WEDNESDAY, October 31st, 2001, AT 1:10 PM PT

Brings Europe Together At
IKF Greece Event This Weekend!

This Saturday night, November 3rd, IKF Greece Representative and IKF Promoter Michael Kossivakis (Right) will bring 5 European Countries together as he and his associates host IKF Pro Kickboxing at the Public Stadium Of Tricala in Greece. The event is organized by the Athletic Union Herchules Tricalon and the Greece IKF Team.

It will be under the official Shield of the Municipality of Tricala, Minystry Of Health and the International Kickboxing Federation.

The event door open at 19:00 and Fights Time is 19:30.

  • Here's the nights bout line-up;

    1. 5 Round Amateur Full Contact bout 72-75 Kg 17 Years Old.
      • Alexandros Dimitriou of Greece Vs Vitaly Shemetov of Russia

    2. 5 Rounds Amateur Full Contact 72-75 Kg 18 Years Old
      • Andreas Dimitriou of Greece Vs Santo Gomez of Portugal

    3. 5 Rounds Professional Thai Boxing 70-72,5kg Men
      • Panagiotis Karanikolis of Greece Vs Chaba Lelekach of Hungary

    4. 5 Rounds Professional Low Kicks 75-78 Kg
      • John Sofokleus of Greece Vs Joyce Dion of England

    5. PLUS: 3 More Full Contact Amateur Full Contact Fights By Greek Fighters (4 Males & 2 Females), 3 Martial Arts Demonstrations and 2 Greek Traditional Dance Demonstrations.

An Open Fiesta by Official Philharmonic of Municipality of Tricala with All the Profit being given to the Greek Union to Fight Against Cancer. The nights officials will include IKF European Director Alby Bimpson, IKF European Coordinator and Referee Mike Fowles, Trainers Michael Kossivakis, Dimitios Dimitriou, Sokratis Karaitis, and Xristos Cacos of Greece. Nuno Fereira of Portugal, Mark Barlow of England, Oleg Vadayursky of Russia and Gabor Gsikos of Hungary.

For more info, please contact Mr.Michael Kossivakis at +30 977834011 or by e-mail at: or check their website at

Michael Kossivakis

MONDAY, October 29th, 2001, AT 10:45 AM PT

2001 USA National Amateur Champion
Trent Thompkins
Only Needs 17 Seconds To Win!

Kickfest 2001 - Waterloo, Iowa, USA: With a Great Saturday night crowd at the hestoric 5 Sullivan Brothers Convention Center, IKF Promoters Russ O'Connell and Roger Thompkins of Waterloo, Iowa, USA had a lot to smile about. O'Connell trains Thompkins son, Trent (Right) and when the night was done, a great crowd wasn't the only thing to celabrate!

A little over a month ago, 20 year old Super Heavyweight (FCR) Trent Thompson (12-0/6) of Waterloo Iowa, USA took home the 2001 IKF/RINGSIDE USA National Amateur Tournament Super Heavyweight FCR Title with a unanimous decision victory over the 2000 IKF National Champion,John Lenamon of Abilene, Texas. This last Saturday night, October 27th, in Waterloo, Thompkins was back at it again. However, he spent a lot less time in the ring this time. In the nights Main Event bout, Thompkins didn't even spend enough time to help us write a story about his fight as he threw 5 kicks in about 10 seconds and stopped Beloit, Wisconsin's Scott Trowbridge (5-2/1) in only 17 seconds of the first round. In fact, it was Trowbridge himself who told referee Marco Medina he had enough after being knocked down with one of Thompkins "POWERFUL" kick and punch combinations. In fact, the only question Thompson left us all with was what nickname to give him..."The Terminator" or "Thunderfoot"...

The night was suppose to be billed as "Iowa Vs Missouri" however, some fighters were needed from nearby Wisconsin to fill the card. Special thanks to trainer Pete Hetrick of Beloit, Wisconsin for filling in the missing links. Here's how the rest of the nights card went...

    Bill Hulme of Waterloo, Iowa, USA (1-0/0) defeated Dennis Burkott of Egar, Illinois, USA, (0-1/0) by unanimous decision, 29-27, 29-27, 29-27.
    In a close round 3, Hulme swayed the judges his way as his combinations forced referee Marco Medina to give Burkott a standing 8 count giving Hulme the round 10-8 on all 3 judges cards which resulted in his win.

    Sean Robinson of Waterloo, Iowa, USA (1-3/1) defeated Phil Zeilinger of Beloit, Wisconsin, USA (0-2/0) by TKO at 1:27 of round 2.
    Zeilinger was given a standing 8 count in round 1, and had already been given one in round 2 before the second 8 count by referee Marco Medina forced the stop of the bout.

    Mindy Griffin, (24) of Waterloo, Iowa, USA, (2-2-1/2) worked 3 rounds with 13 year old Laura Joy Wassels of Beloit, Wisconsin, USA (0-1/0)

    Jay Dinsdale of Waterloo, Iowa, USA (3-0/1) defeated Jeff Clutter of Beloit, Wisconsin, USA (0-2/0) by TKO at 1:31 of round 2 by "Technical Decision".
    Dinsdale committed a non-intentional foul (Groin Kick) to Clutter at 1:31 of the second round and Clutter choose not to continue after being given several minutes to recover. Because of this, the decision went to the first round score cards which favored Dinsdale, 2-1.

    Blane Nichols of Waterloo, Iowa, USA (6-6/1) defeated Mike Lauter of St. Louis, Missouri, USA (0-1/0) by unanimous decision, 30-27, 29-28, 29-28.

    2001 IKF/RINGSIDE USA National Amateur Tournament FCR Light Welterweight Woman's Champion Jenn Repa St Louis, Missouri, USA defeated Jade East of Waterloo, Iowa, USA by TKO at the end of round 1 when East's corner choose to stop the bout.

    Kevin Engel of St. Louis, Missouri (6-3/5) defeated Sean Crowe of Waterloo, Iowa, USA (3-4/2) by TKO when Crowe's corner stopped the fight at the break of round 1 & 2.
    Crowe had been given 2 standing 8 counts in round 1.

    Mike Fusco of St. Louis, Missouri, USA (11-1/8) won his bout by forfeit over James McCallan of Waterloo, Iowa, USA (7-4/6) when McCallan came to the ring and didn't have a mouthpiece and choose not to use a replacement mouthpiece offered to him.

    Jason Ransom, of Beloit, Wisconsin, USA (10-2/2) defeated Travis Richardson of Waterloo, Iowa, USA (3-1/3) by unanimous decision 28-26, 28-26, 28-26.
    Richardson lost 1 point in round 3 for not getting his minimum 6 kicks in.

    2001 IKF/RINGSIDE USA National Amateur Tournament FCR Super Heavyweight Champion Trent Thompson of Waterloo, Iowa, USA (12-0/6) defeated Scott Trowbridge of Beloit, Wisconsin, USA (5-2/1) by TKO at 17 seconds into round 1 after a STRONG kick attack by Thompson who threw 5 kicks in the opening 10 seconds.

For more info about this event or others in Iowa, please contact Mr. Russ O'Connell at (319) 234-1935.

THURSDAY, October 25th, 2001, AT 2:15 PM PT

Iowa Vs Missouri
Showdown In

This Saturday night, October 27th, IKF Promoter Russ O'Connell and associates will host an exciting evening of amateur kickboxing as IKF Team Iowa takes on IKF Team Missouri.

The event will take place at the *5 Sullivan Brothers Convention Center in Waterloo Iowa, USA. For more info, please contact Mr. Russ O'Connell at (319) 234-1935.

(*) On November 11th, 1988 the Conway Civic Center was officially renamed the "Five Sullivan Brothers Convention Center". The following is background on the story of the Sullivan Brothers and the reason for renaming the building.

An overwhelming loss of life in one family occurred with the simultaneous death of the five Sullivan brothers in World War II naval action. The five Sullivan brothers of Waterloo, Iowa, lost their lives when the cruiser, U.S.S. Juneau, was sunk on November 13, 1942, off Guadalcanal during the Battle of the Solomons in the South Pacific. The five brothers, Albert, 19; Madison (Matt), 22; Joseph (Red), 23; Francis, 25; and George, 27; had enlisted with the provision that they would not be separated, Their joint sacrifice left the parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Sullivan, with one daughter, Genevieve.

As a result of this tragedy, the War Department later ruled that no two members of a family were to serve in the same military unit. In the Sullivan's Honor, the United States Navy launched a destroyer, U.S.S. "The Sullivans", which was christened by their mother in 1943. After several unsuccessful attempts through the years to memorialize the sacrifice of the Sullivans, a committee was appointed in 1963 for the purpose of planning and constructing a fitting official memorial. At that time a park was being planned in the Sullivan family neighborhood area as a result of an Urban Renewal Project. Favorable circumstances and general public sentiment influenced the design of the park to incorporate the Sullivan family homesite and location for the memorial.

Mr. and Mrs. Sullivan voiced approval of the memorial site as holding special meaning. This is where the early life of the family was centered, where the boys grew up, played together and from where they entered the Navy during World War II. After completion, the park was named the Sullivan Brothers Memorial Park.

The memorial consists of a pentagonal concrete dais topped with a circular polished granite base supporting the bronze shamrock insignia from the destroyer U.S.S. "The Sullivans". Each of the five facets of the memorial display a bronze plaque with the name of each of the Sullivan brothers. The exposed aggregate concrete dais is surrounded by a water filled moat in the sunken central area with a concrete platform forming the approach plaza. Funds for the memorial were raised by public subscription. Formal dedication of the Sullivan Brothers Park and memorial took place on September 19, 1964. The memorial is designated to honor the five Sullivan brothers and all of America's fighting men who die in the cause of freedom throughout the world.

MORE NEWS OF 10-25-01

Results From Stewerts

Ashlyn Vlassich

IKF Promoter and IKF Champion Jimmy Stewart (Right) is one of those fighters who "Makes Things Happen" on his own. Last Friday night at the Days Inn, in Butler Pennsylvania was no exception where Stewert did double duty both promoting his event and fighting on it as well. Stewert didn't over extend himself though this time in regards to an opponent. Stewert fought an unranked opponent to keep him ring ready for a potential IKF Title Shot in the months to come. His opponent was James Dean Peters of Buffalo, New York, USA. Stewart knocked him out in the 2nd round with a well placed round kick to the solarplexus immediatly followed by a spinning backfist to the head which left Peters slumped in the center of the ring and unable to continue.

Stewart currently holds 2 IKF Pro FCR Titles which include the IKF Light Middleweight US Title and the IKF Pennsylvania State Super Welterweight title. He has hopes of a potential IKF North Americn Title shot in the early part of 2002. A win there may get him his long deserved IKF World Title shot as early as next year.

Unlike many Champions, Stewert dosn't believe in just waiting for such a call. He promotes events regularly and could possibly promote his next title shot as well. Just another example of Stewert's desire to "Make Things Happen" as real Champions often do.

Before Stewert's bout was the IKF Women's Amateur FCR East Coast Title defense of Champion Donna Fergason of Butler, Pennsylvania who entered the ring to face Wendy Bruschi. Ferguson, who is trained by Stewert, successfully defended her title in a 4 round decision.
Here's the results of the other bouts on the night...

Jimmy Stewart

    Dan Brewer (156, Pro of Pittsburgh, PA) scored a 1st round TKO over Steve Mcdivitt (157#, Pro from Bradford, PA) Mcdivitt broke his leg.

    Mike Mcmullen ( 153, from New Castle PA ) took a decision after a 3 round bout with Kanjo Erdis (160, from Pittsburgh PA).

    Josh Billingsley (155, Pittsburgh, PA) scored a 2nd round TKO over Jamie Sychak (143, of Butler, PA).

    Roy Gibson ( 168, of Butler, PA) defeated Rob York (186, Meadville, PA) in a 3 round decision.

    Brandon Humes ( 125, of Meadville, PA) wins the decision over David Franklin (128, of Pittsburgh, PA)

    Ashlyn Vlassich (Above Left, 105, of Butler, PA and 2001 IKF US National Junior Girls FCR Super Atomweight Champion) Won big with a 1st round K.O. of Maryna Trusova (107, Pittsburgh, PA).

    Matt Fend won a 3 round decision over Jeremy Percey in a Jr bout.

For more event info, please contact Mr. Jimmy Stewart at (724) 284-3725 or see the Stewart Center web Page at

WEDNESDAY, October 24th, 2001, AT 9:15 PM PT

To Offer MuayThai Seminar!

The next edition of Muay Thai Fight Camp will feature Dean Lessei. Lessei, a 3 time Thai boxing champion has proved himself to be one of the best coaches in the nation by producing 8 IKF Regional Champions and 3, 2001, IKF USA National Amateur Champions. This camp will be held at the Peoria Athletic Club and will consist of two hard-core days of training. This camp is a must for all fighters, coaches or dedicated students who want to get in the best shape of their lives and take their thai boxing skills to the next level.

FRIDAY, October 19th, 2001, AT 11:20 AM PT

Stewert & Crew
Ready For 5th Annual

IKF Promoter and IKF Champion Jimmy Stewart (Right) is all set to host yet another exciting kickboxing event tonight at the Days Inn, in Butler Pennsylvania. Stewart will once again do double duty as he will promote and fight on the same event.

Tonight he will face off against James Dean Peters of Buffalo, New York, USA. Although Stewart holds 2 IKF Pro FCR Titles which include the IKF Light Middleweight US Title and the Pennsylvania State Super Welterweight title, neither will be on the line tonight against Peters who is a non ranked contender. The fight will be just a working fight for Stewart who continues to stay ready for his next title call.

However, there will be a title on the line when IKF Women's Amateur FCR East Coast Champion Donna Fergason puts her title on the line against Wendy Bruschi.

Days Inn is located on Route 8, South of Butler.

For more event info, please contact Mr. Jimmy Stewart at (724) 284-3725 or see the Stewart Center web Page at

Special thanks to COORS for Sponsorship of this event...

WEDNESDAY, October 17th 2001, AT 5:30 PM PT

Comes In Many Faces...

A Look Back At This Years
IKF/RINGSIDE USA National Amateur Tournament

By Steve Fossum, IKF President

David Flurry

This years IKF/RINGSIDE USA National Amateur Tournament was the Largest National Amateur Tournament ever promoted in North America. Nearly every state in America was represented at the event which featured well over 200 Amateur Kickboxers from ages 8 to 39 in 3 different rule styles. Sadly, the American tragedy of September 11th took away some of the Glory and Excitement of those who participated in this great event. Now over a month later, we'd like to take a look back at some of the other stories that surrounded this event.

I'd like to start with a story that I received through an e-mail from a great young fighter named Matt Bentley from Omaha Nebraska. Last year (2000) 15 year old Matt took home the Junior Division Bantamweight National MuayThai Championship Belt when he defeated David Flurry of Dubuque IA by unanimous decision, 30-27, 30-27, 30-27. However, as you will see, he played a more important role this year.

Matt was forced to move from the MuayThai division into the Full Contact Rules division because he didn't have anyone in his weightclass. His opponent last year, David Flurry (Left) moved up in weight in the Junior Division and to his credit, won the MTR Super Lightweight National Junior Division Title when he defeated Bentley's team-mate, Alex McFarland, of Omaha, Nebraska by unanimous decision, 30-27, 30-27 & 29-28. For Bentley to change his fighting rule style, it meant giving up a lot, just to be a part of the Tournament. Matt wouldn't be able to throw any of the knees or leg kick techniques he had been working on all year because as many of you know, there are no knees or leg kicks allowed in Full Contact Rules. To make matters worse, the ONLY division available for 17 year old Matt was in the Adult Division, ages 18 & up. Matt agreed to make the move considering the ages and experience level of the other contenders.

Being last years Champion and the one with the best record (6-0) Matt would receive the 1 bye in the division allowing him to watch the others battle it out for the right to face him on Saturday afternoon. In round 1, Robert Elledge of Roseville, California defeated Al Ronnei of Mondovi, Wisconsin by unanimous decision, 30-27, 30-27 & 29-28 to advance on to face Matt in Saturday afternoons Round 2. In the second bout of round 1, Curt Mickle of Atlanta, Georgia defeated Matthew Giliberto of Chicago, Illinois by TKO at 59 seconds into the second round to advance to the Final. In round 2, Elledge defeated Matt Bentley by TKO at 1:44 of round 1 by way of the 3 knockdown rule. Now you may be thinking, WHY would this story be about Matt Bentley if he lost his first bout? As the title says, this is about Sportsmanship, and I'll get to that in a quick moment. In Matt's division Championship Bout, Robert Elledge (Right) won just his 5th fight of his career when he defeated Curt Mickle by unanimous decision, 30-27, 29-27 & 30-28. Here's where Matt comes in...

About a week after the Nationals, we received an e-mail from Matt and I believe his e-mail says it all. It read;
I would like to say something about Robert Elledge. Robert with a record of only 2-0 got in the ring in his first match with someone who was 6'4" and in above the waist kickboxing this could be a huge disadvantage. He won that fight by unanimous decision. Later that day he fought me, the 2000 MTR Boys Champion, with a record of 6-0. He won that fight by TKO in round 1. The next afternoon he took a unanimous decision win over Curt Mickle a 23 year old competitor with a record of 5-0. I think something should be said about his tremendous effort, his tremendous victories and his overall tremendous performance.
Matt Bentley

Robert Elledge

You see.... It speaks for itself doesn't it...Great job Matt! As everyone can see here, your a Champion IN "AND" Out of the Ring.

For Robert, it was a Great Event, winning the title and all. But when your Peers give you Praise like Matt did here, it makes ones performance even more memorable. Our hats go off to these Great Fighters here who are both Champions who "Walked The Walk" at the 2001 USA Championships!

Here's some other brief notes about certain fights in this years event;

Many fighters feel if they don't have a lot of experience, they can't enter this National Championship Event. However, here's a look at the fighters who had 2 fights or less that took home the Championship Brass at this years Event;

    Alyssa Defazio
    of Phoenix, Arizona had only 1 fight going into the tournament and she won the title when she defeated Samantha Walters, Cable, Wisconsin by TKO at 51 seconds into the 2nd round to win the FCR JR. Light Heavyweight National Title.

    Brook Locklear
    of Phoenix, Arizona had only 1 bout when she entered the tournament and won the title when she defeated Rachel Stecklein of Dubuque, IA by unanimous decision, 29-28, 29-28 & 30-27 to win the IR Atomweight National Title.

    Ashlyn Vlassich
    of Butler, PA had never fought before and won the title when she defeated Brittany Roberts of Cable, Wisconsin by TKO at 1:20 of round 1 to win the FCR Super Atomweight National Title.

    Nicole Hess
    of Alexandria, Virginia had only 1 fight entering the tournament and won the title when she defeated Ellie Tarbill of Dixon, Illinois by TKO in 2nd round to win the IR Bantamweight National Title.

    Andrea Zalas
    of Simpsonville, South Carolina had only 2 fights when she entered the tournament and won her title when she defeated the 2000 National Tournament Champion Boomer Fischer of Pacific, MO (10-1) by Extra Round split decision. At the end of 3 rounds the judges had this one, 29-27 Zales, 28-28 even and 28-28 even. In the extra round, Zalas won 2 of the 3 judges cards 10-9 to win the FCR Light Welterweight National Title.

    Cameron Monyelle
    of Beloit, Wisconsin had never fought before when he entered the tournament and won the title when he defeated Corey Neumann of Omaha, Nebraska by unanimous decision, 30-28, 30-27 & 30-26 to win the FCR Junior Flyweight National Title.

    Kyle Cottier
    of Loves Park, Illinois had never fought before when he entered the Tournament and won his title when he defeated Nicholas Gentry of Pacific, MO by split decision, 30-26, 28-27 & 27-28 to win the FCR Junior Bantamweight National Title.

    Jordan Moore
    of Pacific, MO had never fought before entering the tournament and defeated 2000 National Champion Chad Monyelle of Beloit, Wisconsin by unanimous decision, 30-27, 30-27 & 29-28 to win the FCR Junior Welterweight National Title.

    Cody Monyelle
    of Beloit, Wisconsin had only 1 fight when he entered the tournament and won the title when he defeated Ryan Hendershot of Waterloo, Iowa by unanimous decision 29-28, 29-27 & 30-28 to win the FCR Junior Middleweight National Title.

    Lee Roy Walters
    of Cable Wisconsin had only 2 fights when he entered the tournament and remained undefeated when he defeated Bryce Ryder of Omaha, Nebraska by TKO at 57 seconds into round 1 to win the FCR Junior Cruiserweight National Title.

    Kole Campbell
    of Twin Falls, Idaho had never fought when he entered the tournament and won the title when he defeated Ryan Church of Omaha, Nebraska by unanimous decision, 30-27, 30-27 & 30-26 to win the IR Junior Heavyweight National Title.

    Jeremy Duncan
    of Simpsonville, South Carolina had only 2 fights when he entered the Tournament and remained undefeated when he defeated Randy Alcozer of Plainview Texas by unanimous decision 29-27, 30-26 & 30-26 to win the FCR Flyweight National Title.

    Brent Hess
    of Alexandria, Virginia had only 2 fights but remained undefeated when he defeated Dallas Crowe of Lyman, South Carolina by unanimous decision, 30-27, 30-27 & 29-27 to win the FCR Featherweight National Title.

    At 190 lbs, Michael Wade of Douglasville, Georgia wanted to fight so bad he was willing to enter an "OPEN" division since there were no contenders at his weight.
    Wade had only fought 2 times before entering the Tournament but won his title when he defeated 215 lb Centurium Frost of Detroit, Michigan by split decision, 29-27, 29-27 & 28-29 to win the FCR Cruiser-Heavyweight National title.

    Thong Souksavath
    of Nashville, Tennessee was a no show at the 1999 National Tournament Event weigh-ins which automatically gave Tracey Kuschel of Omaha Nebraska a win by Walkover.
    This year Souksavath made it to the 2001 event and with only 2 fights entering the tournament she defeated Danella Renk of Omaha, Nebraska by unanimous decision, 29-27, 30-27 & 30-26 to win the
    IR Featherweight National Title.
    However, tragedy in the way of a forfeit may come to Souksavath soon because after checking her 1999 National tournament Registration papers,
    she registered in 1999 with a record of 2-1/0 and registered for the 2001 National tournament with a record of only 2-0.
    Her title is now under review. this could have simply been an error of her regional director, Jeff Mullen of Memphis Tennessee in 1999.
    ADDITION: On 10-23-01
    It was discovered that her 1 loss in 1999 was a BOXING LOSS. So the title stands.

    Rebecca Mahin
    of Milwaukee, Wisconsin had never fought before the Tournament and defeated Penny DeGraw of Atlanta, GA by split decision, 29-28, 30-28 & 29-30 to win the IR Lightweight National Title.

    Tara Opielouski
    of Norman, Oklahoma had never fought before entering the Tournament. In round 1 she defeated Kathy Hagler of Roswell, GA by TKO at 1:08 into round 2 to advance to round 2.
    In round 2 Tara defeated Katie Ehrhardt (8-1) of Buffalo Grove, Illinois by unanimous decision, 29-28, 30-27 and 30-27 to advance to the Final.
    However when the bout came up, her opponent, Jennifer Woodrome couldn't fight due to a neck/back pain giving Tara the FCR Super Lightweight National Title by forfeit, but took a HARD road to get there.

    Tariq M. Haniff
    of San Mateo, California had never had a fight before the National Tournament when he won his title against Greg Ardon of New York, NY by split "EXTRA ROUND Decision.
    The scores after 3 rounds were 29-28 Ardon, 29-27 Haniff and 28 even. An extra round was fought and the split decision win went to Haniff, 10-9, 10-9 and 9-10 to win the MT Lightweight National Title.

    Robert Elledge
    of Roseville, California had only fought twice when he entered the tournament and as previously told, went on to defeat
    Curt Mickle of Atlanta, Georgia by unanimous decision, 30-27, 29-27 & 30-28 to win the FCR Super Lightweight National Title.

    Dan Pemble
    of Marquette, MI had only 2 fights entering the Tournament when and won his title when he defeated Chris Sasek of Tampa Florida by KO at 1:48 of round 1 to win the MTR Heavyweight National Title.

More bout stories? Oh you bet we have them and you'll see more and more as the weeks go by. This event had enough stories to last a full year, which explains why it's the only National tournament for each year. If any of you have any stories like our friend Matt Bentley, please send them in. As far as thoughts from some of you, well, I'd like to share just a few here. The pictures on the sides do not relate to the e-mails. They were just put there so you could see some of the 2001 Champions. Here's a look at some of the e-mail (Full names kept out and titles XX) we received about the event;

Just a brief note to say thank you for inviting us to your event this year. It's clear that anyone not participating in the Amateur Championships is missing out on something big. Yours is amongst the most professional, positive, and well run competitions I've been to. All our fighters are still psyched by the whole weekend, and grateful for the experience. See you next year. SS, NY

I am riding away from the Olathe Holiday Inn on the shuttle headed for the airport as I compose this on my laptop. I sit here just absolutely blown away at my first experience with the IKF National Tournament. Things were so fantastic. The quality of the fighters and folks at the event was outstanding. Just attending the event helped us crystallize the goals for our martial arts center and has helped us develop personal goals as well. Just to let you know, Shaun Gay was so motivated by his loss and the quality of the event that he trained Monday evening, 9/10/01, for more hours on than he slept on our homeward trip Sunday evening. This was after he walked rafters all day Monday building a steel structure on the job. I want to congratulate you and the IKF team for putting together a memorable event. As we say in southern Georgia, you guys have "out-done" yourselves. I want to thank you on behalf of my team for promoting the event and for all of the hard work that task demanded. I am very excited about the IKF and am looking forward for the big picture. Sincerely, JC, Georgia.

Dear Steve and Johnny, Just wanted to drop you a little note to tell you how impressed I was last weekend. This was the first Nationals I have attended. The show was well ran and very entertaining. The quality of competition was superb. I've been to many shows in my time, from the late 80's to now, and yours was the most professionally ran I've ever seen, especially considering the large number of fighters. The whole time all that I could think was, what if this was done for the sport 10 years ago. It would be so much farther along. When I was a kid I dreamed of being a world champion and making a living kickboxing. Well I won the KICK world title in 1994 and much to my dismay it was very disappointing. Nothing happened as though I had dreamt. With help of great people like you guys, plugging along for the good of the sport maybe kids today can grow up and realize their dream in a more prosperous manner. When I first heard of the IKF I was kind of indifferent, you know sanctioning bodies come and go, (I've fought for all of them), but you have now won over a true IKF fan. Keep up the great work and if I can help in any way just let me know. Sincerely, KRH, South Carolina.

Hi, I was recently at the IKF Nat'l Tournament and I had a great time. The event was run incredibly well. I can't wait until next year. Maybe on the website or the Ax message board, you could have a suggestions icon so that people could offer suggestions as to how the event could grow. I was thinking of something like team standings. Just an idea but I think it would help get more fighters out there. Also, I was curious as to how I get ranked. Am I a member of the IKF now that I fought in the tournament? Thanks again. P.J.R., Grand Junction, Colorado.

Mr. Fossum this is XX, yes the XX fighter that got knocked into Tuesday..... LOL. Mr. Fossum I would like to Thank You and your great organization for a weekend better then a weekend at Cancun. I have never be around so many dedicated and respectful people in my life. Coming into the tournament I believed that this was going to be a waste of time, the event itself was not going to be organized right, and a majority of the people would be very cocky. On Sept. 7th, at 3:00 pm, when I met you, my mind was pleasantly change for the good. I was very impressed with the entire set-up from the rings to the vending stands. At the time of the weigh-ins, I was consistently confronted by honest, kind, and respectful people and entire kickboxing teams. At that moment I knew that I was going to have a great weekend. I wasn't disappointed. However, there where three major downsides to the weekend. First, we did not get a picture together. Second, due to travel plans I was not able to stay for the events after all the fights on Sunday. Third, my performance on Sunday in the XXX Bout. Like I said to you that day I was more concerned about who I let down and who was laughing at me. After your speech on that day, and how the crowd and the CHAMP showed concern for and accepted me for my efforts...... I knew without a doubt I was part of an event that very special. What really put the cherry on top was the article on the IKF web site that in read about the event. The piece about the XX bout really moved me. And I want to Thank You for allowing me an opportunity to show case my talent and making me part of a family. In 2002 I will come away with three things 1. A picture of us. 2. The IR belt and 3. Another great unforgettable weekend. Thank You again. ML, New York.

Greetings Mister Fossum, Thank you for hosting this years National Amateur Kickboxing tournament. It was a huge learning opportunity for me and my fighters and their families. I appreciate the time and effort that such an event requires, the headaches and trying to gel all of the variables. You did a great job and I'm sure you'll continue to improve the tournament. If I may be so bold, may I offer a few suggestions that you may use in the future if the situation warrants. It might be less stressful and shorten some waiting if weigh in started earlier Friday morning to allow fighters to register and get their physicals through out the day and would allow shorter lines and more opportunity for positive interactions between all parties. A large portion of the support for this tournament comes from the junior ranks. I'm not sure if it is the same all over the country, but the tournament fell at the end of the first week of school for my kids. It was a great challenge to balance the need for focus on the event and the other demands of returning to school. My fighters and I'm sure many others lost focus in the crucial days before the tournament. You would certainly have more junior fighters and slightly better prepared junior fighters if the tournament were to occur two weeks sooner. The weekend preceding Labor Day might work wonderfully. Of course if these options have already been proposed or are simply inappropriate, feel free to disregard them. I look forward to working with you in the future. Thank you for your time and consideration. Sincerely, BH, Kimberly, Idaho

Now it's time to get back to work everyone and get ready for next year. Like our Eagle at the right expresses, we American's are ready for each challenge and next years event will be even greater. There's a lot of great advice many of you have given for next years event as you have read above and we plan on using all of it. There's even talk about making next years event a North American Championship. With this in mind, those of you from Canada and Mexico... Let us know if you would be willing and able to participate if we do make it a North American Championships. If so, we welcome you all and as you will say too... Let's "Walk The Walk" and...

"Bring It ON!"

TUESDAY, October 16th 2001, AT 8:30 PM PT

Filho and Hunt
Win Repechage Tournaments

BY Alex MacDonald, IKF Japan

In winning their respective tournaments at the Fukuoka GP, Francisco Filho and Mark Hunt earned two of the last three spots in the K-1 Grand Prix. There they will join the winners of the four major qualifying tournaments: Jerome LeBanner (Osaka GP), Ernesto Hoost (Melbourne GP), Alexei Ignashov (Nagoya GP) and Stefan Leko (Las Vegas GP). Also joining them will be K-1 Japan champion Nicholas Pettas.

Block A Tournament
Francisco Filho vs. Sergei Ivanovich
In Las Vegas, many thought this was a mismatch. Filho tried to land thunderous punches and Ivanovich's punches were like raindrops. After 4 rounds, however, Sergei was untouched while Filho was figuratively soaking wet. The question on everyone's mind was whether or not Filho had adjusted for the speedy Ivanovich. The answer was 'yes'. He initiated more and landed enough power punches to slow Ivanovich's attack. Filho by decision.

Lloyd Van Dams vs. Matt Skelton
The last time these two fought was in a K-1 tournament in 1999. Lloyd destroyed Tomas Kucharzewski before he could break a sweat while Matt fought a long hard fight with Jan "the Giant" Nortje (211cm, 143kg). When they met in the semi final they fought such a close fight that two overtime rounds were needed to reach a decision. In my opinion, the 5th round was no more definitive than any other round but the judges couldn't demand another extension. That decision went to Van Dams.

This time both fighters were fresh and it looked like now IKF World Champion Matt Skelton was ready for Van Dams. He used a few front kicks and knees like Ignashov had used to beat Van Dams in Nagoya. By the second round, he felt safe enough to use his reach and even keep his hands at his side since Lloyd wasn't fast enough to hit back. It looked like the plodding Van Dams was running out of time. Then the incredible happened. The judges called the fight a draw. In the over time round, Skelton landed 34 of 65 strikes thrown. Van Dams managed 23 of 42. The judges then named Van Dams the winner and a bewildered Skelton watched his chances to enter the Grand Prix go up in smoke.

Francisco Filho vs. Lloyd Van Dams
Many have wanted to watch the two hardest leg kickers go at it and now was their chance. Not surprisingly though, this did not turn out to be a leg kick war. Filho discovered that even he had a longer reach and better footwork than Van Dams. After three rounds, it looked like the Brazilian karateka had won but the judges again wanted to get their money's worth out of Van Dams. This time they chose the fighter who hit the most and got hit the least. Filho by decision.

Block B Tournament
Adam Watt vs. Mike Bernardo
Mike Bernardo who many believe is the best K-1 fighter today suffered yet another upset. In 1999, he lost to then unheralded Mirko Filipovic. Last year, an injury kept him from taking his place in the Grand Prix. This year, thanks to Adam Watt, the favorite to win the Grand Prix didn't even qualify. This is what the split second must have been like for Watt. Spinning kick-miss. Hands up quickly-block punch. Throw left hook-hit. Hands back up-nothing. Look down- there he is. In K-1 tournaments (with the exception of the final match), two knock downs in a round ends a fight. Watt took full advantage and with a flurry managed to score a winning knockdown.

Ray Sefo vs. Mark Hunt
Both New Zealanders. Both hard hitters. Both having jaws of steel. This fight gave new meaning to the phrase 'trading punches'. In the second round after both fighters were tired, Hunt decided to have a little fun. He taunted Sefo into taking free shots at him. Sefo taunted back and kissed him. Hunt, however, was serious about the free shots and with a left to Sefo's head got the message through. Sefo then took shots at Hunt who even had his mouth open. Then it was Hunt's turn. And so it went. In the third round, they got back to kickboxing and Sefo got the decision. Unfortunately, Sefo had hurt his eye in the fight and received a doctor stop. Hunt then advanced to the final.

Mark Hunt vs. Adam Watt
Tickets buyers who were probably expecting to see Bernardo and Sefo may have been a little disappointed with the names in the final but not with the fight itself. At first it looked like Watt would score from the outside and get the decision. The hard hitting Hunt then scored two knockdowns but Watt was still in the fight. In the closing seconds, Watt was rocked again but stayed on his feet and kept throwing. In the second round, Hunt was warned for cutting Watt with an elbow. Shortly afterward, another knockdown prompted the referee to consult the doctor who stopped the match.

The Fukuoka GP decided the sixth and seventh spots in the Grand Prix, but what of the eight fighter? The answer is Peter Aerts. Despite an abysmal year, K-1 Producer Kazuyoshi Ishii wasn't ready to have the event without three-time champion Aerts who has been in every Grand Prix since 1993. Incidentally, this is the second year in a row where Aerts has failed to qualify on his own and received the selection. Don't expect Japanese fans to complain though. In a fan poll, Aerts was the first choice to take the eight spot (4,409 votes). If by chance his elbow (He recently had surgery.) causes him to withdraw from the tournament, Abidi was second on the list with 4,342 votes.

Grand Prix Tournament Draw
Like the K-1 Japan earlier this year, the fighters themselves had a hand in deciding the line up for the Grand Prix. They chose numbers from a hat then in order, chose the fights they wanted. The fighter who drew number 1, Stefan Leko decided to fight in the first bout and Ernesto Hoost (number 2) chose to meet him. Number 3, Nicholas Pettas opted to fight in the third bout and Alexei Ignashov (number 4) followed him. Number 5, Jerome LeBanner opted to fight in the second fight and surprisingly, Mark Hunt wanted to fight LeBanner rather than either Francisco Filho or Peter Aerts who both had to meet in the fourth match giving us the following line up:

Leko vs. Hoost
LeBanner vs. Hunt
Pettas vs. Ignashov
Filho vs. Aerts

MONDAY, October 15th 2001, AT 2:40 PM PT

Helps Out NY In Sauget, IL, USA

IKF Promoter Jesse Finney and his Finney's Championship Kickboxing promotional staff hosted another exciting amateur kickboxing event in Sauget, Illinois, USA on October 8th. The event proceeds went to the Red Cross and September 11th fund. The show was seen by 800 spectators, which raised $9000.00 from ticket prices to donations that will help the family and friends who lost loved one in the World Trade Center and Pentagon tragidies.

The two main events included Mike Fusco winning by a third round KO to inprover his record to 11-1 with 9 KO's and Mark Winfield winning by a second round TKO improving to 2-0 with 2 KO's. For more info contact Mr. Jesse Finney at (314) 351-5226 or by e-mail by clicking HERE or go to their website at

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Culver City, California, USA, Non IKF Event

Ole Laursen

IKF Pro MuayThai European Middleweight Champion
Ole Laursen
(Left) and
# 2 IKF Pro Ranked MuayThai Middleweight,
former IKF / RINGSIDE USA National Amateur Champion (1999)
and veteran Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Arts fighter
Duane BANG! Ludwig
(Right) each added another "W" to their professional fight record this past weekend. Ludwig won a 5 round unanimous decison against a very game George Humbert of Los Angeles, CA, USA while Laursen got a KO win over BM Sasiprappa.

"George was tough, he pushed Duane, but Duane showed his biggest weapon was his heart and earned a unanimous decision after 5 rounds." said Ludwig's manager/cornerman Sven "BOOGIE" Bean. Ludwig was holding the edge in 3 of 4 rounds and then in the 5th he swept Humbert 3 times and had him on the verge of a TKO or KO stop when the bell rang for the end of the fight. It was a GREAT FIGHT for both of them.

Ludwig improved his Pro MuayThai record to 7-1 with an overall (Amateur & Pro) record of 19-2. Look for Ludwig to stay busy with bouts scheduled for November and December as well. Laursen improved his record to 12-4.

Last weekends results point to a potential match-up between Ludwig and Laursen as well. Maybe for the vacant IKF Pro Intercontinental Title with the winner to face current IKF World Champion Kongnapa. (Below) Kongnapa and Laursen were suppose to fight this last weekend on the same card discussed above but Kongnapa pulled out of the fight for unknown reasons.

Duane Ludwig


THURSDAY, October 11th 2001, AT 10:50 AM PT

Bartinelli Gets The Win...
But Jarrett Stays For All 10!

On Tuesday night, October 9th in Phoenix Arizona, IKF Light Middleweight World Champion Anthony Bartinelli (Right) did something he's never done in ANY of his previous kickboxing bouts... Wait for a judges decision before his hand was raised...

Bradenton, Florida, USA's Larry Jarrett last appeared on an IKF event on March 20th, 1999 in Vallejo, California, USA. Up for grabs was a shot at the vacant IKF Pro Full Contact Rules United States Middleweight Title. His opponent was Dave Marinoble of Roseville, CA, USA. In the end, Marinoble won a unanimous decision winning every round on every judges card except for the 2 rounds, 1 judge gave to Jarrett, 100-88, 100-88 and 98-90. Marinoble went on to claim the IKF Middleweight World Title from Tommy Kimber earlier this year.

On Tuesday night Larry Jarrett came to Bartinelli's hometown. Bartinelli had won his title against an opponent who had never lost, Mike Nagy of Chicago Illinois who was 31-0 with 27 knockouts. Nagy at the time was the clear number 1 contender, Bartinelli was number 3. In the end, Bartinelli stopped Nagy in the 3rd round with his famous left hook, as he had did many opponent before him. In fact, Bartinelli had NEVER went the distance in ANY of his kickboxing bouts. NEVER! He had won all his bouts by KO or TKO. On Tuesday night, Bartinelli and his trainer Clement Vierra were hoping for the usual outcome, A Bartinelli win by KO! However Jarrett didn't travel all the way from Florida expecting to only fight 2 or 3 rounds and give up. Jarrett had planned on fighting every second of every round necessary in the scheduled 10 round non title fight and fight he did.

Jarrett's fight record was somewhat like Nagy's, over 30 wins (37-6) but not as many wins by KO or TKO, only 14. Although he had less than a 50% knockout win percentage, Jarrett showed he may not have the KO power but he surly has the HEART despite what Bartinelli dished out to him. For 10 full rounds, Jarrett (Trained by Mike & Vickie Hollobaugh) and Bartinelli (11-0/10) went toe to toe in a slugfest of action.

In the first round, Bartinelli set the temple for the fight. Coming out as usual, hard and quick but Jarrett hung tough. The 2nd round Bartinelli started to work Jarrett's body hard with hand & kick combinations yet Jarrett was still hanging tough. In the 3rd Bartinelli landed a jumping spinning back kick that almost put Jarrett down but instead, Jarrett answered back with some strong combinations of his own. Round 4 and 5 was more the same, a good fight with Bartinelli stronger physically but Jarrett with a Heart of stone.

In the 6th Bartinelli put Jarrett down with his famous left hook. It looked like another Bartinelli victory would end the same as many did before, with the Left HOOK! The hook was a punch that would have sent nearly every other Light Middleweight away on a stretcher, as we've seen Bartinelli do before. As referee Dan Stell gave the count, Jarrett got back up and fought on. In round 7 & 8, the same pace continued with Bartinelli being physically stronger and landing more shots while Jarrett's Heart remained Strong!

In round 9 Bartinelli came out with everything he had to stop Jarrett. During the round, Referee Stell stopped the bout to have the doctor check some bleeding coming from around Jarrett's ear. Stell and others thought Jarrett might have broke his ear drum, but instead his ear was ripped open in two places from punches. The bout continued and round 9 went as the others with Bartinelli landing more physical shots and Jarrett taking everything he had. In the 10th round Bartinelli came out AGAIN with everything and this time didn't hold anything back. Bartinelli dropped Jarrett with his famous left hook again but this time it was to Jarrett's body. Jarrett looked like he wasn't getting up, but he did. Bartinelli jumped on him again and landed several powerful shots but Jarrett hung tough. It look like Referee Dan Stell was about to stop the fight, but Jarrett was still coming back with his own combinations all the way to the final bell.

It was a great fight, but it was not close in points. The judges who were appointed by the Arizona State Athletic Commission scored it a unanimous decision win for Bartinelli 100-88, 100-88 and 99-89. Bartinelli won on the cards but Jarrett won the hearts of the fans for his efforts. On this night, there were 2 winners in Arizona, Anthony Bartinelli won but it wasn't in his usual way with a KO or TKO. Bartinelli's power, speed and accuracy isn't questioned here at all. It was clear he still had all these things going for him on this night.

Lets just remember though, these are PROFESSIONALS and for Bartinelli the competition will be getting better and better as his career goes on, that's what being an IKF World Champion is all about. This was a great bout for him. A measuring stick one would say to be ready for anyone around the World because on this night, he went toe to toe with the a "LIONHEART" named, Larry Jarrett of Bradenton, Florida!

Bartinelli now looks forward to his first IKF World Title defense this coming December. Congratulations to Both Fighters and to Clement and Rhonda Vierra on a great night. For more info on this event, please contact Mr. Clement Vierra or Mrs. Rhonda Vierra at (602) 493-1567 or by e-mail by clicking HERE!

SUNDAY, October 7th 2001, AT 4:30 PM PT

Cuellar & Lozano
Wage WAR
Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico


Although IKF Head of MuayThai Officials Kuhn Fred Fitzgerald wasn't present at this event, he would have been extremely pleased with 2 things. First of course was the quality of MuayThai by all the fighters from Mexico City and Puerto Vallarta Mexico. What would have made him even more pleased was the "EXCELLENT" MuayThai refereeing job of new IKF Referee, Ubillado Vega of Mexico City, Mexico.

Adolfo Lozano

At the weigh-ins we were informed that we no longer had the use of the scheduled referee. There was a late scramble for a referee and in the end, Mexico, Mr. Vega stepped forward to take on the duty for the event. "For a last second fill-in referee, I didn't know what to expect. What I didn't expect was the Excellence of Mr. Vega's work in the ring." said IKF President Steve Fossum. Vega took the helm and refereed all 8 MuayThai bouts and in return, won not just the respect of the IKF, but the fighters and fans as well.

Speaking of the fans, an excited crowd of over 3,000 were in attendance for this event that took place at an outdoor, covered stadium. It was like being at one of the great Thailand stadiums, a big bowl with stadium seating and not 1 bad seat in the house. Promoter Felix Perez can take a tremendous bow as he staged one of the largest kickboxing events in terms of crowd size, in the country of Mexico. After the event, the obvious question was asked, "Will you do it again?" as Perez replied, "Oh hell ya, we're just getting started." Lets hope he does. If so, he may need to find a bigger stadium which would be harder than one might imagine. This event was held at the largest venue in Puerto Vallarta and there was standing room only.

The event gave the fans a look at 3 fighting styles and all were accepted greatly by the Puerto Vallarta fight fans. The night started off with 2 boxing matches followed by 7 MuayThai bouts, then 1 submission/mixed martial art bout and finished strong with the nights main event for the vacant IKF Pro MTR Super Middleweight Mexico National Title, and what a main event it was.

Pro MuayThai fighters Enrique Cuellar (Right) and Adolfo Lozano (Left) put on a Championship MuayThai Bout that ranks among the best in the world. This one went down to the wire and in the end, it was a shame one fell short of the title because they were both deserving of it! In most MuayThai bouts, the fighters tend to start slow in round 1 and get more active as the rounds progress. Well, not in this case. Cuellar and Lozano both started strong and fast throwing punches, kicks and some great knee techniques. As round 3 ended, Lozano won on 1 judges card 10-9 while the other 2 just simply couldn't separate a winner scoring it 10-10.

In round 2, the action stayed the same with Lozano seeming to land more scoring blows. Lozano won 2 of the judges in round 2 scoring it 10-9, Lozano while the other judge still couldn't separate the 2 scoring it 10-10 again. After 2, Lozano had the edge 20-18, 20-19 on 2 judges cards while one held at 20-20.

In round 3, Cuellar opened up his attack, moving more towards his boxing skills. The decision paid off as he flurried on Lozano causing referee Ubillado Vega to step in and give Lozano a standing 8 count. Cuellar also gave Lozano a large knot just outside his right eye from landing several left hooks. For round 3, one judge scored it a 10-9 thinking Lozano had control of the bout up to the standing 8 count while the other 2 judges scored it 10-8. In just 1 round, Cuellar had erased the gap in scoring as he lead 30-29 on 1 card, 29-28 on another and even on the third, 28-28.

Round 4 was clearly dominated by Cuellar as Lozano had seemed to hit a wall. Lozano's punches and kicks seemed to lack the snap and power he had in rounds 1 and 2 and was noticeably dropping in round 3. Cuellar stayed with his boxing game scoring on what appeared to be wild but effective punches on Lozano. Another flurry of punches and knees forced referee Ubillado Vega to once again step in and give Lozano another standing 8 count. As Lozano stood up during the count, doubt of some in the stands seemed to grow as several started to leave knowing the end was near for Lozano. As round 4 ended, 2 judges scored it 10-8 Cuellar but for some reason, the third judge scored it only 10-9 for Cuellar. After 4 rounds, Cuellar was well ahead and on his way to the title leading 39-36, 38-36 and 40-38. In the corner, Lozano's trainer asked him to lay on his back so he could lift his legs. However it appeared to many that he had past out instead which prompted the ringside doctor and other officials to come to his corner in preparation to put a stop to the bout. Lozano was instructed to either sit on his corner stool or stand up or the bout would be stopped. He quickly stood and looked out into the crowd as the chant begin, "Yes You Can, Yes You Can." Over and over again.

Enrique Cuellar

What happened next simply can't be explained. Lozano came out in round 5 as if he was fighting in round 1. Although noticeably tired, his punches regained some snap and power and his legs were snapping up with speed and power once again. More importantly, the one strike that won him rounds 1 and 2 so easily was back with incredible accuracy, his knee strikes. Over and over again Lozano landed knees on Cuellar who was still strong with his own knees and hands. Then as the 2 came to a clinch, Lozano, out of nowhere, EXPLODED with energy and opened up a non stop attack on Cuellar. Starting with kicks and punches and moving into the clinch, Lozano backed away and let loose with several strong knees that hit Cuellar in the body and finally the ending 2 had direct hits on their target, Cuellar's face. As the 3rd strike ended and Cuellar's head pulled back, blood shot from his nose forcing referee Ubillado Vega to step in. A wise move as it was clear, Lozano was on a roll and had no plans of stopping. Upon closer look, Vego saw the tremendous blood flow from Cuellar's nose and immediately stopped the bout. The ringside doctor later said if Vega didn't stop it, he would of since it seemed to take him a long time to stop the blood flow.

At 2:05 of round 4, Aldolfo Lozano (Right being raised by his fans after the win) had rose up from the strength of his fans and found the energy to win the title. On the other side of the ring, Enrique Cuellar fell only 55 seconds short of the IKF Mexico National Title. A title that had appeared to be his by so many in attendance, but as every fight fan knows, in a moments flash, anything can change in the fight game. Lozano later told us that when he stood up during the round 4 and 5 break, he saw his mother and father in the crowd and the look on their faces seemed to motivate him to dig down deep and find the strength to carry on and win. However, as he seemed to look to the heavens and ask if he could do it, almost as if it were planned, his true fans, those who were still there, started chanting back, "Yes You Can", Yes You Can!" And "CAN" he did.

We need to give say that this was a true "Warriors Battle" of two Great Warriors! As we said in the beginning, "it was a shame one fell short of the title because they were both deserving of it!" Hopefully you can see now how true this statement was. This was also the second time these two had met. Cuellar had won the first one and now Lozano the second. The question is, should there be a third match? Not likely. Cuellar seems content to move back down to his normal fight weight of Middleweight (70.1 kg - 72.7 kg ) and fight his next match there, possibly for the IKF Mexico National Middleweight Title. It was clear to everyone that he's deserving of such a shot and where else would be a great place to do it than in Purta Vallarta again as a co-main event with Lozano. It's a great idea for promoter Felix Perez to put Cuellar on the next event since he was well respected by the Puerto Vallarta fight fans. As for Lozano, his next goal is for the IKF North American Super Middleweight Title. Likely opponents for him include (In no particular order) Kwame Stephens of Chicago, Illinois, USA, Ryan Jones of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada or Manu Ntoh (Sitsifu) of Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Other fighters both below and above the Super Middleweight division may also be considered for his opponent. If he wins the IKF North American title, he may finally get the shot every fighter strives for, the IKF World Title. However for now, Lozano needs to relax and enjoy what he accomplished on October 6th, 2001 in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, or should we say, what he and his fans accomplished. As Lozano put it himself after the bout, "This belt isn't just mine, it belongs to everyone who helped me along the way... which included all those chanting 'Yes You Can!' tonight..." Man... if that's not the true expression of an IKF TEAM Player, what else could be...

Before the main event was plenty of other MuayThai action as well as IKF TEAM Mexico City took on IKF TEAM Puerto Vallarta. Although the Puerto Vallarta team won the undercard competition 5-1 with 1 draw, All of these bouts were filled with great excitement and explosive MuayThai techniques. Here's how all of the bouts went on the night;

  1. Tony Sahagun of Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico and Mario Meza of Mexico City, Mexico fought to a majority draw, 29-27 for Meza and 27-27 and 28-28 even.

  2. Pedro Camberos of Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico defeated Arturo Gomez of Mexico City, Mexico by split decision, 29-28 Gomez, 29-27 and 29-27 Camberos.

  3. Rafael Ponce of Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico defeated Pepe Romero of Mexico City, Mexico by TKO at 1:29 of round 2.

  4. Gerardo Pipino of Mexico City, Mexico defeated Ernesto Valdez of Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico by KO at :46 seconds into round 1.

  5. Clemente Gonzalez of Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico defeated David Benitez of Mexico City, Mexico by TKO at :57 seconds of round 2.

  6. David Alcaraz of Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico defeated Gerardo Gudino of Mexico City, Mexico by unanimous decision, 29-28, 29-27 and 29-27.

  7. Aron Garcia of Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico defeated Gabriel Rico Boligoma of Mexico City, Mexico by unanimous decision, 30-27, 30-27 and 30-29.

  8. IKF Pro MTR Mexico National Super Middleweight Title
    Aldolfo Lozano
    of Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico defeated Enrique Cuellar of El Dorado, Mexico by TKO (excessive blood from nose) at 2:05 of round 5.

Special thanks to all the ringside officials which included the announcer, timekeepers, doctor and judges who all did a great job and once again, lets not forget the excellent ringwork of referee Ubillado Vega. We of course want to congratulate new IKF Promoter Felix Perez, his business, El Torito Restaurant in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico (WOW! Great FOOD Felix!) his brother Enrique Perez and the promotional assistance of Samurai Sports on such a GREAT IKF Event for the country of Mexico. We'd also like to thank the great hospitality of the Mayan Palace for our fantastic accommodations as well. For more info on this event, please contact IKF Promoter Mr. Felix Perez at 011-52-322-23784 or for more info by E-mail, click

TUESDAY, October 2nd 2001, AT 6:30 PM PT

This Weeks IKF Action!

National Title In

This coming Saturday night, October 6th 2001, IKF Kickboxing will make it's debut in Puerta Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico through new IKF Promoter Mr. Felix Perez. The main event of the night will be for the vacant IKF Pro MuayThai Rules Super Middleweight Mexico National Title.

Featured in the nights main event will be IKF Number 2 ranked Pro Super Middleweight MTR Fighter Adolfo Lozano (Left) of Puerta Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico. Lozano has already made headlines in the IKF ranks and is hoping to make more as he prepares to take yet another step towards a possible IKF North American Title and eventually the IKF World Title.

His opponent will be well known Mexico fighter Enrique Cuellar. (Right)

The event will start at 7:PM
For event ticket info, Please Contact Mr. Felix Perez at 011-52-322-23784 or
Samurai Sports at 011-52-322-44446 ext. 5404.
For more info by E-mail, click HERE!

MORE NEWS OF 10-2-01

Finney's Sauget, IL, USA

IKF Promoter Jesse Finney and his promotional staff will host amateur kickboxing in Sauget, Illinois, USA. For more info contact Mr. Jesse Finney at (314) 351-5226 or by e-mail by clicking HERE.

Or go to their website at

MORE NEWS OF 10-2-01

Bartinelli & Jarrett
Meet In Phoenix, Arizona, USA!

Anthony Bartinelli

Next Tuesday night, October 9th at RODEO NIGHTS in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, IKF Light Middleweight World Champion Anthony "POWERHOUSE" Bartinelli (Left, 10-0 with 10 KO's) of the Hard Knocks Gym in Phoenix, Arizona, USA will fight a non title bout against #12 IKF Ranked Middleweight Larry Jarrett (No picture available, 37-5-2 with 14 KO's) of Bradenton, Florida, USA.

Jarrett last fought for the IKF in March of 1999 in Vallejo, CA against Dave Marinoble (Right) of Roseville, CA, USA. The bout was for the vacant IKF Pro FCR Middleweight U.S. Title.

In the 10 round bout, Marinoble out kicked Jarrett 109 kicks to Jarret's 79. Although Jarret missed his minimum kicks in 3 of the 10 round bout, the point deductions (2 from each judge total) did not effect the scores. Marinoble won every round on every judges card except for the 2 rounds, 1 judge gave to Jarrett.

Marinoble won by unanimous decision, 100-88, 100-88 and 98-90 to claim the vacant IKF US Pro Full Contact Rules Middleweight title and eventually went on to win the IKF Middleweight Title in Malaysia earlier this year against Tommy Kimber. (Right)

Bartinelli won his IKF World Light Middleweight Title back on April 17th, 2001 when he defeated Mike Nagy (Right) of Lake In The Hills, Illinois, USA by KO at the end of the 3rd round at the Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

It was Nagy's first loss in his extremely impressive career dropping his record to 31-1 with 27 knockouts.

This will be a good bout for Bartinelli who is scheduled to defend his IKF World Title on December 4th of this year. An opponent has yet to be named by the IKF.

The event which is promoted by IKF World Champion Trainers Clement & Rhonda Vierra will also feature several exhibition bouts and or appearances from some of their 2001 IKF/RINGSIDE USA National Amateur Tournament Champions.

They include, Left to Right, Sasha Johnson, Alyssa DeFazio, Dougie Johnson and Brook Locklear and several other amateur bouts.

For more info on this event, please contact Mr. Clement Vierra or Mrs. Rhonda Vierra at (602) 493-1567 or by e-mail by clicking HERE!




MORE NEWS OF 10-2-01

IKF 2001 National Champion Danny Kelly
Wins at Strike Force Kickboxing... In San Jose

by JOHNNY "Superfoot" DAVIS

Danny Kelly

Brian Johnston

Saturday night, a crowd of fans witnessed a full night of Kickboxing action in San Jose, CA, USA. There were several good fights on this night although only a few to be mentioned here. The event showed a lot of patriotism that would make all Americans truly proud. There was a constant reminder of the September 11, tragedy as the projector showed the image of the waving American Flag. To add to the events' patriotic mood was the singing of "America the Beautiful" by a group called "Joined By Harmony." I must say, it was an emotional moment for many in attendance and one of the most eloquent and harmonious renditions of the song I have ever heard!

Many of us had the opportunity to see Danny Kelly (Left 13-1-1-4 KO's) take the 2001 IKF National Title this year at the 2001 IKF/RINGSIDE USA National Amateur Tournament held in Olathe, Kansas- September 7, 8 and 9th. There, we witnessed he would be a fighter to watch in the near future. The Light Heavyweight Free Style Kickboxer from San Jose, CA has an impressive arsenal of kicks and punches.

He puts them together well as #2 IKF Ranked Edgar Fiero (17-1-3) of Fresno, CA would learn on this past Saturday night. Danny controlled the entire fight but Edgar was there for a fight and was aggressive for all four rounds! It was the counter punching and kicking of Danny Kelly that clearly impressed the judges in route to this unanimous decision win. Kelly seems to have the poise and technique of a professional fighter. With a little more power and willingness to mix it up, Danny will become a professional contender to deal with in near future.

The Main event of the evening would be a scorcher! Number 13 IKF Ranked Jean Claude Leuyer (Right) of American Kickboxing Academy of San Jose (40-9-1- 37 KO's) Vs #11 IKF ranked Jeff Ford (Right) of Kansas City, Mo. (22-4-17 KO'S) in a FreeStyle match that had the fans on their feet throughout the bout! Both men were landing "good night Irene" shots and were going for the "kill!" Jean Claude and Jeff would see the canvas several times during one of the best Heavyweight match ups this year! Jeff would try and land the big overhand right throughout the night and several times, I thought it was "good night" Jean Claude as he wobbled around the ring trying to find his legs and clear his head from the devastating blows.

It must have been the words inscribed on his shorts that kept him standing "NEVER GIVE UP"...and he didn't! Jean Claude, known as a punishing leg kicker use them well as he mixed them up with his boxing skills. Bloody and battered in the ninth, it seemed that any man could go down at anytime, but it was clear in the eighth round that Jean Claude had picked up the pace and Jeff was in great pain from the continuous assault of leg kicks from Leuyer!

The fight would soon end as Jeff Ford was not able to answer the bell for the tenth round of this scheduled twelve round bout due to the damage done to his legs. What a bout! Both men proved to be great champions with a lot a heart and desire to WIN!

In other action, former IKF FCR National Champion Gary Owens (5-4-2 KO's) of San Jose was stopped in the first round of their scheduled four round (Muay Thai rules) match by the very confident and talented, #1 IKF Ranked (IR) Steve Del Fiero of San Francisco, CA. (11-1-3 KO's)

Finally, we were sadden by the news of former Ultimate Fighting Champion (UFC) contender Brian Johnston (Left) who went into a coma resulting from a stroke.

It happened while he was working as a corner man in Japan. We wish him a speedy recovery.

Donations to assist with medical expenses can be made by contacting

American Kickboxing Academy (408) 371-4235.