May & June, 2000

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THURSDAY, June 29th, 2000, AT 8:30 PM

Last Weekends IKF News...

Nagy Wins Decision Over
Downing In Minnesota, USA

June 24th, 2000, Carlton, Minnesota, USA
It's a Race for the vacant IKF Pro Light Middleweight World Title and it's getting tighter and tighter with one less contender as of last Saturday night. Mike Nagy of Chicago, Illinois, USA took a unanimous decision win over Thomas Downing of Windsor, Ontario, Canada at last weekends Black Bear Casino's IKF Carlton, Minnesota, USA event promoted by Mr. Tom Sullivan. Downey suffered a cut above his right eye in the 3rd round and although he did score on some uppercuts and left hooks near the end of the fight, Nagy clearly dominated the bout, with good bodywork.

The elimination bout dropped Downey out of contention and moved the number 2 ranked Nagy one step closer to the Full Contact Rules Light Middleweight World title as he remained a perfect 30 and 0 record with 27 knockouts. Next for Nagy will be a match against Number 3 ranked IKF Light Middleweight FCR fighter Anthony Bartinelli of Phoenix, Arizona, USA for the vacant IKF Pro North American FCR Middleweight Title. The date for the bout is August 5th, 2000 in Phoenix Arizona, USA. The winner here can look forward to a possible World Title shot against England's #1 ranked Light Middleweight Tom Montgomery of Brighton, England. We say possible because Montgomery has yet to say he will fight the winner. But if he does, it's sure to be a great battle for the Light Middleweight World Title. For more info on last Saturday's Carlton, Minnesota event, please contact IKF Promoter Mr. Tom Sullivan at (218) 349-4644. Here All The Nights Results;

  1. IKF AMATEUR FCR Kickboxing
    Dave Pekarek
    defeated John Katzmark by unanimous decision.

  2. IKF AMATEUR FCR Kickboxing
    Ian Johnson
    defeated Dave Cadotte by unanimous decision.

  3. IKF AMATEUR FCR Kickboxing
    Dan Erickson
    defeated Ray Brown by unanimous decision.

  4. IKF AMATEUR FCR Kickboxing
    Stacey Chong
    defeated Chris Ebben by unanimous decision.

  5. IKF AMATEUR FCR Kickboxing
    George Donaldson
    defeated Randy Robinson by KO in round 1.

  6. IKF AMATEUR FCR Kickboxing
    Matt Meyer
    defeated Randy Lossing by KO in round 1.

  7. IKF AMATEUR FCR Kickboxing
    Mike Pare
    defeated Phil Hommerding by unanimous decision.

  8. IKF AMATEUR FCR Kickboxing
    Aaron Lassi
    defeated Jason Manseun by unanimous decision.

    PRO FCR Super Middleweight Kickboxing
    5 ROUNDS

    Eric Mortenson
    defeated Jeremy Pierson by unanimous decision.

    PRO FCR Light Middleweight Kickboxing
    8 ROUNDS

    Mike Nagy
    defeated Thomas Downing by unanimous decision.

MORE NEWS OF 6-29-2000. . .

Hot Night At
Hot Summer Fights 2000
Valdosta Georgia, USA

June 24th, 2000, Valdosta, Georgia, USA
On Saturday, June 24th, at the Lowndes County Civic Center in Valdosta, Georgia, an energetic crowd of martial arts fans cheered for the 26 kickboxers and 6 NHB/MMA competitors at the Hot Summer Fights 2000. The Full Contact Rules kickboxing matches were co-sanctioned by the IKF and the PKC (Professional Karate Commission) The NHB/MMA matches were sanctioned by the ISCF (International Sport Combat Federation). The kickboxing matches were sanctioned for the 2000 PKC United States Amateur Championships. In addition, the winners from those bouts earned a shot to fight at this years IKF/RINGSIDE National Amateur Championships on September 1st, 2nd and 3rd at Harveys Casino in Council Bluffs Iowa.

The referee for the nights kickboxing bouts was Dale McCutcheon, (Director of U.S. Operations for the PKC) and the NHB/MMA referees were Gerald Bush and Gary Brown. The event was promoted by James Corbett, owner and trainer of Valdosta Martial Arts Center.

Here are the nights RESULTS.

  1. The evening began with a Heavyweight women's title bout between Tam Rininger of Uniontown, Ohio and April Screws of Evans, Georgia. Rininger dominated the fight, ending the match by TKO at the conclusion of round 1.

  2. Featherweights Justin "The Blade" Pickett of North Augusta, South Carolina and "Dangerous" Davey Gibson of Anderson, Indiana unleashed a barrage of kicks and punches in one of the most exciting bouts of the evening. Pickett, however, took control of the match, slipping many of Gibson's punches and landing numerous devastating kicks to the head. Pickett won the Featherweight title by majority decision.

  3. In the Light Heavyweight division, Auburn, Indiana's "Big Bad" Chad Hall defeated Valdosta, Georgia's Matt Parrish. This was an exciting match with both fighters rapidly exchanging blows and ending in a split decision and a U.S. title for Hall.

  4. In the second women's bout of the evening, Simpsonville, South Carolina's Paula "Dynamite" Duncan faced Augusta, Georgia's Michelle Fiesler. In a very close match, with both fighters throwing hard right hands, Duncan captured the Women's Featherweight title by a split decision.

  5. The next match pitted Augusta, Georgia's Scott "Rattlesnake" Usry against Garrett, Indiana's Joe "Hardluck" Favre in a Cruiserweight title match. Although both fighters landed some very hard punches and kicks, Favre proved to be too much for Usry by winning the match by knockout in round three.

  6. In another exciting bout, Mark "The Ragin' Asian" Greubel of Augusta, Georgia defeated Lee "Buckshot" Branham of Simpsonville, South Carolina to capture the Welterweight title. Greubel's rapid head movement and quick hands made it impossible for Branham to land any damaging blows. In addition, Greubel slipped and fell in round two, and, not realizing it, had broken his arm. He continued strong in round three and won by a split decision.

  7. In a much anticipated bout and the first NHB/MMA match of the night, Valdosta, Georgia's Jonathan "Lock and Load" Wiezorac faced off against ISCF East Coast Super Heavyweight champion J.J. "Killa" Wilson of Augusta, Georgia. Wiezorac took control of the match early on, landing several takedowns and maneuvering Wilson into a facedown position. This allowed Wiezorac to land numerous blows to the back of Wilson's head. Wiezorac captured the win and the ISCF East Coast Title by applying a rear naked choke and forcing the referee to stop the match when Wilson was unable to tap out.

  8. The next kickboxing match saw "Killin'" Dylan Horsley of Kennesaw, Georgia defeat Adrian Turpin of Starr, South Carolina by unanimous decision to win the Heavyweight title.

  9. Augusta, Georgia's Paul Edmonds defeated Valdosta Georgia's Shawn Gay by unanimous decision to capture the Light Welterweight title. Both fighters threw a tremendous number of kicks in this fast paced fight.

  10. Summer Miller, of Augusta, Georgia won a split decision over Lawrenceville, Georgia's Bobbie Sawyer in a split decision to win the Light Welterweight title.

  11. Chesapeake, West Virginia's Mark Huddleston won by TKO in round one over Tim Manley of Valdosta, Georgia to earn the Super Heavyweight title.

  12. Mark "The Mongoose" Brennan of Simpsonville, South Carolina won by knockout over Jason Jenkins of Uniontown, Ohio to capture the Middleweight title. This match saw a lot of action with both fighters landing a tremendous number of punches and high kicks.

  13. In the final Women's bout of the evening, Simpsonville, South Carolina's Rebecca "Pitbull" Preacher defeated Augusta, Georgia's Terrie Hicks by unanimous decision to win the women's Welterweight title. Despite Preacher's aggressive style, Hicks landed several powerful overhand rights, and proved to be a lot for Preacher to handle.

  14. In the second NHB match of the evening, Matt Paarlberg of Lee, Florida defeated Valdosta, Georgia's Wilford "Chillwil" Moore in the Heavyweight division. This was an exciting match with a great deal of striking and kicking in the opening minutes. The match was stopped by the referee at 2 minutes and 25 seconds into round 2 when Paarlberg applied a guillotine choke to Moore.

  15. The third NHB match pitted Madison, Florida's John Holtz against Hilton Head, South Carolina's Mike Nelson in the Cruiserweight division. This fight also began with a lot of stand-up fighting, and before there was an opportunity for any groundwork, the referee stopped the bout at 2 minutes and 50 seconds into round 2 due to an injury to the face of Nelson, and awarding the bout to Holtz.

  16. In the final kickboxing bout of the night, J.R. "Killa Bee" Barnard of Hinesville, Georgia was defeated by TKO in round three in the Light Middleweight division by Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson of Simpsonville, South Carolina.

A complete list of the bout results is listed below. For more information, please call Augusta Martial Arts Academy at 706-855-5269 or e-mail or


  1. Women's Heavyweight
    Tammy Rininger (Uniontown, OH) defeated April Screws (Evans, GA) by TKO at end of round 1.
  2. Featherweight
    Justin Pickett (North Augusta, SC) defeated Davey Gibson (Anderson, IN) by majority decision.

  3. Light Heavyweight
    Chad Hall (Auburn, IN) defeated Matt Parrish (Valdosta, GA) by split decision.

  4. Women's Featherweight
    Paula Duncan (Simpsonville, SC) defeated Michelle Fiesler (Augusta, GA) by split decision.

  5. Cruiserweight
    Joe Favre (Garrett, IN) defeated Scott Usry (Augusta, GA) by KO in round 3.

  6. Welterweight
    Mark Greubel (Augusta, GA) defeated Lee Branham (Simpsonville, SC) by split decision.

  7. Heavyweight
    Dylan Horsley (Augusta, GA) defeated Adrian Turpin (Starr, SC) by unanimous decision.

  8. Light Welterweight
    Paul Edmonds (Augusta, GA) defeated Shawn Gay (Valdosta, GA) by unanimous decision.

  9. Women's Light Welterweight
    Summer Miller (Augusta, GA) defeated Bobbie Sawyer (Lawrenceville, GA) by split decision.

  10. Super Heavyweight
    Mark Huddleston (Chesapeake, WV) defeated Tim Manley (Valdosta, GA) by TKO in round 1.

  11. Middleweight
    Mark Brennan (Simpsonville, SC) defeated Jason Jenkins (Uniontown, OH) by KO in round 2.

  12. Women's Welterweight
    Rebecca Preacher (Simpsonville, SC) defeated Terrie Hicks (Augusta, GA) by unanimous decision.

  13. Light Middleweight
    Stephen Thompson (Simpsonville, SC) defeated J.R. Barnard (Hinesville, GA) by TKO in round 3.


  1. Super Heavyweight
    Jonathan Wiezorac (Valdosta, GA) defeated J.J. Wilson (Augusta, GA) by rear naked choke/ referee stoppage.

  2. Heavyweight
    Matt Paarlberg (Lee, FL) defeatedWilford Moore (Valdosta, GA) by guillotine choke/referee stoppage.

  3. Cruiserweight
    John Holtz (Madison, FL) defeated Mike Nelson (Hilton Head, SC) by doctor stoppage.

MORE NEWS OF 6-29-2000. . .

The House
In Sacramento's
"House Of Champions"

June 26th, 2000, Radisson Hotel, Sacramento, California, USA
It was a long road with a lot of hard work but when the night was over, Jian Sports Entertainment's Vince McAllister & Kevin Smith along with the IKF have an event to be proud of. The Monday night event featured 2 IKF Pro World Title bouts, an IKF Pro San Shou Rules U.S. Title Defense, 3 Amateur IKF Title Bouts and 3 Amateur undercard bouts. Here's a rundown on the action...

The Main Event featured the #1 and #2 IKF Ranked Pro MuayThai Junior Featherweight Fighters as they met for the vacant IKF Junior Featherweight MuayThai Rules World Title. San Francisco, California USA's # 1 IKF Ranked Enn Fairtex (Left) - (60 wins, 3 Loses, 16 Knockouts ) faced #2 IKF Ranked Alberto Ramirez (31 Wins, 5 Loses, 27 Wins By Knockout) of Tacoma, Washington, USA. This bout had hoped to be a great match-up since Ramirez was finally getting a title shot at his natural weight (121 lbs). However, from the opening bell, Fairtex (122 lbs) had other plans. Fairtex came out relaxed but struck quick with a strong head kick that dropped Ramirez to the mat. After he gained his composure, he stood slowly and took the 8 count from referee Dan Stell. Fairtex combined several hand and feet combinations after the 8 count and with 2:39 gone in the 3 minute round, he dropped Ramirez again and this time for good. It left no question who the top Junior Featherweight was in IKF MuayThai. Fairtex quickly claimed the vacant IKF Pro Muay/Thai Junior Featherweight World Title with a first round TKO!

The Semi Main event didn't end so quick as #1 IKF Super Welterweight contender Fernando Calleros (Right) of Albq. New Mexico faced off against #2 IKF Super Welterweight contender Miguel Reyes of Tijauana, Mexico for the vacant IKF Pro Super Welterweight International Rules World Title. This bout was a 10 round "WAR" that saw both fighters take some shots that few others would withstand. Calleros came out strong in round 1 knocking Reyes to the mat with a head punch. Reyes recovered and took the count from referee Jon Schorle. Calleros took round 1, 10-8 on all 3 judges cards. In round 2, Calleros was penalized 1 point for a low kick but clearly dominated the entire round. Although he received a 10-9 on all 3 judges cards, after the point deduction, the round was even at 9-9. After 2, Calleros led on all 3 judges cards, 19-17. In round 3, Calleros seemed tired and Reyes took advantage of it. Reyes won rounds 3, 4 and 5 on one judges card and rounds 3 & 5 on another. After 5, Reyes had changed the tide of the game and was ahead on one judges card 47-46 and still close on the other 2, only down by 1 point at 47-46. As round 6 started, Calleros realized he needed to put the pressure on and it paid off. Scoring on numerous hand combinations along with several turnback sides that landed flush on Reyes ribcage (How Reyes remained standing after some of them, we'll never know... What a TOUGH Fighter!!!) Calleros finished the fight strong winning rounds 6 through 10, 10-9 on all 3 judges cards. In the end, Calleros was announced the new IKF Super Welterweight International Rules World Champion by unanimous decision, 96-92, 97-91 and 97-91.

The other Pro Title Bout of the night was a U. S. San Shou Title Defense. IKF Pro San Shou Middleweight U. S. Champion Rudy Ott of San Jose, CA, USA walked away with his title after his bout with Redwood City California USA's Gladiator Fighter Doug Evans, ended in a "No Contest". In the first of 6 scheduled rounds, Evans foot slipped off the canvas at ringside and was cut on either the edge of the ring or on something on the Ringside table. In addition, upon closer examination, Evan's toe was also dislocated. Unable to continue, the ringside physician and referee Dan Stell stopped the bout and a "No contest" ruling was announced by IKF President Steve Fossum. A rematch is already in the works for these two sometime later this fall.

Two other San Shou Bouts were featured on the night, both for U. S. Amateur titles. In the first of 2, Chris Overbey of Sidney, Ohio, USA defeated Shawn Mietz of San Jose, CA, USA by TKO when Mietz couldn't answer the bell for round 3. Overbey captured the vacant IKF San Shou Rules U. S. Middleweight Title.

In the other IKF Amateur San Shou U. S. Title Bout of the night, James Fanshier (Right) of San Jose, CA, USA defeated Sidney, Ohio USA's Allen Egbirt by unanimous decision to capture the vacant IKF Amateur San Shou Rules Light Heavyweight U. S. Title.

In one of the most exciting bouts of the night, IKF Amateur Full Contact Rule Heavyweights Mike "Machinegun" Marinoble (Right) of Fair Oaks, CA, USA squared off against Pete Garcia of Redding, CA, USA for the vacant IKF Amateur Full Contact Rule West Coast Heavyweight Title.

The 2 had met before but Garcia had taken the bout on only hours notice and lost by decision. He asked for a rematch and it was granted. But as good as the first one was, the two deserved a title shot this time around. This time the word "TITLE" must have motivated Marinoble even more as he dominated the bout with great foot and hand combinations winning every round on all 3 judges cards. With the win, Marinoble took home the Title Belt for the vacant IKF Amateur Full Contact Rule West Coast Heavyweight Title.

Here Are The Results Of the Nights Amateur Undercard:

  1. Jack Hunter (Rio Linda, CA, USA) defeated Mike Bloham (Turlock, CA, USA) by TKO at 41 seconds into the 3rd round.

  2. Mark Contreras (Marysville, CA, USA) defeated Jeff Hougland (Modesto, CA, USA) by unanimous decision, 30-24, 30-24 and 30-25.

  3. Mike Moore (Napa, CA, USA) defeated Ira Myrick (Patterson, CA, USA) by TKO at 30 seconds of round 3.

The night also included an intro of Kickboxing "Hall Of Fame" GUESTS which included World San Shou Champion Cung Le. Current IKF Pro North American Super Middleweight & IKF Pro USA Middleweight Champion Dave "Madman" Marinoble. Current IKF Pro North American Middleweight & ISKA World Title Holder Eric "The Hitman" Regan. 2 X World Kickboxing Champion Johnny "Superfoot" Davis and Sacramento California's own 3 X World Boxing Champion Tony "The Tiger" Lopez. The 2 intermissions were filled by 2 mini concerts from Mick Martin & The Blues Rockers featuring Harvey Mandel!

Jian Sports Entertainment is looking at hosting another event possibly this fall. For more info on this exciting event or upcoming Jian Sports Entertainment events, please contact Vince McAllister at (707) 548-7347 or by e-mail by clicking HERE!

MORE NEWS OF 6-29-2000. . .

COMING SOON: Results From the June 25th, 2000, IKF DON'S & FURY Coventry, England event promoted by Mr. Mick Fowles and Mr. Steve Don's.

MORE NEWS OF 6-29-2000. . .

IKF World Events
Will Be Without IKF Title Belts This Weekend!

So you may ask WHY we would post such an article?
Doesn't it make the IKF look bad? Well, if it does, we take all the blame, but for what it's worth, the circumstances leading up to this announcement were without a doubt, beyond our control. You see, since we here at the IKF have also promoted events, we know what it's like to be missing an important part of the event, ESPECIALLY a Title Belt which has happened to us plenty of times before. Whether the belt was ordered late or got lost in the mail, we realized quickly that sometimes, things just happen that we can't do anything about. So this article is in defense of our loyal promoters who did all they were required to, to get their belts to their events but are left with empty hands. At least for now that is... We just don't want a fighter to feel the promoters are telling them a story when they say, "The Belt is in the Mail..." Like some other organizations have done that we know of...

Last Saturday, we reported to our readers about a returned and damaged package that was shipped to England filled with 12 IKF Title belts for 2 England IKF Events. Of the original 12 sent, only 2 were found and of those 2, they too had to be replaced. As many of you know who have seen the IKF Title Belts, making 12 in a couple of weeks is a demand, let alone a few days. Well, needless to say, the belts didn't get done until late Wednesday evening and packed and ready to ship by Thursday morning. However, when we were ready to ship them, both our shipping companies we use (FedEx and UPS) said the quickest they could get the belts there would be 3-6 days.... So much for express... Which meant, the belts wouldn't be in England until Monday or Tuesday since they do not count weekend days. On top of that was the shipping fees they were asking for such a heavy Express or Priority Package which ranged from $389.00 to over $400.00. So, we choose to wait and send them as a regular shipment and save the promoters the shipping expense since they were not going to be there by event time anyway.

But wait..... There's more... To make matters worse, Tonights Upcoming IKF World Title Bout in Russia will also be without an IKF World Title Belt due to Russian Customs Agents. We don't know yet what the hold-up is exactly but apparently the belts are being held at Customs from what we have been told. We've heard that there is some additional paperwork they are needing to clear customs for the actual location the belts are addressed to in Russia. Regardless, it appears this weekends new IKF Champions will have to wait a few extra days for their belts.

Now that we have faced these problems, we may choose to ship the Title Belts DIRECTLY to the New IKF Champions instead of to the Promoters after their events this weekend. That way the Event Promoters will not need to pay to ship the belts around the world to the different fighters. We hope the wait is worth it and for what it's worth, even though it wasn't our fault back here, a "Million Apologies To All Associated To This..." To our promoters, Alby Bimpson, Mick Fowles, Evgeny Kotelnikov and Michael Nevmovenko as well as our new IKF Champions around the World. Thank you for your understanding.

MORE NEWS OF 6-29-2000. . .

Bimpson Set For
MASSIVE IKF England Event!

St. Helen, England Event to Feature "8" IKF Titles!

IKF European Coordinator and Promoter Alby Bimpson is preparing to host one of the largest IKF Events in England this Saturday night at the St. Helens Town Hall in St. Helens England. The night will feature "8" IKF Title bouts which will include the following line-up;

  1. IKF Pro Featherweight MuayThai Rules European Title
    Damian Trainer, Birmingham, England, vs Amanzhan Imankulov, Syberia, Russia.

  2. IKF Pro Middleweight Full Contact Rules European Title
    Wuloie Robbie, Fraserburgh, Scotland, vs Mike Connor, Worcester, England.

  3. IKF Pro Middleweight MuayThai Rules European Title
    Eval Denton, Walsall, England, vs Ole Laursen, Denmark.

  4. IKF Pro Super Middleweight Full Contact Rules European Title
    Dave Wilson, St. Helens, England, vs TBA

  5. IKF Pro Women's Bantomweight Full Contact Rules England Title -Rematch
    Joanne Bickerstaffe, Haydock, England, vs Juliette Winter, Derby, England.

  6. Plus Two IKF "AREA" Title Bouts: TBA

  7. One IKF Junior Amateur Title Bout

As previously written above,("TWO IKF World Events will Be Without IKF Title Belts This Weekend!) the IKF Champions for this event will need to wait a bit longer for their IKF Title Belts. Sorry Champs, and we thank you for your understanding. For more info, contact Mr. Alby Bimpson by e-mail by clicking HERE!

MORE NEWS OF 6-29-2000. . .

Seeks IKF World Title Against
Sithsaeng-a-run In Russia!

From what we have been told, tonights IKF MuayThai event in Novosibirsk, Russia will be the biggest GALA in Russia in professional MuayThai. It will be hosted by the new Russian Club "SibThai" which mean Sibirian Muay Thai. The Club was founded by Russian business club, RATM Energo Company, and Belarus Club "Kick Fighter". The official promoters of tonights event are Evgeny Kotelnikov and Vadim Danilov (President RATM "Energo") The event will feature 7 bouts but the one all eyes will be on will be the Main Event for the now vacant, IKF Pro Jr. Middleweight MuayThai World Title when Dmitry Shakuta (Right) of Minsk, Belarus faces off against Pramuenrit Sithsaeng-a-run (Left) of Thailand.

At the beginning of this year, the name Dmitry Shakuta (Right) was unknown to most of the World. However today, the name SHAKUTA is no stranger to those here on the IKF web pages along with thousands of other Kickboxing fans around the world.

To begin with, in January, Shakuta won the IKF Welterweight MuayThai Intercontinental Title in Minsk Belarus. On February 26th in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, he stepped up in weight to face former IKF MuayThai World Champion Kongnapa (Retired June, 2000) for Kong's Jr. Middleweight World Title. Although he lost a close split decision in the full MuayThai rules bout, (Knees AND Elbows allowed to the head and body) he didn't go unnoticed to those in attendance. Shakuta's the "REAL DEAL!" Kongnapa dominated rounds 1 & 2 while round 3 could have gone either way. In round 4, Shakuta opened up a Fierce Elbow Assault on Kongnapa and if not for the low score of the first round knockdown (10-8) he suffered in round 1, he may have left back to Belarus with Kong's World Title.

A rematch was being planned but a location was still being worked out. Due to his visa, Kongnapa couldn't leave the USA so a site in the U. S. had to be determined. A New York showdown was tentatively planned but never happened. Then, unexpectedly, Kongnapa announced his retirement a few weeks back. From his announcement, the IKF officially retired his World Title as well as him from the rankings. However just recently, we here at the IKF were informed by a close source that Kongnapa (Who is no longer with Phetnoi Gym in Milwaukee) may want to fight again. However this time it would be Kongnapa chasing after the IKF Jr. Middleweight World Title since once he retired it. Upon seeing Kongnapa retired, Shakuta's promoters knew there wasn't going to be a rematch so they immediately requested to fight for the now Vacant title on tonights Novosibirsk, Russia event. Shakuta (Trained by Evgeny Kotelnikov of Minsk Belarus) won't face no easy opponent though. He'll step in the ring tonight against Pramuenrit Sithsaeng-a-run of Sizkriangkrai Gym and trained by Mr. Songchai who controls about 70% of all Thai fighters in Thailand. Sithsaeng-a-run's Pro fight record is 42 wins with 17 loses and 15 KO's.

This is sure to be a great bout in FULL RULES MuayThai (Knees & Elbows) and the only thing that will be missing in tonights World Title bout will the IKF Title Belt. A customs problem with the Russian Customs Department has delayed the belts arrival. Regardless, it won't take a belt to make one of these fighters a True MuayThai World Champion. Look for the results of this one by tomorrow. this is sure to be a true MuayThai WAR!

The remainder of the bouts are

  1. Varaxa Youry of Kick Fighter Gym vs Egorov of Sibthai Gym.

  2. Dmitry "Tornado" Koren of Kick Fighter Sibthai Gym vs Fameechai Tor Silachai of Medpicsilachai Club.

  3. Sergei "Shaman" Shimanski of Kick Fighter Sibthai Club vs Jaroenchai Lumpini Club "Lumpini-2000"

  4. Alex "The Diamond" Pekarchik of "Kick Fighter-Sibthai Gym" vs Karuhart Sor Supavan of "Potai Chor i-Dran Gym".

  5. Evgeny "The Nail" Gvozdev of "Kick Fighter-Sibthai" vs Moncolchai Por Charachai of "Charachai Gym".

    IKF Pro MuayThai Lightweight World Champion Vasily "Torrero" Shish of "Kick Fighter-Sibthai" vs Kongdej Rattanachote of "Bor Sentai" in a Non title bout.
    Shish won his IKF World Title with a first round TKO over IKF Intercontinental MuayThai Jr. Welterweight Champion Richard Kostuck of Phetnoi Gym in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA in Minsk, Belarus this last January. Shish split Kostuck's forehead open with a vicious downward elbow strike in the bout which was under Full MuayThai rules. Results of tonights Novosibirsk, Russia event will be posted this weekend.

    IKF Pro Junior Middleweight MuayThai World Title

    Dmitry Shakuta of Belarus vs Pramuenrit Sithsaeng-a-run of Thailand.

Dmitry Shakuta


Vasily "Torrero" Shish


Kongdej Rattanachote

SATURDAY, June 24th, 2000, AT 2:30 PM

Busy Weekend For IKF Around The World

IKF Valdosta, Georgia, USA
Saturday Night, June 24th

IKF Promoter James Corbett will host an exciting night of IKF Kickboxing along with ISCF (International Sport Combat Federation) mixed matial arts bouts tonight at the Valdosta Martial Arts Center. For more information on this event, please contact Mr. James Corbett at Valdosta Martial Arts Center at (912) 245-8622 or by e-mail by clicking

IKF Carlton, Minnesota, USA,
Saturday Night, June 24th.

First time IKF Promoter Mr. Tom Sullivan is ready to host his first IKF Sanctioned Kickboxing event planned for Carlton, Minnesota, USA tonight. The event will feature an elimination bout for the vacant IKF Pro North American FCR Middleweight title. The winner will face off against Number 3 ranked IKF Light Middleweight FCR fighter Anthony Bartinelli of Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

In tonights bout, number 2 ranked IKF Light Middleweight FCR fighter Mike Nagy of Chicago, Illinois, USA will meet up with Thomas Downing of Windsor, Ontario, Canada. The bout puts Downey under a lot of pressure to win after losing 2 previous bouts in the Super Middleweight as well as the Light Middleweight divisions. A loss here could be negative to his future as far as title shots go. Simply put, Downey is clearly in a must win situation to stay in any kind of title contention. On the other hand, Nagy enters the ring with only 1 bout in the last couple of years but also, a perfect 29 and 0 record with 27 knockouts.

In his last bout on May 20th, 2000 at the Hawthorne Race Course in Cicero, Illinois, a "No Contest" Ruling was given when Nagy's opponent, Paul Cummings (Team Ireland - Kilkenny, Ireland) injured his shoulder at 1:59 in the third round and could not continue. Nagy looks to move on to Bartinelli with a win and the date has already been selected for the bout which is August 5th, 2000 in Phoenix Arizona, USA. For more info on tonights Carlton, Minnesota event, please contact Mr. Tom Sullivan at (218) 349-4644.

IKF Coventry, England
Sunday Night, June 25th.

Sunday night, June 25th will be the night of more IKF Kickboxing in Coventry, England. Don's & Fury Promoters Mr. Mick Fowles and Mr. Steve Don's have 2 IKF Title bouts planned on the night. The only problem with this is that the New IKF Title Belts shipped to England from the USA for this event, along with some other IKF Title Belts were returned in a damaged box to the IKF Headquarters yesterday. Apparently the box which contained about 12 IKF Title Belts was damaged somewhere between the USA and England. From the damage, the destination shipping tags were lost, thus re-routing the shipment back here to IKF Headquarters in the USA. So the new IKF Champions will need to wait a few days for their new belts. For more info on this event, please contact Mr. Mick Fowles at 07 970 08 2553 or Mr. Steve Don's at 07 9390 480 38.

IKF Radisson Hotel, Sacramento, CA, USA
Monday Night, June 26th.

Not much needs to be written about Monday Nights "House Of Champions!"
This event has it's own web page so we'll let the page speak for itself. Click the link below for more info;

Radisson Hotel, Sacramento, CA, USA, MONDAY, June 26th, 2000
Event Info, Click

TUESDAY, June 20th, 2000, AT 12:00 PM

Merchandise Now Available

For all of you who have been inquiring about IKF & ISCF Merchandise such as shirts, hats and jackets, we now have them available to order on-line. To Order, Please go to this link HERE.

MORE NEWS OF 6-19-2000. . .

Roufus & Joffe
Complete Successful


IKF Promoters Duke Roufus and Scott Joffe of Ad Cetra Sports completed a very successful IKF/RINGSIDE Central North MuayThai Rules Regional Tournament this last Saturday, June 17th at the Milwaukee County Sports Complex in Franklin (Milwaukee) Wisconsin, USA. A crowd of approximately 800 witnessed 15 regional qualifying bouts. Of the 36 fighters registered, 24 of them were matched with bouts which resulted in 6 afternoon prelim bouts and 9 evening Regional Championship bouts. Here are the event results.


  1. Ben Hubell (24, 5'8", 137, Minneapolis, MN, 4-5/0)
    defeated Aaron Dickerson (18, 5'7", 137, Peoria, IL, 0-1/0) by TKO at 1:13 of round 2.

  2. Jason Strout (23, 5'10", 152, Milwaukee, WI, 6-0/1)
    defeated Jason Moore (17, 6', 153, Peoria, IL, 0-3/0) by unanimous decision 30-27, 30-27 & 30-27.

  3. Jeff Symens (17, 5'8", 153, Peoria, IL, 1-1/0)
    defeated Chris Brady (26, 5'10", 153, Brooklyn Center, MN, 1-2/0) by unanimous decision 29-28, 30-27, 29-28.

  4. Avi Roop (23, 5'11"162, Brooklyn Center, MN, 1-1/0)
    defeated Chris Brown (18, 5'11", 164, Brooklyn Center, MN, 0-1/0) by unanimous decision 30-27, 29-28, 30-27.

  5. Todd Steffen (21, 6', 166, Holy Cross, IA, 1-1-1/0)
    and John Holly (31, 6', 171, Prairie Du Chien, WI, 7-1-1/0) fought to a majority draw, 28-28, 28-28 and 29-28.
    A "Judges Choice" selected Holly as the official winner.
    However, Holly announced he could not fight again due to exhaustion and or injuries suffered in the bout.
    Because of this, Steffen was appointed to advance to the Championship Round.

  6. Ben Dauck (24, 6', 183, Milwaukee, WI, 5-0-1/1)
    defeated Gregg Boon (27, 5'8", 181, Waukeshu, WI, 0-1/0) by TKO at 1:43 of the 1st round.


    Darin Zabriskie
    (23, 5'7", 125, Brooklyn Center, MN, 2-1/0)
    defeated Joe Tarman (22, 5'5", 125, Milwaukee, WI, 2-3/1) by Split decision 30-27, 28-29, 29-28.

    Nat McIntyre
    (29, 5'7", 132, Brooklyn Center, MN, 5-0/2)
    defeated Eric Stein (18, 5'11", 129, Peoria, IL, 2-2/0) by TKO at 1:13 of round 3.

    Neal Fox
    (28, 5'9", 139, Milwaukee, WI, 5-3-2/4, Duke Roufus Gym: (414) 319-1151 or e-mail. )
    defeated Ben Hubell (24, 5'8", 137, Minneapolis, MN, 4-5/0) by KO at :24 seconds of round 1.

    Hutan Ghojall
    (31, 5'8", 147, Milwaukee, WI, 2-4-1/0, Duke Roufus Gym: (414) 319-1151 or e-mail. )
    defeated Kwadjo Anakwa (22, 5'7", 146, Peoria, IL, 2-1/2) by unanimous decision 29-27, 30-26, 30-26.

    Jason Strout
    (23, 5'10", 152, Milwaukee, WI, 7-0/2, Duke Roufus Gym: (414) 319-1151 or e-mail. )
    defeated Jeff Symens (17, 5'8", 153, Peoria, IL, 1-2/0) by TKO at 1:29 of round 1.

    Harvey Grasse
    (26, 5'10", 165, Milwaukee, WI, 4-1/0, Duke Roufus Gym: (414) 319-1151 or e-mail. )
    defeated Avi Roop (23, 5'11"162, Brooklyn Center, MN, 1-1/0) by unanimous decision 29-28, 29-28, 29-28.

    Derek Yuen
    (32, 5'11", 176, Milwaukee, WI, 9-3-0/4, Duke Roufus Gym: (414) 319-1151 or e-mail. )
    defeated Todd Steffen (21, 6', 166, Holy Cross, IA, 1-1-1/0) by TKO at 1:47 of round 1.

    Ben Dauck
    (24, 6', 183, Milwaukee, WI, 5-0-1/1, Duke Roufus Gym: (414) 319-1151 or e-mail.)
    defeated Brian Fowler (21, 5'11", 185, Milwaukee, WI, 5-2-1/2, Self, 414-967-8699) by unanimous decision 30-27, 29-28, 30-27.

  9. *Non Tournament Bout: Niki Burton (15, 5'3", 130, Dubuque, IA, 2-0/0)
    defeated Rachel Thomas (20, 5'3", 125, Milwaukee, WI, 4-6/1) by unanimous decision 29-28, 29-28, 29-28. (*) Both earlier received Walkovers to the Nationals when there was no competition in their weight classes. However, they desired to fight for more ring experience.

    Brad Fowler
    (20, 6'4", 218, Milwaukee, WI, 8-3/4)
    defeated Noah Fisher (20, 6', 231, Perry, Ohio, 2-1/0) by TKO at 1:18 of the first round. Duke Roufus Gym: (414) 319-1151 or e-mail.



Exhibition Bouts were done by David Flurry, Tony Kindel, Nathan Hicks, Ashley Healey and Cat Lee.


For more information regarding this regional event, please contact promoters Duke Roufus at (414) 319-1151 or Scott Joffe at (414) 967-7767 or by e-mail by clicking HERE. Also, you can visit their website at

MORE NEWS OF 6-19-2000. . .

Countdown Begins For
June 26th IKF Sacramento, CA USA!

It's countdown time for the IKF Promotional Assistant Team (IKFPAT). There's less than a week to go for Monday Nights, June 26th IKF Championship Kickboxing Event at the Radisson Hotel in Sacramento, CA, USA. The event is promoted by Jian Sports Entertainment (JSE) of Sacramento, CA, USA and has 2 Pro IKF World Titles Bouts (1 MuayThai & 1 International Rules) scheduled along with 1 Pro IKF San Shou Rules U. S. Title, 2 Amateur IKF San Shou Rules U. S. Titles and 4 other Amateur IKF State and West Coast titles in both International & Full Contact Rules.

What makes this event so important for the IKF is that this will be the first of many IKF Event Promotions that will tape bouts to be featured on several IKF TV Series Pilot Programs. The series, "IKF Kickboxing", is sheduled to begin later this year. Bouts and clips from this event will be combined with other IKF Bouts from around the World. The event commentating team will consist of Duke Roufus, Johnny Davis, Brooks Mason and Cung Le along with additional interviews with other stars of the sport. The IKF will release more info on the program over the next several weeks.

What adds pressure to the IKFPAT is that this will also be JSE's first kickboxing event. Because of this, the IKFPAT has been working extra hard in not only their regular duties of assisting a Promoter but also in teaching JSE the ins and outs of the Promoting Business. So far, the working relationship is going well and JSE plans to have more of a hands on position on their future Promotions.JSE plans to promote as many as 4 IKF Kickboxing events in Sacramento per year featuring not only local IKF kickboxing stars but other top IKF Stars around the world as well. The event will also feature an incredible Kickboxers "Hall Of Fame Guest List". To check out all the facts of this great upcoming event, check out the event page by clicking HERE!

FRIDAY, June 16th, 2000, AT 8:00 AM

Roufus & Joffe
Ready For


IKF Promoters Duke Roufus and Scott Joffe of Ad Cetra Sports will play host to the IKF/RINGSIDE Central North MuayThai Rules Regional Tournament this Saturday, June 17th in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The event will take place at the Milwaukee County Sports Complex, 6000 West Ryan Road, Franklin Wisconsin, USA (414) 421-9733.

Approximately 35 fighters from Eastern North Dakota, Eastern South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois & Ohio are registered to compete in the Amateur MuayThai Rules division to earn a placement for the National Championship Tournament at Harveys Resort Casino in Council Bluffs Iowa this coming September 1st, 2nd & 3rd.

Event weigh-ins will run from 10 AM to 11 AM Saturday morning and the first round of bouts is scheduled for 1 PM. For more information, please contact promoters Duke Roufus at (414) 319-1151 or Scott Joffe at (414) 967-7767. Also, you can visit their website at

FRIDAY, June 9th, 2000, AT 1:30 AM

Vierra Ready For
Arizona Regional

IKF Promoter Clement Vierra and crew are all ready to hosts this weekends IKF/RINGSIDE South Mountain Division Regional in Phoenix Arizona, USA. The Tournament will include Amateur fighters from Arizona & New Mexico. The weigh-ins will be tonight and the bouts through the weekend. For more information in regards to this event, contact Mr. Clement Vierra at (602) 493-1567 or e-mail by clicking HERE.

MONDAY, June 5th, 2000, AT 11:00 AM

Pulls Out Of
World Title Bout With



The long awaited rematch between Maurice Travis (Right) of Los Angeles, CA, USA
and Manson Gibson (Left) of Chicago Illinois, USA will have to wait.

The two were scheduled to meet June 26th in Sacramento, CA, USA for the vacant IKF Pro MuayThai Light Cruiserweight World title.
However, Travis pulled out of the bout saying he injured his shoulder during training.

There were some rumors going around that Travis had a better fight offer with a Southern California Promoter "AFTER" accepting the Gibson bout.
However these rumors have not been confirmed.
Of course we hope it's not true, but if it is, we'll let you know here.

Travis lost to Gibson last year in a great 5 round bout in Southern California, USA.

FRIDAY, May 26th, 2000, AT 8:50 AM

Ready For
IKF Beloit, Wisconsin, USA!

IKF Promoter Craig Monyelle and his Team THUMP Promotional Staff are all ready to host this Saturday nights IKF Championship Kickboxing at the Telfer Park Pavilian in Beloit, Wisconsin, USA.

The Main Event will feature Rick "The Destroyer" Bloyer Beloit of Wisconsin vs Angelo Riverra Cirecro, of Illinois as the battle for the IKF Full Contact Rules Super Heavyweight Midwest Regional Title (Different Than the National Tournament Regional Title) Dave Hoper will be the acting IKF Representative while Dave Rogers will be the nighte referee. For more info, please contact Mr. Craig Monyelle at (608) 362-0404.

THURSDAY, May 25th, 2000, AT 7:00 PM

Team USA
IKF Team Ireland Results!

By IKF Illinois, USA
What a Night! Hawthorne Race Course in Cicero, Illinois was the place to be last Saturday night, May 20th. In the first round of the International Kickboxing Series by Z Promotions, Team Ireland was in awe as they discovered what an incredible town Chicago is and what we have to offer.

For the first time ever, Joe Canning of Ireland brought his team of 8 Amateur fighters and 1 Pro to Chicago for an exciting show that was sure to display some great match making. As the evening progressed it was clear Team USA was the dominant team Saturday night.
The results were as follows...

  1. Fernando Vargas (Team USA - Combat Do/Bob Schirmer)
    defeated Joe McGrath (Team Ireland - Waterford, Ireland) by Split Decision: 28-29, 30-28, 29-28.

  2. Jessica Lund (Team USA-Impact - Craig Monyelle)
    defeated Nora Jordan (Team Ireland, Dublin, Ireland) by decision.

  3. Jim Klauba: (Team USA, Freestyle Karate/Self)
    defeated Ger Rouche by Knock-Out on the bell of the first round.

  4. Ken Horan: (Team Ireland, Waterford, Ireland)
    defeated Erik "Ace" Halvorsen (Team USA, Combat Do, Bob Schirmer) by Knock-Out at 1:59 in the first round.

  5. Henry O'Grady: (Team Ireland, Limerick, Ireland)
    defeated Arvind Gavali (Team USA, Team Z/Rob Zbilski) by unanimous decision, 28-30, 28-29, 27-30).

  6. Ruairi Bourke: (Team Ireland, Kilkenny, Ireland)
    defeated Mike Ward (Team USA, Asian Martial Arts, Harry Vombreck) by split decision, 28-30, 29-30, 30-27).

  7. Rita Mangiani: (Team USA, Gangi Kung Fu, Joe Gangi)
    defeated Lynn Lenihan (Waterford, Ireland).

  8. Mike "Nasty" Nagy (Team USA, Team Z, Rob Zbilski)
    vs. Paul Cummings (Team Ireland - Kilkenny, Ireland) This fight was declared a "No Contest" when Paul Cummings injured his shoulder at 1:59 in the third round and could not continue.

For more info, contact Z's Martial Arts in Lake of the Hills, Illinois, USA at (847) 458-8333.

MORE NEWS OF 5-25-2000. . .

A Great Success For

Samuels & Owens
Give Fight Of The Year Performance For Amateur U. S. TITLE!

A few months ago, IKF Promoter Dan Stell came up with a great idea to help his hometown high school's wrestling team raise some money. Several months back, Stell presented the coaches with the idea to promote an all amateur kickboxing event. The idea was a hit before it started. One thing led to another and sponsor after sponsor followed in and before he knew it, Stell had himself a mega card scheduled for Saturday night, May 20th. And what a card it was! After cutting the bout list from 20+ to 13, Stell and the Fairfield Wrestling Staff hosted a Fantastic night of IKF Championship Kickboxing! The event featured 2 IKF Amateur California State Titles and 1 IKF U. S. Amateur title that was one of the greatest main events we've ever seen.

What made this event special was the contributions by "EVERYONE" Involved. All the local fighters and trainers who were scheduled for the event all came to the event on their own expenses, as they all do in Amateur Boxing. All sacraficed their own gas money and if needed, paid for their own hotel. Fairfield High School provided a catered buffet lunch for everyone which was outstanding. For those fighters and trainers who participated on the event, we salute your valued efforts to make this event a great success.

All the IKF Officials volunterred their time to work the event and the IKF pitched in to help sanction the title bouts. The event was made possible by Three MAIN Sponsors who's names you'll be seeing a lot more of here on the IKF website. They include Mr. Stanley M. Davis II of Davis California who has agreed to be a big part of IKF Kickboxing Events here in California. Along with Mr. Davis is Mike DeSimoni Jr. of Channel Lumber in Richmond California. The other sponsor is a company we hope to present to you more and more here on the IKF Kickboxing web pages as well as on our upcoming TV Program. The relationship has been formed with Vacaville Dodge in care of Mr. Bill Hicks by Mr. Kevin Smith, Associate of Sponsorship for the IKF. From this relationship we hope to soon see Dodge Corporate as one of the major sponsors for IKF Kickboxing here in North America at all of our major IKF Events around the country. Those of you in North America can now see where the slogan "The Game Has Changed" fits in with Dodge's "The Rules Have Changed!" Lets move on now to the Main Event.

The Main Event featured the long awaited bout to determine the undisputed Amateur Full Contact Rules Welterweight Champion when IKF Full Contact Rules Amateur Welterweight United States Title holder Gary Owens of San Jose, California, USA took on 1999 IKF/RINGSIDE National Amateur Tournament Champion Derrick Samuels of Orlando, Florida, USA. On paper, this bout appeared to be one of the greatest U. S. Amateur Titles EVER! However, as we all have seen in the past, usually when these "ULTIMATE" match-ups come to be, the bout itself isn't all it's hyped up to be. Well fight fans, this was one of those times where that wasn't the case. Owens and Samuels fought toe to toe in a 5 round "WAR" that gave everyone what they wanted to see. THE BEST vs THE BEST, East meets West and they clearly proved to be 2 of the Greatest Welterweights in the Nation Today!

Between the two of them they threw over 130 kicks over the 5 rounds and put together some of the sweetest hand and foot combinations the style of Full Contact kickboxing has ever seen in the Amateur Level. On all 3 judges cards, Samuels got the nod 10-9 in round 1. In round 2, Judge Dan Stell saw it 10-9 Owens while Judges Eugene Ray and Butch Stell saw it 10-9 Samuels. In round 3, Judge Eugene Ray gave it to Owens 10-9 while both Stell's gave it to Samuels. After 3 rounds, Judge Dan Stell had it 29-28 Samuels, Judge Eugene Ray had it 29-28 Samuels and Judge Butch Stell had it 30-27 Samuels.

As round 4 started, it was clear Owens started to pick up the pace and seemed to gain a slight edge. Using his boxing skills, Owens scored on more hand combinations in round 4 as did Samuels, who also proved to have great boxing skills. However, for Samuels, he was starting to feel the effects of the 3 hour time difference. By fight time, Samuels was still on Florida, USA time and the 10 PM start time on the West Coast equaled a 1:AM Start time according to Samuels internal clock. Showing signs of fatiege, Owens moved in on Samuels to try to take advantage of it, but as if Samuels found a breath of fresh air, he was able to respond with some good counters and as the round ended, Samuels won the eyes of 2 of the 3 judges 10-9.

Entering the final round, Judge Dan Stell had the bout even at 38 each while Judge Eugene Ray had Samuels ahead 39-37. Judge Butch Stell had it 40-36 Samuels. Owens took full control in round 5 as Samuels seemed to tire even more. But the kick count wouldn't show it. Owens threw 15 kicks while Owens kept up with 12 but it was Owens in round 5 that came alive with the crisp hand combinations that drove him home to win the 5th and final round on all 3 judges score cards 10-9.

In the end, anyone watching could have accepted the win to either of these warriors as they fought their hearts out for 5 full rounds. East had truly met West in a battle to see who was the Best and in the end, BOTH Appeared as THE BEST The Nation could offer! The final cards had Judge Dan Stell 48-47 for Owens, Judge Eugene Ray had it 48-47 for Samuels while judge Butch Stell had it 49-46 Samuels. Samuels captured the IKF Full Contact Rules United States Welterweight Title from Owens to add to his 1999 IKF/RINGSIDE National Tournament Championship.

At only 18, it's clear that Samuels has a lot of future left ahead of him. As far as Owens, being a Golden Gloves Boxing Champion has kept him focused as well. We're sure to see more of him but in a different rule style. Before the match, Owens announced, win or lose, that this was going to be his last Full Contact Rules bout. When we see him next, he'll be doing some International Style-Leg Kick and MuayThai bouts where we won't be surprised if he wins another IKF Title. Congratulations again to BOTH Fighters who provided what TRULY was on May 20th, 2000 in Fairfield California, USA, a CHAMPIONSHIP MAIN EVENT! Referee: Jon D. Schorle II.

In the first of 2 SEMI-MAIN Event bouts, Montery, California's Adam Rogers who is trained by Mr. Rick Noble of the BODY WORX Kickboxing & Martial Arts Academy in Seaside, California faced off against local standout Tony Sanza of Fairfield, California who is trained by Dan Stell of Susian, California for the vacant IKF Amateur Light Middleweight California State Title.

After losing some of his first bouts in Full Contact Rules, Sanza had made a successful switch to International Leg Kick Rules. Rogers had been successful in the style for some time and his experienced truly proved the difference in the bout. In the opening round, Rogers caught Sanza with all his weight on his front leg and landed a powerful kick to Sanza's thigh. It was such a solid kick that the pain could easily be felt by those at ringside. It was a surprise that Sanza continued to stand. Sanza had made a simple mistake of leaning forward on his front leg and paid dearly for it. A mistake that many leg kickers have made in their careers at one time or another, including great fighters like Rick Roufus. (K-1 Bout ) The pain of the blow was clear in Sanza's face as he started to limp from it and he never seemed to recover after the shot as Rogers moved in to land several more strong leg and hand combination. It was clear Sanza had lost most of his mobility with his left leg.

As round 2 started, Rogers again went to work on Sanza's legs again and with a powerful leg kick attack he went on to stop Sanza at the 1:03 mark of the second round. In winning, Rogers was awarded the vacant IKF Amateur Light Middleweight California State Title. At only 21 years old, were sure to see Sanza again in the future. His test with a good experienced fighter such as Rogers was a lesson well learned in his early career. A lesson he may thank Rogers for in the future. Referee: Jon D. Schorle II.

In the second of the 2 SEMI-MAIN Event bouts, Redding California's Shon Moore who's trained by Dusty Wade faced off against IKF International Leg Kick Rules Champion Juan Escobar who's trained by Dennis Saguindel of Gilroy, California, USA. Escobar holds both the IKF Amateur International Leg Kick Rules United States Welterweight Title and the IKF Amateur International Leg Kick Rules West Coast USA Super Welterweight Title. However, on this night Escobar would be fighting for an IKF Title in the Full Contact Rules division.

Moore was out to avenge a questionable decision draw last December (1999) in Redding, California against Jericho Lane in a bout for Lane's IKF Amateur Full Contact Rules California Super Middleweight Title. In the bout, Lane escaped defeat in a 4 round, "Split Decision DRAW". One judge saw the bout 40-36 for Moore, another scored it 39-38 to Lane while the third judge scored it 38-38 even. Lane himself felt he had lost while still in the ring, as he said, "Let me put the belt on him (Moore)" before the decision was announced. On the kick count, Moore out kicked Lane 75 to 26 over the 4 rounds. However, those who have seen Lane fight before know he's not a very active kicker. The question to the judges was "How many of Moore's kicks "SCORED" compared to how many of his kicks were "BLOCKED" by Lane? The bout was protested by Moore and his trainer and the IKF immediatly requested a video of the bout from the promoter to review. However, as of today, no video has ever been sent to the IKF which puts a question in the confidence of the decision. "As far as we're concerned, the bout is STILL in question." Says IKF President Steve Fossum. "Our decision will not be final until we see a video of the bout to use for the protest. It's only the right thing to do."

Despite others telling the IKF that Moore has accepted the draw, Moore made it clear that he STILL feels he won and has never said anything about accepting the decision of that night. Fossum went on to say, "Hopefully someone will be able to send us a video of the bout so we can close this protest."

From that, it was clear that Moore wanted to stand out against a fighter of Escobar's calibur. Escobar entered the ring with a 9-3 record with 5 wins by KO against Moore's 7-9-2 record with 1 KO. There was no question with the IKF though in regards to Moore's credibility as a California State title Contender. "We didn't blink twice at all when Mr. Stell presented us with the idea." said Fossum. "I've seen him fight several times and feel confident that he's "VERY" worthy of such a title shot." The bout was for the vacant IKF Full Contact Rules California State Light Middleweight Title. As in the nights Main Event, this too was a WAR! Toe to Toe for 4 rounds it went. Both fighters delivering crisp and clean hand and foot combinations. In the end the judges saw it as follows; Judge Jon Schorle gave Moore all 4 rounds scoring it 40-36 for Moore. Judge Butch Stell gave Moore rounds 2 & 3 and Escobar rounds 1 & 4 as he scored it 38-38 even. Judge Eugene Ray gave Moore round 2 but gave Escobar rounds 1, 3 and 4 scoring it 39-37 Escobar. The result... A Split Decision Draw. Unlike the Lane decision in Redding, this decision wasn't questioned. On this night, two great fighters met and walked away equal. Will they meet again? Well, with a performance like they put on, a rematch is already in the works for the IKF Sacramento Event on June 26th. If confirmed, this is a war you don't want to miss. Referee: Dan Stell

Ten other bouts were featured in the nights undercard action and here are their results;

  1. BOY'S JUNIOR BOUT - Full Contact Rules
    Robert Elledge (Roseville, CA, USA, 1-0/0, 5'5", 124, 15, Dave Marinoble)
    defeated Ryan Bristow (Fair Oaks, CA, USA, 0-1/0, 5'7", 119, 13, Mike Marinoble) by Unanimous Decision, 30-26, 30-26 & 30-27.
    Referee: Dan Stell.

  2. WOMEN'S International Leg Kick Rules
    Lisette Pelayo (Fresno, CA, USA, 1-0/0, 5'5", 140, 20.Paul Matayo)
    defeated Triche Rasmussen (Seaside, CA, USA, 0-1/0, 5'4", 135, 29, Rick Noble, BODY WORX Kickboxing & Martial Arts Academy) by Unanimous Decision, 30-27, 30-27 & 30-27.
    Referee: Jon D. Schorle II.

  3. MEN'S: Full Contact Rules
    Kris Kubisch (Redding, CA, USA, 2-0/1, 5'10", 141, 19, Robert Wade)
    defeated Jesse Escubar (Gilroy, CA, USA, 0-1/0, 5'9", 143, 16, Tony Perez) by Unanimous Decision, 30-27, 29-28, & 30-27.
    Referee: Dan Stell.

  4. MEN'S: International Leg Kick Rules
    Ira Myrack (Patterson, CA, USA, 1-0/1, 5'4", 154, 25, Gene Fields)
    defeated Paul Powers (Fairfield, CA, USA, 0-1/0, 5'6", 151, 20, Dan Stell) by TKO at 1:30 of Round 2.
    Referee: Jon D. Schorle II.

  5. MEN'S: Full Contact Rules
    Miguel Ayala (Santa Rosa, USA, 1-0/0, 6'1", 155, 17, Dan Behl)
    defeated Craig Welliver (San Jose, CA, USA, 0-1/0, 5'9", 159, 29, Danny Kelly) by Unanimous Decision, 29-28, 29-28 & 29-28.
    Referee: Dan Stell.

  6. MEN'S: Full Contact Rules
    Mike Moore (Suisun, CA, USA, 1-0/0, 5'9", 160. 20, Dan Stell)
    defeated Chris Armstrong (Roseville, CA, USA, 0-1/0, 6'3", 156, 16, Dave Marinoble) by Unanimous Decision, 30-26, 29-27, & 29-27.
    Referee: Jon D. Schorle II.

  7. MEN'S: Full Contact Rules
    Mark Contreas (Marysville, CA, USA, 1-0/0, 5'9", 167, 28, David Velasquez)
    defeated Mike Blohm (Modesto, CA, USA, 0-1/0, 5'11", 172, 21, Gene Fields) by Majority Decision, 29-27, 29-27, 28-28.
    Referee: Dan Stell.

  8. MEN'S: International Leg Kick Rules
    Jeff Hougland (Modesto, CA, USA, 1-0/0, 5'7", 168, 21, Gene Fields)
    defeated Sam Zamarron (Marysville, CA, USA, 0-1/0, 5'7", 174, 34, David Velasquez) by Unanimous Decision, 29-28, 29-28 & 29-28.
    Referee: Jon D. Schorle II.

  9. MEN'S: Full Contact Rules
    Jack Hunter (Fair Oaks, Ca, USA, 1-0/0, 5'10", 175, 21, Mike Marinoble)
    defeated Roy Nall (Marysville, CA, USA, 0-1/0, 5'10", 178, 23, David Velasquez) by Split Decision, 29-28, 30-27 & 30-27.
    Referee: Dan Stell.

  10. MEN'S: Full Contact Rules
    Pete Werve (Modesto, CA, USA, 1-0/1, 6'3", 214, 24, Gene Fields)
    defeated Troy Forbis (Redding, CA, USA, 0-1/0, 6'2", 199, 22, Robert Wade) by TKO at the break of round 1 & 2.
    Referee: Jon D. Schorle II.

If you have any questions about this event or how to organize the same type of great fundraising event for your school, please contact IKF event coordinator Dan Stell at (707) 421-9874 or e-mail by clicking HERE. Special Thanks Once Again To: Channel Lumber: Mike DeSimoni Jr., Stanley Davis & Vacaville Dodge: Bill Hicks.

SPECIAL NOTE: Not all of the fighters from these 2 events have been ranked into the Official Rankings yet. IKF Fairfield fighters should be ranked by Friday afternoon, May 26th. We are awaiting Full Result sheets from IKF Illinois event.

Oh and P.S...... Master Gene... Bite the Towel and Tie that thing up....

MORE NEWS OF 5-25-2000. . .

ROUFUS Returns Again To
Full Contact Rules!

Six Time World Kickboxing Champion, Rick "The Jet" Roufus of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA headlines a world-class professional Kickboxing event Saturday evening, May 27, 2000 at the Skydome in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Roufus, current ISKA Heavyweight World Champion, defends his Full Contact Rules belt against Roman Kratsik of the Czech Republic. Roufus (54-4, 38 KO's), one of the sports few international superstars, is considered one of the best American Kickboxers of all time. He's a World Champion in 6 different weight classes and has fought on virtually every continent in front of crowds in excess of 60,000.

Roufus is also the current IKF International Rules World Heavyweight Champion, the 1998 K-1 USA Champion and the former WBC Continental America's Cruiserweight Boxing Champion (boxing record: 16-3-1, 11 KO's) as well. Roufus fights out of the Milwaukee Kickboxing Gym in Milwaukee Wisconsin and is trained by his brother, Duke Roufus, who shares co-management duties with Scott Joffe of Ad Cetera Sports of Milwaukee. Roufus appears as part of the mega KBX: World Professional Kickboxing Series 2000 which includes four world-title fights. Additional highlights of the card include, Maurice Smith of the United States takes on France's Cyril Abidi. IKF Full Contact Rules World Welterweight Champion Paul Biafore of Missaga, Ontario, Canada, Canada faces Italy's Giovanni Orru. Chantal Nadon of North Bay, Ontario, Canada takes on Esther Paez. The event, which gets underway at 6:00 EST, is produced by ARTACO Promotions, Inc. of Toronto.

THURSDAY, May 18th, 2000, AT 4:00 PM

VS IKF Team Ireland

For the first time EVER the IKF Irish Kickboxing Team is arriving in Chicago to compete against IKF Team USA!

IKF Chicago, Il, USA: Saturday, May 20th the doors at Hawthorne Racecourse in Cicero, Illinois will open at 6:00 PM. to an expected sold out crowd. With a total of 9 bouts scheduled for the evening (including 3 Women's fights), the first bout will begin at 7:30 PM.

The Main Event is sure to bring the crowd to their feet when they witness IKF #2 World Ranked Light Middleweight Mike "Nasty" Nagy. Nagy is a Buffalo Grove High School graduate, fighting out of Team Z in Buffalo Grove, IL and will be representing the United States in the Main Event. With a Kickboxing record of 29 Wins 0 Wosses & 27 Knockouts, Nagy will face Paul Cummings of Team Ireland. Cummings Kickboxing record is 37 Wins 6 Losses & 14 Knockouts. This is sure to be a war!

Official Weigh-Ins will be held Thursday May 18th at 6:30 PM. at The Stadium 4015 Algoqnuin Road Rolling Meadows, IL. The weigh-ins are open FREE to the public and will offer a great opportunity to meet all 18 Fighters. Don't miss the staff of ESPN Radio AM 1000 when they arrive Thursday to hand out FREE T-Shirts and other souvenirs at The Stadium.

Don't forget to return to The Stadium at 4015 Algonquin Road Rolling Meadows, IL Saturday night May 20th for the Official "Afterfight Party". Tickets are going fast and are available at a cost of $30.00 Ringside and $20.00 General Admission. Contact Z's Martial Arts at (847) 458-8333 for further information and ticket reservations.

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Champs Featured In
Main Event In Fairfield, California, USA!

IKF U. S. Amateur and 2 IKF California Titles Head 18 Bout Event!

IKF Co-Founder and head of officials Dan Stell will assist with the Fairfield Wrestling Team of Fairfield High School in hosting a Dynamic Amateur Event at the Fairfield High School this weekend in Fairfield California, USA. The Main Event will feature the long awaited bout to determine the undisputed Amateur Full Contact Rules Welterweight Champion when IKF Full Contact Rules Amateur Welterweight United States Title holder Gary Owens of San Jose, California, USA takes on 1999 IKF/RINGSIDE National Amateur Tournament Champion Derrick Samuels of Orlando, Florida, USA.

Owens took the title from the former Champion, Kimo Kakai of Roseville, California, USA back on July 24th, 1997 in Redding, California, USA when he stopped Kakai with an explosive body shot. This will be Owens first title defense. At 5' 7" tall, the 23 year old, U.S. Champion Owens enters the bout with a record of 3 wins, 1 loss with 2 wins by knockout. However don't let Owen's record of few bouts instill doubt in his ability. He's proven himself as a top amateur boxer and as in the bout with Kakai, his hands could prove lethal against Samuels. However on the other side of the ring will be the 1999 U.S. National Tournament Champion Samuels. At 5' 6" tall and age 18, Samuels has a long career ahead of him still regardless of Saturday nights outcome. He enters the bout with 12 wins, no loses and 6 wins coming by TKO or KO but to stand strong with Owens, he too has had amateur boxing experience. As we mentioned earlier in the year, this is a bout that has waited a long time and if your close by, try to make it out to this one. East meets West to determine who truly is the best United States Amateur Welterweight Full Contact Rules Fighter in the title showdown in Fairfield, California on May 20th. Hope to see you there...

Aside from the Main Event, IKF Fairfield will feature 2 other highly anticipated Amateur Middleweight Title bouts, both for IKF California State titles. Fighting for the IKF International Rules Amateur Light Middleweight California State Title will be Fairfields own Tony Sanza against Adam Rogers of Seaside, California, USA. Sanza is experiencing a successful switch to International Rules from Full Contact Rules which has moved him up in the rankings to the #3 Light Middleweight spot. He'll obviously be coming up in weight for this bout. Rogers holds in strong at the #4 Middleweight Division.

The other title bout will be for the IKF Full Contact Rules Amateur Light Middleweight California State Title between long time IKF fighter Shon Moore of Redding, California, USA and IKF International Rules Super Welterweight U.S. Champion Juan Escobar. while Escobar enters the bout with a record of 9 wins, 3 loses and 5 KO/TKO's, Moore enters with a deceiving record of 7 wins with 9 loses, 3 draws and 1 KO. Deceiving because if you saw him fight, he looks anything but a fighter with 9 loses. A few months back he fought to a controversial draw decision in Redding, CA, USA against arch rival Jericho Lane. Moore has been strong in every one of his loses and has been getting stronger and better as time goes on. He's developed into an explosive kicker with hands to follow. Escobar will obviously be coming up in weight (Holding a Super Welterweight Title) along with fighting in an unfamiliar rule style to him, above the waist Full Contact Rules. With these factors, all three IKF title bouts on the night should be exciting.

The big question, especially for the California State bouts will be, "Will the winners show up at the National Championship Tournament?" Well, we surly hope so because California has very few amateur fighters going already. Only time will tell. The event will be at the Fairfield High School in Fairfield, California, USA. Doors open at 5:30 PM and the scheduled 18 bout card will start at 6:30 PM. If you have any questions please contact IKF event organizer Dan Stell at (707) 421-9874 or e-mail by clicking HERE.

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Spring Showdown 2000

Surrounded by a crowd of more than 1,200 martial arts fans, twenty-six various kickboxers and No Holds Barred fighters competed in the Spring Showdown 2000 at Fort Gordon's Gym 1 in Augusta, Georgia. The American/Full Contact rules kickboxing matches were sanctioned by the IKF and the Professional Karate Commission (PKC). The NHB/MMA matches were sanctioned by the International Sport Combat Federation (ISCF). The referee for the NHB/MMA bouts was UFC referee and judge Tony Mullinax. Following a successful PKC nationally rated daytime martial arts tournament, which featured divisions in kata, sparring, grappling, and submission sparring, the turnout for the evening was quite impressive. Here's a rundown of the nights action;

  1. The evening began with a Welterweight kickboxing bout between two novices, J.J. Edwards of Augusta and Tristan Thompson of Lawrenceville, Georgia. Both fighters threw a tremendous number of kicks, but it was Thompson who won by TKO at the conclusion of round two.

  2. In the first women's fight of the night, Simpsonville, South Carolina's Paula "Dynamite" Duncan defeated Augusta's Michelle Fiesler by unanimous decision in the Featherweight division. This match was quite a slugfest with both fighters unleashing a barrage of well-timed punching and kicking combinations.

  3. The next bout, in the Middleweight division, Mike Culpepper of Augusta was defeated by Chris "G-Man" Grubbs of Simpsonville, South Carolina at the conclusion of round one by TKO/doctor's stoppage due to a cut above the eye.

  4. In the much-anticipated bout of the evening, Augusta's Jack Nilsson was in the ring again with J.J. Wilson also of Augusta in a No Holds Barred/Mixed Martial Arts match. As the Super Heavyweight match began, Nilsson was definitely in control of Wilson and executing the techniques according to his corner's plan. Then, at 4 minutes and 45 seconds into the ten-minute scheduled round, Nilsson backed up, and, preparing for a strike against Wilson, fell to the canvas. The bout was ended due to doctor stoppage.

  5. In the second women's kickboxing match of the evening, Augusta's Summer Miller defeated Lawrenceville's Bobbie Sawyer in the Light Welterweight division by unanimous decision.

  6. The next match pitted Simpsonville South Carolina's Steven "Wonderboy" Thompson against Keith "Kidd Kombat" Esskuchen of Cherry Point, North Carolina. Thompson, who was ahead on points, won the Middleweight bout due to the disqualification of Esskuchen because of his failure to meet the minimum kick requirement of eight kicks per round (The bout disqualification rule for missing kicks is a PKC Rule, not an IKF rule).

  7. Augusta's Roy Anthony won his first fight by TKO at 1 minute and 49 seconds into round 3 over Kenny Allen of Columbus, Georgia in the Light Middleweight division.

  8. In the second No Holds Barred match of the evening, Jason Wascom of Atlanta defeated Augusta's Gabe Huerta in the Light Welterweight division by a rear naked choke at 1 minute and 58 seconds of round two.

  9. In the Heavyweight division of kickboxing, Augusta's Clint Wiggins was defeated by Adrian Turpin of Anderson, South Carolina in a very close split decision. These Heavyweights were all over the canvas exchanging blows in what was a very fast paced fight.

  10. In the next bout, Light Middleweight Doug Towner of Charlotte, North Carolina lost by TKO to Phillip Botha of Port Alfred, South Africa at 58 seconds into round 2.

  11. In the final No Holds Barred/Mixed Martial Arts bout of the night, Augusta's Mike Farrow defeated Sam Smith, also of Augusta, in a Heavyweight match. In three minutes and 1 second into the first round, Farrow used a unicorn choke to defeat Smith.

  12. In Heavyweight kickboxing, Dylan Horsley of Kennesaw, Georgia defeated Sean Griffin of Charlotte, North Carolina by split decision.

  13. In the much-anticipated main event, Augusta's Zack "Attack" Day finally had the chance to compete against Mark "The Mongoose" Brennan of Simpsonville, South Carolina. With both fighters healthy and in top shape, the match never lost momentum as the two kickboxing veterans exchanged blow after blow. Very early Day pulled ahead, controlling the ring and being the aggressor by controlling Brennan with his rapid-fire punch combinations. Day won the match by a unanimous decision.

A complete list of the bout results is listed below.



  1. Super Heavyweight
    J.J. Wilson (Augusta, GA) defeated Jack Nilsson by doctor stoppage.

  2. Light Welterweight
    Jason Wascom (Atlanta, GA) defeated Gabe Huerta (Augusta, GA) by a rear naked choke.

  3. Heavyweight
    Mike Farrow (Augusta, GA) defeated Sam Smith (Augusta, GA) by a unicorn choke.

For more information, or directions to the event, please contact Augusta Martial Arts Academy at 706-855-5269, fax 706-855-7119 or e-mail

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The Best
ISCF Rockin Rodeo
In Arizona, USA

Proctor Wins ISCF "SUPER BOUT" Over Fulton!

"Best of the Best" challenged Arizona's best N.H.B. fighters to battle California's best N.H.B. fighters at a cowboy bar in Tempe, Arizona on May 4, 2000, and set the stage for what would become one of the most exciting nights in the world of No Holds Barred fighting sanctioned by the ISCF. Most of the Arizona gyms and dojos contacted by Master Tom Proctor refused to let their fighters participate, saying that the California professionals who fought for a living outmatched the Arizona fighters who all held regular jobs and only fought as an amateur sideline. As preparations unfolded, it boiled down to Arizona fighters almost exclusively from Absolute Martial Arts and Charles Allen's Ultimate Martial Arts versus the rest of the world. The nights referees were Zane Frazier, Chuck Lidell, Ian Jarvis, and others. Here's the results of the 10 fight line-up;

  1. The ten-fight lineup began in the lightweight division with Frederico "Spiderman" Zapelini, a foreign exchange high school student from Brazil, who seemed to be the only Arizona Absolute fighter with an easy fight. Frederico won with a slick 30-second chokeout against Arizona's John "The Predator" Levenson -- both amateurs in debut bouts.

  2. The crowd went nuts when another pair of Arizona amateurs, Ultimate's Keith Udell and Absolute's Jason Ory, both exploded from their corners with Ory's smashing front kick immediately caught and taken to the ground by Udell. Ory's exciting debut kept the crowd on their feet through multiple reversals and overall dominance by the more experienced Udell, until going to a win by TKO to Udell in the second round.

  3. Absolute's Jay "Filipino Warrior" Pages was matched in a seemingly endless war of constantly reversing positions, hard knees, and kicks exchanged with Cruz "Little Big Man" Gomez from California, who couldn't have changed places more if they were fighting on a downhill roll. While Jay repeatedly returned to the top mounted ground - and - pound position, Cruz recoiled again and again in search of knee bars and ankle locks. The second bell sounded with both exhausted fighters in partial submission holds, resulting in a split decision that sent the audience into a roar of disappointment.

  4. Lightweight Sunshine Fettkether's reputation as a killer MuayThai champion has prompted no-shows more than once. Sunshine was primed and ready to fight, but greatly disappointed by her no-show opponent from California, Deseray Rodrigues.

  5. California Cruiserweight Jerry "Miracle Man" Jenkins took on newcomer Clint Siebel, a firefighter/paramedic from Absolute. Seibel froze in the first round under Jenkins' punishing strikes, but came on stronger in the second round, showing that heart can take you the distance. Although both fighters were trained in Jiu-Jitsu, they remained standing through the entire two rounds to a unanimous judges' decision for Jenkins

  6. Excitement ruled the middleweight division when David "The Beast" Harris, a chemical engineer from Tucson, Arizona gave truth to the saying that when two tigers tangle, one gets killed and the other badly maimed. In a vicious duel against The Shark Tank's Victor Hunsaker, Harris tapped in the first round to an ankle lock.

  7. Arizona's Shannon "The Cannon" Ritch put on a good show against California's Jake Shields, going for an arm bar which Shields pulled out of. Multiple reversals led Shields to a choke against Ritch, winning the Middleweight Championship by tapout.

  8. California heavyweight Arron "The Bull" Torres of Rough Neck fame fought fellow Shark Tanker Ryan Painter to a corner towel- thrown TKO in the second round.

  9. Heavyweight pro Jason "Enforcer" Jones of California faced Absolute's Stephen "Tommy Guns" Thompson in the second fight of Thompson's career. Both fighters came on fast and furious, with the shorter Thompson's knees catching only air on their path to Jones' much taller midsection. Jones planted a heavy knee square in Thompson's groin to end the match in a controversial "accidental" draw. You'll have to see the tape for yourself.

  10. As always, the Super Heavyweights stole the show. Absolute's Brett "Business" Hickson chose his second fight to take on Texas' Dan Chase, veteran of the Baas Ruten Open Extreme Challenge and holder of a very impressive fight record in the N.H.B. World. With speed and agility as well as size, the two giants changed positions, reversed, and continued to punch and knee throughout the battle, until Hickson ended the painful war with a keylock on the ground.

  11. Imagine West Virginia Super Heavyweight George Randolf (6'4", 245) kicking Arizonan Paul Morris (6'6", 250) in the head for a classical Van Damme movie knockout. The loud, loyal contingent of Morris fans were completely surprised by the upset victory.

  12. The pace finally slowed as 24-year-old Travis "Iron Man" Fulton, ISCF Super Heavyweight Champion and leading the N.H.B. world in number of wins with an impressive 89-5-13 record, circled 44-year-old Tom "Absolute" Proctor, ISCF Heavyweight Champion, 18-0 N.H.B. in the Superfight Championship bout. Neither wanted to cross the line into the deadly range of the other's devastating knockout capabilities. Proctor was thrown off guard by Fulton's impeccable timing, and was taken to the ground with every strike he attempted. Fulton seemed equally surprised by Proctor's ground fighting ability, which he understood did not exist. Fulton jammed Proctor's attempted kick and followed it in for a takedown, or caught the kick and took it to the ground. Proctor stalled the fight until it was stood back on its feet, fearing Fulton's legendary overhand right and superior wrestling skill. Proctor tied Fulton's shoulders and biceps, making his strikes unavailable. Finally, in a surprising last ditch effort halfway through the second round, from his guard Proctor stretched both Fulton's arms out by placing his feet in the hips and driving away. He crossed over for a double arm bar, which Fulton pulled out of. Proctor then switched legs for a single arm bar, which Fulton turned to his side. Proctor figure-foured for a classical side mount arm bar, and Fulton tapped the mat.

Email and phone requests for tapes have flooded Absolute Martial Arts since the event. For more information about this exciting N.H.B. match (Proctor vs Fulton) contact Absolute at or TRS Video at For more event info, contact Mr. Tom Proctor at (480) 557-9484 or by e-mail by clicking HERE.

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Of IKF Champions!

Past 1999 IKF National Amateur Tournament Champion Ludwig
Defeats Past IKF Amateur MuayThai U. S. Champion Berkoluyko In Pro Bout!

On Saturday May 13th in Uncasville, Ct, Denver Colorado's Duane Ludwig defeated Steven Berkoluyko of Brooklyn New York. These two past IKF Amateur Champions clashed at the famous Mohegan Sun Casino. The event was filmed for T.V. and will air on the MSG sports network and Fox Sports New England. The production level of the promotion was "Top Notch!" Ludwig fought a very smart fight. He knew Berkoluyko has a "counter" style, preferring to capatilize on openings created by his opponent. Ludwig was patient, forcing Berkoluyko to attack and letting Ludwig become the "counter " fighter. Berkoluyko seemed a little confused by this tactic and never got on track. Ludwig kept the score always slightly ahead in his favor. He was thrown to the mat at the end of the second round, a very clean technique by Berkoluyko. Knowing he needed to even the score in the judges minds, Ludwig clinched and threw Berkoluyko in the opening of the third round. Ludwig finished almost every combo with hard kicks to the legs of Berkoluyko. These attacks added up quickly, as Berkoluyko could not answer the bell to begin the fourth round. Ludwig was awarded the victory and improves his PRO record to 2-0. Berkoluyko fought a solid fight up until the injury and should be commended for his composure in the ring, especially for a fighter who's only 19 years old! His record now stands at 1-2 as a PRO.

Has IKF World MuayThai Champion Khunpon Lost His Edge? Losing A Unanimous Decision...

Another fight of interest was veteran Thai fighter Khunpon (65 wins, 3 loses with 28 KO's) taking on the U.K.'s champion Peter Crooke. Crooke had less than 20 fights total and no one thought he would stand a chance against Khunpon. Well, Crooke made a beleiver of everyone in attandance. From the opening bell Crooke brought the action right to the Thai. Crookes timing was dead on a used his hands to literally destroy Khunpon's powerful offense. Every time the Thai would go to the leg with "legendary" leg kicks the British fighter would land a hard straight right to the chin of Khunpon. Crookes style visually shook the Thai numerous times during the five rounder, even dramatically knocking the Thai off his feet in the 4th. The judges gave Crooke a unanimous decision in a very spectacular bout.

If you have access to either the MSG network or Fox Sports New England do not miss this great event! MSG Channel, Thursday June 1st at 8:30 PM. Up next for Ludwig is a pay-per-view No Holds Barred match at the King Of The Cage event in San Jancinto, California on June 24th. To book Ludwig for any pro fights, Muay Thai or NHB, contact: Sven Bean, IKF Colorado Representative at (303) 667-8612, Fax: (303)400-1756 or by e-mail by clicking HERE. Fox Sports New England -- Sunday June 11th 1:00 PM.

SATURDAY, May 13th, 2000, AT 9:15 AM

Is It Really
AN Officially Sanctioned IKF EVENT?

This is a special notice to inform everyone and anyone around the world that there have been some promoters around the world using the IKF letters and name without the permission of the IKF. In the last 3 months, we have become aware of several Kickboxing Promotions that have illegally used the letters IKF on their event posters, fliers and programs. We would like to remind you all that if an event advertised as an IKF Sanctioned event is not located on our UPCOMING EVENTS page at this link HERE, it "IS NOT" an IKF Sanctioned event.

We know of other organizations sanctioning events AFTER they happen. Such the case for example as when Don Wilson years ago lost one of his World Titles. The promoter of the event had sanctioned his event with a small organization and booked Mr. Wilson to fight one of his fighters for the unknown organizations World Title. The week before the bout, Wilson came down with the flu but was still forced, by his contract, to fight on the event. In the bout, Wilson lost, but knew he didn't hurt his career since he didn't put up his World Title. A few days later, the sanctioning body called and told him that he lost his World Title in the bout. Obviously shocked, Wilson responded saying "The event wasn't even sanctioned by you guys!" Their response was, "The promoter paid the sanction fees for a World Title after the event." Result, Wilson lost his World Title. You can be assured the IKF would not do such a thing. Officially sanctioned IKF events are ONLY approved and sanctioned BEFORE they happen. NEVER AFTER.

We have also found trainers, gym owners and promoters SELLING IKF Clothing with the IKF LOGO on them. We would like to inform everyone that the ONLY place IKF clothing can be purchased is from the IKF Headquarters. Some of these promotions we have discovered that are now facing legal action include;

In addition, if some of you are wondering IF an event in the past was sanctioned by the IKF, you can find such information on our news pages that post ALL Past IKF Events for everyone to see. If ANY of you know of any promoters illegally using the IKF letters without approval of the IKF, please inform us here at the IKF Headquarter directly by phone at (916) 663-2467 or by e-mail by clicking HERE.

With the assurance of our UPDATED web pages, we can assure the credibility of ALL TRUE, Officially Sanctioned IKF Events around the world right here. Thank you.

THURSDAY, May 11th, 2000, AT 10 AM

We'd like to apologize for the delays of the below news. Most of it was ready to post up on Monday, May 8th, but our server company had some big problems caused by a recent virus that caused internet problems around the world over the last week. (The ILOVEYOU virus) Although the virus didn't hurt our web page, we were unable to access our server to update the pages. We would also like to apologize for the delays in answering e-mails some of you sent to the IKF as well. We downloaded over 500 e-mails earlier today after the problem was solved so please bare with us, we'll get back to each and every one of you by Friday, May 12th. It appears the same virus problem caused the backlog of e-mails as well. So again, sorry for the delays in the news but these things happen. With that being said, here's the delayed news...


South Central Regional!

IKF & ISCF Promoter Jeff Mullens hosted his second annual IKF/RINGSIDE South-Central Regional Tournament this last Friday and Saturday night at the New Daisey Theatre in Memphis, Tennessee, USA. Mullen's Regional offered registration for fighters in every rule division available from Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama, North Georgia, Arkansas & Kentucky. He was successful at getting at least 1 registered fighter in every fighting style however the regional could have easily been done in 1 day. WHY? Well, from a beginning registration of over 50 fighters before the event, by the end of weigh-ins on Friday night, Mullens had 49 confirmed fighters. Only 1 fighter was dropped due to not making his weight class and a few no shows dropped the total number of fighters below his goal 50. Although there was a good number of registered fighters, there were not many actual tournament bouts. In total, there were only 3 "Tournament Qualifying" kickboxing match-ups while everyone else received walkovers to the National Championships where they are sure to face competition for the National Title. Although there weren't many kickboxing match ups, there were plenty of matched bouts in the ISCF. (IKF Submission Style Fighting Division) There were a total of 11 ISCF Regional Qualifying matches that determined 5 South Central Champions that will compete in the ISCF National Finals later this year. The ISCF National Championships will not be combined with the IKF/RINGSIDE National Kickboxing Championships scheduled for September in Iowa. Several locations are being looked at and a date and location are planned to be announced within the month of May. Because of the lack of match-ups, the IKF is strongly looking at making only "10" weight classes instead of "17" for the remaining Regional Tournaments as well as possibly the National Championships as well. SEE ARTICLE BELOW: "Would Less Weight Classes Create Better Champions?"


  1. ISCF South Central Middleweight Semi Final Bout
    Ian Watts
    (176 lbs., Tennessee) defeated Chris Hensley (170 lbs, Ripley, Mississippi)

  2. ISCF South Central Middleweight Semi Final Bout
    Nick Cooper
    (180 lbs, Tennessee) defeated Nome Davidson (185 Lbs, Memphis, Tennessee)

  3. ISCF South Central Light Heavyweight Semi Final Bout
    David Glasco
    (199, Tennessee) defeated Vistor Nix (194 lbs. Murfreesburo, Tennessee)

  4. IKF/RINGSIDE South Central MuayThai Rules Super Heavyweight Championship Bout
    Jeff Anderson
    (214 lbs, Atlanta, Georgia) defeated David Shonts (249 lbs, Memphis, Tennessee) by disqualification after Shonts spit his mouth piece out 3 times in the second round.

  5. Full Contact Rules
    (Non Tournament Bout Both had already qualified to go to the Nationals by walkover when no one else registered in their weight division.)
    Derrick Jones (126, Clarksdale, Mississippi) defeated Mitchell Carr (129, Memphis, Tennessee) by Split Decision, 27-28, 29-26 & 28-27.

  6. Full Contact Rules
    (Non Tournament Bout Both had already qualified to go to the Nationals by walkover when no one else registered in their weight division.)
    Joe Evenson (211, Cordova, Tennessee) defeated Chris Thompson Sr. (227, Memphis, Tennessee) by unanimous decision, 29-21, 28-22 & 28-23. Thompson didn't get his minimum kicks (6) in, in ANY of the 3 rounds.

  7. Full Contact Rules
    (Non Tournament Bout Both had already qualified to go to the Nationals by walkover when no one else registered in their weight division.)
    Kirk Douglas (140, St, Louis, Missouri) defeated Andre Pittman (136, Clarksdale, Mississippi) by unanimous decision 30-24, 30-24 & 30-24.


  1. Full Contact Rules JUNIOR BOUT
    (Non Tournament Bout Both had already qualified to go to the Nationals by walkover when no one else registered in their weight division.)
    Shane Shappley (125 lbs, Southaven Mississippi)
    defeated Cody Lemons (128 lbs, Memphis, Tennessee) be unanimous decision, 30-26, 30-25 & 30-25.
    Lemons wore shorts, which are not allowed in Full Contact Rules but since it was a non tournament bout, it was allowed for this 1 bout since he didn't bring pants.

  2. IKF/RINGSIDE South Central Full Contact Rules Light Cruiserweight Championship Bout
    Michael Ivey
    (186 lbs, Enterprise, Mississippi) defeated Don Gibson (15.5 lbs. Southaven Mississippi) by unanimous decision 30-24, 29-25 & 30-24.
    Gobson lost 1 point in round 2 for not getting his 6 kick minimum in. In the same round he was given 2 standing 8 counts.

  3. ISCF South Central Light Welterweight Championship Bout
    Chad Pennington
    (153 lbs, Memphis, Tennessee) defeated Tom Ha (147 lbs, Coreinth, Mississippi) by choke at :35 seconds of round 1.

  4. ISCF South Central Heavyweight Championship Bout
    James Riley
    (216 lbs, Murfreesboro, Tennessee) defeated Neil Farrell (207 lbs, Memphis, Tennessee) by choke at 1:28 of round 1.

  5. ISCF South Central Super Heavyweight Championship Bout
    Clifford Fonseca
    (224 lbs, Murfreesboro, Tennessee) defeated Teddy Hall (226, lbs. Walnut, Mississippi) by triangle choke at 2:58 of round 1.

  6. ISCF South Central Light Heavyweight Championship Bout
    Marc Gibbon
    (198.5 lbs, St Louis, Missouri) defeated David Glasco (199 lbs, Corinth, Mississippi) by arm bar at 3:25 of round 1.

  7. ISCF South Central Middleweight Championship Bout
    Nick Cooper
    (180 lbs, McGoro, Tennessee) defeated Ian Watts (176 lbs, Memphis, Tennessee) by key lock at 1:21 of round 1.

  8. IKF/RINGSIDE South Central Full Contact Rules Light Middleweight Championship Bout: Marc Mayfield (159, St. Louis, Missouri) defeated Scott Aikin (159, Memphis, Tennessee) by unanimous decision, 29-28, 29-28 & 29-28. Aikin was last years 1999 IKF/RINGSIDE South Central FCR Super Welterweight champion. He lost to Kevin Miller of Chicago Illinois at the National Championships by Split decision, 29-28, 28-29, 30-28.

Here are all the South Central Division Regional FINALISTS




All remaining Finalists from Mr. Mullen's South Central Division were ISCF (International Sport Combat Federation), Submission fighters. Look for a "Full Feature Page" about the 2000 ISCF National Championship series coming in the next few days. The ISCF National Championships will not be sponsored by RINGSIDE PRODUCTS as the Kickboxing Tournament is. However we "ARE" looking for a "MAIN Tag Sponsor" for this tournament series and the National Championships. If you're a Submission Style supplier and wish to be associated with this great tournament, please contact us here at the IKF to discuss the possibilities of such. Thank You.

For more info in regards to the IKF/RINGSIDE South Central Regional Tournament, please contact Mr. Jeff Mullen at (901) 757-0985 or by e-mail by clicking HERE!

MORE NEWS OF 5-11-2000. . .

Would Less Weight Classes
Create BETTER Champions Or Just

By IKF President Steve Fossum.
After the weigh-ins at the IKF/RINGSIDE South-Central Regional Tournament, myself and IKF Promoter Jeff Mullen took a good look at the current weight classes of the IKF. "17" weight classes in both the Full Contact and International Rule. 17 Weight Classes, 17 Titles and 17 Champions! Is this the "REAL PROBLEM" with Kickboxing today? It's obviously a big reason why there are so many champions. Sure, with the dozens of sanctioning bodies out there, that doesn't help either but with 17 weight divisions to choose from, does it make a title less credible as well? Does it allow top fighters to bypass other top fighters just to win the title of their dreams? Are we missing the truly great fights because there's always another title for a fighter to shoot for? Myself and Mr. Mullen believe, as many I have spoke with, that in the past, sanctioning bodies made up new weight classes just to sell more titles and get more sanctioning fees. When the IKF was formed, we just made our weight classes the same as those that were already there. But now I'm not sure it's best for the sport. We're fully aware that safety is an issue as well. We too don't want to see big weight differences between fighters either. However we also believe that if there were less weight classes available, it would make for better competition. Not that it's happening in every weightclass but I'm sure some fighters may choose to fight for a certain title in a different weight class rather than face a certain fighter in their own. I'm not speaking negatively about any fighters, I'm just saying what everyone's been talking about for years. This would also create a lot more fights in the Tournament events as well. In addition, we would see more challenges for the current champions rather than creating more new ones. Already champions question why they're rarely challenged for their titles. Would less weight classes create more challenges? I'm not sure, but I'd like to know what you, our readers think? Listed below is what we've been thinking about for some time now. These new weight division "IDEAS" are far from confirmed and approved, but it's just to give you all an idea at what we're thinking about here at the IKF. Again, as always, I'd like to know what you feel about such a drastic change in the IKF weight classes.

Yes, we're aware of the obvious question which is, "What would happen to champions holding the titles now?" Well, after looking through the rankings, this may not be as complicated as one would think since many of the fighters would simply have a new name for their title. Those who would end up holding the same title as another fighter, these fighters could possibly fight for the "1" title making a GREAT TITLE BOUT. As I've mentioned, NOTHING has changed as of yet, however I will say, we're looking at this issue very seriously. Especially for the remaining USA National Championship Regional events and the USA National Championships later this year. Who knows, we may start it there and see how it goes. Less weight classes will mean more bouts and less walkover winners at the regionals. Very few fighters, if any are ever happy with a walkover win. Fighters WANT to Fight when they register for such an event. Less weight classes would make their odds of having competition much better.

IN ADDITION: "IF" the below weight classes were ever confirmed in the IKF we would make one firm rule about matchmaking for titles. That rule would be that all title bout fighters would be required to weigh-in at a confirmed contracted weight as they do in boxing. This way we would eliminate large weight spreads of fighters and assure fighter safety in regards to big weight differences. As always, there is no weight spread in the Heavyweight and Super Heavyweight so it wouldn't apply in those 2 divisions. To see the current weight spreads of each division, please see the current IKF Weight Class page by clicking HERE.

Here's an outline of what we're currently reviewing below. Again, YOUR comments would be GREATLY Appreciated.


17 Weight Classes


10 Weight Classes


117 lbs. and below

These Weight Classes could Still be Available for the Women's Divisions.

But are they Necessary for the Mens Divisions?


117.1 lbs., - 120 lbs.


120.1 lbs. - 124 lbs.


120.1 lbs. and below.


124.1 lbs. - 128 lbs.


120.1 lbs. to 128 lbs.


128.1 lbs. - 132 lbs.


128.1 lbs. to 137 lbs.

Super Lightweight

132.1 lbs. - 137 lbs.

Light Welterweight

137.1 lbs. - 142 lbs.


142.1 lbs. - 147 lbs.


137.1 lbs. to 147 lbs.

Super Welterweight

147.1 lbs - 153 lbs.

Light Middleweight

153.1 lbs. - 159 lbs.

Light Middleweight

147.1 lbs. to 160 lbs.


159.1 lbs. - 165 lbs.


160.1 lbs. to 170 lbs.

Super Middleweight

165.1 lbs. - 172 lbs.

Light Heavyweight

172.1 lbs. - 179 lbs.

Light Heavyweight

170.1 lbs. to 182 lbs.

Light Cruiserweight

179.1 lbs. - 186 lbs.


186.1 lbs. - 195 lbs.


182.1 lbs. to 195 lbs.


195.1 lbs. - 215 lbs.


195.1 lbs. to 220 lbs.

Super Heavyweight

215.1 lbs. and above

Super Heavyweight

220.1 lbs. and up.

Lets make this a TRUE "SUPER" Heavyweight Division.

MORE NEWS OF 5-11-2000. . .

In Milwaukee!!!


Reported by George Buse, IKF Milwaukee, WI, USA
The Milwaukee County Sports Complex was packed with fired up fans tonight, and the fighters packed a lot of fire of their own. In a total of 13 blockbuster matches, fans witnessed why Milwaukee rightfully deserves the distinction as America's muaythai hotbed. They also had the opportunity to see exciting NHB competition as well as meet the special guest of the evening, six-time world champion Rick "The Jet" Roufus.

The evening began with the Wisconsin Muaythai League Preliminary bouts, followed by an undercard of mens and women's muaythai action, two NHB bouts, and a dramatic pro main event between heavyweights Jason "Roadblock" Johnson (Milwaukee Phetnoi) and Wade "White Tiger" Irwin (Sik-Tai MuayThai). Below are the results... details to be provided at a later date.

  1. Wisconsin Muaythai League Welterweight Preliminary
    Paul Casey Garza
    (Milwaukee Phetnoi Gym,) defeated Josh "Little Kong" Tarman (Milwaukee Phetnoi Gym,) by split decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27.

  2. Wisconsin Muaythai League Light Heavyweight Preliminary
    Mike Herman
    (Milwaukee Phetnoi Gym,) defeated Matt Burger (Milwaukee Phetnoi Gym,) by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-26, 30-26.

  3. Wisconsin Muaythai League Cruiserweight Preliminary
    Marcus Page
    (Milwaukee Phetnoi) defeated Al McFadyen (Milwaukee Phetnoi Gym,) by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27).
  4. Womens Featherweight
    Nikki Burton
    (Dubuque DMAG Gym) defeated Sarah Tillman (Milwaukee Sage) by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27.

  5. Mens Welterweight
    Mike Price
    (Peoria Thai Boxing) defeated Charles Do (Louisville Muaythai) by TKO at 0:58 seconds of Round 2.

  6. Womens Featherweight
    Rachel Thomas
    (Milwaukee Phetnoi Gym,) defeated Erin Mathews (Iowa City Thai Boxing) by unanimous decision (30-25, 30-26, 30-25.

  7. Mens Light Heavyweight
    John "The Hunter" Harding
    (Sik-Tai MuayThai) defeated Justin "School Boy" Lemke (Milwaukee Phetnoi Gym,) by TKO at 0:38 seconds of Round 3.

  8. Mens Welterweight
    Jason "Knock 'Em Out" Strout
    (Milwaukee Phetnoi Gym,) defeated Jason Moore (Peoria Thai Boxing) by unanimous decision, 30-26, 30-26, 30-26.

  9. Mens NHB Heavyweight
    Theo Brooks
    (Milwaukee Freestyle Grappling & Jiu-Jitsu) defeated Bruce Nelson (Twin Valley, MN) by unanimous decision, 3-0, 2-1, 3-0.

  10. Mens Heavyweight
    Guiseppe "The Godfather" Denatale
    (Sik-Tai MuayThai) defeated "Bad" Brad Fowler (Milwaukee Phetnoi Gym,) by TKO at 1:11 of Round 5.

  11. Mens Light Heavyweight
    Derek "T.N.T." Yuen
    (Milwaukee Phetnoi Gym,) defeated Brian Rood (St. Paul Gietphongxay Gym) by unanimous decision, 48-46, 49-45, 49-45.

  12. Mens NHB Light Heavyweight
    Adrian Serrano
    (Milwaukee Freestyle Grappling & Jiu-Jitsu) defeated Brett Ali-Azzawi (Detroit, MI) by submission at 1:33. (Guillotine)

  13. Mens Pro Heavyweight (Elbows Legal)
    Jason "Roadblock" Johnson (Milwaukee Phetnoi Gym,) defeated Wade "White Tiger" Irwin (Sik-Tai MuayThai) by TKO at 2:36 of Round 1.

AdCetra Sports next IKF Milwaukee MuayThai Event will be held on Saturday, June 17, 2022 at the Milwaukee County Sports Complex. Please call Duke Roufus at (414) 319-1151 or Scott Joffe at (414) 967-7767 for more information and tickets or visit

MORE NEWS OF 5-11-2000. . .

Announces Retirement.

Wednesday, May 10th, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
MuayThai Superstar Kongnapa "King of the Sky" (Pictured Right) announced his retirement from the ring today in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The announcement brings the curtain down on a remarkable 16 year career that began in Bangkok, Thailand's legendary boxing camps and ended with him being a 4 time Rajadamnern Stadium Champion as well as the IKF Junior Middleweight MuayThai World Champion. His exciting fighting skills took MuayThai to a level never seen before in the United States.

At age 32 now, Kongnapa began his brilliant fighting career when he was 16 years old. After badly losing his first bout, he convinced the promoter to give him a second chance and he made the most of that opportunity. He appeared in 119 professional fights, compiling a record of 103 victories, 10 loses and 6 draws with an impressive 51 knockouts.

His final victory came by TKO at 1:40 of the first round on Friday, March 17th, 2000 at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. In a display of his complete mastery of the "Science of eight limbs," Kongnapa disassembled his opponent, Pascal La Fleur of Paris, France with an onslaught of solid punches and blazing kicks. In his final fight in Milwaukee on Saturday, February 26th, 2000 at the Milwaukee County Sports Complex, he won by split decision when he evaded a 5 round elbow assault and narrowly defeated upcoming MuayThai Superstar Dimitri Shakuta of Minsk, Republic of Belarus.

Kongnapa is managed by Duke Roufus and Scott Joffe and fought out of the Milwaukee Phetnoi MuayThai Gym. He states he is eager to "begin the next chapter" in his life and take on all the new "challenges and many opportunities" that will come his way.

He is a true MuayThai Champion whose presence in the ring will definitely be missed by all. His contributions to helping establish authentic MuayThai as a recognized sport in the U. S. will always be remembered. For more information, please call Duke Roufus or Scott Joffe at (414) 319-1151 or at (414) 967-7767.

MORE NEWS OF 5-11-2000. . .

COMING IN A FEW DAYS: Results from...

ROCKIN RODEO, Phoenix, Arizona, USA. (ISCF)

WINTER WARS 2000, Augusta, Georgia, USA. (IKF & ISCF)

WEDNESDAY, May 3rd, 2000, AT 12:00 PM

South Central Regional!

Starting this Friday night and continuing on Saturday, May 5th & 6th, IKF Promoter Jeff Mullen of Memphis Tennessee, USA will host his second annual IKF/RINGSIDE South-Central Tournament for this years 2000 National Championships. This years South-Central Regional will play host to nearly 60 amateur fighters from Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama, North Georgia, Arkansas & Kentucky. The event will be held at the New Daisey Theatre in Memphis, Tennessee and will feature fighters in every rule style, including divisions of the ISCF. For more event info, please contact Mr. Jeff Mullen at (901) 757-0985 or by e-mail by clicking HERE!

MORE NEWS OF 5-3-2000. . .

At Rockin Rodeo In Arizona, USA

Tomorrow night, May 4th, Tom Proctor of Mesa Arizona will look to capture yet another ISCF Title belt to add to his collection. Proctor currently holds the ISCF Heavyweight United States Title and will face off against ISCF Super Heavyweight United States Champion Travis Fulton of Cedar Rapids Iowa, USA in a special SUPER BOUT. The event, "THE BEST OF THE BEST", is scheduled to take place at the Rockin Rodeo in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. For more event info, contact Mr. Tom Proctor at (480) 557-9484 or by e-mail by clicking HERE

MORE NEWS OF 5-3-2000. . .


UFC Veteran & IKF/PKC U. S. Amateur Champion Top WINTER WARS 2000 Card!!

Jack Nilsson, successful UFC XIII alternate, and Zack Day, who has won U.S. Kickboxing titles in both the IKF and the PKC, are set to compete in the Spring Showdown 2000, a combination No Holds Barred/Mixed Martial Arts and kickboxing event, which will be held on Saturday, May 6, 2000, in Augusta, Georgia. The NHB/MMA bouts will be sanctioned by the ISCF (International Sport Combat Federation) and the kickboxing bouts will be sanctioned by both the IKF (International Kickboxing Federation) and the PKC (Professional Karate Commission).

Nilsson, a decorated former U.S. Marine, will be competing in a much anticipated rematch against J. J. "Killer" Wilson for the ISCF East Coast U.S. Super Heavyweight title belt. The hometown audience has been anxiously awaiting this rematch for Nilsson, who battled Wilson in their first meeting in February. Nilsson, who has won U.S. Super Heavyweight kickboxing titles with the IKF and PKC since his UFC XIII appearance, is anxious to strip Wilson of the ISCF title.

Wilson, who has experience in both martial arts and wrestling, represents himself as a freestyle practitioner, and will have his work cut out for him on May 6. Nilsson, a kickboxing and jujitsu stylist, who trains at promoter Mike Carlson's Augusta Martial Arts Academy, seems ready for the match, "This time, it won't take long for me to finish this fight." says Nilsson

Augusta Martial Arts Academy's Zack "Attack" Day, is set to compete against Simpsonville's Mark "The Mongoose" Brennan, who won his 1999 PKC U.S. Kickboxing title by walkover when Day was unable to compete due to illness. This is a match that kickboxing fans from all over the Southeast have been waiting to see for over a year, as another previously scheduled match for Day and Brennan was canceled due to injury. Needless to say, the two fighters have been training very hard for this match. Day, a local Augustan, is a mortgage banker and an assistant instructor at Augusta Martial Arts Academy, is looking forward to this much anticipated fight, "I'm in the best shape of my life, and I expect to fight hard and win." Day, a finalist in the National Toughman Championship that aired on cable's FX, has spent a lot of time in the ring preparing for this match. Mike Carlson, head coach at Augusta Martial Arts Academy, had this to say, "Zack is looking very sharp and the fans will not be disappointed."

The entire fight card will feature twelve kickboxing matches and three NHB/MMA bouts, with two women's kickboxing matches as well.

(The evening event will be preceded by a daytime karate tournament that is nationally sanctioned by the PKC and will include divisions in forms, sparring, grappling, and a shoot sparring/submission kumite division. Registration begins at 8:00 AM with the tournament starting at 10:00 AM. This tournament is open to martial artists of all styles. The event will be held at Gym 1, The Sports Arena (706) 791-2599 or (706) 791-7857, at Fort Gordon in Augusta, Georgia and is open to the general public.)

For the night's kickboxing event, the doors open at 6:00 PM with the first fight getting underway at 7:00 PM. The fight card, of course, is subject to change. Ticket prices are $8.00 for general admission ($6.00 with military ID), $3.00 for children, and children under 4 are free. Tickets are available at Augusta Martial Arts Academy and at the door the day of the event. For more information, or directions to the event, please contact Augusta Martial Arts Academy at 706-855-5269, fax 706-855-7119 or e-mail

MORE NEWS OF 5-3-2000. . .

Milwaukee MuayThai
Features Great Rematches!

Jason Johnson vs Wade Irwin

Brad Fowler vs Guiseppi DeNatale

Derek Yuen vs Ryan Rood

IKF Promoters Duke Roufus and Scott Joffe of AdCetra Sports and theMilwaukee Phetnoi Gym are all set for another exciting night of MuayThai in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. The event will take place this Saturday night, May 6, at the Milwaukee County Sports Complex, located at 6000 West Ryan Road in Franklin, Wisconsin. The doors open at 6:PM with the exciting Wisconsin MuayThai League (See Below) preliminaries kicking off the evening at 7:00 PM. The nights action will feature 3 great non title bout rematches.

Heavyweight Elbows-209-5x3: In the nights Main Event, undefeated Pro MuayThai Heavyweight Jason "Roadblock" Johnson of Milwaukee Phetnoi Gym Milwaukee Wisconsin, USA will face off against Wade "White Tiger" Irwin of Sik-Tai MuayThai of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. They last met in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada on February 12th as a semi-main event. In the end, Johnson came away with the unanimous decision win, 49-46, 48-47 & 49-46. After the bout, Johnson improved his pro record to 2-0 while on the other side of the ring, Irwin has struggled as a pro dropping to a record of 1-3 after an impressive 10-2 amateur career. In 1999, Johnson achieved two great prestigious titles. He won theIKF/RINGSIDE USA National Amateur MuayThai Title last September and he later won the World Amateur MuayThai Title in Thailand. With nothing left to achieve as an amateur, Johnson stepped up to make his pro debut after an impressive amateur record of 7 wins and no loses with 5 wins coming by knockout.

Heavyweight-200-5x2: Giuseppe "The Godfather" Denatale also of Sik-Tai MuayThai of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada will face "BAD" Brad Fowler of Milwaukee Phetnoi Gym Milwaukee Wisconsin, USA. They last fought in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada in June of 1998 with DeNatale winning by unanimous decision.

Lightheavyweight-178-5x2: Derek Yuen of Milwaukee Phetnoi Gym Milwaukee Wisconsin, USA will rematch against Brian Rood of Hudson, Wisconsin, USA. The two have fought twice before with their last match-up being back on February 26th for the vacant IKF Amateur Light Heavyweight Wisconsin State MuayThai Title. Rood was a last second fill-in that replaced fighter John Holley who had exaggerated his record and was pulled from the title bout. As this occurred, Rood was there with another fighter and jumped at the opportunity. The bout was an exciting 5 round war that proved close as Yuen edged Rood to capture the vacant title by split decision, 48-47, 47-48 & 48-47. Rood will be out to get revenge but there will be no title on the line this time.

Here's the rest of the nights scheduled bouts;

  1. NHB Lightheavyweight
    Adrian Serrano
    Milwaukee vs Brett Ali, Azzawi-Detroit.

  2. Welterweight-147, 3x2
    Jason "Knock em' Out" Strout,
    Phetnoi vs Jason Moore, Peoria Thai Boxing.

  3. Bantamweight, 118-3x2
    Josh "Little Kong" Tarman
    , Phetnoi vs Kim Morris, Sik-Tai.

  4. Lightheavyweight, 178-3x2
    Justin "School Boy" Lemke
    , Phetnoi vs John "The Hunter" Harding, Sik-Tai.

  5. Women's Featherweight-125-3x2
    Rachel Thomas
    , Phetnoi vs Erin Mathews, Iowa City Thai Boxing.

  6. Welterweight, 147-3x2
    Charles Do,
    Louisville Muaythai vs Mike Price, Peoria Thai Boxing.

  7. Featherweight, 125-3x2
    Sarah Tillman,
    Sage Thai boxing vs Nikki Burton, DMAG

  8. Wisconsin Muaythai League

  9. Cruiserweight
    Marcus Page vs Al McFadyen

  10. Lightheavyweight
    Matt Burger vs Mike Hermann

  11. Welterweight
    Paul Casey Garza vs TBA

A special appearance will be made by Milwaukee native, Rick "The Jet" Roufus. In his career, Roufus has won 6 World Kickboxing Titles and is the current IKF International Rules Heavyweight World Champion. He recently returned to Milwaukee to train with his brother Duke and 4-Time Rajadamnern Stadium Champion and IKF MuayThai World Champion Kongnapa for an upcoming bout on May 27th in Toronto, Canada.

Four types of tickets are available for this weekends event. They include VIP Gold Circle Ringside at $50.00 advance, $60.00 door. Ringside Reserved, $30.00 advance, $35.00 door. Bleacher, $15.00 advance, $20.00 door, and Children 12 and under $10.00 door only. Tickets may be purchased at the door or in advance by calling the Ticket Hotline at (414) 319-1151. A Post Fight Party will be held at the Charcoal Grill Restaurant, 8933 South 27th Street, Franklin beginning at 10:30 p.m. Classic Muaythai videos will be shown and raffle prizes will be awarded throughout the evening. The event is sponsored by the Charcoal Grill, Deluxe/Twins Muaythai Equipment, ARG Machining, Teamsters Local 200 & 344, Chippewa Spring Water, Community Newspapers, Inc., Bally Total Fitness, Bell Ambulance, Attorney Martin Stein, and Hampton Dental Clinic.

AdCetra Sports next IKF Milwaukee MuayThai Event will be held on Saturday, June 17, 2022 at the Milwaukee County Sports Complex. Please call Duke Roufus at (414) 319-1151 or Scott Joffe at (414) 967-7767 for more information and tickets or visit


The concept behind Roufus' Wisconsin Muaythai League is a great idea every trainer and promoter should consider. The league is created of beginners in the sport of MuayThai that are not quite ready to fight in sanctioned competition. Many may call these bouts "Smoker Bouts" and in most cases, fighters fight other fighters from the same gym. Although they're wearing extensive padding (Full face headgear with full jaw protectors, larger gloves, chin pads and chest protectors) they're really fighting. It's not a sparring match or an exhibition. "It's a great way to start amateurs out." Says Roufus. "It gives them a chance to face the adrenaline of a real match as they prepare for actual sanctioned bouts with other fighters." We here at the IKF agree. If your a trainer that has fighters who are not quite ready for full competition yet, this is the best thing to get them involved in. In these bouts, the fighters are fully protected and it provides them with an opportunity to face the fear of the ring (Crowds, competition, referee) and learn the sport without the risk of injury due to all the padding.