 2 where a difference between the two emerged when they moved to the inside game. While in the clinch, it appeared Skelton had the edge in strength in regards to knees that landed. Although strong himself, Varga took more than he gave while in close as the extra 5 kg's (11 lbs) seemed to help more a bit, along with his MuayThai experience and technique. As round 2 ended, it appeared Skelton knew where his strength would be to take this fight to the next level, a 43rd win and possibly his 37th KO/TKO.

As round 3 started, Skelton moved to the clinch quickly where he scored repeatedly with knees. However, as the two broke apart, Varga appeared to hurt his knee. Referee Mick Fowles stepped in to stop the action and have the ringside doctor look at it. The doctor advised Varga to stop if he couldn't put weight on it and as he tried, there was just too much pain. It wasn't how Skelton wanted it to end, for that matter, none of us. But a wins a win and with very little excitement in it all, Skelton successfully defended his IKF MTR Super Heavyweight World Title by TKO at 53 seconds of round 3.

As previously mentioned, the 9 IKF Title bouts became 4 and the 8 ISCF Title bouts became 2 because of all the traffic problems, but the show still went on with a total of 12 exciting bouts. Here's a quick rundown of the other 11 bouts on the night...

  1. IKF Pro FCR
    Starting off the night, Daniel Kennedey (64kg, England) defeated Ian Keech (64kg, England) by unanimous decision, 29-24, 29-24 and 29-24. Keech took a standing 8 count from referee Clive Tennant after a head kick in round 1 and missed his minimum kick requirement (8) in rounds 1 & 3. Kennedey also missed his kicks in round 1. Missing kicks is not a usual thing in Pro Full Contact but as you will see, this was a problem throughout the night with many of the Pro fighters.

  2. ISCF Light Heavyweight British Title
    Craig Wilson
    of Scotland made quick work of Shain Tovell of England as he put a stop to the bout when he made Tovell Tap Out from an armbar at 1:10 of the first round.

  3. IKF Woman's Pro English Title: Lisa Jones (65kg) had little trouble with the less experienced Susie Parsons (64kg). On paper and looking at the records, this probably shouldn't have been for a title bout. However both showed plenty of heart and guts averaging over 16 kicks per round each over the scheduled 5 round bout. In the end, Jones won the title by unanimous decision, 50-47, 50-47 and 50-45.

    Heavyweight British Title: There was plenty of heart and guts in this bout as Lee McGuiness of England and Andy Callaghan of Scotland battled for 3, 5 minute rounds. In the end, neither had even come close to a tap out and the bout was ruled a draw by the ring referee.

  5. IKF Pro FCR
    Steve Much
    (91kg) of England had more to be excited about other than just a points decision win Sunday night over Alan Brown (88kg) also of England. Neither Much nor Brown did a lot of kicking (Brown missed his kicks in all 3 rounds, Much in round 2 and barely made the minimum 8 in round 1) but it wasn't kicks that were going to win this one. Much landed a strong punch that dropped Brown in round 2 which should have been an 8 count but referee Clive Tennant didn't give one as Brown rose up quickly. However the mistake wouldn't repeat in round 3 as Much connected to Brown's head again with a strong right hand. A second knockdown in round 3 stopped the bout just short of the bell at 1:57 giving Much the win by TKO.

  6. IKF Pro FCR
    Andrew Zavaronco
    (69kg)of England was one of the great standouts of the night. This 21 year old was IMPRESSIVE! His punches were straight, tight and crisp and it appeared as if Zavaranco had been in a hundred boxing matches. However this was only his 4th bout and he took it to Steve Bowler (68kg) also of England. Zavaronco dropped Bowler in the second round with front kick and then dropped him again with a left hook. In round 3, Zavaronco dropped Bowler for the final time, a shot to the forehead at 1:44 of round 3 and the bout was over. Zavaronco is someone to watch out for in the highly contested Light Middleweight Division. We look forward to seeing more of this guy!

  7. IKF Pro MTR
    Narginder Gill
    (73kg) of England has probably some of the most colorful cornermen in the business. His trainer, Nigel Thompson and company looked like a Brilliant Hollywood Show in their Outstanding Purple Cornerman uniforms with gold and red trim. Man, these guys looked like the REAL Pro Show! Their fighter, Marginder Gill looked just as good as he won his 3 round decision over Lee Willis (75kg) also of England, 30-27, 30-27 and 30-28. Gill's work with the knees in the clinch would have made Mr. IKF MuayThai, Fred Fitzgerald very excited!

  8. IKF Pro FCR
    Although neither of these guys were getting their kicks in, Leroy Brown (95kg) of North Hampton, England still managed to pull out a win over Mark Greener, (102kg) also of England, 28-24, 28-24 and 28-24. Brown was the only one of the 2 to make his kicks in any of the 3 rounds which he did in round 2. In all, Greener only kicked 11 times in all 3 rounds to Brown's 17... Kick guys, KICK!

  9. IKF Pro FCR
    This was a WAR! After 2 rounds of non stop action, James Wolting (80kg) came away with a TKO win at :41 seconds of the 3rd round when it appeared he broke his opponent, Adam Dove's (80kg) nose. At the stop, Wolting was ahead on all the judges cards, 20-19, 20-18 and 20-18.

  10. IKF Pro MTR
    Liam Robinson
    (64kg, 18) of England had more to worry about than just the fighting skills of his opponent. He had to deal with Schefield, England's Richard Golland's (66kg, 23) dirty fighting as well. Golland was deducted points for dropping a knee into Robinson's chest as they were getting up from the mat after both falling. He was deducted a point for an illegal elbow strike (No "Downward" elbows were allowed under the agreed rules) and probably should have been deducted more points for several other dirty moves such as shoving Robinson in the face after several breaks. It was plenty for referee Mick Fowles to deal with. At the break of one round, Robinson even accused Golland of biting his ear in the clinch. It was clear Golland was looking for a way to win because Robinson out-skilled him in every round winning the bout by unanimous decision, 30-26, 30-25 and 30-25.

  11. IKF Pro FCR English Heavyweight Title
    If intimidation could win bouts, England's Chris Ballard (98kg, -215lbs- 6'3) had won this bout before he even stepped into the ring. Ballard's colorful explosion of physical aggression had everyone in the room glad they weren't facing him in the ring. However, this pleasure wasn't granted to everyone. North Hampton, England's Dave Sharp and Ballard had met before (Ballard won) and if anyone were the right man to face Ballard, Sharp was him. Maybe not so much on skill, but more so because Ballard didn't intimidate him at all, at least, so it appeared... At 5'9' and weighing in under the title limit (came in at 87kg -191.4 lbs- 5'9") Sharp had a mountain to climb to all of us watching from ringside. However, Ballards bark was bigger than his bite when it came to his kicking skills. Although he made 12 kicks in round 1, Ballard only made his kicks again in round 3 (8) and missed his kicks in rounds 2, 4 and 5 (7, 5 & 6) However, if Sharp would have made his kicks, we might have ended this bout in a draw, or at least close to it. Sharp missed his kicks in rounds 1-4 (5,6,5,2) and only made them (10) in the final round. In the end, Ballard took the win and the IKF FCR Pro English Heavyweight title with a unanimous decision win, 47-41, 46-43 and 47-41.

  12. IKF Pro MTR Super Heavyweight Title Defense
    Matt Skelton, England defeated Peter Varga, Hungary by TKO/Doctor stoppage (Knee Injury) at 53 seconds of round 3.

For more info, contact Rough & Ready Promotions and Mr. Morris Young at 01604 475 488 or by e-mail by clicking this link:

TUESDAY, November 20th, 2001, AT 8:40 PM PT

FINNEY'S "ROCK" St Louis...
And Iowa!

Nov 17th, St. Louis, MO, USA
Finney's Championship Kickboxing, Budweiser, and numerous other local companies showed St. Louis fans nothing short of excitement. With the crowd attendance just short of 1300, Finney's put on nine exciting fights with few going the distance. After the fight many of the sponsors said that this fight was the best one so far! Here's a rundown on the nights ACTION!

  1. Jenny Woodrum, St. Louis, MO defeated Mindy Griffin Waterloo, IA. Woodrum came out looking to end this fight early. Throwing numerous combinations. Finally at the end of the first round landed a kick to the stomach that put Griffin to the canvas for the KO.

  2. Mike Rodgers St. Louis, MO defeated Hector Martinez, Waterloo, IA. Rodgers landed power full shots right from the start. Ending it with a first round KO.

  3. Kevin Engel, St. Louis, MO defeated Chad Carlisle, Lablen, TX . Engel came out establishing his jab and following it up with the right. After landing this combination many times, Carlisle stared to leave his body open for Engel to start landing powerful kicks all scoring. As Carlisle started to drop his hands Engel landed the last 1 2 combination that put Carlisle down for the count at 1:35 of the 1st round.

  4. Marc Gibson, St. Louis, MO defeated Dave Conger, Waterloo, IA. Both fighters came out feeling each other out in the 1st round, both landing to the body and the head. In the second round Gibson landed one clean hook which put Conger on the canvas for good.

  5. IKF #2 Ranked Cory Sivumaki, St. Louis, MO defeated IKF #5 Ranked, Blaine Nichols, Waterloo, IA. In the 1st, Sivumaki wanted to establish that he would control the fight by using his jab. After landing an uppercut followed by a hook, Nichols went down for the second time in the round. In the 2nd Sivumaki and Nichols battled back and forth the whole round giving the crowd the type fight everyone likes, LOTS of power punches landing. In the final round Sivumaki went back to establishing the jab and utilized his front kick to keep his distance to land his right, as he did in the 1st round. Judges gave a unanimous decision to Sivumaki.

  6. Mark Winfield, St. Louis, MO defeated Jay Dinnsdale, Waterloo, IA. From the start of the 1st Winfield used his south paw stance to his advantage. Throwing straight lefts splitting the gloves of Dinnsdale scoring numerous times with many hooks to the body, followed by kicks. Dinnsdale whet down once in the 1st. In the 2nd Winfield started off where he left off, now mixing up his combinations and kicks until landing another hard body shot putting Dinnsdale on the canvas for the second time in the fight. Dinnsdale fought back to end the 2nd. In the third Winfield was looking for the KO putting the pressure on, with Dinnsdale countering with a spinning backfist. Until Winfield put Dinnsdale on the canvas for good, by landing another combination to the head.

  7. Bout 7: IKF US Champion "Bad" Brittany Anic, 5-0, St. Louis, MO vs Megan Garza, 4-0 Leblan, TX. Garza was a no show at weigh-ins and the fights.

  8. Bout 8: Mikey "Baby Face" Fusco, 11-1, St. Louis, MO defeated Mike Winkler, 9-1, Belleville, IL. Fusco came out just has he's done on every fight he's fought, looking to end it quick. Fusco charged in, landing shots on Winkler. However, Winkler hung tight and it appeared to many, this could go the distance. However to everyone's surprise, Fusco drop Winkler about 30 seconds into the 1st round. Winkler was dropped again later in the 1st and took another 8 count, but he was ready to go again. Fusco moved in for the kill, landing a right which echoed through the building. Fusco then landed a hook followed by another powerful right to end the fight minutes before the bell to win by TKO.

  9. Bout 9: IKF US Champion Marc "The Hammer" Mayfield, 29-4, St. Louis, MO defeated IKF Iowa State Champion James McCallum, 9-2, Waterloo, IA. From the start of the 1st round Mayfield and McCallum both went to work with great punch and kick combinations. Mayfield landing his combinations and McCallum answering back with strong front kicks to the body. The 2nd round was the same as the first, both fighters taking shots as well as giving them out. In the 3rd round Mayfield stepped it up working the body and landing his combinations, as well as defending against McCallum's counter punches. In the end, Mayfield won the judges, 30-27, 29-28 and 29-28.

For More event info, contact Mr. Jesse Finney at (314) 351-5226 or by e-mail by clicking HERE!

More News Of 11-20-01

Fall Brawl In The Foothills
And 2001 PKC National Amateur Kickboxing Championships!

By Rebecca Motte

The "Fall Brawl In The Foothills" was exactly that. A BRAWL! On Nov. 10th in Greenville, South Carolina, USA, at the Palmetto Expo center, Promoter Ray Thompson (Right) and his staff brought together 24 of the PKC's top fighters to upstate South Carolina from the midwest and East Coast USA to battle it out for the title of PKC National Amateur Kickboxing Champion. Each fight was scheduled for five rounds of "full contact rules" kickboxing with each round being two minutes. When the dust settled there were 12 national champions with only five bouts going the distance.

You might ask why we're reporting PKC news on the IKF site.
Well as previously mentioned (See article below) the PKC and IKF have been working TOGETHER for the past several years in the spirit of friendship to bring the kickboxing industry up to the level that both organizations feel kickboxing should be. Besides the event was co-sanctioned by the PKC and IKF, although the National Titles were only sanctioned by the PKC.
Back to the fights, now this reporter can't possibly report on every fight in detail but I can hit the hi-lights.

  1. Fight 1 was a scorcher where Amanda "Energizer Bunny" Rawl (trained by Ray Thompson) and "Rockin" Robin Herbert (trained by Dick Crabtree) started off with Herbert throwing some heavy leather that had some serious intentions. It was evident she came to fight. Rawl kept her cool and started to work her sidekick which found it's mark the first time she threw it. It sunk into Herberts side and you could see the pain in her eyes but there was no stopping in her mind. They both worked and moved when side kick #2 landed followed by some sharp punches from both ladies. Than Rawl said lets go for 3 and guess what... it worked. Rawl wins by TKO at 1:22 of the first round.

  2. Fight #3 has Justin "The Blade" Picket (2000 IKF National Amateur Champion) and The Blade is right, this kid is SHARP, against Jerry "Jackhammer" Grove (trained by Ron White)!!! Justin comes from the Carlson camp and in my opinion he definitely is one of the best, if not THE best, fighters from that camp and let me tell you they have a load of them. You name it, they fight it. Anyway the Blade came out cutting and slicing. Grove was definitely up for the task. These guys were throwing techniques from every angle you could imagine. Hooks, uppercuts, roundhouse kicks, spin kicks. They were like two machines but as the fight went on you could tell the younger Picket wasn't about to slow down. After 1:52 seconds of the 3rd round the corner of the Jackhammer had enough and threw in the towel for fear of a severely broken nose. That's what I like, a corner that is looking out for their fighter no matter what title is on the line!!!

  3. Fight #4 has Shannon "Pooh" Hudson fighting a cagey veteran named Zack "Attack" Day. Zack (Runner-Up at 2001 IKF National Amateur Championships - Both at right, Hudson kicking) has been around a while and fought in just about every kind of fight competition there is and Saturday night proved that his experience was too much for the younger Hudson. As far as pure skill, no one has more skill than Hudson who is trained by his older brother Kevin "Hurricane" Hudson former KICK World Cruiser Wt. Champion. It seemed that his conditioning was the main factor in his defeat. It was simple, the vet took the young lion to school. Day wins by unanimous decision. I would love to see a rematch.

  4. Fight no. 7 was a BATTLE ROYAL (Right) between Terri "T-Rex" Hicks Runner-Up at 2001 IKF National Amateur Championships and Rebecca "Pitbull" Preacher ( 2000 IKF National Amateur Champion). Man what a rumble. I only hope I NEVER meet either of these ladies in an ally. Hicks had one mission in this fight and that was MURDER. She was throwing looping rights that would ko a buffalo!!! ....but not the Pitbull. It seemed that was all T-Rex had in her bag. She was in super shape and came to win but needed more than the right hand. Pitbull on the other hand did it all. She put her hands and feet to work in combinations that were pretty impressive. She out kicked Hicks I would estimate 3 to 1 and the same on the punches. Neither fighter hurt each other during the fight though, which says something for their conditioning. It was nothing but Power against Quantity and quantity won out. Preacher wins by unanimous decision.

  5. Fight #10 was a barn burner if there ever was one. It pitted Dallas "Wild Thang" Crowe against Joe "Red Dragon" Surack in a fight (and I mean FIGHT!!!!) that brought fans out of their seats and to the ring. Thank goodness for "Greenville Counties Finest" (the sheriffs office) and Gary "The Rock" Ward (sheriffs deputy, former WORLD power lifting champion AND 2nd degree Kempo jitsu blackbelt). All he had to do was appear and the crowd QUICKLY returned to their seats, this guy is HUGE!!!! The fight started off with the older and more mature Surack moving and checking the Wild Thang out until the Wild Thang clocked him with a good one causing a standing eight count by the ref. After the count the Dragon decided no more playing around and went to work. After it was all said and done Surack wins by TKO in the 5th round.

Fight 12 was the fight the majority of the crowd was waiting for. It was time for the "Wonderboy", Stephen Thompson (Left, trained by his father, Ray Thompson and 2001 IKF National Amateur Champion) to do his thing and that was to knock someone out.

His opponent was Nicholas Donahue from Augusta, Georgia. Of course Donahue had different thoughts on the subject. The fight started off WIDE OPEN from the bell with Donahue jumping on the "Wonderboy" and putting him on the defensive. After a few exchanges Thompson found his groove and started to work it.

With round one in the bag Thompson came out in round two smoking and at about 20 seconds in the round Thompson dropped an axe kick (See Right) on Donahue's head followed up by a straight right that sent the larger Donahue into never, never land. Thompson wins by ko at 20 seconds of the second round.

Man what a show and that Wonderboy knows how to put one on!!!


  1. Light Middleweight
    Rod Llaneza defeated Shaun Gay by TKO (1 min 29 sec in Round 4)

  2. Heavyweight
    Dan Erickson (2001 IKF National Amateur Champion) defeated Adrian Turpin by TKO (1 min 51 sec in Round 2)

  3. Cruiserweight
    Clint Wiggins (2001 IKF National Amateur Champion) defeated Mark Feakes (2001 IKF National Amateur Champion) by split decision.

  4. Welterweight
    Tom Poey defeated Pee Wee McCall by unanimous decision.

  5. Light Welterweight
    Mark Greubel (2000 IKF National Amateur Champion) defeated John Greubel (2001 IKF National Amateur Champion) by unanimous decision.

  6. Super Heavyweight
    Brandon Odle defeated Emmanuel Vero by disqualification.

Justin Pickett

This night was nothing but full contact kickboxing AT IT'S FINEST and the overall event itself looked like a Vegas type show that still has the buzz going. I only hope that IronHeart Promotions has something coming up soon for they really put on a "FIRST CLASS" event. So much so that they have been approved to promote the PKC Nationals for the next two years. In attendance was the president of the PKC, Mr. Glenn Keeney. Mr. Carlos Machado of Brazil by way of Dallas, Texas who is the 2000 Brazilian Jiujitsu World Champion and trainer of Chuck Norris. Carlos is the oldest of the famous Fab 5 Machado Brothers. Well that about does it for this report so keep your hands up, chin down and see you at the top.

For more Info, contact Mr. Ray Thompson
at (864) 967-3930 or by e-mail by clicking HERE!

This Event will was PKC, IKF & ISCF Sanctioned - HOWEVER:This was NOT an IKF National Championships. The IKF sanctioned the event with the PKC, but no IKF titles were on this event. This was NOT an "OPEN" Tournament like the IKF USA Nationals Amateur Tournament. This was a match-made Event for top PKC Fighters fighting only 1 bout each.

THURSDAY, November 15th, 2001, AT 3:30 PM PT

To Feature 1 IKF Bout on
Pro Boxing Card!

California USA boxing promoter Roy Englebrecht wanted to add a kickboxing bout to his event tonight, Thursday, November 15th. So he called on Abe Belardo of Delano to assist him and Belardo booked 2 amateur fighters, Raul Rodriguez Vs Alfrado Garibay in a 4 round non title bout. The event will take place at the Centennial Gardens in Bakersfield, CA, USA. For more info, please call Mr. Roy Englebrecht at (949) 760-3131.

More News of 11-15-01

In St Louis, Missouri, USA!

IKF Promoter Jesse Finney (Below right) of St Louis and his associates are all set to host their Midwest Fight Fest Saturday night at the Union Plaza 300 S. Grand St. Louis, MO USA.

The nights Main Event will feature IKF US Champion, Marc "The Hammer" Mayfield, 29-4 of St. Louis, MO Vs IKF Iowa State Champion James McCallum, 9-2 of Waterloo, Iowa. Here's the remainder of the nights card;

  1. #3 IKF Ranked Mikey "Baby Face" Fusco, 11-1, St. Louis, MO vs Mike Winkler, 9-1, Belleville, IL.

  2. IKF US Champion "Bad" Brittany Anic, 5-0, St. Louis, MO vs Megan Garza, 4-0, Leblan, TX

  3. Mark Winfield, St. Louis, MO vs Jay Dinnsdale, Waterloo, IA

  4. #2 IKF Ranked Cory Sivumaki, St. Louis, MO vs #5 IKF Ranked Blaine Nichols, Waterloo, IA

  5. Marc Gibson, St. Louis, MO vs Dave Conger, Waterloo, IA

  6. #3 IKF RankedKevin Engel, St. Louis, MO vs Chad Carlisle, Lablen, TX

  7. Mike Rodgers, St. Louis, MO vs Hector Martinez, Waterloo, IA

  8. Jenny Woodrum, St. Louis, MO vs #5 IKF Ranked Mindy Griffin, Waterloo, IA

For More event info contact Mr. Jesse Finney (314) 351-5226 or by e-mail by clicking HERE!

More News Of 11-15-01

To Defend IKF World Title In

IKF MTR Super Heavyweight World Champion Matt Skelton will defend his IKF World Title this Sunday night at the Derngate Royal Theatre in North Hampton England.

The event, "JUNGLE WARS 5" will be promoted by IKF Promoter Morris Young and his Rough & Ready Promotions staff. Skelton of Bedford, England (Above right, 38 wins, 5 Loses with 30 wins by KO) will face challenger Peter Varga of Budapest, Hungary (Right, 29 wins, 8 Loses, 1 Draw with 22 wins by KO)

Matt Skelton


Peter Varga

The event will also feature lots of ISCF (International Sport Combat Federation- NHB/MMA) action as well as Young will host a total of "8" ISCF Title bouts. They include;

For more event inco contact Rough & Ready Promotions and Mr. Morris Young at 01604 475 488 or Mr. Alby Bimpson, IKF European Director at 079 60 870 967 or by e-mail by clicking HERE.

More News Of 11-15-01

Retired Boxers Foundation
Hosts Fundraiser

The Retired Boxers Foundation
recently celabrated at Gleason's Gym in New York their
Twin Towers Fundraiser on Nov. 7, 2001.

Check out the pictures at this link below

TUESDAY, November 13th, 2001, AT 7:00 PM PT

100 years from now, it will not matter. . .
what kind of car I drove,
what kind of house I lived in,
how much I had in my bank account
or what my clothes looked like. . .
but the world may be a little better
because I was important in the life of a child...


Cung Le and G-Up Present UNITED FOR THE CHILDREN A Benefit Event for the The Twin Towers Orphan Fund and the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation December 15, 2022 San Jose Event Center San Jose, California

Cung Le

Toys for Tots G-Up Corporation, Kickboxing sensation Cung Le, and UsH! Entertainment announced today their collaboration on the holiday charity extravaganza, United for the Children, a benefit event for the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation and the Twin Towers Orphan Fund.
United for the Children, to be held in the San Jose Event Center in San Jose, California on December 15, 2001, combines the world's best martial artist with Hip Hop sounds and Hollywood style staging.

United for the Children is going to be a terrific event for the Bay Area. We've assembled the best kickboxers, DJ's, hip hop dancers and R & B singers, and they are preparing quite a show," said Cung Le, (Left) Martial Arts Superstar and event organizer.

"We are also very pleased to be donating 100 percent of our event net proceeds to The Toys for Tots Foundation and The Twin Towers Orphan Fund. We've all been touched by our national crisis and are aware that holidays are the hardest time for children in need. This is our way of giving a little back."

Cung Le, whose impressive career includes being a Light Heavyweight World Champion and considered the greatest fighter on the planet, headlines the event competing against UFC's Shonie "Showtime" Carter (Above Right) for the IKF (International Kickboxing Federation) Light Heavyweight World Title.

The event also features five other IKF championship level matches with kickboxing's rising stars including Rudi Ott, IKF Pro US San Shou Middleweight Champion.

Also featured on the event will be teen sensations, US National Team members and IKF U.S. San Shou Champions, Santos Soto (Right - IKF Amateur U.S. San Shou Super Welterweight Champion) and Jenna Castillo. (Right - IKF Amateur Woman's San Shou U. S. Bantamweight Champion)

The half time show being produced by Hip and the International Turntablist Federation promises to be just as star-studded, featuring New York's Hip Hop dance legend Crazy Legs and the Rock Steady Crew and music's top DJs Apollo, Vin, and Ajaxx.

"G-Up is always ready to support Cung and his projects," said Dominique Nguyen, G-Up Corporation President and CEO. "United for the Children is going to be a terrific showcase for his talents and his unfailing commitment to our community. The fact that this is a charity event is no accident as Cung has always demonstrated his affection and concern for all children in need."

Net proceeds from United for the Children are being donated to the US Marine Corps' Toys for Tots Foundation and the The Twin Towers Orphan Fund. Toys for Tots has been a fixture in holiday charity for needy children since 1947. Although more recently founded, The Twin Towers Orphan Fund is a volunteer organization founded to support the orphaned children of the September 11th rescue workers and victims. All funds are being independently handled by the San Francisco CPA firm Shea, Labagh, Dobberstein.

"We here at the IKF are doing all we can for this great event." said IKF President Steve Fossum. (Right) "This is an opportunity for us to get involved and help those in need around the world and we're proud to be a part of it. The tragedy of September 11th touched us all and was a true wake-up call for all of us. Not just in making us more aware of violent acts around the world, but in bringing our attention to the many others around the world who need help as well. It should be everyone's duty to help those in need around the world which is why for this event, we made it ours."

Tickets for United for the Children are available through Bass and Donations and sponsorships are also available via or email There will be a registered press-only press conference and weigh-in the day before United for the Children. Press registrations are complimentary for qualified media representatives and gives you access to all events and the show floor. Contact for more information.

Shonie Carter

Santos Soto

Jenna Castillo.

Steve Fossum.


Twin Towers Orphan Fund

The Twin Towers Orphan Fund is a volunteer organization founded to support children of the victims and rescue workers who lost their lives in the Pentagon, the World Trade Center, and on the American Airlines and United Airlines flights. In addition, it welcomes any children affected by the Anthrax scare and military action in the Afghanistan. Children registered with the fund are assured continued access to educational opportunities, a loving home, and peace of mind as they struggle to make sense of their losses.

Toys for Tots Foundation

Founded in 1947, Toys for Tots is the US Marine Corps' premier community program. From October to December, Toys for Tots collects funds and new toy donations on both local and national campaigns. To date it has distributed over 272 million toys to 133 million needy children. They have become a nationally recognized symbol of the holidays for parents and children alike.

The IKF has donated All of the Sanctioning Fees for this great event. We hope your able to donate something as well.
Inquire for Sponsorship to:

(415) 643-9109 or by e-mail at;
Marketing and Press;

MONDAY, November 12th, 2001, AT 12:30 PM PT






"Brings It ON BIG" In IKF Greece Event!


IKF Europe: This was the first IKF show for Michael Kossivakis, IKF Greece Representative and what a GREAT SHOW it was! Four International fights with competitors from ENGLAND, HUNGARY, PORTUGAL, RUSSIA and of course GREECE. The event was televised by a number of Greek national television companies as well.

The show started with an excellent demonstration from GREEK TRADITIONAL DANCING UNION OF TRICALA (GREEK DANCES) Followed by an excellent Ladies Demonstration bout ANNA DIMITRIOU & PANAGIOTIS DIMITRIOU two future stars.

    Novice Amateur Ladies bout, Full Contact

    Both fighters put up a good show of technical ability. The Winner DIMITRA was much stronger and did leave you feeling she had more experience than at first indicated. This was proven in the 2nd round where Mike Fowles, IKF Europe International Referee, stepped in and stopped the fight.

  2. The first of the four International bouts was;
    2nd BOUT: JOHN SOFOLEUS, Greece Vs DION JOYCE, England
    PRO 5 X 2 International rules (low kicks)
    This really got the crowd going, and the Greek supporters new that both Internationals were here to win.
    • 1st Round: Was EXPLOSIVE with both competitors FORGETTING to feel each other out. The Greek fighter SOFOLEUS, tried to stamp his authority straight away, but JOYCE, who is known to be a slow starter, matched him punch for punch and Kick for Kick, JOYCE coming out of one clinch with a cut below his eye.
    • 2nd Round: SOFOLEUS started showing his high standard and experience of boxing ability catching JOYCE with some excellent punching combinations. JOYCE was not put off by this and like the TROJAN he is, he pushed forward taking the fight to SOFOLEUS, which resulted with the cut worsening. The Doctor was called to JOYCE'S corner to examine the cut. The fight was allowed to continue.
    • 3rd Round: Was very much a repeat of the 2nd, with loads of action, and the cut worsening with MARK BARLOW, trainer, doing an excellent job controlling the injury.
    • 4th Round: Non-stop action with JOYCE strength and determination started to come through, but towards the end of the round JOYCE sustained a 2nd cut above the eye. The Doctor was called to assess JOYCE and called a hault to the bout. JOYCE protested to carry on the bout, but the Dr and the Referee after a short deliberation stopped the fight, with SOFOLEUS winning on a stoppage.

    SHEMETO, who was just 17 years old last week, is definitely a future World Champion! "It is a long time where I have seen such ability from such a young fighter" commented Alby Bimpson, (Right) IKF Europe Director. His opponent ALEXANDROUS is already well known to the IKF, as he fought earlier this year for IKF Junior Amateur European Title in England, losing on a close points decision. Both fighters have everything to fight for, as the winner was to challenge the current European Junior Amateur Champion, BRUNO SUSANO, of Portugal in the near future.
    In every round of this bout, both fighters showed a full ARSENAL of technique. The end of the fight was fuelled with controversy as the Greek judges suddenly decided to change their minds. I say the Greek judges, as all 3 judges were from Greece. The reason being for this, the Government Greek Kickboxing insisted that they supplied the 3 judges. They were not appointed by the IKF. Alby Bimpson and Mick Fowles (Right) had discussed all the rules and scoring system before the event at a Pre-Official meeting. Because of the controversy, Bimpson decided on a draw, which both camps accepted. This will be an excellent rematch on neutral territory. Respect to both fighters, as they have no control over the politics of the sport. Next time, ONLY IKF Appointed and Approved officials will be used.

    Excellent International bout. Both fighters with excellent professional attitude and Sportsmanship. Both fighters showed their own interpretation of Thai technique. KARANIKOLIS concentrated on all Thai techniques with Elbows, Knees, leg kicks, sweeps and Throws. LELEKACS seemed to concentrate more on kneeing especially to the head. This was allowing KARANIKOLIS to be ahead on most of the rounds. This proceeded throughout the bout, but LELEKACS never gave up. KARANIKOLIS was unanimous points winner. The crowd really enjoyed the bout and again gave a standing ovation.


    Unfortunately this bout was a complete miss match. It must be said that it is no fault of the Greek Promoter & IKF Greece Representative Michael Kossivakis. When the IKF request fighters from Reps, we believe that they will supply their best fighters for whatever the competition it may be. There was certainly a break down of communication on this fight, as it was stated it was an International Amateur fight 5 x 2. This is certainly not a competition for the novice amateur. The promoter, being upset at the fact that he paid air flight tickets and accommodation for 2, just for the fight to be stopped in the first round. IKF European Coordinator and Referee Mick Fowles, recognizing the inexperience straight away stopped the fight in the first round, DIMITRIOU being the winner."This is not good for the sport, steps will be taken to stop this from happening again" said Alby Bimpson.

Alby Bimpson

Mick Fowles

IKF Europe Director Alby Bimpson would like to thank Michael Kossivakis and sponsor Mr. Dimitriou for an excellent IKF Event.

He also passes on a special "Thank You" for their generous hospitality and looks forward to working closely with them in the future.

SATURDAY, November 10th, 2001, AT 12:30 PM PT


Since the forming of the IKF, Fighter Safety has always been an issue with us. As some of you know, a few years back we introduced a new "Brain Pad (mouthguard...but don't just call it that...) guard from a company called Wipss. Over the years Wipss. has become more and more a part of the IKF. At this years (2001) IKF/Ringside National Amateur Tournament, Wipss. donated over 200 mouth guards for all of the National Finalists.

We've been such a supporter of their product that we created a Fighters Safety Page to them here on the IKF website. However, as any products will have, Joe Manzo and his staff at Wipss. encountered some protests about their dynamic mouth guard. Some had claimed that the mouthguard was just too big for some of the smaller, Junior aged fighters as well as smaller athletes.

Instead of just ignoring the problem, Manzo and his staff went to work to create a new mouthguard to fit the smaller athletes of all sports. Today we're proud to announce that Manzo and his Wipss. company are ready to introduce the new Wipss. Junior Mouth Guard. (Pictured at right)

the IKF isn't the only organization to endorse the great Wipss. products. Others include, World Boxing Association, National Dental Association, International Amateur Boxing Association (AIBA), British Columbia Karate Association, Canada's Junior National Lacrosse Team, Canadian Amateur Boxing Association, Canadian Professional Boxing Federation, Cowboys Unlimited, Golden Gloves of America International Female Boxers Association, International Sport Karate Association, Jamaica Tae Kwon Do Association, KRANE karate ratings, National Karate Association of Canada, New Zealand Amateur Boxing Association, National Little Britches Rodeo Association, Pennsylvania Golden Gloves, Rodeo Sports Marketing, Sankey Rodeo Schools.

To find out more about the new Wipss. Junior Brain Pad and the other Wipss. Products, go to their website at

MORE NEWS OF 11-10-01

IKF Mexico
MuayThai Champion
Adolfo Lozano In Thailand

IKF MuayThai Rules Super Middleweight Mexico Champion, Adolfo Lozano (Far right in picture and below) of Puerta Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico is currently in Thailand doing some intense training. Lozano and his wife Elizabeth will be in Thailand until January visiting several MuayThai camps and getting in some great training. He's hoping his trainingh will come in handy for a possible shot at the IKF North American Title sometime in the spring of 2001.

Lozano won his Mexico title back on October 6th in Puerta Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico. After 4 rounds, his opponent, Enrique Cuellar was well ahead and on his way to the title leading 39-36, 38-36 and 40-38. In the corner, Lozano's trainer asked him to lay on his back so he could lift his legs. However it appeared to many that he had past out instead which prompted the ringside doctor and other officials to come to his corner in preparation to put a stop to the bout. Lozano was told to either sit on his corner stool or stand up or the bout would be stopped. He quickly stood and looked out into the crowd as the chant begin, "Yes You Can, Yes You Can." Over and over again.

Down on all the judges cards entering the final round, what happened next can only be called a miricle of will... Lozano came out in round 5 as if he was fighting in round 1. Although noticeably tired, his punches regained some snap and power and his legs were snapping up with speed and power once again. More importantly, the one strike that won him rounds 1 and 2 so easily was back with incredible accuracy, his knee strikes. Over and over again Lozano landed knees on Cuellar who was still strong with his own knees and hands. Then as the 2 came to a clinch, Lozano, out of nowhere, EXPLODED with energy and opened up a non stop attack on Cuellar. Starting with kicks and punches and moving into the clinch, Lozano backed away and let loose with several strong knees that hit Cuellar in the body and finally the ending 2 had direct hits on their target, Cuellar's face. As the 3rd strike ended and Cuellar's head pulled back, blood shot from his nose forcing referee Ubillado Vega to step in. A wise move as it was clear, Lozano was on a roll and had no plans of stopping. Upon closer look, Vego saw the tremendous blood flow from Cuellar's nose and immediately stopped the bout. The ringside doctor later said if Vega didn't stop it, he would of since it seemed to take him a long time to stop the blood flow.

At 2:05 of round 4, Lozano had rose up from the strength of his fans and found the energy to win the title against Enrique Cuellar. Lozano later told us that when he stood up during the round 4 and 5 break, he saw his mother and father in the crowd and the look on their faces seemed to motivate him to dig down deep and find the strength to carry on and win. However, as he seemed to look to the heavens and ask if he could do it, almost as if it were planned, his true fans, those who were still there, started chanting back, "Yes You Can", Yes You Can!" And "CAN" he did.

It was clearly one of the most memorable moments in IKF Title history to witness such a comeback of a fighter.

FRIDAY, November 9th, 2001, AT 5:30 PM PT

Thompson All Set For This Weekends Big

South Carolina Promoter Ray Thompson (Right) is simply "Serving The Greater Good" as our good friend Brooks Mason would say. Thompson, a big IKF supporter is one not to forget where he came from as he shows loyalty to his long time friends at the PKC in hosting this weekends PKC National Amateur Championships. The event will take place at the Palmetto Expo Center in Greenville, South Carolina, USA.

Thompson as well hasn't forgot his new friends here at the IKF either as he worked to make this the fourth year in a row that the IKF and the PKC have co-sanctioned this very event. In addition, Thompson will also include some ISCF Mixed Martial Arts Bouts on the card as well as a big PKC daytime Karate Tournament.

In case your wondering why the IKF is friendly with the PKC, well, it goes back to the first ever IKF Televised event back on January 22nd, 1994. Actually it was a PKC event which the IKF had nothing to do with. That is, until just a few weeks from Showtime. The event was being held at Caesars Casino in South Lake Tahoe, Nevada which was a stones throw from the IKF's front door, so who better to ask to help with a local undercard but the IKF. PKC promoter Joe Corley asked IKF President Steve Fossum to assist in some undercard matchmaking which Fossum was pleased to do. The return for his work was the acceptance to have the IKF co-sanction the event which was a PPV event on Showtime. Corley and his assistant, Howard Petchler could have easily said "No Thank You" as could have PKC President Glenn Kinney, but instead, they formed a relationship that has never been forgotten.

It's easy to say that the IKF will not forget the gratitude the PKC offered in the co-sanction of a BIG PPV Event on SHOWTIME! It gave the IKF some great exposure back in the non-used Internet days. It was live on SHOWTIME and was attended by over 1,200 spectators. On the event, Rick Roufus KO'ED!!! Michael McDonald in only 43 seconds of round 1 to win his PKC & IKF World Title and Juan Torres put a spanking on George Angat who he stopped at the :45 second mark of round 2 to win his PKC & IKF World Titles. Also on the card as the main event, Dennis Alexio KO'ed Mark Russell, at 1:40 of the second round but the bout was not for any title.

The undercard bouts Fossum put together were worthy of main events on any card. In the first amateur bout, multiple time IKF Amateur Champion Randy Bussart of Fairfield, CA, USA defeated Zenzo Tazawa of Santa Rosa, CA, USA by split decision, 29-27, 29-26 and 30-27. The second of the 2 undercard bouts included IKF Amateur Champions Jim Brown of Sacramento, CA, USA Vs Boyd Murphy of Bakersfield, CA, USA who later became an IKF US Amateur Champion at another event. In the first 2 rounds, and well into the 3rd, Brown was winning big, but it was the big right hand by Murphy that dropped Brown in one of the best Amateur Heavyweight bouts ever. Murphy landed a 2 punch combination at the 1:49 mark that put Brown who was the first ever IKF Champion, asleep against the ropes.

Later down the line, Augusta Georgia's Mike Carlson, also a long time PKC Associate, brought the IKF and the PKC together once again and the rest is history. So in case your wondering why the PKC and IKF get along? It has to do with something very simple.... We remembered who helped us when we were just getting started.

Several of Saturday nights contenders are already IKF National Champions as well. They include, Justin Pickett who won the 2000 IKF National Featherweight Kickboxing Title. Other IKF Champions include, Jack "The Ripper" Nilsson (1999), Mark William Feakes (2001), Zachary Day (2001), Stephen "The Wonderboy" Thompson who holds 5 IKF Titles, "Lightning" John Greubel (2001) and Rebecca "The Pitbull" Preacher who has won 4 IKF Titles, Here's the nights bouts for PKC National titles;

  • Adrian "The Iceman" Turpin VS Dan Erickson

  • Rebecca "The Pirbull" Preacher VS Terri Hicks

  • Shannon Hudson VS Zack "Attack" Day

  • Jack "The Ripper" Nilsson VS Brandon Odle

  • "Pee Wee" McCall VS Tom Poey

  • Stephen "The Wonderboy" Thompson VS Rueben Lopez

  • John Greubel VS Jason Kuhn

  • Shaun Gay VS Johnny Jackson

  • Justin Pickett VS Jerry Grove

  • Clint Wiggins VS Mark Feakes

  • Dallas Crowe VS Surack

  • Amanda Rawl VS Robin Herbert

Thompson's martial arts background reads like a "Who's Who" in the martial arts. He started his Martial Arts training in March, 1974 at the age of 18. Since his beginning, he has studied many different fighting arts. He is ranked as seventh degree Black Belt in Tetsu Shin Ryu Kempo Karate and a fifth degree Black Belt in Kempo. He is also a fifth degree Black Belt in Tetsu Shin Ryu Jujitsu, a fifth degree Black Belt in Karate-do, and fifth degree Black Belt in Kobudo (weapons). He earned his Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu under Rickson Gracie. He is a second degree Black Belt in Kamishin-Ryu Karate, second degree Black Belt in Shorin-Ji Torakendo Kempo, and fourth degree Black Belt in American Karate. He has also earned Nidan in Kyudo (Japanese Archery)

Mr. Thompson's competition career has spanned many years and many championships including winning the first and only "Toughest Man in South Carolina" contest in 1980 which was the first and only sanctioned "NHB" type event in South Carolina. He has fought in full contact (kickboxing) matches and was a member of the U.S. Kickboxing Team which competed in France in 1988. While in France, Ray was known as the "Master of Disaster" by the French public.

Also in attendance at this weekends event will be Mike (Below in suit and with family) & Elizabeth Carlson. The Carlson's own and operate Augusta Martial Arts Academy in Augusta, Georgia. In addition to offering classes in kickboxing, jujitsu, and cardio-kickboxing, they have managed to single-handedly bring karate tournaments, competitive kickboxing and mixed martial arts events to the Central Savannah River Area (CSRA) since 1996. As a result, Sensei Mike Carlson has produced over a dozen U.S. Champion Kickboxers and several amateur and professional mixed martial arts competitors.

Sensei Carlson holds an 8th degree black belt in MYB Kickboxing, a 6th degree black belt in Shin Nagare Kickboxing, 5th degree black belt in Jujitsu, and a 1st degree black belt in both Judo and Tae Kwon Do. He also is the State and Southeastern Regional Director for the Professional Karate Commission (PKC) and Board of Advisors for the International Kickboxing Federation (IKF), World Director of Operations for the International Sport Combat Federation (ISCF), and is on the Board of Advisors for Ringside Products.

In addition to his martial arts commitments, Mike Carlson also serves the community as an Assistant District Attorney for the Augusta Judicial circuit. Sensei Elizabeth Carlson (Above right with family) holds a 5th degree black belt in MYB Kickboxing and a 3rd degree black belt in Shin Nagare Karate. She also holds a degree in Early Childhood Education from the University of Georgia and has designed the children's karate program at AMAA. In addition to managing AMAA, Elizabeth Carlson is a certified PKC Event Supervisor and travels around the Southeast organizing kickboxing events. The Carlsons have lived in Augusta since 1992 and have a 3-year-old daughter, Marika.

Event Time: 8:30 am doors open - PKC M/A Tournament & ISCF Submission Grappling event. 6:00 pm doors open - PKC/IKF Kickboxing Event. For more Info, contact Mr. Ray Thompson at (864) 967-3930 or by e-mail by clicking HERE! For directions and EXCELLENT Event Info, Go To

This Event will Be IKF & ISCF Sanctioned
HOWEVER:This is NOT an IKF National Championships.
The IKF is sanctioning the event with the PKC, but no IKF titles are on this event.
This is NOT an "OPEN" Tournament like the IKF USA Nationals Event.
This is a match-made Event for top PKC Fighters fighting only 1 bout each.

Fight card subject to change.

WEDNESDAY, November 7th, 2001, AT 9:50 PM PT

Fight Doctor!

Editor's Note: The omnipresent Fight Doctor who has been noted for maintaining a "quest for and love of knowledge," has once again lent his attention and literary talents so as to provide his fight predictions or...

"ProgFight Doctorstications"

for the IKF. This time he reviewed an IKF and PKC sanctioned kickboxing card, daytime karate and submission tournament, to be held at the Expo Center in Greenville, South Carolina on Saturday, November 10, 2001, and entitled the Fall Brawl Martial Arts Spectacular. The event will be promoted and hosted by Ray Thompson of Upstate Karate, located in Simpsonville, South Carolina.

"IKF and PKC are truly the premier sanctioning bodies in the sport. This is no doubt due to the quality of their respective presidents, Steve Fossum (IKF) and Glenn Keeney (PKC) and the teams both have assembled. The fact that they have consistently been willing to "table the egos" and work together for the benefit of the martial sports for years is demonstrative. Truly, these men and their organizations deserve tremendous accolades not only for their accomplishments, but also for their willingness to inculcate a spirit of cooperation, dedicated to the benefit of the kickboxing world."

Fight Doctor ON The Fight Doctor
"I would be remiss if I failed to elucidate my audience as to my foresight in preselecting the tone and tenor of the recent RSF "Severn versus Griffin" bout. Not only was I able to accurately determine the winner, but in a brief paragraph encapsulated with exactitude the means and methods of the victory. I am also advised that there was a plaintiff wail of fan support of this column at RSF. While professional responsibilities took me to the District of Columbia that weekend, I assure all present, particularly my dedicated admirers from the Classic City, that the Fight Doctor was there in spirit."

The Fight Doctor ON THE BOUTS

"Day is a grizzled veteran who wins fights on relentless determination. Hudson is a young, flashy lefty, who will be battling before his hometown crowd. Fully over his hand injury, Hudson will present a technical display that will overwhelm the aging Day, whose performance at the 2001 IKF National Tournament was reportedly a mere shadow of what it had been just two years before. Even if Day attempts a flurry, it will be no more effective against Hudson than was Pickett's charge at Gettysburg." The Fight Doctor's PICK: HUDSON VIA UNANIMOUS DECISION

"One of the Southeast's most effective and popular kickboxers is Turpin, who embodies much of what a martial artist should represent. Without exception, Turpin comes early to karate tournaments, and even when he is fighting a full contact bout that evening, spends the day "running rings" and officiating for the children and underbelts. Despite his skills and dedication, he will meet his Waterloo against the aggressive and powerful Erickson. Turpin's only chance at a victory in this match is to hope for Erickson to tire over the five round duration of the bout. Despite my affinity for Turpin, it is incumbent upon me to "call it as I see it," and for Erickson. The Fight Doctor's PICK: ERICKSON BY TKO IN THE FOURTH ROUND

"Grove dismantled and demoralized Pickett's stablemate Mike "The Mighty Atom" Adams in 1999, with an "old school" style reminiscent of the "first generation" of full contact karate fighters from the late 1970's. This approach will appear antiquated when faced with the frenetic attack from Pickett, who will emerge victorious, and avenge Adam's loss." The Fight Doctor's PICK: PICKETT VIA TKO IN THE THIRD ROUND

"This match-up provides the type of contrast that made the Labors of Hercules so fascinating. Poey is a skilled technician, who possesses a diverse arsenal of phenomenal techniques. McCall is a "strictly meat and potatoes" combatant, who fights on unfettered fortitude, enhanced by his popularity with fellow Southerners like the enthusiastic James Banks. In this bout, which will pit the "cavalier against the caveman," I see Poey, who has valiantly strode and come up short for titles before, finally getting his due, and emerging victorious." The Fight Doctor's PICK: POEY BY UNANIMOUS DECISION

"Don't step away from ringside during this battle of two of the nation's most skilled and talented kickboxers. Kuhn gave Greubel a veritable wake-up call, almost toppling the reigning champion in their bout at the 2001 IKF National Tournament. With 5 rounds, Greubel's superior technique will win out over Kuhn's more aggressive style, and will surely resonate with judges scoring by the PKC's system." The Fight Doctor's PICK: GREUBEL BY SPLIT DECISION

The Fight Doctor ON THE

Ray Thompson has shown that he is a man committed to all aspects of the martial arts. This commitment has translated into multifaceted success. Thompson has a megalithic school, successful tournament competitors, and is a feared man in the corner in kickboxing and MMA bouts. Under these circumstances, it is hardly surprising that Ray Thompson has endeavored to bring a superlative event forward on November 10, 2001. His Fall Brawl Martial Arts Spectacular will feature kickboxing title bouts, a Machado Jiu-Jitsu seminar, karate tournament, and a ISCF submission grappling competition. All of this will take place in a four star venue. People involved in the martial arts could expect little more of anyone. However, we could expect no less from Thompson who always "delivers the goods."

The views expressed in the foregoing column are strictly those of The Fight Doctor They do not represent the feelings, thoughts, or expressions of the IKF, ISCF, PKC, and/or any of their representatives, employees, and/or assigns, including but not limited to Steve Fossum, Glenn Keeney, Ray Thompson, and/or Mike CarlsonThis Event will Be IKF & ISCF Sanctioned - HOWEVER:This is NOT an IKF National Championships. The IKF is sanctioning the event with the PKC, but no IKF titles are on this event. This is NOT an "OPEN" Tournament like the IKF USA Nationals Event. This is a match-made Event for top PKC Fighters fighting only 1 bout each. For more Info, contact Mr. Ray Thompson at (864) 967-3930 or by e-mail by clicking HERE!
Fight card subject to change.

MORE NEWS OF 11-7-01


Quick Results From IKF Greece...
Full Story To Folly Soon...

IKF Greece Representative and promoter Michael Kossivakis featured an event with a long list of "Who's Who" for his city. Over 1,000 tickets were sold for the prestige event which hosted many dignitaries of the city. They included 4 Deputies, 3 Mayors, 1 Brigadier General, 40 Junior Army Officers, 3 Priest, 5 Topical TV Channels, 1 National TV Cannel And 3 Topical Radio Stations. A reception was hosted by Kossivakis and his staff at a luxury Restaurant after the fights for 52 people. Here's the results of the 4 International Fights on the nights event:

  1. 5 Rounds Pro International Rules
    John Sofokleus
    (Greece) defeated Joyce Dion (England) by TKO 4th round. Doctor stopped the bout.

  2. 5 Rounds Amateur Full Contact
    Alexandros Dimitrioy
    (Greece) and Vitaly Shemetov (Russia) - This bout was declaired a draw due to judging errors.

  3. 5 Rounds X 3 Pro MuayThai
    Panagiotis Karanikolis
    (Greece) defeated Chaba Lelekach (Hungary) by unanimous decision.

  4. 5 Rounds Amateur Full Contact
    Andreas Dimitriou
    (Gr) defeated Diago Gomez (Portugal) by first round TKO.

A complete story will be posted soon by IKF European Representative, Alby Bimpson. For more info, please contact Mr.Michael Kossivakis at +30 977834011 or by e-mail at: or check their website at

TUESDAY, November 6th, 2001, AT 11:00 PM PT

So... Where do 3 Million hits Come From?

As some of you might have noticed, we recently added a page that announces our website activity. After reviewing all of the information our web provider sent us, we wanted to know more. we wanted to know where all those 3,068,310 hits had come from since May1st, 2001.

What surprised us was the answer. Our site is visited by well over 120 countries around the world... Yes, 120... Now we say 120 but we actually have incoming hits from 141 different locations. We say only 120 countries though because as you will see, some of the hit marks come from military and government locations and we can't actually find out where these locations are.

Heck, some of us not only didn't know there were this many countries around the world but we also discovered some places we didn't even know existed. Places such as "Christmas Island"... Is that a Country? Well we think it's actually a part or Australia...If someone knows better, please let us know. It's located about a 1,000 miles off the north western coast of Australia... Sount of Indonesia... We'd like to know who's checking us out from there so if any of you from Christmas Island are reading this, send us an e-mail to say hello. For those of you who want to check out the list of all these places who visit the IKF site, click HERE.

More News Of 11-6-01

Posted At 2:40 PM PT

Puts IKF On The Greece Map In a BIG WAY!

IKF Europe:
With 5 Television Stations and a near full house, IKF Greece Representative Michael Kossivakis put IKF on the map in Stlye.
A full report will be coming later this week. Congratulations to Michael and his team in the face of tough competition in his country.

MONDAY, November 5th, 2001, AT 12:55 PM PT

2001 IKF USA National Amateur Champion
Carter Williams
Wins By

Special To The IKF

Congratulations to 2001 IKF/Ringside National Champion Carter Williams (Right) of Modesto, CA for his big win on Mike Miles "Night of the Warriors" event last Saturday night at the Calgary Forces Base in Calgary, Alberta Canada.

Williams knocked out his opponent, Andre Beaulieu of Red Deer, Alberta, Canada at the 1:42 mark of the second round. In the win Williams picked up an Amateur North American Super Heavyweight Title.

At this years 2001 IKF/Ringside National Championships, Williams defeated 259 lb John Grantham of Athens, Georgia by split decision 29-28, 29-28 & 28-29 to advance to the final where he defeated 2000 Champion, 240 lb Kurt Hasley of Signal Mt. Tennessee by unanimous decision, 29-27, 29-27 & 28-27.